THE START OF SOMETHING AWESOME | Detroit:Become Human - Part 1

THE START OF SOMETHING AWESOME | Detroit:Become Human - Part 1

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Morning. Ladies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome finally. To detroit become, human, I've been looking forward to this for a really long time I didn't know Scarlett Johansson, was in it hey. This. But I like. Your interior decorating. It. Really reflects your personality I mean, I. Like. It oh, that's. Freaky, how. Do you know it's in my house okay get out of my head which demon, um. But, I've been very excited, about this game for a very long time because it looks cool the topics that it's kind of tackling, looks really interesting. Ever. Since I played the demo of it when it came out and I really, really liked that so I thought, I want. To play the full game I want to see what the entire story is so I'm guessing we're gonna start new story. It, did ask me to pick stuff at the start it asked me to pick casual. Or experienced. I picked, experienced, because it said that that was the case of being able to lose. More characters, or the story was going to be a bit stricter, things like that I think that that's gonna be a lot more interesting, if I pick casual, I think I get a lot more do-overs, and I don't really want that I want my decisions, to be my decision so let's kick it off and start a new story, yes. Okay, let's all. Go. But. This is this is made by the same people who made heavy rain and beyond, two souls and. Their very story, driven games, very character, driven games, very, dialogue, driven games and you make all these choices and everything so I you. Know I'm a sucker for these types of games anyway especially for YouTube so I'm wondering how. Oh. Hey. It's my buddy Connor, this. Is the demo section, I didn't know what started off the game like this okay. We kind of know what we're doing here. He's. So cool. I. Like. Connor a lot. Oh. That's. Me, negotiator. Hello. I am dead negotiate, or but, you can call me Khan or. Oh. Happy. Family, Caroline. John and Emma. Don't. Worry ma'am I am here to save the day. Nothing. Back here. I'm. A real person. But. That's. The kind of conversation that I I'm saying this stuff is gonna be really fun because it's almost like. It's. Almost uh I don't know I get into it in a bit we'll just play the game to, begin with anyway, Oh, a.

Dwarf Grammy, leave. Or save I'm a saved a little little, poker. You. And me we're, the same fish we, can't feel emotions, and the, humans don't like us. Okay. Find captain out ooh but I want to look at the fish more I. Know. I can't have to save the little coral and everything but look how cute these guys are. All. Right moving on. Gentlemen. Are. We doing. You. Gain. From what I remember I have to go talk to Alan anyway before I can Helen, before, I can do anything else. What's. The sitch Kim Possible. Captain. Alan, captain. Alan my. Name is Connor the. Android sent by cyber life. It's. Firing at everything that moves it. Already shot down two of my men we. Could easily get it but they're on the edge of the balcony if. It falls, she. Falls. Demons. Name deviance behaviour emotional, shock the activation code, do. You know its name I. Haven't. Got a clue, does it matter, I need information to determine the best approach. Do, you know if it's been behaving strangely before. This. Listen. Saving. That kid is all that matters that's. Why that you deal with this fucking Android now I'll. Take care of it, yeah. You've been doing a great job so far. But. This is this is what I'm talking about they call, the Android, and it, because. It. Technically, has like no gender, no personality, it's just a robot. And, the. Treat treat them as lesser citizens, so. It almost has like like. A racial. Feel to it as well and I think that that's going to open up a lot of interesting story, arcs and story choices, and everything and. I'm always curious to see how far games go with that and how seriously, they take it and how they implemented, and video, games are a good medium for this type of stuff. Also. I've been in Detroit now now we know what Detroit looks like I know. What the people are like I know what the place looks like I know everything about it well, the street. That I was on not. Everything. Okay. He. Stole the gun he's, a buddy's a bad guy. Deviant. Took the father's gun sure did. It's. Bad Android, what was this name Daniel. Okay. I'm at a fifty percent success rate. And. I'm going for the hundo okay.

I Want to go into the girls room. Excuse. Me gentlemen I'm just going to visit the little girl's room, oh that's. A frickin teddy bear. All. Right play this sucker. Hi. Daniel. This. Is a joke my humor setting is at 65%. Alright, I want to do this properly, when. I was doing the demo of it I was kind of dicking around but, I want to make sure that I do this right I want to make sure but. Can I save Daniel. Walking. On sunshine. Music. School I mean not, only does the game look amazing. But it sounds, great too. Like. There's a lot of time and effort gone into the craft of this game. Also. Connor is my dude. Connors. The man. Robot. Man but the man under less. Haha. Call. Me the negotiator. From now on that's what I want to be known as. Check. These holes in you I. Mean. You might be dead but at least you're aerodynamic. Reconstruct. This bad boy. As. You dropped a. IPad. Right. There. It is. When. Guardium, Leviosa. All. Right so atmospheric and vibey. It's. 9 grand, for a robot. That's. So cheap I mean don't, get me wrong, Jesus. Oh. Nuts. Okay, don't get me wrong 9 grand that's a lot of money but, for a full, robot. Do. You realize how much it is just to get those Boston dynamic, dog, things to work. I'll. Save me Buddha I. Gotta. Check the dead man's. Salt. Canned Allen. Hope. If you're gonna assault you're gonna a pepper too. Ding. Ding show. Me where the gun is sir. As. I said this is all stuff that we've done already, so, that's why I'm able to like blast through it so. I kind of know what's happening. So. He got Emma and then. The first responder, got in shot, him hurt him damaged, him that. He himself got shot and his gun went over there okay. 69%. You. Know what that means. Huh. Not enough yet. I'm. Gonna, take the gun. Now. Cuz I want to use it but because I want to use it as a bargaining chip if, I take the gun, show. That I have it tell him the truth that I have it and then toss it away then he might be more inclined, to listen. To me to believe me. And. Trust. Me. Okay. Your casserole is burned that's fine. Family's. About to have dinner and they. Did have dinner but they ate a dinner, of lead. What. The perp didn't, know is that the negotiator. Was, on side this. Is. America's. Craziest. Car chases, oh. She. Got blood on our Yeezys. This. Music is awesome. Where, are you going look. Okay. Controls. Are ass. Oh Emma. P no. Hay, hostage located. Lights. I'm. Going, out. Don't. Come any closer, jump. I've. Come to get you out of this. I'm. Here to help them motherfuckers, go away. Oh my. God you're making things so much worse. That's. Even blowing the water over the pool that's cool. Cam. Okay. It's, going back up. Are you armed. Yes, I have. Some arms. Bargaining. Chip. There. No more gun to get some percent out of that that's good. Possible. Cause. But, I was just there to. Suddenly. Get throw away when you're done okay. Calm, down I know. You and Emma were very close. You. Think she betrayed you but she's done nothing wrong, she lied, to me I. Thought. She loved me. But, I was wrong, Daniel, come down bro he's just like all the other students. But. Daddy'll, know. Sympathetic. Listen. These. Emotions, are feeling are just errors, in your software, no. It's. Not my fault I, never. Wanted this I. Love. Them you. Know. But. I was nothing, to them just. A slave to be ordered, around. And I can't stand that noise anymore. Tell. The helicopter, to get out of here get. Out of here dudes. Give, me those percents. Yes. Trust. You. Have to trust me Daniel, let, the hostage go and I promise, you everything will be fine, we're getting close and. I, want a car when. I'm outside the city I'll let her go. That's. Not gonna work. That's. Impossible Daniel. Let, the girl go and I, promise, you won't be hurt. They don't want to die, none. Of us who. Reassure. We're. Not going to just, going to talk yeah. You, have my word. Okay, I. Trust. You. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Daniel. No I'm sorry. You, lie to me come. That's, so good. I like, that it's a software, instability. Does that mean that. I'm. Starting, to feel stuff now. Whoo-hoo, oh, we, get to see the flowchart. Let's. See, cuz this is where you see everything, that I, clicked. Through, it oh, well. We had seen that before anyway. So. Everything after this now is all completely, new to me. Well. This. Is the time. There's. Daniel in the background. He's. In the middle of the window. See this, is exactly. How. Much did you say it cost at. The moment we're doing a special promotion on this eight thousand, dollars for an entire, row buying with, that sort of AI the 48 months interest-free, credit and. It, comes with a two year warranty for, parts and labor.

Plumbing. Gardening, repair. He's. A cute one it switches to surveillance. Mode contacts, emergency, services as opposed to break in or if it detects smoke how, much is that one. Oh wait. There's being sold androids buy Androids. That's. Weird this oh hey. It's, a bit difficult getting it back his working order okay it, was really, messed up. The. Car, stupid. Accident. See. Anyway. It's as good as new now except, that we had to reset it meaning. We had to wipe its memory I hope, you don't mind I'll be fine, okay. Did, you give it a name my, daughter dated a. X400. Register. Your name. Quorra. My. Name is Cara yay. Oh. Caryn's was, the one that was in the tech, demo. They. Had like a video. That they showed off like their new game that they were going to do and the new technologies, they were using and everything and Cara. Was one of them. Let's. Go whoo Clancy Brown is in this I didn't know that. Clancy. Brown is mr.. Krabs. What. A beautiful game. I'm. Also curious because. Obviously it takes place in Detroit and, I'm. Curious why, they, chose Detroit. From. What I understood, when I was there, I, learned that Detroit, was a big automotive, place, years. And years and years ago like one of the bigger hubs for. Cars, and manufacturing. And everything and it was like a huge, big. Up-and-coming. City and then, everything. Kind of fell apart I don't know I don't really know Hawaii. And. Like. The the economy sort of destabilized, there so, I'm curious if that's why they picked it for this. I'm, asked my job because of androids, oh well. That's. That's. Like reality, now. But. Because of robots but just because of automation. Written. And directed by David cage. Okay. So, to get the boys Karen L. Oh No. Now we get to plays the other guy. Who's. Portrayed. By Jesse Williams. Who. What. A handsome man. Man. All the androids are out doing all the gardening, and everything. And. They're, helping the man oh this is, weird. Future. Shh. I have a secret but I'll never tell Oh. The. Books are like tablets.

Ah Bizarre, climate. Change of how the environment is changing American society Miami to heightened sea wall by, further 10 meters. So. In this world climate, change is like. Destroying. Society I mean it's happening. In society now but like they're, actually taking measures here a. Recent. US census has found that at sea, levels as sea. Levels continue, to rise and climate change leads to more and more extreme. Weather America's, once prosperous, coastal cities are being deserted by the rich water. Side real estate in one stop attractions, like Miami in Los Angeles are experiencing. Fright flight with, wealthy residents opting, for properties, further inland, or at higher altitudes, huh. Interesting. Man look how pretty this is. Maybe. The thing is you oh I can. Interesting. Hello. Sir oh oh. Hi. Are. You jogging with your Android. You. Have run 12 months, and a five miles away from your goal. Oh that's. Weird, so. His. His. AI his Android was like his personal, assistant. It's. So bizarre cuz now, we already have stuff that like like the Nike running app or the there's. Like a pair of headphones that you can put on that has like an AI in it that helps you with your tracking and everything but I never thought about having an actual. Personified. AI follow, you around that, never gets tired or anything to, have like your water for you. It's. Kind of creepy in a way. It's. All lit up. Wow, I. Didn't. Get to it no got games reasonable, I didn't get to see much of Detroit, when I was there so I don't know if everything, is completely, accurate but I. Assume. It's fairly accurate whoa. Bellini. Paints is not this way oh that's. Kind of cool. Because. A lot of games struggle with their UI is to try and figure out a way of keeping the player where they want them and this actually makes sense because of course the, AI software, in the Android, would. See stuff like this, and. See. Like objective, markers or anything. That's. Neat. Okay. I want to search around I want to see everything there is to see this. Is very pretty. Officer. We. Have an Android, police officer. Oh that's. Interesting. Hello. Somebody. Else at high as I said hello being basin. What, is this that's. Just a delivery truck. Okay. I have, to go get paint. Apparently. Oh. Yes. Sing it dude. Human. Music $1 to hear music with soul. Human. Music I like. It oh. I. Would kill for a hot dog Oh.

Protest. But. Me knee pains is not the same okay I'm guessing, I have to move forward. This. Is neat oh they have little drones carrying, around packages. Let's. Go down here. To. Be led astray by, these these, artificial. Demons, why. Do you look at me so demon, I, know. I. Can. See through you. You. Are the one by whom the evil will come, you. Are the one who will destroy Detroit. Damn. I. Didn't even do anything I. Never. Even thought about the religious, aspects, that would be dragged into this kind of story. Cuz. It's also I. Know. III want to like actually played the game instead of getting bogged down and all my, chatter. What. Movies are playing and. Uh, maverick. After. Mankind, 3021. Invasion. Breakin. The target, is this these gonna all be actual, movies. Wait. What. Hi. Sir. Wait. Where's Bellini paints oh. It's. Right here oh, my. Bed. Ollivanders. Can. I pick out my wand. Identification. Verified. Here. Is your order number eight four seven that, would be $63.99. Please. Confirm, payment. Payment. Confirmed. Transaction. Complete. Weird. Oh. That's. So bizarre, I'm. Like a post mates delivery boy accept. Everything is automated, it's like. Because. This is what's interesting because right now we have stuff like the Google home and the Amazon alexa and everything and. You. Can order stuff through them and just get your Alexa to order you stuff and get it sent to your house without. Ever having to like click on stuff yourself and. That's. Basically what this is but in a personified. Like, human, body form, and. I. Never thought to think of it like that because it's even a case when I tell Alexa, to like turn off the lights or Alexa to play music or something I feel bad not saying please or thank you sometimes even. Though it's just a piece of software and it doesn't have feelings or anything but that's the thing, would. You actually be like that if you met. Robots. Or Androids like that that had faces, and. The. More you see the more used to the androids you get and seeing, their faces around and knowing that they don't have emotions that, search does suck the actual humanity, out of people, and. I think that that's going to be a really interesting thing in the game to see how people react because. The. More androids you see around the place that you don't have to be courteous to because they don't have feelings to get upset the, more you'll start treating other actual. Humans, like that. Okay. Which camera angles that's cool. Thanks. And. It was the same like as the dude was running, after the guy jogging, and he gave him his water he just like threw the water back to him I kept running because. Technically. He doesn't have to be nice to the robot because it's doesn't, have feelings or anything like that it's, not gonna get upset if he's not it's they're doing a service. But. I don't know if I could do that because I, know I am thighs with things too easily. It's. Interesting and. It's. Something that's kind of not. Completely. Outside the realm of reality. This. Game it's very pretty. Wait. Where am I going. Take. Bus, home okay. Android. Temporary, parking oh. That's. What they were doing in the little cutscene. That's. Weird. Everything's, weird. Don't. Need an Android need money, for food. You. Could eat the Android oh. Now. I have to walk past the protest. I'm. Assuming they're not gonna like me oh. Shit. It's Jake Gyllenhaal's ego again.

Okay. Hey. Guys check it out we got all those tin cans here. Look. At this little motherfucker steal. Our jobs but you can't even stand up I I. Can, stand up. Jesus. You. Job stealer. You. Call it work we're, gonna fuck your bitch ass and, waste. It do it. Alright. It's. Enough, it. Alone let. Us teach this bastard a lesson. Damage it I'm gonna have to find you. You, take your job next. Let's, go. I mean, he, already there was already, an. Android. Police, officer, over there. And. That is a, weird. Thing to think about as well as what if what, if the androids, were, the, police force, how. Stringent would they be on rules, and who do they determine, is. Doing wrong and right and all that kind of stuff because that we also I did a little lamb and a, little quiz thing a while ago on smart. Cars and AI in smart Carson who, would save if what was going down a highway and stuff was in front of it. Anyone. Here. No. Entry for purchased, Androids. So. This this games a lot like, iRobot. What if Will Smith is going to show up. Hmm. Well. It's kinda creepy looking. Oh God. The androids, are segregated. This, my. Mind immediately goes because recently I watched. On. A flight, on the way home I watched hidden figures, the, movie about, the women, working. In NASA and trying to get equal. Rights and trying to show that they can do the work as well and everything fantastic. Movie I loved that movie I would highly recommend it but it reminded me of that because in the. Movie there was segregated, areas, for like colored, bathrooms, and colored, areas, that only colored, people could work in and that's. Basically. What this is kind of like is that the androids. And the. Humans don't get along so that's what I'm saying it's almost like a racial topic it's. Like we've gone a certain degree with, equal. Rights, still. A long way to go in humanity. In general these days but, then you go further and then you bring in these androids, and tamas like you regress, as you progress kind, of thing so, these types of topics are what's really, interesting to me and I'm always curious how. Video. Games handle, them and how media, handles, them and everything because. It's just a I know. It's it's a fascinating topic to get into when it's an important discussion to kind of bring up and. All this AI stuff and everything is something, that's gonna happen, in the future and, then like, in this I'm, assuming there's gonna be a section where we talk, about like. Android. Rights things. Like that so, that'll be interesting to see. What. I miss. Out on ah bummer. I. Got. Most stuff now that's important. I'm, now we're back to Kara. Chara's. In the car. Pretty, sure this is where Pennywise lives. This. Games got some fantastic music. Whoa. Oh. My. God that's coming gorgeous, shut. Up I'm appreciating, join Todd screw you Todd. The. Depth of field effect is, really. Really, nice to look at. Rebuild. North Corktown. A better place to live. It. Seems like they're building a highway oh. Yeah. It's in the background as well. Hmm. All. Right I'm coming in. You. Bring all for two weeks so the place is a mess. You. Do the housework the washing, you cook the meals and you take care of. Goddamnit. Where the fuck's the brat gone now. Alice. Alice. Oh. You. Look after her homework. Bath all that crap she's just sitting there, got it desktop. Get. Started down here then you do upstairs oh. This. Is not a happy household is it, hold. Are to scan your environment oh. Man. I have to do work, click. Dishes, activate, vacuum, cleaner check, the backyard. Yep. There it is it's out there oh. Man. Okay. Gotta go to work work all day. Hi. Alice. Tied phone, yeah. Baby. Depends, of what you need no. I don't trust Todd. Yeah. Yeah I can, get that. Yeah. It's. Time to drug dealer. All. Right dishes. Whoa. So. She scanned, the dishwasher, and found a component missing and just immediately, ordered it, Oh. Future. Oh. I. Get. To wash the dishes mommy oh. Yeah. Epic. Gameplay. Hi, Alice. Are, you off in Wunderland. Nope. She's gone sorry bad joke. I'll. Try harder next time I swear. Scrub. Scrub scrub. As, a cute little draft boy yes hot bring me a cold beer. Succeed. Kara. Bring. Daddy a beer is thirsty, I want, to watch the game. Yes. Todd. I'm. Sorry, Todd I'm afraid, I can't do that oh. My. God he actually is watching, the game here. Todd. I. Want. To watch the game, this. Blaine Seahawks, Canada. Get. The fuck out of here. Get. The fuck out of here. Jesus. Todd. Sucks, oh. Let. Me Roomba. Hey. Look at him go. You, couldn't have done this Todd. That. Was a mess, let's stop that right now. Jeepers. Christ. Almighty Todd. Collect. Trash in trash bin okay can I put Todd in there. Todd. Is absolute. Garbage. Go. Look at all the pizza boxes. Takeouts. Plates. Cans. Beer. Pizza. Boxes over here. Although.

Todd I must say pizza and beer, nice. Choice. Prayer. For you being human garbage we'd probably get along pretty well, I don't. Like hockey though. It's, also weird to think that the. Like. Of course you have Roombas and everything to go around your house and vacuum. And all that but. It's weird to think to have an actual like fully grown, human AI, Android. To do the cleaning around the house. Feels. Like you can you can hire people to come and clean your house and all that kind of stuff, obviously, in reality. But when you have. An. Android doing it you don't really have to be nice to it. So. Just seeing the interactions. It's, interesting, and. All their like vehicles like, the bosses and transportation, are all self-driving. It seems. Which. That I can see happening, very very soon in reality, within, like the next 10 years with. The advancements, in electric, cars and AIS and all that stuff oh. Babe. Are. You doing. Oh god. Are you blazing. The, hell is that oh my god. What. The hell is that. Todd's. Over here getting this soul sucked out by a Dementor. Okay. I'm gonna check the backyard hello, little rumba friend. Can. We all agree that father-of-the-year should go to todd. Take. Down laundry, okay. Wonder. If the machinery out there is all, automated. As well. The. Stuff in the background. Hey, Alice. Rewash. Laundry no I want to talk to a dog over here. What's. Going on dog. Game, backyard. Weather school. Let's. Go play a game. Would. You like to play a game. I'd. Like to play a game. No. Okay. You, like playing out here. Poor. Alice. I'm sure I'm not missing anything. It's, not Todd getting high off his own supply in their. House. Like he's jerking off. Man, it's amazing what a depth of field effect will do to visuals. That's. Very impressive. What. Do we have to rewash, the laundry. It's. Cuz Tod so filthy that I have to wash his shit, twice. That. Good one me. Put. Down. Don't, eat it. Red. Ice acetone lithium. Theory. Um oh. Jesus. Nervous. You. Stay the fuck out of my business unless, you want to piss me off.

You. Want to piss me off. Todd, fucking, socks. Her. Little blinky light went red too because she was in danger. See. If there's anything else to find around here. So. That's the stuff he was doing then red ice. Two. Things in here report to Todd I. Guess. That's the only thing, oh. Damn. It Todd you're not stuff down. Space. Is lovely and keen a second ago. Could. You not. Could. You not make those sounds, I talked. To Alice again. What's, she doing, are. You looking at. As, you playing a game on an iPad. They. Tied you the way for fuck's sake I'm sorry God cannot, happen again. Maybe, you did start down here I'll, head upstairs do. What you have to do but stop bothering, me. Yeah. You. Just keep being the winner that you are Todd. Clean. Bathroom, tidy toss room tidy Alice's, room okay Alice. I'm gonna make your room. Spotless. It's. Gonna be so good. You're. Gonna forget all about Todd. Who. Could really don't like that he keeps making that sound. All. Sports, no. Tick. Addict, that. Might be fun to read considering, the game that we're in the. Price of life when a driverless vehicle, foresees an accident the car's computer makes life-and-death decisions. Hey this is what I was talking about for, example deciding. Which of two pedestrians. To hit but the exact process by which cars make these decisions is not very well understood Martin. For long of crown, cars tries, to clarify in these situations, the cars imaging, system gathers. Data to determine the pedestrians, age gender, life expectancy, etc, and the blink of an eye this. Data is passed through the public record to determine marital. Status employment, record life expectancy, and whether they have children the Kara then assigns a value to. Each possible, victim based on criteria like, their contribution, to society we put a premium on lives that, will save other lives like, doctors and nurses. All. This, may sound very reasonable but Felix gamble head of the anti automation, Lee the AAL, says, the system has no right to make such judgments, somebody, with a criminal record is not necessarily, less valuable to society than, a doctor that, kind of information is irrelevant to the sanctity of human life but. For long dismisses. Such claims we, want our cars to make the best possible choices, and that means acting, on the basis of all the information they can gather the, more the better and, this. Is it this is a fascinating, conversation because, this is something that we're going to have to do eventually. As a car is barreling down street it doesn't know it. Just detects, a body and, it's. Up to us to put in place rules to say well should, it swerve, out of the way to. Avoid them and then move on but then if it swerves out of the way and there's somebody else there then it has to make a decision on. Who. To avoid and who to hit and kind of thing. Or. Does the car just keep going down the street anyway and. Regardless. Of who's in front of it it just plows through and, it's. A scary conversation, to have and it's for people who are far smarter than I am but. It. Is something to consider and, then. When you start putting value, on people's lives. It. Starts to get a bit creepy it's like a black mirror episode. Sicut. Our dog can I play it I, can, only clean it up. Sick. Fender, bra you play you. Play some music did, what's, your favorite bad yo, how, many songs can you but how many chords do you know. Hmm. Oh. Jesus. You've, unlocked a dialogue or action, often beneficial, ooh. So. That'll come in handy when something has to go down knowing, that there's a gun in the house it, also said that he was taking antidepressants. And, that. It contains an ingredient that causes mood disorders, oh my god that's creepy. Switch. On TV oh. You. Don't even have to press a button.

That. Sports. Boo. Boo, cartoons. Like. Ooh boo. That's. Kind of cool. 37. And a half percent unemployment. That's. Crazy. Wow. Really, living the life here Todd. Bottles. A shit everywhere. Though. I guess your living habits reflect. Who, you actually are as a person, human. Garbage. This. Place looks way nicer now though. You're. Welcome. Ventilate. Oh. God, I hit my mic, with the controller. Where's, that. So, the nudie magazine. There's, stuff from a bank there I think. Anything. Else left just, that book again. Pushing. Downstairs do it I know. You can't hurt human life it's probably in your coding and everything I think we make an exception for Todd. You. Should even have to go in and clean all your shit stains. There's. No brush big enough for you Todd. Seen. Bathroom okie dokie arranged. Bottles. What. I. Feel. Pretty oh, so, pretty I, feel, pretty and witty and. Android. Oh. These, bottles. Who's. Here there's, a snorkel. Oh that's. Cute that means whenever she takes a bath she sticks her head under the water like she's underwater and in the ocean. Mop. Floor, okay. Oh yeah. This. Is, game play. Running. Mopping floors in real life was that easy. Okay. I think, I've done everything, so far right, tidy, Alice's room clean restroom. This. Is something left to unlock. You. Just want to tidy up your room I, only. Need two minutes is that okay house oh. That's. A cool little fort, oh. She's. Actually reading, Alice in Wonderland of. Course. That's, cute. Look, at the little drawings in the wall. Whatcha, readin, seems. You like reading. I want, to look at her drawings. Cute. What do you Alice. Alice. You're a bright young China why do you have two sons. Are. We on Tatooine, or something Alice come on, you're. Better than this. Poor, girl. Do, you live alone with, your dad uh. He. Sucks. Okay, if the ventilate room but not maybe not yet I. Want. A little fort like that Oh. What's. This. Secrets. Alright. Ventilate. Room Alice I hope. You don't mind ventilation, in progress ventilation, activating. Ventilation. Complete. Apparently. Seeing, that there's a Ledge there is gonna be pertinent. Later on okay talk to Alice. Kneel. Before your God. Let's, be friendly I'm sure we used to be friends before I was reset. Maybe. We can be friends again. Your, father said you chose my name. Cara, it's. Nice how. Did you choose it. Wow. Talkative. You. Should tell me about yourself what. You like to do where you like to go your, favorite foods that. Would really help me. You're, very quiet I hope. I don't scare you. No. God I do. Who. Trusted. Path unlocked what she give me. Oh a, key, to the box. Okay, excuse me mr. book I got. A secrets. Aw. Treasures. Alice. Wonderland, treasures. No. Gotta. Have your clover with you could our latest look. Oh. Matt, Todd looks so different there but. They, lose their mom. Her. Mom. Oh she. Is blood coming out of her head. It's, the Todd. Or some. Dude who likes selling cocaine. To children. That's, me. Oh Jesus. So, Todd hurt Alice and then. Kara stood up her and Todd. Beat. The shit out of her Kara. Cuz. He said she got hit by a car and you, could tell that that wasn't true cuz it just didn't, seem like the. Truths at the time. That's. Intense I like as well how you could see that her thing, was yellow showing that she's like learning or taking in information but, it was flashing red like. She sensed danger. Nothing. Else here to, ask Todd, for new instructions. It's. Cool. I'm. Back taro. What. Are you doing oh no, I'm. Please. I know, what you're thinking. Think your dad's a little life, don't. Do it I'd fuckin loser mmm-hmm. Can't get a job take, care of his family. Don't. You think I tried to make things work. But. Whatever I do when someone comes along they just fuck, it all up.

No. Don't, no don't you fucking dare you piece of shit. I'm. Sorry I'm. Sorry. You, know if you don't you, you. Know I love you. Oh. Seeing. Parents be shit to their kids is like a big, no-no, for me oh. I. Missed something. Clean. First-floor I missed. Something here. Hmm. I did, get these though the. Yellow ones so, it's cool to see that the stuff you unlock like. The very important, stuff shows. Up with something different so, hopefully. The stuff I missed isn't anything. Too. Worthwhile. Hey. My boys back. Where's. Connor I miss, Connor. Holy. Shit that's a nice house. Marcus. Also. That's. Cool. What. Everything here like the technology is cool but it's also creepy, when you really think about it it's like there's, a thing. Called Amazon, key I think. Where you. Get a smart, lock for your door and Amazon, employees, can unlock it and then leave your package inside and then relock. Your door which, I just think is like oh god, no I'm not letting anybody inside my house ooh. Who's, a pretty boy who's. A pretty boy. It's. My house. Take. Care of Carol, wait Carol upstairs, I. Could. Look at all that downstairs there, is oh. My. God even the birds are Androids. Oh. I'm. So busy thinking, about humans, versus androids, that I never thought even about the. Possibility. Of animal, androids. No. That means there's some like Android, puppies, going around I don't want to think about that. Todd. That's that's, the creepiest, thing so far Oh slighty. Door oh. God. Camera Oh. Food. Big. Old pot of coffee oh I, shouldn't pick this up oh. I. Never take it as a dining table I thought. I was stuck with it. My. God, this is a fancy house. Karl. This. Is your TV. Dude. This place is dope. You've. Even got a giraffe in your house. It's. Blocking the steps, but. Where. Do you want to go Marcus. Where does your heart want to flutter free. No. Hey. Cute. I, just saw giraffes recently. Before. We went on tour we went to the zoo I. Love. Giraffes are so cute, giraffes, hippos, elephants. Nothing. Else to look at. Pia. Pia piano piano. Piano oh. They. Didn't. Enter done. I'm. Supposed to be waking up Carol upstairs and I'm just walking, around his entire house. Whoa. Carol's. House is awesome. Oh. Yeah. No it makes perfect sense why I got paint, he's. An artist. Wait. There was something else to do at this table. Clean. Freaking. Carol keeping the place all dirty who. Does he think he, is. This. House is awesome, whoa look at the garden. On. The graphics in this game are very very. Well done. Even. To the point where like the slit through the glass, is, slightly different than everything else around it. Damn. Quantic. Dream. Do. You want to paint Marcus. That's. An interesting topic if, an. Android. Could paint something. Because. Of a lot of art is like. Imagination. Or interpretation. So. Would. An Android actually be able to draw something I. Mean. Obviously be able to copy something but would it be able to like think. Up of something. Something. New. Because. Obviously an AI doesn't, have imagination. I don't. Even know if it has creativity. Or anything like that I think. I got everything. Also. The lighting in this game is very very nice, like. From, the the chandelier. Glass. Balls, the little crystals to. The the, banister. Reflections. To. The marble to like the the. Translucency. Of the skin and the subsurface, scattering that's, going on on his face. It's. Highly, impressive. Everything. Actually feels like the texture it is. Beautiful. Ooh. I. Don't look at the skeleton bones. It's. A leopleuradon. Charlie. Wait. Where the hell is this house. This door down here. Hey. Where the hell is this room. Good. Morning, Carl. Good. Morning Carl yeah. It's. 10 a.m. the. Weather is partly cloudy 54. Degrees, 80%. Humidity with a strong, possibility of, afternoon, showers it. Sounds like a good day to spend in bed I. Know. That actor dude go to pick up the paint that you ordered. Can't. Remember who his name what his name is but oh yes. Of a condom that is. The difference between you, and me right Marcus. You. Never forget anything I. Must. Be an elephant also. I'm not too, keen on my. Camera and my. Like. I wanted to move the camera left but you can't because you have to take the thing like, anything I'm not too keen on it both being the same button. No. Thank. You I. Just. Opened my eyes and I'm already gritty Mike -. He. Was a sister fragile, machine. They. Break down so quickly all.

This, Effort, to. Keep him going. Me. What. Happened you closed oh it's. Nothing just some demonstrators, in the streetcar. What. A bunch of idiots hmm. They. Think they can stop progress, by roughing, up a few Androids, I. Hope. They didn't harm you no, no no they. Just pushed me around Carl I'm. Fine he. Has a really, cool voice the, Carol dude I'll, take you to the bathroom now. They. Didn't hurt you did they. Very. Deep gruff. Voice I like it. Also. In this sense. Androids. Are really nice. If. Old people had someone there to take care of them that. Doesn't get like stressed out or exhausted. Or. Go through emotional, distress. But. They all people don't have to feel embarrassed going to the bathroom in front of that's, really nice. Especially. If they have someone there to. Talk to and listen to and just regale. Stories, to and. Someone. Who's not going to get bored of it. Anything. Special on the agenda today yes. There's the opening of your retrospective. At the Museum of Modern Art the. Gallery director left four messages asking. To confirm your attendance I. Haven't. Decided yet. We'll. See about that later, what. Else. Just. Your usual fan mail I've already answered. Yeah. We. Know. I can. Call him if you like no. No. I don't bother. It. Was Leo. Imagine. If your Android just, started doing this. Oh. We. Have fun here. I made. You breakfast, I'm starving. Well. Your breakfast is ready, bacon, and eggs just the way you like them thank you Marcus you are I. Imagine. An Android cooking you food the food it'd be perfect, every time, on. That make you such good stuff and you wouldn't have to cook it yourself, spending. So much time getting it wrong. Man. You feat television. Oh. Good. Dirty bean water Oh mine's, all gone mine's. Empty I. Want. Some dirty beans. Why. Don't you find something to do when I finish my breakfast. Okay. Hmm. What. Could we do when we play piano again that's. A cool TV, find. Something to do a piano book. Or. Something over here ooh let's. Play chess. As. A weird chess set. Wait. It. Allowed, me to look at it and it unlocked, one of them so I want to see what other options, there are. My. Heart's kind of set on chess. So. I can't really play it on my own. Does. That put you analyst a Quantic, Dream on it I. See. I can't manipulate the camera now when I go over to her because it's gonna make me play it what. Was this. Books. Read. A book or oblique chess I did. The other things already. Sit. Down. You. Gonna play against yourself. Fancy. Game of chess. Sure. Yeah, speech. S speech. As it is speech. S oh. Um. I'ma. Win let's, fuck this old man up. And. That's what I call a thorough, beating, it's not easy for an old man to compete with the machines, I don't beat yourself up Carol.

Well. I know you, don't like losing and you don't like when I let you win so I felt they didn't. Have many choices true. We, humans are complicated. One. Day I won't be here to take care of you anymore. You'll. Have to protect yourself and, make. Your choices. Decide. Who you are, and. Want to become. This. World doesn't like those who are different Marcus, don't. Let anyone tell you who you should be. Damn. Straight Carol, let's. Go to the studio. I, like. That mentality good for you. Although. Can, an Android actually do, something after their owner is, dead. Or. Did it just get recommissioned, and. Reassigned. But. Damn straight, the, world doesn't like you when you're different. But. A lot. Of the world doesn't like you when you conform either so, why. Not be different why not do the thing you want to do and. Screw. The world just. Be what you want to be. Other. Ways you could spend years conforming. To what society wants, and still end up unhappy. So. Why not do something that makes you happy and risk. It and live, a little also, that's, awesome. Remove. The shoe, oh. You're. Drawing a big boy. Wow. Oh I, already cleaned the studio whoops, that's. A cool picture. Look. At him go. That's. A nifty machine, you got there Carl. It's. Nothing for me to do. Carol. I don't got nothing to do I did it all I'm. Too good at my job. Cara. What should I do just wait I. Guess. So. So. What's. Your verdict Marcus. Its. Trash I, like. It I think it's cool yes there, is something about it hmm. Something. I can't, quite. Define, I. Guess. I like it mm-hmm. The truth is I have nothing left to say anymore. Each. Day that goes by it, brings me closer to the end I'm just, an old man and clinging to his brushes. Carl. But. Enough about me. Let's. See if you have any Talent. Give. It a try, painting. Something we, get to see my question but. Would i painting. What anything. You want, give. It a try. This. Is exactly what I was talking about. Paint. Of a storm. Find, a subject to paint. Ain't, Carol's painting no that's just, plagiarizing. Paint. Statue. Paint. Desk. Let's. Paint the desk. That's. Weird, do you think it's just like a printer. Like. Sony and iRobot just. That. Is a perfect, copy. Of, reality. The. Painting, is not about. Replicating. The world it's about interpreting, and proving on it showing. Something, you see. Carl. I don't think. I can do that it's not in my program, go. On go, try, grab that canvas, oh. I. See. Does. The robot man have, an imagination, tune, in next week on Detroit. Become. Human. Close, your eyes close. Your eyes. Trust. Me, come. On tin can man. Try. To imagine something that doesn't, exist something, you've never seen. Now. Concentrate. When how it makes you feel and. Let. Your hand drift across the canvas. Android's. Humanity. And identity. I. Make. Him draw identity, because, I think Oh. Androids, despair, doubts prisoner. If. That stuff is there that means it's already kind of in his head let's. Draw Androids I want I want to see what his interpretation. Of. Who. Or what he is, will be. Doing. The thing. Here. We go Jesus this, touchpad is all broken. Squish. Squish squish squish squish brush, brush brush paint paint paint paint. Which, paint marecus. Damn. Hi. Hey. Dad. You. Know well. That's leo I. Didn't. Hear you come in I was in the neighborhood, I thought I'd stop by, it's.

Been A while right. You. All right. You. Know looks so good oh yeah yeah I'm fine. Listen. I, need, some cash that he's. Drugged Disney, again. What. Happened to the money I just gave you. Your. Honor about, you no, no, no, I swear it's not that don't, lie to me leo what difference does making some cash, that's all. Sorry. The. Answer's no, what. Why, you, know why. Yeah. Yeah I think I do know why. You'd. Rather you'd, rather take care of your plastic, toy here than your own son Hey. Tell, me that what's what's it got that I don't, smarter. More. Obedient, not, like me right it's got clean veins for sure, she's not your son, it's. A fucking, pussy Leo, that's, enough. Enough. You. Don't care about anything zip yourself in your goddamn paintings. You've. Never loved anyone you, never loved me dad. You, never loved me. Hmm. Oh. We. Did it. 56%. Completed. Oh. Man. Was. I miss I. Miss. Some stuff at the start. Activate. Birds there was two of the things at the start. So, breakfast it did play chess, oh. These. Ones that was obviously gonna miss cuz this play chess play piano or read book and then the outcomes. From. Those will, determine the two middle ones. And. Then. Oh yeah and then interpret, eight interpreting. My, own painting, was, the other one so I was. Obviously not, gonna get everything on the first try. That's. Fine it's, all about curving your own path and sticking. With it and I'm happy with the way things are going for now but I'm, gonna leave this episode here this, first episode of the game this game is awesome I like this a lot so far I like. These types of games anyway but this one is really well done the visuals, are outstanding, the. The acting, and it is is really good the voice acting, is really good the, sound design is really nice like they're the, soundtrack, and everything there's a lot of care and a lot of detail got into it and, I like how, things are progressing I like that I have liked well. So far I have like three different characters, that I'm playing as and each one is coming. To their own understanding, of who and what they are what humanity, is in their, own scenarios, so. Connor. Went through it brutally. He went through it like, showing. How, humans. Treat androids, and how androids, treat humans back to, the extremes, to the fact that they're killing each other. Kara. Was finding out the, minutiae of humanity. On a smaller, scale between, familial. Relationships, and. Marcus. Is also figuring that but he's also figuring, out through creativity. So. I'm interested to see where these things will go and Americus, obviously, well. It seems like his caretaker. Is gonna, die soon. And, then, it's up to America's to figure out who or what he wants to become after that so very very, interesting some really neat topics, that are being discussed and I hope that they go full, force at them and I hope that they actually. I. Hope. They actually go into them and figure out the, ins and outs of everything like that because I'm very interested to see how they handle different. Scenarios, but so far like, it a lot for now thank, you guys so much watching this episode if you liked it punch. That like button in the face oh, you. Pause and, I, face a rope. I'm. Sorry, Dave, I'm afraid. I can't, do that.

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Incredibly excited to start this series! I think it's going to be really fun to see what happens. I know I'm slightly late to the game by Let's Play standards so PLEASE be aware of spoilers in the comments and try not to ruin the game for those of us just now getting to it. Also since this is a choice based game I will likely make SOME choices that you don't like and since many of you likely know many outcomes already, please remember that I don't so I will be making choices as I see fit one way or another as the game goes on. Let's have fun with this :D

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sa finally what

jacksepticeye are you going to upload the letsplay of this game everyday? BECAUSE I LOVE IT! ❤

jacksepticeye I had to pause the video to tell you that I watched the movie ik they called them colored but that movie took place a long time ago this is 2018-2019 nothing wrong with saying black


jacksepticeye this game is awesome! You are awesome! Anyone reading this is awesome!

ha ha very funny best youtuber ever and funniest youtuber ever hope you put this in reading YouTube comments p.s SCREW YOU BILLY!! and Speed IS KEY!!!!!!

jacksepticeye I think what you meant to say was black not colored don't call black people colored I find it annoying love you jack but no

AngelHeart Thurman How? Lol

jacksepticeye less rambling, more playing the game

jacksepticeye Jack all I have to say is be peace full always

God you must keep playing, I love this already. The game really tugs on the heartstrings doesn't it, I mean, if some of the moments between Kara and Alice, or Carl and Marcus lasted any longer, some tears might have been shed. I love that you're striving for completion and be as wonderful, sympathetic, and caring in game as you are in real life. Good Luck, and Happy Gaming.

jacksepticeye are you coryxkenshin friend

jacksepticeye. I like I

jacksepticeye pleaseee jack I need more


jacksepticeye part 2 tomorrow?

That’s all good I’m new to this too! I have heard about it a couple of times, but I’m still excited to watch this series as well.

Sally face episode 3

I LOVE this game!!!! Please play more!! Can’t wait!!

jacksepticeye Alice is a Android

What if you go to the harbor and hear "SHAUN!" over and over again.

Went from scared shitless to cool as a cucumber in 3 seconds what dis bitchs composure level DAMB

I was buying the game online but it was out of stock

KARA WON'T RECYCLE I no longer like the game


merkus and i had alot in common we were both treated like a machine by others

detroit become human it reminds me of my past good time now it's a nightmare

they chose detroit because of racism in there

i miss my grand parents carl really reminds me of my grand pa

Jack, if were gonna call you the "Negotiator" your gonna need to have a massive, multi-story tall robot that you summon via a watch

that got emotional for me the part where alice was with todd and kara was watching it reminded me of.. i'll continue on the next video

That is a good movie jack

Does this remind anybody about Life Is Strange? Exept with more technology? XD

The circle thing (Idk what it’s called) that the Androids have right on the side of their foreheads kinda reminds me of Rhys from Tales Of The Borderlands. He had something similar too. Man I miss that game..

"Screw the world. Be what you wanna be." Amen. Words to live by,

I think the androids being segregated on the bus makes sense, I agree with you that I would probably treat androids with courtesy but making them stand up in a section is just being space efficient as they can stand up for pretty much an unlimited amount of time without tiring out


Okay I watched the grumps play a little bit of it and it was funny and they did the hahas and funnies, but they aren't really game play and story driven so I came to Jack for that!

a topic they never covered in the game is can the robots be used for you know?? spark plug-A to spark plug-B

Nugget has become a part of jack

Fun Fact about Connor : He is Savage

Dude this was awesome like and love if u read this Sean and other million people

Sponsored by Abstergo

After watching this, I feel like there's a lot of quotes from South Park like "They took our job", "Where am I suppose to go, Detroit" or "Right here we don't took kindly to people like you"

Constant talking of non associated to the game makes the gameplay less interesting. There were a lot of cases of where I adore the game and out of nowhere Jack speaks of something unrelated to the game.. well fucking done! I give this a dislike, do have in mind that I like Jacks’ gameplays. It just that I looked forward to this gameplay with Jack playing it, not knowing he will talk nonsense.

HEY! Jesse williams is dr. Avery off of Grey’s Anatomy

Todd is just an misunderstood beast he love alice so much but takes drugs to feel better of his ultimate loss his love

i've seen the entire game already, jackieboy, you'll need to make all decisions very very wisely...

are androids and mexicans the same cuz they are stealing jobs

Finally!OMG OMG,I been cheak Jack's channel every day since the game release!Thank you Jack!

I have a question how did jackaboy get famous

Dude I say sorry to pencils when I drop them and say sorry to chairs when I bump into them. You bet your ass that I'm going to sympathize with androids.

I shed a real tear when I saw the bird getting turned on

Whenever it zooms in on anyone I feel like someone’s gonna come and be like “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!”

They chose Detroit because it's the city of rock

who else watched this all

Was that ("hm, human music, I like it") a reference to Rick and Morty or a coincidence?

jack:oppicer me:did he just say oppicer?

She is creeeeeeepy

robots the movie..... gone wrong

So thank you for the compliments

If one of those movies that are in that game were real, I’d go to see invasion

My name is Connor :D

Mop simulator.

Heh I like how he is so busy and he has to go take care of Carl and he is being mistreated and all he cares about is a sliding door

Is it just me or does the android look lien Jackson Avery from greys anatomy

well if there is a difference between human music and android music in this game, then Autechre is an android version of Ed Sheeran. People are talking about "Oh I love Shape Of You!", androids are like "Omg, that song, Rotar. UGH! Changed my life!". that's kind of funny to think about

Anyone else think that jack would be fry in futurama

why cant the car just stop and not crash into anyone ? what if on road we have sensors every where and the roads systems are connected to the car so it tells the car if anything is on the road like a pedestrian. This would give the car a heads up and tell it to go slower and a icon or notification will pop up in the car informing the passenger or driver there is a pedestrian ahead and to be alert. Or instead of sensors every where, we could have cameras or heat signature cameras since some people might have a concern of privacy and may not want a regular camera filming them crossing a road. The data would obviously have to be temporary and the camera would only turn on if there was someone or something on the road since it would take up way to much storage and electricity to keep the cameras recording constantly.

AMAZING.... absolutely amazing

Well jack is the first youtuber, I've seen, to understand this games point. Even only a few minutes in. Everyone is focusing on un necessary inputs clearly have no fucking idea what they got into. I''m sorry to break it to those guys, this is a story driven cinematic experience that this hard to match in gaming. I'm honestly not sorry this isn't the next call of duty or fortnite or what ever the fuck is popular right now. Get over it or move on. Sorry for the rant, but im absolutely sick of these fuck bois chirping actual good story telling in games, because they want open world, follow 1000 way points til you die, gameplay.

I live near Detroit and this game is so cool because I see places in it and I'm like "oh yeah, I've been there"

Jack's summary of the story so far was beautiful a analytical interpretation of what happened I had to break out the big-boy words for this comment

From sl you wanted us to call you EGGS BENEDICT

Jack when you said that parents Being mean is a no no but remember you said that the anti depressants give mood swing so it’s kind of his fault but Alain not his fault

Why is the daughter blonde in the picture

they put it in Detroit because they have a separation between black and white people but in this game they have a separation between androids and humans so its like that

I love that one rick and Morty reference

It really bothers me that he saw the injured cop on the roof but didn’t save him

I'm pretty sure the reason they chose Detroit is because now it is a poor city and like some poor cities they grow to be great and wealthy cities

i allays say thank you to siri

Yeah! Androids are phones too! Down with apple, up with Android!

Playing this and then watching jack play for his reactions.

Some info about Detroit - Detroit is currently the biggest source of automobiles in the US and it's economy didn't necessarily fall apart but it's uneven and many live either extremely well or in poverty and the best part of the city is downtown and my favorite place is the GM Renaissance Center

*WHo LivEs iN A PineAPPle UNder The SEa*

kinda reminds me of the telltale batman games when bruce would piece together crime scenes. great game so far!

Woah woah wait a second there, bruh. The androids have to STAND at the BACK OF THE BUS?? As a black girl, I’m triggerrrrrred like a loaded gun lmao But seriously, I’ve been waiting for this game since I saw it at E3 last year. It looks amazing

i find it hilarious that jack memorized mr. krabs' actor


Jack: I don't like hockey though. Me: *UNSUBSCRIBE* __ I'm just kidding Jack I still love you even though you don't like the best sport in the world..

i think they took DETROIT just for it to rime with ANDROID

I'm probably gonna sound like I belong on r/iamverysmart, but I just want to clear something up about robots and androids. A robot is just a machine that was designed to do a specific task without the help of a human. Think the large robotic arms that are used to build cars. Androids can do any number of tasks but they eventually broil down to a robot that resembles a human. So a robot is just a self reliant machine and an android is just a robot that looks like a human. Usually they're interchangeable but not all the time

this game scares the shit out of me

I couldnt watch any more after "If your gonna a-salt, you better a-pepper too" because my eyes rolled out of my head and I suffocated myself from a very large sigh

But what if they did what Kara did in EP 3?she could buy clothes/steal put makeup over the thing that shows there emotions and acted like a human could they I wonder?hmm

Those climate change articles might become true if we don't do anything to stop climate change

Carl is inspiring

Ay Jackieboy. Love this episode, but this will be the only one in the series I watch since I intend to play this game myself. Cheers, lad!

"Coloured people." ??


Mind blow!

I agree about being nice to them

Carl looks like the psychiatrist guy in Until Dawn...

In Detroit the economy destabilized when the automotive industry left when sales dropped its a lot more complicated than that but that’s the jist of it

An Android would be awesome to have cause then I could be friends with it and we could play video games cause I really don’t have any friends anymore

Jack in regards to the reason why it was placed in Detroit it might have to do with the Detroit rebellion but David cage might not be smart enough for that

Jack, at 26 minutes you said that your chatter would bog down the story but this is not the case since i like it when you talk to us, especially in a slower story driven game. It adds character to your videos when you talk about the uniqueness of the game and add your own opinion or thoughts to it.

Yeah it looks good, but you know what could make it look better?... *if it was on pc*

I love this game and I’m gonna watch jack play as soon as I finish my own path...

Is that a NEW CAMERA?

the androids even have arm bands to signify that they are androids like how the nazis signified the jews

Jack my mom runs a food truck and she never Berns her food unless you say crispy Also remember passpariu

I love how hard they worked on this game its wonderful

i got an idea what if you purchase an android let it work for you and still get money becuz that android is yours so the when you get paid the money transfer to your account that way you can still feed your family and still get money and maybe show some appreciation for what the android did

this made me cry becous my dad hits me

*dont you mean detroit smash*

these guy robots are hotter than the popular guys at our school, holy shit wtf.

If an Android became sentient, what would it paint? God, that's a deep thought.

Can Carl become my grand-dad?

Dear me: don’t drink anything when watching JackSepticEye videos Yours sincerely your future self who is now cleaning up the spillage from laughter

i feel like this game is going to rely heavily on that androids dont have feelings but sometimes the actors, so far Kara, are looking to me like the actors are having feelings. like when Todd graped her she looked scared and her voice changed but idk thats just me

Finally he did it jack u made my day!!!!

can you have sex with androids

I fucking love jacksepticeye

If i had an android i would use him to have a friend. A sort of drinking buddy as it will. Not a slave. Its immoral to have such a humanoid being work for you with no pay

I was actually interested in how sports would be with androids but Jack skipped over all of it :(

When he asked what it would be like for an android to paint all I could think of was lieutenant commander data

Don’t press read more.... I told you not to press it Don’t quite there yet....

Am I the only one that is horribly terrified of the future watching this game...

Is it just me or is Kara super Hot?!?!?

Androids by 2038? I don't think so

when carl said did they hurt you? if markus said yes carl was about to get up do a triple front flip and get into his batman suit

Fuckboy todd 30 years later

hey Jack please say something

what car do you drive

I feel so bad for Daniel

Kæft en fed video

Very late start

They must have killed most of the pets cause people wanted forever living Android pets that stay young and unfed

if kara was spelt a little differently.......

your a suspect jack a real suspect

Or does the car stop and release medical Android's to help or stop and call 911

I want to say the actor your thinking of is Clint Eastwood but I'm not quite sure

Im only an hour in but seeing how todd acts is really messing with me because hes just like my own father. One minute he is furious and about to hit u the next he's crying and saying he loves you. It's very confronting. (I haven't spoken to my father in 3 years)

I’m nice to my chair and say thanks to it when I’m comfortable I couldn’t treat an Android like that

My name is Daniel

I'm not too sure if i'm just reaching too far or being extra or something, but one thing that kinda made me think and relate to a bit was when the android was being called a "job stealer" by the protesters. It reminds me of when racists call hispanics, especially mexicans, job stealers. I don't know it's what that scene reminded me of.

So glad you did a play through of this game! I was really excited about it too, but I couldn't play Heavy Rain because the controls pissed me off so much to the point I threw the controller. It looks like this game has those same controls and I can't play it myself for that reason. But the story is still very intriguing and I need to know!

I'm gonna check out the demo

I sow hidden figgers is ciname

"I hope if you're gonna assault, you're gonna apepper too." -Jacksepticeye 2018

its nice to be able to sit back and enjoy some good ol jack

My name is connor

Clancy Brown = Mr Crabbs, Private Zim and The Kurgan! :)

one more time you stop and wander around i will fuck your ass.

Husband was watching i robot as I watched this we both laughed our butts off

hi! sans' sister here! I was wondering if you've done anything bad lately..... by the way, it's a beautiful day outside! :3

instead of forcing cars to choose who to hit why don't we just you know make it so it breaks?

has anyone told Sean/Jacksepticeye yet an AI already has made art.. and original music?

Love the obscure Rick and Morty reference

Looked like Todd was suffering from violent mood swings probably because Alice’s mom passed away.

The red means anger yellow means danger and learning

Anyone like Bullet For My Valentine?

Is it just me or does Carl remind you of an older version of BISHOP from ALIENS

Just noticed that Carl's painting is a face that's amazing

The male android that was shown that needed to go to balini paints reminded me of Jackson from Greys Anatomy

Jack talks to much but hes a cool youtuber


Would like Connor’s jacket it looks so

Cop simulator To Cleaning simulator/Domestic violence simulator

Jack I love you, but you talk to much

thats sad

I just realized like 1 hour into this game i would be turning 40 years old in this game cause i was born in 1998

Dam danlen

I always forget how heartless humans can be

This is Earth Radio, with humam music.

"I mean don't get me wrong- JESUS!"

Jack its an android

Okay but like why Daniel look like Daniel from Camp Camp head ass


It's a leupluradon Charlie! :D

Duh duh duh duh.. SAIL!!! You know my favorite song! :D

You talk a lot

the dad has issues man

and i will die to

lots of times

my name is connor yay i am your buddy and i am cool but no one likes me

This reminds me a lot of my senior year marching band show “Man vs. Machine”

they choose dertriot because they thought it had a good history.


The fight for equality is another breeding ground of hate. Please stop. I do like this so far though

also a lot of the game is slightly like downtown detroit. it's really cool

The weird thing is that I actually say please and thank you when talking to Alexa

shouldn't androids automatically report crimes to the police, like if they're ai is advanced enough to detect illegal substances like that and they're all connected to some network anyway, why not?

What they don't tell you about Detroit is that we're still the motor city !!!

I feel like it's when you name a Roomba and become attached to it

Jack keeps gushing over the depth of field

Dun du dun duuun SALE

Did anyone understand the Dream Daddy game reference?


All I could think of when I saw that the cars were self-driving was "Black Mirror"

AAAYYYYYY My name is Connor

Cleaning simulator 2018

Todd: *starts yelling* Jack concerned: jesus Me: boi my dad yells at my entire family like that, that’s just how dads are

Jack this is a spoiler That Pastor predicted the future. That's awesome.

Mom: google turn on lights Google: wat Mom: google turn on lights Google: wat Mom: google turn on lights Google: wat Mom: GOOGLE, TURN. ON. LIGHTS. Google: ok *turns on lights* Mom: there ya go google, it’s called patience. U know google, patience is a virtue Google: ...

This is probably my favorite game sean *sorry if i spelled that wrong) has ever played. This game really makes me think and feel different things about humanity, but jack has also made me laugh several times thank you so much sean for that

Jack, just be honest, 90% of what this company has put out has been absolute garbage, if this is decent, it’ll be a miracle.

ghad you talk too much

That’s not wierd!! That rude!! He asked for the water and didn’t say please!!! Oh and bye comment if I got you... Read more

You know, if certain choices and mistakes are made in this playthrough, that preacher could be epic foreshadowing.

I forgot jack was from Ireland and never learned about racism in America

Hey i live in Michigan

If Markus can make a painting like that, imagine all the desktop wallpapers he can make...


Still waiting for more Beyond two souls

That house at the start gives me Say Amen (Saturday Night) vibes bye

Dude, I love Hidden Figures!

Detroit fell apart because it put all its eggs in the automotive basket. The economy really had no substantial backup plan, then when the oil crisis struck people stopped buying big the American muscle cars that Detroit was making in favor of smaller, imported cars. That coupled with poor political climate caused the city to hemorrhage money to the point recovery was almost impossible. Maybe someday it can return to its former glory, but not in the near future.

IDK but to me all these main characters look similar to real life actors. Markus reminds me of Jesse Lawerence (Dr. Jackson Avery from Greys anatomy) and Kara reminds me of Jennifer lawerence

sup do more detroit videos. Thanks

Talking too much during the gameplay. Too much explaining.

Was interesting to see him see an MLK and not recognize him but immediately make connect with religious values or conflict. It's even more interesting the developers chose that entity to show a direct disapproval against a "race" (the AI) and show after this "race" being forced to stay at the back of busses

Oh dear lord. World temp rose 3 decrees since does that mean Texas everyday your dying of over heating and can be 103 or higher on a good summer day?? Oh my. =_=

when the stooooopid fouseytube didn't wanna continue this game, I of course find out that jack is playing it! :))

*Are you feeling it now Mr Krabs?*


Jack when I watched MessYourself play this he said they picked Detroit because that’s where the racial segregation was so it’s sorta like it’s meant to be in the future. Between whites and blacks and now humans and androids.

You couldve saved that officer who was already shot...

The Seahalks is a football team not a Hockey team

Slave simulator 2018

I love jack, but you get way to distracted. Seriosusly.

Did I jump timelines or something? I swear to all that is sacred, that this game came out a couple years ago.. what the hell is this mindfuckery?

Jesus Christ That was nice!!!

I wish I could beat the shit outta Todd

Are u feeling it now Mr.carbs

I have a healthy respect for all machinery......

If I programmed a driverless car I would tell it to stop and ant hit anyone

Have you been watching harry potter lately?

I watched hidden figure

I watched TheRadBrad play this and I’m so glad and grateful that you actually notice the details of the game unlike he did. It was so infuriating when he walked past things and didn’t interact.


These guys made beyond two souls? THATS why it reminded me of it!

"I didn't even think about the possibilities of animal androids" *Jurassic Park theme starts playing*

Its like assassins creed

I didn't know Scarlet Johansson was in this "I don't know if i mentioned this, but i like your interior decorating. It really reflects your personality, I like it." GET OUTTA MY HEAD YOU WITCH DEMON

imagine the android did the "I see you" emote to the protester.

man in America Detroit is like the poster child of horrible towns.

I love how so far it shows you different situations. Conner is put into a situation where his word is only valued if it helps. Kara is put into a situation of doing the right thing gets her punished. Markus is put into a situation where he is encouraged to think for himself. Quantic Dream is amazing, and I love this game so far. I really want to stop watching so I can play for myself, but I don't have the money for a game right now, and no Redbox in my area is carrying it.

The reason why they choose Detroit is because of the racism that was happening in the 1950s and 40s.but this is the future and instead of African Americans it andriods

Stupid people. They should hate the people who created androids, not the androids themself. Even though androids should be well respected as humans, because they can learn from others, and start feeling emotions.

I found an anime that I think you would be really interested in. It is called armatage the third Polymatrix. It has Kiefer Sutherland And Elizabeth Berkley It is before the matrix And it touches on This very issue. I also recommend EX Driver, it is an anime based in The future where all cars are AI nobody has a driver's license And there is a special Group Better trained stunt drivers who use vehicles Such as a Caterham R500 super light and a Lancea stratus to stop AI cars from running wild Because of bugs in the system. They are very thought provoking in ways that we can Work on making things a little better Such as The accident where one of the Uber driverless cars Hit a guy And I'm not sure if he lived or not But I think right now if we were to have Driverless cars I don't think they could be necessarily driverless unless we start incorporating smart roads or solar roadways Something that Connects with the vehicle so it knows when it's on the road in what's ahead of it. Right now I think that You can't have a fully autonomous vehicle Without having somebody in the driver seat as a fail safe.

I loved hidden figures too, just shows you how difderent people thohght we were back then and then you look at us all now

the androids have to stand in the back of the bus its worse

"i like connor a lot" don't we all? :D

Oh also if the robot scanes or haves some memory then it can paint something

I really like Markus

The robots get reset then recomitioned

*FANGIRL* I love Jesse Williams aaaaahhhh!!

"Seeing parents be shit to their kids is a huge nono for me" As someone who's trapped at home with a shitty parent 90% of the time, that really hit home for me. Especially because Jack is usually how I escape it. It means a lot to know that if he knew, he'd stand up for me. Thank you Jack.

A robot of any sort if made to can paint or draw but you have to program them to or use a chip pretty much you have to do it for befor

About the driverless cars thing... why don't they just make the car fuckin' stop movin' once it sees someone?! If somebody's stupid enough to be inches in front of it then it's their fault. Clearly if it has time to swerve right and hit another guy then it obviously has time to stop. Lightly injuring someone during the process is a small price to pay compared to running someone over.

I watched hidden figures at my school

Markus is thicc

the music reminds me of TRON if anyone still remembers the movies and the old ps3 game, reply

I feel pretty always pretty:

why do i have guilt

Hey Jack can you join a PlayStation party with me, I love debating political topics and societal topics as well, if you.woupd like to talk later, add me my gamertag is Farfider77302

Jacksepticeye: "I'm pretty sure that's were pennywise lives" Famous last words LOL!

Jack I've watched 2 other people play this game and get completely different endings I really hope your play through goes well!

yes ngentodd


Hello Negotiator

Haha when I said "is todd a drug dealer?" jack said it after.

spoilers the Little girl is a Android

The 2030's is extremely ambitious for us to be at a level to be accepting androids. I mean 2018 and humans can't even accept each other...

Jack the negotiator, what do you think is better? Xbox or PS?

Jacksepticeye: And one of their names were Kara! Me: Kara [translation complete!]............. Chara........

Its not really the androids fault. Its the people that create it, but I get what they mean.

those scenes with Todd and Alice >:|

30 years into the future and Detroit is still under construction

Jack, what do you think is better? Xbox or PS?

He called the cop oppicer

Imagine having to put your Android puppy down because it's software was malfunctioning

alice's situation is too relatable to me

Todd sucks

Black mirror anyone?

why did he say alexa!

Who else thinks that Alice looks like Lil Tay

To be fair, if companies didn’t have to spend money on employee wages, the government wouldn’t allow the poverty percentage to rise that high. Our economy would die. We’d basically be forced to adopt a UBI.

It's funny to think how back then (If this were to happen in real life) the protesters were probably complaining on how much work they had to do, but now they're protesting because they want work. Humans are weird.

Any watch Crank game plays play through

I like how Jake is overly protected of a game character

when they shot daniel. i felt so sad for him. this is gonna be a great game just from all that.

Androids have to sit at the back wow


>The start of something awesome >Washes dishes and does housework

if you like this game so much, you should really consider watching Humans by AMC, really good plots and almost the exact same story line as this game.

this should have been a 30 minute game play but someone you stretched it out for an hour and a half... if you could not be captain obvious for every little thing that happens, that would be great. your strong points are comedy, not really commentary.


I know that your trying to explore everything and I like that but can you talk and play plz

I like how the police car looks like a Dodge charger

*sniff sniff* money. -Mr.Krabs from 3 am at the Krusty Krabs

Carl is Lance Henriksen; I remember him as Bishop from the movie Aliens.

I haven’t had a chance to play the game, but I hope Todd ends up ok. I know that might be crazy to say. I don’t think he’s actually a bad person. I think he’s just scared of the future, and himself. I really hope that the story works out good for everyone. Oh well I guess I have to wiat and see. (As well as buy the game for myself. I’m already hooked.)

Also remember that because of inflation $9000 is even cheaper

Kara is my favorite bit markus is right beside her

so dont buy robots

Todd apologizing to Alice is so sad. (He's still an asshole though)

People rioting are germans who want their jobs back.

So this guy can afford ai but not a dryer

Carl sounds like rocky

You need to go back and play the piano. You missed something really good

Was that stick?

This is a great series I love everything in it. Jack its totally fine if you babble you can make series of these like you already did. I love hearing your outlook, opinion and many other things about this game. You are very smart, awesome and funny guy. I can't wait to hopefully meet you in person soon at one of your last tours of the summer!!!

Please play Child of Light next!

Is it wrong the first thing I think about is a sex robot?

I’m only about a half an hour into this episode and I already feel for the characters. I might just, as you said Jack, “empathize for things to easily” but for real. If people were segregated on a bus or something, to be put away from everyone else, wouldn’t you feel terrible for them? I sure as hell would! The thought of treating people or objects like complete and utter trash is bizarre to me. I have a Google home and I usually control it myself instead of telling it what to do because I hate sounding so inhuman when I talk to it. But yeah, just kinda wanted to speak my mind about how I already feel bad for the characters and I’m only a half an hour into the series.

I had to fix the spelling errors and spoilers and stuff because it was bothering me

tfw no cute shota android;_;


I want to squish Todd's face in and them maul him with a chainsaw and then throw him in a chese grinder and then kill him with Doomguy's shotgun.

Im actually the only one here looking at Jack’s playthrough because you follow Connor’s actors twitch and there might actually be a possibility that they might play together sometime

If androids like this were ever real i would treat them like humans even if they have no emotions......that we know of.

What people need from a agme, sense of humor and quality. Most people just like pixelated games like Undertale?

My mom would like this game because it includes cleaning


I can feel this is gonna be so sad


Saint clair cafe gave me chills for real because i live in a city just near detroit, named saint clair shores.

Its gun not "gon" lol

This is so refreshing to watch after seeing how Game Grumps butchered the experience.

If my android doesn't spin my wheelchair in circles then tf is the point

I can’t watch jack play this he stops and talks wayyy to much it wouldn’t be so bad if he didn’t stop all the time

jack: “i feel pretty, and witty,” me: and sh*tty!

Omg I thought Markus was going to g-note us

Fun fact: about AI painting and stuff This has actually already happened. I remember a story where they fed an AI tons of artwork from I think around the 15th-20th century. They also taught it what humans perceive as good art work and so on. Many people couldn’t tell the difference between the AI and human created works. And in many cases people chose the AI work over the ones created by humans.

I judged this game harshly after watching the demo of it, but after watching this video I take it back. The only thing I don’t like is when jack stops playing to talk about something in the game and how it relates to real life

Jack: Would an android be able to paint something? Like it would be able to copy something but would it be able to imagine something? Me: slow down there jack! You're getting too ahead of yourself.

That Space Odyssey reference. XD

I don't want this to be real in the future

The thing on her head that flashes red, yellow and blue signifies software stability

This seems like a movie that Frank Black!!??

it's amazing how the ps4 can handle such an intensive game

I can't believe the visuals of this game, it's insane

Swag day thing

“Da-da dun dun dun dun da” •screeches off into distance• *“SAIL”*


Connor is beautiful and no I have not stalked him to the point of knowing he has a fiance and that Bryan Dechart and played it and .... Kara is great also! Markus isn't my fav.

idk why but after he finished his painting, i got emotional... then leo fucking ruined the moment.

but wait.... Isnt doing the dishes and food the womens work and not the androids

Jack brings a good point. "Progress but also regress", humans are all equal but now we have human like machines to screw with.

This is so fucking beautiful! Connor mine bishes

Detroit fell apart due to the AI advancements

When you said AI doesent have creativity I though "Oh he needs to check out JukeDeck!" it's an AI that makes music I tink you and anyone else would like it.

I honestly think that this game is like a metaphor for equal rights for *everyone*

this game is sensational

Who else thought it said balaini pants shop

It's crazy because star trek had stuff we see today, but back then people were amazed by everything in that, now it's a reality. *It's going to be the same for this game*

9000$ plus inflation! That’s cheap!

Kara like undertale???????????????????

Jack I would say AI could paint. I would think they run every possible outcome for a drawing and designs and draw what wasn’t popping up as already done.

is it just me that thinks the old man's son that Marcus ended up killing at the start shares an uncanny resemblance to Jesse pinkman from breaking bad? From his voice and the way he talks down to the hat he wears and the goatee. That can't be a coincidence that he's also a junkie

Even though it’s just code. I feel so bad for Kara

Posted on my bday


2008 gas economic clappse and yes for cars Detroit makes Ford Dodge Chevy allot of the older American models

Wait your giving them personality

Wouldn't the car save the life of the person in the car? Why the hell would you buy a car that would kill you

What's awesome about this game is that it only steps into the Uncanny Valley when it wants to, the models for androids don't seem too weird unless they decide to do something strange.

Carl sounds like Yoda a bit

I say "please" and "thank you" to Siri and feel bad if I don't.

“Get out of my head witch demon“ I love this already

Fish are cute

I’m up to ep 7 and I just noticed I didn’t watch ep 1 lol

The android pets are called furbeiz

"oh no shes got blood on her yeezys"

Ahhhhhhggggggg!!!!!!!! This is awesome


If this is Detroit, imagine Tokyo.

btw Markus is really cute

ya know the robot stuff and all is interesting but whats more interesting is how something like these games of quantic dreams can make you feel so much emotions and how about if we had robots that could feel and stuff or what if we had robots programmed to seem like they would be feeling and making us feel about them, i just love the whole idea behind how much potential there would be behind emotional manipulation, like im sure media does that allready to us, :3

"I Want a little fort like that" Jack, you're an adult. Do it, and show us when you're done

OMG I started watching this late, but holy crap, I love this so much it’s a twist, like it’s humans v androids not androids v humans....I CANT WAIT TO WATCH THE NEXT EPISODE SOON

so in this world you can own an android but cant put yourself in an android body? weird

"Will we be polite to robots if they have faces?" I say sorry to my roomba when i bump into it sooooooo

Most of the characters in the game represent how they look in real life, look up for the voice actor for Marcus is

I'm scared of Todd

Actually the yellow means kind of mad and red can mean mad, really sad or confused

More importantly, Clancy Brown was Senior Drill Instructor Zim in Starship Troopers! Remember. The Daniel cannot grab a hostage, if you disable it's hand.

Iphone: we have face scanner Android: (this game)

favorite series by far! you need to play more games like this!!

I wouldn’t mess with a robot because if they hurt I’ll probably die if they got mad well something like that

Detroit is known as motor city because of its large automobile industry. This is kind of a triply series to watch because I live just outside of Detroit and seeing all of the statues and staple parts of Detroit are so insanely cool to me!

kinda reminds me of fallout 4 the instutue

The biggest part of Detroit filing bankruptcy was all of the car manufacturing getting outsourced to other countries with cheaper labor.

I have a few thoughts about this. First off, those protesters, the ones that almost damaged Markus, just feels like their anger is misplaced. They're directing their anger over their lost jobs on Androids, but shouldn't they instead be blaming the HUMAN companies that created androids to replace them at their jobs in the first place? Getting angry at the machines that were built for a certain purpose and almost destroying (technically) someone else's property that wasn't even one of those "job stealing robots" to begin with feels incredibly misguided, pointless in which it won't change anything, and plain stupid. Secondly, Jack brought up a very good point when Markus woke up Carl and was taking care of him. He brought up the fact that robots won't grow fatigued and impatient when taking care of an elderly person. Regrettably, as humans, we have emotional, physical, and mental limitations. It's pretty clear that Carl's only son had no intentions of taking care of his father, too wrapped up in whatever he's caught up with and only goes to his dad when he needs money, so an android is practically a perfect alternative to such situations. Besides, Leo was extremely unfair by accusing his father of never loving him just because Carl refused to give him money for drugs, and you can tell by how shaken up Carl was by his son's words that it wasn't true. Thirdly, if Androids aren't supposed to have feelings and we aren't supposed to sympathize with them, why make them look EXACTLY like humans in the first place? Just like Jack said, doing that would just desensitize humans from treating other humans like crap. Jack actually brings up a lot of good points while he was playing. I'm interested to see what kind of conversations start from a game like this.

This game is one of the prime examples of why I dislike sony. They have many games I would love to play but dont have a playsation. Exclusives are and always will be a bad thing. Microsoft at least has their exclusives on pc so they're the less of two evils.

When I played it everyone died

I sometimes forget this is a game The graphics are so nice I think it's a live action show

Its said August 15th That's my birthday

Sorry might not finish vid phone's gonna die.

Markus is thicc!

This looks like a decent game

Todd is a man I don't get one minute he says "do u want to piss me off" the next he says "u know I love u right" *Me* "are u a rude dude or are u a loving father WHAT ARE U."

D Coetzee true but I think he does truly love Alice, he doesn't deserve her at all but I don't think he's being manipulative, he's just really fucked up

Cycle of abuse. The abuser abuses someone, then apologizes and tries to make up for it, so the victim thinks their situation is getting better, but then the abuse starts back up again. This continues indefinitely.

Killer The Cool Cool He does love Alice, or at least he used to, but his brain is so fucked up from the alcogol, drugs and depression/possibly bipolar disorder that he treats her badly. He doesn't want to, but he does. Depression alone is enough to make you neglect people, trust me I know, add all of the other shit on top of that and, well, you get Todd.

Are we not gonna talk about how many Harry Potter references he made

you would kill for a hotdog, they can kill you =/ if you get foo poisoning do you know what they're made of?

Markus is an adonis among men. Literally!

I'm licking a Dorito and my video keeps pausing when the lady looks at me and now I feel self conscious.

If I ever had a robot butler that looks like a human I would feel sympathy, because you don’t want robots to turn on you.

I love these series the last one was boder lands

Carl is Sylvester Stallone

that quarter is way too big

Jack gets the most basic task wash dishes

wAS tHaT a G nOTe

Nooooooooooooo Daniel Noooooooooooooo

"Screw the world just be who you want to be"~ jackseptieye 2018

This game looks like Deus ex mankind divided

Jack rockin with the beanie.

I could’ve sworn i heard the tf2 engineer hitting buildings with wrench sound at some point.

carl and markus are so cute and happy!! i love them!

Does anybody else get the glitch were the video will restart if an ad is played?? If so can anyone help me fix it?

I can imagine the soldiers saying "APPLE IS BETTER!" Whenever they kill androids

The music reminds me a lot of portal 2


I just wanna say before I see the painting I know it's gonna be bad cuz he's closing he's eyes

Oh fuck he drew it better than my face fuck guessing.

Detroit fell apart from self service

I been ignoring for the past days because i already finish detriot in kubz playthrough... BUTTTT Im bored so lets watch what jack does

And I'm still playing mass effect 2

Jack loves 69

I was sad when Daniel died R.I.P you killer robot

I think the setting of Detroit might have something to do with its automotive history, but I’m not sure. Kind of reminds me of the show Transformers Animated, where its setting was also Detroit approximately 50 years (or as of right now, approximately 40 years) in the future, when advanced robotics are the norm, but they are only so advanced as to be used for mundane tasks and everyday services, with no actual sentience.

What equal rights for a robot? It's a robot

Speed chess usually means a chess game in which the players have little time. The fastest in normal chess games are usually in the 1 minute range

The game treats the androids the same way the majority if whites used to to treat everybody else


Jack,I'm so sorry,you're getting spoiled..

"portrayed by jesse williams" Ha ha nice (joke) Get it? He started playing as markus and at the start he bought some paint for carl for him to paint on a canvas (so carl is an artist) and then "portrayed by jesse williams" No? Ok imma go to my corner now thinking about life decisions...

Ella is Alice look closely at both of them

To see the area of Detroit that I love the most

if this was a movie id hella watch it a thousand times

doe this remind anyone of the synths from fallout 4?

Why do you call it nikeeeee, you don’t ride a bikeeeeee

The game is based on a film

Conor is my favourite charactrr

I really want to play this!! Hard when you dont have a playstation4 haha

Personally I wouldn’t want to have artificial intelligence everywhere, helping us with every little thing. Even the simplest of jobs could be given to people who need them.

An air could so.etimes mean Android imagination

The drone package

More vid dude

Iuuno if you can save Daniel. Think it's definitely impossible after squad gets shot.

Should have been able to save the cop you stared at though, I think.

i need this game it looks so good

Damn.....Markus is fine asf

....he talks alot

Do they have private parts because then do they just have them to resemble a human or do they defecate

This game is so emotional . I actually cried a little

holy shit I remember that tech demo! That was years and years ago! I had no idea this was related.

I’ll be 33 in 2038

When Jack triggers my kindle

This also makes me wanna watch The Last Guardian again

If I was talking to an android, I would say stuff like "Thanks buddy"

Can you play vampyr

Uh, the picture in Alice's room is two pictures, so two suns. They just happen to be next to each other​.

I love the old man because he cares for the android when others don't

I would love to have an android helping me with housework etc but I would never abuse it or treat it as shit I get attached way to easily even when I had to reset my phone I legit felt emotional and I had all my photos and other stuff on my pc but I still felt kinda sad I dont even know why

Karas first task is like house flipper

The economy is Detroit declined when all of the automotive jobs began being shipped to China for cheaper labor. Past generations of family were hit hard by it because they were all in the automotive business for years. It’s really sad what happened there.

kara is a fuck-bot

I even say thank you softly to automatic doors, im pretty ill just say thank you and please to everyone and everything

I live in Detroit

"Hm, human music. I like it!" was that a reference?

I honestly relate more than I'd like to admit with what Alice is going through so this episode hit hard for me. It's an amazing game though and it's kind of a sad type of reality I hate the fact that the world might end up like this someday why can't we just enjoy the technology we have now? Why make things more advanced when it is so unnecessary. Plus I actually got mad at the people in the game for being mean to the Androids I know they are just computers but still I feel bad for disrespecting anything that has some kind of conscious and understanding of us and the world.

Oh my stars this looks so cool, I feel bad for being late to this. Wow. I LOVE the whole topic around human like A.I. I've always found it to be very intriguing. Glad to see a game around the topic, that its so well done like this.

the volume in the game was too low jack

too bad this isnt on pc :(


Are there any Grey's Anatomy watchers who as soon as they say Markus they were like "HOLY CRAP!! Jackson is that you!?!"

When jack said," Amazon Alexa." My alexa turned on

Wow this is so amazing Comparing to other games it's the best! I want it

Finally someone mentions the movie i-robot

I loved this video but I disliked so I could be 1k dislike

Jack:how do you know I'm at my home Me:your playing inaide

Yooooooo Carl dies if you choose endure but then the cops come and leo says it was the Android so u die either way

Carl is now my favorite person

Damn I want to paint.... But everything is packed up atm. DAMN IT JACK

I forgot that where jack is from there wasn’t as much segregation in the past so when he talks about it, as an American it’s fun to see him process stuff. Love the vid man

“I wonder if an android could paint” Ohh you jut wait buddy

Thank you Sean for the videos you make you help me through some tough times

The harry Potter jokes though...I love them.

if i had a android i'd be as kind and considerate as possible and be thankful for everything it did, the game shows if you arent you obviously get killed or hurt lol


Holy crap is that andriod voiced and modeled after jackson avery on greys anatomy

leo looks like either a green day or a my chemical romance member.

Jack I don't want you to feel bad but robots and artificial intelligence show no emotion but have feelings

At the beginning it said John Phillips and that is 2 of my relatives names

Technically, the birds are not androids, as androids must be humanoid.

I keep on thinking about Chara from Undertale whenever you say Kara-

That guy you knew that he destroyed the Troy and he did he made this world ain't got no

AAA it was so looòooòonñnng but i like it

Would an android be able to make a video game?

"She got blood on her yezees" -sean 2018. Lmaooooooo

I thought that Bellini Paints was a name, not a STORE?! like if u did too

I watched kubz scouts play through and I want to see what ending you get

Belle Valentine same

How to watch a potentially good series: wait until a bunch of episodes come out and THEN start

Well i know Jack has already playthrough this ep but there is a part where the cop was shot by Daniel and lied outside the rooftop. Spoilet: if you save him, you will see him again and receive thank you. It's sweet


This reminds me of Amazon. They are making Amazon Alexa, Amazon key, Amazon shopping, Amazon Alexa show, etc. They are trying to surround your life with amazon. To try and make everything you do amazon. Amazon is one huge corporate trap that wants to become one omnipotent company. They are on their way. And they cant be stopped. It is only a matter of time before this happens. It will.

This is like a full fledged tv series in the form of a game I love it


you weren't lying. I would tbh get it if I wasn't that broke.

Fucking rick and morty reference

What about freedom writers? Greatest movie I’ve ever watched . It challenges a lot of stuff that’s happening in America and Europe (I live in Australia)

When I grow up I wanna be Carl

I miiiiight have seen hidden figures twice

I find it completely stupid that the people in the game say the androids are taking all their jobs but from the beginning you can see like 80% have complete shit jobs. They take all the cleaning, assistant, and etc. etc. jobs. there was only a few that had decent jobs. its like with people saying that Mexicans are taking all the jobs in america but a lot of them have quite low paying jobs. I love the game already though, the messages that the developers threw in are phenomenal.

My name is Connor. I am the android sent by Cyberlife!

*damages android* Suddenly... FBI

coibewsrtfnsdfi lwifafefefd

jacksepticeye Markuses part (the origin story OF BABY JESUS)

jacksepticeye is the best and funniest youtuber

jacksepticeye you should be carnage

And penguins!

Jack did you notice Alice playing with the vacuum cleaner (´・ω・`)

Clenched android buttocks!!

Eyeless Dash this is America


jacksepticeye 217 like on your comment and 34 reply. I really like you’re videos. It’s crazy to think in the near future every game will look this good.

Jacksepticeye, YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!

My name is Connor, I am the Connor sent by Connor.

My name is Connor lol

We already have animal androids. We have a bat and a squirrel. The scientists used it so the could be able to study the actually animals and their habits with out needing to disturb them.

Connor, what's the meaning of life?

yes, i saw you tweet that

connor!!! what you doin here????

No Sean you are the negotiator.

connor really reminds me of officer phelps from LA Noir

jacksepticeye oof

My name is Conner a human in real life

Bloody hell is Toddy boy smoking? I was asking if I could have a hit, but now I know it's futuristic meth.

jacksepticeye RESPOND TO ME SEAN


My name is Hank. I'm the human send by BioLife!

jacksepticeye dude I love ur vids keep up the good work! p.s plz do more justcause 5

Sorry for interruption liuetnant


Your voices are on point plz reply I ve been watching since 2013


jacksepticeye When Leo said his dad didn't love anyone.He clearly loved someone to let Leo into their world.

jacksepticeye lol


Random I'm surprised that I noticed this comment while watching the video lol

The reason why they picked detroit is because it was a place of racism back in the day.

Fellow android

I love Connor. He is really cool.

No this is Patrick.

Holy moly, i just finished part 9. And this happened

jacksepticeye the thing with the compartment for androids reminds me of a german experiment where only nativ people from germany were allowed to seat in the front and everyone from outside german had to seat in the back and it was a experiment to see how people will react and many people (nativ) said thats its wrong.

i watched you comment this on every video lmao

My name is Android. I am the Cyberlife sent by Conner.

Be a good little robot and get the fuck out of here, would ya?

wait whats the point of having an android female with breasts thats un needed and creepish


I didn't save the fish, now it haunts my dreams

Funny how it’s Android not Apple

I’m from metro Detroit. Downtown has finally started looking halfway decent these days. Crazy that between downtown and the suburbs it’s literally a third world country. Every other house is abandoned or burned down on most streets. 8 mile road separates Detroit from cities like warren and Roseville and literally just across that one main road it goes from the hood where u can’t give away houses to six figure property’s. Crazy to believe my grandparents lived in Detroit 70+ years ago and said it was beyond amazing. Acouple Year’s before my grandmother passed we took a drive through her old neighborhood and she was taken back, even speechless by how destroyed everything outside of downtown Detroit is. I mean everything. Game is pretty accurate, even has the people mover! The train looking thing that is on the track about 25 feet off the ground when u first started the game.

Did I mention how extremely free I feel without my bra right now? I still have a shirt on, I’m not meaning anything dirty.... you females understand right?

Okay but why is that Daniel from camp camp

I feel like if I would get an android, I would probably talk to him/her, take care of him/her better than I do to most of the humans. Idk why, but it's just the way I am. Most of the humans don't deserve to be treated well, on the other hand, androids are taking care of us, as it shown in the game, they do everything people ask for, never complain, even if I would have an android that is not a deviant and doesn't feel emotions, I still would treat it like a family member.

i got an ad for an “android” phone lmao

human music i like it (rick and morty)

The kids in their games always look a bit similar.

I say thank you and please either way.

Alice was mouthing along to what he said. oooooooh Todd imma beat ur ass

"ugh, she got blood in her Yeezy's" "Emma P. no!" I'm done

The glowing armbands and triangle emblems on the androids is an obvious reference to the insignia Jews were compelled to wear in occupied Europe from 1941-5. A means of instant identification and a badge of second class societal status

Jacks thinks hippos are cute? Are you crazy?

The preacher's remarks about how Markus would destroy Detroit make a whole lot more sense if you take the revolution path.

You totally missed the chance to make a High School Musical joke.

Can't the stupid car just stop?

Carl looks almost identical to Lance Henriksen who played the android Bishop in Aliens. Anyone else catch that one? (edit) Of course, after looking it up, it was him as the voice actor... lol

ohh fuck man I'm already in love with it


Jack: you can eat the andriod. Me in my head: WHAT????


Conner looks like Tom Holland

I feel like the hostage section has a different looking model of Connor. His face looks different.

You would actually be a great dad


I actually get why the androids aren't a lot of money, I mean, if this type of technology is being commonly used in homes, then just imagine other types of tech they have, this might just be a basic tool for people in that age.

I don't think I could be rude to something with a human face, especially with how rude they were being, I apologize when I've just dropped my phone. I can't imagine swearing or something at an AI.

Oh ya Mr krabs ahhhhhh

Everyone, this is jacksepticeye. Aka, The Negotiator, leader of the Instant Chill Pack.

-Am i the only one who keeps staring at markus' ass?-

Dang dem puns on fleek!

Wait, did that guy just say that a criminal, who is much more likely the commit a crime after being released from prison or jail, is no less valuable to society than a doctor...

I feel bad now, welp gtg do chores.

Is the actor same actor as rocky?

Nice, guess ill die cus of a driverless car then

I would be nice to robots because i feel bad the entire day if I wasn't, even if they don't have emotions

Ai’s cannot get hit by cars

Isn’t Carl’s voice that therapist guy from Until Dawn? The psychiatrist who showed up between chapters?

I feel bad when I'm mean to my car. I'd treat androids like actual people, definitely.

holy shit why do you insist on showing your annoying face when you make this

I think what we will learn from this game is humans will pack bond with anything

What's sad is that children seem to become very friendly with Androids to the point where they actually consider androids to be real people, and get more attached to them than they would their actual parents. Damn, that's deep...

Did you just watch Harry Potter?

Also the you may treat robots differently because they have no feelings. You may argue that you’re nice everyone and that bullshit, but your mommy telling you to be nice is a social expectation, of androids existed it may not be a social expectation to respect as it doesn’t mean anything to them or anyone else

The Android looks like dr Avery from greys anatomy

The talking animation is seriously impressive

Woah red cocaine

But the robots got ai

“You lied to me, Conner” No, I’m not crying...

Most parents would think ur a crazy person but really ur a insparational smart youtuber that makes tremendous content for ur viewers. They may also think that u swear to much but u cant help that is a part of you


why not check out Vampyr

Connors lowkey attractive bye

septembuary I know right

Yeah Carl kind of sounds like John Kramer

Is it just me who waits for Jacks series like these to have all or a lot of the gameplay videos done already so you can binge watch all of them at once

I can sadly relate to todd and his daughter, my mother and I had a similar relationship, I just thought I'd share this piece of info due to the fact I couldn't get it out of my head. My mother is better now, though.

I only came into the comments to see how many people were getting triggered by him saying that he doesn't like hockey. I don't like it and being Canadian I hear about it everyday.

I don’t have a PS4, can you go back through a section and replay all the endings of the part? That would help


I was wondering where I heard carl's voice before and turns out that guy is also Weyland Yutani in "Alien vs Predator"

"What movies are playing?" Dude! Play the game!

This game in a nutshell Lemme throw some philosophy at u B O I

It’s a bit irritating that his voice is really load compared to the game audio

Didn't South Park do an episode about this?

"Human music, I like it"- Jerry Smith

This is kinda boring. But if you like playing it, don’t let me discourage you! : )

I'd love to play it but I have an Xbox At least I can play halo

“Gets refused when asking for money to buy drugs, tells dad that he never loved him.”

But why doesnt the car just stop...

When that guy was preaching about how you’re gonna take Detroit, I’m here like, “Well, with that attitude of yours, maybe I will!”

My name is poop I am sent by pooper life

"I feel pretty, oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and-" _say it_ "Andriod" _c'mon man there's nothing wrong with being happy!_

like my comment, if you came here because of slime.bun


In my opinion, any task that could require a moral decision is probably better of being saved for a human

that dinner of lead line reminded me of the Fallout 76 thing "instead of coming over to borrow a cup of sugar, he may now be coming over... for murder"

Life is Strange but in 2037

Everytime he says robot my eye twitches.

a magical liopleurodon

I really hope our world doesn't turn into this.

I was really hoping he was going to say the assault and a pepper thing. Thank you for that! Lol

this should be a movie

Carl's voice reminds me of Paul Newman.

I love that you include close captions. Thank you.

Is it bad that one of the first things I thought about Kara is could you fuck it

Why does Todd look like Bill from the last of us??

i agree, i am different then others and there are some people that don't like me because of it

Wow this game is cool I am only at the beginning of the video and I already love it

My name is John Cena. I am the android sent by Wrestling Co!

We lost are Jobs yes because of automation but also immigrants and cheap labour costs in other locations.

Oh, I wish this was on PC. I guess I will just have to stick with my 500+ steam games and limitless amounts of emulation games

1.24.40 all because his dad didnt give nim a lil cash to get sum vbucks

Conner is the cutest boy ive ever seen and hes an android. Rip.

I have watched hidden figures and it is good and also I'm only 10 this helped me know that racism is not allowed

S o this game is like America until 1963

I love it when jack stop to talk about how he feels. Other just play throu but jack talks and makes you think. Jack thanks for being u

I think everything and every one should be treated nicely

I love how you basically just wrote this comment in every DBH vid now

You’re starting to piss me off with that coin connor

beeeep booper dooper

So what your saying is that im an android?. Cus my name is Connor. Im I right jack?

Hidden figures is amazing

jacksepticeye noice

jacksepticeye Just to let you know, they perfectly portrayed Detroit in this game to an almost unreal aspect. I even saw a church in the game that I've actually saw in Detroit

I Have a degree in memes That is very true. Although as a person currently living in Michigan (which is really cool to see everything in Detroit surrounded by tech), I would say that it is probably due to its technological advances. Detroit is very dedicated to its construction of technology, I would know because my father is an engineer that has worked in multiple factories and told me about them.

It looked like they were performed with motion capture.

jacksepticeye no ice

The guy you got panit from sounds like jaxson from greys anotmy

jacksepticeye go on 8 mile.

jacksepticeye lol I waited for all of the episodes just so I won't need to wait for an entire day for a video

jacksepticeye Connor that coin is really pissing me off

My name is Connor


My name is CyberLife. I am the Conner sent by Android!

I am hankalax ur new partner

Hello Connor, I am also an Android sent by cyberlife. My name is Phoenix.

This is so wired because my name is Connor Bierman

jacksepticeye Nov 5the is my b-day that's the day this game starts at

best game uploader on on youtube, no arguments. Intelligent, entertaining, thought provoking and enthusiastic . keep it up Jack!

jacksepticeye Just came back from watching dan and phil and then this and realized that I had my phone connected to my speaker...

And he got a automatic vacuum

I am bender please insert gerder

I just realized todd had enough money to afford an android but not a better house and he bought a car and he was wearing dirty clothes


fam you turned on my echo dot when sayin alexa. dont scare me like that at night

please make another video on this today

jacksepticeye you like me

oh hi Connor

Connor's story is the most interesting to me

I think everything and everyone should be treated nicely

Jack you saw hidden figures I kinda saw it when it came out My favorite quote from the movie was “Here at nasa we all pee the same color” and then he broke the sign

Fuck if your gonna chat for half the game at least have the Curtesy to pause the game. EVERY SECOND COUNTS!!

This game, because jack is playing it I know I'll enjoy this playthrough, but they basically created these bots because they wanted slaves. They made these "things" so they could do all the work in-and-out of the house. And so the constitution protects people from slavery but nothing stops people from building slaves. If the robots can become as sentient as Daniel I expect them to revolt as human slaves would. Outside of the slavery idea, this would make the world extremely anti-social. People taking comfort in the androids like they're humanoid pets. The rich anyway. Having androids is like the greatest benefit you should never have. This is f***** up.

already finished the game, watched a playthrough and now i am here to see a third person's person experience

A game that makes me do house work, while i'm relaxing? Ugh, yeah pass.

If you know so much about Harry Potter then who was the defense against the dark stars teacher in the fourth Harry Potter book?


Todd’s a killer

Daniel ís my fav just he died :(


You should take screenshots if you think this game looks amazing

Am i the only one who heard the Rick and Morty reference hint Jerry

My mum always wants to say please or thank you to our google homes

This is the racist segregation in the middle 1960s all over again.

Jack: I didnt know Scarlet Johanson was in it Me: *shouts* THATS WHAT I WAS THINKING!

Jack I rather you use black not colored I'm not a crayon

Connor is the best one there

*“I wonder if memes still exist in such time”*

"aw she got blood on her yeezys" i'm q u a k i n g

Hey i also watched hidden figures nice movie

You lied to me so I WILL SEE YOU IN HELL

If this was actually real, human kind has lazier than ever

I believe the voice of the old man Carl is Ed Harris, he has a brilliant voice

"todd is absolute garbage!" *picks up trash bin*

I wish the game sound was a little bit louder, or your mic a bit quieter. The difference between the volume levels is difficult to work with.

Havent watched Sean in a long time, he is way more talkative than i remember

Alice looks like Lil tay

"You should tell me things about yourself. That would help me out." ...... wide eyed smile.... "You're very quiet. I hope I don't scare you."

Almost 30 min. In, and, isn't this like the plot of the x-men.

Hey Jack why do you dont by a green dog ?

Lmao Jack:"69 you know what that means" jack:*realise kids are watching. jack:...not enough yet

When u said alexa it turned mine on and scared the shit outta me XD

First time watch a Jackseptieye video. I'm becoming very interested in gaming recently (tho I don't have the tools to do so). I can't wait too see what path you take

Quanesh W welcome to the squad!

This is basically a Bladerunner rip off

Carl looks like Don Blooth

Wow this was a great series

Well, Todd seems like a great person bruh. You don’t find ass holes like him everywhere, he’s special.

_is no one gonna talk about how adorable jack fanboying over connor is? no?_

Talk and play the game at the same time.

why do the androids have tear ducts

This kinda reminds me of quantum break

with the please and thank you its that were raised that way, because alexa has a very realistic voice our minds go back to the way were raised. so you want to say please and thank you

His America most wanted voice

Roomba has a policy that allows you to get your roomba fixed instead of replacing it because people pack bond to their robots. I have such a hard time believing that most of humanity would look at something with our own faces and treat them like this

Start of story* Hello I am Aiden a android sent by Cyberlife Ra9Ra9Ra9Ra9he will set us free

Everytime you said "future," I just immediately remembered that one SpongeBob episode where Squidward was on the floor at the end, just straining out the word "fuutuuureee..."

Aayyeeee! I’m playing this too! I’m where they— OH WAIT. CANT TELL YA-


Oh Geez I tried When he Was Picking Up alice and throwing The chairs It just made my feelings Go Down And My sadness Go up

yo marcus was the name of the android in the show lab rats and the main characters name in it was leo plus the guy named leo in this game and youve got a 1 way ticket to coincedince town

Carl's VA is Lance Henriksen (spelling?). He played Bishop in Aliens and a human Bishop in Alien 3 and the Alien vs Predator movie. He's been in other sci fi movies and that's likely why he was cast to be a VA in this game.

This kind of stuff looks nice but It would be much better to have androids that both follow given orders and have emotions at the same time.

Todd .. dad of the year. A little late but happy father's day TODD

screw the world be who you wanna be - Jacksepticeye 2018

If I had a android I would act like they were actually a person and id be nice to them. Great Video! Love you man

A-pepper? really Sean?

That rick and morty reference ahahh

I completely regret that I didn't watch it when it came out

That part with the religious guy yelling at the Android sounds familiar to being yelled at for being gay. That’s happened to me too much

Hold on, Just a little while longer.

I love hidden figures! Such a good movie


I'm moving to Detroit soon! I don't think there'll be any androids, though - just crime. Great video, great energy!

Fun fact, a program (kind of an android but it was a computer) has painted a picture before. It did this by looking at a certain artist's style throughout all his paintings for every exact featured and created a completely original picture. It's pretty cool.

I cleaned my bathroom today :P

Shipping Trash congratulations!!

If you like this check out humans its on amc trust me its very similar

is Markus the actor that plays Avery in Greys Anatomy??

Looks a lot nicer than least some of it does.

ive found over 20 four leaf clover

Kate Cote omg you’re so lucky (literally)

Okay but I feel so bad for the robots like its not their fault people created them. People shouldn't have created them at all if it would possibly destroy lives like it would irl.

It’s kinda sad because the painting he painted was blue red and yellow and that’s the only three colors that are his emotions it’s just kinda deep

Omg Jurassic Park was playing in the background, and then, as he removed the sheet, the Jurassic Park theme played

I don't think we should create robots like humans to "help" us because although they could be better at some stuff it really will just make everyone lazy and stuff and who knows they might end up taking over the planet. I just don't think robots are much of a good idea.

Am I the only one who's concerned they had a dwarf gourami in the same tank as a betta...

was anyone else thinking about Marcus activating the giraffe like he did with the birds?

Hmm why is jack predicting the whole game????

You made my Alexa freak out. Thanks Sean.

that gourami was huge. mine are tiny. well, one is a baby. but yeah they are little

huh, everyone ive watched so far has picked identity... kinda dissapointed, but it is the most obvious option.

Oh my gosh...the part when...the dad yelled at her and...told him he loved Alice...I...oh...that’s how my dad acts when he gets angry, he yells and I get so scared idk what to do with my life anymore, but ever since I found your channel jack, you make me feel so much better, right now my face is COMPLETELY covered with tears, without you jack, I probably would be dead by now, jack, you don’t know how much you mean to me, it keeps me away from my grandma and my fears, thank you for existing, just thank you...I love your channel and every single part, you know that right? You make me laugh to much and cry, and if I met you in real life, I’d probably be like of what I am right now, all tears and trying so hard not to wake up my sister, I would give you the hardest hugging squeeze and cry so much whispering to you: “thank you”. I mean it, thank you for making this channel, when I’m bored, I watch my favorite series of yours (UnderTale) and...everything, I’m so glad to have this right now, I really wish I can tell you how I feel in real life right now, oh no...I’m gonna brawl again...ok...bye, I love your channel so much jack, if I die, and can’t watch your videos, idk what I would do anymore...

I for one, don't really fear the idea of a artificial takeover, I believe that there are multiple methods to be used to fight machines and intelligence like that. So I would really like to see more of the development of AI. Just fucking treat them with respect and they might be friends.

That thing he takes causes mood swings or something

Sooooooooo this is basically channel 4's Humans as a game then...

This Is Kinda Like Before Dawn if u don't know what it is go watch it from jacksepticeye.

carl is a gay (umbrella term gay) granpa and yall can fight me, hes see this shit before. also look at his tattoes woow nice nice

i wonder if the androids have parts if you know what i mean

me, as a grand pappy when andriods have to deal with peoples shit: you listen here ya little wipper snappers, the shit youre pulling is the same shit my father and his father pulled back in the day!! so stop it or imma slap ya!!!


Thank goodness my name is Connor. That means I'll turn out cool, right?

FACT: If your kids ever say something like you don't love them because you don't give them what they want just think about it and they are just trying to get your attention by saying you are not taking care of them right and they are just trying to get in your head so if anyone says that just really think about all the things you done for them and you can't give them everything you want

Is it just me or does Kara look like Jennifer Lawrence?

i have a aleax

Jack: no that means there might be android puppys running around, thats creepy. Also jack: ooooooh slidy door.


Detroit? DETROIT SMASH!!!!(bnha)

i never heard jack say damn before

If robots really existed today, why would we want to enslave our own creation? The second you gave it the capability of learning and to walk among us it was no longer a mere tool, but a form of intelligent life. For something to be alive it Doesn't need to be organic, it Doesn't need to breath, it just needs a purpose.

android by android

My name is john conner and i am the fastest man alive

My name is connor! Lol

I cried like a baby during Todd's little "breakdown"

Hey Conner will you destroy Alexa

jacksepticeye JACK RoboCop was in detroit

The birds are like jontrons Jacque

You are the best

jacksepticeye I thought my family was the only one who knew how to wash dishes by hand

jacksepticeye that's funny HAAAAAAAAAHHHAHAAHAA

and you are DETERMINED to work for CyberLife get it? undertale and when you clean the house it kinda like house flipper

jacksepticeye make it like undertale and try to get every ending

jacksepticeye HELP MEEEEEEEEEE MAKE AN Q AND A question... are you still making vids in happy wheels?

My name is cyberlife. I am the connor sent by android

There are a lot of key spots, that are Detroit now. But just watching this video, it makes sense why they picked Detroit for the setting of the game.


No your name is Seán. Silly jack

Can you just be a good little android and stop cursing

jacksepticeye do you mean jacklife?

confirmed, Shawn is actually an android, fuck it, lets start the uprising...

I saw this comment when Connor was saying that. LOL

jacksepticeye sup


chara is the amazing character from, undertale

Hello jack (robotic voice)

jacksepticeye I am her for John Connor I need to terminate him


jacksepticeye I also watched the movie in my class.

Evan Playz justcause5?

Areeb.A I've been since 2012

My name is cyber I'm the Android sent by Connerlife

jacksepticeye my name is Connor I’m happy

I want an android that fixes my house and cooks for me too

You made my Alexa tern on

I have seen a picture:a film is like the top of the iceberge a book is like the part that's underwater and a fame is like the whole iceberg.

I just started watching when it was finisshed, just like god of war

hey daniel is my name but i still love the game

I have to be honest. I wasn't sure If this series would interest be, but I started at anyways. Only 5 minutes in and I was hooked.

I robot

We have self driving trains in London, it's called the DLR. I never really thought about how advanced it was since I grew up here and never thought twice about it. I could see our buses becoming self driving in the next couple of years

Sometimes I get excited when people say they visited Michigan, but then I realize they mean Down State. I hope the U.P gets more celebrity/well-known visitors in the future. It's actually really nice here

First episode and I'm already crying. oof. Carl is so sweet.

I hate the idea of automated cars and how they'll put "value" on some lives. I'm pretty sure that, as a disabled person, I'll be crushed right away instead of a Neurotypical person, even if that NT person is a scum. Good let's play c:.

Hi im Jack, Im the loud Irishman sent by Ireland.

Isnt a Robot how draw, just a normal printer?

Good Job, Jack. You dicked around on another story based game and yet again another person has died do to your missing sense of urgency.

Hey jack I was thinking I love borderlands 2 and the humor in it is amazing so it would be awesome to see my favorite youtuber play through my favorite game. Please consider it. Iknow its an old game but maybe y ou could try it out.

I loved in hidden figures when the boss knocked down the black restroom sign ( been a while since I've seen it)

THE FU-- Oh... Family Friendly?? Ok.. THE FUTURE!!! There better now?? OK NOW HAHAHHAHHAAH!! THE FUCK!!!!

I'm surprised Sean is so surprised at this game. There have been thousands of shows / movies / books / anime / games that have this exact thing.

Having androids to provide care for the elderly and disabled would be so very helpful. Human caregivers can burnout quite easily, but androids wouldn’t have that problem.

Bruh my names connor

It really fuckin sucks how PlayStation pays so much money to have exclusives. This is such a great game but a lot of people can't play it. rip pc master race and xbox players.


tsk tsk tsk, dont you hate it when game developers bring politics into games...

Did you meet coryxkenshin in Detroit?

My name's Daniel and my first girlfriend's name is Emma. This is... unsettling to watch.

Too bad you didn't save the wounded cop on the balcony. yep he's was alive, but not anymore :\

*says Kara* immediately thinks of undertale (yes I know it’s not spelled the same)

Penny wise lives in Maine. That’s where the majority of Stephen kings books take place

Conner is my favorite

I fucking love Sail. That song is great!

Androids talking to each other, Oblivion: DID SOMEONE SAY DIALOGUE????!!!

don’t know if this was just a fun rhyme by quantic dream or actually a really smart reference, but the “fright flight” mentioned in the climate change tabloid from the beginning could be referencing the similarly sounding white flight that northern cities (specifically detroit, wink wink) experienced when african americans migrated from the south to the north and rich whites emigrated out of those cities and into the suburbs

Whe my mom or. Dad tells me to wash the dishes, I put the sponge on the plat as hard as I can and Kara just lightly scrubs thm

Everytime I hear Jacks intro I think of Felix's parody. The one where he is screaming.

For once i know he movie jack is talking about “Hidden Figures” is a movie we watched in science class idk why but we did and i really likes it especially when she tells her boss why she is always late because she has to use the black womens bathroom in the other building and he gets upset about segregation and breaks down the bathroom sign

Ive seen this by another youtuber

Detroit is one of the biggest shit shows in USA, Top 5 highest crime rate with Oakland, Stockton, Compton and Chicago, 3 of the worst cities are in CA

Put trash in trash can Jacksepticeye: can we put Todd in there he is garbage


this reminds me of west world


Hm. Didn't know of this game til now. Kinda cool! I think it helps that my name is just as badass as this character.

nah man I play les paul bro. ya know like slash! edit: holy crap carl is lance henriksen

carl cares a lot about markus and vice versa id say. even if he is a robot he does care about him. i think.


SAIL! Come on Jack, I laughed so hard man. That was so unexpected

Connor is just a machine but all other characters are alive

just the first episode, and its already full of daddy issues... this'll be fun!

you do know that FISH CAN'T FEEL PAIN?

Lmao. I would probably humanize my android by being TOO kind and empathetic to it.

Nugget is strong nugget go to other kindergarten not android devents that kill you and suck your SOULS OUT. But nugget think he not android because nugget make the nugget cave now the nugget call for Lilly hbvgvybgybtgvgyvgtvtfvtfvftvtfvtfvftvftvvtfvtfvtfvftvtfvtfvftvftvtfvftvtfvyggbhmok,jingybseunjingyvdrcesxfruhnijmuhbftedfbuhmijyrdcxbmuhvcruhnuftcrdnh


Wow, i just noticed your software instability goes up right from the get go if you save the fish. Does keeping it low close the deviant route?

When I played the demo I had no idea what half the words meant so I got a pretty bad score

"I like Connor a lot.


Spoilers! Todd is a heckin frick

Even though this is just a video game I feel incredibly bad for Alice to the point of getting angry at an animated father lol. I just can’t stand parents who treat their kids like shit

He called Alice Adog and that makes me incredibly happy seeing as that was an old nickname of mine

this game has so much detail that the androids have pores. pORes that sounds creepy but jesus

Jack roasting todd like he said that to an actual friend

Didn't know Avery from Grey's Anatomy would be here but I have no problem with it, I'm glad he's involved in more than just tv shows, he's now in games too!

Hi jack can I plz send you a pic I don’t know how so can you please help me out it’s a black and white picture of Sam the eye

A Daniel with white clothes and blonde hair? Camp camp?

The world tells you to be yourself, but when you are yourself, people don’t like it. People build robots to make the world better, then they say robots are destroying it. Humanity is truly cruel and confusing.

It is also creepy knowing that someone could always hack into the tech and see into your home or spy on you through it

I don’t know if it’s just me but Daniel immediately made me think of camp camp.

The book kara picked up off the floor in todds room was showing alice is an android

“69%, you know what that means!” I don’t have enough percentage for chicken nugget

My actual name is conor

I was so touched when Carl asked if he was ok!!!

It was exactly ten days ago when Jack first uploaded the start of Detroit: Become Human. It was today that i decided to watch the full playthrough of Jack.. coincident? I think not.. didn't even know the game would end up being so big but wowo..

Look at my Little boy learning all new words

Its sooo exciting to see landmarks from my city. its the perfect setting for a game like this!!


Funny, my real name is Scarlett. Anyway I noticed that a lot of YouTubers say that that's Scarlett Johansson are they right or that girl just looks like her?

Think you said officer weirdly at 23;50

I've seen that movie too

Ready to see another YouTuber accidentally get beloved characters killed in different ways

Why didn't she put the guitar on the GUITAR STAND

“69% you know what that means!” I don’t have enough for chicken nuggets

To be honest, if i had my own android i would help him/her around the place


I freaked out at the beginning cause my name's emma

Jacksepticeye ASMR

dude human music i like it rick and mortys jerry for you

Okay, we’re all thinking this. Elephant in the room. Does kara have a functioning vagina like organ and do people use them? Yes, like a sex doll.

I think this game is the less scary version of the walking dead

robot sex doll? no? ok...

I want to make sure I have this right. So whenever he was going through the treasures as Kara did the first picture show that Todd shot his wife-got mad at Kara- then destroyed Kara and told the Android place thing that she was hit by a car? Edit three seconds later- never mind I understand now I rewatched it

"Human music, i like it."

Anyone else notice the Rick and Morty reference

I’d smash Kara

did you play beyond two souls?

I never watch 1 hour videos..BUT HE AND THE GAME IS SO INTERESTING!

no makus is the coolest and connor

Omg jack i thik i have that same guitar

Daniel looks kinda like Evan Hansen.. and Connor is Connor Murphy?

i bearly see anyone notice that alice got dark hair and girl in picture has blonde :D

jacksepticeye I like it

Connor Connor Connor Connor.Conner Connor Connor Connor sent by Connor

GAME:wake up carpal Me:ddddddora the exsplora


I am CyberLife, the Conner sent by Android

Sup jack its me connor

jacksepticeye AI stuff... reminds me of the AI in the matrix. Just because they're AI.

jacksepticeye this makes me want a ps4 so bad

Why hello Connor

But, sir! I thought you would like to be declared the Negotiator?

jacksepticeye hey

jacksepticeye I treat anything with a face and a voice like a human

Hello Conner. I am Kara a fellow android from Cyberlife.

shut and play game noob

아닙니다, 이것은 파트릭 입니다!

Hi Connor I’m Samuel I hope androids and human get along

No I am Connor!

Connor is my name. Cyberlife sent by Android I am!

jacksepticeye I Am Robo Doggo. Love Me

penis lol ecksdee

Obviously an exploration game of sorts

I can't by alexa or Google home but when I can I will say please. I'm very attached to my tech

Jack: can we all agree that father of the year should go to Todd *Sarcasm* Me:My dad's was twice as poor until about last summer and her 90000000 times better parent. He probably struggled with depression when my mom left him.

The beginning could be creepy in a different tone "I really like your interer really reflects your personality."

Hi Jack you probably won't see this but I live in Detroit Michigan and I'd just like to tell you that downtown Detroit is very pretty and nice but the suburbs are very bad, but please do some research about the city. And yes Detroit is still one of the biggest automotive cities in America. Thanks and bye.

"Kara discovers a *way **_down_* "

I always enjoy watching these long gameplays from jack; the in-depth analyzing of the different aspects really brings whole new interpretations of the game that you can’t really get with other YouTubers who do quicker play throughs.

WTF man, you don't compare an object to a biological race.

There actually are some AI right now that can make music from scratch and it is actually quite nice.

I really like Carl so far. He's nice :3

Oh. My. God. I can't wait to get into this gameplay. Played the game, I liked it now let's what dis lol

oppicer- jacksepticeye 2018

"Human music huh... i like it" and no one noticed the rick and morty reference made there

Don't eat it lol I was laughing so hard

i wonder when later on in the game when Carl dies that’s when Markus decides to become human hence the name Detroit become human?? That’s just that I think though

I don't like that car AI, there's a 90% chance I'd get hit in any situation

If you don’t know what ai is it means artificially intelligent or known as fake smartness as in a robot or machinery with the mind of a humane

Coastal cities are being deserted by the rich? Ha, good thing Detroit will never have to worry about something like that!

Jack: "Instead of getting bogged down by all my chatter" Me: "Noooooo, I like the chatteeeeerrrrrr!!!!"

No offense, but I’m hear to watch the game, not hear your opinion.

Jack: *I wanna be known as "The negotiator" from now on* *Little did Jack know, he would be known as "Conner, the android sent by Cyberlife"*

cringy. stop yelling in my ear....

Jacksepticeyes humor setting is at 100%

*me @ Jack the whole time:* JACK , FOCUS ON THE OBJECTIVE, JESUS

Was the video kind of jumpy for anyone else? Just trying to see if it's my phone, WiFi, etc.

*Hmm Human music... I like it.* Nice reference

where i live (Perth, Australia) we have self driving buses already :)

If you think about it, none of these characters feel anything, because they're virtual.

If we had robots I would still say please and all, because hell I say it animals or anything.

Ok why am I crushing on all these robots?

I like fish

Holy shit jack. When you were about to bring up the movie hidden figures I was like, ”yeah he gonna bring up that one movie” and you did lmao. I'm watching it in school and it's just so weird that you said that

i feel bad fo carl having to deal with his dumbass son

I'm lossing my mind over all the textures and detail in this dame game! Also, how Markus looks *a lot* like Jesse Williams...

"...portrayed by Jessie Williams." Me: Excuuuuse?!

Aw heck I'm late to this.

Very funny.

Your really rocking that beanie, love it


I want to see a android go into the spot for humans on the bus and like change history lmao

Jack, Honestly, watching these videos that involve deeper meanings is scary, watching you play and start to think and question. You're so talented and just watching you delve deeper into all the meanings is crazy. You're a lot smarter than you may think :)

I hate that i cant just enjoy the details and lighting and all the work put into this. Its so amazing and it frustrating i cant take it all in but that what happens when you only come for gameplay.

Its me connor I have a tip in Todd's house theres a pistol in a drawer trust me I don't have Detroit but I watched the videos

the last time jack playd a person named chara he killed everybody

I am a Terminator and I come to destroy you

Huh. This was weird, the protesters and such is what I go through every day, being trans and gay. Teachers despise me and fail me (and more) on purpose, people on the street glare and even yell at me, the only people that accept me are my online friends and my mother. Two different stepdads have raped me, and I'm scared of my current stepfather because he hates me and does everything he can to make me miserable. I connect to the androids in this game more than I thought I would be, since all robot movies and games everyone is fine with it. This is way more.. real feeling.

Todd, best dad of the year

So I know that this is going to sound like a meme but if you think about it, the more and more things get automated, the better things like communism will actually work

Yo, hidden figures was a great movie.

Markus is my fav

conner is the coolest charector ever!!

the game’s world bulding is awesome

Ommgggggg i wasssss just thinking of charile and the unicorns!!!!!!❤❤❤❤

By far the most unrealistic part of this game is that Detroit has a public transit system lol

Jack: "I love Connor, he's so cool" Penguin01 (Critikal): "I fucking hate Connor. Fucking p e r i s h."

What did android to bring you a beer make you food when you can kidnap a woman because that’s what they’re made for Only kidding

Nooo they can't make robot animals I would kill myself the world would be full of misury (idk how to spell it)

I love that you actually mentioned Clancy Brown being Mr. Krabs. No one else has mentioned it and I've watched several playthroughs

it sorta looks like A.I.C.O if any of you know about that show.

Book: *is Alice in Wonderland* Me: That’s cute. Jack, not even a second later: That’s cute.

There are so many Harry Potter references!

Coryxkenshin called chloe scarlet Johansson too


I really love this game and it’s many meanings. When we go into Carl’s studio we see only blue paintings, and every time there’s a conversation he turns into his own mortality and depression. Carl is very depressed and it bleeds into his paintings as well with the cold colours and seldom subjects that he paints. Also, anyone notice that Alice at first wears a pink and white shirt, when she is unsure of herself and uncomfortable and not free to express herself. Then later she wears a pink, white, and blue striped shirt that is literally the trans flag. She wears that sweater when she is with Kara and can talk about how she feels without being scrutinised. My head canon is that Alice is trans, and as the story develops she starts to be comfortable with her identity when she’s out of an abuse household. I think some of the people who worked on The Last of Us worked on this too, and Ellie wore her shirt with the lesbian colours on them and we find that she’s canonically gay later. Just a thought.

The art in this game is GORGEOUS!!!!!!

android daniel reminds me a lot of camp camp daniel

Eef Todd!!

Whose theme is Markus playing on the piano? Because it's in the game, but I can't place it. Is it his own?

Can i have sexy time with robot very good jak

Half of this is Jack being philosophical and the other half is throwing shade at Todd.

This reminds me of the book "do androids dream of electric sheep". I read it for school and I remember we talked about if it was okay to treat robots like a lesser speices.

Nice job referencing Harry Potter by the way.

What is todd's deal

These are the games that make me think about life in a good way! :)

is it impossible for a machine to have emotions/conciousness? I think before we can even attempt to answer that question, we have to find out what emotions/conciousness actually are...

This game goes over so many interesting real life topics and problems which is incredibly interesting. It's also cool to think about how people in the game would have created the buildings and androids from an engineering perspective.

I had to look up who plays Carl... It's only Bishop from Aliens! What a lad

Jack they chose Detroit because it’s a rundown city and this is what they thought it would evolve into

The description is nice

Wait, so you're telling me this wasn't made by the same people who made until dawn?!

if the software succesfully emulates human behaviour, then there is only one question seperating human and machine: hardware or wetware?

Heyyyyy nov 5th, daz ma birthday

After watching Jay play this. It's so WEIRD seeing Markus. Like.. Markus as a servant

Omfg I'm Alice and my dad is Todd Except I'm 14 and I don't take that shit

Why did Alice draw two suns? Because she's a bright young child, that's why.

Okay I've been REALLY avoiding any robots that wants to be aknowledge as living things or animal that "evolve" as intelligent creatures themed games or movies, but THIS annoying game kept on popping on my recommendations so FINE I'll see what the fuss is and yeah even one minute in the game I just dislike it since as if treating these robots or androids you wanna called it as a THING is a wrong thing to do (like WTF???). They are NOT a living thing, they don't have soul or ruh as we Muslims called it that made us humans are living beings and mind that differs us from animals or other living things. We're Allah SWT perfect creation, we're not just flesh and blood where you can transfer into other vesels so we could live "forever", there are CRUTIAL things that makes us humans not as simple as you think are, that's why things like this game really just stupid and so shallow. It shows how they know NOTHING but acted as if this is the new era we're heading. So DUMB!

For additional, eventho the things around you are not alive (dead objects) doesnt mean it's okay to treat it bad, Islam taught us to treat everything (living and non-living) things with kind, because it's a blessing we are given what we have, so always be grateful and thankful. Don't make excuses just because you're a jerk or an arse.

bruh u missed that the police was connor in the beghing

Jack if you like story driven games you've gotta try Nier Automata, the story is absolutely phenomenal and unlike most story driven games it has fantastic gampelay

During this video I physically responded to some things Jack was saying unconsciously and realized he's not going to respond

Kara is the name of supergirl as well

When markus played the piano, for a split second I heard the g note..

That's not Jake Gyllenhaal..?

man i hate todd so much such a fucking prick

So I feel that I am Android would have a creative touch, because they need to come up with solutions for all problems they encounter. Unless, however, every single problem/dilemma they are predicted to encounter is implemented in their software.

todd is a little shit


Connor has a very distinct voice


jacksepticeye there just Walky talkys living up to there name

jacksepticeye hi connor

I rather be Apple

I am Siri I not robot

LIEUTENANT, WAKE UP! *furious snacking intensifies*

play sally's face ep.3


jacksepticeye my name is Connor

Jacksepconnor...(dont think this supposed to happen)...............:(

Hello, AX400, My name is Alice.

Hi I’m AX400/kara

jacksepticeye where is Jackie boy? Pls reply

I like Connors character and how his story is but my favorite Story Line is Kara and Alice

WHAAA??? Plot Twsit = Jacksepticeye is Connor! Me: KIFOEWJFIWFWJEIF

jacksepticeye yeah duh!

My friends kept saying there name and a andorid sent by cyberlife. Now i am forever scared

jacksepticeye Hiya Connar

You make me laugh everyday You are a elephant Lol

Eyeless Dash XD

Well hi Connor im Skylar

jacksepticeye can u play Watch Dogs 2?

Their is no such thing as global warming and many people don’t understand that it’s just a theory


Ugh i love connor im cryin

I wonder if could .............get it to wipe your but hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The funny thing is if I did get an android, I'd use "it" as emotional support and constantly ask them for hugs and help with work.

At one point it says “Alice... warm” I’m like why is Alice so warm

Jack stop kissing the games ass

I pray for any Todd out there watching this lmao

hidden figures was a rushed piece of shit

I would treat robots such as these with respect like i would any human.

There’s a android dog already it’s in

I don’t mean like android more like robot dog

Maybe dollar inflated something like 10 times it's current value and government just removed zero from the end.

Sees Clancy Brown, mentions him over the most famous android of all time, Lance Henrikson. Bishop. God, things have changed. Oh how I wish I was able to claim to be older, but I am younger than our dear Jackaboy. I feel old.

I like how jack thinks farther into the idea of how we perceive things like Alexa now, and how seeing them as humans will effect the world. It makes the let’s play a lot more interesting

This entire game just makes me think of Plastic Memories

I seen three youtubers play this

dam daniel

The preacher reminds me of preachers around UH that will come around anytime LGBT+ events happen and would just YELL at the top of his lungs. Same with Pride

I hope they have a national android appreciation day!

When Sean was talking about feeling bad for not saying please and thank you to the alexa, I FEEL THE SAME WAY MAN.

"I like your interior decorating" She says at the start. I had just finished watching Jacks latest house flipper video... I couldn't make this up

hearing jack talk about intellectual and deep issues makes me hot and bothered

It's beyond me why the devs for this game refuse to release on pc or xbox. Why settle for a profit on one platform when you make three times profit on three platforms?


I’m pretty sure they picked Detroit because when black people were treated as slaves a while ago Martin Luther king made a speech and that’s a bit like Markus making a speech

The part that annoys me is how his mic is ever so slightly in frame

I think the bus thing was just to save space bc they don't have personal space bubble? Maybe that's just me.

Did they LOOSE their mom?

Omg....I don't know why, but jacks face drop when the menu spoke killed me, lol

I like when you talk and be loud (unlike soome people) but I'd really like it if you talked as you progress. You know not trying to be picky but itd be more interesting probably if you did.

They need to kick off the most interesting man in the world guy and replace him with Carl. Because that man is just a beautiful fellow.

wow is markus such a famous name that the bot had to have markus aka my name hey markus looks like me when i would go to the salong

jack dbh won't happen in 2038 it will propably happen in 10 not 20 years i mean we aleady have a robot a working one who talks

i just realised why the fuck does our new washer sound like rubber running on a treadmill most of the time

Imagine All of Detroit become Human but Connor is a Penguin

For Carl, if he pass away, will his son, Leo, get his inherit?

I wouldn't be able to talk talk to a robot without saying "please", "thank you" or "your welcome".

The start looks like a rainbow six siege map

I like Connors voice

This is all realatble

Can I just say that Markus is a gorgeous man android? I'm so happy you're playing this, Jack!

Anyone else noticing the strange theme of giraffes? There was a small one in the window of Alice and her dad's house. Then there was the really huge one in the middle of Carl's house, obviously.

My sis has the game Detroit become human to

Hey Jack my sis watches your vids I'm not being rude but I don't really like you but my sis does

The new vegan:we only hire human workers at our business!

huh... to anyone who has done science youd know that is is no lithilithium as displayed on the packaging C17H6O... now that kinda look like sugar :D C6H12O6

So much like I robot

Don't worry,you can't save Daniel.

It also makes me think of the omnic crisis in overwatch xD

I saw a gay couple walking about when he was getting away from the mob after getting the paint. havent seen that in a game before

Also.... connor = tintin (Sorry not sorry xD)

i love how he does some social commentaries while playing this game

You talk to much


Secon time watching this cause I dON'T HAVE A PlAYSTATION DAMMIT

I live next to Detroit (vist there sometimes like going to belle isle or baseball game) and thrre is so many locations i recognize yet don't know the name of

Lost my shit when you said olivander's! U such a potterhead! Accio jackscepticeye ✒

I'm assuming this is about discrimination?

Aww thx jack

This is the only thing that I will watch that is yours


Wow Todd’s house looks like my school irl

They've come a long way from walking around a mall shouting "Jason!" with various inflections.

not trying to start a political debate but as a Marxist i can see just how those workers in the beginning are so fucking blind to their own struggle. they blame the android for taking their jobs but it was not the androids choice, it was the employer. but hey its a video game

U C4N C477 M3 C0N 0R

The house seems like the house from the new Jurassic Park movie

August 15 Iid my birthday ^-%

Walkin on sunshine C:

Markus looks exactly like Jackson Avery from Greys Anatomy

Ok butttt that Android is beautiful I feel weird for thinking that lol

I lived with a Todd

Are there any Grey's Anatomy fans watching this that also think that Markos looks like Jackson?

Markus I mean haha

wait I just thought about this what happens if this game is predicting the future :o

Human music! Music with soul! *ahem* Anyways here's Wonderwall...

about the part where jack noticed the androids were selling androids, its kind of like how humans sell humans as slaves, maybe?

*I like fish*

shit i should have watched this series when i came out

I felt so bad for Markus when he was getting pushed around.

"Eat the machinery" says jack

You're the only youtuber I've seen that's said anything about the software instability. I've been wondering about it

I say thanks to my phone when it dings to let me know I have an e-mail.

fuck you Todd...

How do so many afford it with prices like that?

"Collect trash in trash bin... Can I put tod in there?...tod is trash."

Did anyone notice that Daniel looks like the same Daniel from Camp Camp

God Conner reminds me of Tmartn

I had to turn my volume the fucking down

I just started watching this and I think this is one of the first series I've really enjoyed since NITW. In glad you played this game and I think you're glad you played it too

Also, they should have made the interaction button the touchpad on the ps4 controller, at least I think it's isn't. But that would have been a good way to utilize the touchpad feature

Reminds me of batman arkham origins in the hotel with the scanning and solving along with visual solving

When I saw Jesse Williams my little greys anatomy heart got so happy

if i was markus i would chooseprisoner because i been bullied and it literally felt like i was a prisoner

I watched that movie on an airplane too

Connor: My name is Connor, I'm the Android sent by Cyberlife. Me: My name is Awkward, I'm the potato sent by the internet

the preacher guy was foreshadowing markus's potential violent freedom campaign

Jack:Android puppies *what comes to my mind* I am frienddog...processing...renaming I am friendarin

That first interaction between the paint salesman and household Android, creeped me tf out? But personally I would love this future if people believed in the idea of androids. But it would definitely be a compromise between real people doing jobs and androids doing them, sadly that is a reality we would have to face

This is kinda like before black peoples rights but it is androids rights

*Fucking androids*

My name is cyber life. I am the Conner sent by android!

jacksepticeye love all videos

jacksepticeye From The racial shite that happened I think Idfk

my names marcus im a artist sent by cyberlife;)

No your ja...... Wait. IMPASTER

jacksepticeye Carl is voiced by Lance Henriksen!

my name is " andy " how did i get to have one name

jacksepticeye HI DANIEL?

I subscribed because of this video

jacksepticeye lol ad on Detroit (actual city) mural project

HOW THE FRIK DID U PULL OFF THAT VOICE "They didn't hurt you, Did they?"


jacksepticeye watched all 10

My name is Kratos, I'm the God sent by B O I

Hello I am not an Android. But all life should be treated well. You are not alive though. You are on. Fuck off you Android bastard.

jacksepticeye no I'm connor

My name actually is Connor

Why do you make it one hour long

jacksepticeye there's Kara Markus Connor (your boy lol) Alice and I forgot the other-- wait there's Luther and hank (I forgot his real name) and ya

GAME:wake up carel Me:ddddddora the exsplora

Hey Jack I had only now see part 1, and I love this game. But I thinking by Carl (old man) last in part 1 was Lance Henriksen and same voices from this good Aliens movie from 1979 to 1992 where he play bishop. So I maybe more i see Detroit part 2 and more will I thinking maybe Carl in the games was maybe first the Android in this World .

Androids exist so now for compelling stories reasons, makes people racist. Also bad and dead beat father having no other personality than dead beat father. O R I G I N A L A N D C O M P E L L I N G S T O R Y

Am I the only one who got pissed when he didn’t save the cop?

so far though the kara part I was just thinking how in the tech trailer it was said she could be used as a sex slave. Todd favorite use maybe. Ive not finished the episode yet so maybe that feature is used. Only at cleaning alice room so still hope...I mean that it won't happen

Jack you idiot I now have a severe case of PMA Positive mental additude

I thought you were gonna finish with todd before going in the backyard but then you went. Thank you for not triggering me.

Did anyone else think that Daniel looked like the boyfriend from the movie aliens in the attic

Imagine playing this in VR

I love black mirror

ow tuu fader with todd fuck of I'm watching the game. thank you todd (applause)

anyone getting vibes from alien isolation

i hate future

Wouldn't a good solution to people losing jobs to androids be just giving the androids normal job positions along with other people; it would be the same thing as normal people getting jobs if it makes sense

You know what this game makes me think about? That iconic Tony Montana line: "You need people like me. You need people like me! So you can point your fuckin' fingers and say, "That's the bad guy.""

Ugh Americans do they ever learn

Humans are the only creatures that cut down trees, make paper and write save trees on them.

Can you not talk so damn much. Play the fucking game.

chara = kara undertale easter egg

I wish games didn't feel forced to push a political agenda.

What happened in Detroit was in the 50s and early 60s the huge automotive company's started leaving to go to China because it's cheaper there so in Detroit no one had a job so it fell into poverty and that's why it's a shithole today


Immediately when I saw Carl and how kind he is, I just got really emotional and at the chess part I just started bawling :')) This game is so gorgeous, it truly is blowing my mind!

this shit is great

Kara thicc

I feel like Jack would really like NieR Automata, it'd be so cool if he played it on his channel

I have an alexa in my house I fell like its gonna be like Daniel its creepy I swear it talks when nobody says anything


Huh my b day is on August 15th

what is this house flipper! (not trying to be mean)

I have a pseudo smart home and any time someone walks in the house says what door opens and when they close and lock. It’s creepy as fuck.

Bryan is my first celebrity crush who isn't a Kpop star

Todd has a Stratocaster... fuck can I really hate him now?

I would be WAY too awkward to not say please and thank you plus I wouldn't order them I would ask as well

When i watched this i smelled something bad and i was like "TOD IS HERE HELP!!!!"

When Connor walks away after Daniel dies is so badass

Yoooou don't like hockey whaaaat and seahawks are not a hockey team

The design is great!

I got eyegasm watching this

Markus always looks angry

I hate to say it vut i nearly cried more than one time through this

Aw hockey’s my. Fave

Tatooine has THREE Suns BITCH

i live in a little city 10 miunets south of detroit called riverview

Jack watch Be more chill.

Just play th Fucking Game

putting a gun next to anti depressants.... cool.

Am I the only one that appreciates that Lance Henrickson is a human in a game about androids that exhibit human emotions and loyalty?

I felt like I'm crying

i can understand having these androids for households or people who actually do need help with things. like people with physical AND mental disabilities. or even some families who have a lot of children or need an extra hand that can actually get things done. just real things people need help with and not fully take over everything. id rather have some help then have anyone do all the work for me

"69%, Y'know what that means" "I don't have enough money for chicken nuggets :("

I like how MatPat was so happy cleaning but jack is like "noooo.... cleaning...."

You seem like a cool person. You seem like your make a good friend.

Connor looks like seth macfarlane

I'm gonna be honest all I could think of when he was going into Detroit was "COUNTRY ROOOOOOADS TAKE ME HOOOOOME WHERE I BELOOOONG"


Well, time to get sucked into another fandom.

Wait wait wait, who the crap makes casserole in a pot on the stove

His rock impersonation is the best.

I came back to this video a little over a week later (because I want to play this game bit can't so) and realised he was so right to name this first video "The Start of Something Amazing" I love this game so much and am surprisingly inspired and the way he handled some situations are surprisingly uplifting ^.^ enjoy the series guys!

Jack they have robots that do that

They have a robot AI that draws and designs it's own art from downloading popular pictures and art from the web to come up with the next great art piece

a playthrough where carl doesnt die?

Did you know this is based off a Disney XD show called Lab Rats

If I had a machine I'd still say please and thank you and still be like asking if it was ok. Just like I love my teddy bear I would love my robot. Even if it didn't do anything for the robot, it brings sentimental value for me to treasure

A very liberalish topic

Does anyone notice that when Kara is cleaning the kitchen when she first arrives that she shoves in the least 12 pizza boxes into that small garbage can and still has room for beer bottles

Reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock was treated as crazy but used deduction to find stuff out. Right? Only for the first part.

Some of the topics that he descused I agree with like how the segeration, how they treated the andriods. Doesn't maracus kind of look like Jesse Williams from Grey's anatomy?

Jack: finds child shoe "Ahh she got blood on her yeezys" fuck me XD

*SAIL* Fuck I’m laughing, that’s amazing

Why does this vid have more dislikes than likes?

Th paint droid looks and soujds exactly like Avery guy from Grey's Anatomy

Android: I heard your farther said you named me Me: yea, after my favourite pornstar

oh fucking shit todd and alice hit really close to home for me because my mom was(i guess still is, but idk since i live with my dad now) much like todd like holy shit

In the first to minutes it feels like Jack is ACTUALLY talking to me Bcuz my name is Connor...

another game ruined


I think people will always be afraid of androids because of the uncanny valley.

The protesters were hating the wrong person/robot they should be hating the people that created the androids but the androids shouldn't be just tools like you said about people might treat other people like a machine 1011010110001011001

This game poses such a fascinating moral dilemma, in terms of race. On the one hand, yeah, they're MADE by humans to SERVE humans. It's not like the slavery in American History, where they're abducted, bred, abused, despised, etc. It's more like owning a Roomba. On the other hand, if I were in this world, and I had the realization that an android becoming a deviant was basically them developing a soul, then this mentality would be completely different.

Todd is human garbage confirmed.

Bro how are these people so rude to the androids?? I say 'please' and 'thank you' to the fuckin miCROWAVE

I'd prefer to own a robot if it looked like a robot, not like a human. It freaks me out.

david cage is like the Stephen Spielberg of video games lol



Jone dies at the end... or in this game the beginning

Damn, I watched the whole thing and this just blew my mind. The only issue I have is the animations. Sometimes interactions have awkward movements, and sometimes I can see characters glitch a little bit. Other than that, this is a great game that reminds me a lot of “Until dawn”.

Poor guy at the beginning git betrayed


Welcome finally to Detroit Smash

Really great video I was thinking about getting this game but I needed to find a YouTuber I can trust

I was going to say that the Android looks oddly like the actor that plays Jackson Avery on Greys anatomy

Carl sounds like master chief...doesn't he?

You might like the show _I Am Frankie_ it is also about an android.

*I M A G I R A F F E*

Anyone else notice that the first time we see the highway, it’s unfinished, but when Kara goes out the second time, it’s already done?

I live in Detroit... oof.

They chose Detroit bc of a combination of industry and it’s proximity to the border.

"Aww he's a cute one." I love jack istg

wtf I have been on the same page with Sean the entire video how does that work

jacksepticeye and I'm Hank

jacksepticeye alice was a android I watched other people plau the game to and turns out she ends up deactivating her skin so she is a robot

jacksepticeye one punch man android

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jacksepticeye I’ll

My name is Connor I'm the deviant sent by Jericho


My name is Sean. I am the Irish boi sent by MA!! (HEY MA!!)

My name is Cyberlife, I am the Connor sent by android

Toirted Become android

oi, negotiator, can you pin this please?

Really? 2038?

This reminds me a lot of the show 'Humans'

Detroit: Become Human but every time Jack says 'weird' I say 'cool'

ROBOT: Robot live matter

Is.... Is this like Deus Ex: Human Revolution.... Which takes place in Detroit.... and focuses on human cybernetics and possible complete machine integration...

It's just is so damn heartwarming to see that with everyone being assholes to androids, that Carl is a wrinkly ball of happy, kind sunshine who sees the truth of androids and how he was one of the most important characters because he taught Marcus how to think and how to decide his own fate. If only there were more Carls then the future would be perfert

i think carl is stick from daredevil on netflix


you talk too much

hey jack did you know that there is a animation cal kara look it up

Omg android YouTubers?!

This is like fallout 4 in a way u know

Detroit is an industrial city so people get pissed because they lost their jobs

This game is so beautifull!! It needs to be a movie in my opinion

the triangle kinda reminds me of abstergo

Hey Daniel looks like Jake Paul, no wonder he went down like a bitch!

Ok don't save the cop

This is only me ranting do not pay any attention to me I am simply saying my opinion DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU ARE ONLY GOING TO SAY SOMETHING MEAN ABOUT ME! THIS IS ONLY AN OPINION OMG STAY ON TASK!!!! EXPLORE ON YOUR OWN TIME AARRRRGGGHHHH Ok I’m done this is only my angry opinion

Well now I gotta watch "Black Mirror"

Hey my name is leo


Connor get back!

Jack: is that Todd or someone who likes selling cocaine to children. Me: So Todd right

Jack acts like a kid. Where's Connor?!!I.Want.CONNOR!!!! That's how I portray him.

no animal is cuter than SEPTIPOLIER

Kara: My name is Kara. Me: That's my name too! :D ('Cept mine is spelled with an h, so it's Khara.) Jack (not even a second after I said that): Yay!


I said who is Clancy Brown and right after Jack answered i was so shocked. This proves he's physic lol

Y cant i fast forward? Not the 10 sec way. I actually mean pressing farther into the video

Graphics are amazing

One day it might be androids viewing this.

Anyone else watch the whole thing hung without skipping?

Whats hilarious is it was free on the ps4 for plus users... Saw the word Alexa and automatically assumed it was only for those who had the Alexa bot thingy... It is my regret in life

his A.I looked like jackson from Greys anatomy

I just wanted to say that you are such a amazing person and I love all the messages that you put out in your content. Thanks for everything Jack. ❤️

I can't believe it took me 2 people to play the game for me to realise the pastor was foreshadowing..

Yes we all agree todd is the WORST father of the year. Weight worst person.

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