3000km trip! By Honda NT1100! Hokkaido Japan Motorcycle Touring HD 1080p

3000km trip! By Honda NT1100!  Hokkaido Japan Motorcycle Touring   HD 1080p

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Let me explain this trip route. first. Hokkaido Touring in Aug. 2023 Start from Sagamihara city in Kanagawa Pre.

To Niigata on Highway Stay at Niigata. Get on a ferry from Niigata port and head to Otaru City in Hokkaido Long cruise ride to Otaru in 16 hours On the way, we were rocked by rough seas in the Tsugaru Straits. Arrive in Otaru City at 4 a.m. Meet up with my motorcycle friend in Sapporo at 8:00. To Wakkanai city through Ororon road Stay in Wakkanai City Touring around Wakkanai Area Stay in Nayoro City Going back to Sapporo City On the fifth day, after taking shelter from the typhoon, I went to a baseball game at the newest facility, Escon, which opened this year. 6th day, Lake Shikotsu > Lake Toya > Mt. Yotei Touring

Enjoy Park golf in the morning. Heading back to Niigata by Ferry In the heat wave from Niigata, Return to Kanagawa Prefecture by expressway Total distance traveled by motorcycle: approx. 2000 km (3,000 km if ferries are included) I will be traveling on my beloved Honda NT1100. OK. Longest touring is now started!! It was early in the morning and the temperature was a comfortable 26 degrees! Heavy Traffic towards Yamanashi Pre. Kenou HW to Kanetsu HW Wow Crazy traffic even on Kanetsu HW due to Obon week.

Nice weather. Best day for motorcycle touring!!! Many riders start apearing on HW. Akagi Parking Area Many riders are here in the hot weather! (temperature 30 degrees Celsius)! Half way until Niigata (Temp. 31 degree celsius) The mountain scenery is soothing. Yuzawa hot spring, Iwahara Ski Resort Gasoline is expensive! I've never seen prices over 200 yen before. Arrive at Sanjou Tubame in Niigata. Stay here tonight

Staying at Comfort Hotel Sanjo Tsubame today! Pretty comfortable affordable hotel! Fro Sanjo Tsubame to Niigata Ferry dock. Nigata is pretty sunny. but really hot (Temp 33 degrees) Nice. Gas is cheaper here. 171yen feels cheaper.

Oh, by the way, I put a cover on my phone to prevent it from overheating. Now, even when driving in extremely hot weather, the phone doesn't overheat while driving in the hot weather. I see it now. My ferry is already on the dock. This ferry is pretty BIG!! I am pretty nervus as this is first time... Do not know what to do... What? Already so many motorcycle are on a waiting line. We still have 2hrs till boarding time.

This is the ferry I will board today. Waited here for 30 mins to prepare on board. Riders has doubled since I arrived. OK waited so long. now I am about to be on board!! On board!!! It is very spacious inside. Safely on board !! What a heck is this chain? I may tip over.

Today is full !!! Let me walk through inside of ferry Where I parked my NT1100 is on 3rd Floor. 4F Lobby There are Video games and Karaoke here. Lobby 4F Reception 4F Event Area 4F Passenger boarding entrance Concerts and street performances will be held in the event plaza.

4F Smoking room 4F Guest Cabin Area I was only able to reserve the cheapest room called Touring A The rooms were all full during the OBon week, so I could not get a private room. LOL. You have to book 3 months in advance for consecutive holidays, or you will not be able to get the rooms you want to stay in. hotelTouring A room is bunk bed It is like Japanese capsule Each bed has one light and one power outlet. 5F Shop 5F Guest Area 5F Restaurant For dinner, I had Genghis Khan at a restaurant. It was more delicious than I had imagined, and reasonably priced! 5F Cafe 5F Salon Comfortable and relaxing space 5F Open-air square You can do Genghis Khan BBQ here There is a heliport, but can a helicopter land in such a small space? You can see Niigata from here, but cellar signal is only level 1.

6F Gym 6F Bath There is also an open-air bath and sauna. Sunset looks like eyes, and it looks like they have eyelashes. The sunset from the Sea of ​​Japan side is the most beautiful. Now, I am going to sleep before the chorus of snoring begins. An incident occurred that made it impossible to sleep at midnight What a heck is this sound? The rough waves of the Tsugaru Strait cause the car to sway and the car alarm sounds inside the all over the ship. Somebady stop this freaking alarm. Let me go to sleep!!!!!

This alerm went off often until 3 a.m. Despite the lack of sleep due to car alarms, all passengers are prepared on time. It's torture to wait in such a hot environment with lack of sleep. When you get on the ferry, make sure to turn off car alarm. Following cars and trucks, motorcycles will begin disembarking next.

Finally able to land in Hokkaido Arrived to Otaru City, Hokkaido !! So cool here!! Only 24 degrees celsius After a 16-hour cruise, I am now ready to start my long-awaited Hokkaido motorcycle touring. Hey buddy, best wishes for our Hokkaido touring!!! Be safe!! No trouble!! Thank you, Azarea ferry!! Riding in this cool weather is the best. This is what I came for! Meet up with touring buddy in Sapporo This is his machine. Yamaha Vulcan 650s I have a bad feeling about this. It's already 29 degrees Celsius.

We enjoyed sea urchin and sweet shrimp bowl at Tomimaru in Rumoi City. I have never had such sweet sea urchin. It is exquisite. Hello !! Responding rate is 95% in Hokkaido All Hokkaido riders are FRIENDS!! LOL Hokkaido's soft serve ice cream is rich and delicious. Cool down with this. The bed was so soft and I slept well. I couldn't sleep last night so.

Good night!! In Wakkanai, Ezo sika deer can be seen in all over the town. Wakkanai Port North Breakwater Dome Centennial Memorial Tower You can see a panoramic view of Wakkanai City from here. Sea urchin and crab bowl, the best combination The wind in Wakkanai is very pleasant.

You can see Wakkanai airport Japan's northernmost gasoline station Is this Japan? The road is white, because it is covered with crushed shells. The contrast between the blue sky and sea, the green grass and flowers, and the white road is beautiful. As many as 57 wind turbines have been installed around this area. Lake Shikotsu Lake Toya Mt. Yote (Niseko) Returning to main island (Otaru > Niigata)

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