$12 Luxury Bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal

$12 Luxury Bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara, Nepal

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Okay, good morning, guys! It is currently 5 or 6 a.m. To be honest, I don't even know what this point. It's still dark outside and it's really cold; that's all that matters, and we are packing our bags because we are leaving Kathmandu today.

We're going to take a very special VIP bus to Pokhara. Really excited for it, but now still very tired. It's a deluxe bus and it is $12 per person. It is a 6 hour drive that's pretty long, so that's why we chose the more "expensive" option, which is still very affordable. Oh...

It's 8 hours, Janine just told me, and apparently the roads are very bad, so right now I am packed as warm as I can. The bag is here, so it is now time to go downstairs. Okay! Here we go.

Good morning! - Today you are leaving, yeah? Yes, unfortunately! We dont want to. - Where are you going? Pokhara. - Pokhara, oh, okay! Pokhara first, yes! - Yes, you go by bus. Yeah, we go by bus. Thank you! See you next time. Hello! We're leaving the hostel, and we're just gonna go on the street and see if we can find a taxi here. Actually, a lot of people are out and about already, and as you can see, it is getting light outside already.

It's pretty impressive. So it feels like it's the middle of the night to me. It's this one, Tourist Bus Stop. - Okay! How much? - 500. 250.

- 1 person NPR 150. No! 300? 300, okay! Just fits. So busy on the streets already. A lot of people are out and about. Look at this... - Wow! Crazy! Everyone is doing their own thing already.

Shops are not open yet, as you can see, but people are... Oh, some shops are. People are outside. It's a bit weird, so let's see because everyone says like, oh yeah, yeah, this is the bus where you have to go in.

Okay, let's see. It's very weird. They're very rushing, actually because there's no proof that this is our bus. They're just like, yeah, yeah, go in here.

Here we go. - No, I keep this with me. - Bag? Oh my God! Okay! Okay, this is the bus. Looks like this and then I think I'm somewhere in the back. Okay, wait. - Mine is behind? Yeah! This is nice.

Okay! This one, I take with me. It's more smelly than I thought it would be. So I have my seat right now.

It is time to give you guys a little tour. I think there are 16 seats in this entire bus. This is a ladder, as you can see behind me.

I don't have any leg room, which is definitely interesting because I thought I could put my legs like this; that's not the case, but I do have a holder for water or something else to drink, so that is nice. Then in front of my seat I have a laptop pocket where I put in my laptop if I wanna do some work and then on the right side there are two buttons and I think... they're not working yet, but I hope they will work when the bus is on and then I have my own private window. I am on the B side of the bus, that is the riverside. Apparently, that is a very beautiful view and there is AC, but...

looks interesting as well and we have a little fan for if it gets too hot. Fun fact is that there will be sitting someone next to me the entire trip; it's pretty close as well, so I'm curious who is that gonna be. Hello! So we found the people who are gonna sit next to us. Very nice already.

And we're gonna spend 6 hours together. They don't know what they're in for yet. Oh my God! She has coffee.

Oh my God, you're an angel. This is perfect. Wow! Thank you! - You're welcome! They have Cola. They have Cola as well.

- But only the glass bottle, so I can bring it. Okay, that's no problem. Thank you! - You're welcome! This is a good way to start this bus ride. I forgot your name. - Sunita. Sunita.

Say it okay. Sunita and I are gonna spend 6 hours together. The bus is not full as well, I think. There's still a lot of empty seats and it's like 50% tourist, 50% locals as well. Just interesting to know.

Here we go. Let this adventure begin. This is where we were just standing there, and I see a lot of buses left already, so I think most of the buses leave at 7 a.m., but you have to be there at 6:45, just to be sure that they can leave in time.

So we just got this one. I hope this is for trash and not for vomiting. So we all got one this and we got water. So this is what you get for free on the bus. The views are starting already. It is insane how beautiful it is.

There's a very curvy road going through all the mountains. You can see a lot of buses. The road is a little bit bumpy, but it's still doable. The sun is coming through the mountains. There's beautiful morning light as well, and it's very steep next to the road; it goes off pretty steep, I didn't expect that.

Lots of construction alongside the road, but look at this that's the morning light that I'm talking about. It's crazy how stunning it is. And there, you can see the buses.

So there's even a traffic jam because there are so many buses and cars. The road is very bad here. Look. Okay! I didn't expect the construction on the road, so quick already.

Here you can see also the road going there. You can see how curvy it is. It goes like that. Wow, this is stunning, though the view. If you don't mind the bumpy road, it's perfect. So everyone is laughing the bags are falling off because it's so bumpy.

I didn't expect it. Oh my God! They warned us already that the roads would be bad and they were not lying. Anjeer barfi. This is called anjeer barfi. We just got it from the lovely lady next to us.

- Did it fell over? Oh my God! She has a box of sweets and they're all... because the road is so bumpy, all the sweets fell out, but I'm gonna give it a try right now. Very nice. This is really good. It's super sweet and it has peanuts in it.

I love it. And she has a whole box, but they're all on the ground. No no no no... It's okay, it's okay. Thank you! I don't want more and this is how it looks like. And that one is really good. That is the one with mango; it's so good.

I love it. Okay, so we have a new one, a new cookie. This came out of the food bag. We just had chips and we had cookies. I just said who needs a mom when you're in Nepal because this is the third snack that she gave us already and there are more cookies.

This whole bag is filled with food. - Oh my God, it's enough. This is the magic bag. This is where the magic happens. It's my shoe with a present.

Let's take this one out. This is when everything dropped. I'll put it here. Okay! Oh... I'm out now, but...

Okay, so there's toilet and there's nice sun here and I think coffee house. Yeah, that's really good. Here you can see the coffee house. Here you can actually see our bus.

This is how it looks like. They're more buses. Public toilet. I think there you can get some other foods, but I think I'm actually gonna go first to the toilet and tie my shoes. Bought myself for 60 cents some paper and now I'm waiting for the toilet. I'm gonna actually show you guys how the toilet looks like.

This is muma for the trip with the magic bag. Taking care of all of us. Okay, I can go. Let's see. Ladies. And this is how the public toilet in Nepal looks like.

Pretty clean, to be honest. To be honest, pretty clean. This is one thing that I really really love about Nepal, you can literally everywhere get good coffee, which is so important if you have crazy travel days like we have. Good coffee is such a must and he's providing it to us. So nice. Wow! - Janine...

Janine and what's your name? - Janine. What was your name again? - Just fantastic. - Yeah! - That's his name just fantastic. Just fantastic. Just fantastic is amazing. What? - Going to Pokhara? - Yes! - I'm also going to Pokhara. Okay, then time to go.

Oh my God, the coffee is really really hot. Janine made a friend again, as you can see. He whispered in her ear, I want to kiss you on the cheek. That's what you get when you're blonde; it's really funny.

- I think I still have potato on my cheek. His lips touched my cheek. You have Nepalese husband now. - Yeah, he wanted to kiss my cheek. As you can see, we got a coffee again, and then the whole bus was waiting for us, so we are very bad in time management. We made it. We're sitting again.

Now we can go onto a new bumpy adventure and it's getting hotter, so I changed the outfit again. So the road is still very bumpy, but I think it's now almost an hour further and we are driving alongside the river. I am on the B side of the bus and that is the riverside; it is truly so beautiful. You can see all the locals doing their own thing. You have a view at the river and there's so many mountains to be seen; it is truly gorgeous.

It is time for our next stop. It is lunch break and we are parked next to the river. Oh my god, it's really really stunning.

I'm really excited to go out. So you have 25 minutes at this stop. I'm gonna quickly put on my sweater and put on my shoes because I was so comfortable in the bus and here it's a little bit cold again and then I'm gonna go on an adventure. Okay, sweater and now my shoes. Okay, here we go.

Now, it is time to check out the public toilet again. They're all occupied, so I have to wait and we're now at like this little parking spot. There are buses behind me, as you can see, but not too many. There's Blue Heaven Restaurant and then here... here you can see the toilet.

Oh, it was actually pretty well, except for this one. It's pretty okay. Pretty clean. Wow, here you see the river view.

This is incredible. Look how beautiful. Oh my God, I love it. This is so stunning. There you have the mountains with the fog as well.

This is where the road is and then here you can have the clear river view, and then this is the restaurant. Such a nice restaurant. I'm gonna check it out. Okay, let's check out the restaurant quickly and see what they have because I could eat. Oh, I see, it's a buffet. Buffet.

Oh, I love that! And there's still some nice tables with beautiful view. Hello! One time lunch. Thank you! Okay, so I got 600 back, so lunch is 400 rupees, and then you get this lunch/dinner coupon, and then you can just hand it in here at the buffet and you can have all you can eat.

I actually really like this concept. So this is what I have. I actually spilled it all over the plate, but that doesn't matter. I think it's really nice.

I smelled already the curry flavors. This is the table where I'm gonna have a seat. This is a full plate of lunch and I'm really happy with it. Let's give it a taste test. Oh, I like it. With the chickpeas, this is really good.

There's like a perfect curry flavor in it as well. And it's perfect to eat next to the river. Such a beautiful view. Such a good experience, I really like it. Well, he was yelling at us already, we have to go.

I am joy... - Bye, bye! Bye! I am enjoying these stops so much, but unfortunately, we have to go already. This is the driver seat, by the way. Look how comfortable. So nice. I think they sleep here as well.

Such a nice seat for the driver. That's good on a long bus track. I just woke up from, I think, one and half hour nap or something. I fell asleep.

I was really tired, but I woke up because the whole bus went like this and I literally jumped out of my chair. And we're getting closer. I think it's now 2 more hours until we're there, maybe. I'm not really sure. The road has been incredible. I've been staring at a view for a very long time, then I fell asleep, and now it is starting again.

The scenery is changing a little bit. We're now more into a local area. Lots of trees. Lots of roads as well.

It's a bit more crowded, but before this, we had a beautiful, beautiful lake view. The view literally only is getting better and better because right now... Oh my God! Because right now, almost all around us, we can see insanely high mountain view tops covered in snow. It is literally so beautiful. There are different levels of mountains and the highest one, they're insanely high.

I don't know exactly which mountains they are, but you can see the snow on top and it's all around us; it's breathtaking. I love these views. Janine... - Yes! What's your experience so far? - I like it. It is only a little bit bumpy, but the views are the best. Yeah, that's true! Yeah, we just had one more stop and I also got Coke and chips as well.

So unhealthy, but I feel like with a long drive like this, you need to indulge in all unhealthiness because literally... - So unhealthy... What are you doing? You're cleaning your shirt. - Yes, from the snacks. Are you being a mess behind there? - Yeah, little bit.

Little bit. - Yeah! So it is now 1 more hour to go and then we should be there. I just checked and it is only 1 hour longer.

53 minutes it says, and then we should be in Pokhara. Currently, we're standing still. We don't really know what's going on, but here you can see there are a lot of buses coming and just as I said, we started moving, so that is good news.

So we're on the move again, but now we're at a very busy point. I think there are some kind of like red lights and green lights, but it only let go a certain amount of cars and buses because it is very busy on the road. Crazy! Guys, we arrived and look who we have here. I don't know if you remember him.

Yay! No, I didn't do anything. Okay, long story short, we arrived in Pokhara. It's been a true fest already to arrive here. This was our bus.

Eventually, the whole trip was 10 hours. In the end, I didn't vlog anymore. I was literally so tired. We are exhausted. This is how the whole square here looks like in Pokhara.

The mountains here are phenomenal, unlike anything else. I've never ever ever seen nature like this in my whole life. It is truly breathtaking. It is such a huge difference with Kathmandu.

There's way more nature here. I feel like Pokhara is completely surrounded by mountains. I just saw a mountain peak and I looked it up; it's 7,000 meters high.

There are so many more Pokhara videos coming, so you guys are gonna see all of it. Right now it is time to find our Airbnb and go in there and I'm gonna show you guys also the Airbnb that we're staying in. Hello! Are you driver? Can you... Wait! Let's see how much it is.

It's like 5 minutes. - 5 minutes. It's only 2 km. - Yeah, 2 km.

How much? - 400. No! 250 we did this morning. - Which place is this, I don't know. Sorry! - What is this place name? No, it's like an apartment.

It's only 2 kilometers. We do 250? - 250, yeah! - 300 last. - No, 250. 300. - Your car is here? You're the driver, right? - Yes! You okay? Not tired? You're very good driver. Thank you so much! - Amazing amazing! Yes! Very talented! You go back to Kathmandu? - Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, you sleep here. Okay! - And go again back to Kathmandu. Every day? Every day? Whoa! But where do you live? Where's your house? - In Pokhara or Kathmandu? - In Pokhara. - Pokhara. Oh, wow! - Just 3 km.

Yeah, just take it off yourself. Oh my God, it's so heavy! They're gonna put it on top. I'm too tall to have that bag in between my lap. Bye! Thank you! See you! He's an angel. He's so nice. Oh, wow, the mountain. - He's so sweet. - It's crazy, I know.

Yeah, we're gonna have that more times. The mountains are literally now... Pink. - It looks like a movie. Wow! - Come on, I forgot the name. It looks like a movie.

We heard something falling. Hopefully it's not the bag. Let's see. The bag is on there still.

Oh my God! Here we go. - Okay! Thank you so much! You're waiting already. - Yeah! So nice! We're really happy to be here. It was a long journey. - Yeah!

Very long. - Almost 10 hours. Yes, 10 hours. Oh, this is home. - Yeah, new home. Look at the clouds. Oh my God, we have such a warm welcome.

- Hello! - He's my nephew. Hi! - And she is Sunita. Hi! Namaste! - Our Assistant. Hi! - Okay! Welcome home! Thank you so much! So nice. So there are monkeys here.

This morning. - Good to know. Thank you for telling us. Oh my God, we have the view. - Wow! I can't wait to wake up in the morning. I love it.

Oh, this is home. I feel like home already. I look very tired, but that's because I am.

But okay, we have arrived and I'm quickly gonna give you guys a room tour. So here we have a small cute table. Then we have our kitchen where we can cook as well. We have everything that we need. We even have Himalayan salt here, I really like it.

A nice chair. Fridge. 2 rooms. This is Janine and I, this is our room. Bed, pretty small, but decent. Ms. Janine.

Our bags and we have balcony, which is locked because apparently, the lady that lives here just told me that there monkeys live, so this is the monkey business and then I go back in here and then we have one more room for Wisnu, which is next to us and... the bathroom there. So now that we have arrived; it is time to shower and go to sleep later on.

We're gonna have some tea with the owner and that's it. Right now we are in Pokhara. We're gonna do so many epic things here. I literally cannot wait.

So thank you so much for watching this video. Please do not forget to like and subscribe and I will see you in my next Nepal adventure. Bye!

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