01 - Albany - Road Trips (Revised) (2022) 4K

01 - Albany - Road Trips (Revised) (2022) 4K

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Since summer Perth has never had heavy rain like this. Until yesterday the weather had been dry. But today it's suddenly raining. We're heading south. The road name is Albany Highway, connecting Perth to Albany in the south. From the look of the clouds, it's going to rain for some time. Maybe it's going to rain all the way to Albany. The soil in this area is reddish, meaning it contains a lot of clay. One of the main ingredients in bricks

May is not holiday season. The roads are not busy. We intentionally chose May for this trip so the roads won't be busy. The trees on the right were burnt, maybe this past summer. The burning could happen naturally or deliberately for controlled burning We've just passed an unpaved road. The road was wet and muddy. Now the car is covered with reddish mud. This is the second time we have to pass an unpaved road. We have to slow down.

Radio station Curtin FM which we've been listening to is fading here. But anyway the transmitter is quite strong, considering we're now roughly 120 km away from Perth. We're entering Albany. We start receiving transmission from local radio stations. We're heading straight to our accommodation for checking in. Cabin type accommodation. Dining room and living room together. Complete kitchen, stove, oven, fridge and microwave.

Pantry for storage. Children's bedroom. Main bedroom.

Bathroom, shower. Vanity. And toilet. Overall, complete and clean. But it looks old. It might be built in the nineties.

There are many lookouts in this park. This lookout is on the left side of Marine Drive. We're looking toward south, toward the Southern Ocean. If we keep going, we'll reach Antarctica. We're leaving beautiful scenery alongside Marine Drive in Albany Heritage Park. When you come to Albany, don't forget to visit this park. Because of the weather, we skipped several attractions. This afternoon, when the weather gets better, hopefully, we'll come back here again. Today in Albany, the best radio transmission is ABC Classic FM. Exactly the same like ABC Classic FM in Perth. Today we're listening to music in the movies. If I can find the original soundtracks, I'll add those tracks to accompany this trip. Let's enjoy the music while we're going to "The Gap" in Torndirrup National Park to the south of Albany. Today the weather in "The Gap" is wet and windy. Not a good day to visit. We should've chosen another time when the weather is more friendly.

Even without rain and wind, we can feel the splash of the seawater hitting the rock. Today, the seawater falls like rain. This place is five minutes drive on the east of "The Gap". Blowholes are a natural phenomenon, created by the action of the Southern Ocean on fissures in the rock. When the sea is running the right way, the seawater shoots up spectacularly. Let's see if today we're lucky to see it. We have to walk 4 km from the car park to the rock at the bottom.

We've just walked 2 times 4 km. We didn't spend too much time there because the rain started. We're now going back to Albany for lunch. Since we don't know the places for eating here, for the sake of simplicity we're going to a mall in downtown Albany. We're now going to Porongurup National Park to the north of Albany. There's a walking track named "Granite Skywalk" where we can go to the top to see the park scenery from the top. Due to bad weather, we decided not to do tracking on "Granite Skywalk". Instead we choose to walk at a nearby track so we can easily go back to our car if it starts to rain.

The weather this afternoon is improving. We're going back to Albany Heritage Park to visit three places. Anzac Memorial, Anzac Centre and one lookout where we can see Albany scenery from the top. This lookout is located near downtown Albany. We can walk up this tower to see Albany and the harbour. Cawing sound we're hearing is the cawing sound of raven. Raven is native in the southern part of Australia. In fact this cawing sound is the most common cawing sound in Australia. Before we continue our road trip to Denmark, we're going back to Middleton Beach, where our accommodation is, because since we arrived in Albany we haven't got a chance to see the surroundings.

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