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foreign [Music] to the journey to the 25 best places to visit in the Balkans Balkan Peninsula is a geographical area in Southeastern Europe with various historical and geographical definitions it is comprise Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Kosovo Montenegro North Macedonia Romania Serbia and Slovenia and also some potions of Greece and Turkey are also located within the geographic region of Balkan Peninsula the Balkans is one of the most gorgeous destinations in the world but it is still one of the most underrated and less visited when consider about its culture historical and natural Marvels this extremely beautiful geographical area comprises outstanding mountains winding Rivers Scenic Landscapes amazing coastal areas and undiscovered gems being one of the continent's oldest settlements it is no surprise that it is one of the perfect destinations to explore proud history so come join us this is Scenic Hunter's Unforgettable journey to find the 25 best places to visit in the Balkans [Music] number 25 30 Stefan sveti Stefan a tiny islet along the Adriatic coast of Montenegro is a slice of paradise that exudes luxury and exclusivity connected to the mainland by a narrow Causeway this iconic destination offers a unique blend of natural beauty and elegance the islet is home to the exclusive svety Stefan Resort a collection of meticulously restored 15th century Stone cottages and modern Villas this world-renowned Retreat caters to those seeking the ultimate in relaxation and privacy the beaches surrounding seti Stefan are renowned for their pristine Sands and crystal clear waters enjoy a day of sunbathing and swimming while taking in the stunning views of the islet and the buddhvar Riviera explore the Charming coastal town of bavar just a short drive away with its historic old town and vibrant nightlife Stefan is the epitome of luxury and seclusion making it a must visit destination for those seeking an exclusive an idyllic escape on the montenegrin coast [Music] number 24 Sarajevo Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a city of profound historical significance vibrant culture and enduring resilience the heart of Sarajevo is its old town bashtarshia where ottomanera architecture and bustling bazaar's transport you to a bygone era sip traditional Bosnian coffee at Charming cafes and save a baklava sarajevo's turbulent history is commemorated at sites like the Sarajevo tunnel Museum which tells the story of the city's survival during the siege of sarayavo explore the diverse religious Heritage with the Ghazi hustra of beg mosque the Orthodox Cathedral and the surreyavo synagogue all in close proximity Sarajevo is also a city of art and culture with theaters Galleries and a vibrant music scene indulge in Bosnian cuisine at local restaurants savoring dishes like chevapi grilled minced meat and savory pastry sarajevo's blend of History culture and resilience makes it a compelling destination it's a place where the Echoes of the past coexist with the vibrancy of the present offering a profound and Unforgettable experience [Music] foreign [Music] ER bukovina a region in Northern Romania is a Hidden Gem known for its unique combination of cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes this picturesque region is often celebrated for its painted monasteries which are UNESCO world heritage sites and true works of art the painted monasteries of Bo Covina are renowned for their vibrant frescoes that depict biblical scenes and stories in Vivid colors these centuries-old masterpieces are a testament to the artistic and religious Heritage of the region natural beauty is equally enchanting the surrounding Carpathian Mountains offer hiking and skiing opportunities while the pristine bacovina Countryside is a Haven for outdoor enthusiasts experience the warm Hospitality of the locals by staying in Charming guest houses and savoring traditional Romanian dishes like polenta and saramale the cabbage rolls bucovina offers a unique blend of culture history and natural Splendor that promises an unforgettable Journey it's a destination that will not only Captivate your senses but also leave you with a deep appreciation for Romania's Rich heritage [Music] thank you [Music] number 22 Belgrade Belgrade Serbia's Dynamic and resilient capital is a city where history culture and a vibrant Urban scene converge this thriving Metropolis along the banks of the Danube and Sava Rivers has a unique charm that's both historic and contemporary color Mac than Fortress overlooking the Confluence of the rivers is a testament to belgrade's Rich history explore its ancient walls Lush Park and take in panoramic views of the city stroll through nesmerhalova Street a bustling pedestrian Zone filled with shops cafes and street performances at night this area comes alive with Lively bars and restaurants Belgrade is known for its diverse cultural scene with theaters Galleries and music venues hosting a range of performances and exhibitions save a Serbian cuisine at local restaurants and also the nightlife in Belgrade is legendary with floating clubs along the rivers offering Unforgettable experiences belgrade's blend of History culture and urban energy makes it a must visit destination it's a place where the past mingles with the present creating an exciting and captivating experience for all who visit [Music] foreign [Music] Lake scother Lake's cover located in the heart of Montenegro is a natural wonder that captivates with its Serene Beauty and abundant biodiversity as the largest lake in the Balkans it offers a unique blend of lush Landscapes cultural heritage and pristine Waters this freshwater jewel is a Haven for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts as it hosts over 270 bird species including the rare Dalmatian pelican explore the Lakes Shores by boat or kayak to get up close to its remarkable avian inhabitants via paza a Charming Lakeside Village serves as a gateway to Lake skother it's an ideal starting point for boat tours and Hiking excursions in the surrounding Hills Lake skether National Park is a protected area that encompasses the lake and its diverse ecosystems making it a paradise for hiking and Wildlife photography the Lake's cultural heritage is reflected in the Charming Villages and monasteries that dot its Shores visit the picturesque island with a 19th century Fortress accessible by boat indulge in montenegrin cuisine at local restaurants sampling dishes like grilled carp and the flavorful fish soup complemented by local wines Lake scother's unique blend of nature culture and Tranquility makes it a must visit destination it's a place where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of montenegro's untouched Wilderness while discovering its Rich heritage [Music] oh [Music] number 20 baraf nestled within the heart of Albania baroth is a Living Museum that transports you through time with its captivating architecture and Rich history known as the city of a thousand Windows baroth's UNESCO listed old town is a treasure Trove of ottomanera charm the iconic white ottoman houses perched upon steep hillsides create a breathtaking scene that's both picturesque and evocative of the past as you wander through the narrow cobbled streets you'll feel as though you've stepped back in time Castle perched atop a hill offers panoramic views of the town and the awesome River below explore the Castle's well-preserved churches and the owner-free museum which houses a dazzling collection of religious art for a taste of Albanian Cuisine Savor local dishes at traditional restaurants try the famous yogurt and lamb casserole and baklava for dessert baroth's unique blend of History architecture and natural beauty makes it a must visit destination in the Balkans it's a place where the past seamlessly melds with the present offering an unforgettable experience for all who visit [Music] [Laughter] foreign [Laughter] [Music] a picturesque coastal town on the Slovenian Riviera is a Charming gem that invites travelers to step back in time and Savor the pleasures of the Mediterranean this Coastal Idol is a blend of historic Beauty captivating sea views and vibrant culture the old town of puran is a maze of narrow streets Venetian architecture and romantic squares visit tartini Square named after the renowned violinist Giuseppe tartini and explore the historical puran Aquarium perance coastline is dotted with Rocky beaches and pristine swimming spots take a leisurely swim in the Adriatic Sea or simply relax under the warm sun climb to the top of the Paran Cathedral bell tower for panoramic views of the town and the Azure Waters of the Adriatic paran's Cuisine is a seafood Lover's Dream with fresh catches of the day served at local restaurants try dishes like seafood risotto and fresh Adriatic fish paired with Slovenian wines paran's unique blend of History Seaside Beauty and cultural richness makes it a must visit destination it's a place where time seems to slow down and every corner offers a glimpse of the mediterranean's Timeless allele [Music] number 18 rovine rovine a picturesque coastal town on the istrian peninsula of Croatia beckons Travelers with its undeniable charm and captivating Adriatic Beauty this Mediterranean jewel is a Haven for those seeking a perfect blend of History culture and Coastal serenity ravine's old town is a Labyrinth of narrow cobblestone streets colorful facades and Charming squares saying to euphemia's Basilica with its towering Bell Tower is a prominent Landmark offering panoramic views of the town and surrounding Islands stroll along the Waterfront Promenade brimming with seafood restaurants and cafes indulge in freshly caught Adriatic Delights while enjoying the sea breeze ravine's surrounding islands and beaches provide ample opportunities for swimming snorkeling and sunbathing take a boat trip to the nearby islands of Red Island and Saint Catherine's Island to explore their natural beauty ravine's unique blend of Venetian and Croatian influences combined with its stunning Coastal setting makes it a must-visit destination in the Balkans whether you're an art lover a food Enthusiast or a Beachcomber Ravine has something to offer every Traveler please [Music] foreign [Music] number 17 plovdiff plovdiff one of Europe's oldest continuously inhabited cities is a Timeless treasure that showcases Bulgaria's Rich history and cultural heritage nestled in the heart of the country this city seamlessly Blends ancient charm with a modern spirit the old town of plovdiff a UNESCO world heritage site is a Labyrinth of cobblestone streets well-preserved Roman ruins and colorful Revival era houses exploring its winding alleys feels like a journey through the centuries the Roman Theater one of plovdiv's iconic landmarks hosts concerts and performances against the backdrop of ancient stone arches take a stroll along the Charming capana District known as the trap in Turkish where you'll find a vibrant arts and crafts scene along with cozy cafes and art galleries for history enthusiasts the regional ethnographic Museum and the ancient portive archaeological complex offer insights into Bulgaria's past save a Bulgarian cuisine at local restaurants trying dishes like stew and cheese filled pastry pair your meal with Bulgarian wine renowned for its quality [Music] thank you [Applause] [Music] number 16 Socha River the Socha River a sparkling gem in the heart of slovenia's Julian Alps is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and Adventure Seekers alike it's crystal clear waters vibrant Emerald Hues and stunning Alpine surroundings make it a natural wonder that is not to be missed the sochar valley is a Haven for outdoor activities kayak or raft down the exhilarating Rapids or take a leisurely hike along the picturesque Riverbanks the nearby three glove National Park offers opportunities for canyoning paragliding and Hiking ensuring there's an adventure for everyone history Buffs can explore the remnants of World War One with preserved trenches and Military sites along the river the Coburg Museum provides a fascinating insight into the area's wartime history to truly Savor the beauty of the Socha River simply relax by its banks and soak in the peaceful ambience the river's vibrant turquoise Waters and lush green surroundings create a picture-perfect setting for a tranquil Escape the Socha river is Nature's Masterpiece offering a harmonious blend of outdoor adventure and natural beauty that's sure to leave a lasting impression on every Traveler [Laughter] [Music] thank you [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] foreign [Music] National Park dermitor National Park cradled in the rugged beauty of Northern Montenegro is an Alpine Wonderland that beckons outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike this UNESCO world heritage site is defined by its dramatic Landscapes pristine lakes and towering Peaks the park centerpiece is the Tara River Canyon one of the deepest and most spectacular canyons in Europe experience heart pounding white water rafting Adventures on the Tara River or admire the Canyons grandia from the famous Tara Bridge the Black Lake nestled beneath dermitor's Peaks is a pristine gem hike around its Shores take a rowboat ride or simply relax in the Tranquil surroundings dermitor National Park offers excellent opportunities for hiking with trails that lead to breathtaking viewpoints and Scenic Meadows the highest peak rewards Trekkers with panoramic Vistas during winter Jeremy tour transforms into a snowy Wonderland perfect for skiing and snowboarding stay in nearby zabliac a Charming mountain town and save a hearty montenegrin cuisine at local restaurants dermitor National Park is a nature Lover's Paradise a place where the Grandeur of the natural world takes Center Stage it's a must visit destination for those seeking Adventure Serenity and the Allure of montenegro's untouched wilderness [Music] [Music] number 14 metheora methiora a place of awe-inspiring Beauty and spiritual significance is located in Central Greece this unique UNESCO world heritage site is famous for its monasteries perched atop towering rock formations creating a surreal and Majestic landscape the word methira means suspended in the air which perfectly describes the monastery's precarious yet captivating locations visit monastic complexes where you can explore the religious art libraries and stunning views hike or take a guided tour through the trails that wind among the rocks providing breathtaking vistas of the monasteries and the surrounding landscape the monasteries are not only architectural wonders but also important centers of Orthodox Christianity the spiritual atmosphere and the connection to the heavens are palpable as you explore these sanctuaries the nearby town of kalambaka offers a base for exploring mathura with charming accommodations and traditional Greek cuisine to savor after a day of exploration is a destination that seamlessly combines natural wonder cultural richness and spiritual significance offering a truly unique and transformative experience for all who visit [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] number 13 buffer nestled along the pristine Adriatic coast of Montenegro is a captivating blend of historic charm and some soaked Mediterranean Allure this Coastal gem beckons Travelers with its picturesque Old Town sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife the old town of Beva is a maze of narrow streets medieval walls and well-preserved buildings visit the Citadel for panoramic views of the Sea and the surrounding town both verse Coastline boasts a string of beautiful beaches slovenska Plaza is the largest while mogran Beach offers a tranquil Escape just a short walk from the old town for nightlife enthusiasts buddhva comes alive after Dark the Waterfront Promenade is lined with bars clubs and open-air cafes where you can dance the night away indulge in Mediterranean cuisine at local restaurants with fresh seafood and montenegrin wines as the highlights of the menu both verse blend of History beaches and nightlife makes it a must visit destination on the montenegrin Riviera whether you seek relaxation Adventure or a taste of local culture with the promises and Unforgettable experience [Music] number 12 Transylvania Transylvania a region steeped in mystery and folklore lies in the heartland of Romania it's a place where history myth and stunning Landscapes converge to create a captivating destination that has fascinated Travelers for centuries the Region's Capital plug is a vibrant city with a rich cultural scene and a blend of architectural styles it serves as a gateway to the Transylvanian Adventure Bran Castle often associated with the legend of Dracula sits atop a hill in the picturesque town of bran explore the Castle's Eerie Chambers and learn about its history which is as captivating as the myths transylvania's Landscapes are nothing short of breathtaking the Carpathian Mountains offer hiking and skiing opportunities while the Sibu region boasts Lush Rolling Hills and Charming medieval towns transylvania's unique blend of History folklore and natural beauty make it an enchanting destination it's a place where the past comes alive and where the beauty of the landscape Rivals the richness of its cultural heritage whether you're drawn by Legends architecture or nature Transylvania promises a memorable Journey Into the Heart of Romania's Enigmatic Soul [Music] [Applause] [Music] number 11 flip-fitso Lakes National Park cliffitzel Lakes National Park nestled in Croatia's heart is a captivating natural Paradise that defies imagination this UNESCO world heritage site showcases the incredible power of water and time where cascading waterfalls Crystal Clear lakes and lush green reunite to form a mesmerizing spectacle the park is a Haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers wooden walkways and hiking trails crisscross the park allowing you to explore diverse Landscapes from Serene Lakes to Roaring waterfalls don't miss the Park's tallest waterfall teams with Wildlife offering glimpses of bears wolves and a variety of bird species in their natural habitat throughout the seasons the park undergoes breathtaking transformations winter blankets the park in snow enhancing its Allure for a more immersive experience take a boat ride on tranquil Lake offering a unique perspective of the Lush surroundings Lakes National Park is Nature's Symphony a place where elements converge to create an Exquisite masterpiece it's a must visit destination for an unforgettable encounter with Croatia's pristine wilderness [Music] number 10 perath perath a picturesque town on montenegro's Coast is a Hidden Gem nestled on the shores of the stunning Bay of Kotor This Charming Place exudes a unique and tranquil beauty that will transport you back in time the town Skyline is adorned with elegant for rock buildings and Charming churches Saint Nicholas church and Our Lady of the rocks are must visit landmarks each with its own fascinating history a boat trip to the man-made islet of Our Lady of the Rocks is a must where legend intertwines with reality explore its small church and Museum filled with Maritime Treasures for a taste of authentic montenegrin Cuisine dine at local waterfront restaurants save a fresh seafood dishes while enjoying the panoramic views of the Bay perath offers a serene escape with its breathtaking scenery and Rich cultural heritage whether you're an art lover history buff or nature Enthusiast perath has something to Captivate every traveler's heart business [Music] [Music] [Music] number nine Lake bled tucked away in the Embrace of the Julian Alps Lake bled is a true Alpine Oasis that beckons Travelers with its unique charm this Exquisite jewel is a tranquil Haven where Nature's Beauty mingles with Rich history at the center of Lake bled lies bled Island crowned by the iconic Church of the Assumption to reach the island rowing traditional platnas or renting a small boat is a Serene Adventure in itself lead Castle perched High on a cliff overlooking the lake offers not only panoramic views but also a glimpse into the Region's medieval past indulge your taste buds with bleds renowned cream cake at Lakeside cafes while enjoying the view of the castle and the Serene Lake blett's unique blend of natural beauty cultural heritage and culinary Delights make it an Alpine destination like no other offering an enchanting Escape in the heart of Slovenia [Music] foreign number eight Istanbul Istanbul the vibrant Metropolis straddling two continents is a city where history culture and modernity converge in a mesmerizing Fusion this transcontinental gem is a bridge between the East and the West offering a captivating blend of traditions and Innovations the city's iconic Haya Sofia a former church and mosque stands as a testament to its Rich history and Architectural grandeur the Blue Mosque with its stunning blue tiles is another Masterpiece of Ottoman architecture wander through the historic neighborhoods of sultanameth and eminonu where ancient streets are adorned with colorful bazaars aromatic spice markets and Lively Street vendors a cruise along the boss for a strait provides breathtaking views of Istanbul Skyline flanked by Majestic palaces like folk copper and nolmabacher Istanbul is a gastronomic delight with an array of street food vendors and restaurants offering Turkish Delights like kebabs baklava and Turkish delight the city's thriving Arts scene bustling markets and vibrant nightlife add a Modern Edge to its Timeless charm Istanbul's unique blend of History culture and Cosmopolitan energy makes it a must visit destination it's a place where the past coexists with the present creating an unforgettable and enchanting experience at every turn [Music] [Music] [Music] number seven Sophia Sophia the dynamic capital of Bulgaria is a city where history meets modernity creating a captivating blend of Old World charm and contemporary energy this thriving Metropolis offers a diverse range of experiences for travelers of all interests explore Sofia's Rich history through its architectural wonders the Alexander nevsky Cathedral with its stunning gold domed roof and the ancient sodaka Amphitheater are iconic landmarks that speak to the city's heritage stroll through the bustling vatosha Boulevard lined with shops cafes and vibrant street art it's the perfect place for shopping and people watching Sophia's parks and green spaces provide a breath of fresh air within the city vitosha Mountain just a short drive away offers hiking and skiing opportunities with panoramic views of the city below delve into Bulgarian cuisine at traditional restaurants and try local Specialties and Bulgaria's traditional Brandy Sophia's vibrant atmosphere historical treasures and welcoming culture make it a must visit destination in the Balkans whether you're interested in history shopping or Outdoor Adventures Sophia has something to offer every Traveler thank you [Music] number six libliana lubliana the capital of Slovenia is a delightful blend of Old World European charm and modern vibrancy this Compact and green City offers a warm welcome to Travelers from around the world the heart of Ljubljana is its old town where cobblestone streets wind past colorful Baroque buildings and cozy cafes the iconic libliana Castle atop a hill provides panoramic views of the city and the Majestic Alps one of ljubljana's unique features is the Ljubljana river which flows through the city center explore its banks by strolling across one of the Charming Bridges such as the famous triple Bridge Ljubljana is a city of culture and creativity visit the National Gallery for a dose of Slovenian art and metalkova miestho a former military Barracks turned into a vibrant artsy District lublianas warm Ambience picturesque setting and cultural richness make it a must-visit destination in the Balkans offering a truly European experience with a unique Slovenian twist foreign [Music] Athens Athens the Cradle of Western Civilization is a city steeped in history and culture the Acropolis crowned by the Parthenon is a symbol of Athens Glory explore this ancient Citadel with architectural Marvels and panoramic views of the city stroll through the historic plaka district a Labyrinth of charming streets traditional tavernas and neoclassical architecture monasteryaki squares bustling flea market is a treasure Trove of antiques and souvenirs the national archaeological Museum houses an extensive collection of Greek Antiquities while the Acropolis Museum offers insights into the parthenon's history Athens Blends the past with the present the city thrives with contemporary art galleries vibrant nightlife and trendy neighborhoods like exactia and Siri Athens history culture and urban Vitality make it a must visit destination for anyone exploring Western civilizations roots and experiencing Greece's capital [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] number four Oak Ridge Oak Ridge a pearl nestled beside the Serene lake okruth in North Macedonia is a Timeless Treasure Trove of history and natural beauty with a Heritage dating back thousands of years this City offers a unique blend of culture spirituality and natural splendor okra's Old Town boasts cobbled streets and byzantineera churches with the church of Saint John at caneo perched on a cliff offering postcard worthy views of the lake the clear waters of Lake okruth invite you for a swim or a boat ride with opportunities for fishing and diving in its depths explore the ancient theater Samuel's Fortress and the plaushnik archaeological site each steeped in history and culture okrath also Prides itself on its delectable Cuisine with restaurants serving traditional Macedonian dishes and also oakridge's unique blend of History spirituality and natural beauty makes it a must visit destination in the Balkans offering a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Macedonian culture [Music] [Music] number three mostar most thou an enchanting City in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a captivating bridge between cultures both literally and figuratively This Charming destination is defined by its iconic ottoman style bridge and a rich tapestry of History most or the old bridge stands as a symbol of reconciliation and unity it spans the nearest river with its graceful Arch offering an awe-inspiring site and a daring diving tradition for the adventurers wander through the cobbled streets of mostars old Bazaar where the scent of fresh baklava mingles with the sound of Artisans at work you'll find Exquisite handmade carpaware and traditional Bosnian crafts a visit to the Koski mehmed Pasha mosque allows you to Marvel at its intricate architecture and enjoy panoramic views of the city from the minaret don't miss the chance to indulge in Bosnian cuisine at local eateries try chevapi grilled minced meat Burek pastry filled with meat or cheese and Sample the local Delight safariya poached apples with walnuts and cream most thorax harmonious blend of cultures coupled with its picturesque surroundings makes it a must visit destination in the Balkans offering a truly unique and Unforgettable experience foreign [Music] nestled at the foot of dramatic mountainous Cliffs along the Bay of Kotor Kotor Town stands as a testament to both Nature's Beauty and human history this walled city is a must visit destination for travelers seeking a captivating blend of culture and scenery the town's medieval walls a UNESCO world heritage site encircle a Labyrinth of cobblestone streets Charming squares and centuries-old buildings as you wander through this Living Museum you'll discover landmarks like Saint trifan's Cathedral a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture hike up the serpentine path to the Kotor Fortress for breathtaking views of the bay and town don't forget to ring the iconic wishing Bell at the church of Our Lady of Health for a taste of local life explore the bustling market and save a traditional montenegrin dishes at local restaurants Seafood lovers will Delight in the Fresh Catch of the Day Kotor Town's irresistible charm an awe-inspiring surroundings make it a top destination for history Buffs nature enthusiasts and anyone seeking an unforgettable Balkan experience [Music] [Music] thank you [Music] number one Zuber of Nick nestled along the stunning Adriatic Sea Dubrovnik is a coastal gem that beckons with its historic charm and natural beauty enclosed by formidable City walls this Croatian City boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture discover the old Town's labyrinthine streets where Baroque buildings stand proudly next to Gothic churches Meander through straven the marble paved Main Street and Savor the local cuisine at Charming cafes for history enthusiasts dubrovnik's medieval walls and fort's Whisper Tales of a bygone era take a walk along the city walls for panoramic views of terracotta rooftops and Azure Waters Adventure Seekers can hop on a boat to explore the nearby alafiti Islands or kayak along the coastline's crystal clear waters Dubrovnik captivates with its picturesque Beauty and offers A Perfect Blend of history and Adventure making it a must visit destination in the Balkans [Music] thank you [Music] we do hope you enjoyed our journey to the 25 best places to visit in borkan Peninsula find us on Facebook Instagram Pinterest Tick Tock and threads visit www.scenichunter.com for more details don't forget to subscribe to the scenic Hunter for another exciting adventurous Journey until then it's goodbye from us [Music]

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