-ENSANCHE bmw e36 touring con METAL y PLASTICO!!!!

-ENSANCHE bmw e36 touring con METAL y PLASTICO!!!!

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In this video you can see how we lengthened the bumper of this BMW touring downwards using pieces of an old bumper to weld it. I will explain some tricks about the lines of the car and I will show you something that you ask me a lot for, step by step on how to build a fin. in metal But first I am obliged to do something that we have pending , enter Well, as you know, I read everything I read all the comments and since the most frequently used one was that the glass would not fit, I decided to start this video by testing the glass and Here you can see it, I have held it with two tapes so that it doesn't fall, which is what we need to do if we break it up. But look to see if I can focus well as it has plenty of clarity, you can even see a downward pull or if we press here underneath it pulls up that means that when we lift with the silicone we will still have space. So leaving this issue behind us, let's get on with what

we have to do, which are the wheel arches and I think we're going to have to touch the bumper a little now. We are going to watch it while I explain it But first I know that many of you know me, others don't, for those of you who are new to the channel My name is Abel is Magic and we are going to do tuning, let's go with what interests us in this video fix the height of the bumper before making the wing I have always said that the bumper is very high Very high here and the heel is very low here notice there is quite a difference but at the same time that I have been touching up the car I have realized one thing Now I am going to explain to you and for this we are going to remove the bumper and once the bumper is out I am going to tear off all this paint which, as those of you who have been following the process of this car know, has many layers of paint. So I am going to tear off all this paint to leave it on the metal and then we cut the bumper and I explain to you that you will understand it better than if I explain it to you here because I am going to spend a while talking and I am going to bore you Oh Oh Well now we have this side with all the paint removed We have to use a sandpaper to remove small pieces of paint that I cannot remove with the spatula as you can see there were many layers of paint all this yellow is macky and so that you can see so that you can understand why I remove the paint instead of Dear and paint over it Well, I'm going to record this side but at the same time I'm going to take a closer look at this one. These are layers of putty layers of paint to fix

all the layers that the car has. So if we paint over here, no matter how good you see this first layer There may be some that is not completely cured or that is problematic And that will cause the shine to go down when we paint or cause problems or give us problems. It is preferable to remove all of this layer, we start from scratch, we start from the metal and that's how we have it. everything is fine, check it out Now what's our turn Let's get on with the bumper, as I said, I'm going to cut it along the entire length to lower it a little and now I'll explain to you when it's cut But these BMW bumpers, as many of you know, when we remove them we get what What are the pivots, these are the bumpers, these are what it is so that it cushions when we get hit. And if I cut

outside here, it's okay, as you can see, inside it has like a reinforcement that anchors the car and here it is stapled. So we have We have to release it from here to be able to cut and let it go down and we have to remove this entire Beam with these irons that are held with some staples that we have here and here and a lot of staples that we have over there which gives me It's going to be a while until I manage to release it, but in the end we release it by cutting the bumper, as I say, and the car tests it, and then I'll explain to you what I want to explain to you from there, as I see it, at least ah ah . ah Well, the time has come that I have said so many times to explain to you what I see. Here with the issue of the lines, as you can see, I have already cut the bumper. I have put these waistbands to be able to take advantage of these holes. I have two screws and I am changing them. And so it goes down. It goes up and so I think

it is easier to explain and you will understand it better. First of all, the bumper causes a fall. okay This drop that the bumper brings has to always point to this corner of the heel. In other words, if you put the bumper from here at the height of the heel and leave This more pronounced drop looks strange here you can see it, I have lowered the bumper at this height I would say that Even a little higher it is still and look at this it points downwards it would point more or less here it does not point at this height So it already looks strange it looks like the bumper has fallen like the lower bumper What would happen if we go down the entire bumper lower the same from the front as from here behind lowering the same height here in the gap that we have, this happens we would still have the same height here the same height here as here but the line is not going to look for the tip of the heel either okay Me I think that from here you can see what I mean, this line that pulls points much lower here more or less instead of pointing up here we have to do a medium that is, lower the bumper enough or as much as we can lower it But that the line that does this here always points to this corner, another problem that we have is that the heel is not, let's say square, it goes inwards and depending on where you stand, it seems that it goes upwards like that but it doesn't go upwards, it does it inwards, ok because If you look, it is completely straight But that in the optical effect even harms us even more, now I'm going to take it. On the contrary, it's worth it so you can see how it gets worse if you put it straight or if you lift it up in front so you can understand what I want to tell you about the line. of the fall that this brings Look, I have raised it

a little bit in front, notice that the cut here is wider than here and notice how things change Okay, the line below is totally different, eh, what do I mean by this, it is very complicated, very very complicated it's not just about lowering the bumper and that's it because lowering it could be done by anyone we could do it easily we just lower it and that's it but as you know I have a lot of obsession with the lines so I'm going to try to make an average the average I mean lowering from the front until I can go down a little from the back because here we have another problem here the bite marks us a line and down here if you see there is another nerve so it would be wider here than here if we lift a little but it is the only way we go Let's make sure that this line continues pointing here okay because here, as you can see, is more where I want to go with this Well, we have a limited descent okay, let's lower the bumper, we're not going to take it as low as we want or that we would like. to match it with the heel cup, which as you know is the original height, well the original height here back here in front we raise it a little but we won't be able to lower it as much as we want because we are limited by the line it has or the drop that the bumper brings here what has been said We are going to try to go down from the front but we have to go down a little further from the back so that this line I think that this way you understand me it does not clash with us I think that you have understood me and I only have to explain two little things to you that will be very very fast and I promise that I'll finish right away. On the one hand, I'm sorry for the real badges because for me I think they are badges, but I know that there are people who are interested or like to understand what we do here. On the other hand, I want everything we do here to be very clear. or my way of seeing the tunnel eh it goes Governed by some lines

okay we always have to respect the line of the car and we like that when we make a car eh it seems that we have touched it as little as possible there are widenings that I have been told are not widened and there That's when I really promise you that it's when I see my job well done. Ok, I don't want cars that you see passing by and say, Look, that bumper has been touched because you see it fallen or you see it exaggerated or you see it in a bad way. I don't want everything. follow a line I want to do tuning I will die doing tuning But within some guidelines that the car sets for you so nothing said All this thank you very much again for putting up with the bullshit and Let's get to work now it's time Oh Oh Oh how could you Let's see, we're cutting off pieces of the old bumpers that we have around here, we're heating them up to straighten them and we're going to add them to what we're doing. It is the bumper of the BMW, all the dullness is well done, which we will now apply the sandpaper to and leave it as straight as possible so that the minimum capital fits in. Now I have stopped because here if you look at everything we have mentioned Before I came to the conclusion that the best height was a little lower from here behind than from here in front and with that it gives us the height we want below without loading this nerve too much with this Now we have one of the most difficult parts to give The curve is made of plastic and is all we have left here, but if you look if I press inwards here, we can vary the inclination of the bumper. And we are going to correct that here because if you look when I

press inwards here, it will We move forward here, the moment we fix it here we will already have it behind in its completely straight place so that when we stand up here it can be seen completely straight and we will not see the bumper when we look at it from here twisted or a part more towards outside than the other So nothing we are going to continue working I think we are on the right track ah Oh after our exhaustive quality control how have you been we already have the bumper welded here you can see all the welding so here I take it closely all the welding that is perfect, all of that we have lowered the couple blows here I have cooked it, it is also okay so that these two pieces remain unified to give them strength, we are going to add what the beam is and now I will explain a little thing to you The Beam is going to [ __ ] the bumper with a series of staples okay, these are the staples that are over here, they are plastic, this staple is inserted in the little hole, it is inserted here, let's see if we can see it behind here, exactly here, okay, in this little hole and it has this thin stick that goes inside the staple, which is what keeps the staple from coming out. Some of them have broken taking it out. I see them a little or I see them a little flimsy, so we are going to put a screw with a washer and a nut that has its rubber band here for brake so that it doesn't go away And since here goes the mordur okay here we take the mordur the head of the screw is not going to get in the way of touching the mordur that was up now below by lengthening the 6 cm that we have lengthened here down this part of here used to touch here okay that's why it also has its little holes here and it had a grap that was stuck in this one I used this one because this was up here okay now lower the 6 cm lower it one more piece because my friend hamma as a replacement J cro has made me these spacers in 3D that we are going to insert it in the way that I have placed it here we are going to insert a long screw screw here here we will insert its brake nut its two washers and this will make the bumper completely attached here as You can see I have eight spacers because there are eight screws that are going to hold it as if it came original but instead of holding it stuck here they hold it down here Oh , having already got the bumper ready In the absence of continuing with it out here not once Let's have the wheel arches done. We will go over them all together. We are going to prepare the site for the wheel arch. As you can see, here we have a double sheet, the inner sheet, which is the one that comes from below, and the outer sheet. Let's start. cooking it and now we start to make the step he he TR and Yes we already have the dotted wheel arch as you can see it looks very good and as you know we put it here on the ground because I have the ground completely straight and it serves me for [ __ ] the height that I always leave a few millimeters because you know that later when we park if the ground is a little uneven as always the arms the bridge in this case the arms are mounted on a cine block it can twist the cinem block a little and we would have to touch the fin so I like to leave a few millimeters ok if you look at it it's very very little but at sight or the optical effect it seems like it's touching and so we're never going to break we're never going to have that problem Now we have to finish saring making the tip of the bumper but in order not to be working here on the ground we are going to get on the elevator with a tap of the camera and then we will have it up and we will go to work, as I say, much more comfortable.

The little step of r in its place, all welded, everything with its given shape, the rounded edge so that we get in the minimum amount of putty possible and now it's almost our turn The worst thing I would say about this wheel arch, as you know, this car here has a bite, a black bite that is going to get inside the wheel arch, apart from that, we have to take out plastic from here, we have plenty of it to hit here, so we are going to have to again put in a lot of work using plastic and shaping all this so that the mordur does not look ugly Oh me Oh you pikir Oh well then it would be completely primed So now we are going to collect all this and To take advantage of the fact that the video is already too long we are going to say goodbye so you will also save yourself from seeing my face But don't worry, I'm going to leave you now with a shot so that you can see the final result what I said family Thank you very much for being there Thank you very much for watching this video and if you Have you liked it? Leave your like, it helps the Channel a lot. See you in the next one. I'm going to make a little spoiler saying that it will be the front fins. Oh


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