500 сильный монстр! БМВ 5 Е60/Е61. BMW 5 E60/E61

500 сильный монстр! БМВ 5 Е60/Е61.  BMW 5 E60/E61

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bmw five in station wagon is a step closer to fifth worse than plastic, in principle a good motor and but again, age chain mileage turbine you will have to remember sometime someone who has less financial capacity buys thirty-four rides I am a connoisseur I drive on subsequent bypassed thread bribes on sales then I had the status of the last real BMW when the f10 came out, hello guys today we have a business class from the BMW company, but your eyes didn’t deceive you from the name and it’s enough to throw one glance and it’s clear that it was at 60, but it’s not just that there are 6 from this e61, that is five in the e60 station wagon we had on the channel now many will turn the fuck off this video will say the conclusion is mandatory sedans all this is not bmw science says the current and previous owner of this car bmw five in the station wagon is one step closer to x heels and it’s hard to argue with an expert really he’s not a crossover with a body design is not a sedan and not a Bernoulli lift VBK also x 6 turns out, but experts still have a station wagon, this must be recognized and not necessary with to argue with this and this car is worthy of respect we are today in the forest such a myrtle boiled atmosphere quietly birds sequins relax pull to talk philosophize this and this whole picture doesn’t really stick together being next to this monster in a good sense of the word there is a monster let why you remember about everything later on I’ll tell you in order, and if you don’t delve into the history of the car, because he wants to tell exactly about him the feeling he really deserves it until 2003, the first five of the new generation came out 60 waved 30 kids with a pen , but , as usual, the new is always perceived with hostility and only negatively for a BMW from 30, baby, it was really the last Sochi, would you bv imitate anything then, and with all this, a lot of negativity on this very long railway train leaving the horizon of negativity that they poured on this car, and at the same time, it has it by the number of fans bypassed the 30 nine but at least did not lose, but in terms of the number of sales it surpassed the five in the back of the e39 , one million four hundred copies of these cars were sold, the car fell in love with what, again, according to the legends of scripture and all such custom, the car then had the status of the last real bmw when it came out at 10 to already 30 from kabul to 60 already not bad utrish chita really the last real ones when it came out out of 10, so this baton will be passed down from generation to generation, of course, in the last video about the e60, I talked here on there in detail, I won’t repeat myself, and the fact that the front part is made of aluminum is further riveted to the main part of the body with rivets for perfect painting 50 on 50 cars have only a scoop to find excellent handling, well, for which they appreciate BMW , in fact, it was done to lighten the weight, again lower consumption, better dynamics , the best equal painting, and in connection with this, everything began to become lighter in the body and many fans did not like it, well, on the points on which the car was recognized not by BMW with it, but the first thing the main thing for many in financial terms is not in terms of philosophy, but in financial terms, of course, the running gear of the e61 does not differ from the e60 . that it’s not cheap especially cars are not getting younger the last cars left the assembly line in 2009 if you hear something or enter in the ad that the car of the tenth year is a hoax the car was not produced in the tenth year and this is the very first fat minus for which these cars were not loved after 30 nines 2 minus but not the second most important for the fans I will not qualify that in the first place in the second in the third priority already choose the most important points for you that you already analyze for you many fans also did not like the easier closing of the door there is no longer this manual simulator car to at 39 you already needed strength and put a heavy door so close that it’s already possible you need to pump up, sit on the driver’s door, then practice on the passenger principle, it’s not necessary to go to the rocking chair until it’s easy to close and it was not clear to everyone why in 3d you are not such a masculine sound closing you don’t feel this mass, that’s all, yes, everyone started doing it with relief on the car an aluminum muzzle , which again plays a plus in the sense that if there was a serious accident, this cannot be hidden, it is immediately visible to any pickup, it will be noticed even not necessarily by a pickup, any motorist who is not so skilled with cars already has any experience, he will immediately notice it by the gaps to do it it’s impossible to hide it’s just as impossible it’s immediately obvious and the company is doing this in order to make a guarantee after an accident so that cars are thrown out, although when it comes to choosing a car, pickers don’t take it already for 60 because it’s extremely difficult to find a good option, here’s the second thing that people didn’t like it of course, a direct torpedo at 30 am, it was turned to the driver here already straight on f10 to f3 at 30 and f01 the seven were on the channel filmed them yes there the classic bmw has already returned already turned a little towards the driver again and they cope in this regard I will return this concept worse plastic than 30 kids yes there the quality of the material is worse in this regard a little before they gave way and the sound insulation is worse, the trouble is the car, the sound insulation is recognized by the owners, here the docking bag installs, but for all that, again, they bought cars and found pluses from them, I enjoyed it because I’m not a fan and warmer cons and disadvantages are not a disadvantage for me because I’m not ardent a fan of this car I like it outwardly I like it inside I don’t like how it rides, that is, I don’t feel negative externally I don’t like it more than the e39 and due to its manufacturability I generally like it more than in the IMF e39 body fans of course many now annoy me and they forge, but distinctively so and with all this, as I already said, the cars bypassed the thread children in sales, but the most important question is, of course, financial and financially, the fan camp is divided in two, because it does n’t matter, yes, there’s a wrong resource worse worse than plastic, there’s no longer there, but in terms of quality, of course, it’s no longer there, but earlier it could have been something classic phrase hackneyed but wants to match the modern BMW style with the spirit of the times and forces but who has the financial ability to buy it at 10 or can I afford or ride here on the e60 who has even more opportunity then buys the g36 if even more then it will go about buying it would in 2022 who has less financial capacity buys thirty-four rides I am a connoisseur I ride the last standing one that many people won’t like in another country out of 39, this is that there are already, of course, more electronic systems, more goodies, and with age, of course, it gets out if you don’t carefully follow it, and if you follow it during maintenance, it’s certainly a beautiful expense, well and so smoothly we approached the salon, the most important advantage of the salon is that the mileage is 321 thousand kilometers per hour and the skin is surprisingly preserved it’s good to take care of the skin , you need to follow and take care of beijing don’t treat light bright interiors, of course, it looks cooler than black, but I must admit, it gets tired faster, well, everyone knows this, of course there is seat heating, ventilation, everything here is by and large except for the panorama, everything and we went through the minuses but if you look already at the pluses of the car, the first thing is again the rear air cartridge that, although it is expensive, it gives comfort to the car, you are comfortable driving well, yes, plus, again, these are double windows . and its presence is, of course, an advantage before the mileage makes its own adjustments, the password is already clear that it’s not worth it, you still need to drive the idrive system, I already told you about 60 and on other BMWs I won’t say that it’s inconvenient and I love Vac and audi drive select I’m better off but no, you can get used to everything information on the car multimedia navigation cream everything can be used to tune in to understand I’m not that complicated, everything’s fine, I won’t get to the bottom of this, many have already noticed that the mechanics are here and many will now say that this is a damn mechanic and a very interesting moment in this car is that from approaching, for example, meeting him near a supermarket, then there in the city on parking anywhere approaching it looking out the window you look at the tidy you can see a tachometer five and a half thousand revolutions mechanics pilot once again good luck diesel mechanics you know 520 everything but with 3 everything with her on the highway I understand that here nichrome not 520 give out a car only brakes but more about that then yes , here is a six-speed mechanics because, due to its power of the machine, they could not stand it here , we will install a mechanic, but initially there was an automatic machine, a mechanical handbrake, an advantage over God that the tank in those years in 2000 came out a6 c6 video, it already had an electronic handbrake, here it ’s still mechanical many bezics on electronic handbrakes, although there are already electronic students everywhere, but for many this is a matter of principle, so here is the date things for someone heated seats with ventilation from what parktronics connection of stabilization here there is a dynamic drive system with a ds system everything here there are seats all electric memory adjustments day and breaking back everything you need everything can be adjusted for yourself about the seat here the five bmw outperforms the mercedes dash more a comfortable seat and even before they win the elimination of the bug with audi but here you can also argue for a long time but still it would be more comfortable in the seat yes but the menu item can be controlled with the joystick menu key well in general it is possible to disassemble a comfortable armrest well of course with age with mileage with mileage script somewhere you will hear not so deep but nevertheless , and usb bluetooth everyone here has someone to figure it out again, you immediately noticed that we had a car before the arrest, you can understand this from the door cards by the location of the handle resta had a restyling in 2007, and in 2004 they will send a station wagon of Christ cars the handle was already not here all the control keys I was at the bottom and the handle was like most cars already here in the blue corner with a cutout of an individual ethical answer ok, let's say all the other handles were a little different shape, smoother, not at that angle, well, I think I'll insert pictures and it will be our noticeable visually immediately and another drawback, the car inherited from 30 nines there is little space for rear passengers of course it all depends on height and completeness, but respect for mercedes in the back of the seat will be more due to the fact that they all already had you figurative and motors and bmw inline six from this to the engine compartment with a very long and space in the cabin due to this has decreased see the ad for sale here dorest and cut everything into a common pile of everything we have 234 cars on sale in Belarus at the moment, that is, and there is still sticking out the minimum car cost 6 900 but the cheapest of course, well, no need to explain what awaits you there, of course, the investment will require 2005, two and five gasoline, but m54 is more likely everything, but again, it will be charged there , more than 300 thousand kilometers are indicated, of course, hundreds of soil have already twisted the most expensive were leaf diesels dares to you all 535 ours is also a 535 three-liter diesel engine for 2 turbine plants 1616 317 17500 these are the prices the history of this car is 535 dorest of its sixth year as I said it was bought three years ago for 10100 invested in it it was bought for a project for myself the previous owner was on fire with this project and invested 10 880 in it here everything is done done music changed glass to tinted and from 3 and poured over for $ 1400 it will often be a little more expensive due to the cost of materials and about the body yes it has a tendency to rose and but still the wagon as I said in the video audi a6 c6 still the wagon looks good here the worst thing in this mercedes 211 station wagon it looks just disgusting for a business class, it looks too simple and there are a lot of miscalculations in it, the five in the station wagon looks much better in my opinion under the hood us inline six im 57 tu-2 two hundred and seventy two horsepower 4000 rpm at four thousand rpm you have already increased it was 286 horsepower 560 torque from 2000 rpm 84 piston stroke its 90 compression ratio 16 5 by 2218 forces at two hundred and thirty one the horsepower of the three-liter diesel version and there was 17 compression ratio here the compression ratio is reduced here other pistons another cylinder head for more pressure this is all done aluminum block to reason 4 valves per cylinder cylinder head are also aluminum and by the problem in principle everyone knows the problems this is the crankshaft pulley by the way why it is necessary to monitor it and change it is already wearing out it is necessary to replace the dampers can fly away but this is already flying away in a broad sense I don’t know I haven’t heard general problems with breakdowns flew away but many of them are removed for fear of these problems, many are removed for another reason because with a high mileage diesel chamois for how everything is put together and in a normal way they are removed so that you don’t clean it all, it’s just removed, it’s already without n that is, they are two in one and you need to clean the whole system, even if soot can be very hard and fearing and the collector has already passed, you need to remove the dangers, this merit problem will simply be removed, it goes without them, by and large, of course, with bad oil, you already move two turbines in the state piston as a whole. good quality oil replacement more than once ten thousand, and well, with such capacities, you need 15 thousand in general, you need to change the oil to pour it qualitatively, that is, about your hands and looking ahead on these cars, more modern engines have already become with an electronic chip from us that a mechanical check coat the oil level on the m54 is also mechanically here on it I got screwed when I shot ardent 60 I think that n52 at the beginning I was a little modified and it was already fundamentally different in the bath, the essence of it was because of this I was screwed up I thought that m52 m54 you can come in and troll me with a letter of cip advice I got screwed with the engine, but I told about the n52, by and large, n 52, a good engine, yes, but I need a brother of 3 liters for which 2 and 5 thinner rings are a more correct massager, but again, the big mileage combined them into one problem, but by and large, the engine is not bad 54 is good without congenital pathologies, but again, the age and mileage needed to be decided to find on the m54 were on the 360 ​​and on the fifth well and 60 there was a fan car inspection of 275 thousand the native mileage is less than here even there everything is clear with this on the fifth hard operation and the engine but the car feels good on the m57 here two go first here and u2 there was still a problem the exhaust manifold cracked it was changed to cast iron some were changed to the same but from a car with less mileage, therefore, this problem also manifests itself when buying, is it necessary to take into account the pamina or not, what will you have to change if the previous owner, again, everything is at my expense , everything here will already be remembered for everything here, it’s silly to say yes, because many here are chain timing chain drives many cars mint on this how many 3 so knowing the car starts it rattles completely horror just take it and everything is fine now it is working on warm then everything will be quiet it's not normal it sucks well it's not here and it was not on the audi a6 c6 I said about it pay special attention paid attention to this there was a replacement there was a manual gearbox you will also give way to which ones here by the way and there they were replaced the entire engine was removed, four chains were replaced, the sedative inhabitant, the entire harem was replaced by a zimina, a complete clutch, and it cost one thousand seven hundred and forty dollars, but here, plus or minus the cost of spare parts, the flair has increased, so here you can read everything around $ 2,000 for this, too, but not cheap, not cheap, but the car also solaris dance in general here jets from f10 turbine from f10 bags all new it is noticeable immediately brakes what everything is done completely running here you cost 2480 horsepower 48 index of this car because 48 to 100 and 480 horsepower i.e. you can’t go wrong 48 n54 is excellent three-liter straight-six engines lend themselves well to tuning had good torque from below, I told on from 01 sevens to other bmws and well, I’ll leave the bmw playlist there, in principle, a good motor and but again, the age of the turbine circuit mileage you will have to change sometime went but cool engine and shit and sing take off a lot of strength cool car country not from 8 n 62 and m-62 i tell called on e60 5 66 66 there the engine was changed automatically, the car is also very interesting and also a lot of money was invested on e3 why it was all told on 501 he also talked about n 63 and against the background of mc2 there are many sores of oil leaks oil pressure sensors flow leak badly everything, but compared to n 63, it’s all flowers, it’s all nonsense and 63 is there, but we all already know there, at 120,140 thousand, the plant already needs the capital of the engine, I have capital and many praise this engine from capital, the background is very good tire efficiency, but the low one has a low the resource, of course, the minus here was a step-by-step automatic machine, particles from digging and ztf, the same skill was installed, but here the mechanics were installed for an hour because the machines could not withstand such power simply and in order to change their decision like pawns in that joke, bmw is sold, changed consumables, box motors go there gutted the pastor here they installed 6 thousand on a manual gearbox when buying, but in general, any BMW is in the top five, well, in principle, not five and than the triples take me those timing chains bargain when buying and change it change its oil in the machine washing the valve body and oil in the gearbox later it’s definitely no one no one don’t give a fuck about it but you need to do it and still forgot about e46 18 before the arrest wai which gearboxes flew well, just with a bang for everyone, but all without exception, almost the same on the e60, there were hums on the electronic oil level sensor, this is a very important point for engines, because the zhory has oil leaks and the engine enters the oil starvation zone, and if the level is below the permissible level, so it’s serious the moment and about the glitch of the kid’s sensor is periodically diagnosed check that he doesn’t lie here you can check mechanically to make sure the electronic ones can lead you astray and your engine is not such an expensive problem, but which, ignoring which you can get a lot of money, so don’t ignore this question check a so, in principle, 60 is still the generation where there was no such as many now you like to complain at least 40 very good engines that 4 and 4 cylinder two-liter movies buzzed the turbine in any case business class 15-year-old you don’t need to expect miracles or you need to overpay like 30 nines, too, ideally for $ 20,000, no one needs either, but I hope to buy good for 4 thousand dollars, but this is firewood, so here you already have to choose a fan whether you are or you need something fresh, more modern, that is, the price quality is in condition, these are all proportions, or in such a project, but also there for this car, few people are ready to 20,000 dollars to give for how much he bought how much he invested, so business class cars, the date of employment is not cheap and the same, but 6 it is not known for what money it will go, although it was done there for all cars from you can buy without looking in comparison with other bmw 3 liter diesel engines, even here Tu-2 with such power is that in a car in general I love the Germans for the fact that outwardly it does not give out anything except for the brakes, only by the brakes you can understand how much which here the power here is already, as I said, 480 horsepower and torque, and here, but in the region of 800, we will press a little more than 800 thanks to this, the turbine is in 10 force, again, this is in 10 stage 2 firmware, the exhaust is new, everything is fine, the silence in the car is the most important thing, there is no korcheva tasty she rides calmly here I keep it in first gear go wispy a thousand revolutions without straining at all the car drives well but at any moment is actually ready for always ready to shoot a little speech pressing you need to break down immediately it’s clear what kind of car what it is of course a plus yes, it’s not a plane here, it’s a good road, but the advantage is that it’s still pneumatic in the back and it’s also softer than a6, but many, of course, put springs on it and that it will already be more comfortable such an e60 on springs, and either a 6 this already needs to be found out empirically, of course, the elements of the enemy quatro quatro it’s good to go into corners but bp is good of course on a straight line about the dynamics here is the end and with no one in our area because the five-liter she bypassed the mustang by half the body, she chose half the body with a 5-liter mustang, so there are few competitors to her at the expense of such a good manual already anti-coal system, the fact that there was once an automatic here and the car starts with the brake pedal pressed like on the automatic they are on the clutch like on the mechanics, if a potential racer comes, he began to catch up with the back of the car, they sing earlier why the car won’t start because there are channels on youtube and where it is shown that even the coolest BMWs, expensive configurations with anti icons, are stolen in literally one and a half to two minutes, this is an important fact and an argument for due to this, this car won’t be able to pull like that, and again, this advantage over competitors, you can drive it calmly, it can break into a fast car from 60 to 160, it puts it just at the click of a finger and you see how it should be, you can turn off stabilization , I understand that the car is powerful and can’t compete it’s worth it and in the stream here to dare already the desire of whom does not arise your going faster than everyone and on the dynamics ke 48 to 100 on rear-wheel drive, I think it’s not bad, of course, it’s full of nice cars, many will say that BMW is only rear-wheel drive, but there are people who absolutely need all-wheel drive, so not everything is so clear, guys, of course, there is a cruise, which is not really needed here in principle, but I love cruise and for me it’s a plus, I often use it regularly, so well, many will soon say in linen on the sides there show how it’s nonsense show how the system works for me it’s not interesting up to 180 with an iron from the wind yes to hell with you the fans burped psyche it has long been known that the noise is certainly worse than 30 but I don’t need to rape the car so drive sideways I don’t like to rape Martina and don’t want to do it timbaland garden scientist those yourself with a 3 striker thanks to the outside in the world behind there is comfort due to the large roller comfort decreases but less and the roller will immediately slip mini smaller implementation so you have to sacrifice on a powerful machine you always have to choose the perfect combination you don’t get either sacrifice dynamics or comfort because that a hook is needed here, large rollers are needed, but the car is not tough, and here the asphalt is equipped with normal good brakes, the brakes are good, but not like that, they absorb confidence in you because the navagi starts to slow down, the car tends to break your nose and the brul here the car brakes confidently, but I have there is no such mind with 100% certainty how, pointing at the entrance, you start to drown the car starts to roll in here, it very seriously takes off speed, but there is no sharpness that she is used to, bugs, parallels can be drawn as much as you like, BMW has better, here I am softer and more comfortable seats he is the best in this bmw here inline six someone is afraid of v-shaped engines , someone has dynamics, but here the torque of 2000 rpm is a bit late respect earlier already a v-shaped three-liter diesel v-shaped six a little earlier due to this and but here the car was pumped up even earlier torque and other here it’s enough to cut off even crossing there 1400 rpm and less the car allows a particularly inexperienced person up to 200 puts confidently the question even where to realize the full potential of the car, but will it be able to overtake the van, he raced with gelik and sik and sleep from the e46 m root 3 cars bypassed everyone without exception right off the bat anyway, so it’s not interesting to race it because there are no potential candidates in our area, but the advantage of this configuration is that the car is very good for , let’s say, for pursuit, suitable for special services, this configuration is also for or a sharp maneuver the car is able to accelerate sharply to overtake when you need it and of course this is all ideal for the temptation to drive a leak also doesn’t really work, everyone thinks hard, but there’s plenty for a power divider here and this is not the limit, this is not the limit , you can still pump the tire from above there at night, but I think this is not necessary, it will probably be done, although it’s unlikely because this power is already over the eyes are enough here the sports rack the car reacts very well to the steering wheel but with speed there is no danger of this steering wheel the fact that with increasing speed the car does not react so sharply to the position of the steering wheel because a lot of people break down the connection with the fact that even for the same steering reaction that by 60 which is by 160 that a slight deviation of the car abruptly changes the trajectory and there is a high probability of crashing here there is no such thing here with an increase in speed you are driving 60 here it is sharp and everything is as it should be at the expense of one hundred and eighty two hundred when I was walking, too, I normally taxi to the side, that is, I Why is the car good even in terms of safety? Can it be in terms of the quality of materials ? it breaks through the blue it’s nice to ride on it many now that you were driving you didn’t show how the system of the guys again for those who didn’t understand I don’t need it I don’t want to rape the car I don’t want to kill it drives sideways and they tried everything on cool then it will give a feeling of driver’s but I don’t want to kill her I want to keep this state because this car is really bff which, oddly enough, you don’t need to do anything, everything is fine, you can just ride here after a couple of thousand kilometers, you need to change the oil hla hot and change, and so keep an eye on the fuel level and everything is real here it really was in which you can love all the others that you can throw money away this wife is no longer the feeling of a car it’s a real bmw about the clearance you can drive on such roads in a holiday village yes of course a little bench press but she’s all but it’s normal to drive such potholes here and thanks to the fact that the back of the pneumowich gets off quite softly cars well, not so hard it’s nice to do it with cheese and the devil is not so terrible as it is painted; the clearance allows you to drive along such country country roads, and this is an important argument because we still live in the post-Soviet space and we don’t drive on autobahns; the trunk from the button works as expected, there are no negative points and for which the car can be criticized and the trunk is quite large, despite the fact that, again, due to the length of the engine compartment, instead of getting in the way, the rear passengers are also a little cramped, but as for the trunk, there is a good supply of space and the trunk is quite a lot, all the same business class all the buttons it closes everything works again, the station wagon feature is very convenient, the luggage compartment, you can load all this into the car , it’s gorgeous, it’s just gorgeous, it’s a work of art, but what was done for you, the soul is invested in it and it feels like hell, yes, and it’s a BMW in the literal sense of the word, it’s a BMW because it is different from 90 percent of those bv that are sold is in the ad where it is written for her age, excellent condition is a specifically loose concept and before they can be criticized for poor condition that her husband is wrapped in a tub, she will not suck out money, this will be true of course, but this does not mean that those cars are bad, their owners are unlucky and they have such a fate but this car is lucky, it is in caring hands and it’s really nice to drive it, because you’re driving, enjoy nature, birds sing about it, and you can’t hear the interior, but the sun is shining, you enjoy life, you rejoice and don’t wait for a person to light up again 45 minutes ago an error he threw it off and already drives it into the car, then it needs to be serviced, the machine kicks and that’s it, here’s a bmw with all the standard bikes, it’s not here, so there’s nothing bad to say about him, thank you very much for your attention, put likes, do reposts, subscribe to the cart, I hasten to report that there is money for Yandex and a hole in the tube all the videos have been posted for the entire history of the channel, the existence of all the videos are posted there and everything is new the video will be released on the same day at the same time on yandex.ru tube yu tube if there is something with youtube there are two more platforms so we all of these are all in the

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