The Power of the Rainbow

The Power of the Rainbow

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Hello. Play everybody supposed to be here. I am, and if you don't know if I work with astrology for 20 years now, and I tried to connect people to the Natural frequencies of the universe.

And they need is a Wonder Woman. He opened the school which is an branches worldwide is called the Golden education template and a youth movement, which is also all over the world called the white top and we're going to talk together about first of all, you are part of this conversation. So if you're here. It's so good to see you say hello.

Give us so we know that you're here. State your name and where you're from and we're going to to have a time together a also hopefully with your responses and questions that will revolve around the rainbow. And of course it's done also at full moon. This is a full moon Gathering. You can say your name and where you're from and we'll stay warm her do to you. So tell us that you're here.

And this is just to see you met here two weeks ago at the new moon a new moon is a time to put in a new state if you want to learn something. It's a good time to do it at the new moon cuz then you have time for that new knowledge to grow and two weeks ago with present is here the New Concept of rising above the fog in creating a possibility for elevated perspective. If you haven't seen if you can see the video that we did two weeks ago. Hello.

It's wonderful. It's wonderful that you're here as well as I think denemark. So it's so wonderful that we have here people that we meet in person or from these meetings in from all over the world is really adds. So two weeks ago. We really talked about the fact that we are full of noises and fog and disturbances around us and we started the whole process if you were here, we actually gave during the last two weeks each day a question or something to think about or to do in order on your friends from the UK. So hello to to everybody really really Gray.

Be happy for everybody who is joining two weeks ago. We planted the seed of let's wake up and see that we're not really thinking clearly or breathing clearly were full of disturbances. And we posted each day in the last 2 weeks a question and we called it to an elevated perception Challenge and if you were here you visited the page you could have see the questions.

And if not, don't worry. The questions are still here. So you can start anytime that you want and do this process and in that why are we talkin today about So how come today we decided to talk about the rainbow because if we're trying to clear ourselves from everything which is not natural and synthetic the noise the electricity that the Wi-Fi confusion messages from the government confusing messages from never done moments of noise. Yes. Yes. So if you wanted to clear a space our house or mine are in motion from things that are unnatural the best way I actually to do it is to connect to something natural.

That is why we declared this full moon celebration. As a discussion or gathering revolving the rainbow around the rainbow because the rainbow is something natural that we can trust. So we're going to get the princess that just another thing we're sending the introduction fart before we go to the contest is to say that it really also fits the astrological timings of these days.

So Moon Rises be planted the seed of elevating above all the disturbances at the beginning of the Moon that we're celebrating the full moon with connecting to a natural power, which is the rainbow and the the coming years astrologically planet Jupiter is going to very very slow to years process get closer to planet Neptune. Russia is good to see you here. And Neptune is the planet of nature everything which is natural including vented into the Unseen World Austin nature. And this is what we believe the world is going towards which is reverting Back To Nature.

I just heard from someone saying we always say let's go next to Nature and then he stopped himself. But actually we all nycha we are part of nature. So if we go next to Nature, especially with connector self exactly, so we are natural and the healing powers come from returning to our natural self. So maybe let's start with a small meditation even that will help us connect to our natural powers. So you can close your eyes if you want or open them if you want to be relaxed if you're sitting relax the muscles of your body. Don't cross your hands or your legs just about everything to flow smoothly and we're going to imagine the seven colors of the rainbow washing our forest so you can close your eyes and we'll start with the color red.

And you can imagine and beautiful bright red. Washing your aura filling you with energy and with vitality and vibration. power and positivity and now you can imagine your whole or I washed with the color orange.

Which is curiosity and Fascination and inspiration and now I wish to get to know you things. When I can imagine beautiful yellow washing your aura. Which is to do with communication to Natural scenes communication between Woods find communication to ourselves. and really see society as a glowing human being you can imagine bright green washing your aura.

We have amazing spring grass. With so many good ideas fresh ideas, like fresh salt and amazing the jumping music that make us so vibrant and energetic and balanced as well and you can imagine the color blue now washing your aura. Which come really really really Softly? uncleanness cleaners and cause us to feel calm and confidence in trustful. Now imagine the Deep Purple, which is the indigo. Feeling your aura with bundle with collecting of the goods collecting of your present our presents that we go through in life and what we want to develop.

And finally, we're washing our Aura with the color violet. Just to do is our cost of our mind into the tomorrow into the future and the future is really here. And now which is too old to next we are proceeding in life. So if you close your eyes slowly open. I'm wondering if you're feeling balanced better.

If you can register how you were before this Penn Station and now we would love to know so if you want you can write or Mark something that would be wonderful to know that to him that if in fact it work, yeah. Yeah, it's really strange. That is mysterious really calmed everything down here.

And there's one thing that you can see in the background here. Goodnight, and I are thinking for 2 weeks about the rainbow 12 year old son. So this is kind of amazing colors of the rainbow and it says that the tension work, So this is another something that you can also know do have something that will help you. Hello, and I love cello.

I'm good to see you high something that will help you come back to your natural. Balances is cuz we are natural soap for a long time. Can you tell us about the rainbow please? We all just in the magical moments and we safe.

Wow. This is a successful day. We can remember rainbows that we saw in the past and now and every winter lights, and some places in Israel Discovery winter, but some places where they have often drain and often son you can see so what does it do its huge forces the water? Which made out of two explosive gases, but when they come together, they go last down. Hydrogen and oxygen when they come together they cool us down.

Actually when we develop in the womb we have been in the water for 9 months like a fish. And visit and been our protection. So when the sun come and meet the land meet the water is created its break down there white light into seven frequencies.

And this is another huge first because it's coming from another place. It's not my light bulb in in the living room. And this is where you know, when we only know old we look up to what created this amazing balance in movement wonderful warms laughing. Planet that is our home. So these two great forces when they gather it's actually create unification. For the moment and as you know, it's not just a bow.

It's actually a dumb. It's actually also appear in sides. So it's actually a whole that we have a cabin, please. And this is something if you wait again to buy plastic story, I always refer to it, but I read it yesterday again, and I it was good things and it was addressed. But actually After the flood God said no more.

So the flag was the water and gold was the light so they the Covenant was from now on I will protect you. Okay. We also need to do some work for texting but it's it's life fascinating to understand that when we want to go into a natural process in which also to do with seven seven days of the week the 6th and the Sabbath which is Saturday for elevation. We can connect to them and this will give us something to hold on like if we've been thrown into the sea and we need a piece of wood to get to hold on to it so we can be safe for a while until we will be saved but the rainbow is something like this in motion the book of the good night sleep. It's a natural process from being away track very silvery, which is the time now in into the seven frequency and then go is the sleeping and what we can do when when we feel like in Providence when will feel like What do we leave and there is many ways how the rainbow can help us to go to take us were posted this question that we send.

There is many more to help us to to ground yourself. To what is true? And what is whale and what is give us confidence? And what is valuable about our life and our friends life? And yes, they are really really really amazing of first of all people here really also responded from Brazil to the meditation just going through the seven colors of the rainbow in real calm them down. And this is something so simple so natural that you go and you can do it whenever you want and it's also got the snake the good sleep book gives a whole process.

Can I show it please show me Senior Bowl April version and it gives you a process. About how what to do before sleep to do with the seven colors of the rainbow and its really really wonderful. She has fitbit's from all over the world saying this actually works and you want to say something more about the book baby or sleep or general. Yeah, maybe just to show to show something to discuss how to surrender a mess with no in the middle of serving those who is the yellow the Green in the blue of kindness and when we are in peace. Exaggeration, even though it can be very two buildings around it helped us to cool down to come back to us self.

And this is actually part of the book and it's also the time span. Details that you can stick on both your hands and actually I just want to say something that and I have a friend and thank you sleeping well, but they find the daytime should feel like Noel it say to a little bit not finding yourself. She drink from the bottle Discovery was this transparent inner peace and equality and she sleep and she is she's not sleeping in the daytime, but you can do in this fog mean this really need to elevate. I think all of us feel the need to elevate.

And to grow I'm thinking also about the rainbow and where it where we want to get rid of unnatural things and to see how simple natural things can really help us. So for example people now use a caffeine and make them perky energetic red and orange from from the rainbow and the told more active parts and their resonating with something natural in us. Why not? Try that instead imagine what would happen when instead of introducing to her system unnatural things. We will remind or systems the Natural Things it can do or if you want. To calm down imagine smoke drugs or to watch endless TV just in order to come down from the stress and what if you color your house your bedroom in calming colors. It's so simple.

We have no friends here that there with Germany is an expert also and colors and we have other friends introduced color to people people's houses. But amazing. Is that something that can feel it when we connect to the natural thing.

It's actually give us a cover like a huge umbrella. Because it's natural it's natural. So imagine all these little balls all over the world which connector and I had a friend to you when the children were really small cheap used to get like, you know fired because she was she didn't know how to handle certain situation and I just told you before you explode when she came to the 7th.

She didn't need to explain explosion cats don't have because it's really going to end. Give give yourself a good reason why we need to be what we need to be in the Orange Let's search for what is missing you search for something that is missing in the yellow exactly. Hey, it's my friend. It's my family. I want to connect with them on the on the positive note.

Note note. I need the green. Let's find something else to do.

Let's tell a joke in the blue is like maybe we watch the face. Maybe we go see the hand or maybe we look from the window in the indigo is okay. We understood something need to be clear. Let's clear it after we go down and in the vilest, let's put it into the next. And she loved it and I promised her to write a book about the the colors in the last two weeks and they go and other car is a question.

So if you were in English Facebook and if page you might have received everyday existence, I posted here a question and it follows the rainbow. So we had the first set from red to Violet. Now. We have the second set from red to Violet after this meeting. We will both the next 7 questions now all together and we're planning at the end of these four weeks ebook and just to give it to everybody who wants and but it's that idea is that you can be so creative with that. It's not just about the questions we ask Questions for red 4 weeks and different questions for Endless Possibilities with least natural colors.

And when we're stopping to something natural something huge is happening in this is difference between the isolation that's unnatural things cause and the connection and inclusion with natural things cause because when we were feeding ourselves as fast forward TV by flogging ourself work, login Garff are or isolating herself natural food synthetic fibers everything. So but if we're connecting to something natural that connects to your in the rainbow, Columbia from England and Steve from the Nevada and rainbow and since we're we're enhancing something good, which is amazing because this this Humanity now is it in in the house and say only one friend from Tampa Nemo told me that are fun and daughter can see only one friend at a time. So this kind of things can help us to create a Halo and a little garden of well-being and let's let's try to understand again. Why is it the four kinds of things that we forget that we're surrounded with natural things in the ain't always and where if if we're just waking up a bit and we can see that we're surrounded by the natural world and natural possibilities are week is of seven days and this is not random. Complete the whole box of the seven colors of the rainbow. It's also connected to the celestial bodies the Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter and Saturn.

So the count of 7 is actually something really natural and if we're aware of that we can introduce the right a planet's right color tour life at the right day and really be enhanced from that the music and of course is connected to the musical notes. Yes. Yes.

Yes. So 7 has a hold of it when you think about the month lunar month has 28 days in it. So what is 2820 is four times? 707 is the natural octave and the for something to do with planet Earth and the repetition because the symbol of planet Earth in astrology is the frost and it has the Four Seasons in it first anagrams two hearts are hard also has four corridors has four rooms four rooms in it and So hello to rozanne the question, so I'm never mind.

So the road that I don't understand your question, but I'll give you an answer in the answer is about your current location. Our location is not their physical surroundings where all things difficult times and isolation may be away from where we want to be our location is something in words in there. Yes, how can I create my own Garden of Eden around me understand the natural rhythms, so I'm going 7 so the moon has it's Four phases also has eight faces but the four main phases and we met here two weeks ago when there was the new moon where you don't see the moon and just a week after that. The Moon is is half the moon already week. After that. We have a full moon and then introduces again to the other half of the Moon and then reduces again to start a new cycle.

Now, this has lots and lots of knowledge. First of all, if you want to do something and you have it embedded in you to get used to it to get into your system if you need to do it four times and if Ur, and you want to do it also for at least four weeks and now it's not for months ago number for has to do with stability and if you are smart, you would learn about the phases of the Moon. And how to interact with them. So as we said the new moon is it time to get new knowledge. So we just introduced the fact that we're surrounded by a natural things that we had two weeks to really think about it any fruit grows in something for which is the full moon now, we need to know that the moon is going to wax to reduce itself.

And what does it mean it means that if we won't continue now with this amazing things as many things are a magazine when you're just a man, but then they do the repetition and we don't do the commitment. We don't follow up the brilliant ideas that we heard of that we had so the challenge actually will be in the next 2 weeks in which things need to go out. So either it will go In the way that we forgot about it all or we can actually in instead of getting it. I think we dropped off for a second so we can actually get it bussin a creative way. So now you have the next 2 weeks to tell a friend about it are our questions.

What we are giving you for the following week is actually to go and do something creative with this knowledge and then it goes out of us not in the way that it it listens, but in the way that we can give it away and then we actually have more Hobbit so this is it's it's all natural. It's all right, we can see it if we follow the moon we can see it in the names of the days even Sunday Monday and Saturn day and it's it's a really really really are around us to reconnect to it in ancient times. We didn't need someone to teach us that it was kind of this is how things are but now we do need to reconnect to Nature Nature.

We can actually use his forces for something. We want to get out get out get out of our system which was printed in us from our childhood or foam puberty or form. Turn off traction Mary Jo's Place in University of students and they itch really bad feeling. So this posting really said fast to take it out from the street, but you know with it, but we just soft soft cover.

We said goodbye and then when the full moon is now we can actually start to plan something that we want to replace this set which we want to get rid of this is one for this week and doing all sorts of different kind of scratches from the past. And then we can hear them when we want to achieve something. We want to learn something new.

We want to upgrade something in our communication with our self or with friends always in the family always natural resources. We do this really can help us to be dedicated as a note is a monkey butt dedicated its help us because it it smelling natural process and it can be fast and does not need to be and we cannot survive sings down, you know a notebook that will help us to go. So it personally I took the challenge to get rid of fear from technology because every thickness technology tool in the house, but she cared is throwing Steve because I have feel for me. I said no. I want to get free friends with feel.

Okay. It's not like is Connie's friend. She's like that. It doesn't really matter for me as well. I'm not wasting energy to be upset and to make myself.

I'm bad with technology. So it's really helped me so far is amazing. And don't worry. If you missed you do the first 2 weeks then actually do it now go back look at the questions. You can start now and the natural rhythms to introduce something new to yourself now and ask the question before we answer before we read the question and answer please sync if you have any question now, or if you have something that you discovered if you took the notion that you presented last time about elevating a fusion in the mess.

Tearing ourselves space which is clean if you have some insights about that from the last two weeks or if you have a question regarding what we're talking about now, please write down cuz we work very well with spontaneous questions question and Ruby Mountain Group and the Ruby Mountain is Tre for learning. It is simple natural spiritual, but it's really natural. And if you're interested in learning more you can take a look at the Ruby Mountain Side, which is Ruby Mountain. Org and there is also a telegram channel for the Ruby Mountain and you can join these studies. And if you're listening and you are a young Spirit young and is the place also to meet young people think we're 4 1421 + 222 be content together with young people who were like-minded Mike's in one world. So let's say which is the initials of Youth template of take piece size if it isn't shared thing from time to time.

So we hope that things are okay here. So this is a huge question that has many levels into it. First of all, we're bombarded with knowledge and if we don't take something and do a process with it, then I know we just goes away.

So this is something to know that in our lines Des if you're learning something and you don't use it by sharing a practice and get it goes away. This is one thing the other thing is that if something has a real impact truth wrong, if it doesn't go away it's out there in the order of planets or for someone to review even if a thousand years but now and if it's a good knowledge spread it to his friends. Done practiced it's also okay to stay in the meaningful. So we have some Lenny she rides the first letters of the colors gbic colors of the rainbow makes the word Niger beautiful day to be with great strength and energy and health. Yes.

So let's let's see if there are more questions for me out in slowly and the suits that what you think about question. This is really a new processor Sephora in this way and there was a lot of learning about I really enjoy to respond every day Tuesday question and think about it and it's like both me back to to the coffin sings quotes about the book The people when they fall asleep and then they wake up and down south is wondering if they'd get back into the release meditation question or false the 7th Fleet fall asleep, really really good and then something we all need for our strength because we need to love to find strength so This is a wonderful why is something you learn to live? Good question. We can know what we know where we can ask the questions, but maybe we want to be in availability to the new things in the Brighton natural things that are not wanting to help the human kind. And when they wrecked my sister people they're available. And that are we going to do something they they download these things cuz the world really needs help now and things want to help planet earth and its really revealed to us as well. You know, we did a futile to your new phone where is starting and I also good work well with commitment.

So we said yes, so give the new moon new knowledge for a walk with the full moon gathering with the what came during these two weeks since we introduced. The same thing in every really really invite you to to be with this process to to follow to take part to scare me to give ideas to ask questions how many times we actually said let's change something, you know effect of life, which is already free adult disabled and then we really wanted to change something but the next day we forgot about it, but it is important but we did forgot about it because we think he's kind of really really help to get tuned to stay tuned so much this person in this world now in the Silvery Epoch meaning that many many many things are happening. It's so difficult to have a heart beats to have a rhythm. So we're offering this.

Internet is disconnecting from time to time to ask going to show the seven question altogether. So you would have waited to served week. So we're going to share it after all tomorrow morning. I learned after this on this page. You will find the next 7 questions for the next week. If you have the previous 14 questions, you can take her milk and do them either all together or start now with the first one or start now with new week.

It doesn't matter is as long as you if you want us to practice and practice working with a natural colors of the rainbow and having a rainbow heart beat. 4 * 7 in your life and just see what happens. If you remember we did the meditation at the beginning just a few minutes of introducing of the colors and how much calmness it did so imagine that one color and working with it throughout the day was it mean amazing change its can do yes exactly. So we were minding the motive, which is go back to the Natural things.

We talked about the rainbow, but you can find other natural things out there that can help you do the power of connecting to the Natural Forces making space from the synthetic World in which isolates US to something which is not sure which can connect us. We will say goodbye. If you found value in this meeting, please share with friends forward this session to two other people so they can also use it and in fine data valuable and we will be in touch in 2 weeks, please.

Goodbye. Everybody keeps a friends.

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