The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

The Phantom Prisoners of Ohio State Penitentiary

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So here we are the road to Ohio State Reformatory, another. Prison for the boys they're. Opening up the prison for us. We're. Here to find some ghosts and. This, looks like a place we'll find them. This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved, we investigate, Ohio State Reformatory in, Mansfield, Ohio as, part of our ongoing investigation. Into the question are ghosts. Real this. Enormous prison, was notorious, for violence and poor conditions, and is considered one of the most haunted places in the US right, now we're sitting in a holding cell this is where people would go before they. Were sent off to whatever block they were gonna go very appropriate, as we're about to dive. Let's. Get into it opening. On September, 15th. 1896. Ohio. State Reformatory was. Constructed, in Mansfield. Ohio on, top, of the former site of a Union, Army training, ground in the Civil War at, current. Day the, main building, of the reformatory. Has a gargantuan. Footprint. Of. 250,000. Square feet, in fact, the. Six story East cellblock, containing. 600 cells is the, largest freestanding steel. Cellblock, in the world the architecture. Conceived, by architect, Levi T Schofield. Is gothic, in nature invoking, the feeling of castles. Conditions. Inside of the prison mixed, with the design would, earn the Reformatory the unaffectionate, nickname, of quote, Dracula's. Castle and, quote, this. Is the administrative, building that's why everything is so nice I mean it was gonna say look at this beautiful, tile work Air. Force one they filmed Air Force One here Air, Force one actually now that I think of it remember. The. Reason they hijacked, the plane is to release for the go ahead and cut you off right there because I don't give a, we're, gonna move over here. Okay. Now. Here's here's an appropriate, movie, references, I haven't even seen Shawshank, but I know those steps, oh so, you can make movie references, because it's very visual, look at it that well, there's no there's no plaque here for that there was a plaque for the Air Force one because you don't need a plaque is here like yeah those are the stairs believable. Whoa. Yeah. They keep going wow. You're. Quite taken with these I mean I get. It it's kind of this weird juxtaposition. Dracula's. Castle perhaps, you know appropriate no no yeah. Some. Nice exposed brick here yeah but it's tasteful. Yeah the. Reformatory, began, with good intentions, as it was meant to be a place where first-time, offenders, and minor, criminals, would come to literally reform, themselves, there was a school a gym, industrial. Training areas to teach the inmates, a trade and, regular. Chapel service however, as, funds, diminished, and the need for prisons base escalated.

The Reformatory, eventually. Became overcrowded. Sometimes. Stuffing, for inmates, to a sell and the facilities, fell into disrepair, to, make matters worse the. Prison was no longer exclusive. To minor offenders, and eventually. Became, a maximum-security. Prison. Taking, in hardened, and violent, criminals, for people in a Cell that's a lot I mean you put any normal, people in a room that's too small like if you're in a dorm in college if, you hate your roommate it's, a tough business, listening, to music too glad when I'm trying to study cooking. A Top Ramen in the microwave, when I'm trying to sleep you got some axes to grind no. You Roland, Roland as the. Population, increased, and the conditions, worsened, mistreatment. From guards, became, commonplace, for. Instance, as early, as July 15th 1898. A story, ran in the New York Times stating, 45 prisoners, were hung by their thumbs, after. Going on a strike because they, no longer had, access to, tobacco they. Were also given only one meal a day as punishment, hung, by their thumbs that, why. That's. Why would you do that they wouldn't shut up it doesn't sound like the worst possible thing to do to me won't. They just pop right out of the sockets, oh I don't like that one bit if, they hung me by my thumbs then I'd be pretty upset well, it's again it's not the worst thing you could do they could give you a little you know a paddle, to the bottom or whatever you would rather be hung by your thumbs then take a little spanking it could be a big. Big paddle, did. You not get spanked when you were a kid no that makes a lot of sense actually. What. The is all. I have to say to that nothing. Like the thumb talk do, you not like the thumb talk was a too much don't talk I thought we went about two minutes long than them they. Don't like the thumb talk. Holy. Holy. Holy, if, you're one of the people who had that thumb thing happened you had sex what. Was it like. What. Do you think you're gonna get right now I feel like would you go see what that is to be honest. We. Were walking over to the, source. Of the disturbance. But. There was - it's. Not that I wasn't that. Hello. I'm. Gonna lose my mind. So. Did that twice with. Me in the span of ten seconds but nothing else confirm, that this it did sound like this right. Yeah. That, was the sound do. You think the winds gonna do that twice. Not. Moving. Well. So. Hopefully, we find some good stuff tonight okay. This. Isn't me long night, alright. Are. You. Kidding me are you. Kidding me now, there is a lot of wind moving through now so. That did what is it that, didn't hurt who. Is it what did happen right as the wind picked up you. Didn't. Notice that but. Now it came from over here yeah. There. It is. It's. That. Way. There's. Your is it white worries there's a logical, explanation for, you ah okay.

There It is well, there. We go there, you go, but. If we hadn't seen that if. We hadn't seen that you wouldn't we wouldn't be fooled well no we wouldn't have been fooled you would have been telling me for months. The. Conditions, inside the reformatory, eventually. Led to the prison being shut down permanently, in. 1990. During, its time as a working prison these walls played, home to one hundred, and fifty-four, thousand, inmates some, of whom never, walked out whether, it was violence or disease at least. 215. Perished. During their time at the reformatory. And at, least one guard which healed by inmates so. This is the East cellblock, this. Is the bigger of the two blocks inside this whole joint I mean. This is like classic prison. Is. This. What. Are you doing I mean. You're, going past the chain what we're gonna investigate, it alright good lord. This. Is the largest standing steel, cellblock in the, world. Really. Something that's a lot of metal it, is a lot of metal a lot of men I'm. Hearing a lot of a little. Noises yeah I am too what do you suppose those are I. Don't. Know I could. Certainly see how he one would lose their mind in a situation, like this yeah. This looks Pleasant. This so. Hard dude. This. Is, terrible it's, the opportunity of a lifetime of being here. We, are high, up we, are in the top of the wall right now but no, you can't see well, I have the thermal up we're gonna get some ocean lights up here we're gonna have a real party up here in this sixth floor huh, let's, party baby. There. He goes hello. There. He comes. Home. By himself I'm, separating, from the group it's. An ideal time to kill him yeah I mean if I were gonna die in camera, it would be a pretty noble thing future. Ghost Hunters would be like this is the spot where, Ryan. Bergara, got. Murked oh my god this keeps stretching, I don't, understand what's wrong with running sometimes. What. Was that I, didn't. Say anything. You. Sure you didn't say anything Shane no, go back and set them off to make sure they work I got a better idea why don't you go yourself okay and I won't do that all right so. If there's anything on this 6-tier. On. The, south side. Just. Walk towards our voice. If, you turn on those lights you'll go to heaven okay see now that's taking it too far. While, some desks were the results of violence, from other inmates, other deaths, were self-inflicted, it. Said that one inmate, named James Lockhart, covered, himself in turpentine, stolen, from the prison furniture shop and set, himself on fire in, his cell, James's. Spirit is considered, one of the more violent, within the prison. 16. 15. 14. 13. All. Right. Coming. In James. It's. Tight it's tight squeeze. We. Can barely move around in here right now just the two of us this is insane, could, you imagine every, time there's leaving it here with four that's crazy, James. I get it I just want to say that up front if, I had to be trapped in here even. If it was only for 15 years. Too. Much so, when did he was 22, when he set himself on fire, he.

Had Been in here since he was seven, what. He, was trapped in here for 15 years no no he had he was his sentence was 15 years I see, it, said that other people walked by at the guards walking, in over here seeing. A man trapped in here on fire I mean it was probably gruesome. Yeah I just Jesus. Christ. I'm. Gonna turn something on that may help, you talk to us and. It's even, - James you're gonna do this I'm, gonna do this - James sorry, James. All. Right jeans I don't think I properly introduce myself before I'm Ryan that Shane you say any of our names back to us. There. Lawfully, I don't. Know, that was awful. James. Are you in here. Classical. Music huh. What. Say. That again. Is. Your last fans this use this energy this is giving off to say something. Turn. It off. Well. James. We're. Gonna leave your cell here but, before. We leave once again Tsar you what happened you happen to you pretty. Awful may you know peace. Another. Less graphic debt that occurred in the prison happened, in the wardens living quarters on November, 5th 1950. Helen, glad K the, wife of the reformatory, superintendent. Was, attempting, to grab a jewelry, box from a shelf in her closet when, she accidentally. Knocked down a handgun, the heme gun hit the floor and discharged. Shooting Helen. In the chest resulting. In Helens death a couple days later, visitors. To the living quarters report smelling her prominent, rose scented perfume, and catching. Glimpses of her walking into her pink bathroom, all, right so this is the second floor it's. Up here where Helen's. Living quarters were as well as the her two, sons. Seems. Like a fun place to grow up if you're a child. You. Have a very different definition of fun. We. Hear you have a very lovely rose scented perfume, we'd love to smell it so you want to smell it why don't we close our eyes and smell, okay. You know heighten our sense of smell and see if we could smell any kind of perfume yeah, you. Too yeah. I'm happy to hey ready yeah. Get, maybe backup I mean I could feel your air intake. It's. Like a gross nasal jet I don't know. It. Smells like old wood yeah, I was gonna say old wood rotting plaster, well Helen if you aren't here or if you are here we, sure can't smell you which is a weird sentence to say we. Can't smell you Helen or. If, you're a little busy right now we can always smell, you later. Oh. You're. Back we're, gonna do an investigation okay. One. Room that is particularly active, and mysterious, in nature, is a room on the third floor of the administration. Building referred, to as the, chair room the, room which, is one of the only rooms, in the reformatory, without, windows, has, a single, chair sitting, in the center of his paranormal. Investigators. Claim that when the chair is moved from the center of the room the, chair will return to the center of the room on its, own one. Investigator, even, claimed to be pushed and scratched by, the enemies in this room and. As. The name would suggest I, present. You the chair this. Chair looks. Stupid, in the middle of the room actually, thing looks rather nice I like what you've done with the place really sets the room right well we disagree and.

I'm The guy who's gonna move it don't move the chair come on man hey I tried, to stop him seriously. That's just rude you're gonna come into his room or it's good whatever is in this room I'm sorry, we're, from California don't let this be representative, of all Californians, we're the Hollywood elite I. Don't. Think you're strong enough to move it back whoever. You are are you even human, or you may be a demon. Whoever's. Here move that chair back that's. Not the center of the room at all, move. It back I'll. Stand right over here you throw it right at me if you want move. That chair. Moving. He's. Gonna take your chair he's gonna take it outside he's, gonna spread his butt cheeks and he's gonna lay a fat turd or Idol over the center of it I mean. Sure. Yeah I'm painting a vivid image very, vivid yep that's what I'm gonna do and. I'm gonna take photos of it and put it on Instagram how, about this if whatever. Is in here moved this chair back to the center we. Won't do anything to the chair we'll leave it alone sound. Like a fair deal yeah, sounds like a fair deal you see that he, said if you move it back he won't mess with it. Look. Tough, season for the book no no no no wait a second, wait don't, you realize this, happening, would be incredible, right yeah would be it, certainly would be unborn. One. Thing that also happens in this room is, people get scratched if they get a little too rambunctious. Scratch. Me that's, what I'm here for I'm here for the scratches, I keep forgetting now I don't really think you're, actually giving it wrong what do you want them to scratch, me they're very asshole he's back. Scratch. Me up make me bleed oh the sheeny hack is back baby that's my heart, holy she cracks up my insides yeah internal, bleeding, watch, it blood how about that he's getting medical latch herself, onto my soul come, back to Hollywood with me and destroy, the lives of all my friends and co-workers isn't hard to follow but I like, where you're going Ryan's family has a. Real. Good what you wanted me to give it my own that portrays, our first table insults. Not personal, information, you're, giving him a dossier on my life you, know this was supposed to be the season of respecting, ghosts. And every time I've tried to do that you yell, at me to, disrespect, them I'm telling, you to be true, to who you are I mean that is certainly valid. It. Was I am living a lie otherwise, well then we're talking to air. The. Chapel, is also, an active, area of the Reformatory there, are rumors of the chapel being used as a place of executions. Prior to becoming a chapel, and ghosts. Are known to grab people, who attempt to leave we're. Coming up, this. Would be a good, place though right it should be then. Again you would also think that spirits. That. Are hanging out in the chapel were kind of mocking things in you baby, yeah.

But Jesus is. Jesus here I have, no idea. At. This moment our audio, recorder, picks up a voice saying, I am, NOT is, Jesus here I have, no idea. What. Well. Clearly he is. Yeah. Because he says I he's. Answering I'm. Not. I'm. Not here it's you that or it's the devil I don't know I just, put the then Jesus is the devil, I'm. Saying it's the devil pretending, to be Jesus he's playing like a little game but then he would say I am here it's me Jesus, that's true I guess it that doesn't really you know what it is I just am nervous. Ring. A question about Jesus, that's a ghost hanging, out in a chapel for some reason which seems like a weird, place for someone to spend if they're trapped for eternity I don't. Know you, know chalk, it up to the usuals I think, it's pretty clear chalk it up to the usuals that's gonna be a new go-to answer okay well I think it's a pretty clear voice and it. Answered your question in, a little a. Little tricky way but intelligently, I have not. Holy-moly. This. Is quite a room I mean. It is a chapel I gotta, say for a prison chapel I did not expect it to be this expansive. Which. Would harmonize. Wasn't. Bad alright my. Name is Ryan that Shane and. We're. Here, to. Make a connection, with you, we. Want you to feel comfortable and safe. When. You reach out to us so please know that we. Are very non-judgmental. We. Don't care about what, crimes you've committed, this. Is a place of worship and. Forgiveness. And. We. Respect, you. It. Must be lonely. If. You don't want us to leave, you. Should say something now. Place. Sucks. You. Could go home with him you could he'll break you out of this joint. Hop. On me I'll give you a little piggyback ride all the way home to sunny Los Angeles. Last. Chance. What's. Your name. Is, that muffled, conversation. It's very peculiar. Where. Is it coming from. Oh. I. See it there's, a bird right there oh there's, a bunch up there, hey. Bros. Now. That is one, big pile of hey. When. It comes to guards with a penchant, for doling, out punishment our, last location is, perhaps the, darkest, a place, referred, to as the, hole the. Hole was, the name given to the solitary confinement cell, block of the prison this, block was reserved for those being punished, legend. Has it that in the late 1930s, as, punishment, for a riot. 120. Prisoners, were forced to shove themselves, into, the 12 solitary, confinement, cells for a week without food, this incident, reportedly, resulted, in madness, and some deaths. Reportedly. Horrifying. Happenings, occurred in the hall including an, inmate hanging himself a guard, being killed by inmates, an inmate, lighting, himself on fire one. Instance, where two inmates entered, the hall together and only. One walked, out with, the other being discovered, dead his, body stuffed. Under, the bunk in, other words this, is a rather horrible place, and as, with most horrible, places we'll investigate, it individually. We're, gonna do that thing where I go first and you go second, and that'll. Be fun for you because you, get to build up the anticipation, and get very scared yeah really good well I just walk around and probably won't take it very seriously, good, bye good, bye. If. There's anyone here, my, name's Shane and. I'd. Like to talk to you I have. A microphone, in my pocket, and if, you put your lips are real close to it and whisper. Something my. Friend will have proved that. Ghosts, are, real. How. Did it come to this you know I. Really. Do wonder sometimes how did I end up in this spot. Walking. Through solitary, confinement by myself, in. The middle of the night in a haunted prison, is. This what I wanted from life I don't, think it is. Please. Try to say something intelligent and. Coherent. You. Know say I don't. Like the food here or. This. Is a bad time for, me. Or. Can. You please stop talking something, I'm, gonna give you the floor now you know, what for the hell of it I'm gonna turn out my light just, gonna be pitch-black here, and a prisoner.

Here, We go. You. Know I didn't, walk down West cellblock. Doot-doot. Doot-doot. Doot-doot. Doot-doot doot-doot doot-doot, here's a nice thing well if somebody looks like they beat the out of this. Not. Sure know what that is Oh. Yells. Uh now, these appear to be the. Solitary. Rooms I think because. They have those tiny little doors on them. I'm. Gonna jump into one of these. Feel. Out the space. I'm. Going to be quiet now if. You're a ghost, reach. Out to me communicate, I, welcome. Your, thoughts I, respect. You, because. That's what I'm doing, this season or, at least attempting, to do, here, I go I'm going to be quiet now. Let. Er rip. It's. Nice over here I like it. If. That's somebody up there make that noise again on your cell. Ah. Hate this place. I really do. But. It's, got some charm. I'm. Not even I'm not even kidding about that time. To face the music huh. Let's. Send the reigai to the hole, very. Scary, the things you said to me I don't know if my friend Ryan is gonna respond, quite so well. You. Do know I hate you right it's. Pretty spooky I sent one of the solitary cells and just really just really tried. To put myself in their shoes and, I think I learned a, little. Bit. Wow. I hate. This part of the episode you know I mean ghosts, here he comes, Jesus Christ that's loud here comes your boy Ryan Vergara. Okay. Well, good luck off. You go. Okay. Well, as mr. Shane said my. Name is Ryan. I'm. Very scared right now. So. Know that if you're scared I promise. You I'm more scared Ryan's. Out there doing his little thing. Do. Know that if you show yourself, I have a camera I will, see you and, everybody. Will know you exist, and I win he. Seems to be handling them well this season proud. Of him, growing. Up you know if there's anybody up here with me and I just got the chills of he. Had to do it sometime I don't. Know how he's gonna fare he was a little rattled, earlier. In the night well. I'm, gonna sit on one of these and they're. Disgusting. Okay. Sitting. In a solitary cell. By. Myself. Good. Right. Okay. Let's, fire up the spirit, box. All. Right. My, name is Ryan you. See lying back. You. Say Ryan. No. Escape huh. What's. The name of the jail wherever now. Psycho. Who. Is in this out who. Sell my end. Can. You say my name my name is Ryan Bergara. What. Did you do why you here. Good. Obviously. You were good. Crank. Marks or that what, what, does it say it sounds to me like it's saying we first board at dusk we. First, board, at dusk, yeah let's do it again. So. We, were. Speaking to, the ghouls and we said please tell. Us an important, message and he. Got up to the mic and said first. Board that does it, could be a metaphor I don't know why. Would ghosts be speaking, in metaphors, I don't, know I would go speak Oh. Checkmate. It's. Alright, I'm gonna turn this off for the last part here. It. Is alarmingly, silent, now in here. What. Was that who was that. Reveal. Yourself, could, you make noise can you bang on one of your cells I'll come to you. Who. Is that. Please. Oops. If. You, want a top god I have such all the hair standing up in my body. Time's. Up thank. God too late, won't get to know. Sayonara. The. Right guy is out what. Are you gonna say to them yeah, take, a good look at this face ya, ain't never gonna see it again you had your chance. See. That little dance that's. The last thing you're ever gonna see a Dios.

Oh. I forgot the spirit box show, go get it. I have, my hands are full well try your best. I'm. Back ha, ha ha isn't that funny how that happens. Where did I leave this. Boy. What, have. You done Ryan what have you done. I found. You. Haha. This is the best part one I just feel so much joy and happiness, and I remember all that's good in the world this, is you at your most loathsome yeah. After. Spending a night roaming, the unsettling, cell blocks of Ohio, State Reformatory I. Can see why many feel the prison is haunted. Even. Without the history the, visuals presented. Are enough, to make the imagination. Run wild but. Whether or not Ohio State Reformatory is, definitively, haunted, will remain, unsolved. So. Right now we're gonna go retrieve the. Static cam from the chair room and if this chair is not where I left it I'm gonna lose my mind. What. If the chairs are stacked like in full toga that would be equally. Insane oh. This. Is so weird. There. Are in the same spot in the same spot. Very, curious, very good. Some. About the citizens, long fishing that. Ghost is supposed to move that he lies and, I can't say I'm not disappointed because, I am disappointed. With whatever's, in this room. Tough. Season for the boo Cara's it's a big ask, once again tough season. You.

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At 11:14 it sounded like the voice said "don't laugh at me"

the i am not sounded a lot like i hope lol

I heard "I hope" instead of "I am not"....

re for ma to ry

Maybe there was a guy at the penitentiary who is named Jesus and he thought you were referencing him so for fun Z’s he said he said “I’m not here”.

Ryan please stop being so mean to shane. He's so cute and sweet.

ryan being aggressive must mean he was possessed

I legit LOLed at "smell ya later!"

its scarier to me because I live in OHIO and went there once so yeet

Who else thinks this should be a tv show???

Ryan is a whole mood

On James' Cell, he said 'dont laugh at me."

I thought Buzzfeed couldn't get any worse, guess I was wrong

Ohio sonny

10:54 idk if it was the camera man but I heard “No” also at 11:16 it sounded like “don’t laugh at me”

they should get some type of sports watch that records their heart rate during the walk through of abandoned places to see ryan’s freak out and shane’s remain constant

“if you turn on those lights, you’ll go to heaven!” i can’t with shane

I love that the cell number was 13, and that i have 9 projects due 4 thins week and this ids what im doing in my spear time, #prioriteys

Poor Mickey...

I hate it when paranormal investigators go literally anywhere and are like "this is the most haunted place in America/on Earth". Like there are so many places that claim that, what makes this specific one more haunted than that other one? It just bugs me when I hear it in literally every episode of any paranormal thing ever.

Hey Ricky goldsworth how are you doing today

I’ve been there and literally live so close to there!


GUYS! Please please please please please come to Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO!! It’s known as one of the most haunted prisons in the world!

well y'all can hop off my boy Ryan because he's not doing anything. y'all are just over analyzing stuff , chill.

How about visiting demonoligists Ed and Lorraine Warren's museum, mostly known for The Conjuring or Amytiville cases, their museum consists of all the evidence and dolls which they exorcised in haunted homes and places

Omgggg Ryan! You had to go back in! Im dead.

ryan and shane, stop fighting. also.... more spirit box! :)

11:25 oh golly that reminds me of the Shawshank Redemption when Red is playing the records and stuff

lmao its weird seeing this as video. I went here for a field trip this year. I was in the cell where James was. And also in the wardens living quarters its rumored to be a kittens spirit that runs around. Some people said you can feel it rubbing your legs or you can hear faint meows. It was a fun trip and I had an anxiety attack since we went to the top of the cell blocks and then walked all the way down again (I don't like heights)

Why were there two chairs???

Shane is my favorite

fucking hell ryan annoyed me this episode

At 28:42 am I the only one that heard “nope nope” it like a gulp sound

That totally sounded like "midnight warden" to me

The spirit box is the worst, get a new gadget.

you guys should go to alcatraz!

Probably since it’s a union camp they were talking about boarding some boats for the anaconda plan

If Ryan went in by himself, he would lose his fucking mind!! Let's all thank Shane...

Los angeles asylum

did anybody else hear "hello ryan"?

1) My personal opinion re the thumbs stuff is the logical explanation might have been set off by somebody extremely pissed off, lol - my dad spent various points in his life doing hard time and he had plenty of tales to tell about the hole, guards beating the hell out of the inmates with rolled up newspapers because it didn't leave bruises, and yep, meals being withheld unless the inmate pulled a favor - in Dad's case, he was told to beat the hell out of an unruly fellow prisoner so the inmate would be scared blind to breathe any which way.... He instead beat the hell out of the guard, and back to the hole he went. (I love and miss my dad, stand up guy, RIP). But anyhow, don't play light on what these guys went thru, surprised you didn't have more issues. Still love you guys, too -

And yes, I kept having to say beat the hell out of whatever because the Boys have got so many younger fans, Kids - I tried to clean it up, lol!

You two are a fucking laugh, i enjoy every video you guys are in! hahah Hook A BROTHER a SHOUT OUTTT

I heard "don't laugh at me"...? when ryan used the spirit box while trying to communicate with james..

Ivy Hin same

rough season for ryan

I live in Ohio

27:44 Yanny or Laurel?

when the voice says "i am not" i don't hear that. I hear either "I Hope" or "Michael".

whats up with the metal cling at 19:18 ?

yet another great episode!!!! y'all bring joy to my life :') also, instead of 'psycho', it sounded to me like the voice said 'michael's'. and when ryan asked what they did, after the 'good', it sounded like they said 'i never [unintelligible]'. maybe they were actually innocent, or perhaps refusing to admit what they did??? and when ryan was in the west wing, it sounded like there was someone/something screaming faintly in the background.

*Shane gets viciously slashed in the back, thrown across the room, has his arm broken by something invisible, a knife starts levitating and starts stabbing him in the legs* Shane: "You know, sometimes places are just like that."

I really wish that while they were arguing the chair slowly moved back to the center and they never noticed.

I cant believe these mother fuckers went to ohio );

You know when you hear stuff and they didnt point it out sooo youre I might be wrong buuuut, there's so many tiny noises in between you can hear but I might be tripping .

Well jesus is the great I am maybe they were saying I am not like the great I am is not here.

"May you know peace" very sweet, Shane.

It says ryan and i dont know



10:54 ?

How about going to that haunted ship Shane dawson went to ._,


why you snippy w Sean in the beginnin fo?

BuzzFeedBlue I was born in July 15

do one on chopper

*Ryan speaking* At 20:00 does anyone else hear the creepy music???? Shooketh to the core man!!

Shane looks like a taller version of the telletubbies sometimes

looks like outlast to be honest

How about rfk asassination for true crime

11:12 - It sounds like "Don't laugh at me"

Ryan is on a roll in this episode... I LOVE IT

That was some beautiful harmony guys

One day one day he will believe

Shane : "...ryan has a dog... " Ryan : " ddddddd... insult not personal information!!" That makes my fuckin' day

Maybe the voices they hear. Is a voice talking to each other in the past?

not gonna lie, this episode scares me a little bit

They should really go back to the Sally House

4:11 why are you asking the white people why?

The audio recorder in the chapel after you said “Is Jesus here?” sounded like “I hope” to me. I always wait for y’all to get hurt in these videos.


I love your guy’s bromance.

I Kinda felt uncomfortable while watching this Ep as Ryan cutting off Shane hit me through the heart

I would like for you guys to visit The Myrtles Plantation in ST Francisville, LA. It is supposedly one of the most haunted locations in America.

When I have my P.A.Ts I sneak my phone into class and watch your supernatural videos

Shane! Ryan! Love the series! For your next True Crime season you should investigate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and the disappearance of Madeleine McCan.

When are you guys making a trip to the LaLaurie Mansion? If the owners will allow it... Lol

Those noses though

I would suggest investigating "La Pascualita" which is located in Chihuahua, Mexico where I was raised. I was never clear if the mannequin was the real body of the owner's daughter of the shop back in the old days or just a mannequin made to look like a corpse. Either way, there are many stories of her appearances in the shop and to me her case has been unsolved till today. You guys should totally check it out and see what you guys think! Thanks for always giving us great content and always be safe!

This is low key becoming my favorite Buzzfeed series

No chill

Always wanted to know the camera man behind these videos

Great video to watch before going to bed eh?

Do one about Michael Jackson or the patin twins

My hometown!

seems to be animosity between you guys. hope things are ok

Clinton Road, New Jersey

that was german at 11:33

People should WD40 door hinges so that they do not squeak and scare everyone to death.

Yoo do Alcatraz

Tbh I’m always terrified when they go to these abandoned places because of trespassers could be lurker

When Shane whispered Ryan's name towards the end, I thought it was a demon or something becuase it was sooo clear and I was shitting bricks, with my mouth hanging to the floor, and I was screeching with shock like the Mothman. I was sooo triggered but relieved at the same time when I found out the true becuase though I want convincing evidence, I ain' trying to get possessed through my computer or let Ryan get killed for views. #boogara #facepalm

Go to Zak museum in Las Vegas!!

U guys should come to san angelo texas hi yes im from san angelo texas we have a supposedly haunted bridge its called lone wolf crossing bridge

Y’all should go to the house where the True story of the Conjuring happened


Ryan:*cusses out ghosts* *forgets spirit box* * immediately regrets cussing out ghosts*

So my ,local area is hellllaaaa haunted (Niagara Falls/ St. Catharines/ Welland ONTARIO). We got two whole haunted tunnels, two old war forts, lots of deaths from he Welland canal. It's wild and spooky. Lovely hiking as well.

Ok, how long do they ACTUALLY have the Spirit Box on? Because it feels like they have no Patience when it comes to waiting for a response. You need to have patience and wait. Also asking the right questions when using a Spirit Box is critical. I wish they would do an episode with real paranormal investigators so they would get good feedback. I live in Ohio and everyone knows about this place. There ARE entities here. This is not a good example since this investigation is done by amateurs. One of them being a skeptic and a taunter.

ryan was very sassy in this one

Wow, you laughed at the dog being thrown, Shane? I see you in a very different light

At 11:29 it sounds like they are saying "you are wasting time"

who films for the bois™️?

Y’all should go to Norwich State hospital. I’m pretty sure it’s the Abandoned insane asylum I️ went to with my cousins. Lol you can’t go inside because of the aspect-us. Don’t want y’all to die but y’all should defiantly go to Connecticut because they got tons of haunted places

ohh okay, i've never heard of that lol

It pronounced ah- specs- TuS

taylor b I️ don’t know it’s some fungus thing in old building I️ don’t know how to spell it lol

wait do you mean asbestos ?

When the “voice” “spoke” I did hear it but I heard it say hi sooo


22:25 me when im in social class thinking about life and existentialism

Ryan questioning his life choices!!! XD


at 27:31 i heard a voice say 'hello ryan'

Then at 27:41 i heard a voice say 'we was good'

shane: does anything me: well THAT was particularly demonic :/

I'm going full screen wish me luck

Gud luck XD

O god my birthday is September 15 how lovely is that (sarcastically stated )

I wonder if you put the spirit box on the highest setting or something would the voice come out more clearly​?

11:14 "john lasseter"

ghosties like disney

10:53 he says no did u hear it

Did you hear it say no

I think they’d rather love seeing the chair being destroyed.

11:17 "Don't burn me" that's what I heard

Why didnt they just leave the room with the chair for a while and go do whatever and then come back to the room to see if its back in the middle.

ive been there! wow

Is it just me, or do they not get along?

Go back to the Sally House

I feel like shane had a wild childhood. I also bet he was super edgy

If y’all are gonna do more prisons, you should do Missouri State Penitentiary

Sounded like James said "Don't laugh at me" at 11:25

I wonder if the “I am not” is a reference to the way Jesus claimed he was god by re-visiting the old testement when god said that he is “I Am” idk for sure though, I only remember that ‘cause I did bible study right before watching this lmao

sounded kinda like james said "please stop" and the solitary said "good to meet you" right before the box turned off.

If you turn on those lights you’ll go to heaven oommmffggg

Does anyone else hear a voice before Shane starts to speak at 24:20?

Where are my Ohioans at?

At 10:55 when Ryan is talking about the white noise box you can hear “No”

I really like this show! Great clash between believer and skeptic that mixes well. I also find it funny that Ryan practically jumps out of his skin when a noise is heard but when there is no noise after he’s talking to them while alone, he starts saying stuff like “Go to hell motherfuckers, I’ll never see you again”.

You should go to Alcatraz

Where Ryan got murked

does ryan not know what wind sounds like when its going through an object. come to kansas itll become really familiar

16:24...... where did the other chair come from that is behind shane suddenly.......

That harmonizing really wasn't bad.

I love Shane, taunting spirits all the time.

16:29 arittititititititititititi

Winchester house next pls :)

So this "Spirit Box" is basically an FM radio that jumps from frequency to frequency... and you're surprised that voices come through?


Do the lalaurie mansion

11:13 I heard "don't laugh at me"

The wheeze man. I love it.

The only people who never make up things or spice things up for view

I heard James say “don’t laugh at me”

i feel like before they were jokingly being annoyed with each other but it sometimes feels like they genuinely hate each other nowadays oof

"I am not" next they'll be drinking coca cola and blasting district 9

During the static box thing I heard “don’t laugh at me”

It sounded like he said “don’t laugh at me” 11:25

Use the PX Device or Ovilus 2 to get better evidence

i live in a converted boys reformatory school eek

Nerdgal 569 yes i heard that too!

At 3:22 the voice says “hello Ryan”

You guys should do an unsolved video on Queen Mary, I have heard it is has a lot of paranormal activity!! Perhaps sleep there for a night :)

*Next buzzfeed video:* *I bought a mystery Demon from Amazon*

Lol 1:57

Do Kurt Cobain

On 22:04 that seemed like a hand above Shane's shoulder

Four inmates in a cell? *You should visit Philippines’ prisons*

Shane: but Jesus... is Jesus here? IM ACTUALLY DYINGG HAHHAHA

I want me 31 mins of life back..Your facts r way off about OSR/P....Show some RESPECT!!

I went on a tour of the reformatory honestly it was an amazing tour with a strange feeling as you walk through.

U both make me sick. how can u disrespect the dead the way u do?! it's distasteful && disgraceful && absolutely utterly disgusting. get lives.

There’s a mystery in England in the town where I live where a thirteen year old girl called Lindsay Rimer was murdered. The case is still open but is unsolved. It’s a really interesting case. Also about twenty minutes away is The Old Silent Inn which is said to be the most haunted pub in northern England. Me and my sister have heard some very creepy stuff while staying there.

Omg when he leaves the spirit box in the cell I was dead

even the dust tried to leave when they harmonised omfg

I wonder if Ryan would have left shane in the solitary cell had that door slammed shut or if he would have tried to help him.

Did anyone else see the weird shadow in the bottom left at around 17:15? To me it looks kinda like a hand and it moves around for a while before disappearing.

11:19 "don't laugh at me"

Shane in the chair room lmao

Ghost be like: ... But i wanted to see Shane lay a turd on the chair and put it on insta...


I don’t think Ryan was actually upset or pissed off. His nerves are clearly high and they seem even higher this episode which makes him more irritable. Take things into perspective and stop assuming.

Come to Idaho State Penitentiary!

ngl i dont hear 'we board at dusk' i thought it sounded like 'theres good in us' :')

I'd like to see these two tough guys talk smack like that without their torches in complete darkness.

Why were there 2 chairs

Your Like the Ghost Busters But Real.

The fact that Ryan cut Shane off when he was talking about Air Force 1

Is this outlast?

Our audio recorder picks up a voice, saying : [Ur Mom Gay]

At 27:31 did yall hear laurel or yanny??

*under a table in Hell* Ooooooooooooo... a new episode... a chair room... is that my missing chair? Lucifer: Nobody cares about ur missing chair Ghosty: DON'T TOUCH MY CHAIR!!!! *hisses* This comment was pointless

I've been here!!! It's so much cooler in the light but the cells are so creepy y'all don't even know

This is like 9 miles from me

the only kind of buzzfeed that i watch y’all

I’ve been to this prison before and the only weird thing was a really strong smell of maple syrup

To be fair people are over reacting, but Ryan is being a little more hostile then usual, I can see it, but once again, over reactions are annoying too!

lots of ~demonic resonance~ in this episode. think yall need to go see the priest again

omg i love shane

I just press this video and I just get chills

"Why would a ghost talk in metaphors?" "Why would a ghost talk?" "Checkmate.."

You said the room only has one chair what was the other one doing there in the room

the scariest part of this video is ryan saying he hasnt seen the shawshank redemption



Shane is my hero because he makes dad jokes to ghosts and then wheeze laughs

I feel like ghost or demons will get you if you dont have feel intentions of getting them caught on camera like they know how to predict your movements and you have to be not predictable i dont know i feel like you get results of getting a ghost

I have never been scared by the camera-man until this video. My heart almost stopped a few times

I hear something talking over Shane just after 24:20 but it sounds like it's saying "Red Bull".

At 17:36 I hear "I hope". Not, "I am not"

Ryan is such a cute little midget compared to Shane

the audio recording sound to me like ryan saying " i hope not"

this has to be their funniest episode. i love ryan

“Yeah, but Jesus” -Shane 2018

i like the freaking foot lettuce like voice

are you serious, I was literally here on that weekend. So close too being on buzzfeed.

Shane laughing at his own pun I love him

Shane: If you turn on those lights you’ll go to heaven! Ryan: okay that’s going too far

The Ryan in this episode is some illuminati stuff. Ryan is now replaced by Ricky Goldsworth

Thermopoly?... I heard "Don't laugh at me"....

I think the ghost are sleeping

Shane’s face at 23:18 is honest to god the funniest thing ever

Four inmates a cell? In ph there’s like 10 a cell

Why are the violent spirits always in the spooky numbered cells/houses/etc Like do ppl just go "oop! Looks like he's a spooky guy let's put him in cell 13"

OH MY GOD OHIO. I live there! O-H!

You guys need to come to the old Idaho penitentiary.

Ryan got SUPER brave this episode, omg

Can you guys go back to the sally house with all the upgraded equipment like the spirit box ?

Why are there two chairs in that room?

So is it reformatory or a penitentiary? Anyone?

Holy crap one of the most haunted places in the U.S. LOL I've been there numerous times. Had no idea.

Outlast: Buzzfeed edition

they didnt check if the chair moved back ?

The true story of Veronica!!!!

that harmony was so fucking good

I'm 100% a shaniac.. but the amount of swearing ryan did on this episode made me feel like he's also a kindred spirit

Hoia Baciu forest pls

Do “Murder of Mary Phagan”

16:25 two chairs?

27:16 i heard ''Micheal's''

The FaZe rug tunnel

Do Robert the doll

at 27:27 i heard "can't get in" 27:34 "no, ryan" 27:35 when it says good maybe it's trying to say it was innocent... at 27:43 i heard "prisoners are going to escape" 28:24 righ before Ryan turns the "box" off i heard "we´re in trouble"... that's what i heard.... not saying they did or that it was an actual ghost or whatever just what it sounded like to me

It was the Hash Slinging Slasher.

16:40 where tf did the other chair come from

they have a walk through haunted house every year and it's the best haunted house i've ever been to

So Lame

What is behind Shane in 22:04

Go to Aston hall in England a little boy had hung himself, a lady was murdered and a girl diedof hunger in the attic

In Ireland we have this place called loftus hall and it’s where the devil supposedly came in disguise the place has so much history and you can also stay overnight like sleep there it also has the exact same stairs that were in the titanic and in Vietnam

1:51 And that's were I will no longer watch these as that showed too much bad tude.

Of course I happen to watch this at night

You guys should get Steve Huff on here. His Wonder Box is really interesting I’m not 100% it’s real but it’s sure as hell interesting

i was just here a couple months ago! its a really beautiful building with an interesting history. so cool to watch yall explore it

when you guys were harmonizing Ryan sounds like a lawn mower XD


When Shane was talking and Ryan shut him up, that is totally me and my brother

Look into either Pine Barrens or The Poinsett Bridge

27:30 į think it said "hi Ryan"

The voice at 27:30 sounds like I don’t want to

"if you turn on those lights you'll go to heaven" DJHFJSHSJ SHANE!

You should still do a video about the end of the world ( April 18th 2018)

Erika Charlotte Alexander and also name one patriarchal reference he makes

Erika Charlotte Alexander why are you assuming he is privileged just because he is white and male you don’t know the struggles of being discriminated by women on every action we make

shane actually got scared when ryan said "i think we should go see what that is"

“HAHAAAAA you”ll never see this face again!” *forgets spirit box and comes back*

Always looking forward to that disapproval head shake.0:30

Roland you been mentioned ryan just mad there look at his eyes

Stop whining and use the spirit box more.

16:20 wow Shane hush the fuq up

Omg I love Shane

can you guys do the beast of bray road next 3/4 shaniack 1/4 bugara

at 8:04 there's like a shadow, I​ guess it's Ryan's but it looks like something is following his moves... and the color of it is pretty strange.

Please do Clinton road PLS

Should do one episode of buzzfeed solved. Then I can spend even more time watching cartoons after each episode KNOWING ghosts are real.


lol ryan is such a savage

At 10.57 there appeRz to be a whispered voice possibly saying "how", did anyone else pick up on this?

"Please." "oops"


When Shane asks "is Jesus here?" I heard a voice say "I hope" before it cut to them saying the tape picked up something


heyyy i would like see this story

i’m starting to think the camera man is mute maybe he’s a hostage and shane and ryan are keeping him hostage and making him video tape then and he has ducktape on his mouth or a choke.

ryan is just nervous.thats all.

I was there last summer and I loved it!! Definitely got a super creepy vibe, especially when an actual former prisoner was giving a tour and telling stories about his time there!

Try your best

He hasn’t seen Shawshank redemption?? No freaking way

I have finals in two weeks and I'm watching Buzzfeed Unsolved

I just started watching these videos after ignoring them for so long, and I've been missing out Shane's worry free approach and isn't afraid and Ryan being the total opposite brings me life

please use the spirit box more! ahh, i feel like doing that could prove more truth if ghosts are truly real [:

19:05 "Should we harmonize?"

27:15 sounds an awful lot like "Michael". The body of a man, Lawrence Michael 'Mike' Hensley, a murderer of 3 teen girls and a teacher, was found dead of an apparent suicide in Ohio State Penitentiary 3 years ago.

I have a HUGE CHALLENGE for Ryan and Shane (mainly Ryan bc he is a baby and can contain himself when he is scared) but I dare both of you to not curse for an ENTIRE EPISODE

have you ever solved a single "mystery" on this channel? lol

you guys should try taking random pictures or selfies and maybe something would show up

“is jesus here?” “i don’t know.”

i swear when they talked about the thumb punishment my window also made two consecutive noises ! it's like someone threw rocks on my windwo !!!

At 3:39

Everypne always makes fun of Ryan for being the scared one but if I was there I would have booked it back out the moment I heard anything

17:00 yo I almost cried ghost could you not

*Say I don't like the food here*


damn that wind !!!

I don't know if this is important but, why are there two chairs? 16:07

I didn't even know about the reformatory and I live in Ohio lol.

Ryan may be a phsycho

could you guys use the spirit box more often? pleeease

I’m from and currently live in Ohio, Mansfield is like 30 minuets away from me!


When ryann said and at this moment I fell off my bed and peed my self don’t do THAT FOR THE LAST CE OF GOD I LOVE THESE PANTS

You both should explore Chernobyl or the suicide forest!,!,!

ryan seemed very on edge in this one

huuhh, Checkmate!

So Ryan's a baritone and Shane's a tenor. Your harmonization was lovely, by the way

stay alive 27:29

11:58 ?

That chair though.

10:53-10:55 WTF was that?!!! It sounded like someone saying No or yawning or something.... But didn't see Ryan or Shane move their mouths and I don't think it was the camera guy or the wind because if it was the wind there would've been a longer blow or some sort of whistle... I'm a Shaniac all the way but that was rlly weird

Change it to inverted colors and you can see clearly

It could be the ghost saying he is not jesus

Anyone else hear “no”’ or “hello” at 10:54???

I live like 15 minutes from here!

Me as a ghost Ryan: Say something Me:Im sexy and I know it Shane: What Me: I got a pen I got a pineapple oh pineaple pen Ryan and Shane Laugh Is Yanny Shane: No it's..... Me: The dress is black and blue Ryan: Lets turn this off now Me: Trololooolllolol.... Ryan: Lets go

Doesn’t anyone else wanna know what happens in Airforces 1??

The Bois

Something saids help at 10:47 loud and clear

Do the san carlos hotel in phoenix arizona

Can we just have an episode where shane Dawson and ryland also join them so I can be Shane Ryan and Shane and ryland

Wow they seem so harsh to each other

i wanna know whether their other cameraman believes in ghosts or is more neutral like shane

You guys should of told me because I live in bellville Ohio

That “I am no” actually sounded to me like “I hope.”


13:52 how he says myserious

lol they dont realize that when theyre talkin using the recorder that it will capt theyre voices... XD

i love counting shane's nostril hairs

Ok at 10:54 I heard a voice say “NO!” Anyone else?

Go to fort mead insane asylum in Maryland it is said to be really haunted and many murders have occurred there

Y is shane such a white dad


"I'm backk"

This is fire entertainment. Them ghosts was prolly clowning y'all.

Sounds more like "I hope" when they asked about Jesus

The shaniac is back haha I love it

They should investigate Robert the doll. I'd love to see Shane just openly insulting a doll who's known to bring bad things to people who disrespect it.

only 215? over the course of 100+ years? that's surprisingly low tbh

Why is Ryan so mean to Shane this episode??

*_"whAT ARE YOU dOiNg?!"_* *_'what do you mean?'_* *_"you're going past THE CHAIN!"_* *_'well we're going to investigate it.'_* *_"oh. alright."_*

I love how Ryan just starts saying “WHO IS IT!” When the cabinet started slamming like he was a guard at the prison

I went there. I remember reading about James

Not even Yeo I got the perfect place for y’all to come look at in my hometown in jersey.

@buzzfeedblue let me tag along for one episode plz !

soooo.... the boys were an hour and a half away from me and nobody told me

*They should just yell THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU*

It’s funny when they entered the hole, the most horrifying place, and there’s just a big lit up exit sign

10:51 is it just editing or does anyone else hear a raspy *no*

Props to the camera man for having to be there before them in some cases to get a good shot and for following them from behind ☠️

I feel like Ryan got braver

I heard at 17:45, "I hope" not, "I am not."

Hey did you guys notice that the guy who killed lit himself on fire was in cell 13...

Ohio's version of California's Alcatraz

Hey @BuzzFeedBlue play back to 10:54 because that ghost definitely said “No” after Ryan said he was gonna try to talk to it.

"Is Jesus here?"

tbh I'd rather see more of the unsolved supernatural episodes compared to the unsolved true crimes


Doris Bother case pls

Shane n Ryan u should be to Goa n investigate the demello house also borim bridge

Go to Orange County area for black star falls they have a haunted tour or do Downey asylum

They should try investigating the Amityville House

Bruh Ryan the dude who gets killed in a horror movie.

I think Shane doesn't like this series. I can't blame him. Real life crime episodes were way more interesting.

Audio Recorder: Hey, guys I was a prisoner here. Ryan: OH MY F***ING GOD Shane: Sounds like a door creaking or the building settling Sums up every episode more or less

This entire episode was a FUCKING mistake

It's coming from the fucking dark corner that you don't fucking go to omw

Unsolved is the reason I'm still alive today. Cause I know not to go into dark places or scream at demons ..

Can you please do a video of the girls who disappeared at hanging rock in Australia

When Shane said "we're here to make a connection," my entire YouTube closed down and when i reopened, it went back to "move the chair back to the center". Do not play me demons, LET ME WATCH RYAN AND SHANE MAKE A CONNECTION FOR ONCE. IT SOUNDED LIKE THE BOYES WERE ON A BLIND DATE WITH GHOSTS.

I'm still waiting for them to run into teens breaking into one of these places

What a joke

damn Roland 880 accounts to dislike this?

I want 500 more episodes of Buzzfeed unsolved

"Hey Bros!!!"

you guys should do an investigation in a concentration camp or old prison in Germany.

I love how logical shane is

I live like not even 1 hour from there

10:54 a nooo. Or a dont before u say u are going turn something on that he can talk to. Then u caught him saying not happening which goes with him saying nooo he didnt want to talk in the ghost box.

20:29 there's a bird dude, it knows what's good.

“Don’t go past the chain!... Oh, okay.” Shane is me. Bahaha.

Guys! You should go at the Queen Mary Ship in the room B340, and do an overnight video! It is open to the public for like a month or two! It would be really nice

has anyone in the comments commited redrum? (flip the text)

I heard a no

does anyone else think maybe the ghosts just don’t like cameras?

Smell Ya Later...

Do something on the jersey devil! it's a road, it is a place where people (Maybe?) did some witchcraft.

I think what they should do is go back to the rooms that say something will happen, and see if something even happened but if that chair moved back I would be amazed. I love these kind of videos

In James room, James said "Ryan and Shane" if you listen closely.

Someone name scofield?? and a maximum security prison??? omg I knew one man escapes from there before...

you guys should come to Vancouver bc we have multiple haunted places ;)

It's true, the "Hole" Is real because the last time my dad was in jail for 2 years he sometimes got in trouble and went to the hole. When your time is over they take you out of a cage like a dog.

At 11:14 a voice says "Not happening"

BuzzFeedBlue after 19:18 you can hear like a sheet of iron fall in the distance.

11:13 definitely sounded like "dont laugh at me" like- dead clear

They don’t like the thumb talk OMG

Im eating ramen right now and its 11 at night...

"We can't smell you, Helen. Or if you're a little busy right now we can always smell you later" - Shane

scratch my HEART

Ryan I think you guys should colab with Patty and the G Team Paranormal . She gets great evps on the spirit box that you might actually stunp Shane with . I still love Shane he brings some good humor and logic.i would like to see him debate about the evps with Patty and the g team paranormal. For real tho I think her documents and experiences are very compelling.

they should've gone back in the chair room to see if it moved

Please do the exorcist house

The problem with your spirit box, which I assume is sifting through radio frequencies much like others, is that the radio is still managing to come through, hence the random different types of voices...

"he's getting medical"

7:39 i heard a foot steep

5:53 the cameraman was literally like oh shi*, oh sh*t and ran for his life!

I wonder if the serial killer Carl Panzaram haunts areas of the penitentiary

Also, youre suppose to leave the room after moving the chair. The entity doesnt always like showin.

do videos on Princess Diana's death & Marilyn Monroes death

Ive been putting off watching this for a few days all because ive actually been to this place. Its a really cool place to go visit durin the day if you ever have the time! Very beautiful and creepy

they were in ohio and I DIDFNT KNOW

here after watching the 3 dollar vs 100 dollar fries video after he tried impersonating these guys

when the thing said "I am not" I think its the Spanish name for Jesus

Does the camera man ever get scared

it said say what when ryan said can you say ryan

I'm soooo scared

I'm so happy that we can get to see their pupils dilated. Pupils don't lie :))) luvlots boys

Again?! The hell, I remember the episode when the Ghost Adventures crew came here, too. Ugh

At 19:19 you can hear a banging noise in the background but I am just right now watching so idk if they later acknowledged this or not

what was the device used to allow them to talk in cell 13?

Ryan: This place is nice. [Some whistling and knocking sounds later] Ryan: I don't like this place...

"Or perhaps if you're busy, we could....... smell ya later"

Do an episode on The Devil's Tramping Ground

1:53 poor Shane

I feel like the voice at 11:15 is saying “Going rapidly” by that it probably means that the radio stations are going by rapidly.I know no one will see this comment but it was worth saying

Anyone else think the chapel EVP says, "I hope." When they ask if Jesus is there???

If I was ghost, I would be like "my name jeff;" then like "nah im just messing its Anthony"

Did shane say no at 10:53 or was that something else?

My state really is terrifying


Ohio State you say? Welcome to my world- er... state. Welcome to my spooky state! We welcome many wheezes.

You know I am not scared of scary stuff even if it is real I would just Think it is a candy land even if I see a ghost I would just ignore it so if the most haunted demon or ghost I would just be in space

There is a hotel in Boston that was a prison and asylum

When they harmonized it actually sounded really good!!!

Smell you later

Ryan really has to stop being so rude, telling Shane to go f--- himself and telling him what he's saying isn't interesting. That isn't remotely funny and is the reason I may abandon this series.

they are FRIENDS. THEY JOKE AROUND ALL THE TIME. you know this is edited right???

At 11:15 it sounds like it said “not happening” after Ryan asked if they could say their names...

The Congress Hotel in Chicago, check it out


"Smell ya later......"

The beginning... administrative building remind me of the game outlast.

Behind the scenes

they just spoiled thst michael scofield escaped because levi scofield gave him the bbs

Maybe Jesus was a hispanic ghost.

What if the camera man is a demon and has been with them this whole time

WAIT!!!!!! A guy named Scofield made the prison!!!!

10:54 when they ask if they want to talk you can hear a no

0:30 that solves it then.

27:28 I heard "Hello Ryan"

*JeSUs oN A sCoOTEr?*

these guys make the ghost hunter shows look bad .haha ffs

Should’ve brought Steven, it would have been nice for him to be back in Ohio


I am N U T

BuzzFeedBlue I wish I could be part of your crew your so funny lmao


the best [art of the video is at 27 minutes bc the spirit box deadass just starts beatboxing

Ryan perhaps saw Gonjiam movie the night before he got there and because of that he's really scared

"we can't smell ya, helen"

11:16 “run along quickly” Idk

I miss true crime

They should do the midnight challenge or use a ouija bord like sam and Colby

also Shane cackling to himself after his joke at 13:35 is a fucken mood and I am here for it.

am i the only one who doesn't believe that a shotgun just "fell" and shot Helen. Theory: Helen was fucken murked y'all. #justice4helen

The prison looks like the prison in Outlast or is it just me. I’m in 22 seconds so I might be wrong

roland you got beef incoming bro

Investigate Al Capone's hideout in Hayward, WI!!!!


If I were a trapped spirit in that prison I would be trolling Shane and Ryan throughout their whole visit. I wouldn't mind poking Ryan in the head just to hear him squeal

Im confused ...... isnt it also catching radio waves from radio stations ? a lot of these sound like radio stations

Sounded more like "I hope not"

I live right by the reformetory and guards used to sleep in my house

Is Jesus here, I am not maybe it’s not Jesus Christ maybe is a Mexican guy named Jesus

Who heard something drop at 19:18

Air Force One was filmed there. That is AWESOME!

When do we get Buzzfeed Unsolved - Supernatural: Shane the Demon because we all know he is one

I know this may seem exteme but if you can visit the Jones town site.

07:40 Error 404 ghost not found

can you guys do the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital? it has a dark past marred by allegations of torture and other terrors. It is said that the hospital director, Dr Henry Cotton, believed that he could cure mental illness by removing organs. He very often experimented with such procedures without the use of anaesthesia and dozens of patients died under his care. It comes as no surprise that the spirits of his victims are still trapped in the building can can be heard screaming or even manifesting as shadow figures.

do Mr Cruel!!!!!!

5:46 who’s got the cheetos bag

You guys should do amityville here in NY !

James said "Don't laugh at me" thats what I heard anyway.

you should go to the jail hostel in ottawa

*that’s a lot a metal!*

So there is a haunted hotel in Eureka springs, Arkansas!!

they need to leave the spirit box on longer. (the thing that lets the ghosts speak/show their voices) they might cut out how long it’s actually on but it seems very short, maybe a good 10-15 mins? i feel like they leave it on for such a short amount of time.

You guys should do the murder of the hae min lee next season for true crime. even though adnan was locked up because he is believed to have murdered her, he is getting a re-trial and it is still controversial whether or not Adnan murdered her.

Y'all can harmonize better than me... and that's part of my freaking job XD


You guys NEED to go to the exorcist house

In the solitary area I thought shane seemed scared ?

Ok. MY bois are in the buckeye state I know know that the state I live in is home too something of one of the most haunted place in the USA

Do the Girl Scout camp murders in Oklahoma in 1977...creepiest unsolved murder I've heard about. There's a good, but old doc on it that explains all the mystery (both supernatural and scientific) surrounding it, but you guys would do a better job discussing it!

Just because people love Shane, they're calling Ryan rude? SMH.

Go to the Black Monk House

It sounded like he said "don't laugh at me."

20:48 I thought that was the 1975 album cover

Honestly anyone involved in the running of this prison that’s still alive should be thrown in the abandoned prison for life, this was a human rights atrocity that never got justice. Prison culture will never change as long as justice is governed by money

You guys should visit the Hanging Jail/ Gothic Jail in Deridder, Louisiana. People still report sights of prisoners and guards in the jail; also, Myrtles Plantation in New Orleans!!

Anyone else hear "No" whispered at 10:53?

ryan: i think we should go check [that] out! shane: *looks directly at camera and shakes head* *2 seconds later* shane: were checking out the source of that disturbance...

11:15 It's Laurel Shane!

Make an episode on andrea yates, a mother who killed her children in 2001

Y'all please do the lady of the lake in Texas!!!

Is that person on the left Ryan, a camera man, or a ghost? 20:14

Who is the camera man

I love how Ryan laughs and goes " I fuckin hate this place I really do" and laughs again.

If I was Shane I would've like pretended to get pulled backwards and freak out Ryan. In the chapel would of been perfect timing when they heard the noise to just scare him to death.

Do you hear the no in 10:53

The voice at 11:15 was clearly saying "don't laugh at me"

Cutting to those static cams have to be the most tense moments for me. Oh the suspense!

i always get so scared but then i hear ryan and shane start making funny comments and i'm ok

“if you turn on those lights you’ll go to heaven”

Hope Roland sees this.

LOL Shane is me.

Wow the wind surely is on queue when they talked about thumbs

Imagine someone talking to you, being such a rude jerk saying "Hi, my name's rYAan, cAn yoU SaY Ryan bAaAck?"

$5 Ghost vs. $5000 Ghost.

Damn Ryan, what crawled up yer bum and died? You don't just hurt my boi Shane like that! So ashamed Ryan i thought better of my ghosty boi.. I wanted to hear what Shane had to say..

did anyone else hear the no when they were pulling out the device with james

Joe Perez Steve huff charges like $1500 for one it's kinda ridiculous

Lexie Lavs there are new owners and they don't want people bothering them and trying to film the house unfortunately

I lived about 20 minutes from this place and on Halloween they give tours of parts of the grounds. It's like $20 I think. I've never been, but all my friends did and they said it was cool but terrifying.

"Yeah but Jesus, is Jesus here" -Shane

"You went past the chain!" "we're gonna investigate it" "oh ok" its not crime if you're investigating

Ooooh Ryan was grumpy through the whole thing. Did someone have a lot of gas in the car on the way? Or was he hangry? If he was hangry, I can totally relate...

Poor shane xd

I really love this episode

11:22 it sound like a female voice saying: so possibly?

Hi can you look up the erie pennsylvania pizza bomber?? can you make an episode about it? thank you

Ehhdididididididi -Ryan Bergara

Shane has clearly never felt the wrath of a Latina mother that hits you with her chancla. Shane

You guys need a couple of multi light spectrum cameras to record with. Zac Baggins says it pics picks up ghost shadows and if the spirit is really strong you can record a full bodied apparition. Just use the multispectrum cameras only. They would aerve as night vision too. This way you guy's would be in the dark.

1:58 triggered

The Broncos lost

« Take a good look at this face, yain’t gonna ever see it again » that’s a mood

29:28 RYAN forgetting the sprit box lol how ironic

Lmao I can’t tell what’s real paranormal activity and what’s a sound affect

I honestly don’t think the voice saying “I am not” is saying “I am not” . I believe it is actually saying “I hope not” . Did anyone else think this?

29:00 shane scared the crap out of me

I was just listening with my eyes closed to the end and heard something about an attachment?

Credits to the cameraman that stood in the empty, dark hallway while Ryan and Shane were in the cell... You the real OG

No thank you

You should do spirit summoning games like Daruma-san, Kokkuri-San, the three kings game, and etc.

Bisbee, AZ or Tombstone, AZ!

Plz do Marilyn Monroe

PI Bedugul Taman Rekreasi Hotel & Resort, Bali please

My homework can wait-

I remember trying to write an essay about the American prison reform but instead reading about Ohio penitentiary ghost stories for hours

i feel like they should have gone back and checked if the chair had moved

yesyes ive been there it's spookkkkk

11:14 sounds like " Don't mess with me"

Do a video on the Osage Murders

"please" "Oops"

Come to bachelors grove in Chicago it’s the most haunted place in the US

I feel like you should go back and check on that chair....why didn’t you???

11:26 does it kind of sound like “you’re not going to reach ...(insert word here...” to anyone else?

I love you guys

Ryan: Are ghosts real? Shane:

My fiancé’s grandpa spent time in OSR because of my uncle

That EVP sounded like I hope not to me when you asked if Jesus is here

Dont joke around the dead. You will be haunted for life (especially asians)

I love how Shane is always so extra

Make one on the bell witch!!! She’s super active and it’s hard to visit the bell farm without seeing some sort of activity

My personal opinion is that ghosts only find reason to present themselves to a person who believes in them. I think they feed off the energy.

The bunny man bridge. Lorton Virginia please

7:56 To die yes Shane

You guys should go to the Sensabaugh Hollow Road/ Sensabaugh Tunnel in Tennessee.

u guys should to this other place in Ohio where like thousands or hundreds of people died from tuberculosis mostly children

shane wants to die so bad

I feel that even if Shane got raped by a prisoner ghost, he would say it's faulty electronic equipment or the wind

This entire episode is just Ryan trying to figure out how wind works. "Do you really think the wind would do that twice?" Yes Ryan. That's how wind works.



18:06 I need ASMR version of that yes thank you so fucking much

Who is your camera man tho :b

I think Ryan tends to forget that it takes a string of words for the spirit box to be considered 'accurate'. A single word could just be something being said on one of the channels.

Come check out our haunted cemetery\portal to hell.

am i the only prison break fan here???? #SCOFIELD

at 17:44 you can see a persons outline behind shane

I love how the ghost promotes my boys stray kids at 17:42

Plot twist; Shane is a ghost

You know how that static machine thing they used to hear voices, it played classical music so weren’t they just connecting to a radio station? #Solved

I always want to know who is the cameraman

amityville horror house is a good place. the cellar is haunting. when are you going to do an x? I would really like to see them.

Was Michael Scofield of Prison Break purposely named after the architect of this prison?

Could you do the Bennington triangle

Ghosts don't exist. Deal with it.

Can you do the death of anna nicole smith!!


If you close your eyes and think about it , that Asian guy sounds like Ryan reynolds / Dedpul . Awesome

Ryan seems extra salty in this episode...ghost proof

James said, "Don't laugh at me," and "Had good reason."

9:12 Yoooo I am dead.

Shane looks so hot at 16:55-16:59

Why does the dude at 1:10 sound like the foot lettuce guy

17:43 I wonder if it was a spirit that was there that said "I am not" in response to Shane asking if Jesus was there.

*fuckyouroland* *rOLaNd*

They should do the blair witch house

I remember reading a wired article about some weird AM radio station that ... radio people (people who like to scan AM stations? Idk) would find that had like, random beeps and a voice giving words in russian, and they theorized it was like some old cold war broadcast or something. I think it's known as UVB-76. That would be a neat one to see here, I remember scaring the crap out of myself when I was younger reading about it.

My cousin is a professional photographer that got his start with graduation and wedding pictures. Once, back before they changed their reservation availability, my cousin had a wedding photo-shoot at the Mansfield reformatory. He told me the things that happened: all of his camera batteries dying (despite being charged and brand new) the night before, the corrupted files when he took photos of the bridal party in one of the most haunted halls, the way the staff seemed uncomfortable and nervous when asked about their personal experiences. He told me that until that wedding he had never believed in ghosts, but he definitely does now.

Those stairs I do not remember being in shawshank.

When he said smell you later I cracked up! That was hilarious!

I totally heard “I am here” — the word after “am” clearly started with an “h” sound.

oh helllll no, i live(d) in mansfield. hell i still go to visit my dad, nooooo

When Ryan says "heh classical music" it sounds like it says did my voice come through?

I bet all the voices they hear on the spirit box is just radio

This legit scared me and stressed me out

two place in Massachusetts to check out: 1 - Cordage Park, Plymouth Ma. .. e largest rope-making factory in the world. After World War II, the company couldn't compete against a more advanced form of rope made from fiber. In 1964, the factory finally closed down, ending its 140-year run. Many stories have been told of music being played throughout the old factory as well as children laughing too. Other stories tell of the old elevator operating on its own, and spirits that roam throughout.[citation needed] Another story is told of a boy who got caught in the smokestack and died. The stories of Cordage Park are always told because it is such a creepy place. Some people who have worked at Cordage Park such as night security guards have confirmed these stories. Such as walking up to one of the elevators in the back and saying "Hey can you get that for me", and the elevator opens on its own. 2- the Barnstable House. West Barnstable, MA.

i wish i could be as calm as shane

yo that looks like that haunted house from that animated movie haunted house had a child and then that child got raped by a ghost and they had little ghost children and then it pooped 1 gorgeous baby and then a poop baby (aka Shane is the poop baby)

If you turn on those lights you'll go to heaven

Do a video of the zodiac killer

You guys should go to Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama

Yayaya last day of school ima be watching this every damn day

You guys should go to the Eberline house in Rochester, Michigan. It’s one of the oldest houses in the county. It’s part of the Stoney Creek Historic Village, which is older than Rochester itself, but has been absorbed into the town. It’s haunted by a very active little boy, named Billy, who died while playing hide and seek in the house. When it was for sale, we walked through it with our realtor, and we heard lots of noises and a couple door slams. My mother had been a neighbor of Mrs. Eberline, who told her that she heard cabinet doors opening and closing at night. The house was built in the 1800s, and the Eberlines lived for over 50 years.

I swear Ryan and Shane are the most funnest people ever

when ryan thought the voice said psycho i heard "michael"

Do the mysterious disappearance of Isabel Celis

It's obvious to me that the "I am not" was in reference to them saying that the ghosts were mocking the church...if this was edited chronologically

I thought at 17:55sounds like i hope

Why are there two chairs in the chair room?

Y'know I don't really believe in ghosts but I definitely heard "I hope so" and not "I am not" when they were walking up to the chapel.

27:30 "hello, Ryan"

hehe I would like to see his reaction

watching this in class, and my teacher just started blasting thunderstruck by AC/DC

man where's my true crime

You should do MH370 the misterious missing plane at 2014 wuth 277 passengers all gone, with no trace.

27:00 wow I love that Nine Inch Nails song

Love how Ryan burned Shane

I thought it said Michael at 13:37 and also at 27:16 could it be one of the prisoners?

The more I see the use of this radio spirit box, the more it seems like total bullcrap.

Shane is the ultimate Chad.

Do a video on the mystery of Madeleine McCann

I think you guys should go to the crescent hotel in Arkansas! It’s supposedly extremely haunted and is said to be the most haunted hotel in America!

Do one on Princess Diana’s death

You should do a video on the Skripals

11:25 I'm sorry but the fact that that music played so clearly, I'm gonna go ahead and discredit everything that machine has ever done


you guys should have went back to the chair room to see if its back at center or not, would have been cool if its back at center

at this moment, our audio recorder picks up a voice saying: gsjdkld.

Is anyone else noticing that Shane doesn't seem as skeptical as he has in the past? I mean, he still obviously doubts it's real, but in these recent episodes his demeanor seems different. I wonder if Ryan is wearing him down...

Hey Shane I'm still waiting for that pic of a chair with a turd on Instagram

Is this for real

Ryan's been really mean to shane this episode :(

that spirit box is nightmare fuel

My 2 fav duos of youtube 1. Shane dawson and Ryland Adams (his real name is Ryan) 2. Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara

Reminds me of outlast

imagine if they had gone back to the chair room and it had gone back to the center of the room

At 17:47 it really sounds like it said "I HOPE", but that's just me.

the more i watch unsolved, the more of a skeptic i become .. and i was a strong believer rip lol

Have you guys investigated the San Pedro haunting of Jackie Hernandez? There's footage of a man being hung on camera by an entity. There's been so many shows that have covered the story it was even on paranormal witness it still gives me goosebumps.

You guys should come to Savannah, GA! We have tons of ghosts down here! Plus, I would love to see you down in the South!

17:46: "I hope not".

11:13: "Don't laugh at me".

Why the hell would you go there


Did anybody else hear “ i hope not” when they asked if God was there!?

I love our shows

For a conspiracy theory video I’d love them to talk about former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer and his claims of aliens working with the Canadian and U.S. government.

Go to the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado

4:37 It cracks me up when Paranormal groups go looking for proof of spirit activity, and then get scared shitless when they maybe find it LOL

I LOVE BUZZFEED UNSOLVED!! That being said, I think there should be a separate series dedicated to Cryptids/ Urban Legends!! Along with those, also have The Ghosts/Supernatural and then the true crime!!

*f u c c* *u* *r o l l n d*

Go to the haunted jail in Ottawa!!!

19:06 this sounds SO fucking majestic

He says, “I hope” when you guys we going up to see the chaple

I heard "I hope" instead of "I am not"

Suggestion for an episode on the disappearance of Kris Kremers and Lisanne Froon in Panama!

At 19:19 you can her metal hit the floor

From around 18:26- Maybe they are saying they are not Jesus.

anyone else heard Michael instead of psycho

i thought the metal cell doors were creaking really loudly but it was my brother on the floor below turning the blender on and off lmao

just casually hiding in the comments

At 10:53 the is a voice that Says 'hello'

I'm unsure if you guys have done it but it'd be honestly awesome if you could check out the Winchester house.

Smell​ ya later hahahahaha

lmao Shane seemed a little bit scared

Do a video on Noida case in India

I think ryan is on his period

Who is the camera-man following you?

Great, now I need buzzfeed to have a barbershop quartet...

the james guy said dont laugh at me

"Smell ya later ;)" Subscribed.

“We’re talking to air!!!!”

Ryan and friends can you all please go to Singapore and go to old Changi hospital I heard that the place is very haunted

at 11:14 it sounds like "not happening"

I waNNa HeAr aBoUt ThE aiR fOrCe oNe

I have been there before. Very scary place

James said “not happening !”

Ryan just ripping into Shane is fucking hilarious

I make ramen in the microwave when my sister is sleeping

Ryan:f**k you Roland Shane:Roland!

Ohio state reformatory

ok, am I the only one that hears something at 10:53? Like I rewatched that moment to see if there was a mess up with the mics but that didn't seem like a shift or anything. I need some confirmation.

this was posted on my birthday and I didn't even notice

*Is Jesus here* I love Shane

28:09 initially i heard "we're very good, sir"

I wonder if they brought along a female, they would get more paranormal evidence

I heard “I hope not” very clearly. I didn’t hear “I am not” at all

13:36 i love this man

16:06 I love Ryan's underlying commentary while Shane is telling the entity/air (however you look at it) to scratch him. It's halarious.

we can smell ya later helen

27:25 to me it sounded like "He did it"

is it just me or is ryan mean in this one

You guys should do an investigation on Robert the doll.

11:16 Don’t laugh at me

you guys should do the Point Sur lighthouse; there are multiple grade A evp's!

If anyone is interested, we do full length paranormal investigations on our channel! Come check it out!

Did you hear that at 10mins and 53 sec u can hear help

Try the Horton Mine, that place can be pretty crazy

"This is the spot where Ryan Bergara got murked" LOL


I love how Shane talks about Ryan as though he’s his supportive soccer mom.

Lol shane is just chilled AF after the *thumps*...

It's funny how Ryan always freaks out when Shane gives his personal information. I mean in paranormal activities, the ghost could simply cling onto the human being and follow him everywhere so I don't think giving a personal information is a big deal. lmao

Watching at 10:05 PM here. xD

The spirit box has slight energy which allows spirits to communicate. But. If you get a lot of energy it can interrupt the spirits which means it creates a rip. Causing a portal for the spirits to cross through. But to get enough energy you need super human powers basically.

Ryan...the ghost said of the jail is Micheal..

Well ghost in their old times learned Metaphor

"I am not" hey the ghost is a fan of stray kids!

I have indeed .... Nothing to deww

The reason why when shane and ryan went to the chair room is beacuse shane is a daring person and we all know ghost are scared of humans more then we scared of them so if shane is pressing the ghost or daring the ghost im guessing the ghost is afraid or doesnt want to get exposed


Maybe the chairs switched places ^_-

Anybody hear "not happening" when Shane says he thinks the spirit said monopoly

The "I am not" sounded like either "I hope so" or an "I hope not" to me.

it’s nice over here i like it !

move that cHaIR

Can we all agree these guys are the only thing keeping buzzfeed alive

damn ryan is so salty


19:01 why would you not sing the halo 3 theme wtf such a missed opportunity

also the 8:30 "this is where ryan got merked"

It sounded like he said not happening

Sooooo... Not trying to be a "Party Pooper" but at the same time I wanted to say this for so long... *sighs*... "Spirit boxes" as you call them work with radio frequency, right?! What are you expecting to hear if not radio voices for a short period of time?! It is like with old radios when you try to find the frequency you want... I just don't get this. Sorry. The only thing I see in this video are what I just said and old building noises caused by wind and rustiness.

they should go to the West Virginia Penitentiary

Teacher: You know, when I was in high school... Me: 1:53

Why is there two chairs in the room when there was only one.

The voice at 27:31 kind of sounds like it says “Hello Ryan”


Gilderoy lockhart- that’s what I thought

At 11:15 I think it said in a woman’s voice “have mercy”

So you guys have met Jesus... okay.

I go to Ohio State and didn’t know about this omg y’all should come to Morrill Tower & see if Jeffrey Dahmer’s ghost haunts there because me and all my friends who’ve lived there heard that story.

fact: ryan is secretly a mongolian throat singer

anyone just scrolling threw comments while listening to the video

At 10:54 when Ryan said something I heard someone wisher “who”

When are they gonna get the answer to the question “are ghosts real” in like season fucking 21

I went there last summer. It was during the day, but it still felt really ghostly. They have a kitchen where a gaurd said he could smell someone cooking breakfast in it. When we walked out into the hallway we smelt maple syrup. I also sat in the chair in the chair room. I was all alone but it felt like spirits were all around me. It was crazy. It's definitely the most haunted place I've ever been!

"The SHANIAC is bAcK, BaBy!"

@10:56 heard a NO

When the im not here thing go's I hear I wish

At 22:03 i thought that was person behind shane but it was just a window

Ryan its hard to see you in such a foul mood!

I've been here before. They do ghost tours and it's pretty creepy, but very exaggerated.

You guys should do a video on the Shoebox Murder in Connecticut, it's super weird and unsolved here's a link to the basic story. A historical society in a nearby town dug up a lot more on it, and it's very weird.

At 10:54 when they are in jame's cell and ryan says that he is going to turn on the voice recorder so that it will help him talk.....did anyone else hear a really deep creepy "no"?

am I the only one who covers my eyes when I watch this cuz I feel like somethings gonna happen ?

out of every state why does it have to be my mine

Hannah Rupe, they've done that.

Brina Shiloff, lmao!

Whitney Dahlin agreed. Good suggestion.

Did anyone else see the black hand on the door at 17:21

If these spirits are reals wouldn’t saying “Jesus Christ” deter them

You guys are my favorite “ghost busters “

When Ryan asks if they can say his name at 27.30, it really sounds it says "Hello Ryan"

I felt like Ryan was more hostile in this place lmao

Does anyone else find it funny when they say quote, Dracula’s castles , end quote

Did any one els hear “don’t laugh at me” at 11:10?

Just watched the friggn postmortem on this episode and this post is irrelevant.

Preston Castle is interesting. You should investigate.

You should really do Prestons Castle in Ione, CA. Used to be a hospital turned correctional facility for boys. Super scary and haunted!

The “I am not” sounds more like an “I hope” to me. And that would be really funny if it did say “I hope” because all the ghosts are just like “I really hope Jesus is here soon”

I think the voice at 11:26 was “don’t laugh at me.”

27:31 sounds like “hello ryan”

Is it had I lived in ohio my whole life and never knew of this prison

“Is Jesus here?” “I have no idea” is my favorite line from the episode tbh

11:21 I heard "dont mess with me"

Sendo do Brasil o negócio de terem 4 pessoas numa cela só não me chocou

It sounded like that one voice said "don't laugh at me" and then the next one said "---- frisky"

11:15 I thought it sounded like “Don’t laugh at me” anyone else?

i heard a "hello ryan" at 27:31

"he's getting medical" THAT'S a t-shirt

Shane sounded so proud for a moment

how does that little annoying ghost voice box thingy work? lol. It creeps me out whenever they turn it on

11:14 the woman's voice says "Not happening" i stg

It’s not a Buzzfeed Unsolved without a wheeze

Do the guys ever considered that the ghost that answer "I am not" could just be a guy named Jesus. Just saying

8:37 “ I don’t understand what is wrong with Ryan sometimes “ :v I mean it look like Ryan is mad at Shane and he doesn’t know why :3?

Ryan was being mean to Shane :-(

Anyone else hear "Dont laugh at me" at 11:13 ?

If I were a ghost the place I would want to spend the rest of eternity would be Disneyland because it is kinda like heaven right because it was nicknamed the happiest place on earth.


Did you guys do Alcatraz yet?

The way Ryan is acting recently, it's annoying..he is getting too cocky. Honestly Ryan, if you lose Shane for this show, it's over. No one is gonna watch buzzfeed unsolved after that. So respect him and his opinions

They're just teasing each other, don't take it so seriously. They disagree but and have always debated each other while staying good friends, that's not changing now. Even Ryan commented about it.

The Hollywood elite

That device hes using to “let the ghost talk” is just an AM radio flipping through channels.

How is Dracula’s castle a juxtaposition?

Anyone think Ryan was somewhat rude to Shane? Don’t get me wrong I love them both just noticed that this episode.

Maybe there's rats

Lmao Shane didn't get spanked and that DOES make a lot of sense

Ryan and Shane harmonizing gives me life

y'all should investigate my house cause damn.

Hooray for parents NOT spanking their kids.

Jesus is everywhere

Winchester mansion!!

Am I the only one who thought the voice said 'don't laugh at me'??

Stop hiding in the comments and get back up there solider

16:40 I'm living a lie otherwise

On 13:34 you heard Ryan

19:06 i was expecting fortnite theme but nevemind

Shane is souch a man, i would never done something like this

*stray kids voice* i am not

Anyone else awake at 5am because they can't sleep?


Do Edgar Allan Poe!

This is the spot......that Ryan merced

Ya’ll should go to the Winchester house

13:33 “Hi”???????????

There is no scientific evidence that ghosts exist because ghosts do not exist. The human mind is much more fascinating anyway. Look at how your mind can convince you that there is something there when there clearly isn't.

Is... is ryan nervous?

If I was a ghost in the chapel I’ll say “ayyyy my name rick I want a piggyback ride

How tf does someone get shot like that

omg at 17:29 after he comes up the stairs you can see a shadow of some one

I live in a small shipbuilding town called Bath, Maine. Bath Iron Works has been building ships for the navy for ages. They have all sorts of houses on the water front that are super haunted, and supposedly used to belong to old captains and sailors from the mid 1800s. It's super cool and you guys should totally check those places out. My friends and I used to get scared shitless by voices, footsteps, noises, things moving....all the ghostly goodness. It's a pretty good place for investigating, and I know this from experience.

Love u guys

Shane: "Yeah, is Jesus here?" Very serious Ryan: "I don't know"

Shane does too muchhh

I have been there. I was fine touring it until we got to the East wing where the burning man was. The West wing is was fine. I have family in Mansfield and we love going there and watching Shawshank redemption. Love this place!

Jailhouse rock

"I haven't even seen shawshank" fucking EXCUSE YOU RYAN YOU NEED TO SEE IT

13:38 Hey guys its your boy, Gary Oak here! Heres some perfume for free! Smell ya later!

1:45-1:56, damn Ryan. I laughed so hard, I had to pause the video!

Well the video is done “I will smell ya later “ ;)

Oh yes Johnny!

The east cell block reminds me of the one from guardians of the galaxy

Wait Who was the camera man ???!!!!?? hallelujah to them Also 16:08 you can see two chairs ANNNNDDD the “I am not” sounded like “I am god” to me

Is ryan okay? I feel like hes a bit moody in this episode its as if hes mad at shane or something


Shane is dressed like a...skier and Ryan...a six year old playing in the snow

Ohio's where i'm from

smell you later helen

sounds like the voice at 17:48 is saying "I hope" not "I am not"

Swamp gas.

11:25, music

The hole wtf who names that Boss:come on we need a terriffiying name Guard:how about the hole Boss:THAT IS GOOD ONE!!!

Wait why didn't u guys put a camera at the door of the chair room

Sept 15 1896 burger king foot lettuce

My friend went here one time and said that nothing happened but she got weird feelings from it

Like the scary boys

ryan is rude lmaoo, 1:51

who's Roland

Is jesus here LMFAOO

Your killing me here guys. I’m actually laying in bed at 1.45am crying with laughter. Neither of you are right in the head - Off the hook boys

He said not happening

We also have a haunted Drive-in. There are lots of other haunted places in Ohio

I feel bad for the cameraman

I heard " I hope" not "I am not


You guys are fucking hilarious

This is 2 miles from my house

Ryan and shane harmonizing gives me life

It sounds more like "I hope"

11:13 i heard "Ryan and Shane".

Everyone is saying Ryan was agitated, is probably because he believes in ghosts and Shane doesn’t and makes fun of the ghosts and Ryan was probs terrified from the beginning when they heard the door slam, or the spirit energy was affecting him.

I listened to almost all of it I can’t watch it cause I’m working but I laugh a lot when they joke

Go to St. Augustine, FL! The nations' oldest city!!

Ryan! Don’t be so mean to Shane! Get along damn it. Ya’ll can tease, but not so harsh sheesh!

Shane sounded like a reality show host when he was talking to the ghosts in the chapel

I want true crime........not supernatural

“Is Jesus here?”

ryan makes me very uncomfortable in this ep. he's so snappy :c

Go to the russian experiment room if u dare

I live in ohio

BuzzFeedBlue Next video could you go to Azzurina ‘ s castle in Romania

BuzzFeedBlue You both are so fucking fake!!!!

Be respectful when talking about religion.

Every supernatural episode I'm waiting for something to happen and nothing. Damn, still love it though and will never stop watching

The box phrase to me sounded like "Don't laugh at me"

11:13 Dont laugh at me

la llorona

You guys should totally visit moonville tunnel people around here are terrified of it.

The voice that says "I am not" sounds more like "I'm old" to me

16:19 "he's gettin' medical"

Oh! The Mansfield reformatory! My brother visited that place for a three day field trip, my mom took a tour there, and I'm pretty sure they still have movie props from Shaw Shank Redemption inside the building. I wanna visit it too

For a moment I thought a ghost wanted to spank Shane.

17:46 felix's soul is there

Ryan seems bitchier in this one

“dont laught at me”

why is ryan so salty

"...smell ya later..."

I am not the fucking Jesus but I am Jesus in a disguise

Things get real when Ryan say "at this moment"

They should of bout a ouijj board

I think their time line is off. They said that 1900 the jail closed but then said the wife died in 1950??? Whattt?! Yeah..okay

17:54 I hear I hope Is Jesus here? I hope


I feel like they're accidentally tuning in to radio stations

Why does the ice cream truck have to pass by with that creepy song lol

This stuff is so fake

So I've done an overnight investigation here and experienced some seriously freaky things. But I wonder how long they actually spend in the places they investigate? I was there for 8 hours and only witnessed about 4 things. Sometimes it feels like they don't spend enough time in each spot.

I was literally here


ryan is an odd dude

13:10 would be a perfect time to fart

1:53 that's a whole mood

You need to go to the jail in Charleston, NC

to me it sounds like the ghost said I hope not

If you go to 10:50 in the video he says he will turn something on to help him talk to them, u will hear a no in the audio

at 27:25 "Can you say my name. My name is Ryan Bergara" "Hello ryan"

Its nice over here, I like it. Whistling. I fucking hate this place.. -Ryan.

When ryan and shane tried to smell the perfume I actually farted

I like how there's climatic music but nothing happens at the end of it XD

I feel so much anger between those two.. What happened. :o

16:10 and 16:38 there are two chairs

Execution’s in the chapel really? The house of the lord?

A piece of metal dropped at 19:18

I’m not a huge fan of the clips in the sound booth, it’s funnier when it’s the black screen with the writing

Don’t you guys worry about asbestos or something like that?

i think that when ryan was talking to the ghost there was more than one having a conversation because i heard two different voices

wtf Ryan? did u break up or smthng? why you so maaad bro?

I miss the days when Ryan was afraid of everything

When they were in James cell, the voice 100% said "don't laugh at me"

5:06 When did Ryan become a white girl in a horror movie??

My bad like 17 min. .and actually yes! it does sound like I HOPE!

At bout 18min he says "is Jesus here? " and the response is "I AM! "

I feel that Ryan has become less of a scardy cat. You go Ryan!

Go to the riddle house West palm beach florida

When you're home alone 28:25 to 28:40

@ 17:49 it sounds like “I hope”

11:24 I think he said "don't look at me" or "don't look for me" idk maybe it was monopoly

When they sang together i fucking lost it

Ok so when I was living in this mission in Oregon I found a doll on the ground by woods and of course I picked it up and then I had nightmares for a week

he's gonna spread his buttcheeks and take a big fat turd on it

I dont really like buzzfeed but this show is amazing

You guys should talk about cicada 3301

So technically there’s always three people at least at a location? Because of your camera man?

“Is Jesus here?” *[Wispers]* “I am not.”

Shane “Air Force one actually now that I think of it, the reason they hijacked the plane i..” Ryan “Im ganna cut you off right there because I don’t give a shit” I’m literally dying

at 19:02 , I swear I heard a voice say "song" when Shayne was singing

@11:14 I heard "New York City"

17:45 sounds more like ¨I hope.¨

At 11:24 the voice said “don’t laugh at me”

Am I the only one, screening the background to find some shadows?

anyone else die when they started harmonizing in the chapel?

Swear I heard “help” at 10:55-56

I feel like someone said at 11:13 "don't laugh at me" and not monopoly lol

At 27:30 it sounds like... are you ready?... "Hello Ryan!"

“he's getting medical”

Ryan is getting annoying

10:53 something whispers no

21:53 when shane's outside matches his true demon nature

I feel Ryans courage keeps braking more and more and he's losing his mind :/

I could see Shane going to James cell and saying “hmm I smell barbecue smells good”

why are all the darkest places named "the hole"??? lol

At 27:30 after Ryan says 'Can you say my name? My name is Ryan Bergara.' I'm relatively sure I hear the voice say 'Hello, Ryan'

Oof Ryan kinda dickish right off the bat about Airforce One. I mean... I wanted to know

Do you ever get the feeling that these two really don't like each other?

Am I the only one who heard "don't look at me" when they were talking to James?

this is way better than my history class

You gotta love the Ry-Guy.

It sounded like James said “don’t laugh at me”

the way shane says "hey bros" oof

get a ouija board you noobs

ooooooooooo those window noises really gave me the spoops


"He was trapped in here sense he was 7?" Lool

If you turn on those lights youll go to heaven....LOOLL!!!

You can tell Ryan was really on edge this episode. Shane was really careful with his words, not like he usually is. But they do these things a lot so it's kinda normal for them to not always be happy peppy while doing them. They're people, so yeah.

This place is actually open to visitors where you can stay during the night and they supply food. It costs around $90 I think

Omg I've been there! My dad is from Ohio!

I’m just going to pretend like he didn’t just say Ohio


Hey can someone tell me what episode the sallie house is in?

Tbh after they said " good" i swear to god it sounded like they said " im innocent"

What was the thing at 20:14

I think Ryan is nervous but also with spirits and stuff you can feel their anger sometimes. They're in a prison.

I'm sorry but if James said "hi sisters" i would pe e myself

I could hear someone at 28:39-28:43 saying uh nope. Idk if its just me tho

Love this show. Watch it all the time AMAZING

i hear "i hope" when in the chapel after asking

16:25 why tf are there 2 chairs

BuzzFeedBlue Sloss Furnace in Birmingham Alabama is awesome!!!!! Also Sleepy Hollow New York

Why do Ryan always say that he have a camera to the ghosts and demons. If you're trying to talk to em, don't scare them. Make the ghosts feel confident and safe to talk to you, as for demons, taunt them but do not talk like you will win. Shane's approach is the best for demons and poltergeist. Ryan's approach is not good for any entity, and he always turn off the voice box when the ghosts are finally talking, it's disrespectful and disappointing for the ghosts I think. Be serious guys, it's okay to horse around but when it comes to talking to the supernatural, be more serious about it.

Please go to suicide forest japan: Aokigahara

ryan is salty af

did....did jesus just reply to yall.......relatable

Maybe the at dusk part was actually saying something about a warden. And that the warden was psycho.

Was so scared

Well which is the most hunted place??

On 11:15 it sounded like a woman’s voice saying “not happening.”

When he was saying bad things to the ghost when they went in the hole and then he had to go back and get the box

I felt sp bad for Shane when Ryan snapped at him. He seemed geuinly sad

Hey! Keep the sprit box on longer.

Shane and Ryan, good combo of character and attitude for a supernatural and paranormal trip.

Alot of Hostility between Ryan and Shane ! What's wrong guys! Huh it out man.

when they heard i am not maybe it was two crew members: "did you fart?" "i am not

This place is overrated. Not haunted.

Shane:I’m going to be quiet *still talks*

Shane: what are you doing Ryan:what do you mean Shane:you passed the chain Ryan:we are going to investigate Shane:oh alright

At 27:31 it sounds like the spirit box is saying Hello Ryan? That might just be me though idk if anyone else heard it too?

At 27:30, it sounds like it said "hello Ryan".

“I’ll put it on instagram!!”ghost:what is Instagram?

I give this show 9.9/10 and its that cause .1 is it being on buzzfeed and not netflix


Why would Jesus be in a prison lol

16:39 there's 2 chairs..

in this episode it doesn't seem Ryan likes Shane as much


I like how they progressively hate each other more and more.

24:45 sounds like me attempting to play my recorder

It just me or was Ryan a little more anxiety than usual in this video

"I'm proud of him." Aww. BROTP

11:14 "Don't laugh at me"

Ryan with the existential crisis. Lol

even though they still have not caught solid proof that ghosts are real , im still really frightened of them

you guys should stop with the excessive cussing and unnecessary sarcastic humor and talking. i cant really enjoy a single episode with too much shananigan!either tell the story and/or investigate right, please.

am i the only one that heard a voice at 10:53

This is the video I'm up to. I'm so behind on these videos.


I wish shane will experience the real thing. I wonder what reaction he will show.

Smell ya later. Pokemon reference?

The clown motel in tonopah nevada

17:45 I’m think they said “I hope”

How many chairs are there in the chair room

27:15 sounds like micheal then the next one sounds like a different voice but may be the same it sounds as though it's says I did it or he did it , and man named Michael but went by mike was held here because he killed 3 girls and died here .... well to my knowledge

“Move that chair, throw it right at me” *ghost throws chair at him* Shane: *”Well the wind was blowing right about now idk if that’s evidence”*

In James' cell it said "Don't laugh at me"

I mean, I hear " Ryan and Shane" (11:10) maybe that's just me

Shaniac is probably one of my favorite parts, COME AT ME GHOST SCRATCH OUT MY INSIDES.... MAKE ME BLLEEEDDDD

Is it me or each episode comes by, Ryan just kinda sounds aggressive. I mean Ik their joking but like ,Ryan just sounds really pissed off especially since I've been following this series for a long time and Ryan just acts completely different from before. Maybe it's probably due to paranoia or sth but like this is just my thoughts

27:53 It sounds something like "We aren't supposed to do that."

Every video... *(WHEEZE)*

look in the upper left corner behind shane at 22:04

Play that track with the mid and high end and low end out see if changing the frequencies does anything

That voice from the chapel sounds like it's saying "I hope"

Go to Waverly Hills Sanatorium!!! I heard there's the ghost of a child that if you bring toys, it will play with you

I’m just imagining a little group of ghosts just standing there and then the most hot-headed one is like IMMA KILL HIM FOR SAYING THAT and the rest are just holding him back going GREG THEY’VE GOT CAMERAS

Wtf 10:54

27:23 "who is in this cell" "EKSETIT!"

They should do the original Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus because even my dad who is very against spiritual stuff said he saw ghosts at his old work (down town where the pent. Used to be)

Am I the only one who heard two different voices say "Stay Away" at 27:30 ?

The scariest thing is that how did they get the cameras in places that they havent been in...

31:23 omfg top right corner ish... I see hellen

I laughed to the point where I was crying when they were in the chair room

opened on my damn birthday

It’s not even enough crime in Ohio for a prison that big and cruel

the chapel voice sounded like "I hope" to me, and to be fair I heard it say that before ryan mentioned there was a voice picked up

I’ve been there. It’s crazy. The stories you here are horrifying.

The voice in the chapel after "is God here?" sounds a lot more like "I hope" than "I am not"... Seems cooler too

27:30 Sounds like the ghosty dude is saying "Hello Ryan" sp00ky

Even if I was a ghost I would mess with Ryan, look how he squirms

Holy crap, 30 mins

O...M...G FJDHCIAJCJAHCUAH sorry that was just me freaking out cause i live in ohio

omfg shane was so funny this video i’m-

Damn Ryan not in a good mood this episode

"Is Jesus here?" "I am not" LMFAO

Lmaoo Shane just threw his dog into the mix telling the ghost/demon to do whatever he wants to him omg I would've killed my friend if they had done that I'd be like well if it has to take my dog then it's gonna have to take your cat too

There’s always a good and bad time to live in Ohio

In James’s cell, it sounded like “don’t laugh at me.”

I don’t mean to offend u but one flu looks like. Cartoon gofer and a zebra

Yes! I've been here with my uncle! I even got locked in one of the cells.

no u

BuzzFeedBlue is it snowing there. I am so excited to see a video of snow because l have never felt snow before because l live in Malaysia

Thanks for risking your life for these vids, extremely funny.

at 10:53 ? did the camera guy say "no"? 11:14 it said "not happening".

THEORY: Jesus left when they walked in. Father Thomas would be disappointed

i can't watch the whole show it's so uncomfortable

In the chapel: *insert Halo theme*

Tell can be in an acapella group, that was pretty good

Haw Is Shane so brave?

Does anyone else think that at 19:08 Ryan sounded like Tina from bobs burgers when she moans?

“Hahaha, smell ya later”

Does anyone else just sit on the couch eating while watching YouTube?? (Don’t lie

I love this series so much

Anybody near anything at 10:55


I don't like the food here.

What if the reason the ghost don’t respond is because they think they aren’t a ghost and they are scared of them

for some reason, ryan in this episode KILLED me.. i keep laughing so hard lmao

Why can I see the ghost saying "I switched the chairs you dummies!'

omg ryan is so mean in this episode!!! shane is super nice for not punching him in the face omg

11:13 hmm idk i kinda heard 'dont laugh at me'

You should know ghosts can follow you

I’ve been to this place more than I should.

You guys should investigate La llorona in Mexico

10:52 you can hear somthing saying no in a whisper is that real or was that edited in?

He's not possessed he just has rabies

Says a doctor to a priest

I have permanently peed and pooped my pants.

Did anyone else hear the “No”? 10:54

11:16 don't laugh at me

I guess maybe there used to be? ッ

What's with the static camera footage . Does it show anything , I can't see

In the cell before you start it says no

17:35, that was definitely "I hope" to me, and did anyone else hear the gaspy throaty sound at 10:55 when they were in John's cell and Ryan said he had something that would help John talk to them???

They don't like the thumb talk.

Ryan you have the same last name or middle is Bagara. you are Ryan Bagara i am Neiman Bagara

Bet Ryan is possessed bro he always so scared of everything

I wish they would have gone back to the chair room to see if it had been moved back!

They should go to calico town in California it's old gold/silver mines. I think it would be an interesting episode to watch.☺

Meant to put it has old

11:14 who else hears "ur mum gey"

That spirit box is some buuullllll it’s jut flipping through radio channels and all you hear are snippets of radio talk show or the weather

Might as well call her smellen

When Ryan asked them to say his name; at 27:32 I heard "Hello Ryan"

honestly i used to watch ghost adventures occasionally but i couldn't handle it bc they were so damn serious about the whole thing... like the humor that these two bring to these terrifying places is the only reason i actually enjoy it

they should’ve went to see if the chair was back in the center of the room

27:43 Wait for us at (Can’t Make Out)

27:32 Caroline

27:26 Aiden

27:16 Michael

Did anyone else hear that heaving “No” at 10:53?

Im super close to Mansfield like a few minutes I might go there!

i love how they complain about being alone in the dark when there's the cameraman. cameraman appreciation comment.

Mo no ply

i didnt realize that machine picked up stations and i thought so a magic ghost machine starts fucking playing classical music and your reaction is “thats some classical music”

Sounded more like "I hope" than "I'm not"

"if you turn on those lights you'll go to heaven" ahh... classic shane.

I think the voice talking at the end says "please walk to us".

it dosent sound like "i am not" it sound like "i hope not" like if it were evil

11.14 i heard 'not happening'


Uhmm, why are there 2 chairs?

No escape. Well, that fucking sucks.

Shane wants to die. LITERALLY.

omg SHANE IS SO FUNNYYYY AHAHAH especially when he's at the chair room

come to indonesia please, :)

James said “Please go” at 11:30

Go to the Winchester house

At 10:55 it actually sounded like something whispering “no” or was that just Shane?

I thought the jesus one said,”I hope not”

I’m disappointed that at the end of the video they didn’t go back into the chair room to see if it got moved! Now we’ll never know

11:15 sounds like "don't laugh at me"

3:47 Is that guy wearing vans?

probably meant he wasn’t jesus like I am not jesus

I mean, maybe sometimes ghosts talk about everyday things, they could be thinking they are still alive and are stuck in a loop?

I think james might’ve been a little too “hot headed” to say anything

Ghost: I am not Me: did it say IHOP

I'm a skeptic but I really do want to believe ghosts are real, and I can't wait until one day shane pisses off a demon and it actually does something, like throw a chair at him. ah.

My thoughts : Levi..... *attack on titan theme goes off*

Does anyone know what made that weird sound at 10:53?

21:06 If you did the math, there were 10 people per confinement cell without food for a week??? Being stuck in a room without food with ten people for that long would obviously do something to their already unstable psyche.

I can't get over the fact that my picture of the chair room has a completely different chair!

When complete online strangers try to mediate in a friendship they’ve only watched in videos. I’m pretty sure they’re both big boys and can deal with snippy comments

At 11:15 it sounded like she said “don’t talk to me” or “don’t bother me”

Look at 17:00 to 17:05 and see the change

7:42 don't say I'm the only one that heard someone crying. I also live in ohio. I live on the southern part of it though. I live four streets away from the Ohio River. Lol

I am a HUGE fan of you guys! I am from Iowa and we have a really cool mystery about around a Villisca Axe Murder House! I would love to see you guys cover it and hear your theories! It’s a mystery AND ghosts!!! :)

Is this true?

At 27:41 it sounds like "I think this boy is upset" or "I think this boy is obsessed"

*smell u later*

11:13 I heard "Don't laugh at me"...

Translation of "I am not": I hear you but I have forsaken this place



my old house in Atlanta Georgia is said to be haunted, if you are interested

ryan seemed snippy in this video

it said "don't talk to me" and "please stop"

I have never seen Ryan so snappy. that got me thinking that maybe along with the fact that he was horribly nervous in that place, something or some vibe of that place was affecting Ryan's mood negatively. Feeding off of his aura or positivity or something.

Yes it’s still fucking freezing in Ohio during May


ya should've gone back to see if the chair was back in the middle of the room.

Ryan: it's kind of a weird juxtaposition Me, an intellectual: hhh stairs go UP

The thing that makes the video scary is the music edited in...

I hate this because I LIVE IN OHIO STATE! and the best part is, I LIVE AN HOUR AWAY..

The Ryan guy is an A-hole. Total attitude the entire video

10:52 voice says no

I realize the name of the show which is buzzfeed unsolved yet every single episode i expect them to solve a case or see a ghost

There was a shadow in the white chapel when Ryan or Shane cam up on the left

“He’s getting medical”

EL PASO HIGH SCHOOL in El Paso, Texas one of the most (if not the most) haunted location in Texas.

11:29 it sounds like 'Please don't go' to me

ghosts have already been confirmed by a british ghost hunting group called most haunted

why does Ryan seem so rude and not as skeptical lately? He was being super rude to Shane this entire episode and he was willing to investigate BY HIMSELF.

I personally don't believe in ghosts but I swear I heard the voice say "Hello Ryan" at 27:30


Next vid : The creepy concentration camp , Auchwitz

Shane: I'm going to be nice this season Shane: this episode

Am I the only one who heard James saying “Don’t laugh at me”? And that would make sense

11:15 "Get off of me"

Any other Stray Kids fan smile when the “ghost” said “I am not”

When you reliaze you live in ohio and near it...

The I am not thing sounded more like “i hope” to me.

"If you turn on those lights, you'll go to heaven"

I went to Fremantle prison and I saw this little girl who looked almost like me as a young child with even a small dress I wore to a wedding I went to... I watched her run around the small library and I asked if anyone else could see her but no one else could until she started to sing London Bridge is falling down and then she grabbed my wrist and I had a bruise around my wrist for like 2 weeks after that...

the voice at 11:15 said “dont laugh at me” and then “excuse me” i think

“Is Jesus here?”

not trying to be hater but ryan is kinda mean or rude


At 11:14 I heard “don’t laugh at me”

Whelp I'm moving bye

“That did hap- SHUT UP!”lmao poor Shane

Go to the Biltmore in Asheville North Carolina

That NOSE shane !!!!! Loving it


I've been there twice and it's so cool to know that Ryan and Shane have been there

I love your episodes

I live way to close to there

why do they play the witch's whine from left 4 dead in the background ? that's just rude

11:15 "Not happening" maybe?

1:58 I feel so bad for Shane.

Myrtles plantation in Louisiana

when the audio said "i am not" i heard my name and got scared as hell! at the same time i felt a sting in by back, so i actually jumped.

Why is Ryan so snippy in this episode????

This place gives me Briarcliff vibes

it said "dont laugh at me" anyone else here that


ryan seems like he was on his period

At 27:31 it sounds like it said "Hello ryan" after ryan asked the spirit to say his name

The Bois can solve anything

You should do an episode where you just sit in a room for like 10 mins and use the spirit box

I've been there and it's amazing. And The Shawshank Redemption isa great movie, it's the whole reason we went. My family and I are big fans of the movie so

My grandma used to work there

Come back to this place and be dressed up as a guard and have everything with you but he dressed up like a guard and to to the room were the guard died and see if they attack you like how they did to that guard

shane: is jesus here rayn: i don't think so jesus: i am not here nobody's here

Ryan seems to be on his man period

I went there last year abd it does give super spooky vibes. Especially in the "hole"

I’ve been there before during day time and I used a thermal camera and saw a ghost so I’m guessing it’s haunted

so scary... so .... legitamate.... ok ... my young brain is full of this now XD

29:38-29:41 my anxiety be like

I would legit stop watching. Their banter and perspectives to the situations is what sets this show apart. If I wanted a 'serious' investigation I'd watch any of the 500 cookie cutter ghost hunter shows on tv. They also get plenty of possible evidence, and nothing less compelling than any of those other shows, so they must be doing something right.

We can’t yet escape that’s what I heard in 20:28

BuzzFeedBlue At 20:28 I heard we can’t get escape.

Well they surely didn't like the thumb talk.

of course the arsonist burnt himself in cell 13. Offff course.

The voice at 11:14 sounds like its saying “ dont laugh at me”


27:30 sounds like "hello Ryan"

Is it just me or does he seem to be more and more agitated with the investigations

Ryan seems extra cranky in this episode

“hung by their thumbs?!”

If you turn the light on, you'll go to heaven

In the beginning I was so hyped about this wierd sounds and I was happy for a sec because I thought that they'd found the ghosts BUT THIS VENTILATION RUINED EVERYTHING

11:28 it's free real estate

Ryan’s angst in this episode is insane..

How unlucky for the guy who was burned his cells number was 13

You should of put the static camera in the chair room

Is it just me or did it sound like at 11:17 that the voice that came in said 'Don't laugh at me'?

1:53 ;)

I actually went there last summer. That place was utter hell, even going in broad daylight

As someone who has been there I can confirm the place is GIGANTIC!

Did nobody else hear the “no” at 10:56 when Ryan said he was gonna turn on the spirit box?

From 28:39-28:41 it sounds like somebody says “ uhh nope”

I think the voice in the chapel was real but I think it said "hello"

''It's nice down here, i like it'' NOICE ''I hate this place'' XD

The harmonizing part was actually pretty good

when they were in the cell trying to talk to James I heard "don't laugh at me"

The spirit box is the stupidest thing I have ever seen. Of course you’re going to hear short bursts of’re scanning a bunch of channels. It also played a bit of classical music and if we could hear that consecutively, it really ruled out the whole spirit box for me.

Do the 1977 girl scout camp murders. By far creepiest unsolved murder case ive heard

When Ryan went into the chapel I thought Ryan was a nun and it scared the crap out of me then I realized jt was Ryan

0:58 look at the shore of the pond it says "Tory"

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