The worst stream yet「DDD Shopping

The worst stream yet「DDD Shopping

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All right. All. Right. You. Win. You. Win. The. Rules were simple. This. Wonderful person right here, so. Sue day hey. Sis. Dude hey I'm. Gonna, go with sis dude hey I've, been literally debating, how to pronounce their name for the past like day. Their. Goal was. To make me Photoshop, Dee Dee Dee's face onto various things. Their. Quota. They. Asked of me I, said. A hundred likes, or 100 retweet I think it's all yeah 100, retweets on. My. Tweet and. By. God they did it, they. Got like 150. Or something. So. You know what we're gonna do. You. Know what we're gonna do. Nice. And simply, for. The next hour and a half, there. Will be no video games other. Other. Than. Photoshopping. This. Wonderful. Lads face. Onto. Anything that. We so desire. Evildoers. Beware. You. Are in for a scare also some memes. Oh. This. Is gonna be bad. Whoa. Hold. Up. Wait. A minute. All. Right Emma stop straight I haven't stopped streaming. Where'd. It go. What. Am i beautiful of you go, excuse. Me. Display. Capture you want to talk. Didn't. Turn down DDT uh display. Capture you want to talk, all. Right I'm gonna have to restart the stream real fast hold on be, right back no one panic or to spam the word picnic, let's, go without okay, YouTube, didn't freak out either and the stream or anything all right well. I have adjusted the stream accordingly. I guess, I don't know for some reason it just like didn't like what it did for a second there it just didn't wanna go. Fullscreen look, we're not gonna mess too much with all God that's a good frame we're not gonna mess too much with the. Actual. Video. Editing software here what we're really gonna be focusing on is. Everything. In between all right no more picnic the picnic has ended all right, so. What are we doing well, of course of course we. Got to get the best moments. Right. There. Right. Here. Everything. In this little, area is going. To be our, Kingdom. Army. Our Grail our holy grail of, power. What, else can we grab any other and we can grab maybe their faces a little bit later, let's. See what we do all a whole lot a minute, maybe. We get let's, get this photo yeah, here, we go let's just crop this out. Perfect. I think it ends right about there oh wait a minute is another good face there it is I knew. It was coming up all right all right now. Infinite. Power has been achieved we. Oh god, I see me sorry. By the way I just I just came fresh off of eating a salad, like, I was already just shoving, a salad, down. My, throat as fast, as I possibly could to make it in time for the stream all right, so, now we can go frame by frame to extract, the, the. Perfect poses, we so desire. We. Can do it we and inside just his face we. Have infinite power if we want to we're. Gonna do like this we can just like set a marker do. That for later like, I'm just saying we can make this like Goku we. Can make him look like Goku we can dress him up like Goku. Hmm. Well. What do you think Oh God. Where. Do you think we should put his face first. My. Wonderful chat where. Do you think we should put his face I mean, this already looks like one of my looks, like you like one of my thumbnails I'm not gonna lie, like. Right here just take that and. Then. Hold. On well. We can just make a quick fill boat thumbnail and they're, like only while we're waiting here BAM. And then just. Quickly turn, that lightin, look. At this beautiful, it's a fail boat thumbnail let's at least, 200,000. Views right. All. Right, give. Her the get rid of that get rid of that perfect. Let's. See what's. The chance thinking king, dedede but some funny stuff happens right there that's actually the thumbnail for this entire video um. Let's. See put it on King K rool, alright, you, know what that seems pretty good put on the newcomers first.

Okay. What's, a good face Ferb what's a good face for DD to hear that's. A good one. Oh all. Put it on me I. Think. I have some photos of myself did. A do. We. Have we have many options let's, go with this one I like I like what we got with this one just a nice simple. DDD. Cry I'm just gonna save this for later uh. Let's. Go with FB. Deed. I got a good, DDD. One. Perfect. And we're just going to create I'm gonna create a new file for this I'm, gonna Bob Ross this here uh, just. Put this in the thumbnails why not, thumbnail. Beauty. Perfect. Why. Not select, folder, DDD one beautiful. All right. What. Are we opening up with here guys hey let me just do one quick, thing just. To make sure we're I actually you'd think in the photo shopping stream I would have launched Photoshop, prior I have, not launched Photoshop, yet put. It on me we, can just literally go through some of my video images and see what what I have, to. See what video image at all sea, cucumber. Sea. Cucumber, sounds hilarious. Hold. On one second I'm open no I don't know we didn't lose the picture but then we lose the picture don't worry don't worry uh. Here. We go turning it back on there we go I just wanted to open up Photoshop, all nice and good like alright, Barret, bear with me also I I don't know Photoshop well I'm not, a photoshop, wizard, well. IIIi do I use GIMP but. You know what look the contract, said, Photoshop. We. Will use GIMP if needed. Okay, I know. Very basic, things about about this about this program but, I believe we're at the start with this just an nice little. There. We go, this. Guy get the tears got to get all all the crying in there feels. Bad man, there. We go just have a nice, sloppy. Cut. Out all, the. Line. Is not perfect, but you know what nor am i it's. Truly a testament to life okay bring. It around up here the gauge is etched into the crowd a little bit it took five years in DDD Jail. Yeah. It's crown as a new shape it. Also looks like he has wings but uh, all. Right let's do this select, inverse, delete. Excuse. Me because. The SmartArt isn't directly yet how do you fix this, isn't. Like rasterize, layer' or something like that yeah, there. We go, I know, we just have to do a, uh-uh. I don't make it so oh wait background, yeah. Select. Deselect. God, all, right, good start good start it's, not a good start I'll warn you right now okay real talk the, tears funny. Really. Don't work with what we're going with right now really. Do not work. Let's. Just get those right out of here real fast there. We go also, is there only gonna race our tool in Photoshop i know that's a dumb question but I tried to find it before I could not find it is, there like a normal simple, eraser, tool, I'm. Just trying to make it like oh. Never mind I'm dumb okay. Whoa. Much. Larger I expected that to be okay hold on is, there like anti, eraser, if. I hold like alt, no. Hold, shift, no, is. There like shift. Alt. Control. Is. There like is there like an anti. Are. Right this. Is smooth, up the edges a little bit here there. We go this is just smooth these, out. Areare. In a nice horrible. Look will get better this whole photoshopping. Thing as we go as we go on I promise you I can't. Actually promise you that I'm very not good with image editing I can. Do it but, not to. The standard that I'm sure you guys are gonna be looking for today alright, this. Looks horrible that's exactly what I want. There. Are some arrows on the side that can undo who, is the undo button cowards. Cowards. That are afraid to make mistakes all, right let me let me dig in my in my image folder. Okay. Well we can like, like. Okay there's. Many ways we could do this there's. Many ways we could do this. We. Could have it be like him holding him plot, we don't get it out of you readily okay we, can have it so he's just like. Whoops. Holding. DVD. This. Is little oh there's like a puppet show oh god. It's like the most messed, up puppet show in the world. God. How do I like hide the there. It is. Okay. That's. Good, wait. Hold on a minute it's like what if we did this if. We did this. So. Take Bui, take. D, D D and then. Just do like a little like. Hold. On okay this face is good we'll keep that face in the background we'll keep that face in the background it's gonna take a little bit of work to understand, like the proper ordering of things but I have a good one I need. That original, there it is hold, on same. Idea ready. Get. That photo DVD.

2. This. Is our process it's gonna take a little but it's gonna take a little bit of doing but bear. With me. All. Right, go, into my it's, my DVD, thumbnail, folder I should probably have this open at all times, drop. This in what. If I did like this pull. Up. It's. Like, yes. Grab. The eraser tool actually would probably I need what, full screen does. Not work, as I expected it to uh. Rasterize. Layer' hey. Hey. Now we're cool now we're cool alright I keep, on you want to use after like free free, transform is there like a polygonal, where's. Like the magnetic lasso. That. There's a way better job than I normally do. Alright. BAM. You think, this lasso, tool would be a little bit simpler to use hold. On there's, gotta be one where's. Our where's our magnetic, lasso tool feel, but use lasso is it's not it alt f4 is magic to all things Aaron. Uh. Raster. Is a rasterizing. The layer that, does actually sound pretty powerful. Dude. I'm about to rasterize, the layer yeah that sounds extremely powerful, I. Need. A magnetic. Lasso is it the magnetic lasso. Magnetic. Line, I don't, like search is there like a search there's. Not a search uh guys. Where's magnetic, lasso oh wait. Got it hold on so there's like this, cool. Infinite. Power infinite. Power. It's. Not gonna work perfectly. But. I'll tell you what's gonna be better than whatever I can do. All. Right all yes. Now. This is power I was not prepared, to have please. Create a point okay I click to make a point I can that's. Extremely, cool okay, now that's a cool feature now. Select. Inverse delete. Select. None all. Right. God. Help oh whoa oh god hold on that wasn't anyway expected but we may be able to just straight-up avoid that if. We just do uh hold, on wait bit, okay. Just. Increase, the size here. All. Right, good. It's. Good we have good aim good aim let's. Do this, I keep, on going forever um. Well. You guys were spamming it in chat earlier and now here I am all. Right, let's. Remove, the. Hat. Goodbye. We're gonna make him bald for a second. It'll. Be good in the long run I should. Probably click to create more lines. Okay. Delete, that oh god. Ball DDD. We're. Going to unholy areas. By. Me what else did you expect on the stream so, here is why I'm really loving the, idea of uh, hold. On well first of all important. Feature to this we need the polygons oh well no no we need a wiener. We need our boy Magni the, magnetic, lasso tool. The. Hero we don't deserve all right, can I move plug can't, move you me. Thing I guess eyes that doesn't know all. Right but that is okay that's okay what. The heck is that don't worry, it'll. All become clear soon I. Hope. It is already clear for some of you. All. Right. Work. This. Thank. You GUI for being so high contrast, all right. Then. We can just edit. We. Can't cut but we can you. Do have to rasterize this layer okay we have to rest so I look cut, paste. New. Layer up top oh it's starting to it's starting to come together I'm not. Sure if I'm happy about it but it's starting to come together how. Do I like increase the canvas size. Canvas. Size here we go it seems it seems very I don't want inches give me out of that pixels, please uh, give. Me, a nice like 1920. By 1920. Perfect. Then. Maybe we can just like yeah, there, we go there, we go get rid of this stupid timeline I don't care about the timeline it's. Good just close this, oh god. Yes okay okay. Chad. Is hot chad is telling me to stop it's, too late well. I see the donations I will read those a little bit in a little bit just, let me let. Me get to what I'm trying to get out here all. Right. Here. We go we're. Slowly, beginning to enter the twilight zone people. Are gonna start to understand, what I'm getting at Oh. God. Alright alright, good. Chat. What would you name this creation, that. Were that we're slowly working on right now, alright. Yo, check this though this is the cool you guys already see the coolest feature in this entire program watch. This. So. If. I do all, of this. Gooeys, de life a little face I'm. Sorry GUI and do. Edit fill. Content-aware. Fill, it. Should. Just completely fill that up a gloop yep there we go it, looks a little bit gross but you know what here we are, just, let's, save this right. In the DDD, let's. Call this canvas one. There. We go. Now. We're. Just gonna turn, back on this layer you can, see where we're going though you, can see where we're going is it this will get demonetised, okay you know I actually. Believe, this let's. Move this a little bit more to the front and. Then. Merge. The, layer down here Oh. God. And then we. Do it again. This. Tool this content-aware fill is. Going. To be our hero we're going to use this. Like. Like you know those people in movie is that like.

Performing. Like stitches, and do like necromancy. On things, too like bind them we're, gonna do that with content-aware, fill. Until. It works. Fill. Content-aware, is going to carry all god oh god. It's. Beginning, it looks like an infection. Is. Eerily is there like a feather thing uh. Edit. Let's. Try that again fill. Content-aware. Okay. Okay okay okay okay okay, select. No it's like these like okay, it's, coming together we're. Creating our unholy creation where's. Like the smudge tool, that's. A mixer brush brush. Tool no no no, what's. This was, a mixer brush oh. This. Is exactly, what I need hold up, increase. Size. Hold. On we just, mesh. It together, it's. Gotta mesh. Them together. Perfect. Just smudge, them. Smudge. Them together, make. It less noticeable. There. Yeah then, but. I know like to to it looks like an angry bird. Tell. Me I'm wrong that looks like an angry bird. All, the way around, back. Through. All. Right edit, fill. Content-aware. Boys, on. A trip Oh, every. So often content, to wear isn't aware of the content. Contrary. To the name why, am I not showing chat excuse me whoa. Whoa, hold on UH. One. Second. What's. Happened why, is it in this view there, we go not sure what that was whoa, hotkeys. Hold. On a minute what hotkeys are freakin out I. Bet. You didn't expect the splatoon, instant. Replay, to kick in. But. You weren't expecting, that, okay. My hotkeys, I'm gonna figure it out. Good. Bet, you weren't ready for that and that mix-up by. The way we're actually watching, splatoon. How. Do you do like control, Z I like. The correct control, Z. Alt. Control. Z oh. So. Just stupid I like why isn't it just I don't know okay. All. Right select. Deselect. All, right we're gonna try and fix up this little area right here, so. Where's where's our where's are you where's our brush, no that's the wrong thing where's, our brush, select. Deselect, all. Right all. Right let's just try. And blend. This in. There. We go, not sure what though what this white stroke, is I'm, sure what's going on why does it create that, is. It like trying to pull from like the colors we have in that, case hold, on a minute we. Need the color picker on how. Do you like actual a color picker. I'll. Understand, of it no there it is aha. It's like running away from me all. Right and then. Perfect. Now. If we use like the mixed brush it's, actually, God like, hold. Up that's. What we need to do this entire time. Jesus. Jesus. Is not here anymore. God. Is left by the way someone I forget I forget their name I apologize Sonnen, Chet is is use is listening, to me on surround sound, hello. There behind you and in front of you they. Showed. Me their setup before the stream on Twitter. Select. All you. Know what we're gonna leave that bump on his head he, got that from hitting a building that's, not a defective, of the program. All. Right cool, next. We're gonna do. Probably. The last piece of this puzzle. Just. Move, this, here. Oh you. Know what we need to do hold on it's. Almost perfect, we. Need to get this guy, and. Actually, no no no we need it we need our boy Magni. Where's. Meg. Where. Is a magnetic. Clasp. The. Magnetic, lasso tool, get. All that. Edit. No. Wait like you see me naughty naughty. Oh gets, me out here okay edit. Fill. Content-aware. It's. A little imperfect. It's. A little imperfect, I'm not gonna lie. Uh. What if we did this one. How how powerful. Is the content-aware fill, that. If we did this it would fix it. Will. This all encompass, fix it please. Not. Really uh. But. You know what that's the eat look he has a job defect, don't talk he doesn't talk about it look all. Right, now. All we have to do is. End. The, stream before it goes any of any any bit any worse you guys okay with that if we just ended the stream here. All. Right now. Select. This I. Love. Are you like throw the layer it's. Very cool all right. Then, we just merge it all and. We just like. BAM. Just. Like, that and then. You know what we're gonna do, J, say, it with me now, content-aware.

It's, Contour scale, that's, that's a thing. How. Does that work, also, it worked oh my god it, blended. It. Why. Is it shed up there. What. On earth have you been looking at this in somebody's please laugh on. Well. I know I mean uh. It's. Been a while since I've used this thing Oh. Like. That dude those are all like that they like the ghost of my hot keys to pass, alright, uh. So if anyone wants to make this their Twitter avatar what, I'm gonna do I'm actually gonna provide you guys the links to these things if you want to like clean it up a little bit, alright. So. What we're gonna do is there any other like, errors, in this thing that we can just like remove real fast here, look. At this guy down here just get rid of that okay cool then. I mean the entire thing quite honestly is one giant error, you. Know what we work with what we got and there we go there. We go I'm gonna give you guys access to this if you want to clean it up anymore we're. An export. This is a PNG what. Do you think we name this we name this first piece. Goo-goo-goo. I'm. Gonna go with goo goo goo, goo. Goo goo. Dot. PNG I'm. Gonna post this on Twitter real fast. Alright. If you guys want to uh. Alright. If you guys want to download it for yourself. First. Shop. Of the. Night I. Call. This one. Goo. Goo, goo, alright. It's, being posted on Twitter right now at. Fail boat 103. Feel. Free to hop in there and you know edit it how you want or change it to your profile picture if you so desire well this is like not cropped appropriately. I'm, actually gonna open up GIMP real fast game, is gonna be my backup tool because. I know how to use GIMP fairly well, if. I'm struggling with something I'm just gonna quickly open up GIMP just. To, make the whole the whole process a little bit faster. All. Right so we're gonna do real fast it's just image. Auto crop, thank. You we, don't need any. Of. This. Don't. Eat any of this just get rid of this hard, edge your Marian just. Just, edge. Away, right there. Perfect. Let's. Clean up a couple areas. There. We go maybe that. I doesn't need to be as like. It is there's. Something down here that a GIMP doesn't like image. Auto crop yeah. That works now. We'll just, export, that all right. Images. Going out on Twitter right now. DDD. Goo-goo-goo. All. Right. Godspeed. Now. Well. What else we think it's at what else we thinking. What's. The next thing. I'm. Thinking, look first. Of all. FF. We're. Gonna need a new a new thing for this hold. On dump. Double, tap or something how. Do I create like a new thing, new.

Dock. Uh. Can. I get critically, just a general, Oh, 1080p by 1080. Yes. Is this pretty much is what I'm going for. Then. Maybe I can just like canvas size. Pixels. Let's. Make everything 2000, by 2000. All. Right. God. How. Many retweets to make this your profile, picture for the week we. Got nine hundred eighty-two people, watching this if that gets once. What. Oh. It. Took the UH one. Yeah. One thousand retweets on that we. Have nine hundred eighty-two people watching that if that if any, of these tweets. Gets. 1,000. Retweets. I. Will. Put it I will use as my profile picture on as, many social, media platforms, as physically, possible. Here. We go, for. An entire week. Facebook. Everything. Everything. Okay. Perfect. Now. Who. Are we doing next I'm. Thinking, here I don't know where the lock button is there. Was a lock button down here but now it's gone alright, let. Me dig through my video, images, folder Oh. God. God help me um. We. Could do, I have any of me, if I just search for fail boat. Do. I just have do I just have I'm having a good like like shots of me with my body still intact, I. Have. Like one Apple, we'll save that for later if we really want to. Who. Else can we can. We destroy it needs it needs like uh, it. Needs a base oh. Wait. A minute. Good. God. Hold. On. Good. God Almighty. We'll. Take this already, awful, image and make. It worse. Okay. Start. With this start start with this as a base. We're. Okay, okay. What. What's a good what's a good frame for this I got, he's gotta be a turned in one direction. He's. Gotta be turned in one direction. Its, splat Dan by the way there's an image of splat Dan wait. I. Think. It's this is perfect. Ddd. Three. Okay. I think, this might be perfect hole up, ready. Grab. My. Grab. My various. Dee-dee-dee-dee-dee. Three is the correct one yes. All right. Get. That in here, rasterize. That we already know what's up we, already know the rasterization, you. Can't mess us up anymore game alright, game, I called it alright. Then. We're. Just gonna do. Wait. Apply yes thank you okay, then, it's. Time to. Crop. Where. Is it where, is our boy where's. The magnetic, lasso tool there it is alright. Let's. Just, get. All, this. No I would, like that to be moved to thank you alright. When. The magnetic, lasso tool freaks out it's like not ideal. It's. All right that will make it happen it's, a little it's a little on the funky side. Then. Again the source image is very. On the funky side. So. You know I have, no clue, perfect. And then. Hey. Their deity what's up buddy. We. Can just do this we. Can just remove. This section. Aha. Perfect. Image editing skills. That's. Why they pay me the big bucks to make thumbnails clearly. Right. You. Already saw the intensive, process that was earlier in the stream here now. Select. Inverse, Oh God. And. Just like that you can start to see it form. Just. Like that. What. Whoa whoa, that's not like that's I how'd. You like rotate the actual thing, hold. On there. We go is, there, a legal way to make it so if I'm cropping, something it doesn't feel like the entire thing not, just like what's being shown oh god what is this. It's. A start. It's. A it's, a start. We. Have to keep it like. Super-stretch. It's, the thing. It's. Gotta be like this. God. Wide. Okay. BAM. Yeah. You just got to do the opposite of what you're doing, like. Not inverting. Or. Just you know making. Blessed images instead of cursed ones. It's. One of those that cannot do all so we were removing this background just I can just really. BAM. Okay. So. Like deselect damn. What are you doing beautiful. Things we have to get rid of that hat. His. Hat gone. It's. Time for that content to wear. Well. We have to have to do hit that vectorize uh. Rasterize. Excuse me, rasterize. Then hit that uh. Hit. That content-aware. Fill. That. Is all God what on earth did you do to my hat. Let's. Try out one more time, I'm. Not sure what it's trying to fill but uh. Here.

We Go content. To wear I. Mean. It. Almost works, I think we can just like Colin's. It's. Okay we all make mistakes we'll just. Cover. That up cover, that up there, we go okay we're, making it worse we're making it worse. Yeah. That'll. Do that'll. Do but, now I don't. Feel it's complete I don't feel it's complete. Now. We have to do our, our. Transmutation. We. Have to we have to we have to physically, put. The body the, head on the body. Through. Means that are not. Agreed. Upon by scientists. This. Isn't that an ethical thing. I'm doing right now please. Don't tell anyone about it. It's. Coming together, it's. Coming together I mean it is it literally is coming together. There. We go Edward. Edward. Edward. Um. Here. We go let's try that one more time fill. Content-aware. We're. Actually moving it down this. Is actually not the way we, would like it to be moving it so it's just a simple smudge. Where. Is just a smudge tool. Smudge. Tool nice, and easy, to. Find just yes. Yes. This. Is exactly what I was looking for. Because. Then once. We create the perfect lines. Once. We can create them. The. World is us the world is ours. Because. Then all we have to do keep. On going for it is do, one more. Content-aware. To. Fix up the texture. Edit. Fill. Content-aware. I probably. Learned these hotkeys, select/deselect. It's perfect, God, it actually has created a neck that. Is created an actual, looking, neck uh what. Else. Should we do here I'm. Thinking, like. What. Else what else. Alright, hold, on to me I wanted to try this out real fast. What. Does this do. It's. Like the whole thing. How. Does this work. Oh. My. Actual. God I. Have. Just found the best option, in this entire program. Content-aware. Boys. Oh. My. God. We've. Evolved, the. Content, has evolved. Now. We merge down the layers. Merge. Down. God. Left the server. What. Happens if we do this I love. Testing, the power of content to wear. This. Just fill this in. What. Now content-aware. What. Now. God. It's. So close to perfect. How. About this, grab, that smudge tool. Smudge. Let's. Get let's get the. Get. Get like the DVD body on it there, we go yeah. Yeah, there we go just. Get. Some more blue down there okay just get some more blue down there. There. Can you tell I don't make I don't, use Photoshop, too much. There. We go just perfect, the neck. Perfect. And now you know what we do you know what we do from here the. Steps are obvious, at this point. Smooth. It out with some content-aware, or, shift f5 right, shift. F5 oh god we've gotten a hotkey for it nope. That's not good. Cont, and unaware, seems. Correct. Let's. Do that one more time shift. F5. Select. Deselect what is this oh it's his tongue. You. Get that out of here why. Is the tongue in the shot. Who. Put that there, who. Did that who touched that. Whoops. Then. To. Bring it home. We. Need. You. Need to grab where's the color picker here it is here it good. Get the color picker on there. Turn. This on. How. Do I like Phil, where's. The where's bucket. Where's. Just a bucket paint, bucket tool perfect. It. Actually looks like it late like a horrible were like work of art a. Really. Gross work of art. It's. Just uh this is the color I need momentum, on here we go. Okay. I need. All of this though. Without. That but. This. Without. This, but, still this without. This but. That without. This, though, now. But like with this, alright. Look. Conten. Beware, you're in for a scare. It's. Perfect. Beautiful. And. Now all we do is we. Just delete. Select. Deselect. God. Why, well. Let's, just remove the bag let's just make this a completely transparent image. Hold. Up. Where. Is my magnetic lasso let's. See what happens if we do this. Run. This over the entire thing let's. See what stays. Let's. See what the magnetic, lasso understands. About. This image what it understands, that we don't. The. Humanity, doesn't, all. Right. Got. A little, bit of something up there. I'm. Not gonna lie these points are a little sketchy. Look. At a little suspect down here all. Right. Good. Run. It back up here. This. Is a terrible livestream and I love it. And. Then. Probably a little bit. Right. Here, I. Forget. Who suggested, this but thank you so much all right select, inverse. Begun, oh my god. It's. Beautiful. It's. Actually, beautiful. But. What do we call it. What. Do we name. This. Is this work of art. If. I can dare call it this. If. I dare have the permission, of the world to call it this. The. World is due to doomed. Home. Was I. You. Hello. My lover though there we go I'm back I'm back I'm back hello, everybody, all right, it's. Not about that just head to handle some okay uh what. We call this again we're. Bringing this guy uh uh. Uh, actually I've no idea what. Would we agree upon chat. We. Give it something horrible, we gave it some kind of horrible name. Dan. Dan dan, d Dan. Dandy. Dandy. Dandy. Dandy. D dot PNG is now a file. That exists um I could be all I forgot about this one I. Forgot. About this one.

Kind. Of like hit this and discard change is perfect. And. Let me just make sure this is done. Correctly let me just go through. It's. Gonna just get a couple things here. There. We go there, we go just edged into his shoulder a little bit we. Were missing a little bit down here. Perfect. This, is the. Worst idea for a live stream in the actual world. And. That's why I love it okay. And. Dandy. D is. Open. For business. In. A second hold on what's going on here, hello. Hello. What. Is this. What. Plane of reality is that does, that exist on that I can't erase it. All. Right cool I mean it works all right image. Auto crop. All. Right that's going on Twitter right now. What's. Going right on Twitter Oh. God. Oh. My. God. You. Guys are too much. You. You guys are immediately, already making memes of things I. Hate. This. Wait. How many retweets does it have it, over it already has 90, retweets oh my. Lord. What. Are these faces. Hold. On, you. Guys are already sent me so many tweets I can't handle this I can't. Go back through all of them I'm, just gonna do this real fast guy just like copy image and paste it I can. This. One's bye-bye. Unfunny, jokes check this out. God. Alive, what, are you creating, I. Know. It's easy to say I'll whatever what am i creating what, are you creating, look at this. You. Just made it worse. And. I think I love it. We're. Gonna delete that for later but. I never have to see that again all right. Good. Um. Next. Up, well. What's our what's our next target here. It's. Creating a new thing a new doc. New. Document. There's, like a custom, just. Use like edit, from can you from here perfect. Mm. Bye. Mm. Background:white, perfect. We're. Getting we're getting faster, this do. Do I have a deal do I have like a good deal uh. I'm. Looking at my video images to see what would I have here. Let's. See. I got. Drake. All. Wait, hold on a minute. I think, there was actually like a face where he DD just like does this exact face. Hold. On. So. What if I just did this. Isn't. There one where he does like that exact, face. We're. He's like looking down yeah. He like looks up for a sec wait, a minute. Right. There, oh my. God. It's, perfect. All. Right. DDD. For. This. Is good it this is actually gonna be perfect. I've. Never been happier with a for the shop here. DDD. For Oh. Gonna. Be perfect, okay. Rasterize. A smart object that's correct okay. God. DD, DD, ceases. Cereal well you wait what, is our name for this how. Are we naming the cereal, oh, guy. Hole I will read the support in a second guys let. Me finish this shop and I will read the support. Silver. Gunnar making. Rips. Youtubers. Making videos, me. Making. Shops. Lord, above that was a perfect, crop. Here. Actually wait a min I have a better idea for this oh it's. Not what I wanted to see I'm gonna be demo. Emerging. From his stomach I can just do this I like that whoops I press the button. Did. You delete, that layer. Perfect. Hold. On, DB. Delete that layer. Just. Resize. This. Affectionately. Now. My question is, can we get Cappy. You. Know on this I. Think. It's gonna be a little wide but I think we could put capys eyes on him. All. Right this is like a multi-layer process. All. Right it's first of all smart. Layer please I'm, finding like the quick ways to do it here too all. Right. Sunday. Night well-spent that's what I love to hear. What. If we did this. What. If Bowser. Grounded. Up DVDs, crown instead, of Mario's hat and. It, was found by Cappy, Cappy. Just. His name or is that just what we affectionately refer, to him him, as I. Don't. Wanna be rude. All, right get. Rid of all this, like. What if his name was his bill he. Was. Like I wish people would stop calling me by Cappy it's a little bit rude yes just because I am a hat doesn't mean my name is Cappy. It's. Incredibly, insensitive. All. Right. Cappy. Is his name okay, I. Almost. Don't like how it does this sort of like pixelate of you if I was a pixel I would love it, but. Not right now. Hey. This. Is roughly what we're getting at it's roughly, what we're getting at, I. Mean. Roughly is about. Right. Then. We just do. There. We go create, a new layer there. Hide. It. No. We can't hide that yet oh how. Are we doing this I think we have to put this.

On Top. Whoops. I've actually duplicate layer that's how you do that interesting. Okay. Good. Good. The. Eyes on oh I, don't like that I don't like that image nah that's, too curves for me. That's. A little too curse for me I'm the one who created, goo. Goo goo. And. That's still a little too curse for me all, right. Good. There we're, just gonna merge, this, layer down. Did. I just do merge visible nope, that is not correct, merge. Down. Then. Dan. The last one isn't on Twitter did it like fail to send. Let. Me look at my profile. It. Did, indeed fail to send. The, image was so cursed it failed descent okay here we go. Second. Shop. Dan. D. D. Damn. Daddy. Here. We go, it's. Gonna, post. That, right. There perfect. Sorry. About that the second image is now out and out into the world, another. Part of the world has been cursed. Thank. You for the correction okay. Now. We. Have to do a little thing called blending. Here because, you see this. We. Got to make this chin Manuel you can't even see Mario's neck here a little bit weird okay. Can. We turn it on like the hard edge for, a racer here. It's. Really clay is there like a. Perfect. Okay, we're. Gonna need to do this just. All. So it doesn't. Do it evenly what's going on with that. Why, does it take so long to do like the next erase pulse guess. You what I'm saying. Smoothing. What. Does it take so long chilly until I can remove the next circle. You. Guys see what I'm talking about right. What. Is that. That's. A Photoshop thing I'm not used to that. Because. Like if I do this I guess. That worked but like I. Guess. I can just like do this and sort of make it work. Turn. Smoothing, all the way down that's what I've done uh. I. Don't. Like that men I really. Don't like that. And. That's why I love it okay here's what's gonna happen. Let's. Just see what this does. Out. Of my own morbid curiosity. Content. To wear time boys I. Know. You missed it what. Happens if we do this. Yeah. Okay I figured I was gonna happen nope nope it's like select deselect good, oh wait. Oh no, no please, wait. A minute. What. If we content to wear this part though and just, made it blue. Any. Content aware fill go. Right. That does that too uh is. There a way to like oh wait. Look. Deselect, err. No. Okay. Let's. Get rid of this get, rid of all we still can. There's. Got to be some way to make this like not as as choppy. When. I do this when I do this erasing procedure there's got to be a way to make this not choppy. Unless. I just have to like individually, click but that seems extremely, unnecessary. What. I figured Photoshop was it was capable of, feel. Like I'm shaving right now. All. Right do you still play minecraft now and again. Not. Probably as much as you're looking for my answer to be though I. Mean. I guess that works. Unfortunately. That. His face that is his face okay. Here.

Now. Now. It. Gets even worse you thought that was bad you thought this process was bad now, we. Got to remove Mario from the picture. Quite. Literally actually nice yeah I think about it I was. Saying that is like a threatening, thing but no I mean quite, literally we have to remove him from the picture. Warning. This. Is going to look horrifying. There. Is no, way. Content-aware. Fill is this good. There. Is actually. No way this is going to not turn out to be a nightmare. Godspeed. Wow. That was, extremely, fine. Huh. Let's. Go content-aware fill. Never. Mind, they. Actually, completely fine okay. Then BAM. Wow. Meet. Alright, now, we just have to do this. Perfect. You. Know we're just gonna do uh. Oddly. Satisfying it, is is indeed correct. All. Right we're. Gonna layer we're gonna merge this down. Now. It gets a little weird cuz we have to do this. We. Have to do we have to do our our unholy, method, of. Merging. Our two creatures. This. Feels like something you'd have to do with like Pokemon, back. In the day not, sure what I'm talking about actually, sounds way more more but then I'm getting at okay. Fill. Go. That. Did not do anything. This. Has not done anything. Now. I know what I should did smooth it. It. Actually did smooth it a little bit, okay. Okay credit where credit is due it actually made it look a little bit better. Let's. See what else we can do then right. Shift F F okay. Okay. This. Is actually working as intended, hello. It's. Gonna break at some point and when. It does. The. Whole system. Is gonna fall apart violently. So. Far this. Is just actually like, not. As. Bad as I thought it would look at this. This. Is just actually starting, to become an image. Like. A normal image. Everything, slightly, meld everything over, here hold on that's a horrible thing. What. If we just like very. Softly. Meld, this. Area I, wonder. What this is gonna do out, of my own curiosity, it. Just makes it look better. What, if we just do this. I don't, like how close I am to his face right now. It. Actually looks a little bit better. All. Right well. Look, there's. Something we still have yet to do here, Cappy. Cappy. Does. Not look correct as is. We. Must melt him. Join. Him. With, the other hat. Stitch. Him together. All. Right I'm sorry Cappy. Did. That not actually, turn out bad it. Could have been way worse. It. Could. Have been, phenomenally. Worse. This. Is actually. Going smoothly I don't like it this. Is actually starting to go smoothly. It's, not. Actually. That. Bad. And. I'm. A little upset at that. Follow. Me can we just like.

Do. We have like a like okay hold on. Promo, - all try real fast here. Let's. Do. This. Box is a special, Oh. Buddy. You don't know it you have no idea how right you are. Nintendo. People, this. Box very much is a special. All. Right. Can't. Get this rasterize, and. Just. Like. Slowly. Edge this out. Yeah. Something. Like this should do. Here, we go, it's. It's not looking correct yet it's. Really is they're like how do you do lately like anti erase. How. Do I do a like a like like bring it back to life bites. The dust. Or. East a history. I'm, looking at you chat. You. Can't. Excuse. Me. Seems. Incredibly. Stupid. Wait. Can you not just just just just like. Hold. Ctrl and like on our ace. That's. Stupid I'm not gonna draw I'm not talented enough to draw it. That's. A little bit better I. Mean. I guess we can do this. Hold. On, rasterize. Sort. Of. Feel. It out a little bit here. Feels. Wildly. Inefficient. But. I guess this is one way of handling the job. Yeah. You know what you know what I, don't. Really want to put too much effort into it this, seems good enough to me. This. Box is a special, that, is correct. Export. Quick. Export PNG. What. We're calling this. We. Actually hold on no no no we. It's. Imperfect. One. Second. It's. Like. BAM. Edit fill. Foreground. Color. Text. DDD, did. It right. Hello. Oh. God. I see I see it now uh. D. I think. You control a. This. Does not feel as natural as I was hoping it was going to feel. Alright. I. Have. Written D D D more times than I expected, -. There. We go, d. D D. Then. I think I have the toward, the Super Mario font on here. Uh, if I don't think you would actually still be better. Where's. Dimbo. Dimbo. Is like the best font in this world. Tim. Belt let's go. Then. Can we just like hold, and like slightly. Make it bigger I guess. Not, let's. Go with like. 120. 180. 120. Alright. Super. Cursed cereal, what did it just undo it why, did it undo it bring, it back bring, it back what. Did it go away. I don't. Understand, these programs sometimes did it just undo all the text why I. Don't. Understand, the program sometimes didi. Just. Let me edit. Please. Just. Let me do things that I want to do. Photoshop. Is infuriating. Sometimes. Ready. DDD. Good. That's. Gonna be. 121. 27. Point font. Gonna. Be dimbo. Dimbo. Or. Whatever that is. It's. Gonna be color white. Let's. Go put that right there. There. We go. The. Job has been done. Export. Quick export. So, what. Are we naming this just. Was nice and simple super DDD cereal. Perfect. Save. To. Twitter it goes.

Make. A DM I'm, someone, this, image is unsuitable, for some people so. In DM me oh my. God you guys are making some, awful. Awful, images. Here, I'm. Also gonna just block someone, they're, singing me inappropriate, images all. Right there we go I hate. That you guys all do the same thing. All. You guys are just are just like, sending. Me the same images. Why. Are you all editing this image. Christ. Oh. God. We're gonna be here forever. Okay. Um. What. Do we got here. The. Third dish. Super. DDD. Cereal. BAM. I'm. Also gonna add my ID my live, handle to, these. People want to join in elbow. Dot live. Beautiful. It. Has been tweeted. Let. Me show you let me show some of the weird ones let. Me show some of the weird images I've found so far. All. Right let me just private. This okay here. We go let's, just go down down here I. Love. This one that's what this one's caught my funny bone. Here. We go. I'm. Liking, this one this one this was pretty good right off the bat, that. One is by a, mighty. Flowey. What. Else we got here got. One that looks, like a purple rock I don't really understand, it. Wasn't. Hurt this, is from, kabum. 79. Saying. This is me and my mom. Stop. Yeah, my cursor. This. Is me and my mom is. That, you, is this. You. Dear. Christ is this your mother, oh. God. Okay all, right sure. Whatever. You say guys whatever, you say. Hey. I missed, the image um. How's. This one look there. We go this is it, I can see what they're going for. This. Is Mike eating truck I could, see what they were going for. That's. Some that's some kind of beautiful, uh, what. Other what other things that we got here I see one that they turn into like a mean but I want to showcase like oh my god what is this, do. You like lens. Flare. Thank. You thank you mr. D, for. That one uh. And. Then, like. Every. Single person I know has sent me it's. Some, variant, of. Whoops. Hold, on, like. Every, single person is sent me some variant of this all you. Know you had to D it to him.

But. That one is web by unfunny, jokes and there's. One by mr. bite by band whitey. Marcy. Has created, the most cursed one. Like. Lord above what is this Marcy. Marcy. This is a war start of it I've ever seen from you and even. Then it's still pretty decent, which. Hopefully says a lot. All. Right. I like. This one okay. So a lot of people sent me variants of this meme this. Is like the best one, like, in composition, wise cuz, it like still has the proportions, the arms and the gun. This. One just has everything, good, job aliyev, emo nation. Beautiful. Well well I have sixty two notifications. Stop. I'm. Going to I have to go I have to sort my mentions this is insane, I. Hate. How fast you guys are. What. Is this funny, why. Is this funny to me this. Shouldn't be funny there's no purpose, to this being funny this. Has no right making me laugh. To. It, spoon. Oh. You, guys alright and that's why I love you okay, we're. Back on it again what's. Our next image. Well. What's. Our next image, image, for modification, purposes. Let's. See. I'm. Trying to find any any weird like, memes we have. Well. Off the hook Oh. Apparently. Oh I want, to read off the donation, messages excuse me, sorry. About that everybody let me go through those alright. Uh four. Dollars from Thunder chickens see thank you very much for the support you are the best youtuber ever I appreciate, it I do not believe so but I appreciate the support. To. Our or, three are our, dollars. From okay, do. BDD. B, plus D video my you, um. Um. I may potentially do that Austin. Thank you for the support oh sweet sock right I don't know what you're doing but uh keep doing, hat you. Are doing okay I'll keep doing what you're doing I understand. Two, dollars from cosmic sloth put it on toad potentially, um. Maybe. For the two dollars from Ivan thank you for this no problem thank you for that Sunday. Well spent says. Jared Bellon Bella cipher with uh with the support the. Fazbear's Lord play, Sasha's sausage, sports club maybe, the. Game worries, me a little bit in terms of family-friendly rating, like. If I should actually put it's, weird okay, put. It on here. You know what let's do this let's. Make let's. Make a deal laughing, at toe or no let's, put okay look so everyone knows the obvious do pose, that. This is gonna this is the obvious do, pose I kind. Of want to make do. Wait. Is there that image of like deal on the staircase hold, on do, staircase. I. Want. To do deal on a staircase with like toad on the bottom. Actually. Doesn't really work too well because it doesn't show both their faces at once. Where's. A good like jojo. Pose that. Shows like both of them Lily. Like both views. How, about if I just searched Dio. Brando. I. Don't. Have any good body shots, why. Are there no like amazing, body shots of do. This. Upsets me. Wait. A minute where, I it's. Not that good. There. Are no good body shots of this character. All, right all, right, what. Else you guys know it's almost all said toad I think. I actually just have an image of toad in. Fact I know I do. Hold. On a minute hold. The toad. Hold. The toad. Octo. Bomber, is. That that file I have how about Harold, I. Know. I've an HD photo of Harold. Hold. On. October. I know there, is an HD, photo of Harold out there somewhere where is it Chet. Scour. The Internet help for me help me find an HD image of, of. The. Octo bomber I. Know. It exists, I have it downloaded I did, at one time. It. Exists. Please. Help me find this. Wait. Unless this is it is. It found. It never mind we're good we're golden or golden. We're. Golden, we. Were actually so far into the money that, we can see nothing else. All. We, can see is money. You, guys ready for this. Literally. All we can, see right now is just, change. Money. Fat. Stacks, and. Other. Such riches. Okay. The. Elements are here. The. World is aligning. What. Face shall we use. It. Can't be all the way to the side. What's. It what's on wait. Does. This face line up. Good. Christ, it does. It's. Like a better frame. Dee. Dee dee my good pal but. Pop. What. Did you say pop. All. Right. Right. There. Save. DVD. 5 the. Best EDD. All, right.

I Also, like at some part of some part of me enjoys that this stream has is a is a nice cold silence. Just. A nice stale. Air. Something. About that just sort of really. Keeps this keeps, it perfect all right. I'll. Tell you what I'll tell you right off the bat we don't need the head we're. Just looking strictly. For. The face. Let's. Do it I. Wanna. Beat, everything. Like. No no. No I think it's Pokemon advances what I'm thinking of to. Catch them is my real test to. Train, them is, my cause. My. Whole life was that doulas time. To test my skill, I. Know. I just, gotta win got to show the world, want. To be here, Joe. Talk now that's what Joe doe wanna. Be, I'd do that song is in my head a lot recently don't. Know why I broke out in song randomly, but you know what now you know. Wanna. Be, I wanna. Be the very best. Pokemon. Johto. Okay. Born. To be a winner. Literally. I'm the protagonist. Born. To be, 10 years old, forever. All. Right I. Think. This. Is what we're looking for. Whole. Line it's actually but it might be cursed for a second look away if you have a weak stomach. It's. Not ideal wait a minute hold on before. We do what what I obviously want to be doing. Before. We do that, probs. If we do this. If. We just like rotate. This I wonder if you're like lined this up correctly. Can't. Like flip layers easily, I. Would. Like to I would like to undo. Okay. Now undo cannot step backwards anymore okay whatever. This. Is not rasterized, what's, happening here oh. I. Have to press ENTER duh. Is there just like a like a quick flip I. Think. I'll eat like do this or something right. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. This, isn't gonna work out exactly, like I was hoping it would all. Dude. It actually, almost fits. Like. If we just get rid of this part. It's. Not perfect. But. For like a two-second shop. This. Is pretty funny I like that okay. Okay okay okay okay, get. Rid of this now. Now. Now. There's. Some other things that must be done. We. Have some work to do oh god what am i done, how. Do i how do I not know why not that okay. Like. This right and then. I like. Live-streaming. A lot I. Really. Like live-streaming. This. Is a fun job. All. Right you. Rasterize. Dude. This is the face of all that this is a face a layer makes when I see when they see themselves get rasterized, they're, like oh god, no I know. Comes next I have, seen what you've done before me. Sorry. Harold. It's. Okay, you. Will live on is in various, other PNG. All. Right, content. On aware time boys, content. Beware you're in for a scare. What, oh okay. I did run one, thing. Content. Beware. It's. Not exactly, what I was looking for you got his flipper, in your eye. Again. It's it like look I. See. What you're going for it please see what I'm going for. That. Part saw it that. Part was easy. Okay. Like, this area right here is like corrupting, the entire thing. This. Is this. Like like, a secret splatoon, level. Like. I want you to look at this this. Looks like this look this looks like. A control, pad in a secret, splatoon level this, was like a top-down, view, we. Found like the access codes that they've been hiding this entire time. What. Is this what have I done what have I done I've blinded us. Why, is it still incorrect oh, there. We are okay. Okay. So. Now what how do I get rid of this, what. If I do this okay hold on pull it I have an idea I have an idea. Wait. Select. Deselect what if I did this. All. That selected. Color. Picker. Fill. With foreground. And. Then. And. Then. Content. Beware oh. We. Keep unlocking, the the. The. Areas we shouldn't touch well. Actually well this just work this will actually just work.

That. Is okay with me. It. May not be perfect but you know what look what we're dealing with here. We. Go and. Then. All we got to do from there is there like an easy way to adjust like the light settings. Like. Where, do I go for like editing lights and in. General I like new metric, Lulla Lulla metri settings. There's. Got to be a way to do that, that. I am unfamiliar, with. Is. It just like. Filter. Filter. For light. Turn. Up the contrast, no no I understand, but like is there. Some sort of thing that just has all those things. Look. Guys the words I understand. I know what words you're talking about I don't know where they are. My. Issue is I just do not know where they are. Filter. Daniel. I'm. Under filter. The. Help doesn't do anything, like usual. Image. Brightness, contrast thank, you. Auto. Wait. A minute oh. My. God it just does, it. Photoshop. Makes this too easy it's. Not perfect, but, God is it better I think. Merge. Down. Okay. This is all background right okay yeah. Hold. On. Helped out the eye a little bit that'll. Do that'll do, smooth. That out a little bit more on top. God. I'm. Satisfied I don't know about you guys I'm satisfied. Okay. Well, save. That out. Quick. Export. What. Are we calling this one chat. What's. Our name. What's. Our name for this. What's. Going on uh I have no idea. Dida. Derald DV. Derald. DB. Derald I like this. Perfect. Then. We just got to do the classic. Open. This up here. Then. Just image auto crop. DB. Daryl that's complete. Coming. To the Twitter like, literally right now. All. Right. The, forth work. Of art from. Today's. Stream. Dee. Dee, Gerald. All right. For. Tonight, I, know. You guys are thinking. This. They're they're all my god you guys are so fast at making these images. Literally. Everything you guys have added me in is. Another. Image I. Just. Keep getting added, images. We're. Doing one more tonight. Because. I have somewhere to go. We. Will do more of this a. Sentence. That I'm sure you you would you are going. To enjoy hearing. We. Are indeed, going to do more of this. This. Is not a this is not a one-and-done stream. What. Do you guys think next. Saturday. Not. Even same time same place on, the. Main stage. During. The Saturday stream. Waluigi. You. Absolute, animals. We, will do deal another time, I'm sorry teyla. The. Chat has spoke kind of boring completely.

Understandable. Completely. Understandable. Whoa. Luigi. I need, like a full body image of waluigi, i thought. I had one but does not appear to be so. Please. Just can I just get a normal full body image of waluigi, with like a transparent, background. While. Luigi, and gee well, waluigi. Png it's, all i'm looking for right now. Please. Just give me a waluigi, PNG, with. A transparent, background. Why. Is this so exceptionally, tough to find. Waluigi. PNG transparent. Everything. Is low-quality. Why. Is every, waluigi, image low quality. It's. Cuz he doesn't have any smash renders feels bad man you. Know I'm right. I. Cannot. Find for, my life. Sea. Cucumber, needs to happen but, not today, wolf. I just like search Wally maybe I do have it I thought. I had a full bite I do have a full body Waluigi I knew I did, oh. It's. Extremely. Small. All. Right I'm not using that. So. One must have its, it's. The Internet just. No one have. Ain't. Nice easily, right, you know this this one this will have to do this. Will have to do. This. One will have to do it's. Not perfect. But. It's better than the one I had. It's. Not perfect, but it's better, all. Right. Well. Face we use in. What. Face are we using. Perhaps. I don't even have to make a new face. We. Actually already have a selection, of amazing. Faces on hand. Actually. We sort, of did merge down every face I don't think we'll be able to. Let. This work. God, yes. It. Works perfectly. Ddd. 665. I think, I've made that many. Slow. Down there game. I'm. Just gonna slow down there computer alright. Let's. Wrap this up. Go. Out on a bang. This. Is how we learn, to heal. From, the lack of Waluigi. We. Just start making them look like other characters. This. Is how we learn to cope. Alright. Magnetic. Lasso you, guys know the drill already. You. Guys already, know what we're after oh. We. Shouldn't even be doing the here you know what you know what do, that again. Just. The face. Just. The face. Same. Stratas. Before. The. Speed waluigi, here god, alright. We. Can fix that a little bit we can fix this area. We. Can. Gently. Clean up this area i. Think. That did it did not do it hold on. But. This is unwieldy, tool used sometimes. Sometimes. Yeah. This is gonna look absolutely horrifying, i. Think. You guys are pretty, cool with it looking horrifying, by. The way if you guys didn't check it out look at my Castlevania, video I posted earlier today, I tried. To make it funny for people who have never seen council venue before because I also have never seen Castlevania, before. If. You guys could do me a favor and if you haven't seen it please check it out I. Spent. Many hours on, it I would like to get I would. Like to get support on it it, was completely understandable, if you do not want to. That. Being said, anyway. Uh. Yes. Let. Me just we just rip, off his face real fast thank you very much. Delete. This. God. Help us all. Why. Real talk why is DVD's mouth just Wario's chin. Anyone. Ever catch that. DVD's. Mouth is literally just the size of waluigi, chin. Okay. Well. Here. Here's. What we're gonna do. We're. Gonna see web goodness. My God thank. You for the support hyper retron. Also. I don't think I said it before but new member coming through watching the stream and supporting it to spam some feral Harrelson trapped because it's our cue and welcome Kenneth to the Failte great excuse me thank. You for the support love you man you're so funny please please playing hearts three when it comes out in photoshop duties face onto Sora I'm, not gonna be doing that today, but. I may. Play, Kingdom Hearts eventually. I'm. At, least gonna play on my own so. I at least have opinions on the game. Cuz. Right now I'd like still, never played Kingdom Hearts and I really want to. Or. Played League like one of them for like the DES or something, that's. Not the same. Alright. I. Try. To understand, these hotkeys. But. They don't like me. Walder. DD will. The DD. We. Know hold, on a minute I'm, dumb you. Know we need to do ah. Don't. Get, that close to me. You. Know we need to do. Edit. Where. Was it image, no his image. Auto. Tone, Auto. Contrast. Auto, color. God. I hate, how that almost works perfectly, i. Think. This is bad tumor to, to. Merge this down.

But. You know what we're in that kind of a night right now. Rasterize. Merge. Down. At. This. Point who knows. Okay. Hold. On magnetic. Lasso you're, on. I'm. Going. To be meeting this part of the java moved i. Not. Like that though. Please. Anyway, but that. Once. Again, anyway. But, the way you are doing it. Would. Be ideal. Please. That's. Okay look we have we look win, magnetic. Less oh let. Lets let's us down. We. Will always have the smudge tool. To. Bring us back to where we need to be. Smudge. Tools like the content beware tool. Except. Like lately. Last case emergency. Like. This mustache is probably gonna be hard for it to detect. And remove, so. We can just sort of like whittle it down with smudge here. We, go. Smudge. Tool is blessed. If. You disagree fight me. Look. At that look, at that it's. Coming together in. Horrible. Ways I. Can. Actually hear the laugh. Cuz. You know how King Dedede does, like the. Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa. Well, I like he doesn't go I got a really deep laughs, it's. Perfect he'd already says wha for a laugh. His. Laugh is already oh, you. Know like that kind of a thing. He. Says all voice modulated, and done by soccer I. It's. Perfect, it just fits in naturally, with, what he all what would with what would what we're morphing him into here, he's. Already been doing a wall for years, but. No one has officially, recognized him as. Another. Brother. Until. Today until. Today. King. Dedede finally, climbed the ranks, and. Has. Merged oh my god the support. He. Is merged with. Waluigi. To. Gain infinite power. Infinity. Wars has. Never been looked has never looked so stacked. Let. Me just finish off this one a little bit here then, I will read off that amazing, support. Thank you goodness. Hyper, red shrine. Thank. You, thanks. Love you man what editing software to use I use Adobe Premiere Pro but please do not do. Not sponge an eye to. Give. Me that. Much. Financial. Support that is perfectly. Fine. There. Are other streamers, who I feel are more worthy of that, than. Me who's literally just. Messing. With, waluigi. Space, by putting King Dedede on it. All. Dude this is why smudge tools God like I. Won't. Have to be good at image editing I can. Just like. Push. Things. Until. They look kind of good. I'm. Actually, way, more okay with this I expect it to be and. Because. Of that I think. I'm done. My. God thank you for support. But. Please anyway, I, think. I'm done I, think. I'm satisfied with with our creation, here today. The. Smudge tool is is. Better. Than I expected it to be even, like I love this expression, so much was it actually looks makes it look like it's gone oh. Wait. A minute hold. On I see what you're saying I see what you're saying check, hold. On, I'll. Try and make it happen again. I'm, not I'm not really a pro image editor all I can do is use a smudge tool. But. Even then while actually seems to be working fairly, well, this. Is why the smudge tool is like the most godlike thing. Smudge. Tool, for life. It's, got to perfect that a little, bit. Smudge. Tool, for life baby. It's. Not perfect, and man like, it does not have to be. It. Might be sitting on the head of perfection, but uh. It's. Perfect. Thanks. Sport quick export as PNG, what. Are we calling this one boys, what. Are we calling it. Wallow. Dee dee dee. Dee. Luigi. Waller. Dee dee Waller. Dee dee sounds, so funny. Walu. Dee dee. I'm. Not gonna make a fortnight, parody video. Thank. You for the support but I apologize, that is not that. Is where I draw the line. Okay. I guess we're doing one of these literally, every stream for the next year. This. Is. Probably. One, of the favorite things I've done.

You've. Run out of divisible, donation, amounts. God. Thank, you all. Right. Let's. Upload this and be on our way, our. Final image of the night. The. Final course. The. Desert. The. Last shop, of the night. Hua. Lu didi. Beautiful. Beautiful. Please. Enjoy those. Images, use them at your own discretion. What. Else do we have out there in the world that I can show real fast before we end it off the stream today. What. Else can I show real, fast here I hate, I'm. Not gonna show that on stream desk. Oh Sato but. Just know I appreciate. It. This. Is so good. Tool. Kites I. Can't. Wait to go through and just retweet all these my time line is gonna be an actual mess. Tonight. My. Time line is going to be a, bloody. Mess. There's. An amazing wall of lujah down, there I see, people making their own shops someone. Else did it okay. It was just another image Oh getting it right. If. They do chicken lisbonne for, sending, that. God. We have swim splatoon, like a new-school tune boss from band whitey. What. Else we got in here. This. Is actually. The. Best image, Zemo, nation. The. Mo nation, has created, a meta meme. Monster. On. Mont. Crotch. V-mon. Ation you acts you actual, God. Commits. No press thank you your octave boy. It's. Actually, perfect, you made a homunculus of, the homunculus. Edward. Edward. This. Is like actually my favorite image okay. Uh. Well. What else exists, on the, Twitterverse. That. I've been sent. I've. Seen some weird images I'm not sure we really what's going on there uh. Oh. This. Is good, let's go. Lck, the duck. Coming. In with this one, the. Actual angry bird I. Said. He look like Angry Birds and I I'm, not wrong and they really do look like Angry Birds. This. Is an interesting one. My. Chicken was bone again top, 10 anime battles a, little. Hard to see if I like it. God. Play. Of the game images. Play. Of the game dee dee dee dee dee, dee delete this as splat Tim I. Hate. Th

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