4 Days in Busan

4 Days in Busan

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So we just arrived in Busan and we just immediately checked into our accommodation which is in Gwangalli beach. It's a pretty popular location at least amongst locals here. And I have to say this is the prettiest Airbnb accommodation in Busan.

It has a gorgeous gorgeous view of the Gwangan bridge which lights up in the evening hours. I'm going to show you guys later. I think that if you come to Busan you really want to at least stay maybe either the entire duration or at least a couple of nights staying near a beach gives that sort of essential Busan vibe. I think most people tend to drift towards Haundae. I would arguably say that Gwangalli beach is the better place to stay in my opinion.

Definitely more the local hot spot. We decided to stay here because of the bridge view of course and this lovely accommodation that we're gonna enjoy for the next two nights. So we're gonna head down try to find some food.

We're a little bit hungry. There's a nice little pizza spot that I've found with a nice beer as well so yeah looking forward to that. Let's go. We just arrived at the SOL Taphouse.

This is a little small pizza joint. I ordered a beer. Lisa ordered a cider. And we just ordered a bunch of half pizzas. Place looks really good. The beer is really good.

So I'm very much expecting a lot from the pizza. I'm starving and can't wait to get started. Our pizza has arrived. let's get a bite.

Oh yeah. Hits the spot. Just hits the spot.

Just right. So I should write one to you, and you will write one to me Yes. OK, OK, OK. I'll write a long message. It will be sent in 2024.

2024? By that time, I won't remember what I wrote to you That's what makes it fun. All right, we are on the Blue Line train or a capsule, sky capsule. Going at like grandma walking pace, I would probably call it.

But it provides excellent view of the ocean. And I would definitely recommend go from Mipo to Cheongsapo. That's how you get the ocean view.

You could go the other way of course, but obviously you're gonna get blocked by incoming capsules. It's also a lot less busy so there's definitely a bigger chance for you to book a ticket especially from that direction compared to Mipo which is a lot more popular. And now we're headed to a museum, an art museum. Resembles a little bit of teamLab's digital art displays in Japan. All right, so we just came out of the art museum. It's called Museum One or Won.

That's what it says on Naver, but I think it's Museum One. And it was nice. We were there like around 10, 11 AM. There wasn't a lot of people around so pretty much had the place almost all to ourselves. Only a couple of people, so it was really nice.

But then when we just went outside, there was like buses coming in with like kids and everything like that. So you wanna go there and get a lot of nice photo opportunities. Definitely get here pretty early as soon as they open, I would say.

But other than that, I think it was a pretty cool place. And our bus is coming, I think. No, it's not.

Maybe? Okay, it is. It's not quite what I expected. I mean, it's okay.

Like, it's not something I would order every single time I see it, but... Yeah that's alright. It's alright. Trying TAMS... for the first time...

Mm, it's like Fanta, you know. It's like Fanta. It's good, recommended.

You need to go faster. All right, all right. So we just went through the Running Man experience, and at first I thought it was probably gonna be a gimmicky kind of thing, but honestly, I was surprised how fun it actually was. We really enjoyed our time. We were in there for like, what, two hours or something like that, and it went by so, so fast.

Yeah, we really wanted to play more, but we ran out of time. I definitely recommend it for you guys. If you're into games and you have a couple of friends or with your a close loved one, definitely just go there and try it. It's super fun, totally recommend it. Nothing feels more like you're in Busan than eating straight from the grill, right next to the pavement, basically.

Prices are a little bit spiked here, I would say. Definitely an interesting experience. I think it's worth it if you're here in Busan. We are in Jagalchi market. We just spent... Half an hour walking around downstairs, where you see all of these different fish vendors, trying to sell you things, trying to pull you in, trying to sweet talk you into buying things.

And then after just checking things out, we decided to head upstairs where you can find the restaurants, and this is where you can just go in and order through like a a normal menu, basically. But you could also go downstairs and buy the fish and then bring it up and have these different restaurants cook it for you. Now, if you do that, obviously, it costs a little bit extra, but if you don't know what you want and you don't know like how the dishes gonna come out, I recommend just going up to the second floor. That's where all the restaurants are. You see a menu, you can pick out what you want, it's a little bit cheaper.

But of course, you don't get that experience of picking the individual fish or shellfish that you want. Me and Lisa just decided to head up and just look at the menu We just wanna taste a little bit of everything, a little bit of clams, a little bit of fish. Lisa been dying to try a seafood pancake. So yeah, our food is about to come.

Is it worth it? Is it worth it? Yes. This is pretty big. Looks absolutely delicious, grilled and everything, gonna dip it in.

2024-06-03 23:44

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