7 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW about EMIRATES CREW - (Mexican edition)

7 THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW about EMIRATES CREW - (Mexican edition)

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There might be things that you don't know about the Emirates cabin crew. We collected 7 interesting things about Emirates crew and we are answering them here. Do we get paid when we fly as passengers? And where do we sleep when we work on long flights? Coming up. Going for a date as well. Hello, everyone. Hi. Good morning.

Welcome back to the channel! Today.. -Today we are going to reveal 7 things that you might not know about Emirates cabin crew and doing that while just having a normal day here in Puerto Vallarta. So now we are here in the house, in the garden, having breakfast, something we prepared, and then we're going to go out.

But we start with the first thing already. Number one is: has it ever happened to you that maybe during a flight you're talking to a cabin crew and then as soon as the plane starts to take off, they say:" Okay, wait, I can't talk anymore." What actually goes on is that we have to do a mental review where we actually mentally go through an emergency drill.

We keep in mind where we are, what position we have, and what responsibilities comes with that. And also, where are we flying? Are we over water? Are we over land? What would we need to do in case something happens. so that we're always prepared and alert. Yeah. Starting now with a good coffee and some breakfast is important. Yep.

We perform this mental review every takeoff and every landing because these are the most critical phases of the flight. Now you know that. Don't talk to the crew at takeoff and landing.

My God, we're trying to have a nice breakfast here. Too many mosquitoes are humid and so many mosquitoes. Let's go up. And did you know that before? We used to have uniform checks before every single flight. So during briefing, a person would come in to check our nails, our makeup, our hair, our uniform fitting, cleanliness, everything. So, yeah, it was pretty strict.

I mean, it's still we still have some strict standards to follow to not get report. After eating 10 crew meals on the flight you still need to stay in shape in order to fit in your uniform. For example, you're only allowed to wear a transparent or red or French manicure. And regarding the hair for men, you can have it long, but it needs to be well groomed.

And if you want it short, there's a minimum requirement which is, actually let me show you. Like this actually, minimum 3 millimeters. We were going to go to have a nice lunch, but the weather changed really quick and it looks like it's going to rain. And we really want the shot, a drone shot. So we need to get going quick. And this is the lunch for today.

Yeah, not really healthy, but later we're going to eat properly. Did you think the crew's just being nice when they greet everyone coming back the aircraft? Well, yes, we're nice. But also we are choosing our ABPs, able body passengers that could possibly help us in an emergency. It can kind of look like this.

Hi. Welcome aboard. -Hi. Thank you. He looks awake and sober. Does he look strong? Yeah. How are you today? I'm good, thank you. How are you? I'm good, thank you. Okay, great.

Understand the language I'm speaking in case I would need to explain something to him. Okay. Where is he seated? Great! Thank you very much Perfect. Okay. Do you want to get the matcha before we go? I think it's here's.

So nice and fresh, A cold matcha latte please. As many of you know, in order to become a cabin crew, you need to go through a training of two months. But what many people don't know is that, Actually, this training you have to repeat every single year, as long as you're a cabin crew, it's only going to be for two days, though, for two intensive days of just practical and theoretical exams.

Thank you very much Bye! We saw a really nice old men and he doesn't have a pension. So he's sitting very thin and just needs money. So We gave him a little but one to buy him some food or something.. What if we buy him meat and he's like: "Sorry, I'm vegan." like us. I would say, Come with us to Veggitalia.

What if we do that. Bebe.. We would tell him, Hey, do you want to go to a restaurant? Or maybe he doesn't want to leave his place because maybe he can get money there..

Next time, we could take him.. Yeah. Okay.

Ready? Yeah. He's going to be happy. Yeah. He was so happy.

Yeah, I could tell. Saw him? Yeah. Yeah I saw his face, it was like Right? Yeah. It was really nice.

I wanna cry.. So let's see now we're going to walk a bit more up and we are now in Zone ROMANTICA. You if you haven't seen one of our previous videos, you can check it up there. We explain exactly where we are. All the way up. Okay. Okay.

This is where we're going, I think. Yeah. We need to find the most complicated table -Yeah. This is so...good!!

For her. I feel so lucky! -Yeah. We have this place for us now, basically.

Yeah, there's no one. Not much people because it's steaming hot Yeah. Some lemonade and Aperol And something else that you might not know is that we don't always fly with passengers.

Sometimes we take off, we'll change and chill, that's the whole The whole aircraft for us. This happens when we have a cargo flight, which is when the plane is loaded with goods to be shipped to different destinations. Time for breakfast. Apart from enjoying our time on the aircraft, we still have some duties to perform, such as making sure that all areas on the plane are safe. And nothing out of the ordinary is happening.

So we take turns And we go around the whole aircraft. I wish I could stay like this and not changing into this one, but What to do.. Okay. Easy peasy And then you're Back and paid. So now we got some drinks. We cooled down because the temperature was very hot and humid and so it's so sweaty and I forgot to put sunscreen.

You can see like a V and I think my nose as well, it's a bit burnt, anyway. And this place that we found is really nice because it's like on a rooftop and we got to suggest that it's by a friend. And I really like it. It has a pool. And luckily for us now, there was not a lot a lot of people at all. Yeah.

Now it's quite quiet. Quite-quiet. And you have amazing, amazing views of the city. Nice drinks. Had a lemonade. They have food as well.

Not so much vegan, though. Just the pasta they have aperol spritz for our Italian fellas. Wow. Actually, before going. It's scary, actually, to be on the edge.

So now seeing all the houses, obviously we came here to see if we actually could live here in the long run. What are you feeling now? Like we've been here a few months here, You were really like, Yeah, we have to get an apartment. And yeah, I feel like, you know, it's, it would be good, but it's not the same idea as I had before because I feel like with the weather being these hot, to be honest, it's not somewhere that I will be long term. And considering even the fact that it's very far from our original home and family, you know, I mean, that's obviously we knew from the beginning, we knew that it was far, you know, maybe in the near future, you know, to find a good place and a good investment. At this moment,

maybe not the first option, you know , to get an apartment here. But yeah, we definitely want to travel more in Mexico. And just a quick update on where we are, what we're feeling now. Yeah, let's go and eat finally, because we had the fries for lunch cocktail 4 p.m. That was nice. They just told us that 5.30 to 8 there's happy hour.

And not only that, but we could use the pool for $40, $40 per person. Ain't going to happen, cause we're just used to getting stuff like that for free. Yeah, true.

Just getting with the face card, you know? Yeah. Let's start paying for stuff. Let's start paying for stuff. Actually, thanks to You Tube Maybe we can just getting collaborations like this. -You! Let it go! Okay, let's go. Because I think the rain is going to come soon and it's going to come heavy.

It's so nice now it's on freshness. Oh, my God. Freshness-mood. -I think I sweated off like 2 kg. Yeah. And we didn't eat properly, so that's why we're going to an Italian place later.

There's this Swedish place. Yeah, but I checked. They didn't have so much Swedish. No uh? It's just a fake Swedish.

This is just a simple line for Tacos, is like the most famous tacos place. "Boo"? I always analyze those. I was like, What do they have to have gold in them? I don't know.

And then I wasn't always these people. And I think that is closed.. Don't tell me. Oh, my God.

And now what do we do? Yeah here is good. Perfect Adios. Here we are. Oh, here we are. Our place where we're going and have a pizza is closed. I can't believe it.

But we found another Mexican place So we'll try it out. Hello Lola. Oh wow Well done Lola. So random,

just like that. In front, like you choose which tequila you want inside. Yeah, that's. Wow, I'm impressed. Real pieces of Maracuya (passion fruit). Salty and chilly.

I mean, we're not for alcohol, but but this one was really tasty. Wow, I would even remove the tequila and just have it like that. Yeah.

Keeping it clean. Thanks to Emirates. It's a bit spicy.

What is that, is it coming out? Yeah, it's coming. Is coming out. It is so salty now! Really? Sorry. Bravo! Now it started raining bad. Oh, my God.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Go go go Another thing is that crew gets randomly checked for alcohol and drugs, and this can happen when you are at the check-in a pop up message will show up saying that you've been selected for a random testing. So then you go to a specific area where personnel will help you, and if you're clear, then you're good to go for a flight.

And if not, then you are sent home and you can expect some severe consequences. A call from your manager And this can also happen out station but usually in the hotel before going to the airport. But since we don't have any flight, Cheers to that. Let's go home. -Do you order a taxi?

Yeah, great. By being cloudy it got dark very soon. Yeah. You know, what I was thinking? Wouldn't be amazing now. Just too cozy with a movie with Ace Ventura. Yeah I told you I wanted to see that for such a long time.

And since we were thinking about Jim Carrey before. Yeah, let's let's watch a movie now with popcorn Yeah? -Okay Okay. Let's go. Let's go Hello! Oh, my God.

Noo! Look here. Oh, that's horrible. I hate that. Let's get freshen up, changed and ready for chilling down.

Okay. Now, ready for the movie. Smells popcorn! "Kind of lift your head."

Oh, my God. That's so scary. And he's like: Oooh, yeah, it's a chiropractor that popped up in my Instagram. Wow he cracks people in a crazy way.

That's crazy! I don't think you're supposed to crack. Okay. Movie time. great. It's not on Netflix. -What? Because it's Netflix Mexico.

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A VPN is essential not only for movies, but, for example, for something as simple as Whatsapp-ing your family while being in China, doesn't go. I go on to VPN. And there it goes. And now I can post on Instagram as well. Why are we telling you all of this? Because you can get yours at a special discount. And with 30 Days money back guaranteed by using the link in the description or by typing nordvpn.com/sensethelens

to get yours now. So now finally we can enjoy the movie. Ye!.

Jim Carrey. We almost forgot that we get many questions about where do crews sleep onboard and do they actually sleep? Well, yes, we have a secret room on board that can be above the cabin, it can be in the same level, or it can even be below, depending on which aircraft we're flying. This room was called the CRC, the crew rest compartment, and we do this in groups. So one group is on duty taking care of the passengers while the other one is asleep.

In the CRC there are between nine and 15 bunks where you can watch a movie if you want or if you want to sleep. And maybe you have seen, if you have been on Emirates flights, maybe have seen some crew coming out of that room in the crew pyjamas because they have a special pajamas as well to go there. So these were the 7 things that we wanted to share with you for this time. If there is anything else that you would like to know..

we know that there are many questions, you can let us know in the comments and we'll try to cover them in another episode and make sure you subscribe to the channel and that you check out and you get your deal with NordVPN down in the description. Talking about rest. It's time for us to get a proper rest now. Well, we thank you so much for being with us and for supporting us always. Take care Stay blessed and we'll see you in the next one. Ciao!

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