12 Cities in 15 Days! Starting with Paris (1 of 4)

12 Cities in 15 Days! Starting with Paris  (1 of 4)

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Paris, Mechelen, Ghent, Antwerp, Leiden, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Zaanse, Zaandam, Haarlem, Amsterdam, Brussels, Done! Done! Done! Done! Done! Done! Done! Done! Over the next few weeks, we'll be exploring 12 European cities in 15 days, trying delicious food, checking out the festive Christmas markets, and strolling through each city to discover its unique charm. Let the exploration begin! So hello and good morning from Paris! Quarante et un is full, so let's go to La Rotonde the plan was La Rotonde, no? So that's my sister, in case she makes it on YouTube. Hello again from Paris! We are going to the Catacombs de Paris.

I'm feeling a little blank and rusty, it's been a while. Come, let's go buy tickets. We're going to go for the two, It's been a while, we haven't shot any video or any vlog due to the circumstances in the region. Not going to dwell into that, but you know, It didn't feel right.

We didn't have the energy nor the enthusiasm to go anywhere or shoot anything. But this trip has been planned for a while, and we both felt we needed a break. So here we are, and we deserve it.

I mean, we've been working seven days a week. Les Catacombs de Paris. We all bought tickets. This is the 2.45 p.m. queue.

Is this the decline down? Yeah. Now we go down. Just like that? Just like that. So mainly we're going 20 meters down, which is under the metro and train and the sewage and the drinking water pipes. And this is where we will start seeing the underground world where there is the catacombs. So these stairs are taking us 20 meters down.

We have left the city and the world of the living to enter a maze of galleries that are the stuff of fantasy. Ooh. Oh. I didn't expect to do this in Paris.

You didn't expect what? To do this in Paris. The mother of King Louis XIII started building these in the 1600s. She was trying to supply water To her Luxembourg castle Yeah. But the work wasn't well done and it collapsed in the 1700s.

it was transferred in 1859 here because people didn't like living close to the dead. So they sent them down. 1814 wasn't too long ago.

So not all of them. These, they used to bury people under the church. But then people didn't feel okay living so close from the dead. So they moved these people here and that's why it's that big. Oh, they moved them.

So this is from the hospital, Yeah. Or it was, they used to bury people there. Because, for example, this, du couvent des Carons de la Place Montbert de Crozet, I think this is from a monastery or something like that.

So basically being buried underground is not forever. At some point someone is going to pull you out and shove you into this place. Yeah. Not you specifically. Yeah.

Only the rich people afford to have their own. And they do this to clear up the land? Yeah. I'm starting to think it's like World of the Lost. All the people that have died in the past and that we've been wondering about for the past million years.

It's like they're all here. It's like we found them. So what I'm understanding is that this was like a cemetery? This was the biggest move to the catacombs area. So this was the cemetery and then they just removed all the dead bodies from the cemetery and they put them here? Yeah. They stacked them on top of each other?

These came from Eglise, like the church of Saint Laurent. That's so weird. No? Yeah, well they cannot keep them over there. So nothing is forever. Nothing is forever. Even our graves are not forever.

Of course not. This here says, for me, death is a gain. Is it? Well, yeah. How is it a gain? In all religions. A gain for what? It's a gain for you.

It's a loss for the people that stay on the earth, but you... What did I gain? I died. You didn't die. In all religions you go to a better life. On April 2, 1897, between midnight and 2 a.m., an incredible

illegal concert happened here. 100 people were invited to a clandestine concert where they got unlegal approval to do this here. There was a group of 45 musicians that played some music by Chopin. So were they playing it for the dead people? No, they were playing it to the invited people.

They thought it would be good to do this here. I see the light. Interesting place, but I mean, everybody is dead. Now I understood what it actually is.

It's technically the main dump where all these dead people were brought to rest here, which technically comes from different areas, different times, the revolution that we already saw, the plague. I was surprised that they cleared out cemeteries and they just dumped them all in that place. And we're walking right over it right now. Where is it? Saint-Jacques.

Oh, wow. Good day. Hello, hello.

Not too crowded here. It's a new one. We're on the Champs-Élysées. We're finally here. Let me just take this in for a second.

Yeah, me too. So it's potatoes, mushroom and cheese. For you, we ordered the mixed mushroom, which is potato and cheese. Merci. Our first stop today.

Is... Ha! This is 1951. This is 1985.

So this is from 1984, 84 and 73. I think this is a special collection inspired from shapes, forms and colors. revoir. Merci, au revoir.

I saw it from the logo. Musée d'art moderne de Paris. Musée d'art moderne de Paris. So, we got Matisse, Henri Matisse here. Look at this wall. Sick! Look at the colors.

The thing is, when you go to more than one museum, consecutively, or one after the other, you tend to get tired and bored easily. And I think that's what's happening with Gio. But I'm loving these, I'm loving them. Raoul Dufy, I'm a new fan of Raoul. Definitely check Raoul Dufy out.

And there he is. So, this was the museum. We were at the modern art museum. So, we've got the Eiffel Tower over there. And we've got our Airbnb over here. Sometimes you've got to shoot yourself.

To make it in the videos. too stuffy inside. Too stuffy. I had to just like...

I was about to tell you to get out from The Invalides station. So, I don't know if you guys have heard of Cedric Grolet? Well, he's a very well-known French chef and he expanded internationally. It was the hardest ticket to find. So, you can either book a table or...

Click and collect. Go stand in the queue to see whatever is available. Whatever is still available. For us, we did the click and collect. So, we were able to book 3 desserts and collect them today between 3 and 5.

So, basically, we paid for our desserts 2 weeks ago. That we didn't even have yet. 54 Euros. Yep. Of course, this is not an ad for Cedric, but it's just for us, for the experience. We paid for the food, so...

Of course. So, yeah. I just want to see what what Cedric Grolet is all about.

Or if he's worth all this hype he's getting. I'm sure he is. I see the font for Cedric Grolet. In the queue. So, that's the queue. But supposedly, we shouldn't be standing in queue.

Look at that queue. Oh, wow. That's it over there. So, that's what I mean by the hype. It's this hype. Right over here.

Excuse me, excuse me. Hello. Thank you. Let's go together. It's a bit cold. It's a bit cold, but it's going fast.

It's going fast. I really hope that's worth the hype. Yes.

C'est Giovanni. I feel like trying several things, actually. Everything looks good.

Everything smells good. For the two pieces of chocolate, it's 1,40 euros. Thank you. Look at this. Oh, wow. Goodbye.

Goodbye. Thank you. That smells so good. I don't mind trying something out now.

Hello, hello. Hi. This is my niece, Serena, who's going to be on YouTube for the first time with me on the channel. So, my name is Serena. I got the mic on me. So, yeah.

It's a really good time. basically, we are approaching the Eiffel Tower. I don't know. I like visiting the Eiffel Tower at night. When it's all like sparkling and gold and stuff like that.

Giovanni. Not bad at all So, we ended up eating at Iolanda. Or Iolanda. Iolanda. So, we're starting off with the tomato soup. Again, I know the lighting is horrible.

There is a flickering thing going on, I know, but what can I do? How's the soup? Creamy. Creamy? So, we ordered two tomato soup, pizza, and a garlic and oil pasta. Bon appetit.

So, this is the vanilla tart. And this is the mango tart. It's good, actually.

A burst of flavors. Yeah. With an organic taste.

Hello. So, it was finally decided on getting the small menu, which consists of one orange juice, one coffee, Julia got the American coffee, and two croissants. Typical French breakfast. Here we go. And that's the Sacré-Cœur Up there Have you seen the Sacré-Cœur? Do you know what we've been through to get here? And that's the sinking house over there And the.. The whole idea of the sinking house Its all about taking the right photo From the right angle Let's try doing this A lot of people don't know about the sinking house I guess I'll be the only one taking a photo of that building Instead of shooting the Sacré-Cœur So, what you do is this.

It's like that. You make the grass... Is this how you do it? You make the grass go like that. Yeah, no. No. More.

Wait, wait, wait. Excuse me. So, we just made it to Galerie Lafayette. Just to check the Christmas designs out. Crazy packed Galeries Lafayette So, we opted for George V for the homemade onion soup. Technically, the onion soup is made of onions, some cream, spices, and a lot of cheese.

That's the cheese that you see on top. You guys can't smell it, Nabz and I can smell it. Oh, wow. It's better than yesterday. Bonsoir, guys.

Basically, we're going for a walk at the Marais. So, basically, we got these cards and you fill them up on the Ratp app. And then you can just go in and out using this card. It's like the Oyster card in the UK. Okay. You take the card.

You scan it here. It gives you the green lights. And then you just pass. So, we're somewhere close to the Marais At Alsolito Posto I ordered a kind of spaghetti pasta with garlic and olive oil and some olives. Some fries to share. And Gio got his risotto.

So, this was… What was it called again? What should I call it? Al Solito Posto. Actually, this was one of the good, good places. Good food places I've had since we came here. And last night's dinner was good. Quick service. This counts when you're here.

Yeah. You think it's gloomy and everybody's asleep, but it seems like everybody's… Heading to work. Heading to work. Out and about. And we've got a Christmas market happening over here.

Got some crepes. I think the Christmas markets in Germany are better. Sorry, Frenchies. But I think this time last year we were in Dusseldorf and Cologne and they were way better than that. And that's the hotel.

Hello. Do you have crepes? Yes. Two crepes, Nutella, please.

Three minutes painting. He did this in three minutes? So that's the painting. And this is it.

So basically, that's George Pompidou. So we've got galleries three and four over there. We've got a coffee shop up there.

We've got the library down here. Centre Pompidou never disappoints. Good morning, guys. It's Nabz Kay On our last day in Paris. This time we went for the complete formula.

Which is a tartine, a jam, croissant, orange juice, a hot drink. And two omelettes bio coming. Coming our way. It's our last morning in Paris. We are ordering an Uber in like an hour or so.

And yeah, having our last breakfast. Champions breakfast. Now we're ready to go to our next destination. It's a bit tidied up now. Kitchen. Sitting area.

big terrace or big balcony that just stretches out all the way here. And that's our view basically. I would have liked it if our view was on the other side of the building facing the river.

And if we were a bit higher. For those time lapse videos. But it is what it is. We turned out to be on the first floor on this side of Paris. Probably already showed it before but that's the building we were staying at.

It's called Orphée. And we were on the first floor over there. Paris, done!

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