30 Scary Videos They Wanted to Keep Secret

30 Scary Videos They Wanted to Keep Secret

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Coming up in this video. Can you keep a secret? Me neither. Either way, these are 30 Scary Videos they wanted to keep secret. 30. Followed Home

Captured on CCTV, this horrifying stalking incident was shared on TikTok by @seven3news and originally posted by TikToker Jimmy South, @thebuildingmanager. In the footage, a woman is walking home at night, when she enters her apartment building. She doesn’t notice – or at least, doesn’t appear to notice – a man following closely behind her. He holds back for a moment before entering.

The building’s interior cameras capture the man following the young woman into an elevator. Notice that he doesn’t press any buttons. That’s because he plans on exiting on the same floor as his victim. When the door opens, he again follows. As she walks toward her apartment, he keeps pace with her. And when she enters her home, he pauses too.

But for some reason, he has second thoughts. He turns around and starts to leave but stops again for a moment in the hallway. Then, eventually, he leaves the way he came. What stopped him from his undoubtedly nefarious intentions? I assume the woman likely had a roommate or a partner, causing the would-be assailant to reassess. But those in the comments have other ideas. Others suggest that if you’re followed into an elevator, ask for the stalker’s floor number first. This will force them to either get off at their floor or stay on the elevator

after you get off. I think both are excellent suggestions. But it’s easy to have a clear head while watching and less so to think things through on your feet. Let’s just hope this woman is safe. 29. ‘Poltergeisting’ Can you imagine being so used to outrageous poltergeist activity, that you just carry on? YouTube channel, VaultOfFear, shares this video of an aggressive encounter in a haunted house after a Halloween ouija board session.

The music seems to be further angering the poltergeist. The YouTuber explains that these ghost hunters were trained by Shaolin monks to fear neither the supernatural nor evil itself. And it seems like their training has worked.

The spirit on the other hand…it clearly has no chill. 28. River Soul After a female tourist in Indonesia was swept away by a waterfall’s undercurrent, a rescue team was sent to search for her body.

Did they find her soul? Shared by a Vietnamese YouTube channel, this video is trending in the Vietnamese-speaking YouTube community. The original source is unknown though. The team’s days-long search was apparently unsuccessful. And yet, this video appears to show a young woman that none of the crew could see at the time in the water. This woman appeared out of nowhere, and the man filming did not recognize her.

As the story goes, the video was shown to the victim’s parents, and they identified the mystery woman as their missing daughter. Is this the woman’s ghost? Some believe so. Or is she a look-alike? Either way, I think it could be an urban legend in the making. 27. Hoods in the Woods Satanic rituals. Fire play. All of it shrouded in darkness.

YouTube team, Ceinvestiga Caçadores de Lendas, encounters all of this and more on this fearful night. First, their initiation to the dark side… They end up fleeing yet another hooded being, but thankfully, it doesn’t give chase. They flee again, but this time I’m not sure if they simply scared themselves. Scratch that – it doesn’t sound like it. As they continue through the forest, something nearby spontaneously combusts. Was that Satan, himself? I can’t be sure, but considering the Dark Arts going on in this forest’s depths, I wouldn’t be surprised.

26. Ghost Runner This ring camera captured an eerie sight, and Redditor u/thoughtfuldesign is wondering if it’s a ghost or residual car exhaust. Let’s take a look and find out. You can see the semi transparent mist drift up from the yard, seconds after the car drives forward. But the way it floats up is strange. What do you think? A person, a gnome, car exhaust, a ghost…? I’m leaning toward a pixie, but I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure. 25.

Escape Room Do you like escape rooms? How about ones you truly can’t escape? YouTuber Ghost Club Paranormal shared security footage of this horror-themed escape room that’s experiencing genuine paranormal activity. Take a look. After seeing this clip, the Ghost Club Paranormal team went to investigate. And this unfolds. Thirty minutes later, they return to the urn. And when they set a rempod nearby, it goes nuts.

Are the spirits trying to escape? I think the contents of the urn are. What do you think is going on here? 24. Shadow Entity The granddaughter of Redditor u/Ursomonie said she was being bothered during the night. So, her mother set up a camera. This is what they captured. It looks like a shadow is shifting down repeatedly over the girl.

While some in the comments think it’s haunting-looking, others think it’s nothing but distortion. gerbdergerb suggests, “Just looks like typical night vision camera distortion.” I think either of these Redditors may be right. It could also simply be light emitting from one of the medical devices in the room. Whatever this thing is, I hope this girl is no longer tormented by it.

23. Cutthroat Brewing Company Ghost With a name like Cutthroat Brewing Company, you’d kind of expect this place to be haunted. The YouTube team, Twin Paranormal, meets with some of the most intense paranormal activity they’ve ever encountered. It all begins in the attic. While up there, they hear a loud creak. And a moment later, movement is heard. As they question the spirit in the attic, a distinct knock resounds.

Then a series of mysterious activities happen sequentially. And another loud knock is heard. I think they should be. And this is why… Here it is again. And it seems more spirits are wanting to get in.

Or maybe they just want to play catch. The team also captures some EVPs on a recording device. It sounds to me like the spirits want help, but they feel too vulnerable to reveal themselves. I’d say that’s why they haven’t been able to cross over to the other side. 22. Abandoned Clinic While exploring an abandoned clinic, YouTube team, ZONA PARANORMAL VE, is in for it.

As viewers, we didn’t catch what caught them off guard. But we do get a direct channel into this next bit of paranormal activity. This pole is moving on its own. But why? And how? The men think it’s a spirit. And I think they’re onto something.

21. Sleep Paralysis If you’ve ever experienced sleep paralysis, then you know how terrifying it can be. While in a haunted place, this YouTuber and his team purposely suffer it during this experiment gone wrong. First, let’s take a look at the house itself. Keep an eye on that overhanging light. In the attic, they come across this suitcase. Inside are what appear to be bones wrapped

in a blanket. Later, the team is doing a sleep experiment, when one of the crew wakes up screaming from a deep sleep. Somehow, they fall back under. But later, this happens… Something in the house is making a lot of noise. The men are all strapped down so they cannot move, but they claim to have experienced sleep paralysis.

I think something in this nightmare house may have truly gripped them. 20. Enough Now Ben from YouTube channel, Lainey and Ben, has had enough of his resident poltergeist. Since the couple have had a baby, the spirited spirits appear to be jealous.

Watch and listen. Ben seems to be playing the activity down so as not to scare the baby. He even tells the spirit that’s enough now and encourages the baby to follow suit.

While Lainey and Ben’s spirit friends might feel they’re not getting enough attention anymore, I think the lack of interaction might make them settle down. 19. Ghost Burglar When a SimpliSafe alarm was triggered at one of their properties, Redditor u/riman8 reviewed the footage. And this is what they found… The semi transparent figure in the clip moves fluidly through the storage unit. It then

sets off an alarm. The Redditor says that nothing was taken in this incident, but the security system was ripped from the wall. Redditors are genuinely freaked out by this one.

I have seen footage where cameras distort figures who blend into the background. So, maybe this is an example of that. While I find it odd that nothing was taken, could this be a burglar casing the place? Maybe. Or maybe it really is a ghost, causing alarm.

18. Bathroom Poltergeist Warning: after watching this scary video, you’ll never be able to enter the bathroom again. Shared by YouTuber It’s Unbelievable !, and originally posted by TikToker @kittyk38backup, this clip is truly unbelievable. The person filming can’t believe what they just saw, and they quickly move to investigate. It’s unfortunate that this homeowner has a toilet ghost, because that looks to me like a really nice bathroom. 17.

Magic Trick This djinn is full of magic tricks. YouTuber hasan bar bar first encounters him in a dark room, crouched down by the sofa. And then he just disappears… Later, a steady cam captures another strange figure peeking from behind a curtain. And then, for perhaps the first time, we hear the laugh of the djinn. I don’t know about you, but that gave me the chills. I don’t want to see any more of this djinn’s magic tricks.

16. Dress of the Djinn What do you do when your friend is possessed? YouTube team, Han Kardeşler, was faced with this question when their friend came under the spell of a djinn. Here’s what happened. And it looks like the djinn has taken hold of another one too.

Where did he go? Will he ever come back? It looks to me like both friends are lost forever. And I’m not sure if the rest of this crew should feel safe again. 15. Keeper of the House Eugene of YouTube channel, DARK MYSTIC, is facing off with the “keeper of the house” in this scary video. He comes across this haunting photograph of what looks like three sisters. Then, while Eugene is in another room, this happens… When he asks if the spirit is alone in this house, he receives an enthusiastic response.

This mysterious noise alarms him as he’s sitting quietly. And a steady cam captures this poltergeist action in the hallway. I don’t know exactly how to interpret the spirit’s actions.

But in my view, the “keeper of the house” doesn’t want to keep him here. 14. St. Joseph’s Church

St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church in the UK has been a derelict building since 1995. It is said to be haunted. The YouTube team, NHP UK, is here to investigate. As they’re getting set up, they capture what they believe is a male voice…twice. Do you hear it? They continue to explore and come across this sign of life.

Later, using a kinect app, they spot a spirit in the window of the church. Is it the rain? I don’t think so. It must be a former parishioner. And they have one goal: to give me and everyone else the creeps. 13. Footsteps Above While exploring the basement of a church, Redditor u/Wolfhound227 heard some unwelcome footsteps right above their head. And he does hear it again.

The Redditor says the footsteps were coming from the direction of the altar. Some in the comments think it could be the pipes or an animal caught in a duct. But I don’t know…seems too deliberate to me. 12. Doorknob Ready to have your mind melted? YouTube channel, Mind Melting Mysteries TOP5, shares this video from Myspace user, buscadores.

It begins with a doorknob. The door nearly falls closed before swinging open again. Although the doorknob stops rattling, the paranormal activity doesn’t end there. What is going on here? I honestly don’t see how this could be faked. You see both sides of the door. There’s no one there. Do you see some sort of logical explanation? Because I sure don’t.

11. The Spoon This haunted home has experienced paranormal activity, and finally, it’s been captured on camera. YouTube channel, TABOO Seekers of the Paranormal, shares this unsettling video.

Keep an eye on the spoon. This movement continues for an entire minute. Although some in the comments write that this could be done with magnets, I think it’s the Ghost of Christmas Past giving the residents a warning. A warning for what though? I’m not so sure.

10. Something Terrible YouTuber Terror Al Extremo writes that “they do something terrible in this place.” First off, who are they? And what are they doing here? Let’s find some answers. This looks somewhat extraterrestrial to me. But later, this human-like figure appears in front of a tree.

And another is lurking in the darkness. They then come across a candlelit path…and later hear what sounds like a harsh whisper. I’m not sure what this place is, but it does seem like they're doing something terrible here…whoever ‘they’ are. And that whisper sends chills down my spine. 9.

Haunted General Store This 19th-century general store is haunted, and The G Team Paranormal Investigators are here to share some Twizzlers with the spirits that reside here. They first hear some whispering in the aisles of the store. As they’re communicating through a spirit box, they see an orb…and later, a product falls from its place. The strangest thing is how it’s torn.

They continue their investigation, and a creepy pale face appears in the window for a moment. Is this an apparition? Or is someone watching them? I think it’s whatever took a bite out of this toy… If I were them, I'd be taking this as my que to leave. 8.

Polish Poltergeist This poltergeist is getting angrier by the minute. TikToker PaFi shares a video of TikToker @usernamewho0’s experience with an aggressive ghost. The original TikTokers account has since been deleted. The video starts off somewhat tame.

But soon, it grows aggressive. It seems to me that this quick progression is not a good sign. If I were him, I’d leave home and never come back.

7. Haunted Antique Shop Do you believe that spirits can attach themselves to worldly items? That’s what may have happened in this haunted antique shop. YouTube team, The Haunted Side, investigates, while surrounded by this collection of haunted antiques.

What was that? Another noise is heard shortly after. And, again… Later, when he turns on a spirit box device, he hears what he believes sounds like a scream. To me, that sounds like the regular static you get on a spirit box. But others in the comments are hearing a high-pitched, “help.” Do you hear it too? As for the rest of the taps and knocks, those do seem suspicious to me. The spirits are letting us know they’re still there.

6. Scariest Randonautica The clues discovered on this randonautica will make you question everything. YouTube team, Near Shadows, may have just come across some criminal evidence. The first piece is a backpack, slightly concealed in the brush, with a name tag on it.

Who is Idan? And what happened to him? Inside the pack are some suspicious contents, including this… They also find a sim card. And lastly, this creepy clue. This last clue leads me to believe that something nefarious is on that sim card.

And if I were these guys, I’d deliver all of this evidence to the police ASAP. This is too creepy to mess around with. 5. The Swamp You don’t want to know what lurks in the depths of this terrible swamp in Russia.

But YouTuber Denis from Dark Life does. He is solo camping out at this haunted swamp at night. Only, he’s not alone… Though he feels something watching him, he has yet to capture it on camera.

But back in the tent, his camera does appear to capture some movement. Later, as he’s trying to sleep, he’s awoken by a mysterious howl. He hears it again… Are the stories true? Does a werewolf haunt this wicked swamp? I think it does sound like something more than animal…half-man.

What do you think is going on here? 4. Cult Mansion Which scary cult once called this mansion home? YouTuber Moe Sargi visits the half-burned abandoned mansion in the middle of the forest, and he leaves…illuminated. As he’s touring the kitchen, he hears something.

He continues through the home and comes across this cabinet of heads. He explores the floor where the fire started. And then, downstairs, he faces terror itself. Those didn’t look like spiders to me. I’m not sure what they were. Insects from the underworld? Whatever they may be, they seemed to be an omen, one that reads, “LEAVE AND DON’T COME BACK!” 3. Weeping Woman This double feature has made me a believer.

Redditor u/miss0thing shares two videos they’ve captured in El Salvador of what they believe is the Weeping Woman. But the next video shows visual evidence of the Weeping Woman. While many in the comments are lamenting that this video was shot with a potato, I’m sold by the way the figure appears to drift. I personally think both pieces of footage combined are totally unsettling. And as a precaution, I’m staying away from the water. 2.

All at Once The power of the paranormal is daunting, and this scary video is one example. YouTube channel, DDark Path Scary, shares this clip whose original source is YouTuber DARK GHOST PARANORMAL. Hold onto your pants. Here it is again in slow motion. What could cause this simultaneous mayhem? The paranormal investigator has yet to find the source. But I suspect he shouldn’t go

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1. Dining Room Poltergeist If you’ve interacted with a ouija board recently, be prepared for a full-on haunting. YouTuber Haunting Jersey shares this video of flagrant paranormal activity after a ouija board session. Here’s the action one more time.

There’s nothing around to cause this. I see no fishing line. Looks to me like a valid haunting. And that means it’s yet another video that many won’t see, almost like it’s being kept secret…

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