The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii

The Secret Navy behind the Ballistic Missile Attack on Hawaii

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The, secret, Navy behind, the ballistic, missile attack on Hawaii please, find, the links to the sources, in the video description. Written. By dr., Michael sailor on the 20th, of January. 2018. As. Information. Continues, to emerge confirming. That there was a ballistic missile, attack against. Hawaii that, was intercepted. On the 13th, of January, the investigation. Begins to shift from what happened, to, who was responsible in. This, article, I analyzed various, sources, describing. The attack and identify. The mysterious, naval. Force that was most likely responsible. For launching the ballistic, missile which. Presumably, was nuclear armed in my the 17th. Of January article. I listed. Three alternative. News sites referring. To sources, that all said that a ballistic, missile was. Launched, against, Hawaii bar stealth submarine. The. Alternative. News sources, were radio host dr., Dave John Durr operation. Disclosure, our the, intelligence. Alert and the, public intelligence. Blog the, operation. Disclosure, and public, intelligence. Blog sites point, to an Israeli submarine. As responsible. While, dr., jaundice, said it was a submarine, belonging, to a rogue Chinese, Navy faction. Further. Corroboration. For, the ballistic, missile attack, explanation. Comes from former, Forbes, magazine, writer, Benjamin. Fulford who. Says that according to his insider, sources, there. Was a submarine. Based attack, one. Sign of this extreme, tension came, last week when a missile, from a cabal submarine, was stopped from hitting Hawaii, in the submarine, was sunk Pentagon. Sources, say media. Outlets, around the world have reported, that Hawaiian, residence all received, the following warning, on their mobile phones. Ballistic. Missile, threat, inbound, to Hawaii, seek. Immediate shelter, this. Is not a drill, but. Later this was reported to be a false alarm it was, not it was an attempt, by the Cabal to name the attack on North Korea, and use it as a trigger for their long-desired, World War three CIA. Sources, say both. Fulford, and the public intelligence. Claimed that the ballistic missile, was, intended, to simulate a North Korean, attack suggesting. The responsible. Submarine, was in the vicinity of North, Korea, either, in the Sea of Japan or, off the Japanese coastline.

In, Determining. The type of missile, attack against, Hawaii yet. Another source refers, to a Hawaii, tourist, boats about 100. Miles out at sea that, saw what appeared to be a meteorite, exploding. In the air shortly, before the Hawaii, emergency. Alert went, out Saturday, morning, the, 13th, of January, the additional, source appeared, as an update to the original, public, intelligence. Block site article, about the Hawaii missile, attack, word. Here in Hawaii is that a group of tourists, into a guides were on about 100, miles, offshore Saturday. Morning, around 8 a.m. when they witnessed, what they thought to be a beetle blowing, up over the ocean, it was, reported, on Hawaiian channel, - but then removed, from their website rumor. Is the launch came from an Israel dolphin, - submarine, some. College, basketball games, had a red alert across, the screen from US Pacific Command. Declaring. A missile launch in the Pacific, near Hawaii this additional, Hawaii source is vital, in understanding what. Happened, since it reveals, that the missile was, coming, down from the upper atmosphere following. A ballistic, trajectory similar. To a beetle, this, helps confirm that, a ballistic, missile was. Involved, rather than another type of nuclear, delivery system, such as a cruise missile which, fly much closer to ground and have a far more limited range, of, the, sources cited so far aside. From dr., John der all believed a faction. Of the Israeli, Navy was behind the attack using, a dolphin, class submarine, supplied, by Germany, the, USS. Liberty, attacked during the. 1967. Arab-israeli war. Is often, cited as an example of Israel, launching, a false flag attack, against, the u.s. to embroil, it in wars against, his rails regional. Enemies, in a private, email received. On the 19th, of January, former. CIA covered, operative, and marine intelligence. Officer, Robert. David, Steele says. That the attack was a Zionist submarine, doing a USS, Liberty, on Hawaii in considering. The possibility. Of a rogue Israeli, submarine, being responsible. It's, important. To review the armaments, possessed, by the class of submarines, belonging, to the Israeli, Navy in a news story describing. His rails possession. Of dolphin, class submarines. Purchased, from Germany, it's, our Lamont's are described, as follows the. Dolphin, boats are equipped, with six. 533. Millimeters, standard, torpedo, tubes, and 4, 650. Millimetres jumbo. Tubes, and can carry 16, weapons. The. Smaller tubes, can fire torpedoes. And harpoon, anti-ship missiles. As well as other conventional. Weaponry, but. It's larger, tubes are what makes the dolphin, class so special, from, them frogmen. Remotely. Operated, vehicles. And especially, large, cruise missiles, capable, of carrying nuclear, payloads. Can be deployed, Israel's. Dolphin. Class submarines. Can carry cruise missiles, which are well suited for middle-east, operations. Rather. Than ballistic, missiles, which are better suited for long distance, targets, thousands, of miles away. Ballistic. Missiles, require, much larger, boomer submarines, to launch them rather. Than the smaller dolphin. Class submarines. Possessed, by Israel, the, dolphin, to submarine, is 69. Metres. 225. Feet in length, which, is less than half the size of the ohio-class, boomer, submarines. 170. Meters /. 560. Feet long used, by the US, Navy to, carry Trident, ballistic, nuclear missiles.

C, Launched ballistic missiles. Need. Missile. Tubes as opposed to the more traditional horizontal. Torpedo. Tubes, used, for sea launched, cruise missiles, located at the front of the smaller dolphin. Class submarine. Consequently. It's, unlikely, that a renegade, faction, of the Israeli, Navy launched, the ballistic, missile attacks, since their dolphin, class submarines. Simply, don't have a capacity. Furthermore. It's, hard to imagine how US war against, North Korea and/or China would advance Israel's, national security. Interests. Which, are far more concerned about, threats posed, by major, regional. Rivals, such as Iran dr.. John Durr describes, a rogue faction of the Chinese navy being responsible. And that's after the missile, had been intercepted. And destroyed by, the US, missile. Defense system. The regular. Chinese Navy, destroyed. The submarine, this. Explanation, is, perhaps the scariest to, consider, since the u.s. national security. Apparatus would. Almost certainly, hold, china, responsible. For such an attack despite any genuine, factional. Divisions, within the Chinese, Navy the. Immediate, u.s. response, would have been at the, very least a direct. Retaliatory, nuclear, attack. Against, China's, main regional, ally North Korea, which, would have been scapegoated, for. A Hawaii, attack, after destroying. North, Korea's, military, infrastructure. The, country, would have then been subsequently. Overrun, and occupied, by the US, military and its South Korean, align an analogous way to Afghanistan. After the nine stroke, 11 attack, China's. Strategic. Interests, would have been severely, set back in such a scenario, it's, hard to imagine any, Chinese, military, commander. Rogue, Navy faction. Or not would, risk a nuclear, retaliatory, strike, by the u.s. at would setback, China's, steady emergence. Into a global, superpower, over, the next decade, or so, patience. Is a characteristic. That China's, political leaders, possess, in abundance. Consequently. I find. It online, that a rogue faction of the Chinese, Navy was behind the ballistic, missile attack sir. Who then launched the attack against, Hawaii for. An answer we need to consider legendary, Hawaii Senator. Daniel anyway, who in, 1987. Described, the existence. Of a shadowy, government within, the US with its own separate, military assets. There. Exists, a shadowy, government with its own Air Force its. Own Navy its, own fundraising. Mechanism and, the ability, to pursue its own ideas, of the national interest. Free. From all checks and balances, and free, from the law itself, a. Shadowy. Government with its own Air Force. His. Own navy his. Own fundraising. Mechanism, and the. Ability, to pursue his own ideas, of the national interest. Free. From all checks and balances, and, free. From the law itself in, a way was clearly, convinced, of a very highly classified US. Agency, that had Lee independent. Funding, and wherewithal, to develop, its own Air Force and Navy outside, the regular chain, of military, command, in contrast. To the assets, of the regular US Air Force and Navy this. Covered, fleet of ships and aircraft, would be dark in terms, of its security. Classification. It would therefore be, appropriate. To call at the dark fleet which is what secret, space program, insider, Corey, Goode says it is called by the US, military according. To his confidential. Sources, Skype. Communication. The 18th, of January, he says that it is separate. To another dart fleet which is a secret, space program, that operates in deep space I need, to point out that in, 2017. I, personally. Met some of goods confidential. Earth Alliance sources. They. Provided, many documents, to prove they are deeply, connected to NATO security. Operations. And the European, intelligence, community. They, have continued. To provide good intelligence.

Information Since, they consider, him to be a genuine, ex to a terrestrial, contactee. And asset of a secret, space program. Alliance known to exist by NATO officials. What. US government, agency, would have the ability to raise its own dark fleet outside, the regular chain, of military, command, and presidential. Executive, authority. The only u.s., agency, capable. Of doing so is the Central, Intelligence Agency. CIA. More. Specifically. We, are talking, about the CIA's, Directorate. Of operations. Formerly. Clandestine. Service, which, runs all its global covered operations. Where. A dark fleet would have been developed, to meet operational. Requirements. The. 1949. CIA. Act comprised. Additions. To those sections of the 1947. National. Security. Act that dealt with the creation of CIA, the. 1949. CIA. Act gave a congressional. Stamp of approval to, the creation, of a black budget, it could spend without recourse, to US, law as, the following section, may clear any other, government, agency, is authorized, to transfer, to will receive from the agency, such sums without, regard, to any provisions. Of law limiting. Or prohibiting, transfers. Between, appropriations. Somes, transferred. To the agency, in accordance, with this paragraph, may be expended. For the purposes, and under, the authority, of sections. 403. And to 403. S of this title without regard, to limitations. Of appropriations. From which transferred. 50. USC. 403. F. Essentially. This, gave the CIA the, power to generate large, amounts of money through, covered, means and launder, it however, a wished through the Pentagon and the u.s. bureaucracy. The, funding, was used for an unofficial black bungeed, that by 2001. Was estimated. To be as high as 1.7. Trillion dollars, annually, in addition. To having the financial, means the. CIA, has long been developing. Its own covert Air Force this. Began in the mid nineteen, fifties, when the Sea established. Area 51. As the location, to develop, future fleets, of spy planes with the aid of companies. Such as Lockheed, which, today is the world's largest defense. Contractor. In the 1960s. The CIA began. Training personnel, to develop, skills necessary to, operate its spy, planes on US aircraft, carriers. CIA. Documents. Confirm, that the US Navy was training, the CIA on how to operate, spy planes on their carriers, the. Above document. Went on to discuss, how Kelly Johnson. Director. Of Lockheed, skunkworks, helped. The CIA launch, should see you to spy plane from the USS, Kitty Hawk another. CIA, document. Shows the Navy's, reluctance. To allow the CIA, to use, its aircraft carriers. To carry spy, planes in trouble spots like the Mediterranean. Thereby. Creating. The operational. Necessity. For the CIA, to eventually. Acquire its own aircraft carrier, to carry fleets of spy planes around. The world these. Official, CIA documents. Support, the conclusion. That by the 1970s. The CIA's. Directorate. Of operations. Had its own squadrons. Of spy planes and, would, have acquired its own aircraft carrier. Out of, operational. Necessity. That it could operate anywhere, around the world without any kind of government, oversight, as far. As the CIA having, its own submarines. A Washington. Times article. From the 3rd of January. 1985. Shows that two ballistic, missile, submarines. USS. John. Marshall, and Sam Houston were, handed over to a 2000. Man Special Operations, force, it, can be guaranteed that the CIA's, Directorate. Of operations. Would have similarly, justified. The acquisition. Of ballistic, missile, capable, submarines.

For Its own covert operations. Around the world with. The CIA's, role, in generating, multiple, black, budgets, it could, easily have, diverted, some of these funds to defense, contractors. For building, the list, missile, capable, submarines. For exclusive. Use in clandestine. Operations. It's, worth noting, that Lockheed, Martin, builds, the Trident, III ballistic, missiles, for the ohio-class, submarines. Currently. Possessed, for by US Navy as noted. Earlier the, CIA, and Lockheed, have developed, a long and close relationship, since their joint efforts, to develop area, 51. For spy, planes and other advanced, technologies, in the 1950s. Therefore. It is very possible, that the CIA's, dart fleet possesses. Trident, III ballistic, nuclear missiles. Developed, by Lockheed, Martin. Consequently. Anyways. Claims of a shadowy, government possessing. Its own Air Force and Navy is very feasible given, what we know about the CIA's, history. And official. Documents showing. Its military, assets, training. And close relationship. With defense, contractors. Such as Lockheed, Martin, the, CIA, Hadley independent. Funding, to create squadrons. Of spy planes that could operate from an aircraft carrier, with the necessary, support, craft that altogether, constituted. A CIA, controlled. Aircraft, carrier, battle group, that included, nuclear. Submarines. So. Was the CIA's, dart fleet behind the ballistic, missile, attack on Hawaii I put, this question to Corey, Goode and he responded. Yes. They. Do have an aircraft carrier, and destroyers, and support vessels, a whole, fleet, this, stuff has been a part, of recent, briefings, in the form of informed, speculation as to what occurred in Hawaii Japan all. Are pretty convinced. That rogue CIA sub. Fired missiles, and Mike s SP use. FN are oh dear secret, space program. Took, the missiles, out we, are all waiting, for specifics. And confirmation. That these are read in general, kernel types doing the speculating. Skype. Communication. The 19th, of January, 2018. The. CIA's, Directorate. Of operations, has long been the primary, asset, of what anyway called the, government. But, today is referred, to as the deep state, due.

To President, trumps the 21st. Of December. 2017. Executive. Order. Freezing the financial, assets of all involved, in human rights abuses, and corruption, Trump. Was not only declaring. War against, us global, elites, involved. But, also against, the funding, sources, for the CIA's, covert operations. The, CIA's, black budget, is made possible by human, rights abuses, and corruption around, the planet, that provides, almost unlimited. Funds, for its covert operations. Including. Its dark fleet, consequently. The, CIA's, dark fleet had the means motive. And opportunity to, attack Hawaii, with a ballistic nuclear, missile, that would embroil the Trump administration in. A major regional, war with North Korea, and possibly, China. Significantly. On the 16th. Of January, Japan's. Major, public, broadcaster. Also, warned, the public about an incoming, ballistic missile. Attack once. Again a, false, alarm, was issued shortly after, by government. Authorities, it's. Quite possible, that the same submarine. Responsible. For the hawala attack, launched. Another missile, attack, this, time against, Japan, presumably. Tokyo, it was, also brought down probably. By the same defense, forces, that tracked and destroyed, the Hawaii bound missile, again. The, purpose would have been to simulate a North, Korean, attack thereby. Triggering a major regional war, such. A war, would distract, the Trump administration and. U.s. military, from going after deep state assets, and tie, down the u.s., in a serious, regional, confrontation. Thankfully. The, US Navy and Air Force along. With the user from secret, space program. Were, able to neutralize the, attacks, on Hawaii and Japan the. Multiple, sources and documents. Cited above led to a remarkable. Conclusion, a CIA. Created, secret. Navy launch, stick missile, attacks, against, Hawaii and Japan using, a dart fleet created, in the 1970s. To support, covet operations. Around the world, consequently. Neutralizing. The dart fleet and raining in the CIA's, Directorate. Of operations. Must, become a high priority goal. For the Trump administration and. The Pentagon, a major. Step, in doing so is for the truth to be officially. Released about holistic missile. Attacks, against, Hawaii and, Japan.

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Ty for info

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norbert bussmer

Quite good, imho. The one issue that seems troublesome to me is the current level of effectiveness in bringing down missiles. Is it plausible to suggest that two out of two missiles were successfully neutralized? And wouldn't the deep state be aware of missile defense capabilities and so launch multiple missiles to thwart that defense?

Find them, follow them and Sink them.  Brother of the Fin.

Thanks for the info Anon. 5 minutes is a false alarm.. 38 minutes is an incoming missle.I knew there was more to this story the day it happened. Keep on spreading the truth.

Everyone is guessing. My guess is that it was the yellow submarine and manned by the teletubbies..

It was an Israeli sub. The Shadow CIA gov. Navy does not need such an expensive and strategic submarine that can launch an IRBM. The cruise missile of the Israeli Navy could fly a long ark and come in from west of Hawaii, but it was launched 100 miles north of Kauai. Q anon warned of a ‘Red October’ sub operating against the people of the USA. Gov. ige and the Clintons (on the Big Island) were in cahoots in nuking Hawaii to get a war going, embarrass Trump, and fill the pockets of the Rothschild banking cartel, a firm alley of the Clintons. The CIA fleet is largely an imaginary one, not super expensive boomer IRBM Polaris launching subs that do dot support multiple uses.

Idk...I'll need to see a video of this missile being blown up. Until Then, it was human error that sent out the false alarm. And no satelites or radars picked up where it was supposedly launched from? Unlikely!

This site is pure seditious propaganda woven into a tissue of truth.

William Schutter Go away

I fn HATE the robot voice!

Read for us or bye bye

It was deep state duh

Retarded anti semi nazi

This is the biggest bullshit i have heard: Israel is trying to have u.s start a war against north korea, a country that israel is not in conflict with??!!! By the way - israel hasnt recived yet the submarines from germany that will be placed in the sea sea and not the pacific ocean!

Seeker of Truth Sincerely i don't care. I have no more patience with troll artists. He was calling bs with no valid argument. Israels Uss Liberty attack almost provoked a nuclear attack on Egypt. Israel received submarines from Germany.

Israel has received 5 dolphin class submarines, however they lost 1 on 2 May 2013 (at the hands of Syria) and another on 3 Sep. 2013 (thanks to the USN).

Use of profanity detracts from your credibility. Can't you choose other words to better express your discontent?

Idan Z Yes. Fuck you too

There is no way that the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty was an accident. It was a deliberate attack. Research shows that one of the Israeli pilots expressed utter surprise at the order as he recognized the American vessel. What's shameful is how the whole saga got covered up. But, the truth eventually comes out.

The Israelis did bomb unfortunately the u.s liberty in 1967 - the first day of the sixth day war either to sabotage intentionally the american ability to gather intelligence on israel during the war or second option is that the Israelis thought it was an Egyptian ship and it was an accident. Wars have friendly fire incidents all the times. Even u.s army attacked american troops and vessels many times by mistake. A combat jet can shoot towards a ship from very high altitudes without looking closely who is inside. Maybe there was an american flag on it and maybe it was a false claim . The Americans didnt disclose that they have a ship to the Israelis over there because it was a spy ship and its critical to report this information. U.s President at the time accepted the claim of the Israelis that it was an accident and Israelis paid compensation Both options are possible tho In any case - im glad that israel and u.s dont have adversarial relationship

Don't know what the Israeli motive might be, but I wouldn't put an attack passed them. Remember the USS Liberty.

Hes saying it's cia and or deep state

No, Nuclear weapons will not be allowed.

thxs agree 90 degree to horizon.

Don Freas Deepstate is sinking

ThreePhaseHigh your arguments are where?

Who are the world false flag champions? Who is very far away from North Korea?

Fake news

Sorry, but I get annoyed by robot-voiced channels. When the original Anonymous did it, it was cool for a while but became cliche real quick. Now it's just annoying and the vids are usually made with crappy audio rendering software.

Bullshit come on please


How come the Russians haven't been blamed? They're top of the list for everything else!

One might possibly be error. Are you forgetting the second missile heading for Japan? It was a very real attack. It was meant to either start WWIII or discredit Trump. Don't you folks realize yet that there is a large rogue faction of our alphabet agencies that have control of resources to do as they please. Their fearless leader is none other than traitor in Chief Obama.

Never trust a fucking *computer* voice!

What would an Isreali Sub be operating in the Pacific? When they are needed in the Mediterranian in case an attack on Isreal and they can provide support to Naval and also could strike Iran / Persia, Egyptian, or Syrian Attacks. I can see a Chinese Sub do this since China is operating in the Pacific, creating islands for military operations, and also are not happy with our focus in the Pacific Theater. Isreal would not have any logistic support for a single submarine .. but China could have resources in the Region much faster and are already operating in the area. As for a rouge US Miltary Force - that is scary because they can start WW3 if done carefully and with the right target and the right consequences against the U.S.

Clowns In Action are we surprised? This whole thing stinks of OBAMA!

Stop the nonsense it was human error unfortunately why add to the horrible consequences the good people of Hawaii had to go through your disinformation is as bad as the people you condemn grow up!!!!

Billy Torney If you research how the Hawaii civil defence warning system initiation procedure actually operates you can see that this can not be

Israel is controlled by Rothschilds, who brag they control almost every nation and can make or break any leader. They own the world and all nations in it (Give me control of a nation's money and I don't care who runs it!). Hillary and Lynn Rothchild and puppet Obama are definitely deep state. Communist China was funded by the Rothschilds so they are also deep state - as they are allowed to run way too much of America with special privileges. We'll see who owns it when debris floats up with either Chinese or Hebrew writing.

+Terry Edmond Click my name and watch the video with the two faces and the flag. This is nothing new. They've done this type of thing to other countries.

JOB DONE BY " J's " out to destroy America!!! That SHOULD Be ENOUGH For ALL OUT Retaliation by ALL other NATIONS!

Excellent work! Your analysis is spot on with what I have gleaned from various sources.

+Jeff Williams Click on my name and watch the video with the 2 faces and the flag. We would not be the first country they've done this type of thing to. The video talks on that topic.

DUCK & COVvvvvER! are we back to that? BORE ingggggggg! Another fine day on an Effed up planet. I'm going to have a cuppa FEAR!

My question is, how in the hell do you keep a carrier group hidden? I mean a fleet of warships would have to be viewed and photographed occasionally. Yes I believe the CIA has some pretty damn cool big boy toys. But an entire naval group? I just can't buy that idea.


Oh. Hello April. how many channels do you have? Aren't you the funny dis information mummy?

Have fun storming the castle

Crozbyguy Yes it's me^^ How did you find out...

Lose the robot . voice ,will not listen to this crap

NoPay Dn30 I'll send the text and you read? Ok?

Yea rite lol

This article is very plausible. A secret CIA military, financed by their drug and child trafficking operations, and assassination programs, linked with the Mossad, explains many rogue operations that seek to lay blame on authentic military, even under the Trump administration.

Bollocks .some people believe anything. From me in Glasgow Scotland

Anonymous Rebels sVizz as I said bollocks

kodi android It's not about believe. It's about information to form an individual opinion. The more information the better the conclusion.

Gary A. DePietro Had a look. Subbed

Israel. Surprise surprise. People should watch the video I just posted on my YouTube page. Click my name to go there and look with the two faces and the flag. If I say anything else this comment will vanish.

It was really an Italian Submarine Sandwich! B-)

My guess is a plausible explanation...

The Hammer & The Beast

Seeker of Truth damn right it does!

Anonymous Rebels sVizz but WE asked them to hit the Liberty. But that was a different time. We wouldn't let ANYONE intentionally launch a missile at Hawaii. That plan is so problematic it would be way too risky. We do stupid shit all the time. HOWEVER, we ONLY bet on sure things. A plan had to be simple, foolproof, limits the amount of players, and I'm sorry to say this, but when we want to keep a secret, no one finds out about it. EVERYTHING we do is calculated and decisive. Stuff gets leaked on purpose. NEVER by accident. Confusion is still the best way to distract the public from what's going on. I could go on forever but I can't give you a lot of details. I can point you in the right direction though. It's out there if you know where to look.

Seeker of Truth, you never hear anyone use 'bad language' throughout the course of a day??? You've never said anything yourself?? Give the guy a break, he's got a successful channel going. Its his channel, he can say what he wants. US is supposed to be a free speech country, isn't it???

Excellent response. I have used a similar one myself. It drives me crazy when people try to defend something they know nothing about, or if they're just looking for things to negatively comment on. There is so much real information out there, that before anyone opens their mouth and makes themself look so naive, they should do a bit of research first. My opinion now, is respond and then watch how he/she and how many others continue to make themselves look ridiculous by spouting off stupid comments. Some people are very brave hiding behind their anonymity here online. Even more naive not to realize they can easily be outted by the right people.

Idan Z Du hättest ja jetzt auch sowas wie Gegenargumente oder Informationen bringen können die den Artikel und die nachfolgenden Kommentare widerlegen aber stattdessen kommst du mit einem copy/paste Kommentar und Kalenderspruchphilosopie. Mich dünkt der Artikelschreiber und wir in der Kommentarspalte würden deine überschaubare Mongowelt noch vor dem Morgenschiss dekonstruieren.

Idan Z ISRAEL SUBS iv Dolphins, Leviathan, Tekumah, Tanin, Rahav and Dakar (not yet commissioned) with the last 3 having a very large air independent range. People ought to be able to confirm one missing by keeping an extended (years long) eye on Israeli naval bases

Who took out the missile.

Good that's the question.


This must be why the guy who pushed the button doesn't want to talk anymore. Talk and tell the truth and he will be deader than Hillary worker.

Funded by Drug Trade and Gold that was Stolen during and after wars that have been waged.

North Korea is not our enemy. Neither is Iran. Both countries have managed to avoid a takeover by the Zionist Rothschild banking jews in past decades. They each print their own debt free currency, much to the fury of the jews, who control the US economy through the FED and will not relinquish their steel fisted stranglehold over us. If you look at Iran's record over the last two hundred years you will see that they have not started any wars at all, and if you look at the record of the US you will see that America has been in war after war (for the benefit of the ethno state of Zionist IsraHELL) since the end of WWII (where the Zionist controlled US committed one atrocity after the other,including the sadistic nuclear attacks against Japan. Germany was never allowed to surrender and the world jew congress made damn sure the US bombed it back into the stone age. Under the guise of the Holohoax the Zionists collected trillions for the benefit of the ethno state of Zionist IsraHELL, which they will sacrifice in WWIII to reach their goal of global domination, and the NWO will rise from the ashes of IsraHELL as well as of Europe and America. It is at this time that the Synagogue of Satan will usher in the anti-Christ. North Korea is being targeted by the jew faggots as a ruse to flare up Iran and it's allies so that we can have an excuse to nuke Iran. Then comes Armageddon. Simple as that. The evil Zionist Christ hating commie jews that run our media and Hollywierd, which promotes every kind of filth and degeneracy, have declared war on white Christians, and seek to genocide them. The Satanic verses of the evil Talmud fall into three categories: 1-jew supremacy 2-blasphemies against our Lord Jesus Christ 3-hatred for the gentiles Christ says to the jews in Matt 23:33-'You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell.'

Just more fake news

Computer voice means NO credibility. Stop making vids, it ain't your thing. guys are a joke!

It’s funny how people just believe anything. I’d love to talk to your sources. Can you explain to me exactly how the “missile” was even detected? You don’t even know how that happens and you’re able to put this whole thing together?

Fernando Martinez how/who were the missions tracked by? Every time i talk to people like you there’s just a made up explanation. No corroborated evidence. Nothing verified either.

AReal CarGuy_302 years ago UFOs were tracked above us and Russia nuclear missiles and missiles were disabled. They are still keeping track of us so we won't destroy ourselves think about it

Israel never purchases German submarines. Germany is coerced to give them away for about a third of the regular price. Sort of reparation payments that will only stop when Germany elects an AFD government and reaches sovereignty once its occupiers pack up and return home.

An empire so big the bureaucracies make war on each other. So what is the secret space program up to?

b.s. absolute garbage

Im into conspiresy theory just like the next guy, but this seems a little far fetched

Assassinate Clapper and Brennan and see what happens. Just a suggestion.

It was a portable underwater volcanic eruption. I know: I was, scuba-diving @ spot the when it happened and killed me. i reincarnated yesterday and found this video while reliving my past lives. Now it almost makes sense...

I never see any fire in the sky i live in hawaii next to the beach no so me more this is a fake i never see anything Aloha

Was a ballistic missile launched at Hawaii from the "lost" Argentinian submarine? I'm just saying.......

Well, did a plane that disappeared in one accident, end up in another in Ukraine?

This is about as fake as the memo claiming Russian collusion. No evidence to back it up, but hey, there are those who will believe it if it's what they want to hear. I say it's all deep state propaganda .

Israel does as Rchld commands

bullshit. Antisemitic propaganda.

Fake news....pppfffttty

The call was coming from inside the house. This whole thing was entirely staged

If America is busy fighting communist in Asia. Then Isreal can do what it wants in the middle east.

The people of Hawaii need to realize that the DemocRATs are willing to kill them in an attempt to start WWIII. They would kill anyone then blame it on NK and start the war. These people have no concern for anyone. Thank God the missile was intercepted. The same happened with Japan. Open your eyes to your liberal leaders.

With the trillions of dollars "just lost" before 9/11 I'm sure the cia has got plenty of $$ to build their Israeli/deep state fleet!

Just another nuke like the ones they used to turn the buildings to dust on 9/11.

A submarine also fired the cruise missile at pentagon on 911 . Was it Mossad crewed Isra lie craft

If Fuckford ever wrote for Forbes , it was either the Contents page or the Index page. Perhaps they subbed that out to psychiatric patients!

If benjamin fulford said it, you can take it to the bank......and theyll prob have you arrested for hauling loads ofbull excrement into a banking establishment. Fuck fulford. Hes delusional!

Is this from the missing Chilean sub?

Its Argentinian, I couldn't remember which South American country it was.

Brothershadowfist no chilean subs have went missing, you are dumb.

The Hawaii and Japan nuke alarms could have been real. And the missiles neutralized by ET UFO's. We've had credible Air Force people stating in the past that they had some of their gear turned off by UFO's in their silos. Also, I remember a few years back seeing a video of a UFO actually firing something at close range in a missile test while it was at high altitude which rendered it useless. These kind of capabilities should be taken into account for these recent incidents.

I would like to know if there is or is not any connection to the meteors in Michigan.

Its them jews at it again

Of course they did they stage these wars

Schumer is a Jew sympathetic treasonous POS! Who was in Oahu that morning, the Clinton's... Why is that relevant you ask? Alibi!!!!!! Someone anyone , if you see those 2 shoot to kill!

Obama has his own army. Is obama the Antichrist. Jesus said his name in Hebrew. Obama the last American president PHAROH. Obama OSOMA bin laden. Armed Mexican drug cartel/ ISIS. WANTS WHITE GENOCIDE. EVERY WHITE NATION INVADED BY AFRICANS MEXICANS INDIANS ARAB MUSLIMS. EUROPE PROTEST REFUGEES SO DOES CANADA

sounds like some bs to me


Cant do robot voice

I call bulshit Israel didn't have nothing to do with it just another paid programmer by George Soros and his Goons

Where is the money???


The computer voice gives me a headache it pisses me off if you can't talk stop posting this shit... DISLIKE, DISLIKE, DISLIKE.

It was the CIA's sub

As a baby boomer I recall having to hide under my wooden school desk during our many regular nuclear air raid drills. They sold a lot of backyard air raid bomb shelters stocked with water & crackers. Apparently, history does repeat itself.

North Korea is and always was a front for China.....but if you think shooting nukes down makes up safe think about the fallout into the sea.....better give up eating fish.....

n91605 yoi are an idiot, warheads dont explode or leak anything if they are intercepted. they have programmed fuses and must undergo that particular flight pattern to airburst at its set height. can't do that if its shot down before it gets to target.

Wormwood must close now,

If it was a real missle the culprits home land would be a parking lot. Fake news.

it wouldn't surprise me to be told that our "fucked up Navy" that can't navigate out of a marked simple channel  on 2 occasions killed so many of it's own sailors - what a fuckingmess- maybe we should give the Admirals Row Boat Training in The Central Park Lake where they can do no more  fucking damage !--What a fucking bunch of trolips !

John Devereaux dolphin class subs operated by israel could easily operate worldwide. its a very simple thing to keep a sub supplied at sea, any civilian yacht could function as a submarine tender. i think a large scale war in asia would allow israel cover to launch its own attacks and new war to create greater israel. overall i have my doubts about this theory overall and fi d it highly likely its all bullshit.

WHO? The Camel Jockey from Kenya?

MGTOW RULES it's President Obama, you pathetic drop of sphincter juice.

Terry Edmond any Roth child's that leave England must be exterminated on site.

Terry Edmond please go outside and play.

Terry Edmond and that movement anti-israel movement where do you think it came from the Rothschild they have their fingers and everything

Terry Edmond yeah if you could say that then Illuminati is America sounds like crap right because it is yeah the Rothschild might have influence over the top people in Israel but that's not Israel that's not the people just like Illuminati ain't America We the People are America

Crozbyguy too many secrets

+Filming In Portland Those freemasons are not the Masons from ancient Egypt. They have you " believing " that.

Gary A. DePietro -subbed.

fondrenbear1 Thanks to Bush senior, Clinton, Bush and, Obama. Communist Chinese can now hit America in 3 minuters. Thank you American traitors who are loyal to the Communist New World Order.

Filming In Portland Agreed. I'm from Scotland and the English deep state worked tirelessly in the background to make sure we didn't take our deserved independence. England would be nothing without Scotland. They need our young men to fight for their crown, they need all our natural resources like abundant water and oil and gas...... I know they were at work, they used the bbc against us. They told so many blatant lies but unfortunately half the ppl believed them. It was then that I personally realised the Propaganda machine and how it works. .... It works well, but I believe it will crumble in the not too distant future.

Gary A. DePietro no you won’t. Plenty of anons posting truth online. But they’re not the ones in charge globally, just one facet, one faction of the larger cabal. Which includes the Rothschilds and other bloodline central banking families, the Crown (England), and the Vatican, where most likely the Pope holds the ultimate power. The scary thing is that this large family has large number of members. Anyone with any true power, around the world, is a member of this family and has the Rh negative bloodline. Extended family of course, as they’ve existed and held power for millennia. They were the ones who were in ancient Kemet (now known as Egypt), at the height of their civilization. They had technology far beyond what we do now. When the floods came and destroyed their arid, farmable home, they left and scattered across Northern Europe, with large portions eventually settling in Scotland and England. And of course, Rome. Then, when the floods subsided, African people’s took over Kemet and renamed it Egypt. By then a hot, dry desert. This was a lot further back than history notes, approx 12,000 years. They were not dark in those days, but a faction of the families did go dark. They’re the ones who rule today, and have for millennia, as stated. Every major event was their doing. Now of course there are large portions of the families who are _not_ dark and have nothing to do with any of this, not wishing to be part of it, but those dark families kept on. Unabated and unchallenged. So Israel is just one part of this, and most certainly not in charge. It’s my guess that the sacking of the library at Alexandria was actually moving all that esoteric knowledge to secret vaults. Likely the vaults underground, below the Vatican, hold this and all other esoteric knowledge stolen from peoples all over during the Crusades. It wasn’t just gold and precious metals that were stolen. All the esoteric and advanced knowledge the world over was taken and hidden away from the rest of the world. To be used at the dark families’ discretion only. We have so many advanced technologies that it would blow your mind. I only know of small portions of it. This is what our black projects use. They certainly aren’t limited by conventional technology, and we’ll never see most of it. Speaking of black projects, it’s not under the control of the CIA. There are various fully autonomous factions, most under their own control, but still under control of the ultimate leader (again, who I assume to be the Pope or someone at the Vatican). No person becomes a head of state who’s not a bloodline family member, nor hold any real positions of power. Some belong to secret societies, but not all. And not all are involved in the truly sick & twisted shit with sacrifice and child sex trafficking. But those at the top do. So the problem is any real change will be enormously difficult to achieve in a system like this. It would have to happen from within. But they have real weaknesses, and aren’t impenetrable. The best weapon against them is education and unity of the masses. Ending divisiveness and breaking free of the mind control the news and education system has brought us, with its false history. It is possible, just difficult. We don’t know what’s truly happening with Trump. He could be trying to accomplish this, but I won’t bet any money on it. It could just be a change of the guard. Out with the old, in with the new. So it’s hard to know who would have done the missile attack, but one of the dark factions for sure. Oh another problem is we cannot hold any of these goofballs accountable legally as they are fully sovereign entities. Like a diplomat, but better. National laws don’t apply to them, only Admiralty Law. They do have a code, and they reveal what they’re doing to us frequently. They love numerology, for example. Rumor is Trump has ended their sovereign status, but I cannot verify this. But our laws as we know it in America haven’t been in force since the 1880’s. Not for them anyway. We’re subject to British rule to this day. Our government as we know it is a farce. It’s for show. It’s not real in any real sense, other than how they can use it against US regular people. Open our eyes to this and once you know what to look for in REAL history, it will all come together and make sense. Everything you thought you knew is a delusion.

Q anon is more fake news

I’m not saying it wasn’t an Israeli sub, but what ever happened to the missing Argentine Dolphin class German sub? That story vanished like my paycheck. Anyone think it may be involved ?

Oona Craig And you are an idiot!!!

yaridanjo1 i dont think you understand naval weapons or nuclear weapons, or missile tech or

Since JFK was murdered and Nixon was Watergate'd, ALL US presidents have been Jewish pawns. FDR, Truman, and Eisenhower also were Jewish pawns. As long as the Jews own ALL central banks, it is "Game Over for the Goyim." Trump's children are Jews (ex-wife Ivanka was a Jew); all Trump's children married Jews. ALL countries are Jew-controlled.

Jason one thing I do know q said it on his post that defcon 1 was going to happen 1 week before, so the good guys know what the bad guys are planning, regardless if it was real missile or the deep state just pulled the false alarm to scare the public is not important, what's important is that these bastards will eventually be in jail, I pray for it.

Uhhhhhh, their story of hitting the button accidentally is impossible. Do some research. Its easy to find out why.

Did you ever see the "plane" that hit the Pentagon?

June Smith I know! I was in denial! I still need proof of some sort that a missile was actually taken out, but it was at the very least a test to see how citizens would react. Most people in Hawaii failed!

Jason brother one man can't push a button and send a state wide ballistic missile It's a 5 step fell safe protocol requiring two ppl and a confirmation code and 38 mins is a intercepted missile not a false alarm

Donna S of course they wouldnt tell you because to them your not important your just a sheep to these government officals, they dont want to startle the masses

The Guardian yes, but wouldn't we know it, see it, if it were intercepted?

Jason it requirs two individuals on diffrent sides of the room to rotate keys to activate the emergancy alert system and you believe it was human error ugh

What else and who else The Rothchild Boyze again First MH 370 now this someone needs to take care of "business"

Idan Z Hey moron look up the US liberty and what is Real did to our soldiers they’ve done it in the past to make sure we do it in the future moron

The use of a robotic voice does that for him, the use of profanity just proves he is human.

your info is crap

Yes, but what a bitchen plot for a Clive Cussler novel right?



Idan Z Isreal and, poor Ukrainian Nuclear scientist are working in North Korea building their junk misses into American style ICBM. WAKE UP JEW SCUM AND, PICK A SIDE. Jews are communist

Israels motive is the same as it Always has been! Deception,destruction,and chaos after the 9/11 attacks I wouldn't put nothing pass satanic israel. (They Are Not worshippers of GOD) they like the u.s government and the Vatican are worshippers of the fallen angles (demons)

Isreal rules this earth the zionist are in power not america there plan is to take over any countrys that dont concent to there power which would be syria and north korea they are creating a reason why we should send our troops into north koreas nation to take it over and turn it into a democracy, you must not know shit about the world you are liveing in, this PLACE is a stage

Victoria Francois you are spot on. Also understanding that Bill and Hillary we're in Oahu that day, 1 week ago! Why? Alibi !!!!!! What better way to rid yourself of blame.

People better wake up isreal is a big part of the deep state,who do u think has been controlling our government for decades

Look more into 911 attack

that and Trump seems to be close to the jews so why would they cause trouble for the USA ?

I don’t think they have any idea if they can take down a missile.

Wow, never did but I bet you tha CIA heroin was pretty darn good.

voice patterns are very unnerving to seems good, tho

CIA Sock puppet.   The issue is wheather Trump will break with Wall Street and go for collaboration with Xi in China and Putin on the building of the New Silk Road. And if you don’t know about the New Silk Road then you should be following


I don’t know anything about war, military, strategies. I’m a simple person and a nurse, but let me tell you one thing I do know our US military will not ever make a mistake. I don’t care if there reasons are for good or bad they never make a mistake. Even if a plan they have goes wrong you honestly don’t think they have multiple back up plans. I knew the day the broadcast went out. “ false alarm dude pressed wrong button no missile attack” I laughed so hard and thought how dumb do you think we are? I knew that was bullshit miles and miles up a bulls ass.

The black ops Secret Navy also dumped "depth charges" on the Japan continental shelf that caused the largest tsunami, March, 2011, when Fuckushima was nuked with mini nukes that terrible day. The TRUTH = look up Jim Stone Freelance.

Why use that stupid fucking voice fucking use a normal person ffs

The Speaker is a Deep State guy... Hawaii Hates that criminal in DC.. Hawaii wants Freedom from American annexation Illegally against Their Sovereign Governance Back... Hawaii is a Sovereign Nation Not an American State... Hawaii is Not a Legal State of America.

Why would any military make a Decision Giving Hawaii up as a scapegoat when the Strategic Position is Priceless,,

The Pacific is wired for sound and monitored Heavy... Especially in Hawaii,,, I doubt anything large as a Shark...can go undetected so... I can happen... just unlikely... Well see... i'll look harder.

So in this made up theory, Clinton knew she would be safe in Hawaii? Or she wasn’t actually there? Or they were killing “2 birds with one stone,” and she didn’t know about it?

This is clearly fake...

The Purpose of the Jan. 13, 2018 EWS' (& Pacific Command's) warning of an 'attack on Hawaii' was to start a war with N. Korea because there was also a similar EWS warning for Japan a few days later. Hawaiian cell phone coms. were also taken down. N. Korea's most hated enemies are the USA and Japan. The attack was from a submarine launched cruise missile (not a strategic ICBM) because the flash from nuclear armed anti-missile that destroyed it was observed from 2 locations separated by about 100 miles and the broken body of the cruise missile was seen to fall in the ocean. (Two?) separate cruise missiles were launched from an Israeli Dolphin Class Submarine that was detected the day before (Jan. 12, 2018) when it arrived in the area and recharged its batteries for a fast get-away after the launch the next day. The US Navy had shot down two presumed nuclear armed Israeli cruise missiles and sunk the Israeli submarine on Sep. 3, 2013, presumably on orders from President Obama. the launch point was about 100 miles North of Kauai and witnessed by a small cruise ship (~20 tourists) located in the area. One of the videos was shown on KHON - 2 Hawaii TV, but quickly pulled 'off the air. Since a flash or 'atomic blast' was seen, the US military are presumed to be the ones that shot it (them?) down. The Hawaii government lied that someone 'accidentally' pushed a button to set off the alarm, because there are 5 levels of security to go through before 2 separated key operators 8 feet apart can simultaneously turn a keys to release the alarm. The Clinton's, HI Gov. Ige were in on this plotted attack on Hawaii. The Clinton's, along with Huma Abedin, were safely located on the Big Island out of harm's way. The target of this attack is not known for certain, but anticipated to be the Kaneohe Marine Base as marines are under the direct control of POTUS. This is the second recent attempted nuclear attack on the USA that has been thwarted. The first was the one on Charleston Harbor that was suppose to occur in September 2013 when a B61-11 nuclear bomb was moved from Dryess AFB TX to Charleston via truck, but first intercepted by TX state police. The elected Officials participating in the Charleston Harbor attack have been identified as Senator Lindsay Graham(R-S.C.) Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) (by proxy - was absent due to the Jewish holiday), Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Christopher Coons (D-Del.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Ranking member Sen. Bob Corker (R- Tenn.) and Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) John McCain (R-Ariz.) & Daine Feinstine (D-Calif.).

Wow. Your the Man. Now, when do we all attack Israel...after we warn the Pali's to get out, sure, and the regular God fearing good Jews, let's not be anti-semitc here, this is about Zion, and the Noiz they make.

BS propaganda by a sick robot who lost his way of reasoning.....

THE HAWAII DEBACLE The Purpose of the Jan. 13, 2018 EWS' (& Pacific Command's) warning of an 'attack on Hawaii' was to start a war with N. Korea because there was also a similar EWS warning for Japan a few days later. Hawaiian cell phone coms. were also taken down. N. Korea's most hated enemies are the USA and Japan. The attack was from a submarine launched cruise missile (not a strategic ICBM) because the flash from nuclear armed anti-missile that destroyed it was observed from to locations separated by about 100 miles and the broken body of the cruise missile was seen to fall in the ocean. (Two?) separate cruise missiles were launched from an Israeli Dolphin Class Submarine that was detected the day before (Jan. 12, 2018) when it arrived in the area and recharged its batteries for a fast get-away after the launch the next day. The US Navy had shot down two presumed nuclear armed Israeli cruise missiles and sunk the Israeli submarine on Sep. 3, 2013, presumably on orders from President Obama. the launch point was about 100 miles North of Kauai and witnessed by a small cruise ship (~20 tourists) located in the area. One of the videos was shown on KHON - 2 Hawaii TV, but quickly pulled 'off the air. Since a flash or 'atomic blast' was seen, the US military are presumed to be the ones that shot it (them?) down. The Hawaii government lied that someone 'accidentally' pushed a button to set off the alarm, because there are 5 levels of security to go through before 2 separated key operators 8 feet apart can simultaneously turn a keys to release the alarm. The Clinton's, HI Gov. Ige were in on this plotted attack on Hawaii. The Clinton's, along with Huma Abedin, were safely located on the Big Island out of harm's way. The target of this attack is not known for certain, but anticipated to be the Kaneohe Marine Base as marines are under the direct control of POTUS. This is the second recent attempted nuclear attack on the USA that has been thwarted. The first was the one on Charleston Harbor that was suppose to occur in September 2013 when a B61-11 nuclear bomb was moved from Dryess AFB TX to Charleston via truck, but first intercepted by TX state police. The elected Officials participating in the Charleston Harbor attack have been identified as Senator Lindsay Graham(R-S.C.) Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) (by proxy - was absent due to the Jewish holiday), Benjamin Cardin (D-Md.), Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.), Christopher Coons (D-Del.), Richard Durbin (D-Ill.), Tim Kaine (D-Va.). Ranking member Sen. Bob Corker (R- Tenn.) and Sens. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) John McCain (R-Ariz.) & Daine Feinstine (D-Calif.).

fondrenbear1 considering it was old Nd crusty and couldnt launch missiles id say no. lmao.

There is a video of it being blown up. It's a time delay series of pictures from an observatory.....when the thing blew it left a massive amount of smoke that blows in the wind.... it's the only thing that makes sense. It is the same time as the witnesses in the boat say they saw the explosion too...

Friend you had better check your info again. Israel has received  four subs, with two to four more too be delivered in the future. I agree it is not likely Israel would even be in this area of operation, but it seems all nations could have rough operatives!  GOD bless America and Israel!!

The ets from another dimension very close to earth are blocking the missiles, the government knows this and the deep state knows it. The reason the deep state continues to try is because they are criminal morons, if you ever go in envoirment like a prison, people like that keep pushing their bad motives because they are in denial mentally. I stop worrying about nuke attacks a long time ago. Ets having been blocking it since 1947 , they prevented the ideal middle east conflict in the early 70s when that nutcase women leader golden Myer launched an attack, the ets threw ecm radiation at all missiles and tanks etc and that was the end of that.

Kinda like Roosevelt did when he allowed the Japanese to bomb Hawaii because he needed an excuse to inner the war with American support. Without such a false flag, Americans would not have served or participated in that civil war of Jews against Zionist war. And here we are now, with the nazi Zionist actually running our country under trump.


nk has subs

See Red Oct comment by Q before event in Hawaii


This as NOT human err, No false alarm for 38 minutes!!! 5 maybe, not 38.

@anonymous - seeker of truth will never find the truth because he is the big lie to ever come into this world. This is why he can only criticize others because he wants to control the freedom of speech. Most of us already know that those who cuss others out - Are not humans, so let them be. Those who make their day by cussing others are programmed robots under animals like Trumps andHitlers who are in disquise as humans. Keep up your good work because You got all us real Americans on your side - because we know that something is not right with all government officials around the world. We are so pleased to have real truth tellers and your courage to speak up with the confirmation on what we are already thinking. You are an example of what is not faked news. Our collective consciousness is growing big time & at super speed now thanks to Donald Trump and his robots of hate and willful destructions of our human race.

YES ! ( IdanZ )Friend, If you do some research you'll find that they have been supplying some of the Tec. the've needed & have them as a maybe a proxy threat. . . i souce here but many others,

What? Our military can take own ANY MISSILES!

No, if Clintons did this, it would have been an in and out thing, so as not to be caught!!!!!!!! Just like the 107 in and out murders they've we'll see who Clintons have killed to cover up their actions of this!

How is it secret then dàaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous Rebels sVizz see what you done there funny guy anonymous don't try and be a smart arse only making conversation no need to be a dick I could be anon as well

It was secret

What!!! Aliens told me it was legion's of gay frogs led by mutant gorilla pigs launched the missile so the orange orangutan can rule the world

Gary A. DePietro thanks for the link, yours is an excellent video also. Good work! Notice it’s been five days since my comment, this video is being suppressed. Spread the word!

bluewolfe96 hear hear buddy and the bastard's tried to steal our whiskey and irn bru Brave heart my man plus you go to the Highlands and there everywhere worth a watching that mob

fondrenbear1 5 mins you shit your pants 38 to late

Crock from a ai

It's being taken care of make no mistake about it. They won't know what hit em'.

TG Trey Gowdy

The fact that the attack was covered-up and no chase of the vessel occurred speaks volumes. I'm glad to give these matters to Jesus-God daily. He knows and controls all evil.

Can't be soon ebough


just lol

This sounds like the 1997 James Bond Movie plot in Tomorrow Never Dies. Most banker wars are started with a false flag and media. Don't forget the Zionist Rothchilds are not the Jewish people. They don't like them either. The Cabal is going down and George Soros knows it. It's going to get harder for them to hide under the rug. Scum always floats to the top in the cesspool.


Everyone who is awake, is "Anon"!

yaridanjo1 I totally agree. You obviously know a lot. I’d like to know more. Can you share more about what you know, please? Hungry for facts...

We may well be in a Second American Revolution. As in all wars, the first casualty of war is the truth. Seek all source data and put together what hangs together logically. All politicians are skilled liars, Democrats and Republicans and Independenrs alike.

yaridanjo1 frightening

You guys in the US keep saying Israel is your closest ally? Its laughable! We Brits was attacked by the precursor to Mossad multiple times during WW2. The Stern gang even turned to the Nazis for armament to kill Brits. In 1948 the Swedish Prince Bernadotte who together with Raul Wallenberg saved thousands Jews from the concentration camps was assassinated by Mossad together with the British foreign minister. Then we have Operation Susannah, conducted in Egypt in the Summer of 1954. As part of the false flag operation,a group of Egyptian Jews were recruited by Israeli military intelligence to plant bombs inside Egyptian, American, and British-owned civilian targets, cinemas, libraries and American educational centers.

I heard, it was the same scum, that set the nano thermite charges that brought down the towers. It was the mossad... Them and netanyahu are getting nervous. Due to the fact, the world's pedophiles are all going down... The mossad and the CIA are who created, pedo island and Lolita express!!! They Will have to pay the Piper, dancing in the street, after the towers fell...!!!

So is this where the Argentine sub really ended up?

Sorry, for security reasons, I had best say no more about Jesus. About ET aliens, here is a little about them: MANKIND'S COMBO ENSOULED INTELLIGENT LIFE FORM - EILFS

yaridanjo1, hmmm. A lot to think about. I have no facts about ET or that the Second Coming has already occurred. Being a Believer in Jesus Christ and what the Scriptures teach about the Second Coming, I think

Before you review the ‘facts’ it is useful to know the big picture, or at least some of it. Basically, we are approaching Armageddon which should occur before or be concurrent with the Apocolypse. The latter may well occur within the next ten years or so. Of course, the manifestation of the ‘Second Coming’ may (have) happened a few years ago. It may have happened in the America’s, not Israel, so they are actively searching for that being with the intent to kill it. The USA, or as some call it, the cabal, is doing all they can to help. The president Bushs have already bought property in South America that they hope to use as a massive survival shelter for them and their cabal friends. It will involve a comet/meteorite impact which will likely kill about 95% of the world’s population. The Clintons have already bought and distributed defective HIV drugs to help kill off the Black race in Africa. The ET aliens are largely good guys who could stop this catastrophe, or mitigate it, but they do not want to cooperate as we humans choose genocidal psychopaths to lead us, and they do not want to help our leaders murder those who they lead around by the nose (we are a Warrior species that respond well to murdering one another). Beyond this, it gets worse because the Catholic Church did not release all of the 3rd secret of Fatima. But there is a good reason it predicts that the Pope and his entrogue are shot with bullets and arrows (as has been released about it).

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WE are so far in the dark. SOMETHING happened. Guys none of this is fake. We will not be ever told the truth. Did anyone see the wreckage of the Jetliner that struck the Pentagon? Only thing was a hole big enough to drive a Mack truck. It was a cruise missile. The Twin Towers, lots of civil engineers said it resembled a controlled demo that brought them down. The American public is spared the totality of the threats that have come our way. ...................................... Can't have mass panic. Sooooo, a difference that makes no difference is no difference. All we can hope is that vigilance is up to stop threats. IT is Not any Government or country proper that wants to start ANYTHING. rather there are FACTORS that have no government interests other than to START something because in any war LIVES ARE LOST but ...... MONEY IS Made. . JADE HELM occurred during Obama, the Charleston (non-incident) also. Flag officers were removed by OBAMA. Texas was not happy about that. The 'Jade Helm' thingy and was watching them every step of the way. Yeah, USA is USA, but TEXAS is TEXAS. Other states did not seem concerned BUT Texas was already wired up just in case. These are more dangerous times. WE have a PRESIDENT that is HATED by both Demos and Rhinos, ..... Why? Don't they WANT a better USA?


So, Trump wanted to say that NK attacked Hawai with a balistic missles to start an war with NK ? Why do you have to war, war and war ? Do you see your face in the mirror? Where is your hard working people, wealth, righteousness and values to prosper your own country and not distrub others ? Show us if you are really a super power. Where is your power? What is power? Evil doings is your power? Bullshit

repeat military urgency on North Korea nothing goes out nothing comes in North Korea will be contain military urgency on the Korean peninsula Ltanka Lightning international

Isreal needs destroyed the Jews turned on Jesus and killed him and they are not worthy of having a country I hope Hamas destroys them why was these traitors given nuclear weapons they should not be allowed to have these weapons.

Sounds preposterous. The CIA couldn't even hide that it had planned and worked to overthrow the Trump administration. Its operatives were so clumsy that they wound up in a gun battle with the New York City Police Department at 4 AM. And we are to believe that it has secret submarines with medium range ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons the Russians don't know about in violation of the START II treaty. That they launched false flag attacks on Tokyo and Hawaii that were intercepted to provoke a war and President Trump knows nothing about it. Thousands of people both inside and outside the government involved in this secret military force and no one leaked it. You'll have to do a lot better to convince me that this isn't a fairytale.

Load of bollocks


missile attack was about a laulau order that was 10 short of a hundred......................someone was pissed....LMFAO

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Red October is real!

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I do not believe Israel had anything to do with this. Chinese Navy, maybe, Russian Navy, maybe. But I think it is more likely that the Deep State / Shadow Government within the US Pentagon is the most likely, just as Senator Inouye suggests. This is part of the NWO, and they desperately want WWIII.

Its now getting to the point where people are getting paranoid. Is it a false flag? is this really real? but that's what all the Hollyweird news stations have done to peoples mind-set... deep state near, here, there everywhere stay alert!

You are omitting One very, very important fact that you are quite probably not even aware of, North Korea is 1 of the 3 remaining countries which are not based on a Rothschild controlled central banking system(Iran and Cuba being the other 2, and look at how we continually see these being demonized in the west), I should also add that in 2001, before the so called "war on terror" Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya also didn't have Rothschilds controlled banking systems either, and we all know what has happened to those countries. North Korea is also believed to be sitting on top of trillions of dollars worth of unmined minerals as well, which again is the kind of duplicitous shit that the Israeli's would be wanting their piece of(you should bear in mind that Israel is currently selling off oil exploration rights to land that international law says they are illegally occupying), and Israel have been one of the main benificiaries of Iraqi oil both during the war on terror and also via the ISIS controlled oil fields. So, if you are actually more acutely aware of the geopolitical aspect of current affairs, but also who have the most to gain from actions like these then Israel would be near the very top of the list, so it would be foolish to discount them

I bet they are responsible for the seeding the storms too!

There will be NO WW3 of any kind any time. Syria will drop a WMD on the lake of Galilee. This will cause the Jews to nuclear bomb Damascus. Isa. 17: 1. This will cause Persia to join together with Iraq. The RAM. Dan. 8. Persia will unite the middle east under Islam. Persia will go to Yahweh's LAND and put to the sword every man, woman, child and baby Jew in Israel. NONE will survive . NOT ONE. Many will flee. 10 million Jews world wide will die. Luke 21: 20- 26. Persia will call world wide Jihad. This will cause the GOAT with the large horn to go to Yahweh's LAND and put to death 100 million Muslims. Yahweh will empty His LAND of the Jews, Muslims and Christians. THEN Yahweh will call His chosen ones home to their LAND. THEN the time of the end will commence. 1,335 days to the second coming. Dan. 12: 12. America is the large horn on the GOAT. THEN America will break into 4 nations. Dan. 8: 8. Out of 1 of these 4 nations will come the false messiah. Dan. 8: 9. The false messiah will put America back together again. Rev. 17: 8. The false messiah will be crowned KING of America. Dan. 8: 21. The KING of America will go to Yahweh's LAND and sit in Ezekiel's temple and rule the world as KING of Kings for 42 months. Rev. 13: 1- 5. The book of Daniel will be unsealed SOON. Dan. 12: 4 and 9. May Yahweh give you understanding in these salvation scriptures of things to come. Bless you


This is total bullshit!! I live here and if it was real jets would have been scrambled and in the air. None took off. And on the outrageously out there possibility that it did happen.... TIME TO EXTERMINATE ISRAEL!!!

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