The Unbelievable Horrors of the Old City Jail

The Unbelievable Horrors of the Old City Jail

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Holy, shit what, the fuck was that I don't. Think he's gonna be the same after tonight. The. Infamous old city jail. Looks. Horrible warm, welcome for us another. Fun fact we're about to walk past where the gallows was they would hang people on site that's a cheery not. Really also. Not cheery this balcony no, looks. Like an old witch hat let's. Walk through it huh that sounds good. Whoo. I feel. Horrible. This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved, we investigate, the old city jail in Charleston, South Carolina as, part of our ongoing investigation. Into the question are ghosts. Real. You. Getting prouder with yourself, I tried to inject a little gravitas, this. Old city jail was built on land where a cemetery, once was and on the same block as an asylum if that's not some kind of spooky hat trick I don't know what is old-timey, jails very fun to visit and. That's all I've got to say about that nothing. About the ghouls I mean I'm sure there, will be no ghouls there will be dust there will be noises, that you yeah, you know pee your pants oh we all we have the history we have the cemetery, there's an asylum down the block there's also been a cast of characters that have rotated, through these bars what is this Cheers, I don't know why you're laughing at better. You. Couldn't even get it out of your own mouth has to be characters, rotating, around the bar well let's just get into it how about that yeah the, old city jail has been called the most haunted, building, in South Carolina, a ghostly, shrine, to the city's dark past before. The Civil War free, innocent, african-american. Sailors would be unjustly, locked away if they came through Charleston once, the war ended Confederate, soldiers and sympathizers, were locked up as well, and one scenario we have people who were unjustly, imprisoned, and then in the other scenario the people who were imprisoning, them were now behind, the bars true I got a low dose IDO but the people who were wrongfully imprisoned are, still wrongfully, imprisoned that, is true unless they set him free which I I'm gonna guess probably didn't happen completed. In 1802, the original, building was four stories tall complete. With a two-story, octagonal. Tower due in part to a rash of escape attempts, Robert, Mills the architect, behind the Washington, Monument, reinforced. The old city jail in 1822. But, on August 31st, 1886.

An, Earthquake rocked Charleston. Later estimated as a 6.7. To 6.9, magnitude, as the brick walls fell around them the 64, inmates who were held captive in, the jail begged for freedom finally. They were taken out into the exercise, yard were led by a female convicted, murderer 43, of the prisoners promptly, jumped over one of the high brick walls leaving, only 21 remaining inmates as the dust settled the two-story octagonal, tower along with the entire fourth floor did not survive, the quake leaving, the structure, the three-story, building, it is today I just, like the idea of being out in the prison yard, grounds. Of rumblin yeah. Bricks are falling, some. Lady stands, up and is like hey, let's. Get out of here and your friends like hey I like what she's. Over. The course of the old city jails. 137. Years in operation the, tally on how many men women, and children perished. Within these walls Berry's, wildly. Some. Say as many as 10,000, to 14,000, people died trying, to survive quote, eat dirty filthy place unfit, for human beings to live in and quote, but. Researcher, David C Scott found records of deaths numbering, in the hundreds, not the thousands, the majority, likely dying of wounds or diseases during the Civil War, Scott's, assertion, confirms, what an inmate in 1864. Said that the old city jail was the quote nastiest. Dirtiest, filthiest lousy. Espuelas in. N quote, true, to that statement one of the more active parts, of the jail is a room where they would torture and punish prisoners. Illume that has since been used for, Ouija board sessions, a room, that tour guides believed to, have a portal. Wow. Yikes this. Is definitely a jail. All. Right so right now we're gonna walk to a room that they used to, pretty, much torture and flog, prisoners. That were misbehaving as you can see this place is a, living. Nightmare but, this is the room over here the tour guides who run this place say that there are what. They to believed to be inhuman, entities inside. This building whether, or not that means demon I have no idea so. Feels. Like a good spot for a team sure let's find out. All. Right ghouls oh, oh, damn. They. Call me Shane, he's magic Shane and I'm here to send you back to air oh wow, and for, whatever possible. Inhuman. Entities reside, in this room we're here to communicate, so. Let's rock. If. You're in you. You're. Some kind of demon. Boom Specter, you. Especially we'd love to talk to you we've got experience with a-holes, like you. Got. Ourselves a bridge. Despiteful. Wiki, as we own a bridge a hands topless, cow. What. Turbos, he said true. We, got a beatboxing. Demon. In here. Shit. Another one. My. Name is Ryan and I'm here to say we're the baddest ghost hunters, in the USA. Runnin, demons and cool, to. Like. The old city jail itself, it's spirits, are violent, and vengeful on the, third floor construction. Workers say they saw the apparition, of a jailer holding, his rifle, before vanishing through cellblock bars ghosts. Will supposedly whisper, in your ear as you pass them by, sometimes, even calling out your name others. Have said they felt a sensation of, being choked, or suddenly, losing their breath. Okay. That's it I believe, in ghosts if on the EVP, we, pick up, choo, choo pickle pie so this room you'll, notice has iron, on the all the walls and that's because people. Were breaking out so, they had to fortify this, was referred to as death row they, kept some of the worse inmates in here maybe they kept pirates in here it, actually would I mean. Easier to get out of the wood walls if you've got a big old hook maybe they're like jokes in here oh you, don't like jokes in here well maybe they do whoo.

What. Happened, yeah. What, you got. You. Got a tug yeah we. Got well. We got a tugger here all, my blood is pumping very fast right now yeah I'll, tell you it's really funny right now but, if that happened to me when I was by myself you'd, go crazy I'd. Probably jump out that window and by the way if. You want a little more, one time with with, the Bergmeister here oh he'll be here alone. Soon. Enough. Long. Way to back out you're, gonna keep that speed going the, door behind it's closed. Did. That work out the way you wanted. This. Is a stupid, season also. On the third floor is a wheelchair from the 1820s. That still sits sentry just where it has been for decades some, believe that the person who died in that wheelchair succumbed. To cholera and that their spirit is still connected to the chair to this day and nobody, is allowed to sit in the chair you. Gonna sit in that chair we're not allowed to yeah, we, are the Internet's, paranormal. Bad boys that's right. We're. Planning cheap to chair a baby you ain't gonna style me. I'm. Gonna give that thing a high five with my butt cheeks yeah, not gonna happen I'm not sitting on that oh it's like a death trap I thought, it was like them, throwing down the gauntlet like, saying oh this is a very spooky chair don't sit in it so, if there might happen to you when, in reality you, might get tetanus or something like that tours, have been known to catch cold spots and orbs around the chair itself as well, as witnessing, the chair suddenly, turn and bump an unsuspecting. Visitor in the lake what. If you walked in that room I walked in this room we gave him. What. Was that. Did. You want to talk to us because we're up here. For. Whoever sat in this wheelchair we're. Gonna give you the opportunity. To. Speak with us. Why. Do you remain in this jail. What. Was that again. Whose. Jail is this, whose. House is this this. This. The, Beast. You're, gonna need to speak a little clearer we're.

Just Trying to figure out why you're here last, chance. Why. Are you still in this prison. Okay. All. Right bring. It off. While, going on there how, this happen they're. The. Old morgue, located, in the basement of the jail is said to be the domain of the ghost of a young boy named, Jeremiah. Tragically. Jeremiah. Passed away at a young age presumably. From cholera it's said that he will try to hold the hand of a tour guide and some guests have mentioned feeling cold spots that end only about waist-high about. The height of a nine-year-old Jeremiah. Has also been known to throw pebbles at crowds or even, slip pebbles, into the pockets, of unsuspecting. Visitors allegedly. Sunglasses. Have also been knocked off of someone's face by an unseen, force in the basement, but whether or not Jeremiah. Is responsible. For this is unknown, this, jail also held Union, soldiers, of the 54th, Massachusetts regiment, the. Very same all African, American unit that was depicted, in the 1989, oscar-winning. Movie glory it said, that the soldiers presence, has been picked up here during spirit box sessions, asking. For morphine. So. Up here to the left is the morgue. Said. To be a pretty active place for. You know the normal run-of-the-mill stuff but there's also a child in here by the name of Jeremiah, another group of people that are often picked up in here are people. That were part of the 54th regiment that, was featured in the motion picture glory after reviewing, our footage, we discovered, our motion, alarm was triggered just outside. The morgue. It. Appears, the motion alarm was triggered by this orb of light upon. Testing, objects. As small as bugs will not trigger the alarm, so, is this strange, orb a spirit, that set off the old water my. Name is Ryan I'm Shane. How, are you getting down to his level yeah. We're. Here to communicate with you, Jeremiah, we'd. Love to be your friend reach, out you probably didn't have a lot of friends around here no. Well you got two buddies, you, have two big buddies here we. Have a device that you. Can manipulate I have, in my hand here some. Pebbles oh you, love those pebbles don't you and, I hear you can't resist them. You. Could take these pebbles and launch, them right into his eyes yeah, yeah. Lobbed. Room into my I, don't know I guess if you hit my eye hard, enough it's kind of a soft spot maybe you could go all the way into my brain or you could go straight through the nose you'll be dead in a matter of minutes we'll all be better yeah oh. No. It's a smiley face. Jeremiah. Could you make that smiley, face a frowny face I. Also. Have my EMF detector right here so I could see any disturbance, right now we were at it oh shit there's a huge spike. Jeremiah. If you, would like to communicate with us please. Make. A noise you, could say something you. Can move something in the room you could touch one of us we just want to speak to you. Particularly. I want to know why you're in the morgue, what. You doing down here what's. Your story why are you in a jail if you weren't related, to the family that ran this place who. Also lived on site by the way which is frankly. A little bit odd now. If there are any soldiers, who served in the Civil War in here, particularly. Soldiers. From the 54th, regiment, first. Off. Thank, you for your service you did an amazing thing for our country and now. I'm gonna ask another favor of, you, can. You please talk. To me. Well. That's. Over now remember. The, pebbles are in a smiley face at any point you can move those however, the, most infamous, inmates, said to still haunt these walls is that, of the woman often, called the first female, serial killer in America, Lavinia. Fisher, Lavinia. Fisher along, with her husband John were. Held in the old city jail from 1819. To 1820. While, records of the time tell a different, story, the legend of the Fisher's has been passed down in Charleston for, generations. This gruesome story starts, at the six-mile in a hotel, six miles outside of Charleston that the Fisher's ran the, inn was popular, with travelers going, to and from Charleston, selling goods Lavinia. Was reportedly, extremely. Beautiful at rate which she used to ensnare, her victims, Lavinia, and John would poison their victims by, adding oleander, to their tea and so the story goes a lever allowed for John and Lavinia to drop their victims, from their beds into a chamber below where, John killed. And dismembered. Them we, can say the tea not. That impressive that's. Also just child's play right there house play yeah but trap.

Door Yeah. Pretty good yeah and dismembering. Okay. But. At least in terms of serial, killers. Yeah. They're sort of doing that very success these people are like comic book villains yeah on February, 18th, 1819. The sheriff, arrested the fishers some, stories put their body count between 20, and 30 while others speculate that it could be as high as 120. Men, who fell prey to lavinius. Deceptions, yet, some reports suggest they, never murdered anybody, as no, bodies were ever found that implicated, the fishers the, fishers were taken to old city jail and the Six Mile End and everything. In it was burned to the ground, in January. 1820. The Fisher's were convicted, not of murder but of highway robbery, they, were sentenced to die by hanging right, up until the end, Lavinia did not believe she would be hanged, she thought the governor would not let a woman die, at the gallows as the, legend goes an old, law in South Carolina, said you couldn't hang a married woman so, on the day of her execution. Lavinia, arrived, at the gallows dressed, in her wedding dress only. To see them hang her husband, first. So. Then she's no longer married yes. That's. Attorney among. Lavinius, last words were quote, cease. I will have none of it save your words for others that want them if you have a message you want to send to hell give, it to me I'll carry, it end quote and then. The, video Fisher jumped, from the gallows and hanged, herself. Would. Love to talk to this lady well. Fire up my little spear box and we can get a word in there to not wait we'll, get her on the horn Speer if she gives us a choo-choo pickle, pie that'll be a get what. If you told her hey I have something to tell the devil, to. Pickle, pie and she goes really that's that's what you want to say to the to the devil I'll say you're goddamn, right Lavinia, screams, are reportedly, heard echoing, in the jail visitors. To the jail have said they've sensed lavinius, presence, others, say they had actually, seen her inside through a window, some. Claims she manifests, sometimes as a tingle, along the skin or even a scratch in fact, three, scratches together, are said to be her bark, okay. So, here. We are this, is the cell, of the infamous, Lavinia. Fisher and. Her. Husband John Fisher. Let's. See if she has anything else to say Oh. Imposing. Once. Again my, name is Ryan I'm Shane point two on the millimeter if you would like to communicate with us to clear your name, to. Wipe all of the red off of your ledger in the history books this, is your chance. What. Now. What, about you John maybe. Your wife is tired of people screaming at her maybe you want to clear your guy's name. Alright. Lavinia. I'm. Gonna talk to you again, once. Again the. More silent you are the. Worse that's gonna look for you. I'm. Trying to help you out. Stop. I'm. Not going to that was you we're gonna keep it up. Could. It be me then I could have in ago or no once again one word though I'm gonna need more than one word I. Really. Thought your legend would precede you but. It turns out all. A bunch of hooey. What. Did. You not like that did you not like me saying you weren't as big and bad and scariest. History. Would make you out to be. What. Take, a crack at it yeah. What. If my shirt started, again why boys only. What. See. That that's my belly button, you like that and. If that wasn't hot enough ah, that's. So an innie. It makes a little noise when you had, it better. Turn off the box you'll hear it a little bit better hold on. Get. A load of this Lavinia. You. Want a little do it. Look. At these juicy, little holes. Mm-hmm. Couple. Of moist little man, craters, for ya hmm. You. Could plant your flag on this bad boy I think. We have to go now. Clearly. She's not amused. Well. We gave her everything I mean we really that's the first time we've ever really tried to seduce a ghost and we failed who, could have saw that one coming right after reviewing, the footage we, discovered, on one of our static cams what appears to be a figure, moving right, outside, lavinius. Cell. Is this, the ghost of Lavinia Fisher I, believe. This is the biggest piece of evidence we've ever caught on the show it's no good how do you think that's no good I mean it looks just like maybe a car passing, somewhere or something car passing, someone could also just be someone walking outside and.

That, Couldn't be any of us there's no one down there at that I thought you would ask that so I think I. Synced, up the timelines yeah I know where we are in the building okay I believe, it's a ghost we. Had all the staff accounted, for in front of us me maybe, there was a third staff member that they didn't know about that was walking around I don't, think so maybe a vagrant walked, in i think that's pretty solid evidence of a ghost I think we caused something very very so here it is exciting with, this shocking evidence, in mind we, now move to the final phase of the investigation, for. The first time ever we're, going to explore, the entire prison. Individually. This. Is it it's, a nightmare I don't like it most nervous I've seen you before an individual and quite some time hey well we've, never done something where we shut down the entire building and now it's just possible roaming. Please. I'd. Like some privacy, just. Me the ghouls now all right normally. I'd say this job is pretty fun but it's it's. Nice like these that uh I truly. Hated this job this. Is certainly pretty hellish mm-hmm. Not. Suitable for anybody down here there's any ghouls here. You. Got a great guy to, mess with I'm, happy. To. Be the, subject, to if you're terrorizing. Come. On get after me. This. Is probably one of our more formidable foes and. The, fact that I'm gonna have that entire. Unholy. Hellhole, to myself I can't. Make any promises that I'm gonna stay in there the full 10 minutes. Okay. Moving. On okay. Could. Be going up the stairs here in a moment that would be a lovely opportunity. I'm. Gonna leave that in case Ryan. Trips on it I think that'd be kind of funny I would say normally when I do these I am, furious. By. How. Cavalier. Shane, is inside there but right now. I'm. Gonna just say I'm impressed if he's if, he's having a good time in there right now there's something truly wrong with his brain well, now this is a beautiful. Gorgeous. Room with wonderful. Acoustics, I. Mean look at this shit. Who. Wouldn't their right mind would be stoked to be in there by themselves you know how much of a psychopath, you have to be to enjoy that. God. I would, actually recommend you don't waste your ghost energy on me just, gonna level with you you're. Gonna want to save it for, the, other guy he's gonna come in here right after me and whatever. You do, it's. Gonna be a laugh riot he. Makes very funny faces.

He's. Gonna, not. A guarantee but if you do something depending. On the severity of your actions. He. May poop himself, if. You do it to me I'll probably blame, it on the wind or say. It was an owl dropping, a nut somewhere, oh. I. Hear someone down, there guess, that means we're doing here ghouls. It's. Been a real jolly time with you. How. Was it. I don't. Want to scare you. But. There is something a little weird about this place yeah, no shit I. Think. I heard something what do you mean you think you heard some things nothing it's here tell me what you think you heard, we'll compare, notes afterwards. I, don't. Know if I could do this man oh you got you're, a ghost hunter I know you got to do it that's, what you came here for isn't it, alright. Just. Me by myself, his. Brain seems a special. Kind of putty right now I don't know if I could do this holy fuck okay this. Is horrifying this is truly horrifying. Suddenly. Smells like the ocean how about that. What's. In here with me, when. He asked me where the sounds came from I said upstairs cuz, that feels like a good final boss for him. I'm, sure he'll go in there and hear a ton of things first, floor, look. The pebbles, are still in a smiley face walk. Into the end of the first hallway no I'm not fuck that if. He makes the full 10 minutes I'm gonna be very proud of him what, in the fuck am. I doing. What. Am I doing here. All. Of the hair my arm is standing up. I'm. Standing in the middle of the old city jail by. Myself, I'm the only person in this building what. Kind of idiot, would, do this me. I realized me I'm the fool make, it some nonsense, noises baby. Here. We go. Yeah. An. Hour, or two ago. Now, I'm gonna run into the warden's room. Yeah. This. Fucking. Sucks I hate. It I fucking. Hate this. That. Is quite a reaction I think we're making, some headway you. Think you're crazy. You. Haven't seen crazy, yet on. The third floor, marching. Down the hallway. Where. Are you I'll. Give it to you this, is the scariest, building, I've ever been in in my entire life, I think I cracked my, plane. Is crashed. Keep. In mind an hour ago he was drumming. His belly button I don't, think he's gonna be the same after tonight where, are you. Where. Are you. What. The fuck was that. Who, did that who. Did it again. Holy. Shit. It. Felt like something walked past me twice once, on the rights that I want to the left side. For. Context, this, spot where, I felt something run past me is the exact, spot our, static, camera caught the figure, the. Human mind if it's looking, for something at all it'll find something, and. He's. Going to find something. And. It will destroy him if. I'm gonna be here, what. The fuck I trip. Over that did that move. It's. Gone quiet now and I'm afraid he's dead. Whoo, my heart holy, shit. Chassé, burn. The. Gunman was had a heart attack, where. Were you. The. Thing that walked past me where are you, yeah. Charge. I'm. Gonna see this place in my nightmares, for years so. Thank you for that. Thought. The door went the other way. Fuck. That forever. It sounded like you went through some stuff in there. Let's. Leave. Okay. Did. You hear anything, didn't, hear anything but I felt things that's, good, once I was, standing in the second floor I was standing still, and. I felt a gust of wind past the right side of me I turned around and then. It went past the left side of me the opposite direction I hated it well, I didn't actually hear anything in there I just wanted to really psych you up for it you don't look well, I started. Growling like a dog. We. Heard you did, you yes. Oh I think the whole neighborhood, heard. You oh really oh is it that loud yes I think we have to leave okay, let's. Just go. Whether. Or not you believe that a building, can truly embody, the sins of the past you, must recognize, the old, city jail was, the site of cold-blooded, brutality. However. I dare, say some, light was shed on that subject tonight, with. Bizarre, noises physical. Sensations. Unidentified. Movement, and a possible, apparition. Tonight's. Investigation, moves. Shane and I ever, closer, to completing our ongoing investigation, into. The, question, are ghosts. Real, but. For now and perhaps forever, the, question, remains. Unsolved.

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Can you please try to seduce all other ghosts by showing your "moist little man craters". That scene was hilarious. Also, would you please ask other future ghosts to prove their existence by repeating "choo choo pickle pie".

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network okay let’s say you are chillin inside the jail and you hear a “ding” so you go towards the sound and you are overwhelmed by the smell of chicken nuggets but then the smell is gone what would you conclude. Did the a ghost eat it? Did the smell not even exist? #ghostsdontexist #myhousesmellslikemcchicken

Are you okay, Ryan? I'm a firm believer, but you scared me more than the evidence (which are solid, if I might add) you two captured...and honestly I would love to spent time in there alone. Just focus on the history of the building next time, Ryan, it's easier that way. :p By the way will you ever bring back the Ovilus? P.S. totally unrelated, but I put on a BUN playlist every time I draw my (paranormal themed) comic, yesterday I watched Unsolved for at least 12 hours straight, and I have to say the show gets better and better, so keep up the good work! #Postmortem #boogara #imabelieverbutstillrational #shaneyourecooltoo

#postmortem WHERE IS THE HOTDAGA?! Shane i swear- *bring it baaaaaaaaaaccckkkkk*

I thought ryan was supposed to pass out from fear what happened #postmortem

For Post Mortem: Is Ryan okay? I mean I would be freaked going in a spoopy prison by myself as well, but I think his mind finally cracked. He started growling like a dog and screaming. Is he okay or has the ghosts finally gotten him? #postmortem #boogaraforlife

what was that at 24:37?OMG!!!

Shane becomes concerned about Ryan's mental health when Ryan starts acting like Shane. This is some dark, ghouly psychology happening people!

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network can you do providence RI around the Brown campus?

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network after that wonderful musical performance we better be getting a world tour. Much love from Wales

M J all the better to see ghouls with!!

#postmortem Why don't you wanna use a ouija board to "help" summom these spirits/ ghosts?

Ryan, did you get possessed in this episode? I mean seriously, you went batshit. #postmortem #Reeder

So when y’all gonna go to the Stanley Hotel because I’m still wondering..

Shane your glasses make you look like a librarian

#postmortem Ryan, are you sure you weren't possessed in your individual investigation or was Ricky Goldsworth coming out to play? Also do you think it would be possible to do any more investigations in Europe or countries outside the US with a longer and more gruesome history? #Reeder

Ryan what the hell was that screaming match?

#postmortem the killers the fishers sound like you talked about Sweeney Todd.... love you guys :)

ryan were you possessed??

MORE demons?!

I'm so proud that the episode where Ryan finally loses his damn mind happened in my hometown. That's Charleston for ya! #postmortem

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network #postmortem So what do you guys, especially you Shane, think about the figure moving caught on the tape at 20:27?? Were you able to account for everyone in the building at that time and if yes, wouldnt that be solid proof that it was something paranormal??

What does that opening/window where the “apparition” appeared lead to? Is that the outside of the jail or still inside? Definitely just seems like an unaccounted for person

Well, poor Ryan. He's possessed now.

#postmortem Holy canolie..!! That evidence is like, legit spooky haha its not just some blurry shadow- it kind of looks like someone walking who's wearing a white button down shirt??? or maybe it was the white dress of Lavinia?

The desperation for ghost communication has turned into seduction via belly button. And I’m here for it. #postmortem

#postmortem Why does it seem like you guys are getting goofier and goofier every season and taking it less seriously?

Do you think Ryan could’ve been possessed by a demon or so scared he had a mental breakdown? #PostMortem #ConcernedBoogara

Hows Ricky doing?

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network #postmortem I’m a #reeder bit holy mother****** that was straight up a ghost walking on camera. Also right after the spirit box said important, the ‘unintelligible’ sounded like ‘morphine’ maybe one of the soldiers travelled up to where y’all were?

at 5:28 it did sound more like “gerbils” than “true”

Livinia poisoning people and the whole trap door thing is very Sweeney Todd!

i’ve given up on trynna get on the postmortem

I love how brave Ryan is getting with the demons

Lavernia though

10:11 sounds exactly like a radio talk show and a modern hip hop song, could there be any ways that radio stations can interfere with those spirit box devices? #postmortem

#roastmortem Why does shane look like Alexei from stranger things but after 3 years of a heroine addiction during is solo investigation?

For Postmortum: Ryan...are you like, okay, okay?

Oh, so THAT'S how you seduce someone. I knew I was doing something wrong by just being charming and gorgeous. Thanks Buzzfeed!

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network what if the “Booiacs” were a thing? Ya know, shaniacs AND boogaras (Srry for bad spelling) #postmortem

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network hi Shane and Ryan! I actually went on a ghost tour in the old city jail back in April and at the end of the tour they took us into a small room that was supposedly home to this really crazy inmate who ran around on hands and knees and bit at other inmate’s ankles. They called him the Animal or the Beast or something like that so I wondered if maybe the EVP you got that said “the beast” could be him/a reference to him? Idk though. Love you guys and the show!!! #boogara

shocking evidence - a guy walking in a T-shirt.

#postmortem can you guys please take off the subtitles when you use the spirit box and just let us try to figure out what it says the subtitles supply a false sense of understanding.

20:22 That's a head that's how hair falls that is a person

Why is it unsolved you saw the bloody ghost

0:06 *Plot twist* Ryan has actually been the devil this whole time

Like what evidence are you looking for in order to end your skepticism about ghosts, Shane? Like there's a lot of definitive evidence throughout the season. I mean, I know you don't want to end the series but for at least once, show that you believe and fear ghosts

Shane is making sure to scare the crap out of him before Ryan going in .... It's classic

Nobody: Not a single soul: Shane: *strip teases a serial killer*

Because ghosties are not real this investigation will probably never end. yay

I think Ryan has finally lost it

Ryan: into the question: "Are ghosts REal?" Shane:(shakes head microscopically)

Automatic lights really made a big appearance in this episode. Nice that it can give believers something to be excited about despite the truth being so mundane.

Can we talk about 22:26... Shane actually looked spooked by something and shortly after told any ghosts to save themselves for Ryan... Did Shane see something!? #postmortem

anyone else desperately want the rest of Ryan's rap? because I do lmao


Kewl ep

You should totally wear a heart rate sensor for the next supernatural season!

24:55 the eyes!

would you travel overseas to contact spirits?? #postmortem

I did a ghost tour here about two months ago. Our guide took us into the general holding cell, turned out the lights and banged loudly on the walls to scare us. It was great. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Can we have an Unsolved Atlantis. I know it's kind a short stop and long drop

The people who own the chair: nobody can sit in the chair. Shane: I’m the internet’s spooky bad boy, I’m gonna sit in the chair

Can we hear stories from the rest of the crew? #postmortem

#postmortem all I need in my life is a jumper with Shane sitting backwards of a chair with the quote "I'm here to send you back to hell" on it.

When does ryan faint

After going through one on one investigation Ryan game out looking like he's not himself.. Maybe Ricky Goldsworth finally took over him..

Ryan : *F*** U F*** U F***U* Shane : *I think we're making headway* :D

Is Ryan getting crazy as Shane? #postmortem

5:44 I did not see that coming

@postmortem. In the regards to the "apparition". Where exactly was that caught? Is it at the front of the jail or the courtyard? Chances are higher it's a person walking past if it's right out front. Love you guys #postmortem #ghoulboys

I’d love to see these guys investigate the Villisca Axe Murder house in Iowa.

Shane singing opera Ghosts : uhhh is this a opera hall or a haunted prison?

How scary do you think this building is compare to other places you've went? #postmortem


Funniest damn episode yet.

#roastmortem Ryan no wonder you can't prove there are ghosts. They couldn't make themselves heard over your ridiculous screaming.

I'm so sorry Ryan but that's a guy in a white T-shirt

Hahahaha, Ryan completely lost it this time. This is by far the best episode of the entire series.

Ryan lives in a society

For the #postmortem That "stop" in Lavinia's cell sounds like the stop from queen's don't stop me now

watching Ryan come undone was scarier than any ghost. That was really hard to watch

I can't figure out what part of the prison we're looking at when the light moves across the bottom of the screen. It looks like it's moving under a bedframe. But that would make it the size of a mouse?


damn i want the cho cho pookie pie conversation on a tshirt :D

Whats your name? Shane patmybellej #postmortem

why was ryan in such a power stance for this whole episode lmao #postmortem

Eww the figure literally made me want to vomit

Out of all the cases you’ve investigated which ones would you most like to solve or know the answer to? #postmortem

i'm 12 seconds in and i have a genuine question. does ryan get possessed in this?

Acting wildly

I might be reaching but at 10:12 it kinda sounded like someone saying "don't leave" #postmortem

Ryan was getting too cocky this year so the ghouls said "not on my wATCH"

I laugh so loud

Shane what did you think when you rewatched the footage and saw the "get out" during your solo mission? #postmortem

You should do a asylum next!!

We did it, we made Ryan go insane

Funniest episode and Ryan finally losing the plot

3:18 -> "We're all murderers" I live by this quote starting now..

the last two episodes had some pretty convincing evidence

Ghost: tries to communicate Shane: beatboxes violently Ghost:

The spirit box evidence is so weak. 90% of the evidence is radio chatter from songs and radio shows. Either that or I don't understand it.

I love Ryan’s new found confidence with the ghosts lmao

I swear right around 18:39 I hear ‘in trouble’ from the spirt box #postmortem

'Come out' Is there something you have to tell us?

I want more true crime please, every sane person knows ghosts aren't real.

Slowly believing that Ryan is starting to believe less in ghosts...he's getting more comfortable in these kind of places and jokes around a lot more :(

I hope you guys went somewhere nice that saved Ryan's sanity after this,. #Postmortem

#postmortem that belly button play has scarred me for life

That bellybutton thing was so disrespectful, I can imagine Lavinia's ghost cringing. Ughh

I feel like ryan cracked because he was so scared, and when he was vulnerable, got possessed for a very short time, and left when he felt his heart hurt #postmortem

#postmortem do you have any plans of investigating haunted places to other countries like in the Philippines. Because there are a lot of haunted places in the Philippines that i am very thrilled if you could investigate some of it. By the way love you all and love the season. #boogaraforever #loveushane

The beatbox part was everything

9:17 sounds more like Morphine but not the medicine more like "morfing"


Go to Europe, you don't even have to go far - take Portugal and Spain - full of Ghouls. It would spice this up for your American Viewers for sure tbh.

Wow you guys just tried to seduce a ghost and now i know how my DM feels, like, every session i'm in

Am I the only one who couldn’t see an orb? If you have can you please point it out #postmortem

Yo why is Ryan in the same shirt is this a thing? I want that shirt ._.

please explain how far were you from the stairs at that time, were you like in the next room or down the hallway? because it looks like a partially blocked flashlight shadow! #postmortem #explain

This was such a crackhead episode

Shane was really worried for Ryan. Ryan are you really okay after this? #postmortem

I accidentally clicked on the #postmortem and I don’t even think I’m functioning normally now because.... euuughhhhh

Could you guys actually make choo choo pickle pie with Tasty ? It'll be hilarious #Postmortem

you guys are literal crackheads #postmortem

Is Ryan haunting the ghosts now? Running into their home screaming away...

Demon: *Tries to contact the two Ghoul boys* Ghoul boys: *Beatboxing*

*30 minutes of Ryan slowly losing his sanity*

I can't wait for postmortem

#postmortem I feel like Ryan scared the ghosts away haha! Ghost was probably like "ooh yes time to spook people" and here comes Ryan yelling like a deranged maniac and the Ghost going "ight imma head out"

I love Ryan’s shirt

08:58 Ryan smiling through the pain xD

did Shane and Ryan switch personalities for this ep or what? #postmortem

#postmortem I think it sounded like 'get out' and 'maybe' when you were talking to the fishers and you couldn't quite make it out. Would have made a lot of sense in the context. Also: loved this episode...jumped, laughed and cried a little at the belly button slapping.

Demon portal in the room next door: Ryan: Shane: WoOOOoooooOOOOOoOoooOOOOWWWWWwwWWWW

I gotta give props to Ryan. He faced his fears like a mad man... on cocain.

#postmortem how many people are with you during the investigations? is it just one camera man? I've always been curious. stay spooky guys!

#postmortem is Ryan okay? i feel concerned for his health. shane as the ever logic-heavy person you are, you must share this concern too, no?

Not related, but can we talk how hot shane looked? #postmortem

imagine living in the neighbourhood and hearing Ryan screams and thinking its the ghost #postmortem

When they start to tap their bellys I died

I want Ryan to prank Shane with fake evidences, so he would believe at least for a moment.

the prison in my town opened in 1793 and it’s extremely haunted :))

Ryan was scaring me more

And I 18:11 - Like if you get it!

YO YO 23:13 THE DOOR!! it opens a bit

Did anyone see the door at the right side of the screen move?! Or was it just the camera angle?? It doesn't seem like it though! Timestamp: 23:16 #forthepostmortem #postmortem

Oh Lord someone help Ryan

for #postmortem: im a shaniac but that video is def spooky... can you tell us more about the settings on the static camera? frame rate, shutter speed/angle etc? it might help understand the movement if we knew about the motion blur...

That "stop" strangely sounds like pewdiepie

@11:37 does anyone else see the head peaking through the window?


The unintelligible at about 18:40 sounded like Go Home dunno tho x

We need that mixtape to drop soon Ryan

For post mortem: is Ryan just yelling because he is scared and is trying to scare the ghosts away? Also is it just me or does Shane feel like he could just live everyplace they go?

at 10:13 did anyone hear it say really disjointedly “ don’t go “ ,, “ please “ ? #postmortem

Shane looks more and more like a bird every time I see this show. No hate much love


Both Shane and Ryan need to work on their singing voices if they are gonna get any ghouls to appear #roastmortem

I don't really like the spirit box, ( is pretty clear that are radio stations cmon) I would rather record with a decent microphone for whispers etc.

you guys need to come to the uk again and go to some castles and pubs. there’s so much history there and are known to be full of ghosts

Creepy but cool at the same time

I was like ok I can handle this but then he said “Ghost of a young boy” I was like nope

I live in SC and went on a night tour here 2 years ago. I was poked near the stars at the back entrance. Still gives me shivers thinking about it!

#postmortem you say the average 9 year old is about waist height, but when i was 9 years old i was 6 foot 1 and had to wear men’s size 13 nikes, beat that

A lady from the 1800s wearing a 2000s shirt ?

I figured it out ... that beat boxing man was the one moving the bucket shane and Ryan both ran into . Maybe they wanted to get there attention so the can play

22:35 Shane: I'm going to leave that in case Ryan trips on it I think that'd be kind of funny. 27:55 Ryan: Did I trip over that or did that move? LMAO

I am getting more and more worried about Ryan’s sanity. Also would you guys ever do the psychopath test to see where you land? #postmortem

24:54 is that glowing eyes??

Go check out 23:13 the door moves behind him

For post mortem: is it just me or would Lavinia and Shane get along just great ?



is it me or did 10:11 sound like "i want to leave"?

Yall should go to Edinburgh to see greyfriar Kirk and the Mackenzie poltergeist That dude pushed me in front of a bus!

When you guys were rapping I thought the sound of Shane beat boxing was coming from the spirit Box

You should investigate Castle Stuart in Scotland

Yo y'all should do and episode of the Malaysian airlines mh370

For the roast mortem: using your bellies will not seduce levinia, it just showed us how much food you've eaten. #RoastMortem

Do you guys just have a mission to sit in every single haunted chair

For #PostMortem: Why didn't Ryan react when the spirit box says his name? Did you not guys headed it? By the way, loved the show, been watching all episodes in a marathon.

These guys need a haircut.

You should investigate the demon house from zac bagans documentary. I know that he tore it down but the basement is still there.

Shane: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Ryan: (ノಠ_ಠ)ノ

Shane patting his belly button making sounds to try seduce a ghost. What has this series turned into honestly.

Yay no Loey

Is it just me or did ryan sound like the joker at some point

#roastmortem Shane's belly button is so disgusting Lavinia left an evidence for them to stop.

You guys should go over the case of dr. rodney marks he was killed in Antarctica no one know if he killed himself or if he was murdered

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit the quarantine station!!!! its highly full of paranormal activity. the showers are apparently the most haunted, my mum went there and literally got pushed out of the shower rooms, highly recommend you visit it

I wish their cover spookier unnatural places

#roastmortem why is it that every time there's a full body shot of Ryan he looks like he's pretending to be a cowboy who's been on a horse for too long

Anyone hear “don’t go please” at 10:13

Where did they send all these bodies?

"feels like a good spot for a demon" thats something a demon would say, shane

Please, if you EVER come to Australia, PLEASE visit Aradale Asylum in Ararat, Victoria. It’s apparently one of the most haunted places, if not THE most haunted location in Australia.

Nobody: Shane:beatboxing Ryan: rapped

#postmortem at 9:49 i think it says "Discover" maybe its provoking y'all

What fell behind Shane? Cause he seemed a bit spooked so I don’t think it’s something he dropped, probably something that was thrown. Also that woman walking downstairs was definitly a woman because she was wearing a skirt; and she was glowing, and I don’t think normal people typically glow Shane. #postmortem

Ryan went into a bit of berserker mode at the end.

Shane attempting to seduce a ghost is top tier content

juicy. little. holes.

You guys should do an investigation one the ghosts of caramel Maine

Ryan: “ you have to be a psycho path to enjoy being in there Shane: singing his heart out

pls have a halloween special episode

Ryan: talking about how crazy Shane is Shane: serenading ghouls to tug his shirt

Honestly, Ryan really had me worried there for a moment, MoFo went insane.

The best episode I’ve seen for hard evidence I’m 100% a believer

those echo swears were the funniest thing since DP cooper talking to a squirrel!

Ryan screams to calm himself down and scare away the ghosts. Petetion to make him not do stuff like that

He’s gone insane

Please make your own channel, BuzzFeed does not deserve you

No one: Ryan: bla. Blagagagag blaaaaaaagghhhhh

Shane didn't say choo choo pickle pie

#postmortem frankly to me, the thing that passed by at 20:25 just looks like a guy in a tshirt casually walking by

Why does the fishers sound a bit like Sweeney Todd did she make meat pies just saying

Or lord he's broken.

I loved this. It was funny cause Ryan lost the plot. He must be frustrated from ghost hunting all this time and not finding any proof that ghosts exist!

literally shat myself

They slowly want insane during this video

Ryan, are you ok?! #PostMortem Just wanna make sure he’s ok..

Choo choo pickle pie t-shirts needed !!!!

#postmortem can u make an episode where u just take like 2 random ppl who watch the show and go ghost hunting with them? im not volunteering btw

#postmortem i’m usually a shaniac, but that really does look like an apparition. sorry shane, but i think i agree with ryan on this one. loved the episode guys❤️

U Guyz usually ask the humanic spirits to change the temp of the room...which i fell thats impossible for them....but this time why didnt u ask the demon to do the same who can actually do that!!!??? Bcoz according to u there's an entrance from hell, right?

While watching this episode, my fiance stepped into the room, looked at the tv for a minute and said "What's this crap you're watching?" Ten minutes later and after a couple of Shane's witty jabs and Ryan's insanely hilarious screaming she's hooked on the show. Well done guys. #ImaShaniac #ShesaBoogara :D

Bet you ghosts are afraid of shane

Ghosts whisper in your ear " Hey how you doin lil' mama lemme whisper in your ear"

Ryan, I am concerned

#postmortem revisit the sallie house

The Footage which was caught thinking that it could be the spirit of Lavinia, looked more of that of Jeramiah i believe that the unnatural wind that passed by Ryan must be that of him!

why does ryan sound like gilbert godfrey during his mental breakdown in his individual investigation

A doll youtuber has made a Goatman doll

#postmortem ryan how did you feel when you saw the fba after the ghost hunting and realized it was that same hallway?

What if you guys place static cameras all around the place and post the footage at the end of the video if something happens? Because I think the footage where you caught something passed by the camera is very interesting

Ryan: You would be a psychopath to enjoy being in there Shane: Singing Oprah Me: WTF

Very fun watching Ryan just go completely feral.


Can you guys go to the haunted museum!!!


#postmorterm Why do you guys not use the ovilus anymore?

Every time I watch one of these I wonder how much of their reactions are real vs part of the characters BuzzFeed makes them play now that these videos are really popular.

i think this is the most proof theyve gotten from any other episodes like my heart sunk so much


Can you guys do an episode of the Hinsdale house in New York State next season? I recently watched a video called "The TERRIFYING story of the Hinsdale House" on Harmony Nice's channel. I'd never heard of it before but apparently it has an amazing history of paranormal activity. Much like Skinwalker Ranch. Had many owners/renters over the years. The longest a tenent has lasted in this house was six months. One family stayed just 2 weeks and bolted. Called the owner and told them to keep all their possessions, they didn't want them back. The owner previous to the current owner was going to burn it to the ground but the current owner convinced him to sell it to him for research purposes. He doesn't live in it but he does allow people/ghost hunters/researchers etc to check the place out if they're game enough. I would LOVE to see Ryan in this place!! The owner can be contacted through Harmony's channel.

The 'apparition' looked like a regular guy in a white shirt just strolling by.... #postmortem #reeder


wonderful accouuuuuuuuustics

I wil kill ghosts but i dont belive in thme Hmmmm

Is it just me, or did i hear "don't leave me" at 10:12???

"Choo choo pickle pie "

22:30 - 22:31 Did someone see that red light behind Shane? #Postmortem

9:31 for some reason I heard Its Pizza


Ryan: "Who in their right minde would be stoked to be in there by themselves?" Shame: *casual singing*

ryan why did you go so crazy when you were alone i thought a demon went inside you i actually got worried about you

7:21 shane jumps out of nowhere scares the hell out of me like hes a ghost and says "by the way."

I'm waiting for one ghost/demon one day to say something similar to Shane being a demon or something and Ryan just freaks out xD Ryan inside alone: becomes soemthing between Ryan and Shane

24:54 okay but that looks like two eyes in the middle of the door.........

Ricky Goldsworth really jump out

Hey guys! Love your show. Shane, do you act silly during you ten mins alone as a as a coping mechanism? I am wondering if you are secretly terrified and being cavalier is your way of dealing. I'd also love to hear more of your thoughts on the static camera image, what could explain it? #postmortem

Honestly Jeremiah sounds like the chillest ghost. I mean sometimes he bothers you but like he puts pebbles in your pockets,,, I’d love to have a ghost friend that puts pebbles in my pockets :)

Ok I’m 100% sure that the “ghost” said “gerbils” not “true” at 5:25

... okay buddy? Need some hot chocolate? Massage? Got a coupon.. #Postmordem

Okay but another YT did a session at the jail and also caught a reference to ‘beast’ on EVP #postmortem

The intro be like: Shane: he'll never be the same again Ryan: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

I think Ryan running into a room screaming and laughing is much scarier than a ghoul passing by

Can we just unanimously agree that the spirit box is completely useless? Ghosts don’t communicate over radio waves. #postmortem

Shane:"choo choo pickle pie!" Lavinia:"really thats what you want to say to the devil?" Shane:"YOU HEARD ME RIGHT!."

When they ask why they can't leave it doesn't sound like "important" it sounds like "Warden"which makes sense if people had been seeing apparitions of a jailor roaming the halls

man i gotta stop scrolling through the comments before i watch the video

OKAY you must investigate Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford, Saskatchewan (the old building, not the new building). So much torture and death. It was built in 1911. If you want ghosts, come here.

Please visit Waverly Hills again :D I'm sure Ryan would have a jolly ol' time there alone

Has ryan lost his mind

I think Ryan has finally lost it after all this time

Ryan: *_*screaming his head off*_* Shane: ”an hour ago he was drumming his belly button,”

I want to see two things. 1. Ryan use the spirit box in his own house so he never sleeps again. 2. Some device which can record every discoverable AM/FM signal, clap sync at the same time you are recording, so then any noise that comes out of the spirit box can be mapped to whatever radio station is playing that.

i believe Ryan was possessed for a min there

Ah yes the one that broke Ryan

Someone please check on Ryan..

@9:12 when Ryan asks 'why are you still in this jail?' anyone else hear the spirit box say back "Warden." not Important?

OMG Ryan

What if Shane is the devil himself and all of this is just fun and games to him and it finds it hilarious and all the ghosts are trying to tell him something and Ryan is completely unaware. Thats why Shane is so unbothered.

After last episode, I was so proud of Ryan for how brave and cocky he was...but after that intro. *Oh boy*

Try ghost hunting in asia/middle east. The ghost is more hardcore than murican

Am I the only one that clearly heard "I won't go. Please do not." at 10:10 after Ryan said he's going to turn the spirit-box off?

at 9:48 it sounds a LOT like “let us go”

Ryan would be a crazy man after this show is done haha. Well we hope not!

"Just a couple of holes" Never thought I'd hear Shane reference himself to a hole

Funniest Part Starts at 24:50 ... (until the end)

is it just me or does the room at 21:03 look like an asylum

Ryan and Shane thicc belly buttons are everything

Just go to arEa FifTy-oNe

Ok Ryan has lost it pack your bags were going to Canada where the ice is mean but the hot chocholate is even better

Shane: "GERBALS?!"

i'm still convinced shane is a demon

Lavinia is deffo laughing from the grounds... LOL

Shane's new excuse to deny the existence of ghost "An Owl dropping a nut"

At 9:43 I don't think Ryan even realized that some ghost said his name .I think it sounded like a female

Actually I think it was Jeremiah that said his name

shane: keep in mind an- **ryans screams**

I am a #Shaniac, but the word moist should never come out of Shane's mouth ever again. Especially while he and Ryan are slapping their belly buttons. #postmortem

Most evidence in one video ever....

am i the only one who watches all buzzfeed unsolved episodes in full screan HAHAH

Please go to skin walker ranch

You know that feeling when two amateur ghost investigators get more evidence then professionals?

The ghosts in the jail don't like goatman

Ryan's stance in this is something else. Power pose boy

For postmortem: ryan and shane should continue that little rap session they had

Give Ryan a hug 2k19

What is the tune/music in the background from 28.55 to 30.05 ?

Are these REAL GHOSTS? -

Shane: did anything from this episode leave you closer to believing in ghosts? #postmortem

MMerica's weird

For postmortem. Ryan have you become brave enough to challenge more than one demon a season? #ryantienejuevos?


"But for now, and perhaps forever," because Ryan would never get back to that place again lmao

"Everytime I'm in the streets I hear... Ryan: 25:51

What is Shane doing? What is going on through the minds of people who are scared of the dark, or of ghosts, or spirits? How does their logic and knowledge of daily life not win them over? What is it like being a Boogara?

Shane doing opera singing needs to be a thing

bro i got an ad for the bible app while shane was saying *choo choo pickle pie*

Nobody: Literally nobody: Shane: ᶜᴴᴼᴼ ᶜᴴᴼᴼ ᴾᴵᶜᴷᴸᴱ ᴾᴵᴱ

it'd be so easy to figure out if it's a ghost or not... just check to see if there's a window right there

Pls go to Griffith park haunted picnic table 29...

Shane: WOW! THIS IS DEFINITELY A JAIL! The Name Of The Place: am I a joke to you?

Hate to break this to you, Ryan, but the apparition 100% looks like someone in a regular white T-shirt walking by, whoever that is. You can easily make out its silhouette

They should go to salem

Love these guys!!

You should come to Asia and explore there :)

That was me walking passed that window I was out for a modelo foo


And now we have audio of Shane saying “Look at these juicy holes.”

“Moist little man-craters”

You guys should check out Crybaby Bridge in Monmouth, Illinois

Ryan having a meltdown lol

Watching this by myself at 2 o'clock in the morning I'm scared to go to the bathroom now woohoo

Please do the Japanese forest as well as other countries

For true crime you guys should go the 1966 clock tower shooting

Nobody: Literally nobody: Shane: Lavinia plant your flag in my belly button

Can you do a true crime on "the staircase "???

“Why aren’t we taken seriously as ghost hunters?” Shane: shows ghost his bellybutton

On the next joker movie cast Ryan please

Ryan's WWII Japanese self jumped out...

Lol i'm totally can't stop laughing when ryan gets crazy

I like to imagine that someone was just taking a midnight stroll and all they hear is screaming from the insane asylum and think that it was haunted, which probably ruined their night

Baby :'(

Plot twist Ryan got possessed by Ricky goldsworth and went batshit crazy

I’ve never laughed so hard watching a video before

When he was growling & screaming to psych himself up i declare he sounded like Gilbert Godfrey the Aflac duck voice

The character development of Ryan in this series is amazing

Is no one gonna pay attention at the background at between 22:01 - 22:12.I'm not sure if it's just a reflection of an object or light, or maybe creepy eyes glowing.

omg when Shane said,'' there will be no ghouls, there will be dust.." my brain immediately finished it with " there will be things you do not trust" and if my brain is playing some spooky sh*t on me then idk

I laughed so hard when Shane & Ryan tried to seduce the ghost of Lavinia with their belly buttons

This episode was chaotic

i look away for 2 seconds and when i look back i see two grown men slapping their bellybuttons together....i mean im not surprised but-

This is the hardest i've laughed in a long time (Ryan's whole solo trip.) I'd like to say thank you.

Does anyone else hear "Ryan, don't leave" at 10:11 just as Ryan is about to turn the spirit box off?

Yeah! I do, 9:49 I heard "They never stop."

9:49 I heard "They never stop."

Why is this season so short? Did Ryan get too scared or did Shane get too bored?

Other ghosthunters(after hearing something)- we're picking up something, it just did a banging sound Ryan & Shane- *starts beatboxing and rapping*

Spoiler: Ryan wasn’t scared, he was possessed

Visit the most haunted Museum

When she was jailed, how did she get her hands on her wedding dress though? #postmortem

I think Ryan is an empath. Question for Ryan: did feel like the mania took over you unprompted or was it your uneasiness that triggered it?

At this point , they had already almost immune to the touches and sound of silly ghost.

Ryan :You have to be a pyscopath to enjoy that Shane : allll my ghoulsssssss

Shane, What is your most prominent reason why you don’t believe in spirits/ the paranormal?

"Look at that happy pebbleee"

Can't comment directly at BuzzFeed kept getting an error message. I dunno if Ryan and Shane will see this but here goes: @Ryan, why did you suddenly become berserk inside the jail? Were you trying to letting out your fear instead of it consuming you? #postmortem

19:00 was NOT EASY I am telling y'all


24:55 those look like actual demon eyes, i'm dying

"If you would like to clear your name, etc etc do so now, this is your chance" "No"

#postmortem please please please please can you go to the haunted museum which was posted on the latest BuzzFeed unsolved video I really wanna see Shane do a stare of with Peggie the doll

9:36 the ghost probably watches mr beast

Shane stripping for a ghost! 10/10

#postmortem not a question, shane i’m the guy who yelled “i love you” at disneyland on friday in the line for the haunted mansion. #shaniac

Never saw Shane this serious

Season finale already? Please tell us you will be back for next season.

I think Ryan thinks Shane doesn’t get scared cause he is crazy, so he is trying to be crazy

25:50 funniest moment ever

Admittedly it could be me hearing things but when they were at the chair and asked why the ghost stayed, it sounded like portal as opposed to important

Go Ryan

At 23:08 Ryan - a psychopath can enjoy the s*** Shane - ohk sings in creepy tone Demons -

Anyone noticed the eyes? 24:54

it sounded like it said portal not important

Why do they remind me of Doug and Skeeter.

RIP headphone listener's ears when Ryan is roaming around by himself. Jfc Ryan...

Shane could be stabbed by a demon and be like “Oh it’s just the wind” And then he bleeds out while cackling

Y'all should visit haunted places in Southeast Asia. The ghosts there are on crack

19:30 weird bit

*ryan saying : wHeRe aRe yOu?!?!!!!???* ghost : *bangs on something* ryan : wHaT tHe fOc iS tHaT?!!!?!!!!!

Really, just come to Indonesia/Malaysia please. We can entertain you with a lot of ghosts

10:11 Ghost: "no one told you to turn in off" Me: aight imma head out

This is actual proof! Hardcore!!! I’ll show this to my kids one day when they ask if ghosts are real!!! #postmortem

Jeez Ryan really went feral didn’t he? At this point I think the question they should be answering is if Ryan is okay.

are you guys okay After that?? i am so scry ( i dont know how to spell that okay ) ????? >???????? >~

If you actually make some loud noises the ghost might disappear The don't like noisy places


Go to the xxxtentacion grave

U guys should stage a place fake history behind call it haunted get people to go there and prank Ryan with all the noises and stuff that would be hilarious!!

I went to South Carolina for my brother's wedding..... I went on a horse carriage tour and I heard the story of Livinia and her husband. Even passed the jail they were held at.

Shane, When has there been a time where you have been frightened?

Ryan, How did it initially feel to see that you might’ve caught an actual apparition?

If that's the best you got to charm a lady, how do you guys have girlfriends??? #roastmortem

Will you guys ever consider spending a night at a place you guys investigate? (Have cameras and all the other gear set up the entite time of course). Id *KILL* to see that

Please if y’all ever get the chance, come visit the Crownville Hospital Center in Crownsville Maryland! It’s an abandoned psychiatric hospital that was open from 1911 until 2004. Conditions were horrible and there is a report of about 92 deaths that happened there. There’s no doubt in my mind that it’s haunted.

Wait that serial killer couple is literally just Sweeney Todd

When they were beatboxing at 5:52 it sounded like the spirit box said “beat” #postmortem and 18:40 sounded like “Trouble”

Roast mortem: Shane did such a bad job trying to seduce the ghost, they thought he was gay and asked him to 'come out' to them. Come on Shane, Ryan's bellybutton is just better. #roastmortem #postmortem #bellybutton

seems like Shane here was Ryan's Psychologist. Lol

my favorite dynamic on this show is shane coming back from private time and pretending to be shaken by what happened, because Ryan both knows he's bullsh*tting BUT genuinely believes there's something to be shaken about this place and you can just see the helpless consternation on his face

#postmortem would love to see you guys use more goul equipment for the next season of supernatural, like as audio recorders, infrared thermometers, laser grids, and maybe oujia boards ;) loved this season! cant wait for more buzzfeed unsolved!

#postmortem 11:44 this is pretty compelling evidence and it surprised me you guys didnt talk about it more. SHANE! what do you think of this??

#forpostmortem When ryan was explaining the history behind lavinia fisher it struck me as odd how some elements reminded me about "sweeny todd, the demon barber". Did the author of the book use this as reference?

I guess all the fools that claim to have sensed a 9 year old child, have never seen a 9yr old, because they are way taller than waist high

Damn if that ghost boy is real then you probably sent him running into a corner Ryan, poor thing

i love how the music always gets so much more terrifying when ryan goes by himself

**Shane sitting in a chair** *Ryan:* (Points flashlight towards outside the window) And especially in the chair F*CK you!!! 26:28

The ghost hunting? Boring.... Thr reactions from shane and ryan? Priceless. Only reason why i watch the unsolved vids

WhEre ARe yOu?

Moist man craters??????? MOIST!!

Go to the Villisca Axe Murder House. You could do a crossover of True Crime and Supernatural.

Ryan is a scream queen #PostMortem

Q for post mortem: why don’t you bring 2 spirit box instead of one cause you might get a higher chance of actually understanding what the ghost is actually saying

okay 19:02, was that a litle bit of lady gaga's paprazzi or what

Ryan if you want a place to scare Shane , bring him to the brushy mountain state penetentiary , they say its not a place for sceptic , i dare you to pass the night there lollllll #futurinvestigation

why does shane look like jeffrey Dahmer when he searches the prison alone

*"Look at these juicy little holes"* - Shane Madej 2019

Why was the apparition so bright on the static cam? Did you highlight it or was it just glowy/reflective? Love you guys!! #postmortem

They just start stripping

Why would you wear sunglasses in a basement?

ryan, what drugs are you on?

26:30 Shane looks so proud

ryan fuckin snapped on this one,, somebody give him a hug

I would definitely say I’m a Reeder. I’ve had my own experiences that I cannot explain away. And I actually have gone to several doctors to help me figure out what it could have been. Because of that I honestly do lean to believe the FBA evidence, but I would be more compelled if they could go back and repeat the result. Especially with a static cam on that exact spot. Sorry Ryan

Scare them before they scare you i guess

Shane wouldn’t be Shane if he didn’t want to send demons back to hell

Ryan: I'm gonna give that thing a high-five with my butt cheeks. Also Ryan: Yeah, not gonna happen, I'm not sitting on that.

I feel pity for Ryan’s mental state

I suggest you two go to the Philippines and ghost hunt the Diplomat Hotel in Bago City,which is an abandoned building and famous for being haunted. Also the Haunted Hospital in Pampanga, it got featured in "Gabi ng Lagim VI" in "Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho". Check it out please,you're going to have fun in there

Anyone else hear “Please don’t. Please” when Ryan said he’d turn the Spiritbox off near the wheelchair?

What the hell was up with Ryan!?!

he cracked lol

Ryan channelled the BISMILLAH Arabic man

At 28:03 You can hear the Producer and Staff laughing At back after Shane Joke about Ryan Being DlED

when shane started to sing i-

18:57 Spirit:"MAYBE"

I'm scared by your laugh @ryan

Am i the only one who got this strange spooky feeling while watching this episode

I personally think the Ghost Box is not that reliable since it kinda captures some frequencies that are used in radios or walkie talkies. You can hear the interference there from those stations.

the episode where ryan literally cracks

At this point Ghoul bois can literally just make their own channel and still get a lot of views..

Shane wouldn't let anything bad happen to ryan HE'S HIS FRIEND!

Lambi dehar mines

Anyone else just scrolling through the comments caise they feel like their being watched

We need subtitles in spanish!!!!

At this point I honestly believe that if a FBA invited Shane for a cup of tea he'd finish the cup an have a nice conversation. Afterwhich he'd say "That's not a ghost! He's just a little pale... Maybe he's got a bad flu r something...."

context of ryan: *yOU have oFFICIALLY,, MADE ME LOSE MY MARBLEZZ*

Ryan : *Yaaaaaaaah, Charge!*

I can imagine all the ghosts and spirit laughing their asses out seeing Ryan screaming and shouting

Ryan : You know how much of a psychopath you have to be to enjoy that? Shane : *Singing Opera*

shane peacefully talking to the crew while ryan is screaming from inside the jail and cursing at him from the window is the best experience ever.

I'm more scared of the intro if anything.

What if Shane starts narrating the history next season

Imagine if someone is just in there with them and they are the ones who are banging

18:56 i heard him say ‘’maybe’’

Is no one gonna talk about the belly button situation

Anyone else hear "No don't, please." from the spirit box after Ryan announces he's turning it off at 10:11???


You guys have to collab or talk to this dude. He got some good stuff on his channel #boogara

The figure you caught in camera does certainly look like a person walking, but if it was actually Lavinia why are we seeing legs? I mean, women at that time used to use long dresses. Could it be someone else? Also, what the actual F*ck was that "Come out", it sounds extremely clear, how could Shane not hear it? #postmortem

9:47 "ghost hunter"

idk about yall but what if ryan was actually possessed like, he was acting like an actual prisoner, if that makes sense

5:32 did anybody notice that blue thing in the corner is it just me ??

Umm... so what was the orb and the apparition thing?

Hello there Ryan and Shane.,and BuzzFeed also,haha. Do you mind to watch the latest episode of the one of the Philippines most watch TV show, #KMJS (Kapuso mo,Jessica Soho)? It's a Halloween special,and it's real. I don't know how to explain this here in the comment section, it's lit!!! Hope you guys visit the Philippines for your creepy segments. BTW, that episode is about a boy,taking a video selfie,but suddenly,his grandma who actually passed away join him in the video.

26:22 is me having my millionth breakdown of the day and my friends nonchalantly laughing about it cuz they know it's a daily occurrence

why does it seem like if Shane died and became a ghost, he'd haunt some ghost hunter thats equally pessimistic and when they say "i dont believe you exist", he'd use the box to say "you're right"

Ryan are you okay hun?

Why didnt you two go visit the most haunted museum with the other guys or was it their own thing that they wanted to do? #posmortem

I’m convinced Ryan was possessed lol

My... Ears... Help... Please...

This episode made me laugh so loud my dad walked in and started watching with me and started laughing harder than I have ever seen him laugh before

Ryan should wear a heart rate monitor we can see.

These grown men for real just stood in a dark old jail cell talking to ghosts while fingering their belly buttons... ghost adventures could never

As a Charlestonian I can confirm that place is hella weird

St. Albans! Come on guys.

Right after Ryan say this place is true horrifying

I seen two glowing eyes

hey at 10:10 did anyone else kinda hear “hold on, don’t leave” or am i crazy?? #postmortem

choo choo pickle pie merch when?

my real question is, does their camera man believe in ghosts?

The eye at the end of the hall way @24:00

That episode was uncomfortably weird. I think they may have cleansed the placed with their belly button excorsism, that apparition was the ghost leaving.

roast mortem: shane lookin like jeffrey dahmer in those glasses

y’all should visit the catacombs of paris, it’s the creepiest thing i’ve ever seen

#postmortem which titanic characters do you associate yourselves with

Ryan:ghosts are dangerous Shane:ghouls...KILL ME!!

Did you ask any tour guides for their stories? I got to stay in the jail overnight with my film group, and the tour guide that stayed with us had some fun stories! My favorite is that apparently people who tell Lavinia's story with the lens of her being a killer while in her room usually feel a push or scratch, while she's nicer to the guides who speak like she was only a passive accessory to her husband (they only see orbs and lights and such). Also, I agree with Ryan, that building is the creepiest place I've ever been, ghosts or no ghosts. #postmortem

“A cast of characters rotating around a bar.” “What is this, ‘Cheers’?

I swear, every time they do a spirit box session the ghost says something and Shane and Ryan are like "huh?" "What?" For like 30 seconds straight

Anyone else hear, someone help please when they are about to turn off the spirit box at the beginning of the video????

Hey spooky boys can I join you in your next paranormal adventure? It'd be my dream to join you goul boys and to freak out with Ryan over small noises

In 10:12 when the box went crazy I can hear clearly "... dont leave..."

Ooh Imposing!

I thought...ryan passed out? #postmortem

24:10 2 lights flash at the end of the hallway

I wonder if any of them really got possessed #Postmortem

24:55 are those eyes in de dark? xd

TBH, i would love to work at bzfd unsolved but I ain't going alone in that prison

ryan had me WEAAAAK asf screaming his whole way through the hallway


Why do I feel like Ryan is becoming a Shane

Ryan exploring alone is me in the morning when I remember I have school or when school gets too overwhelming

do diplomant hotel next in the Philippines, Baguio

theory: Shane is already possessed, so he repels all the other ghost, thus no ghost caught on camara with shane or in the same room as ghost, only affecting ryan ;)

You guys should use the ouija board in every haunted place you go

ryan introducing shane at a magic show for demons: *he’s magic shane and he’s here to send you back to hell!*

Here’s the thing, a sceptic will always be a sceptic no matter what they witness... Shane

Do the Diplomat Hotel!! please,! There are so many ghosts there! Nuns, Soldiers,Children, and priests! So many pictures of proofd there but I want your approvement. This youtuber caught evudence

as soon as I hear south carolina i get so exicted because nothing fun ever happens here

You guys should check out the Alexander Noble House in Fish Creek Wisconsin. It's a house from 1875 that's a museum now. The docents and locals say it's haunted but I was a skeptic until I did a tour of the museum. I came home with two photos that I just can't explain.

If only China let people do ghost hunter stuff in the forbidden city it would’ve been extremely interesting

#forpostmortem Shane, will you be trying the new Conspiracy palette out of Shane solidarity??? Loved the video as always!!! Really compelling evidence this time around!!! Y'all should collab with Mykie from Glam and Gore #boogara #stilljustascynicalasshane

“John, I want a divorce” *John:* 26:58

I wonder how annabelle did'nt kill shane yet

If you go to 22:01 you can hear someone speaking or an echo in the background. Don't know if it's just me hearing things

I bet Ryan wears womens panties

Yo Ryan friccin went oFf. Like that was more terrifying than the ghosts/investigations/storyline itself. Character development

I thought after the ghost said Ryan, I heard something like "he won't let us out." it SHOOKT me tf!

i think ryan channeled the spirit of jimmy stewart when he was shouting. honestly, why did he sound just like george bailey from it's a wonderful life lmao

I fuckin love Levinia's answers shes a legend just like "no." Dont want you to help me. "Stop." What a queen

3 scratches together? What is she? The wolverine?

Post Mortem: How are Ryan's therapy sessions going? ly both #shaniac

For the post mortem, What the Actaul FK are you 2 idiots doing with your belly buttons? And why did you think it was a good idea? Did you think the ghost were gonna kick your asses, cuz they shoulda

You two are absolutely hilarious too funny

Been there. Done that....And yes it is.

Shane and Ryan need to go to gratify highways, there's an old mind shaft their that's apparently really haunted.

On 10:13 it said I wanna talk to you

why didn't you use the spiritbox on the sole investigation? Shane never does it

Maybe the reason why it isn’t Shane and Ryan in the most haunted museum video is because Ryan was never the same after that night :0

“You see that? That’s my bellybutton.” -Shane 2019

Shoutout to the Cameraman For Being *A Champ*

Shane telling Ryan he may have heard something is the cruelest thing I've ever seen. LMAO


I think this was the closest the cameraman/woman got to laughing listen close when Ryan makes noises

LOL Ryan went crazy

Shane: “he’ll be here alone soon enough” Ryan: “that’s a long way to back up you gonna keep up that speed?” Shane: “continues slowing backing up”

Can barely see anything in that ghost evidence :(

LOL its episodes like this that almost make me a boogara...Almost :D


Lavinia got so tired of Shane and Ryan's antics that she literally left her cell 20:18

*choo choo pickle pie*

u kn0w the thing shane hates that makes a loud noise...? picks up radio frequencies or some shite thats what theyre hearing.

At like 22:29 look at the flashlight shadow

You guys should come to this haunted house in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia full of evil jinn

shane really out here cheating on sara with a ghost huh

you guys should explore the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia!

shane u should ask them to say choo choo pickle pie

Have you guys ever thought about being quiet and listening? It seems like both of you talk and make noises when you start getting nervous. It's like you don't want to find anything.

You guys could check out the Flannan Isles disappearance which helped inspired the new movie the Lighthouse. Three Lighthouse keepers vanished without a trace from a Scottish island in 1900 and the still remains Unsolved!

*the case still remains Unsolved

I want true crime stories

Jeremiah:adults ghosts can I play with those two boys Adult ghosts:sweetie no their bad influences don’t talk or go near them

Yes ghosts are real, now go to Aokigahara and you can easily prove it, with thousands of trapped, anguished souls trapped within it. Do it. You won’t.

Shane is EVIL hence proved 22:41

A woman's voice saying "they want us (unintelligable)" maybe "they want us scared? Around 10 minutes in

Ryan:choking as pebbles are shoved down his throat by a ghost Shane: Bloody strong wind, isn't it

Ghoul boy Shane On a mission to debunk ghost Shane : Thank you for your service I'm pretty sure Ryan was possed by a prisoner or something

Shane: look at these juicy little holes Me: umm child

I’m genuinely concerned this time what in the hell-

Ryan : CHARGE Soldiers of the 54th regiment : * *PTSD* *INTENSIFIES* *

"Moist little man-craters" confirmed gay?

The more your scared, the more the ghost or demons like that. Look at shane he is just chilling always haha!! I love shane so much haha!!

My family and I took a tour of the jail around 2010 and part of the tour involved closing a very large, very loud door. At the same time someone took a picture with the flash on and the after image combined with the noise petrified me. My dad was worried I was going to send myself into cardiac arrest

9:37 the beast 24:54 the eyes of the beast the ghost mentioned?

Right before Ryan turned the spirit box off in the wheelchair room it sounded like the voice said *“don’t want to leave”* in response to “what are you still doing in this prison”

On 20:20 it DOES look like someone with old times clothes, I’ll give Ryan that....

Shane and Ryan: slapping their belly buttons Ghost: ight imma head out

I'm never getting over the belly button patting

on the motion alarm outside the morgue, you can see a shadow walk across the hallway in the way back if you look for the bottom half of the body.

How PROUD was Shane when he heard Ryan cursing at the "ghosts"

ryan sounds like Gilbert Gottfried

I would let Lavinia poison MY tea

Shane.... you broke Ryan

Lore did an episode on this place a few weeks ago.

26:22 killed me

Shane did Ryan fuckin dirty

The people that lives near the jail just hears Ryan screaming his head off.

did ryan get possessed

I never thought I'd see two grown men attempt to seduce a ghost with bellybutton game.

I’ve actually been here

Ryan had officially lost it

Ryan: "STOP BEAT BOXING!" I'll add this to the list of quotes you definitely won't hear on any other paranormal hunting shows XD

I’m from Cape Breton Nova Scotia, and lemme tell you.... the Clayton Miller case CERTAINLY is an unsolved true crime mystery that is on the verge of a huge breakthrough!! Very big news here.. I’d love to see what you folks think!

Just realized that this is technically unsolved supernatural but I stand by my decision to comment this on the most recent video lmao

when they heard "important" I heard "warden"

At the very end when they showed him opening the closet...I think I saw someone in there...also I couldn’t find the exact spot after

i live an hour from there and didnt even know this place existed

I like the new look Shane DOPE (dad vibes)

Someone get this man to the audition to the Joker

Am I the only one who finds Lavinia clutch as hell? She came to her execution in her wedding dress, literally announced she was going to hell, and hung herself. Is that not badass?

At 10:10 when Ryan says hes going to turn the spirit box off I hear "No don't please" or "Ryan don't please" especially if the playback speed is 1.5

25:50. Don't ask questions. Just go to that time.

It's too late for the Postmortem/RoastMortem, but Ryan sounds like Gilbert Godfrey when he yells.

Ryan:Scared to death waiting for his turn. Meanwhile Shane:Singing opera for ghouls

ryan’s really goin through it this season lmao

I'm gonna give that thing a high five with my buttchecks -ryan 2019

I am cryiiiiiiiiiiiiing at Ryan hahahahahahahahaha this is the best thing I've ever seen

Shane's energy this video is truly something to behold *chef's kiss*

I love Ryan’s Shane impression when he went in alone

teacher: hey, are you paying attention? me: sure my mind: **beatboxing** *MY NAME IS RYAN AND I'M HERE TO SAY WE'RE THE BADDEST GHOST HUNTERS IN THE USA*

at 19:00 i heard “wait”


I think my aunt went there and saw eyes where there was no floor to support a hunam.

I would love to see you guys go to the Catacombs in Paris !!!

I think Ryan needs a hug.

Y’all finally went

Ryan finally snapped haha

I personally think Ryan is possessed by a demon

Ryan's officially peaked...

I feel like I heard more of the radio though there static box thing then anyone else's like I don't know. If it is broken or a old model or what.

I would like to know at what point Ryan blacked out. How much does he remember? Because if he doesn’t remember anything after smelling the ocean I’m sorry Ryan but I think you were possessed.

19:00 sounds like the n-word

I love that Shane specifically leaves that bucket where it is “in case Ryan trips on it” and then Ryan does.

There was such a missed opportunity to rearrange the pebbles into a :-(

love watching this in my apartment that’s 10 minutes from the jail :)

I bet u heard Ryan going insane.

"look at these juicy little holes" - the goul man 2019

I think Ryan is going to break and murder the crew and set a new show

When ryan starts screaming and making all these weird sounds... I started to laugh uncontrollable..

Shane-THIS IS DEFINITELY A JAIL. I seriously haven't seen funnier people in a reaaaal long time. Thank you guys

6: 23 choo choo pickle pie

Fun to see Ryan’s finally lost it

Shane was so excited about gerbils

I want you guys to go search for a Wendigo!

Shane looks like a drug addled 70's porn star!

“Why aren’t we being taken seriously” Also Shane and Ryan: “Raps in hope for ghost to respond”

Investigate the harrisville farm in Rhode Island , lets see if Shane still taunts the ghost/demons. It's the house that inspired to make the conjuring #ShareThis#likeThis

Shane: cHOo CHOo PiCklE pIE Ghost: wtf

The 3 scratches aren't limited to her it's reported to be something demons do to mock the Holy Trinity.

Is it me but does it sound like a radio changing channels?

Well, I think this building is something else.

I literally just got done listening to the Lore episode that covered this! So excited!

*enter haunted prison* *plays belly button duet inside*

Ryan: I'm gonna give that thing a high-five with my butt cheeks. Also ryan: Yeah,not gonna happen. I'm not sitting on that.

I think given the number of places these guys have visited (not even counting the countless other ghost and spirit hunters), I think it's safe to say that we have so little evidence of anything of this sort existing that Shane has won this series.

Ryan was possessed by Gilbert Gottfried for a bit.

"Thank you for your service..." That legit made me laugh. Well done, Ghoul Boi.

I’d rather deal with a hunted prison than rude customers, so if Ryan wants to switch jobs I’m down

Why are there so many supernatural stuff how come no more true crimes


Charleston, my place of birth! I visited this jail last year... not much dark energy felt, mainly just a gut feeling from being primed that it was creepy.

Shane truly looks like a psychopath

Watching the vid thinking “why didnt shane move the pebbles”

me in middle of the exams thinking i should've studied instead of watching yaoi videos: *Me, I realize me, I'm the fool*

23:56 anyone?

*happy pebbles*

love the power stance ryan had at 5:30

Quick story time Whenever me and my friend are together we both here one of our friends or teachers saying our names, laughing or screaming weirdly. And it only happens when we're sitting/standing next to eachother at either her home or mine. It's weird and I'm scared.

can i just say how beautifully shane sings hAH

when does more unsolved true crime come out??

At 10:12 it kinda sounds like it's saying "no don't go please" and then just a bunch of radio stations was that

stop sexually harassing the ghost shes a married woman

The things you saw were dust motes and a passing car.

What a waste of time. Smh

Am I the only person who thinks the spirit box just picks up radio stations?

Why does your motion box sound like a small business entrance bell?

They don’t ever mess with Shane because they know he ain’t scared

Is nobody going to mention Shane’s singing actually sounded good with the acoustics

When Ryan is turning off the spirit box in the wheelchair room @ 10:12 it sounds like it says “don’t leave”

Ryan:"You know how much of a psychopath you have to be to enjoy that?" Shane: **sings joyfully**

shane is an old god. his only purpose on this show is to prove to people spirits aren't real so that they remain ignorant

Moist man craters... hot.

Will we ever know why tourists wore sunglasses in the basement or will the ghoul bois continue to ignore that piece of information will remain UNSOLVED

I live there

16:35 what a fancy way to say "going to hell, yall want something?"

Eyes can be seen at 24:54

This may sound really weird but whenever I put on a buzz feed unsolved video and either shane or ryan say do you want to talk to us. Someone keeps knocking on my wall. It’s becoming really creepy

someone go listen closely at 25:26 and tell me you hear whispers too

Imagine Ryan in the next century scaring people in this jail

Shane: (is literally being choked) hmm well gosh this shirt is a little tight

Ricky Goldsworth full on took over Ryan while he was walking through so that he didn't completely lose his mind

9:24 sounded like "to me" So the full sentence would be "Important to me"?

I will buy every piece of merch that says, “choo choo pickle pie”.

"yeah about an hour or two ag-" *hears ryan screaming turns around and laughs*

At the end where Ryan is by himself and starts screaming. I legit thought he was possessed


5:28 Not gonna lie... kinda sounds like the ghost called you a jerkoff

5:25 Ryan standing like he ready to run!

the ghost at 9:42  “何”

why did Ryan extremely hot when he came out of the prison after his solo

why haven’t i read a single comment about that static camera footage. that gave me chills. i’ve never seen something like that in my life.

i want a full version of the ghoul boys rap

I think Ryan got possessed

IDK if they met any ghosts but they sure as hell created a few new ones RIP headphone users

the edits freak me out i want to close my eyes

That ghost in the wheelchair 100% was asking for morphine which we later found out was common of those soldiers, who, when you reached out to caused your device to spike, so JUST SAYIng

9:48 kind of sounds like "Let us out" or "Let us down"

When Ryan went to turn the spirit box off they said “no wait, please.”

This show is Ryan getting scared in places with his best friend Shane making sure he won kill himself or sumthing

Now that I think about it, it’s definitely weird that it took Shane this long to dare a ghost to seduce him

Ryan: who in their right mind would be stoked to be in there by themselves Shane: stoked to be in there by himself

ryan has *cracked*

Ryan finally cracked.

The way he says octagonal bugs me

That radio wave scanner scans all radio waves so it is probably picking up a talk show at the right time and picks up a name or word.

9:49 "ghost" 9:50-9:52 " The Master." That's what I heard...

Love how Ryan tries to outspook the ghost just to get even more spooked at the end

"if the human mind wants to find" likewise for not wanting to find shane, likewise.

nobody: literally no one at all: seriously not a soul: Shane: *slams down chair* *THEY CALL ME SHANE*

Ryan clearly got affected

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I’ve been watching all of these for Halloween

I'm LOSING it at them exposing and smacking their bellies, holy craaap

idk why but shane’s face at 5:45 just made me crack up

Hopefully you guys can come to lemp mansion in STL. This place has had several suicides and murders and it’s very haunted.

have you guys done Ammityville or The Kehoe house in Savannah?


Moist Man Craters? I'm fcking screaming

Shane and Ryan should do an episode where they switch roles!

Omfg I'm traumatized from that belly button seduction

I think Ryan lost his mind in there xD

Is Ryan mildly possessed?

at 25:02 if you look behind ryan at a .25 playback speed it looks like a shadow goes in front of the lights uhhhhh

Why is Ryan‘s stance so wide??

Seriously...watching two guys playing with their belly buttons in a jail cell...

Shane & Ryan, my fav father son team. BTW, Lavinia Fisher's last words at her execution were rad.

I love the absolute glee on Shane's face when Ryan starts yelling in the distance. I'm pretty sure even the crew was cracking up in the background.

One of them is slowly becoming possessed or something, I'm just not sure which

I looked up at the wrong time ... tf are you doing with ur belly buttons out "JUICY LITTLE HOLES" ommmmmgggooosshhh


Is it bad that I was laughing the whole time Ryan was in there on his own?

I’m losing my mind. “You can plant your flag in this bad boy!”

You guys really need to take Shane to Zac Bagans’ haunted museum in Las Vegas. See if that changes his mind about things.

Came for the spooks...... Stayed for the beatboxsession

Me watching the intro: *Ok it finally happend, RYAN SNAPPED!*

I don't ever want this series to end.


28:22 It looked like the yellow light next to him lit up by itself. Probably because it was out of frame, but still looked creepy.

ryan:you know how much of a psychopath you have to be to enjoy that shane:*sings

When your home alone 26:33

“Juicy little holes”

25:50 ...the ghosts have left the building.

Ryan: "alright ghouls" Ghosts: *shrivel in fear*

bruh why did i feel like i was being choked the entire video

The figure they caught seems to be wearing a white shirt

*ghosts* : this guy seems easy to scare *ryan* : HAHAHAHA *ghosts* : *debating*

Look at the minute 24 when he said he hears some one you can see a small flicker of light at the end of the hall

My honeymoon next year is in Charleston and my fella wants us to do a ghost tour here

Dis is kinda scary

24:54 what the hell was that at the door 28:39 glitchy, probably the ghost leaving Ryans body

The sound guy needs a raise

ryan is the bravest scaredy cat of all time

Their feed sounds like a dubstep song

You got a beatbox ghost I’m here

props to the camera man for keeping their cool while watching ryan and shane pat their belly buttons because i wouldve burst out laughing at the scene

@10:10 "don't leave"

is no-one going to talk about the ghost at 20:24

is this the last episode?

Stanley Hotel!!

Ryan: "you know how much of a psychopath you have to be to enjoy that?" *cuts to shane having the time of his life

At 10:16, I thought I heard “Don’t go, please”. Anyone else?

"Important"? ??? that thing said PORTAL ewww

“Do you know how much of a psychopath you’d have to be to enjoy yourself if there!” Cuts to Shane literally serenading the ghouls~

"man craters"

what instrument did they use to communicate to the ghost???

i have a crush on ryan

I lost it when they tried to seduce the ghost with their bellybuttons omg hahahahahahah

Is this the last one?

I want to use choo choo pickle pie as my new catch phrase

why is ryan standing like that...

Hilarious episode!

I really need to stop watching these episodes before bed.... Im now too scared to turn off my light....

In the basement and on the main floor at night you can hear stuff and see stuff

Go to union station in ogden utah

Lavinia: u rlly wanna tell the devil shoo shoo pickle pie Shane: yes Lavinia: aight * texts the devil* *the phone in Shane’s pocket buzzes*

DAMN! Shane can sing!

ghost box: 'true' Shane: Gerbils?

Where is today's episode?

Hey!!! Over here !! Choo Choo Pickle pie

I really hope that they get scared truly one day. They think it's all so funny.

At 19:54 you can hear “stop it”

Ryan was this close to becoming the next Batman villain.

at 19:11, that was ryan and shane asserting themselves.

“He will find something, and it will destroy him” -Shane, 2019

I like how that scanner to speak to them is picking up radio stations LOL

In the part when Ryan feel like something touched him, I saw a shadow in the door on the left. Right above the part where the figure was recorded.

The scariest part of this video was my reflection.


“What? Gerbils?” real aliens man, i tried emailing it to the instagram email days ago like this shits real aliens istg

Shane literally predicted that Ryan would trip over the bowl

ryan: ( *screaming maniaclly* ) the ghosts: ( *screaming in terror* ) shane: ( *laughing* )

They call me Shane

ryan and shane: ( *patting their belly buttons* ) the ghosts: ( *covering each other's eyes* )

I've been watching the boys since they started, one of my favorite things to watch after a long week...this series has gone downhill very, very fast. Upsetting.

No wonder that spirit box called Ryan 'the beast'.

ryan: ( *gets dragged across the room by his hair* ) HElP mE pLEaSe shane: phew, quite windy today

Shane never heard : “ come out” ?

Can you do the visilla axe murders

ok does no one else see that face on the wall at 7:40 as Shane is creepily walking out backwards?

Next supernatural season, do an episode on the monte cristo homestead in Australia.

Did anybody hear the girl in the background? around 20:00 when they are hitting their belly buttons.

how do they do this, i cant even throw the trash out at night without running

ooohohoho I wrote a presentation about this place Freshman year of high school, hell ya!

i am genuinely crying of laughter

Last episode. Shane had a meltdown. Now ryan is going insane. We're loosing our ghoul boys. I blame Annabelle :V

If you gentlemen want to see something you might find a change in your method useful. Instead of a quick visit perhaps leave a few cameras during the night and then review the film the next day. Take my advice and go back to some of the places you have already visited...

Ryan after this night *all i have are negative thoughts*

This has been the episode that Ryan cursed the most.

while i watched this a spider crawled onto my hand and now im shook satan wtf

*"it's spirits are violent and vengeful !!"* shane : "cowards." spirits : "true."

What was that at 7:02 ? Was that the cameraman? The thing that’s reflecting in the window walks.

Best line "I'm going to give that chair a high five with my buttcheeks"

Do you see mr.whites car 29:25

I almost had a heart attack because of the shadows of Ryan hands 13:36 HAHAHA! D-A-M-N! that scares my sh-t!

I went here this past year on a ghost tour and the spirit Animal in the basement wouldn’t stop grabbing my ankles and a girl had to leave after entering the red room because the spirts messed with her so much, trust me this place is truly haunted.

Ryan's laughter in that moment for some reason reminded me of The Joker...scary!

i’ve been there

I'm pretty sure you guys scared the demons away when you exposed your belly buttons..... "Why'd you have to go and make it all weird. All I wanted was to scare you."-Ghost

It's crazy how society can change Ryan that fast

Jeremiah: *moves a pebble* Jeremiah: shoot shoot shoot shoot gotta move it back exactly shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot

No one: Ryan: 25:52

I've been to the mansfield refomitory it's awesome

Shane acts like that bc in reality hes scared and this makes him feel better

20:47 that spooked me

24:55 scared me.. are those eyes? a reflection? I don't freaking know...


Shane: she's not married anymore? Ryan: yes Me: oh thats nice Shane: thats dirty Me: oh- i guess im just weird

So uhhhh when are you guys going to do the Paris catacombs ?????????

Please stop using the spirit box and bring back the ovilus.

*you gotta be a psychotic to enjoy to be in there* Then there's Shane singing

Anyone else think the Spirit box sounds like it just flips between radio stations and fills the gaps with static?

19:00 I heard something like "Maybe"

The show fails to establish the context of the location. If you take a look at Google street view, you can see the the building is in a residential area. Where they are talking at the end is in front of the building and in the background are folks' back yards. The "apparition" was almost certainly shadows cast by headlights, or perhaps someone walking by outside under a street light. In fact, it's surprising that there weren't far more of these kinds of incidences. Perhaps there were.

Why not take a Ouija board so you can get answers?

I like the amped up confidence they both have but the beat boxing ghosts that really got me

i want choo choo pickle pie merch asap

This comment section is something else

*If Sam, Colby, Jake, and Corey joins them, this would be hell of a fun ride*

White dude is utterly annoying.

I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of Shane and Ryan even if they don’t find any ghouls in the end lmao, buzzfeed unsolved will remain my all time favorite show on yt

Do the mystery of Elisa lam

they broke ryan

24:37 i heard a voice whispering yesssss

18:56 - '''maybe"' idk

who else noticed the ghost said "dont leave tonight" at 10:08

I feel empty when you guys arent posting anything new yet

...why did Ryan lose his mind there? #postmortem

Let them look into Peggy the dolls eyes, an then laugh ...... good luck......

Ryan then: *a demon turns on a flash light*

Ryan actually scared me when he was shouting. if I were a ghost I'd run and hide from that. heck if I was just there I'd run and hide.

Anyone else hear the spirit box go, "We wanna scare you." in a woman's voice, after the box said "Ryan."? In the Wheelchair area?

Durian Hotel in Davao Philippines

9:49 idk but sounds like Beyoncé or whatever

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