The Next Generation of Creativity | Adobe Max 2018 Keynote

The Next Generation of Creativity | Adobe Max 2018 Keynote

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Ladies. And gentlemen, please welcome, Shantanu, narayan. Thank. You thank you so much I can absolutely assure, you that a number of Adobe, products, were, used in that let's give them another round of applause. On. Behalf of the over 20,000. Adobe. Employees, welcome, to max we're. Absolutely thrilled. To be back here in Los Angeles with. 14,000. Of you here in the room and the, thousands, more that are watching online. Who. Are incredibly, excited for what the next few days have, in store, this. Morning we'll talk about the, incredible. Breakthrough, innovations. Instead, of create inside, of Creative Cloud and, tomorrow's. General session you'll. Hear from some of the world's, brightest. And most, creative, luminaries. I hope. You leave just as inspired, as we are and energized. By the creative, possibilities, in front, of all of us. One. Of the pleasures and privileges. Of my, job is meeting. Creative, professionals, and students, and partners, and customers, in, all. Parts, of the world and the. Passion, that their pour into their work is always. So incredibly. Moving it, fills. Me with pride to, hear about the role that Adobe, plays in helping. Bring their ideas to life. And. Earlier. This year I was in India and, during. That visit I recall, what it was like being a student when I grew up. The. Importance, of education, was always instilled, in me but. At that point access, to basic, educational. Resources. Was often limited, and at. Best the curriculum, stopped with reading, writing, and arithmetic I. Really. Believed that students, today who don't have access to, educational. Resources. Especially. Technology and, digital. Literacy skills, will. Be disadvantaged. For the rest of their lives and, so. It's a passion of mine and, everyone. At Adobe, to extend beyond the creative professional, and to make this technology, and creative, tools more. Accessible. More people. When. You think about it all disciplines. Of education whether it's history, or geography or, science, they. Can be so dramatically. Improved, when, it moves beyond, text, to, include pictures, and, videos and animation. And graphics. And, that's. Why one of the products that we've introduced, is Adobe spark. To, address that basic, need and, I'm. Thrilled that earlier, this year we announced a partnership with the, Indian, Ministry of skill development to. Enable more than a million students. To, have access to spark, earlier, this year, but. From my point of view a, million. People addressed in India, billions. More to go all around, the world. It's. That spirit of creativity of, bringing, ideas to life and telling. Stories through technology, that. Lives in not, just creative, professionals, but everywhere, photographers. Filmmakers. Designers. Illustrators and. Artists. It's. People like Tammi coca, who's here in the audience with us today, aunt Amy. Is a photographer. And graphic designer. Who's. One of Adobe's, creative, residents. He. Was born in Nigeria raised, in Texas and, Tammy. Became a high school teacher who built a brand new curriculum. Focused. On graphic, design and photo editing, leveraging. Tools like Photoshop and, InDesign. He's. Now a nationally. Recognized. Designer. And photographer and, is, spending his residency. Exploring, pursuits. Like fashion, sports, and music and building. Partnerships, with amazing. Brands like, American, Express and Estee. Lauder. But. The power of creativity isn't, just constrained, to the student, or the individual, or the creative Pro, when. You think about creativity, and experience, design its. Emerged as the true difference, maker for. All businesses. In an. Increasingly. Competitive climate. We. Think about equinox, it's, a premium fitness, company, their, offers, a physical, experience, that's work hard to. Extend to digital experience, as well for all of its loyal customers, and, what. They've done is they've embraced creativity. And collaboration and, personalization. To.

Deliver An incredible. Customer experience. We. Think the priority. That's led to Design, Thinking leads. To better, customer, loyalty better, engagement, and it, has companies, like Equinox, thinking about the experiences. That, it can deliver beyond, just, the fitness studio such, as outdoor travel and other excursions. But. Finally the role that images, in animation, and art, the. Next generation, of storytelling. Can, play in stoking, emotion, calling. Attention to important, causes. Illuminating. The human condition, and frankly. Changing, the world cannot. Be overstated. See. Legacy, is an organization. That's committed to restoring and, protecting, the. Health of the world's oceans. They're. Working to combat pollution, overfishing. And, other, serious, threats that exist to our ecosystem. And. It's clear that they use breathtaking. And often. Heartbreaking. Images and videos. To raise, significant. Awareness, and, spur. Action. They're. Acutely, aware of the role, that creativity, and compelling, visual. Storytelling, can play in driving. Change. Which. Will that see legacy, uses Creative Cloud Enterprise, to tell its story and to. Support its mission to. Turn the, tide for our oceans. But. These are just a few of the many ways that. Millions. Of people around the world use creativity, and adobe's tools to, inspire, to express themselves, and to make an impact we. Always talk about the fact that we have tens of millions of people using. Our products, every, day to, tell hundreds, of millions of stories and. What, I'd like to do is share a video with you just, a snapshot of, some. Of the more exciting stories. And to showcase the. Magic that our customers, bring. To the work that they do let's, take a look. You. Sticky pickle used to be you fool all about, the bouncing, master, watch. It on the news what, you're gonna do, I could, your profession, forget, you, sticky big. It's. It's. Stories, like this and the millions more that I told every day that absolutely, always send, a chill, down my spine. But. The common thread that ties all of these examples, that I shared together from, the student, to the filmmaker to, the business, and to, the organization, that's seeking to change the world it's, simple but it's really powerful, and it's. A fundamental truth, that drives. Everything. That we do here at Adobe, we. Believe that everyone, has a story to tell. These. Stories may come from different corners, of society and, serve, difference. But. The transfer, made of power of stories, the fire that can ignite from, this creative, spark and the, desire to turn this into action, is absolutely. Universal. Because. The capacity, to create should. Know absolutely, no boundaries, and so, our goal at Adobe, is to, empower everyone. To tell their story and to nurture this creativity, that, exists, within all of us. We. Think it starts for us with completely. Reimagining. The creative, process we.

Know That creativity is no longer just confined, to a desktop the, ability, for every one of you to create wherever. And whenever inspiration. Strikes on the go on your phone on your tablet is, absolutely. Critical so we're trying to reimagine. Ways. In which we can extend your creative, capabilities to more places new. Areas, like mobile applications, and video and animation. And interactivity. So that creating, and sharing this. Content across, all of these arenas needs. To be simpler, whether. Your passion is vlogging, about food or whether it's creating a music, video for yourselves. The. Way we create also, has to become significantly. More intuitive. Because. Today's creative, process, demands. Way way more than just a keyboard and a mouse and it's crazy, that you can't still speak to your device or have. A simple, gesture bring, your creative, ideas. To life on the screen on which you are creating, it's. The kind of breakthroughs, that, we must work on to, make our tools and our, technology. Go. Into the background, and allow, you to focus even more on the stories that you would want to tell and your, work and whatever. The device whatever the medium whatever, the creative, tasks we, want to, bring it to you. The. Fact that everyone, has a story to tell, combined. With this re-imagination. Of creativity. Underpins. Our vision, for, the Creative Cloud and put. Simply it is to deliver a creative, platform, for, all, this. Morning, and throughout. Max were excited, to share with you how we are trying to deliver on this vision, it, means creative, tools that are more accessible, enjoyable. And indispensable, to. All of you whether you're a student a creator pro a hobbyist. Enthusiast. Or a particular, business, and there, are few areas that I'm particularly excited about that I'd like to touch on I spoke, earlier about the democratization, of creativity. And breaking, down barriers to, storytelling, the. Innovation, we're delivering through, tools like Adobe spark. There, are extending, creativity. To all I'm. Also personally, passionate about photography and, with. Adobe Lightroom cc, our photography, cloud service, it now, works across mobile and desktop and, web, we're, allowing photographers. Everywhere to. Edit and organize, and ships share stories, in an entirely, new way. With. Acrobat PDF we're. Enabling the, entire paper to digital transformation. Using. Artificial, intelligence and machine learning powered, collaboration. And editing. Capabilities. For digital documents, on mobile. As well as on the desktop. For. Us across photography. Documents. Filmmaking, experience, design. Mobile applications. And any, other creative, pursuit we're. Innovating. To better meet your needs and open. The door to new creative, possibilities, and that simply, is our vision, for Creative, Cloud and I'm, so incredibly proud. Of, the, engineer, and product teams at Adobe who bring this to life and we, cannot wait to see what you do with the tools that we're delivering when, we share it with you I, really. Believe that design. Has never, been more important, and we're, living in a golden age of creativity. Not. Only are technological. Advances, completely. Reshaping, our craft but, the role of creativity, of stories, well told and powerful. Experiences. Has never been more important, we're, able to exchange ideas. Collaborate. And most. Importantly, inspire. One another like, never before and, the. Power of creativity, and the ability. For it to have impact, has, never been more relevant. As, we. Look forward whether it's an art whether it's in culture education or, business, we. Think the future belongs to those, of you who can create and we're. Looking forward to, reimagining. That, entire, future, with all of you, and.

What I'd like to do now is in to introduce, Scott Belsky our chief, product officer. He's. The founder of bee hands which was our online creative, community, and we were thrilled to welcome him back to Adobe please, join me in welcoming Scott, thank you. Thank, You Shauna I, am. So excited he back on the max stage are. All of you ready for a great max come. On yeah I. Could. Not be more proud of our teams and our new products and features we have for you this morning all. Of them are going to help you accomplish more with more impact plus, we will unveil a, few surprises I, am, really excited about but. Before we start with the news I want, to add to some of shaunt news thoughts on creativity, and our, mission at Adobe Creative. Cloud is the, work of thousands, of passionate developers, designers. Engineers product. Managers and experts. In design photography, video. And so, much more their. Work is guided by feedback from so many of you we're. All motivated by the belief that creativity. Is more important, now than it. Has ever been. Creativity. Is the most unique most. Fundamental. Human trait a a, tech, thinker I really, respect kai Fuli it just came out with a book outlining, how more and more jobs will be replaced by automation and among. The safest jobs he says our creative. Professions. Will. Never truly understand, the origins, of creativity. It, could be a product of mistakes of the eye clashes. Of difference or childhood, trauma I think, creativity is a mix of every, life experience, it. Builds indiscriminately, on everything, we see hear. And touch. But. There's one thing we do know, algorithms. Will never replace the human imagination. Now. Like. A lot of you I've, become distraught, and occasionally. Disillusioned. By, how divided, and polarized, our world, has become but. As all of us in this room know, creativity. Is one of those rare forces, that brings people back together. Creativity. Transcends. Ideology. And goes, straight for the jugular, of emotion. And understanding. It, breaks through barriers and.

It Does in fact connect, us all. At. Adobe, we believe that being able to express yourself creatively is a fundamental. Skill that. Every person, needs just as they learn to read and write or add and subtract. Creativity. Is an, essential, form of literacy. Producing. Tools for creative people, makes. All of us in the creative cloud team excited, to come to work every day as we. Develop the next generation of our tools we. Are guided by three important, principles. Accelerate. Your work, liberate. Your creativity, and drive. New and mediums. Let's. Look at this first principle accelerate. Your work we. Do this by making our tools easier, to use streamlining. Time-consuming. Tasks. And helping, you learn new skills and, techniques, now. I know, the creative process, is never simple in bringing your ideas to life will always involve, some struggle, but, that struggle, should not be with, your tools so. We're focused, on modernizing. Simplifying. And accelerating. Performance, across Creative, Cloud if you, need to learn a new technique, or. How to use a new product we're making it easier with a new generation of step-by-step, tutorials. And support integrated. Deeply, into, Creative Cloud apps, we're. Also helping the community support, each other in new ways with, live streaming, one. Year ago we, launched Adobe Live unbe, ants and since. Then one, and a half million creatives, around the world have, viewed more than 66. Million, minutes of people, creating, in our tools the. Average watch time is actually more than 100. Minutes per user, so. Much of creativity, is learned by watching others create, and we're really trying to bring back that era of apprenticeship. With, live streaming so stay tuned for more there. We're. Also launching new features that make you more productive even. When you know a tool inside out there, are some tasks that just take much, more time than they should like, masking, complicated. Images or tagging, a full day's worth of photos for instance and so we're streamlining those kinds, of tasks with Adobe sensei, our artificial. Intelligence, engine and you're gonna see a lot of examples of, sensei throughout some of the demo notes today ok, the, second, principle that drives our work is to liberate, your creativity. Despite. All that is packaged with Creative Cloud, as a service, much of your work is still bound to the desktop, constrained. Within, whatever tool you are using the. Creativity, doesn't happen only when you're sitting at your desk your. Best creative, work isn't constrained. To, a single, tool creativity. Happens at the intersection, of different environments, and disciplines, when, your tools work together beautifully. So. Today we, will share a major inflection, point for creative cloud as our, tools start to evolve from desktop, applications. Into. Multi-surface, systems. This. Transformation. Will enable you to work more collaboratively across. Multiple, devices and, take full advantage, of all that creative cloud has to offer. Creative. Cloud should allow you to create anywhere. This. Vision requires a tool like Photoshop to. Extend beyond, the desktop but, it also means that all of your assets, your projects. Your fonts, your brushes, your presets, must. Be at your fingertips, at all times, the. Full power of Creative Cloud comes through and for instance you create a composite in Photoshop, and apply, it to a 3d scene and dimension, or, when you take a design from Adobe XD and animate, it in After Effects Creative. Cloud now delivers, a friction-free, workflow, between apps transcending. The power of any one particular tool, but, these are not new ideas. They. Just have never been fully cracked, so. To deliver, we. Needed to. Reconsider. The, ground up and we're going to show you how we're doing this today. The. Third major principle, behind, our work is to drive new, mediums, it's. Clear that voice and augmented reality will. Become increasingly important. Vectors of design, over. The coming years one. Estimate is that smart speakers, like Amazon's echo will actually be in the majority of US homes by 2022. As. For. Augmented reality we, believe it will offer a new and more integrated, layer, over. The world around us AR. Will soon be the best way to navigate, a new city to, find what you need in a big story even fix one of your household appliances. As. We learn in previous, transitions. From print to web, and web to mobile designers. And other creatives, who don't learn how to create for these new mediums we'll miss out on important, opportunities, but.

We Are committed to helping you succeed in new mediums like voice and augmented reality and. We're gonna share some really exciting updates, with you today on this front. Okay. So. Keep these three principles in, mind because you're about to see how, they come to life we. Are going to move fast because we have a lot of amazing updates, and announcements to, share and we, are going to start off with Terry White and Daniella, Morimoto showing, you some of the ways that we are accelerating. Your work making. You more efficient, in your everyday, creativity. So let's give a warm welcome to Terry, and Danielle. Well. Thanks Scott I'm super, excited to be here to show you some of my favorite, new features and more. Importantly, updates, in Photoshop, CC and something. Else a little bit later so. How many of you use Photoshop. Awesome. All right let's get started with some updates that you've been asking, for for years, first, of all I'm in a Photoshop document and, I want to edit text well you know go to the type tool click, in, the wrong place now you're adding text instead of, editing. Well, now just, like InDesign and illustrator I can double click to edit text. More. Importantly, once, I'm done I don't have to know how to click a commit button find the right key on the keyboard I just click away to, auto commit. Next. Up I want. To go in now and change the color well. Now we have the brand new color wheel, among. All the other ways of changing color but, you'll find this color wheel works in color harmony and you'll see it throughout the day especially in the mobile section so, I can click a range. Of color that I want to work with click. Away now that's, not it how, about something in a fuchsia category. Like. Matching my shirt yeah, that's, not it how. About something maybe in the Reds or, you've. Been here before right. You. Won't know it till you see it but. Then you you make that change and. Then. You kind of like well, maybe I liked it the way it was in the beginning. No. Longer, do, you have to know the secret keyboard, shortcut, because, today. Command. Z command Z command, Z command Z. Something. You've been asking, for for years, all. Right so with that said last. Thing I want to do I want to free transform, this and I know what you're thinking he's, about to reach for the Shift key because. That made sense two decades ago. No. It didn't, I no longer I throw down the shift key because, scale proportionally. Is on by default. And. Those, are just a few of the many updates that you've been asking for double click to edit text. Click. Away to auto commit. Command. Z command Z command Z and of course free transform proportional, by default let's, switch over to my next image where I'd love to do a modern-day. Double, exposure effect, I've got the bear I've got the forest, you see where this is going now, in order to do this I need, to cut the bear out so I would traditionally reach, over for my quick select tool I would start making that selection and, start dragging and start dragging you get the idea we're, going to do that anymore because, we have the brand new Adobe, sensei powered, select. Subject, so with one click. Photoshop. Will figure out what the subject, is and make that selection for, me. Alright. Now. I need to turn that into a mass which is the very next button selected, mask when, I click on selected, mass I can see that well, there's a little bit of background left, in the first an. Asura, spin, on the brand new surface, Studio Microsoft. Surface studio here and we're. Just gonna go ahead and, just. Paint that right out with the refine edge tool built. Right in alright once I get that beautiful mask I'll just go ahead and click away click, OK it will make the mask for me I will, then use that beautiful, mask on the background, I'll just drag it down and you're thinking okay well how am I gonna see the forest well, traditionally. You use a blend mode but.

You'd Either have to know, which one you want or go. Through them one by one to, see which one looks best. Clicking. Each time well. I'm happy today to introduce live, blend, modes now in Photoshop, so, I just click I hover, over the, ones until I find the one I want. And. I'm. Done. Adobe. Sensei powered select subject, new-and-improved. Selected. Mask and more. Importantly, live, blend modes now. For my graphic, designers in the audience you've been here before where you want to layout multiple, images on the canvas we, want to fill in that last image at the top I'm, gonna go ahead and drag it over from my cc library when I drag it over no. Problems, scale it down. Sweet. Alright. Once I get it down I will. Still have to figure out how to select it and mask it and get it just right so I'm not going to do any of that because, instead, I'm gonna use the brand new frame, tool, here, in Photoshop cc, I'll just go ahead and drag my frame out, my. InDesign users just clapped I'm gonna drag my frame out, and. I'm just gonna drag this image in and it will do two things for me it will perfectly size the image down and, it will automatically, mask off any excess image. I. Still. Have access to the whole image though so if I want. To free transform it I can scaling, it within the frame and moving. It around in, the frame without. Having to know how to mask it perfectly now, if you're thinking that frames are limited to just rectangles. You couldn't be further from the truth because, here's text that I converted into a frame with just the right click, here's. An elliptical, frame done with the frame tool and more, importantly, here's a vector, frame from a guitar that I got from Adobe stock and I, just right-click convert it into a frame and I drag over my Adobe stock image right into it and beautiful. Masks. Are easy, now in Photoshop. Now. In this case I've got multiple. Artboards our boards is an amazing, feature inside, a Photoshop and illustrator and in. This case I would love to visualize. My. Design, in the 3d space now. Photo, shops have 3ds for 3d for years but it's a bad word if you don't know what 3d is or if you don't know how to work in 3d so. A year, ago we introduced. A brand new tool called. Adobe, dimension. And adobe. Dimension, allows you to pre-visualize. Or visualization, of your, branding. In a, photorealistic. Environment. Easily. And that's the key so, let's switch over to Adobe dimension, and, here's. The W dimension I've got this backpack magazine. This travel, adventure scenes set up ready to go and, I'm gonna go to my operating. System here grab. That exact. Same PSD. And drag, it in so, there it is dragging, it in and, when I get there, you'll notice the logo from the first artboard, comes in will, scale it down and it's already, matching. And mapping, to. That weight, you don't believe me look at that it's. Matching and mapping, to that backpack. Automatically. Imagine, having to do that in Photoshop and warping, and trying to get it in the right space I just did it by dragging and dropping now. Once I'm here I want to also change the materials, here and when, I changed when I double-click on this I. Keep. Double-clicking. Don't click on the backpack I'm, gonna use, another new feature which is multiple, layered, materials. So, I just switched the material, multiple, layers and now. My, logo doesn't look good so. Well. Wait a minute I remember I have multiple boards I can, now access those. Artboards, right, into Adobe dimension switch, to one that looks better and away, I go now. If you're thinking well how do I really see that new. In Adobe dimension, the ability, to bookmark, your, camera. Views so, if there's a view that you really like just, switch to it this is even render yet and it looks cool all, right now my, favorite new feature in Adobe dimension, is this. Is great for me working on my desktop but. What if I need to share this with all of you or share it with my client, how will they really experience. This well. New in Adobe dimension, the ability to publish a 3d. Scene, to, the web create. A link all set, once I click that I'm not, gonna wait for it to render but we're gonna just pop over to the browser where.

I've Got this all set and ready to go and here it is in the. Browser for the client, to work with it I. Don't. Know I'm just strange, I like looking at the bottom but anyway there it is and, not, only does my client get to move it around but they get the same, bookmarks. They, get to jump to exactly, what they want to see so. With that said those are just a few of my favorite features in Photoshop and dimension, I can't, wait to see what you do with it I can't wait till you get your hands on it today. And with, that said Danielle. Take, it away awesome. Thanks. All, right so I am, stoked, to be here to, now share some of my favorite, features starting, off in InDesign, so, let's just jump, right into it and we, start, with a better way of placing images now, previously I'd grab the frame tool draw, out my frame and then drop, in my image now as soon as I do that this. Image just got placed really, large so, I actually can't, even see the person in this frame right now so, this is typically, you know when I go in and, I adjust it and I, adjust it again and, again, and, this, is just when I spend a lot of time futzing, around trying. To get this thing right well. With the new feature content-aware. Fit when, I now drop this image into the frame it. Intelligently. Places, it for me so. What this is doing is it's looking at the aspect, ratio and, the dimension, of the frame and it's. Actually evaluating, the content, of the image itself so, I can still go in and I can adjust each of these photos but, up front it's now doing a much better job now. I also want to note really quickly that we've added a new contextual, properties, panel to, InDesign, so, just like you have across, our applications. There's now a single, panel that, adjusts, based off of your selection, all. Right so let's move on to the next feature which. Is layout adjustment. So. I have a magazine layout looks. Pretty good it's basically, finished and my client loves it but they. Have one last change, now, my client wants to change the document size I'm, sure, none of you have ever had, a client come back with last-minute changes, you, know where that's going yeah shocking, pretty. Unheard of well this. Is a huge pain because. Now I have, to go in and I have to relay out every, single one of these pages, well, now InDesign, handles, this all, completely. For you so. By selecting the new feature layout. Adjustment, when, I now select okay, it. Intelligently. Relays, out my, entire design. Yes. This, is crazy. This feature literally. Just saved me hours if not days of.

Work So, I can still go in and I can tweak a couple things here and there but it does a really great job so. Those are some really fast features, in InDesign, but now let's head over to Adobe Illustrator. Now. Some. Illustrator, fans out there, I'm. A designer, and I know that it is really good practice to design using symbols now do I always do that. No. Please. Don't judge me sometimes, you know I just I get really inspired I, start, copying and pasting and, then, all of a sudden I realize I need to make a change but I have you know potentially, hundreds, of these objects, now well. By selecting the new feature global, edit it finds, every, single, visual instance, of my selection, so now, when I go in to make that one change it's. Looking like a weird banana. Plant there. We go it. Updates. Across. My entire file. This. Is a huge, time-saver so, I never made this a symbol and I can still make really, large changes, across, my entire document, at any, point in time all, right, so last, but not least one, of the most fundamental tools, in illustrator, is the, gradient so, we have the basics, right there are linear, and radial. Gradients. And these, are super, easy to use but, not the most flexible, and. Then there, are mesh gradients, now meshes. Super. Powerful but, not always the easiest to get your desired result, I actually. Spent a bit longer than, I would like to admit making the circle and it, is just a very basic circle. So you've, told us you want something that is just as powerful as mesh gradients, but, it's easy to use as the basics, will, the new freeform, gradients, does, exactly, that, now. This is powered, by Adobe, sensei and revolved around adding, points so, as soon as I do and I start to move this around the, colors fuse really. Naturally, together, and each. Of these points has a set of properties that I can adjust so I'll go in. Change, the color bring. Down the opacity and. I can even adjust the intensity of this diffusion, directly. On the point itself. Now. Again I can add as many points here in there as I like and moving, these around these, are colors. Are fusing together really. Organically. So I can start to create some very complex, gradients, really, simply. Now. Freeform. Gradients are also aware of shape boundaries, so, I'll go ahead and add a gradient to, this circle, and you'll, just see that really quickly I'll start. To adjust, this design to, create almost a, 3d. Effect and, it's really quick, and easy just, use these freeform gradients, now, I've, been drawing simply. Using points, you'll. See that freeform gradients, also enables, drawing with paths as well and this. Just allows for. An insane. Amount, of control, over anything, that you want to create. Yes. This. Is just scratching, the surface, freeform gradients, are super. Powerful but, also really, intuitive, to use alright. So those, were some really fast features just a few of my favorites, from today's release and we are really excited for you all to start using them thank, you. So. Thank you Terry and Danielle, those. Demos, give you just a sense of all, that we've done to accelerate, your work and our, teams will continue listening, to you and making the little and sometimes big changes, that make you more productive now. We, have so much news today that we can't give you a demonstration of, everything, but I did want to let you know about, a few, improvements that cut across Creative, Cloud they, make all of your work easier, so. The first is a new way to navigate your recent documents and access, helpful tutorials, whenever you need them the. New home screen. Intelligently. Grows with you and your, skill level it is, chock-full of learning, support and sources. Of inspiration so, I hope you check it out now. Let's talk about fonts. Choosing. Just, the right font is an, important foundation of, most creative projects, and today, we are vastly. Expanding. Your choices up. To now, you. Were only allowed to sync 100.

Desktop Fonts, at a time and many, of our fonts weren't even available for desktop, use at all, so. Starting today we. Are doing away with all. Limits, on font use and all, fonts in the library are available, on both desktop and mobile and whether. We. Are also expanding. The font library tremendously. There. Are now over. 15,000. Fonts in your library, including. Hundreds, just added from monotype, and tight Network and they're available to all Creative. Cloud subscribers. We're. Also making it easier to define, just the right type by, better integrating, font discovery, and selection, into, our products and given these changes, Typekit. Will now be known as Adobe, fonts to reflect the fact that fonts. Aren't a separate, product but, a feature woven. Throughout Creative, Cloud to make your life easier, and your, work better. Finally. I'm, excited to share just a quick update on Adobe, stock we've. Added new, Adobe sensei, powered search features, to, make it much faster and more intuitive to find the exact, image or, asset, you need we've, also partnered with GoPro, to, bring you access, to exclusive video, assets, and we're making it easier to sell your pot your work on stock with, the most creative friendly rates in the industry. So. Now we're going to jump into the rapidly, emerging field, of experience design, and you'll, see some exciting new functionality. In Adobe, XD our, experience, design and prototyping, platform a, couple. Of months ago I raised a few eyebrows, when I declared in some press interviews OS, that, Adobe, XD would. Someday be as big as Photoshop, it, is a controversial, thing, to say, especially. Within Adobe so let me explain how I got there, think. About your experience, you're, trying out a new app or browsing the web to find a hotel or restaurant yeah, sure we pay attention to factors, like price, and features but, more and more the, decision, comes down to design how. Intuitive it how intuitive is the interface how, many clicks does it take what, does the experience, make us feel, about, the brand. These. Are the factors that make us push the Buy button and make the reservation, and in the future even, more parts, of life will, have an interface. We. Created a Dobby XD because, we knew there was a need for an experienced design tool that, only Adobe, could provide one, with exceptional, speed and performance. Seamless. Interoperability with, Adobe's other powerful, design, and animation tools, and the, ability to design across the windows and Mac platforms. Over. The last year we rolled out new features and updates each month, to, xD, a robust platform for, designing cutting-edge. Experiences. And here. To show you the, very latest from Team Adobe XD it's. Clay then clay, thanks Scott. Thank. You. Adobe. XE is a powerful all-in-one, tool that helps me design prototype. And share and there are some amazing features in today's release I've, been using them to work on this new project this is going to be a podcast. Player app that we're calling episodic. But. The story, of the first feature I want to talk to you about that, actually starts, over, here in Photoshop. Let's write Photoshop because, Adobe, XD can now open up Photoshop, files seamlessly. Now, this is perfect because I've designed these 5 screens for episodic, right here where I can use all of, my favorite filters and I can get that, rich texture, that I only Photoshop gives me and, now.

I Can take this work and open, it up in XP. Directly, so let me show you how that's done back. Here next D I'm just gonna go to file open, and, there's. No complex importing or a conversion I'm just gonna find that PSD and when. I click open I get a brand new XD document with all those five artboards, right here they're, native the vectors are super smooth and the. Text is editable editable. Even though I came right from Photoshop. This. Is the power of Creative Cloud integration, XD complements Photoshop beautifully. It also works seamlessly with illustrator, files by, the way, ok. So now that everything's here in one place, in. XE I can copy these artboards and then, I can just merge them with my main dog in. Fact I've, already done that I've got things 5cm artboards right here, so. I can actually pick up and keep designing exactly, where I left off in. Fact I've also got all the layers that I created in Photoshop, all those layer names transferred, right over just. Really seamless you might also notice that this, layers panel is a lot more minimal that what you might see in other apps and that's because the whole XE interface, it's. Just context, aware it's very, stripped back it only shows me what I need to see what, I need to see it on the right side here this is our property inspector, again. The, settings change, based on what I have selected, X. He also has a, terrific. Assets. Panel this is where I can store all my color swatches. Character. Styles and, symbols. Too and symbols, is a great way to keep everything consistent I also, want to note that in today's release of XD symbols, can, now remain linked between documents, as well not just within a single document but between documents and, that's huge for consistency, and control. Okay. So, that is a brief tour, of Adobe, XD let me show you some more of these cool, new features that I was talking about, the. First one is called responsive. Resize and, it's. Gonna save you a tremendous amount of time if you ever find yourself in a position where you need to reconfigure. A screen like this one for different aspect. Ratios different. Breakpoints, even. Just to get this tab bar right, it's really time. Consuming and, really inaccurate, and, some. Other design tools to try to solve this by forcing, designers, to define. Really, arcane, behavioral, rules or even. To do math you, know math + design you. Know, the. XSEDE approach does not require math it's actually much more elegant, so. On this artboard here I just need to flip on this responsive, resize toggle, and, then I can pull on any edge of this entire artboard, and actually. Just make it narrower make it wider and watch that tab bar XD is doing all that work based.

On The way I've grouped those items together so it's using those implicit relationships, to be smart about how it lays everything out and. That means I can also drill down and grab. A specific, layer group like this one and. Get. A more nuanced, design. For this orient of this horizontal, orientation and, then drill down and use responsive, resize on this button here, and. Even with. These little tweaks that I'm making I've saved so much time and that, is the point of responsive resize it, just takes all the tedium out of designing, for responsive. Media ok. So thank. You. Okay. So this next feature is even, cooler, so, we've heard tons. Of great ideas from you the design community on ways, to enhance XD, and so what we've done is that, we've opened up the app so that developers can build, plug-ins on top of XD that's right plugins, in XD, and the. Developers have built some amazing things already, we've got this new plugins menu here, you can, see them all in one place you don't have to go out and download. Them from a different web dozen. Different web sites or install them individually, they're, all here, available, at one click and they've. All been vetted by Adobe engineers so we know that they're rock solid on Mac and on Windows. Great. Yes. Ok. So the first plug-in I want to share with you is, going to help me get a preview of how my design might hold up when it's localized, for different languages this. Is a plug-in called world ready and, when, I open it up you'll see developers. Can create their own UI in, XD. Plugins as these have and they, can hook into outside, web services, so I'm gonna choose Google Translate, as my translation, engine and then. I want to see it in German in Korean. And in French and. When I click this button here I'm gonna get three copies of the same art board, one. In German one in Korean and one in French it's. A huge time-saver. Ok. So this next plug-in is really fun as well this is a plug-in from, a designer developer you might know his name is Manko from. Design + code he's. Actually here with us at max you might run into him this, plugin is called angle and it's gonna help me finish designing. This marketing, web page for, episodic, and what I want to do is I want to take the UI that I've designed on this artboard and paste it into this perspective mock-up, of a phone now. To do this I'm just, gonna open up my layers panel and grab the. Layer, that defines, the. Vector, layer that defines this screen this. Is where that minimal layers palette really comes in handy so. I've got it open. Up angle, now. I select the artboard, that I've got all that UI on and, when. I click this button you'll see I get a flattened, version of that artwork skewed, in perspective, so it fits seamlessly, onto, the artboard. Okay. I didn't even need to leave XD to do that why would you ever want to leave xD anyway so. That's. Just a taste of what you can do with plugins developers, have been using the JavaScript, API for. The plugins to build some really amazing, stuff and, we. Can't wait for you to get your hands on them okay, so I just do a whole bunch of features that you just let me recap really quickly first, seamless. Import. For Photoshop files also works great with illustrator I, mentioned. Link, symbols now working, between documents that's. Huge for design, systems I talked. About, responsive. Resize tremendous, time saver and, a. Rich new plugin ecosystem, all. In, today's release of Adobe XD some terrific enhancements. To design. But. XT. Is not just about design, it's also about prototyping, and, in, today's world like the ability to build a prototype that's, a kind of a superpower because if you can create. A convincing, compelling prototype really quickly you, become a much more effective much more persuasive designer, and, that's why over the past 12 months we've. Been working really hard to make prototype you even richer and more capable in XP you, can now prototype, all kinds of common interactions, and gestures, dragging. Swiping, you can fix elements on the artboard while the background scrolls you can put one artboard on top of the other as an overlay, but. I want to share with you a feature. That we think is really going to unlock creativity when it comes to prototyping. This. Is a feature we're calling Auto animate, and, as. The name suggests Auto animate it's a whole new approach to animation, and, it doesn't require you to learn, how to write a single, line of code or even, to master. A complex timeline interface you. Just switch over here to prototype mode start. With two artboards, and you drag a wire from one to the other if, you've never built a prototype the next thing that's all you need to know is just dragging a wire it's really simple now. Under the action menu I get the option to set select, Auto animates, and, that's really it I'm, just gonna wire this back so that we can see here, in this demo how it works, now.

To Preview a, prototype, I just click on this icon here to get a virtual phone. And, you'll see when I click on this button it's going to morph into that wide continua button or that large my. Button, automatically. Yeah. Yeah. This. Is really awesome what's really happening behind the scenes is that XD, is taking, a look at these two keyframes basically. And matching, up the layer names so, you have a lot of control over what gets, animated and. Then it's automatically. Generating, those transitions, for you now, this approach is so, powerful, because it's so simple it's so visual it's, also really, robust let. Me show you on these other artboards, here how. Auto, animate. Just, really adds a ton of life, to the UI so. Watch these stats at the bottom here they sort of just pop off the screen when. I use auto animate and all that's really happening, is that, some of these elements they're changing scale from one artboard to the other the, the waveform there is changing shape and, here's, a cool trick so this number here is a, column, of numbers that I've partially, hidden. Behind a mask and the, exact same layer. On this artboard I just shifted the position, of that column of numbers and so exci is animating between them for me so. If you're starting to get this concept of how auto animate works you're probably also getting excited, about the creative possibilities and I've, actually been having a ton of fun with auto animate, I've, been using it to design the tablet. Version of episodic over here. So. When. I preview this you'll see that. Auto. Animate, adds just, a whole lot of drama to the way this screen. Builds in and builds. Out look, at that, yeah. Thank you so. That's. That's over a dozen elements, moving all at once super smoothly and back. Here it's just two artboards, it's really simple to work with automate but really powerful, and with all the other enhancements, to prototyping, into XD you're, you're just able to create even more realistic even more convincing prototypes, than ever before, so, Auto animates really gonna unlock creativity for you, okay.

So. There's another part of this prototyping, story that I want to talk to you about you. Know designers, are being asked to create for so many different kinds of platforms these days and immersive. Media like, voice that's been challenging, for us now. At Adobe we fundamentally, believe that voice, is going to be a part, of every. Major app experience, before too long and that's why it's so, and for, designers, to be able to design with voice, but. The tools haven't been there well. All that changes today because. In this release of an Obi XD for the first time anywhere you can now design prototype. And share with voice as a medium that's right you can create voice prototypes, this. Is really exciting. Yeah. I'm. Really, excited about this suit so let, me show you how this works. So. There's going to be a voice assistant built. Into, this app that I'm designing this episodic, app and so I've created these artboards here to, visually suggest how that's going to work well, in the new version of XD I can now just, drag a wire to. Determine, the actual voice interactions, - and. That means I can set a voice trigger here, so, I'm gonna type in hey. Episodic. On. The destination screen, I'm gonna type in what, I want to hear back from the app actually. Is actually going to speak back this text to me that I type there's, a new Texas, speech for service. Integrated right into the app hi. What can I do for, you. And. For, good measure let's do one more screen, the. Command over here is gonna say. Show. Me new. Podcasts. And. Then. On, this screen here I'm going to copy this text and paste. It into this. Speech playback box and that's it, now. I, can. Actually preview this on the. Mobile, device. Because, it's a mobile app we have terrific companion apps for iOS and Android starting, today those now support. Voice interactions, but, for, the sake of time I'm just going to open up this, same desktop preview window here and give this a try. Hey. Episodic. Hi. What, can I do for you. Show. Me new podcasts. You. Have seven new episodes, in your queue. I'm. So happy that worked. So, that's a simple demonstration of voice, working, but you can build some really, really robust, logic, flows with our voice be sure but. I just want to take a moment to sort appreciate, how this really opens the door for us as designers it lets us start designing. For all these places where voice is going to play a role these. Home automation systems, these artificial, intelligence, applications, and all, these devices that are already. Around us where you. Know they really need designers to get to the next level you know devices. Like the Amazon echo which. Are terrific but with, designs help it can really become something else in fact I've, been creating a version of this app episodic.

For The, echo show I've got all the artboards for, that device right here alongside. My artboards, for mobile for web for tablet, it's, so great to have the whole product, in one document, and actually, so fast on both Mac and Windows it just doesn't blink an eye and on. Top of that the, ability to go back and forth between design, and prototyping, fluidly, that is a game-changer because I can finesse, the visual layout I can build those awesome voice interactions. I mean Bill does awesome animations, and I. Can to, find those voice interactions, all here, no. Other design, tool lets, you do this none, only, in today's release of Adobe XD. Thank. You. But. I'm. Gonna pull it one more thing on you so. These artboards here, that, designed for the echo show I can. Of course preview, them right here, on desktop. Right just as with any are ports for any other platform, but you can't be the kind of feedback you get from seeing, it on a real device and so. I want to give you a sneak peak of something that we've been working on something that's coming soon, and, we've been collaborating on with our friends at Amazon and that's the ability to run your xt prototypes, on the, amazon echo and to. Demonstrate that i'm, gonna bring. Out one. Of the very first, all-new. Second-generation. Amazon, echo shows now. This was just released. Amazon. Was nice enough to share it with us about a month ago we've had in our labs and we've been building xt, a, bridge, to xt on it so let's give this a try. I. Want. To make sure I'll exit here's me. Alexa. Open. Episodic, in Adobe XD. Welcome. To episodic, what. Would you like to do. Recommend. Some new podcasts, for me. Here. Are 3 podcasts. For you want, to learn more. Tell. Me about wireframe, I hear that one's awesome. Wireframe. Is a podcast, about interaction, design would, you like to subscribe, yes. Please. You're. All set. Folks. This. Project was just an idea in my head a few weeks ago and I decided here in XD on my desktop I brought to that device I was, able to talk to my design and I talked right back to me this, is a huge breakthrough not just for XD for all of us as designers, because it, really. Sets us up to build this next generation of, experiences. And voice is a new tool that we can all work with, we're. So excited about this if you haven't already now, is the truck time to try Adobe, XD thank. You very much for having me have a great max. Thank. You coy so. Much, of the power of XD comes from its seamless integration, with the rest of Creative Cloud and with, third-party tools, koi, pointed, out a few, of the third-party plugins, but, they are just the start all of the partners you see behind me are building, integrations, with XD that, are either shipping, today or, sometime really soon and. Starting. Today in an, industry-first. We are unlocking, the world of voice design, in Adobe XD, we're.

Working Closely with Amazon, as we develop XD's, voice features, in fact, quois demo was built using a new UI kit, for XD that were releasing today for Amazon's Alexa I. Talked. Earlier about the, idea of helping everyone. Develop. A basic, creative literacy, we. Believe so strongly in that idea that, earlier this year we took the highly, unusual step. Of making Adobe, XD free, for everyone to get started just as, easy access to word processing, software has, improved written, literacy, we, believe making, XD available, for all will, advance design, literacy, making, it easier for anyone, to, bring their ideas to life. No. So. Far you've seen us demo a lot of things on a desktop. Computer but you're, not always at your desktop in fact. As we all, know many. Of our most creative ideas happen, away, from the office on a plane riding. The subway or the middle of the night, how. Great would it be to have Photoshop. Available, anywhere. Inspiration. Strikes. Well. There. Have been many attempts, in HAP's to. Open Photoshop, files on the go but, they have never been dependable. Or powerful. We. Have launched plenty of apps with Photoshop like features but. We've never have been able to offer real. Photoshop. Beyond. The desktop. But. What if we could what. If you could start, a project on your desktop and then add more layers effects. And brush strokes during your commute, what. If your favorite brushes controls. And features were always available to you what. If every time you open your project no, matter where, you were it reflected, your latest changes, no, matter where you made them that. Would be amazing and it. Used to be a pipe dream until. A small group of ambitious Adobe designers, and engineers started. A skunk work project, a few years ago their, crazy idea, take. The core, Photoshop, engine and it's, nearly 30, years of, code and put, it on an iPad. This. Would have been impossible, without. The evolution, of the hardware, and a tight partnership, with, our friends at Apple it. Required, intense. Engineering. Feats until. We ultimately achieve. Proof, of life in the labs and. It required a massive. Effort to, develop an entirely new, suite, of services. Gestures. And interfaces. And today. We. Are thrilled to, give you a preview of, Photoshop. On the iPad coming in 2019. I've goosebumps, a little bit this. Is not, a watered-down, version of Photoshop, this, is real Photoshop. And not, switch any Lyle is about to show you Jenny, thank. You Scott I am thrilled, to be here today with all of you and, it, is an incredible, honor to represent the great Photoshop, team here, now. As Scott has mentioned this, is not a Photoshop. Like application made. For the iPad this. Is real. Photoshop. On the, iPad. So. Now I've, got the iPad open and I'm, going to open up Photoshop. And. I. Want to tell you this is the Photoshop, code base so, it opens up PS DS there's no imports, there's no convergence this is not a rendition this. Is a PSD, right, here and we've. Really thought through the design so, on the left hand side you've got your core iconic. Photoshop, tools and, on the right hand side is a very minimal, layers pane, so, you could keep your eyes on the, canvas. But. Sometimes I do want to get deep into my layer management and all I have to do is take two fingers and pinch, to zoom it, open and now I've got full, detailed. Layers. All. The naming. Thank, you. All. The, hierarchy, everything, is here and in fact I could get even deeper an access, layer, property, here layer properties, here for every single layer. So. We designed this with scaffolding in mind so you could see what you want to see when you want to see it now, behind, the scenes we've really focused on power and performance, so. This document is actually. 208. Layers, deep and in, fact we could have as many layers here as we have on Photoshop, desktop this. Navigation, is super, seamless, fun. To scroll and the, same power goes for the canvas I could. Panin I could zoom around it's buttery, smooth, I, could.

Even Get down to the very last pixel, let's grab this star here and make an edit on a single, pixel if I wanted to again. It's just Photoshop, and it's just a PSD which, means I could take the same document, and open it here on my desktop. Same. Layer hierarchy, nothing, changed, same resolution, now. Let's hop over to new project and start something here, so. I've got something here and any edits, that I make on desktop, can be made available on. All, my devices through. Creative Cloud so. I'm gonna throw in a couple of meteors. And. Grab, a galaxy, while I'm at it, and. Then. Paste, it in. And. With Creative Cloud, once. All my documents, are there I could go to any device, that I'd Photoshop, and open, it where I left, off, so, here. Opening. Up the document, and as much as I love the desktop I'm no longer tethered to my desktop, so. Yeah. Amazing. Because. This is just Photoshop. All my tools here work and operate just as I would expect so let's go ahead and do some editing I'm. Gonna take this foreground, hide, it a bit because I want to create a full, moon here, gonna, grab my selection, tool we're, not giving you a truncated version you, get the full advanced, capabilities. So now I could feather. The border of my moon soften, it a bit and, lock. The ratio so now I could create a perfect, moon here. Now. We thought about something called context-aware. UI so. These bottoms, selection. Features, only show up after I've made an active selection and it gives me fast access, to. Operations. I do commonly, such as inverting, and masking, the selection, and when I'm done it just disappears, out of my way, but. My favorite context-aware. UI is something, we call the touch modifier, this. Little guy down here so. I've got my Photoshop brush and what this guy does lets, me do is toggle, between tools, so I could keep my eyes focused on the canvas, now. Here I'm gonna create a couple of craters, with my photoshop brush by the way it's the same brushing. Engine the, Apple pencil is super. Pressure sensitive, here, it's, very fun to play with and once, I've made one, too many craters I simply, hold down and, erase, these marks, I could, redraw, them and my eyes are tapped on the canvas, and. Because it's context, aware, when. I hop over to, a new tool it switches, the operation, here so, now I'm gonna grab my little lonely alien, and create. A little, entourage, for him. Let's. Bring back the room here and there. You have it all of, our desktop interactions, have been carefully, thought through to be optimized, on the iPad and just. To recap we, started this project out on the desktop it seamlessly, synched and we finished it here because, it's. Photoshop, so. I'm, gonna finish with one more project and show you the power of the layer capabilities. I've. Got two ordinary images, here one, of Jolley fish I got from Adobe stock and then, I took on a hike and I want to blend these two together and, it's a realistic scene, and I'm, gonna grab my handy, Photoshop, blend modes here, and with. One top I've already begun the transformation. Now. I want to darken this background seeing, and, when. I grab my adjustment, and, let's use levels, here it actually. Created. It on a separate. Layer and, this gives me total creative control because. I could take this I could apply it to the top of the stock, I could, clip it to only the layer it sits on top of I could, always move it back and continue. Playing with my adjustments, never, burning, changes. On my real pixels, of my image. Just. Like Photoshop, it comes, with a layer mask so, now I could go further, into, precision. Editing, and, start. Masking away, parts. Of the scene that are a bit too contrasted, and now, I've blended. It even, further together. Now. The power of layers goes beyond what I've shown here and it, even extends, to any layer that I drop in so I'm gonna drop in one more layer here and grab my gradient, let's. Give it a bright, neon, green and a deep. Blue, and. Even. Here, I could. Play with different, blend modes I could experiment, see the waif previews, on the screen. It's. Very fun to play with and. I. Could go back continue. Playing with my gradients this, looks pretty good tone it down a bit and see the final outcome, alright. So. Now I've got all the power all, the, precision, and, all the control, I know Photoshop, here. On the iPad thank. You. Thanks. Jenny. So. Uh, we. Were thrilled to bring you photoshop on the iPad available, in 2019.

And It, is just so exciting to think about the possibilities, that open up when, you can use Photoshop anywhere with, all of your assets, and your favorite tools at. Your fingertips, so. This is what we mean when we talk about liberating. Your creativity and we. Invite you to sign up to get notified as soon, as Photoshop, comes, to the iPad. So. What we're previewing is a huge, milestone for. The Photoshop, team for. Adobe and for, the creative world and it, wouldn't have been possible without, a legendary, product, like the iPad and our, partnership, with, Apple and so, to mark this moment I'm thrilled. To welcome Apple's. Senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil, Schiller. So. Uh so, welcome Phil Thank, You max hi. Everyone. So. Thanks for joining us so, bringing Photoshop, to the iPad is only possible because of Apple's commitment, to, building an iPad for professionals. Um can you talk a little bit about the evolution of the iPad pro and how you see this product impacting, the world of creativity I'd. Be happy to but. First on, behalf of everyone in Apple I really just want to express how excited we are to be here at Mac's with, you with the entire Adobe, team. The. Apple in a dual relationship and, work together goes back decades, as you, all know we've worked together creating, tools, for professionals, on Mac and on iPad and and, and, we all benefit, from that great work together at. Apple we care, deeply about the, evolution of iPad into increasingly. A tool that's essential, to a creative workflow and that's, why over over. The last few years we've been creating, the iPad pro line, we've been building, it in it unique. New technologies. Like our a Series, chips special. Versions that with the CPU and GPU performance, for professionals, we've, been building in a displays, unique, for professionals, like our twelve point nine inch Retina display with with promotion, technology, and, really fun tools like Apple pencil which. Is perhaps one of our most advanced technologies, but, it is so, accessible. And simple and fun to use and adobe, has recognized that from the beginning adobe. Is understood. The potential of, iPad pro and actually, you were on stage with us at, the launch of the iPad pro Adobe, was there from the beginning and since then our teams have been working together on some really amazing, technology and, these announcements, today are, the beginnings, of the world's saying the kind of work we're doing together, and, that, Adobe's doing to create applications that, are just going to be amazing on iPad and they're, going to appeal both to everyone who uses all your creative tools today but. Also to I, think a whole new generation of creators who, are looking for an entirely mobile, workflow, and might. Want something that's even more accessible even more intuitive. And simple to use and, I think that's what you guys are delivering, oh it is exciting to see the teams on, the software side really, max my what's possible, alongside their, colleagues, on the hardware side so it's really a it's exciting, to see the team's work together so a few months ago we were at a Worldwide, Developer Conference your. Event talking about some of the work we're doing together in AR can, you talk about the, role and importance of AR at Apple today sure, thanks, to Adobe, for being at WABC. AR. Is hugely important to us we have a vision, of where, we think that will impact all of our lives and, I think you share that vision and.

We've. Been hard at work on that in iOS we've built the framework called, AR kit and in just a year that AR kit technology, is advanced, dramatically, to make new experience, as possible that couldn't be done before and very quickly, iOS. Has become the, world's largest aar. Platform, with, hundreds, and hundreds of millions of iPhones. And iPads, that are capable with, their CPUs. And with their camera technology to, deliver these amazing experiences and, Adobe. Needs to recognize that and been very supportive either first, to jump on and support the new u.s. DZ file. Format, that we've, worked together with Pixar, on and, and. You have a vision of the tools that creators, are going to need to then take this, a step further and create content, that all of th

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Please Include Source File

I think you mean pwner of After Effects.

"SOMETHING YOU'VE BEEN ASKING FOR YEARS"... But now you are paying more for it, so we are listening... Goodbye Adobe, Hello Affinity!

+John Doe Even an autistic would've understood the joke haha

+Lucas Salomon Leave him alone, he's autistic

Adobe is pure elegance. It's so beautiful.

i like 8:59

music is very awesome

He is an amazing effective speaker.

Somehow watching all the improvements here made me angry. Angry because when i wanted those function years back for projects it wasn't there, projects are over and now it's here. Good timing!

Illustrator, and InDesign for iPad pro please!! Also Acrobat with a full screen external display presentation mode for the iPad pro through USB-C

How can I be a part of the FUSE/MIXAMO team? FUSE will be your biggest HOMERUN ever. I have a vision for it.

Please, what is a name of first video? (8:58) Where I can find this video across Adobe YouTube? it's brilliant promo video!!! Great Adobe Max! ;-)

Thanks for the share

+I am Benzen mmmm why the eye? why the pyramid?

Yeah.. because the Masons are magicians and the films are magic, its all about delusion..

Iluminati Fx

I Love iPhone Infinity 4 Ever ;) Gen Infinity

+I am Benzen what else are they promoting, Islamic or Christianity?

confirmed !

The Matrix is everywhere, all around us.

What is affinity?

All of you are so stupid •_• Illuminati... please....

A ratio to determine if a three-dimensional property would be more impressive

These are illuminatians saitan's companions !!!!

"Ctrl + Z undos" - Adobe 2019 #innovation

"You can now double click on text to edit it" *audience applauds* #innovation

Such pomp, color and grandness just for a few software fixes. Compare that with earth-changing inventions by Elon Musk and his presentation style. Just pointing out the irony.

Love Project Gemini

Art, Science, and Technology is so amazing.

I fell asleep, woke up and found my phone had decided to watch this full video :/

Background vector created by brgfx -

It’s 2019 and I’m still waiting for photoshop :) I wish for After Effect tho or Final Cut Pro whoever owns that

I liked it. Content-Aware Phil.

41:26 Adobe XD

adobe is full of masonery signs!!!!

Who’s house do they want to burn down?

Wolf in sheep clothing

8:59 is so Inspiring!

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