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hello my friends so today i uh  have channel the play aliens   uh again and you know uh play aliens you know  they are really amazing you know i just uh   you know they just make me happy okay i don't know  uh channeling them feels really amazing i can feel   uh you know after the session you know i can feel  the energy change okay uh what i mean what i mean   to say is that i can literally feel the changes in  my own consciousness okay as if you know they had   literally come here and you know they took over  my body it feels like that after the session feels   really alive okay so today i have channeled the  pleiadians and asking about uh the 10th of june uh   since you know they stated in the previous session  and this was as per the aztec calendar also   uh the mayans and the aztecs they had also stated  that you know from the 26th of may uh the window   will open till the june 10th okay so so i have  shared a lot of messages from 26th to help all of   you and to help myself you know to not miss this  uh initiation window uh into the you know higher   level of consciousness and today is the june 10th  and finally uh you know they have given us uh   methods about you know how uh if we just just do  this one thing okay they have they have you know   uh they have shared with us this one thing uh  which they use in their own planet uh in order   to help people ascend higher so this is actually  one of those methods you know which is very rare   uh even me okay i have never heard about it  you know i listen to you know other people's   uh channeling as well sometimes you know when  i get time i have never heard about this method   okay this is so rare and so unique i tried it  i have tried it okay just for a few moments   after the session because i just  finished finished the session right now   and the effects are enormous okay it feels  you know your consciousness level you know   there is a drastic jump i can just feel it okay  you will feel it uh just listen to the session   and after the session okay i will give you a you  know breakdown uh and you know um i will give you   a breakdown so that you know their message is  clearly understood by you okay so here is the   session after which i will give you a breakdown  and this is a very important message okay it's   i'm not joking around okay this is really  really important it will help you if you just   know this and do this just you know once or twice  it will definitely change your consciousness   forever okay and what's the session  i will explain after that okay we are the aliens and we are connected to  you beloved in order to share our love and   light to you however before we start to  share our thoughts use your discernment   we are the pleiadians and we are here  connected in order to let you understand   the significance of the 10th of june solar  eclipse as known by your people in your time space as we have already mentioned before the  window from may 26 to june 10th is a window   that would allow each to raise its  consciousness level into the higher sub-octaves this can be considered equivalent to  spending one life cycle on planet earth   hence we can sense that many people on your  planetary time space there are many people   who have heard our messages  and have applied these methods we are very pleased and thankful to each of  you who have raised your frequency enough because you will now become  the shepherds of the new earth which is now emerging on your planetary sphere understand that this new earth will be a   vibrationally separate earth  in the beginning phases then as times pass by this  planet will completely become   transformed into the new earth of  the fourth density consciousness furthermore let us tell you that we are here   connected to you to speak into your  soul and heart and to share our message we also ask each of you to recognize that  you are a member of the family of light as you walk in the planetary  sphere you will begin to encounter   many situations that will reflect this fact that in essence you are a light being and you are  here to share light to other people in essence   your purpose on this planetary sphere is to  help this planet earth in its time of transition because now the time of transition  is entering into the deep phase   or the deep part of the transition and since today is the 10th of june on your  planetary time space nexus today we will give you   a tool which if you perform it will allow you to  access not only the higher levels of consciousness but also those who seek enlightenment can also  become fully enlightened by using this method this method is simple we on our planetary sphere   teach this method to other entities who seek  the so-called higher octaves of consciousness which can be accessed by the process  known as expansion of awareness for this you need to understand that  your attention span is very short many people on your planet they do not realize  that their attention span is very short which   can be compared to the attention span  of a child on our planetary sphere for this attention span to increase  understand that if you do this for one day   today the 10th of june you will  begin to access these higher energies also please understand that if you  can continue this in the future you   will reach the stage of enlightenment that many  of your people on your planet call as nirvana in some of your language terms this process involves focusing your attention  on your tongue and by keeping the focus   on the sensory movements of your tongue as it  collides with the teeth and as it collides with   the lower part of your mouth as it collides with  the various cracks and grooves of your teeth pay close attention to the sensory portion of  your experience of paying attention to your tongue because your tongue has extra sensors and is  very sensitive to all of the various sensations many people on your planet do not  pay attention to their own tongue the tongue is one of the most sensory  portions of your physical vehicle   which means that it can sense various types  of variety of taste that cannot be felt by   other parts of your physical vehicle hence  we would recommend just for one day for the   10th of june if you could while doing other  things as well in your normal day-to-day life just keep your focus on your tongue and  realize how it feels when it touches the teeth and realize how it feels when it eats something or  when it gets a chance to have a feeling sensation behind your teeth and under your teeth of the  upper jaw or as it lays and rests in your mouth   if you can hold this attention for a day just  for the 10th of june you will begin to see   drastic changes in the magnitude of new  energies coming into your vibration field we are not saying that you  should only do this for the 10th   of june you can still continue this  method which is a wonderful method   to allow each of you to access the  higher dimensions of consciousness even some of you may be able to  reach these higher octaves of the   fourth density consciousness by doing this method let us tell you furthermore that the process  of moving into this higher octave is starting   amongst many of your people because it is a blending of dimensions  and the creation of new territory   will lead everyone to this new  higher level of consciousness many of your people will forget but many  of those who seek our messages and those   who listen to our messages will be needed  please understand that your light is powerful   each single light source can be uniting and  make the world brighter moreover you will   become the separates of the new earth that is  now forming in the fourth density consciousness even though it is in the beginning stages   the changes are occurring  rapidly and the energetic waves   that are running through your planetary sphere is  going to move upward in the density of illusion furthermore remember that this is not the end  as many people on your planet believe it's to be   that is always a pathway into the life review  wherein based upon your vibration patterns   each entity will either polarize or graduate into  the fourth density positive or be left behind this is the beginning of something  new that will be born on your planet   and as the planet is starting to move closer and  closer as the changes are beginning on your planet   each of you will have the opportunity  to stand as the pillars of light   and wherever there is  darkness focus on the positive   wherever there is negativity show your light  and it will be dispelled from this earth we have initiated or helped you to initiate  this new awakening on your planetary sphere and please understand that this june 10th solar  eclipse is a great initiation to practice this   method even if you just practice this awareness of  your tongue for just one day for the 10th of june   your consciousness will reach  into the higher vibration rhythms because consciousness is based on states there are infinite states of consciousness  and your state of consciousness   determines what you will receive and what  kind of environment you will see in the future therefore beloveds we are the pleiadians  and we leave you now sharing this message   to those who seek the higher part of consciousness self-find much benefit and  we leave you see you again so my friends uh i hope you have watched the  session and uh after watching the session okay   i will tell you what i learned uh they have  stated that you know from the 26th of may   uh they you know i channeled a lot of  the pleiadian energy i channeled them and   they guided us right you know they had um you  know in the beginning they taught us a method   of consciousness tracking of keeping attention  at one point uh wherever in your physical   vehicle for as long as possible okay so that  was taught in the beginning i was doing that   or i was trying to do that on a daily basis  okay but you know today's message uh it is   even more advanced consciousness tracking i  feel okay because this is so effective man   i i i cannot tell you you know this is so so  effective okay i tried it and you know you can   literally feel your consciousness go from if it  is at a at this level it will just go this level   okay this drastic change in consciousness just  imagine okay it will happen with you if you try it   and you know they have said that it is very simple  uh which is to focus your attention on the tongue   on your tongue okay so uh you know whenever you  are doing anything just just feel uh your thumb   and just realize how it feels you know whenever  it is bumping with your teeth or whenever it   is you know feeling uh the lower portion of your  mouth or the upper portion of your mouth you know   it feels really relaxing okay and uh it  feels you know like without meditation   without doing meditation it feels as if you're  in a meditative state and that too in a deep   meditative state okay uh this level of uh this  level of you know consciousness can be attained   at a deep level of meditation because i  have meditated a lot i know about this   so this method you know even without meditation  you can reach that deep level it is crazy okay   so this is a very special method and they said  that you know since today is the 10th of june   uh if we just you know for one day just you  know try okay i i know many people will not   be able to do this throughout the day but to  just try to keep your attention on your tongue   and to see what it is doing you know even though i  am talking with you right now i am trying to keep   my attention on my tongue okay just by doing  that your consciousness level will just you   know drastically move upward and higher levels  will begin to activate this is what they said   and they also have stated that you know uh  those people who uh did did did you know did   the initiation which started on may 26 we are now  going to be the shepherds of the new earth okay   in essence they are telling us that you know when  the new earth fully emerges we will be the first   souls who will be part of the new earth so i  think that is a wonderful thing uh that we have   done here and you know uh one more thing i need  to tell uh tell my um you know people is that   you know many people in the comments okay they say  that uh you know there are no negative comments   on my channel okay this cannot happen they say  okay but the thing is you see because many of   the people who watch my videos we are already  awakened we don't want negativity that is the   reason why i believe that we are in the positive  cycle look it is reflected even in the comments   okay i read the comments and you know uh one or  two comments okay they will be uh you know people   uh sharing negativity or you know people uh you  know saying stuff like you know they don't believe   in channeling even though they are watching  the video uh they will say they don't believe   in channeling okay stuff like that but 97 of the  comments i receive okay they are positive this is   mind-blowing and this is you know this is an  example of consciousness changing on our planet   right and you know they said that you know um  this is a form of initiation into the new earth   so please apply it okay i mean i i know that  there is free will on the planet you know you   have the free will to do whatever you want  but if you just do this one thing you know   maybe for just today you know today the today is  the 10th of june or maybe you know just continue   doing this for a few days you will become  enlightened they said if you do this uh for   an extended period of time if you are able  to keep your attention on your tongue um you   will become enlightened so maybe you will become  like the buddha maybe you will become like the   next eckhart toll or maybe you will become the  next enlightened being you know who will assist   humanity and we need a lot of those people right  now we need in this time of ascension we need   many beings who are uh you know here to help  each and every one of you and i you know and i   uh respect each of those people who are helping  raise the consciousness even though you know they   may not be you know like uh sharing the right  message but at least you know some of them they   are trying and i feel you know it's good that  people are trying to make a change in our planet   by sharing positive messages look there is there  is negativity all around but we have the choice   to be positive and you know this message uh  you know felt also really good because you know   many people watch the video okay like you know um  in the previous videos you know it had a reach of   lot of people so i believe you know um many people  you know they they will be a part of the new earth   and uh thank you so much for watching  the video you know i hope i gave a   perfect explanation of what i understood from  the session and i'll i will make sure to keep   attention on my tongue for the next you know  however long i can and see you in the next session   and by the way uh if you haven't seen my uh  uncensored videos on patreon uh you know you can   watch them there uh and people are saying you  know to open up a beat suit or a rumble account   but you know i tried that and in india uh the  you know they don't work okay but but my videos   are on patreon if you want to see them uh all of  my deleted content and all of the uncensored uh   you know content which i cannot  post on youtube it is there   so i thank you so much for watching this  video and see you in the next session

2021-06-15 21:34

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