This week in Bitcoin- 12-22-2017- Wild BTC correction, Bcash pump, Coinbase, Ripple, Strong hand!

This week in Bitcoin- 12-22-2017- Wild BTC correction, Bcash pump, Coinbase, Ripple, Strong hand!

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt, meister. Welcome. To. This, week. In. Bitcoin. What a week it was today. Is, December. The. 22nd. 2017. Strong. Hand. Oh yeah. That's. And. I know a lot of you had strong hands I hope no one had a weekend, we're gonna discuss, this it was such a big week we. Were at almost, 20 thousands, of beginning. We almost hit 10,000. Yesterday, what, a wild ride it's predictable, though this is Bitcoin every, week is bigger than the next but we needed four men on the panel. For. Real strong, American, men to, take off this week so. We got rocky out there in California we got Corey out in Colorado. We. Got Daniel, and I think you're in New York now and, Shane. Is in. Washington. State and I'm. Just this week I am in Tucson. Arizona but. I wanted to introduce everybody to Corey he is like the behind-the-scenes, world. Crypto, Network. Dude he, does the podcast. Stuff so, you're getting some special insight he's making, his debut though, here on the panel the other three guys you're familiar with but he is awesome so, since he's the newbie of the group I'm gonna, send. The first question, over to him and, that, is what, did you do these. Last few days what did you think about these last few days when, there were people panicking, and screaming about. Bitcoin, it's the end of the world the price is dropping did, you have a strong hand what. Do you think is behind all this in what, do you think the future is for Bitcoin. Thank. You welcome. Honestly. I didn't really even notice much of anything going on this week because and if, you've been in Bitcoin for a while these things come and they go, pumps happened dumps happen and after a while you. Don't really even notice anymore this one was kind of significant, but only because the price of Bitcoin had gotten so high so, to pull back to 13, to 15 words been bouncing today, you, know to me that's just par for the course and. No. You know you don't sell Bitcoin ever you. Hold it forever that's how it goes so, that's. Pretty much what I did I had a bunch of people calling me panicking, freaking out wondering what's going on and I'm like what do you mean what's going on and I had to explain to so many people that this, happens and, you. Want this to happen because, you want the pullback you want to be able to take up more Bitcoin at a low price and, that's. Pretty much it, bitcoins gonna continue to do this I'm really looking forward to $100,000, Bitcoin when the swings are 10 and 20,000, day. Traders like me will, make, it pretty penny when that happens while the rest of the world is freaking out so, no it was not a big deal to me whatsoever. Yes. I'm. Glad you had, a strong hand this week I can't see why people, this, is going to be the biggest transfer. Of wealth like. In the history of modern. Math. People. Are gonna get really, wealthy from. Holding their Bitcoin why would someone get. Rid of that opportunity. This. Week just, because of one drop when there have been four. Or five similar, drops. Percentage-wise. This, very year. Just like this I mean it's it's as if 80 percent of people out there or newbies, know. That they probably are all right so. Dang what do you think about all this stuff. Well. I mean at this point I'm pretty just immune to it I'm a hundred, percent in altcoins right now which seems to be uh you. Know beginning, of trend, cycles and you, know, it's funny it's uh you know I had dinner with um lunch. With family earlier and they're like oh you know but you lost a bunch of money today didn't, ya Anna you, know I was like well you know it is down a little bit but it's not, profit. Or loss until, you sell and that's not something you know that I'd like our other panelists. Said you it's not something that I plan on doing not. Something that's necessary, when you consider. The, Bitcoin bubble I mean what are we a 600, billion cap. Total. Or something like that for all cryptocurrency, based assets, and. We have a global phenomenon, and we have, banking issues and inflation, issues across the entire world and. Then you you know you compare it to the dot-com bubble which had trillions, of dollars in cap and was. A domestic phenomenon. It's. Just, unfathomable, to. At. Least completely, cash out right, now when, there's so much potential upside left, and it's silly, to be, a talk caller or, even try. To speculate on where this may go because it really the sky is the limit.

Well. Thank, you for your opinion Daniel, and I want to say to everyone. Everyone's. Links, are below, all these guys you can learn more about them they're pertinent, links are below, along, with links, to get discounts, for your trade or at, crypto. Hwy low calm, and, the. Link to the podcasts that you might be listening to right now the world crypto network podcasts, all sorts of other awesome. Links. So. What's. Going on in laid-back California. Rocky. Where. Did you did you have a strong hand were. People saying, is this the end of the world what do you think about what, do you think about all this, well. First I'd like to say pound, that like button. Yeah. I did have a strong hand I did, get a few phone calls from, people a. Little bit worried you know I, had. To hold their hand a bit but. You know you, have to remind people that when. Everything's good, everybody. Talks about buying the dip and now. Here's this beautiful dip, to pie and. Everyone. Seems to forget that buy the dip thing um this. Was an opportunity, to add to, your bitcoins, - that's how I saw this. Yeah. Yeah it is a very positive outlook and you know you do have all these big talkers, out there they're like well it's too expensive if, it ever drops I'll buy it well, now here's your chance people are you a doer or are. You a talker, hey, and speaking about I want. There's something I forgot to say about about, Daniel, there. If you're a veteran watcher, of this show there. Was a time when I said there, is a guy out there who's been on this show he is like the best. Salesman. In the freaking crypto, fancy space one, of these crypto. Dividends. Should, hire the dude especially. One of these Chinese, ones and you know they can't speak a word of English very well they. Should hire a great, salesman, and I didn't say who it was well now you. Know they should hire you man one of these be diamond, if you guys are listening get. In touch with it now I don't know if Daniels gonna want to do something like this but he is, he. Is where the greatest salesman, in. The, cryptocurrency space, people loved, you when you were talking deke rent that one actually had a mama I've actually been hard somewhere, it's. Enough, coming I see oh it's, a friend, of mine mr.. Ron again and. It's it's, different it's I'm really passionate about exercise, and health and. It's called jolt and, it's, going to reward users for. Exercising. Essentially. And then we're gonna have partnerships with hardware. Manufacturers. You. Know to where when you exercise it will actually block your exercise and that'll, be how you mind the, group of currency and you know there will be a whole interactive ecosystem, but, you know it's still really in the early phases but it's it's gonna be really cool and I'm excited about it just because I'm passionate about fitness. And you know being in shape and stuff, what. Did I say people always be, closing. He's, all. I. Don't know that was gonna happen I held. That like button for unexpected. Always be. Closing. ABC. Okay. Hi I'm, those salesmen shame. First of all Shane actually, I think he thinks it's really, awesomely, cool if people, are gonna be able to exercise, one day and make, cryptocurrency, off of exercising.

The Shade, is into that type of you. Know just doing everyday things earning. Cryptocurrency, he's that he's a big dude on steam it and he, will talk about that in a second but Shane. Did. You you, have, to live in real life man you got a kid a wife you, got your jobs, or a change and you're going back to school, there. Were times when you, could not have a strong hand now. What, did you think about this situation, but. At the same time tell us your real life experience, about. When the pressure comes. When you do sometimes, feel the pressure to you, know cash out well. First of all what is up Adam it's been a while it's good to see you it's good to be on the show again huh, Shane come. On out coming through wait. Yeah. Does everybody who, pause there, does. Anyone can. You hear me every way I could hear you I'm not seeing. Then. Who paused Shane what. Okay. Well, I'm kind, of like the others I saw, the dip happen it didn't really this. Is normal you know I mean I if somebody, gets into Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, in general and not expecting. Volatility. If you were surprised by this then you need to do a little more research probably and look. Into what all this stuff is about but. Yeah, in terms of actually. Living in real life you, know I'm not I. Do. That you know I'm trying. My own thing and I have used. Steam it and I have, actually not bought. A Bitcoin. Since, it was under five hundred dollars a few. Years ago I've actually earned all of my Bitcoin through doing, different. Kinds of work, for, people or mostly. Through steam it as well so. In. That, case yeah it's cryptocurrency. Actually, helped me pay for school it, helped to support, myself and my family when I was going through school and, you. Know that's kind of the real world area I know a lot of people want to hold and obviously I want to hold too but there. Does come a time where this cryptocurrency, rubber, meets the road and it has an actual use case it has a value in the real world and for me that. Translated, into months. Of of, supporting. Myself. And my family and getting. An education learning, how to coach so I'm. Very, appreciative, of cryptocurrency. Very, appreciative, Bitcoin, and I really, look forward to these these. New technologies, that are coming out that are using, user. Based or user generated, tokens. Such. As like exercising. And mining, and cryptocurrency that kind of stuff is that's where I see the future of, cryptocurrency. Really, going in terms of just alt coins or perhaps sidechain. Type projects, with, Bitcoin. Acting like the central bank of sorts for crypto, that is the, trust value system, for everybody else. Well-said. Will say and you know what you. You. Had to use the crypto because you had to get through school but you are, gonna be a much, sought, after person. What. When you've got your whole new skill set going I mean. That. That type of thing that you're trying to be that people want me there. In much much demand right Oh totally that's just a major that's the push in the tech industry right, now I mean people who work in blockchain they. Get paid, more on average than other, people I mean it's they're, looking, for people it's the major hiring, area in technology, right now as blockchain, technology. So anybody who's getting into coding I really do recommend it not, just because it's my own personal passion, but because that's, where you're gonna see the most growth for yourself and it's a super exciting area.

To Be working in. Yes. And ask to be paid a Bitcoin if you yeah so, yeah but seriously Lord learn, to code but, the it is people. They, are so they're. Sought-after now okay, totally. And. It's. Yeah, you don't have to go to college for gaming you can learn it on your own you can learn it through how. You write. There, what's code fellas yeah. I learned, there. You go people this is not about paying. Sixty, thousand dollars a year to go to University. Of Arizona, down the street there to, party, your butt. Off with. The hot supposedly. There's some hot ladies down there I'm gonna go check it out tomorrow, they're all on vacation now but I you know I heard, they were like ranked some of the hottest ladies I mean if you care about those kind of things remember value. Your, wealth in. Bitcoin. Not in high Arizona. University, Arizona, women but I am curious to see the scrolling down down sweetie. Doing. My rough anyway. No. We don't we want to stay on topic here town. That like bunny if you like when I stay on topic, all right so real quick everybody what do you what its it's 13,000, right now I don't care about the price that much yeah. What. Do you guys think the price is going to be at, the start of 2018, on New Year's when, the when the ball drops rocky what do you think oh that's. A tough one after the past few days here. Hmmm, I have to say higher I, think. It's gonna be higher that's a good answer you, have to give specific numbers cool Cory it's. Gonna be higher but. Not much I think there's a lot of confusion in the space, right now for new people entering, so. You never know what effect that might have on the, short-term price but I don't see anything higher than really 1516. For. Probably the next month or so, all. Right Daniel, I, would. Agree with Cory. That's, your name. That's. A pretty good perspective in my opinion but, you've got people sawing, off for Christmas gifts people, showing off for tax season, by. The way pay your taxes because you were gonna be in big trouble if you tell them this year they're. Really coming after people. But. Yeah it's a it's, it's not gonna it's not gonna probably make a new a th before the, end of New Year's and you know what we're what. A really good indication of that to me is you, see so many bullish trends starting in altcoins right. Now and. The. Last time that happened you know we kind of saw a, sideways. Or consolidation, phase for Bitcoin before it just went absolutely crazy, so, in trading, there's something new we call a fractal. Which, is kind of a repetition of a previous. Pattern that, has occurred and that's, kind of what I see going on right now is this sideways, consolidation you, know altcoins, will go up don't. Be greedy don't be a bad odor or a community member you want to dump on everyone at the table when everyone's excited, hold. Of Bitcoin and 2018. Should be a wonderful year for you all. Right good good prediction. For 2018 wonderful. Year ahead perhaps, all right Shane before. You say, what you think the price prediction is you, can only show many times didn't you give a light coin price predict prediction, once what was that price prediction you had for litecoin, a long time, ago yeah I said $1,000, by the end of the year I was kind of joking I didn't expect, it was gonna get even, anywhere as close as it did but, yeah dude that.

Is Like. Basically. You predicted, it I mean it, was. Like. Two three dollars. So. Obviously. Shane, is the web bot you. Should all worship, Him Langly and pay him lots and lots of money and call him web bot because. He predicts the future he also says, aliens, are going to land in Israel like the web bot does you. Know he's just as reliable as the web BOTS as all. You people who Bly 80 percenters, who follow that so fuck you 80 percenters, follow only listen to Shane for that not for that reason not because he's a real t because he is a really super smart guy but don't listen to him because that listen too busy made a crazy prediction, and it sorta got right because. You know a thousand. Is kinda, like four hundred there zeros there, you know you just got to interpret, the magic 8-balls, prediction, a certain way alright so Shane what do you think. What. Do you what. Do you what do you see for Bitcoin on New Year's Day is gonna be high or lower any any specific, numbers anything um, I see it sticking around about what it is now it, could be a little bit higher but like other people who said there's a lot of new people, jumping. In on this who don't. Know what. They're jumping in on they just they hear about it I mean the amount of people I've heard just in my daily life we were talking about Bitcoin, and not, just Bitcoin but all sorts of other altcoins. To people who just wouldn't, even know a Bitcoin was a year ago all, of a sudden no a light coin is what ripple is what. Dogecoin, is you know these all, of a sudden it's just all out, there and everybody's, talking about it so I think you're gonna see a lot of people who are not prepared for volatility, even, though they've been warned for years and years and they, can see the trends, they, were not ready they bought high and then they're seeing the price go down and they're gonna freak out which is probably good for the market overall. Wow. Clearly, you. Are the web bot and, people. Need to pay you fifty, dollars for your newsletter, feel. That will be filled with complete nonsense and, number is that anyone. Can interpret, you are the web bot pound. That like button, ie is, really the red box because he's a Washington, state with, that crazy guy who says, he's the web buyer you're. Both in Washington State I mean obviously you're really him aliens, took over his body and transferred, him to you because that's the kind of stuff that you get when you believe, in the web bot you know aliens turning. In those shape-shifting, into Shane and stuff like that, no. Shade is awesome, but the web part yeah you know and, if you're a newbie I'm, gonna comment on that second, please do it really need more people to call out scammers. Like cliff high and their web BOTS because that's Justin risk and me BS. And. It's. So many people flooding, to content. Like that it's it's really. You. Know it's it's people love doom stories, they love doom, stories, this channel is not about to doom baby this is about real life positive, and sometimes the real life can be kind of its. It. Could be scary when the price drops like that okay but no one can predict, it no one has a magic, 8-ball if you, if you say ambiguous, numbers if you say ate ate ate ate Shore it's gonna it's gonna go by 1888, once, and you'll be right yeah sure so. While we're on the opinion, well while we're talking about. Madness. Here let's let's bring up be cash because, be, cash had. A wild. Pump, and king. Of the trolls was on the TV and everything. Seemed to go right for me cash as if it was all coordinated. I mean, it's just it's just amazing and, how, they say but we, saw, in November we saw in December it will happen again probably, but. Rocky you've got some app it you've got some thoughts on be cash here so, I'm gonna let you take it because you want to speak about being cash and people, want to hear about be cash so rocky, what's going on with P -. Well. It's. Not a very good chain in my opinion. There's. So many things about it that are bad it's, hard to know, where to start but, let's. Start with developers. You. Know they have a handful of developers, five or six what. A lot of people call berated developers, Bitcoin. Has a hundred, and twenty of the best developers. And. Then there's a hash rate let. Me share, a screen with you and I, can show, you what I'm talking about. There. We go so here is a website that's showing the recent hash rate, I, just. Refresh. Your screen right before we went live this. Is for dot lol and, if. You go to the end here, so Bitcoin has fifteen, point four to, seven. EXA, hashes, and, b, cash has 1.6 1 X. Hashes, so that's. A big difference of course hash rate gives the chain a lot of.

Security. So. Then there's nodes nodes. Are very important, that actually runs the code, when. You look at Bitcoin it's got about nine thousand, nodes active nodes out there right now and. B. Cache has 1,200 so there's a big difference there. And. Then. There's the scaling, issue you know their, claim to fame is how fast, and cheap they are and that's. What. They really have there is a very. Short-term, solution, to a long-term problem. I, had. A whole presentation. That. I could have given you that went into much more detail but I'll try to just go, through it quick here to. Get worldwide mass adoption. You're. Going to need about a hundred thousand, transactions, per second if you're gonna compete. With the bank's with Visa card MasterCard. All, these transactions, worldwide, you're gonna have to have at least a, hundred, thousand transactions, per second just to start off with. So. Bitcoin right now has a 1 Meg block size plus segment which gives it about to if if. Everybody's. Using this. Sync. With transactions, and you can't do that now because not all day wallets habit that option yet but that's all coming so. Right now with a 1 Meg it's, most. Blocks are a little bit over 1 Meg right now they're about one. Point zero five, to one point one most of them. But. Um with. About a one Meg block size you've got about a three transactions. Per second limit and a, node would have to add if, all the blocks are full no would have to add a new one terabyte hard drive every 19 years. So. With when segue gets going full speed it's going to have about a 2 Meg block size with. So, that's going to give us about 3 Trent 6 transactions, per second about 3 extra and you and if all the blocks are near full you'd have to add a new terabyte hard drive once, every nine point five years now. When. They when, segment really gets going and they add the Schnoor signatures, which kind of compress, the signature, data it's. Going to be three, 23.8. Meg locks eyes we're just going to give us about twelve transactions, per second and if. The blocks are mostly full you'd have to add a one terabyte hard drive every. Four. Point seven five years but, that's. They would now what. That's. You, know Bitcoin the way it is now with say.

Quit Running, full speed and the. Sourcing. Is your update now, what we. Cash did was they just got rid of say what the best update to Bitcoin since Bitcoin started, they just, ripped that out and just gave it an eight make block size which does start. To, possibly. Increase, the orphan rate which is bad and that's. Just going to add another twelve. Transactions. Per second and if, these blocks are mostly full which they're not because nobody's using that chain but, if they were you'd have to add another one terabyte, hard drive, every. Two. Point three seven. Years, but you're still nowhere near that, hundred, thousand, transaction, per second goal so. Now if you keep going, down my list here I'm going to speed through this we don't want to go through all this would, take too long so now. With. These. Block sides these, block sizes here you could see it's, going to really start having a major issue with orphan, rate which is really bad you're. Gonna have to add a one terabyte hard drive to your node every thirteen, point six days, when. You get to a 512. Megabyte, block, size. But. You're still only at 1,500. Transactions. Per second nowhere near what, you need for worldwide adoption. So. Let. Me go down a few more here, when. It starts to get close here um you've. Got ninety-eight thousand transactions, per second so that's real close to your goal but, you. Have a 32, gig block size that's going to take one point four hours to download for a node to download this then, that node has to propagate that, block to four. Or five other nodes so that's about seven hours processing, time for a, block that comes in every ten minutes does. Anyone see a problem here um and. You're gonna have to add a one terabyte hard drive every five hours if these, blocks are anywhere near full, so, this is just you know it's completely not, do. This, is no way to scale so, let's go fast it's, not sustainable but, can't, they just fork, off and change all this stuff though I mean. Is it. Is that is that what's gonna happen here. You. Mean be cash working, again yeah, exactly that could do they can do whatever they want but with a handful. Of d-rated. Developers, are you gonna trust your hard-earned money to score your value on that chain nothing. Well, you know that that's a great that's your point yeah I mean exactly.

They're. Gonna fork it yet but you keep going keep going yeah yeah they came up with the great idea the EDA right that was another, short-term solution, to a long-term problem that really just created a bunch of inflation, and is going to get them to the next having much sooner than Bitcoin which, is going to cause a new host, of a bunch of problems there I could go into much more detail that if you want to but again time. Restraints but, so, here's the summary of what you, know to get to the goal here with be. Cash just by you know doubling, the block size now, a seg wit the thing about seglet is is it fixed the malleability issue, which, allows you to do or. Makes it much easier at least to do the side chains and second layer solutions, and the first side, chain we're going to get is called RSK which, will start off giving us about 400 transactions, per second and have a 10 second. Confirmation time, and then, about a year after it starts its going to increase. That transactions. Per second at 400, to about 2000. And it, also adds, aetherium, like contracts, and. Then, the first second layer solution, would be the Lightning Network which hat which is able to do about a hundred thousand, transactions, per second with instant, confirmations. So there's with. Just those two just, the first side chain not all the side chains that are coming and the, first second layer solution, not all the second layer solutions coming with just these two additions. To be a coin because of sake but we're, we're, beyond. The. Initial, goal of worldwide. Mass. Adoption with. A cryptocurrency, at, a hundred thousand transactions, per second really more about, a hundred, and two. Thousand, transactions, per second i. But. I want to clarify one thing here. Say. Would you believe. Right. Now with let's, go into a Bitcoin but you're messing said what people. Are complaining about the Bitcoin not the, fees that everyone's paying but. If everyone did adopts eggwin we wouldn't have this problem saying, what is the solution to, the problem, that people are yelling about correct knocking. Yes. It's a solution but it's not so immediate. As just, doubling the block size now doubling, the block size like, be. Cash did everyone. On that chain has to update all at once that's what you call a hard fork now, segment, was a soft fork it's backwards compatible. So not everyone, had to update so, all the wallets and stuff that don't support Segway, yet those.

Wallets Still work if segment, was a hard fork and those wallets didn't update they, simply, would not work that's. Kind of the beauty of a software because you don't have to comply. Right away but, you know hopefully everyone's, going to comply you know very soon and we'll see the full effects of you. Know the people have. Been real quick the thing that's been frustrating me the most is that the people who've been getting on. CNBC. And on TV saying that bitcoin is slow and expensive or the people who are causing it to be slow and expensive if. Companies. Like coinbase, would. Implement, segments, we wouldn't have these high fees I wouldn't, be waiting 20, hours on a Bitcoin, confirmation. So. These people are basically they're. Lying to you when they're telling you that Bitcoin is slow and expensive because it's not the solution is in place they're just refusing. To, move forward because they're more interested in lining their pockets with fiat than, they are in in. Helping the Bitcoin, ecosystem grow, and that's, that's, the thing that just kills me kills, me yes yes and I could add to that another thing because, when cigarette was implemented, it said, wouldn't then allows, you to have up to four Meg block size now. Roger, who's, been screaming, about larger blocks for, the better part of the past two years right, or if not more now. He's. Been screaming for larger blocks but as soon as cigarette activated. He could have been mining larger blocks and he refused, to mine larger. Blocks for about four months then, he started. To sometimes, mine, larger blocks but you know he never was very committed to it and just. Very, recently. Looks, like he stopped mining Bitcoin altogether which. Is good and, but. You know it would have been nice to see the the main person who was for larger, blocks start, mining block larger blocks immediately. And you know that just didn't happen because. They don't care a blob size they really don't do they I mean this was about control of the Bitcoin protocol they don't care about block size they care about making money and they care about hijacking, control from. What they perceive as an organization, which isn't an organization, the Bitcoin, core is a process, it's not a group so, basically, when you listen to Roger veer and all, these guys talk about big blocks they're they're, just straight lying to you the block size debate is not about block size it's about control, and that's what, most people seem to have fail to recognize the still, at this point yeah, I still think it's about a sick, boost if, you look quite a few months I think was the first or second time I was on atom show I did a complete.

Very. Thorough, presentation. On what a sick boost is and how it was affecting the, situation, and that's. Why when, segue, to X came out that proposal, I'm like this thing's never gonna fly they. Don't want this it has segments in it and that breaks their ASIC boost and sure. Enough before, it launched it was canceled by a handful, of people why six people signing a paper that. Project, was cancelled. Updates. And bug, fixes and things don't get implemented, or canceled. By a handful of people signing something no it's consensus. In Bitcoin you, gotta have consensus, to make changes like that but. That just shows how centralized. That chain is and you, know that. That's just a very bad thing. And. That's another thing it's not what you do is how you do it and there's a very specific way that Bitcoin is. Upgraded. And, it. Seems as though people who want a fork Bitcoin or make these block, size changes they just don't want to play by the rules of, the system they just want to create their own rules and that's. Just not how the system operates, they'll, never succeed, trying. To, fork. Away or. Take. A course of action that can be perceived by us as hostile well, there they are freedom, Oh. Oh. Looks. Like everyone's live but Adam. Yeah. I think we lost him. Daddy's. Gone everybody behave yourselves. I'm. Gonna make a comment here in general on these. Bitcoin forks I despise. These Bitcoin forks and Adam. While I love you to death I really, I do, not really like this crypto dividend. Concept. That you've been promoting, basically. The way I see it is everyone. Who's been forking Bitcoin is doing a huge pre mine be, cash is the biggest pre-plan of any coin that's ever been they just photocopied, Bitcoin and said we got 16 million of them these. Guys pre, mine for their own self, gain and. Then they basically would think you take your crypto dividend, and you sell it that's bribe money they're, saying hey forget. The fact that we mined a bunch of coins for ourselves that we really don't care about that we're gonna dump for Bitcoin here's, some crypto dividend for you so, you look the other way I made. A big mistake by. Selling, my be, cash right, away as soon as I could, in hindsight I shouldn't. Have done that I should have held it forever every. Single one of these crypto, dividends, is gonna die with me because when as soon as you sell it you're contributing, to the circulating. Supply and you're, taking bribe money so I'll never cash out one of these crypto dividends ever again because to me it's uh. It's. Not ethical if you, support, right. Now here, we go and like clams, for instance you, know. That's. A fork of the code right they didn't fork that sure right, so.

It. Was an airdrop to existing Bitcoin holders. Air, drops. In general I have another problem with but for other, reasons we can talk about another time but, if. You come out and call your coin bit coin x or Bitcoin Y and. You create a, sort. Of crypto dividend. You're, you're why, didn't you do it the right way why didn't you gain community support, why didn't you launch a Genesis block and call it something else and then try, to win on the merits not, the name it's. Kind of guys, can. You hear me am i. Right. This. Is the Arizona. You're, second I go away Corey starts talk about crypto dividends Manik even. It's. Free money no complaint we got off on a side topic there um. Okay, so rocky I was, about to ask you um. Conclusionary. Remarks, about be cash and then everybody else chiming, about be -. Well. Um I don't like be cash very much I sold mine right away I traded in for Bitcoin I'm sorry, Corey, but, you. Know I just saw I. Don't. Particularly like all these Forks I get that I think it. Fusion. To the space I'd, much rather be, without them but. If you're gonna drop this. Currency. In my lap I'm gonna turn it into a Bitcoin I mean it's the same thing if you walked, into this room just dumped. A bunch of euros, in my lap I'd convert, that into a Bitcoin or any. Other currency. Any. Time I want to store value, I'm gonna, store it in Bitcoin. All. Right now specifically, about being cash does anyone. Have. Anything to. Comment about the be cash puppets, obviously, it is very centralized. When, they can just change. So, fast when when someone says well we're gonna we're gonna have a hard fork and they all hard fork they all follow does. That anyone have any, opinions, on the B cash. It's. Junk. It. Did look like there were some coordinated, efforts, out there to pump, to. Be cash while, you. Know dump the. Bitcoin they. Did it at a particular time. You know after pumping. Up the difficulty. On Bitcoin and, then there was a difficulty. Change and then trying to pull, miners off a Bitcoin, to make the track, to.

Make The block. Times longer and. There. Was definitely a effort, to spam. The. Bitcoin. Man poll so. Yeah, it looked like a coordinated, attack but, that's. Okay bitcoins learning how to deal with all this because it's, it's better that Bitcoin works all this stuff out now before. It really does, a worldwide. Mass, adopted, currency. Alright. There's. Always a coordinated, spam attack on the mem pool when. Be cash pumps, coincidence. I don't, think so yeah, there's no way it's, not a coincidence I. Have. A question for you. What. We're talking big ash now just appeared on coin base in it it. Created quite a ruckus and there's, a lot of controversy with coinbase now insider, trading they're being acute all sorts of things what's. Your experience with coinbase you've got it you've got a coin based story to tell. Oh yeah, actually you know I've spoken about this at length on Twitter if any you guys follow me at. Crypto, Messiah but, you know I've actually used coin dates for a long time without issue, you. Know all my friends use Jim and I and they've been begging me to switch over but. You know I'm uh I'm stubborn so you know I was like you know Columbus has it caused me any trouble I'll just stay, there until I have issues I will. You, know I've made several wire. Transfers to my bank account, from. Selling Bitcoin you. Know I sell all the way up and. Still, have warrants so don't hate bills. Need to be paid and this is my job but, you. Know I'm a day where, I know, you know just a general wire transfer to my bank and, it. Never showed up and I spoke with the wire department at my bank, and they, never saw, the wire and you, know I requested, a wire receipt from coinbase to prove that the wire transfer, was actually, you know made from their part because they deducted, thousands. Of dollars from my coin, based account when the wire transfer was made, no. This was on November the 27th, and. After. 20 days of having a support ticket up and requesting a wire receipt and asking where my money was they, closed my ticket. And. Sent. Me just. A generic email that was totally unrelated to the issue I was having and. I've reopened. My ticket now so, I. I. Don't, think coinbase is sketchy, I mean I'm not a conspiracy theorist, you, know I'm sure they have their ducks in order. But. With that being said I mean the the. Growth this space is seeing right now is putting a huge load and, the infrastructure, you know on the exchanges. And. You, know the chain itself. At. This point in time and. I'm sure I'll get my money, at some point but my, user experience, at coin based has just been absolutely. Atrocious. And, you. Know I've been encrypt over for almost five years now and I've never been treated. Like, that anywhere, I am so for. Now I'd recommend staying away I mean there's it's, not the only option there's better options, I don't. Think that if you have your money there it's just gonna disappear, I mean that's one of the most regulated. Bitcoin. Exchanges, probably, and in, the in the United States you, know and that's just something and I'm. Pretty sure they are probably. Includes with the government more than any. Other exchange in. The states but. You know just if, if you do have issues at coinbase don't. Expect them to be resolved, any time soon it really has been a nightmare and you know I needed that money and I don't, have it there. You go. There's. A real life story there everyone. Pound. That like button because I haven't said that outline, in a couple minutes but but seriously uh the, there, are there problems at coin base right now they are not implementing, segments they're a bunch, of theories involved, while they're not why they're not that, they've got a bunch of Bitcoin.

That They can't access because, they stored it in a way where. If they tried to move it the, transaction, fee would be higher than. The. Value, of the Bitcoin which is it's not a good situation, does. Anyone else have anything else to say about coinbase real, quick. Anyone. Anyway I had a couple people try, to I had a couple of people try to buy bitcoins. On base, with a new account this week and all of them were shut down put, on week-long delays or given a limit of like 300, bucks so, getting, Bitcoin, for new people is difficult. Well. I mean do any of you have opinions on how they just, well. First of all they didn't give people their be cash right away now. All of a sudden they're. Sout, they're they, were selling, be cash does, anyone. Think that's, odd. Or, interesting. Or have an opinion on that. Shane, you been smoking for a while anything. It. Seems weird. All. Of a sudden there is a there's, a Bitcoin, cache and it was in green and it was top of the charts on coinbase. And, I I. Got a screenshot of it when it shot up to apparently. 8,500. And. Posted. About that on Steam and I was thinking man. What the what, the hell is going on here like this this is extremely. Strange and it's gonna cause a lot of chaos in, the, broader market, and, I, mean that's what we're seeing now I'm. Thinking that combined with the future stuff, has. Got people really, confused. Yeah. Good, good point you did and there are a lot of people I do instill Twitter with all of a sudden Leo B cash is the biggest thing and then a few hours later they're like oh it's not worth as much as it which, is hat I mean a lot, of newbies got confused, to say the very least but. Apparently, clone, based is really getting into this all coin thing. It, might be a way to help. I'm. Not gonna use the word bailed them out but it increased revenue and. So, ripple, all of a sudden started the pump on these. Rumors, that, it is the next one that we listed now ripple is like a centralized, cryptocurrency, I mean this is going to the dark side here, do, have you guys heard anything about ripple, being listed on coin B's do you any of you have an opinion on what, coin, base is gonna list next time around on it what's, the next one gonna be is it gonna be ripple are people, gonna get catch the. Rumor beforehand, and do some insider trading. It's. Probably going to be rippled and at. A dollar twelve or whatever it is now anybody who buys ripple now is gonna get wrecked, for. Real that, is not going to continue to go up it's about a twenty five billion dollar market cap or more it's, a joke there's, no way it's sustainable and it's gonna pull back just like everything else and, that's. My opinion on ripple Daniel. Do you think that the Koreans, can sustain the price of ripple or will it drop. Yes. I think that price can be sustained and not only sustained, but. Put it levels that are gonna make people even more uncomfortable and. People, are going to get rights but people are going to get wrapped on real coin you know it's it's. Just how it works. You. Know there's nothing wrong with riding the waves. But. You know the, reality is you know being here at almost five years and, and. Thinking so many things for the next Bitcoin, I mean earth coin was the next Bitcoin. You. Know and black. Coin was the next Bitcoin, and I, mean. Every dode dogecoin, was the next Bitcoin you know because it was so much more, appealable. To the masses you know was the argument um nothing's. The next Bitcoin and altcoins, exists, to get more Bitcoin generally. I mean there are some exceptions I think the. Blockchain is a service, industry. Has. Some exceptions, one. Of my favorites Artur, it's. Kind. Of tackling. Scalability. Issues that. Currently applied to aetherium and. You'll. See some big tabs emerge from that space. Risk. You know kind of platforms, so. To speak but, every. The reality is you know the Bitcoin can do or, will be able to do just. About everything that these altcoins are doing and if. You're all coin feature can be ported to Bitcoin, which. Has a much, larger exposure, which. Has a much. Better brand recognition, which has staying power which has liquidity. Why. Would you expose. Yourself to an. Altcoin long, term it doesn't make sense so you. Know you you generally, just want to buy by, the blood you know buy buy people's tears. And. Just, hold and you, know with these off coins right now and like we were talking about earlier while, Bitcoin consolidates, all, you have to do is is wait, until you go to coin market cap you know like in a day like today everything's.

Totally Read across the board you. Come in and you buy and then, you just walk away you, know people ask me how many trades I make a month you know I tell them three. Maybe four. Maybe. Ten if it's a crazy month but, this shouldn't be something that's stressful if you're doing it right and it's it shouldn't be something that's hard if, you're doing it right um so. Shoot you know we. Need to look at things like ripple, um yeah. It's it's, tougher, I can't cuss it's it's garbage I. Have, been known to use a filthy word or two. It. Is garbage. You know nobody likes it because it stands it's, completely, against all the principles of cryptocurrency that we all love right you. Centralized control. Maybe. NIT honestly, everything about it but but. That being said I mean there, is a place for ripple to exist now, the real question is you know while the token may have utility, is, the token have value, as, well and that's something I feel like um you, know when dis bubble does burst it's going to be a harsh reality for a lot of people because you. Know the block changes is amazing, and all, of this technology is amazing but do the tokens you know can, they can exist forever but do they have this absurd. Value that's something you know we'll find out. I've. Won that real quick. Der, Shope just, sent five dollars. Over. The super chat and he has a question for rocky actually. Can, rocky post, that presentation, somewhere. Can, you can you post that somewhere I was going to ask you that same question rocky that. Up for that presentation that you uh that. You went to there for a second I, think. I did I think, I actually did that on another. YouTube. Channel a. Few, months ago I will look that up and get that to you and you can put it in the show notes. Okay. So a bit you it's, a it's a PowerPoint, presentation isn't, it so, I mean maybe no. It's. Not okay I didn't know what I did I did look like okay so it you did it all on someone else's show we can link to that show basically dad. Okay, listen I think that all answered, to shopes. Needs. Because, yeah I was interested in in the entire thing but you know we're limited for. Time here all. Right let's uh we. Just brought up a random ripple does. Anyone have, a prediction. We'll, start with um I don't. Know Cory you know about a little bit about yeah you know you know what, is gonna be the next all coin flavor of the month Cory what because that's that's what this is all about I mean I get asked by Pete and by the way I am. Not recommending anyone trade in fact I am just buy and hold Bitcoin, but we have other guys on here who do other things so it's a diverse crowd so they're gonna say things that I don't do that they do but, Cory. What do you what do you think is, next all corn flavor the month ridiculous. I'll try to I'll try to sum this up quickly as possible in general I'm a Bitcoin, maximalist, to the fullest but I completely. See that there are certain functions in the crypto space that Bitcoin just doesn't need to do like. I completely see, a need for a platform, like aetherium, to. Function. Aside. From Bitcoin, because bitcoins doesn't need to be bogged down with crypto kitties and junk right so in. As far as that goes I see the need for another platform and as far as that goes it's neo all the way neo. As far as superior a platform, to etherium and. Once. China unveils all their plans Neos going to go 10x easy and. Besides. That the only other category. Of coin might find really is. Deserving, of existence, are the first, layer privacy, coins and that's going to be Manero so if. You has to be the only coins anybody should hold is Bitcoin neo and Manero.

Interesting. That. Okay, so who, who's got another one to chime in there Daniel, you're you're you're you've mentioned, one on something, beforehand, is there any other one do you think there's gonna be a ridiculous, flavor. Of the month one that everyone's gonna jump on the bandwagon on and, then just crash or is that hard to predict yeah. I absolutely think, so if, I had to predict you know like I said it's, going to be you know blockchain, it's a service platform so you know do is one, of those my. Favorite is smarter, just because gel Urata is probably. One of the best development teams there. Is in cryptocurrency I think they have a lot of integrity, they, have real business partnerships, they, have suppose. It an, order launches they're gonna have a peg. Child chains to. US dollar euro which implies Bank partnerships, I think the part I think the platform in. The John Chiang concept, you know could be really large that's. Excellent for scalability, and then, another category that, I don't think many people are talking about is. Low. Fee coins. One. Of my favorite is byte ball right. Now and yeah the name is it's, garbage it sucks but. The. Chart looks fantastic, I love, buying things that look like that there's, a lot of upside it's. Like point o 3.0, for Bitcoin right now but it's. It's a tangle, it's a directed acrylic. Graph and it's um I love. You unique technologies, and I love things that are that are totally different nuts, you know originally, when I was in your show and I'm always here for deep red. I still, think G grads an amazing, coin but I loved it because it was unique a. Really. Solid development, and just, from a fundamental, standpoint I think if you invest. Your, invest. Right and really. Solid development. That you. Can't go wrong and that's, something you know I see with with by ball really. Cheap instant, transactions, or near-instant they're. Really really low fees. Decentralized. Storage, smart, contracts, I mean it does it all in my specialty, at least is mid-caps, you. Know a hundred million dollar to maybe. We can even say five hundred million dollar, capitalizations. Right now because I, love, something that can go to a 1 billion dollar cab, because I think with. The, way the. Space is going right now that's an easy thing. To do and, that's you know if you can begin. A decent bag size, and, 5 X I. It, could be quite lucrative for, you so. That's kind of my opinion over a blocks right ioad, although I heard it's totally broken but I don't have any personal experience with it things, like that I. Own. A totally, broken, be. Careful, paintball be careful, by it'll Bitcoin shade. Are there any ridiculous all, coins you would like to speak about I don't. Really get too much into all coins I mean I'll use a coin if I find it useful for. Some reason people have paid. Me for, four, things in aetherium so I have some aetherium but. Normally. What. I've found, well, have, we talked about steam dollars. Talk. About what's going on with these ridiculous. Steam dollars, how, how its pumped up so high have you benefited from this insane pump of steam dollars oh of course I have a fun I had a payout that was that, was coming out just before it happened and I, saw, you, know it it's, supposed to be pegged at a dollar right that's the whole idea is that it's pegged on a one, u.s. dollar and, what. Did they get up to almost. $14. Heat something like that it was ridiculous, yeah yeah, along with all the other pumps. Actually, started happening a little sooner than some of the others I think it. Was kind, of a harbinger, of the the. Big push but that. Was something I was not expecting and. The. Steam currency. The. Other one steam, actually not. The steam dollars they went up to I mean those quadrupled. In value and within like a week or so so. I think. I'm. Not really - I don't I don't think steam dollars or steam need to have massive gains to be something. That's useful or something that people should look at because that one's, based on a platform, where you're actually able to get into crypto without buying anything you, know you can just engage, with a network and you can actually get something out of it so I think that I think that, process.

Itself. Is rather undervalued. And I think once we see more. More. Development, in that space which I think we're gonna see a lot of development coming out of that we have things like D tube coming out like a replacement for YouTube where, people can post videos. And. It's, related to the steam it blockchain, you, know their stuff likes Apple which is like a Twitter for. First steam it and with, all the censorship we're seeing going on on things like Twitter and Facebook and. Reddit. And all the the legacy. Tech, firms I mean you're gonna see a lot of people looking, seriously, at things, like steam it and zaple, and D tube as legitimate. Alternatives. Because they're just gonna get kicked off because, they said something that you. Know the stockholders, of Twitter didn't like so. I think I think that's going to be with, that the, censorship going, on an uptrend and controversial. Voices, leaving I think you're gonna see things. Like steam it and maybe even steam back dollars still. There. You, might see a big boost. In that, well. I definitely, agree with the steam it part people should, try out steam it it doesn't hurt it's free if you got content, throw, it up there see what you earn now, raakhi is he's not an altcoin guy at all but, I have, a few. Want to mention all coin rocky free it feel free to but I have a different question for, you I'm, going to just say that I, think these signs speak, for myself you, know just, my Bitcoin okay, just Hottel Bitcoin okay exactly. Now. But in the times when the crypto dividends were coming out with the first one when be cash was coming out you. Were, the most careful. Person I, knew. About on, the. Web when, it came to. Splitting. Your Bitcoin you, take precautions like, no, other and people. Should use you as, an example of. Patience. And, precaution. So, have you there's, a two-part question have, you, split. Your be gold yet, and. Have you gotten rid of it have you dumped her beagle but, what what is your take on these, these. Ones that are going to come out like super, Bitcoin like, like, B or super BTC excuse me or B Platinum what, is what, is your process here, tell everyone the precautions. That you take are you just gonna wait till it's on your treads or which, I I say to do of course and if, you can split it on your trans or what, do you do, wait. Because you take you, I think you're a guy who splits, it but you make sure all your Bitcoin is moved when. You split so so there there's a lot to talk about there it hit it yes. You got to make sure you're doing it safely just in case you do make some kind of mistake you've gotta move your Bitcoin first it, but it also depends, on what process, it is to, split. The coin. Like. What you were talking about where, you have to put your wallet words in a different wallet. That is connected. To a different chain I mean. Do you trust that wallet that it doesn't transmit those words to you know the creator of that wallet, yeah, right yeah you don't want to trust that so you have to move your bitcoins first to, a brand-new wallet with a brand new set of wallet words yes. You have to be very careful, but, yes I did, split my big. Vault and I converted. It to Bitcoin, I did the same thing with B cash I did the same thing with, Bitcoin. Or what's, it called bit. Core coin, yeah, and. The. Diamond, and all the future ones you know if I, feel I could do it safely I will do the same thing I, you. Know I don't you, know so much hate, these other coins like you, know be cash you know because it's it's not just trying to fork it and start a new project it's trying to take over Bitcoin, and attacking, big coin in the process so that that's a completely different situation, but, you know like I said before all, these. Forks. I think are a bad. Idea hmm. Just. To begin with but, if you're going to throw these coins in my lap I will you. Know convert them to Bitcoin and and, also one other thing people. Say. That well I I, converted. My be. Cast right away and that went up after that to a much higher value, but. If you converted, your be cash into Bitcoin and now there's these other Forks. You're getting more of those Forks, to so you're getting the forks compounded, on Forks, so. You. Got a factor in all these things too but. Exactly. You got you you, got more be gold if that. Was a beautiful point I brought I think I brought that up I meant to bring it up before it could continue sorry sir. Yes. You've, got to be very careful, and I I do also, consultations. Like you where I do help people split. Their coins I help, people with their mining operations, I've been mining since January. 2014. And I help people set up nodes so. Um just, shoot me an email. Exactly. Guys he is and he takes some, real precautions. When it comes to this splitting one, final splitting, question, for you our, storage.

Question, Do. You I have recommended, the people who pay at least if they're. Going to get into this crypto dividend thing. That. They should at least own three. Storage. Devices is that too many or is that too little to you do you agree with that number two three one what's what's, what's your recommendation for, storage, devices for people well. You need at least one Hardware, wallet. To. Store your Bitcoin now, if you're, going if you're planning on doing these splitting, it is. You. Know to do it safely it is a good idea to have two or maybe, even three, I myself, have, three hardware, storage devices and I. Have right, over here off camera you can't see I have several. Computers. That are completely called offline, that. I use to, safely, split. Coins so to make sure anybody, I'm help I'm helping. To split their coin, once. They've moved their Bitcoin I can, then split. Into, that other coin. Extremely. You, know safely. Excellent. I've got so first for the panel here I gotta cook I'm, gonna ask the three of you this same question here and, you don't have to answer it but some people it's privacy, stuff but Corey how many uh storage, devices do you own, I. Have two they're functional, for. Long-term storage and then I have one that I use for. Kind. Of like bouncing, money in and out short-term, I. Try, to avoid web. Wallets and I avoid things like Exodus, Wallet those things are just junk, so, trays. Or ledger that's pretty much it and, you got to have at least two or three. Daniel. How about you what's your recommendation how, many you have. Daniel. Oh you're here. I'm here as Mia knows meted out. On. The trays or something one thing I recommend of course some is. Using. Some kind of a crazy. Random, password generator. I've. Been using one password which, is a really good service they. You know you have a kind, of like a master password.

This Is just something outrageously, long that, you think odd that you write down and it, kind of uh creates a really long random, passwords for all your different services and make sure you have different passwords for everything, I know. Some people use a maybe, it's called a key pass or something like that you. Know there's definitely some open source ones available there that don't cost any money, publicly. Auditable, um the. Jam you know you know I have a Bitcoin for a tracer, for long, term Bitcoin old and you. Know I'll be in altcoin, positions, and the ones that I can move off exchange I do and the ones that I can't I leave a month which. Is you know it's understand, it's a risk of it it's a risk traders. Take you, know you have that counterparty element, where no, if the exchange goes down you do as well. It's all factored, into risk reward, and. That's generally why I stick to it, Rex I could. See a lot of people going to uh what's. It called. Finance. Yeah. And it's uh yeah, I kind of sketches me out just because I mean I didn't even go to bits for a year, or two I mean I they. Hadn't earned my trust and, you know in this space you. Are Trust. Is the most valuable thing you can, see and you know I see all these people coming up and everybody's on Finance right now because Finance. Has rest links. And. Everybody is clicking these referral, links and everybody's, getting on Finance and riding finances, cheaper fees. Also. Chinese. Isn't. It associated with China in some way or maybe, maybe not I think it is that, scares me so. You, know try not to have any coins on exchange if you can help it keep, your Bitcoin in a treasure, or ledger, but. You know if you have to used to FA use. Google, Authenticator, or of--they do, not use SMS, and. Have, an extremely, long random password that's not used anywhere else and. Uh you know it's you should get act. It happens just know, that. Be. Careful, people all right Shane. How. About you it had to have a lot of stores of Isis do you recommend the multiple storage devices what's your story with storage devices well, I don't know what's wrong with the rest of you guys I just keep everything on coinbase.

Know. I've got a I've got to keep key. You. Know if if, I ever get around to it I might get a different one I'm not sure but that one's I I like it works fine for me but yeah I hope I've, just got the one but yeah, I think it's definitely advisable to have a hardware wallet learn how to use one, yeah. All right so now we're at the end of the show here where everyone is gonna tell. A story or, something. That was left out or promote, themselves whatever. It's it's it's, free time for, these four men. Of, this. Week in Bitcoin. So we will start with the. Manliest, of all the man Rockies, come. On man, you know what is wait what do you have to add is there anything that was forgotten any story, you need to tell the. Floor is yours. Well. I just like to let everyone know that if, you're in the Southern, California area, you, could come to one of my meetups I've been doing meetups now for 16. Months once. A month and the. Next one is going to be January. I know it says question marks there but it is going to be January third I have the banquet, room reserved. So. On, this screen here you can see that I track every meeting and price of Bitcoin at each meeting. And. You. Can get more information by going to, the website here, which is, BTC. Meetups web, starts com. Excellent. Southern, California. Baby I got to come visit it's, warm and nice there that's what I like this time of year all right, Corey. Representing. The world crypto, network behind the scenes crew. I'm. Glad you're here in front of scenes today what do you what do you have to add well. This, week the one question I've gotten more than anything else is should. I continue, to buy Bitcoin. Even. Though it's so high or should I start putting money into things like litecoin, and my answer will always be buy. Bitcoin. All. Of these alts eventually, I believe you will see collapse, back into. Bitcoin. You'll see a kind. Of a bubble within, the crypto sphere pop will you have what a600 say a six hundred million dollar or six hundred billion dollars is that right it's sound so high a six hundred billion dollar market cap now, you're gonna see this, altcoin, bubble pop but all that money is gonna flow right back into Bitcoin so you're not gonna see an overwhelming. Decline. In the cryptocurrency market. Cap as a whole but you're gonna see these all coins just shrivel away to nothing you're gonna see an 85 90 % Bitcoin. Dominance, once again so if, you're dabbling with all coins be. Smart and know when to get out, all. Right pound that like bunny everyone check out the links section below follow me on Twitter, at Tech bulb I had forgotten to say that and steam, it I am, bitcoinmeister, on there speaking. Of steam it Shane say who you are on steam it and give us your final thoughts, yeah. I'm Shane, on steam it should, be pretty easy to find just my, name sha, whiney yeah I got in there pretty pretty, early so, pretty. Happy about that but I actually, have a tweet. That I'm looking at by navall. I'm, not sure if that's how you pronounce it nav al on Twitter who if you're into cryptocurrency, and you're not following this guy you, really need to check them out and follow.

He Says cynicism. Is easy mimicry. Is easy, optimistic. Contrarians, are the rarest, breed, so. I, mean, that's I got into Bitcoin. I mean. Shortly. After the whole mount Cox thing because. I saw, the technology, and I thought this is going to be something you. Know so you really, have to be that contrarian, voice sometimes. Against. Yourself even and. You. Know don't don't, flip out don't panic so usually. If you see like if you look at the charts and you see all the top kryptos they're all doing the exact same thing, to. Me that's a sign that I need to put my hands up and just wait a little while. Alright. This nice, words, by Shane there well since we are closing, we got to go to the guy who is always closing, always, be closing Daniel, what do you have to add to this. By. Altcoins. It is all seasoned right now it's unprecedented. Just. The absurdity. Of th

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DO NOT use the CEX.IO exchange !!!!!   They are thieving cowboys !!!!  On the 1st September I transferred 10,000 usd to them from my bank account with the intention of purchasing bitcoin. Initially they said they did not receive the amount but when I showed them proof of transfer from my bank they apologised and said they would get back to me. That was over 3 weeks ago. I have written to them numerous times but no reply !!!!!!  PLEASE KEEP AWAY FROM THESE SHARKS !!!!!!!!!

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Thats all fud and lies

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