14 Days in Japan The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

14 Days in Japan  The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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konichiwa and welcome to Japan the Land  of the Rising Sun a country famous for   cleanliness self-discipline and economic  prosperity in this video we will start   here in the largest city in the world of  Tokyo we'll get the iconic bullet train   and we will visit Kyoto and Osaka famous  for the mix of tradition and modernity   let's do it we're going for ice cream here in  Tokyo it's not just any ice cream though it's   famous because they put matcha powder on top  and it makes you choke because there's so much   and I haven't told Walid I'm going to prank  him and just tell him it's normal ice cream   so he's waiting over there to buy the ice cream  and uh you ready for ice cream bro I'm ready yeah   it's a good one I'm actually excited yeah it's  like really nice just like normal ice cream okay   could I get some the matcha ice cream can I get  the extra with the extra matcha oh yeah yeah two okay well they have an award for the  best matcha are you ready for this   matcha bro I am ready 100 it's really  really uh famous ice cream I'm ready wow okay thank you sir okay here we  go thank you very much look at this okay so the trick is I saw on Tick  Tock the trick is you got to take   a big bite from the top okay that's  like how everyone does it okay okay   take a big bite like as big as  you can okay ready one two three I played the trick on you bro voila bro I'm choked on my throat  my my throat [Laughter]   did you no it's famous because everyone  chokes when they have it oh my God you're   you're a total jerk dude I was gonna tell  you and I was like no actually see whether   he chokes so is it really hard to yeah okay I'm  gonna try one all right you're gonna choke okay   while he's tried his we pranked him good now  I'm gonna try mine and hopefully not choke not bad that wasn't a big enough bait huh foreign so we're just walking down a random side alley and   this is like the most beautiful side  street I've ever seen if you walk down   a side street in London you're going to  get stabbed but in Japan it's beautiful compare this to La mate you  you'll be dead you're done I hope this is a beautiful on camera as it  is in real life like I could lick the floor   right now in fact he gave me 10 if you  gave me 10 Yen I'd think before so we're   just walking through the park and there's a  actual huge snake and these guys just like   grabbed us because he's literally  a huge snake right there   oh and now it's just walking like there's cars  there all the police are here poison poisonous oh over there [Laughter] I'm staying away from this I love how the  Japanese people are like oh cool sneeze snake there's another another snake  and this lady just nearly stepped on it   bro I think we need to get out of here in Walid we're just walking around trying to find  the tube station a train station in Tokyo and we   discovered a Harry Potter themed train station you  see that you can hear the music the Harry Potter   music and then we got like a Hogwarts themed  red carpet paintings this is incredible when   guardian Leviosa you know that we're gonna get  copyright Impressions so they'll allow it yeah we're going to A Pet's Cafe for anyone who  doesn't know what a pet Cafe is this is it   right here in Tokyo they have places  where you can sit have a drink have a   coffee and play with the pets we've  come to the otter and Hedgehog Cafe all right whoa he's hungry he's hungry  [Music] these guys look angry yeah they look angry to me actually  yeah [Music] it's like um the   Planet of the Apes but planet of the Otters  they're gonna jump out [Music] wow [Music] so this is Harry the Hedgehog  right here live in the flesh [Music] we take him back to the hotel we should  Wow have you ever seen a hedgehog before   I think it's cute we have live in  England that was the first time   I ran one over once you're so bad it's  true I didn't mean to you but I've never   seen a blonde one he's got highlights  like me oh wow look at that oh my God I'll pay for your dinner for the next two  days if you eat one of those yeah for the   next two days yeah next two days yeah eat it  everything eat it oh no that's disgusting bro [Music] dry food oh okay just for the Otters yeah not  for humans not humans no you want to try it uh   my friend tried one you tried it you bet me I'm  loving my time here in Japan however it is bloody   hard to arrange things to just do anything  go to the gym go get the train walk the taxi   lead it's been trying to book a ticket I've  been waiting for him for 20 minutes now   I luckily got a pass so I can get free  drain but come on mate what's going on   I'm trying to figure out the app to get it  down so I don't have to worry about this this is true here we go come on buddy there we go  there we go we made it we made it to the famous   Shibuya Crossing this is unofficially the busiest  crosswalk in the world and you guys are about to   see how many people there are it's rush hour but  it's not I don't think this is as busy as it gets   the station and this is it everyone's ready to  walk it's funny how this has become a tourist   attraction just a just a crosswalk all right  should we cross bro yeah bro this is crazy oh   we're actually not sure where we're going but  uh getting ready to go there we go how exciting there's like one two three  four sets of people crossing   everyone's finished school  everyone's finished work actually we didn't come here it's nice it's my Japanese for you guys oh we're the first  ones here so as you guys may or may not know Japan   being Japan nothing's ever easy but that doesn't  mean it's not good because basically everything's   in Japanese and when I mean everything I mean  everything so it's It's Tricky how are you not   going to tell us this I just I realized that  I can translate the whole menu on my phone but   we've already ordered just random stuff from the  menu hey there we go thank you oh wow perfect raw   okay all right as as Gordon Ramsay would say  this is raw so I've never done this before so   while it is teaching me how to do it is on my  side is on okay it is on okay but why do why   do we cook it why don't they cook it that's how  it is it's the Korean experience they give you   the no offense but what does the chef actually do  here he just cuts the meat so it's properly cut in   the lean part of it and then we just pretty much  cook it so he's cutting it and making all the side   dishes for it I might become a chef there because  all I do is cut he's basically their butcher   pretty much so wagyu beef which is this beef here  is famous because it's known to be more expensive   and healthier the way that they treat the cow  is differently they feed it different foods   and treat it differently they treat it very well  actually all right we're ready I think I've burnt   it a little bit like this is why I'm not a chef  because I'm just terrible at cooking things but all right I've never tasted anything  like that that's unbelievable for me this is a dream meal the wagu is just  delicious yeah I leave wallet alone for one   minute and he's burnt the whole [ __ ] cow  that's not that's [ __ ] won't help that's   not cow anymore that's just charcoal I do  like a little bit of I like it actually I   like it Smoky yeah me too all right we're  finishing up we ate a lot I'm gonna say   that's the most amount of meat I've ever eaten  in my life and also the best Meats I've ever had I'm still messed up from that much Imperial Japan  sought Global expansion however they failed in   World War II since then they reconstructed and  they developed to become the economic Powerhouse   that they are today with a mix of modern and  Traditional Values it's a very unique culture and   of course thanks to the resilience of the people  the hard-working efforts and The Innovation it's a   really really a popular place to come for tourists  in Japan they have over 5 million vending machines   that is because they have a very hard working  office culture and for the convenience they're   allowed to go out and they just conveniently buy  food or drinks from the little uh vending machines   so of course we're gonna try a vending machine  but not just any vending machine this is a bug   vending machine which actually Waleed found so  I'm gonna buy him a gift hmm what should we get   bamboo worm diving Beetle crickets scorpion if  anyone doesn't know my videos I'm not very good   with food and you've already had otter pellets  so we're going to give you some crickets I think hold up comes in a little box all  right let's give you one cricket   it's not your birthday but it might feel like  your birthday because this is your present I   honestly think you should try it can you use  no I'm good honestly just we're gonna give   this man's bike this is going to be the table  all right it's like a little restaurant meal   Nagasaki Cricket I'm guessing Nagasaki is a  is a place in Japan all right there you go bro   eat up don't eat them all at once this  was like three dollars for this oh nice everyone everyone watching will  subscribe to your channel if you do that wow who would have thought crickets  from a vending machine don't ever do   it in Japan don't ever do it don't ever do  it it's missing salt I think he loves it Rush Hour I booked a capsule hotel in Tokyo Japan for one  night let's check it out and see what it has   to offer all right check out this one's only  for men and this one costs around 60 a night   so it's not too cheap there's also a list of  items you can buy and these are all free so you   can free rent the earplugs I'm gonna get some  earplugs and I'm also going to get an eye mask arigato it's very good so now I'm going to show  you the bedroom and this is probably the most   unique thing about this hotel is we're going  to be sleeping in one of these and see how many   there are there must be like 100 people sleeping  here and while it has saved us the bottom bump   here this is my room for the night or for the  next two nights actually it's uh spacious let's   go inside I'm gonna take our shoes off and then  you can literally get some privacy like that boom   see you there oh it's rolling back up  I'll figure that out later we have one   hanger so we can put one shirt up we have  some Japanese instructions the fire exit   we have a fan we have an alarm that is the the  most weird alarm I've ever seen we have full day there we go we have instructions here about no  smoking no talking no alarm at certain times   and we even have a TV that I can bring out like  so that's pretty cool the old Mitsubishi 5000 a   nice mirror does this one come out no we have  headphones to keep people away and charging   facilities with the outlets here so another  thing which I didn't realize they had in this   hotel is a free lounge and when I say free  Lounge it's pretty extensive we have a work   area over here with magazines we have a place  you can iron your clothes for free here's a bar   here is a silent work area massage chairs in here   free teas coffees alcoholic drinks  Sprite Coke coffee tea this is all free   and then amazing lovely work area over here with  very fast Wi-Fi all of this for free we have   free food over here you got rice  different three different types of rice even uh uh it's time to get the world's fastest  train but first we have to buy our ticket   and buying a ticket in Japan is no  easy endeavor the instructions valid what's the plan bullet train first  plan how are we buying a ticket   we have one we're a genius we bought it  before okay not the green line the blue line   we're in Tokyo station is it the craziest  station I've ever been to it's huge okay let's go speak to someone  speak to a little Japanese   good idea do you have the Jr pass which is like  a two-week Rail Pass which includes the bullet   train otherwise this would be 130 for this two  hour Journey so we get it for free because we   wore the Jr pass but I'm not sure whether we  need to get a ticket for this train or not I have the Jr pass it works  do I need to get a ticket bullet train is the Pinnacle of Economic  Development and it just shows how far ahead Japan   is ahead of the rest of the world the average  delay of a bullet train is 12 seconds and the   fastest ever recorded bullet train was 375 miles  per hour to put this into perspective for me to   travel from my hometown to London it takes around  two hours and it's around 80 miles in Japan for us   to travel to Kyoto is 280 miles and it takes the  exact same time absolutely Wild first time getting   it this is you know what Japan is so famous for  so let's just wait for it and see if it's on time   Tokyo you've exceeded my expectations I'm not a  big city guy at all I'm not a big I didn't think   I was a big Japan guy honestly until I came here  I've been blown away absolutely blown away by this   place so Kyoto Osaka I'm expecting big things well  the train has arrived and while he's on the toilet   so I'm not missing this train and I guess I'll see  him Kyoto if he doesn't arrive in the next minute   this training ain't waiting I  can tell him now there he is oh I went on too early he was flipping the  chairs around yeah you flip them and clean   them train there's the driver this is the  famous bullet like the aerodynamic front   so the cleaners get off you notice that the  women are wearing pink in the winter wearing   men yeah they're blue yeah that's not very  Progressive on them what if the men who want   to wear pink and the women want to wear blue I  just don't think I disapprove I disapprove highly 14d oh so it's two and then three 14d shotgun  rules overtake the ticket actually and it's not first class yet all right we're just leaving Tokyo now  two hours on This Magnificent train   you know why Japan got so far ahead  with the trains and the soaring KDP I mean I guess you could say that but the better  term would be that they used uh Kaizen have   you heard of Kaizen no so Kaizen is the Japanese  word which basically means continuous Improvement   and they've it's like a philosophy that they  adopted and that's how they created famous   Brands like Toyota and created the bullet train  and many other technological advancements because   they just continuously improve even if it's just  by one percent every day might as well show you   a little tour of the old compartment  that we have it's a big window bigger   than a plane window that's for sure very clean  extremely clean and then we've got like a tray   work on here we've got loads of leg room  electricity down here so it's got a fast   Wi-Fi it's like 20 megabytes per second upload  Sorry download and then finally we'll go back [Music] nope there we go all right  well I guess I'll see you in Kyoto then   okay I was gonna go to sleep but actually  I'm never going to sleep with how fast   this Train's going right now I'm just  staring out the window we're just seeing wow you don't want something's right  now this is a crazy entertainment a pepper spray boy good because we've got an   annoying American on board  and I like the pepper spray now that means what about they're saying yeah yeah oh no I didn't believe it also I think we have actually uh hit the top speed  because my ears my ears are popped oh my God we   like turning the whole Train's bending and we have  arrived in Kyoto what an accident journey I fell   asleep I did some reading we're here I don't know  so I was busy filming I completely forgot my bag thank you so much wow that is I was going to Osaka oh my God foreign thank God it got my bag otherwise I would   still be on that train right now  I mean maybe I could have got it strings don't wait obviously they  don't wait for anyone so I have to say   thank you to Wales usually it's the other  way around but this time I left off thank you man so another thing they have in Tokyo which  is pretty crazy are these little portable   station routes so you can work in here you  can sleep in here and this is in the middle   of a train station so see if we can do  it it's in Japanese but I'm fluent in   Japanese actually so we're gonna I'm joking  that Google translated this 275. boom boom thank you oh something sounds good okay let's see if it's  open oh yo all right guys welcome to my new crib   we'll take you inside oh imagine if it closed all  right see you later Waleed bye I'm going to sleep   so let me give you a little tour of the  place we have a TV we have a ring light   so you can do little Tick Tock dance in  here we have a desk fan and a nice air   fan here so it's nice and cool in here you  can do your laptop you can put the aircon on   so it's basically for working but  you can also have a little nap pretty cool a couple of dollars in the  middle of the train station this just   shows the introverted lifestyle of the Japanese  people I don't know how to get out I'm stuck no are you being serious you're joking I got away like 30 minutes oh  my god oh here we go open try now thank God   I just bought it for the video but okay well  there we go that's pretty cool that is awesome there are over 30 000 shrines in Japan and this  one behind me is probably the most iconic lots of   tourists come here because it's a nice photo  attraction basically you can walk up there's   over a thousand of these smaller shrines you walk  up up to the mountain and you get fortune cookies   there's also lots of foxes which are supposed to  be very spiritual and holy so we're gonna walk   up not the whole way it takes like three hours  to get to the top so we're gonna go see how we   get on it's very hot today but uh yeah this is  probably one of the most iconic spots in Japan   and in Kyoto I think it was uh dates back to  the year 706 so this place is old but I was   old as well eat I'm pretty old all right see  the the ladies Japanese ladies are dressed up   in their komodos oh my God look at these ladies  over here there's a group of them they look so   elegant and attractive look at them wow they've  all got different styles they're wrapped up it's   like they're wrapped up like a birthday present  it's amazing and then over here you clean your   hands as a sign of respect and to cleanse  yourself I mean I made that up I'm guessing maybe I want it's about so basically you can buy  a skewer not a chicken skewer a wooden skewer and   basically you write down a  wish these are the options   and I'm gonna have a look maybe I'll do  it but it's interesting I was just having   a look at the different options like  that you can choose from there's like   Traffic Safety getting a good catch fishing catch  maybe a good uh farming catch obviously this   is a traditional Japanese values and wishes so  unfortunately there's not not one for a beautiful   Japanese wife maybe I can add that one myself  because that's what I'm looking for right now thank you I wished for us to both find Japanese  wives did you yeah I'm ready now I'm 100 ready   get my phone now I know you're about to say  you're about to say this hello there's hella   I'm not gonna say that there's plenty there's  plenty konnichiwa tree uh three no no tree okay come on I can come oh okay okay yeah aggressive family of monkeys oh here we go wow so these are called Tory Gates  and basically people Japanese people especially   from all ages and walks of life come here to  pray um for successful Harvest for successful   business and for their wishes and their dreams  coming true Japan is renowned for its secrets   to longevity and its aging population the key  factors include a traditional diet small portions   like seafood eating green tea and fermented foods  also they have access to great health care active   Lifestyles like biking to school and the culture  that respects the elderly which leads to just a   crazy elderly population like the oldest person  who is from Japan is 117 years old which is just   mad so it's very evident here so look at this over  there it looks like they have oyster or scallop   konnichiwa organic hidesca this is a  scallop yeah scalloped salmon one yeah   thank you we've got crab over here  we've got prawn oh okay okay arigato she has some soy sauce she just gets the flamethrower out thank you guys actually fish eggs on  top and a little bit of seasoning okay oh my God that's so delicious it's a little bit fishy which   I usually don't like but  this sauce here is so good oh my God that best bit is the sauce  it's like a tastes like a bit Teriyaki   kind of flavor a little bit sweet and  it's just perfect with this with this   meat thank you now we make our way over to Kyoto  where Walid and I will become summarized for the   day we signed up for a traditional Japanese  martial art called Kendo which originated   from the samurai Wario training methods to  develop one's physical and mental discipline   we practice the basic techniques before having  a real match against each other and then finally   having a competition to see who can become a real  Samurai and slice the object so this is protection   I mean I don't need anything because I'm fighting  Waleed so it's going to be like fighting a little   child but I think he needs I'm glad you've  got protection we have no chance I feel so   sorry for you I got bamboo yeah this is Middle  Eastern so yeah England versus USA that's it   it's difficult this is like a how does that  like really this is this is going to be so   much harder with this one I can't see anything  I can't do it dude I I can't even hold my head   up I feel like a American basketball player  don't they wear these it's so Giannis Wheels all right so we just fought each other and it  was kind of like playing fun it was   not hard now the master is just like  who wants to fight me obviously I'm   not I'm not a girl I'm gonna fight him  but he's so good so and I'm tired already [Applause] all right now we're going to use the  real samurai sword to try and cut this   but apparently it's really hard to do foreign [Applause] good job what's up thank you very much and I will put your uh your  link for the tour in the video because it was a   great tour thank you nice to meet you thank you  so much all right we are finished we're leaving   the dojo that was so much fun it was actually  super super tiring when you're wearing the   whole kit I was not expecting it even though we  were just fighting for like a minute and at the   end I managed to slice which was only like 20  or 30 of the people did it me and Walid both   were able to do it so yeah I would actually  uh definitely do that again that was really   good fun just like cool to start a new hobby  try different things I always love trying new   things even if I'm not very good at them I wasn't  actually very good at that but it was good fun   welcome to Osaka they told me to come in the  summer they said the weather would be great   well let's check out what this city has to  offer welcome to Osaka the commercial city of   Japan this place is known for its delicious  food and nightlife I'm here with my friend   Walid hello and we're going to be showing you  around Don tiburi which is like a food area and   I see it just looks like typical Japan with the  street lights and the arcades let's get on and   show you some food so this is Street Food Heaven  There is everything you can think of and it's   weird it's wacky the marketing is on point there's  lots of games you can play revolving sushi bars   it's pretty cool it's very touristy but it's  pretty cool so overall first impressions of   Osaka it's pretty nice again Japanese City very  clean you can get public transport so easily in   the cities of Japan and there's also some cool  day trips you can do from Osaka you could go to   Nara you could go to Kyoto so it's a really cool  place to come I definitely add it to the itinerary   if you're coming to Osaka but yeah and then the  food obviously the street food here is like world   famous so that's like a big enough reason to come  on its own and then of course you've got places   like Orlando Studios Not Orlando Studios Universal  Studios Orlando city is in Orlando funnily enough   all right oh Kobe beef hello thank you for coming  back can I have some kobe beef do you have Oh   sushi um can I get one piece yeah yes please  oh just just uh One Piece One Piece yeah uh oh you gotta get premium all right premium  yeah premium meat so that's like over seven   dollars but it'll be good well they've got  the flame throwers out buddy can you hold   that this is the Kobe yeah oh my god [ __ ]  uh this one I chose that one looks the best what is your name fujikawa like Mount Fuji your brother brother and  sister oh my god wow amazing we are we are brother   and sister oh sister brother is brother from  another mother oh my God look at this rice machine is it not free for me Sushi can I can I try [Laughter] flamethrower oh my God that's that's all  they needed the 10 seconds while they're singing singing there we  go you've got an amazing voice thank you   and this is the Master Chef he places  it together folds it up on these days   it's like a little Christmas present  and then puts on the plate thank you are you ready in the final hey tasty [Music] all right we got the Kobe beef premium this  was over seven dollars I think this is more   like ten dollars for one piece of sushi that's  super expensive I could have got three for   three of these for you probably yep yeah I  messed up but this is the wagyu Kobe beef   premium very healthy and very tasty oh my God two bites and I'm done that is delicious  so tasty a little bit of salt a little bit oily   amazing best beef ever and it says here finest  beef in the world 10 out of 10. thank you   this is a the glicoman sign apparently  it's one of the most famous things here   in all of Japan it was put up in 1935 and  it's basically for a manufacturing company   and it's also used to celebrate Japan for  the World Cup and also for their baseball   team but I'm not actually sure why it's so  famous but Walid you'll tell us why won't you   yeah it's famous for running really fast yeah yeah  it looks a bit like you I can look I think maybe   it might be a statue of you I think it is yeah  they always put greatness on something exactly   and that's me over there all right well cool  anyway there's like a canal also and then   you've got the neon lights everywhere look how  busy it is people taking tick tocks while he's   gonna take his Tick Tock and we're gonna be off  [Music] that just sums up Japan robots everywhere a girlfriend well the robot yeah we are staying with my friend he's  a YouTuber and his name is PewDiePie   we're staying with Pewdiepie no Jake we're staying  here at Rayo Fuso it is a traditional Japanese   Hotel very traditional you'll see why when we go  in I'm staying in a traditional Japanese Hotel   let's head in as we walk in and there's black  flags as we enter oh here we go touch the open   and if you are organic yet okay good okay  we uh have a booking yes correct foreign what is your name oh me yeah okay Harry  Walid um Harry like Harry Potter yeah   so everyone around the world knows it  the most country I met every country oh nice [Music] nice okay oh the rims already open oh wow shoes off okay okay oh wow a little dress we've got Kyoto  visitor guys we've got everything we need and   um is there anywhere we can get some food food  yeah outside maybe Ramen Ramen whereabouts   where uh three minutes walk okay this way yes okay  okay right yeah left okay left three minutes okay oh here we go there's more it's free free  thank you so much that's very kind of it   oh okay perfect this is also for art  oh yes I can use yes okay perfect I'll   use it if it's hot in the night  thank you secret room ah toilet there we go it all just makes sense it does thank you thank you so much so let me just show you guys a little tour of our  ryokin which is a traditional Japanese hotel or   house it's basically made of wood we've got  sliding doors which is just quintessential   of Japanese culture we've got mats and  me and while you're gonna be sleeping   on the mats first of all I'll show you the shower  obviously is a mix of modern values as well we've   got the modern air con real nice wooden countertop  here well I really I'm a big fan of this wood you   got like in the Japanese hotels they have always  have like really high quality soaps and shampoos   and stuff so everything's spotless completely  spotless this well I've never seen a dryer like   that in my life then a super small shower  but again like really high quality shampoo   conditioner and everything everything just works  perfectly you already know and then green tea   free water in here I'm actually gonna have  my now and then area where we put our shoes   very small toilet in here and then just like a  cool chill out area everything's sliding even the   windows the sliding excuse me Waleed look at that  everything's made of wood and then paper it's just   like super super traditional super really cool  artwork and then finally we're gonna dress up   later and treat it I'm tripping we've got a nice  little meditation area out here slash balcony and   yeah really cool so actually the Japanese sleep  on the floor because it's supposed to be good for   their health um they relax as their muscles helps  with the hips and spine to maintain a neutral   alignment apparently so we'll find out I'll tell  you guys whether sleeping on the floral is nice scene the question is which string do we buy  I know what you're looking at mister I want to switch up excuse  me uh your favorite drink   favorite drink Taco yeah your  favorite best Japanese yeah thinking hard he's putting a lot of effort into it  baby yeah yeah yeah zero side okay okay would you   like one I buy you one or no you want you want one  no no no okay all right no problem thank you boss   all right I'm gonna try zero cider triple zero  zero and zero wow zero calories bro okay Jessica Coke Zero I have the zero sided triple which  sounds like an alcoholic drink but it's not I hope it's pretty good you're gonna try this it's like  lemonade but a Japanese version interesting for   zero calories zero calories that's kind of  cool it tastes a little bit like Christmas   if Christmas was a drink okay tell me that  doesn't taste like Christmas Japanese Christmas bubble gum also similar to a Christmasy  taste bubble gum all right yeah he was right   thank you so much guys for watching this  video and thank you for watching right   to the end I really appreciate it thank you  very much and I'll see you in the next video

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