Tips from The Fastest Growing Tech Companies in Europe

Tips from The Fastest Growing Tech Companies in Europe

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Hey. Guys were here with representatives. From top. Fastest-growing. Companies, in, this part of the work it's pretty rare occasion, I think not. Many times that. You. Guys meet, all together unless there's like this some secret. Toledo. Right. This, is this is also even, though this, is my channel I pretty. Much aspire to to, have a company. That grows as fast as yours. My. Own company never got. To. Top 50 at the opportunity. To top 500, so, good, as to know those. Already, those. Are already. Top tech guys. In the, region in the region I mean not. Necessarily. Only. Poland, but also in. Comparison, companies. From Kansai quite so if you could briefly. Just. Introduce, yourself and maybe your. Companies so, the, viewers learn. More about you and maybe can. Look. For some cooperation with you. Deliver, software. For. Startups, to enterprises. Meaningful. Software, yeah, for, startups and enterprise so it's not just, coca-cola. And, Nikias, and the, other large, enterprises. So, you also work that, yeah. Okay. Troyzan. Right okay so my. Name is Thomas, mutter I'm co-founder, and, it's, a president, of Troyes androids androids, all. Right as a software, development company. Focus. On native. Mobile development. And, web apps. We partner, with with. Our clients, on every stage from. Idea. To develop and design and, launching, the product and the. Maintenance right we are seven years on the market and we've. Made more, than 100 apps already. So. We got a co-founder. Of company. Called ku klux and, we. Are. Building software, products, for many, for venture-backed. Startups. And companies. We. Kind of break our services. Into, three pillars one. It's a I've many machine, learning and computer, vision right, but, also a lot of stuff connected. To multimedia, processing. Then. We've, got core, core services, which is mobile, native. IOS and Android, web. And product. Design and. Then we also getting into a more of a emerging technology so, exploring. Blockchain and robotics. As a complementary. And a robotic with complementary, cool a skill, to, competence. To how, our, expertise. Seems. Like there's a lot of money in the blockchain, let's. Say branch. Is it's. A it's a tricky market I would. Say. I. Mean, I'm Marcus I am the marketing, manager for Toulouse and then basically. Helping the, company to. Make. All that. Yeah. We've known each other for a while huge. Fan of your. Work and. Say. I'm a huge fan of your companies as I mentioned before one, of the fastest growing companies what brings us together here. All of those are companies, our, top. Growing, companies, and this, is not a ranking. Based on, subjective. Opinions. Or, feelings. Or. From many judges, and, it's just purely based on revenue so good, as to you guys you've. Mentioned pretty. Much I get, hundreds, of customers that you work with hundreds of apps that we've created. What. Is it who's. Your typical customer is it, the local company, or do you work mostly with compliance. From all over the world. For. Us it's mainly your, space the roofs and companies, they're. Specifically. Us not, mean. We're open to our market somehow. And we managed to. Get. More clients there, and build. Our network there, but. A, lot, of our. Our. Ideal. Client is is a company, that has. Raised. Some funding so it's, already some validated. Idea we. Work with sometimes. We work with companies that are just getting started and we. Need to make, sure that this is the right the right fit, and. We focus. On the long term partnerships, so we're, in, this and when. We work in the startups we try, to really. Identify. With their mission and vision and and put, a team, in place that will. Work with them for a long time because we believe that building, products. Is not a. Sprint. It's a more of a marathon. It, what's funny I think. That most. Of us think about our companies, as a new companies, or pretty, fresh companies, even though we've been doing. This for seven years or eight years or, however. Long. You. Mentioned startups actually all of you guys mentioned startups but and. You. Mentioned also that you strive. For long term partnerships. Yet most, of startups fail so it. Has to be tricky customer because. You. Know it's.

It's Belief that 90% of, startups fail and. Or they don't have money -. It's. Always a risk that's why you know starting with the companies that are just getting started and maybe. Just getting from. The. Bag of money and then we can start there but. Yeah I think it's it's harder with the when. You're starting from scratch and. You're. Maybe, just getting trying, to build an MVP and getting trying, to raise some funding, rather, than there is a case. Where somebody, already raised some funding is validated, maybe they have a wrong way of you, know 18 months that's Brett there is it slower so you. Need to keep the balance I guess. From that from that from, that perspective yeah it makes sense you. Know I would say the same, we'd. Like to have a balance. Between startups. And. Enterprise. Clients because, startups. Are as you know succeeding. They, are. Very, they. Have great. Ideas but. From. The other side I have a big list of the, big. Money. So we have to keep. But the big clients. Are very tough in negotiations. This. Is from, the business side very hard, what's. Hard is also, very well. So. 5050. I think it's it's, healthy where, people were where would they typically be best for your company. Is, this a local global, European. So, from day, zero those employees. Were. Looking, clients. In the USA. We. Want that to. Be. Very. Close to our clients in USA right. Have. The, same standard, communication. Use. The same tools. As. Clients. In USA. To. To. Find them much. Easier. Goal. Is to have client's us a fantastic. We've. Just celebrated like, this July a seven-year. Relationship with, one of our other customers our hats and. These, guys always. Say. That they treat us as their technological, partner, no you know can score higher and. It, as part. Of their team and part of their success test but certainly have assess me yeah. I. Was feel feel very young today fully ulcers their, tech talk to, your company or is it like, semi. Yeah they lose, it but they have a long guy. So I gotta survive the most. Mobile. That's. Something not many of this. Yeah. So. Is it likely called I'm handler side it's. Kind of kind, of a CDO and he's working with us. Are. They based and. Also in the units like the, other. So, so pretty much all of you guys are working, with us-based. Customers. The most. I. Worked. In the u.s. back. In the boom. And, my, clients there together. For, he was big plans when, you took off the company, we, had the, portfolio, already there, right but once we go through the, lifecycle, of the company more and more clients actually showed up in deep reserve euroace, which. Is easier, just like you said and. Easier, to make business easier, with, the legal stuff easier. With the whatever, and, anything they, do you know they even it's even easier for them to wire the money because, it's is the same system, you see by next day where you can chase them whatever, so. In.

It's Easier to travel so, we, just. The other day and see each other they, come to us we come to them it's. Much more difficult to you, know get, a team over to us. We. Were sending things regularly to us and it, is. I'm. Sure most, of the people who. Learn. About our companies, are pretty amazed that you, work with mostly, with clients. Outside pull, them I feel like there's, this stereotype. That. Polish, companies, are not necessarily, the. Best ones out there or I, feel like a lot of. You. Know it always, feels like whenever something bad happens, people say. Pollen. Right it's, it's regular. For rest, so so there's this so there's this I. Think. I feel like there's this. People. Have. Distanced. Themselves from from, from from. The. Country. And. Not necessarily, believe that it's. Possible, to work. With clients from all over the word from, Rostov. I I'm sure that at, some point like, I know ten years ago if you if. It's some songs, someone. Would say that, you will work you will have a booming. Company, one of the fastest growing companies in the region that works with clients mostly from us you'll be like all, right. Like give me the address for your dealer or something. And. Yet here, you are so so. I feel like the for the one of the first takeaways from your stories is that there we got the we got the address. I. Want to give my opinion as a foreigner. Nothing important and, there's. Two things that I see that the 1 it could be negative the, other one might be a lot more positive but, the, fact that polish. Companies, don't trust other polish companies, and I see. I see that happen like you're. Too expensive but there's something weird here I'm not sure I'm gonna pay you today I'll pay you tomorrow where things are done, that. Happens but at the same time the. Other thing that happens, is push Polish companies to to. Grow themselves so it's like look if you can do it I can do it I can probably hire the same people that you're hiring and. I can do it myself so I don't have to hire you which. Is. Because, you have the talent here in Brighton it. Doesn't happen in the you have to kind of just say oh whatever I'm not gonna hire those companies I'm gonna hire my own big league ways or.

They Can't afford or, or they just cannot find the time so. That's, it my opinion that's that's why Polish. Companies usually just go out to look for planners right it's, one of the culture and the other thing is that the. Other Polish companies know that they can do most. Of the stuff that you can do too right, and then that's, kind of the also that positive attitude is like I don't. Know if it's over coming to Poland there will be a Polish guy saying like I can do the same or better sure and try the same version or Facebook. And then you have much of class ever. That's, what I mean but, the. One. Of the major of blueprints, for Polish companies, was to mimic companies. That are you, know based in the US or something we had our own I did, my I did, Polish Twitter I tried to I try, to be. Like. Startup polish to air a. Long, time ago and this, was pretty, naive so, I I. Didn't, I never thought, we. Could compete, with companies who, have, better, access to funding, they are creating. Product for their own like. Key peers and natives, and their native land, all of this so it's, it's. Really amazing to see that within. This within. A single city even. There, are there are several companies who are doing really well and to working with clients. From, all over the world so typically. The. The. Majority of viewers the majority of people out there are people who haven't yet started a company probably, or are thinking about starting a company what led you to to. Found, a company what was like the driver. Ha moment for for, you to say, come. On we can do it. Well. You know my. Background is excellent a nice engineer, back in the day so I, the. First cup of gato for. Verizon, really. Yeah, which. Is one, of the most popular, foolish. Instant. Messaging system and it used to be a Republican. He, used to be so popular that it got into the just. Dislike, you would. Say. See. You. So. I. Was, on iOS engineer, and. My. Last full-time, job. And. Left Allegro in order to double my own. Place. We. Started building into a, dynamic. Of. My current. Strength of others and, what. Happens week we can't run out of savings. And money, and. Actually. Had a small. Investment, offer but we didn't take it in the meantime because of the of the the, mobile background, we got increased were you, know helping, build some. Mobile apps and and. Basically. You said okay we're good shelf. We're. Gonna start. Helping. Those companies, move build their apps and, that's. It sorry, we won't plans yeah sir started asking to do my work and then when. We had to send, their first person, boys were like oh we, don't have a company yet maybe. We should incorporate. And. We, incorporated, in December, 2012. I started working on stuff, a few months earlier and then I think about. April. 2016. Me in 2012, we we started working on. Awesome. So what happened to your, so. It's easier, she'll say what's on the shelf and. We're actually so, because you know we're a services company at the same time we've learned a lot over the years, you. Know through. Successful. Startups. That we work with and some, that failed what. What it is how, how. Hard it is to build, your own products, but. We're not trying to you. Know our luck with our own products and after. A few, years we. Were actually reactivating, and crispy. As an interactive, game show platform, awesome, so students. Coming to we will link, the. Others, in the description, for the forgive me any other products that you're working on or you would love to share it here we've got two I want is crispy, which has been directive game before you. Get your popcorn and the other one is indoor, navigation through, they are that. It's based on they are in, in their engagement, navigation, okay. So what does it like basically, you have a our experience you can you can have a. Path inside. Inside. Buildings. From. One place to another and it shows you through its way our shows. You the path to. Different locations and you can extend, the experience, so. I can walk, all over Liverpool. Stadium. You. Can find the toilet. Okay. Kenna. So say if you want to link. Was. My own story and vortex, story the second founder is that we met on. My first year of studies, on University. Of Technology, perfect, I was, already a front-end, developer and Vortech was back in the water so we joined, forces and we, started to. Make website, as a freelance team what by. The way what what, branch. Of. That. Before. I. Have, my for this but I -. I. Had, to pour. Muttering. Oh geez I was. Rightfully as well I'm 36. Man I. Used. To have this I had to pass the exams to get. So. Amid there and we joined forces and we, we. Were at full mast in for a few years we worked for big. Agencies. Ready, while. Doing the studies yes yes we. Actually. Started create apps for money the, first year you, know we were. Working as a freelance team for web agencies, haha so.

We Were, at the end of the chain yeah. We're just developing but, still what it. Was the first year or second year it. Was, at. The end of the first year, yeah. So we we. Worked like this for a few years very, for me, ten twelve when, he 20, hours in a row and, we. Got, tired. And. We. Were. Unfortunately. The mobile revolution was about to start and it was just behind the corner, and. We kind, of felt. It and. We started. Rosenberg's. Mobile development. Company. Hired, our friend, for university. He was just terrific in Java great. Very great guy. And, what, happened for. The first year we, haven't, had any client. So. We, still were working as a freelance. Team and every, money we earned we just. Gave, it to our people to. Let. Them gain. Experience, right, but during that year we were making, apps, for, big. Social apps. Sucio. We made super and we made, during, the time. Open. Source, library, for gifts. And. That. Library library. Still in use you can find it in facebook what Wow. At last attention. A products. We, still alive, and. After a year we. Got to be clients in, one, month which one, of them, is polish. Unicorn, a second is very close to being so, awesome it was our first two clients after a year of working. So change that you. Started to get, some salary. It. Was very hard work, our. Stories are yeah well, it's, it's, very interesting because. Most. Of the startup founders I mean. They. Have, this perception for, starting, their own company, that's it's just like boom. And then there's, you. Get a Lambo you get, house. And. Some. Stuff. And in New York case. This. Was no, salary. For three years more, or less I would say that three, years are very tough, years. We've. Got me. Inverted. We're. Living like in the relationship, I knew, how much money. 200. More. So I can go to vacations. Yeah. And. You. Probably trust each other fully. Like and it's super, hard to find someone to trust like. A proper co-founder, that that. For. When, starting a new project you don't have to start with, and da some. Agreements. So. You, know you're sure that they want a. No. Cheat. Trust. Each other it's super hard to find people like this and that, would share the same values, that would share the same Drive that wouldn't. Stop. Working. In a way. That's. One. Of the first. Tips I give, this on the co-founder, find a co-founder of like Startup Weekend, the. Co-founder, of groups on Facebook anyways just just find somebody who will share your passion, because it's. I. Doing. This. They. Have. Clients. From us and from, that it's just. Jokes. Aside. I. Worked. As a developer, and designer back, in 2000, 2001. And. Like. Just. A little bit after, I'm. In butter, and. Because. There was so much work right. Not, many people. Were doing the outsourcing, thing in Silicon, Valley at least. Human. Here on are in, the US both, I mean so, I. Mean, outsourcing. Being, here doing, job there. There. Were there. Are too many people here there were many people. So. That. Was I. Was. Young. And. We've, been doing. The. Project, we love doing things without creating, things, we. Loved selling, these things to people we love, convincing. Them to buy this thing right of convincing, them to do this to that it's. Called an upsell after, we, called it we learned enough. So. We learned a lot of doing, you know the. Whole cycle, of developing. To selling to, growing a team together and, we've. Been growing the team since, 2008. Doesn't. That doesn't, it was a more. Yeah. Good. Environment really, a lot. Of luck totally. I'm anything you. Know just a guy fresh out of high school.

There's, Eluded me right no silver knows you know. Any business. Background. We. Started. Doing things because we wanted to defense right and. He chose the software development as our brand of craft, right, I'm. Slowly based in this and the fact that you know the whole start of, like. The system was kind of booming again after being right, this. Component, that was opening, ten years for ten years before, that, and. Especially the fact that there was this whole I mean we started our company in the meet some day 2008. Global. Crisis, right so. I like to think had, an origin or, I have a mortgage. Business. Of you, know catalyst, for us the companies today, we're looking. At, this and still, has I think very. Good notion about having, a lot you know. So. What we had to do is. Have. A pretty good friend we, always you know we were. Just about our design, side, of things, mother brandy, salons. A website we position it pretty well, some had some connections in us which gave us you know credibility, boost for a beginning because we had some plans with no vouch for us. We. Just choose, the right technology, and it. Was you know basically everything that was needed 10 years ago. I. Don't. Think it would be as easy today, in. The same market. People having guests myself yes there's a lot of lot. Of companies selling uh-huh we would probably be doing the same thing yeah. If, we were young yeah. You. Mentioned that you think that there's a that, you have you were pretty lucky together. Stuff to make things interesting interesting. I would. Kind of disagree. Well. It's. Not like I'm sorry, better than you do it's just that I love. You guys. More. Or less I know. More some of you I. Met. Or. Four. Four amount. Of time but I know you guys to be super, smart and I. Honestly. Believe that the, lock had nothing to do with where you are today all. Of you I don't know unless you. I. Don't know were. Thrown away from the military or something for some dumb reason that. That. Needs, to be come, but. I think that even if you haven't met your. Founder. Even, if you guys haven't met you. You would probably, want something more and. You would probably. Unless. There was a way, for you not to, follow. The passion of coding. Or tech. But. Otherwise maybe. Would be a different person maybe it would be different brand, slightly, different industries different way, but I still believe that, at. Some point you. Guys would make it because. Yeah. I already, believe that there's that.

The. Lack is overrated and it. Makes. Our. Viewers. Probably feel better or it makes it, probably makes me feel better because I don't have that as fast growing company as you do but. I. Think, that diminishes. The. All the. Let's. Say hard times that you have to go through all the. All. The difficult decisions to make all the sleepless, nights, that. I have ensured that we all have, our hat. Yeah. I. Mixed. I wouldn't call it luck, but. It's something that I see in Polish companies, and you know because I know you guys, would. You say like you I mean, all this, is it's, a fast proper company yeah. I'm. Still pretty proud about the kind of absolute, absolutely, it's just it's not what, I see. What. I see the Polish companies and, Polish people in general, have. A good cut is it. Usually is it's, not just luck is when they believe in something you they usually right and that's. Something that we also passed our clients I mean you general. But the Polish developer. Or founder or they have, the balls to say no. We're never that that way because I'm going to work, anybody. Definitely how you know it was like I know and, most. Of the time I was like 90% of the time you right and. That's not to be said God that even though. Everything, is telling you know we should. Let's. Do it just. Do it anyways and I've seen that a lot and most of the time it works great, again. Yeah I wouldn't call it luck I mean my furnace is it good it's. A good feeling it's a good cut it's like what, do you guys feel that something is right you. Usually right definitely. If I have everything against bubble-like decision, on something. And. Everything you show me show me the wrong yeah yeah. Scrape, the suit, you. Might be right. I think. Timing, is also important. Like. When we started, late, late. 2012. Just. Like you guys in your mobile we started. Now. It's you know what spectrum, of, services. But, at the beginning which is you, know iOS and they were like oh I enjoyed this getting more popular we. Got damiana, Lewis Lewis, who. Is a co-founder, he. Java, background I didn't know and, at the time right okay jumping on this ship and learning. You, know, I'm. Joey shaker. On the other hand the, other co-founders or you. Know who's, not guys I did something with the back end like and stuff with data, think about timing also when there was this mobile boom help. Us you, know get get more getting more sure. It. I don't know if it's lack maybe it's yeah there's probably I'm sure we all had our share of good. Timing and maybe. Sometimes, bad timing is just that I really. Believe that if it weren't, for if, took, looks was not a, success, for, some reason yeah you. Would probably be successful with, the quiz app earlier or, you would be successful with something. So. What. Bars here as. I mentioned before is fast. 50 top. Growing companies. Ranking. By Deloitte that you've all been you've. All won, or. Been. Highlighted. As. One of the fastest-growing companies, here. Does, it have any benefits. Because you know there's a lot there's a lot of. There's. A lot of voices that are saying that this is just a vanity. You. Know. Competitions. That there's. No true value in the, mining and you notice you get a cool badge you might feel better about yourself, your office, looks. Nicer with this, the. Diploma, or or, a statue. But, are there any other benefits. Good. No I just on the marketing side at least we. Chose. Not to brag, about it. We. Use it we use it which next to a logo. But. But. We try, to use it in a way that because. I mean is it, might be things that sometimes. Will not even know what it is. We, rather use it as a proof of, we. Didn't, just start it we have experience, trying to prove that experience, through, this. We. Don't, try. To I mean we use our, social to say yeah we'll remember whatever and we're. Happy but, then. We try to let it go we, don't want to milk it to my face after all is we. Want to show that we're good with. What we do right, because that's gonna stay and the prices, are gonna go away so no later but. Hopefully. The work goes the same more than but. If a client is looking to what we do to. Have a, recognition, like the lower case for us to the private. You. Can actually pick up on something you said because it gives a credibility boost. Different. Situations, but you were saying a lot of Polish people have great, ideas and 90% time, the right way so. There are a lot of rank, tech businesses, in Poland, so, you. Know when, they get the award it's there is their moments, to get recognized. Which. I think is great to. Actually be in, the spotlight for a little bit to. Have you out there and. See what you're doing you know what's the.

People Behind it behind, it so that found something a lot does it also help a team, like, to get the recognition because, it's obviously a recognition, for founders but what about the team members it's a reward for the for the whole company I think you know seeing, I, think the team seeing our progress and seeing. What we've achieved. It's. A good big boost for the whole for. The whole team, I would. Also touch on, you. Know week vo we kept a pretty low profile, for a number of years and I think after applying. To, to. The ranking and being, recognized, we first got you know the rising star. Main. Competition. Competition I, think. For us I was like we showed up on the radar all right for a lot of companies which, didn't know we existed, in the past so that was, interesting to see and, you. Know nobody. That he knows us. Yeah. I've heard that that. Also the companies that participated, in the competition even, the ones that didn't win they, are that they go into like the database, that connects, companies, and, clients. Again. By by, by the dealer who make happen, or, made this meeting. Happen. For that disclaimer, purposes I guess but. But. Yeah were, you guys confident. About winning. Or. V being the past 50. Or you just yeah, no not really I mean at the beginning we. We. Didn't know what to expect right. Then. There I guess that's the problem of the competition's like this or people. Think. That they are not good enough to even, apply. For a competition, like this because, they don't see themselves as, a this, huge. Company, and and it's. Like the, grass always looks greener in. Your neighbor's house and it always looks. Get. There we're, not going to be in the. 50. And, 50, companies is, what. You try, the good news is there's no list of the ones who didn't get. No. Your your Jurgen we. Were sitting at the same table during the, party. And. He. Was surprised, Wow. Yeah. So. The first thing when we connected, there you go so another another, benefit, from these connections. You can get a business connections yeah you. Know, I'm. Free. I offered. I'm not an opposition view, towards competitions, but. We. Ourselves are. Leveraging. Them a lot and I can. Probably like. Fully. Agree with you guys that it builds credibility for, any type of business and. Other. Times I wonder how how does it look when the clients, are visiting, your office here at the first time for the first time because I know you guys have an amazing offices. And I. Wonder is. It like wow. So, like either like well it's not a sweatshop somewhere. We've. Heard that, that's. A real business, where. You guys not in the basement we've, got the basement but that's more like a you, know patio area, play. Area but yes, it's a it's a it's a real business I think people or I, mean. Companies. That we work with or positively. Surprised, you. Know it. Doesn't really differ, from what they, see. Citizen values right. But. They do get many processes, there. Whenever. We had a chance to get someone, new like potential, mind to our office because in the in the beginning was for us, to. Be. In an environment that we'd like to. Facilities. That we want everything. That needs to everything. That we wanted to be there to make the work more convenient, and more comfortable, for everyone and more effective but, in the end it turned out like when. We have a potential client come over and see the office and see us and see everyone there the. 90%, of them convert, using. These sales. So. For damage, against, some kind of approval ocupado, just said yeah I'm, not surprised, yeah I will link to all of the websites. And you will be able to see their offices and they're an amazing thank. You is. Nice too. Of hosting. But before, we a lot of robberies we need for that a lot of local meetups, right, like developer and designer enters, community. Like with apps like mitch is or UX plus 12 so. Always fit the issue with finding the right space, I mean, rights cafe. A club that, would give us the projector, ins and basically forget for us right so.

We Were designing the space we. Want, admit we have because it's a university, science we wanted to have the space which we call the amphitheater, for hosting. Made up so you can host like, 140. People is really. Awesome. So yeah. And. 20 comes clients when. You work with know companies, from, abroad. It's, very important, to reduce, the distance right to, show them that you're you know a lot of human beings who gathered, together equate lunches together that. Actually Atlantis, right. For. Everybody. Yes, miss with them so you know something up you know if he's looking. At subdivide, flowing, that the people work together on, the, same truck. With each other. Okay. So. I, I. Feel, like I will know the answer but. Is. It is. It. Comfortable. Or is. It difficult to run a company from Poland it works with customers from all over the world and mostly in us when, there's different. Times on what's, your guess I. Think. That's it's. It's it's, it. Might be tricky but it's not as bad as, or. It's not. As impossible, as, I'm, sure most. Of us would think ten years ago I, would. Say that let's. Take this time, thing, apart, we. Are getting very similar, to the West world we, are watch, Netflix. So. We all listen to the same music we're. At the same clothes so. Probably we all have the same problems. So we know each other you, know we have the same goals so, on this level we. Understand. Each other so. When. We have a client from Canada, from Australia, or USA, we. Can talk about the same stuff like what happened the last Westworld, episode, or. Did you listen. To their happy songs as Spotify playlist, right. So. It's. Much easier to make business with with. All. Countries, right now there's. A hidden tip here, you. Mentioned. Like this this the same movies the same TV, shows the same music that you listen and oftentimes. When talking to customers it's. It's beneficial. To just. Push, their relationships, to more, informal, way because. It makes, the. The relationships, last just like that boom. Yeah. So. Much. More much easier than 10. Years ago right so, the the, rest is just this little bike, meets. With some stereotypes. About. Okay. Guys we, want to make this super, practical so we talked a little bit about the stuff that's hopefully, and will inspire more people to start their copies, and they will see that it's. Not impossible to, launch a company from, anywhere. In Poland pretty much and work, with clients from all of the world and build meaningful companies. That are doing amazing product. That, are launching amazing products. But we want to also make this practical, so if, you could share. Some. Of the tools that you. Didn't. Use maybe for more. For. The companies or startup founders that already have something going on and maybe that those, tools that can, help them to boost their business, or, any cool tools that. You've stumbled upon recently. And it, might come in handy I I. Many. People think that those will do the work for them and, it's and it's very naive but still there, is a huge value in the tools. That can. Boost. Our businesses, I think when. You mentioned about the timer's on there that's maybe not important, for us it's like the tools help us deal with. I. Would. Say that it allows us to. Can. Overcome their vision time zone issues is mainly, slack and hangouts. Or video conferencing, solution totally. That's. Been I. Mean. New, York is easy because it's like six hours are sovereign over time I. Mean. You have, some over a, few, hours that you can you can work together you, know something, just go they, all go off the end of that overlap is, pretty. Much known. Existing, and there's somebody space longer, they wait or they start let's start the sooner so I think you, know planning and proper, planning and slack, for async. Communication. And. Hangouts. For, for. Hangouts or zoom or whatever other a video, conferencing, solution people using, it's. Just super, helpful and, also, shows that there's a real person on the other side as well there's like there's like video cool, not, just voice but also video, so. I think there was those are the four, out of the main main. Tools that help us, deal. With that. It's. All good I mean gives a lot been in hand this is a lot of startup producing. Tools, that they're so handy I mean do. With that go any further 24. People. You. Can, listen what the people saying I don't you. Start. Looks like blendable, you. Can just drop all your stuff in there and, social. Media is making it's basically all. Sorted, Wow, there's. So many tools that they allows you to make, better decisions so. It, makes it a bit easier, but. Still is. Even. I mean the tools are as good as the person that's using them. So. Is if, you know when you have this huge range if, you know what you need and how to use it is. So. What. Would you recommend for, the early stage. Startup. I mean, it marketing. I won't say three obviously right twenty forced to listen I will say woodpecker.

Which Is also published, aha I found. Around the world people Susan yeah, we are arousing them as well email marketing reggae, dragon made very, easy employable, which is things, from Moldavia. There's. A small start-up but it's a great tool to plan your social fantastic will, link them down below. Okay. So, we. Use now 50. In. Our company. Business. Marketing. So. We are use 50 of them so most most of them are like the same slack. And. The. Rest juice for, example so. I would mention fee, for. Not obvious, the. First is spy try for sales. Were. Cable for, recruiting. Management, workable workable here okay. Calamari. For holidays, management, we do. And. This is something from, marketing, we, are testing. For. A few weeks a keyword hero to, get better keyword. Keyword. Qur'anic. Information. Mouse. SEMRush. For. Some of the SEO. Yeah, I've, heard, about this definitely. Choke myself that reminded me of a letter he used ever for. Austin. It also, pretty powerful. I will ask you guys to send me the links after to me okay. What about you guys in, terms of slack oh just, we're, turning, with I think we're turning away from slack, a little bit, distraction. Too much distraction. At. Some point we realized the companies around all the slack just. Can't we just chaos which is noise which is you know decisions, that are may again it's. Disciplines, like no other I spend a little bit miss adjustments lock but it feels like. You're. Doing the other thing at once especially if, you're a decision, maker. Everyone. You. Know pops up with some type of decision to make that you know they expected to make it you know we, expect ourselves to make it within minutes because hey this is I am so. For some stuff we're turning away the base camp we were really arrived like base comes philosophy, where, you can run actually a column company, so. For strategic. Probably. Tactical, stuff, we are turning, a little bit them to basic I'm wearing a happy mix text area if they think about it texted wow that's. Super interesting because typically. Based on would be a product, project a product for. Yeah we do since our starting you think we use the first version of base camp ever. So. Because I'm a huge fan of 37signals. Their, work and reward. Book etc. But I remember that they mentioned that they are. Fine, with some of the customers. There's. You. Know. I. Mean. Project work is paper management stock project, books, become vanish from JIRA and this is you know development. And design tips for using our head, of project management's, over. This new time is full of German. There. Is no. Knowledge. Base, and, wiki. Kind of, document. Baseball. Really. Recommend testing it out for. The. Remotes. Video. Etc, this, tool called zone, that's, what, you and us yeah. The best way yes, so far especially when chemistry multiply. Which. Is like a digital whiteboard, or something like that but this one is like working perfectly than any others, perfectly. You. Can even you know stream, your. Advice. Application. Will apply to the con hands which showcase what you do fine right. She's, smoking pretty well. Other. Than that's kind, of shifting from the software, those. Looking. At the management tools we. Saw a UPS. Starting. The business evolved into roads, yep yep, we've we've. Been, using more. Players in marketing first. And. We're not. Yeah. It's very good and personal. Yeah. We're, running out of time but, it's so. Many questions I wanted. To ask about the, products. Tip.

Looks Guys mentioned, that the new products that are working on early, days yeah. But. I'm. Sure that all of you guys are in a very good position to, work. Also, in. Your free, time there's, something like this when. You company, on some. Of your products. Right you must, have had customers. That were super successful based on your work and. I. Was convincing. It's. Totally. Different b2b, marketing. You. Can start a b2b product, that would essentially, I know help in. The lives of your, current customers for example that, they have to have something intercom like. Like, like you all have something in common you all use JIRA black. Flashin. Trial. Or whatever. Production. Team we can use it. Maybe. This, is. Not based I'm started right from a very. Sensible. Companies. Who basically want to do something like this and it's kind of you know just. Fog. Lights and, build around companies. That I know that have. Successfully. Transitioned. Either. A hybrid models based payment services and products or basically transition, to products primarily. They. Have this like very very clear distinction in in organizes right it's it's like two different companies, working to working, alongside if. Somebody was smokin a product basically he, switches the other team, we. Have. Multiple. Attempts. To the different, products, and. All. Them fails because me just. Like I said like we. Were trying to do something when, we have downtime. And, the. Client, comes knocking. On your door it's like oh this, is the highest priority or. Visit majority people, who the client have no focus on the side projects, it. Cannot, be a psychotic it needs to become your. Your main. Product. Just, like just like I said that separate company or yo. You have it there the gate a team that is you. Cannot like you they, can there's a client like you know those guys are not available like this I think that the pubic is running, too small though right yeah a company. From the agency, that's. Successful. Front we actually had the product back. In two, products but one was the buck in 2004, I think it, was featured twice, by, The Next Web and, close never did 14. Yeah. But. At the same time. This. Was. Something. Services. With different. Dudes. Like you, know when you're when you're financing. Your product maybe, you need to raise capital and, all that so that there's a fully different organization, structure. And maybe. You need to really spit off that company and. And then get the funding for that external company, and I'll make step two I think you're more courageous, than we are like we get paid every month. We. Know we're gonna get we, also get paid, after. We release the product after like you know year. And a half of working. On we. Had 40. Customers in the first month it was again, 40, customers for you I'm sure it's, I. Know, six digits or seven. Digits I. Would. Agree that maybe. My, type the. The only benefit, is that it's stable. Because it's, spread over thousands, of customers, while yours is over hundreds, of customers. You. Know your. Road towards, ten million in revenue, was. Probably. Way shorter than ours so yeah because we gather, everything from day one and. You have to go that far or not but on the other hand you. Can scale your product. You. Know without having a lot, of extra, people yeah and we scale businesses, through you, know hiring extra people and that's, where ya, at the certain stage you might end up in a different situation are you after.

Prosím. Cosign yes, for. Sure more. Hiring. Headaches for. You guys and more. Different. Scalability people. People scale scaling, with people and scaling the product yeah so, just. To end on the, really cool and practical, not what would be the, like. It's. It's it's very cliche. I would say but what would be one tip that you can give to someone who's. Thinking. About launching a company. May. Be a software house, may. Be something. Else may be, a product. That's. Different mindset, but is you know getting. Out, of your comfort zone and who you are able to get you, know. So. Like the so you have looked pretty much complementary, skills as well not. Necessarily the same skills you know skills, yes but I think it's more about the character. So. One. Person would be like one of you is like let's, do it let's, do that's gonna be a blockbuster and the other ones. Yeah. So. It's good to have somebody who you know can, go to war with Mexico. Amen. To that. Okay. So I don't have to do this that, never. Stop learning, because. Like. 99%. Of programs, have been stalled resolved. And, are. Somewhere written, in. The book on. A blog and we were spending, my hours, of thinking. When the solution was just a, few few clicks away never. Stop never stop learning yeah, it seems like there's a manual for everything right now on YouTube. Especially. New. This. Channel is all about being. Hopefully. At some point it will become a manual, for people to launch the companies. All the necessary steps. True. From, my sightings up I will, say just do it down the. Lid later do it now because, like you said if you fail you. Don't fail you learn and. You, don't want to get to, 45. Or 50 to say wow I never did it and now might be too late so just do it down nothing, you know you're not going to die like trying to open a company. Learnin. Think, fine. But do it. Yeah. Perseverance. I think that's something. That is, important, than it, touches, on the learning. The. Constant learning and also being, afraid of failure like when. You, know when we started we didn't know how to run a company we didn't know around. 30% company, and around 60 percent up till now over 100. So. There's. Gonna be mistakes that be gonna make them be afraid to, make, them and just learn from them. Make. Those mistakes quickly. You. Can learn a lot of. What's. Your, what. Will be. Underlined. The. Perseverance, I think that. Again. That, there's no lock it's, just. They're civilians I probably have no particular skills, of any sort other than I really want. Everything. Allah. Probably. More than the next guy and that's, why. And. On. This positive note, thank. You for watching guys for a link to, all the guys, all of their companies, in, the description. Down. Below and. Hope. To see you soon.

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