The Power of Forgiveness - How to forgive yourself & others FINALLY! - The Trinity Room

The Power of Forgiveness - How to forgive yourself & others FINALLY! - The Trinity Room

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I turn. Any room. Amber. Freeland, here, and Cody cohort. Excited. To see you guys tonight. Yes. Dear. Thank. You. Let's. See who jumps on Cody. Hey, there Lorelai. Your eyes first, Matthews. Here Sharman's. Here, ah. Looking. For some insight. Tonight. Or. Fuzz. Here. Amanda. Hello hello. Michelle. So. Wonderful. Convening, with all of you last night, Zen II awesome. We, had a really special moon. Ceremony, last night, still. Feeling the vibes from that it's snowing there Laura oh my goodness, oh my goodness. All. Right Nadine hello. Huh. Yes. Amanda, says you're beautiful Cody, oh that's. Beautiful Cody. Alessia. Key. Awesome. Cody's, gonna be reading the cards, tonight. Tabitha. Welcome, ah. Sometimes. You just need a bail, Universal. Hug right, ah. Rowena. Mary. Welcome. All. Right exciting, updates obviously. Always right, tons, of exciting, updates. Rosy. Welcome. All. Right, craziness. Is everyone feeling the craziness let me know is. Everyone feeling the universal, weirdness. Chandon. Hello, and welcome. Cody. Is even, sweeter than he is pretty, Charmin. Says and that is so, true. You. Want to stay here are you gonna cruise let. Me know. All. Right I think. He wants to cruise. Amanda's. Feeling better that's good news I like hearing feeling, better good, about. All of our cards out I've got a few decks to choose from here tonight. All. Right so, we. Will, do. Our usual three-card, spread for the collective, and then three more cards, for for. You you, guys feel free to share this out if you'd like to take part in that magic, of course, tabatha, says totally, feeling the weirdness yeah. Me, too I think there's a lot of old things coming. Up to be worked out, Brittany's, here I really. Truly feel that we. Are at. The final stages of releasing, some really old weird, weird, and stuff. Ha. Ha yes. Matthew I see, that I agree, with that strange, energy, hello. Thomas, Michelle. So strange it yeah it's weird right it's, weird we, are so resilient, though, you guys, we. Are so resilient, when. The pendulum, swings one way its swinging back the other way that's the good news hello. Janet, hello Tamika, alright. If you guys catch this on a replay, please. Let me know my name is Amber Freeman I am a quantum, healer and life coach coming, to you right out of the Trinity, room where, we discussed the trifecta, of my body, and spirit, hello, mama Cheri happy. To see you here. Alright, so what else what are their updates let's see we go live Mondays for, three cards spread for the week and, pool. Single, cards, for some, of you, ilithyia thank, you for sharing. Tamika. Thank you for sharing. We. Go live also. Thursdays for a bonus healing, for the week tomorrow. So. You guys we're working about a huge. Exciting. Project. Called quantum, entrepreneur. And we. Did. A webinar last, week I know some of you were there we had tons of the fun we. Are actually. Announcing. Tonight that, we are going live again, for, webinar number two tomorrow. Evening, at, five, o'clock Pacific. So that would be an hour sooner. Than now tomorrow. 5:00, o'clock Pacific. Join us to find out what, we've done as entrepreneurs. To hack, through all the things that most people don't like to do how average. People can create financial. Freedom, for themselves the easy way, if. I know what the big guys won't tell you find out how you can actually create.

Life-changing. Abundance, financial. Freedom and time freedom for, yourself and your family in a way that is incredibly. Fulfilling at. The same time. Hello. Lisa, welcome. So. So. Tight me in these comments, if you'd like more information or. You know you want to join us for that check. Your email as well because, I sent something very special this morning keep an eye on your email you guys we've been sending out pretty exciting, stuff let. Me know if you are receiving, those and enjoying those, Tabitha. Says me hello. Lisa. Shared. Sharman thank you so much amanda says she loved the first webinar get rid of that job that's right we, have all had to figure out the. Kinks, you know I won't, I won't spoil the surprise, but we are going to share with you the. Mistakes that most entrepreneurs, make why, people. Are stuck, in the rat race and then we're. Really gonna dive deep and share from the heart some of the things that we experienced. And, just. Be real and raw with you guys because we've, been through that and we saw a need to. Really. Hone in on what's, tough, about it and how, we can fix it so, that all, of us who are here with, such a huge purpose here to live an abundant life being you as I always say can, actually, do that now. Awesome. All. Right all right all right I see your comments everyone's excited beautiful, Christian will be sending messages, to you guys. Awesome. Hope. You make it on time I hope you do too Jan, pretty exciting, stuff, we. All deserve that freedom, you know and once you combine that kind of those kind of really, powerful, tools with. The energy. Work that we do especially with the. Subconscious. Reprogramming. And stuff like that that happens, to be one of the biggest keys right. All. Right, awesome. Thank you so much Matthew. Matthew. Says feel free to share this on your pager to like, kind of Mike. Like-minded. Community and then comment share it in the comments exactly, because when, you comment share it and let me know that's, how I will be divinely guided to pull, for you towards the end and if you're new here I'll show you how that goes all. Right. Yeah. Thomas. Says some of us have been scammed too much that is so very, true I agree, with that it's. A bummer and it's sad and we're, huge advocates, for. Helping. People to heal from that and I'm actually go out and do the right things in the world right and Trinities. Here Jodi's, here beautiful. I'm so excited, I feel your vibes I was really, really excited, to connect tonight, so. Excited, so let's. Pull our three card spread for the week, if anyone. Missed it I will, I will.

Answer. Any questions you've got at the end but let's let's pull some energy, here and that's really sick for a second, um. All. Right so let's feel into the heart space here I'll feel into the heart space everyone. Think of honestly. Like it usually I say a question on the top of your mind, Trinity. Hello, gorgeous I, see. Your sweet comment. So. Usually. I say a question, on the top of your mind here's, what I'm gonna call you to do tonight. Because. I know people will be going through some funky, stuff. I'm. Gonna call you upon you to please bring. To mind your. Greatest concern, at the moment. I. Find. Myself I'll be reeling raw you know sometimes, when multiple things are going on, I find, myself like, wondering, which thing to worry about first and you. Guys know me I don't I'm not a negative person I'm, a super positive person but I definitely, have had to. Unprogrammed. Myself, from the worried mindset, you know what I mean does. Anybody feel that way too I'm. Just curious because I, find that when I'm hit by multiple, things at one time. The. Way my brain works. Kind. Of like I'm able, to think and plan and create, a lot of things at one time you guys know I have my hands. In a lot of things and I'm working, on a lot of big things usually all at one time I see all your hearts thank. You for feeling into that with me Amanda. Brittany tabatha I see it Laura yeah so. With that brain, that can run so smoothly, and and. Multitask. So well. Every. Once in awhile the, slips back in it's like it's kind of like what you thing do I want to worry about right now that's, crazy right that's, that really can affect your life this. Really, a sad thing to witness, my own mind doing. So, I would really love. Yeah. Yeah. You guys all agree I'm so glad I asked, because, I'm. Definitely, a positive, person. An advocate, for others to be positive, because we're creating what we think about truly. But. I'm glad I asked because almost everyone agrees, so. Yeah thank you for your transparency. There, shower. Head with the hand raised a bunch of ties yes. For sure yes, yes yes right, I see it all, right so. Let's heal that tonight what do you guys say, let's. Soothe, those, vibes, are. You guys with me. Let's, see what tonight and, Tuesday. Wednesday has. To offer for, us this, card won't let me pass it by. All. Right. Thank. You for all the sweethearts I, love you guys. So. That card is tonight and Tuesday, Wednesday. Krystal. Card. Name. What. Honey, Oh. Beautiful. I see we have a lot of new people joining thank, you sweetheart. Awesome. So, welcome you guys my, name is Amber Freeland I'm a quantum healer and the life coach. Co-founder. Of the Trinity room and. Quantum. Entrepreneur. Which I'll tell you guys more about towards the end again, I'm pulling our three cards spread for the week if you, would like to take part in your. Own private, reading, go ahead and share this out come, back and type shared towards, the end I'll let you guys know when because I let spirit guide me to three people to. Pull a card, for personally. So, Matthew tonight, I've got. The. Saints and angels the, all-time. Favorite. Hello, Cindy, hey. That's. Funny mama sherry okay. Awesome. New, friends, joining you guys have friends here that's so exciting so safe, today a little angels, all-time, favorite deck and, also.

I Just pulled one from the crystal angels, deck and, for, for, the weekend, oh here it's already jumping out okay so now we have our three and then, we have a couple more decks handy in case we need them I follow. Spirit. To, leave. Me to which we need so. Card. Number one Wow. Already. Feeling this healing so once again if you just joined us we were, just taking a, moment, to reflect upon our highest. Concern, at the moment and. You guys and we're talking about juggling, the worries let's, just pull them all to the forefront here, put. Them in a little basket in, front of us in our minds. And let's. See how we solve, these, issues. Tonight. In the next two days. Forgiveness. Yeah. I'm. Being. Called to share that this is self forgiveness as, well as the forgiveness of others self. Forgiveness, forgiveness. Of your past self. And. I'm hearing now forgiveness. Of your past self even your immediate, past self, so like a couple minutes ago yesterday, the, version of you any. Any. Mistakes, that come up any concerns. Any regrets, anything. Right any pain. Especially. Also, with. With other people. Forgiving. Other people. Maybe. Lathy. Has been getting this card a lot maybe. Even. Calling. To the fact that. The. Calling, us to the point of gratitude, for, the things that we would like to forgive, others, for. Can. We bring any need for forgiveness all the, way to the point of actual gratitude. For. Mistakes. For. Ways of being that, have hurt us in the past theirs and, ours. So. I'm. Being told here that. This. Step, cannot, be skipped, that. The. The. Next cards, here are. Going. To give us more insight but, that this needs to take place first. I know. It's hard Thomas, I know. Really. Hard and. If anything's, been coming up to trigger you from the past, with. This moon cycle, and Mercury. Going retrograde, soon if. Old, things, are coming up and you're like why is this happening, I've been being told all day that it's to finally. Bring things to a closure, that, have needed, to be brought to a closure. Right. Hope. Oh no oh no yes that's right or fuh. That's amazing, if anybody doesn't know what that is I love, you I'm sorry please, forgive me, thank you you. Can sing it in a tune I. Shall. Find one after and post it Oh Epona. Ono is an incredibly, healing tool thank, you for that, so. Yes this. Message, along, with this moon phase that we went over last night in premium, group old. Things, coming up old karmic, patterns, coming to the surface to be resolved, once and for all it's actually a really good thing it's painful. I know. But. It's a good thing and. The. Rest of the steps are coming here momentarily, but I'm being told over and over we cannot skip this step you can't skip to the next part. You. Can't skip this step very, clear. Huge. Need, for a, personal. Ceremony. If you're, called around. Forgiveness. And letting. Go of the. Past completely. As well as. Attachment. To the future. Releasing. Perfectionism. And control. And. Replacing. It with faith. And. Belief. Really. Strong. Energy, here. I'm. Being told that if you do not skip this step you. Are in for a massive breakthrough. And, energetic, release in the coming week. Lisa. Says I'm working on self healing and forgiveness, yeah. Yeah. Thomas. Said. I just move on from the Hat what did you say here I just, move on from that I hate being hated for being a good person I know I. Know. No. Skipping forgiveness. Forgiveness personal, ceremony released, perfectionism. And control. Replace with faith and belief yeah it sounds so simple right we know this stuff but this is coming in clear like tonight, if you can do this tonight I, don't. Care if it's an hour worth of Tears or whatever it needs to be Matthew, thank you I'm assuming that's all opponent, oh no Matthew, just posted a link you're, the best ever so. Grateful for you thank, you so much. Yeah. Anything. That's coming up that's bothering, you forgiveness. Forgiveness, forgiveness, what. Does that do. Who. Does forgiveness, help, the most. You. Guys let me know please. Who. Benefits from forgiveness. Lord. Did it last night in cried for three straight hours. Who. Benefits. You. And you deserve it. Self-sabotage. Could. Come from the inability to forgive right because you're the one that sits in pain. You. Guys know what I see your comments, now. Yep. Yep. Yep yep. Yep. Free. Yourself, you deserve it you deserve it, okay. So. What's the next step, you guys want to find out it's. The next step after, the. Forgiveness. True. Deep, serious, forgiveness. All, right next. Thursday. Friday or, just. Right after I'm telling you guys this is more of a just do this kind of message okay.

Unforgiveness. Ties you to your past if you want to before you need to release the past. Forgiveness. Is choosing, to let love reign and repair yeah. Interesting. Not forgiving, you self-sabotage. Right because it causes pain for your to yourself, cars. You paint high chastity okay, card number two. Haha. This. Is so good I love. This reading. Vision. Thank, You tabatha and Mama sherry for typing I forgive myself in, these comments I welcome all of you to type that I forgive. Myself and in this moment with all of you as my witness, I forgive, myself. It's. Been a weird, time. We. All get to heal and rise together. Okay. Oh. My. Gosh so, beautiful, watching your comments, run through I. Forgive. Myself I forgive myself I forgive myself I forgive myself, so. Beautiful. You guys. Hmm, these, tears are hanging out right here. Holding. On I. Forgive. Myself I forgive myself I forgive myself I forgive myself. You. Know another challenge, is coming right. Here. It is. Beautiful. You guys are doing amazing, healing in this moment right now I had no idea this reading would be so deep. Teri, Cindy, Lisa Katie, yeah. Great. Work you guys. Now. We're gonna turn up the volume right because we play all-out. Love. You to Charmin. We. Play all out so here we go I. Forgive. Everyone, else. I. Forgive. Everyone else all, encompassing. Everyone. Don't. Need to write it out don't, need to look through the photo of them don't. Need to bring it up and mull, over it. Great job tabitha, laura guys, are on it mama. Cherie so. Beautiful thank you for taking part in this with me truly. Really. Good work you guys I. Forgive. Everyone else, everyone. Else I forgive. Everyone else. It's. Pretty cool because I just remembered that we already looked at card number two but guess what we did we did exactly what spirit called upon and we didn't skip that step. Really. Beautiful, you guys to see this. We. Didn't skip that step. Thank. You Cindy. I forgive, everyone else. And. Then take a breath. If. You feel to breathe through this one when people have hurt you. Come to mine exhale, and whoa exhaling, relief them turn.

Your Attention to something you're grateful for take as much time as you need Matthew you're amazing, thank you I must. Have picked up on that because I felt the need to breathe right before I saw your comment just. Forgive. Everyone else. All. Right don't. Need to say why or who or any of it cuz. Why, it's. You. Setting, yourself free it. Really doesn't have anything to do with anyone, else. So. The details really. Don't matter you're. Not making anything okay, or right or saying that you. Anything. Nothing other, than allowing, yourself, the, peace in your, heart of forgiveness. Period. Okay. Yeah, Sonny, yep. All. Right. Now. Spirit, is telling me yes you have completed step number one but allow yourself, to. Recognize. That this process, is recurrent, process, and, give. Yourself the gift every. Single time forevermore, in your future, when, the need comes up to forgive either you, or someone else to do. It in this same, beautiful, way, don't. Skip it I. Seriously. Honor, you guys for this work tonight. Car. Number two, now. You get to step into your vision. Wow. I'm still in the chill zone of forgiveness some just. Marinating. In that right now but here's, the truth of the matter this. Is about calling. In what you're wanting, hello, Jeff, it would be amazing, to watch the replay we, just did some deep unexpected. Healing so we will continue on by truly, welcome you I'm happy to see you here excited, to connect. Watch, the replay please please. Please so card. Number two is vision, this. Is showing me let's see more about oh yes archangel, ariel is here. And. She's incredibly, excited, for what we have just done. Tell. Us more about vision, oh I, see. The. Sun comes to mind I can see clearly now, the rain, is gone, so, she's just saying you cleared it out so now you can actually see. What. You really want. Remember. What I was saying about choosing. What to worry about next a minute ago guess, what, most, of that is gone right worrying. About what mistakes. Things, to forgive yourself for things, to forgive others for whatever. When. You don't have those things you can see clearly. Now right. Now. You can see the real vision, of what you're wanting to create now. You can see the power of your manifestation, come. To fruition when. You're not programmed. By, all the guilt and shame that was hanging out there and resentment, and anger, now. You can actually call, in the bigger, vision, for. Your future the, bigger vision for this moment right. So. Exciting. What. Do you really want. What. Do you really see happening, this week and in the very near future. Because. Guess what you're, not carrying any of that old stuff because forgiveness, just. Wiped it all out. The. Stuff about you and the, stuff about everyone else. Now. Is when we envision. What we want. Simple. Now. Tonight. When I recommend, it earlier. Roaaar, Katie now. When I recommended, have a ceremony. Around forgiveness, and you know what we just did it so now tonight, you, get to manifest you. Get to visualize. Your. Desired, outcome. In every. Area of your, life and. You. Get to dream much. Larger, than, you have before because, all, that junk is gone. You, guys can come back to this one anytime. You, need to. Arielle, thank you card. Number three I. Pulled. This card in a personal reading this week with a very new, special. New client, of mine, during, our first session. And it. Is, very, special because I don't know why it jumped out of the deck of all things but let's see why I. Don't. Know how to pronounce this and I think it's Charo. I chara. White, card. Number three you guys all, of these are for all week. Chara. White. Thomas. Wants to be successful, so that he can write a book awesome. Thomas please. Type me in these comments, because the answer, on how, to become successful is, coming tomorrow night, at 5:00, p.m.. Man, write a book anyways that's right. Yeah. Write. A book anyways, and. You're successful, will add to the validity of your message, but join us tomorrow seriously. We have a massive, massive gift, on creating wealth tomorrow night no joke so just, go ahead and type me if you want to learn more and we'll. See you there it's, go time it's, time to manifest what we're wanting in our lives you guys we're here to be abundant. Alright. Charlie. Let me get my focus back so exciting, Thomas I'm excited, we will read your book we. Support, you fully in that, Charlie. Spiritual. Protection. You. Are being watched over and protected. Physically. Emotionally, and. Energetically. Oh. And. What is it that I say we need to release physical, emotional and, energetic body. Pains. And, things like that so spiritual, protection you are being watched over and protected. Physically, emotionally and, energetically. So. In regards to forgiveness. And vision. This. Is what this is about. You. Are being protected. Not only in that phase of forgiveness, that can be oh so painful, and all the weird things that are coming up popping.

Back Up into a reality to be dealt with once and for all to clear out all that baggage. But. We are also being, spiritually, protected. In our big vision if you. Feel, stuck. In the big vision or unable. To manifest, or. Lacking. Faith or belief in that big vision I can tell you what subconscious, reprogramming, is the fast-track, out of that hands. Down. So. Let's, see what Arielle and Gabriel. Is now here as well, has. To say about this. Oh wow. Oh wow, okay. This is really cool, okay. So. You, guys are gonna love this hey, Tasha good, to see you. Okay. Let's, see. So. Here's. The the beautiful. Vision of this right. Now okay, we. Have Archangel, Ariel and Archangel. Gabriel. Serving. Us tiny, morsels. Golden. Nuggets, to be exact, as we sit around a. Massive. Table. Having, a very, proper. Tea. Party. Together all of us here okay. I see. Them walking around and literally giving us one little golden, nugget a time there are servers, it's very beautiful I'm. Seeing, both of them going, around making, sure we have what we need but it's kind of strange at first because. We're literally receiving, one bite at a time. So. We're sitting there going wow I have this huge plate and like she just gave me like one little tiny piece this is very interesting right and then Gabriel comes by it well here's one more bite one, little bite at a time, okay. But. Here's. What I see, as we, turn our focus I. Love you too Katie Tucker as we, turn our focus to, one, another. At. This, beautiful. Party, hi. Amber and we. Connect, with. One another. We. Are distracted. Momentarily. From. The watching. The pot boil so, to speak watching, our plate be filled by these incredible, angels. That, are here to serve, us. To. Serve, us right, do. You guys get it do you see that as, we. Turn our focus away, and, convene. With one another in true. Connection. We. Turn back to, find that. That has amounted to, a plate full, of everything, we could ever want. Because. We took our focus, away from watching. It accumulate. And our, impatience, to. Connect. To. Look back to draw focus away believing. That this. Will fill up the. Belief and faith. Connecting. Convening. Enjoying. Life. To. Look back and go holy cow a, masterpiece. One. Of the most beautiful, things I've seen. So. Beautiful, I, am. Going to have to watch this. I'm. Gonna have to see what came through, often. I am truly. In a channel, and slightly. Just. Focused. On another plane or something so I have got a why I've gotta watch this I think tonight was really really special so. Now. It's your turn. Your. Personal, turn. You. Guys tons. Of love to you thank. You for sharing this let me know if you shared it I can't wait for more people to see see. This message I think this will be a really special newbie. Video, to. Really show people what all of us here in this community are about because the truth is this. Community, is all of, us, most. Heart-centered, beautiful. Family. I could have ever asked, for truly, so. Thank you guys. Thank. You guys so much. Alright. So, I'm gonna close my eyes if. You're new here this is how it works the angelic, realm calls me to open them and at that time, the. Last person who commented. It's. Gonna get a special message and I always like to remind you that message, is also meant, for everyone here. And who watches in the future okay. All. Right here we go let. Me know if it's you. Amber, rose. Claircognizance. All. Right amber. Archangel. Uriel joins. Us as well now for Amber's. Message, they're. Cognizant. Mountaintop. Rainbow. Clouds. Sunshine. Can't. Tell there but this is a very colorful rainbow. Archangel. Uriel says. Pay. Attention, to your thoughts and ideas that come to you because.

They Are answered, prayers. Okay. Song. Lyrics, important. Right now. Hidden. Finding hidden messages, and music is very important, right now oh. And. Also. Tapping. Him with the first thing that you think of when you wake up in the morning the. Very, first thing, because. That's. Either gonna do one of two things I'm told here it's either gonna show you where, your thermostat. Is as far as what your subconscious is running right, so that's always a great insight that we can work on but. Also. You. May get divine, new, ideas. At that time so. If you find yourself waking a little earlier, than expected, with some interesting, thoughts or dreams or anything like that you're being called to really. Take a really great look a deeper look at those things. Awesome. Thank. You I honor, you, Thomas. Music is my passion that's, awesome, it, does amber says wow that's so resonates, excellent. Alright. Let. Me know if you're next. See, amber again. Hmm. You see that Amber's comments, a lot of amber comments, tabatha, awesome, so, outdoors. Tabitha. Your card is outdoors. Archangels. OPL go outside get some fresh air and connect with nature to relieve stress and gain new creative, ideas let me see Tabitha. Hmm. Interesting, I'm. Seeing automatically. That you need to bring more. More. Plants. Into your diet frankly. I'm. Seeing lots of greens like grasses I don't know if it's wheat grass or, if you'd like wheat grass or maybe celery juicing, I'm seeing for. Some reason with this outdoors, card when I close my eyes to channel for you to have at the I see just greens, and consuming, consuming, really. Potent. Potent. Micronutrients. From the earth I, know. You guys have seen my black water that chlorophyll, that may be an option let, me know how that feels for you let. Me see if there's anything else. Yeah. I'm seeing the rapid absorption of, nutrients, here. And. Also, the rapid absorption of, all that you're consuming, so to be mindful if it's not greens, and, things that are healthy for you to be mindful of that as well because I see your body rapidly, absorbing, right now. Mindful. That, anything. Else directly. With the outdoors. I'm. Feeling, I'm seeing cool air on your face so, that may be something that's happening too that may feel really good and help you right now all.

Right Awesome, that's, how cool. These cards are kind of giving, slightly. You. Know messages, that you wouldn't think from that kind of card so tabatha I hope, that helps hope that, gives you insight. Helps. As far as gives you insight into maybe what you hadn't, seen before right. Okay. Awesome. What. Had. A large tree come down in our yard in our fencing, gazebo, Wow, interesting. So you had outdoors, come up that is incredible. You're. Welcome. Let. Me know if the green. Drink. The green like wheatgrass, idea. Resonates, at all or anything. That's coming up with food for you lately. Tabby. Cat hugs hey Jody that's awesome, I'll hug Cody for you alright. Alright who's. Next. Let. Me know if it's you. Aaron. Brown hey, welcome. Good. To see you here. Awesome. Okay this is so beautiful, so. Here. It is, Aaron. Brilliant. Idea. This. Is your card, tonight brilliant, idea. Hmm. It's you that's, fabulous. Brilliant. Idea Archangel. Uriel, yes. Your idea is divinely. Guided, please. Take action to bring your idea, to fruition. I'm. Partial. Because I'm excited to connect with you I know that we will be meeting soon, so of course the tangible, ideas, of what this bright idea may be are in the forefront of my mind as, we. Plan to work together soon, so let. Me actually tap, in with spirit, and see. What they're wanting you to know here. I'm. Getting the coolest, random, insight, tonight. I'm. Actually seeing you in a warm bath I. Hope. That you're feeling well, and. Yeah. Soothing. Of the soul. Regrouping. I see spirits, asking, you to completely clear, your mind to erase the. Drawing board, to go back to the drawing board. That. You need a clean slate, to work from, you. Need to work, on the foundation. Yeah. Warm bath does sound perfect half of that I may be headed there myself. Yeah. So. Clearing. The drawing board and looking at the foundation, removing pieces that don't fit and, making. Room for the pieces that do fit and definitely. Look at that warm bath Aaron. Kind, of simple, straight up take care yourself kind, of stuff right, and. If, you just jumped on I'm not sure if you were here the whole time I didn't see you prior yes salt bath Trish absolutely. For sure so bad but, Erin if you weren't here before and if anyone just joined us recently. Please. Go back and watch the replay and I ended up being a much more deep, healing, than, I had personally expected, but the truth is I needed it so I'm, really grateful for those of you who took part in this with me, very very very grateful and proud of you for your, willingness. To go deep and fast. Alright. So. Once. Again anyone, new welcome to the Trinity room if you just jumped on you know my name's amber Freeland, I am a quantum healer and life coach i convene, inside, of here Mondays, and Thursdays at 6 p.m., we. Have a premium group where we do subconscious. Reprogramming. That is on Wednesdays, if anyone's interested in learning more let, me know tonight. Thank. You tabatha, tonight. We're, excited, because we, have found our next date for our quantum entrepreneur, webinar, and it is tomorrow at 5 p.m. Pacific, time if you would like a private invite, to that be, sure to type me in these comments, the, truth is we, struggled. For a long time in. Business, and with, subconscious. Blocks that's, how we, got led down the path of becoming. Healers. In the area of subconscious, reprogramming. But, what we realized in the, more, recent past is why. People, fail why. People get stuck in the 9 to 5 why, they keep doing what they're doing all, the fears that come up all the problems, that a new entrepreneur, faces. And we, set out to solve, all of those, problems and. We, will be presenting, tomorrow night how we did that and how, you can do it too so, if you know you're meant for more please, join, us if you're, ready to make shifts in, your finances, in the time freedom that you have with, yourself and, with your family, and looking, to set your family, up for a really positive future. Please. Join, us go, ahead and type me we'll send you a message check, your email, and. Look. Because I sent you something really special today, already. Keep. Keep, on the lookout for that feel, into your heart if that resonates with you if you're, just done, with the rat race, I promise.

You You can do it too we're. Excited to. Walk. Hand-in-hand, with all of you so, without further ado you guys Congrats. On doing the forgiveness, work tonight so that tonight's personal. Ceremony. Can, be focused on, vision. What. Are you calling in what. Are you able to even see that you wanted, that you couldn't see before we jumped on live tonight and, forgave. Ourselves. As well, as everyone. Else. What. Kind of things are you gonna find when you take a moment to connect with, the deeper version of you what. Kind of things are you going to find that you didn't even know that you, wanted, in your life I. Cannot. Wait, to, hear what comes through for you. Alright, I, love. You guys so much. Keep. In touch, Premium. Group I'll see you Wednesday, everyone. Else I'll see you here Thursday, but most importantly, you guys I'll. See you tomorrow night all, right talk. To you soon bye, for, now.

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