TOP 5 CRYPTOS UNDER $1.00. Will they hit $1.00?!?

TOP 5 CRYPTOS UNDER $1.00. Will they hit $1.00?!?

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Hey everyone crypto Austin here today we're gonna discuss five crypto, currencies that are under $1 and what. It would take for those five cryptocurrencies, to, get to $1 and, we're also gonna discuss the tick-tock technologies. Behind them when we come right back. Alright. Everyone let's jump right in and look. At these five, different. Crypto, currencies, that are under $1 but, before we do that I want to go over just a, look. At the market real quick as, you can see here we're at, about seven hundred fifty nine billion, so we're approaching that, 800. Billion mark. Bitcoin. Dominance at 33.9. Which. Like, I mentioned a couple days ago these are some of the lowest dominance. Numbers I've seen for a Bitcoin, ever. So. If. You scroll down here you're. Gonna see all the top coins here Bitcoin, number one ripple number two aetherium Bitcoin, cash card on oh and then Tron, right, Tron. Is one. Cryptocurrency. That's. Actually. Under, a, dollar at only 25. Cents and Tron, was recently, just at around five cents so this has been a huge. Spike up for Tron and we will discuss Tron here in just a minute one, thing I do want to remind everyone that I'm not your financial adviser please. Go out and do your own due diligence and. Consult. With a financial adviser to, make any type of investment. Or getting. Into the crypto space in itself. As. You go through here I'm. Gonna, remind, also. Everyone that, whenever. You're looking at these charts there's, one, thing we have to pay attention to sometimes, and that is what. Has the the. Crypto currency done in the past so. You can kind of gauge or foresee, what will happen in the future in the. Crypto space especially when you're getting in you, get a sort, of sense or feeling, like the, crypto currencies are just gonna continue, going up and up, and up, and up and in some cases they do right. Especially. When you're looking at it from the USD, value but when you're looking at it from the Bitcoin value, and may tell you tell you a different story one. Of which and you'll see the same pattern going on with most of the cryptocurrencies is, for example ripples, went, up here and. Reached. And. I could never get this thing to actually touch the right point here but, it reached, one of its highest marks. Back. In May and then. Back. In May and that. Was at about 24,000. Satoshi's and then, recently, it's reached another, mark, and, this. Time it reached right at about I want, to say about 25. So. 25 thousands. To touch so here it reached. 24,000. Satoshis here reached 25,000. Satoshis this was back in May of 2017. And this, is currently. Now or very. Close to now. Towards. December, January move. Here and it's. It's really important that we look at that because as. We see these parabolic moves that, go shoot straight, up like that we normally see a correction. Coming and it generally. Goes back down once. The Bitcoin dominance, kicks in right so I have an, idea. That. Soon. Maybe not in the next month or two or something like that it may be longer because last last, run-up was from May, till December, and it took what's at about five. Or six maybe, seven months, and. So. We're gonna see probably, if if Bitcoin, takes. Back the dominance, that, it's gonna scale. Down on each, one of the crypto currencies for the next six months right, if. You look at Ripple, it did that parabolic, move if, you go to a theorem, you're, gonna see kind, of a similar story however. Back. In May you can see there and if. The areum hasn't, quite reached or met. The same type, of Satoshi's back, in May or, let's, look here June sorry in June. It, was that I. Can't, even count the amount of Satoshi's that is it, looks like. About. 15, million satoshis, and then, now if there, is actually. At. Six. Hundred and. Six. Hundred six. Million, nine. Hundred seventy, seven thousand. Satoshi so you can see that there's between May and now. Despite. The dollar value. That you see here and usually what that means is, especially, on a theorem here is that maybe, the theorem has some, ways to grow still so, you could look at every single cryptocurrency, and identify.

Those Those, trends, yourself, and kind. Of go through and try to make some. Decisions, on whether you hold or not if, you're a holler. Or, if you trade. Or whatever, it's just a really quick indicator, to give you some insight on things right, if. You look at them I like to lutely look at them the new economy, it's. You, know same thing may, shut, up and then, we have the same shot, up here you, go look at the amount of satoshis there and then you know at the lowest point was here and again it crossed that USD Bitcoin line which I always tell. Folks is at. Least for me I look for that to happen at times if I'm gonna buy something especially, if I'm gonna hold it for the long term so, those. Are the the. The. Kind of marks that I'm looking for on, the trends, that's happening, and what's, gonna happen within the next the, course of the next six months or so so let's, dig into our five, different. Tokens under, a dollar the first one I want to go to is. Vitam. Vitamin. A. Popular, cryptocurrency. Blockchain. You'll. Go here, you. Can see bytom, to, hit a dollar, mark which is headed that direction it's, currently at 56, cents and is, headed to that dollar mark it's, circulating. Supply is a little bit less than a, billion, there the, total supply is about almost, a billion and a half. Vol last 24 hours 56, million. And currently. It's at about a half a billion, dollars. Here and so, once that reaches, a billion, if it reaches a billion, bytom. Will be worth $1. Okay. Most, folks you look at the chart here you've gotten in to bite them at very. Low price five seven cents eight cents so on and so forth. Right. Before the the big coin and. Dollar. Value. Traded. Places here, it was currently at it was at that point it was it was at about eleven cents and, bite, them just to give you a little bit of knowledge in what. It is to. Go in because I did say it was a blockchain earlier, but basically what it is is transfer, assets from atomic world to byte world. Vitam. Is an interactive, protocol, to multiply, bite, assets. Hitter. Generously, by, assets, in, the genesis of the digital. Currency, digital, asset that operate, in different forms, on the, bytom, block, chain, and atomic, assets, so it's. A pretty ambitious, project. I think long term it's, gonna do very well if, think it's sustained its current price movement, it'll, definitely, go into the two to three to four dollars right, it is, very popular. Technology. There's, a lot, of community. Support behind, it and a lot of people interested. In it it, is currently supported in a lot of major exchanges up to 24. You. See some of the exchanges here Gate IO, Holmby, so, on and so forth crypto, Pia and so, all, the major exchanges so this is a very solid one in my opinion for long. Term. Performance. And, at. This point it's, kind of overextended, if we look at the ir side and things like that so getting in at, 56, cents may. Seem too high but you, know like. I said before sometimes. These things will, hit a certain level then, come back form. A base and stay. At that base so it just depends on what your entry point it will be and, want your do with these things right so that. Was our, number, one, that, I picked there the, second, one is the basic attention. Tokens, and basic attention token is. Developed. By some of the folks that are behind. The. Firefox. Search. Engine, and so, if. You like Firefox, then. Basic. Attention token should, be something that you, look into because those kind of go hand in hand you. Could see what's happening here the basic attend took took a dip from, its highest, point. There and then it's currently, scaling, up right as you, can see it cross the dollar mark, versus. Bitcoin back in. October. 12 or so basic. Attention, token is supported, by all major. Exchanges. Or markets, here with Finance being one of them which is one of my favorites, I've told you that before but.

That Is one of my favorites. Bit. Tricks and womb', most, of, it's. A good mix so you're not seeing it coming from like just Korea or China or America or so on and so forth you see a good mix of money. Inflows coming from different places it's, actually got one of the better mixes. I've seen where it's 25 22 22 so you see this really good, healthy mix there the spreads seem pretty tight there. With. The exception of ether Delta where it's at 69, cents, versus, 60 cents in which, I, wouldn't. Recommend doing arbitrage, but you. Know if you're into arbitrage, that's. That's your thing let's. Look at what basic, attention, token is basic. Attention introducing. Block chain. Based digital, advertising, okay. So, what basic attention, to token, is is basically, you could buy advertising. Spots. Or get, paid in basic. Attention, tokens, for, advertisement. So it works I believe, both ways their basic. Attention token radically, improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged, between publishers, advertisers and, users it. All happens, on the etherium, block, and. Basic. Cuts in token, you know if you think about it with the market cap of 1. Billion 500. Million. To. A total, supply sorry in this circulating, supply of 1 billion once, he gets to a billion it would be worth $1, and as. More. People use this, for. Their, platform and for, their payment, and exchanging. Things in, you. Know things, like that the. Price of that will go up and so I can. See a lot of use cases for this I can, see this being very popular. Cryptocurrency. And if. You look at the. Actual, and and, it might not be a cryptocurrency itself. Right but, when, I say cryptocurrency, just take that as in general if, it's not a coin or token whatever. You. Can see here that if, you go here and you look at where, it's currently at it's, actually not back to the price to where it was previously, on, versus. Bitcoin, and so. This. May have some, room, to grow so if you're into, basic. Attention, tokens, or you have someone you're holding you're, probably sitting, in a pretty good position, alright. So let's. Go back and, look, at. Number. 3 which. Is red. Coin okay, red. Coin Falls, is kind, of similar, to basic, attention, tokens, but I'm. Gonna read this for you here so you can kind of get, a good view of it red, coin is currently at 2 cents and if. You look at it let's click on it you. Look at 2 cents here I tell. You when I first ran into red coin I thought man there is so much community. Support for, this thing people are just nuts, about red coin they were all over Twitter telegram. Facebook. YouTube. And. You, know people really driving. Red coin so the, developers. Or of, red coin have done a really good job or, their marketing, teams don't really get down just, making, this thing in the front minds. Of most people it's been around for a long time so. This is a very, I don't like to say old. This is a very mature, technology. Or, crypto. When. You go into it you'll see that red coin has a circulating, supply of about 28 billion and there, is no total supply it's just a circuit about 28 billion once it has 28 billion it will be worth $1. If. You're thinking well never, hit that just. Go back and look at some of the crypto currencies, like next, go look at some cryptocurrencies like XRP, look, at stellar look at some of these other technologies, which, don't necessarily compare. To red Conchas has a different. Function but you. Can see that the numbers, can, support, this. This, amount and it, could grow, exponentially. If. In the right situation. If we look at red coin we go into their site and dig a little bit deeper what, we're gonna find a dent rely decentralized. Digit, digital. Currency, what is red coin red coin is the social, currency that enriches people's social. Lives and make digital currency, easy for the general public red, coin achieves this by integrating, a digital, currency platform.

Sling Lessly with, all major social, networks. To. Make the process of sending and receiving money. Fun and rewarding for, everyone and. I think that's gonna be big you know steam, has their. Own. Way. Of doing. Their. Rewards, and cryptocurrencies, within. Their own, you. Know products. And services that they provide, within this theme network to subscribers, and and people, in that social aspect and, I think red coin falls, right. In line with that type, of technology, so, I see, big things coming for red. Coin currently, it is over. Extended. Here I mean it's it's way it's shot up way up I don't have the iris ayah open because I don't want to get too technical with, this video today I just want to cover these tokens but do. Your research go into training view go into coin EG or bitch or whatever. A. You. Know chart. That you use and do, the research for yourself but, you can see here it took a spike. This. Was back in June and then it came all the way down and now it's shot right, back up right and this was under, a penny so it shot right back up and. Currently. It's it's trying, to find its support, there in the, markets that support, red corn you're gonna see bit rescript Opia, lots, of the major, exchanges. There, which most of them are being driven by the US as you can see there so lots, of lots, of, movement. So Brad coin is my number three, cryptocurrency. Under. $1 and let's. Go into another. Big, one and this, one I'm very very. Interested. In and it's, called digi byte did, you might have had a number of times I actually hold, some now of digi, byte and if. I could just find it on the chart here because, I'm bouncing around everywhere it's, number 37. In the corner market cap it's. Currently at 11 cents it, had a 24-hour, volume, of 190, million it's, got a total market. Circulating. Supply of nine billion, and, currently, it's at 1. Billion right, did. You buy this one of my favorite because of the community, behind it it has a very solid community, now one, thing you'll hear me say constantly. Is community, community. Community, and the reason for that is that, sometimes. And, I've mentioned this in previous videos, but sometimes. The technology isn't. As, important. As the community, that's driving it if you're. Focused, on price because the, community, will drive, the price up right and they'll support the price so keep that in mind it's. Got a max supply of 21, billion, circulating. Supply of 9 billion. To. Get to $1 it. Would have to reach that 9 billion mark it's already reached a billion mark so reaching. The 5 billion six billion mark should be easier, at this point have we seen previously some of these, kryptos. That are under $1 have been doing very very well. Like, stellar, ripple. So on and so forth if you look here same, pattern Jun jumped. Up boom it does, have some room to go up here however, versus, $1 it does meet big coin lineup here which is very interesting but. Versus, Bitcoin it is down right if, you go into the markets, most major markets supported. Over 23, different markets metrics, polonius, crypto piya hit, BTC, so on and so forth, and. Did. You buy it let's go into the site itself and let's look at what it is so, did you buy blockchain. Tells, you right there it's, got the price up here. Did. You buy is a more secure, faster, and forward-thinking blockchain. Technology, after four, years of consistent committed, development, rapid community, growth in new use cases the digit by Bach J has become the world's longest. Fastest. And most secure. UTX. O blockchain. In existence. Right so, in. It actually, is the community, that drives it absolutely. Love it and. You. Know they've got, they've. Got a lot of experience. They've got a lot, of history, right and so, do your research there, that. Is my number, or if. You. Are. Interested in getting, the debate just go in do your research first, and. Check. Them out yeah all. Right so the, other ones was between Tron. Poet. Next. And syndicator, okay and I am gonna cross some.

Of These out because of, how they're performing recently, and the. Pricing has very little to do with this I just, wanted to pick something that was under, $1 for us to look at and some. Of these cryptocurrencies, like next. Or. Blockchain, technology, like next. It. Went up to as far as two dollars and fifteen cents and now it's, coming. Back down to about 58 cents so I'm gonna exclude next. Poet. Was one that I was gonna look at and I. Decided, to skip, that one even, though that one's very, very interesting, and I think it's got a lot, of potential, but, I am gonna skip a poet, they're. Mammoth. Or behemoth. Right, and that was, Tron. Right, tron recently, we saw it at five cents, or lower, and it's, currently at 25, cents it's up 85. Percent. In the last 24, hours it's, going through a major, pump. Tron. Is an exciting, one and we're gonna get into it as you can see here if flatlined. For the. The, most part of the year then, it started taking off and really, blew, up recently, okay, and, Tron. Has. A, max. Total. Supply, of a hundred billion it's, got a circulating, over the supply of 65, billion and this, is like I was mentioning earlier, with some of the other cryptocurrencies. That, have a huge, circulating, supply it has a market, cap of 16. Almost 17 billion. There and so. Some, of these groups. Of currencies or technologies, wouldn't, take too much to get them up there to that point to where it's almost a dollar now however. Tron. Is that currently at 25 cents so if you bought it at five cents you would have four, or five times your your your returns, if you bought them less than that even more right let's, go into, Tron and look at what market support them trunk. Out support, it Tron. Is in 28, different markets, here with finance, being the top one again, love, finance, I'm gonna, put a link down below so if you're interested in sign up well finance go there I think currently they're not taking any registrations. For a few days because, of their system overload, but, when they do jump, in as soon as you can. If. You look at the charts. And. We. Go into their site, let's. Have a look at Tron Tron, has. An amazing, awesome, humongous. Community. Okay there's a lot of people pushing. Tron and I. Think so Technologies is gonna be here for a while it's, a decentralized. Trustworthy. Application. Smart contrast and powered, by blockchain. Digital, values issued, and obtained by everyone, a next, era of web, 4.0. Okay, you. Could read through it Tron as a blockchain based centralized protocol, that aims to, construct a worldwide free content, entertainment. System with the blockchain and distributors, storage technology. The protocol allows each user to freely publish, store in own data and in, the decentralized, autonomous form. The, decides. The, distribution. Subscription. And push of content, enables content, creators by releasing circulating. And dealing with digital assets, thus forming, a decentralized. Content, entertaining, ecosystem. So, this, is this. Is awesome it also has a P whoa, app with, over, ten million users, will, become the first tron compatible. Entertainment. App and so, they've got you, know pretty, ambitious. Goal. Here. And. You know it's. If. You go back you look at the market cap see where it's at you could see how well it's doing and with. More things that they roll out I think they're gonna do, fantastic. In the long term right so, you see Tron is currently number six, in our. Market. Cap here, so, that. Was my, 5 top. Cryptocurrencies. Under, $1, stay. Tuned for, my next video, because I am gonna talk a little bit about how, to find. And locate, cryptocurrencies. That. Are, sleeping. Giants, right cryptocurrencies, that, are, within the, coin market gap that, we can kind of dig into and pick one to invest, in and I'm gonna show you how. To do that portion, of it and just, find all, these hidden, gems that, we could get. Into right this, is after, its hit the coin market cap which means that it generally, isn't in the ico stage yet some of them would. Be if they hit the hip BTC. And it's in their futures market but generally. Most. I CEOs don't show up on the coin market gap so we're gonna dig into it to. Those in our next video, please. Thumbs, up subscribe, leave. Me a comment down below on what you think and what what you'd like to see and what crypto currencies, that are under a dollar that you hold that, you like us to talk about as well I will do the top ten at some point just not right now thank, you for investing, some time with me today and. We'll talk to you soon bye-bye.

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