The Pyramid Code - Episode 2of5 - High Level Technology

The Pyramid Code - Episode 2of5 - High Level Technology

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We. Are accustomed, to our own technology. And. Find. It difficult to recognize, that the ancients, may have had sophisticated. Technology. Of their own. Since. The technology, of the Ancients, is not obvious, to us are. We looking in the wrong place. Could. It be they had power systems, but, they were entirely, different, from ours today. Looking. At the architecture of, structures, from ancient Egypt, stimulates. A sense of wonder. Clearly. Egyptian. Monuments rival. The grandeur, of our most modern buildings, today. Yet. We are taught to believe that, we are the ones with knowledge of high technology. Something. The ancients could, not possibly have, had. As. Long as we think that, the ancients, weren't, able to use high technology then. We're not looking for it and yet. The evidence is right in front of our eyes. We. Find megalithic. Sites everywhere, around the world, there's. Certain things in common but, they all seem to know and. We don't know it a. Lot. Of people are trying to figure out why. Mankind. Built. These. Structures, out of these huge. Megalithic. Stones, we, don't even know. How to move. 200, 300. Tons, of stones very well today let, alone four or five thousand, years ago I. Started. Looking. At megalithic, structures, of an electromagnetic point. Of view and sure, enough I began, to find that there there were these energies there present, and measurable forces. Things. Things happen, sometimes and sacred sites and. Those are, clues. That. The. Physics, that were, taught in school is. Not everything. For, thousands, of years the. Pyramids, and the Sphinx stood, as sentinels, on the open desert. Yet. In recent years, a 20-mile. Wall 14. Feet high was. Installed, around the enormous, site of the Giza Plateau. There. Are about a hundred armed. Guards, patrolling, the pyramids, at night. Applications. For investigative. Academic. Research while. Entertained, initially, are, almost, all routinely, refused. Unlike. In times past. Tourists. Are now being restricted. From taking photographs in, the Egyptian, Museum. The, monuments, of Egypt are world heritage sites why. Is access. And legitimate. Scientific research, being. Systematically. Restricted. Much. Of ancient Egypt remains undiscovered. Satellite. Images, show traces of buried structures, that are still not excavated. In. The name of protecting, sites, our. Egyptian, authority is preventing, us from learning, the truth about our, ancient past. Despite. Strict regulations. On what kind of research is allowed, there.

Is Still an extraordinary, amount of evidence that shows that the, ancient Egyptians, had knowledge that has been lost. We. Don't have the technology to build the pyramids now, not. Even close, we're, not the most evolved. We've ever been and that is. One of the blinders, that, has stopped us from imagining. That, the ancients, could have been far smarter than us. Hakeem. Are we an was, raised by indigenous, elders who lived in the area of the band of peace. Having. Preserved the ancient tzuf language. Stories. Were passed down, generation. After generation. Fragments. Of knowledge from the ancient past were. Thus preserved. My. Colleague. The Scala. Or learn, to say that. The Egyptians, have official hopefully around the block of song at. Least 60 ton weight and. Tall, and forced, by animals, and run, on wooden blocks this is what the scholars. Are saying, we. May never be exactly, sure how, the pyramids were built. Yet. We can begin to reconstruct our, understanding. Of the culture, living, in the Golden Age and their values. Traditional. Egyptology. Insists. That the pyramids, were built by, slaves, to, feed the egos, of kings. Does. This fit with our emerging. Construct, of Egypt in a golden age there. Is no slavery. All. Workers. Are. Willingly. Pyramids. Builder. This. Is. A qualified, people of, architecture. Engineers. And, they. Did with, all the power. Like cutting, stones or spirits and used and that, is clear and not only in the pyramid and the pyramid and. In the temple walls and, and. Many places you can see that clearly. There. Are Clues throughout, Egypt, that point to knowledge of high technology. A. Fascinating. Thing, occurred when a chunk of stone, recently. Fell off a lintel, at Abydos, temple, and, controversial. Images. Resembling. A helicopter. And other, advanced, looking vehicles, were, revealed, under, the stair. It. Would seem that the images, were covered in the distant, past when things were changing, politically, in Egypt. Nowadays. Egyptian. Tour guides are explicitly. Instructed not. To, point, these out to tourists. The. Egypt illogical, explanation. Is that it is multiple. Hieroglyphs. Overlapping. From, distant, kings inscriptions. But. Like, many things in Egypt, the, explanation. Is still debatable. Another. Controversial, object. The de gypped ologists. Merely deem impossible, is. The, artifact, commonly, known as the Baghdad, battery, that. Generates, a mild electrical. Charge. Similar. Ancient, artifacts, that match these objects. Have been found in Egypt. We. Can't say for certain but. It would appear that the Egyptians, documented. The existence, of these artifacts, as well. Recreations. Of these objects, have been made and have, successfully. Created electric. Current. Also. Noteworthy are, strange. Representations. Of objects, that resemble lightbulbs. Found. In the crypts, at Dendera. There. Was no natural light, inside, these underground, cribs, but we, see no soot from torches. Or oil lamps, the, only lights we know the ancients used. Could. The ancient Egyptians have, had their own source of electrical, power. If. Nothing, else the. Ancients, had to cut move. And lift, massive. Stone blocks that, would challenge our engineers, today. What. Was their secret. We. Automatically. Assume that. Ancient, structures, are for ceremonial. And religious, purposes. Maybe. The pyramid served a completely, different, function than. Previously. Imagined. There's. Been lots of speculation about, what the pyramids, were actually built, for. The. Most accepted, notion, is that they were tombs. Much. More complicated situation. With the Great Pyramid, than most. People, understand. Most people believe including, the lobby Egyptologists. Who see it simply, as a tomb, for. The Pharaoh Khufu. That, idea, is. Childish. For the following reason I mean it's obvious we don't find mummies in the pyramids, and, of course not, finding, a single mummy in any of the pyramids, doesn't. Seem to, deter. The people who think that that's what they were for yes, there's something that sometimes referred to as a stone.

Sarcophagus. Or, copper, and a beautiful. Granite structure, but. That doesn't prove definitively in, my mind that was ever actually important. That may have been used for many other purposes. Pyramids. Were built not. As a tomb, there. Are some Harriman's buildings and a different construction like, one in saqqara steep pyramid. That. Is to look. At the obvious difference, in construction. Between the Step Pyramid and, the Great Pyramid, the. Difference, in style of construction would. Logically, indicate, they were built in different time frames. The, building's we know to be tombs like, the Step Pyramid at, Saqqara and, the, flat-topped master. Burrs also, at saqqara are very. Different from the smooth sided pyramids. At giza and, - or. Typically. In egypt older, constructions. Are built at larger stones. New. Constructions. Are built of smaller stands. Also. In, archaeology, older. Structures, are deeper, newer. Structures, are found closer to the surface. Every. Other term that has been found is highly, decorated, with. Names of, the occupant. The. Inside of these pyramids, seems solely. Functional. And not decorative, at all but. If we stopped all together and say okay if they weren't tombs, what. Were they. What. Are the biggest structures. That modern. Man builds, on the planet. The, biggest most awe-inspiring structures. We create, are hydroelectric. Dams. Why. Are we willing to invest such or, inspiring. Amounts, of labour and effort, in constructing. Those because. We know we're going to get a very valuable, physical, return, in the form of electricity and by, comparison, I wonder if the ancient megalith, builders weren't. Willing to invest such staggering amounts, of resources, by, even smaller populations. Because. They knew that they could get something. Very physical and worthwhile back, from it people. Are fascinated. By Egyptian. Monuments and some. Report, the energy is palpable, at these sites. Is it, possible, to confirm, this energy, through scientific. Means. What. I've been finding the last 20 years of the research a lot of experiments, have been done that. Show that. There's. A certain type of energy that. Does not exist. In our own science, it's not normal. Science, we. Call it subtle energy but, this is a whole new. Trend. Of thought and, looking at ancient structures. That. Maybe the ancients understood subtle, energies. So, this appears, to be a technology, that. May. Have existed in, megalithic. Societies. You know these. These. Societies, that built things, out on big stones, it. Makes, sense that you could motivate, an entire population to. Invest so heavily in, building, these structures I think and I don't mean to say by any means that this is the only purpose, of the, megaliths, but I think it's pretty clear that it's at least one, of the primary or, one of the important, purposes, for, building these structures. Whose. Find megalithic. Sites everywhere, around the world and, there's. A tendency to make circles, or certain types of formations. Megalithic. Sites occur, all over, the world. Is. Their placement, random, or, does. The location. Of these sites reveal, yet, another hidden layer of ancient, knowledge. One, thing I found looking, at different.

Megalithic Structures, over, a few continents. In numerous, places around the world overwhelmingly. These, places the pyramids, the stone henges, etc, of the world were, placed, on ground where, an unusual, type of geology. Naturally. Concentrates. The, regular, daily natural. Electromagnetic. Fluctuations, that, occur everywhere, on the earth each day, you. Go into England for example, though. The lay lives that, cross. England, the Michael line was hundreds of miles long across, as England, that, carries. This energy, along that line, it. Will, therefore generate. Electric. Currents in the land called, telluric, currents, and the straight, geological. Sense of that word and. Those. Occur, everywhere on the planet but, we know that this delay energy, the subtle energy passes along these logs there. Were certain special, types of geology, that will magnify, those several-fold, and, that's. Where, we, found the megalith, builders, preferred, to put their their. Monuments, and. Typically. Where Lions cross where you get more than one one intersecting. Temples. Were often built, these. Are, called conductivity. Discontinuities. Which, sounds highly technical, but, it's merely the place, where, one. Area of ground that has a good. Ability to it conduct, electricity, meets. Another area, of ground that has a lesser, ability to, conduct these natural, electric, currents the Chinese had the same traditions they. Call them dragon, lines it. Was illegal. For a commoner, to be buried on such a line a king, had to be buried alive, they, put some palaces, there. There's. A whole series. Of sacred, sites they're, always built on lines. Like this I. Want. To see in this area about the location. Of temple and. You have to have a, symbols. Appear. On the ground when. It's seen. Then. This. Is the place where people, naturally, come. To. Get more. Healthy. Energy, from that spot you know energy pops from the, earth. And. It. Appears as though they. Were. Attempting to control. The flow. Of this energy and use it for their own purposes. The. Key hours unfortunately. Are the pre-dawn, hours if you really want to study this you've got to get up at 3:00 and get out there very fast. That's. Because, the, the. Energy that is involved, in these sites that's really fueling, most of it originates. With the daily, changes, in the Earth's geomagnetic, field. Its. Strongest, during the day weakest. At night and, or in the hours leading up, to dawn the. Weaker field lines, now, come. Roaring, back to, closer, to full strength very, quick it's the most dramatic, time. In terms of change. Of, magnetic. Strength, per hour it's the most dramatic time, of the day and, wherever. You have a, changing, magnetic field occurring, you. Are generating. Electric. Current in anything, present, that will conduct electricity, it's.

A Simple principle of physics known as induction and it's. A universal. Normally. In everyday. Life we don't ever see large. Concentrations. Of this energy, normally. It'll. Show up if they have mountaintops. And sacred sites, you'll. Feel a certain calm. A certain peace sometimes. People, in those places. Report. Mystical, experiences, they'll see into some other dimension okay. They'll see it some of the time the, Chinese, have known about this for a long time and, they, call it Chi the. Hindus in their ancient, texts, call it prana the Yogi's. Would have maintained. And tradition. Use. It it affects some karate and different processes electricity. Magnetism has a strong effect on that so. It modifies. All the other laws of physics. When. You'd look back on how, sacred. Sites were chosen and. Buildings. Like the pyramids, were constructed. The. Suspicion, arises. That they understood, quite a bit more about this stuff than we, did and they may have been using it in their engineering. Then. The megalith builders, designed, these structures, and and then built them in such, a way as to further, concentrate. Those energies, so. They definitely seem to have known what they were doing. We. Are not used to things built, out of stone, being. High-technology. It. Is clear that several, different kinds of stone from a variety of sources, were. Used to construct Egyptian. Monuments. Did. The distinct, qualities, of the stones serve a special, purpose. What. I do find, fascinating is, that the, core of the, pyramids, at least at Giza are made, out of one type of limestone now what is the limestone that was closest, but, it also happens, to be the type that's called dolomite, because, it's got a high magnesium, content, and because. Of that metal content, that kind of limestone conducts. Electricity. Pretty well and then, they, chose, to sheath, the pyramid, in the, wider. Tura, limestone which. Granted, it's wider and it's prettier and all that but it's also has, almost, zero. Magnesium. Content and, therefore. It's a much poorer conductor, of electricity it's, closer, to a pure calcium, carbonate, which is what all limestone, is and pure, calcium, carbonate, conducts.

Electricity. Much more poorly than dolomite, does it's, interesting to me that there's outer stones, were the ones that they cut so precisely, that, all these thousands, of years later, you still can't get a razor blade between them. Because, basically what we've got here is we've got a situation with, a highly, electrically, conductive, core of those pyramids, wrapped, in what is effectively, of a very, effective insulator. Why. The granite, in the passageways, you know and. So of course I'm thinking from an electrical, point of view and a, physical point of view is there anything special about granite. And and yeah there is granite, is slightly, radioactive, and it, will ionized, or electrified. The air, be. A releases. Radon, gas which, is radioactive. Granite. Is a transmission, stone it's not dead. Stone it's alive. So. You, have these sealed shafts with. Granite. Linings, and I wonder if it. Wasn't designed to keep an electrical, charge present, in those shafts. They. Were built exactly like, if, you will an insulated, wire only. More so because you've. Got all the charge in the ground that spread across the base, concentrated. All the way up into this tiny spot at the top. We. Find similarities in three different constructions. The one at Jesus Valley temple and one. At Abydos, and another. One abroad. In England the. Stonehenge. Same, material being constructed. With and same. Way and same technique, but, the. Construction, there it's, built, in addition, to. Have, the water because, it's water bed. It's. Huge. Water bed and it's still working still, producing. Water in. Egypt, you do have a similar, situation to, England, in that you have wine, stone aquifers, under, the monuments. An. Aquifer. Is an underground layer of porous water, bearing, rock, water. Flows through the, aquifers, as rainfall or. When. Rivers and lakes flood, the water drains into them and movement. Of water through limestone, or, chalk aquifers. Is known, to produce electrical. Charge by, two different processes. That are self reinforcing and, I personally, measured, this for a week at a stretch it's Silbury Hill in England for example right. Before and after thunderstorms. As the water is sinking, into the ground we, measured, the increase, in ground current, the change in the magnetic field does that happen etc. And in, Egypt you had the Nile crashing. You know dropping. Every year and then flooding, again and. That. Movement. Of water up. And down through, the, layers, of limestone would. Generate, electrical. Charge flowing water generates. A at. Least a mild electrical. Charge which, means it generates, an electric, current which means it generates, a magnetic field as well so, if you were looking to give an electrical, charge a little boost to say a mound or something like that it makes a lot of sense to have it at a minimum running water and in, fact at tiwanaku. On the south shore of lake titicaca their. Biggest, monument, the a Capanna pyramid, was. Terrorists, in such a way as to have in the, water come down and waterfalls. That alternated. Outside the pyramid inside the pyramid, but, that kind of falling, water, generates. Enough electric, charge that one, of the common, school. Physics. Experiments. Is you, can a near his own sink at home if, you can divide the stream of water coming out of your faucet into two separate, streams you, can take a little, LED indicator, light and, put it between the streams and it will generated, enough electricity, that maybe every 20 seconds or so they the light bulb will come on. And. Then the question is did some of those layers of limestone, run. Up to the Giza, Plateau and, they did and they did you know come up and to, the surface underneath where some of the pyramids are located. The, idea. Would be that it, would be the rising and falling of the Nile that, would produce this electric, grandparent, by moving. Through the different layers of the, limestone, aquifer. And when, there was a dip say in that supply maybe, that's when the, ionized. Air in, the granite chefs and galleries. Could help keep, the process going if you will I tend. To wonder if the electrified. Shafts might not have been able to act in a similar fashion to your car battery when, you come to a stoplight normally. Your battery is not being used when you're driving your car the alternator, provides all the juice but, when you stop and that alternator, is turning very weakly, that's, when you want the battery there to keep everything going so, your engine doesn't cut out.

So. You've got this concentration. Of negative charge from the ground at the peak of the pyramid, or mound and a, concentration, of positive, charge above it and if those, two become. Strong enough you, can start to get brush discharge which, would mean it would glow like, ball, lightning for example. It's. A theory. Why. In the Great Pyramid is there no, frescoes. There's nothing, no decorations. At, all now. Some, people have proposed. The idea that the pyramids are actually energy. Machines, and so, I liken, this to the fact, like you wouldn't put a decoration, inside your oven I. Was. Talking with a woman who'd spent some time in the Great Pyramid and her comment, was it felt like I was in a machine. She. Said it was not like this oh it's, a wonderful shrine, but she said it felt very functional. In, fact, she made a comment that I actually think, is probably right on she said I felt. As if I, wouldn't have wanted to be in here one of his brain. Invisible. Subtle, energy, occurs, around us all the time and is, measurable by science. We. Had noticed a lot of people showing us photographs from, megalithic, sites that, disproportionately, often. Seem to have these balls of light in there usually. Flash photos. Orbs. Are often written off as dust, or other particles. In the air but. That does not change the fact that they seem to occur more often, in particular places, at. Particular times. That. T call at the top of the most energetic pyramid, that we found down there. We. Took, a lot of flash photos, during the course of our 8-hour stakeouts. Which would run from roughly. 3 a.m. to 11, a.m. and on. The pyramids, that were electrically, dead that had no juice nothing, going on which were the, big fancy, ones but, the most, recently built ones, there. We would take photos and, find, out eventually when they were developed no orbs. Know glowing, balls of light but, on the oldest, pyramid, down there where, we did work and got all kinds, of results, that was, 1200, years older, than the big fancier ones in, that case the. Photography. We got back from our own simple, flash cameras, they. Were literally. Choking. The screen with these balls at, the period at which the air had it was highest an electrical, charge and on. That bunt the, strongest, day down there I was recording electrical, charge higher than, I've recorded even in thunderstorms. Back home. We. Don't know what or absorb but we aren't personal, guesses, that their, bowls of ionized, or electrified, air that, will tend to hang together a, good. Analogy. Would be ball lightning, where, it's simply so electrified, that it the molecules, are excited, enough to glow.

Other. Evidence shows that there is energy occurring. Naturally. Everywhere, on the planet that, our science, knows about but, seems to ignore. Nikola. Tesla sought. To provide the world with free wireless, electricity, for, everybody, on earth. He. Discovered, that electricity, occurred, naturally, throughout the Earth's atmosphere, and ground. The. Telluric currents. In the ground that John Burke discussed, and the. Electricity, present, in the ionosphere in, the atmosphere, which. Is ionized, by the Sun. He. Also created. And developed ways to harness, those energies. Tesla. Who teached, Nikola, Tesla, to. Get to that power of electricity, and. He. He. Didn't invent it it's already there but. You know how to use. It and, not. Only that he. Did not take an advantage, like mr.. Edison. Tesla. Wanted to harness the natural energy, that, exists, everywhere on, earth and make, it free to the public. Edison. Endeavored to produce and distribute electricity. By. Creating. A regulated, monopoly. For. Profit. He. Became rich and the people immortalizing, to their health. So. Nikola. Tesla is the one, think. Of how to use this energy. Between. 1901. And. 1917. The. Tesla, Tower was, built on Long Island, as a, wireless Broadcasting, System. For, telephone, and electrical, signals. Interestingly. It, was, constructed, on an aquifer, with, descending, passageways. And tunnels beneath it at the. Time few, understood, how it worked. Tesla's. Funding, was ultimately dropped, by JP, Morgan, because. Tesla wanted, the wireless, electricity to. Be free and therefore. JP, Morgan, couldn't make a profit, so. Even, though Tesla's, genius was, seen by many he. Was still driven, into obscurity. The. Energy, to create free, wireless. Energy has. Always, existed, on, our planet and, still, exists, today and, it's not only energy on our planet still plenty. The. Rivers are flow, by energy. Tsunami. Is energy. Frequencies. Energy. If, we have the electricity, now it's based on explosion. Energy now. The, sound energy based, on a technology, different, from the. Explosion, energy and it's known, as implosion. Energy this. Energy was not the kind of energy, that we have that pollutes it was a completely. Passive. Energy that. Had no, byproducts. The. Energy we use today is generated. By combustion, and, is, non-renewable. It. Is called explosion. Energy and leaves, exhaust, and pollution. Our. System, all over the planet today is based, on the explosion. Energy that's why the petrol, is too expensive. In. Contrast. Implosion. Energy. Like solar panels, and, wind power is clean.

And Renewable. We. Are beginning to realize that we need sustainable, energy. Very. Simple all what you need is the beam, of the Sun on, a running. Water not. Just running in a straight line but in this exact, and, that you find all the tunnels are, in this exact form for. Such a purpose, in. Addition, to the limestone aquifers. Underneath, the pyramids, there, is evidence, of a network, of man-made. Tunnels. As. A boy, I'm. Living in my house which is few. Hundred, years away from the nose of, what we call the sinks if no tea. This, was my playing art and I know. Tunnels. I walked in these tunnels I swim in these tunnels I crawled in this tunnels and I. Know that. This is one. Way of creating. Energy. Now. This is just nothing I mean or, what you need is a beam, of, the, Sun, reaching. The running water underneath, the, tunnel and you can see that there, are many openers, in, each, Tanner permit. This be Sun beam, reach, the water and, when, it does, then, the energy is there. Energy. Is not just, to run, your car or its, run landed people see, the people. If. The pyramid, fields, of the band of peace and the, network of underground tunnels are, still there, why. Don't, they generate, energy the way they used to, in. The condition of the pyramids, now stripped, of those smooth insulating. Outer casings, it's. Gonna leak electrical. Air about as well as you as a car, radiator, who radiates. Heat I mean it's almost perfectly. Designs a week in that and yet, still you get these. Reports. Of people like Siemens, who was one of the pioneers, of electricity. And in he, was an Englishman there's even a unit of electrical, I believe resistance, named after him called the Siemens he. Was on top of the Great Pyramid I think during the 1880s and, they. Began to notice that when his Arab guides stood, up and spread his fingers, they'd, hear a ringing and. When. He closed them you wouldn't and he stood up and I get a he came he could sense the literal. Electricity. In the air and on, the spot he, improvised. Of an, instant Leyden jar which is one. Of the earliest things that used to use to store electric, charge and, he did it by opening a wine bottle wet in some newspaper, wrapping, the wet newspaper around, the glass wine bottle and holding. The wine bottle, up the club of his head until sparks. Started. To issue from the wine bottle, and at, that point his Arab guides started, calling the accusing. Him of things like witchcraft they, got into a physical struggle and he, accidentally, touched one of the guides with, the charged, wine bottle, and it knocked a man to the ground and, unconscious. For a short period after which they took. Off down the pyramid but. There was in other words of professional, scientists familiar, with electricity, and it's rudimentary. But accurate forms. Sensing. Exactly, that even in this ruined, condition, that the pyramids and today yeah. If. You come to the Egyptian Museum there, is an item over there known as the schist. Disk, found. By dr. Walter Emery and they. Said. We. Think that is it it could be advanced for a lotus flower no. The. Schist disk was, found at saqqara in a burial chamber that. No one is allowed to visit. Other.

Goods Found in the chamber, were simple ropes pottery. And grains. The. Disc shows, clear, evidence of. Sophisticated. Technology in. The way it was built and it. Seems out of context. With the rest of the grave goods. Is. This, the original context. For this artifact, or. Is it possible, that it has had a long journey over, the last several, millennia, and this. Just happened, to be its final resting place. Look. At this hollow stone, tube. It. Looks as though the schist disk could fit over it it. Would take sophisticated. Instruments, to shape the tube so precisely. How. Did they do it. Cut. The stone this, is by, a sonic. Cut. With. The no. Metal. Instruments. Like bronze. Chisel, or this, no it's, another stone, and. This. Other stone it's a hard the hardest stone you can find which is the, diamond. There. Are pieces of stone lying, around that, show, concave. Shapes. That. Actually, have the machine tooling, marks on, it the evidence of the high technology is, right in front of us. Look. Again at these quartz objects. Aside. From their unique and amazing shapes, could. They have had another purpose. Today. Quartz, crystal, is used as the basis, of all kinds, of modern technology. It. Is most commonly used in crystal, oscillators. Technology. Uses, oscillating, frequencies. From tiny quartz, crystals, that, vibrate, at certain, speeds, with, a signature, vibration. For each device. Am/fm. Radios, CDs. And DVDs. Computer. Processors. And Ethernet, rely. On quartz. Crystals. Could. It be that the ancients, were tapping into this technology, and using. It on a much larger scale in, a way we can only begin to imagine. Of. Course we can't say for certain but. Based on what we've seen we. Can see rise. Energy. Can be created, and manipulated. In many ways. It. Is the lifeblood of a civilization. And therefore, an important, resource. Egypt. There. Are, 67. Constructions. All along the Nile like sails and, if. For. Those. Who has the. Eye they. Can tell. From. The shape of that construction, the straight. Form. Of angles that is a, pyramid, or a construction, for energy. A. Plant. For. Energy, that's what we have a theory that's always struck me that they were they were intended. Actually. To somehow or another spiritualize. Whole. Civilization, in other words to provide a, widespread. High. Level, of, energy that people needed, because a, descending. Age was upon them and I believe what the pyramid and other certain, certain other structures, were constructed, for was to basically act, as, a. Kind of the, equivalent of the streetlight you, know if you're in a neighborhood that's maybe not the nightís nicest, neighborhood, and the way you know it gets dark at night you like to have bright, lights gone and that's. Effectively, what the Great Pyramid, was now these were not lights that are illuminated. That so the people could see where they were going it, was basically a device. A generator. For if you will broadcasting. And transmitting. Throughout, the planetary, structure, a type. Of field, which uplifted. The entire humanity. And, maybe. Those. Pyramids, were built in some sense of another two. To. Stay the decline. Let's. Call them in some sensor and other spiritual, granaries. Designed. To, somehow. Store, an. Emotional. Or spiritual, or psychological, or. Some. Sort of energy, that was needed to, keep people from becoming, the total build barbarians. That they subsequently, became. We. Had the ability. To basically prop. Humanity. Farallon using. The system, but what we saw was the. The. Streetlight eventually, went out. The original, knowledge got, lost and the. Later builders, were building, them out of ego they were monuments, to the king of you will but they were no longer engines. That could help feed their people. Catastrophes. Around. The world damaged, or, if you will decommission. Some of these sites. So, some of them went offline just like a power plant going north would I tend, to wonder if the few, people who knew the secrets, to, the energy. Connection, with those pyramids. Didn't. Die. Off if it was a thin chain of for. Example a shaman to his apprentice and if, the, wrong enough people get killed at the right time that chain is broken that not what gets lost. As. Long as we think we, are more advanced than we've ever been we. Are blind to technology. Based on subtle, energies. So. Not fail also it's. Not fair to deny.

What, You can see and touch by your own hand this. Is only the, technique and we, have that technique still. But. Nobody, wants. To listen. You.

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