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How to really direct our states of mind and emotion we, said that everything, that we really want in our lives no, matter what it is whether it be family or friends, or relationship, or money. Or business, success, or acknowledging all those things the only reason we want them is what, we think we'll get out of them which is a state change a certain, level of feeling, within ourselves we. Also found out on our last tape that all emotions. Every feeling we have is, the result of how we use our body that, emotions, literally, are nothing but physiological. Storms. And our brains if you will and that we, learned that by using our bodies, in certain ways by using our voice our, gestures, our breathing our facial, expressions we could radically, change our states and, we also talked about the idea if you're a call of measuring, our states where, are we on a scale from zero to 10 10 being absolutely. Empowered, unstoppable. Passionate, zero, being dead and noticing. Are we at the appropriate, level for what we want to accomplish and, that for most cases not all in life but most would, it be nice to little at level 8 9 or 10 or above on a consistent, basis, how much more juice would you have and so, you develop some exercises. And discovering, how to move your body not, like me not like somebody else but like you do when you really are feeling absolutely, excellent, today. What we want to do is take on the second, way we can manage our States and the, second, way to change your state at any moment, in time as quickly as you can think it is to, control and direct the, focus, of your mind what. Do I mean by that well, think about this the, only experience, that you have of life comes, in two forms what, you're physically, feeling because of the condition, and use of your body at that moment in, other words if you've got physical, pain that's obviously, gonna affect your state there's some kind of tension for example or if you haven't had any sleep that's, certainly gonna affect your state as well or if, you've eaten something that's blown your blood sugar sky-high then, obviously that's, gonna affect your emotional states as well the. Only other thing that really controls. Your state is what, are you paying attention to right now at this moment I mean, let's take an example have, you ever had a headache maybe even a massive, headache that you thought there's no way you would ever go away you're really deep, pain no. What do you do well most people go get an aspirin what, if instead have. You ever had it happen where somebody, asked you a question or, something, needed to be done or something acquired, your total, focus somewhere else outside, of yourself and Alamo.

Immediately. The pain disappeared, in fact you forgot about it and later, on when you thought about it you notice your headache was gone, haven't, you had that happen at least once or twice in your life now, how did you do that see, my, whole life has been studying, what makes people successful if, someone's, able to do something if they're able to get rapport with somebody else if they're able to create the results they want physically, in their life that is lose weight feel energized, if they're able to create the relationships, that they really desire if they're able to feel as good as they ever wanted to feel I want to know how do they do that and, so I began to study how could somebody get rid of a headache that quickly so we wouldn't be dependent on some drug like aspirin, or Tylenol or anything else and I, began to realize that what it was is we changed, our mental focus and that. Whatever experiencing. In our body really comes from what we're paying attention to that's. What really determines how you feel and, of course how you feel determines, usually, how you're gonna behave doesn't, that make sense, when you're feeling really lousy you don't usually do really well I know they're exceptions, but, those exceptions, are because you control your focus you don't focus on feeling lousy you focus on what's got to be done there. Was tremendous power. And controlling. The focus of your mommy now, what do I mean by this specifically. Well, there are two things we can control in terms of focus we, can control what we're focusing, on that, is what, we're picturing, in our mind what we're saying to ourselves what, we're paying attention to in our physical body or. We. Can control how, we're, focusing, how. We're focusing, means let's, say the dimension, of the pictures in our mind the brightness, of the colors in our head the volume, of our sounds, if we change how we're, paying attention to things not just what it, radically, changes our state as well let. Me give an example, pretend. For a moment that your, brain, is a camera, and you, go to a party how. Are you gonna feel at that party, well, the only thing you're gonna have feelings about other things you focus on I mean, in that room literally, there are almost unlimited number. Of activities and probably, emotions and conversations, and things that are going on but, your experience. Of that party, is based, on what that camera focuses, on now. If it focuses on two people that are fighting and that's, what it focuses on for the entire party, you would leave that party saying oh that party, was really intense I mean people really upset with each other if. Your focus was on two people and love or, maybe, kissing passionately and, say wow that party was really moving I mean those people are really connected, if your focus was on some people that were really boring or bored it's out nobody really enjoyed that party, here's, the problem the, problem is your camera, that is the focus that you have does not usually take in everything, simultaneously. Your, conscious, mind can't, there. Are only so many things you can consciously focus on I mean think about how many things right now you are not paying attention to that, are happening at this moment there's. The blood pulsating through your right ear you, may not even pay attention to it I mention it now you might focus on it there's, the beat of your heart or you even noticing that until, I mentioned, it there's, the feel of maybe some air coming from an air conditioning, maybe if you're nearby or there's, the heat on your skin or, there's the blinking of your eyes there are unlimited number. Of things that are happening right now but see here's the thing about human beings since. We can't focus on everything and consciously. Perceive, at all what.

Most Of us do is we become what I call deletion. Creatures, what, do I mean I mean that most of the time most, of us delete. That as we fail to pay attention to or we, ignore, most, of what's going on around us at any moment in time so. What's the price of all this deletion well. The price is we, walk, around believing. Or hallucinating. Might be a better word that our, experience, of the world is real now. Would you think that if you were looking through a camera that was focused on one little portion of the party that that was truly the party that wouldn't be very intelligent, with it in fact, you know what else is a problem that camera, may even create close-ups. Where, it makes things bigger than they actually are where they look bigger and brighter or worse than they were is that possible, - do, you think your brain does that as well you, better believe it does so. The key is if you want your life to be a party, that you're happy with and not a party that you're upset with you, got to realize that at any moment in time there's, enough going on in the party of your life that you could find something to be upset all you got to do is focus on it all you gotta do is now look around that party find out the areas that don't match your expectations make. Them big and bright and close and you'll, be upset and, you know what most people are good at this they've, done it over and over and over again the. Other thing that's equally, true is that, virtually any party, at any moment in time there's somebody having a good time and if, you were to focus on some area of your life at that moment of time you can make yourself feel absolutely. Great or you could take some little thing something. That's just kind of nice but make it bigger and brighter and immediately, you, can feel better about it as well so here's my point my point is, if you, want to look at the quality of life and know what it is it's, the quality of estates that you live in day to day I mean isn't it really true isn't, it how you feel day to day that, determines how you treat yourself how you treat other people and how, great, you feel or how poor you feel about your life what. Determines, it one how, you use your body so you want to develop some new habits and to what.

And How, you focus, on things now, that's the only way we can explain how people have come from, unbelievably. Painful experiences. And turn them around w. Mitchell secret, is he, has controlled his physical, body specifically. The way he uses his face this. Man has learned with what's left of his body to, smile and move his face in ways that makes him feel incredible, and the second thing is he focuses, continuously. On what he wants what he's got what he's grateful, for and as a result he feels incredible, now, nobody. Would blame him for looking around and seeing you has no legs and, he has no fingers he's got the toes there instead and he's. In a situation, where he's in physical, pain a lot of the time nobody, would blame him for feeling sorry for himself but see he doesn't focus on that he. Loves, life, because, he focuses, on the part of the party that's the best part for him don't. You deserve to give yourself the same gift now. Take a look at John Belushi, example, we used earlier also how, could a guy like Belushi, or, Presley, or take. Somebody like Elizabeth, Taylor here's. A lady that would have everything going forward by most people's standards she's. An incredibly, intelligent, woman, she's absolutely beautiful she's, a great actress she. Has thousands. And thousands, probably millions of, fans to be more accurate, absolutely. Love her she. Has as much money as most people could ever imagine needing, or wanting she. Has a lifestyle, that's absolutely, phenomenal, she has family and friends, that care about her won't do anything for her and yet. What happens with this lady she has not learned to manage her state and she pays the price as great as she is great. On the stage but an a personal life over, and over again she has to turn to food or to drugs to try and take care of the challenges, within herself, see. How, could someone have it all and still be unhappy because. No matter how good it is, you can always focus, on something that isn't perfect, or doesn't. Match your expectations and that, is called ultimate, failure in life you. Want to know what I believe success, is success. Is creating, consistent. Pleasure in your life and causing, yourself to grow, failure. Is being able to find pain no matter how good it is that's, failure, the, bottom line is you have that power and you can change it right now by understanding, that you make decisions. About what to focus on now. It may be true, that you've got some bad habits it, may be true that right, now you look at what's worse or you look at what's wrong or you see what's not, working your life and it's habitual so you don't think about it consciously but, you still make the decisions, you can turn off the automatic pilot, and take control and when you do you can instantly, change the quality of your life the.

Lady I married my wife Becky one, things I love about her more than anything in the world the reason I married her probably more than anything else is this, woman, is so, incredible. At her ability at any moment, in time to, focus on what is great in a situation, what is beautiful the most little things she and I share that power, where. We can be in the middle of anything the middle of turmoil, and upsets and frustrations, and in a heartbeat, we, can stop and we say hey look notice, that flower notice. That sunset, or look in each other's eyes and say how did I get so lucky to get you we, have that ability and we share we reinforce, it in each other and it gives power to our relationship, and to our lives you. Have that, control all you, have to do is exercise, it so, what I want to do is be more specific with you now and how to do it now first of all let, me demonstrate this is really true to you I mean you may say well yeah this makes sense well let's take a quick example now, this may be an unfair situation, if you're in a place that you're familiar with but let's try this right now and if you're in a place you're familiar with you might want to try it later on in the day when you're not familiar with something but let's take an example here what I want you to do right now is. That like you if you would let's, test the power of something I want, you to look around your room the room you're in right now or if you're in your car you, can look out the windows also but I want you to notice everything. You can see. Everything. You can see and only gonna give you a few seconds that, is brown quick, look around the room everything, you can see that's brown look around your car look outside everything can see it Brown quickly everything make sure you don't miss anything everything, sees Brown quick quick quick okay, stop close your eyes, with. Your eyes closed now close your eyes if you're driving this is difficult okay. So you might want to try this later as an exercise but, I would like you to do is close your on it and, what. I want you to do with your eyes closed now is tell me or, you know since I'm not there literally although I maybe you never know but. Just for now outloud, say. Everything. That's in this room that. Is green. Oh. Maybe. I hooked you a little bit huh, you. Were waiting for Brown tell me out loud come on everything that's green try this everything. In that room that's blue. Everything. In the room that. Is white, and. Everything. The room that's red. And.

Now. Open your eyes and look, around the room and notice everything you can see in this room that's green come on take a good look now some, of you may say well there's nothing in this room this green look behind you there there's something green behind you that's. Right, what's. Blue in this room now. Do you see a lot more green, do you see a lot more blue now than you did the first time unless. You're in a room you already are super familiar with that is you've already got a picture in your head and you know it like maybe it's your bedroom you know everything, even then you may not have noticed everything, but. If you're in a strange, room or you're in a place you're not used to what, I find is 99%, of time people see a lot more blue and green when I asked them about that specifically. Later on in other words when I asked you to focus on brown that's, what comes up you notice mostly, Brown you tend to delete a lot of the other details isn't that true now. How does that relate to life see, a lot of people in life stare, at and focus on the brown in law the shall. We say feces. Of life and other, people they look for the green they look for it's growing they look for what's alive that's. What you need to do see. In life we get whatever we focus, on whatever, you pay attention to that's what you experience in your body instantly, so, how do we control our focus well that's a good question for. Years I've been looking at it you know I read all the books on positive, thinking where they said hey you want to do good you've got to feel good that, makes sense and if you want to feel good you cut the buck yourself good and picture good well, the, challenge with that the challenge with positive thinking is what we've already talked about problem, with positive thinking is you got to think about it and it's a little bit difficult we got to get ourselves conditioned. To think more positive, plus I kept, asking the question how, do you think positive they say be positive, how, well. I said you know make good pictures well how do you get yourself to do that and so, what I've analyzed, for years is what. Determines since, there are zillions of things you and I could pay attention to at any moment what determines what we focus on well. Some. Of what we focus on or most of it is based upon our beliefs, of what's important, in our, values, and we're going to talk about that in the next tank but. For right now the thing, that at this specific, moment, determines. What you focus, on is, how you're evaluating, things now. That sounds like a big chunk but. What do I mean by that well, the way we evaluate things, determines, how we feel but what is an evaluation. Evaluations. Are nothing, but questions. The. Way I found this out is one day I was realizing, well you. Know W Mitchell's pretty happy because he's evaluated, his life in a way that makes him happy John. Belushi's, not here because of the way he evaluated, things he made himself actually feel bad when he had plenty could have felt good on if he just focused on that part of his life's party, if you will so. I thought how do I explain what an evaluation, is and then. I noticed, that I had asked a question to, try to evaluate how to explain evaluations, and I thought well is it possible that evaluations, or questions, about. That's a question too isn't it no that's, a question isn't it, is. That really what evaluation, is is a question you notice that was a question pretty soon I've whipped myself a no frenzy began to realize, evaluations. Are in fact questions and I try to mismatch, it that as I try to look at the opposite side and, I've tested on all kinds of people maybe you can find the opposite of what I'm saying but, I don't know I have, found that thinking, is, nothing, but the process of evaluating, things you're always evaluating, what does this mean to me and what should I do those, are two questions your brain is asking on a continuous, basis see. If I take my fist and I go wham and I bring it within two inches of your face I guarantee. You your brain is gonna make some evaluations, question, number one what does this mean question number two what should I do and, your brains gonna value, it it's gonna search your brain for your beliefs about what does this mean do I need to move is it gonna hit me what does this mean and what, should I do do I hit back do I adjust what, does my body need to do we're always asking. Those two primary, questions but, the questions we ask determine what we focus on here, let me be more specific and, I'll think you'll have an example of what I mean I've. Said to you so far in this tape that what you focus, on determines.

How You feel I've. Also said that the questions, you ask yourself determine, what you focus on think. Of questions this way, imagine. Your brain is the ultimate, computer, and. In that computer is the answer to any question you, could possibly have and by the way I believe that that metaphor, is really how your brain works it, can come up with the answer to any question you, ask it Bible. Says ask and you shall receive a, very. True and real statement beyond. What you might believe religiously, even if you have different religious beliefs it, is a reality in my experience, of how our brain works now. If, you have this great computer, and in front of you the only way you get information out of this computer is to ask for you. Tap in to this keyboard and you ask questions and bam and answer, the questions you will get responses, on the screen your. Brain works the same way you, ask questions, you hit the keyboard with questions and it will fire off the answers in your brain but here's what's different about your brain than most computers, whatever. Question. You ask if, you ask it with the absolute, expectation. That you're going to get an answer and if, you ask it consistently. And, you give it a brain time to search for the answers you, will get an answer by, the way any question. You ask you'll get an answer to even, one that doesn't have a basis in reality in other words this computer, will do anything it'll search its files and make things up nor to answer your question what, do I mean well if you go around and ask your brain why, do these things always happen to me well. Guess what your brain will search all its databases, and say why do things always happen to me and it'll take every possible form, of input of what people said to you in your life what you've ever said to yourself which you've ever read or saw on TV and I'll make up an answer for you it always happens to you because you're a turkey that's why right. And I'll sure enough now you feel lousy you see gosh I'm a turkey you feel bad and everything's not working out see. Whatever. You ask you to get an answer to if you say how come I'm so lucky you, know how did I get so lucky your brain will search all kinds of things and show you that you're lucky in other. Words our questions, determine, how we feel now if you've got certain emotions, certain. Feelings, that. You have on a daily basis that you don't like, habitual. Emotions, I'm, here to tell you that the feelings you feel are come from what you focus on so. What you have is habitual, focuses, and those focuses, come from habitual, questions, in other words if. You feel certain ways on an ongoing basis, it's, because you're asking certain questions on, an ongoing basis, might. Be useful for you discover what those are I'll, give you some samples. Questions. That people ask themselves on a regular. Basis that make them feel lousy question, number one is why, does this always happen to me I want.

You To notice in that question, is something we call a presupposition. A. Presupposition. Means, you're, presupposing, in. The question the things already happen to you that may not be true but as long as you ask questions that way your brain will make up an answer for you hey, I'll give you a good example after. The 1988, Republican. National Convention when. George Bush selected. Dan Quayle as his running mate, CNN. Ran a public, opinion poll will you call the 900, number and vote yes. Or no to the answer to a question but. Here is the question it blew my mind question was, does. It bother you that Dan. Quayle, used, his family's, influence, to stay out of Vietnam and again. In the National Guard now, I'm paraphrasing just, slightly but that's what they said now, tell, me what's. With his picture, and. Challenges. They, presuppose, that he actually did it they said does it bother you so your brain stops evaluating. Whether he actually did it or not and focuses, on whether it bothers you or not does, this happen every day with you do. You ask questions, that presuppose. That you've got a limited level of intelligence, or skill or, ability and, therefore, get lousy answers, in your brain listen. If you, ask yourself questions like why am I so fat that, question. Guarantees, you're gonna stay fat you. Know why cuz you go why am I so fat your brain will go ok let me figure out some reasons wham-o here's why you're fat, cuz you eat continuously, and you have no control your. Brain goes oh god I don't need control then you feel useless and you feel like you're disempowered. What. Would be a better question to ask yourself then why am I so fat how. About this one how, can I become more thin right now or. What. Could I do today to, start, myself on the road to becoming more thin and what do I need to do consistently, to create the long-term results of health that I want if, you, ask a better-quality question. You, will get a better quality answer, or. I'll give you a step beyond that if. You, ask a question like how. Can I become more thin now you'll, get an answer but, what if you ask a question like how. Can I become more thin now and enjoy, the process ah. Magical. When, you ask that question, what, happens now is you literally, come up with only an answer of how to lose weight but, also how to enjoy it and since your brain likes pleasure there's, a much better chance you're gonna follow through and they're making any sense to you I'm, here to tell you that the quality of your life comes, down to the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a daily, basis, so. If you're asking questions like well, how come I can't ever learn anything just. Listen to that question, or why, can't I ever learn anything that's, even worse why. Questions. Tend to be what I call endless. Loop questions, like. Why does this happen to me see. Your brain probably can never come up with a definitive, answer it'll come up with all kinds of reasons but, you'll keep going into a loop now. I discovered, the power of questions in my own life because at one time my life I was really, really angry and I, knew what I changed my physiology and my movement, to make myself feel better but I didn't want to you ever been in that state like.

Somebody Said to me well Tony just change your physiology I said I don't want to write, I was upset but. The reason I was upset is what I was focusing on I was focusing, on somebody, who, had taken a bunch of money from my company and embezzled. It and I got pretty upset to say the least and I was walking around in a frenzy going how could he do this how could he have the audacity, to do this I may, have even had a next one of her to who, knows and, the point is that by asking those questions I was whipping myself into frenzy, how could he possibly do, this why, would he do this situation, to me well, guess, what you're never gonna get an answer to that all it does is whip you into more and more of a frenzy can you hear it so. Finally, I said okay doing. This is leading, to more and more pain isn't making my life any better I better ask myself a more empowering question, so, I thought what's something that's important to me my answer is I love, to learn I already shared that with you so I said okay what can I learn from this well. Guess what my. Brain likes learning so, it was willing to focus on that question and. You know what out of that question of what can I learn from this, over. The next three months, I literally. Developed, a whole new level of understanding about, what makes human beings do what they do I develop, literally a whole new technology which I call destiny, technologies. And I, now do a whole seminar called your date with destiny and, when we help people literally, design, their, life so they are literally pulled, forward, in the direction they want their life to be rather, than having all this self-sabotage. And challenges that come up for people it's the most incredible program. I do it'll all came out of me, taking a horrible situation and asking a better question what, kind of learn from this what can I get out of this that would enhance my life and other people's as well how, can I use this situation to create much more power in my ability to help people and help myself, asking. These questions allowed, me to search my brains data banks and create, tremendous power, out of that situation. After. I was in that situation I had other times when I get upset unbearably. When I get upset it's cuz I was asking a why question why did this person do this I don't understand, or how could they possibly have done it because I would never do that how could they do that I'll. Never get the answer based on that so, I learned to ask the question what can I learn from this now, for you that might not be the right question, maybe learnings not important enough for you a brain to go while I'm willing to focus on that now instead of the problem but. My brain I pick learning or I pick something like well, if. I'm angry at somebody I might say well what do I respect, about this person, now.

I Remember one particular guy said what do I respect about him it was this guy who'd stolen a bunch of my stuff and I. Thought well, at least he's using my stuff. You know I do respect him he's at least using it he isn't just sitting back there right sitting, on his haunches here in stop he's at least using it I respect that what else do respect about him well well. He's at least going for it and you know and even though I don't think he's doing for the right reasons he's probably open a few people who knows you know and I began to literally feel better that, again ask myself this question, what's. Actually funny about this that I hadn't noticed, great. Question, ask yourself what's, actually funny about this they hadn't noticed now again when you ask a question you. Got to be willing to really search, for the answer if you go well it's great about this that I hadn't noticed or would, notice, what's humorous, about this I didn't notice then, guess what there's, no way your brains not gonna go for it but, if you ask with a sincere interest, and desire for an answer you will get one if you keep asking and so all sudden I started noticing things about their humors I start laughing hey. Listen we've all heard the phrase someday. We'll look back and laugh on this situation well. If that's really true why. Wait why. Not look back and laugh on it now wait. For years before you can feel good about something, again and the way to do it is change, your focus the, way to change your focus is use, questions. They're, much more powerful, than any other tool I've noticed I'll tell you why. Questions. Basically do three things when you ask a question number, one when you ask somebody a question it. Instantly, changes what they focus on and therefore, it changes the way you feel instantly, see. If. You're feeling lousy and I come along and I get you to answer a question like well let me ask you a question what, is great in your life right now you. Oh well nothing I go on I know nothing is but if there was something that was great you.

Know What what could be great in your life if. I get you to really think about it what it makes your brain do is search your files and you know what no matter how bad your life may seem there's, something, great going on there's no doubt about it, you, know here, you are and all your friends is weaking or skiing but you're home studying, for a big test do you feel cheated you feel left out you feel hurt hey. Listen all you need is a little contrast, for yourself what's, great right, now this weekend you're studying things that can make a huge difference in the quality of your life forever, these people are gonna work their muscles and come back and probably forget about that situation right. Or you're not in a Nazi concentration camp. There's a little contrast, for you you get to be learning because you choose to not because you're forced to you're studying something that you chose, to study you're. Actually creating a future for yourself you're getting me use your brain there's so many things you could focus on you're, in a free country, you're alive you've got friends yet people that care about you there are millions, of things you could feel good about all you have to do is change your focus and if, you don't you. End up like the John Belushi's, of the world, think. About it see. The choice is yours, so. If I ask you a question like what could be great in your life or what's great right now if you really think about it you can come up with something think about it right now what's. Really great in your life right now what's. Something that you feel really great about. Think. About it. Or. What could you feel great about if you wanted to. As. You think about things that make you feel great. Notice. How it makes you feel when you think about that what about that why, does that make you feel great how. Does that make you feel inside, when you feel those feelings and. You know what you can change your state instantly, just by focusing on that at any moment, in time, so. The, first thing questions do is they change our focus and therefore our state immediately the, second, thing that questions, do is they, change what we're deleting now, remember, in order, to feel unhappy, you. Have to focus on the things that would make you unhappy and, you. Have to delete all the great things that are happening in your life isn't that true in. Other words every one of us right now could get depressed piece of cake, all we have to do is focus on all the tragedy, that's happening the world right now even little pieces of it children. They're dying right now starvation. We can make pictures in our head of those bloated, stomachs hearing, the cries of babies just as they pass off into death sing flies eating, their flesh how's, that for graphic. At, the same time every, one of us could be an absolute, total pleasure interrupts. That pattern of, the picture you're looking at and think, of something like a great total pleasure and you know what their resilient, things but. To do that you have to stop focusing you have to delete all the negativity, in the world and focus on things that make you feel great so, you could focus on a relationship you have you, could focus on how much you've already learned in the last six or seven or eight days you, could focus on the people that love you you could focus on your ability, as a human being to change your life at any moment, in time you, could focus on what learning means to you you could focus on the Sun you, could focus on breathing fresh air you could focus on the fact you live in a free country you could focus on the fact that you have a connection with your Creator you could focus on anything and feel, incredible, you could focus on new babies being born to this moment, they have a greater opportunity in, life than any time in our history, there's.

So Much we could focus on and feel good about the. Challenge, is this you. Must control it through questions, questions. Change what we delete we're always deleting, human, beings we're not gonna stop deleting things as long, as we're gonna delete things why not delete the things that disempower, you and focus, on the things that empower you does that make sense the. Third thing that questions, do is they, help you to get access to resources within yourself, I'm. A big believer that anything, you've ever wanted to accomplish you've. Already got the resources inside, of you to make it happen that, doesn't mean you shouldn't go out and learn from somebody else or model, the success of others I'm just saying the things you need to succeed are already in your core the resources. Are there you, just need to get access to them by asking better questions, I'll. Give an example if I, ask myself questions like gosh. Can I really do this that. Creates a feeling of doubt to hear how that does that and, that feeling of doubt will keep me in a state where I'm not gonna get the most out of myself but if instead I ask myself question, like how, can I make this thing happen right, now more, powerfully, than I ever dreamed of and have fun doing it if, I keep asking that question my, brain, will get access, to more of my ability, because whatever I ask for my brain will give me but, if you ask your brain can I really do this and you do it with a tone of voice of doubt you, are gonna get access to the resources called doubt does, that make sense. If you think about it the greatest communicators. The greatest, teachers, of all time were, not people that so much taught us as they did ask us they, shared things with us but they got us to use our own resources they asked questions all the great speakers have done this Hey. Martin Luther King asked questions, about a dream John, F Kennedy asked, don't ask what your country can do for you ask, what you can do for your country he wanted you to take the resources out of yourself, and contribute, and expand, our country, you.

Must Learn to ask habitual, questions, that empower you I want, you to know that I believe the. Success in my life has all come down to one basic, skill state. Management on, a consistent, basis, I've learned how to manage my state and therefore, I've, been able to get myself to breakthrough, and take action, with very few people around me were able to do the same they were able to that's probably not the best description, they weren't using their power because they didn't have access to all of it and I've done that by every day doing things that would increase my physical. Ability, flexibility. Power energy by, the way I'm moving the way I breathe and also. By, consistently. And daily. Conditioning. Myself to, ask the kinds of questions to, create the kinds of focus, that moves me towards, larger, levels of contribution. And joy and fun and success, and passion. Instead. Of the things that would pull me down that. Would pull me to areas of frustration, and anger and giving up listen. There is no capability. Difference, between you and someone, you consider to be an ultimate role model of success the. Only difference, is they've learned to use their, mind and body with more power on a consistent basis, they have learned a manager state they've, learned to use their body effectively, whether they know it or not consciously, doesn't matter a lot of people do things without being aware of how they do it and they've. Learned to control their mental focus remember. Whatever we concentrate. Our focus on consistently. And strive to learn from and make, new distinctions, about we, will get great at I don't, care what it is if you focus on it daily and you strive to be better you're, gonna make little distinctions. That'll make you more and more effective, every, single, day so. You better decide what you want to focus on in your life and what, you want to experience, on a daily basis, cuz that's where your power is gonna come from that's where your power is gonna emit, that's the genesis, of your power I want. You to know that many things that you think are impossible or, difficult are. Only. Difficult, or impossible because, of the way you're focusing, on things you're focusing, on how it can't be done and you can remember whatever, you focus on is what you get so if you focus on how it can't be done you are absolutely. Right and no one's gonna prove you wrong so. Why not focus on what's possible and create that I mean that's how I created things like the firewalk seminar all I did was hold a new level of possibility, instead of focusing on how it couldn't be done or how it was a terrible thing or something, like that I focused on hey this is an incredible, example of possibility, and if, other people can do it my focus and my question is if they can do it then how can we do it how can I share it with other people how could it be used as an empowering experience that's a lot of fun I did. The same thing with teach people wood breaking you, know I teach people how to break wood karate style not in two years but in about 20 minutes again. Not to make them this powerful, person but to show them that by simply changing, their mental focus by. Controlling, their physical, emotional state, and by, modeling, someone's success that, they can get results in 30 minutes that takes most people two years and they have what we call a breakthrough literally. I want. You to know that you have every, right in any moment of time to feel lousy to. Feel bad to feel sorry to, feel hurt I am, NOT saying by this tape program that you should never be disappointed or frustrated or, angry or anything else because, all of those emotions, have their place in their, proper proportion, hey, some of my greatest frustrations. Or angers or upsets or would have driven some of my greatest successes because it's made me search for more but. See what's, interesting is the, pain drove me but, what changed me from other people who just gave up is I, ask better questions I found.

A Way to say what can I learn from this how can I grow from this how can I expand, from this what, can I take from this experience that'll, empower me what, can I learn from this so I never have to experience it again and, by. Asking empowering, questions, how can I take advantage of this what's the actual benefit, in this situation, that I probably hadn't noticed I began, to find benefits, whereas, other people said why, did this happen to me why does this always happen to me why did you do this to me Lord how, come I'm not smart enough to pull this off why do I keep self sabotaging, see. That's. The difference between success and failure. Want you to know I'm not saying you can't feel bad, I'm, just saying and when you're done feeling bad here's how to change and you. May not want to spend quite so much time feeling bad in the future because feeling bad is based on focus, if you change your focus you can feel good instantly. Right, now at this moment now. So, let me ask you a few questions and what, I'd like you to do for your homework is designed some questions, every morning my life I wake up and I ask myself questions, now. The, truth is you already do this too the, only problem is you're not doing it consciously think. About it when you're shaving are you thinking and talking to yourself know, that the process of thinking is nothing but asking, and answering questions you're doing it constantly, that's, where your thoughts come from think. About it now. You might say well no that's not true yes it is true if you said no it's true or yes it is it's because you ask yourself the question is that true or something. Like it see, some of the questions you ask are subconscious, your brain is deciding all the time if I get in this car if I turn here what's gonna happen is that car coming too close or too far you're asking questions constantly, subconsciously. But you're also doing it consciously when, you're shaving or putting on your makeup or shampooing, you're, asking questions but it might be questions like God why do I always have to do this why do I have to go to work today think. About the kind of states that those questions, create and, what would be some more empowering questions like what could I do today that would make today more fun than ever before what, can I do today that would create a breakthrough in my business what could I do today to connect, more with my family members I wonder, what's gonna happen today that'll, make me feel total, pleasure for, no reason I wonder, what I'll see today that I haven't seen before see. Those kinds of questions will empower you if. You're bored it's cuz you ask lousy questions probably, ask questions like why do I have to do this why do we do this all the time why do we always do, these things. Versus. Looking around saying hi what can I notice today that I haven't noticed before, see. What can I see to it I haven't seen before what can I smell today I haven't smelled before see. It's called directing, your computer, so. Here are some questions you might want to answer right now in your own mind and notice how they make you feel question, 1 what. Are you really most happy about your life right now what's. One of the things you're most happy, about in your, life right now answer, that question in your own head, what. Are you most happy, about in your life right now or. If, your brain goes nothing, what, could, you be happy about if you wanted to be if, you ever asked a question yourself and somebody says well, I don't feel that way or I don't think that way so, I know you don't but if, you did or, if you could what, could you feel happy about right now think about it. Have. You thought of something. Well. Good. Let. Me ask you a question what about that makes you happy. Third.

Question How does that make you feel. Really. Allow yourself to feel don't just go well makes me feel, the feelings. What. Else are you really happy about in your life right now think of a second thing what else are you really happy about in your life right now. What. About that makes you feel happy. How. Does that make you feel. Here's. The second question for you what are you really excited about in your life right now what. Are you really excited, about in your life right now answer. The question in your mind. Think. About it or. What, could you be excited about if you wanted to be excited about something. Think. About it oh come. On you've got more things to be excited about think. What. About that makes you excited. Why. Has that make you excited. How. Does it make you feel. What. Else you excited about your life right now come on what else what. Else are you really excited about in your life right now or could you be excited about if you wanted to. How. Does that make you feel, here's. A third question for you what, are you really grateful, for in your life right now what. Are you really grateful for in your life right now. What. Are some of the things you're grateful for what could you be grateful for if you wanted to be. Answer. The question honestly. How. Does that make you feel I, want. You to notice do you feel state changes, you answer these questions, from where you were a few moments before, that's. It so. You can change your state instantly, and you can make yourself feel great there's so much to feel grateful for if. You want my formula, for wealth it's real simple live. Every, day in an attitude of gratitude see. The more you feel like you have the more you'll experience, in your life and the more you'll be willing to give, see. Make sure that you're always trying to give more than you take back and feel grateful for everything you have and you will be wealthy beyond your wildest, dreams but, you got to control your focus let. Me ask you another one what, are you really proud of in your life right now, what. Are you really proud about in your life right now or what could you be proud about in your life so far, what. Are some of the things. And. What about those things makes you feel proud. How. Does that make you feel. What. Else are you really proud of in your life right now. How. Does that make you feel. And. Here's a final question for you who. Do you really love most in your life and who loves you. Think. About it and don't just go all my mom my dad my brother my sister did. That get some feeling, step. Into those experiences, and feel what it feels like think about who loves you and how that makes you feel. Who. Do you love and how does that make you feel to love that person so, much I. Had. A question for you what if every morning you started out asking yourself a series of questions that put you in this kind of state there's.

Some Real power cuz, see the state you're in affects. The way you look at your whole world doesn't it affects. The way you breathe the way you feel the way you treat other people and your level of success see. A lot of people teaching life do bunch affirmations, go I'm happy I met the mmmmmm, I'm happy and then your brain goes B s alright, now if you do affirmations long, enough they may work because, your brain may get bored and say well why am i happy at, which time it'll search your brain for an answer and then all sudden you'll feel happy that's what happens when you do affirmations or, if you go I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy I'm happy and you really create the physiology, of happiness, you, know what I mean by that by using your voice that way then what you've done is the affirmation didn't, do it so much that's putting your body in that state so. Affirmations. Are great but, what only those questions, are even more powerful cuz now you have a reason to be happy you're not just jumping, yourself up and running around with what I call a perma-grin where people go why are you happy and go I don't know but it feels good it's. Better to have all these reasons so every morning you stack more reasons to be happy you come up with more reasons that you're proud more, reasons to be grateful more. Reasons, to feel excited about life more, feelings, of love if, you stack those every, day you literally anchor them in your nervous system this. Is part of what I call destiny technology's. Controlling. Your state you're asking yourself effective, questions, this, is the power of focus and here's your exercise pull. Out your success, journal and right, now I want you to write down five, question. After, you've designed these five questions what. I'd like you ask yourself, to do is this first of all let me ask you this if, every, single morning you, got up and asked yourself five custom. Design questions, that, put you in peak States and they gave you lots of reasons, to feel phenomenal so you weren't just some, guy out there again just babbling. About how excited you are without any reasons for it I'm not talking about being somebody who just all pumped up for no reason but, if every day you came up with lots of reasons and felt these powerful, emotions, what. Would that do to the quality of your life what. Would that do to your days. Would. It be worth developing, some new habits, if. Your answer to these questions is yes then. I'd like to challenge you to do something I'd, like you to develop a new habit a one, that will literally conditioned, your nervous system to, associate, powerful, emotions, with waking up in the morning wouldn't that be nice, here's. What I want you to do if you're willing to take on the challenge for, the rest of this program approximately. What twenty two more days each. Morning, I want you to answer those five questions, and every, time you answer them you've got to create some feelings, so if one of your questions was what am I most excited about my life you got to come up with at least two different answers and you got to think about why you're excited how great that makes you feel you got to actually feel the answer the question two. Answers to each of your five questions, each morning. Again. This is not added work you're. Already asking questions, you just may be asking questions like well, gosh why do I have to get up at this hour that, may not be the best question, to ask when the alarm goes off maybe you want to install a new one that empowers you would, you be willing to do that for the rest of this 30-day program now. I don't want you to do this for the rest of your life because you might get addicted of feeling excellent for the rest of your life and gosh, only knows what would happen to you then so don't go any longer than these thirty days for sure but. At least for the thirty days would you be willing to try it okay. Then, go for it so you know your assignment, design five, questions, that we'll get resources, out if you make you feel phenomenal each day that will make you get access to your real powered, ability every. Single, day also. I want to say to you please use your success journal, to, write down each, day a little bit about what's happening to you what, are you noticing have you already begun to notice that your attitude has changed obviously.

But, Also have you notice that maybe you're willing to some chances through your being more decisive, you're taking some actions you've been may be more powerful in some of your communication. Have, you decided maybe to take some actions like lose weight or stop smoking and you're in like day three or four of that or are, you just feeling better about the possibilities. Of your future in other words each day you, might want to just keep a journal jot. Down a couple of key ideas about what you learn that day or what you're experiencing, in your daily life besides, this program, I've, kept journals for years because, I believe that if my life is worth living it's worth recording and, for me what journals are as a way to go back and notice my growth because. Otherwise what happens for a lot of us is we, get caught up but, if you have a journal you can look and see I you've grown in your development, and your ability, and where you are in your life in, addition your journals, and things that you can give later on to your children someday. They can look back and learn from the lessons you've learned in your life learn. Valuable, I hope, you'll decide to keep a success journal on an ongoing basis. After this program but, see if you get yourself in a habit right now for the next 30 days over. The next 30 days.

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