$20 Thai Food Breakfast in Nakhon Si Thammarat / Walking Tour on the Beach in Thailand 2022

$20 Thai Food Breakfast in Nakhon Si Thammarat / Walking Tour on the Beach in Thailand 2022

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i'm still not sure if i will be uploading this video.. Guys, i'm in Nakhon Si Thammarat, somewhere by the beach.. last night i was riding from Songkhla to Nakhon Si Thammarat and it was raining so hard.. i really thought i need to find Noah and the Ark.. or at least a life jacket..

which is why i tried to find a place to stay somewhere in this area.. just a bed to spend a night... and i found this paradise.. it's Hua Sai district of Nakhon Si Thammarat.. so i spent the night here and decided to spend one more..

because the beach looks quite lovely.. there are many bamboo huts.. and many lovely Thai style resorts, beach style resorts..

in today's video i'm gonna find breakfast.. we're gonna hang out by the beach.. and probably i'll show you the place where i'm staying right now..

it cost only 600 baht.. 50 meters from the beach, which looks quite lovely.. so as always you'll be wasting your time.. but we can spend this time together.. in theory you can grow a whole palm tree just out of the single coconut.. one of the most amazing trees..

one of the most amazing plants i know.. okay, let's get back here in one year.. and the pine - another amazing tree.. tree that amazes me a lot.. that fascinates me..

because it can grow on stones, can grow on rocks, in the mountains.. and feels itself very comfortable there..   no more other trees, only these pines are here.. wow.. so chill here.. Hua Sai district of Nakhon Si Thammarat..

i haven't been to Nakhon Si Thammarat for two years.. the first time i went here on the very first motorbike tour.. when i visited the chicken temple.. so good to be back here..

but it feels so much different from the city.. more chill, more quiet.. This is also squid, right? yes, this is sweet boiled squid.. fried.. this is crab curry..

is this crab? okay, i'll take this one.. this one? yep.. 2 dishes in total.. and also some rice.. the portions are a bit larger than i expected - i'll be honest!   so since we're up by the beach, i ordered crabs fried with tomatoes, onions and with some greens.. let me try it straight away..

mmm.. some kind of crab carry.. fantastically tasty... but eating crabs never looks good on camera, because you're always dirty.. which is why you need a lot of toilet paper..

not napkins, not tissue - but real toilet paper! because we're in Thailand, this is Thai style.. but after spending some time in Thailand you're getting used to it.. wow ..massive crabs.. can i just try it..

try a piece of crab meat.. what's that? crab roe... mmm.. the freshest! the freshest.. man, it's just outstanding! of course it's not going to be cheap as a bowl of noodles for 50 baht..

but this food is necessary for your good health, for the good feeling.. and it's an excellent source of protein..   like i said - it never looks good on camera..

it doesn't look good on camera.. but it tastes just perfect! even onion.. two and a half crabs in a single portion! deliciousness.. wow it's so fresh! crab eye.. i don't want to eat crab's eyes.. and the second dish is squid fried with sweet sauce..   with onions, with some greens, with chili peppers of course..

another excellent source of protein.. absolutely the freshest seafood i tried this year.. it was probably the most nutritious and the most expensive breakfast this year..   800 baht.. but the portion was massive..  really huge quantity of fresh seafood..

so it was worth it.. one time a year i can afford it.. and here's the isuzu coffee van.. let's order something..

may I order iced coffee, please? which one has the best smell? okay, this one, please.. 30 baht coffee by the beach.. not nescafe - it's real original coffee..

decent price, strong taste.. absolutely the same as my body shape.. it's such a lovely beach.. wow.. didn't expect to see it in Nakhon Si Thammarat.. and also i didn't expect to see these constructions made of stones..

the authorities built them to protect the beach, to protect the coastline from the waves.. however this is not the Andaman sea, we're on the opposite side from the Indian ocean.. this is the Gulf of Thailand, which is much quieter, it is not that deep, and waves here are not that intense.. but still they built it here - probably this is the investment in the tourism sector of this area of Nakhon Si Thammarat province.. and perhaps in the future we can expect a boom of tourism here.. and also i've noticed there are quite many windmills along the road..

wind power plants which generate electric energy for this area, and which also can be the landmarks of Nakhon Si Thammarat.. because people, tourists - they love to take pictures in front of these power plants, in front of these wind mills.. just like in Khao Kho area in Phetchabun province.. and i've noticed there are quite many locals digging something in the beach..   maybe they're just having fun, or maybe they are looking for something.. some seashells maybe.. Excuse me, may I ask what is it you're doing? What are you doing? looking for shells..

looking for shells because they're beautiful? these are edible.. can eat them? yes, can oh really? I see.. I understand now.. something tells me that there is a temple right by the beach..

let's find out! this is probably the first time i am seeing such abandoned and damaged temple in Thailand..   you see the roof is completely damaged.. the entrance and the stairs are black of water.. so many bricks on the ground.. and what is especially amazing..

this building (damaged one) is located right next to another one which is in perfect conditions..   just like any other traditional Thai temple.. what was the reason? was it the wind? was it the erosion? was it the salted air? or maybe ghost living inside.. what do you think? but it's very unusual to see such a damaged temple in front of a new one.. maybe there was something wrong with the construction of the building..

maybe it was too dangerous to enter, so they have decided to build another one next to it.. interesting.. well i think now i know the reason..

this is just a crematorium.. my bad.. i was wrong.. my mistake.. a lot of heat, a lot of fire..

fire can destroy any stone and any brick.. but that's quite a lot of damage..   hello chicken.. chicken..

chicken, chicken, chicken.. i feel that now i officially can say that i found the most beautiful temple by the beach in Thailand..   actually i've seen only two temples by the beach in Thailand.. the first one was in Chumphon or in Surat Thani - i can't remember right now.. a temple with a cave right by the beach..

but it was uncompleted one.. but this whole temple complex is already completed and ready for praying, ready for visiting.. but what is this style? it's quite unusual for this area - this style, this kind of architecture.. it really reminds me of Chanthaburi or Phuket Old town..

lovely.. and right next to the beach.. next to the parking and to the beach of course.. guys, when i was flying the drone i've noticed that this area is full of shrimp ponds..

at least i believe they are shrimp ponds.. there are dozens of them, maybe even hundreds.. so i decided to take a ride on the motorcycle to this area to explore a little bit.. and look what i found.. so much greenery here, so many palm trees, so many farms..

hello.. all of those shrimp ponds are surrounded by fences yeah and guarded by dogs..   so i don't dare to enter.. and i don't want to bother the farmers - their work is very hard.. but it's so amazing.. such amazing feeling to ride these small countryside roads..

maybe in the past life i used to be a farmer, or used to live in the countryside.. i don't know why i'm so enjoying this.. enjoying much, i got to say.. enjoy staying in basic houses and huts.. enjoying simple food..

looks amazing and so quiet.. what's happened? nothing, I am just enjoying, I like it here, it's so quiet.. oh you like it here.. yeah..

let's drink some coffee together.. where? can? okay.. GPX.. Yes, GPX.. he is Thai..

guys, this is the fishing pond.. not fishing pond, it's a pond with fish.. what a paradise! i really hope you can hear those birds.. I am from Russia, but I've been living in Thailand for 9 years.. 9 years? wow..

And you learn Thai language too, right? learn a bit, can speak a bit.. can speak a lot! why Russians drink vodka? Because it's cold there! Putin Putin.. very good.. okay, thank you very much.. this is one of my favorite things about Thailand.. people..

somebody said in the comments at the previous video, that i need to do what i love.. i really love to meet people that i don't know.. talk with strangers, exchange this energy.. because in Thailand you can just stop on the road.. somewhere away from the area you know..

and find friendly people who will be willing to share coffee or tea, or water with you.. or even food, drinks.. this is Thailand.. kingdom of smiles.. i even forgot that i was going to explore shrimp ponds.. maybe somewhere here..

yeah basically this is how the shrimp pond and shrimp farm looks like.. and it seems to be a very profitable business.. the house looks amazing! and we are back to my lovely resort that i found last night..  

and to be honest i was quite surprised to know that the price was only 600 baht at night.. not for a room, but for the real house.. this is a hut! in probably just 60-70 meters away from the beach..

which is why i booked second night and decided to take a walk around..   and it was worth it.. such a lovely place by the beach.. with super delicious food.. just like always nothing extraordinary..

but for 600 baht by the beach - you need nothing else.. just four walls and a roof, air conditioning.. comfortable bed which is soft by the way.. and the shower..

there is no hot water though, but in Thailand water is never cold.. so you can take a shower with warm water.. you see - there is no water heater here.. here is your soap and shampoo.. and in case you need a little bit more water..

you've got a little bit more water.. 600 baht - 60 meters from the beach.. and good air conditioning.. well, ladies and gentlemen.. perhaps it was a short episode..

but i am still not sure if i will be uploading this one.. because there was nothing really special about it.. it's just my habit - i wake up and i want to grab my camera and film something..

because you just can't break a habit that easily.. even though i said that the previous one was the last episode.. it's really hard to break this habit - i love filming, i love editing, i love exploring.. besides the area is really nice.. i'm still not sure what's going to be next..

am i going back to Bangkok or i'm heading to the Northern Thailand.. because i'm planning to chill for a month, or 2-3 weeks (without camera hopefully).. maybe just some quick episodes like this one.. just to give you some updates or to show you some area around.. so that you wouldn't forget me.. please don't forget me..

maybe i will end up on Koh Samui, maybe in Phuket.. but it's raining everywhere, so it doesn't really matter.. koh samui is cheaper though and it's much easier to find budget-friendly accommodation there..

besides i used to live on Koh Samui and it would be interesting to see how did Koh Samui change after 10 years.. because last time i went there 10 years ago.. yeah in 2012. it is a place where i actually fractured my leg, my ankle.. it was an open fracture.. i still got this metal plate and four screws in my ankle..

so maybe it's gonna be Koh Samui.. but probably not soon.. you see this face? yeah we need to to fix this mental feeling.. so that i can give you my energy again and again, more and more..

yeah you don't need to see me sad and disappointed in myself.. alright, hit the like button, write a comment for youtube algorithm, and i'll see you somewhere else.. maybe even soon.. bye!

2022-06-12 05:59

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