12 hours in Munnar, India Kathakali Dance Performance & Sunrise on Kolukkumalai

12 hours in Munnar, India   Kathakali Dance Performance & Sunrise on Kolukkumalai

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all right welcome to Manar at night time we are  actually here to check out some live theater   performances that are going on tonight as  well uh right through here we're watching   two shows as part of our evening entertainment  one is about sort of the history of everything   and one is a martial arts so we're pretty  excited to see that so just to see the uh   Performing Arts here at Menard I think will be  pretty cool all right so we've got our tickets   we are heading down to the balcony hello how  are you we're excited for the show okay great   uh she's gonna show us to our seats it's a  nice cool theater okay okay like a real yeah so man an awesome theater okay that's these okay okay thank you so much  here we go okay and the next show different   seats please don't okay okay all right so we're  just getting started and this is definitely like   a little underground theater right now yeah I  like it yeah it's cool it's actually fairly big   though I mean and this is the thing of a balcony  up there so uh yeah we're excited for the show   to get started these turn on the house lights so  should be starting uh any minute [Music] foreign [Music] okay so our next show is starting it's a martial  arts show down in the pit looks like Mortal Kombat   for sure about the martial arts show what do you  think [Music] it's cold but it looks cool yeah   down in the pit she's a pretty good action yeah like kickboxer yeah I hope you're here [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]   wow okay [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you good morning from munar Kerala it is 3 13 in  the morning and the kids and I they're inside   the hotel waiting but the kids and I are headed  up um to the highest Plantation in the area so we   can watch the sunrise so we're up way way early  I think we have about I don't know a three hour   Jeep ride up the mountain and then we're gonna  watch Sunrise probably eat some breakfast up there   and then come on back down and we are excited to  take you with us so we're just gonna hang out here   um in the dark and wait for the Jeep to arrive  and then we'll touch base okay so it looks like   our jeep is here and we are heading out to uh head  up the mountain I guess to watch the sunrise right   yeah all right let's check out and see what what  this is like I'm not sure what the process is from the door all right good morning I'm Kelly nice to meet you   um yeah okay um is it okay if I film we're gonna  oh come on it's just gonna be the two kids and I   um because we have a little baby he's  still sleeping okay is that all right   um and my husband's gonna stay with the baby okay  okay all right Cedar granite and granite I'm gonna   turn a light on I did Tito yeah yeah Tito yeah  this can be good all right we're gonna loading up   everybody's in here I'm trying to  do a little bit of light with this all right thank you   okay see do you excited for this yeah yeah and  granted you excited for this definitely yeah   this should be pretty fun pretty epic and um Tito  how long is this uh ride gonna be uh actually this   Jeep goes to 20 kilometer from there another Jeep  will we go to so we're taking two Jeeps two Jeeps all right two Jeeps one for 20 kilometers  and then the other one for another   20 or so all right we're off  it's gonna be a bumpy ride yeah this is the fast one right yeah but it's nice and it's Airy and  it's it's gonna be bumpy but   um I think it's gonna be a fun time like a  roller coaster yeah trying to see outside all right so I think we're gonna touch base with  you when uh when we get a little bit closer yeah   Cedar how you doing girl good how was that ride  good yeah and granu how are we doing over here   good yeah it is now 4 15 in the morning and  um the kids have been playing DJ in the Jeep   the whole way up which has been really fun so  we just been jamming out to music and I think   we're doing a car transfer at this point I'm  just waiting for the next vehicle to show up   um Tito's our driver and he's been great just  letting the kids play on his uh phones that we   can listen to music the whole way up this morning  it's still pretty early but um and the sun is   not up it's only 4 15 in the morning and yeah so  we'll touch base as we get into the next ride and   see how long it'll be to the top my guess  is probably we'll get there around 5 36 so   we can watch the whole like the sun come up and  everything so like even the Dusk and everything   like that so it should be pretty amazing and  apparently the views from the top are fantastic   like we can see the whole the whole valley  or whatever down the mountain so I'm excited I don't know I don't think so but I do hear  a noise maybe running water and maybe on   a bridge oh yeah yeah I think we're on a  bridge so it should be pretty awesome all   right we'll check check in with you guys  in just a little bit just before we go I   want to give you a little Jeep Tour  we're like sitting on the side bench and Cedar's there and then  we got the awesome front Jeep   as you can see it and then our bench over  here so it's pretty small little area but   it's nice nice and Airy yeah so Cedar  things are right here so we're gonna yeah pretty good pretty awesome Jeep right yeah  yeah it's kind of a little bit different from   our Jeep in Pakistan right yeah yeah a little  bit um smaller yeah like just a different style   but pretty cool open air a lot of fresh air  so hopefully no car sickness this time around   okay it is 4 30 in the morning  and we are leaving this Jeep   miss Mr Tito's awesome Jeep and we are  heading to the next one which looks like this   Grant's climbing in Cedar's climbing in all right  you wanna grab that for a little bit all right and   you're a driver no no no no he's over there okay  we'll jump in thank you guys hopefully we make it all right oh man this one's gonna be fun this is a  this one looks a little bit different style right   yeah chili how are we ever gonna go back to Alaska yeah okay we just filled out some paperwork  um just about the passengers in the car and   where we're from and our phone number and now  we are going to be heading up to the top of the   Tea Plantation um yeah we're just waiting for our  driver he's getting all the paperwork in order for   us we are freezing cold right we're gonna kind  of just hunker down and and try and stay warm   um does your side of the Jeep have a door no no  door on that side and uh no door on this side   here's our other Jeep across the way so I'm not  sure why we're doing a Jeep transfer but um I'm   sure it'll be explained later and then um I don't  know if we'll do a Jeep transfer when we get back   down the mountain but possibly but we'll find out  all details as we go and I don't know I'm excited   to see the sun come up because it'll be nice and  warm yeah all right we'll see in just a little   bit all right and it looks like we're off and our  driver's with us what's your name Brian Brandon   he's got a pretty awesome Jeep it's nice  blue light uh he's closed some uh the back   doors for us so we can keep a little bit  warmer right but yeah we're gonna head out it kind of looks like we're in the  Jeep Convoy look we got some friends yay it looks like we're already making  friends we're gonna head up the mountain   and then I think we're in like a Jeep  Convoy so we're all gonna be heading   up there together and should be pretty  awesome all right we're gonna hit the road just check out those views foreign it's just this whole valley below us and we  have these Mountain Ridge that were up on and   The Whole Bowl below us is just starting  to fill up with clouds so the clouds are   rolling in you can see the mountain peaks  in the background and um yeah the people   are starting to gather and all the Jeeps are  lining up so it's pretty cool up here right now foreign okay when we first pulled up here it was just  really really dark and the stars were out   and it was pretty amazing just to see um  the all the the whole night sky out here   in Granite I stood outside with the Jeep and  just watched all the stars which was pretty   fantastic took us about seven kilometers to  get up here and um on a not straight road   like the whole Road was kind of like a riverbed  it was just bumpy rocks and it was pretty crazy   um and we're traveling in this Convoy of jeeps  and I've given the kids Dramamine because they   got car sick yesterday both of them so um but  now they're both knocked out because of it   so hopefully they'll wake up in time to see  that sun coming up over the horizon foreign but the sun is coming up right here and it is  streaking in the sky there's uh bright orange   and pink streaks coming up off of the horizon  and I don't know if the GoPro can catch it but   um I was just gonna hang here for a second pretty  awesome this is so cold it's so cold but granite's   out he's rallying he's made it and uh he's gonna  try and watch that sun come up over you see the   streaks yeah that's pretty awesome there's  a couple like it's like when you color the   Sun as a kid with the little streaks coming out  can actually see the sun streaks coming up and   they're like a peak color which is pretty cool and  I don't know if the GoPros wouldn't catch a cloud   all right we got a lot of people  Gathering Jeeps still coming up   so you have that jeep over there amazing we got  some more people over here if you can see them yeah we got Grant is finally with me which is good  and we'll get Cedar up in just a little bit but definitely I think that Sun's definitely  gonna warm us up when we get get it all right we're checking in it's about 6 15 in  the morning and the colors out here are pretty   fantastic hopefully the GoPro is picking that  up um as those sunbeams are just coming up over   that Horizon and there's this that thick  thick cloud cover rolling in down below you're gonna see these  mountains jutting out foreign it's still cold right granite  but is it getting warmer   a little bit a little bit warmer I can't  really tell it's too cold can't tell we're   warming ourselves up or if um if it's the  idea of the sun coming up over the horizon   um which is pretty cool ah it's gonna be beautiful  up here well it still looks like we have a lot   of cars coming I can see a lot of lights down  the road and here's our Jeep you got the Puja you can check in inside Cedar oh you can't see inside  but Cedar's still sleeping in here   uh her dream means really kicked in so she's out but it's pretty awesome out here I think I see the sun because I see The Gleam  on the clouds all right let's check it out right here we think the sun's gonna pop up   and I don't know if the GoPro is catching it but  there's just that Glitter Sparkle of daylight   coming through yep so we are standing right on  the Kerala Tamil Nadu border and so we're actually   looking out into Tamil Mandu as that sun is  coming up over that Horizon gopro's working again which is great and that Sun's  about to pop right over there which is good Cedar's in her Dramamine coma right  now right yep I think we needed it for that road   though yeah yeah how is it bumpy yeah very bumpy  very cold yeah I'll try and catch some of it on   the way back um but it's pretty like it's  pretty much like this but then even crazier   all the way down the road and then  it's so we'll see and down here we have   uh all the tea plants growing  right here on the hillside Granite you see it sounds like here it is here it is coming up over the horizon  yay right over the ocean right by Chennai   peeking up over here and if we go across here kerala's right over there on the  other side of this Mountain Ridge   Breezy and cold but it is pretty beautiful  out here lots of people up here too and even up on the hillside just to see the  sun all right Sun pop up over the horizon we got some more people over here see everybody out here enjoying this moment  in nature right got Granite with me he's my   Trooper [Laughter] forest and dad are cozy and  warm in bed eating buffet breakfast but uh we're   out here roughing it in the cold Cedar's sleeping  she's halfway roughing it she's trying to rough it all right you are not gonna  believe who just joined us   Cedar she's up she rallied she's here with us  and she's enjoying the sun because it's still the   wind is really chilly right but the the sun is not  too bad the sun is kind of warming us up so we're   trying to decide do we hide from the wind in the  car or do we stay in the Sun but embrace the wind   it's hard to know right Cedar yeah  she's uh ready to head on back I think green how'd your uh what's your opinion  about the sunrise it's good yeah right   next time you bring a puffy jacket right yes  it's nice it's bright it's beautiful up here   it's nice clean cool air right yeah yeah kind of  refreshing wakes you up for sure definitely wide   awake right now and uh just enjoying nature  up here with lots of people which is great I don't know for me it was  totally worth it definitely Cedar's still figuring it out yeah yeah it'll be worth it when you get down and  have a nice big breakfast yeah I just want to   stay in the covers and Order breakfast you  want to order breakfast if you want you too yeah that's great Good Times  up on the Mountaintop yay we are backing up off this mountain granny's in the front this time yeah that's not too bad all right foreign [Applause] all right I'm excited to show you this road  because it was pretty intense this morning in the   dark and uh I have a feeling it's gonna be even  more intense now that we can see over the edge   there was a row of tea um blocking the drop  off so I'm you know a little more confident hey hey we'll fall like grass and  bushes instead of Hard Rock   yeah yeah yeah that is true we'll just  fall into the tea trees see bushes hello foreign yeah so there's a that Comfort  there will be bushes to catch us   instead of a sheer drop off like in Pakistan oh wow it is beautiful up here  though you can't argue that let's see we're gonna be a little bit of a traffic jam but not too bad CJ do you remember the road  up here or were you sleeping I take that to sleeping right yeah good morning [Applause] try to fall asleep so I wouldn't have to put  all the clubs yeah there was a lot of bumps   kept flying everywhere you were flying  everywhere I almost lost my water bottle   and I just realized that I was behind  my back and then for the bananas banana   the bananas opens I thought something dropped out  of it we brought some bananas and water with us   and I think the bananas might be a little moist  what do you think we brought money because yes yeah nice to meet you yeah good  morning I just want to eat good morning yeah nice to meet you thank you  yay are you a driver yeah nice nice all right see you can hold on to this bar  which I didn't even see in the dark this morning it's gonna be our road all the way down the mountain and my biggest goal is not to drop the GoPro it is quite bumpy as you can tell   but the views from up here are fantastic and  if I can catch a glimpse of them on the next   Switchback I'll let you see the T fields from  a distance with the sun just bouncing on them how you doing up there granted good you're  popping all over but you got a hand bar Cedar you got how are you doing  good yeah you're doing good we're just jumping out of the Jeep  real fast to take a look at this View   isn't that awesome yeah you can see  the road winding down there all these   Tea Plantation all these tea plants uh  and you can see the road that we're on   that's we're going to wind up through  there and here's this whole ridge line fantastic the views have been amazing and  I guess that's why we're here we're up here   to see see the sunrise and the viewpoints and  the Tea Plantation but it's this is really cool you can see the Jeeps driving over there   it's crisp it's cool and it's uh just really  refreshing up here and this is our road which is pretty intense but our Jeep  and our driver we've got you guys got it   he's managing it perfectly no puking yet yeah last night just going to town and back going  down to town Cedar got car sick and coming back   up Granite got car sick so um everyone's got  car sick when we went when we came to that   um theater yeah just when we got to the theater  right and granite threw up before when we got   out of the car to go to the hotel yeah afterwards  it was an intense uh it wasn't even that long but   it's just so bumpy that and we're not used to it  so yeah that's great but this is this is cool and   guess what so my mom gave us some pills to make a  son seasick car sick I mean and um and it was like   making us a little bit sleepy and whenever I have  these pills that make me um kind of sleepy I sleep   it's like you are totally no turning back you were  totally out today this morning when we first got   there yes yeah you're a little more awake now yeah  and granted you're good are you warming up yet uh   a little bit you're warming up a little  bit it's moving his feet getting warm   yeah I really just wanted to pull over and  check out this View and uh let everyone see   what we're seeing over here it's pretty just  amazing so much green and that Mountain Ridge all right I think it's time should  we head back down the mountain okay [Music]   okay let's go to uh there's a cool waterfall up  here so we're gonna take a break five minutes   five minutes and go check out the waterfall  which would be cool okay okay that sounds good   all right so we're gonna head up there to that  waterfall looks like there's a little Trail over   here how you doing in front good good yeah is it  a little bit better in the front yeah okay nice we're just surrounded by tea  these tea trees and tea leaves it's really cool um they were serving tea up at  the top but the kids were too cold so we decided   we'll just come back down warm up a bit and  we'll get to you when we get back to the hotel so that'll be nice oh cool hiking through the T fields if we stop here yeah I think we need  to stop here check out the falls wow that's pretty right yeah goes all the way down   right now we're ending up our time on the  road and we just turned the corner to find out [Music] there that was the surprise I was just  gonna show you the Jeep all the Jeeps coming down   the road and in front of us and that pretty much wraps up our morning   up on the mountain we're gonna check  in with uh forest and Jonathan as soon   as we get back to the hotel but for now  we're just gonna cruise on through town all right thank you bye yay you got us all the way   up the mountain back safely and  now we are back into our original   uh Jeep with Tito and we are heading back  to the hotel so thank you so much take care what's your water bottle yeah yeah right sound  good yes okay and we're off everything looks   so different with the light right yeah I did  I didn't know the color was yellow okay go I   knew it was a bright one I kind of caught  a glimpse of it but uh I didn't know red this morning yeah the light changes everything huh all right so our plan now is to um head  over and surprise Forest good morning surprise for us and see how he's doing today  see if they're even in the room right yeah they   might be at the buffet they might be the buffet  we're gonna head there too if we can for sure how was it everybody dude did you miss us yeah  did you miss us okay so you went on the Jeep did   you see the sunrise we saw the sunrise well  some of us it was a little bit of a struggle   Cedar they both took Dramamine oh  you fell asleep in the Jeep so she   fell asleep in the Jeep which is probably  good because it was really bumpy and then   um but she did wake up right right around sunrise  and came out and joined us well I mean it's a   beautiful day so I'm excited to uh see what's up  uh what's up next yeah it's breakfast probably   yeah so we're back it's about 9 30 9 40 and we  are gonna head to breakfast so we'll see you later foreign [Music]

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