11.03 Оперативная обстановка. Вклинение в оборону врага, как военное искусство. @OlegZhdanov

11.03 Оперативная обстановка. Вклинение в оборону врага, как военное искусство. @OlegZhdanov

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Good afternoon We are from Ukraine, I am glad to welcome you on my channel and we are starting another video on the operational situation over the past day and I want to start it on such a sad note yesterday Farewell to Dmitry Ivanovich Kotsyubaev is an officer, probably a sample of Ukrainian patriotism, a young guy 26 years old is not Lived to the age of 27, died under a bang in the rank as commander of a battalion of the 67th separate mechanized brigade at the age of 19 went to the Euro Maidan from there to the Russian-Ukrainian war and since then has not left it in the twenty-second year entered the rating of 30 to 30 faces of the future from Forbes magazine the first volunteer who was awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine during his lifetime also became a Knight of the Order of the People's Hero of Ukraine we still have such a civil memorial service yesterday the farewell and funeral of this man call sign Da Vinci began the war in 14 as a platoon commander in the fifteenth was already a company commander, then he was seriously wounded when he returned to the atom after being wounded again I immediately went to the front This is his fate 26 years old Didn’t live up to his 27th birthday but nevertheless became a symbol of Ukrainian patriotism died under the bakhmut of the Donetsk region yesterday the head of intelligence of the Main Intelligence Directorate General Budanov came to the farewell ceremony was the commander-in-chief of the armed forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnoy they crossed paths, he knew Da Vinci personally, and they crossed paths back in 14-15 on the battlefields in the Donetsk region, well, and yesterday he attended a farewell farewell memorial service visited by the President of Ukraine together with the Prime Minister of Norway who was here in connection there such a sad event war takes the best But this is the price of our Independence the price of our Victory which is already looming On the horizon But we are starting another video on the operational situation over the past day and today on the calendar we have March 11, Kiev time 17 hours over the past day, the enemy launched 29 air strikes 4 rocket strikes on the Donetsk region, the occupiers also fired about 100 attacks multiple launch rocket systems have injured civilians and damaged civilian infrastructure and residential buildings the threat of missile strikes remains significant throughout Ukraine, the enemy does not leave attempts to reach the administrative border of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, the main efforts are focused on conducting offensive operations in the Limansky Bakhmutsky Avdeevsky Maryinsky and in the mining direction over the past day, our wars have repulsed more than 100 more than 100 enemy attacks in the indicated directions, that is, the pace of the offensive, or rather, not the pace of the onslaught of the offensive . literally hundreds of meters, but the onslaught of the offensive continues to be very high, they throw into battle everything that can be thrown today in the Volyn Polesye Seversky and Slobozhansky directions The operational situation without significant changes in the The formation of offensive groupings of the enemy was not detected . The enemy continues the engineering equipment of the area in the border areas of the Bryansk Kursk Region . area of ​​the site to the southern outskirts of the settlement of Dibrov slight advance of the enemy near the power line under the flint, this is a high-voltage line, the locals know what the enemy does not stop assault operations in the Bakhmud direction, our defenders repelled numerous attacks, the invaders are trying to find weak points in the defense, especially in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe oak silovka, they are putting pressure on Bogdanovka and are trying to gather forces in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe nursery for further advancement. In general, the enemy is putting pressure on the bakhmut of the North and move in terms of encircling the city Judging by the locations of the enemy, we can already state the departure of our forces from Zabakh Mutka, that is, the Eastern outskirts of the city of Bakhmut came under the control of Russian troops, and this happened, we can ascertain now, but this happened during the current week on the left bank was very risky because, in fact, the Russian occupying troops kept under fire control all the crossings across the Bakhmutka River, an attack on Vasyukovka with our troops, the enemy is repulsed trying to advance along the highway to Slavyansk But from Bakhmut, but he has no success in this advance, the enemy also continues to try to cut Khromov and In addition, pressure is increasing in the south of Bakhmut and in the south of the Bakhmut ledge, given the operational tactical position of our garrison, the defense of Bakhmut is by far the most difficult task that we have faced in this war, our forces manage to carry it out Although the enemy attracts significant forces In order to achieve at least some success here, in general, as I said, apart from insignificant advances of literally a few hundred meters in certain sectors of the Bakhmut direction, there are no other enemy successes, the front is stable, the situation is extremely difficult, but nevertheless our defense forces We are fighting and holding our positions in the Avdeevka, Maryinsky and Mining direction, the enemy has carried out unsuccessful offensive actions, local skirmishes continue on the line of contact, fierce battles are taking place south east of Avdiivka, no changes in the front line have been recorded Judging by the fact that in recent days in this segment there is practically no connection with some fighters , we can conclude that the fighting practically does not stop and people even have no time to deploy means of communication . continue That is, the situation has not changed over the past day, Russian artillery and their firepower fired at more than 30 settlements in the Kherson and Zaporozhye directions in some settlements while occupied the occupied territories of the Donetsk region Russian But the occupiers continue to put pressure on local residents, so in vladimirovka, entry is completely prohibited for citizens without registration, checkpoints are set up, local residents are prohibited from moving along the streets, that is, they organize terror on the local population, forcing them to register, and registration can only be done if they have a Russian passport, in this way they carry out compulsory passportization of the local population Well, as soon as a citizen takes a Russian passport in his hands, even under duress, they immediately begin to apply repressive measures to him already As a citizen of the Russian Federation, settlements Yasinovataya Zhdanovka harciss Amvrosievka time occupied the territory of the Donetsk region in local occupation administrations and houses of culture The so-called Russian occupation authorities organized the presentation of party cards to local collaborators of the Russian political party United Russia. After all, they do not even forget about the political component in terms of genocide and pressure in the city of Berdyansk, Zaporozhye region, as a result of fire damage by enemy units, local medical institutions are overflowing with wounded Russian invaders, in particular, all patients were discharged from the gynecological department and 30 wounded Russian soldiers were placed in the surgical and ENT departments. 80 seriously wounded invaders were placed here so here it is Berdyansk where

Berdyansk where the Front Line That is, everything up to Berdyansk, everything that could be filled has already been filled Ukrainian aviation in a day delivered 11 strikes on the concentration areas of the invaders and a blow to the positions of the enemy anti-aircraft missile system, our defenders also shot down an enemy unmanned aerial vehicle of the Orlan-10 type, a missile and artillery unit hit 5 enemy personnel concentration areas, one enemy air defense and ammunition, in just the past day, our defenders liquidated 1010 Russian occupiers comrades destroyed 10 tanks, 20 armored combat vehicles and 8 artillery systems. In addition, the enemy lost two multiple launch rocket systems, one air defense system, one operational-tactical drone for all vehicles and two units of special equipment of the defense force, the defense forces of Ukraine in the south destroyed 7 enemy boats boats of various type, the enemy equipped for outboard motors made them motorized equipped with machine guns heavy machine guns strengthened the sides and the Russian Russian invaders thus tried to get to the islands of this island in the Dnieper Delta in the Kherson region to carry out sabotage and reconnaissance activities, this their action was unsuccessful in three days of the boat and personnel This is about 20 people, as I understand it, it was the special operations forces of the Russian Federation that were completely destroyed by our special forces, that is, the special forces war continues and in this episode we won once a victory over the enemy, all seven boats were destroyed about 20 people as part of sabotage-bred groups the enemy were destroyed as of this morning in the Black Sea, there are 5 enemy ships on combat duty, among them there is only one carrier of cruise missiles, the caliber of which can reach up to about seven missiles. This is the military situation that has developed at all operational directions and on the front line from Kharkov to Kherson But we will continue the military-political situation that has developed in Ukraine and around our country and this situation In my opinion, it is worth noting the following first appeared first appeared the first draft budget of the United States of America for 2024 even though we say that there was a planned economy in Soviet communications and everything is planned by the Americans, and the market economy, for example, the United States plans even earlier, not from the middle of the year, but from the beginning of the year, so for the year 24, the draft budget of the United States of America includes $1.7 billion to support Ukraine from partner countries in the war-torn region, the United States Department of State reports this request includes 1.7 billion

to help Ukraine win the war and lay the foundation for reform and reconstruction to achieve peace and help other war-affected partners stabilize their economies and prepare for recovery says in the draft budget for sai those of the United States Department of State Well, back to our war in bakhmut from the outside, more and more harsh criticism is heard The address of the Russian government for which They are fighting is reported by the British Department of Defense in the midst of large Russian losses in this small sector, the vast majority of these losses are Wagner militants in in total, according to the estimates of the British Ministry of Defense, Russia did not suffer Russia Well, yes, in principle, we can say that Russia, the Wagner chevy, suffered losses in the Bakhmut area, which is estimated at a dash of 20-30 thousand people, that is, in the Bakhmut in the operational direction of the PMC, only dude without regular units for now these for this month of fighting for solidar and bahmud suffered such losses of about 20-30 thousand, this is an estimate of the British Ministry of Defense based on their intelligence data. Well, very interesting information comes from the Crimea there, the so-called Aksenov, who was proclaimed the head of the interim leader from the time nno of the occupied peninsula of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, at the beginning of this exactly a year ago, he said that he made a statement in the press in Krymskaya that nothing threatens Crimea, everything is fine, the season will be touristy. So, he still hoped that Kiev would be taken in three days, but now it came out His article came out exactly the opposite, and today he says that the construction of defensive lines in the Crimea is proceeding according to the plan, and what we discussed there yesterday, let’s say the day before yesterday that they are digging trenches along the sea coast, by the way Well, utter stupidity because the trenches are bulk and there Sandy soil is Feast is rain and storms and storms will wash everything away, and the trenches themselves, in order for them to somehow stay inside, they try to sheathe them with wooden shields and thus save them, in fact, this is drowning money in the sea. Well, this is very good. Let them have a lot of money

. anything so long as this money does not go to ammunition and the maintenance of Russian troops Let them spend By the way, they started and build a defensive line in the narrowest place of the Kerch peninsula, thus trying to apparently close the Crimean bridge or protect the Crimean bridge Well, I say it again Let it build, apparently there is nothing else to do anyway Crimea will be completely liberated in another way, we won’t tell at all in advance there will be a surprise, but the liberation of the Crimea will look completely different. So let three of them, how did this certain Aksenov himself say that if these defensive lines are not needed, this gentleman said , they will be used for tourism purposes here we will take tourists there and show how the Russian occupiers tried to keep the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea . The head of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, not the prime minister, the head of the Norwegian Ministry of Defense , came to us on a visit to Kiev on Friday , and he brought without gifts no one comes everyone who comes to Kiev they come to Kiev today, this is already bad manners in modern politics, even when I said about it what was left. Probably only CD pineo to come to Kiev and there some attacked me.

As I understand it, bots in the sense that who are you so that the CDP does not come to you, yes, this is a friend of Russia, and so on, but now it sounds from the lips of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, more precisely through the minis The Foreign Affairs Council of Canada called that Xi Jinping wants to meet and talk with Vladimir Zelensky with the President of Ukraine, we understand, in principle, it is clear that this Russian narrative is being pushed through in terms of the negotiation process, because the world is peace in exchange for the territory of China of the other, we already sort of understand what will China offer that peace in exchange for territory And then, having acted as the Great peacekeepers in this war, China thus hopes to divert attention and smooth the situation around Taiwan, although the situation there is developing Quite interesting and, in principle, the United States still needs to hold out for two years, two years it is necessary to keep Taiwan regardless of the situation or in the state of Independence from China And already in 26, even in 25, I think that the United States will perfectly and calmly agree that Taiwan comes under full political control no one claims China's territorial integrity under political control Beijing for e there is an economic justification But more on that some other time What kind of justification exists so the Minister of Defense of Norway brought us a gift two air defense systems on He himself said that the Norwegian authorities in cooperation with the United States of America will send Ukraine two more systems in the Sans Well, we know this medium-range system up to 40 km, the range works very well. The only thing that cannot fight ballistic missiles theoretically can, but this requires satellite reconnaissance, but we are waiting for patriots who need this gap with ballistics with ballistic missiles in our Pro system close also Norway will teach the Ukrainian military how to use this system, that is, Norway also undertakes to train the calculations of the complexes for sams, and as I understand it, we will receive these complexes already together with the prepared calculations Although if you remember, I will remind Who else wants to enroll in courses here on these systems irists n and the Air Force of Ukraine itself, the command of the Air Force of Ukraine announced the recruitment of those wishing to recruit Volunteers for training and further service under a contract on these air defense systems such as sams or t, as well as other Finnish Prime Minister san-marine writes ready to discuss sending Finnish fighters to Ukraine those that today they will be preparing for withdrawal from the armed forces or the Finnish Air Force Why Because the Finns bought the f-35 and as soon as deliveries of 35-35 begin, they will begin this year Finland is ready to transfer to us their old fighters that are now in As part of the Finnish Air Force, another country can also throw us which fighters. Well, we need to look until the modification was specifically called. Also, the British Prime Minister Rishi bags met with French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris and they made a joint statement in which they announced that we agreed train Ukrainian Marines ev that he could help Ukraine create a decisive advantage on the battlefield and win this war, said the prime minister of Great Britain, solve the problem during a meeting with the president of France, we call the macron in Paris also interesting news The UK initiated the transfer of about 90 percent of their ammunition stocks to Ukraine and offered to do the same to the partner countries. The participating countries of the Rammstein meeting Brussels supported the UK's initiative and said that Brussels Well, in different ways, different media give Brussels is ready to allocate a slightly different figure from 1 billion to 5 billion euros as compensation to countries that will give up to 90 percent of their ammunition to Ukraine, starting from small arms to artillery and aviation ammunition, and they will compensate for a very interesting mechanism, they will compensate for the cost of these ammunition they compensate for the development of the production of ammunition, that is, they encourage countries to start machine tools, organize new production or expand existing production. And this will create jobs and start intensive production of ammunition at the same time at the expense of Because of this, they completely renew their stocks of ammunition and can increase it, but now both Brussels, the European Union and the UK are calling on all partner countries that take part in supporting Ukraine to give Ukraine 9 to 90 percent of their ammunition stocks, which we urgently need ammunition, you understand that there is always tension Well, let's hope that, in principle, it will be so in any case. The UK is

already doing this, they are the first and Brussels, the leadership of the European Union supported this in such a context as I told you further Lukashenka signed a decree on conscripting reserve officers for military service Well, everyone tensed mobilization of Belarus But no it’s not mobilization that just calls for 230 people, mainly the Border Guard Service and partly and partly the armed forces, as I understand it, the problem has become in the officer corps, apparently apparently connections in Ukraine and due to the fact that the Belarusians have seen enough of these horrors of the war that they saw Russian there troops popularity popularity military educational institutions has fallen sharply among the Belarusian public, so Lukashenka is forced to call up reserve officers for military service in order to close vacancies. border service or the border troops of Belarus, they have troops with us Well, the cherry on the cake of today for the road is great news, it happened two days ago on the night of March 10 to March 10, just right after the end of the birthday of Taras Grigoryevich Shevchenko Well, probably this can be tied The partisans showed up for a long time, we haven’t heard about the Legion of Freedom of Russia, and now this Legion appeared, and so the Partisans set fire to the Su-27 fighter of the 22nd valuable regiment of the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation, which is based near Vladivostok at the airfield, they set fire to this military regime facility And by the way they posted a video of how this one flares up exterminate spruce Well, it’s clear that the plane was disabled after the fire, it’s unlikely that it will be possible to restore it only if it is scrapped. This is such a work of Partizan. I hope the Russian authorities do not hang this on us and add it to the very list that I invited yesterday and we discussed it with you, you even added some points there, this is not Ukraine, we have nothing to do with this. This is your partisan movement, the Legion of Freedom of Russia, which is fighting the Putin regime, this is how they fight by the way. In the summer, in my opinion, if memory serves, this Legion took took responsibility for violating the movement of trains on the transsi mainline then the delay was large delays several trains stopped altogether as a result of damage to the equipment of the railway the FSB began an investigation into this fact So well, good luck to the legion free Freedom of Russia Let it free Russia from the tyrant from fascism and fight with this Russian fascism that Putin planted the most in th The worst thing about the Russians ’ traps is that the Russians always boasted, they said they themselves said that their chromosome gene is one more chromosome than they differ Well, apparently it is at the genetic level, this fascism and atrocities, they are this chromosome to them and gives them it must probably be removed these are the military-political news that took place over the past day in Ukraine and around our country, on this we finish the first section of our video, I traditionally pause Here I invite those who are not subscribed to subscribe to my channel put click on the bell so that you notifications of fresh videos came and you watched them in the original on my channel like this video if you like it then as many people as possible can see it, this is how YouTube algorithms work Well, after a while we will continue and we will continue as usual by tradition, these are the answers to the questions that you asked in the previous video and the first question of today will be the following. Please tell me how it turns out that mine shells still remain in our Nikolaev region.

work car blew up and the mine driver subsequently died in the hospital there were other similar cases, fortunately without death How many such death traps can remain in our land after mine clearing unpredictably many remember How many such death traps we find to this day we find in the earth since the Second World War the greatest regret it is impossible to carry out one hundred percent demining now this work will continue all the time and this is work for not a single generation of our citizens Yes we will carry out comprehensive demining Yes we will try to remove the maximum but still no one can give a one hundred percent guarantee and one or two shells can always remain in the ground mines that then, under some circumstances, from the vibration of the engine of the car from some kind of mechanical impact from corrosion, which will corrode the fuse of this projectile that did not explode, can explode, can work, can explode and can take lives, remember the experience of the Second World War how much we found constantly found ammunition even entire ammunition depots there, it’s not in the sense of warehouses that hangars, but let’s say niches with ammunition where artillery was located or where tanks were based, how many such post-war ones were found in the post-war period, this is what war is terrible for its unpredictability from its duration because each unexploded mine is the echo of that old war, such a grief the Russian Federation brought us to our territory and now we have to live with this question for you as an artilleryman there is such a concept the military has to tie artillery in battle how it happens in battle and by what means Thank you for the information Well, you surprised me a little because for the first time I hear such an expression to tie up artillery in battle There is an expression to get involved in battle and this expression refers to combined arms units but not artillery, see artillery is not independently combat operations artillery provides combat operations And supports artillery can be life - full-time and dowry regular full-time artillery, it provides combat operations, that is, it performs tasks in the interests of the unit in which, for example, a mechanized brigade or tank brigade is located, and artillery of a senior commander can be attached or can be assigned as supporting the difference between attached and supporting attached artillery also performs like a regular Task In the interests of the unit to which it was assigned from the senior commander, and supporting artillery, if possible, can perform tasks in the interests of the unit that it supports . here, using the example of the Kharkov operation, we broke through the enemy defenses with mobile groups; here, with the help of artillery, artillery provided firing corridors and we introduced mobile mobile groups into these firing corridors with highly maneuverable mobile groups s and the task of these groups was not to get involved in the battle, but to sow panic and chaos among the enemy as much as possible, that is, how much we fire at the enemy, and these attacks were not carried out from different flanks creating the illusion of complete encirclement, that is, they broke through into the defense group entered from one flank, then they entered from the rear, then they entered from the other flank and the enemy had the impression that they were surrounded and their task was not to get involved in a battle with this enemy And then they created this chaos and go further And the next second echelon which followed these mobile groups He was already smashing heavy weapons with the help of artillery, tanks were also pulled up by the armor of the vehicle, they were already starting to smash it to pass or the enemy turned to flight, which was more than 80 percent, it was that the enemy abandoned the equipment, turned the flight, so the Kharkov pen passed, here there is no idea get involved in battle Because if the mobile groups at the very first supporters of the Russian invaders got involved in the battle, they would not go anywhere else, that's what it means to get involved in the battle and get into the artillery in battle, well, there is no such thing as artillery It always supports combined arms units tank infantry landing units if the landing goes on a raid if special forces z goes on a raid, then artillery units can be indulged, which, at the first whistle, on the first call of these units, open fire and these same units direct our artillery at those objects that they need for the artillery to hit. Therefore, here are the concepts of not getting involved in battle or, on the contrary, getting involved in battle here Intelligence it is carried out in battle How is the main task with small forces, let's say up to a company to a platoon, to start a fight As much as possible by enemy forces, that is, to force the opponents to hide their defenses, you show all your firepower This is called getting involved in a battle; maneuver strikes and go further into raid actions. How was the task set for these units, you said that all information about the target is entered into the air-launched missile on the ground not in flight if the pilots are held accountable in the tribunal after the war for the destruction of civilian objects, can they to excuse themselves by saying that they didn’t know where they were shooting, that we didn’t enter the coordinates of the target, no, they can’t say this because in the flight task everything is indicated to them, everything is indicated to them, including And the target areas on which they will launch launches, why is this indicated because they must accurately go to the area of ​​​​dropping or launching missiles and lie on the correct course they launch crayfish they gain Echelon altitude fall on the course and As soon as they enter that square, because everything is Calculated Where the route begins and where it ends task So it’s impossible to get away with it for these pilots either. So they will bear criminal liability as war criminals. Why Because most of the objects for cruise missiles, 90 percent of objects of destruction for cruise missiles are civilian objects that have nothing to do with the military.

Good evening, I’m listening to you from montreal canada question how do you get how do you get so fast about the number of buried fascists a good expression of who and how it is [ __ ] counts And who gives information Thank you and Glory to Ukraine I have already explained the system works as follows each commander at the end of a military clash fills out a combat log where he briefly outlines the essence of the battle How long it lasted and what losses our units suffered what losses the enemy suffered, the fighters all see when there is a contact battle they see where our artillery hits where our tanks hit how many fighters they put can be seen on the battlefield all this can be seen all this is understandable plus or minus of course it's not exactly it's not with accurate to one person no There is an error, but these commanders, collecting this combat report, the final one based on the results of combat more than clashes or hostilities, they submit to a higher commander, and if, let's say, a combat report is served twice a day, here we are the general staff twice a day publishes an operational summary at 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. Naturally, the materials all converge in the general staff and they are stage by stage in the brigade, they are summarized and summed up for the brigade in the operational command for the operational command in the general staff for the armed forces of Ukraine as a result, we are with you at 6 o’clock a summary at 6 o’clock in the morning we see that this is That the number of losses of estimated losses is always underlined, the estimated losses are issued by the general staff and we naturally focus on this figure, but information is constantly collected at least twice a day, by the way, in the first months of the war, I remind you that we had a combat report from the general staff published 4 times a day Every 6 o'clock at 6 o'clock in the morning at 12 o'clock in the afternoon at 6 o'clock in the evening at midnight and so on And this went on somewhere almost until the summer, then in the summer they switched to two-time information, I think that the general staff also had everything left every 4-6 hours there is information about it comes from all units about the course of hostilities Good evening question Please explain how the army is deployed in stages Thank you I only watch your channel watch it all depends on whether the army is deployed in stages or not in stages if there is a military threat as it will say Let's say the law on the defense of Ukraine Yes, if a direct threat is identified there, the accumulation of howl ck the enemy, in theory, here we were When the troops of the Russian troops began to accumulate on our border, we had to introduce a special period declare a state of emergency introduce a special period and begin the phased deployment of troops What is the phased deployment of troops is when the mobilization reserve is called up Moby will be the org-core on the basis of which then deploys personnel reception points, then comes the first-stage mob reserve. That is, it could be the queue that fills vacancies in existing or deployed units and deploys them to the wartime state, then the second-stage mob reserve is already on he calls upon him and he forms either units that are deployed in the war, or units of a reduced strength or cropped units, if any, in the armed forces and, accordingly, they are already and they begin training . Anation happens at the training ground, begins training and conducts combat smoothing, and then comes the third stage, which already forms the reserves of the army itself to make up for losses to form reserve units and subunits like this in three stages But this is the first And then it continues, let’s say the special period ends, that is, the country is being transferred to a military footing, both economically and militarily, let's say the army has deployed units of constant readiness plus units of the first reserve and reserve units of the first stage of the operational reserve and the operational reserve at the training grounds 1 2nd line is already in the areas of combat mission, that is, in the operational areas it comes out moving forward here the economy has been transferred to a war footing everything for the principle everything for the front everything for the Victory then the special period ends the military martial law is declared and with the first shot a state of war is declared this is how the scheme should work for us all we didn’t have a special period we immediately declared or martial law, which provides for general mobilization, began the deployment of the army We didn’t have any stages, we just deployed due to the mobilization of the military registration and enlistment office, we tried to sort out the recruiting center first to call up the first line of the operational reserve Because these people are assigned to the units, then they already called up everyone else for the newly formed units plus, according to the new law, we immediately formed territorial defense, therefore, to say that we are not in stages. But in principle, during the planned preparation for war, I told you in stages at least three stages . the country's defense forces because in this case the headquarters of the supreme commander is created and everything is subordinate and the economy and the military and all power structures are subordinate to the supreme commander in chief the president becomes the supreme commander and through the headquarters manages the defense preparations for defense and after good evening I have a question We have been building a powerful line of defense in the Sva zone for 8 years, the Russian Federation is conducting our own line is not pierced But on the other hand, they also built a similar line of defense, what will it cost us to break through this line when the liberation of these regions goes to come to the former line or something or ooo how will we overcome it, we can’t afford to throw meat on this line of mannernheim like this the fact is that there is not much on the other side. The fact is that the Russian Russian occupation troops have been preparing for an offensive for only 8 years and the defensive structures there are not as powerful as ours. We built three lines of defense for 8 years and Yes, there really are sections where

it holds up so far, but on the other hand, there are sections where they have long since left this line and during the hostilities these lines have undergone quite serious destruction, so we will not storm in the forehead, we will find a weak spot and go around this line or where In the weak spot beyond the account of firepower will simply ensure a breakthrough of this line And then it will be and then there will be the introduction of a grouping of troops Well, it’s still not a fact, let’s say if we go from the Lugansk region and move along the border from Lugansk to Donetsk, then Which line of defense will we go along the line of defense, there are a million ways. But the most important thing is that the Russian occupation troops have not been preparing for all eight years they were temporary Yes, they equipped positions there but not as powerful as they did. We have been for 8 years, so there you just need to choose places where it is weaker and overcome it there. Do you think that if the Russian Federation has the opportunity to destroy bridges across the Dnieper, this could do huge difficulties with logistics to the front, so here, by the way, two comments as an answer, I will read them out later, I will comment on them, they write to you in response Well, what do you think if the Russian Federation grumbles about the supply of Western weapons but still has not destroyed the logistics routes, they have the opportunity and look at the dates of the construction of bridges there, the margin of safety is colossal; this was laid down during the project In order to guarantee the construction of a bridge, it is possible only by blowing up at least one support, but the bridges across the Dnieper were made based on future wars and you can take the bridge out of the chat with a nuclear warhead or a dozen powerful order there are 3 tons of air booms that should hit exactly the support. So let them stand in partially you are right even to a greater extent, you are right that the margin of safety of bridges is just a colossus in the Soviet Union, by the way, for the construction of bridges, I’ll immediately say that the so-called bridge concrete of grade 600 was used 100 Builders I don’t know Everyone knows what brand 500 is, everyone knows what brand 400 is Well, who faced with the construction site though if a shed was built on a site in a country house, then you know, yes, and so the bridges were built from bridge concrete, by the way, objects of strategic missile forces, for example, silo launchers, were also built from the same concrete grade 600, for example, silo launchers. this time and

it is saturated with a hydrophobic composition And when it starts trying to destroy it, it has such a bluish tint in the middle when they start to hammer it there with jackhammers and, accordingly, Well, it’s very We once at one at one facility one building built again for the needs of the Strategic Missile Forces when it was no longer needed, it was converted to another purpose and there were straight steps and for architecture, for the beauty of architecture, they decided to make these steps semicircular. That is, to round the edges, the builders cursed everything in the world, because in order to cut down these steps with jackhammers, this compressor threshed there from morning to evening and they spat on us chopped these steps. This is the strength of concrete This is the first moment second moment you look at the coefficient of circular deflection of missiles imagine getting into the Bridge which is 10 meters wide there at a coefficient of 300 meters a rocket x22 a ton of explosives It would seem how many missiles are needed to get into the bridge plus even if Okay we take a rocket there a dagger half a ton of explosives Well a little less there Over 400 kilograms of explosives are overcome t all systems about 20 meters, the coefficient of circular deviation hit well. She remembers the Antonov bridge in the bridge How many holes were in the bridge, we fired more than 100 shells from Heim s over the bridge and the span did not fall. That's the same thing here Well, well, dolbaite How did the Russian Federation they are Russian occupiers, how they put sheet iron 20 millimeters thick there and drove, therefore, this bridge was used for this iron . hit exactly in the middle of the span By the way, as it happened on the Crimean bridge, a powerful charge exactly in the middle of the span and into the support and into the bridge span the middle of the span the span collapsed broke And two spans fell into the support, here's a vivid example for you work and, accordingly, a charge is needed, so the idea is an idea But let's get into the territory of an electrical substation Where are the transformers, this is With such an arrangement With such a deviation of the missiles from the calculated point Yes, and the transformer is vulnerable because enough fragments do not need to fall directly into the transformer, there are enough fragments that will pierce the shirt cooling, oil will flow out and all t the transformer itself will fail from overheating Fragments of wire fragments apiary insulators here you have destruction for you therefore Russia For area targets Russia can be under point targets for objects in Russia there can’t be a super-duper army in the world and they didn’t bother to make high-precision weapons plus- minus 20 meters is not a high-precision weapon. Here,

plus or minus a meter or plus or minus a maximum of 3 meters, this high-precision weapon already set the power supply chain dekaras scarlet type of behavior was, but according to the bachev, it was set by bachev, why are these ships upset that they went into the water area, ships are not rejected there now stand in ports and is also located on the rivers of the Volgodon Canal [ __ ] ships in those points do not adore for thunderstorms Because because they cannot use their weapons, it is either not enough range or there is no possibility of its use That's all you look like a ship a ship in he is mooring in the bay and they are doing maintenance there in order to open fire from their means they need you go at least to the port raid outside the port gates from the port territory, they cannot fire, and as we say, we say that in a combat society, that is, in the Black Sea, there are ships that are on high alert and at any moment They can begin to carry out combat mission, that is, launch a rocket launch a torpedo drop a depth charge there Open fire from naval artillery repel an air attack by air defense means, that is, the ship is in combat readiness, it is on combat duty, therefore it is considered as a combat unit when the ship arrives in the bay It moored its degree of combat readiness is constant and in order to bring it into a combat state, it takes time. Therefore, these ships that are in permanent deployment points are not considered as a direct military threat, they are considered in the general combat potential of the enemy troops, but as a direct threat to us, they do not pose them for this it takes time that's when they go out into the waters of the sea with they will go on combat duty then we will consider them as a real military threat advancing ob rgo defense food plague crossed rkg-3 grenade this is a hand cumulative grenade for fighting with prefabricated equipment the block is just right for your appearance Look at the fact that the grenade first of all these grenades are very few hand cumulative grenades this is the first these are still old Soviet grenades and secondly, this grenade weighs a kilogram, the carrying capacity of drones is very limited. What do you think, let's say the Wok weighs 290 grams, this same rgm or rgo weighs there, too, somewhere around 300 grams. So what do you think, plus or minus, so you think

it's better to take three grenades of God or one grenade for a cumulative anti-tank grenade I think that three grenades of God are better. Moreover, drones do not hunt for equipment on there is a field of battle where there is someone to fight with this technique there is a tour crew there is anti-tank artillery there is just artillery that is fighting enemy armored targets And when they leave the combat zone it opens the hatch in order to ventilate and rest enough of God, look at all the blocks that fall, the tanks are burning perfectly, the infantry fighting vehicles are on fire from the Vova’s rupture in the middle of the tank, even if the tank did not catch fire, but believe me, inside the filling, the sight levels, the wiring is all to smithereens from God alone, this is quite enough to disable this tank or the infantry fighting vehicle or an armored personnel carrier, that's why it's better to hang an alarm than one cumulative grenade. Moreover, we have a shortage of cumulative grenades with ergenk vogs offensive grenades of problems Today, thank God no hello, I would like to know if Germany plans to build a tank plant on our territory, then why don't we build own factories on the territory of the allied countries The fact is that why should we invest in a foreign economy we have a problem with our economy we need to increase the gross domestic product in order to grow the Germans do not want to invest someone else's money to our country, of course, you understand that our workers will work at this plant that this plant will create jobs people will get jobs people will receive salaries and people will produce equipment that will transfer part of the money to the state budget and we Our economy will grow And the economy is growing that the well-being or standard of living of the population, therefore, Why should we build if they want to build with us, thank God Let me have three and food, break through our visas and enter the Klyn to Mariupol Yak, the situation in Donetsk and Luhansk can change withdraw the entire caste to Crimea, that they were thrown over to Donetsk Luhansk There, and so your situation with Ura hovanie visas to Crimea, it’s more like an hour in an hour, but look, you probably don’t look at the map The fact is that if we go to the Azov coast, then there’s no transfer of troops from the Crimea to the Donetsk direction of speech can not be because today the Crimean bridge does not work on St. of its carrying capacity, that

is, the echelon of equipment , cars cannot pass over the bridge there, grasses with tanks cannot pass over the bridge; the automobile part is damaged. and then with tamanya to load on the echelons to lead to this very somewhere to Rostov from Rostov-on-Donetsk kindergarten Krug until these troops are transferred, the war will end with this and why the Russians are so afraid Why are they gathering troops near Melitopol near Berdyansk near Mariupol because they are afraid of being trapped, the one who does not leave the Crimea before the start of the counteroffensive of our troops, all that falls into a trap, especially in the Crimea, therefore, there is nothing about it on the contrary. They will have to be Russian in this case, the Russian command will have to withdraw troops from the Lugansk Donetsk direction in order to prevent our troops from breaking through to the Azov coast, and if they start to remove troops from the Donetsk direction, then we will go on the offensive against the Donbass. That is, the Russians have a swing, it turns out we caught them in this regard, even 400 thousand is not enough to balance the front line for a thousand kilometers. 400 thousand these are not the troops that can balance the front today if we start a counteroffensive in one operational direction , the Russian Russians will have to pull troops from other directions. That's all

this is the main thing. all kirdyk they will have nothing to defend themselves with, they will rush from one direction to another, they will leave Donetsk, we will start There they will return to Donetsk, we will continue on Zaporozhye . there will be no exit from the Crimea, but the way out of the Crimea through perekopsk on yuda to the Kherson region Well, it won’t be any more on February 24, 22. We’ll already put them on Perekop there and put them with our firing even remote non-combat means, the second entry into Ukraine already on the mainland of Ukraine from the Ukrainian Crimea will no longer take place more for the phrase 6 more Missile force dyaku They just didn’t hit, they fell anywhere. That’s all, that’s it and the whole phrase, if the rocket doesn’t reach the target, it means it either missed the target for some reason, the weather conditions were crooked in the coordinates of the target , or it was shot down or damaged by air defense and could not hit the target that she was flying. That's what the missiles mean, forces are beyond the reach of such an expression. Well, what are

we on this, probably the second part of our video with you, these are the answers to your questions, and we have one more part of the video left comments wishes and greetings that you sent and the first comment of today will be the following about Oleg Vladimirovich yesterday Prytula published a photo from the people's companion Yak there identify whether the equipment and skilks of equipment for a wild photo choke on his social margin for 9.03 Well, you see, I answer I continue to answer your question Yes, our people's companion here Prytula published everything So Go to him Go look thank God Hello I’m your constant listener from Nizhny Novgorod, I want to supplement yesterday’s comment that the Russians are the most angry people, unfortunately. The bitter truth is angry, envious, stubborn, lazy, for the most part, not thinking and stupid, now this is especially noticeable. Yes, we notice that there are boundaries since 91 that everyone has established and signed after the collapse of the USSR Crimea is Ukraine no referendums the Ukrainian territory as a whole belongs to the state of Ukraine and the entire Ukrainian people And we all who live on it are temporary residents renters of land and housing within the state of Ukraine, there can’t even be a question, but divisions of branches of accession to the Ukrainian land was and will be according to the law of the people of God who said cursed is everything that violates the boundary of his neighbor like this, even the words from I understand the Holy Scriptures tire panal I know that in the transformer artist on the Internet about such transformers, Russia hits rockets not skin-rocket insoles can something that's up to April 2 3 lessons for a 330 kilovolt pikstation from zhalyk in the Odessa region should be supplied by two autotransformers Well, here the brand of its production Zaporizhia-transformer is indicated for 74.4 million hryvnias each, that is, the transformer is 2 million a little less than two million dollars at today's rate of almost 2 million 74 million Well, yes, it’s also an expensive pleasure, all the good ones. And you didn’t say anything to the zaharka. And we move to make the water that felled,

and the good lion. Glory to Ukraine, why didn’t I say on the same day when the shelling was answered more precisely the next day I answered the question about 15 missiles there was a question. If there was a Patriot, how many missiles would fly to Kharkov, I know very well what a difficult situation in Kharkov and Kharkov is not a strange city for me, my roots are from there and I perfectly understand what it is like sitting without light near Kiev, too. There is often no light it didn’t happen, thank God, now I know that But he knows for sure that on Friday, in my opinion, for the first time in a year of this war, you had an no street lighting and Kharkiv it remains to be illuminated in the evening it is possible Ukraine and Slava and Volya virim the brothers of the Cossacks Our vilno share to perish our expression I am beauty in the sun Ukrainians will sing with their supporter words from the anthem of Ukraine and Shevchenko we are 100 whistling dyakuyu great and let's say This is exactly from Kazakhstan the fool installed Pershius Viti monument to Shevchenko e-version something once Grigorievich mavzazhinka Miss whole mausoleum with Mr. noble family Wow you even see such information

Thank you for the information Glory to Ukraine We are waiting with the armor of the forces of Ukraine Greetings from the Bryansk Free Republic but we can only give you help morally I don’t think that Ukraine will cross the armed forces of Ukraine will cross the border of state Ukraine we will not invade the territory but help the resistance movement Why not Dear Oleg I wrote to you before that Georgia is for Ukraine if you saw the footage of our protests you would notice and Ukrainian flags Yes, I saw Yes, except for your government and besides our government and the incomprehensible formations that joined them, the whole of Georgia is rooting for you every day following the Ukrainian news thousands of Georgians are fighting in your ranks First round we won against the pro-Putin government and when we finally finish them off later and our help will grow in order And thank you for the daily information for objectivity Glory to Ukraine God bless you Ukraine Perry may Glory to Ukraine and the armed forces of Ukraine Greetings from Canada no longer surprise anyone with terror with Russian side of the whole Philosophy of life and the need to realize imperial ambitions around the world Horror like Locusts Yes, in this respect you are right Hello today on March 10, Russian planes flew over Crimea Like flies over shit, I spent almost the whole day on the market in Simferopol and noticed that many paid attention to something that didn’t fly too far Greetings from the temporarily occupied Crimea Glory to Ukraine they are afraid they are afraid therefore they fly in the village of krinichnoe that in Makeevka, Donetsk region, the military unit that arrived, mainly from Dagestan, also settled in the homes of the local population, the entire village is practically occupied by them, there is also a lot of equipment Hello coalition in Turkey was restored after we rastambula and ankara supported the number and after the victory they will take the places of vice presidents Glory to Ukraine Well then Turkey has good chances for democratization and for a better future than which in my opinion Erdogan offers them dictatorship and Refusal from the secular state , thanks from the residents of Mariupol, often mentioned in issues of Mariupol Ukraine Yes, Mariupol is a hero city and I think that after the war we will pay tribute to both the defender of Mariupol and the city itself that it held out for so long and stood against the fascist Russian fascists Oleg thanks Finally, I finally got it indeed, in order to hit the flank of the troops that have broken through, the enemy needs a good grouping . But it doesn’t exist, as you say, by the way, in connection with this, I looked at what the Germans had in the area of ​​​​the Barvenkovsky ledge in 1942 And how such a grandiose encirclement turned out. Slavyansk Kramatorsk already the whole first Tank Army of the group to the leist slashed to the north and cut off everything from the balakleys towards it, too, considerable forces helped the scales there, of course, there were others, but in proportion everything is so Putin will have nothing to hit on the flanks Well, on such a positive note with such a comment Thank you for the historical comparison, we will end with you today's video I thank you Thank you for your time for watching Until this moment, once again I invite you to subscribe who has not yet subscribed to my channel do not pass by put a bell to receive notifications of fresh videos on my channel Like this video and then it will be seen as as many people as possible Many thanks to the sponsors and those who support my channel, well, we will continue to believe in the armor of the Ukrainian forces behind us Glory to Ukraine

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