24 Hours In The Most UNDERRATED Part of BANGKOK Thailand

24 Hours In The Most UNDERRATED Part of BANGKOK  Thailand

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Welcome back everybody to Next Level Adventures   today we're back in Thailand and  we're in a very unique part of Bangkok now there are two sides to this city  that most people are very familiar with you've   got Khao San Road where all the Backpackers and all  of The Travelers who are passing through this   beautiful country tend to sit down share a few  beers paint the town red and then you've got the   skyscrapers of downtown and the Sukhumvit area home  to luxury malls the sky Train fancy restaurants   and let's face it high prices but there are many  other sides to this city including this area this   is Thonburi it used to be the old capital and it's  home to these Canal Waterway systems a really   unique local community and a real authentic  Bangkok atmosphere so we're going to jump into   this area we're going to stay here I'm going  to be staying at this beautiful wooden canal   house I'm going to be meeting a guy called Ohm who  is kind of like the mayor of this area he knows   everyone he's going to be our gateway to learn  about this community and we're going to meet   some friendly faces who call this part of Bangkok  their home as well and we're just going to relax   stroll down the canals meet the wildlife meet the  locals have some fun just spend 24 hours in one   of the most underrated and most unique parts of  this incredible city of Bangkok Thailand let's go now just because I have connections in this  part of Bangkok doesn't mean that this area is   off limits to most tourists or anyone watching  this video I'm going to be sharing all of the   contact information for om and all of the tour  companies that you can use to experience this area   of Bangkok on your next trip to Thailand so sit  down and relax enjoy the episode and all of the   information everything that you need will be in  this video so if we're going to immerse ourselves   in this part of Bangkok then we need to stay in  this part of Bangkok and I found this place this   is the beautiful Canal House a traditional wooden  Canal House on the Canal's Edge and I found this   on Airbnb and I will link it in the description  below if you do want to book a night here let me   just quickly show you around cuz it's really  Charming so all throughout this accommodation   they've got beautiful antique traditional thae  Furniture like this table and chair situation not   that fridge that fridge is obviously very modern  and full of water you've got your coffee machine   your coffee maker and lots of spooky but very  cool antique thae Furnishings like the grandfather   clocks and this is my bedroom lovely double bed  nice soft mattress and gorgeous pillows airon this   is a beautiful little view of a really unique part  of Bangkok and as you can see there was a balcony   just outside of actually the kitchen let me show  you the balcony cuz that's definitely the nicest   part of this Airbnb and where I'm spending most of  my time people watching so when you come through   there's these gorgeous tiles and wooden platform  here a little bench even some sun lounges if you   do want to lie down read a book and just watch  the world go by as people are on little tours   or as the locals are using these canals to get  around you can hear the wooden creaking of the   neighbors homes even this one actually which is  gorgeous when you actually sit back and you look   at it it's this gorgeous white Canal House with  little touches of outside lights detailing in   the wood leaving the plants growing in the basket  it's really quite pretty I come here quite often   guys but I've never made a video about it but  every time I've come here there's a new house   that's falling into the canal there's a new house  that's falling down and if you're worried by the   way do people swim in it they do this guy just  jumped in hello the local swim in the canals   here to cool off oh go hey if you're thinking  will I join these two Lads uh the answer is   no I didn't bring my swimming costume and uh  I don't know would you swim in the canals of Bangkok really quick just before we actually  pop down and me om get on the boat and explore   more of this area I just want to say a big  thank you to Squarespace the sponsor of my   channel I've been working with these guys  for over 2 years because they provide an   incredible online website building platform and  it's never been easier to build a website right   now in 2024 using Squarespace they've actually  just rolled out a new feature called Squarespace   blueprints which actually uses AI you just click  on what you want your homepage to have and the   AI system will actually design it and build  it for you the interface has awesome features   as well such as clicking and dragging on your  social media presence maybe your Instagram or   for me my YouTube but if your website is not  social media orientated like mine is you can   add online shops start selling products start  selling services and make money using your   website today head over to Squarespace and build  the website for free you'll see how easy it is   to use especially now with their new blueprint  feature right and then when you're ready to go   live go to squarespace.com pad Doyle and  you'll get 10% off your first website or domain oh thank you CAD Guy having a little  bit of lunch before me and M go on our little   boat cruise on he works really hard he owns  a company called hidden Bangkok Tours they're   on Instagram I'll link them below you can  definitely book a tour I've been on a few   they're amazing and he's just saying goodbye  to a few of the tour that heading out for an   afternoon Sunset Cruise they also do Tuk Tok  tours as well and yeah he's a busy boy but he's   the guy who I'm going to introduce you to in  a minute but first you need to get some food   of me cuz I think we're going to have a few  beers with the locals this evening or try to   like just meet people and ask them questions and  normally anywhere in the world if you approach   people who you don't know with cold beer they  are normally a bit more up for being on film bye we've got some Pirates coming aboard yeah give me my hand give my hand why did you invite the boys do you just like do  they enjoy having a a free boat ride or what what   is it to be honest like this boy are born and  rest in here right yeah I think this is one of   the first time that they were on the bus and  they are seeing their tourists every day every   day like I think they just want they probably  want to know to right what what is it like   what it's like yeah somebody come somebody  come somebody somebody so yeah this is all   s and uh you've been a champion for tomere in this  area of Bangkok for many many years you've set up   your business here um like what what is unique  about this place compared to obviously where I   live in Su right it's the opposite of this you  know this is a whole different deal yeah I was   born and res in this neighborhood which is like  the the tbri side which is like in the former   capital city of Bangkok since I was young you know  I always see like the people came the tourists   came to Bangkok and stay only around like you  know the Grand Palace you know like their Su area   people just cross to T side just only to see what  the Temple of Dawn and then they just think there   only the pagod what right and then right away to  cross back to what po side so there's a big this   is like the city behind pagod this is a city  this is the life this is the real Bangkok this   is the real Bangkok this is look if you look at  here you don't really see like their sky scapers   around here right there a pros and con there a  pros and con you know uh the good things about   this is like you don't see like skyscaper out  here that because the land belong to the temple   I would say this in this like old waterways you  will see like probably more than 200 tempos along   this old Waterway people want to see difference  side Bangkok um and we are you know taking the   people like out be a par like trying to let the  tourists come and see like what the real life of   Bangkok yeah how like this kid you know the life  like what they eat and then talk to them when the   people come to Thailand right if you want to go  to Kel Sun Road you want to go to the g palace I   think it's cool but at least you know try to come  and visit this side you know and then then you can   see like the big contrast you know another thing  is you just saw right super greens it it didn't   look like Bangkok at all right if you get off here  we get on the taxi only 10 minutes you can go to   ion which is like the the most luxuous shopping  mall look at the people live in there these people yeah CH C Chuy cap they're having ice cold beers  in plastic cups sat on the little gazebo some of   the houses here are quite nice aren't they the  I can tell like the when you see the houses   like this they have car access W yeah if you see  like very fancy house oh look big dragon coming oh you try to touch them yeah there's  another one right in front of you oh   God give it a kiss go on we'll get a million views on he's almost like J these kids live in this part of Bangkok  and every day they see people coming on   this tour right and they probably think why do  these people pay money to come look around our   neighborhood that's so weird but look at  this I mean there's birds there's lizards   it's peaceful look even they're getting  excited about what they're seeing cuz   they've never seen it from this perspective  before oh look at these two very romantic you guys know this one this is called mini  heart see nice nice place to come on a date   nice place to come on a group tour share the  cost yeah sorry interrupt here so I like this   scene because we are on the water right now and  then you are seeing car passing by and eventually   you might see the MRT which is like their Sky TN  on this side both car and train all which like   explains a lot about like Bangkok Transportation  transform you know oh the train oh so lucky you know like the whole conversation  they were talking about where should   they fish like oh here is like good place  to fish by the way I'm drinking Maha nakon   craft beer it was just for sale where you  get on the boat and I thought let's try it it's it's it's okay it's it's not changed my  life ch ch the C CH that when you were a kid you   used to swim in the canal too this is kind of  the way that you build your immunity you get   your germ right so you build your immunities but  um honestly like when I was young for sure less   pollution you know water cleaner because less  human right so less pollution and but right now   it's like the kids are they know you know like  when it's good cruising down the canals of this   area of Bangkok is a fascinating experience and we  continued on for quite a while admiring the Larger   than Life creatures that call this place home  and we met a few more of the locals that live   here on the water's edge and we just soaked up  the incredible atmosphere of this laidback Oasis   bang in the middle of the city soon we made  our way back towards the restaurant and where   the kids lived M wanted to get back on to dry  land and show me some other areas of tomere but   when we reached the house where the kids lived  instead of letting us park on the Canal's Edge   and to drop them off nicely and safely well they  had other plans boys will be boys bye bye bye oh jeez I was not expecting that just  belly flopped off the boat here Mom   this Mom asking me hey oh I'm looking for my son om is such a nice guy and he was really kind and  gave me a guided tour of his local neighborhood   and he told me lots of interesting stories about  how the locals live here and how they've adapted   to the modern-day Bangkok that has developed and  grown over the years all around them there's a   lot of beautiful local artwork that tells the  stories of the people who call these canals   their home and he showed me around some  of the temples that serve this community   and you know that's so funny because like you  walk from here only 10 minutes to what the Timo   D where it's like maybe million tourists we say  today you know yeah and here you see like this c   local temple where's no tourist at all so this is  unle Paul helloo how are you nice to meet you buy   bye thank you nice to meet you about you I'm good  I'm good where you come from I come from England   England yeah this is very very very common in  Thailand someone will just have a fridge in   their house and they'll just start selling beers  yeah you probably want to support this kind people   right yeah better than 7-Eleven thank you darling  thank you that's for you that's for you that's for   you and that's for some bloke who I don't know  but I'm happy to buy everybody a beer today I   work in the n school oh really BK oh okay so I 50  nice you speak very good English he used to work   in the international school when he was younger  ISB ISB you oh very nice go long time ago yeah   long time ago about 50 year ago yeah and now you  retired I know yeah I retired 30 years already it 82 you're 82 no way no way you're  82 no you look like a baby look like a baby there's literally nothing better than when  you're having a few beers is then when an old lady   with a charcoal barbecue swims up next to you on  a little boat and sells you some Char girl squid Alma's just telling me that she's been doing this  for 20 30 years and she has sent her children to   University to do master's degrees all through  her hard work every day going up and down on   that little boat selling squid so you can see  that using that machine she's flattened it out   which has broken up the quite coarse skin  into something a little bit more manageable   a bit a bit more Str ringy smells very strong  of the of the sea and salt and Squid would you   eat this I'm going to just try a little bit raw  before I use that very delicious looking dipping sauce tastes way better than it looks it's  chewy it's salty it's just a very nice beer   snack if we get that dipping sauce with  peanuts chili flakes chili oil that looks   absolutely delicious fold it up into  a little Seafood parcel of love beer cheers ma yeah there's nothing quite  like experiencing the local way of life   in such a setting so different  to the one that I grew up with these types of moments here in Thailand are the  ones that I never forget and I can't think of   a better evening than sinking a few beers  at Sunset making new friends eating weird   and wonderful snacks all in this unique  part of the mega city that is Bangkok morning local areas local prices two b a piece so  10 B for a bag of freshly baked or freshly fried bread when Miss P has these she gets them  with like this Milky condensed milk dipping   sauce that storm is going mad it's really  humid and it's really hot and I think the   rainy season is around the corner thank  god um but yeah I don't have any creamy   delicious yogurty drink um and he gives me  a tissue because they are quite greasy in   a fresh from the frying pan delicious and  these Temple grounds by the canal they are   very impressive they're under construction a  little bit but there's so many incredible stat choose wasn't quite sure which one  to choose so I just got some pork   and some sticky rice 15 B for two pieces  with a little bit of sticky rice very cheap now this Moody weather and the storm brewing  all around us was actually a very welcome relief   and so we decided to take a morning cruise  and enjoy this cooler weather and search for   some more local food and coffee for breakfast  om was joining me again but this time my good   friend Gary and his little boy Finley came  along for the ride Gary also lives in this   area of Bangkok and knows it like the back of  his hand and he said he knew some great spots   to find some coffee and some delicious food  so we set saes in search of some delicious grub buddy Gary's brought us to a really brilliant  place to get morning coffee and uh it's closed   they're on a they're on a welld deserved  break the the only time they've been on   holiday in the last 15 years happens to be the  day that I bring Patty in the pouring rain to um   have a coffee but fear not I've still  still got there is the most incredible   view of the big budha by the way even  in the rain on a normal day when this   little Coffee Shop is open you can sit  here and just stare down at the big   butter and in this morning storm it looks  even more beautiful than it normally does my my there's this little local wet Market  here and normally we would come and have   a little coffee but obviously it's shut but  lots of delicious food Gary's found this   quite authentic little hole in the wall place  we're going to order something delicious I'm sure lovely jly look at that look we got dried  chili we got fresh chili we got minced pork we   got two lovely yolks look made a little face  there look bu's holiday for you today is it that looks like a fly it looks like a fly  a fly's face oh my God it does actually do   it look oh yeah it does look like a fly's  face B Appetit it's one of my favorites   B Appetit baby all right so this is Tom  but with seasoned pork meat Bo so we got   fatty pork mints we we've also got CRS  some mushrooms we've got namon so we've   got dark so we've got some evaporated milk  in here not condensed milk evaporated milk   loads and loads of chili some lime  juice lemongrass all those beautiful herbs crisy belly pork lovely jly so Gary what we got here all right so we've  got Canam kog it's a coconut milk rice flour   uh coconut flesh pudding it's like mixed  into a butter and then they cook it in   these little pots with these divots in  pumpkin coconut dessert for breakfast me about this dessert how is it to come  down with you I'll come down with you   what is it good good tell them about the  dessert is it sweet salty sweet oh very   nice why am I thumbs up or thumbs down  hello Man Thumbs Up yeah you've got to   do a bit to get a thumbs up from him  honestly you see like that okay byebye since tomere is home to some beautiful  temples and the rain started to come down   quite heavily we sought after some shelter  in one of the most impressive ones w pacam Gary let's go look around here come on Gary Come  on Gary Gary Gary Helen's hired me as a babysitter   so Gary I'm I'm like those you're not really his  dad Gary weird Uncle oh look at the big storm out   suing B this is for any of you not in Thailand it  has been like desert heat the hottest I've been   for probably the last 6 weeks of my life like I've  never ever felt heat like it and I've been here   for 9 years um so just to have a little bit of  cool weather it's like oh I know okay thank you my Go Go okie dokie with that a rainy stormy  Morning has turned into lunchtime and I   am checking out it's been 24 hours here  in toury I really hope you enjoyed a   little Glimpse if you want to get in  touch with om and have your own gun   with him or someone uh within his company I'll  tag him below hidden Bangkok Tours on Instagram   check him out send him a message book a tour and  get to know this part of Bangkok if you'd like to   stay at this Airbnb I'll also link that below  so you can immerse yourself here for a night   or two or longer depending and yeah I'll see you  this time next week where we tick off something   else on my bucket list because I've always  wanted to kind of bring you here for a little   bit of an Extended Stay which is what we've done  so I'm glad I can take that off my list and then   it's on to the next one where and what I'm not  quite sure I think I'll think about that on my way home it is going to piss down and on my drive  home as well I'm going to get absolutely soaked

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