The ULTIMATE Budget Gaming System 2018

The ULTIMATE Budget Gaming System 2018

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Good. Day guys Austin, e telling this once a day welcome. To the future. Welcome. To, the future, of gaming. Imagine. A world where we have no limits where, we will not tie to a platform a console, a publisher. A brand or hardware, able, to play every. Game from, the start of interactive. Media known, today as gaming, up, to today's modern, triple-a. Titles. A discrete. Piece of hardware able, to be placed in your front room not just tied to gaming, but also able, to play movies, TV, shows music, and the, Internet, all from, your couch any controller. Of your choice I bring. To you the. Ultimate gaming. System. Able, to play games, from almost any gaming, system, Atari, 2600. NES. Super, Nintendo Sega. Consoles, Nintendo, consoles. Sony, consoles. All computer. Games modern. Consoles, such as the Xbox, Wii U PS, free etc etc. The. Latest, games such as pub, G fortnight. Battlefield. 5 and almost. Everything. In between choose. Whatever game, you want to play from, an interactive. Menu layout or manage, from an operating, system as soon, as the system is booted, and easily. Updated, once, new games arrive, this. Has, been tackled, time and time again on YouTube with, people building pcs, where, you will find time and time again they don't consider all the, games they, don't consider the normal, person, and they, often cost, you into, the thousands. Of dollars to replicate, just, focusing. On modern, gaming, imagine. If I said we. Can play anything. From any console. Or PC. And this, could be done all at the same price of a modern gaming console, around. 300. Of the finest, UK, pounds. I am, not selling these I am. Showing you what can be done with, easy to find parts, and a bit of thinking outside the box I'm not a PC fanboy, I'm not a console, fanboy, I am, a gaming, fanboy, and for over thirty five plus years I, have been gaming and I have been collecting. And plane, all, the consoles. I can get my hands on building. And playing pcs, and making, the most of all the best games the world has ever known I, still. Love and still, think the original consoles, are the best way to play many, of these old tales but, just like my music and my movie collection I want to be able to enjoy them hassle-free on hardware. That is just plug and play, in one location, one. Controller, on a tiny, modern, piece of hardware, sure, we can use things like the mini NES, consoles. Raspberry. PI's, etc. Etc but. These are often just, title one system, or very, low powered meaning, you can only play old games meaning. Again you need multiple, systems. Set up in, order to play them on let's. Build, a small, cheap, system, that does everything let's. Build the. Ultimate gaming, system. As. We. Talked about we want to use this as a console, not as a PC. So we. Need an environment, that allows us to use everything, on the, PC, with, our controller, choose, games choose, media browse, websites etc. Etc using. Our controller. With, an instinctive, GUI there are many options for, this free paid, and available, in many shapes sizes and tastes. I have chosen launchbox, for this setup as for me is the most user-friendly and, easy to setup the most customizable. To. Get to whatever taste, you want, able, to launch almost, any game that has been invented, up to the latest titles, available today including. PC, games emulated. Media, music anything, you wish all set, out in a great, easy to use interface, that, can be used with a controller, with, complete BIOS, metadata. Game, are etc etc, from, almost, every, game that has ever been released in history, and updated. Almost, daily, this, can be done so the system boot straight into the QA transforming, the PC, into, an easy to use control, of, Base console. That could play almost any game from a system. From any time, period, now, I do have to warn you that the version that you're seen on the screen right now is the paid version, it cost 20, bucks full price which. Means that yeah this, is more cost on top but there are other Hughie's, front ends similar. To this which, are completely free and also, launch, box does have a free version I do also have to say that I have zero affiliation. With launch box whatsoever, or in fact any other front ends and there are plenty out there that are free to use however I did get in touch, with large, box and the lead developer, which is Jason, and he. Has been awesome he said that he is gonna offer a discount, or a giveaway, or something. Along those lines for probably, a limited, time period for anybody who watches this video which is absolutely, awesome so, once, that becomes available I'll put information in, the description down below to salt you guys out again I'm not getting any kickbacks, no cut from any of this whatsoever. So again. There is more information on, my, channel, for other front. Ends if you wish to go in a different direction. I'm just trying to give you guys options, also. I have to say it's probably common sense but no games or, anything, like that is included.

With This, front-end it's merely just, a launcher, a GUI like, a menu system, obviously looking, all fancy and simplifying, the process of launching games. Organizing. Them putting them into a nice little front-end, as you can see now I just have to put that out there in case you think that you install this and you get all these games for free or something that's not how this works again, more, information about all this kind of stuff in depth is all over, my channel I've been doing this for years, hey. Guys, Peter are, you alright you know what I feel good I feel like I want a giggle behind my hand that a lot of things and hold but not eat a big ice cream cone so, let's get into the good stuff the benchmarks. Let's see how this puppy is performing. With our games now, focused, on two different types of games one being emulated, games and one being PC, games if you're building something like this you more than likely gonna play everything that you've got at your disposal now. During these tests obviously I can't test everything on. Every system on every emulator, but, what I can do is play the more taxing, games and of course the, more taxing, emulators, I can, also play the most popular, ones and they're the ones that I've tried to show throughout. These tests, so, first off we're gonna focus on the PC games but via word that all the way through this I have tried to keep it well I have kept everything at 1080p. And also. I've tried to keep all graphical. Settings to maximum, wherever. Possible to, maintain at least 60. Frames per second, as long as the game supports that kind of stuff of course with games which are more twittg based, more, reaction, and more competitive I've tried to push the frame rate wherever, possible but. Bear that in mind that we are playing, this on a budget, so. So. Let's. See what this can do first. Off we've got counter-strike. Girl and this, one performed. As expected to. Be honest it is a twittg kind of game so once it maximum frame rate and, we. All know countless, strike can be played pretty much on your dad's laptop this is not exactly a system hog but, I did want high frames per second so I've turned everything on to maximum, and to, be honest whatever fraud at this whatever game type whatever map it always seemed to maintain, at least 100. Frames per second which to be honest but I'm playing this game is what, I would want and it. Perform like a dream as you can see. Next. Up over, to overwatch, now, to be honest this is the first time I've actually played this game I bought this game just so I could test it for you guys I've heard that is popular, and I. Know why, it is popular it, never, suited, my kind of gameplay before but from actually playing it it's, pretty damn good it was a lot better than I expected but, enough for that anyway in terms, of performance wise yeah. 70, to 80 frames, per second, most, of the time if, things got really heated and battle it would drop to around maybe, high 50s. But, most of the time never dropped in below 60, frames per second, this is on high settings, of course if you wanted to get this even more twitchy, then you could drop some settings, to make sure that it was a constant, and I'll 80 frames per second no, problem whatsoever I didn't see any stutters, no glitches, no nothing like that this is a pretty damn stable, game and highly, enjoyable along, with it next, up I wanted to try some driving games to see how this impacted, the machine, and to, be honest it was pretty damn good pretty, damn, good indeed, these, are the settings that I used for rec fest a pretty, new game that has been released not so long back it's, very much physics based and there is a hell of a lot of vehicles on the truck at the same time so I thought this might bring it to his knees and knocked it back to medium, settings I pushed some of the settings up on other parts as you can see but, to be honest I could have wrapped this up even further I was getting pretty, high, frame, rates it was, stood of free the, system, wasn't taxed, too much but, I was obviously maxing, out my G pee-yew I was getting pretty much solid 70.

To 100 frames per second depending on what kind of area the map pose on depending on what's got on the screen at a time but, visually it looks absolutely stunning, and playability. Wise, it was perfect. So. You guys asked me to test out project, cards and here it is I have not played this for some time but it's still looking, absolutely. Beautiful. Now I'm playing this on medium preset. Obviously 1080p, like we talked about I could, have gone for better visuals, and. Probably, impacted, on the frame rate or I could have gone for a better frame rate and impacted, on the visuals the medium preset, seems to be a pretty medium. Middle ground for all this kind of stuff and it performed, like a dream I was getting well over 60 frames per second, often, into the hundreds, it was obviously taxing my GPU, but, of course depending. On what I wanted to knock back on what I wanted to push up I could have pushed this which every direction of one I would say it was very very, playable, there was zero stutters. The, frame rate was now, on perfect, and it was overall, a great experience from, a great game on to, the number one most requested game. For, me to test on this machine for. Night everybody. Plays it it's, not really my tipple but I don't know Eve enough about it to actually, judge it on but this isn't a review this is to see how well this is performing, put, it in the comments down below as well guys if you're willing to show me the ropes on this game because, I do want to get into it it's just front notes games that I'd rather play with friends. Rather than you. Know just going onto a public, server ready, way we digress, in terms, of performance I put everything on too high I didn't need all tweaking, and it. Played like a dream anywhere, between 60. To 100, frames per second, no, glitches, no slowdown. No lag it played perfect. I probably, could have done more tweaking, and again the joy of PC, gaming I could have you ever got better visuals, or I could, have ramped, it down and got, better framerate but to be honest it was a good sweet spot for this one it's, not the most demanding. Of games but, it does get pretty intensive. When, things, start going crazy but. In terms of performance, it blasted. Out the. So, this game I wanted to test because I'm, gonna, be testing, out the PlayStation. 3 version in, just a second, obviously emulating, it so when I gave some kind of pump comparison. To go onto now, this is the dark souls franchise in, particular this is Dark Souls remastered, on Steam. This is. Very. Well for configuring, to be honest it plays pretty damn well 60, frames per second, no problem whatsoever there, are summaries, but it goes into the 50s but I think that's me, recording.

At The same time as me, actually playing the game when, I was playing this normally, I got a solid 60, now, there isn't any settings that I can mess around with from what I can see I'm no pro, when it comes to this game but at the end of the day who is this, is a beast of a game but, I did what I showed some footage, of it working talking, drawing, some comparisons. At a second when we start doing the PlayStation, 3 emulation, so, Dark Soul remastered, no problem, so, now I wanted to test some more and. I know graphically, intensive, games games that would bring this system to its knees now. First, off pub G is probably, the biggest hindrance. Of them all it's mostly down to optimization. From the actual game itself rather, than my system, but, I did want to show it because it is a popular, game and I myself, like, to play this one when, I was playing this on the normal map such as the, no. I can't remember to call the desert map and the normal old map it was fine 60 frames and above no problem, pretty much all the way through but, on the gameplay that you can see now this is worst case scenario. I've got, medium, settings, on this one but I have turned a few things into low just to get the solid 60, on the normal maps but, when I loaded up this once and Hocker thinking is the new map especially. When it's raining it was going sub 60, it was very playable and of course if I'm not this Holloway down to low I probably would see well, into, the 60s and above but, I wanted to show you worst case scenario, and here, it is very. Much playable, as long, as you willing to make the sacrifices, and turn everything on too low another, game which is a bitch to play is doom, this. One is pretty, system. Intensive. I mean this game was released in 2016. I believe but, even to this day it looks beautiful, and if you've got a dated, rig it can well, hold it hostage, visually, the great thing is if you've got a mod GPU, that can take advantage of Vulcan it plays like an absolute dream luckily, our little, build is utilizing, a new Pascal card and it takes full advantage of, that the gameplay you'll, see now is on medium to low settings, but we are seeing a very stable, very, good frame rates if we was to ramp this up a little bit further in terms of visuals then, we could probably see pretty, again, stable, frame rates and see. Even better visuals, in terms, of gameplay there is no stutters whatsoever, it is maxing. Out the graphics card as expected, but. We have got a lot of headroom that we could probably tinker, with this one so, great game great performance, on this rig and yeah, I enjoyed, this one and. Now onto the biggest, beast of the ball this, is the last PC Gamer looking at before we get stuck into the emulation side of things but, by god what a game The Witcher 3 and to be honest it plays a lot better than what I was expecting on this system we've, got the settings down to a medium now, it, still looks absolutely beautiful we've, got 1080p. But. The difference between this game and all the others is this, one love CPU, it's a huge open, world game, massive. Environments, a lot of stuff going on in the screen a lot, of things happening, behind the scenes with, to make it perform, the way that it does which, means that, it not only taxes. Your GPU to the maximum, in most scenarios it, brings your CPU, to, the maximum, also, so, having, this run to this kind of level on these kind of settings I wasn't, expecting, it it's, likely down to the latest patches both, in terms of the drivers, for the GPU and the game itself but.

Considering. The last time I tested, this on a similar, rig it plays, beautifully. The only thing that I've had to turn down is, the her works are off and the textures, are down to minimum. Or should I say low other. Than that everything, else is on medium so, having the, utmost in, graphics, is what, you want from this it's, not a multiplayer, game which means that many, a time you don't need the maximum, per second, but, I was getting in the high 40s, in graphically. Intensive, towns during, combat, and all that kind of stuff but, most of the time our solid 60, sometimes. In, combat, in normal situations, it would go to the mid 50s, I see, no stutters whatsoever, as long as the her works are off and the textures are kept to a minimum it's, just too much for that GPU. If you have got a stronger GPU, especially. If you've got more memory. On there then you will see a better performance. But for us with this setup right now it, plays like a dream and it looks like a dream awesome, game and what. A way to finish the PC section. Pac-man. Just gives me this feeling of giddiness like there's all these tingles, running up and down my nipples, and it's just this wonderful thing, like hey look it's pac-man. Onto. The emulation side, of all this and this is the whole reason probably. Why we put this system together yet, PC games out awesome but, we, want to play pretty much every, game that we can ever play, on this, systems the whole point of us putting it together so being, able to play pretty much every, retro, system, that you could imagine from Atari, pretty. Much every. Nintendo system. From NES Super Nintendo, 3ds. Normal. D s onto. The Wii U playing Zelda breath of the wild of course we're going to see how far we can push this, moving. On to PlayStation, system's. Ps1. Ps2, even. The PlayStation. 3, and of, course pretty much every, other system, in between. Especially, Sega my, love now, as of yet the Nintendo, switch is being. Emulated but, not to the kinda level where we would actually call it playable also. PlayStation, 4 development. Is underway so we, can obviously, emulate. PlayStation, 4 but again nowhere, near to any kind, of standard, where you would actually see. Games being played for, any kind of enjoyment it's more, proof of concept, at this time so, we're gonna go through pretty much all the more intensive. Emulators. One that proved their compatibility. With. This build and we're gonna see how well it performs, we want the zelda we want the persona, fives, we, want every game that we have our catalog. Being able to play on one system it's the whole point of us making this so, let's go through these emulators, let's go through these systems and see what this puppy can do. So. Like I said this system, has been made to play everything, that is retro, if there's an older system and it's compatible in an emulator you, can get this up and running no problem, so I want to start somewhere which would, be demanding. And for, me PlayStation. 2 is quite, demanded, even to this day yet, on moderate. Systems, you can get pretty, much every, game working bootable, and playable, but, to pump it up to some kind of enhancements, where it would be fun to play on a modern, system I wanted. To start with the more troublesome games so I'm talking about Metal, Gear Solid, 2 the opening sequence when you come in with the rain the emotion engine taking its action it does, cripple most people's systems and really pumps down the framerate especially, at 1080p, this. System, lapped it up whoo there's no problem whatsoever it looks beautiful it plays beautiful. And it was a really good experience then, we can move on to games such as Gran, Turismo series, again. Very, demanding title. And it, looks absolutely awesome. When pumped, up to 1080p, with, post-processing. In action, moving. On to shadow of Colossus, again, this one is the biggest hog for, this system an awesome game that and a remake for the PlayStation, 4 but the, old title, still, looks, beautiful. Especially. When given, the treatment that this emulator, can give it's, an awesome game and it plays, like a dream, you can get all the games working no problem, again on normal, systems, but, I wanted, to showcase what, can be done when you've got a system that is Cape full of pushing, this all the way up to 1080p, and still.

Given, A constant framerate, and stable. Playability. Unsubmitted. Attend a week and this, emulator. Dolphin. Not only plays Wii games but it also plays GameCube, games I wanted, to concentrate on the actual, Wii stuff because this is the most demanding, when played through it but, I would, say that not only does this play all the games you can push this easily, to 1080p, on this, kind of rig but also if you wanted to you could push it even further get, 4k out of this if you're into that kind of thing it not only plays them like I said but it completely, transformed. Them into making it look like it's a modern-day game. Nintendo, have never been into cutting-edge, technology. In terms of the hardware and playing. Them through something like this where you can actually enhance. The resolution it. Looks absolutely gobsmacked, in the, wii was, a standard, definition console. And playing. It on the original console, the, games look a bit dated, playing, them through something like this 1080p model, controls, of course if you wanted to you can even use, nunchucks, that's how enhanced, this emulator is it, just completely transforms. The games and makes them look like well, they deserve at the end of the day. Let's. Take a look at the Nintendo. 3ds. Now. In the past this needed, an absolute, beast to run compatibility. Was low and the performance, was tarry but nowadays, in, the last 6 months or so you can, see not just games working but playing on mediocre. Pcs with, this kind of build you'll, see them running not just at 1080p but you can even blow the doors off and take it to 4k, now you. May say why, run, things are stupid resolutions. Well the original console run at 250. P now, that's, alright of course on a little tiny screen but when you play this on a TV, it. Looks a bit pixelated. And a, bit of a mess so, enhancing, these games to be to run on a desktop, and with, all its glory in full, 4k. If, he wanted to specifications. They. Look beautiful and, it does them true justice, now, the compatibility. In the past as we talked about wasn't, the greatest but, the enhancements, that they brought in the development, that they've pumped into it you, will see the majority of the catalog, now playable, now the way that the Citra emulator, deals, with the dual screen configuration is, up to you you, can either split the screen into a large main screen and the small little one and you can equalize, it so they've both got both screens running, in tandem it depends on the game depends, on your preferences, depends, on how you want to play it of course the Nintendo 3ds had. Touchscreen you, can use either your mouse or I believe if you use a ps4, pad with the touchpad controls. You, can use that as the actual touchscreen on the, emulator, it really, does enhance the. Way you play it and still, gets all the, bells and the whistles that, the original, handheld, console, had now, some, of these games look absolutely, beautiful, blown, up into these kind of resolutions. You've got all the features that goes along with this including, online multiplayer for, all your favorite games now. In terms of the games yes you can play pokemon, I'm fed, up saying, you can play pokemon, on this the, only game at the time of we record in this is Pokemon, X&Y, they. Are non compatible, as a crash in there that the working out hopefully soon they'll get that ironed out but, over than that all Pokemon, titles, are playable, all the Zelda titles, are all the Mario, games you're all good to go on this one the catalog for the 3d s is absolutely. Huge and like I said the majority of the games that are on that system, are playable, on this system enhanced. Like, we talked about it's, an absolute, dream of a console, and it plays even better when you play in them on the, big screen. And. Now. We get to the creme de la creme the, absolute. Limit, of emulation, I'm talking. About systems. Which, are only just, breaking through into the emulation, scene, now, these, are, pretty, crippling. Emulators. And normally. You need a very, high-end. Rig to play them we, have as we talked about configured. The build of this system, in order for us to get, the maximum. Out of emulation. And of course PC gaming while still keeping to a budget, we are on the fringe of what the system can do so, emulating. Games, such, as this on systems, such as this we're. Pushing it we really are so, let's, have a look at some of these tests, as you can see we, you is playing, like a dream, it is beautiful. Emulation, any title. That I've been thrown at this is pretty, stable pretty good to go if anything, is more of the emulator, holding, it back rather than the system itself. Now, all, the titles that I've done are getting pretty solid, frame, rates I'm playing all these titles at, 1080p. Now. I could, knock them back and get even more stable, frame rates written at 720p, maybe as the, original console, did in most cases but.

We, Are emulating, this and you know me I like to push things to the limit so, 1080p. Was the minimum, now, Mario Kart Xenoblade, Chronicles X. Donkey. Kong tropical. Freeze all, those titles all run. Perfect. The only time when I ever got to any kind of difficulties, was of course. Zelda. Breath of the wild it is run in it is playable, and if I knock it down to 720, it is pretty stable in its frame rate but at, 1080p, it's, just, not there, unfortunately. It's. Getting in the mid, 20s, to 30 frames per second, of course this is a 30 frame per second, game on the Wii U and, yeah. It is playable, it is completable, of course, the more you play the better it gets but it's, for. Me a masterpiece. Of a game and it does deserve, a good solid, framerate. Don't, worry though we are gonna be up in the specifications. In the next, video but for now zelda, breath, of the wild just isn't, quite, there, it's, playable it's doable, but. Again. It's, just not for me on this one all the rest of the titles, play like a dream like I said so in, terms of the Wii U you will get pretty much every, game that is compatible with the emulator, playing. On this system no issues, whatsoever it's. Just a shame that it just isn't quite there, for, zelda. Breath of the wild but don't worry too much because, again like i said i will be making another build and i will be choosing, a cpu. Which will be more suited, to this emulator, i have, learnt from doing all these tests, and the way that it's reacting, with these emulators is that. It just needs even more, cpu. Grunt it in other words clock speeds or it. Needs more cause now. I have sourced, another chip. Out and i'm waiting for it to arrive and, I will update you guys as to a new. Build it's, in the same price category, so don't worry we're not just adding, more money to this to solve the problem, we're actually tinkering. The system itself to try and find, something that is best suited to our games, and that's, what I wanted to achieve from this I wanted, to have a good start in base for us to work from what, we could develop on learn, from and actually, tinker, to get everything. Working, on, the, minimum, budget possible. So, yeah, we you it is playable, it is there but, that one game the, one, bloody, game is just. Not there so, on to, the next. And. The next one is our, pcs. Three, that's, the emulator and we, are emulating indeed. The PlayStation. 3 oh, what. A good day it is to now, I've got to say before we start getting stuck into this this is very much, a work in progress emulator. It, was released a couple years ago it was more proof of concept at that point but, it has come on leaps and bounds, in the past 12 months I would say up to the state where we're at now were, many.

Of The titles are playable, and completable. And very much enjoyable, there is still a long way to go for compatibility, and optimizations. To get the most out of this emulator to, work on most people's systems this, is a very, powerful. System. In terms of emulation, so. You, will need a beefy, rig to run this now we've done our best on our budget to give us the best possible chance in, order us to get most, of these games working, if it's a very compatible game, with this emulator, nine times out of ten you will get it running on this, system the, issues where you come to go is whether, you get the problematic, games, are the very graphically. Intensive. Games so, from my tests. Unfortunately. Persona. 5 it boots, it goes in games it is fully complete able but, you will get skip frames and low, frame rates it's still, some. Way to go, so, optimisation. Wise it's, not, quite there for this system however, if you've got a more beefier CPU, you, can smash, this and enjoy, the games in all, their full glory I've, also got to say that many of the IPS available, on this system still, aren't playable, so at the time of be recording, this the Last of Us Red, Dead Redemption, Uncharted. Series and, some others they just aren't playable. Yep, they get in game yeah the our proof of concept you, can have a mess around with the but, the just too glitchy, to lower frame rate and crashes. Galore but. Many of the other titles that are on there are, very much playable, as you can see it's, a beautiful, system full, of, wonders. Within his catalog the, problem is like I said that this emulator, is still early days so, even though we've given it our best shot, still, not, quite there but I would say that this emulator, is developing. A li and you breakthroughs. Are coming through daily so, them as the optimizations. Increase, the, system requirements, were lower and. Eventually. We, should see this in full bloom, on this, system but. Like I said when we were taking a look at this mu emulator, it's. Just a case of me doing all this trial and error and seeing, what the best combination, of hardware is to. Get the most out of our budget bang, for book playing, all these games also. I've got to say thanks, to all the emulators. That I've covered, whilst. Doing, this video I did. So, much footage covered, so many emulators, on so many systems, it was just overwhelming but, to keep this even, a reasonable, length which to be honest it's not at this moment in time I had to cut so many out but, if you guys want me to feature more systems, in the future, when, we're doing our next build let.

Me Know I want to know what kind of systems you want to run I want to know what you think are the problematic, games, for, me to test to, put all these systems, through the paces I want, to hear those problematic, games, those problematic, emulators. Those systems, that, you really want to get working and I'll do my utmost to. See if we can tinker, and get, this both hardware, and software, working. In unison, where, we can all gain, together, on our favorite games, of all time, in. One place. So. Onto the main gun for this and that is the hardware, so. For this build I wanted to go for the most powerful parts possible, while still keeping within the budget of around 300. UK, pounds, for, me that's a reasonable price to pay for a console, so we're not pricing, ourselves out of the market the, issue is for, that price we've been looking to get just, CPU, and the motherboard so with that in mind I've opted, to go for the used market do, not worry I have not used any hard-to-find specialists, or under, priced parts to make up this build everything, I have used is easily, found on popular websites world round on most, parts I actually, overpaid, to, keep the price in of parts, of this realistic but. Depending. On your country the used market may, vary, obviously. For 300 pounds even on the used, market we're, not going to get blistering, technology, but I've made this PC. Built, for purpose, to. Be able to play all PC. Games and at, an enjoyable level, also, to be able to emulate as many games as possible including. Even the most modern, emulators. I want, to keep the bill that's low coward silent, and compact as possible to, make this a valid option front, room use not. Just for gaming but for also movies. TV. And music streaming, everything, we would expect from a modern gaming console, as. All the parts using this system are as small as possible you, can go for almost any case you wish meaning, if you want to go for modern stylish, case or most. Low profile, discrete case cheapest, or most expensive, new. Or used the, choice is all yours. Meaning, that even though the parts may be used, it still. Look brand new and completely bespoke to your taste if you do have more money at your disposal obviously. You can upgrade certain parts, to give you even more power to your games or if, you want to save money you, can source larger, more available, parts, for the same specifications. The. Actual, parts, then CPU. At the core of the system I've chosen the Sandy Bridge Intel. I5. 2500. CPU, this, is now a very, old CPU. Releasing, in 2011. It, runs off the 1155. Motherboard, socket which means if you wanted to you could also upgrade, to the Ivy Bridge giving, us room for upgrade, if needed but. For, the purpose of this build on our, budget the i5. 2500. Should do is just fine, in most cases although this, card now is 7 in. Terms, of performance, is still wax a hell of a punch before, cause working, at three point three gigahertz, standard. And, 3.7. Turbo, even, compared to modern, CPUs, this, thing, packs quite the punch, the. Reason I chosen the CPU, is bang, for book at a time I'll be recording this the price for this CPU, has fallen, rapidly. Meaning you can pick what are these puppies up for as little as thirty five pound or as, low as twenty, pound it can shop around they, are not hard to find, memory.

And RAM the. Achilles, heel and the reason. This CPU, drop is likely, due to the memory bus it's, only compatible, with. 1333. DDR, Ram although. By today standard, this is very, low it will not affect you as much as some tech channels may help you think, memory. Bandwidth, is only an issue when you're running high-end GPUs, onboard. Graphics or, ap use like the new rising chips, rising, ap use use the onboard RAM as its graphic from meaning. That this is to compensate for what is normally, ddr5. Ram our. Modern, dedicated. GPU, cards, it has to be blisteringly, for us to keep up with these GPUs, or the graphics or bottleneck leading to tarry bad performance, using, slow ramp for. High end GPU such, as today's Nvidia's, 10 70s, and 10 80s low, ram bail bottleneck, the cpu in turn, not allowing, the GPU. To work to its utmost potential. Meaning. For CPU intensive, games, you end up with only a fraction of usage, from your GPU you're, smurfing your, GPUs, capabilities. Which, is more than likely one, of the most expensive parts, in your build although, this sounds extreme in most cases it's only a 1, to 5% frames. Per second loss but. It's still not ideal if you're buying enthusiast. Grade GPUs. As it's just a waste of money the. Minimum amount of RAM I would use to enable us to play all these games is, 8 gigabytes, and that's what I've gone for ddr3. Running. 33, megahertz can, easily. Found online 30. Books at this grade. The. GPU. That normally, the Breton but of the PC, game inside of it all on. Mid. To low end GPUs, you won't see these kind of bottlenecks, as in most cases the, required memory, bandwidth, is so low so with our 13 33, megahertz ram we have a realistic, option of an nvidia 10:58. 210 60 before, we start to see any of these bottlenecks in most games to, keep the price the size and the power consumption, low in this bill that opted, for the Nvidia 1050. But, again you can upgrade depending, on your budget and what parts, you can find in your price range a new. 1050. Is currently about. 120. UK, pounds at a time of me making this video second, and you can pick these up for ninety pounds the, one I've got is a pallet, GeForce, GTX 1050. Storm x2, gigabyte, edition a well known brand in the UK but, ensure. When purchasing, you did not buy one of the unbranded, Chinese, knockoffs these are not as stated, on their advertisements. And are, often BIOS. Flash lesser power cards, used, to fool your system, we, could have gone for an AMD card, but for compatibility, sake, I would keep, 2 Nvidia, some emulators, do not play well with AMD, mostly. Due to the way it handles OpenGL. As, OpenGL. Is a widely, used API. In emulation I tend, to stay with them video for, compatibility, sake, but again the choice is all yours. I'm. Sort of motherboard then the spine of all this it, doesn't matter what motherboard, you use for this build I wanted, to keep it as small as possible so I opted, for the micro ITX version. As we. Are using a non overclockable, cpu, we, don't need anything to an enthusiast, level keeping, the price very, low the, only requirement, is an 1155, socket motherboard and it asks why have a PCIe, slot. For the GPU, these, are very common and can easily, find for for e-books, or lower, I would however try to find one with USB 3.0. Support for, when you start adding hard, drives media, like canister, I managed. To find that motherboard with 3.0, Bluetooth, 4.0. Wi-Fi. Plus. 8 gigabytes, of Gil 13, 33, megahertz ram and an. I5. 32. 10 480, bucks, this, motherboard is a gigabyte, h77. And Wi-Fi, revision, one if that makes a big difference, and he's perfect for whole media setup also handy, hint tried to get either a CPU, or motherboard, that includes, a stock Intel cooler, or better these, are often included as buying. One used will cost you more in postage, than, what it's actually worth secondhand, hard. Drives and stories then it makes 0 different, for hard drives you use on this as long as they are satin, I would, try to buy a bigger hard drive as possible, to give you as much space for possible, for your games modern. Titles do take up quite a bit of space and once you start emulating you'll, find how much these games take up for, this build I opted with a 1 terabyte standard, hard drive these, can be found as little, as 20. Pounds, online plus, even, come with the years warranty if you buy from, cex, or something similar I'm not sure if this is available in other countries but I'm sure you have the same equivalent, in most regions as a, bonus, in with the price I also opted, for a 250.

Gigabyte SSD. This, is not essential but it kills me to boot a machine that runs its operating, system from our normal, standard, hard drive it's. Just not as responsive with. 250. Gigabytes, you have enough space for the OS a few programs and, even, some for your favorite games for a snappier, experience, of course non-essential, like I said so if you miss out on this you, can still have extra, cash to upgrade your CPU, or GPU if. Wanted, these, can be found for days are about 40, bucks now, I know I know it's, not best practice, to use second-hand, drives due to failure rates but, in all honesty in my 30 years of making, and using pcs, I've only ever had, three. Hard drives failing, me on my, PCs are on literally, for like 24/7. Maybe I'm lucky you, judge but as long as you don't stall your family photos it's extra on there and you buy from a site that offers some kind of warranty, or protection, you should be good to go at least for a year in the worst case. Now. For the boring bit the power supply, again. You don't require anything, special, with the PSU, and they, can be picked up for pennies I would, however go, for known brand EPS use and if possible one, that has at 80 bronze certificate. It may sound silly spending, so, much on a power unit but cheap ones will, often, fail or not be able to the standards, that they actually advertise, I would, however up for, a 550. Watt or over, PSU, as I'll though complete, overkill for this build it will give you Headroom, if you want to upgrade or wish, to use it again in other future, bills I budgeted. 30 bucks for this but if I was you I would spend an extra 10 bucks and buy a brand new one or a well, branded, one for, the sake of mind, onto. The case then the bit that makes it look all flashy this, is all down to your personal taste and budget as almost everything, we use this small form-factor, you can use almost any case, remember. You need to have one that fits the PCI, Express or, the graphics, card and the, power supply you. Have chosen unless. You want something super small, you, should have no worries, I managed, to pick up the thermit 8 core v1, mini for 20 bucks on my local ads and this, was in almost perfect condition these. Are tiny and then the future were going to be gold even smaller for, the same price. Now. Ignored, they all in one cooler, I have in there at the moment this is definitely, not, needed in this setup it, will not affect your build in any way by including it we have non, overclocked, CPU, in there with lots of ventilation so. Something like this is complete overkill, for this specification, of build as I, talked about this is not the end of these build videos, I want to do some experiments, with some over CPUs, in this build in the coming weeks I added the water cooler, in the as I would have had to take apart almost the entire PC, for, me to add the cooler later down the line so, I did the sensible thing it added it now that. Way I can showcase some more options for you in future videos but, for you guys just stick, to the stock cooler, so. In total then so, far we have gone for the i5 2500. That is 35, UK, pounds, eight gigabytes, of 1333. Megahertz. 30 bucks, 1050. NVIDIA GPU, 90, bucks the PSU, was 30 bucks the, hard drive 20, bucks, 1155. Motherboard, compatible, is 40, bucks and the case was 20 bucks meaning, that the totals, priced, for us to get running, bare-bones.

Is, 265. UK. Pounds, however, again you can add the optional, SSD, in there for 40 bucks to give you a much snappier. Experience. Bring the total up to. 305. UK. Pounds, which I believe is around about 390. US dollars but that comes in for quite the bang for book and in just a second I'll show exactly, the performance, that we're gonna get for a modern PC gaming, and some of the most demanding emulators. Are available, today remember. That although this looks quite expensive for, the total u.s. price I know that, much, of those parts can be found for a fraction, of the price over there. Well. What does it want we, want. So. We built the system we put it all together and we've tested more, or less everything that I can throw at this and what have we learned from it yeah, we can more or less play everything, or every. System, that can be played. On a PC, emulated. PC, games this, will play everything, the only time it stumbles, is on, those, modern. Advanced. Emulators, on the, cutting-edge, games, so, yeah, if they are more than playable, but for me it's not the complete gaming, experience, so, we do need to push this even further again. Like I've said over and over in this video I don't want to throw more money at this what I want to do is tailor the actual specifications. To, suit these emulators, in particular, so. Building. More pcs, let's, build another one and see where that goes this time round again, I want to keep the budget in the same bracket but. I've just ordered a new, case this is it it's, basically the same size as a ps4, I'm gonna, get more grunt, and more specs out of this one while still keeping on the same budget, I'm just, waiting for the CPU, to come through and we. Are good to go I cannot wait to get my teeth stuck into this and see, what we can smash, out of this build, I love, mildewed these pcs, I love tested emulators, I love games in general so, doing things like this for me is just bread and butter I could do this all day the. Only thing is I want to hear from you guys is what, systems, would you like me to test obviously, I'm, gonna push those more troublesome games to see if those work on this build but, I want to notice any systems, you want me to showcase in particular Sega, Saturn Dreamcast. Some of the more retro systems, if there's, any features, within those emulators. Or in fat PC, games that, you want me to try and test out on this. Build, of system, this, is just as much your channel. Just as much your series, and just as much your build and all this because the end of day I'm putting, these together to, hopefully. Encourage you to think outside the box and get this kind of setup and way, of thinking in your, gaming, lifestyle. So hopefully. That. Has encouraged, you guys to make. Magic, happen, it's. Been an absolute, pleasure bringing. This here this first episode has, been bumper. I've covered so much information, I had, to cover so much information, for you guys to know exactly, what's going on so you could follow so, you could, actually get, the relevant information to you I do. Make, long videos that's just the way I am I'm afraid. Hopefully. It's all been relevant and pertinent to you guys so, put. In the comments down below again, if you would like me to feature, anything. At all it's, been an absolute pleasure as always bringing this here all the thanks, goes to my patreon, guys those, are the, people who made this possible the. Money that comes in from patreon. I can pump into parts and build systems like this I can test emulators, in different ways I can build systems. And play games, and, test them for you guys so the entire gaming community, knows what, magic, can be done when, you put a bit of grey matter into, it so thanks, again to everybody that supports me on patreon, there's links if you want to help out in the description down below thank.

You To all the emulator, guys and most of all thank you to you for actually watching, this super, bumper, length, episode, hopefully, it's entertaining but as, always please, like please subscribe, ring. That bell or whatever it is that people do nowadays I think you also drink about 5 bells to actually get notified, if I make a video but, as always most, of all most. Of all you. Guys have a good day, laters.

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Great video! I love this stuff as much as the next guy, but to have someone expertly assess configurations like this is a dream. Its impossible to have every game tested for every person, so maybe It would be great if you had a google sheet somewhere of games tested and their frame rates etc. You could add to it as requests come through. (or add it to a long description... eek) I would love to see some pinMAME examples. Addams family. Star trek next generation. PSX examples: Driver, Rival schools, Tenchu. MAME examples S.T.U.N runner. i specifically bought an alienware alpha for complete console replacement, and never looked back.

I am speechless...

This was a great idea though, something I've been bandying about to all the SBC guys for a while, I love my Pi but seriously it can't touch the RAW POWAH of a pc like this. I have followed your example on this one, although I do have a Xbone, I tend to let my kids play on that while I stick with my pc. It's kind of cool playing my own game of Fallout 4 while they are doing the same thing on the tv. My biggest thing with using a pc though, much like you said, is Dreamcast...what about that Dreamcast, though??? Gah, can't get enough. I think I'm even willing to pony up the $20 to get that front end, that baby is clean. Great stuff as usual!

Hi Austin! love the video, and looking forward to seeing more from you and this series :D would like to see some Gamecube games on dolphin emulator. Thanks :D

thank you very much! So will you create a new video with a new configuration specific ONLY for run all the emulators? At 47:20" there is an awesome case, the Fractal NOde 202: it's fantastic. Is it possible to insert gpu like GXT1050 or 1060 inside?

just gonna make a comment here that with BOTW there are some graphics packs that help with the FPS thing. I use them myself and i get a stable 30FPS with it. The YouTube channel "BSoD" made a video about it. I would look into his channel to get BOTW running in Cemu better.

How do find Ram that cheap ?

Hey I wanted to ask if this system is good CPU:I5 3570k Mobo:Asus p8z68-v lx Ram:8Gb of ddr3 1600mhz (I'm looking forward to upgrade to 16gb) GPU:Gtx 970 PSU: 550w HDD:1tb I'm looking forward to get a 250gb SSD too

Great stuff!!! Id like to see a few different versions of builds for the newer emulators!

did i miss it? can it play ps4 or xbox one games? some uncharted 4?

what game is 47:51? ty in advance

How much did you manage to get your node 202 case for?

90 with the PSU mate. Not a huge saving but it saved some pennies and in perfect nic

Hey Austin. Awesome job on the video. :) I'd love to see some Ratchet & Clank ps2 games tested on your system. I get pretty bad slow downs on my i5 2400 with a 1050 ti.

Excellent video as usual. Looking forward to the next one.

Will be fun to revisit this concept in a few years

Great inspiring video. I'm interested on what CPU you're waiting for. The i5 2500 is pretty good and should be enough for what you need.

Eventually, all emulators will be on vulkan so AMD won't be a problem

You should look at Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

What about PS4 exclusives and Nintendo switch games? This is an interesting concept and build but it's not truly everything.

I am so glad that there is a channel like yours where I can get so much info about emulation. You're doing a splendid work and I hope to see more of your videos in future. Thank you.

There are DS games that tax my system more than 3DS games when upping the internal resolution

Heck yeah! Can't wait to see more of this series!

You should test Final Fantasy XV in the future. It's very intensive and highly scalable

What is the best free frontend?

Hi Austin can’t wait for the next vid showing how to actually build one !!! Your inspiring me to build my own !!! I have a request for the next emu to cover how about Technoparrot (sega ringwide/ringedge) ??? Had ago myself but seems very difficult especially setting it up through rocketlauncher!!! Any tips or vids would be appreciated mate !!!

You had to make this after I made my gaming PC

Would love to see some Nesicaxlive and Taito type X arcade dumps.


why does he say ''bucks'' when hes on about British pound?

Always wanted to build and set up something like this. Thanks, this was very helpful

This is the very first video that I've launched on your Channel, can you show off this build your computer your whole setup would be nice to see a video of you actually putting a gaming system together or maybe you already have and I don't know.

Austin you're doing amazing work bud, greetings from California

Austin just a quick question sir do you have any news on the ordoid front end you where working on?

Simply Austin thanks dude!

all done... will release it this week I hope

I thought this was gonna be one of those clickbaity videos But this This is great, content like this is rare in Youtube Subbed!

can it run switch games

what is the program you used for the gpu usage, cpu usage, fps meter etc. that is in the corner of some of the screens? ive seen it in many places and want to get it

Will you make builds that are focused on certain consoles ? For example you could make a build that plays wii/gamecube games

but I only have time for a couple of games :( lol

Sooooooo.... You just built a PC?

You can tell, a lot of love went into this video. Thanks Austin :)

Simply Austin of course haha. You went over the top, and I appreciate it :)

Thank you mate. I really enjoyed it. But 50 mins.... Hehe never again!!

Have you got the link for the front en/ gui?

Look for ETAPrime/ Launchbox videos on YouTube to see how to install and customize your front end consoles

yeah mate, more of a setup one in the next. Bults, setup and test

brillient thanks, in the next video are you able to explain how to get it to launch straight into launchbox?

Ah, it's just the normal theme on there. City Hunter it's called.

got the launchbox downloaded. sorry i ment the gui you used lol

i cant see it? :S

In description matey

errr - rgb lights add 5-10 fps? Is Nvidia aware? :p

dont forget to add a sonic plushie inside so it gotta go fast

Simply Austin It's just like the racing stripes

ROG have patented it

imagine this build after 11 series gpus come out

You mean PC right? Because emulation.

Crosshair placement is everything in fps games

Top man

But i still cant finish the fight

39:03 says he got a palit gtx 1050 2gb *shows palit gtx 1050ti 4gb* *heavy breathing*

Simply Austin hey man im not hating i love the content! do you think it would be possible to create portable emulating stations, and i dont mean as in gpd win (which is great) but by like upgrading a psp or an old nintendo, or using its hull and use different parts from scratch? thought that would make a cool video/series

next one has a 960.... just trying to use different parts and combos to see how it effects dif games/emus

Simply Austin nice video either way, allthough i think you wouldve gotten better benchmarks with a used 900 series card for the same price

hehe yeah, I noticed that. I just used a stock photo not seeing that in the pic. check out the real life box few secs before.... you can see there 2gb

Waiting for Switch emulator ;)

peasents: why wanna sit in an uncomfortable chair behind a disk in a dimly lit basement when you can game on a tv on your couch PCMR: we can hook our pcs up to a tv aswell.. peasents: but try playing with a mouse and keyboard hahahahaha youll just press the wrong buttons every time controllers are way better and comfortable PCMR: we can hook up every controller in existence additional to the mouse and keyboard peasents: but but but we- we have EXCLUSIVES! YES HAHAH TRY BEAT THAT ONE PCMR: hold my beer..

You made it sound like your setup would include Xbox one and PS4,I was thinking u had dedicated consoles and setup remote play for them both to the PC connected to the TV

Hey Austin! Everyone's talking about the ODROID Go, it would be great to hear your take on the device in a video!

Hey Guys! This is Austin

Love the videos. How about the Atari 800XL computer or maybe Firefox on Mame which I have never get running. Are you ever going to a video on Mobile Emulators consoles?

Wow! Those 50 minutes just flew by! Excellent video!

Ok. What video guides me to not only build the machine but also install the GUI and the games to create a every game on every system machine ???

Hey Austin can you please do a tutorial on new citra emulator

already done on e a few weeks back mate. In the description of vid for a link

Looking forward to that Launchbox discount code ;p

Who plays a racing game from the freaking bumper cam?

hehe I cant play them from behind, I think its from my Wipeout days, just got used to it. I also like to invert my Y axis on FPS too hehe.... I know its bad :D

I was interested that you didn't include on OS in the cost. Obviously the emulators will probably all work on Linux, but windows games can be a bit tetchy. So are you running them in WINE or windows?

hehe.. nooooo.... You can still use an older windows key, install it and upgrade to 10 if you wait for it to update. The long way around it all, but if you wanna stay legit its the way to go :D

Simply Austin no worries, that's what I figured. I should have probs looked before asking. Hang on a minute, does that mean (GASP) that you'd encourage young and impressionable people to pirate windows?! Whatever will Microsoft do to stay afloat?

Windows mate. I did talk about it i the description... it was also in my original edit of the video too, but it was already over an hour so I had to cut it down to make it slightly shorter hehe. 50 mins was already going a bit far :D

i love you r videos and thank you so much for your hard working

Thank you for watching mate :D

your dream is called pc

Discord sucks,I got it,the queues are too long!never again.

Its a new game streaming app.I thought you were reviewing it.

Vortex mate? I dont understand what you mean?

Simply Austin no,no,wrong app I meant vortex.

Ques in Discord?

What about minecraft?

Rico games Booss Nothing can run Crysis.


Simply Austin can you add Nintendo Wii Wiiu gameCube ps3 ps4 ps2 all mame 3do Atari Jaguar lynx intellivision Xbox one Ds 3ds Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast emulator on one console that plays those emulator and all games in 3d and 4k

show me MGS4 on pc and I'll admit your theory.

i have a GTX 970 and 8GB RAM am i good to go?

Sounds good to go for me mate... as long as it aint laptop

Simply Austin i7 6th gen

yeah, thats some great specs. however for the emulation side, its mostly down to the CPU. What you running mate?

Fritz you mean Fitz?

Get retroarch

Nice build...I would like to see Final Fantasy 15(benchmark tool would be good) running and looking better than PS4 and xboxone...

Hey simply Austin, i have a GPD win 2 and would like to play games on it. Do you think that it is powerful enough for the games and emulators?

I kno it beats the purpose of this system, but you can make a game profile for botw on cemu and change some settings to get up to a 20-40 fps boost depending on the hardware configuration and some non graphical related tweaks

I have a lenoovoo core i5 64 bit @2.70GHz 8GB ram I already have the Nintendo's emu & the ps2 one im trying to get the ps1 & ps3 i need help

Hey, I've watched all your vids and I love them. However........... Everyone knows how to build or buy a system. What people want is where to find games/roms, and how to use them with each emulator. You could make millions if you provided a hard drive with this setup. Thanks.

I know 3d is a gimmick with tvs but for the 3ds it would be nice My brother wants to play pokemon x or y so I thought I'd ask cause I felt that was one of the last games if not the last to really use the 3d thanks to the 2ds

Your channel got me into emulation!

We don't yet have an EMULATOR that can emulate the SAGA SATURN 100%, let alone a GAME SYSTEM. Go fuck yourself.

We need a PS Vita Emulator; also what was that last game you were playing?

Hello. i love your video, i do similar builds in different price ranges, yours its great. i will like to see you trying the N64 with south park racing, it has always been a pain in the butt and crashes often, also mario cart 64 the jungle stage in many of my builds it just skips frames like crazy !!!. great job. thank you

Very good video I watched it all. You touched base on everything and explained it all perfectly. Good job buddy! Awaiting your next video!

Link to that new case?? Does it have a disc slot?

This is an awesome project.

Waiting for next build

I feel this is a dumb question, but I'm assuming this system has no issue with Streamed games such as PSNow or even streaming an xbone or ps4 to the system? I want to build a more powerful version of this system, but if that means I also never need to plug in my parents or xbone to the the again, I'm even more sold

If you built me one.. I'd buy it. I'm from the UK bud

Just put together a mid tier media PC myself. - note, I changed a few parts in this list since I had an old GTX 970 and a windows Pro key laying around. *2200g performs similar to a 3rd gen i7 *Single 8 GB stick of ram is to leave room for upgrading to 16 GB and it's cheaper than 2 x 4 GB *The 500 GB SSD could be knocked down 250 GB if you're only planning on PS1/N64 and older - need the extra storage for PS2, Game Cube & Steam - a 1-2 TB Hybrid would work as well but would be noticeably slower *If you plan on playing newer AAA games then I suggest upgrading the CPU to a 2400g/2600x and GPU to a GTX 1060(1160?) - if you prefer Intel then an i5-8600 for the CPU(K only if you plan to overclock and you'll need a different Mother Board)

This is bulshet

$20 for every game ever... if that isnt a steal idk what is

Top notch video. You have a new sub and a thumbs up. Now I'm off to find a pre built setup as sadly I don't have the skill or the knowledge to build my own.

what about ditching the graphics card and go with a FM2+ motherboard, an A10-7850K Black edition and 512GB of DDR3 RAM and a water cooling system to cool the A10-7850k (Combined CPU/GPU), CORSAIR 1KW PSU.

Omg 4 min in, I'm so excited to learn about this set up! I have been wondering about such a thing for a long time

Awaiting the discount to buy the Launchbox System. Is really nice.

Nice, I've got most systems running on my PC except ps4 and xbox one, so i'll be paying close attention to this video to see how that's possible!

Great video!! Only problems I'm having is finding a motherboard and DDR3.  When I'm looking at the specs the CPU supported list under Core i5 (3550/3450/3570/3470/2300/2400/2320) is all I'm finding.  Guessing that means the I5 2500 is not supported? Lastly the DDR3 8GB is (4GBx2) 240 pin?  Sorry for the newb questions any help is much appreciated.  Thanks again for all the hard work!!

Andy Melton use PCPartPicker

hmmmm well those are all the right socket on that motherboard for that CPU. But not sure why 2500 aint on there? Maybe contact the seller as it would be strange that it wasnt supported. Yes mate, DDR3 and it should be 240 pin. You can go for any combo in size etc up to 32GB with that CPU. But try and make sure you try and make it a combination of 2 dimms (2 sticks of RAM) getting just one stick of 8 for example can slow it down.

Great job on this could you put a list of components that you used in the description bar?

What are ridiculous intro dude you said time and time again...... Time and time again

A raspberry pi of the future

Been rocking an overclocked 2500K and a HD7950 since they were new, and can still play mostly any PC games

can't wait to see that launchbox discount code. keep on putting out excellent content, austin!


i hate nintendo, but love his games :/

How much cost the OS? since is a *budged* gaming system i bet you used GNU OS.

Good to have you back Austin. One of my favorite channels. Keep up the amazing content

Austin you are the Boss! Keep up your great work i need you in my life!

Will my PC be ok Austin? AMD FX8350 - GTX780 3gb - 16gb Ram ?

Yeah it’s a good for organizing emus I bought premium last year and it took a while to set up but rocks and Big Box is a treat when I move my Surface PRO to play on my my tv

what about i5 8400 2.8ghz (up to 4.0ghz turbo) 6 cores 1050ti 4gb gddr5 8gb ddr4 ram 2666mhz so cemu on this what you think

I love your passion man!

Thanks mate, just love this kinda thing

Pc gaming is just awesome.

Can only ask for more, that's exactly the kind of build I'm into: a build that can handle modern games and "modern" emulation in the same time without going above the price tag of the most modern gaming consoles! Its around 450£ for an Xbox One X, 360£ for a PS4 Pro or 300$ for a Switch so to reach the average console budget you still have an extra 70£ to make the best out of it! Of course there's the controller and peripherals but still... Can't wait to see the results with the other CPU you mention in the video (and kinda looking forward to know what CPU is this to make my own build!) Keep up the good work!

or you can build a 500$ PC with the ability of upgrading to future equipment that can potentially run anything.

We definitely have a premium content video here. Very good choice with the hadware but we can buid many other PCs with similar or even better result with other cheaper parts like with Xeons CPU platforms for example. I recomend the "Tech Yes City" channel for this purpose if someone want to get another alternatives on cheaper hardware capable for low cost. I don't say the hadware you chose is bad, only that we have multiple alternatives with old but capable hatdware today. Other sugestions is that I recomend the intel "K" series for the CPU to be able to overclock and get better rasults on those games or emulators that need extra power, to be able to unlock the full potential on the CPU. For the GPU to get a solid fps on 1080p at low cost you have a good choice with that GTX 1050 or even with a GTX 1060 3GB. For me the 1050 TI 4gb was a better choice but I understand you perfectly, you want to stay on the 300 console butget. Good job like always and thanks for the awesome video, I watched it all. :D

Is it called a PC?

fantastic video. loved every minute of watching this, its exactly the type of system I want to build perfect for pc gaming and retro with a budget like that my wife wont end up killing me lol. would love to see how it handles dreamcast and saturn

Great video! Very helpful! Thanks for the hard work you put into it.

Hi Austin! Can you help me how to get this? 1:25 I’ve been looking forever! Thanks :)

Simply Austin I commented before I watched the video. Oops lol

its the Launchbox app mate. Link to their site is in the description :D


Giancarlo Cecere while you are right, of course, access to Microsoft game pass, steam, psnow, the emulators, and virtual machines you get access to 99%+ of all games ever made. And switch is not on this video, but it's available.

I am one of the lucky one's here having Full NBN, optical fibre all the way back, the rest now here will get optical fibre to the street node, then old copper back to exchange, another aussie government stuff up

Overnight, no chance, i tested that way, and its been 20+ hours and 1/3 or artwork, still a Good TIP. just been downgraded to GOD TIP LoL

Don't tick the boxes for artwork, until all rom's are imported, then scan for media, ***BEST TIP EVER..!!!*** Cheers & Beers, but its all a little late sadly, next time, or clone the hdd

There is mate? Just tell it the system you want to add and tell it where your games are. Does all the work for you. Handy hint... dont tick the boxes for art until you added all your systems. Then scan system again once complete and tick all the boxes, leave it overnight to download the art and job done.

TheGroove69 here is his video for Xbox emulator.

I am still importing "roms" been 2 days now, not halfway yet, 2TB of mixed roms, wish there was a batch file or something that scanned the "rom" folder and do all the work of adding Systems & Emulators, anyway i might get to play/try it one day loL

Ill prob just copy this exact build, then extend upon it after time... Getting better gpus and jazz then getting fancier cases further down the road...

delete fortnite

What game at 48:25?

*Surely. Don't call me Shirley......... Loved the video as always :)

Ive been waiting for 4k pokemon Y its the one game in the series i havent played.

Any chance of a video getting the dolphin and cem u emulators up and running?

So u gonna tell us the dang thing

How does it work (in your experience) with different controllers? I like to use the respective controller (USB version I know) for each console I'm emulating.

Is there a emulator for Xbox yet?


These emulators also need a VR option .. Would make the gameplay more immersive again Kinda like DVD to Bluray... But for gaming.

Does this system emulate switch too? Noticed Mario kart 8 or am I seeing anothrr version?

Can I ask if there is a chance for a complete emulator torrent put together by yours truly.. Also.. just as a tip, bitorrent has been bought by the CEO of Tron. He is going to be rewarding people for continuous seeding on torrent networks by paying them in Tron.

Three things Austin. Firstly.. congrats on making this budget system that can even make PS3 games work.. 2ndly.. this is such a breathe of fresh air and I may even consider building a table console.. to hold my coffee. 3rdly.. if you can do this for a budget system.. I am scared to see what you can do with a full "no limits" system.. even glycol cooling to make it the most smoothest and quietest system.. My main question. How many controllers can be programmed for this programme.. I mean.. can I configure a set of controllers from each system , bar say PlayStation..

You missed the cost of the Watercooled CPU cooler and the SSD Hard Drive cost?

£40 for the HDD.. its in the totals section, bringing it to £305. Stated in the video, I only have a AIO cooler in there as I am experimenting with CPUs a the moment on this build for future vids. Between this and the stock cooler it will have zero impact on gameplay. Again, I did say this mate.

In terms of storage.. What is your ideal size SSD ?

As big as you can afford as they are great for loading times etc. But I think best bang for buck is the 250GB spot.

BrandyKoopa I have a GTX 1080 and 8GB RAM so I think I got it covered

Or you output the graphics through HDMI on boot and strip the laptop down to essentially the motherboard and mouth it to the side of a cabinet,with an external power switch.

Simply Austin desktop :)

Alex Diaz the software costs 20$ but has no games included! And there's also a free version

Ayy this type of system is what I have been slowly building over the last 1 and a half years. Lot of database management and networking involved in mine due to it grabbing the roms from a nas

I really like this video, however I’m pretty much a layman, I understand sourcing the parts and putting them together, but you didn’t show any system set up or how you would get the games on them on there?

I found your channel today 03-08-2018 and only watched 2 of your videos, I'm really impressed with your contents and the way of your tutorial is just awwwwesomeeeee...... I'll try many of your tutorials in near future....

Thank you kind Sir, I hope that they help you out :D

Best emulation video I’ve seen on YouTube!! Thank you for this!

Just...amazing.Thank you so much!

Can you show us an Atari 2600 game up-scaled to 4K on this system? it must look beautiful!

Seems awesome, I might have missed it, but does it run og xbox and 360 well? I'd love to put one of these together

intro finishes at 3:30

Timestamps are in the description

I've just built a console box for my CRT outputting everything in native 240p and/or 480i where needed. I did this via an old Optiplex with a Radeon and CRTEmudrivers installed. That runs at 3.2ghz and the only thing it struggled with was SMG and SMG2, did you find the extra .5ghz on this had enough oomph to run those two games via Dolphin? Cheers

I'm not really familiar with emulators and wish to get into it down the line. Aswell as Roms can this emulator play the actual authentic game disc from any gen?

Really Useful, Thanks Austin for such a complete guide, I'm in the process of building a fullsize cab and wanted to take it upto PS2 / Wii builds so this will be perfect! Out of interest - what was the FPS counter you used in these vids?

im getting a pc in september emulators will be key i am proud to say simply austin will be my go to guide

I've been trying to build a console. It boots straight into steam big picture and I have a few emulators running on it.

simply A, please help me i have 2 pc same specs as you!, one with gtx 780ti and one with gtx 970 the cpu are 2500k, but not over clocked so the same as you, when i try to watch you tube in 4k, i get stuttery and no playback , and my cpu loads up max, why can i not get you tube to play, when i can game at 4k on low settings, 1440p on you tube butter smooth,thanks

thanks for the reply, that sucks ,keep up the good work

I got a i7 8700K OC to 5.)Ghz, 16 gig or 32mhz RAM and a nVidia 1080..... I get youtube fullscreen 1080p at 15fps :( Welcome to my world mate :D

Thanks that has helped alleviate all my compatibility fears.  Many thanks!!

Plz try out how Sonic Unleashed on RPCS3 works. ;___;

oh the NBN yeah man its taking way tooooo long, so government is taking shortcuts now to complete by time

I would guess most of Melbourne and the outer suburbs have it, i have not been interstate for a while, no idea for the rest of Aus

Jaz is that in general or just your town. If it's in general that's fucked up, half of my town has had it for a full year already and my half is only just getting in a couple of moths. I hate our government haha :/

300 pounds (us viewer, so $380 for me) is still steep for some! But it's now illegal in the UK

What about 3d world cos I am going to build this reign solely to play that game

good job compiling this one Austin keep it up

Do you sell your builds on eBay or something?

Its not a bad but... "Onboard" sound is Garbage. I believe it also tends to shared system ram, as well as a lot of Software-Based processing... and thus, it tends to slow the whole systems performance down... compared to a system that has Separate high quality hardware cards. My old Soundblaster Audigy stomps the living daylights out of the Onboard Realtech stuff on the PCs I see at work. Both is sound quality, as well as in performance boost. The Realtech EQ helps... but... Ive found that its Dodgy as hell. It tends to be inaccurate when the sliders are moved around... and you often have to slide them to their max levels... then back down... to get them to settle to the correct values. Also... the values are sort of Linked... so that if you crank the highs and mids... the Bass output will severely lose power and depth, even when maxed out. Reduce the clarity of the mids and highs a bit... and then wait like 10 seconds worth of play... and the Bass will be serious boosted. Im not sure if its the build in Amplification... and or because they choose to be able to slide values around, rather than dedicate specific range-values. Whatever the case... it makes it a nightmare when playing music... as I end up constantly fiddling with the EQ. And... no matter how much I fiddle with it... its never as clear / clean, and dynamic... as the old Soundblaster cards I have. * Motherboard choice Maybe things have changed... but many many years ago... I learned the hard way, that some boards are simply not as Optimized as others. One of my friends had the same exact processors, soundcard, and graphics card... and his system whipped the pants off of my system. The board was that much better in design... as to be able to deliver far more performance... out of the same exact hardware. Id be suspicious of a mini board... being comparable to a high-end performance-optimized board. While a smaller board may save you a little space... it could be robbing you of a lot of potential performance. It might also have low quality components on it... that are not going to last more than a year or three... without fizzling out. At minimal... make sure to use a very good Surge Protector (not a standard power strip). Voltage spikes can quickly shorten component lifespans. Use a good thermal paste for the CPU, such as Arctic Silver... as Stock paste tends to be poor in comparison, and often will gradually dry out in about a 5yr timeframe... with performance dropping gradually, as thermal dissipation gets worse. * Software - Windows tends to be full of processed that do not need to be running + Eating up memory - Keeping the PC off the network = no need for a system slowing Anti-virus solution. - Hibernation can start a system from deep sleep, in fractions of full boot time, with very little power draw in standby. * Controls - Many of the best Arcade games used unique, custom controls. You might be able to play Robotron with your Mini-Analog thumb-sticks... but you are not going to last long... nor feel good about the clumsy and slow responses, that keep getting you killed. This game specifically needs a set of Wico 8way leaf-switch joysticks, to feel and function properly. An easier and more profound example... is trying to play a game called "Halley's Comet", with a Microswitch button -vs- an 80s style Leaf-Button. In this game... you have to fire non-stop... as fast as humanly possible. Faster fire rates get you more powerup earning potential. But... a microswitch is simply too fatiguing to rapidly press like this... for extended non-stop playtimes. The leaf button is buttery smooth, and the trick is that you do not have to... nor want to, fully press it down. Instead... you depress it just to the point where it fires... and then you lightly "Feather" (vibrate) the paper thin contacts on and off. You can make it so that there is less distance than a sheet of paper between the contacts... between the on and off states... and it takes almost no physical effort at all. Yet another example... is playing any Pac-Man / 4-way games. Yes.. you can play them with an 8 way joystick... but you will suffer slower response times, and often have accidental directional changes or may miss a turn, at a critical point in the chase. The 4 way stick uses a Diamond shaped hole... that allows the stick to go in direct diagonal lines... like a baseball diamond... rather than running around in a much larger Square. It feels better, and controls these games better. A more extreme level of controls... is something like Mad Planets... which requires an 8 way trigger joystick, And a Spinner. The stick moves the ship + fires. The spinner turns the ship to face in the correct direction. Its an Awesome fun game.. and it alone... is worth the investment in the proper controls to play it. Some games like Tempest could be played with a joystick or mouse... but they will stink, compared to using a real spinner controller + leaf-switch firebuttons. Most console games tended to use standard controllers... with exceptions of Lightguns. Though, there are some great exceptions, such as the Sega Master 3d Glasses (Missile Defense 3d is awesome). It also has a special spinner, for Megami Rescue, and Alex Kidd BMX... and a few others. * Display I think this is another issue to consider, when deciding on solutions. Many early games were never designed to be seen on high resolution LCD screens. The artists often designed the objects to look their best, on low-resolution TVs / CRT Tube-Based-Monitors. The shadowmask thickness on older CRT tvs, is visible to the eye... and makes the video game image seem like it has more color and texture. When you display these on a Modern monitor... you see these huge solid filled shapes... that have no shading, nor texture... and it does not look correct / good. There are some software options... such as fake scan-line generators... that help a Little... but Scan-lines are NOT the same as the Shadowmask lines+pattern/texture. There are also some shadowmask simulations for certain emulators. To run them... will require a decent GFX card with shaders, I believe... and you will have to run them at quite high resolution on a high DPI monitor... to get some convincing effects. Even then... it could be difficult to duplicate the real display 100%, as well as the time you may need to spend trying to tweak the 50 different settings, for each game. There are also special displays... such as Vector monitors... of which, as far as I know.. no LCD can match in brightness and effect. There is no way to even describe a true vector monitor. You have to see one in person, to really understand the magic. As for CRT setups... thats a whole other ball of wax.. with too much to explain, about the various pitfalls and options. There is no easy one-size-fits-all solution... and to even display windows on them, without problems, can be tricky to set up. You can check for more information and advice on this... and every other topic. * LCD LAG -vs- CRT LCDs, even with their stated high refresh rates... tend to be far slower in draw/response times... to CRTs. Make sure the millisecond rates are as low as you can go.. if you choose LCD displays for gaming. Its not just the transition time of the crystals... but also delays in the display processing boards. Also.. make sure to turn off any motion-enhancements, such as those displays that try to add fake-frames to smooth things out. IMO, CRTs are best, for Authentic look, timing, and response timeframes. They are just not as easy to deal with... and do not really fit into the whole All-In-One category. There are two main Arcade standards... from Low-Res, to Med-Res. Only a few games used Med Res monitors. Then later in the 2000s... there were some Higher Resolution monitors... that have more in common with older CRT PC monitors. * Mediocre at all -vs- Master of Few Something to consider... is if it is best to have a system/controls set to play all games "OK"... or to have a system/controllers that are dedicated to being the best options for the specific key set of games.. in the best way possible. For many... people will find that Quality, is in fact better than quantity. That playing a game that controls with perfect precision.. is akin to owning + driving a high end sports car -vs- a fleet of used clunkers / mid-rangers. If you had ever driven a beastly super-car before... its going to be very difficult to feel satisfied with racing a slower, poorly responding, generic beater car. After the beater car continually fails to do what you are asking of it... and nearly wrecks / takes your life... you may just get too fed-up to even bother with driving it anymore. This is what its like... trying to play many games without their proper, specially designed...Arcade Controllers. * Final Thoughts 1) Check out the x68000 emulator... and play Thunderforce II. It has more stages than the Sega Genesis version. It also has more Parallax scrolling layers, more graphical details, better voice samples/sounds, more stages... and I think the games balance is a bit more evened out. The Genesis version made one of the bosses nearly impossible to beat... to make up for fewer levels. Both are great IMO. I have not spent enough time with the x68k version yet, to make a verdict on which one may be favored more. I did beat the TF II for Genesis though. Took me like a year and a half of on and off playing to do it... and that was from starting at like level 6? (Max. Stage select level) One day I vow to beat it from level 1. Its one of the few games I always have fun replaying. Hands down, my Favorite Genesis game. I will say, that Target Earth was pretty darn Epic too.

I recently built a small side computer exclusively for this kind of thing, it's rocking a i5 4570 & an 1050ti, I honestly have played on that thing more than I my normal desktop

i have had a massive problem for me to emulate for a while now, how and where do you find the files for the wii u, ps3 and 3ds, i.e. the newer emulators because i have copies of some of these games such as persona on ps3 but in disk format. I know with the newer emulators there is no way somewhere like emuparadise will have the files so where can i find/buy and especially download the files?

Welp, there goes my idea I had back in the early 2010s, but mine's more of something else (which I won't tell because I know people steal ideas or never implement them).

Where is that giveaway?

Vid up tomoz launching the giveaway :D

How do you add movies to launch box? You should do a video about it

Is this easier to setup than Hyperspin? I have been struggling to make my HS system to stay run everything good. Getting a bit frustrated with how much work it has been and it is still not seemless.

+99999 for the Parallax theme in the background in several spots :D

If I pay you 400$ plus shipping would you be able to make one for me and ship it to me?

US Customers can often go to a mom and pop shop for PCs and get an Intel Stock cooler either cheap, or if you're friends, they'll often just give you one as they swap them out on custom builds.

Am I the only one to realize the title theme tune being Robocop 3 on c64? It maybe just a slither of it, but it still sounds like it to me.

This is the 1st vid that ive actually watched without skipping , you earned a sub!

haha thank you very much mate. I had allot to fit in :D

This is a great video, I'm impessed with myself for sticking it all the way through to the end haha Good job! What's the case called at the end? the PS4ish one

haha thank you kind Sir.... that is the Node 202 from Fractile Design mate (think thats how it is spelled :D)

Anyone know where to get ps3 ISO’s?

I bought my i3 pc for about 400 usd back in 2012..I want the i7 now if it can be less than 700. Was wanting to build a in desk pc so i wouldnt need a case. But ill wait a little lonegr.

Ayy this type of system is what I have been slowly building over the last 1 and a half years. Lot of database management and networking involved in mine due to it grabbing the roms from a nas. PLEASE READ THIS LAST BIT AUSTIN: Have you encounter anything capable of playing dual disc games like the MGS series while keeping the console aesthetic because currently it appears it still isn't from what Ive found. ily

Then make a fight stick for pc/ps3/ps4... And then maybe a portable pi emulator system...

This is what I always wanted especially bc I'm poor. I have two older pc but I'm literally computer retarded. Help me.

Great Video Austin :)

Great content as usual Austin !

I liked your video a lot, without googling anything, idk how much more expansive it'd be with a 2500k and p67 chipset Mobo but it gives you access to ram speed up to 2200 mHz officially, granted those sticks are stupid expansive but if you already have the mobo + CPU you could buy cheap ddr3 day1 and upgrade that component next, I'm using that CPU @4,5gHz and recently switched from 8gb 1600 mHz to 16gb 2133 mHz and that was a day and night difference for me, I'm using a gtx 1080 (another world in terms of cost but not my point) and I can play any games in 1440p very smoothly in ultra for most (I don't play RTS games, don't like the genre but I guess Ashes of singularity would suck on my rig), at 1080p with a cheaper GPU you could also run anything in high settings. Let's hope the micron/hynix/samsung lawsuit will drastically lower ram prices at some point, cost me 194€ for my sticks but 10/10 would do it again

You will never run the ps4 or xbox one on it. And the ps3 emulator can't run all games decent, even a 360 emulator does not excist i believe.

Is it a Retropie? :p kidding, I wrote this at the start. Looking forward to this :)

kinda broke plz

I was thinking of making a similar sort where you have a xbox1, ps4 and switch mother boards in one box with custom firmware to boot into each console. I was also thinking of having the ps4 and xbox one sharing the dvd drive

I've seen a lot of vids from USA that use PC Picker to build a compatable pc, I've not found a UK based site that does a similar thing. Which sites do you use to source parts for builds?

Sorry if i didnt get this from the video but are you basically playing this stuff on a pc, or what hardware are you using i have my own alienware pc nvidia gtx 1080 so is this software that i can just get, or is this a more powerful piece of hardware cause all i see is basically retroarch with a bunch of emulators?? Is that the case??

Awesome! IMO, you should sell these. I'd pay good money to have someone of your expertise to build me a machine like this :)

Is there a website the has the system already setup?

commodore 64

My favorite channel.

Great video. I was thinking of a pc build aimed at emulation for a long time, but I didn’t know where to start. I have a question though. What if I want to make this build for emulation only with less focus on pc games. What do you suggest?

Just a heads up. With the right motherboard even the non K i5 2500 can over clock above turbo to 4.2ghz.

Are you using afterburning and MSI Afterburner to monitor GPU and CPU ? I tried them and they seem to slow down my games a little bit. Citra for example would lose approximately 10 to 20 FPS when I have them on.


I can't find the motherboard anywhere, not on eBay, on Amazon, or other online websites or stores. Are there any other options in the same size? Great video!

any branded motherboard to be honest. Just needs to be the same socket... 1155 to fit the CPU and m-ITX in size if you want to keep it small

make a short one playing n64 games like conkers bad fur day and golden eye!

Great video, cant wait to see the next iteration

I need one of these

skip to 3:34

My controller doesn't register in Big Box mode... it's a DS4. Anyone able to help?

I got upto 30+ more FPS by adding rainbow RGB lighting.

Look into Dell Optiplex 790 or 990, regular size or SFF

Please post specs

Why does it have to be 1155

I have found everthing from the cpu to the case but i cannot for the life of me find the Gpu anywhere. I need help xD

Ah yeah, didn't check ebay. Found it pretty much instantly. Thanks :D

To be honest I would have thought the 1050 would have been the easiest to get mate? Nothing on eBay?

WOW I got most of your build free from recycling electronic bins in Vancouver office buildings

I built a gaming PC several years ago(around 2013 or '14), and although it may have begun to lag behind in modern titles I haven't found an emulated title it can't play. I'm even able to bump the resolution on Dolphin and pcsx2 to 3x or 4x the native, and have a bit of a better graphical experience than the original system. My point behind this is that I use an ASUS R9 290 and have no issues with OpenGL.

i am guessing if we wanted this launcher we can download it?

Mantap. Jangan lupa mampir ya....

Does Emulation run good on Ryzen chips?

And FX 8350?

Same or better than what you see above mate. But you would want a dedicated GPU for modern games and compatibility with all emus

What software do you use for benchmarking?

Alright, thanks for the answer.

In this I used Rivia Tuner so you could see for yourself mate

It's called having a pc

put this man in the overwatch league

I have little to no experience in pc building so I'm curious. You mentioned that you were going to make a video on a lesser priced but more powerful build just for emulation, but how does that work ? Fantastic video, really looking forward to what you do in the future !!

Love emulation and all but putting this much effort into it seems unnecessary for most people whose entire life is not gaming (kind of sad if it is). My emus sit in their respective folders, I make shortcuts, boom, done and no need to think about it. I don't spend my life on a couch. If I need to access web browser while I'm gaming at a tv I do have a mapping set up with JoyToKey. It can also toggle between my tv and desktop monitor with a button combo longpress, so I can do, like y'know, work and stuff too. Like building my dinosaur parks.

breath of the wild playable on this?


I'm still rocking an i7 2600k, lol.

Interesting video... Very long winded...

Watched through this video a few times now, can't wait to get stuck into my first pc build, looking forward to the next pc build video as I'm a console gamer so I want a case that's compact like the one shown at the end of this video

try get running 'journey' for ps3

D He lives in the UK, the shipping would probably be almost $400 (I shipped a box of 32 radiator fans to Austrailia a few years ago and it was $389 with UPS).

This would be amazing if nintendo didnt shut alot of emu and rom sites down even emu paradise won't allow downloads

Emuparadise is ded my guy your dream was over before it could even start.

Ark survival evolved

Where's the parts list for this build? CPU, MOB, GPU, Memory, PSU, Case.?

Do you have links to all the hardware? Or no?

Oh my pc is ok then I7 2600 Gtx1050 TI 8gb DDR3

There are def some bargains out there. Got an older generation mini atx 1155 mobo for £20 , an i5 3470s cpu for £31 and found an asus gtx 1050 for £60 with a bit of haggling. I’m already £54 ahead of Austin.

Haha seee!! Told you guys... Easy to find this stuff and even cheaper if you look

I've been planning on learning how to do this for so long. Just started the video, I'm so amped!

Hope it helps mate

Im having a hard time finding a decent priced 1150 itx motherboard. Did you get yours on ebay used?

Good call glad I didnt order anything yet haha. I have a i5 3570k laying around which uses the same socket. Figured Id build a small gaming rig since I have all the parts except the mini itx case and motherboard. Still struggling to find a 1155 motherboard that will fit my needs though.

1155 mate

What's your guys opinion on what nintendo is doing and having all these emulator and rom sites shut down or making them not allow downloads at all

New to pc gaming and looking to build my first gaming pc. Would this build be able run games like bad company 2 etc? If not what could I upgrade to be able to play fps based games and that. Be gentle im a total noob but fancy having a pop at building this.

Holy cow, The i5 2500 processor for $45 US??? The cheapest I've been able to find is $130 US....

I'm making this.

Where did you find an i5 for £40 ($50)? The cheapest I could find on Amazon is $85.

Cheers Austin, and may have found a tower case with 500W psu for £10 all in, if so make that £92 ahead lol. Should have a comp for the cheapest build that can do 60fps at 1080p

What are you using for monitoring frame rate and load?

But CaN iT rUn CrIsIs?

does it really run all of the games at the fps you showed

when do you think The ULTIMATE Budget Gaming System V2 will be done and can you give links to the parts

Can it play FreeCell?

What is the program you're using to benchmark the games and emulators? I'm looking for one that displays the CPU and GPU like yours does.

Great video!

What is this called you should sell these for 400 dollars I would buy it. Also should do one thats more expensive but much more powerful parts.

I do believe most emulators come with this, I know Dolphin can show you framerate and hardware usage.

Of course it does

I haven't got the exact solution, but Dolphin includes options to see framerate and hardware usage, and you can also use Task Manager.

Emuparadise isn't the only ROM site.

To me that looks completely fine for emulating consoles from the Wii and behind, you could possibly play Wii U with some tweaking, too.

Well Nintendo is only taking down their own ROMs and ISOs, but if they're gonna resell them at a good price, then I'm ok with it, but if they're gonna either resell them at a stupid price or not at all, then I don't support it. We need to make sure games last for future generations.

I do believe he showed the most recent Doom running on this system, which requires better hardware than bad company 2, so games like bad company 2 will be fine to run.

Well the thing is, my current prebuilt PC contains 4gb ddr3 ram, an i5-4460 and an Intel HD 4600, I believe it also came with a Keyboard and Mouse, only for £150, and I can run Animal Crossing: City Folk and every gamecube game at at least native settings, so it's not too hard to emulate with Dolphin.

I actually thought you were being serious until I saw the end and read your name. God damnit, man.

The CPU seems acceptable, and the GPU is good, you might (might) need some tweaking though. So I think you'll be able to play it at a stable framerate at native resolution.

I know that the cpu is an Intel i5-2500 and the GPU is a GTX 1050, the ram is 8gb and that's really all I know.

I believe someone did that with the Xbox One and the PS4, combining it all in to one. Not sure it's real though, as it's the same size as a PS4, even though it would need both mobos in there.

DerpySnake nice one. I'll check this out.

I'm not too sure what you're saying, but you should be able to emulate very well, probably around 4x the native resolution depending on the system. Also about the software, he's using things like Dolphin, but Retroarch is a good start because it can download the core to a lot of emulators, such as Dolphin, DS emulators and more.

Are you using Riva Tuner and MSI Afterburner to monitor GPU and CPU ? I tried them and they seem to slow down my games a little bit. Citra for example would lose approximately 10 to 20 FPS when I have them on.

Yeah that's what I meant (Just edited my message). Riva Tuner is actually making me lose frame rate and speed in Citra

He says he uses Riva Tuner to show hardware usage.


By the looks of things, it should run Citra. I'm not too certain on that though.

Pirate Bay, The Deep Web, other places where you can usually find shady things, maybe a legit site if you can find it, and maybe even a legit site that also shares viruses with its downloads. Really, there's no actual way to find ISOs for newer consoles, as they are newer.

I believe he's using multiple emulators, but I do believe some support just popping in the disk. If I'm not mistaken, PCSX2 does this.

I believe it's Xenoblade Chronicles X for the Wii U.

finally all my emulators are over 9000 now i only need 1 thank you

Can you access psn or Xbox live with this setup??

What did you use to show GPU and CPU usage?

Simply Austin this is amazing

Im excited for the next Emulation Build!

Asuras Wrath! YEAH!!!

But can it run Crysis?


weird that i was recommended this, i spent the last 12 hours torrenting wii u games, lmao

RIP Emuparadise

I got a full pc i5-4570 + 8GB RAM + SSD 256GB + HDD 500GB (Dell Optiple 3020) for 200$USD. Now, I just need a video card. :)

50 minute video, and only 10 to 20 minutes of usable, helpful information. All I needed to know was the OS and general specs your machine had.

This seems like a dream build. Unfortunately I can't even spend a cent on a PC build right now, but I really like this video, keep up the good work!


Do you think love can bloom even on a battlefield?

I want to buy this lol

Soooooo a PC with emulators?

I always loved playing on original systems but with modern TVs only having hdmi, emulation is just way more convenient. I definitely will be building a dedicated pc tv in the near future.

1:02 what's that game ?

Hey Austin, I'm curious if you've ever attempted any MAME emulation or anything with to do with light guns? The game Point Blank was released on PS1 also I'm pretty sure, and it was a great game to play with friends, and using the guns was so fun. Its really difficult to find anyone that's got good quality content on emulation, and even more difficult to find anyone talking about peripherals like light guns. If not, that's cool, I'll continue my quest to find info about them. Long time watcher, love your content.

Music is Ocean Loader V2 by Instant Remedy - very nice choice - Brilliant C64 remix.

Can I send you the money and you send me the finished product?

Do you not list the parts used in the description?

You can get a very similar/better set up by buying a second hand Dell Optiplex 3010 from eBay for £50 which has i5 3470/4GB RAM and hard drive and then all you need is 4GB RAM (£12) and a GTX 1050 low profile £100 which brings it to £160. I got a similar spec for my emulation/front room machine with a Dell 7010 / i7 3770 / 16 GB RAM and it runs very nicely.

Hi Austin, very useful video, thank you very much for all this information

love to see you test a full AMD system say r5 1600 and a rx580 :) cheers

You can get a very similar/better set up by buying a second hand Dell Optiplex 3010 from eBay for £50 which has i5 3470/4GB RAM and hard drive and then all you need is 4GB RAM (£12) and a GTX 1050 low profile £100 which brings it to £160. I got a similar spec for my emulation/front room machine with a Dell 7010 / i7 3770 / 16 GB RAM / 1050 Ti and it runs very nicely.

this is a channel for real gamers , coming from the olden golden days of playing on an 8bit system i love consoles and i admire the power of pc and this is a perfect channel for me as there is not conflict just gaming ....

That's a bad ass collection

$20 shit. Take my money.

Absolute Mad Lad!

Looking forward to your next build...

No just wait for 20 series of cards to be released

movies and music aren't limited to exclusive hardware , its sucks that games have to be

cannot find your motherboard for anywhere near what you paid for yours.

Next upgrade for this system: VR games !

How much did this cost you in parts?

Great tuto :-) thanks. Please correct me if i'm wrong. The i5 cpu 2500 is a Intel® 2nd generation Core™ and the GPU 1050 is PCI-e 3. I readed at the GA-H77N-WIFI Mother board spec that the PCIe 3.0 speed is supported by Intel® 3rd generation Core™ processors. Is there any problem if i combine this cpu, this GPU and this mother board? I don't know if there will be any kind of incompatibility between them or if there is any kind of speed down or framerate lack coz' this CPU is not 3rd gen. Thanks a lot. I'm lost with all this combinations and specifications. And i want to try to do a cheap miniemupc.

@Simply Austin what is the software at 0.37 (movie/tv show app)? Cheers!

Can you link all the MSRP parts in the description?

Austin I got the mobo,The ram and cpu that You are using in this what did you decide on the case the nod202 or something similar would like your opinion I want something similar to a console look

If you can get one of those cases they are great mate. My current build uses one too

Not a console fanboy literally has more than one wall dedicated to console stuff... Lollll

Hehe I also have around 10 PC's... I'm just a gaming fanboy

I was going to make a big rant, but ultimately decided I'd be wasting more energy and effort trying to help/critique your video than you did making it. 300£ for a shitty system instead of simply buying a shield.. You're so fucking stupid it's beyond me.

Up up down down left right a BA

god of war on psp?

I was given a Titan X the 1st version, and my rig is an i3-2120 14 GB RAM the EVGA or Nvidia states this could work on a Windows Vista 32 I'm on 7 and having hangs before it tries to load Windows .

so how many mods can you cram in minecraft and skyrim?

NEVER skimp on the PSU. Always get a 80+ Bronze or better rated PSU, Although I'd personally recommend getting 80+ Gold. This is not for power efficiency reasons, it's to protect your system. Power supplies fail, it's a fact of life. The problem comes in when your power supply actually fails. It starts providing unsteady power, shooting power spikes through the system, or worse. I've actually seen a case where a failing power supply over-volted the CPU so strongly on a power spike that the CPU melted (it did not have a cheap heatsink either). Cheap power supplies typically only have a lifespan of 2-3 years, if you're lucky, before they fail; and when they fail, they fail in ways that can destroy other parts of your computer, more often than not having power spikes and over-voltages. A 80+ Bronze or better power supply will last at least 5 years before failing, an 80+ Gold can last 10-15 years if you're lucky; and not only do they have more safety measures built in to protect the rest of your system, they also tend to fail in ways that cause under-voltages, rather than over-voltages. And an under-volt isn't going to damage any of your components.... Just cause some semi-frequent really weird and near impossible to track down or reproduce random glitches (glitches like that are almost always caused by either failing power supplies or faulty RAM).

You sound half cut mate luv it!

But can it play Dante's Inferno?

Okay, here's a challenge for you. There is a way to connect a PSVR headset to a PC and use it for PC VR games. Let's say our budget gamer takes that approach for VR so as to minimize costs. (Yeah, I'm looking for a used PSVR headset to do just that.) How would your budget gaming rig handle the added requirements for a VR game? Taking things a bit further and throwing emulation into the mix, Dolphin is able to set up full VR for GameCube and Wii games that obviously didn't have it to begin with. Metroid Prime 3 is known for working exceptionally well in VR, and the game's HUD even helps to prevent VR motion sickness. So to recap, how does your budget gaming PC handle the Dolphin emulator, running Metroid Prime 3 (preferably at 1080p and at least 60 FPS to minimize motion sickness, but 90 FPS would be preferred for VR), on a VR headset? Also, there is a driver out there that lets you convert non-VR games into VR as well. On the PC side of things, how about a racing game and an FPS game to test that out? To make it a bit easier, I believe one of the most popular converted games is Bioshock, which is fairly old and should be incredibly easy to run without the additional driver. It's mainly popular in VR obviously because of the setting and atmosphere.

Awesome video... I can't wait for your pure emulation video...


summary 44:43 CPU: i5 2500 RAM: min. 8GB GPU: min. GTX 1050 MoBo: GA H77N-wifi HDD: any PSU: min. 500w with 80 plus bronze certificate Case: any that fits

Austin were did u get the roms from for most of these? I have a 2tb launchbox hdd i got off eBay fully loaded with stuff....did u get the same for this but the 4tb version out of interest

Without factoring in the cost of a Windows Licence, this is very, very misleading.

You got your PlayStations offset. You were talking about PS2 emulation, then referenced its "emotion engine", which was a marketing tag line for PS3. Then you said Shadow Of the Collossus had a remake for the PS4... when it was originally for the PS2 and had a remake for the PS3.

I can play fortnite with you brother

Send me your discord or anything I can show you everything I know and how to do it..

If you stop repeating yourself over and over again this stupid video wouldnt be 50 minutes

Is it PC?

*Greatest game ever made* 1:29

someone tell me the brand for the case at 34:49 please...

Can you play it on a television?

Yes mate, that's how I play all mine

its called a pc.

How does Demon's souls run on this build? I've seen it run very well on Youtube, wondering how well this can do it. I plan on building it, if it's good. So buying a better GPU doesn't make things better, can it actually make things worse due to bottlenecking?

This build should be good up to around a 1060. Even a 1070 on most games. But going for a 1080 and above will definitely be a waste.

Original Xbox emulation is possible?


Emotion Engine was made for the PS2, was added to the PS3 in the first ever model so that it had backwards compatibility for PS2 games Shadow of Collossus was PS2... It had a remaster on the PS3, but had a remake/remaster on the PS4 making it almost an entirely new game

Looking into getting an emulator-only pc for the living room in the future, mainly for couch-coop and party games... Basically a "console pc" for when friends come over and stuff :) Any tips for this? PS: This is still a project for far into the future

The Super XStation Genesis 2600 U

I'm all for playing older emulated games but not for current gen games like BotW. That takes more away from the developers than much older PS2 era games.

i think the thing you are talking about is called a pc

Get a better CPU. You can't even run AAA games from 2015 with that. Especially if you're trying to emulate stuff your gonna have a bad time with two cores in 2018. 6 cores and 12 threads is mainstream now.

Wasn't Zone of the Enders 2 also one of the most demanding games on the PS2? Not that I imagine you've heard of the games (it was the only other thing Kojima worked on before MGS3 essentially made him the MGS-go-to-guy for Konami)! You also could've added Burnout 3 to the showcase as well!

Your intro should have just been this with the console platforms in the background while our Lord and Savior delivers the gospel of the glorious PC Gaming Master Race!


you said stick to the stock cooler, but my stock cooler is shit and doesn't click in properly, what do i buy to replace it?

I’ve got a question: do I have to own a physical copy of the game or can I buy the game on launch box?

Hmm... Windows 10 for "free" huh... before suggesting "that", it's remiss not to look at free linux "game oriented" operating systems like SteamOS, RecalBox, EmulationStation or Batocera (and possibly others). I have a cheap PC running SteamOS in my living room and you'd be surprised at the amount of Steam games it runs. You can set up emulators on it with some fiddling but the others I listed are more suited to that, and run non-emulator games natively too.

Would these parts you've picked fit in this case? It seems your build runs even modern games well, in 1080p in 60fps? Are they at maxed settings? I always thought you'd have to pay much more for that performance.

But can it play late 90s/early 2000s PC titles that require 16/32 bit support?

I'm building a gaming pc so where do you get the emulators and romes from then? for new and old games

Question! I've got the chance of swapping my AMD 6300 black edition CPU (which stutters on some citra games) for an I7 4820k and motherboard. Got 16gb ram. Yay or nay? Will be using for emus/ gaming at 1080p

The ULTIMATE Budget Gaming System.... a PC!

Simply Austin same here because I like to collect games for the consoles that I collect do you get it because I clicked consoles and games for it but right now I have a PS2, Xbox 360, and PS4. Right now I'm a PlayStation fan but in the future I'm going to be an all gaming fan you know I'm a fan of Xbox, Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation, PC you know

could anyone recomend a free alternative to launchbox? thnx in advance

Is there a stripped back version of windows, which strips all non essential items and apps to allow the most basic version of windows to commit 100% emulation and none of the non essentials.

Want to see amstrad games.. would be nice to see really basic games with updated information and an actual explanation explaining those games.. As much as I like newer games.. old-school is where my heart lays.

ps4 psnow ????

That's true, a lot of games can work with a bit of tweaking. However, tweaking is very hit or miss, especially with simple fixes like compatibility modes. The games give you error codes usually do to DLL files not being present in the OS where the game thinks they should be, because those files aren't used in the 64 bit version of the system. So, whether the game will work depends on whether it uses those files or not, and whether or not compatibility mode can properly simulate them. Honestly, compatibility mode isn't very good for these kinds of games, because it was designed more for supporting office software and things like that, that usually are designed much differently than games. Again, it is certainly possible to get a few games working. As an example, "Feeding Frenzy" works on Windows 10 64bit out of the box, just about flawlessly. "Titanic: Adventure Out of Time" refuses to boot, but will work perfectly with a fanmade patch. However, the platformer "Glace" refuses to boot. It will boot with compatibility mode, but will only show a black box, and maybe start the soundtrack. Then it will freeze, and usually crash after that. The only way to get it to work is running it on Windows XP from what testing I've done. The same is true for "Where is the Blanket Charlie Brown?" It refuses to boot with or without compatibility mode. A more mainstream example "Grand Theft Auto 1" will work on Windows 10, if the settings are tweaked and it is run in compatibility mode, but while the game play and graphics looks fine, all the soundtracks and radios don't work at all. All you can hear is the driving and gunfire sounds. However, run on Windows XP, and it all works flawlessly. I'm not sure why it is the case with these particular games, but they are all good examples. The most practical solution is to either remaster these games (like GOG does), make patches, or make a proper emulator (like SCUMMVM, a point and click adventure game emulator).

You can do some tweaking if they don't work. On my PC, I have Windows 8.1 (rip) Rayman 3 needed compatibility mode turned on to work, but other than that it's fine. Conflict: Desert Storm 2 works without any problems at all I played the Toy Story 2 game with a few graphical glitches, but nothing you couldn't fix or just leave And then there's this pretty old game called Delta Ops: Army Special Forces that worked fine for me. Really, in the end, some tweaking and elbow grease can really get a lot of games working.

What accent do you EXACTLY have?

Awesome video! Just wish prices for Mini-ITX 1155 motherboards in the US were cheaper they all seem to be about 50$ more than what you were able to find. Still an awesome build and video

I'd buy something that could play everything for $300. How do I get one?

Hey Austin how's your opinion about this build: H110 Mobo Intel G4560 GTX 750 Ti 2gb (from old pc) 2X4gb 2400mhz ram 128gb+1tb hdd (from old pc) Corsair CS450M PSU (from old pc) Do you think it can run emulators up to cemu fine? I'm planning a HTPC build which will be mainly used for netflix, karaoke and some retro gaming thru emus. And what's the best emulator frontend interface for this build?

How is this not illegal though?

but can it do sega saturn? If you can emulate saturn, you can emulate anything. Until then. I am not impressed

Hey Austin, love the video mate...just wanted to know, I have an old Q6600 cpu lying around and was wondering if this would be good for emulation?

So.... you did all this and didn't even put the PC specs in the description? Why? That should have also been the first thing covered in the video! Wow, I will say tho that PC hardware pricing must be cheaper over there in the UK compared to the US as you would be very hard pressed to find those same parts here for that cheap. What you say about them being found for a fraction of the price here in the US simply isn't true. Even if you did the most frugal bargain shopping, it will be very difficult to find those parts here in the US even used for those prices you named. It may be possible, but you would have to score what would be considered amazing deals here in the US to get them for those prices. And yes, I am taking into account the conversion from Pounds to USD.

Well I am glad you do this for a living and thats fantastic. So again, what parts are you struggling to find for the price range I mentioned? Its not a hidden club where there are secret sales. Worse case scenario I can go onto US eBay now and see the Mobo on sale in US for slightly over the price mentioned, yet the GPU under price. From typing in 2 things to ebay for less than a minute and clicking "Buy it Now" price... imagine if I actually spent more time looking? Not misleading, just people bothering to look.

You misunderstand me. I do this stuff for a living, and so I am very much aware of what the market pricing is for these parts in general when it comes to the US market, and I am telling you that it is very difficult to find these items for those prices in the US. It is possible, but it would take some really good luck and you would literally need to find the absolute best bargains available to get those prices. I just find it a bit misleading to act as if these prices are around average for these items when it comes to the US market, or that it should be easy to find those items at those prices. It might be like that there in the UK, I really don't know how it is over there, but I know for sure that those prices are dirt dirt cheap when it comes to the US market and are at the lowest of the low end of what you would find them for. You would have to do some serious scrounging to find those parts for those prices here.

So fire away mate. What parts are you struggling with that are very difficult to find for the prices I named?

Simply Austin - I never said a word about the parts being hard to find. I said that it would be very difficult to find them for the prices you named.

From what I have seen people are building this no problem at all mate, they are some of the most generic common parts available for PC. What is it that you are struggling to find?

Man, Austin Evans’ voice really sounds different now.

I got 1 myself my pc

"b-b-but... you said every game, but you can't emulate the current generation of consoles!" No, but most games you'd wanna play were released on PC as well, so it doesn't really matter anyway.

The main advantage of having a console is not having to know how the hell to do anything to get it working. You just pop in a CD and play(or these days you wait several hours for the fuckin thing to "install" and update).

Wow - what an amazing video - Subscribed!

Can you play online against other people with emulators?

Can you list the specs you used for your build? Especially What cpu and gpu do you use in this video? Thanks.

I have an old dell xps 630i that I’m looking to turn into a bootable arcade....only looking to emulate up to ps2...I have a beast gaming pc for everything the dell enough? It has a geforce 9800 gt 8gb ram...anyone please help! Love the video!!

Hope it's not too late, but try **Xenosaga Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht** on the PS2 please. It seemed pretty intensive during some of the opening 3D cutscenes when I was streaming. A lot of the PS2 library is highly CPU intensive.. Also **Champions of Norrath** is a pretty big offender.

Don't worry everybody, the Knights of Ni arrive at 45:47. Worth it!

Please show me HZD running in 4k on this!

Get on with it

--- The 300+ "dislikes" are boy/girlfriends who's partners spend their time building these systems. ---

36:10 castlevania on ps3?

RPCS3 supporter and have to say it works great with LaunchBox. You will have to edit the launch commandline in LaunchBox and drop out of the LaunchBox UI to change some settings or update it (as releases for the emulator are coming out weekly now) but its gotten so evolved and optimized. I love it. Version you played with doesn't include async shaders you should definitely update, huge framerate increase ! Heil to our lord NekoTeki !

Hi Austin, Are you going to publish the revised build any time soon? We can't wait to see the new build. Many thanks


Every game on one system. A PC.

Hi austin, i've got a question, why u didnt try to get an i5 K version and a 1050ti or 960 low profile? it would have increase your budget maybe..40-50 punds? is not worth it for you? in that case you could overclock a little bit the processor with the stock cooler, not so much tho, but a little increase for some demanding games on pc or or for ps3. What do you think? thx for the answer! awesome build anyway! and one last question, ryzen g could be a good option too maybe? just the processor with the APU? or as you said in the video is not recomendable due some compatibilties problems? THX!!

2500k are great CPUs. But problem is to OC you need a compatible motherboard. These normally run at around 100. The TI, yeah again, it's another 50 on top of the price. The AMD chips are very cheap. But the cost of the ram you would need to run it would cost around 150 which is half the budget. The APU is ok... But definitely not up to standard of a dedicated GPU. If you got extra budget I would go for a better GPU... Anything up to 1070 would do amazing on here

like the video. I have some suggestions as to what games to try in other videos. marvel ultimate alliance 1&2 all versions , GTA vice city & 4 & 5, all Lego games, Sega Saturn games such as Mr. Bones , clockwork knight 1&2, bomberman and its 8-player feature , duke nuke'em 3D, wwf in your house. other games that should be tested are donkey Kong 64 , starfox (snes), halo (all of them), duke nuke'em forever , soul caliber 2 ( all versions) , Burnout revenge, WWF no mercy, the punisher (ps2) &(arcade/Sega genesis), Spider-Man shattered dimensions, super smash brothers ( all of them) , marvel vs Capcom 1 & 2 & 3 ,

fake news cant run MGS3 w pcsx2 smhh

Damn. My prebuilt PC has most of these parts. I will probably upgrade the graphics card to a 1070 and the power supply but that is it. Actually, if someone can please tell me how I can check my power supply, I might not need to upgrade it.

I hate when people say "Nintendo have never been about cutting edge hardware" the NES was cutting edge for the time, The SNES, N64 and gamecube was also very cutting edge hardware.

aye, i know, bur maybe is worth it just upgrading the mobo and the processor to OC a lil bit the processor and the ram, i think is something to consider if someone could get the 1050ti second handed, for 50 or 60 pounds more i think is worth the money. Thx austin

the original xbox one aint worth it, mine turns itself off automatically when i try to play conkers bad furday.

Can someone build this for me please? Cheers.

Can u put the complete part list as a.txt file for download in the description pls...

Hopefully a 1080 would do good paired with a ryzen 5 and 16gb ram

Ps2 hardest to emulate

Which one's ?

Some of em

There's some services where you pay monthly for emulated games

What about god of war on ps2 and ps3?

My friend computer exploded by using lunchbox

Completely unhelpful video. If you truly want to help users, you should share links with Parts Picker and how they can go about obtaining ROMS or at least helping them understand where ROMS come from.

So I'm kind of new to the pc building world and I really need help, can someone suggest me some builds like the one in the video? (My budget is around 300/350€)

Just finished the video. I bought a laptop for 1000 gbp with the same graphics card in this video, same ram, similar cpu but with less Ghz, same hdd and with ssd. is the extra 600 pounds just for the screen and keyboard and stuff!??

Anyone know what the pokemon game at the beginning was? Looks amazing

Great work mate, thanks. I wanna build a rig with AMD Ryzen 5-2400g , will it work?

I couldn't finish the video but is this a PC build or what because I would only use handheld

Great video! Just what i was looking for. I was thinking of using an AMD cpu for this build. slightly different components but with an 1060 3gb gpu Is there any difference in choosing a amd over intel? Or do both cpu's work good with the software in your video?

You can also use a detector to tell when someone isn't being serious...

+Omar Iqbal you can also use ebay

Obviously I meant that I would pay someone to do it.


Ebay mostly

What is the model of the slimmer case you showed at the end? I would like to look more into those console sized cases for my build. Thanks for posting this inspiring build!

Hello Austin! I've been a fan of yours since I found this channel, you always deliver and I thank you for that. But, can you do a build with this specs? i5-8600K GTX 1050 ti 16GB RAM Z370 GAMING PLUS I'd really like to experience all the consoles as much as possible and some, but not all of the modern PC games with this rig. I would really appreciate a response if possible. HEHEHE! Thank you

or an i5-8400

can you put together a slight overkill emulation build? around 700 to 1k love this vid thanks!

does it play original xbox?

Can it play abandonware games for windows 95/98?

I hope everyone realizes this dude is playing these games from his PC.

I have Launchbox and a paid subscription to BigBox. Nothing like what you are showing and no games... How do you get to access them?

There's so much extra fluff in this video. Honestly I clicked on it to click around to see what was up, and yeah the benchmarks are good to know about, and the build and software is important, but honestly is just too much man. A ten minute version of this would be golden.

Just in case anyone hasn't told you lately, thanks for the all the videos. You rock! ^_^

You are amazing. Easily one of the best videos I have seen! Wonderful way to get your viewers wonderful things. I have a powerful rig as it is, but watching this video gave me LaunchBox and inspired me to use it, all thanks to you. I love your channel, keep up the wonderful work.

thank's bro.

Why do you have a evil hate monger right wing terrorist organization for a sponsor, pragerU?

What about Intellivision, Colecovision, Odyssey²?

Hey Austin, this is guys. Wait, _this isn't Austin..._

i liked and subbed and now commenting and because i did all that is this is the best guide and your British which so am i

simply Austin can you recommend a list of MOBO, the MOBO listed in the video cost $300 plus

Meh honestly I'd say gamecube is prolly the hardest system to emulate on systems and is widely used as a benchmarker. Ps2 ps3 and psp emulators are written so well that they dont tax the system nearly as hard as dolphin does especially when pushing it 1080p or higher. Either way I guess the fx8350 is better than the i5 2500. Getting 50ish fps in zelda at 1440p

GTX 1080, 16 gigs of RAM, ryzen 5 1600 CPU. How am I looking? How hard can I push?

A htpc does this

Hey Austin! I´ve been trying to do something like this for years. My current PC is perfectly capable of running any game at 1080p in medium, high or ultra settings, as well as almost any emulator. The thing is I've been running out of disk space and I´m too lazy to get another HDD hehehe. As you say, and many others agree, the best and easier way to organize a huge collection is the LaunchBox software, maybe the premium version. I think I would follow your steps and finally, after many years, organize and clean "the house". Recently I built a Raspberry Pi micro console to emulate the oldest systems. My Idea is use this cutie for the less demanding games and the PC for PS One and newer hardware, to save some money in the eletricity bill. Anywho. Great job! Congrats.

Is the Frontend LaunchBox? @Simply Austin

Where do you get the catalogue for isos/roms? It's so annoying to have to download them one by one. Cheers.

MAN, ARE U READING MY MIND?! Im mouting this week a pc with spare parts that i have around from my old pc builds.... intell 2600k + 16gb ddr3 ram + gtx 1050 ti (this one i bought for this) + launchbox

Amazing work, greetings from Colombia

Nice Video as always from you Austin. It would be real nice if you could Talk to the Ĺaunchbox Guys to get Bigbox licence maybe with an code from you. I would take the Lifetime licence for little less than 50$ at once. Big Box is the best when it comes to Präsentation ion large TV's !!!!! Thanks for spend all your Time making good Tutorials

42:20 what’s wrong with keeping my humongous family photos library on my HDD? Any better idea where to put them lol 49:57 think it’s 3 bells not 5 for all video notifications


How'd you get the BIOS from Launchbox.

What are the dimensions and weight of the build?

This guy

Would I be safe using an AMD CPU for emulation? Might go for the Ryzen 1600

42:20 what’s wrong with keeping my humongous family photos library on my HDD? Any better idea where to put them lol 45:45 looking forward to these upcoming pc specs for emulation 49:57 think it’s 3 bells not 5 for all video notifications

Sounds fun how do I set it up??

want a challenge? try to get an acceptable framerate (minimum stable 30) on cemu with amd hardware, good luck.

So does this launchbox actually launch the game with the right emulator in full screen?

this channel is awesome!

Wait is there a Xbox one emulator?

Serious suggestion... Go buy a Dell optiplex with a i5 in it and buy a gtx 1050 ti half height card. Install. Tadaaaa

Also is this 4820k free?

Yay. As long as the motherboard comes with it, and your psu is compatible. The 6300 was a... Flop of it's time.. I own a 8320 overclocked to the brim of explosion and really holds back alot of things. At that time Intel was ahead in instructions per clock by alot. Basically 2 amd GHz WAS 1 Intel GHz. However in today's time I would say it's very much closer to 1 to 1, but Intel's clocks up to 5ghz and amd clocks to 4.5 GHz.

Sir, is NVIDIA GTX 960 4GB + i3 6100 still compatible for emulator PS 3 ?


Hello. I am Italian and I would be REALLY interested in this machine and its operation, but, unfortunately, I do not have your same skills. Could you give me some advice for a possible purchase and to enjoy this "console"? Thanks you in advance. ;)

24:56 What game is this?

Sell me one please!!!!!

Simply Austin MABUHAY!

Hi Simply Austin :) I would like more arcade system in test on your builds : taito type EX, nesicaxlive, moderne 3D arcade (ghost squad and other) etc. I build my arcade room only for those games, so if you can test some of them on your budeget build it would be appreciated becaus the choice of PC parts is a huge question for me. Thanks ! Where is the updated build (what is the new cpu ?

Now make it portable

Dope video dude. Quick question: Does that CPU fan come shipped with or without the dust?


Austin, or anyone else who can answer positively... how would this rig handle 4k bluray rip playback? No problem or?

PC Specs? I have a i7 8700k / 1080ti reference card based system with 32 gigs of ram.

Great Video There I'm Building My Own Gaming PC

Id love to see everything running at 4k 70fps thats my peak expectations lol

@ 39:57 the only requirement is 1155 socket and what type of pcie slot? I cant understand what you said before pcie slot. Also the motherboard u got is not available anywhere online. Can you please please suggest another one of the same form factor that is as good or better? Thanks!!

3DO company tried creating an ALL IN ONE console, but, some console companies refused to go along with it, cough, NINTENDO, cough.

Lots of work! Isn't it simpler to buy a LattePanda Alpha? Similar price and quite good quality...

Great video, good info but OMG do you love to talk sheeesh.

im beginning to think you choose the most rare unobtainable parts, like the damn Indiana Jones of the pc world or something, so I cant find that mobo or gpu anywhere. Great video though!! Thanks.

Im attempting something similar to this, all I want to know is how Xenia progress is coming along? Id imagine it will still need a very powerful GPU still

thats a 3k+ pc in Brazil... yey....>.>

Thanks for loving and sharing so much Austin shall Jesus guide you.

What r the specs of C.P.U ?

Excellent channel, I love this so much!

Was literally just thinking about this yesterday. The tech's out for it. Let's get it going on!

Did you do some tweaking for pcsx2? I have an i5-3470 and SOTC runs at 80%...

Me: dont. just dont. You have no money Also me: Let it consume you

super video dude

Bloody hell just get on with it! Long a intro m8 >_>


It's crazy just how good the 2500 is. I mean, the 2500 came out in 2010 and in 2018 people are still regularly making builds that use it. Absolutely insane.

You know for anything a wii and under an nvidia shield tv can take care of it for ya with extremely good results and can be had for $75-140 used. Now ps3,ps2,wii u,and partially wii/GC it simply can not do.


Did you use retroarch as the primary emulator with launchbox or something else? Thanks

Thank you - very interesting. I can see the appeal of an all-in-one front end but personally I don't feel the need to emulate everything ever in one place. I just icon click in a games shortcut folder. Aside from a few oldies batch-filed via DOSBox, I have MAME on the go. Just a dozen or so ROMs - hey back in the day there were games I liked and games I didn't, so I don't feel the need to collect the entirety of arcade history to never even look at. I've also been running null for a few years to give me a passable shot at a couple of DC titles. Most of Sega's catalogue didn't turn me on, but there were a couple of absolute classics that I love to have available. The original (and to my mind) definitive Soul Calibur and the (again imo) never bettered Rayman 2. Recently switched over to Redream and it's well worth the $5. With internal res scaling ramped up and widescreen enabled they both look drop-dead gorgeous. And of course, they run like shit off a hot buttered shovel. They seem to have implemented VMU saving now too. As to a wishlist… Well, it always irked me that id never released the WAD for the console-only intro North Africa mission in Return to Wolf, but I can't be bothered to set up a PS2 emu just to replay that. The Holy Grail for me is the original XBox Ninja Gaiden. Maybe we'll get there one day. Maybe not - by that stage the petty platform-exclusive wars were starting to end and most of the content was multi, so perhaps there's not much incentive to pursue emulation of that particular system. Shame though - it was a hell of a game. Oh, and is it just me or is it weird that the glaring gap in emulation is the Xbox? I know the hardware was bespoked but it was about 20 years ago. Redmond sitting on old copyrights I suspect...

Hey man, hello from the USA! great vid!! You mentioned about other builds you were working on. I'm mainly interested in one system to play all the emulators (mostly retro - nes/snes/dos/ps2/ps3, some pc gaming from recently but haven't got into that much yet) - but I like the idea of one rig that does everthing, and all controllable from the couch. thx for the vid man, great stuff!

Simply Austin have you upgraded the cpu on yhis system yet? And can I ask will the hd 7870 be an ok alternative to the 1050? Thanks.

You practically built my current PC. Been running it for years now. That core i5 2500 was very popular, for good reason.

Maybe using a E3-1270 will help getting more fps on BoTW, they are for about $70 on aliexpress

This thing runs every game in existence. I can’t even run a mile.

u think its worth changing to this from hyperspin

When will you be doing the next video for this please? I want to do a build after Christmas but I’d like it slightly more powerful. Where you from too? You sound a bit like Gary Barlow

Its called PC!

Any chance of showing step by step install of all parts

run a 2011 homebuilt sandy 7 no emulators that actually work so far...i will not use cortana.....

So even though this isnt new and could probably do another system which is faster for maybe the same price, as a stater i thought i would give this one a go. Struggled to got the same motherboard but managed to get another micro itx one, graphics card sorted, case sorted,cpu sorted, i went with a SSD for boot up and just currently looking for an HD and memory (easy to find just looking for the best deal), power supply sorted. Wont come in at the same price as this will defo be over but it wont break the bank. Once i get this up and running and happy with everything, if something doesnt run well i might have another go. Looking forward to trying out some of these emulators as they look great. Android does a good job but no where near what the pc looks like it can do.

Would you make one of these for someone? And sell it to them? I myself have absolutely no experience with this sorta thing but am completely interested...

Better buy AMD RX470 - now prices down and it cost almost like 1050Ti, but have FreeSync, freat DX12 & Vulcan support (it very usefull in some pc games and emulators) And fast RAM in dualchannel is really helpful in cpu heavy tasks

NEWS ABOUT EMUPARADISE ( for those who aren't aware) The games on the site are still available. The database of files haven't been taken down, but merely has had code set in place to make it appear unavailable. Installing a chrome extension such as 'Tamper Monkey' that includes a 'download workaround' feature will add an extra option in the Direct Download section of the ROM's page called 'Download using the workaround script'. Clicking on this, will instantaneously download the games Zip file onto your pc. Happy emulating :) (side note: as for nintendo games, simply searching and then 'emuparadise' into google, will find the page that was taken down from the games site.

video starts at 03:30 after an unnecessarily long intro

How did he get the CPU and the GPU for such a low price, on amazon they both cost over $100.

I buy it ftom you for 350 euros man send it

I built a i5 2500 with 8gb ram and a 120gb hdd and a 1030 gt epsxe not working tried all versions. Does anyone else have a solution?

35:50 Multimple cores lol

That's an awesome video no doubt, but I think you should have also included the current setup of Launchbox and Bigbox to achieve all this, I know you have a video about this, but it's 2 years old and Launchbox has come a long way since then from what I hear. SO, any chance for that? :D

I use Vulcan on my emulator too.

If I put an i3 8100 and gtx 970 will that work better???? I know I am a bit late

Austin, Do you know when you will make a video showing the update for this build? Also, on the updated build can you include information regarding: Whether you can stream YouTube videos at 4K 60fps and/or HDR without any stuttering. Whether you can stream 4K videos and HDR or whatever the best is the services offer on Netflix, Amazon, etc. How big of a 4K monitor/TV with/without HDR you can connect this PC to without causing stuttering. Thanks, Mike

What game is playing at 37 minutes?


what operating system are you using?

For the next builds I'm mostly willing to check out how the latest emulators perform really, wii-u, switch, ps3 and xb360. What is your opinion on getting japanese-only game releases off of the internet even if you do not own the (because, you know, it's japanese) and applying translation patches to these games in order to experience something that just never came and will never come into the western. (for example, Seiken Densetsu 3)

I live in a country that it's money is very weak compared to Uk or Us and I really love emulating games on my laptop but it's very VERY weak so please could you ship me on of your PCs to me for free Mr Austin?my email:

For about the same price you can get a dell optiplex 3010 with a 3rd gen i5 or i7 8gb ram 1 or 2tb hhd and a 1050 gpu

lol video is misleading regarding wii u. emulation for it is rough and isn't even compatible with intel

Doesn't the one x play Witcher 3 at 4k 30fps? I wonder what it would do at 1080p?

Does this really work?

got everything ready but for the roms I'm gonna need 10+tb hd space... thats just for a few roms of each system... anyone running more than that for roms?

Back in my day this would be called the Magic Box!

Would you be willing to build a unit for me? Please let me know if you are interested

Huh interesting it was all identical to my pc build as I use it mostly for emulators. Yet the PS2 emulator runs like poop on my system... Odd. Does this gui help with performance? I haven't tried the ps3 Wii u or others yet as if I'm honest as I didn't know they were functional yet. I use a 1050 ti however. A H77-D3H motherboard and an i5 3570.

Mostly God of war seems to hate my pc some games run fine with the PS2 emulator on further reflection.

Hey Simply Austin, I'd love to see you running Dreamcast. I've always had trouble with that one. Specifically Skies of Arcadia.

So, my desktop PC has almost the same specs. Except for the GPU. I have a GTX 580. I can barely emulate PS2. Looks like I need to upgrade that old GPU.

Is it 1080p?

You've gained a subscriber. That was excellent, please more build like this (or even a bit more pricey for a better emulation).

You just earned a new subscriber 1 minute into this video. I watched the rest of the video by the way :-) I just made my first retro pie and this video made me want to make the next step. Bravo.

Mega man x command mission

Ff7 and c&c red alert

Im new to this i want to get into steam how does this work when u get everything and ur done builting how do u get all the different game console on there do u have to go download the software

1:43 I built mine more powerful than a ps4 pro for less than the price of a regular ps4. I'm just saying spending thousands is absolutely ridiculous

$20 for a paid version Launch Box is not bad at all!

Only thing holding my main streaming computer back is my cpu. I7 4790k pretty old. Want to upgrade to an I7 8700k or 9700..

Please do one for budget system for 4k video editing

When will we know the new build? PS. I haven't tried lunchbox but was curious, do you think you'll be making a system capable to smoothly run the new console games? Like PS4/Switch

Maybe Soulja Boy should drop ship this one too

That add for being an Instagram boyfriend is so real lol it’s always about some picture or moment instead of enjoying it. Lol sad

I downloaded launchbox and it didn't work at all.

you are repeating yourself way too much. the video could have been a lot shorter if you were more on point.

name of the website please i did not hear it properly

This is the Mack of Daddy Mack's

well actually this is the ultimate gamer pc and specially for 300$ its kinda mind-blowing how cheap they're getting a 500$ gaming box at walmart sounds like a realistic dream soon 2019 and people can play kingdom hearts 3 on this shit with maybe slight upgrades nice find

If I ever win the lottery, I want to build a retro gaming cyber cafe. Giving people a chance to play games that we liked as when we were young and giving a chance kids, teens and young adults to play games that they might not of had the chance of playing before. Retro games arn't old games they are part of video gaming history they've inspired games of today, they will inspire games of the future. and they need to be preserved and experienced.

Just thinking, would it not have been cheaper to go for the 750ti which is not that far a 1050ti from what I understand?

So glad i won a lifetime sub to launchbox :)

does it play PUBG and fortnite?

Why did you say you were benchmarking DSr if you never actually showed DS1 running on PS3? Besides it being stupid to compare an "upgraded" version of DS1 (they basically installed a comunity-made mod that unlocks framerate and then botched the mechanics and never fixed the actual problems) with the base version of DS1. Seriously, im 99% sure you pirated at least one of those games you showed here, you could have also pirated the ACTUAL base version of DS1 for PC and tested it, it would have ran at 30fps (i dont think you would ever abandon the undead asylum from what i saw either since you need to get out of there to go into the most taxing area of the game: Blightown so you wouldnt have actually benchmarked it the way it should either) and would have actually been COMPARABLE. All in all, yeah, your system is similar to mine but with my i5 2400 + gt660ti i was able to actually run BotW slightly better than you. Also, if you wanna benchmark botw like you should, go to the bird town, thats by far the most taxing place

So you made a pc with emulators installed, great.. whats your next great invention , fire?

Why is that one Sigma scene from MvCI playing in the OS background? save time and money these are awsome

Lol, if you still think consoles are better...

so you can loggin to the ps4 network with this and play gta online or red death redemption

I can't thank you enough for what you're doing! Please keep pushing forward!

and sued by Nintendo at the end... Great.

So glad I already have a PC that can do everything already... because if i didnt id be building that. Games hes saying arent playable.. play fine on mine.. But its going to cost money... GTX1080ti, 32GB DDR4, 6700k (RX580 2nd screen)

Hello where can I get a system to play all of this? is there an emulator for Nintendo Switch? Send me a private reply to get in touch with you, I would love to get one of this system....

How would the games in this video run with a: Ryzen 5 1400 Gtx 1050ti 8gb ddr4 RAM 120gb ssd 1tb hdd

You used a GTK 1050 for its power consumption… If you;re not trying to build a Mini-ITX or similar sized box, I'd suggest an RX 570 instead. Now that graphics cards have ceased to be scarce due to miners (insert rant), those RX 570s will outperform a 1050, and they'll cost less too. They want more power though.

What are the specs of the pc that is being used?

no parts list no build

how much money dos the game cost

this aint nothing new or revolutionary. multi emulator software and frontends have been around for ages. you are also overhyping compatibility. especially previous and current gen console emulation is always lacking, or will need insane computer specs to achieve.then you even have old system that are not (ngage) or emulated very poorly(original xbox).there are a lot of possibilities but there will never be a full all in one solution.

Ultimate gaming system a.k.a pc

Ok, now I can dead and rest in peace... aggggg.

will not pay for games if i have to pay for games i will run cpu with out the heat sik

damn that build is good. makes me wonder why i even bother upgrade to current gen.

6:51 hood flies off reminded me of hurt from hoonigans lol

I bought an off brand SSD, (brand new) with a 30 day warranty. Guess how long it lasted... 33 days...

I've also bought used drives and only had 3 HDDs fail in 20 years and 2 SSDs fail.

Looks like it needs a 3DO emulator called 4DO. Star Control II, The Horde, R&T's Need for Speed, SSFX and a bunch of other titles are so worth playing.

That is an amazing idea, seriously condisering doing the same thing. Kinda like a Raspberry Pi on steriods, lol.

Would have been much better without all your waffle. That intro and 10 minutes after is painful. Also, play every game ever in one sentence you say, then the next nearly all the games..

where are the xbox 360's like Fable 1,2,3

fucking troll

all this teasing makes me not want to play anymore

Old video but, what about older win 95,98,xp games. Windows 10 seems to dislike these, well mine doesnt anyway

The first 3 1/2 minutes of this video was so well written. Feels good to be in the future.

Raspberry pi

raspberry pi 333333 :D

I'm building a new PC this year so my Alienware Alpha will take the place of my Raspberry Pi. PC with Launchbox is definitely the way to go for this.

Extra points for the Robocop music in he background.

Hypothetically if you were not in a budget or with a budget of $10,000 dollars could you build one that can play absolutely any game from any console past and present(including ps4/xboxone/switch)? and would multiplayer work?

Absolutely all consoles? 3DS/PS4/Switch/Xbox0ne/Xbox360?

Game running at 32:21?

Just buy an nvidia sheild it can play everything even wii games and xbox

Spero che i seguenti giochi nel Kindle, iPhone in hd Rayman trilogia Rayman mach Rayman English Donkey Kong tropical Donkey Kong country Simba Madagascar Bolt Spirit Tom e jerry Crash bandicoot Super Mario 64 Nintendo e no ds per tutti i giochi della Disney è il mio desiderio Con la stessa grafica del link su YouTube unreal engine 4 4.20.1 super mario 64 opening demo + download link

As always, a veryy good guide !! Nice job Austin ! Personally for the system, i choose to buy 2 old Alienware X51 R2 found at 250 euros each on ebay. Both include an i7 4790 and a GTX 960 with 16 gig of ram and the case looks like a console so it's juste perfect (if my memory are correct this Alienware computer was sold as a Steam OS Machine)


Am I looking in the wrong places bc that cpu is $130...

If I can play hell let lose I'm doing this immediately

Are you related to Thoughty2 in any way??

Hello! Have you done another build and posted it? Im looking for exactly this. Specifically something that will run PS2 and older. However I have not considered newer. This video has changed my mind. I unfortunately know nothing about PCs, so Im relying heavily on youtube, and this video has easily been the most interesting and educational. I was considering a Nvidia Shield TV for a nice little emu station, however it will not handle PS2. So Ive decided to do a PC build. I look forward to what your next build and what can be learned from it!

Buuut can it emulate the soulja consoles ? Those are the real shit xD

Your intro is cancer

Would this be possible on a laptop and if so, any recommendations?

On that note, a question for the windows tab on launch box. Does it boot windows or just launch specific programs under the windows label? Can the same be done for steam OS if it's the former?

Not an emulator, but can the system run Android-based (Ouya, nVidia Shield, etc.) games? Same for ios. Would be pretty cool to have mobile gaming on the system as well (unpopular opinion, but one I'm sticking with).

+Ice Ice KODI Androids are not very good for emulation and taking. They are very weak machines. Go PC for gaming. There aren't any positives for gaming on an Android vs PC.

Somebody please explain the knights who say Neet part and how it pertains to cheap parts?

Your computer

What frontend will be best/recommended in 2019, what pc you would recommend if the $ doesn't matter? Most of the roms stored in Qnap network hdd, . ( for future xbox360 emulator ?. WiiU, Wii , Dreamcast, PSX, PS2, All Classics ). So basically looking for "The ULTIMATE ̶B̶u̶d̶g̶e̶t̶ Gaming System 2019".

+janX9 thanks for the recommendation. Any thoughts concerning a small form system. Is there a mini PC thats cheapish and powerful enough?

PS2 and older eh? A $300 Walmart's computer would to the job. You can pretty much buy anything. I run PS2 games on a computer I built almost 10 years ago. I googled the computer specifications required to play the more taxing emulators of the time period. PS2, Dreamcast, GameCube, Wii and it doesn't take much to run them. See her for the PC Specs for the PS2 Emulator. Scroll to the bottom. Recommended system requirements. Most anything you buy new in a store even a crappy Walmart "gaming PC" would play what you need. My advice though. Get something with Windows 7 x64. Not the newer windows. Many emulators don't mention Windows 8 or 10 in the specs. IDK how they run on newer windows? Controller: Logitech F710 Wireless Gamepad. Speakers: Logitech z506 is decent. Depends if you like 2 channel or surround sound. $20-40 for 2 speakers is what is spend. For surround sound, I wouldn't pay more than $100-130. Logitech had plenty of well priced 5.1 channel speakers. Don't eat your cash in those $500 things unless you're an audiophile. Keyboard: whatever comes with the computer, or if your like me, I like wireless. Logitech is good. About $50 +/- for a keyboard mouse combo. Monitor: whatever. Hook it up to your home TV most computers can hook up to a TV the days.

Google a computer store in your town. Take them the list of parts and ask them to build it for you. Don't forget a keyboard, mouse, monitor and speakers, as this was all left off the list in the video.

+janX9 simplicity - you load 64gb rom onto a card a have all the classics you ever want in one place

Raspberry Pi and Android suck for gaming. I don't know why people waste their money on them.

Why? Pi can't game new system emulators only old slow ones. Pi sucks for gaming. So does Android. PC's are the way to game.

awesome video thank you

It's called a PC with emulators. (Nevermind, just learned you were making a console and not a PC. Though they are arguably the same thing, a processing unit.)

My god man... Get on with it

Amazing video. Subscribed :)

The Netflix of gaming!!! I'll buy that for a dollar.

Why not 2500k? Still PC games are starting to use more than 4 threads.

Watch at 1.25x speed. ...You're welcome. Thanks for the awesome video! You're a hero!

Sounds a little bit illegal...

This guys videos put me to sleep! He should sell them as a sleep aid video!!

Hello thank you for another great video oh, I am having trouble with happy chick emulator and trying to download Nintendo games such as punch out or Paperboy, when I go on to the Happy chick emulator or classic toy I am having trouble getting to the ROM page m., classicboy seems to work it just does not give me the option for Nintendo. And happy chick says no connection I am using ethernet is that possibly why? If you have any suggestions please let me know I really appreciate your time and effort making these videos thanks again

Can you try figure out a way to play Fortnite on a very low end pc? I don’t even have 4G of ram so you know I’m not in the best position

I really want to set this up but I only need Saturn ps1 and down on systems. So would I download my emulator doesn’t need a freakin awesome name and launch box to do this also I’d like to help patron some of the better emulator guys working to improve my quality of life So to speak where would I look to help out and other then mednafan and launch what else do I need and I’ll be attempting to run these on a dell inspirion 2-1

How do you feel about RX580 instead? I don’t get good performance in CEMU but not sure about other emulator

You have become gamer God.

Isn't Fortnite free?

i want to emulate lightgun games (especially sega cd games) and play them accurate with a gun controller .... any idea if/how this is possible? hacking ps2, wii, or any device?

Is it a pc with these emulators? If so please send me the link to buy it

Hello! Can anyone tell me what is the game at 1:01? thank you

Where can you buy this

Is this build good for steam as well? I rather wait for your next rig since you said it will be more powerfull. Great videos!

Excetra, excetra. Excetra excetra. *Cringe*

You sound almost exactly like a slightly younger version of the guy from MyStonerMind channel.

Except when you say "excetra" instead of "etcetera", or "free" instead of "three".

Almost any game from any time period, eh? I'll grant that this is probably the most comprehensive setup currently available, but it's missing literally thousands of games from the ps3, ps4, 360, xbone, wii u, 3ds, and switch. And that's not including the fact that very few emulators have reached 100% compatibility (are there any yet?), and that almost every romset is missing some games. What about linux and OS X exclusives (disregarding getting really weird with things like every minesweeper/solitaire clone for obscure linux distros)? No love for iOS? How about android games that won't run if they detect that their running in an emulator or rely on sensors your PC doesn't have (Pokemon Go)? Advertising this as being compatible with the most games from the most systems that is currently possible is one thing. Using words and phrases like 'ultimate budget gaming system', 'almost any game invented', etc, is just misleading clickbait.

Did you use amazon or ebay for the used parts? i primarily use amazon cuz its good

Show marvel's Spiderman for ps4

Are you selling these now

what program is that in the top left corner thats showing you all your stats? thx!

Now I just need to figure out how to put the system together. I have a willing budget of 650 but have no clue on buying parts, as this will be my first from-scratch computer. Please help me choose the right parts.

Hey Austin, nevermind about my android question. It is apparently possible.

Thanks. You're the best.

maybe but what would you do for memory and space?

No mercy for so-called "speech impediments". That's an excuse for the lazy tongue, no offense. Annunciation and diction is are key components of linguistics. I've taught myself how to pronounce things properly, and so can anyone else. Anyone who says it doesn't matter doesn't understand the importance of language preservation.

nvm bettar cpu :)

wut 1 piece of hard ware wud u need 2 upgrade 2 get botw closer 2 30fps

Very impressive,I'm all for stream lining, so I'm all in.

And you can stream it to your TV.

Can you play Bloodborne?

TLDR, he built a gaming PC and used emulators as well as front end software to make it like a console.

the pc master race

Is there any place a family man that works 40+ hours a week and does not have time to build this could buy something simmilar? Just to save the time that I wouldn't have anyways. If anyone knows sum thad be radical

What was that Pokemon game I need it

It's wild that 3DS looks like GameCube graphics

Great video. What's the game at 22:38 and 24:55

Which hardware would be required to even get Zelda running smooth? Anyone?

Pssshh you ain’t Ben Heck

Does a gaz77pd3 work

Where’s the build video bro?!?

Video starts at 3:18

amazon links please? i really want to build this

This is exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

What is this the Soulja Boy console

but will it run crisis

Most Budget is don’t play don’t buy.

please dont say it is a Souljaboy console with 4K HD streaming capabilities

My core i3 has more power then the core i5 wtf

Wait Also splatoon? Pls?

That intro was almost as drawn out as the beginning of kingdomhearts 2

Cex is a thing in Australia as well

Can you do a step by step set up on this pc

you could have used faster ram. i5-2500 is officially validated with 1333 ram, but you can use faster memory and increase the memory multiplier.

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