Touring One of the Most Iconic Modern Homes in the WORLD!

Touring One of the Most Iconic Modern Homes in the WORLD!

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(upbeat music) (birds chirping) - My advice in general is that people should take their passions for whatever it is, all the way. Decide what it is that really interests you and then take it as far as it can go. That's what I have done with this house because of my passion for good architecture.

It was a very long painstaking process but it always paid off. - Over the last two and a half years, the success of our channel has led us to tour some of the best properties in the United States and around the world but today's tour is unlike anything we've ever done before. The home right behind me, also known as the Sheats-Goldstein Residence was designed by the world renowned architect, John Lautner and it is without a doubt one of the most iconic properties in the world. Now this home is not on the market but thanks to its owner, James Goldstein, we're getting a chance to give the world a full tour of this one of a kind property and now let's begin our tour. (gentle upbeat music) - I'm James Goldstein, the owner of this house.

- [Reporter] As the post-season begins, the NBA and its partners will once again be promoting the leagues most recognizable stars, but there is another face you'll be seeing throughout the playoffs. It is invariably framed by rockstar like hair and a python skin hat and it belongs to a man named Jim Goldstein, who's become a front row fixture at the highest profile games. - I'm sort of drained from just answering the questions. (upbeat music) I had grown up in Milwaukee and was heavily impacted by the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright. I knew that I wanted a modern house. I knew that I wanted a view of the city.

I looked for a house for two years before I found the right one because I'm never one to settle for second best and the minute I walked into the house that I now own, I knew that was it. (upbeat music) - Upon arrival, you see a small part of this extraordinary estate and over here we have the covered carport. This is the owner's 1961 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Two which is this stunning car and it's actually his daily driver. So if you see this car around Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, it's him driving. Now, they're currently rebuilding the driveway. So there's a bit of construction here but I wanna take everybody this way to the walkway that takes you to the main home.

I love the board form concrete walls around us with the vertical and horizontal lines and if you look at this side, you can actually see all these triangular openings that we're gonna see throughout the property. Now, Mikey, let's get a close up here. This is an abstract statue of John Lautner who was the architect of this amazing property.

He designed this home in 1963 and then in 1972, the current owner bought this property. There's a super cool story there that I'll cover later in the video. Now continuing our tour, we have this long walkway taking us straight to the main home and following this walkway, we actually have the first gate here, again, opening up straight to the koi pond that we're gonna see in a bit and we have this door right here, opening up to another hallway where we have a dressing room for all the photo shoots that takes place in this house and a half bathroom. Coming back to the walkway. I mean, look at the landscaping here, Mikey, this is amazing. It feels like we're walking into a jungle here and we have the walkway here taking us to the first koi pond and to the main entry of the home and talking about walls of glass, I mean, you can literally see through the entire home here, which is super cool.

Mikey, let's take these glass steps and you can see the koi fish here, even the turtles. This is stunning. You have the water feature on the right, talking about a tranquil entry, I mean, this is it. Now, I wanna to take everybody here. This is the main door of the home and it takes us straight to the living room area.

This is without a doubt one of the most impressive spaces in this amazing estate. Off of the entry we've got a built-in seating area and following here, before we talk about the formal living room, I wanna bring everybody's attention here. Your koi pond actually goes into your living room which is super cool, even your water feature, that way you have that perfect indoor-outdoor continuity. Now, coming back here, this is the iconic living room seating area. In my opinion, this is the best living room in the entire city and I love the built-in seating set up here. Really carrying that concrete theme and all the furniture here that you guys are seeing was designed by John Lautner himself.

Now, there are a couple of architectural details here that I would like to cover. First one is that beautiful roof line with the clearstory glass right above it, that slim design, allowing natural light to come into the space and right above us, we have the concrete beam ceiling detail with the triangles, like I mentioned earlier and if you look closely, you can see these small openings where they have a glass jar on top of the roof serving as mini skylights to bring light beams throughout the space. I mean this home, the architectural lines here are just simply mind boggling. - [Mikey] Yeah, we've definitely never seen anything like it on the channel but something looks awfully familiar about this room to me.

- Yes. This part of the home was featured in a couple movies and music videos, The Big Lebowski, Charlie's Angels, Full Throttle and I believe Snoop Dogg's, Let's Get Blown music video. - [Mikey] Well, I've seen The Big Lebowski and now I remember it. Yeah, it makes sense. - Right? And to finish up our tour here, over there we actually have a TV that comes down from the ceiling, around the corner we've got a fireplace and concrete walls, details, there's pebble rock finish on the floors. It's amazing.

Now I wanna focus on this side. We have walls of glass from the floors all the way to the ceilings and what's so special about this assembly here is the fact that there are no steel or aluminum frames around these glass panels. So that way your indoor-outdoor continuity is as good as it gets, and in fact, Mikey, if you look at this side, you see that built in seating section? It continues to the outdoors. So your eyes even forget that you have glass panels there, which is such an exquisite detail and this frameless glass assembly here and some of the finishes that we're seeing was part of the reconstruction process of this amazing estate. (upbeat music) So to give everybody a little bit of perspective, this house was built in 1963 by Paul Sheats and he hired John Lautner to design the home. Then in 1972, the current owner, James or as his friends call him Jimmy, moving on I'm gonna call him Jimmy throughout the tour, born in 1972 and in 1979, he brought John Lautner back to the home and they basically reconstructed almost every part of this home to bring it to its full potential and that's what we're looking at today.

They worked together for 15 years and unfortunately in 1994, John Lautner passed away but Jimmy, the owner, basically carried out his vision and that's what we're looking at today. - John, unlike many well-known architects did not have an ego problem. He never came to me and said, you should do this. You should do that. In fact, he was too much in the opposite direction. He always waited to hear from me.

I would have loved to have heard some of his ideas but he always waited for me. I was very aware that John Lautner in many of his homes would come up with a brilliant architectural scheme and then have it diminished by an interior designer who would come in and do some things that conflicted with John's design. I wanted John to have the opportunity to design the furniture as well as the building. The house, as brilliantly as it was designed, was a mess when I bought it. The floor was wall-to-wall green shag carpet. So that gives you some idea of where I started.

- Now, I wanna take everybody outside, but before we do that, can we pan up to the ceiling, talking about those triangular details, right? Look at the hardware that they used to attach the glass panels to the ceiling, triangle, look at this frameless glass door with this triangular handle. So cool, right? And it takes us straight to the outdoors, the same pebble rock flooring that we saw at the interiors. They have it also on this amazing backyard space, talking about an iconic roof line, this is it. I love the reflection of the water underneath the roof line there with a concrete finish. I mean, it's just so incredible and we have the pool here.

Deep end is on this side, zero edge and if you look around the corner there, you can see three windows looking into the lower level that we're gonna check out in a bit. That's another iconic detail right there. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now Mikey, let's show everybody the amazing views that this property gets.

This patio extends out and a lot of you may recognize this corner because this house gets used for photo shoots, magazine articles, videos all the time and it's a very iconic moment in this amazing estate and it's honestly not surprising because look at the views here. I mean, you have downtown Los Angeles, Century City, Wilshire Corridor, all the way to the Pacific Ocean. This is phenomenal.

I mean, the views that this property gets throughout are just simply breathtaking and another detail I wanna point out here is the fact that there are no railings because the concrete floors actually elevate and kind of almost allow you to not go all the way to the edge. That way you take nothing away from these breathtaking views. Now, Mikey, lets take everybody back inside and we can actually take a look at the exterior facade from here.

I mean, I love that roof line and again, walls of glass for that indoor-outdoor continuity. Now, before we take everybody towards the kitchen and dining area, I wanna talk about some of the photos here. Jimmy, the owner, is famous for going to NBA games, fashion shows and let's just say he knows a lot of people and some of the photos that we're gonna see throughout the property are pictures of him with a lot of celebrities.

So I'm gonna run through some of the names here. We've got Karl Lagerfeld, Bill Clinton, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Migos, this is one of my favorites photos, Kate Moss, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Fox. I mean the list goes on and on and on.

It's amazing. - [Mikey] Yeah, you're missing Cindy Crawford also. - Correct.

And there it is. - [Mikey] Yeah. - You're right and DJ Khaled on the back. - [Mikey] That's right. - Amazing, and we're gonna see photos of NBA stars and celebrities throughout the property. Now we are on the right hand side off of the entry and this is where we have the kitchen and the dining area.

We have seen a lot of dining rooms and kitchens on this channel but we haven't seen one quite like this. I mean, look at the setup here. We have a built-in dining room table, again, designed by John Lautner that sits eight people and right above that we have this massive skylight that is motorized.

So with a push of a button, we can actually open up the entire ceiling here, allow natural light and fresh air to come into the space. - [Mikey] Yeah, and you said this is all custom furniture by John Lautner. It's so customized that if you look down at the carpet, it's actually cut around these slabs of concrete. - [Enes] Yes. - [Mikey] So I thought that was kind of mind blowing when I saw it.

So I guess if you ever wanna change your carpets, you have to kind of disassemble the whole thing or just cut them out. - I guess, work around it- - [Mikey] Yeah. - Is a way to say it and also Mikey, can we talk about the massive glass walls, really, looking at the amazing views. Again, Jimmy wanted this home to be really connected to the outdoors and even in your dining room area, you accomplish that. Now we have the kitchen here right next to the dining room.

We've got a bit of a bar set up over there with concrete countertops and I love the bar seating here because they brought stainless steel and they inlaid this concrete texture that we're seeing throughout the property and in fact, you can see the same concrete texture on this wall as well and now let's talk about the kitchen itself. Flat panel cabinets. We have stainless steel clad on this side with the dishwasher, sink, stainless steel countertops and behind me, we have concrete countertops with electric cook tops because we have a vent here and a charcoal grill which is super cool. Another skylight above us, just a very futuristic modern kitchen. Now let's go around. By the way, we have another door here opening up from the entry of the property that way could come in straight to your kitchen and continuing here, we have a pocket door sealing of this section because this is where we have the second seating area, super cozy room.

We have the built-in seating area here, above that you can actually see the projector because right on the other side, we have a screen coming down from the ceiling and this is where Jimmy watches his NBA games, kicks back, relaxes and again, super cozy room with a fireplace around the corner. Now this door opens up to a powder room with the coolest vanity set up and a glass roof. So I wanted to point that out and now Mikey, let's take everybody outside. So I've pointed this section earlier, but this is that exterior hallway that takes us to the guest suites.

We have the first one right here. Of course the whole exterior facade of this guest suite is clad with glass. King-size bed set up, wood clad ceilings, mirrored walls and around the corner, we have a full bathroom for this guest suite. Continuing here, we have the second one with pretty much the same finishes and around the corner, this one also has a full bathroom and continuing our tour, the same wood cladding that we've been seeing throughout the interiors of the property is actually brought to the exterior as well and now we're back at the formal dining room area. Now, Mikey, we've gotta talk about this detail.

They have a scale model of this amazing estate. The finalized version is a little bit different than what we are seeing here and down below, we have this part of the home which is this incredible art installation that we're gonna see later in the video. Now the first floor of this property is spectacular but what's behind me is even better.

(upbeat music) We have the stairs taking us to the lower level and on the walls we can actually see pictures of the home, articles about Jimmy and we have this glass door here sealing off the staircase because we're currently outdoors. In fact, we have this staircase here going down to the lower part of this property where we have the grounds and we're gonna check out those grounds later in the video. Now I wanna take everybody to this exterior walkway, beautifully landscaped and I love those triangular wall sconces that we have on the walls. It brings us to this landing area here where we have built-in seating on this side and going through these sliding glass doors, We go into the primary bedroom. You may have seen this room on TV shows, magazines, or even social media and I'm gonna say this, without a doubt, this is my favorite primary bedroom suite in the entire city. This room is so iconic.

There are so many architectural details here that we're gonna talk in a bit, but first I wanna bring everybody's attention here. Now we have this built-in seating area here with the built-in coffee tables and again, talking about those triangular details, this is it and right behind me, we have panes of glass that connects you to the outdoors where you see your amazing views but what's so special about this corner is the fact that the glass panes behind me are motorized. Let's hit it. And just like that with a push of a button, you can actually open up these massive pieces of glass and connect yourself straight to the views and again, this is another iconic moment in this amazing estate.

And there you go, you have the entire city in front of you, downtown all the way to the Pacific Ocean. I mean, this is amazing, Mikey. I don't know what else to say.

Now, let's continue our tour. We have some built-ins here with concrete countertops sink in the center, open shelving and right next to that, we have the king size bed and even the bed coverings here and kind of the design matches the furniture set up that we saw in the living room. - [Mikey] Fully customized. - That's right. Now right across from the king-sized bed, we have the floor mount TV and behind that of course, again, frameless glass walls facing the incredible views and of course we have automatic shades throughout the bedroom as well. Another other detail, look at the roof line above us, that's the patio that we were on earlier and that's the section where it raises.

- [Mikey] Okay. - We are right underneath that. How amazing is that? - [Mikey] Yeah, that's pretty cool. - Now behind me we have a built-in desk with a floor mount stainless steel chair. I mean, look at these details.

It's incredible. - [Mikey] Keep in mind that like everything we're seeing around here was designed either in the 60's or in the 70's- - 70's, maybe at best, 80's. - [Mikey] And a lot of these things are original. Like these automatic shades and these motorized doors, everything.

So imagine this house in like the early 1970s, just how insanely futuristic it was. - We're mind blown now, can you imagine back then? It's just phenomenal and these concrete columns are set back, that way you can have walls of glass facing your views. Now this part is really interesting. So we have some drawers setups here with concrete countertops and even the veins on the cabinetry are matching. Right on top of that you can actually see Jimmy's hats, he's known or he's famous for wearing hats and above that, Mikey, those are the three windows in the main pool facing the primary bedroom suite.

- [Mikey] That's pretty incredible. I actually saw a photo downstairs of a young Brad Pitt sitting next to these so. - [Enes] Really? - [Man] Yeah, I feel like everyone's been here, you know? - That's right. Now, Mikey, let's continue our tour. We have the water closet on my right-hand side. This detail might be one of my favorites in the house.

Right there you have a reader because this is a built-in scale and that's how much I weigh if anybody's wondering or curious. - [Mikey] Just keep me off that thing. - Now we have the built-in closets here. Jimmy's famous closet and with a push of a button, you can activate the motorized coat hangers, that way you can actually circulate the clothes within the closet. Really nice detail. We have our first vanity set up here with a floating mirror, TV on this side and what's behind me or now in front of me might be one of the most unique architectural details of this home.

This glass vanity design with the fabrication and even your side mirror is so futuristic and Mikey, I know you're gonna ask for this, this wall-mounted faucet design is actually a touchless. Let's see if I can actually manage to turn it on, water drains right there. Have you ever seen anything like this before? - [Mikey] I have not, this is incredible. Can we just really get a close up for the people? - Yeah, I was gonna say, I don't think we're ever gonna top this vanity moment off. - [Mikey] No, I don't think so. - All right, let's continue our tour.

We have granite floors here that goes all the way into this walk-in shower. You have body sprays, chrome fixtures and even the roof assembly here is all glass, again, that indoor-outdoor flow and you have an outdoor shower around the corner. Also another detail, Mikey, I wanna mention, throughout the home, there is no plaster. There is not a single painted surface. Every single interior clad is raw.

Concrete is raw and you have steel, then you have wood. So everything is organic. I mean, think about that. They managed to design a home like this without using any paint.

I mean, it's crazy. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's insane and a lot of times like concrete homes kind of feel cold but I think all the wood in here, everything kind of warms it up. It's a really kind of unique feeling.

- Absolutely and I think this indoor-outdoor continuity really plays a huge role with that warmth. Now let's talk about what we have here. This is like a patio space dedicated for the primary bedroom suite, staircase goes up to the main floor and we have a staircase here going down to the ground and with a push of a button, we actually have a motorized lid because right underneath this, we have the hot tub. - [Mikey] That's pretty cool. Once again, imagine this in the sixties or seventies. - I mean, incredible.

This is as James Bond as it gets I wanna say. - [Mikey] Yeah. - So that's it for the main home and right next to the main home, we have the new addition to this property which is incredible. (upbeat music) - I've been going to nightclubs all over the world since I was a young guy and I've always dreamed about having my own nightclub and so it was always something in my mind. Every time I go to Paris or Milan or Moscow, I'm heavily impacted by the excitement at the nightclubs and the enthusiasm which is night and day from what happens in Los Angeles.

So very definitely one of my goals in creating this nightclub was to do something to help the night scene in LA. There have been many parties here and many good parties here, but I would have to say that Rihanna's birthday party, when the club wasn't even finished yet, was probably the highlight of all the parties. - Welcome to Club James. Now this is the grand entry.

I love this modern staircase design and if you look at the bottom of the threads, you can see the nice taper to it. Stainless steel handrails with glass railing and the concrete textures here with the walls and angles are so futuristic and right above us we have this glass roof assembly off of the entry. Now, this door on my left-hand side opens up to the future movie theater that's gonna be 3,200 square feet.

This property is always under construction. Jimmy is constantly improving the estate. So that's a new addition. Now going through this opening, we go straight into the nightclub. This is not the first time we're seeing a nightclub within an estate but this one is unlike anything we've ever seen before.

This structure here which is the new addition right next to the main home is around 5,700 square feet of interior space and most of it is this amazing nightclub. We have kind of like your dance floor here with the stainless steel floors, built-in seating. Again, a lot of those triangular angles throughout and of course, walls of glass again, facing the breathtaking views of the city. Now, some of the details of this nightclub, we have Funktion-One, top of the line audio system throughout, massive screen on this side that we're gonna see in a bit, same concrete textures are also here and you can actually see the board form details a little bit more prominent in this newer edition. They use one and a half inch plywood to kind of create this texture look that we're gonna see throughout. Going here, we have the DJ booth.

Gotta be the coolest DJ booth I've ever seen in my life. It looks like you're literally controlling a spaceship. - [Mikey] Yeah.

It's really cool, really futuristic and I've been talking throughout this tour about imagining this house in the sixties and seventies but this was built recently, right? - Yes, this part was built in the last 10 years, give or take. Now we have a really cool picture of James Goldstein here, Jimmy. So I wanted to point that out and continuing our tour, I also wanna mention, Mikey, I mean, building a space like this in 10 years, that's 10 years of Jimmy's life, 10 years of the architects that were involved.

So I wanna give them a huge credit for this amazing structure and the outdoor space that we're gonna see in a bit. Now this is where we have the bar area, same gravel stone detail that we've been seeing throughout, they have it in the nightclub here as well and continuing here, stainless steel countertops, multiple sinks. You have dishwashers, fridges, ice makers, more fridges on this side and again, the concrete textures, details, LED lighting, recess lighting on the ceiling. In fact, they used over two miles of conduit on the ceilings alone, Mikey, to wire the entire space and not only do you get recessed lighting, of course you get your nightclub lighting and your grid lighting and all that cool stuff and imagine this place at night with all the lights on, music on, people partying and you're looking at the glowing city, phenomenal.

- [Mikey] Pretty incredible. We've seen some videos leading up to this where even celebrities are like, that's the coolest nightclub I've ever been to. - Absolutely. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Lastly, we have that massive screen.

In fact, we're gonna take that glass door in a bit but first I wanna take everybody here. Your nightclub continues. Now we have the bathrooms here but first I wanna go through here. This room was built to be the VIP room for the nightclub but it's currently holding Jimmy's valuable memorabilia. - [Mikey] Yeah, we have a lot more photos of him, all those magazine articles, stuff about the house, just seems like a lot of stuff he's been featured in over the years. - I mean, celebrities on this side, Pharrell, David Beckham, those are like the first faces, Kanye West again, Drake, this is amazing.

It's a super cool room and it's nicely dressed. - [Mikey] Yeah, it's really cool. - Now, let's take everybody, Mikey, out so we can show the bathroom here. It's built like a nightclub. So even your bathroom is nice and open, stone clad everywhere.

We have two vanities here, first water closet on this side and we have the second water closet at the end of the hallway. Now let's go back to the nightclub Mikey, so we can take everybody not to the outdoors yet, we're gonna take a quick look at the views because we have a landing area where you can actually go down to your lower level but first I wanna actually open this door here so we can check out the remaining offices and Jimmy's office which is super cool and it starts right here. On our right hand side, we have the administrative office.

We have the built-in desk set ups here and the concrete walls and ceilings continues. In fact, even these floating desks are built out of concrete and the whole room is again filled with Jimmy's photos and memorabilia and articles about the house. This is really cool. We have a scale model of the new addition.

We currently have all this section completed, including the backyard area with the pool, that we're gonna see in a bit and I believe Mikey, this is the future movie theater and I'm assuming that's some sort of like a tennis pavilion that they're hoping to build down the road. Overall, another cool room and Mikey, let's show this detail. We have a clerestory windows because right behind this wall, we have Jimmy's office that is facing the breathtaking views. In fact, why don't we take everybody back to the entry here and talk about Jimmy's incredible office, a room like this really inspires me because look at the space, who wouldn't wanna work here? You have all this glass assembly here. In fact, to accentuate the views, you even have a glass roof design and they use these triangular brackets to kind of hold that assembly, that way it feels like, I keep saying spaceship, but it feels like you're in a spaceship and you're just floating above the city.

It's incredible. I mean, look at the roof lines above us with the concrete texture and we have a floating built-in desk set up here, of course with concrete and we actually have a lower section here with stainless steel. Now this room is all about Jimmy's passion for basketball. Jimmy is really passionate about fashion, architecture and basketball and in here you can see his photos with all NBA players. This is a really special photo for Jimmy because he's holding the championship trophy for Houston Rockets in 1995. How cool is that? - [Mikey] It's really cool.

They always say Jimmy roots for the underdogs and the Rockets won that year and the Bulls were on a tear. Michael Jordan took that year off to play baseball and the Rockets won. So I bet that was a specially- - That's- - Gratifying for him.

- And I also wanna say this to everyone. Jimmy has a super cool Instagram account. He posts photos all the time. I'm a follower of myself.

So we're gonna put his Instagram in the description as well. Make sure to give him a follow, check it out, he has a really cool lifestyle. - [Mikey] Yeah. - Now Mikey. I want to take you to the other side.

This is also really interesting. This is Jimmy's dog Natasha. Jimmy bought this house for his dog.

That way his dog has a place to run and look how that story evolved over the years and this house became Jimmy's lifelong mission which was super cool. Now, Mikey, before we go to that side, look at that photo right there. I just saw it. That's Kobe Bryant on the corner of that patio on the main house.

- [Mikey] A young Kobe, that's pretty awesome. - That is awesome, right? Now Mikey, let's take everybody back to the views one more time. I mean, you have the entire city in front of you but what's so cool about this space is down below us where we have the outdoor terrace. (gentle upbeat music) All right, everyone, let's go check out the outdoor terrace. This part of the home was just completed and we're one of the very first people that are actually getting access here and get a chance to shoot it.

So it's super cool. This part of the home really takes advantage of the amazing views. We have the pool on our right-hand side but first I wanna start our tour here, at the end of this wall, we have a half bathroom for this level and right in front of me, we have this outdoor dining area with a built-in concrete dining table, above that you can actually see the line of recess lights going all the way to the lounge, space heaters, built-in speakers and over here we have the lounge area. Furnishings are pretty much the same style that we saw at the main house. Everything is nicely uniformed. Here we have the textured concrete walls, TV on that side and one distinct detail here that I really like is the stainless steel band where the ceilings and the walls meet.

So I wanted to point that out. Now that's the futuristic staircase that I just came down from and going here through the grass section, we have this incredible infinity edge pool. This infinity edge pool really takes advantage of the amazing views. Almost runs the entire length of this outdoor terrace and the same Pebble Tec finished details that we've been seeing throughout the walls and on the floors. They also brought that detail here and in fact, finer Pebble Tec finishes were used inside of the pool plaster.

We have the steps around the corner there with the lounge chairs and on the other side, we have the spa that we're gonna see in a bit. Mikey, let's take everybody this way. Off of the staircase we have additional patio space with lounge chairs and right on the other side, we have the outdoor bar.

Now this bar is built in a way that almost replicates the bar that we saw at the nightclub. It's a little bit smaller but it has same commercial grade finishes and appliances that we saw at the other bar, sink, all that good stuff. Now, focusing here, you have a secondary, more of an outdoor kitchen here. You have your full sized fridge here, sink, stainless steel countertops on this side with a griddle and Miele appliances and right across from that we have concrete countertops on this side, again with more Miele appliances and around the corner, additional sink, great outdoor kitchen and look at me finding more details. I love the stainless steel kind of inlay design into the bar with the polished countertops.

Super cool. Now everyone, we are at the other edge of the outdoor terrace, we have another glass vanity design here just like Jimmy's bathroom, which is super cool. Let me see if I can turn this one on. This one turned on pretty quickly. - [Mikey] Yeah.

- And look how that drain works on the other side, such a cool detail and we have another powder room on this side. Now I wanna take everybody back to the backyard. We have this fabricated outdoor grill here. I've never seen anything like this before.

Obviously it's a custom piece and yeah, I wanna have one of these in my own house in the future. - [Mikey] Yeah, that's really cool, cook some steaks on there. - That's right.

Now, let's focus here, Mikey, we have a floating outdoor dining table. This one is obviously not covered. So that way you can take advantage of nice, cool days like this one, you get an additional outdoor seating area with a fire pit right in front of it and this is where we have the spa. Now I know we took an interesting route here and I love that spa is nicely divided with this glass section. So if you'll look at the level of the surface, you can see that glass sticking out about an inch over the rest of the pool.

Now this is a great spot for us to turn back and look at this incredible addition, walls of glass facing the views, that's Jimmy's office right there. We have the nightclub on the other side and they rent out the space and the main house for photo shoots, movies, events and we'll make sure to leave their link in the description of this video if anybody wants to inquire any information. Now, that's it for the terrace and the nightclub and the offices but we've got something very special right on top of this addition.

This tennis court without a doubt is one of the best in the city and it's not hard to understand why, because as you're playing tennis here, these are the views you're looking at, Jimmy, the owner, he's a big tennis fan. So he wanted to have an amenity like this within his estate and keep in mind, this property is located on a hillside. So it's not easy to build a tennis court this size within the hillside. So big congrats to them and while I'm up here, obviously views are great and this is one of the highest points of this estate. You can really get a true scale of this entire estate and the landscaping around, the trees, the lush greenery and to give everybody a little bit of perspective, we have the main house right in front of us, approximately 4,500 square feet, down below us we have the office and the nightclub which is about 5,700 square feet and you have this 6,000 square foot tennis court and by the way, this is a great space for you to throw events, parties because again, you're facing the amazing views.

Another thing I wanna point out, throughout the tour, we saw the beautiful landscaping around the bedrooms, outdoor terraces, and this property sits on 4.5 acres of land. So we get a lot of outdoor spaces and it's beautifully landscaped throughout. (upbeat music) So I didn't want to talk about the grounds and not bring everybody over here. Granted, I'm wearing a suit, but I don't care, grounds of this property are so special. It literally feels like we're in Bali or in a rainforest and I mentioned earlier, this home or this property sits on 4.5 acres of land. So you have all these outdoor surfaces that have been nicely flattened out.

A lot of walkways that takes you through the grounds and every single corner that you look, you have beautiful trees, palm trees, greenery and you even have some art installations throughout the grounds. On top of that, there are these sections that have been flattened out where you have lounging chairs for you to sit down, relax and enjoy the amazing views. Personally, this is one of my favorite spots within the grounds. This flattened out section here with soft grass, trees behind us and you have these lounge chairs for you to sit down, relax, look at these breathtaking views.

I mean, what a great spot for you to drink your morning coffee, do your morning yoga and totally disconnect from the rest of the home. Just have a private moment here. Now, the grounds of this property are truly incredible and the amount of time, money and resources that have been put in place to maintain and to grow landscaping here, it's truly astonishing.

My hat's off to Jimmy. Now, the last part of this tour is actually down below us and it's unlike anything we've ever seen on this channel. (gentle upbeat music) - In the early 1990s.

I was at a show at the Ace Gallery in Venice and was exposed for the first time to the work of James Turrell. I was so impressed. I thought to myself, it would really be something if I had a work done by James Turrell.

People referred to it as a meditation place. I'm not sure what meditation really means but when I'm not traveling and I'm here at home, I pretty quickly go down to the James Turrell because as many times as I've seen the show at sundown in the Skyspace, I never know exactly what to expect because the color changes seem to be a little different every time I experience it. - Now we're at the bottom of the grounds and what's behind me is something I've been talking about throughout this episode.

Let's go check it out. So we have this walkway here bringing us to this concrete structure that literally looks like a bunker. In fact, this building was designed by James Turrell and it is one of his Skyspace's. Let's go inside. So we have this stainless steel door here taking us into the space and again, it's unlike anything we've ever seen on this channel. We have the concrete floors here with this floating effect and right in the center, we have this built-in bed set up.

Now throughout the room, you can actually see the mood lighting that seeps through the floors and reflects to the walls. You can change the color of the lighting here as well and they have even sound effects to kind of enhance the feeling of this amazing Skyspace. In fact, let's hit it. with a push of a button you have all these custom sound effects for this particular space. Now we've got something even more special, with a push of a button, we actually have a motorized roof that is above us that opens up and tucks above the structure, which is super cool and yeah, let's cut the audio too. There you go, Mikey, have you ever seen anything like this? - [Mikey] This is pretty incredible.

I guess that's why they call it a Skyspace. Yeah. - That's right. - But these are extremely rare to find anywhere, especially in residential properties. - Correct.

- But LA has a few of them here and there, but it's really cool. - This is such an amazing space and there's actually one more detail here, Mikey, that I wanna talk about. You can actually leave the roof open even during rain because they have built-in floor drains here. So imagine laying down here, looking at the sky while rain is pouring here.

Now that wraps our tour of this amazing estate but we're gonna do what we always do, spend a few more hours here, wait for the sun to go down so we can see this place at night. (gentle upbeat music) - After years of very hard work of getting the house to where it is now, I couldn't imagine having the house fall into private hands and not knowing what would happen to it and so for quite a long time, I envisioned the house belonging to some public entity which would continue my willingness to have public tours here and having it open to architectural students and hopefully having it be an inspiration for good architecture and landscaping in the future in Los Angeles. - [Mikey] Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into architecture or just wanting to pursue their dreams in general? It's very broad, kind of philosophical, but I just thought, I'd ask you that to wrap this up. - My advice in general is that people should take their passions for whatever it is all the way, don't just dabble in 20 different things, decide what it is that really interests you and then take it as far as it can go and that's what I have done with this house because of my passion for good architecture and I've done it with fashion in the same way and I've done it with basketball. (gentle upbeat music) - All right everyone, that's it for the tour.

All I have left to say is wow, today was incredible and this estate is truly one of a kind. I also wanna to thank the owner, James Goldstein for letting us tour his amazing home that has been his lifelong legacy. So we are honored for the opportunity given to us today.

I also wanna commend him for donating the home to LACMA with a big endowment. That way this estate can be maintained, expended and enjoyed by the public in the future. Lastly, big thanks to all of you for watching this video til the end. If you enjoyed it, just make sure to give us a like, subscribe to our channel and we'll see you guys next week.

(gentle upbeat music)

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