4k | Bali Vlog | Virtual Evening walk from Legian Beach to Kuta Beach

4k | Bali Vlog | Virtual Evening walk from Legian Beach to Kuta Beach

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I have been to Bali many times, I just found out that there is road access here. This is the first time I'm greeted by a man, guys the ojek driver said, if you pass here you have to pay it's so dark, guys ough crazy, finally I arrived at beachwalk. crazy proud of myself, guys legian..is it getting crowded ya ?

Sky garden this is Lyxx, a new club that is like a Sky Garden night club So guys, this is the first time I've walked in this area it turns out that this can get to Kuta, I just found out So, from Legian.. there last New Year's Eve, I was there Then, I just found out, there are places like this in this area so tacky really exciting I just found out, what is this, guys? This is my first time here, guys ! crazy I have been to Bali many times, I just found out that there is road access here. ohh.. there are lots of restaurants and beach bars in this area ooh.. this is from the hotel restaurant guys This is the first time I'm greeted by a man..lol I'm walking alone Hi Pak So, the motorcycle taxi driver said earlier, usually if they want to eat food through here, they have to pay.

usually if they want to deliver food through here, they have to pay. Well.. I don't know, at what time vehicles are prohibited from passing through here either from there to here, or from Legian to Kuta that has to pay in because this area is actually, backyard hotels and resorts guys. Oh.. It's so quiet here. it's so dark guys oh shit, it's really dark back there, guys. there are no lights, and I am alone this is the backyard of the hotels guys I just don't know which hotels! guys.

I don't see it that's..so dark, goddammit! so here So this looks like, we're behind the pool and straight to the beach well.. these foreigners, usually they live in these hotels So, after sunset, they returned to the hotel I'm the only one who walks towards going home or to Kuta ohh this is Padma hotel, guys lots of meatball carts So, this is still in the Legian area, guys wow, that's pretty far! but I really like walking like this.

I am now, going to the beachwalk want to buy flip flops guys because, a few days ago I was looking for flip-flops at Krisna beaded flip flops, the price is 25 thousand whereas at Uniqlo the price is 30 thousand, so I'd better go to Uniqlo ops, uniqlo.. miniso what's this ? Let's see what is the name of this restaurant? Azul Kuta is in front, guys I'm currently still on the coast of Legian but it's also cool, walking alone like this My friend is on a business trip to Phuket nice place what's that? [Music] this road is actually closed, and this is just the hotels area that's why earlier my ojol driver said, if he wants to enter this area, he has to pay 5 thousand heading to Kuta I'm getting tired guys what is that? [Music] aww..cute dog! I headed to the beachwalk exciting! huh.. My cellphone is lowbat, guys. I'm looking for a place for a charger. ya.. Thank you [Music] that ladies are nice and friendly, I like it interesting! I'm tired, but I'm really happy guys.

Today I walked quite far I already had a thought in my head, I want to have a long march in the morning, but I can't get up early. so, I do it now while I enjoyed the sunset hello. There's a BBQ here thank you ! No No no Barong show, guys that's a little girl, even though her parents are around her they even make their children to be beggars there are many beggars in Kuta, guys. usually, these beggars are prohibited by local officials. wow, crazy.. finally I arrived at the Beachwalk. crazy proud of myself guys! crazy..so proud of myself

I need a restroom, I need a charger, and I need to cool off my body. it's still busy, guys. although many tourists are moving to canggu.

but this area never dies. I'm waiting for my maxim driver from here to my place, take maxim for only 11,700 and from the airport to my place it's only 0.7km, less than 1km I think it's my maxim driver. let's go home, by gojek I wanted to go for a walk, but I don't know where to go. ugh..this alley is already busy, lots of shops have opened. yes, I was here before Ramadhan.

didn't go through this area anyway, but through the main Jalan Seminyak, at that time it was still quiet. Does this go through to Legian? I came here in April or May, and I didn't dare to go this way, because it was really quiet, there weren't any people Seminyak, the villa area, is also quiet. now it's busy, it's back to life. nice to see the situation now.

although not yet 100% recovered. Legian at night! it's been busy guys. yes, it means you are a good person. ooowh..Alhamdulillah Pak!

you are a caring person. Yes Pak, don't throw trash carelessly anyway it's a habit, Pak Legian monument. it's busy now. wow..that's crazy, it's still closed,

Sky Garden night club O ya ? Maybe tomorrow ? Saturday night. This is the replacement for Sky Garden, guys Lyxx uuh..many people play Lato-Lato. makes me dizzy hearing Lato-Lato's.

2023-01-25 19:31

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