91. Ülkeme Geldim - Her Şeyin Fiyatı Düşmüş | Panama Bedava Çıktı !

91. Ülkeme Geldim - Her Şeyin Fiyatı Düşmüş | Panama Bedava Çıktı !

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We continue to explore Panama with Kutay. Up to $33,000 isn't taxed here, is it? Prices are like free. + The pandemic has wreaked havoc in Panama, and prices have plummeted incredibly in houses, cars, everything. -- 3.5 dollars. + Free.

We are looking for shark. This is the bait the fish can't stand. So good.

That can't be real. It is said that between 500,000 and 1 million people have left the country. Skyscrapers are everywhere, but most of these skyscrapers are empty.

+ This area is a secret, unknown military zone. This is the Panama Canal you see over there. THE BIGGEST FISH MARKET - PANAMA Greetings to everyone from my 91st country, Panama. How are you guys? I hope everything is great. I am talking to you right now from Panama, the country between North and South America and which is my next country after Colombia on my world trip.

I will travel every inch of Panama for about 15 days. It's been 2 days since I came here. I will show you tribes, places to visit, beaches, wonderful places as much as I can on this channel. I'm hungry and very excited because we met a very good friend when we came to Panama, and I'll introduce him to you soon. As soon as we came here, together, we thought that we should try to understand the cuisine of this country first. Because there was not much to see in Panama City, many things are outside the city. The weather has been rainy for a few days, luckily, the day I'm going to make the video, it's a good weather outside.

We came here from Colombia in about 1 hour. Tickets were around $100 per person. We had no trouble entering the country, we showed our hotel reservation and our exit ticket directly and passed. As soon as we arrived, we were busy editing youtube videos, so we didn't travel much.

-- We also have 'maceraname' with us. + You already know me. -- And Panaturco, the mayor of Panama. + welcome. What are we doing now? -- We're the bombs. + Exactly, everything is fine. Our car is also ready, we are full of energy and ready to fulfill your joy. -- We just met Kutay, he is full of energy. He has been living here for 11 years. + I studied here high school and the university. His spanish is perfect.

-- We met on the Internet, he said that he lives in Panama. + Yes, I wrote him. He said let's travel together and now we will travel together. If there is a video you are particularly curious about in Panama and you say 'Make a video about this topic (life, education, investment, places to visit, etc.)', write it in the comments.

We will read from there and make the next videos accordingly. Now I'm taking you to one of the most beautiful markets in town to get some energy. Over there guys, let's go! We're going to the Mercado de Mariscos fish market now guys. There are restaurants and very nice stalls there.

Let's walk from where the shops are. My overall impression of Panama for 2-3 days is that it is quite safe. We've never had any problems, I can't say it's as dangerous as Colombia.

We came to the market, let's go inside! They praised this place quite a bit. Here is very rich in seafood. We are a little excited, we haven't eaten for a long time, we missed it.

There are restaurants over there. But first we want to see the fish stalls. This is one of the most important places to visit, so when you come to Panama, they said to see this place. Why? Because the country has a coast on the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, right in the middle.

That's why it's so rich about it. + Corvina is one of the most caught fish in Latin America. + Same with Sierra. This fish is similar to the Mediterranean bonito.

The shrimps are very good. By the way, here the currency is dollars, and this is 7 dollars, it's free. This was the like 300 TL in Turkey. + This is the big one, there are also smaller ones that are cheaper. He cleaned the little ones, I'll eat this raw.

Everywhere is fish. There are such small stalls. -- Isn't that half a kilo? + Yes, it is. It's $4 a kilo. + Pargo rojo is the one with the red label, look at the teeth.

+ Its teeth are magnificent. I want to eat it. -- Shall we eat raw Kutay? + We can take and bite it directly.

Which ocean's fish do you usually like? + I think it's corvina, which is both affordable and tastes good in Latin America. -- Can it be grilled? + You can grill or barbecue, the choice is yours. And the shrimps are incredible too. Especially lobsters. -- We can have lobster for breakfast. + We can yes. You will see what we can eat especially on the islands. There are colorful fish everywhere. Oh, this looks like white groupers.

wow. Can you ask how much is it? + It costs 5 dollars a kilo. -- No kidding! + Yes, it's like free. They also clean the fish. She somehow convinced her to take a picture.

People are nice. We have been here for 3 days and people are always smiling, positive people. But due to the pandemic, both the economy and tourism have been greatly affected. They do not remove the mask, they use it in many places. They are very strict about it. During the shutdown period, they could only go out for 2 hours a week.

That's why there was a serious population loss in the city at that time. Kutay says the they are still trying to recover economy. Don't worry, more detailed videos will come as the days go by. First, we wanted to make a video for you by smelling the market, eating something and then showing the old city center. We started off well, let's see. The bird has entered the market.

Hey heron, what are you doing? It's so beautiful. Those fish don't look very fresh, so it's left. But here's something that caught my attention, let me show you. The mullet, which is also sold in our country, is sold here for 5 dollars per kilo.

They have cleared the heads of the fish and are selling these as well. There are colorful fish. I lick my lips. Oh it's blur runner. It is very tasty guys. For example, these are all caviar.

Look, these fish are very fresh. The fish that the man is holding is probably 10 kilos. + It's like a soft worm. + They cut it and use it when fishing in pieces. -- Is this bait? -- Not for eating. + No, it is not. Here is a shrimp heaven, so many shrimps probably come from the ocean.

We saw more shrimp than fish. Let's see what's in there. It's like a mussel. They put it into the rice and cook them together.

It's also so good. -- Mussels with rice. + Yes, I ate on the islands, there are few places in the city that cook this. They also mixed it here, octopus, squid, crab and it's just 3.5 dollars. Why can't we buy here and sell in Turkey? + I don't know, but I think there is no permission. -- Customs?

+ That's what they said. I am not sure, I do not want to give clear information, but I think there is no permission, they do not accept. -- That's 30-40 dollars in Turkey right now. + Look at the difference and comment by yourself I won't say anything about it. We're in shock guys.

We're currently looking for sharks, but we saw the crabs. These are king crabs, look at their hands. + Look at the size, guess from the gripper. -- It can make full a person.

+ The libra, ie 453 grams, is 10 dollars. So it's $20 a kilo. But this is already expensive everywhere. + Would you look at the beauty of this? If there was coal here, we would put it directly on it and cook. We could barbecue. There are octopuses and tiny lobsters, but they are very small.

It smells like moss. This is the bait the fish can't stand. they love it. I got hungry when I saw these fish, shall we eat? + Yes, we are very hungry. -- What shall we eat? + There is something called arangita pulpito, it is octopus. I'm sure she will love it. Let's go!

We continue to explore Panama with Kutay. He speaks Spanish, has lived here for years and we learn some things right from him. -- Traveling like this is much more enjoyable. + Absolutely, full information. -- We will no longer be hungry. + Thank you. Let's go to eat! Our aim was to buy fish from here and cook it in one of the restaurants at the back.

But they don't do that like we do in Turkey. We asked that it is possible to bring 1 kilo of shrimp, cook and pay for it there or not. they said no. So we're going to go and pick it from the menu. We are now in the most beautiful area in Panama City. Here is the capital and largest city of Panama. There are many more cities, but they are smaller, we will go there.

Let's sit at one of these restaurants. + At first they thought we are gringo, that is, American. They say gringo in spanish. + In Latin America, if you're gringo, they think dollars are flying in the air, and when we spoke spanish, their face fell.

For Americans, $100 isn't a big amount they spend easily, but for us it's a lot of money and American people have blown prices in Central and South America. It smells fish. Thank god we have someone with us who speaks spanish. We placed our order and the prices are always dollars.

American dollars are used in this country guys. Appetizers that is ceviches, are 2-3 dollars. Plates (fish, shrimp, etc) are around $10. Entrees are around 6-8 dollars. We ordered something mixed. Let's get the food and save energy. Nesko fainted, it's hot outside and we're hungry.

I'll take it, I'm curious about the taste. It's so good. Here they are listening to music like crazy again. We started well and we are excited, let's see. Octopus? + Yes, it is.

-- How are we going to eat this, by squeezing lemon on it? + With sauce. You can also squeeze lemon if you want. A small octopus. This can't be real.

+ They did very well. Magnificent! I didn't expect it to be this delicious. We have been traveling for 3 days here, it is my first time to eat a pleasant seafood. We thought we wouldn't be full, but we're already getting enough.

They made such a shrimp. With sauting. It has some salad and fries on the side.

+ I said don't put coriander in it. -- We cannot eat it with coriander. Look at our shrimp. very nice. We're going well. It's cheap and healthy. We're getting energy.

We ate our food and we were full. We feel perfect. -- How was it 'maceraname'? + Kutay calls me 'makaraname'. It's been a lot of fun, we had a great meal guys. + We even got a little drowsy. -- If there was tea, we would drink it. We are walking on the cordon now, they made a very nice cordon.

This place continues in front of the skyscrapers until the opposite side. These boats you see are boats going fishing in the ocean. These men are the ones catching all those shrimps and fish. This side you see is the Pacific Ocean, especially the seafood of this geography is very delicious.

We're going to walk around here a bit, there's the old city center, we'll pass by there. And then we'll move on to the beaches, which I think is the most beautiful place here. While they are on the way, I also share stories on my Instagram account. 'birhayalinpesinde' Come on, I'm sharing there, as well.

Also follow Nesibe. + I became 60,500. + Thank you so much guys. Somehow you intervened.

The weather is very nice. It's not raining and not too hot. We are in a good mood, our world tour is going very well. There is neither agriculture, nor production, nor good tourism in Panama. There's nothing. So how did these people build these huge skyscrapers that you see in the background? They used to call those with money and sell them investment buildings from here.

Since nothing was asked, they would constantly miss out on money, and prices would skyrocket. But during the pandemic, people could not leave their homes for days and prices suddenly dropped. It is said that between 500,000 and 1 million people have left the country.

As a result, the economy began to suffer. And in this period, Panamanians said, 'We wish we had used the money that came on time well and we had not experienced the difficulties of these days so much.' and revolted. Because the government doesn't help much. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, unfortunately, just like everywhere else in America contenent.

I'm going to make a purchasing power video about it. I will make a nice vlog by reconciling Panama's economy and investment opportunities with the past. We are in a bit of shock because I was expecting a large population here in terms of tourism.

But it wasn't like Cartagena, Colombia, for example. There are very few tourists, the government does not invest in the streets, skyscrapers are everywhere, but most of these skyscrapers are empty. Because nobody comes and buys. The name of the place you see is Casco Viejo. This is Panama's old city centre, just like in Cartagena.

We visited this place yesterday, we were not very impressed. There wasn't much that caught our attention. There are churches, squares like everywhere else. There is even a church here, Kutay says that the Spanish once came to rob this church. There was gold in the church.

They painted the gold parts black so that Spanish would not rob them. + yes. -- And Spanish couldn't rob. + They could not rob and went back. So I'm telling a Spanish friend that they left their laziness and went back. It's like they were cloned and gone.

They are very comfortable. They do not work, there is no practical intelligence. But nice, smiling people. These are our observations so far. Where are we going now? + Now we are going to Amador. Americans call it Causeway. It has a story too, I want to tell you when we get there. -- Let's go! We had visited the old city center yesterday, but we thought we should go around by car. This is an area with colonial-era buildings. But as I said, tourism has been affected a lot due to the pandemic.

Almost nobody. It's very quiet here. -- But when you look at the prices, they are also very high. One of the most expensive places in Panama, right? + yes. Because the rents are high, it's a bit of a difficult place. -- But no one comes. + They can't earn their rent, so they sell everything dearly to those who come. -- This is a region that can be visited in 1 hour. There are restaurants and churches. + Nightlife. -- We did not see a place with nightlife. + Not bad. Thursday, Friday, Saturday normally. Maybe we'll do a nightlife video in Panama.

Write in the comments whether you want the video or not. We want to visit this place mostly because of its islands. We're going to that area. Of course, we will see other islands with boats in the coming days.

Now at sunset, let's go where that island is. We parked the car. We rented a car, I'll explain it in the next videos guys.

Because we will visit tribes, beaches, villages up to the Costa Rican border. For 10-15 days. So stay tuned, we'll see amazing places.

We went after Kutay, he brought us to such a beautiful place. Where the Panama Canal begins. + This area is a secret, unknown military zone. + But we will try our luck and take nice pictures. Let's see! Is this place belong to the military? Normally there are places to go to the islands here, it's a private place.

The state's boats depart here, so there are boat entrances. From here you can see the boats coming from the Panama Canal. This is the Panama Canal you see over there. + The ships passed. -- How much did they pay? 1 million dollars? + Exactly.

650,000, 750,000 $ It starts at $250,000 depending on the size of the ship. The main ships go up to 650,000, the mother ships up to 1-1.5 million on the 2nd canal. We will explain it already in the Panama Canal video. Is there a discount if we don't ask for an invoice? I don't know, we can negotiate. Panama Canal video is coming, let's take some photos right there. The area is lush. Without this bridge, there is no crossing to the other side. The bridge you see is the American bridge.

This bridge is incredibly valuable for Panama. If those who live half an hour from Panama cannot cross this bridge, they cannot go home and cannot come to the city. We came to a place called Amador. Guys, the road in the background is the road where the stones from the 2nd line of the Panama Canal were used. This road used to be a single lane, now it has turned into a double lane. Kutay said so. And the Americans built here.

There is an area where rich people have yachts. Look at the size of that machine! You can go as fast as an airplane with it. Why are they doing this? Because they pay less taxes. Taxes are not paid up to 33 thousand dollars here, right? + Yes, if it does not exceed 33 thousand, there is no tax, only the company will have a thousand-dollar expense, that's it. I think that those who show are few.

-- Why are these rich people coming here? + They come here because America invests here, taxes are low. + They show the money as expenses here, it's better. They even buy and invest in the boat, but they do not come. We know that they leave it here to show as an expense.

Correct us if we're wrong. Let's have coffee and go around here. It's a very peaceful and quiet place. Naturally beautiful, there is both the sea and the greenery. It is clear that we have come to the rich place. They're making lobster. How much?

One is $25, the other is $25. Guys we came to the marina, I say marina. Normally, marinas are one of the most expensive parts of the city, right? Prices are like free.

How can this happen? + Very affordable indeed. + Gorgeous. + Actually the prices were a bit more expensive before. The pandemic has wreaked havoc in Panama and prices have fallen on homes, cars, everything. Even cars here are cheaper than in America. -- Its video will come. + Yes, you will see. + You'll be shocked guys.

While normally prices have increased everywhere due to the pandemic, they have decreased in Panama. In fact, when we go to some places, Kutay says that there is a discount and that the prices have decreased. + Prices have dropped surprisingly. For example, rents of 1500 dollars fell to 900-1000 dollars. + Incredibly low. I hope this is the case in Turkey as well. -- No, we have the opposite. + Is it? I cannot predict the situation in Turkey at the moment.

+ You know it better, write it in the comments. -- Yes, guys. + I will have learned. You can have a drink in such a beautiful marina for 2-3 dollars. Food is $8-10, snacks $5-6, it's fine. We will finish the day here and then return to central Panama City. After enjoying and resting well, it was evening and we went to explore Panama. We got in our car and wandered the streets. This one ice cream place.

+ There is everything you want. I'm going to order a special mix for you now. It's amazing with coconut ice cream. Hello! You don't need to get out of the car. But where we come from now, there are skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, squares. It has become a quality neighborhood environment.+ They have been here for 40 years. -- 40 years? + yes.

-- Is this one? + Exactly, I'm opening it. Wow, it's so good. + I knew you would have this reaction. + Because everyone gives the same reaction. + I tried this on 1000 people, there is no one who does not fall in love. Even Gökhan loved when he tried it. -- Very good.

+ It has a very good taste. + Energy bomb. We will destroy Panama. They're performing at the lights. Then they come to cars and ask for money. We arrived in the area.

This place has suddenly become Dubai. It's a few kilometers apart. When we first came to the area where our hotel is located, we thought about how this is Panama, because it is not luxury at all. It's a pretty normal place, and we've seen worse than that. But where we come from now, there are skyscrapers, luxury shopping malls, squares. It has become a quality neighborhood here. We're going to visit this place with amazement tonight. Here is really beautiful.

Seems to be working. Guys, they built a dog park in the middle of such a luxurious area so that the dogs can have fun. Dogs come and walk around with their families. But I don't know if people are that valuable here.

I'm sure dogs are very valuable. They even built a separate park for them. According to my impressions so far, Panama is a country with 2 faces.

We are back in our neighborhood, where we started. What are you eating? + At least if we took the video after eating, you got me. She asked for simit, ayran, cheese, and bought something like this pastry. Nesibe is eating it right now. We are pretty tired, we wandered a lot. And we are a bit overwhelmed by the hot weather, I guess.

Thanks for watching. In the next videos, I will make videos of the Panama Canal, the free zone here, the tribes and we will explore the Caribbean islands together. -- We are very lucky to have a guide like Kutay. + I think so. He also has a youtube channel called Panaturco. He shares videos, you can follow him. He helped us a lot, both with the language and as he has lived here for more than 10 years. We probably found the best person we could find in Panama. Thanks again for watching, don't forget to turn on notifications. See you guys in the next video.

Greetings from Panama.

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