Top 5 Car Guy Gadgets and Tools of 2017 (Christmas Gift Ideas)

Top 5 Car Guy Gadgets and Tools of 2017 (Christmas Gift Ideas)

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Hey, guys chrisfix. Here and this is our third annual top, five Christmas. Gift idea, video for car guys and car, girls, now I work on cars all year around almost every, day of the year so I get to test out a lot of products, hopefully, this video helps, you think of gifts for yourself or for somebody else and if you do like any of these gifts here I'll be sure to link them all in the description below so you could easily find, them alright so let's get started opening. Up some gifts, and real. Quick I want to thank all of you guys this has been an incredible, year all my fans have made this channel the number one automotive. DIY channel in the world and - thank you guys I got brand, new swag check out this shirt we also have brand, new skullcap so these keep you nice and warm I love these I'm wearing one right now we have our normal flex, fit hats soapy. Water decals, that look awesome, on your containers, we, got license, plates plate frames, bumper, stickers, and keychains, and I got one last quick surprise it, is a poster, of the drift sting tearing it up on the track this looks so awesome this, is all linked in the description so check it out now, enough talk let's open up our first gift idea I can't wait to show you what we got oh. Man. You guys are gonna love this so, what this does is it helps remove those really stuck nuts, and bolts let me go show you how it works, anyone, who has ever worked on cars has, come across a stuck, nut or bolt so in order to get this nut off I would heat it up with a torch the problem is having an open flame could be dangerous especially near the gas tank or near things that you don't want to get hot like this coil over or maybe even wires, or plastic, parts so the bolt Buster uses no flames at all and in 10 seconds, this nut is almost a thousand, degrees now, when we get a socket on this it comes off effortlessly. And just to show you how hot it really is I'll hit it with some water and look at how much this steams up so, how this worked is it uses electromagnetic, induction, heating, it comes with all these different coils including. A coil that you could wrap yourself, and once you pick out the correct sized coil you just push it right into the Machine and tighten, it down and another really helpful use for this is to uncie's, a jam nut on a tie rod for this one you actually have to make your own and wrap it around the nut, and these Jen that's been notorious, for being really tough to get off but with just pressing the button for 10 seconds, look at how easy this comes off so. Not only is this something different and unique this tool is actually super. Helpful it's gonna help you in the worst time possible when, a nut or bolt isn't, gonna come off and that is exactly why, this tool makes, the list now, in between each big gift idea like this we're gonna be doing something called a stocking, stuffer which is a smaller less expensive gift. Idea so let's see what we get all right we got some jumper, cables now this is a great gift idea for somebody because as you know everybody who's driven a car is gonna get stuck with a dead battery at least once and this gift is gonna save them now these aren't your everyday jumper, cables but they are just about the same price as your regular jumper, cables what makes these different is this has a voltmeter and built-in protector, so, when you connect your cables it'll let you know the voltage but, let's just say someone makes a mistake and connects these the wrong way instead of causing a short or causing the fuse to blow this thing beeps, and lets you know hey you connected, these the wrong way make sure you switch them so you don't damage your car these, jumper cables are six gauge and twelve feet long and, I really like these as a stocking stuffer because, you can't mess this up this really prevents anybody from making any mistakes, and whoever, you give this to is really gonna thank you when they could get their car started, which is why this makes my stocking, stuffer list Christmas.

Gift Idea, number two let's see what we get two small one. And. Check. It out a tire pressure monitoring, system now, this is a cool gift idea because having the proper tire pressure is very important, to safety while driving on the road and not only that this is a cool gadget let me show you what I mean first remove the receiver and plug it into a USB port, in the car next, there are four labeled sensors, so you know which one goes to which wheel so let's grab the front-left sensor unscrew, the valve cap and screw, on your sensor, and if you're afraid of somebody stealing your sensor they do make sensor locks which go on here and you can't remove it unless if you have a tool also, these sensors have removable batteries, their little watch batteries, so after about a year you could replace them once all four sensors, are installed it'll send a signal to this wireless receiver and then you could use your smartphone and download the, app or even, better I have an Android head unit, I downloaded the app right to this and it'll tell you the air pressure and tire temperature, for each tire, and as you can see all four of my tires need air in them especially the front passenger side so I really like how this looks as I Drive the car gives me all the good information if you don't have an Android head unit you could install it on your phone it'll give you the same information and notify, you if a tire is low on pressure it's a useful gadget, it's a really cool gadget, and that's why it makes, my list, now let's, move on to our second, stocking stuffer. And. We, got ourselves a, car charger now, car chargers themselves, are pretty boring but this is anything, but a normal car charger let me show you what it does and the first thing you'll notice when you pick this up as it feels nicely, made, it doesn't feel like a cheap charger, it has two charging ports one on this side one on that side and, it charges at 4.8. Amps so your phone's gonna charge twice as fast than with a normal charger, and one of my favorite features is when you're plugging in your USB cord it could plug in that way or you, could plug it in upside, down it goes in both ways so there's no fumbling around trying to fit it in it doesn't fit and then you're flipping it over and then it doesn't fit again you're like which way is it this works both ways and the last feature which is why it's a smart charger is it uses the same exact app as a tire-pressure-monitoring. System so, you could plug them both in and pull the information up on your phone and this app is very useful, you could actually see it's letting me know my battery voltage is low that's just from sitting in the car and filming with the car in the run position you could have it find your car so if you park in a big parking lot you can locate it or you can hit this button right down here and you'll never get a ticket for parking at a meter because it'll let you know when your meter is done finally, you can also log your mileage, and this is great for taxes, if you run your own business or you use your car for work so never thought a car charger could have so many features and be so useful which is why it's an awesome stocking, stuffer okay onto gift idea, number three, and I have a feeling this is gonna be, good one look at the size of this box. And. It looks like we, have, pants. Now. Normally, I'm not one to give clothes as a gift especially a pair of pants but these pants are different. Since I've gotten these pants I wear them every single, time I work on a car I'm even wearing them right now not only are they comfortable but they have a special, feature that makes them amazing, and, that feature is these, pants, have knee pads check, that out so, when you go to bend down to work on the floor the knee pads protect, your knees and make it nice and comfortable normally you would have to use something like a foam pad and then carry this foam pad around with you but instead now anywhere, you go you're ready to do your work and not hurt your knees and the best part is when you're walking around not, only do they look like regular pants but they feel like regular pants my knees right here but the knee pad sits right below the knee and that allows you to bend your leg without the knee pad getting in the way but then when you need to go over and work on something and you go to kneel down those, knee pads are there to protect your knees now that is a feature that I didn't, think was that important, until, I started, using it and working on the cars with these pants and now, that I have it men I am never going back now, all their pants, have knee pads built into them but as you can see there's a few different types of pants you have the flame resistant, pants which are good for if you're welding you have the classic denim jean style pants you have a uniform, style and plain black they also have khaki, and then they have the carpenter style which is made of duct canvas which is super, strong material, so if you work in an area that these could wear out quickly this will last you a good long time I actually want, to put these on when I go work on the car it saves your knees and they feel comfortable and it's wintertime right now so they keep me warm these would be a perfect, gift for anyone who works around the house or on their car which is why it makes, my list so there you go now let's go check out our third stocking, stuffer so let's see what we have in this stocking now, all, right looks like we got a small, pen LED, light and.

A. Large stick, LED, light and LED, lights are perfect stocking stuffers, because they're useful and affordable, now, this pen light is small and great for tight areas, it has a 400, lumen light and a second mode of 160. Lumens and, fleshes red for emergencies. It takes double-a, batteries, and has a magnetic base so you could turn the light on and then stick it somewhere and work, on whatever you need to work on the good thing about this light is it's really bright and it's inexpensive to, buy this. Stick light throws even more light and it's adjustable, so you can make it low or you can really crank it up and make it nice and bright, the positives about this one is it's rechargeable, with a lithium, battery and, it also has a magnet, so you could stick it wherever you want you could bend it and then you could crank up the light okay. Our fourth gift idea, let's see what we have it feels soft. Well. It looks like it's gonna be a power tool let's see all right an electric, ratchet, this 3/8, ratchet works, great for loosening, and tightening bolts, real, quickly, it has about 35, foot pounds of loosening, power so it's no impact, gun but it gets the job done especially. In tight areas and that's where the electric ratchet really shines because if I get my normal ratchet, in here and I have to tighten this down I have a short throw there's not a lot of space for me to turn this ratchet so it's gonna take forever to tighten this down instead. You could just get your Electric ratchet on here and it does all the work for you nice and quick this comes with a lithium ion battery which, will last you all day and when it finally dies on you it only takes 30 minutes to fully charge it the tool also has a battery life indicator right up here and it'll let you know when you're running low and I don't know if you could tell but my electric ratchet is all beat up because I put this to the ultimate, test I was, on this junkyard competition, show called the pull apart challenge, and we have limited tools so I use this throughout the whole competition we had to turn a minivan, into a pickup truck in two days and it came out awesome. And once. I got home from the competition, I liked this tool so much I had to get one for myself which is why it makes the list so. Now let's go check out our fourth, stocking, stuffer. Now. That is what I'm talking about we got extendable. Ratchets, now if you've never used extendable, ratchets before you've been missing out these are so useful and this is a nice kit it comes with quarter, inch 3/8. Inch and 1/2 inch ratchets. And these are great because normally with a regular, ratchet, when you go to remove a large bolt you don't have enough, leverage there's no way I'm gonna be getting this off so I need to grab my breaker, bar and then I need to break. That bolt loose and then transfer, back over to my regular ratchet, which still, is pretty tough to use because there's not a lot of leverage now. Where the extendable, ratchets, really shine is the ability to add your socket, and then when you don't have enough leverage you, just pull back and this, extends. To the length of a breaker bar and then once you get it broken you close it up and you can easily remove the nut or bolt now. I just started using extendable. Ratchets this year and man I've been missing out which is why this makes the list as a stocking. Stuffer ok, and our last gift idea, let's see what we got and it looks like tools, since, tools are essential for fixing stuff every, year I try to find some nice tools or even better a nice, toolset, check, this out now I just started trying out tang tools this year and so far so good they're professional, quality they have a lifetime warranty, and they've gotten the job done this kit is a perfect. Kit because it has all the essentials, has a really nice blow mold case and if, we come up to the top here we have 8 millimeter, all the way up to 19 millimeter wrenches, and mixed, in or some sae wrenches, so that you have complete coverage in this corner we have some nice screwdrivers, I like these because they have big handles so you could get a lot of leverage when you're gripping them coming, down to the bottom corner we have our socket set with a 3/8, inch ratchet, the sockets go from 8 millimeters, all the way up to 19 millimeters, you have spark plug sockets, and you have extensions, and a universal, joint extension, and then sliding over here we have tongue and groove pliers or water pump pliers underneath, that's an adjustable, wrench we have a combination pliers, and needle nose pliers and finally. We have a locking, pliers and under that is a side cutters, so. Overall, just a really nice set to have and the best part is, it's completely, portable and even, these latches have, a real satisfying, click to them and you can easily bring this wherever you need to to, work on your car, so.

We Have a quality set of tools and that's why it makes my list and we are on to our last stocking, stuffer let's see what we get. And. Check. It out a digital, tire inflator now this makes filling your tires up to the correct pressure really, easy you, do need to have an air compressor but, once that's attached, unscrew. The valve cap, and the first feature this has is this grabs, onto your valve stem so, you don't have to hold it in place and once you connect it it's going to tell you your pressure which is 27, psi, should be 32, you could change the unit's if you want there's also a light, so you can see in the dark and then all you have to do pull the trigger and when you let go it tells you your pressure thirty-two, exactly, now let's just say I pump, it up too much there's a little pressure relief valve right here so. I could get it to exactly 32, if I overfill, it that's, just a quality, no-hassle tool and it makes putting air in your tires basically, as easy as it gets which, is why this is a really nice stocking, stuffers so. There you go those are my top five Christmas, gift ideas for this, year hopefully this video is helpful in giving you a good, idea so you could get an awesome gift or give an awesome gift all these products, that I showed you are all linked, in the description so you could easily find, them I want to thank all my fans, for all the support this year you guys are incredible we killed it awesome, videos are coming up and I want to thank all the brands who set me out tools so I could do a cool video like this and really test out different tools, throughout the year so I want everybody watching to have a Merry Christmas or, Happy Hanukkah and if you don't celebrate either happy. Holidays and Happy, New Year to all.

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Had fun making this one like I do every year!!! Hopefully you guys have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and if you dont celebrate either, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! ChrisFix Gear (order by Dec 15th for Christmas delivery): Bolt Buster: Jumper Cables: Tire Pressure Monitoring System: ZUS Smart Car Charger: Thrive Knee-Pad Pants: Pen LED Light: Stick LED Light: Electric Ratchet: Extendable Ratchet: Teng Tool Kit: Digital Tire Inflator:

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These are all very useful tools gave me tons of idea what to buy next great job!

The pants look bad

you'll need to fix you driveway soon!

Hey ChrisFix I have a few questions, my first question how to make Soapy water and second questionnaires (threadlocker) I'm not using threadlocker I am using the nail polish, he's a good or not, and I am appreciate your channel, really really you are great:) Thank you

I love how you’re wearing rubber work gloves instead of Santa gloves

whats the name of the head unit? i was gonna buy a basic touch screen one until i saw yours

Awesome video! Added to my favorites because there is some good choices in tools! Never knew about extendable ratchets until now. Now I gotta add them to my toolbox! No more breaker bar/ratchet combo. Great video.

congratulation!!1 i love it the video!!

when u gonna do that roll cage?

Your videos are amazing, I see you from Mexico, CDMX to be exact, I do not understand English very well but I like the content of your channel, I hope someday to visit you friend, you are very good!!!!

Dude! Youre awesome!!!

Hey Chris Just realised i posted under my Wife's account lol. so yeah that Compressor info would be handy if you can help a brotha out. thanks man.

Hi Chris, Awesome Channel ! could you recommend a 2.5hp belt driven compressor? I've had a look around but i'd like to know what you would use. I do a lot of D.I.Y. and would need one that would be good but not break the bank. 50L tank, with a high CFM. cheers for help. keep those videos coming, learned so much already.

Hi Chris, I own a Jeep liberty 2008, I had a leak from my Sunroof and now my headliners are pretty bad, any ideas how to clean it without damaging it?

Can you do a video on how to properly clean corrosion on a car battery?

Why don’t you show your face?

I think everything on this list is a must have. One love ChrisFix. keep it up

love the vids!

I was hoping to get some blue gloves.

Hi chris fix i have a 2007 ford crown victoria p71 that needs a new power steering pump do you have a video on this? If not any tips on replacing? Thanks

You.rock Chris Fix; you're an awesome dude. This is amazing content. Thank you!

Merry Christmas to you too ☺

Great video thanks for some great gift ideas im a beginner mechanic and trying to restore my first vehicle so i watch all your videos for the bes tips and tricks

Nice tool set

Gifts??? I want some of those pants for myself. Going to make working a lot nicer. Thanks for showing some awesome stuff. I may even gift that tire pressure kit. Those lights are quite convenient as well and I got to have at least one of them.

What android head unit is that in your car ?

Awesome video! Great ideas! Fun to watch and I'd like all of these!

You should have a series of mustangfix videos!

408 dollars Jesus chris

let's be honest should be called the nut buster, but someone in marketing got offended

Send that bolt buster here

That ded endlink doe...

Hey Chris wat kind of Android head unit in the Mazda? Did you do a video on the head unit replacement from the oem?

Yo my girl needs those kneepad pants .. Christmas present for her!

Finally this video is out im waiting this video every year Thanks Chrisfix

You got snow.... lucky....

Great thanks for the tips. Merry Christmas.

The tire pressure monitor was way off one tire was reading 48 degrees other

What kind of stereo is that? Merry Christmas and happy new year sir!

I’m a mechanic and I speak from experience, the “fuel” line of Milwaukee power tools is so much better. I had both the 3/8 electric ratchet and a quick connect 3/8 impact and the could maybe take out a 14mm, then I upgraded to the fuel versions and it’s so much nicer. That’s just my recommendation

Great video man I just ordered some of the khaki pants to wear at work I work for att and am always on my knees great gift ideas :)


Bolt buster and tire gauge , the rest is really just junk

Hope the demo of the inductor was worth the melted bushing

i want them all but how to convince people to buy gifts like this for me... hmmm... girl issues

What people can do for money.....

santas even wearing blue gloves and making hand gestures, hmmmm

top christmas present to give: ChrixFix items for me.

Lol you should see all my dad's tools he got a ton from his dad cause his mom and dad moved to an apartment

Hey I finally have my own account old one was my moms warrior girl


What brand of car stereo is that ?

Thanks Chris ,great videos man love the details to all your videos

I should make a video on how to install a head unit!

Nice video. Do you have a video on installing the Android screen in your car?

Thanks! I should make a video on how to install a head unit!

The Santa gloves are the best


Holy crap youre beating mighty car mods!

Yea Top Gear and MotorTrend are the only car channels larger than me in the entire world. I am the largest Automotive DIY channel! So crazyyyyyy!!! Thanks for the support!

A true car guy would want a box full of 10mm sockets.


I neeeeed all these goodies . ALL of 'em . Great video as usual , thx and happy holidays to you and yours !

Thanks a lot!

What a fn idiot you cab tell he doesnt actually work on cars professionally what an idiot

Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed the video!

what i want fro chrismas.... chris fix face reveal.!!!!

10 million subs and you got your wish!

They really should have named the bolt bust the nut buster.... hahahah

I agree haha

Love your videos, always look forward to them coming out ! Cheers from Canada

Lol your future is bright. The editing in this one was really good.

Killer video man. All these are freaken awesome that cuz imma have to buy and send my self lmao.

It's no wonder why your auto repair channel is number one. :-) The bolt buster is a very useful tool. It's just like the induction heater that I made a while back on my channel(1.3M views). Check it out. Have a great Christmas and New Years! watch?v=pVYMLnXW9uo

The stackable craftsman tool kits are so nice and good for organization

Can I please get a shoutout please from you please please

What head unit is that

You the man Chris!

Happy Holidays Chris and family stop puttin stuff on the hood of your mom's car or your next video might be how to polish mom's hood LOL.

The bolt buster is cool but is pricey

MCM vs ChrisFix “No#1 Diy car show in the world”

Thanks for the nice vid. P.S. Your neighboors probably look at you like youre an idiot


I may be only 11 but I enjoy your videos ChrisFix.

Yo Chrisfix, what about it's time for a new car. Sleeper build?

Hi Santa ❤️

Bet you had fun making this video.. you got a bunch of new stuff!!

I like them all!!!!!!!

make a video on how to install a cold air intake

OMG I want to buy EVERYTHING!!

Why do you cover your face?

where are the drift car videos???

What oil should i use for my 2007 vw rabbit 2.5 car didnt have a service manual

All I want for Christmas is you (Chris). And take off those pants, I'll need the knee pads.

What's the brand of the flashlights?

Awsome video

Love ur vids i am Coolguy14lol in instagram

after 3 week

Hey maybe instead of selling products you could make that video about how to convert drum brakes to disc brakes lol

When a NUT or bolt won’t come out

Does chris ever removes his gloves lol

Great gift idea: Harbor Freight 301 pc mechanic's tool set. I got mine about a year ago and man was it a good purchase. Nothing's broken on me, and I am pretty rough with them. And, for the price you can't beat it.

These types of videos usually sick from other people but this video had a bunch of badass stuff !!

Sooo basically don't put your finger in the ring of the first gift when its on. Good to know!

Imagine a neighbor looking out his window. " Why is Christopher dressed in a Santa costume and pointing at pants on the back of a truck?"

I want the pants that are made out of ducks. Quack quack quack you man's were ducking

I'm amazed by the filming... How do you get so much camera stability while doing a first person view in so many different positions ?

Bruh I was weak seeing you in a mask on pull-a-part

In this episode, Chris has an extremely young voice but incredibly old appearance.

Chris. Nice video. I had forwarded to my wife . Hey. Can you make a video with low water comsumption wash car tip?

1:46 that rubber shock absorber was melted good ;)

Chris You SHould Replace it Already and by the way i was Having an Examn when you upload in the middle of the Examination here :P

Double wishbone suspension!!

That's awesome

Yea that is an easter egg for the next video ;) You know I wouldnt melt it and not do something about it!

Can I change my oil without changing my oilfilter

Have a happy chirstmas chris!

At the end of the video his mustang was all loose because of all the bolts he loosened :D

Lol logic wraps it up tears it

Chrisfix i love all of your videos...You are my idol.I want to be like you fixing car..Im very interested on cars too.

I want everything you had on your list. That's a really good list. Keep up the great videos and merry Christmas to you!

Well there goes all my extra $$$$. Great video Chris. That Bolt Buster got me lit!

dude the bolt buster is 400$ wtf, electric ratchet 150? man fk that

Could you do daily uploads or is that too much work? It would be really cool if you made another account for your drifting videos.

To my surprise my wife and love your channel and we were exited to see you go from 250k when we subscribed to now and that goes to show the amazing work you do Keep it going Much Love and Happy Holidays to you Sir! Thank you for all your help these last couple years!!

steelman Pro ..extendable flex head.. unbeatable ..

Rip rubber end link bushing

Makita ja dimex❤️

Can anyone tell me what model of head unit his audio player is in the car.. he said it was an Android

ladies like gadgets too. ;)

You are the best!!!!!!

Whats a man with out his tools right?lol. I still need to buy an impact gun though,lol

Thanks for doing this.

Love the videos! What head unit do you have in your truck? I like the android interface.

I'm not the only kid in my school that knows stuff about cars all my other freinds just think a Lamborghini is the fastest car in the world and don’t know anything

Your neighbors must think your Insane always outside talking to a camera and wearing a Santa suit

Chris, I’m rather new to your videos. You put out quality videos and the video where you bought that car for your mom was awesome. Gotta ask though, why do you hide your face? Is it a bit? Watched that pull a part challenge and you had that mask on the whole time, didn’t that annoy you? I don’t get it....

u should post a video of striping the interier of the driftstang!!! go chris fix

stay tuned!

happy holidays Chris, i want the bolt buster

Merry Christmas Chris. Thanks for the videos.

I want them all!

*I'm telling you, Santa is a car guy too*

they should have named it nut buster lol


ChrisFix :)

haha, that is one way! At 10 mil subs I will do a face reveal!

You have just made my day with this video keep up the good work

Awesome!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too!

Dude! I'm a kid but I know alot about cars! So when I grow up, ima be a mechanic!

shits expensive yo

you're not only the number one automotive DIY Guy ...but also ...the best santafix ever

Haha thanks!!!

Hey Chris can you do a review on terraclean? And on engine flushing ?

Love Your videos, actually this the first time me commenting on Youtube video. CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE VIDEO HOW TO CLEAN/RESTORE CHROME / ALUMINIUM trims on car windows. THANK YOU ! ! Greetings from Croatia !

That is a good idea!

Number 1? so MCM deleted their account?


Oh snap... youre right :o, in that case... Congrats!!!!

My math might be a little rusty but 2.8 million subscribers is larger than 2.5 the last time I checked ;)

broke my heart and feelings when i saw the bolt buster man...

Could you make license plate covers for the uk!

I tried but between the cost of making them and then shipping it would be way too expensive unfortunately.

Boy I thought it was streetspeed717 at the beginning

Because of you ive always thought of my vehicles

Hey Chris I just got a car from a dealership and it has the dealership badge on the trunk gate what’s an easy way to remove it. Can you do a video on it?

ChrisFix like an actual badge and I can believe you replied! And keep doing what you do! I will check out the video thx

Check out my video "Surprising my mom with her dream car" because I show how to safely remove a badge in that video. Is it a sticker or like an actual badge?

You actually commented back omg

I try my best!

Awesome video


Good video, he should of used the Portable jumpstart though, it also doubles as a phone charger

Check out the first Christmas Gift Idea video!

Who makes videos like this

ChrisFix does!

Wow surprised at how expensive that bolt buster is, though it would be like 100 bucks.

Yea I wish it was a little cheaper but hey when you can get that nut or bolt off it is worth every penny haha

Let’s put some cotton in thouse coils

Great video Chris! Lots of toys to put on my Christmas list. I've been using Teng tools for a while and I think they are fantastic. Have a great Christmas.

Good to know! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!

да кар чарджър

Santa would be proud

hi Chris, what brand are the work lights? Thanks in advance!

They are linked in the description!

Hey chris, take the bumper off and make a video about putting on an intercooler, and paint it to say chrisfix or GET OVER IT!

haha good idea!

Loving this video! Ideas!! Happy Christmas & Merry New Year!!!


Good idea. For now just use high quality synthetic oil.

I forgot but merry christmas from TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

dude when are u going ro drift the driftstang?

Dec 16th at Raceway Park NJ. Last event of the year!!!

Hey Chris what do you think about welded diff?

They are great for drifting and not so good on the street

I’m just thinking about how he wrapped all of these just to unwrap them

I had my elves do the wrapping.

lol...yoooo Soapy wooder!!! I'm from Philly area, and my girl always complains about how i say "wooder" over "water" ... I gotta get one of those!!!


Happy merry chrismas i'm watching you un México tankyou feliz navidad

feliz navidad


This video was very fun to watch thanks for the wonderful content! I don't even work on cars but I found your channel a couple years ago and I was hooked ever since. Happy Holidays man!

Awesome Mario! Happy Holidays!

Once again, WOW !!  Chris Fix hits it out !  SO important to have the RIGHT tools, ENOUGH tools, QUALITY TOOLS (no matter what the use, cars, kitchens, brain surgery).  But extendable rachets ?  Electric nut heaters ? Things I never even heard of ?  THANKS, CF

Thanks Steve! That is the goal with my channel!

Digital Tire inflator is already out of stock...

Aw dang. Really? Well that is the power of a ChrisFix video haha

Should have included the prices

ChrisFix true but great videos

If I did that they would have been wrong. Once people start buying them and as Christmas gets closer, and as the year goes on, the prices change. That is why I link it all in the description.

Very useful gifts. Congratulation

Hey Chris, happy holidays! This is of topic but I wonder if you can help me with this question: What is the difference between threaded and buckle fuel cap, I need to replace it on my 2009 Scion tC but I'm not sure!

ChrisFix thank you so much!

Threaded is like a bottle cap on a bottle and buckle is like a button on a jacket

Thank you for not calling it "merch"


Dude im just nuts for your channel keep up that great content.

man you make the best videos! keep up the amazing work!


Your Christmas lists has been my dad gifts for the pass 2 years! Thanks for the ideas and videos

What android headunit was that?

Great video i actually want some of these for myself

a 10 mm socket and a racthet is a amaizingg gifts for car guys did you know ?

Looks like it's time for a new bushing. Got it a little too hot there.


Plz make a video of how to fix a cars kmh

Chris are you Wearing a Santa Suit because its cold in NJ? Just Wear a Jacket or Winter Jacket keeping you warm ;)

Chris!!! Seroiusly i was Having a Examiination!!! You Disturbed me while I'm Reviewing DANGIT #Top5Cargadets

Can you show how to install a android head unit??

ME WANT! %drool%

Weird how i was subscribed yet your videos werent appearing for me smh unsubbed and subbed back hopefully that fixes that

Bushing* or bush if you're a weirdo Brit.

asldigga06 "new present" :) lol

ChrisFix when are you diong drifting videos and when are you puting on the stearing wheel

You do damn good bro, keep it

I've been looking forward to this all year.

Chris, never stop being you. Your a true gift from the Great Spirit.

Hey Chris got a video request of changing the Power Steering Rack & Pinion

meathion santa claus one more time, and I will fucking stuff tacos down your throat

Any recommendations on a good jump starter or Powe pack ?

Why are you wearing gloves?

What model head unit is that ?!

Merry Christmas...... Love all the gifts

These were really quite good

Chris, don't forget to tighten things back up buddy......

We need more videos

Where's the DRIFTSTANG!!!

Hey chris I was wondering if you like the android head unit , ive been thinking about getting one but idk if I will like it

Love you Chris

The bolt buster is 410.00 ......... yeah

Again... great info Chris! Cheers!

Im glad the video was helpful!

I thought the dog was real

$409 bucks for the BoltBuster... I'll wait until Harbor Freight sells one for $17.

Wish you get 10 million subs one day. PS. Hi from Mexico

Why do people call side cutters dykes

It's a good idea to not have any phones or credit cards on you when using the induction tool. Might not be powerful enough to do damage but I wouldn't risk it

Ho Ho Chris Fix way to go.

Great video Chris! These tools will help so much :D I liked the Tyre air pressure thing, the extended ratchet. Keep up the good work, hope to see more videos :)

Love the channel and haven't seen a topic that wasn't interesting yet

thanks for the tip my man, i like the cables, a must have in the near future

RIP ruber 1: 44

You should do daily vlogs or just vlogs about your life

At 3 million subscribers you should do a full face reveal. Because we've seen the top half. But we want to see the bottom half. So for the fans, and views, do a full face reveal please.

Hey can you do a video on most reliable cars, trucks, suvs, & vans? Thanks love your vid

Your video clips are very helpful. I wonder how do you know so much about cars? I'm looking forward to the new video. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)

I’ll share this with my fiancé

Hi chrisfix! I’ve got problem with my mitsubishi pajero v6 petrol with manual transmission. It hardly even idles and when i give gas in neutral, it stalls. It is also making weird noise from engine and clutch wont disengage and it stalls when i try to put it in gear. What could be the problem? All that happened after one month without use.

Santa doesn’t use a reindeer anymore he uses the Evo 9 wagon to bring coilovers for the car guys

What headunit is that?

Am I the only one who hit

Dude... That bolt buster thing is four hundred dollars. That is ridiculous. It would cost less to just buy the gasses and torch.

my brother who bitches about his knees, is getting pants for Christmas..

Your videos are the reason I started to even think about working on my own truck. You're rad, man!

Hope Y'all have a Merry Christmas.

Congrats your You Tube Auto Channel ranking! W00T! I've learned a bunch from you!

Nooo I think you forgot to thank your Maa for wrapping

Sup m8

@ChrisFix Just an idea / suggestion for a future video. Can you describe which brand of tools you prefer using and why? As well as, when using certain electrical tools, what certain things should you look for when purchasing (Voltage, power, etc). Can you possibly describe the differences for us individuals who want to learn more starting with the tools we need to be considering when purchasing? Love the videos!

im the best fan

Chris, we may have put your ratings into the #1 slot but that is because *you* have made the most useful and informative videos.

Nice touch with the Santa gloves! :) Merry Christmas!

You mesmerizing!

The best

This is an awesome list

Great stuff Chris, I love the channel. Can’t wait for next year!

Man, I had no idea about cars or don't even own a car yet but I completely watched your videos to the full length. Your tips on how to purchase used cars came in real handy to me who has no clue whatsoever about cars. Thanks a lot!! And, mostly the only Youtuber who is so into cars and has over 2 mil subs who doesn't show off. Respect!

ChrisFix thank You very much Chris.

ChrisFix is it a sway bar upgrade?

asldigga06 lol

My favorite Chris fix video is........ Blinker Fluid!

Awesome as always Chris!!!!

Loved this vid do more soon

What, no Chris Fix blinker fluid? So basically jumper cables for gays. By the looks of your vids, I'd say you back fill most of your audio in later. Do you use a stand in to do your stunts? Seems like you could audio over vids from anywhere and have someone else do the gesturing and wearing of knee pads.

Thanks for the ideas. Have a nice christmas


Post more!!!!

Cause maintenance on a viper truck is pretty pricey and I rather do it on my own if you can post some videos Models 2005 please

Chris and you make videos on doing repairs on Dodge Ram srt 10 quad cab changing the front structs

ChrisFix: I just realized you don't have much footage of you using a pneumatic chisel to knock assemblies loose. New tool?

!ereH xiFsirhC syuG yeH Love you!! ❤️❤️

I wonder what the neighbours must think watching you do this video hahaha

You should have included some of the equipment you use for making the YouTube videos

When r you going to do drifting Vids or work on your driftstang?

@cris fix your voice Is exactly the same than RMD garage boss

Yo chris what's your snapchat

Guys to see his face go to "how to throw a cast net"

Can you help with my request Chris? Are there any tool companies willing to send me some of their new tools to try them on in Iraq my address is Iraq, Kirkuk, Wahid Huzairan, house No: 510/1898 Mobile Phone # : 07702214305

Great now im going to pull a part ch. ....well nice video chrisie teigen

The Santa Fix hover hand of explanation


Why was your first username PaintballOO7 hahaha

I like playing paintball

Chris it's so nice to have someone who is positive, happy, doesn't cuss, etc. sharing videos for car enthusiasts.. Brings peace and joy to watch. Thanks.

Thank you

Hey Chrisfix i was thinking why don’t you do cold start with your cars because is winter now cause you have Ford,MazdaJaguar and others.

What do you mean?

Merry Christmas Chris! Thank you and I find all your videos very helpful

How much is the bolt buster

Nice! What do i want for cristmas uhmm......

Can you make a lot more video's?

I will randomly say, "Hey, guys. Chris Fix here," because it's catchy! Keep up the great content, dude!

Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! To the 660 thump downers!! It's 9 more days until Christmas bitches!! Don't hate, appreciate!!! MERRY Christmas bitches!!! Your hate is unwanted everywhere.

Make more drifting vids

When are you going to do face reveal

Hey Chris, my brother recently hit a snow bank with are truck, it’s a 2014 Chevy Silverado and the part under the bumper is hanging, I was just wondering if you could give me any tips on how to fix it, the bumper is fine it’s just a black piece under it, we’re just looking for a temporary fix for a couple of weeks, thankx

Zip ties

I have the Milwalkee battery 3/8 ratchet and it's the best investment I've ever made. Great video Chris!

****^^ Chris fix what car stereo do you have and where did you get it from******

This is just awesome! Didn't know some of those things even exist! Thank you!

Those transitions are soooo satisfying!

bored as by 50 seconds, stopped watching

Awesome gift ideas.

Awesome going to buy the mrs those knee pads pants!

Are you going to install the sport wheel?

Easter Eggs! Shoutout for the BlueDriver which I bought from your mom car buy video. That is an excellent stocking stuffer!

Can you make a video on how to install a new fuse box for extra accessories or how to wire something up so it only comes on with the ignition on?

I'm actually thinking of getting those pants for my dad, are they decently durable for wear and tear?

Got my "Chris Fix" flex fit ordered! Thanks for the awesome videos brother!!

Hey Chris, I'm considering installing a touch screen in my car, like you did in your truck. Any recommendations you can make on brand and installation?

I think chris fix cover his face because he is really Eminem

Watched you since your diy yellow light fix video, merry xmas buddy from Canada

Chris they make these very cool ratchet wrenches for easy access and they are basically like sockets on a wrench. You should check them out.

This was great! Definitely gotta get some Chris fix merch lol

Go drifting

Hey Chris, So i was doing research and I found a fuel cleaner system that apparently is really really good. Most of the videos i found the fuel cleaner cleaned almost %100 of the carbon. CAN YOU PLZ DO A VIDEOS TESTING THIS?? Redline Fuel System Cleaner

Chris ,when are you going to show us your finished driftstang?

Hey my car said I had 70 miles until empty. I went to pump gas and filled it up, but it still says 70 miles until Emily. How Can I fix this?

Hey Chris, I love you videos but I wonder why you never show your complete face but only you eyes?

Hi guys im buying a car soon that i want to do upgrades for by myself. I dont know much about mechanics yet but what do you think are the most important tools id need to get started?

Nevermind i just finished the video lol

dude in your mustang make a video changing the steering wheel

Can you make a video about the extendable ratchet to see how much abusement they can take

Don’t lie Chris, we all know you use an impact wrench

The 3/8 Milwaukee ratchet is amazing. Have my own, if you're not careful it will even brake some bolts. Great buy!


Great! I will keep that in mind!

thanks for the videos , clear dialog, clear video, edited to the essentials. you helped save me alot of money! merry Christmas keep up the good work

Awesome Ed! I am glad to hear the videos have been helpful!

Damn number 1 in the world! Congrats dude. I remember back when I used to watch you when you first started. How things have changed! You deserve it

Thanks a lot man! Crazy right?!?!

666 dislikes? I guess the dislikers are satanic.

Hey Chris, any clue if you'll do a "how to change your terminals for your battery? " just an idea I'm throwing out there

I have a video idea, mounting tires

Another Great Video!

Can you make a video of possible causes and solutions to a car that shakes when idling?

Can you create a video of how to use touch up paint

I’m so getting that hat! haha

I would be glad if chris u give away bluedriver to me bcoz it my birthday . Love u from Dubai !

What About The Blue Crabs And Fishing Rods :0 :D


Well I celebrate the birth of Jesus so Merry Christmas to you Chris, and thank you for wonderful videos! You have inspired me to start repairing my own car.

Merry Chrisfixmas everyone !


Do you have a video on your race ramps? Would be good to see how sturdy and safe those are compared to maybe the rhino ramps

They are both safe and both work for different uses/price points but good idea

Is the town and Country a good reliable family used car to buy??

Wow I’m never new that but it’s very hard to convince the mrs she so head strong on Toyota Sienna and really don’t want anything else

It’s not bad. I would personally pick a Ford windstar because I have one that went to 300k miles

How about Blinker-Fluid tester?

Hi I'm deaf,,, I wish you give it to me Christmas. Merry Christmas and happy new year,,,,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

That Milwaukee battery ratchet is one of the most useful tools I have ever bought. I’m a mechanic, 10 years in the trade and this is possibly the best power tool purchase out there. I can get away with a week long battery life and you won’t risk cracking any chrome sockets. Cost me nearly £240 but it’s definitely worth it. Saves a lot of time and a lot of effort. And that bolt buster, it’s an awesome piece of kit. Easier than using oxyacetylene and safer. Just make sure you don’t have any rings on your fingers because it will soon heat them up too

Thanks for sharing and good point about the rings

Hay Chris can you do a video on how you got the info taeamit screen in your truck and how you got it and install it

ChrisFix thank you cause I'm thinking of getting on for my families 2001 Expedition

Great idea

Im looking forward for more videos

gonna need some new end links lol

They will be removed soon for the angle kit

Hey Chris, I know this isn't really a fixing idea but you should make a "how to drive a manual transmission car" tutorial

What can I get with $14.93

The pen light I showed

Hey Chrisfix off topic question here I just received my “Mickey Thompson streeet comp” performance tires and they came over inflated do you know what is the recommended psi for these type of tires?

Hello Chris, awesome video. Which Android head unit was that?

That nut buster thing is really cool but $400! I wonder if using copper strand, like you did with your soldering gun, you could get enough heat to bust a nut? ;)

Hey Chris why dont you change the steering wheel on the drift stang?

Hey Chris, how about a video on winter preparation? ;) Noticing the snow and imagining how you keep most of your cars in your driveway all year long made me think of just that

Those cables are not on Amazon.

These are my favorite videos every year!

If you install a big brake kit on your mustang

I don’t want to drill a hole in the bumper tho, okay nvm I have an idea thanks

6:30 as an old bit, I recommend these pants with the built in knee pads, don't destroy your body working on cars

That editing job at 1:02 though

A big thanks bro! I has waiting you to make a video like this for so long .

PLEASE do a Vaydor g35 project

Hey Chris i’m a fan of you, i’ve been looking for a video on how to do and about engine flush. Can you make a video of it please. Thanks.

All I want for Christmas is for ChrisFix to learn how to drift

Can you teach us how to remove a spoiler from the driftstang and put a new one on? Plz

Hey Chris thanks aloty Dad loved the pants with the padding it really helped him and I bought him some of you Merch thanks alot

Chrisfix why didn't you use the vette as your drift car it would of been way better dont you think?

And cooler

I watched the full pull-a-part and I loved it. Did one of the teammates get to keep the van if not what did they do to it?

Hey Chris when are you gonna do the performance intake video for the drift stang

Would it be possible to make a video on how to clean car washing sponges, brushes, etc when they get really dirty?

+ChrisFix have you ever worked on a rotary engine?

I've been wondering about this for forever now but the Shell gas station claims that shell V power can clean your engine of carbon build ups and gunk up to about 80% in just the first fill up. You should creat a video and see if shell V power (premium gas) cleans as well as they claim. My wife and I argue every time we will up if it's worth the extra money to fill up with V power just because they claim it's so great for you let vehicle. It would just be very interesting to see the results.

thank you santafix ..

Hey Chris, great vid! I recently got my license, and I am looking for my first car, can you make a list of great first/reliable used/cpo cars under $10,000. I'd love to see your choices and the reasoning behind them. Keep up the great work!

Chris fix, if you have the time. Do you think you can make a video on how to wash your car during winter? :)

When are we going to see your face?

You should do a engine sawp for a video

Sub woofer installation

Back up camera installation

Put up a a video on how to huck up a hidro-brake on drum brakes

I have that Milwaukee ratchet. Can't beat the value PLUS there's an LED that illuminates the work area in dark places. It's all I ever need.

Did anyone see that the front driver tire in the tire pressure thing it went down

Hi chris plz plz plz make video about how to super clean the inside of car thank you for your great videos

Hey Chris love your videos can you make a vid on how to clean your interior please

ZUS is great

Hey Chris, are touch less car washes any good, during winter time, for the paint ?

Merry Christmas, Only question I have is ( I have a Toyota Urban 4Runner and want to change/update to better Dash screen Dash radio like your truck, what is best brand and what will fix my SUV???

Merry Christmas to you & your family Chris, those were some great tools, I will be look`n into those Extendable Ratchets, they would be useful at many jobs. Thank-You for showing.

You are the man! Not only do you have fantastic videos, but you are considerate! Greatly appreciate the closing remarks! You clearly understand that not everyone, celebrates the same thing. Appreciate it dude!

Do a tint video

Creat a tint video

Make a tint video please

Great video as always. Thanks for the informative entertainment.

Hey Chris Fix, would you consider working on motorcycles?

Nexen tires? Seriously???? You make 6 figures on YouTube yet buy shitty tires???

The nut buster friggin rocks!!!

After market radio intalla

Good idea!

After market steering wheel installation

Sub woofer with amplifer installation

Gonna buy that Bennie it's getting cold.

Sway bar end link bushing*

Santa came early this year

I’ll give gift item 3 to my girl She’ll finally stop complaining about head

Hey where’d he get his stereo there’s no link

I'm here to see if all these are give aways lol

ChrisFix excellent I'm on it, thanks!

lol I will be giving away the tool box on my instagram this week!

Hey Chris wondering if your able to do a fuel economy test on air filters specifically K&N vs stock. Something similar to the fuel additive fuel economy test you did in the past. Happy Hollidays

i really like the boltbuster but it would bust my husband's bolt and nuts!!!! like the pants for him though.

Great video, are you gonna make a how to super clean interior video?

Surprised Power Probe didnt make this list. A must have for any diag tech


Install rally racing tires on the driftstang

Can you do a video on how to rotate your tires and the different methods based on the drive of car you have and the type of tires you have

You should do a video on weight reduction and stripping parts of the interior.

Hi Chris, can you make a video showing how to fix a frozen parking break without the hammer or heating the car methods?

Whats the name of the android head unit called and review on it? Thanks

Casual 500$ bolt buster for christmas i wish

To thank my fans, I have more shirts and posters to sell you! Yeah! Lol.

Hey Chris how did you connect your iPhone to your android head unit?

Happy Holidays Chris! Could you do a video on how to locate and fix an oil leak? Thanks!

Hey Chris, dobyou think you can make a video on what's the best type of clothing to wear for working on cars, I've just got cargo pants, boots and a black shirt and hopefully can get better work wear! Thanks!

Bolt buster totally busted that rubber bushing. Nice product, though.

Where did you get the android head unit from?

Chris thanks for all your vids. I am benefiting greatly. Pls can you advice me one which car to buy between a Golf 4 2002 1.8T and a Mazda6 2004? Thanks

Plus I’m not certain but Milwaukee are owned snapon so the Milwaukee should be just as good as the snapon cordless ratchets

How reliable is your Mustang? Thinking of getting one

Chris. I seen your video about the tie-rods and i gotta admit, you explained that excellent. I want to know if you can make a video on a power steering box on a 1986 f150. 5.8 lit

Can you do a video on that new protective ceramic scratch resistant coating stuff I'm seeing everywhere ?

No problem!!!

wheres is the new video please

Hey Chris when r u going to do the steering wheel conversion

Are u gonna put a big wing on it

Medium waffle

Hey chris how u doin love your videos can you tell me how to clean the iside of my engine please

NEED HELP my 2007 G35 has this overheating problem I’ve already tried bleed out air in the cooling system and it still overheats also thermostat has been replaced and still have the same problem can anyone plz help?

bolt buster $408.92 ($4.09 / Item) NO THANXX!!!


The channel is #1 because you really know what you're doing and know how to convey it in easy to understand language. Cheers

Imagine driving by chris’ home while he’s dressed as Santa and working on cars

What brand ramp do you use bro?

When are u putting a roll cage in the stang?

Hey! Greetings from Hungary! :) Thanks to your videos, now I am able to change oil in my a Suzuki Swift, which is known in your country as Geo Metro (with a manual transmission).Next time I'm going to record it and send it to you somehow. Ps.: I am a huge car fan, I just don't really have opportunity to do all these things where I live. Happy Holidays!!!

Hey chris , how to tighten down nuts and bolts to a specific torque using electric rarchet like milwaukee m12 the one in ur video, thx

Hay how can you change a car engine please

Chris, your channel disappeared from the UK for two days. I searched and searched and I couldn't find anything. Strange!

Chris??? Where’s the steering wheel and quick realise vid???? Plzzz I need that vid from you!!!

those pants just blew my mind all over the place lol definitely getting some of those :D

Everything in the video is sold out on Amazon now and the stick light, and the extendable and electric rachets are frequently bought together now. A+ Chris.

How about a video of how to switch to electric fans (on your truck)? Pros and cons. I am thinking about doing it on my 2000 Chevrolet Silverado. Keep up the good work. Thank you!

Bro this super and fantastic and i have doubt in how to make giant model of peterbilt rc 359 truck you can make this video and reply your comment

can you show us how to do soundproofing in wheel arches?

Cool idea

plz crise do a video about of your face rivel

Can u suggest me which Polish or protectant for black matte finish paint. It so hard to maintain it! Leaves lot of scratches.

ChrisFix thanks for the reply! But soon review about matte finish paint bro! Humble request

Yea that’s tough. I don’t have personal experience with matte paint.

My dad's name is also Chris and he's always wrenching on my family's cars (with 5 girls, he has a lot to do especially since him and I love working on them together and have a project Vette) so I got him a keytag for Christmas since it's so applicable


This is such a fantastic video that I wait for every Christmas. Hopefully Christ will have more video like this.

How did I not know about that bolt buster??? Thanks so much for putting that in there’s so many times I could’ve used one!

Awesome vid. You deserve all that money.

ChirsFix is a perfect example of attention to detail!

Hello, I wanted to see if you could help me with something. Recently I hit my car while going in reverse and a sidewalk bent my exhaust :( Any way to work it out and fixing it?

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for the great videos. Good choice on the gifts you demonstrated.

ChrisFix I saw your video to prevent window fog, got any tips to prevent ice on windows or easily deice the windows? It's that time of year. Maybe a comparison video of different methods?


i know your a good mechanic and all but looking at the jam nut on that tie rod should come off with a fart from santas elf. IDK where you live but in new england try a rusty froze jam and tell me how fun it is.

I Love America. ^^

Chris Wheres The Angle Kit Vid

Just a little FYI it's not 4.8 Amps per port. It's 2.4 per port for a total of 4.8 amps. They advertise it as 4.8 total just because it sounds better and to confuse people. Nice vid though Chris :).

videos coming too late please hire somebody or do something and give us 2 video per week please

He melted the rubber

You should do engine upgrades on the driftstang, like turbos or something like that, at least a cold air intake and get it tuned

Hey Chris! Please make a video how to install a stereo, I’m aware there are already videos but I want to see your method

Awesome as always!!

You should make a video on how to repair cracked or broken leather seat and interior. I need to know an effective way because my leather interior is already broken and I don't want a full repair

Great idea!

Do a whole car paint video... to a different color at home

Cool idea!

Want more drift stang track day vids please

ChrisFix sweet looking forward to watching thanks

Next two videos this month!!!

Hi Chris. jusy wanted to say thanks for the videos. By far the best how to guides on YouTube. I never before considered doing work on my own car but your guides have given me the confidence and motivation to start. As a mere beginner I have started with following your cleaning guides (until i can afford my own tools). As such, I was wondering if you have any advice for properly deap cleaning the inside of the car?

Hei. I’m ganna restore a chevy suburban 94 modell, with 6.5 diesel. Any idea where to buy parts? I live in europe, so i dont know how it works with costumes? Appreciate ur help

Why bolt buster? Why not nut buster? Missed marketing opportunity

I agree!

The Pull-A-Part Challenge was awesome to watch, especially because it happened in my hometown. I got to meet ChrisFix and all the others the day before. They gave me so many good tips for the R and R of my Grand Am and I even got pics with many of them.

I had just started watching your vids when I found out about it.

Awesomeee! I am glad you came out to the meet!

Please do it fast

When you will release your new video

Nice.. Marry Christmas.

Hi Chris, I’m just wondering what camera do you use? And are your fix it videos voice overs or live commentary. Thanks. -Jack

Do a video how to chage engin

Chris can a carbon fiber with a crack be fix ? If it can do you have a video thanks alot

Make how to fix a flood damage car

Hey Chris, I want to thank you for all your work. It helps me a lot in fixing my own car. I wanted to ask you if you have a video of installing an aftermarket HID or LED light kit. Thanks!

SantaFix anyone?

Hey Chris!! Love your videos, can you show how to install a oil cooler?

Plz man if you can paint Greek subtitles!

Hey ChrisFix, what kind of radio do you have in ur mazda? i have a ranger and want to put a good touch screen radio in.

This hurt to watch. I had to sell a large amount of my awesome tools to help pay bills because my newborn is on life support for the rest of his life. :< I miss my tools!

You should buy a cheap honda civic and work on one to show all the honda civic owners how to work on them as very many poeple have them. Thanks Chris for all of your videos. Very professional and thorough.

Chris your a good lad

Are you OK you have not made video in a while

Link to the specific tool set he got?

Dear Chris fix, I need your help. 5 months ago I bought my new suv which has done just 4000 km till now . Only when at a slope or reversing in rain when I release the brake slowly just before it rolls or moves I can hear some creaking noise feels like it's coming from breaks or rotors I'm not too sure what is causing this. If I firmly pushing the breaks it's not there Is there a quick fix for this? I mean as it's a new car I was expecting no noise whatsoever. Regards

Bro just very concerned the transMission fluid is clean do I still need to replace it or not ? Please advice and have a great holiday and happy new year keep on trucking my man

I can't have a cap cuz im a MX-5 NA

Hey chris. I have a problem with my 2012 hyundai tucson. I wanted to change my engine oil but the problem is that my engine oil cap cant be remove.

Nut buster

Merry ShillMas, was that Billy Mays reincarnated making a ChrisFix Vid? Don't get me wrong overall Ive liked the content but this seems a little bought & paid for!

Can you do more drifting vids cuz I really like those vids, I think some people will agree with me.

Do a video on sun damaged paint please

This has probably been answered before somewhere along the lines, but, i’ve been watching your videos for a few years now almost religiously since I’ve found your channel. Why do you hide your face? I respect that maybe you don’t want people to recognize your for your fame so you can live a more humble life. I’m just curious.

Hey chris, good video and just in time!

Please do a video on cold air intake

Hey Chris, what kind of soap do you use in your soapy wooder?


Love your channel Chris merry Christmas to you and your family have been watching your channel for quite some time keep up the great work love you and some isles channels the best with love to meet you both one day I’m in new you work on long island I am visually impaired and I am car crazy since I was a little kid can’t drive but love them I own a 1961 Ford Thunderbird for over two years now ford man here big time but like Chrysler dodge Honda Nissan another Core makes two as well sorry this message is a little messed up using the voice dictation on my I phone not perfect

Chris, put a race steering wheel in your mustang

I cannot because the car is driven on the street and the race steering wheel removes airbags.

When are gonna see more before and after dyno videos?!?!?

ChrisFix yessss! Been waiting for that!

Soon! I want to test out intakes and throttle body spacers.

GUT THE DRIFTSTANG (Project crowd control :)

then uh, uhm ermh swap the engine I guess.

Its gonna happen when I do the roll cage.

What is the brand for that Android head unit?

I wish I knew lol. It just ended up in my PO Box one day so I installed it!

Show how to replace a rottened ventil inside a car wheele.(sry for grammar) Edit: It costs about 10$. I didnt knoe hoe to replace it so... yeah.

Dood your vids suck

Thanks for the feedback.

Hey ChrisFix, do you think we'll be seeing the project night light revised soon??

YES! I have been planning it out for quite some time now so I think it is almost time!

Chrisfix are you related to the Stig? You must be you hide your face as well as he does

Some say....

anybody have a link or know what model headunit that was?

I need to do a video on it!

Can you do a video on how to convert a car with rear drum brakes to disc brakes

Yes that’s coming up! stay tuned!

My seven year old daughter loves to watch your videos...she can't wait to help me work on my car and truck!

I love you because you have a mazda bt 50

Yeni vidyo at amın oğlu

Chris, do you recommend Fiat products or are they endless money pits?

Nice job

Happy Christmas brah

ChrisFix, can you make a video on how to shop for tires to drift with?

Some say that his face is identical to Matt Farah's right nipple. And that he wears a helmet to prevent global warming. All we know is he's called chrisfix!

My car won't start only the belt spins

I like how his enthusiasm over the last 5 years just increases dramatically whenever he starts his videos

Haha it gets better and better!

Hey Chris can you make a video on dents?

Thanks dude you're one of my top YouTube's.

Yes! I am learning to do that myself!

CN you make videos how to install stereo radio ??????

He definitely aired the tires down, because there is no way his truck is ever low on air.

All I want for Christmas from Chris Fix is a face reveal

I know these are supposed to be gift ideas, but Chris is making me into a hoarder. I need it all for my self.

is it not better a to 10 Gadgets and Tools of 2017

Hi i have a ford territory and from its back boot door there is a v annoying ratling sound coming and its teally pisses me off sometimes i want to smash the hell out of that window please is there anyway you can help me guid or show me how to stop that noise?

I know this is off topic but could you please make a video about fixing blow by? no video on YouTube can fix this problem, If anyone can do it it's you for sure. I did a head gasket on a jeep and now I have blow by and burning oil no leaks I know for a fact piston rings are stuck. Please tackle this massive issue I'm sure alot of people deal with. MUST be a way to losen the rings up without removing the head off. Thanks again for the amazing work you do!

I subscribed and I love your videos

Hey Chris can please do a video of how to fix deep dents in the please chris

Merry Christmas Chris. Really enjoying watching your videos!

Upload more videos

i dare you to find the garage ready digital tire gauge, amazon doesnt have no one has it where did you order yours? online or in store?

Merry ChrisFixmas.

Awesome!! You are spinning my wheels with this gear!! Merry Christmas Chris!!


Merry Christmas from Czech Republik :)

Hey chris can you make more videos cause you say youll make videos weekly and you are so close to hitting 300 vids

Yes. Each video takes 120hrs to make from start to finish and I work 14-16hrs a day, 7 days a week to get them done!

i will buy the number plate and drift with it lol savage man they will think i am chris

ChrisFix Should be a Mechanic

Congratulations Mr Chris you, mama fix, and daddy fix has just earned a new subscriber for your early Christmas present!

ChrisFix merry christmas

Bugger... Knee-Pad pants don't ship to Australia...

I was under the impression dish soap is bad for a car's paint... No?

ChrisFix yes chris when you will install the angle kit. but realy that automaric ratchet is awsom and nice

when tou wull install the angle kit

Chris is the type of guy to be a zip lining instructor

20 bucks says only 1 tire is at 32 psi lol

How do you super clean your interior

I got a battery jumper and multimeter :) Edit: Really good vid! Keep up the good work!

Do a video on how to replace an ignition please

Any idea how to do a diy heated steering wheel?

You're a smart dude, your channel has helped me and my son do a lot of fixes on his truck. Not only has it saved us a lot of money, we're smarter and we really enjoyed spending the time together. Thank you!

Are you going to winter jam

Hi chris...good day nd merry Christmas...plz make a video to tell us about various kind of oil leaks and why they happen.

@Chrisfix You should do a water decarbonizing your engine video just like the seafoam one you did.

Hey man, I saw one of your videos on fixing your car heater. I have a problem with the heater matrix in my 05 Suzuki swift. I know the wise choice would be to send it to someone but can I do anything about it myself? Cheers


I need those pants :D

I started watching one of your videos a few months ago, and found it very useful. Then, another one last week about how to fix a scratch. I'm still super scared to try but I will! You are great at explaining things and you even got me interested in knowing more about cars. It's Christmas Day and it makes me so happy to watch all of your videos just because I love your voice, your simplicity and your personality. You really are the best. Merry Christmas, Chris!

Chrisfix please tell us a way to make our car more fuel efficient i’m driving a ford territory 2006 tx and its a duel fuel one lpg+petrol but the problem is if i’m driving the car on lpg the petrol is constantly draining along lpg i’m noteven using petrol still i’m losing 30 litters of petrol per week without even driving on petrol and if i drive on petrol suppose I have 30 litters of petrol and its showing 250 km of range i will drive it for like 100 km and i will run out of petrol please help me and guid shat can i do it fix it

Nice to see a new video. Cool thx for the content.

You know you're getting old when you want tools for christmas XD

You should make a video on how to install a radiator

Would you rather: Make a gaming channel OR Make a face reveal

One more thing: try hit 3 million subs at the end of 2017

Chris, what do you choose

you should do a video on the Big "3" upgrade in regards to positive negative and ground. in reality it's a big 6 upgrade being that you want to upgrade your cable to the fuse box, negative cable taking note if you have a ELD or not, positive cable, importantly alternator cable, block ground, chassis ground, and sometimes body ground. you'll get far better performance out of all of your electricals especially if you add on things, you won't experience dips in electrical load like when you roll down your windows, your headlights will be brighter, car will start faster and much more. I like the upgrade mostly because it take strain off the alternator and battery. For instance if you have exterior lighting that you've added like you have most of the draw has to come from the battery first, then the alternator tries to catch up and put all that power back through in most cases a cable that's too small to do so properly putting strain on the alternator and running your battery through a unnecessary charge cycle. you'll have to get in contact with an automotive electrician in your area to find out how to do it correctly in most cases 99% of shops won't know how to do this properly and you'll end up like myself contacting an electrician that does high output alternators and such for County police fire and ambulance. if you find someone like that in your area and I'm sure everyone has it will blow your mind how much more is that play then we all realize. example being high output alternators are not for charging your battery that's a huge no no it's to maintain multiple batteries and should never be put on to compensate for extra load. Only a better battery or multiple batteries or else you'll destroy one or the other. this upgrade I mentioned circumvents most of the need to change out your alternator or battery setup as it frees up OE equipment to do the best it can and prolong the life regardless of use. I went to 20 or 30 shops and none of them knew how to do it correctly they just wanted to slap cables on top of the existing which is not a smart idea. please consider it as it is an awesome, simple, and mostly unknown upgrade that also prolongs life as not many upgrades do, shout out if you can... thanks!

Okay I want 'em all

Hey Chris congratulations on the number one auto DIY channel :) you rock!

Happy Holidays Chris!

Great videos man I watch you all the time

Would you ever put a push start system on the driftstang

How a bout a tune up video

This dude is awesome.... lots of helpfull infor and demn straight to the point

Hey Chris, how do go about painting and sanding rust off of rims that are two textures, the spokes are smooth, but the spots in between are rough, (they are 2005 Ford Focus ST ZX4 stock rims) because I really want to remove the rust on them and make them a nice gloss black. Thanks man, love your videos

Hey Chris fix do you still have all stock mustang parts

This is even a great stocking or birthday gift....Wagan (EL7502) iOnBoost 300A Lithium Jumpstarter & Battery Bank for V8.portable & has come in handy starting are garaged ElCamino

You earn your success. Excellent videos. Keep it up!

Merry Christmas to me. I'm getting half of that lot for me.

Chrisfix . Can u teach me or us the all parts and name's under the hood of car? Pls!!

Is there a way I can contact you about some questions I have?

Good videos. I’m learning to be a diesel mechanic. Any tools do you know of that would be good to start off with?

Your channel has got worse you used to upload every week and showed how to fix cars now you show very different things not everyone has a project car go back to your normal videos

You cant be the world largest diy youtuber when you take so long making a video im still waiting for the angle kit video

Can you do a video on wheel weights????

Will you put turbo or something?

Chris I want help. I've got a 2002 Citroen Saxo (probably never heard of that car). When I turn on the engine the AC immediately starts blowing air into the cabin. I checked all the switches and staff and it never turned off. The only easy and free fix I could think was removing the AC fuse. Can you think of what month be the problem.

Hey look you got a subscriber

A caution on the TPMS system: Consider removing the units before driving in snow or going through an automatic car wash. I bought the last set Chris advertised on his Christmas gift ideas video. They worked great until it snowed and after visiting an automatic car wash with tire-cleaning brushes I learne the units can separate at their seams allowing water inside which killed the sensors.

The worlds biggest mystery is not the presents, but ChrisFix's face. Even in the TV show you wear a bandana.

Make a video on how to install an android head unit

ChrisFix you should try the cheap truck challenge--> buy a truck for under 1 500 $ and make a 2 000 $ modifications on it and then go off road with one off your friend /// PLZ reply

Can you do a video explaining how to drive a car with a manual transmission? (Teach it with the Driftstang)

Your voice is so Nice

ChrisFix Your channel is dead u dont care anymore to make videos which is a shame. Earlier u used to upload once or twice a week and now it's like once a month and when you do it's most likely to be associated/filled with thousands of afillated buying tips where u get commission. Looks like u do it for money rather than any Youtube passion

snickers are better

When will next video come out? U said for Christmas

My car shifts at high rpm what could cause this? Plz help. Its a 1998 Lexus es300 automatic.

Chris please do a face reveal.

I have a Camaro with an lt1 in it. I've been having problems with backfiring. I pulled #1 spark plug and it was black. Replaced spark plugs, but not the wires cause they looked pretty decent. Running really bad till I replaced the egr (good vid btw). I thought that would fix that issue but no luck. I'm gonna clean the maf with maf cleaner but I'm looking for suggestions. Could it be a fuel pressure regulator putting too much/too little fuel in, plug wires, o2 sensors, or maybe a vacuum leak? Backfires at around 3k rpms.

Hey chrisfix do a engine swap on the driftstang

Chris you have all ready showed your face in how to tint your window

Can you please make a video on how to take off tire nails or anything that gets caught on them?

Cool video Dag Nabbit, well now i'll know what to get for Xmas of 2018... Anyways I was wondering as to what advice you would give to people who want to start fixing their own vehicle...

thanks crisfix

Blair George

Chris has a mystery face! It is to never be seen

Heeey, Chris! I'm here with one question, when you will upload more content of drifting? I love your videos, and your DriftStang, you even pushed me with your car to make my own project car :D By the way, thanks for all that videos, you helped me multiple times ! :)

Could You please do a video on Installing an Electric Fan and taking out the clutch mech. fan on your ranger! Id really like to do this to mine and need some answers ....

I was interested in that thing to heat up the bolts until I saw it was 400+dollars

Hey Chris I just got a 2013 dodge avenger when I'm driving in the highway it don't stop fast enough as when I'm driving in regular street what can cause that to happen?

ChrisFix ok thank you

I wonder if the brakes are rubbing slightly and that’s causing it to heat up so it doesn’t break as well. Check to make sure the brakes are greased properly. I have videos on how to install brakes properly


Good day crisfix can we clean the wheel well and do so how can we protect it?...happy holiday

You can use the same stuff I used in the engine cleaning video (linked in the description).

Could I make suggestion for video. I was thinking of installing a front Hitch so I could have a DR cheap snow plow but I don't really know how to install one. So if you could make a video but that it would be greatly appreciated.

That’s a cool idea

Can you do a video on how to clean cloth seats?

ChrisFix thanks!


Man nice tools man!! I don't work on cars but love watching your videos anyway. Learning alot.

Thanks a lot!!!

Pretty good video man, sure going to get the bolt buster thing :)

I don't have a car, I'm 15 years old, I don't have a license. Watching DIY car vids for my future car. Thanks Chris!

Awesome! When you’re ready to drive you will know more than most people!

Wish Id seen this before Xmas. The electric ratchet looks the bomb

Yo Gotti could really use those jeans since he be on his knees all the time.

Went to Home Depot and picked up the 3/8 Milwaukee electric ratchet, best tool ever.


Can do video on replacing the battery cables on a 2002 Mitsubishi Galant having a little trouble with mine

Video Idea, How to start a car when it's been freezing cold and hasn't been started for 1-3 days

Hi Bro,Please tell me how can I clean rust from my car tire rims

Chris can you please tell me which is the most reliable RWD car that i can buy :) ?

Please chris fix do a video on How to change stock cd/radio To Sterio led/lcd touch screen music system

Wow! Very cool. I need most of those tools and i thought we had a lot! Heidi

Weres the driftstang

HEY @chrisfix bro can you please do a video on flooded cars? can a BMW be repaired if its flooded? what would the cost be? also can you message me i would like to ask you some question. about my car personal... thnks mate

I new it Chris fix santa was real

The best car detailing channel ever

Chris fix you are the greatest car detailing channel I ever seen on YouTube

Chris fix can you help me with my channel by suscribeing and I will do back the favor

So I'm going to store my car away for the winter. Is there anything I should do before letting it sit for a couple months?

Are you going to make more drift stang video?

Hi ChrisFix, Can u show how to wash car radiator? I saw some rust inside my radiator, but I wish I know how to wash it.

Could you do a how to super clean your car carpet.

Hi! I was wondering if you were gonna make a video on how to fix small rock chips on the hood, because i have a 2010 sonata which is notorious for its bad paint.

Who ever dislike this video is dumb piece of shit

Hello is this channel dead

Who knows when the new drift season starts? His last video of the season was in January so it’s gotta be soon I wanna see it with all the new stuff

Get a carbon fiber hood

what about if you don't have a torque wrench then what?

Buy one.

You're the bomb! David

Thanks Chris have a great new year.

on the real though this guy is actually awesome i love his whole mustang series

I just wanted to let you know that I love all your videos! I have learned so much from you and I saved hundreds of dollars and have a lot of fun fixing my truck, also a B3000. You are the best!!!!

Thanks a lot Matteo!

I wish you give us advice for scooter or bike :')

I knew it I knew it you would make a famous birthday account until today I had a feeling and I searched it up and it did. Are you 36 years old cause you look younger

Khurram Shahzad lol he is not even trying to to hide his face

ChrisFix can you make a video on how to fix a exhaust

Chrisfix I need some help. I bought a 94 accord ex auto for 200$ and so far the only issue i have found is that the car stalls (but wont die) when breaking. It only does it when the fuel gauge reads about 1/4. Any idea? Im pretty handy with cars but this is one I just can't seem to figure out. Thanks in advance.

Hey chrisfix i have a question i have a acura Integra that kicks ever time it shift do i need to replace the transmission or what can i do ?

We give you a ton of support you should give away some of that gear instead of selling it all...I’m not saying give away all of it but a few pieces since we do spend our free time putting money in your pocket all day LOL ya right I already know that answer

Chris do you happen to need a new car

Favorite youtuber

Hey guys Santafix or smartfix

Thanks for torque wrench video

Chrisfix is one of the best car guy youtuber ever!!!

Chrisfix deserves more subscribers and likes.

**NEED HELP** Long shot here, but i have an 08 pontiac gp, base, 3.8L and every since it has gotten cold out 15 degrees and below , it wont start. ALL of the dash lights work, not at all dim, wipers headlights everything works. The car cranks over but WILL NOT START even with all electronics turned off. Never had any moisture problems . Same thing happened last winter (did nothing to the car) and it sat for 3 months till it was warm out and then finally started up havent had a problem since until now that its winter again. Any help or list of things i can check will be appreciated.

Do not have access to heated area (or garage) for car, blow dryer will now work, too cold outside only blows cold air

They missed an opportunity by not calling it the nut buster

I agree.

Congrats Chris fix on your accomplishment. I love your channel

Thank you!

3 million sub face revil

10 million

Can someone help me. I have a 04 v6 manual mustang and every time I try to pull hard from 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th gear the car starts jerking really hard like I’m chugging. My mechanic said something was wrong with rear axle. Just looking for some clarity on what the problem is. Thanks y’all

Man, where are your drift videos ? :d

Coming. Been working on them all month!

Santafix or smartfix

Could you make a video on how to install an android head unit. If you have already made a video like this I’m sorry to waste your time.

Chris i am just wondering when well you be installing the roll cage. I am pertty intrested to see how you are gonna do it. I just want to know when your gonna upload that video.

Hi, Did you have a link for the Android head unit ? It should be sold specificly for a car brand ? Even better, can you do a video for it ? Thank chris !


Please face reveal

You just earned a new Subscriber

ChrisFix thank you

Buying all

Joking been subed for 4 years

Show us how to drive in snow

Where did he get that Android radio system?

Hey Chris! Could you do a video on how to clean seats properly? Both leather and cloth, thanks!

I found your channel about 2 months ago and you’ve been my favorite YouTube by far. I love your videos so much, I really hope you can find a way to upload more often

Super cool gift ideas! You knocked it out of the park!

Chris When's the next vid

ChrisFix I hope that you respond to this and I'll be checking back to see if you did. I have a question or request for a video. Can you make a video about how to adjust the lifters on a car?

Hey Chris I love your videos and your Chanel. I have a question... why don’t you ever show your face?

hey chris fix.what are some good used car buying websites?

Chris, why don't you ever show your face??? Do you have warrants or something?! Keep the great videos coming!!

pls make a new vid ps subed and hit the bell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks! New video out in a day or two!

ChrisFix please make a super cleaning interior video

I will!

Hey, great vid! When you switch from stock radio, to a tablet?

Do you have a fixed welded differential?

Back in high school I had the privilege of getting fucked by Chris... it was hot, it was amazing and I'd give anything to feel him inside of me again.

I just want to tell you, that im from germany and love your vids!

Merry chritmas and happy new year Chrisfix! Any chance you could do a heater core replacement video on the driftstang? The heater core on my 99 new edge is in need of a replacement, and I'm not confident with taking the dash out. Please don't ever stop making videos.

These are such great ideas!!! Thank you, Chris!!!

@Chrisfix the phone charger functions such as location and timer will only work if the 12v socket is permanent live and not switched..

I am only 10 I started watching your channel yesterday and I love it

Take your car to the track more!!!

I put almost every one on my Amazon shopping list XD Theses are awesome gift ideas! I may get those jumper cables for someone else and/or myself! Do you have a video on your headunit installation or a link to the product?

More Drifting Videos plz

I watched the pull a part challenge who's with me

How did you get so smart I learned everything from you

Chris please sub to my channel it is called Lamborghini expert first one that shows up

I got the tool kit and the bolt buster

Can you sub to my channel Lamborghini expert first one that shows up


chris can you make video how to change the cluth master sylinder

Do you fish still?

I love your videos so much that I want to subscribe you multiple times and want to give you multiple likes

LoL - I WANT those PANTS to give to the WIFE for use in the Bedroom instead of the Garage! LoL! But still need that Pen Light too; so that SHE Can Find the Dark! (Roasted myself!) LmaooOooOoooOoo The wratchet would be great for the wifey to use on my nutz...& boltz.... :D. lol

LOL - Get'n into Santa's Pants! Good thing it cums with Knee Pads! lol. Ironically, comes with knee pads, but now NEEDS an Instructional video on how to use them, put them on, wear them the proper way, and how to use the knee pad portion when on the knees! Naughty naughty Santa! Mr.SantaFix ! Just kidding! Thanks for SHARING the GREAT GIFTS IDEAS Christopher! Have a great New Years Chris!

ChrisFix hey Chrisfix i know you will probably ignore this but can you myabe do a video on fixing these engine codes (P0171 & P0141) if you can that would be great Also those gift ideas where awesome Also keep up the good work

darkdeadpool gamings THATS MY PROBLEM (engine codes- P0171 P0141)

E36 drift build or some other build?

Bro waiting for a video for start new year with u....

Could you do a video of changing the cylinder heads uninstalling and installing cylinder heads

Saludos amigo desde mexico

What Android Head unit is that? I need one for my ranger

Hi Chris! I've been watching your videos since couple months ago and really have to say that all those videos gave me lot of courage to fix my own car. Before i usually just drive to the nearest workshop and tell people there "Fix my car, i'll pay for you". Luckily i found Haynes manual for my car from my local library, thats has been also really good book. I hope you can understand me, because english is not my native language :)

Hey Chris fix happy New Year and thank you for teaching me so much this year you have saved me a ton of money deeply appreciate it keep making more videos God bless you and yours

Buy a sport sterringwheel pls love you

you must rebalance your wheels after you install those tire pressure monitors

That so cool a want all the things

Hey Chrisfix can you help me with my engine codes (p0171 & p0142) on my 1998 Honda CR-V ,if you can. It would be great to make a video fixing those promblems Also keep up the good work Chrisfix!!!

Love your truck u should put a front bumper

I am building one soon! There will be a video series called Project Night Light Re-Lit

New year ?

I like the TPMS system

I love Santa. :)

Start uploading more videos!

How about we call this Santafix Christmas cool gifts?

Could you possibly make a video about repairing Citroën's hydroactive suspension in 2018? Thanks anyways and a happy new year!

if you don't use half inch, then go home

Free Samples Plus you're an idiot if you think sex is for pleasure

It didn't happen.

when are you doing vid on drift stang ( rollcage )

I like the tyre pressure monitor

New videos .......???? Where???

What if you put your finger in the coil of the induction heater thing.

Can u open your goodies shop in india

yur not posting anymore

You should make a video on how to super clean the interior of your car. You've done the engine and outside. Why not this?

Dam I thought this was a give away

The cost of some of these tools are expensive as hell.

I got a 2006 Ford F-350 will that touch screen radio fit my truck and if so can u leave a link where u got it

Hi Chris. I love all your videos. Do you mind me asking what is the gear the you use for you video recording and editing. Thanks and keep uploading

Chris I really loved your Project Police Interceptor videos and I would really like to see another series where you help customize another car for someone!

I would like a twice a month upload instead of once a month

Thank you so much for making these videos! Those are some amazing gifts! Planning to get a 1956 Oldsmobile someday, and I'm wondering if you will make a tutorial about cleaning white wall tires? (since white walls can get stained easy)

dude i really like your videos so just keep em coming , best wishes from sweden

When are you going to make a video about instaling roll cage;


Weres the drifting

ChrisFix Can you please do a video on plasti dipping a vehicle you do the best job of explaining everything!

Chris could you do a carpet replace and a dash repair video ??

Im waiting for new video!

Could you do a performance chip installation?

My dad really needed a nut buster/bolt buster.

ChrisFix are you American or Canadian. I feel you already told us this in a old video then sorry I’m a late Fan. My friend told me to watch you and it’s fun.

the windy faces are lowkey making things weird. lmaooo

You should make more videos

If your done with the car what's Next?

Merry Christmas Chris... Please do a video about Engine Tune Up.. Waiting for That.. Your videos are awesome.. Keep it up.. Thanks..

Can you make a video on how to drive a manual?

Please do video on the touch dash

Im glad your channel is getting the attention it deserves..! Merry christmas and happy holidays Chris!

Why don't you open your own car workshop?

this guy takes forever to post i'm unsubscribing

Seeing as it's 2018 and you're close to 3 million subscribers, I must ask: what is your goal for this year? 4 million, possibly 5 million?

Looking forward to your 2018 videos to help me with my first car I obtained this Christmas

I wish you would make a rolgolf just like mastermilo that would make my 2018 but without is it wil be just as good because of you happy and exited to make a video about cars a few years back it was bad but now your the best youtuber out there

You sound like the speedy diver

maybe you could make a video that has to do with headliner?

Plz upload any video

Hi, thank you for all the knowledge that you share with us. I'm from Sri Lanka and planning to open a car repair center. Will it be ok as I don't have a vast knowledge on motor mechenic.

Really excellent video Chris, you’re far and away the best in this category. Good work, looking forward to your new videos for 2018!

Thanks Peter! New video later today!!!

Is Chris fix the slaptrain

Chris you said you were going to do a video about how to change drum brakes to disc brakes when are you going to do it?

Hi Chris. I love all your videos. Do you mind me asking what is the gear that you use for your video recording and editing. Thanks and keep uploading

snap on has a better eletric ratchet / mini impact gun

great tools

The tool kit has been out of stock forever now:(


Love your videos..from Serbia

The funny thing is, he walked all over his parking lot for about 2h dressed up as santa, presenting and unpacking gifts

Arent starter cables more like an insult? :D

That last item wears out too quick... I have one and it will maybe last a year, although mine wasn't digital (the air compressor one)

I bought the tool kit and it is BAD thescrew in it bended after a while , That sucks !!!

ChrisFix, are you an Auto Tech?

I am not. I make DIY videos on how to fix cars.


When a vaper creates a car tool, you get the, "bolt buster."

merry christmas bro


How about chrisFix blinker fluid?

Chris, at 12:46 is that an impact wrench and which one is it?

Your Videos are Big in South Africa too :-))

ChrisFix I saw you on the Pall-A-Part challenge

You should open your own car shop

I just watched the pull apart challenge and I think your team should have won keep up the great work

Talking about screwdrivers - PB Swiss Tools are worlds best and boy you can trust me on that one. You gut to buy at least 1, you will never ever gonna work with another screwdriver again :-) great video keep it up!

you should make a video showing how to install an android head unit

Chris your channel is so dope! Love all these gifts!

I clicked the video and put it into fullscreen. Then I saw Chris dressed like a Santa with his "Hey guys! ChrisFix here!" so I had to turn fullscreen off click Like button and went back to watching :)

Hey Chris

I see you have an android head unit. Do you like it and what unit would you recommend? Thanks

I wish I could start fixing cars and learning how to use the tools correctly, except people tell me “oh why would you want to do it on your own when you can simply let the mechanic handle the job”

I have bee watching your vids for 2 years now and i still can’t decided are you doing a voice over or live commentary I’m sure you add it in later because it sooo clear,no wind,and there is a delay between what your hands ar pointy at and what u say but then again it it is 100% perfect

The gifts for us from the beginning of the video are not actual gifts but stuff for sale, right?

dislike for no links


Do more of these videos from time to time. maybe for a birthday or anniversary.... No wait that'll be on a wrong channel.... hmmmm or is it??


ChrisFix You should get a r32 skyline GTR or r34 GTR skyline and drift it MADDDDD but first tune it Up

ur soo cool chris big fan ofur drifttage

Anyone know a good android head unit brand

Show your face

Those TPMS thingies should really come with five sensors. Otherwise, how do you know when your spare is flat?

That would be cool

Chrisfix lol I need to ball on a budget ! I can't afford all these. I'm not gonna sit here and lie that I can

I would be happy with a few 10mm sockets for Christmas and my question is how did he get video of a 10 mm socket

lol I keep my 10mm's on a leash!

all of video is very helpful. I already done many little thing in my car just by watching your video. thanks

yes bro your chanel is very helpful,and easy to learn. thank you so much bro

Soon 3 000 000 :D

Chris, so you have an android head unit? Wheres the install vid?

Great video Chris, keep them up I like these kinds of vids

Where is my gift ?☹

Can you do a video about the body kit of the car?

I am giving away 5000 keychains and bumper stickers on my instagram! FREE!

great video a tire profile meter is also very handy !!

Im from New Zealand By the Way we have all the nissan skyline GTR 234 and 2 and 5s here come over sometime

ChrisFix yes and a few other items , thanks for showing me that bolt buster. That's a must have ! Once I get the money for it ! Lol

That’s why I have a range of products. You can afford a $12 Light hopefully.

What kind of radio does he have?

Would have been great to have the prices

but you said don't break any bolt with ratchet?

For Christmas I asked for the adjustable length wrenches and the tire pressure reader and I got both. They’re great.

Chris i have a question where do you find a of the resistence(psi) of each bot for your torque wrench(sorry for my english)

ChrisFix wow thx didn’t see that video

Here is more info that answers your question:

Awesome this guy is great thanks choirs now Im gonna buy all these to start my business!! I'm gonna be just like you maine

Can you make a video showing cleaning test with Marvel Mystery Oil? Much appreciate

Good job choosing milwaukee electric tools over snap on, perform better for much less!

Best video ever

I love your videos but half this stuff is now unavailable on Amazon and that bolt shocker thing is $400 which is not practical

That is what happens when I make a video. All the companies sell out of the products and they become unavailable until the go back in stock. I have no control over that.

Hoes are gonna be wanting those pants

R.I.P Rubber bushing

I'm gonna need those pants! My boss will be happy that i don;t complain about knee pain anymore when I get my raises.

The nut breaker is the only thing i would consider.

It is pretty cool!

I really like the electric ratchet I must get one soon.

I just got a new car with leather interior. Could you do an episode on how to clean and maintain a cars leather interior?

hey Chris, do you think you can link where you got your air compressor from ?

darkdeadpool gamings Take it to a shop and have them do it. Laying on your back doing exhaust sucks. If you still want the pain in the ass a cutting torch and mig welder are pretty helpful. I worked in and ran a muffler shop for twenty plus years. Trust me,,,, pay someone else to do it.

dude nice vid just mention the purchase cost on vid and all is sweet

We saw your face before do a face reveal

Hey Chris fix what happened to the draft Sting

nothing happened. She is sitting in my driveway right now!

ChrisFix damn that's good I guess though, anyways thanks for all the videos they are awesome and help a lot

can we get a follow up on how the pants are holding up/ how you like them??

Holy shit... on the "Nut buster tool" Also you've messed up on the USB plug in as well.. what I don't get, is why it always works on the third time, even though you started out in that position the first time? Its like you have to perform some ritualistic black magic real quick to get it to plug in..

Great vids!! What stereo is that?

Chris fix will become santafix on Christmas XD

Awesome Channel! I'm a shop owner and your channel gives me something to aim for while I'm growing mine! Great job!!

Love your channel, Mr. Fix. I've discovered a 5 lb sledge hammer is perdy much all I need for my type of DIY. But thank you for another great year of videos! -Big Fan

Very handy tools. I will buy the Grip Wide Beam COB Pen Light 400 Lumens.

How many stocking stuffers do you even have , bro ?

You should make more videos like this loved it

Chris this is a Good video, and Santa has some great tools . All that talking , you need a cold bottle of beer. Cheers!

Knee pads? Kidding me?

When i see Chris i want to be a mechanic( im in business sciences btw) Hes so organised, clean, prepared, patient...

That tool set would be good to throw into a truck and keep there

What tools do you keep in your car for emergencies?

Now I have to go and get a bunch of things that I never knew I needed but now I need lol

You're my favourite channel, Chris. I'm currently training in mechanic, and I watch your videos for a long time now and I have to say, you're the best!

Billy Mays would be so proud of you!!

Oh goodness those humper cables look great. People always flip the connectors.

Nice video

@ChrisFix do those thrive knee pad pants run true as far as sizing?

Just wanted some Valentine Day's gift ideas. Such good ideas thank you!

Hye cris ... i always watch your clips & i learn alots ..& now i need a gift from you

I have that Milwaukee 3/8s ratchet and can never use it because it doesn't have enough torque to do anything, it's very wimpy. I'd skip that one.

Chrisfix, do you have a video how you installed that Android radio in your truck. Thanks

This is the worst, no this is not it's the BEST :) u must be thought "why did I say worst" XD

thx for the vid tab

your the best youtuber ever and this will help my dad

nice video!

How much did all the upgrades on the driftstang

What Android head unit do you have?

Hey Chris I just subscribed. Love your vids. Your Christmas gift ideas are awesome. I can't wait to see them for 2018. All your vids are very helpful. Keep up the good work and big thanks for all your help

Love the extendable ratchets!I'm definitely going to get myself one of those. Which do you use most 3/8th's of 1/2"?

What is your android head unit? Do you recommend it?

lol, i actually can afford 0 of these :D

Who r they who disliked it .

could you do a video about gadgets and tools under $100 like a best tools on a budget? Thank you

ha ha love the latex gloves

That Santa Blink Made My Day!

I want a bumper sticker

after santa claus SantaFix


Would u like to giveaway tengtools to me

I wonder what his neighbors would think if they saw this

How can I get the android head unit?

I Like the tool set. I

I love the little snark when he was talking about the low tire pressures lol..

Don’t stick your willie inside of the bolt buster

Wish I all the people here in Brazil, where I'm from, could understand English to ChrisFix channel, which is an amazing channel, and I really appreciate his job, congrats!!!!

This was satisfying.

Winner of a video, I been tryin to find out about "how to mod cars" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Vabrielbey Vehicle Verifiability - (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my brother in law got great success with it.

I’m a woman and I want all of this.



wow! the first one nice

Santa should be hookin up the sleigh

heating metal up can change its strength so f the bolt buster over heat the item you could b ein trouble down the road

Are you ever gonna do a video on that head unit?

@chrisfix Loved this video! Which Android head unit do you recommend?

I was thinking about selling my car that I just paid off and getting a new one but after watching your vids I’ve decided to work on my car little by little

did that santa blink????!?!?!?

hello Chrisfix ! I enjoy all of the videos I've watched. question. how can I purchase these videos. I'm new to the internet knowledge, but want the videos. thanks aze

Hello bro I bought zus Tyre pressure monitor in India when u showed it on Christmas gifts idea first I bought for myself when I find it's really good then made another order for my fiance but that product came so late and this time I also had to pay more than 22 dollars for customs duty and zus box was seal was opened and car type reciever have scratches on it I sent custom duty bill and scratches and shipment images to them but they are not responding now can u talk to them as they are not giving any response

I just bought my first car and I’m planning on putting aftermarket mods on it, and I’m definitely gonna pick some of these up.

What is a good dash camera? Thanks

Which android head unit do you have?

I love all your videos!! Keep going! :)

what radio head unit does he have

I'm about to get my NUT

Y got a Nissan 370z for Christmas

that TPMS would be perfect for my Passport or our old accord if we still had it

@chrisfix Love all your videos! I always watch them when they come out, even if they're not pertinent to my car situation. Quick question, did you make that android head unit? I've been thinking about converting a tablet into a head unit. If so, would love to know how you did it!

You're so crazy...... I love all of your videos..... Keep it running...... Greetings from Germany

Yo that kit was SICK

Lol wd-40 is basically penetrating oil works everytime

Santa's real i knew it XD

Regarding the induction heater, there are ebay kits that cost as low as 25euros that work great for this application - i would guess that that tool costs upwards of 100dollars so you might save a couple of dollars with the ebay kits

Are we ever gonna get to see your face? lol

That BoltBuster is f**kin amazing, I bummed one off a mechanic about an hour from where I live and it's hard to imagine something that useful exists, it's like an as-seen-on-TV item that actually lives up to the name!

who else is watching 2018 ??

I had to pause the video and order those damned pants...

Yea they are amazing. I wear them all of the time!

Thank you so much for the video! Im definitely going to get some of these this year.

Why doesn't he show his face

Gloves with new tools lol


The only problem with the extendable ratchets is if you put to much torque on them the gears inside will strip out. Chris even said it in an earlier video

Even in a T.V. show he keeps his identity concealed haha.

What head unit are you using in your car? Love the sleek look of it

asldigga06 w

What’s with this guy not showing his face I don’t get it. I just noticed in the show he had his face covered

i want the tool kit.... please !!!!! i need it

Chris what's the brand of your "android head unit" I'm way over in South America Guyana and loving your channel bro well informed keep up the good work.

I have no clue. I found it in the PO Box one day and installed it haha. I should make a video!

Hey Chris I seen your Android head unit in your truck and really wanted to know how you did that

Love your content man. Just subscribed but do you have any engine swap or transmission swap videos??

i wish you had mentioned that the bolt buster was over 350 dollars

I'm am a WWE Superstar and I have a you tube video RomanAtwoodVlogs

Lmfao!! The gloves!!!

Can those stickers be shipped to Finland?

Does that bolt buster take care of really rusted bolts

Yes any bolt.

Hey Chris! What’s a good budget floor jack to buy, i use a small one but i don’t feel sake with it. Know any good quality floorjack i can use with a good affordable price.

pleas show your face ?

I loved to see the bushing melt

I guess that bushing was on the naughty list. Santa melted him good.

hey guys Santachrisfix here

That ratchet looks like it sits in a toolbox most of the time. I tried the Milwuakee stuff. As a professional technician it was broke in 2 months. Threw it away after that. My snapon one is going on 4 years, used everyday and still going.

Very cool stuff thanks Chris. This needs to be a yearly thing!

The man even sorts Christmas - caramba

I'm about to do my first oil change on my 2011 F-150 today. I'm excited and want to do more than just that but I'm also looking into buying a Harley Davidson Custom Softail. Are you looking into making videos to fixing motorcycles? That'd be nice.

Mmm melted bushings

Hey Chris this I driving me crazy what is the exact model of that android head unit you have please please help!!!!!!


I love it.

Very good

Hey what kinda stereo is that? Because I have a Ford Ranger I’m looking for something good to put in.

I really hate when I can’t get my nut off

Use bolt buster on your titanium nail to dab your concentrates.

Santa fix

In order to get this NUT OFF!! xD That sounded dirty

Working on a car wearing a Santa suit. Lol Gotta love this guy!! Lol


I'm going to save money for merch


where did you get the pants from

I want them all damn


Im looking for new tools and was wondering is teng tools a good reliable brand?

That bolt buster is awesome I live in Michigan so I've definitely encountered more than my fair share of stuck bolts

I just bought an electric impact from harbor freight and I realized how much time i wasted.

You mean a bushing

Name of the head unit?


You mean bushing?

Other news