1000CC Insane Buggy and Hammer Desert Safari to Burj Khalifa Fireworks S06 EP.100 | MIDDLE EAST

1000CC Insane Buggy and Hammer Desert Safari to Burj Khalifa Fireworks  S06 EP.100 | MIDDLE EAST

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Man... This is amazing. Assalam Alekum Everyone and Welcome Back to the Channel from ... I'll share my exact location in a while. But before that, you must be wondering why I'm dressed like an Emirati. I just wanted to embrace the local culture.

I did have this idea in my mind. However, I hope you remember Osama from my video of Burj Khalifa. He called me a couple of days back and told me that he was getting this Emirati dress stitched for himself.

It's called Kandura. And he offered to get a kandura stitched for me as well. I don't remember the exact name of that tailor.

But I did take a few pictures of the shop for you. They were nice people so I told them that I'll put their link in the description. That brings us to our current location. Today we are here for desert safari.

We are in Hatta and this area is called Lahbab. We have another Arab friend with us, Haseeb. Our goal is to have the full Arab experience today. I haven't done desert safari before. What about you? Many times but I haven't ridden a buggy before. Today we'll show you the desert safari.

It will include buggies and land cruisers. You'll get to see all of that in this vlog. The number of people here suggests that there is some sort of a festival here. I expected to see fewer people. It's not what we see in videos.

Looks like as if the whole Dubai is here. How are you, Sir? I'm good. Thank you. How are you? We can just call it a festival.

And over there is where you rent your buggy. There are quad bikes and buggies. Let me show you the area where people are riding quad bikes. The weather is really good; really enjoyable.

What are these? They just let you hold the bird. Only to let us hold the bird for the picture? Yeah. No thanks. Over here, there are buggies.... But they are quite powerful for sure.

Please close it sir. We are going for the buggy ride now. We were not able to close the back door properly. Just a second. That's Javed. Thank you so much.

Good Lord... I have with me.... I think we might not be able to speak properly. He is quite a dangerous driver. We are sitting with Sameer.

We have Rizwan and Haseeb at the back. And we are off to... The way we have fastened our seat belts... Shall we be able to come back unharmed? In Sha Allah... Definitely.

We have a daring driver. It's your first time Abrar... you have to bear it. We'll try. Our ride will start on a buggy. Is this how you normally drive, Sameer? We are now on a small buggy.

Actually we just took to get some photos but it's quite fun to ride it. We need to move it to P... or is it H? How does it move, man...?

Is it already in the mode? Is it in H? It's moving, right? Good Lord... Keep the camera straight. It's much more fun when you ride it yourself. Oops...

I can't see what's in front. We better capture some views from the front. Oops It's gonna trip... By the end of today, we'll be expert safari drivers. It gets scary when you get to a sand dune where you can't see ahead. This is really awesome.

I'm loving this ride. Man... this is something amazing. I'm used to 310 cc but this one just runs as soon as you press the button. Once you get over the fear, it becomes really enjoyable.

I'm sorry but it kept on shaking violently. You almost had it. Does it go backwards? Will you take it from here? This is our hummer. So we've not been given a land cruiser. We are given extra protocol. We are gonna ride this hummer.

Once again our driver is Sameer who is a real adventure rider. Bismillah... In the name of Allah... You were trained by Dubai government? Yes. You drive it really well. We enjoyed your driving. But it's more fun when you drive it yourself.

If you get a chance to drive the buggy, please go ahead. That's my recommendation. Fastening your seat belts is a must. Dont risk it with our daredevil driver.

How long is this ride gonna be? 15 to 20 minutes. 15 to 20 minutes... okay. Is there any difference between a hummer and a land cruiser? A lot of difference. A land cruiser is more likely to flip over. More likely to flip over...

Yeah. On the contrary, a hummer weighs about 4 tons itself. Alright So you mean there have been such instances? Yes. But I hope the tourists don't get injured. With a seat belt, no.

Also there's protection above. Yes. In case you hit the roof, there's padding up there to protect you. The roof has its own safety mechanism.

It doesn't get pressed. May Allah keep us all safe. We better recite the prayer for safety.

So how far are we supposed to go from here? You don't do it in this area? This is just to cross the area. We are going to the other side. The dunes there are the same size as here or bigger? Bigger. We are gonna ride on bigger dunes. Would love to have some coconut.

But we don't want to eat too much. Don't wanna throw up. Not having a really full stomach is very important. They are decreasing air pressure from tires which is a rule for desert driving.

And you can see that some coconuts are being cut for us. Where are you from? India. Kerala. Are they fresh? And where are these coconuts from? Sri Lanka. So we are gonna try some coconut water from Sri Lankan coconuts. Thank you very much. Nice.

No worries. We'll take care of the camera. He offered to hold the camera for us. Make Inam wear it.

Because we are already in the Emirati gear. It stops sand from getting into your hair. They are extracting cream from coconut. Is it naturally in there or do you somehow make it? Taste it. I haven't tried it before. Let's try it now.

Delicious. We just throw it away normally. But it's too good. I'm gonna use a knife to get it out next time. I'm gonna have some more.

They are Mustafa and Ibrahim. They are the ones who gave us fresh coconuts. Thank you very much, guys. Let's get back in the hummer. Let's take you back to the desert. We can already see the dunes from this side of the desert. I think they will enter from this side.

The Kandura can be a little uncomfortable at times. Because you can't take big steps while walking. The way we are used to. Better to be careful.

So our ride is now starting. Don't get too hard on us Sameer. You must have driven with many Punjabis before? Yep. They must be screaming loudly. That's why I'm saying this. Please be considerate with us. It's fun you drive it yourself.

But when you are sitting with someone, you are always scared of falling. But Allah will definitely take care of everything. This desert is really beautiful. These people are waiting for sunset. I think we are going to those dunes in the distance. I mean, take a look yourself... Beautiful.

Drones are not allowed here. Otherwise, I would have captured some great shots. Sand went into my ear.

We have kept the window open so that we can record our video. Otherwise, with a closed window, there won't be any sand coming in. I'm afraid this video is gonna be really shaky. It's gonna be a test for our GoPro to see how much it controls the shaky movement. Let's stop here. The views in the desert are worth all the effort.

Should we get off? Sure. Wow.... Just take a look. Extremely beautiful. Simply awesome At the moment... You can say... There must be 300 to 400 cars in the desert for sure.

Enjoying themselves on different sand dunes. Enjoying sunset... Roaming around in the sand...

Personally... for the thrill... I mean, as someone, who really wants to feel the true sense of adventure. Those buggies were the best option. When you are driving it yourself... with full freedom to do anything with it that you want. And there's no fear of getting hurt with all the protective gear and seat belts.

The land cruiser or hummer ride is more safe for families. And if you feel uneasy, you can ask the driver to go slow. I mean it's not something to make you feel scared.

You can enjoy at slow pace as well. We have already finished one round. Let's see what's the next is gonna be like.

When you come down from here to here.... you do feel it in the gut for sure. We are here to enjoy. Can't bring the motorcycle here to say the least. So why not enjoy these rides. We have now reached a place that's more like a camp. People are sitting comfortably here.

There's a stage in the middle. This is a camp deep in the heart of the desert. When you book a tour of dune bashing and desert safari... That also includes bringing people here and serving food.

Pick and drop service is also available. I think I have already said something about belly dancing. That also happens here. As a matter of fact, I think this stage is for belly dancing. We are gonna sit here now. We are quite hungry since we have been dune bashing all day. Let's find out about the food and also share it with you.

You might come here as well if you opt for desert safari. And the food items will most probably be very similar to what we have now. Some people take the expensive package while others go for the budget package. But more or less, the food will be similar.

Our dinner is being prepared. What's your name? Faizur Rahman. What are you doing? BBQ. You seem very happy. Looks like the BBQ is gonna be great. All I can see is chicken. Is it the only option? Yes. It's all chicken.

Is it spicy? No. Thank you so much Faiz. We have got our meal. There are many options available.

I've got some BBQ. And some salad as well. Here's Haseeb. Show us your plate. So, you've got biryani.

What about you? He was telling me not to show him on camera. You know when you are eating in a wedding and you stop when you see the camera. Sameer is having a samosa. We are gonna eat our dinner. It's really good with so many available options. The final part of our tour is complete. Here's Rizwan who arranged everything for us.

Thank you so much Rizwan. He's from my hometown. Also if someone is doing a great job, they must be promoted. It's not a sponsored video but I really liked their services.

You'll find all the details of their company in the description of this video. Do check them out. If you are coming to Dubai... There's another surprise for you but we'll talk about it shortly... if that actually happens.

It's New Year in Dubai. If you are in Dubai for new year and you don't get to see fireworks on Burj Khalifa... That will leave your tour incomplete. However, getting to see fireworks on Burj Khalifa is such a hectic task, I didn't expect to actually go... People leave their house for this around 10 in the night. And then get back home around 3 am.

So it's like a full day job. Fortunately, we have got a place on a boat. So we can comfortably and rather luxuriously...

Watch the Burj Khalifa fireworks from here. Many people dream about spending new year eve in Dubai. Tonight we are gonna do it together. These boats charge from 800 to 2000 dirhams per person on New Year's Eve.

That's very expensive. But people do pay this to have this experience. Lets see if it's worth it or not. Gonna share it with you all. The boat is full at the moment but I don't want to make anyone's video. Many people are here with their families.

So we'll just focus on the scenes around our boat. Happy New Year everyone. As I told you that there will be fireworks on Burj Khalifa for just 5, 6 minutes. That's the reason for our long and hectic journey. We experienced it very comfortably from here. Despite that, you can say that the whole thing took 5 to 6 hours including coming and leaving.

Anyways, all my best wishes for all of you. You guys were a great support for me this year. My channel got around 550 thousand subscribers this year. And over 110 million views. Thank you very much for that.

There's one more thing. We must have covered 25 countries on motorcycle. I will try to keep this journey going. And will try to share more videos from different parts of the world this year.

Our Middle East tour is almost complete. We started at the beginning of the previous year. Our motorcycle has traveled more than 50,000 km.

All this was possible through your prayers. Many thanks to you all. Lets finish this vlog at this point. I'll always remember you in my prayers. Don't forget to Like, Subscribe and Share. Allah Hafiz

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