They are Billions Campaign Alpha communications site walkthrough

They are Billions Campaign Alpha communications site walkthrough

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Hello. It's Ricardo and welcome back to they are billions, this is one of the hero missions, of the campaign, from the released version of they are billions not, had these before you kind of go in there as a lone gun of one of two heroes. That you can select at the beginning of starting your campaign. Here. You can see I have car EOP who's. Got two. Revolvers, by. His three shot Pyong Camp young, right, at those zombies, in, quick succession sort, of a sharpshooter very. Nimble very quick and. The idea is is to guide her around, this map level, picking. Up. Technology. Now this particular site is a radar, installation, which is one of the last sites to fall before, the infection took, over the. World. The. Idea behind that is the chem inside and. Get. All the technology just laying around that could help you develop more technology. In. Other levels, truth, of the matter is you've, got your technology. Ratings. And how many items. Of technology are in this particular area on, the bottom right hand side and pick. Up as many as possible now as you can see I've opened up these doors here now this is key it's, a big ogre in there a, big. Giant, I. Haven't. Got the firepower, to kill him I'm just gonna open the doors not gonna go in not gonna wind him up he's gonna wander around and he's, gonna wander outside later, and, that's gonna be key so. I'm gonna go in your line and start taking out these zombies, who are charging these barricades, these makeshift, barricades which, can be destroyed by the zombie, horde in a particular room. Now. I, gotta. Be very cagey about this I haven't, got a hell of a lot of life, you. Can find medical, kits along, the way but, you've also got to click on things like the. Cabinets, and boxes. And things like that which will allow you. To. Get, medical kits hand grenades and, other. Tech. Which you want to collect and take back go. Into the computer panels, on the side of the walls will let you or. Give you an idea of what's behind them now I've opened up a. Whole. Host of zombies we're going to come charging at me I typically, take about five, hits per. Zombie, to shoot and I give myself a little bit of distance. Before. We start mowing him down we're going to incur a little bit of damage I mean that's a given but not too much, you, can see I incur, damage just for so the character's, name it's, starting, to reduce already, again. A little bit more space gonna go outside, keep shooting. Again. A bit more space using the nimbleness of this control, character. Then. With all those zombies out I'm, free to walk back in keeping.

An Eye on that, one particular. Item. Or. Ogre. And they, was already starting to wander look in the kitchen area and there's quite a lot of stuff in there I can tell. Let's. Go in and start picking up some more items so in this area here you can see there's the warehouse section. There's. A box there depicted, when I move the mouse over it turns into a cog which, means I can pick up tech. Now, moving, on into another door. Lots. Of zombies in here we're gonna take them out as well using, the same sort of method we're gonna walk in we're gonna start shooting. Start. Picking them off these, are three shocked zombies. One. Two three you. Know their general, standard, zombies, they're, dangerous, in massive, numbers really, and you've run the risk of being overrun, whereas, some of the runners well, they're not only fast and rush you but take several, more hits than what these. Ones do. Again. We're gonna clear these out and then we're gonna have a quick scan around the room with the mouse key to. See if there's any TAC around. Okay. There you go we're filling them out already, dad. You know, the. Mouse cursor has changed to a cog this that make in there yes, we've got some. Represented. By the old flask the old science flask represented. We got some technology, items we've just picked up there, so. We've got 20 out of 250. So far. Now. The idea this as well as not only to pick as many items and clear the zombie horde and survive. But. Also to pick up the special, artifact, an item, now this will be somewhere near the end of the level. And. You can't miss it could be a big sort. Of like glowing, box, of stuff, and once you get that you'll, get a ticket to the box in the mission parameters now, you can see the ogre or the chef from, that kitchen area has already started wandering, outside. What will that can consid nitin continue to wander we, haven't got to engage we haven't got to go and really irritate, him and. Let's be fair we, have got the firepower to do it anyway now, it's, very important to keep an eye on your health as you can see I've got a little arrow on it there showing you where my health of my character, is got, to keep an eye on that simply, because you know if I get too low character's gonna die level, is going to be over and that's really gonna spoil my day so, I say I'm in the gone, into the kitchen area now I'm able to go and pick up all these different items by, selecting em seeing if a cob goes over them, so.

The Inhabitant, that big giant he's, wandered, off that's. Great fine by me gonna make sure I go and make, my mouse hover over all those containers, to see if there's anything inside them. And. In my opinion this is the best way of doing this, make. Sure he's wandered off outside look by those trucks nowhere. Near me he's not gonna come in I'm. Gonna make sure they hover all of the barrels there's when they I've missed. Lots. Of items there yeah, scan. Over all those barrels. Great. Could, be something over here. Lots. Of wavy mousy that seems to be it in that particular room and quite a hole it was - has, to be said so I'm gonna continue to go in here I'm going to clear out this one large room area. Where there's lots of targets up. Nine. Tiny sure why you'd have all these sort of tiny its upper there you go don't. Know what it is. Let's. Clear out those zombies. Just. So we know that rooms clear there's a medical kit over there so I'm gonna make sure we get, ourselves over, and get that because, our health is getting a little bit low not too concerned, just yet I. Still, want to sort. Of like kill as many as I possibly can before play, in that medical kit because they are a finite, resource, you, know there's a few on this level I'm playing, on challenging, you know it's. A few on this level but let's be fair you know it's, it's. A resource, I'd much, rather. Keep. For when I really needed it so I got quite a bit left, so. In a bunk room area, now quite. A few zombies, quite dark and foreboding, in this, section of they are billions and. I'm. Really enjoying the campaign, it's, sort of like me I was playing at the other day you know before the the. Full release came out and I was playing the skirmishes, I, do like it because you. Know it does. It's an exciting, game to play lots of playing that there's lead to a lot of excitement. There. You go Calliope e is great. Mowing. Them down. Now. I mentioned you can find hand grenades in some lock boxes, and these are hand grenades a great, when faced with the large zombie, horde you just lob a grenade off, kerbau. And they'll, all be gone and we'll demonstrate this, once we get so this is my second, attempt at doing this mission the first attempt I. Got. Quite quite, fire into it to be honest you quite quite a distance and then got over red however, you know I believe you got our goal first before you. Know you know what to expect and they can go back in have a really good go at it. Again. We got some more tech. Some. Of the lockbox is. Quite. A few zombies, here there's, a hole in the ground the zombies are climbing out of so. That's going to be a renewable, source of zombies, in that area and never gonna deplete the, amount of zombies that come out of that you can just be sat there wasting, your time you don't gain any experience. While, shooting them it. Just becomes a bit of a hindrance so the idea is is to clear an fr out so, you can get in get to the tech or the items that are in that particular area, you see I've found some hand grenades now, I found a hand grenade. Just. Gonna make sure to a quick search of this room if there's anything else that I've missed yes. Let's. Go. And, now it's on to. This, section. Now. He cleared this room out previously, all well, and good and. So. Far not so much of a challenge include, a little bit of damage we left the sled the chef out now, this particular area, you can see the, zombies are starting to cluster, you're, moving to an outside, area now, enough to use a, little bit of touring and throwing back and forth back and forth giving. Myself some distance, in regard. To take it out these zombies as there's only me, at the moment I haven't found any other soldiers, yet. They, all come a little bit later on in this level thing. Now. See. We're taking him out it's, a bit of rebel to the top there's, a hole where zombies are coming out to, the towards, the bottom, left of the screen so. My plan is is to clear out this wider area. There. Move down and, see if there's any items, to pick up - one towards the south of the screen there's a big old horde. Of zombies there. And. I'm quite reticent to use the grenade within this this level of they are billions, simply. Because. Well. You know I might, need it in a bit later on and I've only got one so far now. I'm stand to get swarmed not gonna make a little bit of a strategic, retreat. You. Know they're all coming out here. And. Runners, as well so it's time for me to run off and hide behind these barriers, in the other room never be afraid to run off into the other barriers I find. At. End of the day it's your characters, your commanders, survival, that is key to everything here.

Okay. Got more runners coming out well that's good because it's taking them out of the other area which I'm gonna have to go through. So. Far so good. So. We've got 80 of the technology, and. 70. Of the. Items, they're. Not. So bad I'm not too worried I'm not too interested in getting you know all the items I can get my hands on I mean if it's gonna meet me me completing. The level with a pretty. Decent or adequate, level. Of resources, that'll suit me fine. Look. In there we go we got box the COG appears let's, get in there what, do we get, more. Grenades that's exactly, what we want by moving into this other area. You. Can see the rubble you. Slow down by going through this softly it's an obstacle to to. To cover, we're. Gonna stand even a start taking out some of those zombies. That are in that particular area we're, gonna use the, same old method about retreating, and picking. Them off with a little bit of distance as. They run at you. Now. We are going to incur a little bit of damage here but we're okay because we've got a medical kit I think, these inclusion. Of medical, kits within they are billions, is great your, characters, don't automatically. Recharge. Their health like they do in the skirmishes. So. I set me to keep your mind. So. Again we're picking him off. Zombies. Are starting to swarm. Restless. But. So far we're handling it we're able to pick them off now. Quite a large, contingent. Over their. Lot but they're starting to come through. And. The, positioning, of this of our character. Can. Be searched where you can start to take them off. Plus. You've got to be wary they're coming out of that hole hole in the ground. Okay. Moving on here we go back, into the main building of this radar station, in they are billions, and. Those. Zombies have been taken out. Okay. So we're gonna move in a little bit further so, he can pick off you know from from. A distance just try, and thin them down a little bit caution. It's. The name of the game here you can't just rush in because they'll rush in you're rushing they'll, rush at you you'll, die game, over you've got to start again and every, time you restart a, level you lose, 10%, of. The possible score you can have so I'll, be automatically. On 90% here, because this is my second, attempt at this, of. Course. But. The content, of the game is such, whereas. They've, really thought about it, I mean they've thought about the level mapping you, know that the content, included. Shows. Areas. Of a game that you wouldn't normally see in the skirmishes, so, you know, good.

On You know mantium games good, content, for this, and. This has been a long time coming, so. Zombies, are being killed great. Doing. Fairly okay on health got. Still got some med kits we've got some grenades you're gonna move in pick off some more zombies, now it's time to sort of go in a little bit further. With. A few that are left now. We. Can cope with them we'll leave the ones over the other side. We. Won't go into their line of vision. Of. Course coyotes, pistols, seem. To be silenced, don't make too much noise and, into. That door now. Loads. Of zombies in there. We're. Not gonna be able to shoot them all, but. We are taking them out. So, more zombies are coming up from the South now. They've. Heard the sound, of. Gunfire, but. We're picking them off no problems, we've, cleared that top. Antechamber. Out, I'm, going to move our way into the cell area. This. Radar machine is quite good I'm enjoying it I mean sure it breaks it up from the constant or I've got to build this and I've got to build that there's. A box there we can have a look out you can pick up see if there's anything in there but there's generally a door. Up. Some steps now two different levels. Just. A zombies up there so not many you know but enough, enough. That could really spoil my day if I wasn't on my game. So. We've, got. Three. Exits, when leading down when leading up and one leading up to the northeast some, zombies down here we're gonna pick them off it's the other side of the, warehouse where there's a lot of waste, zombie. Just round the corner they're, gonna take would take care of him and we've. Got a lockbox and we've got another medical kit there which we're gonna need. There. At were over a hundred a, hundred and ten points, of technology, we found so, far in the, game player a lot. Of it really coming from that kitchen area loads, of zombies in here at time to run away and give ourselves a little bit of distance using. The grenade completely. Wiped them out sometimes, you just got to think hey there's, no way I'm gonna take him out and, I've. Got an exploding, barrel there as well I could have utilized rebel. In the top of the corner of the screen. We. Fetches that one particular. Part. Of the map with zombies, now I have found some snipers, who, have agreed to help me to get out which. Is great and, they want to go their separate, ways they're. Rebels I find, that ironic that, the Empire has come to rescue them more. Than likely the Empire put them there in the first place so we've, got one, two, three four five. Snipers. Powerful. Units not, very quick to fire within they are billions, these sniper units. However. There's a few boxes, in the area we're gonna go and scan and see if what we got in see. What we've got in them and and. While we're doing that we're gonna move those sniper units, out into the area so they can start thinning the zombies out. Because. In a group the sniper units are very effective, individually. Your best putting them on a tower the. Tower can then take out the zombies no. Problem, you get a swarm then, they gain even more than, more than one sniper up there same. In this map as well so they're very good in a group. We've. Got them. Watching. The exits, just. Gonna. Check all the last lock boxes, in the area I. Think. Now so, time now to move to, another part, of the, map now those, stairs going up we're. Going to select all our units. Let's. Move them just, to make sure that we've got enough, space now.

So. The alpha communication, Center you can see there's. What. We got so far we've, got a few items we've picked up we haven't got the the artifacts, yet that's what we came for but we're going to come into the section of the map where we are going to need them. A. Sniper. Squad is moving in. Because. They've got a longer range than conventional. Units and this sniper squad are able to take people out from, a firm. Still. A few zombies, here, one. Crack and. They're all gone look taking. Them well out now there's a lockbox in the top northwest. Corner of this screen we. Intend to go in there and, get as many items as we possibly can. Best. To do it now so we can clear the zombies out of the way because you, know we're coming up to it where there's gonna be a hell of a lot of swarm I don't think these snipers and our last very long so the snipers done a really good job taking those zombies out. Just. Get scaleo Pete over there we've got more tech. Up. To 140. Out of a possible, 250. Of tech there. And. Now time to move back up the steps. To. Move into the next section of the game so. Quite a good base a well, mapped out level, good quality content in this game. And. With the current drought going. On within games this. Is a welcome refresh, just. Gonna keep an eye on now while we're moving, people to a different area where there's no zombies of where that big. Ogre is. That. Giant. So, here we got a screen that'll tell us what's through the doors. The. Effective you invaded, the, courtyard, and the command, center now command, center there's going to be an artifact, on this level it's going to be in the command center at the alpha communication. Section within they are billions, so, look at all those zombies they're long but there's an explosive, barrel there we've still got some grenades, in, our commander, as well just gonna move the. Snipers. Over a little bit so we can start laying down fire the, Aster into swarm we're probably gonna have to use a grenade, just to get rid of them and give ourselves some time one, big four one and, I swiped out a load of zombies there. As. Well start clearing out as lot many as we possibly can. Look, at it zombie zombie zombies. Zombies, everywhere, then. Again that's what they are billions, is all about. Destroying. The infected, I shot, that barrel up there like it's a little bit more time. More. Zombies rained out the top end of the map but, we've got sort of a choke point at the the, entranceway, of that. That's. Stairwell. Again. More are coming from. All angles, kinda, need to be moving backing, now I think one of our snipers. Is gonna get it. They're. All starting to swarm things, aren't looking particularly good, and. Use a grenade. That's. Boss a little bit more time just, the side we can get used to it with the shots cracking off we've. Lost a sniper. We. Fought really well. We're. Gonna hang fire there and fire we're gonna hang by there laying. Down suppressing. Fire as, the zombies come around the corner we're, gonna take them out and then when it's sufficiently, clear we're, gonna move up. So. I'm completely out of grenades. Now. More zombies, on the way. And. Now zombies are coming up from the bottom of the screen so I got to put somebody there so they. Can start to take them out and take the zombies as they're coming in to the top of the stairwell. At. Your service. Continuing. To shoot and tune to lay down the heavy fire. Okay. Things are start to thin out a little bit now. And. We can start moving people up into the main area where you, can start thinning them off from, a distance so we can get into the command center, which is that structure, in the center of the screen with. A bit of rebel in there so it's going to be zombies, in there as well as you would expect, now I anticipate. That the artifact, from this mission is going to be there. After, the rest of the technology, unless there's something that jumps out at me right now. I'm. Gonna leave it where it is I.

Go. After the artifact, and whatever else is in that room but, when sniper is really low I'm gonna leave him there picking people off from, the top northeasterly. Side of the screen my, other three snipers. They're. Gonna start fitting the crowd down round by the entrance, to that command center. Shooting. Some barrels. So. He can cover that area and you can cover any zombies, coming out of the stairwell we'll, move them up. There's. A medical kit over there you might need that very quickly. Continuing. To be swarmed. They're. Being mowed down by the snipers, however. Loosen. Up a bit more so they increase their range take out a few more. Of. A commander, up now. You can see something moving around in that command center area there's our doors but, we've got to thin the zombies out enough cuz I want to be fighting you know on, several. Fronts if I can avoid it. Quite. A lot of zombies towards the top of the screen as you would expect towards. The end of this level cuz all you gotta do is now get in get, that artifact, and then get out now we've cleared a lot of the zombies out of most of the communal areas I imagine. Because our commander, is quite, fast. Nimble. Sprite. You, could say I can be able to get past a lot of the zombies anyway. Move. Up again. Just. So that we're in the zone the other sniper. Is doing a really good job of taking people out. Where. All these infected, coming, from I mean it's crazy. I've. Got no desire to go up and get the rest of the technology items, up there I want to get in get that artifact, and get out and complete, the level I've got so far, you. Know one mistake here that could be the end of the game. Quite. A few zombies, up there we're still going to pick them off. We. Are coming from a few angles now. Now, I think I should be alright enough now. Quite. A few zombies in that one in that one area. Let's. Get our commander, over there open, the door see what comes out oh. Look. At the wall, that. Was a mistake when it. Planned. To run away oh my. Commander, is losing health. Run. Away commander. Let. The snipers, take the blame let, them take the heat this soldiers they know what to do. That. Sniper can go in there and start taking them out hopefully without dying rather. Snipers, doing a really good job at keeping giving, us a little bit of time. The. Remaining snipers, ones down I'm down to the one with virtually. Zero health. Who's taking them all out in that one area health. And my commander, is nearly gone the game is nearly up for me. It's. Hide behind this guy let's, shoot those he's, able to take him out. Thankfully. I should now be able to leave him there. And. Run up and, get. That medical. Kit and then we can all benefit, from the of that medical, kit as well and recharge, everyone's, health I've been my health that is in the red nearly. Dead and. It's. Also refreshed, my sniper so I'll leave my sniper in there taking. People out. Now. It's time to move myself, into. The main command center. Now. Pretty. Confident, I can take those out in there's a few artifacts, a few papers on the desk you can see, where. The particular artifact, that I need is. Again. Thinking, about things all about stealth in this level they are billions.

Taken. Though the infected, out the infected, zombies, couple. Of runners. Use. That remaining sniper. One. Shot from him in it's good, night. Just. Trying to make things a little bit easier for myself. Right. I should be able to move my commander, into that center, area now, pick up any items, that are in there. Done. Pretty well so far. There. We go there's the artifact on the top, Northerly. Section, of the screen let's, take out that runner. You. Can run around him for a bit. We've. Got the earth fat. That. Zombies, gone. Check. Out that cupboard check out the papers on the desk the. Amount of technology we found now is up into the 190s. Of. The quick look around. Right. I think. That's enough yes, we could go and find more but you know what I don't think I'm gonna survive time, to get back down the, stairwell, and get, out. We'll. Leave the remaining zombies, there. So. A few zombies in this particular corridor, area with a stairwell, we're. Gonna move ourselves back out. Sniper. Is trailing behind we. Can see from the mini-map in the bottom left hand side of the screen that we've got a pretty clear red. But, just in case something spooky, happens because hey this is the gaming the unpredictable, nurse at this game is what I like about it. Great. We're. Gonna make sure we go in pairs. Back. Into the main room right. Away past, all those pipes. It's. A few zombies in here we're gonna have to take out our blocking, our way out. But. The sniper can take care of one quite easily without commander, taking care of the other one right. We, virtually well we have got a clear way out now that. Ogre. A zombie, big giant or whatever he is that was in that one kitchen area. He's. Out of the way a clear, run directly, out, and onto, the exit and that's it level, completed, well thank you very much for watching I've been Ricardo this has been they are billions, and the Alpha communications. Array which, is an individual. Commander. Mission I've completed, it not 100% probably, I'd say about, 70%. But, I've got out alive thanks, for watching and check back for more videos, in the series where, I go through more levels whether they are billions. 1.0. Release and, its campaign, see. You soon. You. You.

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