$1 Street Food Hunt at Night! / Thai Food Tour in Phitsanulok / Travel in Thailand 2024

$1 Street Food Hunt at Night! / Thai Food Tour in Phitsanulok / Travel in Thailand 2024

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Ah, it's hot! Hey hey hey! Welcome back to our hungry adventures! Guys, I'm greeting you from a bridge over River Nan in Phitsanulok province located in 360 km to the north from Bangkok. This is my second visit to Phitsanulok city. I decided to surprise you because today is Saturday. Today there is a Walking Street which I've never visited before. And entire city is visiting this Walking Street, which is why there is that massive traffic jam, of course for everyone but not for motorbikes! And I feel very excited because it's pretty hot in the daytime here in lower Northern Thailand. However in the evening when sun sets down - you feel the air is getting cooler, Which is why you're feeling alive! And today I'm ready to enjoy delicious Northern Thai spicy food together with you! And if you have got some time and empty space in your stomach - you can join me in this hungry adventure! Let's go! Pretty many people here..

As soon as you entering the street food section - you're feeling this combination of various flavors.. and when you are hungry, and when you spent entire day on the road - you're just salivating! Need to find something tasty quickly, as soon as possible! Okay, this looks interesting.. Hello..

Is this chicken sausage "Gai Yor"? Deep fried "Gai Yor"? Yes, correct! It's made of chicken, right? Yep! I've never seen it, because usualy it's made of pork.. Yes, that's right! You made it yourself? Yep! Really? Wow! Looks appetizing.. You also have got dipping sauce.. Would you like to try it? Really? Okay.. Okay, I can try it! Try it out! Thank you very much! Add some sauce.. let's make it spicy.. Mmm the dipping sauce is sour..

and also spicy.. Very tasty! I got to buy, I got to try more! it's very delicious! And this is the process of cooking it.. very foamy.. foamy oil.. This is oil, right? Yep, it's oil.. a lot of foam.. One piece cost 10 Baht, right? Yep..

Can I buy a portion for 50 Baht, please? Sure.. Add the dipping sauce too, please.. Just pour it over.. I want to eat it right away.. very hungry..

Dipping sauce is delicious.. Thank you.. Also cooked it yourself, right? Yep! Good job! It's sour, slightly sweet.. not extremely sweet.. because usually people make sauce too sweet.. Thank you.. Full bowl for 50 Baht! I was going to taste my chicken sausages..

And a gentleman said: "Oh, this is my house! Would you like to see it?" And there are many statues of Buddha inside, so this is a quite unexpected surprise.. maybe indeed we can take a look Excuse me, is it okay if I make a video? Yes, sure oh that's a quite amazing collection.. Is this Rishi (Hermit)? This is Chuchok.. I have Rishi (Hermit) over here..

Ah yes, this is him.. It's beautiful.. Is this a house? Yes, it's my house.. Is it all for sale or not? I have some things to sell and some things just to show..

But you sell it too, right? Yes, I do.. But mostly I just show them.. Something like a museum? There are some things I cannot sell.. Kind of museum, yes..

Old phones.. Some old phones.. A lot of stuff.. amazing.. Okay, thank you so much! Looks amazing.. I gotta go eat something, very hungry.. And this is the most legendary mural from Nan province..

This one is from Nan, right? Yeah! From the temple called Wat Phumin.. I remember, I went there 1 year ago.. It's beautiful.. Okay, thank you so much.. Bye bye..

I haven't seen many foreigners around.. and when you're walking with a camera or just when you're walking around - you attract some attention.. and people are kind and friendly here.. they are not used to naughty and noisy foreign tourists.. which is why they say: "would you like to see my house? okay come in my house!" okay I need to try some more of these chicken sausages.. "Gai Yor Tod".. Okay, let's go!

Guys, look at this delicious chicken sausage.. deep fried chicken sausage.. It's just so good! You know in Thai food (especially in these kind of snacks) the dipping sauce is the most important thing, because if Nam Jim (sauce) is not delicious - then it will totally ruin your food.. but if it is cooked properly.. if people who cook Nam Jim (sauce) know what they do.. then it's going to be the most amazing food you ever tried! This is one of the reasons why everyone loves Thai food around entire world! Nam Jim (dipping sauce) Phra Buddha Chinnarat.. Oh really? Yeah..

(I didn't catch what they said..) Thank you so much.. Kind gentleman (the owner of this shop) gave me this Buddha as a gift..

and I can't repeat the name of this Buddha, but I will keep it of course.. I'll have to Google its meaning, because every symbol, every Buddha, every medallion has its own meaning.. But yeah, very kind and sweet people are here in Phitsanulok.. Everyone come over, time to work! Okay, thanks a lot! All right, there is something interesting here because there are many people waiting for their turn to order..

and I think it's pork.. Grilled pork.. There is a lot of smoke and many people are waiting for their skewers.. looks pretty good.. Excuse me, one skewer cost 10 Baht, right? Yep, 10 Baht.. Okay.. He can speak Thai.. Speaks Thai.. speaks Thai!

Grilled pork.. You see how many people are here.. everyone wants to try it, so that means it is tasty here... Really? I can? Oh this foreigner is special! Do you want some sauce? Sauce too, please! Because if it's not spicy - then it's not tasty! Do you want it to be very spicy? Yes, very spicy, please! Let's see what does it mean "very spicy" here in Phitsanulok! I am from Bangkok.. from Bangkok city!

It's covered with spicy sauce.. Special foreigners... we don't have to wait! Ohhh.. It's like "Namtok Moo".. quite similar taste.. extremely delicious! Wow it's so juicy! Relatively spicy, but amazingly tasty..

I have to order more! These are not just some ordinary sticks with pork.. this is something really special.. Very delicious.. It it very delicious? Very good.. Very good very good.. Mickey Mouse.. Mickey...

This one.. Will you subscribe? Already subscribed! Excellent! okay I have to order a little bit more.. very delicious thing..

Can I buy 5 skewers, please? Sure.. This one is slightly spicy sauce? No, this one is with fermented fish sauce (Pla-ra) Okay, I don't want fermented fish sauce.. Can eat it with these vegetables? Yep.. Ah okay.. No, I don't want vegetables, I want just pork! Yeah, you can also get some vegetables to eat it together with this pork.. However why do you need to waste empty space in your stomach for some vegetables in this beautiful and lovely evening? Let's try it.. let's try it once again!

Sparkling like stars in the sky.. how juicy it is.. really delicious! Hello.. Excuse me, is it Northern Thai sausage "Sai Ua" or Isan sausage "Sai Krok"? This is "Sai Ua" and that is "Sai Krok".. Sai Krok is with Woon Sen noodles inside, right? Yes, it's with Woon Sen noodles..

And that one.. That one is the same.. But this is has bean filling inside, and that one is with chili paste.. But "Sai Ua" is same as in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai? No, it's not the same.. How much is 1 skewer? 25 Baht.

I'll take this one.. Would you like me to cut it? No, thank you.. I want to eat it right away.. Be careful, it's hot.. I've never seen "Sau Ua" that big! Because usually it's smaller.. But this one is big.. How long you've been living in Thailand? About 10 years..

Oh.. That's why you can speak.. This Sai Ua is more tasty than in Chiang Mai? I am from Russia.. Oh it's so far.. Thank you very much..

I got to try it right here.. Sai Ua sausage made in Phitsanulok Style.. Very big, very hot.. smells great, very fragrant..

very oily.. Hot, it's hot.. why so hot.. different than Chiang Mai style, but yeah, it is tasty too..

There is also rice inside, right? Yep.. There is rice, there are noodles inside.. There is everything! you can order just one sausage and it will be your breakfast, lunch and dinner..

tasty but very hot! Hello.. I'd like beetroot jucie please.. We can add a little of beetroot, and you can chose some other ingridients to mix it with.. Mix it? Okay..

What will be the most delicious? Beetroot with apple, right? yeah.. and carrot.. apple or pineapple.. Huge tray with lots of vegetables and fruits.. You can choose what you like, and they will mix it and cook fresh juice for you - it cost 35 Baht for one bottle.. Feel thirsty.. Outside of the market the air is cool, however inside people cook food constantly and there are quite many people, so you feel hot again and easily getting tired..

I mean me at least.. 35 Baht, right? Can I pay with scan? Okay, I see it.. looks really good..

ah very tasty.. very good.. Thanks a lot.. it's tasty.. For good health! Hello..

Guys, this looks like the tail of a pig.. What is it called in Thai language? Crispy baked pork tail.. ("Hang Moo Ob Krob") And what is this? An insect.. It's a cricket.. yes, it's a cricket..

This cricket loves to eat pork... Nice.. I've never seen it before.. Yes, never before.. This piece cost 100 Baht, right? Yep..

Okay, I'll buy a small piece.. This is not a piece, not a body.. What classifier do you use for it? What items classifier is used in Thai language for this food? One "Haang" One.. One piece? One "Haang" ("Haang" means a "tail") In tha language there are so many item classifiers - literally for everything.. For example for seeds and for chilli peppers - the classifier is "Mĕd" : (1 chilli, 2 chilli) For fruits - the classifier is "Lūk": Apples - 1 apple, 2 apples.. And here is another classifier for pork tails..

1 "H̄āng".. ("H̄āng" actually means a "tail") Okay, I get it.. 1 "H̄āng".. Pork tail - 1 tail, 2 tails, 3 tails.. Am I right? Yep! Oh it's big.. Yeah, there is meat, some crispy skin and pork fat of course.. And this is my satisfied face..

This reminds me of grilled pork in Trang province.. very crispy skin... hard almost like stone, but still very delicious and juicy... wow, very interesting.. and there is some meat.. It's delicious.. Delicious pork tails.. Yeah, I'm breathing very hard because it's not that easy as it used to be a 2-3 years ago..

when I was able to eat here and there, again and again, and continue walking and walking.. now - you ate something and then you have to walk around, while your body is processing the food.. and after some time you decide: "okay, maybe now I'm ready to try something else".. yeah, Mickey you are getting old.. you're aging..

All right, time to get some desserts.. Hello.. Are these waffles? yes, correct.. looks interesting.. Coconut, banana, red bean, Thai tea, vanilla.. everything is written in English and Thai.. What is the most delicious? Nutella..

Ah yes, Thai people love to eat Nutella.. But Mickey wants blueberry.. Just one piece is okay.. Thank you so much..

Fish.. fish.. Fish.. fish with lemons.. Smells good.. very fragrant..

Tasty.. sweet.. It's very tasty! inside there is some some jelly, like jam very tasty.. thank you very much.. I tried everything.. these are crickets.. Those are.. I forgot the name.. "D̂uang" (caterpillar/grubs) You speak Thai well.. Thank you!

I've got no space in my stomach for some insects.. I am full.. There is a lot of clothes, a lot of t-shirts, underwear (for some reason), different shoes, a lot of secondhand stuff.. This is not a touristy market so it's quite good to take a walk around.. Excuse me, how much is the kitty? 4500 Baht (130 USD) Hello.. How much is Khanom Thuai? 25 Baht? yep..

For one box, right? Yep.. okay.. How many pieces? 6 pieces.. Okay, I'll take 1 box, please..

Are these dancing shrimps? Yes! But they are not dancing anymore.. Dancing shrimps which are not dancing anymore.. These shrimps are tired, right? Looks yummy.. One of the most delicious traditional Thai desserts..

This is ancient dessert, right? Yes.. Yeah, the ancient recipe.. it is called "Khanom Thuai" because this tiny bowl is called "Thuai". Dessert is made with rice flour and coconut milk, it's not extremely sweet but is very delicious, especially when you are completely full and cannot eat anything else.. What is the name of it? "Khao Kriap Pak Mor" This pot is called "Pak Mor", right? Yep..

I tried "Pak Mor" noodles with vegetables inside.. But this is different, it's "Khao Kriap Pak Mor" Is it sweet? A bit sweet, do you want to try? Sure! This foreigner likes to try things! How much is the box? 20 Baht.. I can buy one box.. Cause I've never seen it before..

Ah it's hot! Coconut milk? uh-huh.. And garlick? Yep.. Delicious.. never tried this snack before.. Must eat it with vegetables, right? Yep.. Mmm.. very unusual taste, a little sweet, spicy,  but still quite fresh because you eat it together with lettuce.. A bit sour.. difficult to describe the taste..

it's tasty though.. that's the only thing I can say! Very delicious.. Oh spicy.. very spicy.. spicy but delicious! Thanks a lot! Bye bye.. Very delicious thing.. Guys, thank you all for joining me in this lovely street food hunt.. My evening stroll on the left bank of Nan River in Phitsanulok..

Thank you all for watching, thank you all for your support, hit the like button and I'll see you in the next episode pretty soon! Somewhere else in Thailand! Bye-bye! Spicy.. spicy!

2023-12-22 23:58

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