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The World's Fastest Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 67

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This. Week we've got hot new tech from Flanders plus casual, clothing for cyclists, who like to remain well understated. I guess first the, bike is going to be used in next week's our record, attempt, and all the usual favors. All. Right first up this week then let's talk about some tech being used in Flanders, but sadly well neither of us there on the ground were we because well, I'll meet Lloyd II was there but well who knows what he was getting up to old, photo used, to take pride in place in the dining room button. Now. It's a little back cord on the way to the toilet. Firstly. We've got the bike here of madspetersen, or, magic beautician and he, was, apparently the only rider to be eating the new one buys from read access, group set how cool does does, that lovely, a single chainring in the front yeah but interestingly also, a chain capture fitted to that as well yeah he's a big fan of that one by group so I did hear on a podcast, I think I know, that chain, catcher presumably, is there really, just, to help as a secondary measure in case the chain was to dislodge with, while the rigors of tough Pro race and he and cobbles exactly, those casts a that was pretty rough out there but it's nowhere near as rough as well brew Bay was coming up this weekend so I'm looking forward to seeing if he if, anyone else be using one buy in that race nomads, and a couple of his teammates were also spotted on board over pretty cool, painted, Trek Madonn weren't they very, now yeah they were using that back and get bevel gum as well and well who knows if we'll see it again the season yeah kind of want that paint job yeah same. With the trek guys though fair enough the. Bike of Edward turns had. Blip, shifters on it on the drops interesting. There I mean like a sort trigger position, yeah on the drop zone calf as that one is bite now she was a Shimano ones yeah now that got me thinking who, else has had this done so out a good old stalker and looking at the trek guys to see if anyone else had been there and well check, this a really close up on the bike of John Degenkolb it, looks like he's got a set of Shimano spring shifters, but wide up to his ceramic, set, mean do that yeah I know it's possible because Marcel. Kittles, bite when I took a look at that he did exactly the same on his and I know basically just splice the wires into it and it works a. Cross-pollination. Like interbreeding, group, sets maybe, I should do it for maintenance Monday, was it bit me should drink a bit nice oh yeah no I wouldn't bother with that and for the time being Niki terpstra the 2018, winner, of Flanders. Took to the cobbles on while, beautiful, buying a brand new will eh ento tener, and the, fort looks like he's been hydro. Dipped with this chrome cobbled. Pattern on there looks absolutely banging, unfortunately, crashed it though but, yeah. Yeah. They'd, love to show off like that chrome style paint wood yeah who can forget king of bling P Piper's answer hey that's very little ways that really coins, and he and I stick him with Nikki, torture momentarily. Well, he also had. Some really nice-looking Roca, sunglasses. As well with a college, style effect, just really understated, and they were hydro dipped as well gobby yeah yeah unless I mean to paint those by hand that's gonna be pretty tough in there in the the edges they were too precise I reckon certainly for our shaky, fans either, way sadly, and if he is out of the classics campaign because I do believe you suffer from concussion, so yeah there we are may weaken of his glasses it's.

Worth Asking it, anyway. More tech later I. Victor, camp an arts will be attempting, to break the world record, in, just under a week's time and for doing that well he's gonna need a pretty special, bike so he's got this Ridley, arena, TT, bike which, is essentially the trek going version, of the Dean fast. Tantra, bike yeah. You, know I just got a special bites by it's got a special, name too now I think, it's widely. Regarded these, days that the best way to come, up with a name for something is to ask. The Internet yeah. That's right yeah because the internet never lies does, it well Ridley did exactly, that and apparently, Belgians. Voted. Overwhelmingly. For. The name. John is like, the flying mustache. Right. Okay that sounds interesting yeah, what's, that buy them but. I, don't, know if. Anyone if I don't get it. Anyone, watching, knows why. It's called the flying moustache. Or mustache then, let, us know in the comments I thought that the flying, moustache was Norway's, Robert. Johansson the Olympic gold medal-winning, ski-jumper. There are those Eddie the Eagle Edwards, actually, lost us finest, ski jumper a fine athlete, yeah personally, I think I'm just disappointed that it's not called biking mcboatface but. All. Right moving away from biking mcboatface then, let's, talk about the cockpit, because that's really interesting isn't it because Ridley, have actually manufactured, him a special pair, of or, tri-bar extensions, if you like so they match, the curvature, of his forearm, so when he's down there his arrow position he's not gonna be losing any time and, I think even Ridley, now have to offer that there's part of this service, so they can meet the UC arms requirements, yeah that thing about equipment being available. To you, or i-ticket, box don't you yeah also the bars are really narrow it's quite cool to the base bar just 33. Centimeters, wide, now. That's. Because having a narrower bar reduces, your frontal area and it. Makes the bike more, aerodynamic. The disadvantage, of having an hour or a bar though is that you have less, leverage and less stability when, you're on that bar and riding, out the saddle but, uh Camp. Nass is, only gonna be out the saddle on that base bar if it goes to plan for the first 15, seconds, and then the remaining 59. Minutes 45, seconds, will, be spent on, those tri bars so it's, a trade-off but they can sear it worth it yeah right. On some more other cool details, there because Ridley are using, a textured, surface on certain, key areas of the bike now they call it f surface. Plus and they use that on all their area bikes currently, - yeah, it's quite interesting so it's. A similar principle to, how, the dimples on a golf ball work you've got the grooves and the textured, surface, and key locations, on the frame and what they in theory do is enable, the boundary, layer of airflow to become turbulent and that, having, that layer turbulent helps, the main air flow, where. It's more easy for it to follow the, lines and shapes of the tubes and what, would you Strack and of course if he wants to go fast he needs to get his gearing right and well we pretty important on a track by connect we only everyone yeah now, we're told that camping arts hasn't, decided, on his final, gear choice as of yet because well anything can happen on the day Karla at the weather conditions also. Howie. But, get this if everything goes to plan he, wants to be using, 59.

14. As his gearing, option and while he's got to pedal over a hundred reps a minute to break down a record yeah so his target, cadence, was planned, to be a hundred and five rpm. That's. That's, pretty punchy yeah yeah he's. Looking to go so I guess he I guess he knows his body and those who's capable of but yeah he's looking to spin to, win and also the other interesting thing is that he's going for a road, chain, on, his bike rather than a track. Chain which is a wider. Gauge heavier, chain a road chain is thinner and lighter than. A track chain and the thinking behind this is, that it is more efficient, in terms of drivetrain, efficiency, and there's, a small what same made but Wiggins and Doucet both used Road chains in their successful, attempts as, well yeah, who knows maybe it's slightly more aerodynamic, to a direct. You could measure that if you know. Right. What about is tires then because we're both well tire perverts, aren't we so. He's gone for vitória pista speeds which, are well the choice, of the the track four-seater, these. Days and our record, champions. But. The ones he's got a special they apparently even faster than the standard vitória pista speed because. They're gold not. True is because they're gold because the gold ones been around for a while you bet anything gold is faster, oh yeah, makes it like chains yeah. Yeah, I do remember actually there was some do gets tires out there they had a lifetime of about, a hundred kilometres, because they're so thin the treadle is it because they were gold no they were pink there. To clean them with vinegar and stuff on that new stick to the boards anyway all that geekiness, aside, these, ones are 22, millimeters, in width which well, at first I thought I said it right really, because just go 19, so I guess it's to marry up the campaign you know Gibney maybe a speculator. Also rolling resistance, you know yet. Probably done some math some work this in a year more than we though oh the bling bits fitted to compromise bike includes sea bass Romick bearings, fitted, throughout. He's also got look kiyo blade pedals, and Campagnolo. SRM. Cranks. Of course he can't look at his power readings can he was he sort of riding along there because the UCI don't, on the track let alone an hour record yeah it's quite interesting that so a lot of top.

Coaches And and pros say they're the best athletes, totally. Can just go out on field and they don't need to see the numbers but when. Doucet did the hour record, because. They'd had all these gains and things fit to his biking our special skin suit and everything he was going faster. For the power, than what he imagined, he would so, actually he ended up because he couldn't see his power riding. At a much lower power of just going off the lap times and, reckons. He could have gone quite a bit faster in the end the only thing about the 360, what, only only. Only oh he's more than I could do but it, he's. A he's an athlete that believes he's capable of doing what 400. Plus one so I'd. Like him to have another go at actually yeah I did say it in the after he went I could have gone quite a bit faster yeah. Yeah, so. Right, all, the sort of tech and stuff for camping arts has got going on and going to ask billion Tezz which is altitude, makes a little bit easier do you think you know John what. Do you know what I think currently. His, performance, his fitness and, all of these bits of marginal gains which he's had done I think, he could but there's. Something which stands out with me is the fact he's doing it it's altitude, and, that, is, always, gonna, cast not, a shadow effect but it's always gonna be weld you know what he's, our record if it's successful isn't, comparable to those of Wiggins now said all these people because they did it at sea level you know I'm not taking anything away from camp not if you go to altitude you have to get used to riding altitude, there is also negative effect there you, know if you don't adapt to it I. Personally. I love the Eric or dislike the kilometer time trial it's the ultimate feet. Really of pushing yourself to the limit you know for that given period so I hope he does it and I hope more probes then take it onboard and try and smash him yeah. Personally, I think based on the maths and the numbers, that I've, seen, if, he, can. Produce. 370. Watts, plus I reckon, he, would do the hour record I his. His power at sea level would you'd expect it to be around 400, plus for an hour.

Yeah In terms of how good he is and world-class, the time trial is but, it's. That fact that he'll lose a bit because there's less opportunity term. At altitude, but yeah. It's a trade-off but yeah I we want to know what you think yeah, go. For it for a while no need and he has embraced that, much this year sorry flees just been living in a lab just churning, it away an hour after, hour you, know who. Knows though yeah but gave over the comments will he break it or will he not, stay. Tuned. Legendary. Italian, saddle, manufacturer, Celje Talia have just released some new sell something yeah it's called the SLR boost it's a short nosed version, of the much-loved and well-established seller, Italia SLR. 2.5. Centimeters, shorter. And. Apparently pretty lightweight too here's the carbon oflow, version, weighs in let's get this. 129. Grams yeah. It's like now short no saddle has been growing in popularity and the SLR boost is gonna be available in four different virgin. See you've got a carbon railed version atop the range titanium, rail a manganese, rail and also, women's specific one ah she's nice to see it's got a bit of additional padding on it and also has a titanium, rail yeah keep your eyes peeled for that one the, folks at Y hope they've just revealed, two, limited, edition colours, for the element, bolt models, of GPS, units, so they come in a kind of darkish, blue and a pinky, magenta, color because apparently, members. Of the community, were desperately, screaming. Out to have something would match up with either their bike or that kit a nice little touch that also. Friends of the channel orbea, they've just released a couple of new models of Orcas, which, feature the new ceramic, force, eater, access, groups and they. Look good they're like yeah it's. Funny innit how brands. Are releasing things earlier. Earlier, than ever I mean we're in what April and, already notes basically 2020.

Bike Yeah. And finally. Belgium, France cyclone, Club Marcel, have released a clothing range is kind of a homage to an absolute legend of the sport a real hero of mine Frank Vandenbroucke er so if, you want a bit of casual gear to show off your, a cycling, fan but kind of bit understated then, head on over there of course if nothing there, your fancy wanna check out the gcn shop well. Indeed, I, get. One of these fine, hoodies yourself. Anyway, more tech next week. It's. Now time for, screw riding upgrades by upgrades where you submit pictures, or videos for whatever you want before, it could even draw reach, your already boring maybe brass rubbing. Before. And after of your, upgrades, so, with a chance to win the ultimate prize, the, gcn, cape run to new one as well have you seen changed, it you know in it for like what. Two months I'm not seeing this it's who they done you. Know the longest hotter than ever Kate brunt 2.0. Anyway, right last week then we need to announce the winner don't worry really from last week either on air we what, was it why I was reviewing David, and John and winning, with over sixty percent of the folks was actually chopped so getting tucked with us on Facebook to arrange delivery of, the, Cape front right, then so let's go on to this week's contenders. Shall we contenders, already. Right. First up this week is Jeff and, five years ago Jeff was moving to California. After living in London. Jeff. Took a break from packing, to check out a bike shop that moved into the neighborhood and, stumbled, across the Eddy Merckx frame, set the. Frame was Jeff's size and he quickly bought it man after my own heart Jeff. Picked up a Columbus, one-inch carbon fork he had the fork instead painted. To match the frame now. Jeff had planned to get the 11 speeds from red leader, but the exes launched surprised him and he had. Topped. Off with envy wheels bars and stemmed or finished, the bike weighs 8.1. Kilos. Look. At it I, really. Like that chain set do. You yeah. I'm not a fan of one block I'm just gonna put that up not yeah. No. I like testing. That chainset is really nice we've got a bit of a retro and modern thing. Going on isn't it yeah you know I understand, I understand, I just want to get that clear actually I understand, the practicalities, of one-bite everything I'm just a traditionalist. Olli yeah, well. I like innovation too so well, Jeff is up against, David, who's. In his back guard again, poor, description of location, oh sorry yeah.

Where. Is he back garden, though David, that's what we want to know anyway David moved. Into his house and there was a small shed, already. There in, his back garden but. Unfortunately. It was almost falling, over and, used. It to store his. Massive collection of tools, David's. Bikes however was stored in the house and all, his indoor training was done in the living room with the door open, with his poor wife all wrapped up in a blanket, watching, TV feel, ashamed yourself David yeah, now. After, a winter of this David, was given the go-ahead for, a dedicated Payne, cave plus, bike workshop lucky, girl he's now spent, a winter training. In his new dedicated. Payne cave plus bike workshop and, with the help of GCN videos. Nice. David. He's. Used the workshop, space to fully strip down his bike and rebuild it afterwards let's have a look at his shed, right there's his shed it like oh it's like a celestial. Funny. Flat, -. Pretty contrasting. Upgrades, there yeah pretty cool probably, gonna be there mate Geoff smirks what's gone to us Thomas, - you guys did shed ok he's, forgotten which side is without that, it's. Been a while. Raika. The week time now and well first up we need to announce last week's winner that way and it was between the stalk of Marta Basti Nellie and the canyon, of Mathieu, van der Pol who won the while 68%, of them voted for massive and the poll so congratulations. But the. Real winner was Bastian, Ellie because let's face it she won the Tour of Flanders and, of. Hope you didn't make I know, what I'd rather win he. Exactly bike, of the week this, week we have got two bites from the Vuelta a Vasco, first, we've, got a Gio's aerolite, from, the Colombian. Team, as. An apostille on what, is that that's a I've been practicing, that's how you're saying driving. From the fan of Foster born nice anyway, it's got, trying to race on it Gerace, wheels as well and it's in this really nice blue paint job so, up Geo's they've, been like being key really renowned for those blue paint jobs mmm. Just put now there yeah well he's up against, VH ultra, light of team Burgos. BH. My, books the trend somewhat because it uses FSA, kforce we group set you don't see that much no racing. Great group setting you know it's not as common as to think big three and. It has vision wheels as well who's. Gonna be. I'm. Gonna vote for the men's an apostille, on my family foster born really, like him yeah both up there next week we moved outside in it is that soft you still a second. Right. By volt time the moment of the show where we rate your bike nice or super nice but how do they get their bike in the bike for Holi tell them they, submit, them using the, uploader, link, below right, okay, who's first up this week then in the boat bowl we've got URI, who's. In the port de sóller oh you're, all very nice, one. Of my favorite places. That. Is a beautiful, village, enter ten, that. Is exactly what we spoke about earlier on isn't it yes. We've got chromium, kind of yeah deal on there I love the way that the, chrome on the fork matches, the chrome on the integrated. Stem. Thanks, cracking. Unlike and then the other chrome details as well a bit of Italian flag on their, lightweight. Milan, Stein overall. Session. My. Liebling wheels. Right, is. What content for competition it's hired on their to pastiche, that, is a really, nice looking fine learning me yeah you know I super nice right, this way. There. We are first ring of the bell yeah next. Up next up is Devon. From Worcester parking Greater London that's a good description there where you come from, this bike was on the second, episode of the GCN's, heck show I do remember this one and it's the black commander, I only. Got a nice though I remember I love a big black member don't yeah and. Well, Devon I said they took size advice and replace the bar tape with. Black bar take the, bikers have the loads about the grades since, said you know what if that bike originally, just got a nice well. For me now that is a super nice yeah. I mean, look.

At It a lot of black going on yeah, it's good, by super nice for me yeah super nice. Devon. Nice one and welcome back into, the crib. Next. Up quite unusual, bike, oh my. Word. David. From Basildon, he's got his Kirk, priciple, Basildon. What that's. How they say is unavailable, okay. He's. He's, just finished, restoring he's, cast magnesium alloy, Kirk precision, ride by to. Tell you what that is a classic, isn't it sure Eve's a bit um, a bit, cheeky actually, was David because he said it's about his 1980s. As Tom Cruise driving. A DeLorean whilst listening to Madonna on a Sony Walkman Hank stroke, Ali asked John, to explain. Walkmans. Will show you on this Walkman, like a mini disc yes. But okay I've got one on my desk, it's. Got we our heart a Phoenix right. Either way is it's. Got more of a flock of seagulls family, so yeah, run. So far right okay so it's got some Ornish it's under Trickett what on earth are those cranes because. The Franks, yeah PA burial ground Oh Frank's, yeah Oh one, of these Campagnolo, water bottles, arrow, yeah. That's. That's that's a museum piece that's a very. Big invite, us out there to check that out because so many people need to see this it was a team racing, back in the late 80s. Kirk, Racing cooked precision racing for a Dave man he, was a big old guy so I'm gonna ring the bell or what yeah I am yeah. Seriously. Email, us next, up right, Donavan reckon, it's the doniphon as in the main bus we've known as pop star Jason, Donovan no not Jason, Donovan Donovan as in that any other mode I haven't got a cassette my Walkman right, okay where's Donovan from eyes from, creme. Gold Park in Maryland. I think, we're not going down that road again, well is everyone, in the bike volt from Maryland, the guy from Maryland, sent us that seasoning. Remember did, yeah so, yeah, maybe diary they'll send us in that Caesars clock crab season got 1973. Royce Union, oh I. Mean that's it that's. Some crackers. It's just a nice looking yeah I like that bike it's like it's, not molest a visit you know it's just like it's been left in its natural state it's just been well looked after and yeah I really like the planea. Rack on the back as well yeah that's, really going to 17, really, nice great. Looking by that yeah. Yeah. Sure, he was super nice a stupid, yeah because it's in such good condition for, 1973. Working fine vintage. Right. Then. Who do we have finally. This week golly. We've. Got, Vinson. A from. Montreal, Canada it's probably reversal, isn't it because that's some vessel. It's. Got a giant TCX cross bike oh and.

He Says spring, is finally here, yeah look at the space that weather that's like the, apocalypse here, is it that's right, White, Walkers are, coming and descending, upon where, you live they're gonna kill everything Yeti, reanimate, yes these polar, bears this, that the other if that was in Britain well. Britain. We're just shuts wouldn't it either. Way that's the giant that's a great looking bike isn't it right it is that paint work means that well white, backdrop hey. It's. Pretty cool and he's got enough saver on there as well do you know what's a little bit frustrating for Yuri what, water bottle, kind. Of hanging in it it's like laughing, yeah, half out what's. It doesn't what's, it doing ace it's, a bit of a shame really cuz of a song he's obviously taken, with him that little like, bit of wood to support the bike, yeah. As, well that regeneration, oh I don't. See the wood for the trees where's, the wood, did. It I. Set. Him up you knock him down yeah right look at the table, where the rear Mehcad last pretty long isn't it it's a big old Bend use. A very sharp go I don't think it works fine don't know um but. It's. The back I can't I can't get past that bottle what's going to give me sleepless nights hmm, it's, half in is half out what's, it doing there I don't know where's the other bottle registering, many questions. So. Little time nice. Mike nice nice bike so you know what to do if you don't if you've forgotten already use upload some down in the description, I blow picture bike tell us where you came from not, just in my back garden, David. Morty. Well. There we are like nearly time for the end of the show oh no sad, but don't be sad okay as well I've got go now cuz okay. Yeah well honey we're not off to Roubaix. Or, date with the sags, bit. Weird sounding, man yeah what these thing for me he's, gonna be great don't do that please right so either way stay tuned because it well weirdly. Enough he's actually being serious. So. Yeah remember to like and share this video with your friends and also if you've not subscribed, why, not make, sure you go do that and also click that little notification bell, so you get little Bing you, saw me cut the video and watch another video click, on John's face, it's a click on another video click on Ali's, face.

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Ridealy hour record holder!? :o

Ollie, get a haircut

#ASKGCNTECH if I buy a disc frameset, would I be able to hook up my Shimano di2 rim brake gruppo up with mechanical disc brake calibers?

Yes, Avid BB7's or hayes cable actuated hydro calipers.

New technology of the week are a new saddle, clothing (presumably made from materials that have existed for decades) and new colors for a computer? What, exactly, is the new technology? Why not just rename this program to "GCN Product Placement Show" or "GCN's Purchasing Selections"?

+Jon Cannings OK. Thanks for the definition.

+Jeff technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or service or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Or something like that

+Jon Cannings Thanks for the reply Jon. It's just the use of the term "tech" for things that aren't technological in the least that rubs me the wrong way. I mean, tech of the week is your computer in green? It's absurd. I understand it's challenging to keep coming up with new content, but maybe you've painted yourselves in to a corner by committing to informing us of new bike technology every week when there just isn't. Maybe "design of the week" would be more realistic.

Hi Jeff, sadly we are not inundated with new product releases every week. Thanks, Jon

This is the best one hour record, by Franceso Russo : 91.556 km

Ollie is a great comedian.

His nickname on instagram is VocSnor witch stands for VictorCampernaert and Snor means moustache!

Jon should attempt the hour record. He loves the tech, he loves the hour record. Would be fun. (Also, I have never seen Jon ride a bike.)

I would like Ollie to try; he’s the one with the TT experience. I feel a new challenge coming up...

Umm, cockpit... Are those tribars or are you just excited to see me? I can't unsee those tribars - the ol' double cockpit...

I guess the video is only available in the UK due to the shocking pronunciation of "Gios".

You would think Campy would use their RECORD group to attempt the Hour RECORD, with a rider named Campenaert

#askgcntech Ollie really needs to give it a rest with the awful accents. Much worse than that, though, was the "you love a big black mamba" comment. I honestly could not believe my ears; the editor should have cut that. As a black man, I've heard more variations of this "joke" than I care to remember. While it may appear harmless, it's perpetuating a stereotype of the black man as a sexual threat. The image of the salacious black man and his leviathanic penis has been used to objectify, justifying the brutalisation of black men for hundreds of years. It's truly shocking to me to hear that on what is normally such a professional channel.

+GCN Tech Hey, it's no sweat. I know you're all good guys and I'm not accusing Ollie of being a racist or anything daft like that; I'm 100% sure he's a good guy and someone I'd enjoy having a beer with. I know most people don't think of the implications, which is why I made my comment. Hope you all have a good weekend :)

Hi Evan, thanks for taking the time to comment. We’re really sorry and totally didn’t mean to cause offence. Although Ollie & the editing team weren’t aware of the full implications, you’ll be sure not to hear it from us again. Thank you for your support.

The Hour Record is Still the same as the 60 Minute Record

1:58 the first tubeless cyclist, even with a convincing puncture

pro bike frames are growing smaller and smaller

Ollie! You so need to do a show with a flock of seagulls hairdo! While singing "I Ran", of course.

I have called Ridley and they admit that though the bars are on the website for sale, they won't actual sell any... sneaky

Jon we love you!

As a lifetime speed skating fan, I’m used to altitude tracks being the fastest, that’s life. Salt Lake City and Vancouver hold all records. There are sea level records, most of them in Heerenveen, but they are unofficial.

Haha the seasoning you speak of is Old Bay. We put that s*** on everything =D I can send a gallon of it if you want!

Whatgreat duo. keep it up! :)

It's red week?

Your German pronunciation is astoundingly good :-D

if the moustache doesn't brake the record, it will be up to Dumoulin or Dennis...

thumbs down, that back ground music is so distracting

Sam Zam I agree, it’s really awful. Please get rid of it!

Didn't they name it "The campenator"

If I remember correctly I saw the first walkmen in '78. And they only accepted tapes (cassettes). Flock of seagulls.....yeah!

Doing the hour record at altitude is the only resonable way to do it, the women's hour record is also set in Aguascalientes and Eddy Mercks did his even higher, in Mexico City. So having done it at low altitude is (in my opinion) not an excuse.

Victor’s mechanic told me the Keo blades will be swapped out for speed play aero pedals for the attempt. The tyres Jon mentioned were Dugast Pista Silks I think.

That Giants water bottle is just a metaphor for brexit

And like the bottle, it's better to be in than out.

Ollie, you look like you’re about to fall asleep.

+Oliver Bridgewood - Sleep well, we need you back.

+Frederic A. Truslow It's been a very busy few weeks for me. Lot's of galavanting around making videos all over the world. I need a rest!

He is totally out of it.

Belgian here: "the flying moustache" refers to Victor Campenaerts nickname "Vocsnor" and "snor" means moustache in Flemish and Dutch.

Meilenstein. Also my Lieblings wheels. Sehr schön. Great show again guys!

the rule is no head units on a track bike? But the power meter is still on the bike, so presumably it is still broadcasting data. I'm wondering if an enterprising engineer could space antennas every 10m, or so, around the track to pick up the signal and route the info to a display board, or two...

"Fantastische" lol

ok lets go! Imma draw a bike and upgrade it! Only if it will get featured.

That retro FRAME +new bits is impressive at 8 kgs.

Hi Ollie You’ll know why they call it the moustache if you look a side by side with Oscar it looks like a smiling moustache

The custom tt bars aren't made by Ridley they are made by

And that is a dummy site i think.

That bike is so Eighties it makes me wanna go back to the Seventies :)

That eddy Merckx

That's the nature of a racer, no? We all realize, afterwards, we could have gone faster.

I usually lay down crying, and regretting going so fast ...

I’ve got 2 questions 1 rim or disc brakes? I don’t really know what to chose 2Might be a dumb question but can you buy a rim brake bike and install disc brakes, it would be a lot cheaper..

55.089km/h. on a 61-14 with 102 rev/min. The gear/rpm you guys talk about is Wiggans setup.

Donovan Leitch, father of Ione Skye from Say Anything. It couldn't be his bike, because it's Red, Black and Orange, not "Mellow Yellow".

For the interested spirits; Wiggins delivered a monstrous 460W on average to cover his hour record distance of 54.256km. To illustrate the importance of other aspects of personal skill - except power and stamina - and ambient conditions, Campenaerts should match the record if he pushed 'only' 350-370W approximately. As is stated in this video, he saves a significant amount by attacking the record at a higher altitude, but at the cost of a - significant - decrease in oxygen content. However, he believed that he could condition himself to overcome this, so that this aspect's advantage overcomes the inherent drawback. Another fact; his superb aero plays a major role in the reduction of the required average power, even more so than the external conditions. The scientists in his entourage dare state he is the most aerodynamic cyclist in the world on a track TT bike. Campenaerts' suspected target is 55.2km, but I personally think he's going to finish closer to 56km. Fun fact: Eddy Merckx was the last cyclist to set the record on a regular racing bike at about 49.4km. To put this into perspective, if Wiggins' pushed the power that he eventually did on a similar bike, he'd have covered 'only' 44.5km. This is not to detract anything from Wiggins' performance, but to praise the real superhuman that was Merckx.

Michael J. Fox in the DeLorean. Oh crap... I must be old!

+Maarten Hageman Yes, something like that. None of the presenters would come close individually, but maybe they would as a team? I think it would be awesome :)

You mean all 4 presenters in a train, first 3 over the line, or the last finisher? That would be awesome! I’d watch that.

+Maarten Hageman How about a Team TT? GCN vs the hour record.

59-14 wtf?

Pronunciation hint: The first two letters of his family name sound the same as the first two of 'technic'

V Campenaerts did it with a 61x14 gear

Because of Victor's student name vocsnor and his snor

"You gonna ring the bell or what?"

The flying mustache is a little known sex position. I wont elaborate further but, I'm confident even you tyre perverts can put that together.

Because Victor won his 2 european titles with a mustash

Goodness me, has anyone calculated the average power output that Eddie Merckx delivered. Should be above 500 watts, shouldn't it?

Agreed...Couldn't hear any accent whatsoever!

Well ... no. Any UCI approved bicycle will never be the fastest bicycle in the world until they allow faired recumbents. Victor did an amazing 55.089 km, but that still trails Chris Boardman's Lotus 110 (now illegal under UCI rules) at 56.375 km. Back in 1980 the hour record for recumbents was set at 59.450 km, and it's currently 92.432 km (set outdoors on asphalt rather than indoors on a perfectly even surface). I'm sure people will argue, that no one will ever use those kinds of recumbents for regular riding, but who in their right mind would use Victor Campenaert's bike for regular riding? Same can be said for the Lotus 110 - completely useless bicycle except for the one thing it's designed for - breaking the hour record while staying within UCI's rules. This is an important distinction, because just like FIA makes rules that limits the speeds possible and equipment allowed, UCI makes similar rules, and those are quite frankly silly to follow when you're not competing in UCI competition. If you're a triathlete, you can compete on bikes that aren't allowed under UCI rules exactly because triathlons aren't subject to UCI rules. It's also worth noting that the UCI hour records are typically set by and held by professional athletes at the highest levels in the world, and are still trailing recumbents by an enormous margin despite them being ridden by amateurs. For example, the current world record holder for recumbents is Francesco Russo. If you say "who?", you're not the only one, because Google has no clue either. You have to search under videos to get any useful links about him.

On the frame are the numbers 1 to 12 - referring to the clock. The hashtag #vocsnor - the Twittername of the European time trial champion - also got a place. The text "Done in 60 min", with a mustache underneath, refers to the movie "Gone in 60 Seconds"

+snor means mustache in dutch

Victor has a moustache normaly

I love 1x chainsets as well. It's the only way to go for me.

Maybe, we'd love to!

@Jon Cannings OK. Thanks for the definition.

@Jeff technology is the collection of techniques, skills, methods and processes used in the production of goods or service or in the accomplishment of objectives, such as scientific investigation. Or something like that

@Jon Cannings Thanks for the reply Jon. It's just the use of the term "tech" for things that aren't technological in the least that rubs me the wrong way. I mean, tech of the week is your computer in green? It's absurd. I understand it's challenging to keep coming up with new content, but maybe you've painted yourselves in to a corner by committing to informing us of new bike technology every week when there just isn't. Maybe "design of the week" would be more realistic.

@Maarten Hageman Yes, something like that. None of the presenters would come close individually, but maybe they would as a team? I think it would be awesome :)

@Maarten Hageman How about a Team TT? GCN vs the hour record.

@GCN Tech Hey, it's no sweat. I know you're all good guys and I'm not accusing Ollie of being a racist or anything daft like that; I'm 100% sure he's a good guy and someone I'd enjoy having a beer with. I know most people don't think of the implications, which is why I made my comment. Hope you all have a good weekend :)

@Oliver Bridgewood - Sleep well, we need you back.

@Frederic A. Truslow It's been a very busy few weeks for me. Lot's of galavanting around making videos all over the world. I need a rest!

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