$0.40 Dirty Ice Cream in Manila

$0.40 Dirty Ice Cream in Manila

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Good morning from Manila, here in the Philippines. Guys, behind me, we have a very special guest. His name is Roy. Hey. Hey brother.

How are you? Good? Ah kamusta ka, that's how you say it right? Kamusta ka? Anyways, Roy is a very special guest because, uh, for the past six or so months, he's actually been working on the team, doing all the backend things, editing videos, um, doing all kinds of things. You know, there's a lot of things that actually go into filming a video, editing it, publishing it. And, uh, Roy helps me out in doing that. So we're gonna be exploring Manila at the moment. Um, all of today, we're currently in the. Is the, uh, Chinese area.

So this is Chinatown. Yeah. Yeah. It's really beautiful. You can see like all the, uh, the different sculptures and whatnot, but we're gonna be exploring today, uh, eating some delicious food, getting some drinks, buying some things, uh, who knows what we get up to, but we'll bring you all along for the journey.

Tara na! Am I saying that right? Let's do it. So there's plenty of really famous restaurants in this Chinatown area. We have this one here that's featured on CNN travel. Well, you know what? It may be featured on the Luke Damant travel show. Um, but this is a line. This is just for takeout.

So, um, they're not even eating in, so we're gonna actually go in and, uh, line up for the different line and see how long the wait is. We can just go in, right? Yeah. So like it's so busy, that's just for the line or like takeout. So let's um, oh my, I can see in the mirrors, the amount of people that are here, how far up does it go? We'll wait for, wait for the expert. Excuse me. Thank you.

Oh, it's not that. That's the eating area. So it's not, it's just this, these people, I think.

Have you eaten here before? No. was featured in CNN? Yeah. Yeah. If it's featured in CNN, then it must be pretty good. All right we waited about five minutes and there was no progress in the line whatsoever.

It was so hot up there. Look how much I'm sweating. Um, it was like a hot box, everybody just waiting for a table. Oh, the fresh air. That's nice.

But look. Hello. How are you? Look how long the line is? That is just crazy, but we're gonna maybe, uh, go and search for some street food where there's not a line. You know, the food here is all good. It may not be CNN.

Approved. Wow. But if the food is good at like a street food place, it will be Luke Damant approved. So let's um, oh, these guys are vlogging as well. Anyways, let's see what we come across. Oh, look at this.

So you're saying this is dirty ice cream. Yeah dirty ice cream. Is it safe to eat? Yeah. Hello? What flavors do you have? He has. Oh, so.

Avocado, cheese. Is that cheese? Yeah cheese. - Cheese flavor. Yeah. - Really? There's bits - There's bits of cheese there.

I just got hugged by a kid. Hello. What flavor is this one? Avocado. Okay. What makes it dirty? Like why is it called dirty ice cream? I'm not sure. He said because it's on the streets. - But it's just, it's

just normal ice cream, right? Oh so it's just like, he'll just get a scoop and do it in a cone? Yeah. Do you want one? We'll um, we'll grab a, a dirty cheese ice cream please in a, in a cone. How, what size do you want? Oh yeah, we'll go.

Uh, big size. You want to try it in the, in the bread? In bread? Yeah. - Oh yeah. Let's do it in bread. Yes. Yeah. I've never, I've never had ice cream in bread before.

That's good's, good in the morning. So when, uh, I was telling Roy, I had this trip planned to the Philippines, so he wrote me a list of all these things that, uh, I should try all the famous foods here. And he said dirty ice cream.

And I was like dirty? Why is it dirty, but this is, this is gonna be cool. This is an ice cream sandwich, a cheese sandwich, basically. So he gets it in there.

There's 1, 2, 3 pieces. And it's kind of, uh, just like that all packed in to one. You can get it in like smaller cones, big cones.

I'm I'm glad you said the bread. You want the avocado, or the cheese? The cheese has a little bit - Yeah, we have a bit of cheese. Yeah. How much does it cost? 20 So like 40 cents or so? Yeah, he's loading it up. There's a lot of ice cream in there. You need a big mouth there.

Yeah, but it's cool. It's just like on this little bicycle stand. - Usually they stroll around. Thank you so much. So here we have it ice cream - Sorry? Yeah first time I'm loving it.

Amazing country. So here we have it. The ice cream sandwich.

It's steaming. I've never had. Ice cream in like a bread roll before. So, so there's, this is the cheese one? Yeah - And what will flavor was this? Avocado. Oh, alright. Well, let's get a big bite of this first.

That is the weirdest combination of textures. I've had in my life. It's not every day that you're eating ice cream from a bread roll. So you have this, like the bread roll is super soft.

Look at that. Um, you bite in and I think like I'm used to having, you know, meat or like cheese in a bread roll, not ice cream. So it's a really interesting, um, combination.

So let's get the avocado in there. It's so weird biting into like a sandwich and it being like frozen cold. Yeah.

But it's, uh, it's really refreshing. It's so hot. You can see I'm sweating like crazy.

This is the perfect way to cool yourself down here in the, the heat of Manila. I'm sweating like crazy. It's so hard.

We, we were in the sun now in the shade, but this is a perfect way to combat the heat here in Manila. Mm, very good. I approve, first time, ice cream in this sandwich that that's like two things that I never thought were possible. Could you ask him how long he's like been selling ice cream for.

20 years? 20 years. And he is in the same spot or? He's going around. Wow. Very delicious. I was expecting the cheese flavor to be like really cheesy, like a cheese paratha or something like that, but it's kind of, it's very subtle.

It, hasn't got like an intense cheese flavor, which is nice. You know, you don't want be biting into ice cream and thinking you're biting into a block of cheddar cheese or something like that. But I approve. I like it. It's really good.

Alright last little bite here. Let's um, get it in the gulb. So good.

Very good. How do you say, how do you say delicious in, uh - How much did you say it was? 20. Oh, wow.

Australia. That's 50. Yeah. The purple note. That's a hundred. That's for you.

Thank you so much. Have a great day. See you.

Dirty ice cream was not what I was expecting. Yeah, it actually is quite clean and tasty. when you, when you were writing the notes for me, uh, before I came here, I was like, what the hell? Dirty ice cream do they like? Put like dirt on it. or like chocolate that looks like dirt, but it is just literally, uh, normal ice cream. So pretty, uh, pretty good first, uh, experience eating the dirty ice cream here.

Hello. We, uh, we're kind of just walking around the back streets here of, uh, the China town. So many like industrial places, you got people, um, that's just called a tricycle, right? Yeah. Yeah I was in one of them the other day. Super fun to get around. Uh, but here they have like the fabrics and whatnot, you know, all the plastics, the fabrics, people sewing.

People are so friendly here, guys. Seriously, you say hello, they're willing to have a chat, which I love. Hey brother. Brother. You good? Thank you.

It's great to be here. See, everybody's so friendly. I was walking here.

There were a few people walking that way. So I was walking here and I almost tripped over a dead cat. Confronting.

I don't know if I'll put that in a video, but obviously if you see this, I did, but that's the first time I've ever seen a dead cat. There's so many really famous places in this, uh, old China area. And these people are like lining up for the Wai ying fast food.

And that's like one of the most famous, uh, Chinese restaurants here, I don't wanna line up, but apparently they also have a takeout one here. So this line is much shorter and you can get the exact same thing, uh, on the menu that you want, except it's just like takeout. So you eat it on the street or take it back home. So. No worries. I'm really craving dumplings, so, oh, thank you so much.

Do they have dumplings? Yeah, here. Ah, nice. Frozen dumpling. Frozen oh no not frozen. We want them cooked, please. No, this is all surely they're not frozen, right? Yeah.

It's frozen. Just a frozen chicken feet, half kg, 300, uh, pesos that's around like $6. Ah here at the top, fried dumpling. Seven pieces, 220. Let's try that.

Hello. How are you? Please have, um, the fried dumplings please? Fried dumpling. Yes. 7 pieces? Yes. Uh, what, what, uh, what is inside? Uh, pork , shrimp and mushroom.

Okay I'll try that. One order for take out to go? Yeah for take out, please. So this is like the same restaurant that all the people are lining up in. Uh, there's limited seating in the other one.

So obviously that's why there's like a massive line, but, uh, very good. Sorry? Masarap. Oh yeah that means delicious. Right? Masarap. Let's hope they're masarap. So he goes off and he is going to put in the order.

Have you ever lined up for like two hours to eat food? No. - I don't know what crazy people would. I just use food panda. Is food panda big here? Yeah. That's like the main, the main thing. Yeah, I'll go over to where he put in the order.

But all these people lining up for a seat it's so busy, they will go in or I'll, I'll try and sneak in, yeah, there's like five seats, really. So that's why there's like such a big line because, you know, once you line up for two hours, you're not just gonna get in there and eat for five minutes. You're gonna take your time, make all the other people wait, just like you did if you lined up as well. So let's hope, uh, the dumplings. Come quickly and then we can eat them on the street.

It's a really cool area where I'm staying. Ongpin street, I believe is the name I'm staying at like the Ramada hotel. And it's just like perfect central to everything that you need. The beach is like 10 minutes away. You have all these really cool, like places that you can eat at on the side of the road.

It's just like really good vibes, really high energy people are just happy around here. So good choice. I'd I'd recommend staying around this area.

I plan. I had three nights here originally, but I think I'm gonna extend, uh, because I'm really like loving this area. It's just, you know, the, the Chinese culture, all the beautiful lanterns, all the beautiful, uh, artworks and everything. It's just a really beautiful part of Manila, this area. Do I pay now or? Ah yes you can pay now. - Okay.

220. Thank you. I received 520 sir.

So why, why is this place so famous? Yeah. And how long - We have the best dim sum here. You have the best dim sum? Yeah. Oh, maybe wait.

The dim sums are different to the dumplings? Actually, they have different, they're different classification of. Where the, where are the dimsums? We have siomai. We have, we have hakaw. Oh, we have sharksfin dumpling. Yeah.

All these are famous? Best seller is siomai. What did you order? He ordered fired dumpling. But one of the best sellers also. Oh, the fried dumplings are good? Yeah and the fried one. Yeah. That is included with half. So this are seven pieces.

How big are they? How big the size? Oh, those are the dumplings. Oh yeah. The dumpling is more, much bigger than that. - Oh, really?

So these are dimsums. Yeah. Yeah.

So these, these are the dumplings? - This is the dumpling. Ah, and they come, they come cooked, right? Yeah. I don't, I don't eat this and this is frozen, actually. This is pre cooked. And so what, what is inside? Uh, pork shrimp and mushroom.

Pork, shrimp and mushrooms. Yeah. Ah, very good.

Okay. Thank you so much. All right, here we have the goods, everybody, the dumplings.

Wai ying fast food. All right I might get you to hold that for me. Sir. We'll eat on the street. All right.

I will pick this up, everybody. I'm just gonna, uh, put it to the side here, but I guarantee I'll pick it up. I promise. So we have all kinds of things in here. We got limes, I guess that soy sauce, Roy, I think.

Yeah. That's soy sauce and chili. Ah chili as well. All right well, I understand why everybody's lining up now is because this is gonna be difficult to eat on the side of the street, but you guys get the first look. Oh, that actually looks damn good.

So let's leave that for the side there. We'll open up. This is what sweet chili sauce.

Yeah sweet chili. You want to eat there? Maybe they'll allow it. Yeah, I'll eat inside.

It's okay if I eat here? All right. We're making, we're making use of all surroundings. So.

We have the sweet sauce. I believe. Oh, that's nice. But here we go.

All the fried dumplings they're about what size of a golf ball maybe inside, he said there was pork, prawns and mushrooms. So let's just try one. That's super hot and they smell super delicious as well. But let's just try one without all the sauces first.

And I'll show you the insides. Wow. That is actually really good.

Masarap. That's the word right? Masarap. Oh my God. On the inside, you can see the bits of pork there. Super juicy.

You can see a couple of the prawns in there as well. And I think it's all surrounded, uh, with mushrooms in there as well. So let's see a bit there.

Dip it in the sauce. I have a friend outside. What was his name again? Piolo. Piolo.

He's the famous actor, right? Yeah. Famous actor. Piolo. He came up to me and I was like, brother, I'll give you some, uh, some dumplings after I tried them and make sure they worthy of your, of your taste testing abilities.

I, anyway, this is dripping everywhere. Let's get it in. Wow. The pork is so tender, so delicious, little bit salty.

But the sauce that adds like a whole different flavor to it, you get the crispy fried and then the sweet little bit of chili on the side as well. That is really good. But what I'm most excited for, is after we get this next bite in, are these crispy bits.

I absolutely love the little bits of crisp, like samosa during Pakistan. You all know how much I love samosas, especially when they're fried like fried on the street here. Um, but I love the corn bits the most.

Because it's so crispy. So amazing. And this is the best part. Have a look at these guys. Super crispy on the side here. Thank you.

Do you want to try one? Oh it's hot. It's hot eh? Yeah. So, um, in the Philippines, like pork and pig is a very like popular dish, right? Yeah. - I see,

because they have like, there's this dish that's famous in Cebu, which I'm visiting in a few days. That's called lechon and it's literally, it's like it's, it's hot? Lechon is literally is like baby pig on a rod, on a stick and it's just roasted over hours and hours. So super excited to try that in Cebu where it's like really famous, but I'm gonna, um, offer.

Our friend Piolo some of these here we'll take it out to him. Where's he gone? Piolo! Piolo! Yeah, we have some dumplings for you. You can have all of them. Very good. You want to try, try, taste, test, taste, test, try one, try one, try one.

Try one. Very good. Oh, I'll get some sauce for you as well.

You like? Delicious? Masarap? Masarap? For you. All right. Very good. Have a great day. All right. Do you have a bin that I could use, please? So delicious.

Thank you so much. Masarap, masarap. Very masarap, have a great day. See you, Piolo. Oh, delicious. Nothing better than a bit of fried food, uh, on the streets of Philippines.

I absolutely love it here. All right guys. So that's the restaurant we just ate at. All those people are waiting to go inside, get a table, but I mean, the smart way to do it is get takeout, just eat on the street much better way you get a local experience as well. Um, but we're gonna finish up the video here, everybody. We're gonna be exploring, uh, Manila today.

And I think we might come back here, uh, tonight. All the street, food comes out apparently in the evening time. It's hustle bustle, especially on the weekend here. So it's gonna be a good, old, fun time when it's all like street food cards, all along here, picking and choosing whatever we want.

But thank you so much, watching everybody as always chase your dreams and we'll see you all on the next one. Goodbye.

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