30 Scary Videos Puzzling The World

30 Scary Videos Puzzling The World

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Coming up in this video. Do you like a good riddle? How about a game of clue? Then this list is for you. These are 30 Scary Videos puzzling the world. 30. Ghost Touches Man YouTuber REMEMBER ME TV completed their first ghost investigation in 2002 at the Weston Manor in Oxfordshire.

18 years later, while watching the video back, something new captured the YouTuber’s attention. Watch behind him. Did you see the mysterious hand reach out to tap him on the shoulder? Watch again. The YouTuber says no one was sitting beside them. In another clip, the YouTuber notices what looks like a plume of smoke drift past. Watch closely.

Later, when he comes down a stairway, he is met with a clock set at a time that he says has haunted him throughout his life. What does this all mean? Was that a phantom hand – or did someone reach out behind him? And what about the smoke and the number 54? Although I don’t know how these puzzle pieces fit together, I am certainly intrigued. 29. Appalachian Mountain Something Reportedly captured on film in the Appalachian Mountains, this creepy creature is watching you. YouTube channel, Bigfoots Testimony, shares this footage.

Can you figure out what it is? Look closer. It looks like an albino creature of some sort to me. But is it human or animal? I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.

28. Office Ghost This ghost is a trickster. A Spanish YouTube channel shares this security footage that appears to show the ghost of Jim from The Office in rare form. Watch the chair.

It looks like something invisible pulled the chair right out from under the guy. Take another look. Did this phantom trickster just pull a fast one? Or as some YouTubers suggest in the comments, did the man accidentally kick the chair out from under himself with his right heel? I think we’ll need a recreation of the incident to know for sure. 27. Leprechaun Crosses Road Who ever heard of a leprechaun colony in Honduras? Spotting one of the wee fellows so far from his home must be a lucky charm…right? Shared by a Vietnamese YouTube channel, this video is trending in the Vietnamese-speaking YouTube community. Its original source is Las Aventuras De Horse. Watch for the little guy to the left.

When compared with its surroundings, the figure seems relatively small. Look at those posts on the right. They appear taller than the figure. And the vehicle seems to be traveling at a much greater height. But is this a leprechaun, as some are saying? Is the figure even smaller than average – or is it just the vantage point of the vehicle, which may be a bus or semi with a much higher point of view? I think this is just a trick of the eye. A mere illusion. What do you think is going on here? 26.

Merman Is this a creature from fantasy, brought to life? Or is there some other explanation? YouTuber Skypink Blue shares this reupload whose original source is unknown. It looks a bit like a merman, squirming around on the dock. It even appears to have arms, but its face isn’t human.

What is this thing? No one in the comments has a clue, and neither do I. But my vote is a merfrog…if that’s even a thing. 25. Object in the Sky Submitted to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit by u/Altruistic_Shoe_2593, he titled this video “strange object above the sky”. Let’s watch.

I can certainly see what he’s talking about. But the question remains… What is this thing? Let me know what you think it is in the comments. 24.

Savannah Haunting Have you seen the horror movie, A Savannah Haunting? Shared on Instagram, kalanighosthunter stayed inside the home that this horror film is based on…and was filmed in. Check the place out. While live-streaming their stay, the Instagrammer captured this image, which they think is a little girl ghost.

Do you see it? Although I didn’t catch the live stream, some in the comments did. And they insist they saw the girl ghost move. Almost everyone in the comments sees it, but I can hardly make it out.

Still, I don’t doubt this place is haunted. It looks like the real deal. 23. It’s Watching What in the world is this thing? YouTuber Outsider Tank asks the YouTube community to help identify what was watching them.

Let’s take a look. If it is pareidolia, it looks hauntingly realistic. It looks more like an old man’s ghostly pale face to me, bushy hair and all. 22.

Bishop’s Castle Found Footage This found footage was filmed within the halls of Bishop’s Castle in Colorado and shared by YouTuber ‘Stoned Boniez’. A young group of friends descends into the belly of the beast. As they enter one of the rooms at the bottom of the spiral staircase, they soon find they’re not alone. It turns out it’s one of their friends. But he’s behaving oddly. Has some curse from within this castle overcome him? Did Jared get him? He makes it to his car, but in the end… It looks like Jared is hungry for his brain.

My theory is that Jared was bitten by a zombie in that castle cellar. What do you think? 21. Face Behind the Boxes Is someone hiding behind this shelf? Or is this a phantom face caught on camera? YouTuber Maddy Bark shares this vid eo captured on a phone.

Watch the second shelf closely. First a pile of boxes falls – or is pushed – off. Now look at what appears beyond the shelf. It looks like a human face is peering out. Some also see a hand, but I’m not seeing that. Is this just our imaginations? Pareidolia again? Or is there a human in the darkness – either living or spirit – crying out for attention? 20.

Haunted Place When YouTube team, TheShowK, investigates this eerie place, they’re in for more than just a walking tour. It all begins when they enter this hallway. That door shut on its own, and there’s no one behind it. As they continue, this unnerving noise is heard from the next room. And it sends them

packing. For some reason, they return. But they’ll soon wish they hadn’t… It sure seems like someone is in this dilapidated building with them. And it looks like they’re in danger… A danger from above… Although the team didn’t get to dig deeper, I think it’s best that they call this investigation off for good.

19. Strange Light Is this human morphing into the wall? Or did he just disappear into the light? This ring video, shared by u/mo_benjamin to the r/chillsnarrator subreddit, shows what looks like a normal human person passing in front of this house. But is he normal? The figure disappears from the top down. And then this happens.

Watch the wall to the left. What was that mysterious light? In my humble opinion, I think this is a type of camera glitch where the human blends into the shades in the background. And as the dude enters a door offscreen, this might explain the light appearing against the opposite wall.

What do you think? Did I crack the case? 18. Abandoned Morgue This is one of the scariest and most inaccessible places that YouTuber TOPPI has ever visited. And no wonder, because it’s a morgue. While sitting in silence, a sound is heard.

And then, an even louder sound is heard… It looks like something fell from the ceiling. And a moment later, this happens… The coffin is moving. Needless to say, the team leaves the room after this, but they set up a steadicam. And it captures this… Was that just a bug? Or was that a spirit leaving its body? I don’t know for sure what’s in that coffin. But it seems to me that it finally crossed over. 17.

19th Century Adobe - 100k FLIPP Is this Adobe from the 1800s haunted? YouTube team, Mackie and Amanda, investigate the home and its surrounding forest. As they arrive, they capture an orb floating on the left of the screen. Did you see it? While using a spirit box to communicate, a strange white streak appears on the window. Watch again.

Was that a falling star? Later, Amanda feels a pain in her side, and simultaneously, a strange grunt is heard. Could that have been the camera? In the darkness, they hear what sounds like footsteps. Although they don’t find anyone, they hear other noises in the night. And what they describe as a “raspy voice.” To me, that sounds like Mackie. But then, they encounter a surprise in the

darkness. Deer are camped out in the fields. They don’t seem to be afraid of whatever presence lurks here, so although this video boasts its fair share of anomalies, I don’t think the presence here is evil. 16. Bookish Ghost This bookish ghost just wants to read.

YouTuber Haunted Experiences shares this video of poltergeist activity captured in his living room. Watch the stack of books on the table to the left. Did you see it? The top book was pushed off the stack. Here it is again. Apparently, the spirit didn’t like it. But some skeptics in the comments note that there’s clearly someone in the hallway. Watch again. In fact, that someone even moves the door a little as the video continues.

Is this, as some commenters think, someone on the other side of the door, pulling a fishing line? I think it could be. But that’s just the skeptic in me, well for once at least. 15. Demon in Gettysburg The former battleground of Gettysburg is bound to be haunted. By the good or the bad though, no one can be sure. Except for YouTube team, The Paranormal Files, who may have found the answer. As their investigation begins, they sense something moving.

Once they settle in, they hear distinct footsteps. And again… They soon learn they’re dealing with a child ghost. A loud knocking is heard. They reenter this room and are merrily greeted. They’re delivered a message while using the Estes Method. Continuing in their search, they hear something more sinister.

As the steady cam keeps rolling, it captures something eerie. Note that this happens as Connor is singing, “This little light of mine…” Not long after, the camera battery runs out. As they let their imaginations run wild, another noise is heard.

They wonder about this strange sign on one of the chairs. Not long after, Connor is marked by the devil. Although I want to believe that this crew is safe, this isn’t a good sign.

Hopefully, Connor hasn’t faced off with a demon on the Gettysburg battlefield. 14. Hotel of Horrors While investigating this haunted hotel of horrors, something breezes past this YouTuber from the channel, MORRIS'S PARANORMAL ADVENTURES UK.b And he feels it. The feeling doesn’t go away either.

It did seem like something swept past him to me. But it could just be that this hotel is awfully atmospheric. I wouldn’t be surprised if a whole gaggle of ghosts are hulled up here. 13. Ghost Stories This Girl in the Woods “singleaple” captured something unsettling while she was telling ghost stories.

Listen closely as the YouTuber begins her tales. Did you hear that? She appears to. She looks over. She clearly notices something. And yet she doesn’t miss a beat. But listen.

Is someone – or something – watching her? I think they might be. And after hearing it so near, I don’t know how she can fearlessly continue her campfire stories. 12.

Axe House Amy and Jarrad from YouTube team, AmysCrypt, are staying overnight in a house where lives were taken with an axe. And their nightmare here will haunt them. Was it the heater? Or was it a ghostly response? Amy is feeling uneasier than usual. Later, in the attic, several things happen at once. This house seems to really be affecting Amy, more so than any other haunted place she’s visited. They decide to leave the house, and then this happens… They reenter, but the cat is not finished with them. While this could just simply be a cat, I think it’s something more: I think it’s the soul of one of his victims.

11. Madame Tussauds There’s nothing more uncanny than wax figures. YouTube team, Paranormal Voyages, investigates the famous Madame Tussauds in Las Vegas, and what they find may not be wax at all… While touring the place at night, this unsettling EVP is heard.

To me, that sounds mechanical. But then, this happens… Perhaps some of these wax figures are coming to life…and they do not wish to be filmed. In the darkness, they somehow appear even creepier. They keep interfering with the team’s

devices, this time, sending a clear message. You don’t have to tell me twice. I’m outta there. 10. Severe Manifestations YouTuber Tim Morozov spends the night in this paranormal apartment, where he encounters severe manifestations. First, a loud knocking is heard. Tim is examining this room, when a shadowy figure sweeps past on camera.

He senses someone behind him. As he’s cleaning some glass, a light flickers on and off in the room beyond. Watch the door in the hallway. Tim notices and goes to open the door. And this is what he captures on camera. Later, a steady cam captures a door opening. Then, as he’s checking the temperature, the doors in the hallway closet swing open.

He approaches to get a closer look… Although he finds that there’s nothing in the closet, there’s clearly an energy nearby. As he wonders about the evil in this place, it continues to show off… Before messing with his equipment. This paranormal apartment is a bit too much for me. The evil energies are strong here,

and I think they could be dangerous to all who enter. 9. Haunted House This remote house is riddled with paranormal activity, and YouTuber Dima from A SIP OF FEAR is about to encounter it firsthand. While safely in his salt circle, he hears something.

And when he asks the demon a question, it throws an object to the ground. Dima may feel safe inside his circle, but I get the feeling that this demon is within reach. 8.

Shadow Man Lodge Moxley from YouTube channel, Moxleys Paranormal World, investigates the shadows while staying overnight at Shadow Man Lodge. He soon hears movement in the darkness. P But it’s in the cellar that he feels really unwelcome. That EVP was too clear to be dismissed. I think Moxley should listen. This spirit doesn’t sound like he wants to be bothered.

7. Black Snake Devil - FLIPPED What terrible creature lies in this empty field? YouTube channel, Woh Kya Raaz Hai Official, may have the answer. Captured in the darkness of night, this creepy creature looks like a thing of nightmares. Seeing it from a distance, it could be anything. Even just a black garbage bag. But as they approach, they find that was wishful thinking… The thing is moving.

As they wonder what this creature could be, it gets too close for comfort. I guess we’ll never know for sure what that was. So do you agree with the title of the video saying that it’s a black snake devil? 6. Chilling Vintage Birthday This chilling birthday footage will have you blowing out the candles. Shared by Redditor u/Caligramm to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit, the video shows what appears to be a fun children’s birthday party, complete with Mardis Gras masks. But for some reason, this is where the video breaks down. And what happens next is terrifying.

Sounds to me like the party is over. And whatever’s unfolding now is clearly about to get very bad. 5. Interview with the Spirits A poltergeist has been tormenting a family in this house for years, and YouTuber Max from PARANORMAL point is here to investigate. Notice the chairs. I’ll let Max explain.

Did the demon move these chairs? When speaking to it, he receives some strange responses. A punishment for what? He asks another pointed quest ion…and he gets one right back. He continues his interview with the spirit. And finally, he asks the question that we all want to know the answer to. Well, that’s good to know. A demon feeds off of our fear.

So, I guess that means, all we have to do to get rid of it is not be afraid. Seems easy enough, at least in theory. 4.

Randonautica While on a randonautica, YouTuber Lomar Mendz and his partner, Chelsea, come across some of the creepiest finds in any randonautica mission. First, they’re driven to a white picket fence. Encaged within is a series of crosses. Next to one of the unmarked crosses, they find a bible. The strange thing is, when they’re taken to another pin in the randonautica, they find a second bible – this one, inside a baby carriage.

What does it all mean? YouTubers in the comments have some theories. Do you agree with James that this is what they symbolize here? What’s your theory? 3. East Drive Home to the so-called “Black Monk,” 30 East Drive is one of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. YouTube team, the Ouija Brothers, are here to investigate…or at least do a sleep study. As they’re asleep in one of the rooms, a noise is heard.

And later, the noise again. And this time, watch the chest of the man in the bed. It looks like someone pressed down on his chest. The YouTubers say this is the only time this movement happens in over two hours of footage.

Later, while wandering the house, they hear a very loud unexplained sound. Here it is again from another camera. The banging is heard throughout the house. I don’t need more convincing. This place is clearly full of terror. And it seems to love to wreak havoc.

2. Demon Appears In a dark and dreary graveyard, Franko of the YouTube channel, FRANKO TV, encounters a demon…or what he thinks may be one. Early on, he sees figures creeping around the cemetery in the darkness. Are they grave robbers? Or adventurers just like him? Franko continues through the graveyard.

But soon, he thinks he sees someone for real. Did you see that? Something was peeking at him from around that corner. I’ll let Franko tell you what he saw. But maybe his eyes are just playing tricks on him. Although they may be in this case, I definitely saw something earlier, peering from around the pillar.

But was it a demon? Or a friendly phantom? I’ve got a challenge for you, since you’ve made it this far, why not like this video and hit subscribe in the next 5 seconds, because I upload 4 new scary videos every week. If you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. 1. House of Grandma Is this house haunted by a sweet little grandma? YouTuber Denis of DARK GHOST Paranormal thinks maybe she’s not so sweet. He quickly gets a reading on his K2 meter.

And soon, he doesn’t need a K2 to detect this granny’s energy. She starts making lots of noise offscreen. Before long, she gets physical.

It seems she has a message for Denis. Something rattles inside the wardrobe. Denis can’t get away from it fast enough. And later, it happens again…

Grandma is all around him. He hears a whining sound. But at least this is just a cat. But later, he feels like someone is watching him. And it seems that he is right. Because this happens… And just when you think this wardrobe can’t take anymore… What does this grandma spirit want from poor Denis? Maybe a change of clothing? I don’t know the answer. That’s probably why this is yet another question that’s

puzzling the world.

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