50 Must-See Destinations Around the Globe"

50 Must-See Destinations Around the Globe

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what's going on everybody this is Island Hopper  TV and today we're going to present to you the   top 50 places on planet Earth for you to add to  your bucket list just a reminder there will be   time stamps below so you can click around from  destination to destination first up we're headed   to South America to one of the most spectacular  waterfalls on planet Earth Iguazu Falls located   on the border of Argentina and Brazil located  in The Iguazu national park it is a UNESCO   world heritage site typically people who want to  visit here arrive in Buenos Aires and then take   a flight to Iguazu the main area of the waterfall  is called the devil's throat Canyon it's 300 feet   wide and 260 feet deep there also is a walkway  around the waterfall next up we're headed to the   Arabian Desert where Petra Jordan is located this  is home to the ancient nabataeans and currently   the Bedouin people live here this archaeological  site is 150 miles away from Jerusalem and 150   miles away from Amman so you can get there both  ways it is also a UNESCO world heritage site at   one point in time the Romans had expanded their  empire into Petra around 106 A.D it takes a full   day to explore this site and you can explore at  night and in the daytime as well next up we're   headed to Cappadocia here in Turkey another famous  rock formation city that was built into caves   nowadays it is a historical heritage site as well  which also is commonly seen with hot air balloons   flying around the area providing you with a bird's  eye view of just how amazing the landscape of this   city really is you can easily catch a flight from  Istanbul's to major airports to Cappadocia casery   is the main airport that you would pick next up  we're headed to Costa Rica right here in Central   America one of the most biodiverse countries on  planet Earth many species of birds mammals and   Flora and Anna abundant everywhere you look do be  sure to check out the wildlife in Manuel Antonio   the hot springs around La Fortuna and the beaches  on the Caribbean and Pacific side if you wanted   to get to Costa Rica there's two airports one in  San Jose and the other in the North in Liberia   you will need at least two to three weeks to  explore this whole country next up we're headed to   Eastern Africa to Tanzania this is home to Mount  Kilimanjaro also home to many incredible Wildlife   safaris that you can do along with trekking up  to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and there is   Kilimanjaro in the background also don't forget  to head over to the coast to Zanzibar and check   out this turquoise water and when you arrive  you can say Jambo which is hello in Swahili and   Hakuna Matata which means no worries now we are  headed to Southeast Asia to Cambodia this here is   Angkor Wat located in Siam Reef located deep in  the rainforest in the former Khmer Empire under   the reign of King suryavaman this was one of the  largest religious sites in planet Earth when it   was developed over 400 Acres the main Temple  complex is surrounded by a moat originally   constructed as a Hindu temple for the god Vishnu  around the 12th century and now we're headed back   to South America off the coast of Ecuador to the  Galapagos Islands one of the most amazing volcanic   archipelagos on planet Earth there is over 18  main islands with three smaller islands and it   was made famous by Charles Darwin who is said to  have developed his theory of evolution right here   in the Galapagos Islands there are many unique  species of plants and animals like the giant   tortoise marine iguana the blue-footed boobies  penguins and much more next up we're headed back   to Southeast Asia to the gem of Indonesia Bali  known for its many temples volcanic mountains   Like agung Rice Terraces beautiful beaches  friendly people and Incredibly Rich culture   with many different beaches some of the popular  towns to stay are going to be Cuda Legion seminyak   uluwatu and the airport that you'll arrive  in is located in the capital of the island   called Denpasar while here prepare to eat lots of  seafood Mee Goring and nasigoring which basically   translates to fried rice next up we're headed to  the West Coast of Italy to the Cinque Terre which   basically translates to the five towns those five  towns are bernasa Cornelia manarola Rio Maggiore   and Monta Rosa almare while here do indulge in  some of the local seafood along with the local   Cuisine including pesto and wine as you will see  there are many grapes growing on the sides of the   hills you can walk around the Villages and see  the amazing colorful houses infused that they   offer here as well as do some hiking and swimming  now we're headed to the Indian Ocean right in the   middle is the small island nation of the Maldives  which consists of over 1 1000 Coral islands and 26   A talls the capital is Mali which is considered  one of the most densely populated capitals on   Earth while here you'll experience stunning  beaches and crystal clear waters full of marine   life best time to visit is dry season December to  March next up we're headed over to Tahiti which is   in French Polynesia more specifically you want  to check out Bora Bora this volcanic island is   surrounded by a coral reef and it is absolutely  stunning Tahiti is home to many popular tourist   destinations like Maria with these floating beach  bungalows over the water Tahiti is divided into   two parts Tahiti Nui and Tahiti EDI you will  arrive here in papite at the airport here we are   in Peru again in South America this nation is home  to some of the most amazing sites on Earth the   Atacama Desert the Andes Mountains and the Amazon  Lake Titicaca the capital of Lima and Machu Picchu   be sure sure to also explore Cusco now we're  headed to Southeast Asia to the Philippines a   place that is considered one of the Premier travel  destinations of the 21st century with over 7   000 islands and 109 million people living here  you originate in Manila and then you head out to   one of those amazing Tropical Islands some of the  favorites here are Palawan and El Nido Boracay or   whole as well as Surigao Del Sur now we are headed  to the wonderful Taj Mahal located in Agra this   year Mausoleum was built by the Mogul Emperor  Shah Jahan in the year 1632 and completed in   1653 for his beloved wife mumtaz Mahal the Dome of  the Taj Mahal is 73 meters high and the exterior   is made of white marble it glimmers in the sun  and there is a reflection pool that overlooks   a beautiful garden next up we're headed to the  highest mountain peak in the world Mount Everest   located in the Himalaya Mountains now this borders  between May Paul and Tibet also Northern India the   elevation of Mount Everest is 29 000 feet the  first summit of this mountain was completed on   1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and  Tenzing Norgay a Sherpa from Nepal heading back   down to South America we are coming to you from  Rio de Janeiro here in the Southeastern part of   Brazil famous for its Carnival celebrations  beautiful beaches like Copacabana Ipanema Le   blonde just to name a few as well as Christ the  Redeemer statue going to the top of corcovado   mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain they do speak  Portuguese here so bamgia which means good   morning spending three to five days in Rio is  definitely time well spent next up we're headed   back to Italy this time we're on the Adriatic side  over in Venice built on a group of small Islands   separated by canals it is famous for gondola  rides also because it was a historical trading   and Commerce area during the Middle Ages and the  Renaissance nowadays you can visit the Piazza San   Marco St Mark's Basilica the Grand Canal area and  really just take in all of the history it does get   crowded though and they now require a reservation  to visit now we're on our way to the Canadian   Rockies to Banff now there is a town here and  also several different lakes it's surrounded by   spectacular mountains glaciers lakes Forest people  come up here for a skiing snowboarding mountain   biking you name it very popular place also there  is the Banff Hot Springs and the popular Lakes   known as Pato Lake and Lake Louise we're staying  in Canada and we're going to the east this time   we're going to Niagara Falls located along the  Niagara River it actually borders between the   United States and Canada and consists of three  separate waterfalls rideauvale Falls American   Falls and Horseshoe Falls while you're here you  can actually take a helicopter ride do a boat   tour up to the waterfalls where gets very Misty  or just look from above upon the observation decks   the Canadian side is considered the most well  known heading out to the middle of the Pacific   this time we're headed to the island of Maui for  the road to Hana this windy road is 52 miles long   and goes through the Lush rainforest on the island  where you'll see many different waterfalls and   beautiful Coastline views some of the towns you'll  stop along the way are paella Haiku and Hana at   the very end where you will find a red sand beach  a black sand beach and a white sand beach wailua   Falls and the Seven sacred pools on our way down  to Patagonia here in South America it is located   in Chile and Argentina this Majestic region is  mountainous and Lush here you will find glaciers   marble caves for kayaking around lots of different  Wildlife including llamas Pumas flamingos and   other animals you also have the area of Tierra  del Fuego and the famous Southern Village known   now we're actually headed over towards  Australia to the Outback this here is   Uluru Rock formerly known as airs rock this is  really a unique place in the middle of Australia   there's no big cities anywhere to be seen  for hundreds and thousands of miles in either   Direction with the circumference of 5.8 miles it  is considered the world's largest rock monolith   heading back to Europe this time we're headed to  the Swiss Alps a popular Ski Resort destination   with towns including Zermatt which is considered  the base camp for the Matterhorn Mountain one of   the best ways to see the Swiss Alps is by train  you can get the golden pass and you can check out   the towns and villages in between where there's  interlock and Lauder bronen Grindelwald and so   many special places but again most people like to  go here for the skiing in the Swiss Alps but the   good news is you can visit the Swiss Alps during  the winter the spring the fall and the summer and   enjoy it on our way back down to Africa this  time we're in Egypt explore ancient Egypt were   the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza are along the  Nile River here you can find the Great Pyramid and   the tombs that are located near Cairo if you head  South toward Aswan you end up in places like Luxor   Abu symbol Valley of the Kings also while here  you can actually take a Nile River Cruise and   explore all of the ancient sites from the luxury  of a tour boat I recommend at least seven days to   explore all of ancient Egypt now we're actually  headed way up North this time we're headed to   Iceland a volcanic island with tons of water in  streams and rivers running all throughout here   where you will find many different waterfalls  and actually active lava flow known as the land   of Fire and Ice you can also do geothermal pools  like this one at the Blue Lagoon and other geysers   are here you will see a very beautiful green  side of Iceland as well the Majestic horses   and other Wildlife along with herds of sheep well  as the Midnight Sun and if you stick around long   enough you might find the Northern Lights now the  northern lights are a thing that you'll want to   see but not exclusive to Iceland you can find them  in Norway Alaska and other parts of Scandinavia   so if you're looking for Aurora Borealis you can  check out the Northern Hemisphere for this most   commonly seen during the winter months but it's  not always a guarantee that you will see them when   seeking Aurora Borealis because she is elusive  that is why you should consider yourself lucky   if you are ever so fortunate to actually see them  in person headed back down under this time we're   at the Great Barrier Reef off of Queensland  Australia it's over 900 Islands making it the   largest coral reef system in the world extending  1430 miles they're said to be around 1500 species   of fish and 411 different species of hard coral  here people like to go and explore this natural   Marine biodiversity without leaving any footprint  now we're headed to the Great Wall of China   construction began over 2 000 years ago to protect  the Chinese people from the northern Invaders like   the Mongols it extends thirteen Thousand Miles  built primarily of brick and tamped Earth with   stone the most efficient way to get here is  from Beijing and then take the bus or a train   to badaling there are other sections though  of the China wall that you can visit but the   easiest one is probably going to be from Beijing  headed all the way down south this time we're   headed to Antarctica the southernmost continent  and the fifth largest in the world this is one   place that if you go to you are in a very small  demographic of people who've actually visited it   is very rugged and rough comprised of 90 of the  world's ice and 70 percent of the world's fresh   water teeming with Wildlife such as penguins and  a variety of different whales the best way to get   here is by boat from Argentina heading over to the  island nation of New Zealand it has a North Island   and a South Island along with several smaller  Islands it offers a wide variety of climate   zones and Landscapes with beaches in the North  and then snow-capped mountains in the South they   also have the fjordlands in the South Island  very beautiful around Queenstown if you go to   able Tasman park or Mount Cook very awesome places  to explore doing hiking you can do skiing people   also do surfing and there are many geothermal  Parks as well as lots of waterfalls headed   back to Italy this time we're exploring around  Rome now ancient Rome has the Forum the Coliseum   circus Maximus there's also the Vatican City the  pantheon there's also Trevi Fountain there's so   much history in Rome after all this is the head of  the Holy Roman Empire because of its history it is   a must-do bucket list destination you should  expect to be here for at least three days now   we're headed to a Hidden Gem this is known as the  dalmatian Coast right along Croatia it extends for   400 miles there is an ancient history dating back  to the medieval times that you want to explore in   places like Dubrovnik or havar for those who  like the Game of Thrones but there's also this   beautiful water and bays and islands that you can  explore all across this region of Croatia by the   way guys I want to remind you that if you check  the links below we do have specific travel guides   for some of these destinations so don't forget  to check the description below now we're headed   to Colombia to guatape pinol now this large rock  is very interesting because you can actually walk   up the sides of the cliff and then get a view of  the lake and the surrounding area around guatape   it's a very eudenic type environment the best  way to get to guatape is a tour bus that goes   from Medellin all the way over here it does take  around an hour and a half to get here but like I   said it is worth it now we're headed to White  Sands New Mexico here you will see the silica   type white sand that you can walk across or even  sandboard Glide along this beautiful soft sand   right out here in the middle of the desert now  we're actually headed back out to Hawaii to Hawaii   Volcano National Park this is home to the active  volcano known as Kilauea there's two volcanoes in   the region there's Mauna Loa which is considered  the largest active volcano and then Kilauea   considered the most active volcano in the world  and it's not always running with lava but when it   is it is Raging so if you get a chance to check  out this lava flow do so there are many hikes   that you can do while on this area of the big  island so do some research before exploring next   up we're headed to another volcano Caldera this  one's called Santorini The Honeymooners Paradise   right here in the Cyclades islands of Greece some  of the places to explore are going to be IA pharah   and Acro tiri four days in Santorini seems to be  perfect next up we're headed to Paris the Romantic   City home of the Eiffel Tower if you can take the  later to the top of the tower as well as several   Cathedrals like Notre Dame and sakurakur as well  as the Palace of Versailles as you go around Paris   you realize this is a very eclectic and artistic  City with other places such as Moulin Rouge home   to the can-can dance as well as Mason Rose Cafe  and even the largest shopping mall in the world   galleries of Lafayette I recommend at least four  days in Paris next up we're headed to the Dead Sea   now the Dead Sea borders with Jordan and Israel  and while here you can do a mud bath or a salt   bath which is interesting because when you get in  the water you actually float because of all the   salt and the buoyancy in the water there are no  fish or animals that live in the lake or around   the lake it is basically a salt you can see here's  the mud bath and once you get the mud then you go   in the water and wash it off it's also the lowest  point on planet Earth and now we're headed back   out to Hawaii to Kauai actually Nepali Coast right  here is on the western edge of Hawaii where you'll   find a lush rainforest and dramatic Sea Cliffs  as well as Waimea Canyon Hanalei Bay and some of   the most dramatic scenery you will find in terms  of landscape anywhere in the world if you get a   chance to a helicopter ride or a boat tour to the  sea caves of Nepali Coast next up we're headed to   Yellowstone now this is considered a very seismic  activity Zone but there's also a lot of wildlife   you will see here including Buffalo grizzly bears  moose wolves and of course more bison but you can   also find Majestic waterfalls Old Faithful Geyser  the prismic geyser as well which is a geothermal   pool and so much more here in Yellowstone National  Park if you get a chance it's a must-see for sure   now we're actually headed down to South America  to the Amazon the Amazon River and the Amazon   rainforest two areas that you can explore inside  of one area known as the Amazon the Amazon is the   largest tropical rainforest in the world with  2.7 million square miles also the Amazon River  

is the second largest river in the world and it  is known for its incredible biodiversity and yes   we are headed back to Italy this time we're on  the amalthy coast home to Positano as well as   the island of Capri it is a tourist destination  known for its stunning beaches beautiful towns   as well as amazing beaches the architecture  of the towns actually dates back to the 9th   century so it's a very old area to floor right  along the Mediterranean Sea here if you get a   chance try and do the drive either on a moped or  a very small car because the roads are windy and   skinny now we're headed to the Yucatan Peninsula  in Mexico known as the Riviera Maya this area is   in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo in order  to arrive here you would most likely arrive in   Cancun or Cozumel by airplane and then you will  explore Playa Del Carmen and my favorite place   Tulum as well as several of the Mayan ruins like  Chichen Itza and the archaeological site of Tulum   right there on the beach I recommend seven days  in Riviera Maya now we're headed to Arizona this   time we're in the Grand Canyon the largest canyon  in the world carved out by the Colorado River at   the bottom of the Grand Canyon you will find a  majestic area known as Havasupai Falls and it   is along Havasu Creek you can hike to the bottom  and up in one day they say or some people actually   do rim to rim that south rim to North Rim this  time we're headed to Maya Bay located in the pp   islands in the Andaman sea of Thailand now this  area here is considered by many to be the most   beautiful beach in the world and it is currently  undergoing repair so you can't really swim here   as much as we would like to you can either arrive  here by tour boat from Krabi or Phuket or you can   actually stay in the pp Islands at tonsai beach  so you can actually get here much quicker next up   we're headed to Guatemala to a lake surrounded by  volcanoes known as Lake attitlan this freshwater   lake is surrounded by three dormant volcanoes and  many different Mayan Villages the region truly is   a paradise and popular with people who like to  do Retreats for yoga or just kicking back and   relaxing you will find a strong presence of mine  culture that you should explore and appreciate   while here it also has lush green vegetation on  the hillsides you can do some hiking and kayaking   while here although the waves in the later part of  the afternoon get very rough and now for those of   you who enjoy deep sea diving or just getting  in the water and seeing incredible underwater   places Red Sea right here that intersects with  Saudi Arabia Egypt Jordan and Israel so you can   do some incredible diving here as you can see it  is an underwater Disneyland my favorite place on   the Red Sea is charmel Chic but you can also stay  at hergeta both are in Egypt but you could easily   spend a week or two here exploring all the dive  sites and another place that you must go is the   whole country of Thailand Thailand is so diverse  in the north you have Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai   with the Golden Triangle and many Buddhist temples  if you go towards the middle you have one of the   most popular cities in the world with tourists  Bangkok then as you go south you have Phuket   you have the Fifi Islands you also have Krabi  and there's so much to see along the Malaysian   Peninsula as well along with the many temples  there's also floating markets and great nightlife   but I really enjoy the culture and the people  now we're headed to one of the Premier cities in   the world this one is Dubai and the reason we put  this on the list is because it's a very futuristic   city they have the Museum of the future home to  the world's tallest building Burj Khalifa they   also have some impressive projects where they're  building Islands largest ferris wheel in the world   Lots going on in Dubai and I would say it is worth  at least checking out although you could easily   stay several weeks in Dubai I'm going to recommend  72 to 96 hours if it's your very first time just   to get a feel for the city try to avoid the summer  months June July and August because it's extremely   hot now we're headed to the Big Apple out here in  New York and definitely one of the Premier cities   in all of the world just like Dubai if you've not  been to the Big Apple I would highly recommend   getting over there at least once checking out  Manhattan Times Square all of those areas that   you know so well and yes New York City is a true  gem for NYC I would recommend around three to four   days just exploring if it's your very first time  all right guys that's going to conclude this list   of 50 best travel destinations around the world  we could do us part two with another 50 if you   would like including places like Raja on pot the  islands of Palau we could also include Vietnam   and so much more Cape Town South Africa if you  guys want a part two let us know in the comment

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