The Prophecy Vault: Modern Churches and the Rapture

The Prophecy Vault: Modern Churches and the Rapture

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Hi. Gary Stearman coming to you from Prophecy Watchers in studio with me today for a very short period of time is Jan Markell, I bet you've heard her on Christian radio. She broadcast coast to coast, border to border, and she brings the gospel to life with lots of guests. And lots of great programs. Jan Markel, welcome. Thank you.

You're always happy to be here. Thank you. And for those who may not have heard you on the radio, tell us what you do. I started understanding the Times Radio in 2001. It's heavily an interview program. We cover apologetics, current events very heavily eschatology because it's just needed out there.

It encourages the flock and we cover politics. I have some good politicians on every now and then. So we just talk about what in the world is going on and often from it. Always from a biblical perspective. Always.

And there is so much going on today. We're going to be speaking for the next few minutes here, and we don't have enough time to talk about everything. But Jan Markell, I should say, before I turn things over to her, has a talent for looking at what's going on. And then very clearly present events in the Latter Day Church in a way that people can really understand what's happening. Well, thank you. I've been doing it on air since 2001, and the Lord has blessed and started on one radio station, about 830 stations now and podcast as well.

Of course, around the world. So it's been interesting hearing from people around the world and most of them have one heartache and that is the church isn't talking about the full council of God. Now having said that, let's get into what's on your heart because I know you're very passionate about the kind of false teaching that's taking place in the church.

Let me just say one thing. When we put on a prophecy conference, we meet hundreds of people and virtually every one of them comes up to us and says, they don't teach this at my church, and I really wish they did. And let's start right there. Well, today's church and your you and I started in ministry roughly the same time, and the church was different and it was healthier in the late 1970s and the early 1980s and something happened in the 1980s and things have been kind of worsening every decade since then. And my background and I don't want to dwell on, on my experiences, but my background is a very solid fundamental church that taught against apostasy, didn't have any apostasy, and it was, I didn't know it, it was preparing me for when I would go into ministry some years later and encounter every imaginable false teaching under the sun, which of course the Bible predicts. It's one of the most prominent in times science is that there'll be a falling away, a great deception, giving heed to the doctrine of demons, people wanting their ears tickled.

But I didn't think I would live to see what's happening today, and quickly adding that there are many pastors holding to truth that we can't broad brush and say every church is not functional. Because many are, but too many are caving to. Let's start with the mainline Protestants. A hundred years ago, they were our evangelicals. They headed left. Today, the evangelical church is making the same mistake.

The Evangelical Church now is flirting with the issues that is most prominent to them social justice. Now, immigration global warming, poverty. This evangelical church, you've got the emergent postmodern church that's leaving the evangelical message. I mean, I could go on and on and on with the aberration, but the one thing they all have in common is they don't want to touch the fact that the king is coming Absolutely. That's entirely too real. Yeah.

Now, you deal with terms all the time, like the emergent church, for example, or The Purpose-Driven Church or. I've heard you talk about the New Apostolic. Yeah.

And I think a lot of people in our audience would like to know the trends in in what used to be called evangelical churches. You know, evangelism is the pathway to salvation. And the finished sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ and the gracious way, a pathway to heaven that he gives us. And that used to be the central message in the churches. Right.

And then, as I said, mainline Protestants started to stray from that in about 1920 and focus on other things. But, you know, all sorts of kind of gimmicky things have come along. I mean, Pastor Rick Warren wrote a fantastic book that went over.

I think he sold 30, maybe 30, 40 million copies of Purpose-Driven Life. And he, along with Bill Hybels, kind of installed what's known as the seeker sensitive church probably 30 years ago. That's kind of gospel lite. And then they would bring in the contemporary music, the rock bands and everything.

And, and suddenly a lot of people felt like they didn't really have a home. I mean, first of all, you got to bring earplugs to get through the praise and worship sessions. You mentioned emergent church. I call it hipster church. Emergent is they really have no doctrine, but they specialize in believing nothing. So therefore, you like nailing down to the wall because they don't have a belief system.

They're very friendly with Catholicism. And now I'm seeing Protestants start to flirt with Catholicism. Well, if they don't have the message, what then is the attraction? What brings people in. Well, they're heavily drawing on younger people. And if you were to go to an emergent church service, you'd be in a living room likely or a church sanctuary with couches, sofas, and you'd all sit around and you'd kind of chat with each other. There wouldn't be a message It's very loose.

And you're not you're not going to get grounded in Gary. The most important thing, particularly when you and I were just getting started, is the Bible, and that's what's being set aside for experience. No, you mentioned New Apostolic Reformation. They they're big thing as signs, wonders, miracles, healings.

I believe I was healed in 2000. I believe in healing. But when your entire focus becomes science, wonders, miracles, healing and the Bible is diminished, which I feel the New Apostolic Reformation is doing.

And then they're bringing in millions and heavily younger people. Again, the most important element is being set aside the Word of God. That's why you and I exist, is to promote the word of God, not to promote feelings, not to promote experiences, but rather what the Bible says.

You believe we're in the last days. I believe we're in the last hour. Yes. Okay, so do I. By the way. Yeah. You know, we call ourselves prophecy watchers, and, boy, are we ever watching Boy, is there ever a lot to see these days.

Exactly. When I get up and start scanning my computer headlines, I'm overwhelmed. And Gary. What? I'm overwhelmed with is the number of headlines that can be tied to eschatology, not just your normal headlines, but headlines that could have jumped out of the Bible. You write in deceivers more than 100 years ago, mainline Protestants made a wrong turn. Actually, a left turn, if you will. For generations, Methodists, Presbyterians, Congregationalist and others had seen net annual membership gains.

But it's starting in the early 1960s. That growth slowed down. And you go on from there. And I think this is a very informative chapter in this book because it gives you a full vision of the history of the modern church. And at the same time the modern church is sort of declining. We've also watched Israel ascending just as the Bible prophesied.

And the other thing, that kind of part B of where I was heading earlier, Part B is the same kinds of churches we're talking about. They've dropped eschatology and they've dropped their support of Israel. And I'm, I'm catching myself saying often, no, I never thought I would see the day. I never thought I would see the day that the evangelical church, we know the religious left that the Jim Wallis is the Shane Claiborne, the Tony Campolo dropped Israel long ago for the Palestinian cause.

I did not think I'd live to see the evangelical church throw Israel overboard because they are now focusing more on social justice and they've bought the lies and they are lies, Gary, that Israel is the abuser, that Israel is the bully. You and I have been there numerous times, not only Israel, not the bully. You know, if some wounded Syrian comes to the Israeli border, Israeli hospitals receive those people and and and cure them, make them well, heal their wounds. They're not the big bully but the evangelical church today has thrown their in the process. There are some that hold to the truth of the Bible, yet that God, they are God's chosen people. There are some denominations that are trying to hold truth.

And the Calvary Chapel Stream is trying to bring this message consistently. So I haven't given up, but it does get discouraging. Well, it does. And yet to the other side of the story is that all these things were prophecy.

Absolutely. And we can't deny that things are going to get worse just before the catching away of the church. We still are. However, and I have to say this as Americans we are gifted and we're still free. We can still say on this program, we can say what we mean. And meanwhile we say how much longer I don't.

Know how much longer. We don't know the fact that Jesus warning, his primary warning was, you know what, things are going to go haywire theologically. In the last days, the emphasis, the last days. And he was right. Now your burden is the church, that is to say, the structure the focus, the direction of the church is taking right now. And that's what you talk about.

I think most of the time you're right. You're bringing that to people's attention so they really know what's going on. Well, yes, but my my second burden is the fact that we be excited about the fact that the Lord Jesus is coming back any day, any minute, for that matter. And my burden is the fact that where can people go to hear this message fewer and fewer places, fewer and fewer churches, fewer. Thank God. There are some conferences, Gary, the hunger of the people and the how alone they feel in whatever state, whatever country, how alone they feel.

They're looking up. They're waiting for the sound of the trumpet. They can't even find a family member to share this with. This is the remnant. This isn't your average church on the corner down the street is. It's the remnant from around the country and around the world that's hungry to be encouraged.

And that's the key element, I think, that's being left out of our church today. And that's the element of encourage encouragement, encourage one another, Hebrews ten, encourage one another all the more. As you see the day appearing in your our churches won't talk about the greatest message, the most encouraging word there is the king is coming. Perhaps today followed up by Are you ready? Are you ready? You know, we watch television today and various forms of communication, not just television or sometimes we watch our little smartphones and things like that. And some of the things we see, you know delicate ears didn't hear those words a few decades ago. But we have become a profane society and we become a society, an insensitive society, I think.

And the central feature I've always believed of Christianity is love. God is love. And we're supposed to reflect his love. I'm not seeing a lot of love out there on the streets these days. I think I think the pushback in America to all things conservative Christian, I think that the antics of the left are extremely troubling right now. But I, I think if the left keeps pushing as they are pushing for pushing back against righteous people and righteousness and conservative conservative values, I think there's going to be some kind of an explosion.

You know, they're calling themselves the resistance. They are. And that's a world war to term. And it is a world war two term. And I think it was deliberately chose. It was, yes.

So we're living in what the Bible calls perilous times. Exactly. And that that peril is physical, it is spiritual, it is demonic.

That's my opinion. And we do see, I think an increasing demonic activity, more overt. We see it in the types of crimes that are being committed today. Heinous crimes, almost unspeakable crimes are being committed today. And and then mass shootings by people who go in and shoot up a place, whether it's a school or a municipal building. And then they after after they do all the shooting, they're taken to some police station where they have this blank stare on their face like they don't even know what they have just done.

And I think, you know, where I'm going with well. I know where my mind is going there. Then these these people are going to eventually say they heard voices telling them to do it. Exactly. And so it's a it's a time when everything's being unleashed yeah.

It's it's a tragedy. But again, I think this is part of the decline of the character of man all predicted. ROMANS One second. Timothy Three would be focusing on self and money and the depraved mindset.

And and again, you know, if we can look at things with these eyes of eschatology, I find that the troubling headlines don't they don't bother me quite as much if we can see them through the eyes of this is a herald of his coming a herald of his coming and that is why I want the churches to be sounding the warning that the king is coming. And I think the sentiment today is Jesus is coming again. But, you know, not too soon, Lord don't come too soon. I want to live my whole life here. So I hear a lot of that in our blessed hope has been turned into the blessed hope. And

again and we can talk here another time about some of the things that are going on coming against the pre trip rapture at that at one time. I mean, that's what the evangelical world believe because that's what the Bible teaches so clearly preaching rapture. And now today that has become, well, a wrestling match with a lot of fellow Christians. Well, you know, the formal church from the last millennium, the formal church has taken many forms of great wealth in aspects of the formal church. And the one thing the formal church did not do for the last thousand years is teach Bible prophecy in the expectation of Jesus return. It just sort of dropped back to daily living and left out eschatology and the fruit of that of of the evil fruit of that is that today a lot of people in the formal church are just not hearing about Bible prophecy at all.

Well, I'm going to ask you a question that I don't want to hit you with one you can't answer, but and maybe it has no answer. Why do you think churches failed to teach Bible prophecy? Well, Pastor Tom Hughes wrote a brilliant article on that a couple of years ago, and I can't remember all of his bullet points, but some of them and I agree with them, the pastors, the churches feel it won't fill up the sanctuary. It'll drive people away. They feel scare people. Some of the things we've talked about are a little ominous.

They feel offerings will go down. They feel if, according to this is Tom's article, which was so good, if they're planning on a building program, well, who's going to give to the building program? If the Lord's coming back tomorrow these rich. And then another points he had that some of these men aren't trained in seminary to teach this.

Some of them are trained to believe anything you want so they don't have solid teaching that is one of my heartbreaks of my lifetime. Again, as I was growing up as a teenager in this fundamentalist church, we had regular prophecy conferences. As I went into ministry, there were regular prophecy conferences. I would participate in some of them and today there are few destinations for that kind of material.

It's certainly not your average Sunday morning service, and it's again, it's a remnant. And there are some Bible churches around. Usually they're very small and they teach the expository Bible verse after verse style teaching and so that people will understand what it says there. And I did that for 33 years as a pastor and I wanted to you mentioned the second Timothy three a minute ago, and I wanted to read that this know also that in the last days perilous times. So come and then Paul goes down a long list of deviant behavior.

That's right. And do we see those today or not? Well, I think that's written to the church as well. So some of these deviant behaviors are going to turn up in the church which which indeed they are. But again, that's all end time stuff. And I think if we look at it with eschatological eyes, it helps us to deflect some of the sadness when we read that. We know the word perilous in that sentence.

And I've said this for years. It comes from a Greek word stem, meaning insane or insanity. Having lost your mind. I think there's a lot of I think we're seeing that in the headlines.

I mean, when you've got men who want to be women and women who want to be men, there's a depraved mindset that's going on that indicates what you just said. And society wants the church to support that. Celebrate it, so celebrate it. Yeah. Yeah. And this is amazing to me.

Although in Romans chapter one. Yeah, I go if I go back to Romans all the time. Romans one.

Yeah. And it's happening. Yeah, it's happening. Yeah. So again, I mean, I try to encourage the remnant and it'll give me some who I have been so faithful to this message how Lindsay is I think I've had them to the Twin Cities several times and and some have passed on. Tim LaHaye. We've lost yes. We've lost some of the real the old timers, John Wolford, passed on.

And and thankfully, there are a few younger men coming up. But that's interesting. You brought up Hal Lindsay just the other day.

I got out my original copy of Late Great Planet Earth. I did the other day, too. Yeah. And it was all marked up. Yeah.

And and dog eared and I thought back to 1970 when, when that book came out that changed everything. That changed everything. And Hal's purpose in that book was to take the complicated, which prophecy can be sometimes if you're going to look at Daniel and Revelation, he can be complicated. And his goal was to make it plain talk. Your average even sixth grader could understand it, and he succeeded. God really blessed him in that capacity.

And it turned the it turned our world upside down in a good way. It really did. And, and what I wanted to get to, it started something amazing Israel had become a state in 1948, 1967. They took the Temple Mount back and then promptly relinquished it to the Jewish. Exactly.

But that started the wheels rolling. And when Hal Lindsey wrote his book, it was on the background of Israel's successes on the battlefield against the enemy and that lit a fire in Christendom. For a while there, there was real, real excitement and then it all got squashed, I think. Well, it got squashed I think and we talked about this a little bit earlier.

I think it got squashed in part due to dates setters and dates setters from a Herald Camping to Edgar Whisenhunt. Lindsey wasn't a date setter, but there were many who were. And right up until even more recently, there have been dates thrown out, as you know, when you're supposed to watch this date.

That then and this is so tragic because the Bible is crystal clear that we can't do that. We don't have that privilege. Only God knows this is a secret not only to him, but but there are signs that the warning signs that we are to watch and if anybody is an unbeliever today watching this program, the warning signs are on overdrive and time is running out.

Time is running out for those who continue to push this away and their decision to make Jesus Christ, Lord and savior of your life. Time is running out. It's running out. Well, let's talk to to those people who are out there. And they have heard terms like Rapture and by the way, I heard a total unbeliever on television the other day use the term rapture derisively. Sure. What you think the rapture is coming or something was this person was not a Christian and they were badmouthing the idea of the quote unquote, rapture.

So they knew about it, but they didn't like the idea and to those of you who have heard the term rapture, I want to ask Jann to talk about that for a minute, because that's our blessed hope. And there is an attack on the rapture. It is marked scorn. Again, the pre-trip rapture is under under a terrible attack. You talk about the secular scorning.

There was a movie about ten years ago called Rapture Palooza, and it was 2 hours of making fun in the most horrible way. Even the plagues were coming down and they were making jokes about that. And the tragedy is that when this happens, no one will be laughing when they are left behind and the plagues start happening, the seals start to be implemented, no one's going to be laughing. People are going to be crying out, Dear God, I missed it. I didn't listen to whoever was telling me. And that day is coming soon.

I believe it's coming very soon. I believe the rapture is imminent. I believe the rapture is any day. I believe the rapture is any minute. I believe, as I said, we're in the last hour. And the important thing is that people have their hearts ready.

And the other important thing is that the church be reminding people of this and that's that's my exhortation to the church is that they remind people the king is coming to me. It just seems like two plus two to integrate Bible prophecy into Bible teaching. It should be no brainer stuff. It should be because the Bible is prophecy. You know, a lot of people say, well, I think the Bible is a third prophecy. And some other people know I think it's a hat, one half of all scriptures prophecy.

I think that the whole Bible is prophecy because it starts with in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth and it ends with and I saw a new heavens and a new earth. And in between you have this, this timeline and the timeline is prophetic. From one end to the other. So I think the whole Bible is prophecy. Yeah. And I often ask my radio guests, particularly if they're pastors I will often say, Why don't we close? And why don't you, whoever my guest is, why don't you talk to pastors for the next 5 minutes and tell them why this is an important message.

Tell them why this is a lifeline of a message. Today, in a world of darkness, despair, this is the one good news and then they'll do it just as I've asked. And it's very effective when a pastor can talk to a pastor and said, look, our church has grown exponentially because I talk about this. You're listening to Jan Markell, who graces the radio audience all over the United States. With her views of the modern church and, by the way, exhortation to to really find out what's going on so that you can be part of what I hope is a latter day awakening.

Although I've heard many people say, Jan, that there will never be another great awakening. Well, I don't know that we have time, Gary. And I think the Bible talks more about in time apostasy than in time awakening. I think there's little individual awakenings in churches around the world, but globally, I don't know that we have time. And I know because of having heard you talk on your radio program and our own personal conversations, that you are a strong believer in the preacher of rapture of the church.

Absolutely. That is, I think, the only good news that is it's called our blessed hope for a reason. Yeah. It's a comfort to every believer. And every time we see a dark headline we need to realize that there is nothing but it's a harbinger of his return. And we've talked about the fact that the church has kind of dropped the overall topic of eschatology, more specifically the rapture.

But the literal assault on pre Trib is to a level I never thought I would ever live to see there are entire YouTubes being made, videos being made, mocking those of us by name who believe in a pre-trip rapture and these videos are B are made by dispensation of Christians. They just hold to another view of the timing, except as they're contending with us, they're contending contentiously, instead of having of a gentle discussion. A civil discourse. On

civility has gone. So having laid that out, we live in a world that's literally falling apart today politically. You look at Europe, you look at China. China scares me to death.

By the way, what's going on right now? Yeah, because they've got a plan essentially. They're they believe they're going to be dominant in just a very few years. But it's everywhere that people are adopting a modality of action that is anti-Christian.

And you just you can feel it straight. You can just see it happening in Europe and Canada. I don't care where you look. You can even see it. Feel it. Absolutely you can. And I think it's the pressure is going to become more and more intense upon Christians in America. I think we have a little reprieve.

You know, all of that can change in a heartbeat. And then the tone in America changes as well. The tone in America has changed to the point that I hardly recognize it. And, you know, if you have tender ears.

Yeah, it's not a good time to be alive. Yeah. Because the language is coarsening very quickly. Yeah.

And people are shouting, screaming, raising their fists. It's amazing. I'd never have believed. Well, the left is stirring things up to the point that I am seriously concerned, because if they keep it up, there's going to be a disaster and I'm going to stop there. But but they're stirring things up to a level that's very dangerous.

There is a time of judgment coming, friends, and you can read the whole Bible, read them the major and minor prophets in the Old Testament, and they all talk about a period of judgment. And Daniel comes right out and calls it the seven years. And and then you transition into the New Testament where Jesus comes with the gospel of grace. But then the apostles are led to write about the church age, which ends in a horrific way for the world, but in a great way for Christians. It's which this is the blessed hope.

It's the blessed hope. And as we previously said, some are turning it into the blessed hope because they view all of this negatively. Some denominations do. It's the daily encouragement that I look at.

The minute I get up and start looking at headlines, they tell me quickly that the king is coming and there are things that are falling into place. And and you just said things are if things are falling apart, but they're really not falling apart. They're falling into place. Oh. Yeah. Well put I'm looking at First Thessalonians and my well-worn chapters three and four is letter. I've read this for years and here is First Thessalonians four 13 and it says, But I would not have you to be ignorant brethren concerning them which are asleep that your sorrow not even as others who have no hope.

We have hope and we don't want to be ignorant. We want to study the word and we want to spread the blessing and hope to as many people as possible. So take take it away there. And let's talk about how you speak of the Rapture on your radio program.

Well, I look at some marking posts that I see in society, and I even came up with a reference to the earlier 15 signs of his imminent return Gary there could be 315, 515. And granted, we know that a lot of these signs manifest in the tribulation, but even those tribulation signs are casting a shadow now, casting a shadow on the church age. So I just came up with with some markers that I think if we see some of the things we have an unconventional pope that is playing a role today that no Pope has ever played.

It's truly remarkable the role he's playing. We have some European leaders and I believe the Antichrist is going to come out of Europe. We've got some young Europe leaders today who are, I think, being groomed by the one worlders to see if they can launch their Mr. Fix-It Man with a plan. The Antichrist.

I think the most obvious is Emmanuel Macron of France, The Economist magazine, I think it was. We had Emmanuel Macron walking on water asking if he was Europe's savior. I think it's very he's a very mysterious fellow. He says he wants to govern like a Roman god. He wants to be called Jupiter. I could go on and on with what Macron says about himself.

So we've got that going on. We've got the rise of persecution, which Jesus said would be a marker of his return of the rapture. And we've got Jews and Christians absolutely on the run. We've got obviously we've got endless calls for peace and safety. We've got Israel, the whole Middle East, just completely every day you can find a new intriguing story going. And then we've got the convergence of all of these signs.

And another one that I think is so prominent and new is the rise of this artificial intelligence. There are some robots that are almost could carry on an intelligent conversation with you more so than some people, you know. And isn't it interesting that the entertainment industry has come out with a lot of movies in the last ten years about guess what, artificial intelligence and the threat that it poses to humanity.

And when I see, you know, robotics and artificial intelligence and food and A.I. is in use even as we speak. It is, absolutely.

And but it's frightening because as all those movies you know in it's probably been the last 15 years have laid out that this once a machine develops the ability to plan and to preserve itself may the Lord help us. Yeah, exactly exactly right. But we have all of this and more converging here in the 21st century.

And I think that that it's just a chorus saying, you know what the king is coming the rapture is imminent any day perhaps today. And in these kinds we can look at the robots and be absolutely have our minds blown because it can be on the dark side. But again, what a herald of his coming. You know, I'd like to talk for just a minute, take a brief detour let's suppose you after did happen today. What will the world be doing the day after the church leaves? Well, intriguing I was a part of Pastor Billy Collins production on the SEALs, which is the first half of the tribulation.

And and he brings out some fascinating insights. And I think about it myself. And then there are various movies from left behind to the moment After was an excellent film I saw once. Right. Not that long ago.

And I think Gary, I think one of the most I think be two prominent things obviously would be confusion. Stock market crashes and things like that and angry people. And I think there'll be a lot of distraught people because I believe children are going to be missing.

I believe babies are going to be missing. Can you imagine mothers, they're going to think what on earth has happened? Right. And then I think you're going to have the segment that's going to say and I brought this up in the presentation, pasture grown men, they're going to be Christian. There'll be unbelievers that will say, I wish I had listened I wish I had taken the advice of my friend, neighbor, coworker who told me I need Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. And then I would not have been left behind.

You know, I've thought for a long time now that Christianity is the stabilizing factor in men on the surface of the earth. And we stabilize society in ways that are not generally recognized or spoken of because, you know, the Christians keep law. You know, we go and we vote and we try to vote in the most ethical and moral people we can and so we are a stabilizing influence of planet Earth. Imagine all the Christians God. Imagine.

In one day and the whole stability of planet Earth is threatened. The whole stability in its place will come rampant instability, rampant crime. And that's when we see this in the SEALs and the other things breaking in Book of Revelation. I mean, we look at the natural events and natural disasters happening today in the whole world and they're tragic and unspeakable.

But when you look at Revelation and what's going to happen during the tribulation, when you when you ponder the SEALs and the other events of Revelation, folks, you don't want to be left behind. That's all I can say is you don't want to be left behind. You need the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior do. So today you know, everybody walks around with a smartphone these days and and it's gotten to be a compulsion. You just can't be anywhere unless you're texting or you're. It's an addiction.

And it is an addiction. Well put in now. And I bring this up because there is a man waiting in the wings and then who wants to control the whole world. And he's called the Antichrist. And a lot is spoken of him, both in the old and the New Testament. But the end of the Antichrist is going to be a great communicator.

He's called a mouth speaking great things in prophecy. And let me tell you, he's going to be speaking great things through the World Wide Web. Indeed he will. I mean, he'll control it. Obviously.

That's what's coming. And we've got the generation of his prepped electronically prepared to receive this message from on high. And that that scares me as much as anything. And I think he's going to tap into what we hear a lot about now, this UFO experience. I think he's going to say aliens took all these these Christians.

And after the because of the rapture, whether or not he knows the truth or not, I don't know. He probably does. But I think he's going to blame it on UFO having taken this.

Well, you know, in Ephesians, we have this and I wanted to read this at some point during our conversation. And now's a good time for we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places that says it. And that's where we are. Gary, you you're sort of an expert at that. And here's the thing. And the listeners need to pay attention to he's ratcheting things up today.

He's ratcheting things up to a level I've never seen in my lifetime. Yeah. And and I mean, things are going on in the supernatural world. And we're not here to discuss the darkness, but it's pretty dark. Well, again, the light stands out in stark contrast to the darkness. In fact, Paul characterizes the rapture in that way.

We're children of the light, not of the darkness. And the light happens to be our blessed hope. We're going to be taken up into a kingdom of light like we've never seen before. And we can only imagine what it'll be like now. Waiting for the rapture is an art, I think.

Yes, it is. Because watchful waiting without getting disappointed and losing. Losing hope is something that's got to be constantly nurtured. And you do that through Scripture on a day by day basis. And if you quit it's easy to get discouraged and say, Oh, I thought he was coming, and he hasn't come yet. And I talked to the people who are in this position all the time.

But you and I both know that there is a this art to a watchful waiting. He is coming. Could come before we finish here. Absolutely. And and then all people today need that good news. So but I'm talking to people, Gary, who are unplugging their turn the TV off. They're turning a lot of things off because they're tired of the heaviness.

And here we come along with wonderful news. The king is coming perhaps today even even even if our churches won't talk about it you and I will talk about it. And there are a lot of good mini And and this is what people are holding on to their turn on the TV off.

They're turning some other things off. They're turning the good news on. Well, we've talked about dark politics and we've talked about dark spiritual influences, the principalities of power.

Satan is called the Prince of the Power of the Air. And I think that all of the ufology that we're seeing these days, in fact, even on the nightly news, they're they're now showing Navy jet pilots that are. Portrayed. Pursuing UFOs. And the common thought is that those UFOs are visitors from other planets. Don't you believe it? Those are those are demons. Yeah. And those principalities, powers, rulers of darkness come and go. They can

become visible for a moment and then become invisible. They've been around since the flood and before, and they have one goal, and that is to deceive and to confuse humanity. Meanwhile, we have the spirit of the Lord, and in him is light and no darkness at all.

But pardon me for interrupting you. I just got carried away there. Well, we're I mean, just it's an intriguing topic. And for that matter, UFOs.

You go back to the late 1800s, they manifested differently in the 1800s did they were at more like balloons because that was the technology of the 1800s. And then as and interestingly enough when they hit a peak it was 1948. And yes the. Demonic world knew something happened even if the churches never figured it out, a demonic world knew something happened in 1948, they got excited and suddenly this UFO stuff took off in 1948 and has increased ever since obviously.

And today it's at record proportion. So again these are, these are all heralds of his coming, the fact that the rapture isn't. There, you know, so we have political and spiritual deception going on and as I see these things I apply this through scripture to my own life and it's always encouraging to me and not discouraging, you know, what we see could be very discouraging. Oh indeed it could. But but we're in a day where they're there.

There's more in times significance than ever in history and at the same time there's more in time indifference than ever in history. And that's that's kind of a sad commentary. But again, we need to keep telling the truth and encouraging the flock because they're out there. They want they want this good news. Somebody is out there watching you right now.

They've maybe heard about the rapture of the church. They maybe heard about it in derisive terms. Somebody laughing about the rapture, talked to that person for a minute.

Well, there's coming a day when it's actually going to happen again. No one knows the day or the hour that the Bible is clear it's going to happen. And I think for the skeptics, you know, God has been patient. He's been very patient. He waited a lot of years for it to happen. You know, once it happens and you miss it, it's a terrible, terrible ordeal that those left behind are going to go through.

Time is running out. If there's anything, Gary, we have emphasized, it's there are things that are converging and the convergence is leading to the rapture of the church and at which time the church is removed and those that are unbelievers are left behind. And if you think perhaps you might be in the category of one left behind, you can do something about that today. The Bible is so this makes salvation so clear and simple call calling the name of the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. All you need to do and turn your life over to him and start making him to be the Lord and savior of your life instead of yourself and you won't be left behind. Well said.

And, you know, Revelation does talk about the saints that are persecuted for the name of Jesus. After the Rapture. There are people who are going to receive Christ absolutely.

After the church is gone and it is not going to go well for them. Although they're saved and they will live eternally with the Lord, they're going to go through a lot of difficulties. Yes, the SEALs and the other events of the Book of Revelation are unspeakable, and we mentioned them earlier and pales in significance, the natural disasters we've got going on now. John and Markelle, you can hear her on Christian radio stations, coast to coast, border to border. She's always very informative, always has great guests. And so keep listening.

I'm not used to saying that. I always say keep watching. But Jan, it's been great talking. Thank you. For having me. It's been really an interesting experience.

Thank you. Well, and encouraging for me. I just keep keep that message going, try and when we will and we'll listen to what you're doing. Thank you. And by the way, if you learn anything brand new, share it with me, will you? I sure will.

I'm Gary Stearman. Thanks for joining us today. Keep watching, everybody. We are Thanks for joining us today. Bob Dole, Rick, Gary Stillman's partner and the co-founder of Prophecy Watchers. I would love to tell you how you can become a subscriber to our wonderful Prophecy magazine creatively named The Prophecy Watcher and ready for this how you can get eight powerful Prophecy DVDs as a free bonus.

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