The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

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Wow. Oh. Hi. There you smell that, smells. Like my hometown. We, put the ass in Texas. Goddamn. Annette. Welcome. To Austin Texas the, best city in the United States today the trying guys are the Travel Guide we're gonna be experiencing, culture, food, recreation. And nightlife. So because Austin is Eugene's hometown, Eugene, created, the itineraries, that me and Eugene is gonna succeed over, us even, more in this episode, but I'm gonna do my best okay that's my life we're. Going to get makeovers. We're gonna try some breakfast tacos we're actually gonna have a live podcast here, at South by Southwest see, all the sights we're gonna visit dirty six the iconic going out spot in town we're gonna try some barbecue and we're gonna show you exactly how Austin. Is weird every, beautiful magical, cool way pop. Can. You believe it I had four, cups of coffee because. It is early. We, are here on Lady, Bird Lake Austin, is known to be a very fit and active City so of course I made everyone get up super early this morning so we can go kayak, on the Colorado River everyone's. Really excited about this I. Like. Kayaking I don't like waking up kayaking. My, mom's favorite activity. I. Didn't. Take my Dramamine. Not. I mean. People. Have a certain stereotype about the American South and Austin, defies every, single one of them. Look. I grew up in New York I don't have a, wonderful. Impression. Of Texas. There's. All these vessels here all the time but I'm excited to just get to know the people find out why they like it I'm very excited to be here during the week of South by Southwest this, is their first ever, live, podcast recording, ladies. And gentlemen. But. I'm also trying to figure out what. Makes Austin, weird we're gonna do a race we're gonna go from here all the way back that. Liberal. Mecca food, trucks tex-mex. I can't wait to get weird inside of Austin, also. My dad's here all right. We. Are going, home. Thank. You. We've. Been around since 1965. We're still family owned and operated to, this day you're basically gonna help us today with a Western, makeover, what do you think is the most important, item I think we get you into a sweet pair of cowboy boots today, we gotta find the boot that fits you, it's like finding a wand yes. In Harry Potter the wand has to choose you yeah sure sure let's start over there boot, scootin, boogie Keith, your puns are out of control and well I'm familiar with all of the songs I heard going up. We. Have over. 8,000. Pairs of boots in this location, they do anything, from what I would consider a basic, western. Boot and around forever but, they get into some crazy things, too like horse power. Ostrich. Print van with a green. Top to it I probably. Falsely. Assumed that cowboy, boots would be very conservative. You're not alone I mean, you know girls in my high school will go to prom boots oh sure yeah so there are always tons of fashion by the way Ned this. Too, down there is all your size really. Like. You would kill me if I brought this home, so. It looks like I'm about to die. This. Is ridiculous, looking so.

The Best way to start, delineating. Is picking, out a toast style you like this is gonna be your typical Western. Tobu. This is a seven, toads with John Wayne using. A lot of their moons, absolutely. It's a little bit more punchy. As we would say in Texas I want to see what boot can you hike those up sure absolutely, this is a real summer Sadie's they're made handmade in Mercedes Texas. Taming, crocodile, vamp that's like a little surprising too though yeah exactly. But what did you always wear the boot cut down over cause it's like you're hiding the beauty. Sure, sure, I get, that you know everyone, so I'll get wild and throw a dress on and hit the tab the. Main part of the boot that's gonna show though is this bottom this is gonna kind of be a little hidden treat for just right, for you exactly. After hours it's a treat for you, does, he need different genes this won't fit over a bit right so we will have to get you into some different genes if we want them to fit over too. Skinny for a boy to skin for a cowboy, I think I'm interested in a classic. Cowboy Stetson. Wool felt cool, style some that range you have children's, hats we have children's, heads but I think we're gonna get you set up with a real deal adult. Head okay, run the gamut of head sizes in art and our crews we're looking at about, 24. Inches, how, we're finally gonna know definitively, how different. Their heads are without, 21, and a half three, and a half inches, bigger so to give you all an idea about how different your, head sizes are those, are kind of the opposite, ends of the spectrum when. It comes to the sizes, that we have available, you. Know I think I'm digging this like dark chocolate we can actually change, the shape and. Then what do you call this style. Yeah. This fits perfect, actually, so this is like a style that I'm I'm into, this one's a little big do you have any idea, who made that hat style popular, that Zac, Kornfeld little, guy by the name of lyndon, b johnson. Ladybird. Remember. He'd deal he took over after Kennedy was assassinated there, we'll talk about a later I need something near my crotch so that people know that I'm serious. You. Know so buckles, really, what they are is they're showing, off winners, guys win their. Belt, buckles, so, they were made for you maybe one with like a pig on it or something with an animal or a chicken, no no chicken, but we do have on bulls and horses, horses. Horses I. Thought you didn't like horses I don't like, when. Girls love, horses. Because. A girl who loves a horse will never love anyone more than that and, I can't have that I need to be number one but I appreciate. The majesty, of a horse that's the very sexual, being I want to put the horse near, my. Absolutely. This has to be the most impressive, belt, buckle it, turns to most, eyes. We. Got bull rider we got the Rubies in here, they're gonna see you coming from a mile cowboy, it's makes, you seem taller you said it's that people earn their belt buckles I'm not a bull rider but, I am Keith I think. This is the right call this, looks good yeah. I love this. Alright. Boys you ready to go. To the next step let's hit the town first we got to pay for this. Hello. Welcome to the tamale, house in East, Austin Texas. The tamale house has been around since 1958. So, we've been dishing out some good. Home-cooked, Mexican. Food for many many years my, name is Dianna Valera and I'm. The mom of this operation. You're our mom of. Course once, you walk into that door this is your home and I. Adopt, you I'm sure the other boys here are very curious about what. Is it with Austin, and breakfast tacos. Who. Invented the breakfast taco I will, ITA's invented, the breakfast taco it was a food that you know grandma's and moms made the theater kids and now some, of it was by necessity it's like what do you have in the fridge what can you feed your kids my grandfather, I had one of the first tortilla, factories, and so as a child, we would grab a tortilla and, my mother would make the potato nag or whatever there was and it's just a meal, of love because you can grab anything that you like whether, it's cold or hot they're good you use a tortilla, and you can put anything inside, of it take one your class. Blog. Is we're eating different, kinds of tacos, yeah. That's but I mean you pretty much handle it. My name is Jax I'm six years old and, what's. Your name my. Name is Eugene but you already know me okay. We just needed if we used to say this Eugene, and Jax met on the airplane, on the way here so I just met my new best friend, introduce, yourself. This. Is the first child that Eugene is ever taking a liking to we don't know what's happening, but. We're just gonna we're just gonna rot let it ride because something weirds going on and I love it.

But. Eugene, likes kids yeah I'm, supposed to tell anybody as, a secret, character. Growth well we're introducing, otaku style so that's my out of meat. Yes. You get first bite. You. Know give, us through in Texas you eat, them with your hands, it's like wrong. Sauce inside, of like, chicken. And button. Yeah it's come on corn sauce inside of chicken environment, that's what I was gonna say huh these don't taste like eggy like you'd expect them to taste like super an eggy but the flavors are really balanced, what's next. I. Mean. You. Nailed it and the flour tortilla is just so soft and pillowy Wow. That adds so, much flavor when, I grew up I'd have maybe, breakfast tacos twice a week these feel like something, you crush like for us yeah it, was just perfect bacon mmm. Next cocoa please. Wow. What. A fast reviewer, you are. You. Guys taste a little lime on the guacamole you, know if you over squeeze the lime can you get the bitters it's bad to over squeeze you're lying that's crazy, when you're wearing a bolo tie you. Know what you're talking about I do believe him with that yeah as, a native east Austinite, what are some things that make often so special growing up Austin, was not a big city it has really changed it's always been a community, that slice to be close having, local, residents. Here is wonderful, but I think it's also been wonderful, for people to come from the outside because. It is so diverse we're, trying to deal with traffic and house in but I think in the end people, try to keep a positive outlook, how do you like growing up in Austin, area awesome, it has special. Places because, summer of the die rolls were made there Oh. Cuz. We're the capital, because. We're the capital Texans the wallets the, laws the. United, rules wow, I actually like that term enough no it's you know far better what's, next. Wow. It's, beautiful it's, the mole a. Chicken. And, tomatillo. Another. Rave review, the second, it touches your, table okay, we're here to stay we, need to make it good for everyone, and if we do that the end product is so much better than, trying to work at odds Wow, oh my gosh, everything, here is delicious this is the best one so far this.

Is A tamale house though - I think tex-mex cuisine, is a perfect example of just American. And Mexican blending, together perfect, Oh God. You. Have to get this if you come, it. Doesn't have to be Texan, it doesn't have to be Mexican it they can just be dude, like, the food itself it's many ingredients commingling. Together, mom. That's, romantic. Can. I just say. Incredible. How'd you like all the food just. Because I have a good taste buds, wait, the question was how did you like the food and he answered the reason how he likes food is because of his taste buds because he's really smart that's a very amazingly. Literal, answer that I adore. We're, ready for our first ever live podcast, is. South by Southwest what, a place to like test I've done hundreds. Of live shows before but, every time just, before I get on stage I just get a little nervous like you say again I've done hundreds of live show I've got hundreds, of live shows, I give up the role of Ned the Thai guys I said what sort of person is, this oh. My. God are, you guys ready to try guys. The tripod, I'm trying to think of my biggest. Fail so I took an independent, study doing, puppetry, super, big into public why are you guys laughing at that my. Friend brought me this, beautiful wizard. Puppet and he said I would just love for you to do something really, magical. With this puppet at the puppet have a name yes. The. Puppets name became, the, vomiting dick sucking wizard, puppet and. Every. Show I he came out and he would interview, someone and all, he would do is ask an innocuous, question, and then if you answer here's the questions like hey miles what's, your favorite color I don't know red red, well why don't you go suck Reds dick. That's. All the bit was before, we to go you want to thank you because this is the first time we've gotten to try this. We. Are on our way to the fader party, every. Year the fader port is like the hottest place at South by Southwest it's, a long walk away so instead of walking we're, taking. Pedicabs. Wine. And I do believe this is a bicycle, built for two. Penny. Gaps are huge and Austin, you've noticed how many places that are cool bars that you could walk to but, why why why walk would you and. I love being petty. Yeah, appeal. We're. One gust of wind away from losing my new favorite hat forever. Oh that. Was amazing. The. One thing I know about Austin, is that it's one of the live music capital of the country, it seems like everything, is South by Southwest right now it just totally takes. Over the city we are here at the fader fort and guess whose party, at South by Southwest car. To be played here Drake played here and. Nobody's. Playing tonight. I think there's a message here you know yeah, everyone has that white whale in their life the thing that you're trying to chase down and then you get here and you realize it. Was inside you all along yeah. The. Stage was inside me all along. Wow. Rock, and roll guys. Hey hey, hey, hello, guys how are you. Welcome. To Austin Texas this is Coco sin telephone team from robot Ray's dance hey, y'all, tell us about your look Cynthia well this is like cowgirl. Housewife of Austin Texas, looking, for trouble you're welcome, I think. We just found it, I don't we look we got some calves endures a like. A boot over here ahead over here mess. Well. Guys you try, it's. Gonna be fine. When. Did you move first Austin when I get, the opportunity before, the first time to visit Austin, Texas I see the diversity diversity, in, cult or diversity. Even in any city we have a lot of like a big Hispanic, community here so I was like fascinated, for them like you know what I'm crazy, keep Austin, weird I mean drag this is for me seize them like you were like nine years and I love it so far I just wonder like at what point in Austin's. History, did it start to get this weird. Like. Culture. Yeah, we're trying to keep us and weird when did awesome get, so weird starting, in 1950, nineteen sixties, when, it, was a lot of musicians. And, to help them wade in there the culture from New Orleans, Oklahoma.

Coming Here, because. They, he. Was the capital music on capitol musicians, too as well well think about like the 60s in the flower power movement, Woodstock. Is a huge part of that as I depart being related to young, liberal boomer, thinking and I think the South needed somewhere like that in Austin just happened to be the place all conservative, states typically, have liberal. Capitals just because the capital is a place where everyone lives on top of each other when you live on top of each other you understand, one another and you become more open to other people's ideas we're. Learning a lot in front of the castle alright enough smart, talk let's take some slutty phone. If. Anyone this is awesome where can they see you my home bar is always Harry's, near downtown healthy tips and you can find me on social media Cynthia, Lee Fontaine Facebook. Twitter, Instagram. Snapchat. And sexual applications from your phone too as well. Okay. My. Name is Ren Garcia we're at Nicol a craft meet I am the pit master here tell me what you're doing right now with this brisket, it's prime Angus brisket, Wow heavy, is this this, is easy why about 10, pounds, right now and it's probably gonna render a 6 pounds, by the time it's done Wow, brisket typical, Texas barbecue it is the classic Texas, item, why is it so iconic just because it takes so long and it's just the hardest thing to actually, do properly, and not, get out of the park so you must be pretty amazing I I, guess, I am. This. Looks like a paradise. Of meats, it has a meat paradise. Brisket. Barbacoa, chicken, pork shoulder, pork spareribs, House. Sausage, and, then the last meat that we have is a pulled, lamb so, that's lamb leg. All right mutton better. What's. The deal with this bread cuz like white bread is just like, this is so exciting, why why this you, can just stack all your meats on top of it so that you have a nice little juicy, soggy piece, of bread at the end it's a delicious napkin, you could eat. All. Right I'll then so what is Texas, barbecue style, slow. Smoked so it's complete, tender so you go slow and low. We. Don't put sauce on it. Everything's salt and pepper so we just buy the bit quality meat that we can and then let, that kind of speaks for itself just look at this how. Easy it just comes right apart oh my, god. Wow, they are right that you don't need the sauce I'm, enjoying the sauce which, is delicious but there's so much flavor here all on its own you really strong flavor I love a good rub, the. Chicken because. It's a little tender of a meat in general the smoke gets so far into it there's so much flavor, barbacoa, yeah Robert oh for sure oh it, goes in almost like you're going through butter, brisket, and now all this pastrami flavor there's a huge overlap between, my. People and your people Texans Texas, and Jews we got a lot of surprised. To see this. Just fall off the bone, oh yeah there's, a lot of things to be said about the, merits of not eating beef right right I always, wondered personally why did I never think thief could ever be out of my life and I returned to this text, and brisket yeah so I am cutting out beef from my diet but, eating. This I'm like oh if, I had this accessible, to me that decision would be way harder and. You make your own sides here as well all our own said we make all our own bread we make our own pickle your classic, Texas sides are going to be potato, salad and coleslaw and. Beans these, means. That. Gave me chili, it's chili oh my god basically, joy but here, we're kind of known for having a different, variety of sides our number one top seller is our hub in a cheese grits and our lemon poppy seed coleslaw, which is the vegan you. Can tell you're in Austin when you're at a barbecue place that has vegan options that's, pretty amazing yeah, and, we do we do seitan for the vegan hail Satan. We, changed, and we're gonna have a good time tonight and, check out the most psychotic bars, dirty. 6 Street 36th, Street kinda. Reminds me of New Orleans. So we're gonna go get fucked up. There's. A reason why Austin is one of the most blue two cities in the United States this. Is so, fucking cool. This. Is awesome.

Well. Mentally. With, Dragons. Friends. Yeah. I. Love the horse. Toy stores on twice or who, cares about our boys. High. In the Rick Moranis of my generation here. With Audrey too. The. Aeronaut it makes you a better person. We party, too, hard, way. Too hard, I can, get the Robin thing I think I get. Austin. There's. So many bars we just went to like by visa, yeah I think Austin bars in general are just better, than other bars they're. Like universally. You, see. They. Say keep Austin, weird but, by the end of this trip I got, a little weird. Austin. Was great if, I'm being honest I always kind of thought the cowboy look was like little. Goofy I look, amazing in, it keep, Austin weird which means they just really embrace all the things that make that city different what do you think is the best, thing about Austin, why is it such a great city besides, the, job opportunities, or, how, gorgeous is the city people made us seem different and beautiful and friendly and. I like you're. Such a wise Queen I try, not to be I. Think. Everyone should visit Austin it's a great city but I think more importantly everyone should just try to travel it's so hard to encapsulate, any place, in just this short amount, but I think we scratched the surface in a way that really pays homage to how weird and diverse. And funky, my city is so uh I, guess this means Eugene's. Got the coolest hometown, huh. Better. Than Karadzic hey. Fellow Texans, I hope you loved our hometown exploration, of Austin, you know you're the best I know you're the best that means you got to come see our nationwide. Tour we have four Texas, cities Dallas, Austin Houston, and San Antonio get, your tickets now at try guys calm slash tour and show them why Texas, is bigger, and better than the rest. Don't. Show airs. That. Was perfect. Yeah, you're do better than my friends.

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this is a weird video to watch half asleep

Oh no I’m so worried for when Ned brings the Try Guys to Jacksonville



I LITERALLY live like 2 hours away from austin

oh cool! loved this video considering i can relate because i live in dallas! much love!

I’m from Fort Worth. Austin sucks. The people are so rude.

they need to come to Houston for Rodeo season

As someone who lives close to Carthage, Keith is right

I went to Austin a month ago, did none of these things and still managed to have an amazing time. Honestly, if you have the money/time, Austin is an amazing place to visit.

For some reason when Texas is mentioned somewhere I get excited lol, love from SAN ANTONIO ❤️❤️

bad boy

The only thing you didn't add and should have is bucees!

as a texan -- i loved this video but being a mexican i was lowkey upset because they acted like austin INVENTED breakfast tacos bc i'm pretty sure that credit goes to taco palenque (sarcasm) anyway, love that the greatest state got even more exposure (we stan) (from laredo, tx)

I lived in Austin for a short year and a half and this makes me miss it sooo much! It's an amazing place to live. I was only 10 minutes from 6th St.

I love how Queer Eye was on in the bar while they were lighting stuff on fire!

I love everything about this video! I’m a Texan and I moved to Florida for an internship... let me tell you how much I miss breakfast Tacos! No one here understands!!!! Florida is cool, but Texas has better food. #Texanpride #tortillas4life

Omg !!!! I love living in Austin! I love everything about our City! I wish yall would have gone to Sandy's on Barton Springs and compared Whataburger next door. Please Keith I've been begging you to do am eat everything at Whataburger. But this will suffice, yall should really do a compare all between the two burger joints. Both are absolutely great in their unique ways I think. I love yall!!

Texas may have so issues but two things we can do right is food and community

1:58 “I don’t have a wonderful impression about Texas” Texas:hold my beer

Jax is a champion

Jax is the star of this video...

I think it's crazy how Austin was a place for outcasts back in the mid century, and now Austin is quickly becoming to Twitch what LA became to Youtube and Vine

ok ned I live in florida near your home town Jacksonville I been there a lot of times its a mess theres nothing cool about it all there is is traffic and too many turns


That sticker on that boardwalk pole though

I cried bc I didn’t see them

I didn't think Eugene could get any hotter then he dresses like a cowboy


How does ned still manage to look like a dad?

24:39 what did Eugene want to do to the Jenga that he had to be stopped by two people

I love how they don’t mention what they had to do to get Jax in this video, did they kidnap the child after the airplane landed? Did Jax travel alone in the first place with no agenda? Who knows!

Ok. But this should have come with a disclaimer encouraging people to... not move here.

Yessss. This was a great video and it was nice seeing all this from Austin. Love from Houston

Keith looks like a saloon owner. Hahaha.

How’d I not know they were in my hometown?????

The Chilean in me got excited at glancing the flag... then I realized it was the Texas’s one.

I knew I liked Zach for some reason..... NEW YOOORRKK YEEERRRR

im so happy i grew up in Texas, its a comfort state. yee-haw, yee-haw my fellow Texans!

Can you believe Eugene went to Austin and ended up adopting a son?

Damn Eugene looks good in his cowboy outfit

Im gonna take ma hourse to the old town road im gonna (keep the train rollin)

2 and 1/2 inches bigger :P Eugene's math is wrong


“Don’t show us your dicks” lmfao I DIED!!!!!!

16:27 omg Ned!! Is that Jingle Jangle

Why would you film yourselves eating that BBQ? Whhyyyyyyyyyy

The new red dead redemption looks great

Of course they all had fun, Texas is like the best state ever. And the best looking ppl come from Texas

That guy in the shop is such a great sport!

Wait. You’re from the ATX?!? How did I not know this???

“People have a certain opinion about the south” which is irrelevant because Texas isn’t in the south.

Whomever taught that kid to eat a taco needs to be eliminated

That meats over there looks so delicious, but rn my teeth hurt so maybe next time

You're not supposed to look this hot eugene what the fuchsbdhdhd

Eugene showing up with a random kid to eat tacos besides him hating children is the most Capricorn thing ever

What song is playing over Zach’s montage?

Omg Cynthia! Such an amazing cross-over!

Omg Cynthia! Such an amazing cross-over.

"I'm familiar with all of the songs I heard growing up" -Keith Habersberger, 2019

Jax is the unofficial official Try Guy Jr.

It was this trip that finally made the world understand why Eugene is how he is.

I'm with Zach "who cares about the bars? Toy stores!!"

this kid is so adorable im crying ???

*eats beans* "ITS BASICALLY CHILI" Hell no really chili ain't got no beans in it

Austin or Pflugerville

Killing it in the cowboy intro guys


This has to be my favorite video so far yasss

I love these guys..S/O to ned he's from Jacksonville, Fl has no idea DUUUUUUUUUVVVVVAAALLLLLL!!

10:17 do people eat tacos not with their hands?

My home town as well!!!! Oml i love this so much

Equestrians 6:40

Not my hometown, but I have lived in Austin for 9 years, I love this!

I didn’t eat dinner and tamales sound so good rn

I was there that same day :(

You shouldve taken them to a buccees

I totally didn't recognize Cynthia until she started talking

I can't believe Keith is anti horse-girl

i love how keith is the

I’m a Denver native and may I just say,,, Austin is just Denver but cowboy,, they’re literally almost exactly the same and you can’t change my mind

I love Austin so much

Keith and Zach trying to look sexy in their mew clothes was both hilarious and horrifying at the same time

i wanna live in Austin now

Wait y’all are coming to Carthage

"A girl who loves a horse will never love anyone more than that horse." Truer words have never been spoken

Ok hold on I feel like when people think about Texas it is always the Eastside, everyone on the West kinda gets left out

So glad y'all enjoyed Austin! It's crazy here but for the most part we love it. It's crazy to think breakfast tacos aren't a thing everywhere tho. Also, traffic sucks. Lol

Yinz needta hit up Pittsburgh

when you think you are done with cowboys but then Eugene shows up in those pants

Breakfast tacos are a Mexican thing not a Texas thing so tea......

I do not want to know how much money their outfits were.

Come to New Zealand!

How did I not know about these cool bars in austin?!?!

Jax is stinking cute!

Did y’all change the title?

24:57 -Keith

Petition to make Jax a lil tryguy

Their pants where not it

Should have gotten Churro Co. churros they have amazing churros

This is Texas

But the dragons breath thing is just, ew. I don't want someone spitting in my drinks, hahaha. Looks cool though! I really want to visit Austin!

It has been 6 min since I watched the part where the kid bit the side of the taco and I still can’t breathe


Texas is the most moved to state because you can buy diamond encrusted mansions for fuckin $2.50.

I can confirm that its true that us horse ladies love nothing more than our horse XD

That little boy is soooo cute omg

I too go to the city with the most liberal/leftist expats fleeing the west coast when I want to experience that true Texan lifestyle.

“Do we like Lyndon B Johnson?” lmaoo me and my friends

I love Austin, it’s one of my favorite cities here in Texas, but it doesn’t have the best Mexican food (including breakfast tacos) in the state.

I clicked through that “ad” so fast... I saw years so if it was year of birth then take away one from the 80s and add it to the 90s. I’m assuming it was less “ad” and more demographics research. IM STILL DOWN TO DO ALL HISTORICAL RESEARCH FOR YOU. IM OFFICIALLY GRADUATED WITHA. HISTORY DEGREE LETS GOOOO

Eugene said he didnt like babies, not that he didnt like children.

I now really wanna move to Austin Texas....

I lived in Houston and have step sons that live in Austin. Texas is by far the most amazing place I've ever lived in. From the food, to the people and soooo clean. Love everything about it! The brisket omg...CRACK. I had it flown in from TX to PA for my wedding. ! My favorite being Rudy's BBQ. So loved this episode!

I met yall in austin!!


are breakfast tacos not normal outside of texas

Where are this kids parents?????


Try guys please do a video like this in Houston

OMG Ned, as a rider who has worn out my share of cowboy boots, I got a big kick out of your skinny jeans with your boots. I say this from a place of admiration. What color Try Guys hoodie do I own, one guess?? PINK.


hell yeah Austinites represent!

the BBQ just made me hungry...

Zach’s from Scarsdale?! I cringed. Viva la Bronx!

At first I thought someone was scripting Zach to be extra cute and funny but nope he just is! xd

Sorry, but Austin didn't invent the breakfast taco.

Tom Hughes (British actor) is Eugene if he were white and British

“What sort of person is this ‘Ned?’” *proceeds to fail to drink water* That kind of person. lol 13:46


awe i'm really sad i missed you guys at 6th street

My parents asked me where I'd want to celebrate my 21st birthday next year so we could go out and drink. They suggested going to Vegas...but it looks like Austin is bomb AF.

Isn’t it 2.5 sizes bigger?

Jax's little cup of orange juice! Beautiful

please let jax be in the group...........


"I didn't take my dramamine, knamine?" Keith same

They look surprisingly good in those western outfits

0:47 YO I LIVE IN SCARSDALE!!! it doesn’t rly have anything tho.


Gotta be honest. Texas has so many ppl not from Texas. Even me. But the place where I am is not really country either more so where everyone is moving to. But I do love me some breakfast tacos.

Jacksonville next

Austin is just a failed Nashville....

jax is the cutest little bean!! Protect him all it costs!!!

I wish these guy’s show had less politics, it’s really a turn off. You guys should try being politically neutral, is that a crazy request?

anyone else saw that dude in a banana costume ? HAHAHAH

I’m frommm Texas this video makes me soo happy

Yes cynthia LOVE HER

Ok now I need cowboy eugene to come around more cuz damn that was a look

Hello fellow Austine.

You guys have great British 1950's accents!

Where I'm from when you wear your boots outside of your jeans you're called a sheep f@$$#

Not to be dramatic or anything, but I would die for Jax.

Y’all were in Austin Tx Aka My Hometown

Eugene as a cowboy is not something I knew I needed until this video.

EUGENE YOU LIVED IN AUSTIN, I live in Lockhart it’s close to Austin

So they met on the airplane, and no one questions how he is with them hours later

I’m also Texan so I guess I’m destined to be on a ransom tv show with my friends

i love the weird lord of the rings energy Eugene is giving off by just finding a kid on his travels that he likes and deciding to keep him

"A girl who loves a horse will never love anything more than the horse" WHAT?

Pedicabs in Chicago are frightening!

I’d happily sacrifice all of the try guys just to get more Jax screen time.


CYNTHIA I LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ you can tell they aren’t Texan, they tried to tuck the jeans into the cowboy boots


Just by what they chose to wear, you can tell Eugene's the actual Texan x'D

I can't say how much it pleases me that Eugene is from Austin.

Can Jax get his own podcast and/or YT channel!


jaks's eyelashes tho...that is one lucky kid

“I wanna put the horse near my horse.” Laughs uncomfortably

lmaooo the collage of Keith flicking off the camera

I think the “I don’t like kids” was just something Eugene liked saying and end up believing

I wish I saw you guys


Eugene thinks Austin defies southern stereotype? Dude I'm from south FLORIDA

why does this feel like a legitimate docu series that you'd find on Netflix??

I love you Cynthia

You know your are best friends when you know each other shoe size. 4:00

texas is literally the best


Wait... So did you guys just steal a kid off the plane?

I want to see all of their hime cities!!!!!

Jax is a clever little kid and absolutely adorable!

This is so fucking weird they were next door to my house

Only 4 cups of coffee Keith. I wish I had that much energy after 4 cups.

No other state has as much pride as Texas lmao

It’s funny watching this video because I live in Austin & everything is soooo normal to me..

jax is the cutest thing

I would really love to see you guys do some charity events for the lgbtq + community in Austin.

As a Texas resident I must ask though... did you guys experience Texas Sweet Tea?! XD lolz (my family and I went to visit my grandma in California once, throughout the drive as we made stops and ate out in New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Cali... not one place had sweet tea! It was all unsweetened and we were given sugar packets...). I got strange priorities.

As a horse person, I judge people hard on the boot and hat shape lol, square toe is the only way to go and a nice crease on the hat! Also, smh at people buying belt buckles, you should only wear buckles you won unless you are a child, and I appreciate the shade to horse girls Keith lol

i have been watching the try guys for 4 yrs and it just now registered that eugene’s name is- EUGENE AH ISK

I went Austin for first time ever in December for UT Fall graduation. I jidt went for one night and it was fun and drank way too much lol. The 8 hour drive back home the next day was rough but I'm definitely going back soon but for next time for longer than just one day.

the try guys try everything authentic korean. that would be so cool and educational

Keith constantly flipping off the camera... lol

Oh my gosh!!! I work at a Cavender’s! This is so weird!

The trypod... Ned outfit I hate it

How did I miss the memo Eugene was from Austin?? He's a fellow hometown boy. Also - you should have gone for breakfast tacos after that night out because dirty 6th is a SCENE and I'm sure you were all struggling the next day

This made me want to actually visit Texas. Also, Keith's right, Carthage is pretty terrible...but it is within an hour's drive of Nashville, which is somewhat redemptive.

Dallas kids where y’all at⁉️

“Character growth”

I actually wear pretty much Zach’s m entire outfit unironically. Only missing the cowboy hat, & sadly my boots aren’t as yeehaw as his.

Jax is the highlight of this video!!

the two stereotypes are that Eugene an asian can't do math smhhhhhh 24-21.5 is not 3.5 it is 2.5


What!? I live in Pflugerville!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh I wish I saw themmmm!!!!

I love this

Love this vid, but breakfast tacos traveled from the border up north, the more south you go in texas, the better the breakfast tacos

Great fun video, but so much blurry camera-work it's sort of annoying

Please visit Fredericksburg, Texas. Lots of German culture also there’s a store called Robs Rustic Sauces (or something like that) that sells the best chili I’ve ever had.

3 minutes in i was done lmfao

Damn I wish he was from Houston ;-;

So your telling me they were in Austin and I didn’t know

How is it possible?! Eugene looks absolutely amazing like with literally EVERYTHING he wears

i love ned’s scarf omg

the kid better be in more videos

the southern girl heart buried deep within me is a little turned on by the outfits, not gonna lie

Nobody: Keith: i wanna put the horse near my force

Yee yee brother

Jax should join the try guys

This came out the day before I head to Austin! Omg I love this!

“In Texas you eat them with your hands” DO PEOPLE EAT TACOS DIFFERENTLY?????


Keith flipping the camera off

billie played at SXSW and I’m so mad they didn’t go and watch her lmao

Very interesting that it’s called tamale house. Singular is tamal

"There ain't mutton better." Excellent


"Do we like Lyndon B Johnson?" -Zack 2k19

Do Ned’s hometown next!!

All I can say is.... yeehaw

*little girl bites the taco* Me as a Mexican : I got triggered that she kinda ate the taco wrong

Omg you took them to dirty 6th

When Zach almost knocked over the table.

hope you guys come to Seattle!!!

Ok but is nobody gonna mention that at 5:30 24-21.5 is 2.5 not 3.5????

Eugene's hotness knows no bounds

oh my god tell me you're going to scarsdale what in god's name are you going to do in scarsdale.

23:13 I thought Keith was taking a hit

Save a horse ride a cowboy

And I oop-

@16:03 is that Amanda Palmer?

The montage after they got dressed in their Western wear looked like a choose your character in a video game

Fuck yea !!!! Texas

Hey try guys if your doing home towns videos and you haven’t been to Jacksonville yet, if your not too busy. I would love a to meet up with you guys. Just message me on here or on instagram it’s lily_kate1 I would love you meet you guy. #thetryguys

Ned :*WE PUT THE ASS IN TEXAS* Eugene : goddamit Ned...

Austin is fantastic. But the traffic is the stuff of nightmares

hi from south texas

The fact that they even used the song Bicycle Built For Two whilst they were using Pedicab jkdsljdkls

They were so near me.... *Cries in San Antonian*

Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) haw


I want to go to Austin now

Zach is becoming more respectable and lovable all the time!

Eugene outside the dressing room about killed me

Eugene thanks for sharing your home town!


Tex-mex is the best

hiiii can you please fix the closed captions?! id truly appreciate that much!

She talks so fast I kept hearing her say Saint Jelly Fountain

I’m upset. I live in Austin, my dad performed at south by south west, I know where that shoe store is. I didn’t see them. T-T

Zack is such a pussy

We must protect Jax at all costs

Try Guys:”Woow” Texans:”Yeah Yeah, it’s cool”


Zach: Says how Jewish he is. That's perfect bacon!

Breakfast tacos are popular in the Rio Grande Valley as well. Also, do people in Austin ever visit the Rio Grande Valley for anything other than South Padre Island? Like, do y’all ever come to Brownsville for the shits and giggles?

the way zack is wearing his hat is upsetting


Austin is one of my favorite cities in the world!!!

*the Alamo wasn't even m e n t i o n e d*

Y'all shoulda gotten del dixie dill pickles cuz that shit da bomb and u can only get it in texas. Also rudys and freebirds, just sayin...Texas got some good food (lived there for 14 yrs)

wes and jax are the next generation of try guys

We need more Jax...

Keith flipping the camera off issa *whole ass mood*

The horses are in the front

You guys should visit each state’s capital

Kieth is 100% right I love my horse more then anyone

Little late but the should have gone to the Salt lick for the bbq

i never knew ned was from jacksonville. he is now my favorite.

omg cynthia lee fontaine

I think this is why Eugene has such a high alcohol tolerance

I’m a true born Austinite! Speaking of which, I’m sittin’ in Austin rn.

try guys a year ago: this is a family friendly channel try guys now: flips off camera and hugs beer within first five seconds of video

I love that Eugene says he hates kids but then always gets along really well with kids

notice Eugene and Ned are not is life jackets/life preservers

No one Absolutely no one Not a single soul Not one cow boy in town Keith:

Why is no one talking about how great Zach looked???? He looked like that was who he was meant to be.

Yoga with Adriene is from there! Would be an awesome for a collab... next time! Lol

Why is the gay man the hottest one?!

Douse it count if I live 4 hours away from Austin

The thing I learned from this video that blew my mind, was that are 2 Colorado Rivers. I live in Arizona so I know the more famous one of the two but what the fuck didn't know that the Colorado flows through Austin?

*But Ned, does the outfit make the butt look good?*

The only thing that was on my mind during the whole video was "Si señor yo soy de rancho"

I thought Eugene was pretty hot already, but put him in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and WHOOOOOAAAAA. Also, you have 4 stops in Texas for hte Try Guys tour....WHY THE HELL AREN'T YOU IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST!!!! SEATTLE adores you guys! We're geekier than everyone else and we LOVE you, why the hell not Seattle???

Keith: "Don't show us your dicks!"

Eugene like kids!!!! What the actual FUCK is going on

I can’t wait to turn 21 so I can go get fucked up in Austin!!

Jax is my new fav try guy

I would try to defend Dallas and say it’s cooler than Austin, but I don’t like lying. Dallas is definitely more mature and prettier than Austin though.

Can I see these fellas in Pittsburgh?

I understand highlighting bbq that’s not Franklin’s, but they should at least recognize it’s still the king.

Jax is adorable, but CYNTHIAAAA

"We hail Satan for the Vegans."

Go Texans!!

In Texas you’re counted as flamboyant if you tuck your boots unless you’re workin

I can’t believe that Jax is the newest try guy!!!! He is my fav now. :)


Nobody: Literally nobody: Jax:

Ahem, honey as a 8th gen austinite im Shook you didn’t do any Zilker

Is it just me or did Ned become hotter after becoming a father

Such great content! Love this type of videos from you guys!

" Character growth " Zach 2019

the try guys go kosher for a month

I wonder where that kid’s parents are

1:15 yo some one got the good juice

I live right next to Texas about 20 mins away I went to Austin

im extra depressed and this video was really great and I actually don't want it to end lol

How does Keith not have fogged up glasses? Tell us your secrets in fog reduction seeing things!!

"I'm not a bullrider. But I am Keith"

Yes ATX!



They took a sip of that yee yee juice


17:04 when I heard that voice I thought I was hallucinating also I need some of that brisket

If they go to Jacksonville, they gotta go to all the good eatin spots. Maple Street Biscuit Co., Hightide Burrito Co., Southern Grille, so many good places

Ugh this video brought back so many good memories. Austin is amazing. Great night life, amazing bbq... I want to go back so badly!

I'm in Texas grand prairie come visit me

Eugene's been alot happier lately. Idk what's changed about him but I hope stay stays this way.


Follow the *United* *Rules*

Texas for ever man I’m from Lagrange Texas

Zach in the morning is my mood

This was worth watching for Jax alone!!! Can we have more Eugene with Jax, please?!

My favorite part of the video was the Texas meat porn

is Keith ok

Hahaha Keith Austin Weird

Those jeans and boots did not match well on ned made him look super gay

Orlando is better I like my video game bars.

I hope y’all also filmed “Keith eats everything at Whataburger,” when y’all were in town!!!!!!!!

I love the kid! Please make him a standard food reviewer on your channel

I thought they went to South Korea

Come to Australia, Gold Coast

Houston is better

As a Jacksonville native I'm hoping to bump into the guys when they do Ned's home town.

Zach: "Eugene, do we like Lyndon B. Johnson?" I do the same thing with my mother about anyone or anything lol.

Eugene's accent commin' through thicker than Cara Delavigne's eyebrows. I'm here for it.


Oh my God I love that little kid he is awesome I give thumbs up for the kid

Why do I feel like Eugene dating someone

Keith is me in this video.

Have you guys ever been to killeen

Eugene "Eugene has the best hometown" Ned and Zach "well well we'll see about that" Keith "It's better than Carthage"

i vote for the child 2 be the new star of the try guys

Did they just kidnap the child?

I was in Austin Texas for memorial weekend

I feel like a horrible human being asking this. But i haven't watched the try guys in a long my question is....did Zack come out of the closet? I was always curious if he was gay and hiding it or just feminine like myself. The ONLY reason I am asking is because the past few episodes I watched tonight it seemed like he was soooo much more comfortable with who he was for some reason. He always seems so awkward and goofy and now he is the same, but confident. AND I LOVE IT!

Living in Texas, I thought breakfast tacos were normal, lime in guac was normal, people wearing boots a lot was normal, and live music was normal! Seeing this video made me realize that the rest of the world isn’t as AWESOME as Texas!!!

I like how ned stunted so hard at the podcast recording with his outfit but can’t drink water

Being from Texas I am so freaking happy they are here!

Oh god they look like the guys at my school it’s those clothes

"3.5" ah yes, 24-21.5=3.5 clearly

keith is incredinly jealous of jax and I’m living for it

Jax is so precious!

this is such a better title than “try guys try everything in texas” or whatever it was originally. it got me. i clicked

Can we talk about the guy in the banana costume at 13:27 xD

My hometown wouldn't be too interesting

Do Ned’s hometown please

Ooo yikes Eugene did not just say “the liberal Mecca” appropriating a whole religion to prove a point? Unsubscribe

I wish they would try horseback riding solely for Keith’s reactions

lmao Zach and Keith just paddlin in a lil circle I feel that also just going back to shore instead of racing, me too


My bio teacher only wears cowboy boots

Actually Eugene, your head is 2.5 inches bigger if you do the math correctly.

Can't believe I missed them coming over here, i would've been trying to stalk them the entire time


Let's be honest, Jax is the star of this video. #bringhimback

"From Austin" goes to Cavenders... SMH. That's what Allen's is for!

Who let Keith have 4 cups of coffee

Zach REALLY is the Rick Moranis of this generation!!

Right when Ned chocked on his water I did the same thing with my gingerale

Am I the only one wondering if that child has parents edit: he is also really adorable

Can I please have a shoutout?

Can I please have shoutout?

No one: Jax: *thumbs up*

As soon as I heard Cynthia’s voice I started freaking out and then I saw her!!!!!!


Yess I'm from Texas were my Texas people at also I'm Mexican

Keith’s angry excitement is hilarious

no one: legit no one: keith: WOAHHHHH

7:40 someone make this a wallpaper

Eugene’s shirt is a lie, HE LIKES KIDS!!!!

Who was here before the title change?

I’m from Texas

WAIT zach I live in Scarsdale can we please hang out. I can be your special guest!!!!!!

Y’all should come to Dallas

Cynthia Lee Fontaine!

Texas is and ALWAYS will be my home!!

They got the horses in the back

This is so weird seeing so many familiar places and things in a video like this from my favourite content creators!!! As a Texas (specifically Austin) native, I'm glad that our state is getting some love!!!

WE LOVE SOME FELLOW TEXANS!! Eugene has some more points just because of that!

My 2nd Austin


I was so excited when they visited some of the bars I went to last year on my vacation! That was cool to see some of them again!

did they straight-up steal a kid

Why does Zac look like Culture Club

Is it just me who realises that eugenes math is wrong and hence he ain't a stereotypical *good at math* Asian

I live an hour away from Keith's hometown lmao

me: why does ned look like he wrote a book also me: wait..

By watching this video I only just found out that Zach’s hometown is literally 3 minutes from mine

I didn’t know Eugene was in a episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Everybody knows San Antonio has the best breakfast tacos.

What is Zach wearing... that ain’t Texas approved

“Don’t show us your dicks!”

im from texas too

I love this. When you guys are done with where you’re all from, you should pick other places!

So the bar tender spits on the drinks and they drink them! Umm I’ll pass but the slide was cool

the hangover movie, but the try guys as the actors. It is what is needed.

17:15 it's like ahhhhh mental deficiency

My life has changed before 7:43. -fans self- I see ned in a new light. . And Eugene is still the hottest.

Me before the video: OOO HE LIVED IN HOUSTON?? Me during the video: oh he lived in aUsTIn (i love both, but my hometown is htx)

helll yeahh Texas


I don't know what the heck they think they are going to do in Jacksonville like this. It's so boring here

23:11 typo? One for *every 67 people etc etc

jaX IS sO aDoRaBlE

You have the best boot maker in the world and you go to a cavanders. You have the two best BBQ joints in the world and you go to some random dude. Great bars and you go to the most basic bars. lol

That montage is every country girl’s wet dream

Who the fuck are these lame people, so cringey...can’t even watch for 5 minutes. Absolute goobers

Save a horse, ride a cowboy.

do you have childrens hats


Also slightly disappointed i thought you were going to actually be in Pflugerville (I also grew up there)

16:05 Is that Amanda Palmer??????

Eugene where are the pickles?! Can’t have Texas brisket without pickles!

I can see why Eugene likes the kid. He's PRECIOUS

Texas forever

I live in Austin

Petition to have Jax in more videos!

jax is so precious aaaaaaaa

Eugene is in Brooklyn nine nine!! WHAT!!!

Only Keith could make any situation awkward xD

i fucking love clf omg shes the BEST

Thought was Puerto Rico on the thumbnail.

Please do all the hometown cities of the try guys and try wives/partners :P

I like when Keith mocked a small child LOL

Yeah I couldn't live there I'd be 300 pounds within a week.

san antonio has the BEST breakfast tacos no cap

Did Eugene just blwink?

I was in Lubbock Texas last week. I loved it

Me:Austin is so far, I wanna live in Texas. Also me: I live in Fort Worth, Dafuque?

im from right next to carthage (joplin) most of my family is southern (dads side) but hes adopted there from texas californa missori oklhoma and one fam (my aunt uncle and cousins) are from washington state! luv you later!!

Man, those bars are still around?? It's been 18 years since I graduated UT!! 8 years since I moved to LA. Miss Austin so much. Go Longhorns!!

if I go to Texas I better have Texas music playing in the background the whole time

Eugene just got hotter in his boots and cowboy hat!


Someone please tell Ned to put his jeans over his boots!

Is it just me or did Eugene’s accent come out

In Colorado we do breakfast Burritos, and I've been living in San Francisco for the past school year and it drives me crazy that the only burritos we know is the Qdoba/Chipotle style giant bland rice filled California super burrito. I'm used to a green chile, potato, bacon, egg, and salsa stuffed warm foil wrapped small burrito. SO much more delicious!

Jax : "the united rules."

4:49 As a Coloradan, I disagree entirely. You can always tell a real cowboy by having their jeans over their boots, because if the jeans are tucked into the boots, than rocks, burrs or spines, dirt, water or snow, etc. can get into your shoe when you're outside walking around - and if you're actually working out on a horse or rounding up cattle, you can't be stopping to knock sand out of your boots. Also, jeans are more repairable and replaceable and you probably have a bunch of them, but when you invest in a pair of work boots you usually just have that one - so you'd rather have your jeans get dirty, snagged, and worn than your nice leather boots.

who filmed this? the focusing is so soft and never completely focused.

So are we just gonna Ignore the banana man at 13:27?


We all know Keith's mouth is big. But it looked terrifyingly big in the thumbnail.

Texas is weird it's keep austin weird and keep Waco wacko

Y’all ahhhhh!!!I met them

We live in Dallas. We have talked about retiring to Austin for DECADES. We adore the city, and we do not drink so that is not why we want to move there. It is all the awesome people.

would have lost my mind if the try guys did any content with AH/RT while they were there

Jax is adorable. Made the video

Texas is where its at! Y'all crazy for not liking us

the pitmaster, cant watch the rest of the episode in peace after watching the food

Love you guys!!!!! I’m from Austin tx best city in the world!!!!!! ATX❤️❤️❤️❤️

ok ima say it.. i HATE how far back zach wears his hats. what is you doing..

Eugene- likes a child for once + Cynthia

Yes Cynthia! Werkkkkk! Great video guys, I have always wanted to go to Texas!

Keith: this is ridiculous looking Me a Texan: them thangs are real nice

They go to Texas but the leave out Whataburger, Texas two-step, Blue Bell, Shiner beer, and so much more

I'm dying at everytime Keith goes WOOOO!

Eugene being one of us country bumpkins is my new favorite thing. This also means he can possibly make really good sweet tea(we need to know Eugene!) When I say Yee you say Haw!

Eugene just being weird when explaining Texas this whole video

That kid was amazing

Someone needs to tell Zach who Kinky Freidman is.

You guys need to go to Joes Kansas City in KCK for BBQ

San Antonio > Austin

I’ve been watching the try guys for a long time now, And I gotta get this off my chest... But I’m starting to hate Zach

Im super mad at myself for not being able to go to Australia Melbourne vidcon. :'(

Nobody is talking about Cynthia??? Come through cucu!!!

It's not even Austin, Texas is weird in general. I'm from harlingen Tx and I'm very weird.

How come they didn’t eat Whataburger?????

so...this is the reason why Eugene is cool

Keith: Becky will kill me if I brought this home Also Keith: So looks like I'm about to die HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Go to kieths hometown

Just when I thought Eugene couldn’t get any hotter

Of course Houston, Texas

12:22 look at that precious child


@5.00 Ned looks like Woody with those Jean's and boots lol

Cool you visited dont move here

I saw the intro and immediately just screamed Texas

All the Texas girls

Bar bah ko ah gtfo of Texas and for all y’all non Texans everyone outside of Austin hates Austin

"I had 4 cups of coffee this morning, because it. Is. EARLYYY" That is a mood

*the boot chooses the.. person?*

Has anyone considered that the kid keeps giving a thumbs up after every taco because he doesn't want the maker of said taco to think it was bad or that he is ungrateful? Because every time he puts it up that's all I can really think of

Eugene’s hair at the end!

You can not like people but when u find out they are a fellow texan you just get each other

Texas nightlife is like at Montreal no car in streets and rooftops have bars

Cynthia lee fontaine Yasssss!

Are they in a group relationship ?

Some friends convinced me to visit Austin. I was like WOW! This feels exactly like Seattle, except for the fact there's no ocean or mountains, and its freaking 120 degrees outside! If i'm going to endure a high cost of living, it going to be in a city that isn't Death Valley nine months out of the year.

In my twon thires soo many old ppl

Eugene: Zach: Ned: Keith:

i was really hoping alyssa would be in this video


By far my favorite episode so far

1) 7:43 Eugene looks like every guy at my school ever. 2) I was literally just in Pflugerville this past weekend. Y’all should come to Shiner.

DAMMMN, seeing all the Try Guys dressed up in cowboy gear is doing things to me and giving me fetishes I didn't even realize I had...

Any Texans?

texas is awful i don’t want anybody to think it’s good just from this small glimpse into the best place here

“i DiDn’t TaKe My DrAmAmIn, If YoU kNoW wHaT i MeAn

I went to Austin 2 weeks ago it’s lit

While Eugene grew up in Austin, I had the absolute fuckin privilege of growing up in ass fuck nowhere Texas...

Lol Ned, Jacksonville is not better than Austin. I saw that face. I loved the Zach montage.

When they revealed euegene in the cowboy outfit, I have *never* wanted to get bent over so bad in my life

They literally look like every single guy at my school. Fun fact, teen boys in Texas like to wear cowboy boots with basketball shorts, which is an abomination.

Anyone else notice they the Disney World Main Street music during the petty cab ride

As a Houstonian this made me so very happy!!!! We love Austin...Texas against the world baby!

The only reason I’m proud to live in Texas is Eugene

Zach looks like a dumbass with the hat like that.


i like how Eugene just kidnapped this child to review tacos

Whoever is writing the subtitles doesn't know how apostrophes' work. Dragon's breath (possession): correct. Flaming Dr. Pepper's (pluralization): incorrect.

Jax is wholesome

It’s good that they kept this non political...

Y'all, your captions literally cut out 55 seconds into the video, please fix this

9:47 their faces

*Character Growth*

yee haw

If you haven't, I would love you to come out to Portland, Oregon. Portland is such a amazing place as well. It is weird, crazy, and overall beautiful in so many different ways.

Austin doesn't "defy" anything, go to ANY part of Texas and you'll be treated with actual hospitality no matter what color you are.

"Austin is the fastest growing city since 2017" Also Austin: "Austin is among 20 U.S. cities with the largest share of illegal aliens"

I'm going to Austin in a month for RTX and this just got me even more hyped

West Austinite here

I would love it if they accidentally bumped into some of Rooster Teeth

Eugene: Texas is the biggest and the best Me, an Alaskan: HAHAHAHHAHA you wish

I live in Austin ahhhh

DALLAS!!! YUUUUHHH! My fellow Texans we got 4 dates

I live in Austin..... HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS

Sign me up for Texas cause I want a makeover like that!!!

Bru our validictorian wear boots to graduation

Keep Austin weird

soy boys go to texas

Austin is still my town

i love eugene loving a kid!!!

Puerto Rico need this guys

"Dont show us your dicks" Hear that Texas!!! Keith has spoken.

They all look so beautiful but Eugene looks like he's been a cowboy for years

is Kieth throwing Jax subtle shade?

That was a really well made video.

Why does this video remind me of Brokeback Mountain?

All the try guys need to take a visit to each other's hometowns. Please like if you guys agree.

Make Jax a Try Guy! XD

The way that lady said barbacoa mad me double take. I almost didn’t know what she was talking about

keep portland weird is our thing, screw off austin

Hell yeah they got Cynthia!!

I have never been more attracted to a group of men than when they walked out in their little cowboy outfits

honestly, they need to cut Zach. he is like the runt of the try guy litter. I'm sure they would rather boot him and split the cash 3 ways, but he'd sue; cheaper to keep her i guess

I didn't know Eugene could look any hotter but im proven wrong


lol Yeeeeaaaahhhh, it is better than Carthage.

I thought he was from a small town

Am I the only one who spotted a dinosaur 1:26

0:04 his faceeeeeeeeeeee

Audrey II!!!!!

As a Texan, my favorite foods are definitely TexMex!

I have lived in Austin my entire life! Best city ever! Graduated from Pflugerville High School 1996

13:25 banana man

Zach consulting Eugene on LBJ

4:33 Eugene's texas came out


GOSH, TEXAS IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!! Too bad that I don't live in the US. :(

You should come to Johnson City Tennessee. Nice place here.

Pyongyang?? Oh...

where my Texans at?

Loved the guy at the country store.

Hold up did they just straight up abduct a small child from an airplane?

How can you not like that kid? He is so funny and cute!

Holy shittt cynthiaaa

Cynthia!!!! Omfgggggg lets see the cucú!

Keith + a shit tone of alcohol =

i can see why Eugene likes Jax - what a cool lil guy!

As a Houstonian I’m gonna fight this video.

Allana Greenslate why lol

EXACTY ZACH! I LIVE in Texas so it is practically impossible for me to be vegan!

Me: *sees Eugene adopt a random child as his own after saying many times that he doesn’t like kids* holy shit guys I know where Tony’s soul went into-

The Try Guys should visit Buffalo. We have a melting pot of cultures and foods. We celebrate every holiday, and (I've heard) we have the largest Dyngus Day festival in the US. Our food is incredible, the people are weird, sometimes in the best way, and there's so much to do here.

3:48 sameeee, I’m from Houston where all the schools are filled wit Mexicanos. Everywhere I turn in school the halls are filled wit wepa and huapangos

I love your videos and y'all are amazing but I'm very disappointed that you didn't go to Salt lick

“texan enthusiasm”

can anyone tell me what movie or show this clip is from? 6:47

Was in Austin the day this came out. Got drunk on 6th Street then got in a car accident the next day. Fun Fact Police dont come out for accidents unless someone is hurt. So we got screwed over by the person who hit us.....

Where’s the part where they test the water for fluoride? How else is this guys testosterone so low?


No one: Zach: You guys wanna rob a bank?

12:23 that’s why Eugene likes the kid

I hate that they're Mexican and still mispronounce tamal. There's no e in the singular. It's not tamale.

They all look so fashiomable haha

OMG did ugene just say 21.5+3.5=24


I LOVE that you guys found THE BEST BBQ place in Austin (thank goodness you didn't go to Franklin's)!!!!

jax is the cutest kid i have ever seen omggggg

Kid: Takes food and brings it within 2 inches of his mouth

*Try guys say something weird* Dillon: haha sure .

Jax is my favorite try guy

Yup, Keith was way too drunk!

Ned’s wife is not Probably not like the second picture

That pit master was super cute. XD

I LIVE IN TEXAS EL PASO!, wait i exposed where i live ;-;, OOOF XD

“I’m not a bull rider but I am Keith”

5:29 the perfect Eugene failed math

Love Eugene's Texan accent coming out!

The bootss ahgg

Eugene can literally wear anything and still look good

watching from pflugerville tx :)

I live there

17:17 why the heck does she look like a Sims character?

Zach’s montage was wonderful


God, Eugene’s makeover looks so natural on him, he really is a Texas boy

keith: woooo!!!! *sticks up middle fingers* me:oooooooh!!!!! keith did a bad thing!!!!!MOM!!!

You should visit Santa Fe new mexico!

You bring shame upon my state.

4 owen wilsons and 1 jackie chan

Aye I'm from Blanco Texas

Eugene looks like Kevin Bacon from Tremors

When I found out Eugene was from Pflugerville I was shook Bc that’s where I reside

The little kid kills my heart

Ladybird Lake was not a fun experience for me it’s also literally right next to an apartment building

Eugene’s Texas really comes out on his vowels

the outfits make them 100x more awkward

When Eugene talks to locals his accent shifts back to Texanish

I feel like I was watching the movie “The Hangover”

did anyone else notice that they went to the same store that ryan trahan went to in his video?

Keith: Eugene likes kids Eugene : shhh that was a secret Me : hello police

ROFL, when a woman loves horses I think border line beastiality.

Besides the isles and isles of boots that made my heart skip a beat

13:27. Don’t worry banana dude, we see you

I stg character development at its finest ✌️

eugene got super texas during this episode and i highkey relate



2.5 inches Eugene

This serie is so sweet and fun. They all can show their diffrent hometowns.

I'm a Texan, but I always said that I hated the cowboy style, but seeing them dressed in that style, they just look so hot tf

I live in McAllen right next to Mercedes

5:27 I think Eugene needs a calculator..

*is there any way I can adopt Jax*

Eugene understanding kid speak gives me such a warm feeling

zac in the hat is giving me life. he looks SO GOOD

I am 2 fucking years old

The guys : let's go to Texas Keith: wooohhhh!!!

Eugene! 24 - 21.5 is not 3.5 it is 2.5..

AmeliaRose169 I’m Hispanic so the pronunciation threw me off I’m only use to it in Spanish

Kassie Giselle I’ve literally only ever heard it said the way she said it...

Awwwwwww no more buzzfeed paying, takes the joy of watching people get free shit

Do u mean 2.5 because 24 inches and then 21.5

who else is low key mad that austin took the name as capital away from us houstonians

eugene got better looking holy shit

Eugene, didn't notice... but that girl on the right, she was definitely into him.

If you're a Texan like this comment. (edit:I'm just gonna like my own comment)

Omg who knew Eugene could look more sexier and my oh my Zach is stepping up his fashion game!!


Austin is amazing!

Austin Texas gang where y’all at!

Representing Dallas!!! Like if you are too!

“In Texas, you eat them with your hands”....,umm where don’t you eat a taco with your hands?

Just when I thought eugene couldnt get hotter I saw him in f$#@ing western clothing

Texas for the win!!!!

At 5:21 when Zac and Eugene get there head size Eugene say my head is 3 and a half bigger but it is 2 and a half bigger

Ok, who fact checked the math on the difference in head sizes?

I really thank tamale house to say that that's not Mexican food. I'm not against Tex-Mex food is just that this is a combo of a lot of cultures and it's a lil' bit unfair for people to think that this is the "real" Mexican food.

I’d love them to do something like this in Toronto

I’m from San Antonio but most of my family is In Austin And i sent them this and they’re quaking And they’ve been to most of the places you’ve shown

As a Texan i find Austin great but after college it kinda just get old, and i find other cities in Texas more enjoyable.

Us Houston folks cry in our sleep :c

crazy to know they were less than an hour away from me at some point

ay i live 30 min away from there

When you come down to San Antonio try the better tacos.


Do we like Lyndon B?

Come to Scarsdale

H-town better

*me knowing the history facts from 7th grade texas history*

My crying in San Antonio because I missed them by an hour

“in texas you eat them with your hands” me, a texan: how the fuck else would you eat it?

[subverts two stereotypes at once]

did you guys just steal Jax? wheres his parents lol

you should take a trip to all of the tryguys home towns

This is atrocious

I find it so weird that the different types of toes isn’t common knowledge for everyone

I want to feel what Ned is feeling at 20:51

Zach: *character development*

Eyyy I'm from Austin!

Yesssssss i am from Texas!!!!❤️❤️❤️

pero... in south texas they scramble the bacon, potatoes, etc with the eggs. to me it tastes better. That's an austin way of doing it.

I live near Mercedes, TX!!!

Yes visit Austin but dond stay thank you

Eugene looks so hot, I’m shook

This chic I swear she is not from Austin the way she said barbracoa

@Thetryguys I’d love too see: • The try guys try sailing • The try guys live at a cabin without electricity, water and has too use an outdoor bathroom for a weekend. • The try guys try music/Band together. Make a song. • The try guys try painting. • The try guys experience wheelchair for a day. • The try guy learn a foreign language and go too a country with that language. Experience the culture and use their language skills too communicate with the people there.

I've not seen any were those clothes in Austin yall are Stereotypical people The clothing is for West Texas

Great you just showed about 5 million people my town we have enough problems with Californians we dont need more of them

H-Town HERE!!!!

Eugene and Jax are so amazing together

Why is Eugene kayaking without a life jacket? Am I the only one that's like, he's brave or stupid?

Eugene, I live in Austin but was born at Georgetown Hospital when my family was living in Pflugerville (in a trailer park where the Tinseltown Theater is now). But I grew up in Belton, ugh.

My little brother thinks your not real and he is being mean

Cowboy Eugene doesn’t look too bad ;) he actually fit some of the common cowboy styles in Texas. Slouched, hand in pocket, subtle smirk, leg behind the other perfect he’s a natural. In all honestly he looks like the cover of one of those small romantic books you find in random rooms, stores, or online book shops.

I love this video! 좋아요!

So many people choose to not visit Texas because they're concerned about the "close minded" type people. But honestly, Austin is one of the most diverse cities in the world. And, Texans know how to party ;)


Houston’s better

When I turn 18 (thats the legal drinking age in Canada, but is it 21 in America?) I now want to go to Austin, TX.

One thing I’ve noticed about most Texans is normally, our accent is roughly a level 5. But the second we get to show off our home state, the accent goes to level 1836.

I just want to visit Texas for the BBQ

7:40 You can tell Eugene is from Texas. He owns that outfit so hard damn

Nobody: No Living Soul: Not Even Aliens: Kieth: Whoo!

Keith gives me life!!!

Definitely, it's hard NOT to drink in Texas


Oh my goodness, Jax and the Try Guys is YouTube gold.

I love cavenders

Raise your hand if you’re from Texas!

try guys go on vacation, film it to add it as a business expense and write it off on their taxes.

OMG I never knew that Ned's hometown was the same place where I was born!

Mkay but Keith should always wear a leather vest....but maybe that’s just the Tennessee girl in me


Eugine did such a good job encapsulating Austin, EXCEPT, I wish he would’ve taken them to Coyote Ugly on 6th

Wait..... do people not eat tacos with your hands???

Yeah but other Texans make fun of Austin cause it's a running joke, we visit but don't stay. Plus many businesses moving headquarters due to Austin city laws and increased taxes. It's one of the most expensive cities to live In hence why commuters living outside city drive into work creating the traffic headache


I think it is awesome that Eugene grew up in Pflugerville. My last name is the americanized version of the name Pfluger

Ohh eugene Your head is 2.5 inches bigger not 3.5

You see in the north you dress in tuxedos us in the south this is how we dress up for special occasions 7:38


zach looks like ducky from pretty in pink change my mind

Way to go rios of Mercedes

I live in Texas, I hate Texas.... Austin is bearable

2.5 not 3.5, Eugene. Get your math right Sorry I’m a math nerd I couldn’t resist

I live in Texas and most of us speak Spanish more than English well here in Rio grande valley

I know I'm not the only one who thought Eugene couldn't possibly get any sexier and then was "YEE HAW COWBOY"

Ned looks out of it in this video

Eugene is so smart

I lived in Pflugerville for a while with my boyfriend for a while :-( I miss it so much and going to Austin every now and then, I just wanna move back again :-//// Albuquerque sucks tbh

Kieth low key actually got mad at that little kid lmaooo

androy96 Probably worried he’ll be replaced on Eat the Menu!


As expected. Some asshole from San Antonio is going to tell you that y’all should’ve gotten tacos from San Antonio. Ya should’ve gotten tacos from San Antonio. We make them better. I’m the asshole,

As a Texan girl the makeover part KILLED ME!! I thought they were hot before dang

I worked with a guy from FL who fancied himself a cowboy he has this belt buckle biggest I've seen in the shape of Texas...guy was really just a whiny entitled brat who came back after being fired and robbed the Little Caesar we worked at.

Lol! Ned and Zach are now determined to show off how there home towns will be better and Keith’s like “It’s better than mine.” Lol!

At first I was like "Whoa! They should do a video like this for each of the hometowns!" Then I remembered that Carthage is basically nothing and they probably wouldn't be able to get enough material for an entire video here. ...unless they tried to interview every meth addict within city limits. That might be enough content.

*Becky would kill me if I brought this home...* *LOOKS LIKE IM GONNA DIE!*

you are all like sandy squirrel now

Eugene since your back home I have a joke for you, I thought I had a Japanese friend but it was just my imagine-Asian

Fun fact it's actually pronounced Te-has not Tex-as

Daniel Kip only if you’re my drunk uncle

When you guys where there I was probably there. Omg I live by the Colorado river

Aww I love Jax! He’s so cute!

Is it me, or is Ned getting hotter and hotter!?

Culture?? Im america?? Thats illegal!

Omg look at Eugene at the endinh

Eugene: AND EVERYONE IS EXITED ABOUT IT Zach: *rolls his eyes. Sounds sarcastic* yayyyyy

Jax is the best addition to the team

9:14 is that zach on that bg.....who painted him?

Umm .. am I the only one who thought they were going to Korea ?

Keiths a fucking twat. Dont like his outlandish antics lately. Feel good mocking a 6 year old? Eugene is showing character growth and Keith is showing immaturity. #disappointedyo

Why did Eugene look so cute at the end of the video?? Now I want to go to Austin

didn’t think i could find eugene more attractive but then he befriended the little boy & now i’m pregnant

queria que vocês viessem explorar o Brasil, usar roupa de funkeiro, com juliet e uns bonés ridículos, ia ser demais, só teria que tomar cuidado pra não serem roubados

"I'm not a bull rider. But I am a Keith."

I’ve been to 6th street & it was fucking wild

Cynthia Lee Fontaine!

I wish the city was San Antonio a really near big city

just saying...San Antonio is better and im from Austin

The only thing I didn't like about this vid is when they all butchered how to say Barbacoa(I'm not a hater btw)

Just when I think Eugene can’t get any sexier he pops out of the dressing room looking like a whole snack and a half

1:59 Me: About to scream

“We pUT tHe AsS iN TeXAs” -Ned 2019 Also, why is Keith acting so high? I mean, how many cups of coffee did he have, I mean seriously

Dallas is better

i watched try guys get ear wax extractions right before watching this one and nearly threw up in parts in this video :)

"United rules"

Jax is my hero

I feel like the camera was out of focus a lot it made it kinda hard to see

Omg what the try guys were just 2hrs away from me

24 and 21.5 "3 and a half inches bigger" uhm idk but i think that its actually 2 and a half..

Damnit, you can tell Eugene is authentic, oof

oml PLEASE visit ned's hometown

Eugene and this kid is the cutest thing I’ve seen today...EUGENE WANNA MAKE SOME BABIES NOW?

This was actually so interesting and amazing to watch!!

Alternative title: The Try guys kidnap a random kid Eugene met on the airplane for an episode

"Do we like Lyndon B Johnson?"

Funny how Keith was out to top Eugene, but had to redirect because the kid stole the show. All he could do was repeat everything the Jax said. Keith was powerless.

Texans UNITE

Those bars look fricking wild I want to go

I was born in Texas

I love this freaking episode! Just a thought would be pretty cool to see the guys try to learn color guard (flag/dance line) routines from a high/college student or is it just me lol?

alv pense que era la bandera de chile jajaja k creisi

Zach is giving me serious Billy Crystal in City Slickers vibes

Please do a video about you all going to Sugar Factory

That bar hoping part should be a whole movie.

could you guys put captions on your videos?? it would be rly helpful for HoH/Deaf people!

KAW!!! Keep Austin Weird!!

Not all Texans are cowboys. I live in Texas. Just saying.

I never understood why people on tv or the internet eat after strangers. Idk maybe its just me but its weird

damn looks cool


man, no one told me that keith straight up roasts this child the entire time he's on camera OMG pettyyyy but we love it

Keith is all in a different mood. I love it

“hi my name is jax

you forgot about all the w e e d

That brisket.......made me so hungry..



omg Ned looked so Mad that Eugene likes Jax and Not so much of Wes....awkward

Thats my hometown to it is the best

he is from Pflugerville, not Austin

Eugene seems so much happier now and he likes kids now so, what’s happening


Omg Keith and I have the same home town, YASss finally someone on youtube

OMG Eugene we are twinning because we are from the same place .


2 and a half inches not 3 and a half

I rewatched ned failing to drink water and unholy and unhealthy amount of times

As someone who grew up near Scarsdale, NY, I'm hella curious what Zach will be showing off when they go to his hometown...

Eye so it was youuuuu


That checkered pants and turtleneck! Ned might not be able to drink water, but he killed that look.


Texas gang

How much did you spend at Cavenders?

I'm shocked Eugene didn't go to whataburger! lol.

Wooohoooo Austin


Houston anyone?

The odd but subtle flex by Ned at 7:47

I live in Austin tx

When Eugene said that he was 3.5 inches bigger (the correct answer is 2.5 inches) there was a sub note mentioning that two stereotypes were hinted. 1) Asians are not all good at math 2) Not all Asians have small d*cks

please take a subscriber (me :p) with you to your hometowns. I wish I could take the food out of the screen

Ned needs to stop. Jacksonville is not fun...

I..... I love Jax so much

I can’t wait for Ned’s video because my hometown is his hometown

They're all out here like "if I was this accessible to meat cutting beef out would be way harder" and him just thinking IT IS!!!!! VEGETARIANS IN TEXAS LETS GO (I'm dying)


Jax is cooler than I ever will be, I strive to be as cool as him.


Omg I love Austin!!! It’s always such a great time! ❤️

“We pUT tHe AsS iN TeXAs” -Ned 2019 Also, why is Keith acting so high? I mean, how many cups of coffee did he have, I mean seriously

Yay!!They mentioned my town Merecedes I didn't think anyone else knew about it because it's so small

I know a family member born in Dallas Texas

I forgot Eugene is a fellow Texan fuck yes

it may be the louisiana in me but ive never found eugene more attractive in my life than in cowboy clothes

Try guys do a video on tennessee

This literally is a video about all the reasons I want to live in Austin.

keith throghed up the middle fungers lmfao rn

Just got back from Austin and it’s kind of crazy seeing you visit all the spots I went to! Haha super awesome city.

People from Texas LOVE that they are from Texas


Can you please come to jacksonville?!

Can you please come to jacksonville?!?!

Keith us just silently roasting this kid and its fantastic

this makes me actually miss Texas, but then I remembered I was from the most empty desert part of it (San Antonio had nothing where I was)

18:15 - New Orleans, Oklahoma... did I here that right?

The fashion cowboy was super cute

Why is this part of Texas so much cooler than my part??

I don't know why but Eugene is my favorite

It is the best city! It’s also my hometown! ❤️ You can take a girl out of Texas but you can’t take texas out of the girl. I hopefully get to go back for some time this summer

"Hey hey hey hello guys, how are you?" *My Drag Race Ears twitch* IS THAT CYNTHIA!! thoroughly surprised wasn't expecting her to be in this video. 10/10


By the time the brisket was done it still weighed more than me when I was born


Just when you thought Eugene couldn't get any hotter, man puts on a Stetson!

“Smells like my home town” -cow shit

24 in and 21.5 in

Dont mess with texas

Jax is amazing presenter. austin is where i would love to visit next time i'm in austin.

6:45 he is speaking the truth A girl will always love their horse than any human being in the world even family

Ugh just watching the food parts makes me wanna go out and drive the 1 1/2 hour drive into Houston for some tamales


If you want the best bbq you have to go to Lockhart

yee yee

when you realize that the try guys visited your city and you missed your chance to meet them because you never go outside .

When you guys go back to Texas you should try Home Slice or Green Mesquite

I vote Jax to be in more videos

Keith and Eugene love riding things

I live like 2 hours away from Austin and it's beautiful

It looks as if he got starved and any taste of food was the best moment in his life

I hope there's a video like this for each of their home states

You want crazy and diversity? Then come to Houston

My home town is Austin

Not to be dramatic, but I would die for Jax

the way she said barbacoa... my inner mexican is hurt

I smell the alcohol

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