30 Scary Videos I Nearly CAN'T Show You

30 Scary Videos I Nearly CAN'T Show You

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Coming up in this video. Have you ever watched a video that you think should be banned? These ones are toeing the line. You’re about to see 30 Scary Videos I nearly can’t show you. 30. Arizona Unidentified Flying Object An Unidentified Flying Object was captured on camera over South Mountain Preserve in Phoenix, Arizona, at around 7 PM on April 16 of 2023.

Redditor u/ATheSavage shares the original footage to Reddit. The Redditor thinks it looks like balloons. And other users agree. What do you think? Are they birds, balloons, drones, military aircraft, or…something else altogether? The way they move makes me think of balloons or maybe drones. I’m not sold on the bird

theory. What do you think it is? 29. Hooved Lady What would you do if you woke up with hooves for feet? I imagine you’d do whatever’s within your power to try and get rid of them – even, perhaps, resorting to magical remedies. Currently trending in the Arabic-speaking YouTube community, this video was shared by YouTube channel, BLA BLA. In that video, it’s credited to the Mexican YouTube channel, EL

GAP, but I believe it was filmed in Africa. The video shows a woman undergoing some kind of ritual, which I assume is supposed to heal her hooved feet. Many in the village have gathered around to pay witness. The man performing the ritual shakes a rattle and a tail around, and as he moves in front of her, you can see the woman not only has hooves, she also has a tail.

This continues, with the man circling the woman, shaking the rattle, as smoke wafts nearby. And it seems she’s not the only one who has been struck with this strange animal ailment. The video shows two others – an older woman and a man – both with hooved feet. What is going on here? Could the myth be true? While I can’t be sure, this looks shockingly realistic – particularly due to the animated tails.

Something strange is definitely going on here. I just wish we weren't left with more questions than answers. 28. Djinn Hunt YouTuber hasan bar bar is hunting for the djinn once again in this scary video. And his search begins with a bang.

As he continues throughout the abandoned structure, he sees smoke billowing from one of the rooms. And a moment later, he hears what sounds like a wounded cry. When he moves to look in the room, he finds no one. And later, the game becomes all too real. Would you get any closer to this? Once the demon starts making this noise… I’d say it’s probably time to call it a day.

After all, the djinn did warn him. 27. Randonautica Adventure Randonautica can take you on a random adventure. And sometimes, it can lead you into danger. As YouTubers Mackie and Amanda set out with the app, they soon notice something odd.

Amanda says it sounded like someone was running. Are they being chased? Then, she hears something else that Mackie doesn’t. I actually heard it too. It’s a high-pitched tone, who knows from where. Randonautica leads them to this cardboard box in the middle of nowhere.

Although it’s a false alarm with nothing inside, they see something at a distance. What is that? As they continue filming, they spot someone else beyond. Chills all over. Later, they break out a rempod to communicate with the spirits around them, and this happens… As they communicate, the faucet turns on again. Did they just encounter a thirsty ghost? Or a malfunctioning sink? Either way, I’m more concerned about the figure they saw in the field.

Looks to me like someone is stalking them. 26. Hockomock Swamp While visiting the haunted Hockomock Swamp in Massachusetts, Redditor u/illgramps’ rempod is triggered. The ghost even follows directions via the rempod. Many in the comments think the rempod’s seemingly direct response is either a result of confirmation bias or something in the environment. Whether or not you think this is a real spirit interacting with the crew, you gotta admit that response might just prompt you to make a quick exit.

I know it would for me. 25. Florala Memorial Hospital This tour of a former hospital turns into much more than a walkthrough.

YouTuber Javan Garza shares this video of the Florala Memorial Hospital in Alabama. Here’s what they captured. Did you see it? Watch the wall to the left. A shadow figure falls across the wall, blocking the light. But while it does look creepy, I can’t help but think someone simply walked past in one of these rooms on the right, causing the shadow to fall. The cameraman doesn’t enter the room. At least not in this clip. So we can’t know

if it was empty or not. Still, the fact that it falls across all three lights from the doorways does give me pause. It could be legit paranormal. What do you think? 24. First On-Camera Activity You’ll always remember your first poltergeist experience. This is YouTube team Ghost Trip Investigation’s first on-camera movement. And it will stay

with them forever. Watch closely. Talk about an on-demand poltergeist. Now, to me, that is a prime example of a spirit that truly wants to make its presence known.

23. Octagon Hall Located in Kentucky, Octagon Hall is reportedly one of the most haunted places imaginable. The YouTube team, Twin Paranormal, investigates. And you’ll be shook by what they find. It’s early, and already they’re getting confronted. As they’re communicating with the spirits, they hear noises in the distance.

A moment later, the rempod goes off. Not long after, they again hear footsteps. And then, this happens… When they attempt to speak with the spirits, they receive direct responses. I don’t think I’d check. In fact, considering all that’s gone down in this place, I’d take that as a warning that Eddie isn’t someone you’d ever want to encounter. 22.

Abandoned Nunnery The YouTube team, FINDERS BEEPERS HISTORY SEEKERS, is exploring an abandoned home that once housed hundreds of nuns. As they’re doing their intro, they hear a loud bang. But they appear as though they’re not too disturbed. They continue through the nunnery and find all sorts of treasure. But it’s this creepy discovery that haunts me. I wonder if someone’s inside.

Or if the spirit of the man who wore it may still linger. 21. Poltergeist in Historic Jefferson The Historic Jefferson Hotel has recorded some epic paranormal activity, and its official YouTube channel just offered up another piece of evidence captured in the hotel ballroom.

Watch the piano on the bottom right. A panel is aggressively thrown off, despite the fact that no one touched it. Watch again. This was after a paranormal investigation.

The group then returns to the room, and that’s when the hotel’s manager notices it. He says that this has never happened before. You can even hear how loud it falls via the recording. Some in the comments say this convinces them it didn’t just fall; it was thrown with force. I tend to agree.

There seems to be some aggression behind it. 20. Abandoned Amusement Park Pakistani YouTube team, Woh Kya Raaz Hai Official, faces the mysterious “Black Devil Gang" at this abandoned amusement park.

The figure is fitted head to toe in black. You can’t see where it begins or ends. Somehow, the team manages to lose him. The figure may seem lost to the darkness…but he is still there.

Later, they are led on a wild goose chase through this amusement park by yet another group member. I’ve never seen something like this. It has no distinct details. It is just a black shadow. And it seems to be following them. Going up seems like a bad idea to me.

19. Woman in White While re-exploring this haunted place, YouTuber Omar from the channel, OmarGoshTV, is overcome by spiritual energy. And by visual evidence of life beyond. As they enter the haunted place, a cupboard door opens of its own accord. Look to the right. But it’s what is later captured in the mirror that’s making me do a double-take.

Watch closely. Did you see that? When Omar pans around, it looks like something in a white dress is sitting next to James. Watch again. There’s for sure something there. And it’s not just because the camera’s blurry. I don’t know what it is. But I wouldn’t want to be sitting next to it.

18. Noises in the Night While investigating an extremely haunted location, YouTube team, Paranormal Nightmare TV Series, feels like they’re being followed. Something is making noise. Although I’m not hearing it too clearly on the camera, the guys are obviously shook by it.

Then, a voice is heard… Later, something is walking down the hallway. It could just be water dripping…or it could be something creeping. And as the team splits up, one of them hears something more. A repeated banging resounds in the distance. But it sounds like it could be something mechanical, like a washer or dryer banging against the wall. Is a ghost doing his laundry in this building? I definitely get a creepy vibe from this place…but I’m not sure if it’s 100 percent haunted.

17. The Hanged Woman The Rogues Hollow Paranormal team have been receiving strange energy readings in this music store. So, they investigate. While doing the Estes Method, the spirits are getting physical with Megan. And it seems that Megan’s not the only one being touched.

The spirit seems to have been harassed as well. And later, Megan delivers the female spirit’s sad fate. And it seems she didn’t have a choice in the matter. Just when I thought she’d taken her own life, this tragic tale goes deeper. The life of this victim was taken by the hands of another. 16.

Fairfield County Infirmary While visiting the Fairfield County Infirmary, YouTube team, Spirit Stalkers, capture some poltergeist activity on camera. The object definitely fell on its own, but I can’t tell what the object is. Could there be an explanation? It was sitting on top of the bottle, which looks like a precarious position. So this may just be gravity. Or…an ex-patient of Fairfield County Infirmary. Take your pick.

15. Hat Man Could you live in a house that’s haunted? TikToker wadelanagan continues to, despite all the crazy things that have happened here, including this… Keep an eye on the mirror. At first, I thought he was haunted by Pinocchio’s ghost, but then I realized what I thought was a long nose was the brim of his hat. Many in the comments think this looks faked, while others say that he must be haunted by Indiana Jones. Many others, however, have seen a similar shadow man.

Have you seen this profile? I think it may be a bad omen. 14. Figure of Mist The channel, Ghosts of Carmel Maine, has, in my opinion, some of the spookiest ghost footage on YouTube. This “portal” footage in the “Ghost Chronicle Series” is no different. While sitting in one of the home’s haunted bedrooms, Kent sees a strange mist at the door… And he captures a picture on camera. When he looks at it, he is shocked by how vivid

it is. This is the figure he captured with the contrast turned up. The form of the figure is undeniable. Like many of the channel’s videos, this one is equally compelling.

But unlike the others, which mainly capture shadow figures, this figure of mist suggests to me that Kent is dealing with something from another dimension. 13. Overnight at Haunted Apartment Want to get a bad night’s sleep? YouTuber Tim Morozov passes a sleepless night at a haunted apartment in this scary video. First, he captures a door swinging open and closed on its own. Later, as the TV turns on in another room, a figure passes by on his infrared camera…a figure that isn’t there.

A moment later, Tim is talking to his followers, when something again passes behind him…much too close for comfort. He captures the figure one more time as he’s entering the living room in the dark. Could you catch any sleep with this thing lurking around? Me neither.

Whatever this figure is really making my skin crawl. 12. Hungry Ghost A hungry ghost is going after this paranormal team’s crisps.

The team from YouTube channel, The Paranormal Detectives, captures this mysterious activity during an Estes Method session. The interesting thing to me is that the spirit seems to respond directly to the team’s question. . And then the spirit goes right ahead and moves the crisps. It doesn’t look like they fell; it looks like they were thrown. It seems to me like the Estes Method is really working here. And the team should probe this spirit for further information.

11. Premiere Poltergeist On occasion, you’re just lucky enough to capture that paranormal activity in the moment. YouTube team, Ghost Seekers TX, hit that lucky mark, capturing their very first poltergeist activity on camera. What was it? Let’s take another look. Did the camera fall over? Or was it thrown over? It does seem like it fell rather too aggressively.

This one could go either way for me. But I’m betting that’s what most poltergeists are banking on. 10. Poltergeist at Home I’ve analyzed some of YouTube channel G&D Studios’ footage before in past videos. Now, they’ve recovered more poltergeist activity on their security cameras. And this stuff is truly chilling.

The first activity actually wakes the YouTuber’s parents from their sleep. Watch the blanket. Something just yanked it off of the poor guy. On another occasion, the TV in the living room mysteriously turns on and off. A third capture shows a number of drawers and cupboards opening of their own accord all at once. And a fourth episode shows two objects being thrown simultaneously in opposite directions.

In my opinion, any single one of these events is pretty convincing proof of paranormal activity…but all of them together would have me packing my bags. 9. Haunted Museum The Ouija Brothers YouTube team are touring one of the creepiest museums I’ve ever seen. And it will live up to its reputation. Located in Nottingham, the Haunted Museum and Oddities are full of oddities, alright. Here’s one of them.

It isn’t the metal shelving that freaks me out. What are these bodies laid out on them? We may never know, because the team continues their tour, and they hear some unsettling noises. You don’t want to be hearing things when this setup is in the next room. Later in that room, beneath the ambulance siren, you can hear a knock.

And the same was caught on a second camera located elsewhere. Is there a ghost knocking about the place? Or is this just your odd house settling noise? While we can’t know for sure, I think there’s plenty of oddities here to consider that this place might have a legit haunting. 8. Garrison House While investigating the Garrison House, YouTuber Lomar Mendz and his team communicate with the spirits. The investigation begins with an eerily on-point message. I can’t either.

Later, in one of the rooms, a paranormal device goes off. Then, they hear a knock. When Lomar asks the spirits to knock again, they respond. Is it Emily? What is she trying to communicate to the team? I think it could be Emily. And I hope they’re able to reach over to the other side.

7. Portal, Opened What happens when you open a portal in a graveyard? Well, you’re about to find out. YouTuber Alberto del Arco opens a window into the underworld with this scary video.

As the crew enters this graveyard containing dark magic voodoo dolls, they hear a strange cry. They then open a portal…which seems like a terrible idea. And it is. Because it seems to have drawn the wrong kind of attention. And who knows where it might lead? Did these guys just make the scariest decision of their lives? It sure looks like it. And I wouldn’t want to be them when the demons erupt from that

portal. 6. Security Cam Capture Submitted to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit by horrifyinglyhaunted3. This Redditor wrote

“[I don’t know what] is shooting down from sky and [an Unidentified Flying Object is seen] after they do??”. Let’s watch their submission and see what they’re talking about. There was certainly some debate about this video in the comments. Commenters thought

it could be a shooting star, moisture or dust on the lens, but the uploader is confident it’s something paranormal. Which side are you on here? Let me know in the comments. 5. Stair Walker Is this ghost up to no good? Or is he just trying to get his steps in? YouTube team, Paranormal Quest, capture a spirit via kinect in a stairwell. Take a look. And then, a moment later, they hear this terrifying growl. Here it is again.

That sounded like a wild cat…or a demon. And being that I don’t think a lion’s being kept in this old house, I’d be more inclined to believe it’s the devil. 4.

Conjuring House While investigating the Conjuring house, YouTube team, Ghouls Paranormal, receives some paranormal correspondence. Right away, a spirit reveals itself through one of the team’s paranormal devices. When they ask the spirits a question, they seem to respond by rempod AND the Estes Method.

That dual response is just crazy to me. The spirit simultaneously confirms that it was downstairs and is now upstairs with them now. I think it’s hard to deny this one. What do you think?

3. Lady in White You don’t need a ghost story around the campfire for this one. Instead, you’re living it. YouTuber Grizzly Gaz is camping near a disused railway line that’s said to be haunted by a Lady in White. And judging by this footage, I think it is… .

He hears a wailing in the darkness, which the Lady in White is known for. And the continued sound makes him nope right out of there. He also captures the arbiter of bad omens: a black cat.

No worries, Grizzly Gaz. You’re in good company. Grizzly’s channel is really good and you should check it out! He camps in creepy and unusual places. 2. The Tapping Knock, knock.

The paranormal’s at your door. YouTube channel, T10 Paranormal, shares this scary clip originally posted by TikToker OMXGA44. Listen closely. He finds no one there. But I’m certain something was tapping at

his door. Would you open it? Nah, I’m good. I’ve got a challenge for you, since you’ve made it this far, why not like this video and hit subscribe in the next 5 seconds, because I upload 4 new scary videos every week. If you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. 1. Triggered While setting up cat balls in this haunted house, YouTube team, KJ Hauntings, witnesses some paranormal activity.

A moment later, the spirit plays musical chairs. Not only is the ball’s light triggered, but it rolls off the chair – or is pushed. It seems to me this spirit has had enough of the experiments being done here. And it’s so angry that this has become evidence that I nearly can’t show you.

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