This week in Bitcoin- 2-23-2018- Venezuelan Petro & national cryptocurrencies, crypto-dividend fever

This week in Bitcoin- 2-23-2018- Venezuelan Petro & national cryptocurrencies, crypto-dividend fever

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is adam. Meister the bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt, meister. Welcome. To. This. Week. In, Bitcoin. Today. It. Is. What. Is it February, the. 23rd. 2018. Straw, hand. Long. Term thinking, all, right I'm still here in Darwin Australia that, went for my morning Sprint's, this morning so I could be ready for this show so all you people back in the east coast of the United States could, have a show at 6:30, p.m. at night so. Enjoy it we've got guests from all over the world we've, got Ken Bozak. We've got BTC. Joe and then we have a very special guest coming from Venezuela, which. Was like the heart of crypto, this, week it is Maximo. And we're gonna just we're gonna start out with Maximo. Telling. Us about the petrol about his Benz whelming cryptocurrency does it really exist yet, we've. Heard so much about this I talked about it people are very curious about it Maximo. What, it just go. At it tell us all about the, events, on petrol. Okay. Perfect, first I'm going to start giving you some informations. And so. You can understand, how, these so the, petrol thing is is working out in Venezuela, well. According. To the white paper the petrol, is a token, that, is supposed to be back by, oil but. That is oil that the Venezuelan, government have, not taken off of the. Ground it's oil that it is still, on the ground okay that's. Important, to know because well. That there, is a process, that, the, Venice own and the oil companies have to make to take the oil from the ground and that is not easy, bodies. Back on oil that, but. Burial. Oils. That they, don't exist yet. Well. They created. 100. Million patrons, ok the, distribution. Is supposed to be. 38.4. Put for pre-sale that, supposed, to start in according. To the white paper in. March, first but. I don't know what happened, they started, earlier. Because, they were so impressed and said that, they have raised. Like, seven hundred million dollars so. That doesn't make sense the. Other forty four percent it's. Going to be issued through an ICO and the. Price of that I see always going to be $60, which is close. To the price, of a barrel of oil and, the, other seventeen. Point six percent and, is going to be. The. Superintendence. Of the creature currency, in Venezuela which, is the. Government. Entity. That issue it the petrol, is going. To keep. 17.6%. Of the supply for them okay. They. Are supposed to. With. The money they receive, that.

According, To the white paper they're going to use it in in this way okay fifty, percent in development. Of the technology, other. Fifty percent in, development, of the ecosystem, another. Fifty percent to, the project, the petrol, and the other. 55%. Is going to be. For. The Venezuelan founds, that the government, has created so, apparently, it's going to stay in the country. That's. According to white paper again. Well. Also. According to the white paper the petrol supposed, to be NERC 20 tokens, okay. But. Right, now that. We. Don't know it's exactly, where, the petrol, is going to work because. A. Couple, of days ago the Venezuelan, president said, that they, were going to use the, name blotching, and it was not going to be a near such we are c20, token, instead. It was going to be a mall sites using, the name blockchain, and. We. Have a lot of we have a couple of addresses in, them in the aphelion blockchain, and I will. Send Adam all these information, so you can check it by yourself, guys, there. Is an there is a couple of address that has, a hundred, million. PTR. Tokens, which. And the Andes, this token, match the, exact same distribution, that is described, in the white paper okay, but, also there. Is another name, address. That. Has, 100. Million masai, tokens, with the name of PTR, that. Also matches, the the. Same. Distribution describe, it in the white paper. For. Non, official, sources I they. Told me that these. Most like tokens, is, from, a troll, I don't know that that's why they say there is not official, statement, on. The. Government, saying that okay this is the token this is the address D, or. Anything. Like that so it's no. One knows really no one knows who controls these addresses, no one knows where. The real petrol, is going to be built no one knows is if already, exists. Or or something. Like that okay so it's. Kind of tricky, the. Buying process of, the petrol well. The government created a website well, where, you have to register for. You to buy the Petrov's, the. Website. Well. It's it's, really bad okay do you have to wait like six hours for. The confirmation, email to a right to your mail so you can start the registration process after. You receive the email. You, start the registration process, and the. Website that has not that. They don't West I do not have a, security. Certificate. So. That that's, make no sense at all. Have. A, JavaScript. Park that, do not allow you to finish the, registration process, so you have to try like ten times and, if. You're lucky enough you can finish the registration process but after dad. Their. Website freezes, and, there. Is no well. It's really hard I tried, guys I tried to. Complete the process so, I can show. You how to bypass rose but it was, impossible okay I spent. Five hours of, hours of my time trying, to finish the registration process but that the website wasn't, working. Well. That there is some news the president, Nicolas, Maduro after. Launching, the cryptocurrency he, said that he he, had some meetings with three, teens he. Said he met, with the name Foundation, he said he met with team, with. The company, called Aero trading, and another. Company called sales. Okay. A couple, of hours after that announcement. The name Foundation's. Publicly. Said. Through, the truth with the account that that was a lie that they hasn't, a. We. Owe.

You. Their. Maximum. Government. Shut him down man. Maxim, okay if you could hear us man this, is some really good stuff, you're telling us as everyone. Can see yeah okay. Good you're, here good on that like. This. Is hilarious okay guys. President. Maduro says, in the press conference, that these, three companies were, three. Of the biggest and most respected. Companies, in the cryptocurrency on blockchain industry, and, then. I started. I have never heard of arrow, trading, or deceives, team and I, have been involved in creating for almost three years so, and, my work is. Completely. Related to the cryptocurrency war, so, I went. To Google and tie, a arrow, trading, and there. Is a lot of information in there but nothing about create a currency or a company related, to cryptocurrency so. I have, to. Did. Someone to. Do some more research and I found out a. Twitter, account for. This, arrow, trading company which. Is supposed to be one of the most biggest and respected company in, the blockchain industry, and they, have three tweets, three, just, three tweets and those. Three tweets were from. For. Body 21, 2018. Two, days ago. That. Is uh-oh he, froze up again there so, what. We've gathered, so far is, that the Venezuelan government is, not telling, the truth about many aspects, of this that there, is efficient. As any government, in the world. This. Is what happens when. You're dealing with government they they, don't understand, this and, they're. Moving way, too fast and. Well. Maximo, you there ah. He. Fell off again. All. Right Ken are you there Hey. All. Right as Maximo. Returns and, what do you think about all this. I'm. Actually a little concerned because I never really thought about being, put in a position where I'd be forced to buy a cryptocurrency, controlled. By my government and something. Like this sort of looks like a crystal ball of the future that we could see happen in a first world scenario, you, know this is a domino, effect potentially. If we allow, this to happen to them, it could, potentially happen, to us ourselves we, should stand together and protect these citizens, from their own government that is forcing them to buy a coin. That's. One question we got to ask him they're, not being forced to buy I mean not. Yet, not yet but I mean how far is that from Delhi I don't, know if they're even before I think they're gonna be given it it's it's, the fool it's the 80 percenters, of the world they're gonna be buying it all in exchanges, and he's. Just gonna distribute it for free for his to his people I think I'm, not sure that's, that's, why we got Maximo and he just thought he. Just dropped off there, he'll. Be back, oh god, he's leaving us in suspense. This. Is terrible everyone pound that like button check, out the note section below because you can see all of these guys, information. Ken's information, BTC, Jo's information, and máximos. Information, and we're going to give links to those the, very it's really interesting that he said there's a theorem addresses, existed.

They. Are most likely bogus. Anyone. Can create a token. Called. The petrol and. There's. A good soccer to then there's bad side of that the bad side is people. Can create a fake petrol. But if then as well I really wanted to create a real petrol it's, it's, that easy I don't I don't think they've done it yet I think I bet that is those. Are trolls. Making. It up there all, right BTC, Joe do you have any thoughts on this situation but before maximum over terms. Yeah. I mean like should we really be surprised, I mean it's just like this is what happens when you put government's, in charge of making crypto currencies I mean, I don't know it just seems like they kind of threw everything together at. The last minute. And. It's, kind of like a Frankenstein. Currency. Of sorts, and it's like it's, almost like the opposite, of everything you would, use a cryptocurrency for, it's you, know it's not open, source it's, not, you. Know the point is to remove the counterparty. You're inserting a counterparty. And. You. Know it's very like, they. But. I think you know this is just a natural progression, we're, gonna start seeing a lot more countries. Doing this that's, sort of gonna be like it's, will be like the transition. And so everyone, uses crypto currencies, so, in the long run I don't think it's a big deal that I definitely, would. Not have. To be holding that crypto, pension the other thing is security, how, can you really trust these, you, know like they're just gonna throw together some. Developers. Like I don't know how can you really trust this thing well. No it is right now the buying process is theirs it, seems like it's totally BS, it's uh it's. Dangerous, it. Was a very unsafe process, but it doesn't really even exist yet because he couldn't even get the flying process done well he's back máximo. Take it away take, it away I had a question for you Maximo, aren't they also working on a gold-backed, petrol. As well so I mean this hasn't even finished, its, conception. And they're already speaking, about a totally. New petrol back to buy gold is is that something you've come across. You're. Muted. Maxima. Yeah. They got your mute or something like that there. You go. Nope. Can't. Can't. Hear you yeah oh, do. Silence them in yeah. They cited it maybe that's what he's saying. He's. Speaking the truth and we can't hear the truth. Maximo, do you have did you do, you have it muted we cannot hear you do, you know sign language. Nope. Yeah, yeah mess mess around with they keep on talking you just interrupt, us whenever, you want to yes. So there are other nations that are thinking about this also we. Heard that Turkey is thinking. About doing something like this. What. I'm curious about is if this what we're saying this what. Is this has, it really happened, yet and for what maxima has told us there, is no petrol, yet but. Again we'll, get down to this in a second so as Maximo. Figures out the the sound began as we wait in anticipation, for. This. Oh. Yeah. Just up at his house for a bit that's that's part of the issue here we'll. Talk about with I can hear. The. Beep right the Bitcoin, transaction, fees to. Send Bitcoin it's cheap again.

It's. Exciting I actually had to do it rather large, transaction. Not too long ago to pay a little bit of rent I had to sell some Bitcoin and get cash and I moved, the decent amount it was like 20 freaking cents and I actually double, looked at I was like wait am, i sending, the lowest, transaction. Passable. Is this gonna get lost oh hey. Hey. Maximo, you, were here we're ready all right continue continue Maximo, okay, sorry guys. Yeah. Well. Okay. The the these two teams that these two big companies are supposed to be one, of the in. One. Second you by, the way you were cut off because, you. Lost power correct, else. Who was in charge of the power in Venezuela, their. Governments, yes okay continue. Okay. So, yesterday. Devon. If I'm president, claimed to, have rise seven, million hundred, dollars from, selling these petrels in, the, pre-show but. If we check in the blood slaughter of the. I'm watching, an interview lunching there's, still a couple, of addresses who hold the. Most. Of the petrels so, if he sold all that money in petrels, why, those. Guys bought it don't have dead in their, accounts, so, make or. They got they. Got scammed, or the. President, - all is lying which is the most probably thing. So. That's. About it guys well. Answering. Your question can it. The. The. The venezuelan president said yesterday that, they. Were going to issue a, new. Petrol. That, is going to be backed by gold gold. That they don't have in their hands gold. Benefit. On territory, that, they have not found yet but. They will and they, will sell you a token, back on that. Not. Real, gold, well. No that is that is what i what is hot oh that, hurts my head all. Right, here. My questions, for you so it's pretty obvious that. It's. Not really, existing. At this point the petrol, in if it dies people. Can't get their hands, on it that they clearly rushed, into this, but, once. Do, you think it is going to exist and. Will. They distribute, it to the people for, free or the people gonna have to buy it. And. The, people, is going to have to buy it listen. Guys okay. I'm. Gonna be honest with you, there. Is no different, that there is a couple of difference between the volume are which is the currency of Venezuela, and the textbook and those, difference are the name of the currency and the platform, that the government, he uses, to issue these, currency, that's. A his. Occur, it's a centralized, currency, issued, but the same guys who destroy. Our currency. That, has been destroying our country, for 18 years so, how can you expect, these, petro, currency, to be different, than the volleyball yeah, they told the detail was that the Bolivar is also, backed by. Something. By oil by gold by natural, gas and we, know that that is not true they, believe a lost value, every day every. Day the Venezuelan, people who owns body parts they, are becoming poor. So. It's. A joke it's an it's just a way for the government to avoid the. Penalties. And the sanction that the US government put on. Them a couple months ago and they, they, don't have, that. The. Ways to acquire, US, dollars. Because. Of that of that penalties. And they come, up with these stupid idea so. They can have money but. I, don't think it's going to have to help the people in Venezuela I don't think it's going to help our economy and, it's that. They're going to force, people to use the petrol just like any other government, forces, their citizens, - you've steered they're. Going to entertain. The. The. The. People who work for the government in petrels even. If they like it or not they're going to be paid in petrol, they're going to start charging maybe. Taxes, or their services, in petrol, so they will force the people to use this and then, they are going to tell you guys that the, people is using it because it's. The best thing in the world but that is not going to be true, so. That means that it will people will people be able to exchange, bolivars. For, petrol poster will, they be able to turn do you think well, I. I. Don't. Know really in. The future we, should, be able to. This. Is one positive that I see if, a people have if you guys have your worthless bolivars, and you're, able to turn them into one, Boulevard, for one petrol, and then, there's people all over the, world that, are foolishly, buying, the petrol, hmm. You could in. The long run turn your, Boulevard. Into a petrol, into Bitcoin, and that. Would be great for the people so. Any not I'm, asking. You is there, is there, a way this could backfire on, the government and help. Get people. Will at least teach people, cryptocurrency and, maybe, get some Bitcoin, into the hands of the people, well.

The, Only thing good about the petrol is is that what, you just said that it's going to teach. People about critical, if you haven't heard about, cryptocurrency, and, that, now you're you're don't. Hear. About the petro well. Maybe, you'll start learning about Bitcoin, and all these amazing technologies, right. Now there is the, there is not a way to change, bolivars, to petrels, okay, and, that's. One positive thing if we are able to exchange Bolivar, to petrels and then to Bitcoin yeah, maybe that will help the, - on population, avoid, hyperinflation, in, a, much easier way I. Don't. Think that that is going to happen because there is a reason, why we have control, and capital change because. The government, wants. To. Stay. In control of what, comes, in and out of the country when, it comes about money so. Maybe. They, do it it will be a good, thing I don't, know they did they. They have not launched a platform, yet where you can do that. But. We will see in the future right now if, this, petrus thing is really a joke it's a joke and if someone tells you that this, is going to help the country on the and that this is good and this is really there, is two kind, of people that does that the people who know nothing about cryptocurrency, are what it brings to the table and, the. People who are working with the government okay, just. To charge the guy now. There's there is a prominent, person that's, been in on my show. He. Said that, um he. Thought Venezuela, was gonna become a cryptocurrency, hub, the. You know a cryptocurrency. Country. Do you see that happening or was that just a way to positive, outlook, homeless, I. Hope. Really, really I wished, the government, the. Venezuelan, country becomes like a crypto, haba or a critter nation, but. If, you want to help the people then just about Bitcoin, you don't have to your own useless, token, to. Become, a national. And a critical. Is a nation you have to, adopt Bitcoin, the most mm-hmm, and, the most secure, blocking, in the whole world and. Don't. Mess around and teach people a bit create and help people get into Bitcoin so, we can, so. You can so, the government can help them in a small economy but, by creating these dystopian. These won't let's token, is it's not going to change anything, it's just another way for them, to become, richer, and and, as can the people all around the world. Well. We've, had different, opinions on this this. Is good we're getting we're getting different voices, i link to an article below actually that, it's similar thoughts to. To what maximum was saying and questioning. If this is really happening or, not I guess, Mike I'm question for you before I mean we'll take questions from the audience also, and from the panel obviously has questions, for maximal, also, is.

Equally Do. You think they will get their, act together and there will be real. Petros. In existence, in March. Well. Yes. Yes I think they're going to create that cryptocurrency. Do. You think I'll be honest II really am. Yeah. I don't know really because in the white, paper and to the people who who is in charge of the bachelor I I know a couple of guys want with it for the government building. This stuff. It's. Supposed, to be any RC 20 token it's. Supposed to be any receipt when I told him but. The. President. Was talking about nem and all these. Mosaics. Tokens, but I really. Don't know how which. Sword to trust they. It's, a mess it's completely meth no one knows anything, so. You. Will will don't have to wait ok. We get a question from the audience here. They, did say, they, are mining, other coin well, is. It true that they are confiscating. Miners, for, this purpose, and that's from done yes thanks. For the five bucks Gus thank you very much Wow okay, well yeah okay. That they. Created. Like. An organism, were, Dennis one - can go and register and, then. Pay any special, tax under. That the, creature the, creature, gains from mining okay. I. Know. Some. People that register, on that. Government. Institution, and then. They. The. Government police. Went. To to, the place, and stole their machines and their bitcoins. So. That is really happening like. I told you before in you. Know in the last show Adam I don't, know if it is, the government. Directly. Like, like that the. President, of the vice president giving. These orders, or, if, it's is the, police, that, have access to this information and. Just because they can they go to your house knock. Your dowel down and stole your, machines and your bitcoins. But. It is, really happening and yes. The government. Like. Three months ago maybe two months ago they. Created, a critical. She farm where, they are mining, with mining weeks and bit creations and it's. A government, found. That. Money isn't being used for anybody, in in. The country at all it's just for the government officials, to use for like Lambos, yeah. Yeah, it, exactly, does. Yeah. What, does I mean that's what corrupt governments are all about and hey, we. All give them credit they they, know what the real money is hey. Could. You trust these, how, can you trust this guy they, have been a scream, like country for eighteen years how, can you spare these, guys, to, do something right, there. At this point, how. Can you trust these guys is the same entity, that. Throw. The believer to the garbage and now. They're creating these petrol, just, because they. Messed, up and, the the US government, put. Penalties, on them and they, want to avoid those. Restrictions, that's. Why they create this not, because they want to help the people so. If, you support the petrol either due to our. Do, you know nothing about cryptocurrency. Or or. Your working with them they did really. There. Is no positive side, of this well, I think the part again if if, they all have the people to turn and you say oh yeah you're not gonna do this if, they allow the people to turn their Boulevard, into petros and then, you're. Able to sell your petrol for Bitcoin it, will, back down on them I mean the, reason I am interested, in all of this is because I want it to backfire, on the government I know what their short-term thinking is their short-term thinking is greed but, in the long term I hope, it, can totally backfire. Oh man when, they get there they don't seem to have it act together at, all to even get it to the point where. People are going to be able to buy a Boulevard. For the petrol but I don't. Know I don't know I'm, done I'm grateful. To have you on the show keep going sorry. No. No I think that's I don't know if did you see y'all have any questions, yeah. PTC Joey you got questions. No. Questions it, just sounds like it's like a big abstraction. Basically. You. Know just like add some buzzwords and then. You can get you know get around sanctions, and have the same then.

You Had basically, almost like, like. We saw like Kodak, you. Know did an ICL and then their stock price went off because why just cuz they threw in some, buzzwords so this sounds like almost like I don't know another form of that except with that for, the country instead. Yeah. It's a gimmick you got, that race so far it. Is just, the gimmick just like Kodak did did it gimmick except, code I'm really well. Did they have an ICU we don't even know if these guys even had a real. Can. Questions. No. I just wanted to maybe leave a comment about this sounds, I had a guest on my show a couple days ago that was talking about Hell, scenarios. Like this sort of sound like. Industrial. Like, cities. Or camps where people you know go to get a job digging in a coal mine but. They're basically, like indentured servitude, where. They get paid in the company's local, monopoly, money and the, company uses that monopoly money to charge them for rent and then the charge them for goods and services so, you're digging in a mined for coal or whatever, gold that's your job you live in this town that's owned by the company the company creates that's currency that you use in the town and you're stuck in a position where you save up all this currency that's only valuable in that little, companies town to, a point where you can never leave because like, you said you could trade that petrol for Bitcoin Adam but who's, gonna buy that petrol, with their Bitcoin so. That's. The 80 percenters, of the world they know. Somebody. Somebody, hands into a victim space either by their own you know idiocracy. Or because. They're manipulated. Too so it's, always that you know passing. The puck so, to speak somebody's, going to get screwed by this and. While if. It's some 80 percenter, in the United States I mean they're, not being forced to buy this stuff. It's, there we're distributing, well. Yeah. No, I feel like I'm just thinking, of that like that that, position where it could turn into that for like, you're saying Kodak, did it well imagine if a business like coca-cola decides, to pay their employees in, coca-cola coin, in Indonesia. Or wherever and now, these employees, are basically, not making real money at all they're getting coca-cola, coins and stuff.

Like That so I'm like I'm, worried about the future of this technology being, music never again and get under under that scenario if, an. Ad in exchange, lists. Coca-cola, coin, they're, going to be 80 percenters, in this world who foolishly, buy, it for Bitcoin so it will backfire her, it will allow the people to get you see that that again that is mine that's fine I mean intrigued, by all of this because, you think it's a closed-loop system. But. It is well it isn't closed if. If. It's placed on it if it is placed on exchange where the 80 percenters, can, make mistakes and buy you know I again. I don't want the people then is relative, to waste their dollars, or big going on a petrol, but, if other people, all over the world want to do it then. Should. Be my guest, ended, up and, let the let give, these people a market, to, turn their worthless petrol, into real Bitcoin so they can get the heck out of, financially. Get out of bed as well and so I mean that that leads me to my I guess my final question for Maximo, it, does this, is. There potential for another country to do this right. Well. No. No, you. Can. Understand, something yeah the only thing that that country can can do right is. If they adopt Bitcoin, or they are not maybe other cryptocurrency, that is completely decentralized okay. Issue. Token. Is. Not different, than from fiat money that. The. Thing that cryptocurrency. Brings, to the table onto a table and why what what I teach people is that. It's not the digital part. Of that of the currency, what is innovative, in this technology here. In Venezuela we don't have cash we. Are a cashless society. We. Only use cash to pay for parking spot and for gas that's it and. We, we only have digital, money so. That's. Not the innovative, part of this technology did nobody part of this technology is that, decentralized. Part the. Global, part that, anyone, can use a system. That. Is not corrupt that is based on math and cryptography. That. Is completely decentralized, and, the local community, and no. Government will, be able to issue a, system. Like Bitcoin, there, is that. They want because, then. They then, they will stop being a government they will stop, being in control of something so. That won't happen I don't I don't say that happen at any time soon. They're. Very good point very good point about that yeah I mean that's that's, the way that for government to successfully. Do it they're gonna need to do it with an existing decentralized. Cryptocurrency and, they. Do. Over. The. Purse over financed. It's yeah. Oh. You please please please I think, like the, best case scenario, of. A country doing this riot it, wouldn't be like you know replacing. The, existing currency, it would be almost like I'd. Say the US did some type of a fog coin the. Successful, version would be like a tether. Can. You know condoned, by the. Central, bank that you know is not going to get shut down just. Like an easier, way to, transition. The crypto, because everyone everyone's. Worried that the feds are gonna you. Know it's. Yeah. Shut down tether so I think if they did it that way, that's. Like probably the only scenario I would support. Yeah. That's, that's. What I was hoping that he could be. I. Actually. Was talking to. Your. Friend just today, and he came up with the same, idea that BTC, Joe just to share with us that, if the the. Venezuelan government wants, to help their people this should create our body of our tether, so, we can avoid all these a, bank. Limit. Transfer, controls, because when you are in a hyperinflationary. Country, and. To. One, month to another that the money that the, limit transfer of the money is just ridiculous, because this is just a little amount of money that you can transfer between. Banks, so, if you create a book, volume. Or tether that is, nothing. Illegal and it's some kind. Of a blockchain that, you can, use it you can say that you're using watching, technology, to help people in Venezuela make maybe that will be just useful because, it's a better way for us to transact. Inside, the country, there.

We Go that's what I'm saying and then, people from outside the country will, buy it also, officially. But um it will add wealth to the to your country well, it will bring it in so I mean that that's what I was I, was hoping that they were gonna have it be, one for, one a Bulevar, if you, hand them a paper Bulevar, now, hand you uh back. A a. Crippling, electronic. Pen. But that. Doesn't appear to be the case maybe, it will but a man. Well we'll see we'll, see I'm, again, let's see how this continues to play out um, and. This is. Experience. Telling us all that is is there before we move on what's, everyone's, reaction, in the Bitcoin community where, you are to, the low transaction fees, is that is there anything else you want to add about the petrol and/or BTC, Jo or or. Can if you had anything else to say about it. Anyone. I've, been using Bitcoin a whole lot more since those transaction, fees went down um, I. Was. Staring at my at, my um my, account, for a while sitting, there like I got all this crypto but I can't, really do not much with it because it's you know expensive to move and like, I said recently I had to move a decent amount that pay my rent and the transaction, fee was like 20 cents so, as I was saying I was taken back I went and checked my settings and made sure that I wasn't on the the smallest, fee possible, know I was on the highest fee possible, it was 20 cents and I think within like 10 or 15 minutes all six confirmations. Went by and the person I sent it to had full access to the Bitcoin it was it was awesome, so I actually recently used. Cheap. Air to, buy my flight to Dallas Texas for the conference I went to in Texas, Bitcoin, directly, they accepted, Bitcoin and the fee, was again like a couple cents. And I'm. Actually booking. A trip soon to, go back to the Bahamas and Expedia, accepts Bitcoin directly, so I won't have to like do any cashing out I can actually send my Bitcoin directly. To Expedia, without having to worry about like a high, fee and I'm imagining more, people will be using your crypto again I know we're long-term holders, but when, you're in as much as I'm in there's only so much I can do with that actually I haven't you spend some of it so, if I want to get eggs bread and milk I have to let go of my crypto and now I can do it again for a very inexpensive, fee, so. It's interesting to see a lot of my friends arguing, that alternative. Currencies, are better than Bitcoin because of the fee and then, that flip-flops a little bit and their argument, gets taken, right out from under their feet and they have to kind of learn the technology to argue why their coin is better than Bitcoin not, just because it was a cheaper transaction, fee for like a month it's, pretty damn interesting. Strong. Hand people yes, have a strong, hand. Remember, everyone there's we got over 100 viewers right now which is great you, get this unique information. Only, here so I want all of you to take a moment and really pound that like button subscribe. To this channel and check out the links below check out these dudes see what they're doing out there máximo, what. Has your reaction, or what does the reaction have been as well have been to, the lower transaction, fees because transaction. Fees mean a lot in, a country like that Venezuela. Yeah. Actually there were a lot of people complaining about transactions, in this couple couple, of month ago and, now. Everybody's. Happy obviously, you. Can say bitcoins for one. Cent. Yeah. I was trying to explain, to them that that, was temporarily, that big. Queen in that, we will have in the future it's. Cheaper, transaction, fees that they will have to wait holder. Bitcoin which is nothing crazy it's better if you hold your Bitcoin that is used if you sell it right away. And. I was teaching to, people how to make. Date their transaction, official there. Is a lot of critical, remaining, in here and what people do not understand, that do, you have to learn, the technology that's, something beautiful of a Bitcoin that. We have never seen with money before that it forces, you to learn. Actually. When it comes to fiat money the government's, don't do not want you to learn about money in Bitcoin, do you have to learn because the jeezum do it then you lose money and I, was teaching all these people how how, they can, make. Transactions. In a better way that they have to use same. With wallet. Now, they got. A switch from this whole world that they, don't have so we get to, our new world that have, said wait so they can have cheaper transaction, that.

They, Have to consolidate, the inputs, because if they leave, the, remaining. Reward. Without. Consolidate. In them when they are going to send the bitcoins, well the text sanction is going to be very. Very, like. I, explained. Today like very heavy so it's going to charge you more because it's going to take more block blocks blog space and miners. Well, they, are here because of business so if you take most block space both the transaction fees expensive. But. Well. That, that. Those those those clients, of mine now that everyone. Is happy because of the of the transaction, fees and. It's. It's. A good, thing. Because. Now. Those. The, argument of the big blockers about pay cash and all these all coins being better because. They they. Were cheaper, to transact, with well. That's I don't. Know what else they're going to say now the. Exchange. Of these sites are cheaper, because no one is using it yeah. Back. To the same exact, you. Know use, as it was right before it's spiked, to 19,000. The same amount of users and we, got people like coinbase. BitFenix. Even. Shape-shift, everybody's, going. Lightning. I'm, sorry I'll say great and then we have things like batched. Transactions. Coming and lightning. Network and channels it's only going to get faster and, cheaper to start using Bitcoin, and you, know people want Bitcoin to be the fiber-optic. Speed, that the Internet is today when Bitcoin is 56k. Dial-up and, we're, working our way towards, VR 360. Videos with Netflix Netflix cannot, launch on the Internet in the early 90s, you. Know bitcoin is early 90s wait so we have fiber optic speeds on Bitcoin and build, on top of that, yeah. Yeah, that's, why NATO people every day, PTC. Joe your thoughts on that the loan transaction, fees, um. I think you know it's great. There's for seeing exchanges. Start to do batching like you guys mentioned.

Segue, Is coming, to Phoenix. And coinbase, and you're. Just seeing all these scaling improvements. Like sort. Of kick in and I, just think it's so funny that like the beat cash crowd is like you. They're trying to have their cake and eat it too like, once first. They're saying fees are too high and now it's like oh no one uses it so the fees are too low which is like, ridiculous. I mean the truth is it's also crypto. Currencies are mostly speculation. Any. Coin, that you, know you think is going to have cheaper transactions. Would have the same exact, problems. If people actually started, using it and. I. Just think like also. A big part of it was they were spamming, the network, as well so. You, know you don't hear about it that, is much. So. It's just interesting, yeah. The, spamming, has stopped. For, now. All. Right. You. Never know what. Is going to be next that b tch I remember speak. Up a little bit because it is you're a little quiet there and not in your, land I want, to transition. The conversation, a little bit, people. Asking. Me about the, various. Crypto, did ends that are on the way we've. Got 20. On the 28th, of February, be. Private, is going. There's gonna be a snapshot of, the, Z classic, and Bitcoin block chains and, people. Will be able to get this new, crypto. Dividend for coin friendly. For it called be private, and Danna. Mineiro, is forking, on the 14th, of March. Into. Something common narrow v have. You heard about these uh what. Are your thoughts on be private, and mineiro V and. From. From where you stand because, you've got a pretty popular Twitter feed or are people talking about these things are you getting questioned, about these. Forks, these crypto dividends that are on the way. BTC. Jo oh. Yeah. Yeah so I haven't looked into be private, that, lodge. Or. Manero V but I kind of just like at the same viewpoint on all these Forks you, know that it's I have mixed feelings like, it's it's good I. Everyone. Should have the right it's, a fork, if, you disagree and creates, competition, and, there's, nothing bad, about competition. That's great. It's. Just that you know although, all these coins are. Essentially. Free are they're, vying for attention so it's like you. Know do, am I gonna support as a Manero holder, am I gonna support, Mineiro, V. Being. Added to the exchanges. And ledger, adding. It and all that I, mean not. Really, because that, essentially. Those things will. Give it value like you say like the 80 percenters, like if they see it on exchange, they're. Just gonna buy it and, they're, gonna be left holding the bag I mean I guess like I you. Know if they do add it then it gives me a way to sell, it which is good but, it's kind of like a chicken, and egg thing because, do you even want to give it value in, the, first place so I, don't know I mean I think like I'm. A sound money guy and, I think digital scarcity. Is you. Know a huge part of cryptocurrencies, and. It's. Great, that anyone, can create their own money. But. It's also great that you, don't have to accept anyone. Else's money as well so I mean I don't know I'm not going to be the guy that's. Pushing, for all these Forks, to. Be added, to. Compete, with the coins that I own I mean I think if there's like this is not the. Result of, you. Know years, of fighting like even like even, like be cash as much as I hate on it there, was definitely a big community, that has been fighting for years and. That. Was like the reason for the fork, like. Like on cash and Monaro, V and, all. This stuff it's. Almost like a foregone, conclusion like. Every big this is kind of like a thing is like every, big point is gonna be for it you, could have anticipated that. You. Know, it's it's great like they can forward off but I'm just not sure there's like a huge community, that is like you.

Know Had this huge scaling, debate for all these all coins that are like trying. To get, these forts created. So all right talking. About the size. Of the potential, community, is a very interesting point and Christopher. Gilliard over, in the chat he sent $10 in the superjet thank you very much, he says Adam. I saw Rexy. Speak. On Wednesday, night at a San Francisco, developers, meetup takeaways. Overwhelming. Volunteer, support. 25. Be, private, block reward, difficulty. Bomb to enforce, future. Reward schedule, much, interest. Well, thank you for the 10 bucks Christopher, and thank you for pointing, that out these. Be private, people led by Rhett really. Have taken it to a new level in terms of marketing, and building. Up a community before this happens, what. I am concerned about is that many, people are keeping their Z classic, on exchanges. Particularly. Bid, tracks and so. Big. Tricks has now made a statement yet, if, if. They're going to support the fork yet, there are a lot of people out there who think it's just a foregone conclusion that they're going to support the fork I think. That, big tricks is going to play a tremendous, role in, the, future value of this coin, even. If. They do this if so. Hopefully they're gonna split it um. We've. Got four days now or five days until this happens, so we're this is gonna be a very interesting five days I've been saying this is the biggest Bitcoin fork the biggest Bitcoin cryptic dividend since, be gold but, if Noah if no exchange is going to split it if, trance, or legend, a no isn't going to accommodate it then. I guess it really is it so. Hopefully. The. Government I mean it, seems like these guys have built a gigantic community, and they, can't talk about what they're doing because there's all these rules and regulations, they don't wanna get sued so. I'm, a patient I'm a very patient man we got five, days here, so this is this is going to be quite an adventure and quite, interesting to see how it turns out they, have up they have a value proposition, and that is privacy. So. I, mean, that's my update also, on it can. In any any thoughts on Manero video. Be, private or any of this they're gonna or you didn't ask about this stuff to people I. Get. I get asked a different side, of the questions a lot of people come to me for investment, advice and I'm like I don't know why you do that you you do see my youtube channel right you know who I am but. That's from, from, my investment. Personality. My split personality, I do look at it like it, seems, like a Zee classic, pump you know you get 10 to 1 for Y or Z classic or one to one for your Bitcoin so why don't you do one propose it's one the one for both I thought.

Oh. Never, mind it's cheaper, so you can get like ten to one I'm sorry that's what exactly. So it much cheaper to buy a thank, you so it's much cheaper to buy Z classic so you get about like a 10 to 1 for. B, TCP so it's, almost like pumping, Z classic in the sense of why would you buy one, Bitcoin, when you could buy tens of Z classic, and you'll get more of this V TCP. And another. Thing is we already have a private, Bitcoin it's called Bitcoin dark, it's out there it's on the exchange it's listed it's used, you. Know it your money but, you don't know you're right you won't get it for free but you're not you're not it's not just incentivize, for Bitcoin holders which I'm sure kind, of takes you off it takes me off I don't see why it had to be a hybrid of pork, where it kind of to me is is, giving Z classic, too much unloved. Attention, or undeserved, attention, and Bitcoin. Kind of gets pushed in this side because o its price is too high you can't get as many 1 to 1 ratio for your dollar value, and really. People people. Might get burnt trying to trade. On this because the people come to me nor like look I'm buying, a bunch of Z classic, just, because, I'm going to get more B TCP. From, holding more Z classic, for my dollar value, be, careful because if it were to tank overnight, after that fork I think, you'd be better off having that value in Bitcoin so, just be careful trying, to bet on this well, with the Z clapping that's the thing z class will go down in value or poor. I go try double amount but the point is is are the people that are holding you at big tracks they'll, get if. They, if. They split. Them over there the people will get bailed out they'll get their feet they'll get their be private. For the lawsuit in terms of Z classic but if they don't then they're kind of they're a good. Way to light a bit there's, up there's a lot to to look into with this and it's. A developing, situation and, again. It is centralized, the reason I mean the reason they did the combination, was Z classic, is because, ret has, dealt with well he was the creator of Z classic, and so. And it makes it it's unique that it's a double fork this is the first double, Forks I mean it's a gimmick to but, it is centralized, so, in this situation the. People who are holding the Z classic, better. Hope that the the central planners of be, private, you, have everything together, and. If they do it's there it's gonna end up pretty. Good yeah, I mean imagine the people behind the curtain know what's up they could dump their Z classic, before, the non-event. What. But. Today the, well if big trick still, again if. You control your own this this is worth repeating if you control your own Z class of private key you're getting yeah you get them off the exchange because we're. Getting the be private if you're, not guaranteed if you're if you're holding you there bit tricks fit tricks has not said anything yet, so you're guaranteed nothing, yet mm-hmm okay, Maximo. Any thoughts on Forks or anything like that, yeah. First. Read is a Papa, number okay, he, started, in the system. Said cash a team. Then he created see classic then. He, created sang hush then, he started working with Roger beer in the Dayton caste community and, now he, I. Don't know maybe he thought, he was good idea to make another point and um and he created be private. About. Forks guys. Like. It's. Something make money people, is going to keep doing it until the doesn't okay so. Folks make money and, people. Are going to start to be creating, Forks I think, that the next big debate on the victim community is going to be able privacy. A. Year. Ago it was big that because, was to expenses, and people were buying these little. Coins. That were whatnot, where world nothing, then. The, the. Hyphy. Transaction, problem and people surviving, these coins that were cheaper to transact and now, we are going to have. A debate about the big privacy, and that's. Why I did, privacy, coins maybe are, talking. Right now they're creating a fork of an arrow they are creating a fork of C. Class again, and we will see much more force in in the future I, don't.

Have A problem with that is free money I actually. Had a bunch. Of. Classic. Coins. Because, I minded, them a long, time ago when, the fog was created, and I, sold them when when, the, price get to. $120. I'd rather, take that profit that time wait for them to make, this forth and wait, for be tricked to. Lease that in the exchange it's just stupid. And. And dad, guys. If you don't hold your private, keys you don't hold your money. So. Move, your coins, coins, around auto or out. Of an exchange and wait, for Beatrix, to lease be private, and then you sell your coins, but. Don't leave it in there because then, the price of the classics is going to drop us like a rock after. Formerly twenty eight so. Be. Careful with that okay yeah, and yeah. I don't know man, let. This. Force can can, can be if. They make monument, the people is going to still, be doing it and I don't have a problem with that is free money I can use it to buy more Bitcoin, and, then that's great I. Think. Your, point about privacy, being the next big thing yeah, definitely. That's. I mean we obviously see, it going in this direction with. People, forking, privacy, coins but, at the same time I mean the talk in the the. Ecosystem. Is about like hey let's let's, make Bitcoin it let's put a privacy, layer on top of Bitcoin so that, that should be a trend, and. People say the Lightning Network can make it more private, I'm no expert in that, and. That type of thing. What, else okay, we're getting to the end of the show here we've been talking for wow this is this has been great show everybody. How. Matt like button this is a unique, one. All. Of you are rocking, it BTC Joe, give, us your. Conclusionary. Thoughts, and, anything. That we, left out anything you wanted to add. Yeah. Sure I, just, think it's you know regardless, of what you think about, the. Bulevar and petrol. And I experiment and all that I. Think. That, this represents a shift that we're starting to see where all these countries, you know there's gonna be Russian, rouble want I think I saw, Turkey there's like rumors about the, you'ens and, things like that and I. Think, while, you. Know none, of us are really gonna support, these. Currencies. Because they're not, you. Know they're kind of like the antithesis of cryptocurrency. What, it stands for I think, it is a very good thing. In the grand scheme of things because, I. Think, that you know people talk about fight for bitcoins ation, and all, that and I, don't think that can happen overnight, I think this will be like the, transition. Stage is that all, countries. Will. Start these projects. And you. Know then they can compete and in the long run it. Just allows that all the value, to. Flow into Bitcoin, and crypto. And, it'll. Just be sort of like the transition, stage. Okay. Very, good conclusionary. Thoughts there Ken, how, about you you've got to tell us that story about the high school that's a good one all right oh yeah so I came prepared Adam. Hit me up to come on the show so I did some research did my homework and I found a local, story, that, just came out this week, all. Right so I'm from Philadelphia but I live in New Jersey and, local, to me there is a high school called Union. Catholic, there is a 28, year old teacher who goes by the name of Tim brezza, and he's, a business, teacher he just, got a confirmation. From the Board, of Education the. Parents. The teachers the, students, there's an official, cryptocurrency. Blockchain. Core inside, this high school it is the official, first, high school in the United States to have an actual.

Course Designed. To teach high school students, about crypto, currencies, blockchain, technologies. And distributed. Ledger use, cases it's it's, mind-blowing. To see that we saw last year, colleges. Going, this route in universities. And more, and more college, students, going from the traditional, business sector to the cryptocurrency, sector. Where they're trying to learn about this and get ahead of the curve and now, we have this happening in high schools where, something, you know he's the teachers my age and he already had one student, from, last year 2060. Or 17 into 2018. Who. Invested, in crypto currencies, and this, student sold, around. Nineteen, thousand, dollars when Bitcoin Peaks and this. At, the time they were a junior in high school and now a senior, in high school this, guy student, opened his own clothing, line store, with. The funds from Bitcoin to, sell merchandise, to, his peers for, crypto currencies, like seriously, if this isn't the mainstream adoption we, have all been waiting for it's going, to happen with the youth and this, is where I'm seeing it firsthand I'm, gonna try to attend. The high school and see if I can speak with the teacher himself and maybe do an interview and maybe, catch up with one or two of these students, because, these are eighteen seventeen, year old kids who are growing up with this technology you know you hand an iPad to a five year old the five year old doesn't how to use an iPad but by the time they're six they're better at it than the 30 year old parent that handed it to them this is the technology we're handing off to the youth and they're, going to use this in a mindset, that we cannot fathom if you were to hand this technology, to a 30 year old we wouldn't have the same thought process of, utilizing, it as a child this, is where we're gonna see things come out like beyond, crypto, kitties nobody saw that coming you know nobody's going to see the things that these high school kids are going to do with this technology, I'm. Excited, to see that, you know, high. Schools you know people, that are are. You, know the literal foundation. Of our, economy being. Taught this and like. We were talking earlier when. You start to learn about Bitcoin, you, are forced, to learn about Fiat you're forced, to learn about banking, you're forced to learn about money and these, are the things that they don't really teach in high school so it's, going to be an interesting thing to see this, one high school be, the catalyst, for this course and every, other high school is going to want to compete for this attention you're not going to want to be the high school that dropped the ball here you're gonna want to be the part of the high schools that literally found and and, made sure that your students, got the best education possible for, the future and this, is where it's going to be parents are gonna want to send their kids to school to, learn about Fiat, they're gonna want to send their kids to a school that's going to teach them about crypto, so, New Jersey's, got it we're were the first in the, country to offer this to high schoolers so I mean guys get ready for that mainstream, adoption we've, been waiting for all these years, dude.

That's I like the spark of entrepreneurship. That's, in that story yeah. Guys these, kids they put them in motion man it got here there's so many people that grown-ups, to ask me oh how do i do how do i start my own business now we got kids doing it he's. Still in high school by the way so he's still in his senior year with his own business selling clothing lines to, his peers for crypto, currencies, he's already, got the business of the future yeah. That's better that's better than being in school better, than going to college and starting your own business in high school that's that's really that's a great story that's just a great story all right max Maximo, I'm gonna let you uh tie it all up what. Do you what do you want to add here anything that was left out you want to talk about a little bit as well at anything you got to say the, floor is yours man. Well. First thank you for having me on and it really had a fun time here hey, man. This, is just the beginning Laurie, Mason. Adoption, is coming. We're. Going to change the world this is going to be the currency of the future because. We young. People are the future and. We're. Tired of these fiat, currency. Manipulation, and government, and. Bankruptcy. And corruption, and we're going to change that with Bitcoin, and it's. Already happening here - Lola really it's I like. To say that he's already mainstream, everyone, is talking about Bitcoin, everyone. Is buying a might be clean miners so they can. Make, a living here in Venezuela. Bitcoin. Is something, that is changing the economy of my country. So. That that's something that you. Have to be bullish on it and you look at the price the don't be that guy who buys Bitcoin, thinking, that he's going to be rich in two weeks to. Buy Bitcoin, because it will give you the opportunity to be free in the future to. Be free, that's that's, more important than money okay you won't be depending, on a country, you won't be depending on a central. Bank you won't be depending or on your on, the. Bag you use on your city, you. Will have Bitcoin, and you will be able to do with that money whatever the hell you want and you will be completely free that's. That's. The main goal that's why we are here that's, what we're working for so, thank. You all you guys for all the work you do and let's let's keep. Growing. The community and let's take deep into the movement to. The moon great, conclusion I, want, to thank all of my guests for coming on today it, was a rockin. Legendary. International. Show so, everyone, please spread. The word about it by pounding, the like button share this video, i'm. Adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister. Remember. Subscribe to this channel also we do this week a bitcoin every, friday even. When it's saturday morning urine. Did, we lose Adam. Hi. Everyone. We will see you next week it was just tomorrow. Thanks. A lot I'll say hi to chat real quick bye bye every, day. Alright. Good.

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Oh, and it is not a token, it is a mineable coin.......apparently If better executed, this could be the best crypto idea, as it would be like a virtual gold coin with a value by rarity and mining cost as well as a face value ot 1,000 barrels of oil. The idea is such as good idea that if another govt like Brazil or China chooses to launch a more well prepared Petro, it will boom

I can see an upside to this and did a Video on Sunday as a result as I think Doug Polk's dis of Petro was not well thought out. Now, David Hay has also posted a view of potential success where most expect disaster......basically, give them a change but help the people rebuild the economy and solve their own problems; instead of their Bus-Driver/Dictator .

15:20 As much as I like to laugh of Maduro. One *very* relevant fact is missing. _China probably owns that Oil already. Maduro basically pawned Venezuela to China_ ... The Venezuelan gov't is incompetent, China isn't. The Petro isn't out on the market yet... so it makes sense the Petro hasn't been given to those addresses. I believe China bought these Petros through proxy gov't companies, and will become the main miner, owner, and trader of Petros. It's not convenient for China nor Chinese investors to re-negotiate interest rates on their loans publicly for obvious reasons. If China wanted to re activate the Venezuelan economy, it would need to inject a vast sum of money, and recreate what happened in post-WWII Germany's hyperinflation: _They started a completely new currency backed by something they extract from earth, and used it to fuel a truly free market economy, behind their creditor's back because fuck the allies_ :v . It's an interesting way to stabilize and re-activate an economy they own, promote international trade, innovation, raise taxes (through trading fees), and *effectively transfer Money Supply and Fiscal Policy enforcement from Corrupt Incompetent Bolivarian gov't, to Corrupt but Brilliant Chinese gov't* Best case: Venezuela becomes a stable banana republic, and China gets to own their currency. Worst case: Venezuelan government collapses anyways, Venezuela defaults, and the Wold Bank pays Venezuelan Debt to China so long as they step aside while the international community re-builds Venezuela. win-win

i lived in argentina for 25 years ..venezuela will fuck people over..they print bonds and never pay back and steal all the money..latin american countries are completely corrupt,,,the govement is a dictatoreship and this a an exit scam.

I am studying Bitcoin. Is there a way for me to talk to you directly. Or is there a place you can point me to, so I can truly learn. I am also not even a new born yet, as I have no coin of any kind.

Enjoyed the content but couldn’t hear BTC Joe.

Stay away from government cryptos. It goes as expected with Petros... I wonder if Iran and Turkey will be just as amateurish as Venezuella has been.

The people will find a way to exchange the Petro to BTC. Black markets will always exist when needed.

LOL industrial company backed money is called “scrip" it means holding a bag of scraps , in the bible lol


Nothing wrong with a centralized currency, or the system, or anything as long as it is benevolent, cares about the people, has an honest purpose. I think it's a mistake to demonized the idea of centralization. Centralization is not the problem, but corruption, manipulation, dishonesty is. However, the decentralized Blockchain has shown a network, a web space, can be secure for the first time in cyber history.

Then you're going from effect back to cause, like candy attracts a sweet tooth, or The presence of a Bank increases the chance it will be robbed. Where has our self-discipline gone in this world? I'm with you. And because there is such a lack of self discipline, or self constraint, you can also look at this in terms of Stimulus Response. There is the stimulus, and the response is to act greedy, and then the fraud happens. It's too bad, but unfortunately there is some truth to it.

There are a lot of good folks in this world who are honest who run honest businesses, even banks, because I'm willing to bet most banks are not corrupt. We have some local banks in my small community and I have never heard of fraud, or creating accounts without customers knowing about it, and adding on Auto insurance to boot and charging them for it. But unfortunately, greed is also a factor with many people, and in that, we need to address greed or other negative character traits somehow, so they can have the chance to get their personal ethics in or they never will because they blatantly ignore the laws that govern their actions, until they are caught. I don't know, decentralization works for Bitcoin and the Blockchain where there is no central authority, and even in our government, while the president has much authority, power is distributed to other people. Congress, Senate, etc. and even to the people because we vote. On paper, I almost think our government is closer to a decentralized system, as opposed to a dictatorship. This could be a great system. If there was no corruption, Satoshi wouldn't have had to create Bitcoin at all. As far as I'm concerned, Bitcoin is only useful because it's practical to have a cashless system, and a secure system, but other than that, it was meant to cut out corruption and that's too bad we have a society like that.

David Phillips centralization attracts the corrupt.

I think that long term centralization increases the chances that there will be fraud and greed will kick in.

brhodium seems to have fizzled out relative to bprivate. thoughts.

Be patient, it is not on any exchanges yet

owe my soul to the company store

Great swow Adam!

Thanks for having me on the show bro bro ✊

Viri Sotelo I went over to 'PureBlockchainWealth' downloaded the report. Reading it now. Looks insane.

Josiah Ibarra Did you see that DMG's management is Ex-BitFury people and they guy who brought BTC to Japan. They will be a major company. I am a 'Wealth Research Group' subscriber and they covered this new company this week as well. I think it's Lior's top pick.

Joshua Reotutar I took a large position at CAD$0.90. It's already CAD$1.50. They have a complete report over at PureBlockchainWealth. Com/Chain

Kenn Bosak dude, you really do epic shows over there. In your newsletter this week, I saw Brad Robbins covering DMG Blockchain Solutions. It's up 90% in one week and I wanted to read more about it. Where can I find more info?

Kenn, FYI, Love your work on PureBlockchainWealth. Com

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you were great!

The Petro makes Bcash look good. Wow!

The name should be BPetro.

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