The National for Thursday, March 14, 2019 — Ethiopia Investigation, Brexit Chaos, Trump's Veto

The National for Thursday, March 14, 2019 — Ethiopia Investigation, Brexit Chaos, Trump's Veto

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You. Tonight. Anguish, turns to anger. Families. Of the passengers desperate. For answers and overwhelmed. Secretary, I. Hope. Is taken from grief in Ethiopia, to confusion. For Canadian travelers. Doesn't. Matter I'll probably have to veto US. Senators turn against, Trump yes even, Republicans, how the border, wall became a loyalty, test for the president. I'm. Terrified, by this time and, how, superbugs. Could, wind, up in your shrimp a CBC marketplace, investigation. Answers. The hunt for them the desperate need for them perhaps. The one thing everyone can agree on after, the Ethiopian, Airlines crash, and we're. Getting closer as airlines. In Canada scramble, to rebook thousands, of passengers affected. By the grounding, of 737. Max eight planes French. Investigators are starting their search for answers here, this is one of the flight recorders, that was on the crash jet if they, can retrieve the data we'll know what was happening with the plane and being, said in the cockpit, as it, fell to earth and, at. That point of impact today pain, one. Woman, so distraught, over who she lost on this, ground. Mixed. With that grief anger in Ethiopia, some victims families, incensed, at the airline saying, they're not getting enough information, among. Those with questions, a mother and daughter who live in Canada, they spoke to our Susan ormiston on a day, full of emotion. The. Families, are all staying, here at the skylight, hotel owned by, Ethiopian. Airlines and this morning, they were invited, to a private briefing. It. Ended badly with, families, yelling, at the CEO, and his staff because they say they're, not getting, what they desperately, want timely. Access to their relatives, remains. They, speak anything say they speak nothing series they speak everything, it's the government, figures then an official ended. Emotions. Are intense at the crash site as well, mostly. Ethiopians. Visiting, today and in, the absence of funerals, or other rituals, they say the, pain feels worse they. Want to reclaim something, of their loved ones from this place but, DNA, matching, will take time and a UK company has, barely begun the work leaving. So many at loss like. Alison, Wong a Vernon, BC, and her mother Haley so. Many victims. Families, are stuck in here like we all want to know that, exactly, timeline. Alison. Lost her dad Jack, Wang I know it, will. Be so hard to do the DNA because it's a thousand. Keys I don't know it's. Very hard to do this but at least I lost no like one. Month. Just. Gave birth like a time but. We. Didn't get nothing from them. Yesterday. Alison. And her mum traveled, out to that site did. It give you any comfort Haley, to be out there ladies, I'm so happy tell it's always now. Me shred so. Somewhere. Push words as a kind car so, like here, she always, think. My daddies are wrong her to support her all. The time and. How, did you feel, I. Just. Feel everything is it's. Like a drain away. I hope. It's fake. I have, to us after, choose I, have. To become down because I don't want my mom to worry, there's. Plenty of worry before, this crash her, father was just, about to get permanent residency. For his family, in Canada, he, needed one, last document. From Kenya, which, is why he was on that plane when. We dropped him in the airport, in Kona he just said just wait for me four or five days and, after. That we come back and we celebrate, that is. There. Is the last worse. Tonight. At the holy Savior, one, of the first church, memorials. In a week which has consumed, the capital a hundred. And fifty seven candles, and roses one. For each lost, soul. Susan. Ormiston CBC News Addis Ababa. Another. Victim of that crash Canadian, Danielle Moore is being honored around, the world tonight including. In Toronto. Her. Parents attended, this sunset, ritual, one's like a were planned in communities, across Canada and as far away as Zambia, Mexico.

And New Zealand, friends. Say that's a reflection of the impact, the 24, year old had on others she was an environmentalist. And human rights activist, and was on her way to the UN Environment, Assembly when, she died, many. Of those mourning the 157. Lives lost are asking why and key, to providing some of the answers can be found in the planes black, boxes, which as we showed you arrived, this morning in Paris for analysis in, the, meantime the Boeing ban is in full effect and the scope of the impact is being felt across this, country with, more than 60, air canada, and west jet flights canceled. Today alone affecting. More than 10,000, travelers Katie, Simpson has more on the challenge, for passengers, as machs, aides continue, to sit idle, at airports. Travel. Agents are on the front line of the Boeing max mess, this, Toronto, flight center is fielding twice as many calls as normal, unfortunately. It's one of the busiest travels times for us in Canada because of March break you know it's going pretty a lot smoother than we anticipated. Travelers. Scheduled, to fly on the Boeing planes are being rebooked, as quickly, as possible and at least one airline is planning, for this to continue until the end of the month in, a letter to staff Air Canada's, CEO wrote although, we have no way of knowing how, long these, aircraft, will be grounded, for now we, are canceling, all flights, on our Boeing, 737. Max fleet, for the next three weeks we've, just been stuck here waiting because, we're flying standby to so. We've just been waiting for like open seats kind of thing Riley, Calder Bank is trying to get home from his Hawaiian vacation with, his family they're, trying to fit everybody on these like other smaller planes so we'll. See how that works out some passengers, have been told it may take days to reach their destination, as airlines. Try to rebook, tens of thousands, of passengers they. Have large fleets at Air Canada particularly. At WestJet so they can move planes around existing planes, and use some smaller planes for some of the routes or bigger ones and and move the planes around this. Professor, says the initial shock will wear off once, the March break rush ends, I would encourage, Canadians. To be a bit patient with Air Canada and WestJet because it's not their fault the planes grounded and that certainly, was the sentiment, today at Canada's, largest airport. Safety, is always first thing right I mean they've, had two crashes already so you, got to do their due diligence make, sure everybody's safe Transport. Canada is asking, the Canadian, companies, that fly the Boeing, planes to submit their contingency, plans, Air Canada. WestJet, and Sunwing must, outline, their rebooking policies, and what. They're gonna do for their 737. Max pilots, who now have nothing to fly a government. Official says all free, are cooperating. Katie, Simpson CBC News Ottawa. And. So, the big question when, will the 737s. Take off again well, that won't happen until upgrades, to flight control software approved. Installed. And tested which US, authorities today, say could take a couple of months boeing, is making fixes to the planes automated. And he stalls system, that's, suspected, of contributing, to the deadly crashes, so. Lots of uncertainty, for airlines, pilots, and of course Adrienne passengers, over the next hour rosemary over the next few weeks that's, okay I look a lot like her and Andrew. I mean Ian there's, global uncertainty, too over what will happen next with brexit, Britain, is supposed to leave the European Union in just 15 days now Prime, Minister Theresa, May has cajoled, threatened, and pleaded, for a deal to make that happen to no avail MPs, don't agree on much but today they finally agreed on something, stalling, for time, as Thomas, Degla tells us many call that an act of desperation. The. Brexit, clock has been ticking for. Two years. 728. Days 100. Days away, just 15 days to go to a countdown. To, departure, day like. A constant, reminder of Britain hurtling, toward the unknown now. The, exit, looks further away than expected, in. Politics I think you have to occasionally do what you think is the right Guto babbitt's quit as a minister over the government's handling of wrecks it today, he called for a timeout effective, in terms of making sure that we don't crash out with, it with a No Deal scenario, it's that extension that we need the. House of Commons considered. That brexit, delay after, a week of high drama. Would. Have voted for, this dog brexit, yet. Another, snub, of the government's, initial plan the, Prime Minister, has, lost all, control. Tourism a conspicuously. Silent she. Lost her voice her, grip on power at risk to, Mays. Brexit, point man laid out what's left of the government's vision it's, time for this house to act in the national interest, it's time to put forward an extension.

That Is realistic. Mp's, agree, Britain, should ask the EU to postpone, the breakup the eyes to the right. 412. The, nose to the left. 202. The, votes result, drew no Cheers, just, silence, I, don't. Wanna see think if we haven't achieved agreement. Within two years so, she's in Frank in frankly a matter of weeks maybe months we're, going to achieve anything, different tonight, the Prime Minister headed home her country now likely strapped, to the EU for, a while longer, nothing. Settled only, stalled. Thomas. It doesn't seem like this delay has helped with the uncertainty, or the confusion, surrounding brexit, at all. Now. All the delay does is clarify, what happens next a little bit now the Prime Minister can go to Brussels, next week and request, a delay for three months or longer. She still intends to come back to Parliament next week and put her divorce deal to, get another, vote hoping third, time's a charm and that strategy could, force hardline, brexit, errs to choose between her. Deal which they don't like and the. Risk of a long brexit, delay or the threat of brexit never materializing. At all. This, is all beginning to look like a game of chicken rosemary, and it could still backfire. Hard. To see what happens next thanks Thomas appreciate it you're. Welcome. Turning. To the US President Donald. Trump's own long-running. Game of chicken over, his border wall today, senators, opposed, to his national, emergency, declaration, had a chance to smack it down and, they did not blink, now Democrats, have long opposed President Trump on his border wall strategy, but as Paul hunter explains today's, Senate, vote suggests. His bedrock, of Republican, support could, be cracking. The. Yeas are 59, the. Nays are 41. The. Joint resolution has passed, do, the math and for, Donald Trump it's a stinging, slap. Down US. Senators today voting, to rebuke, the, president, among them yes, Democrats. The, fact is that the president, is trying to rewrite, the, Constitution, but. As well and more to the point fully 12. Republicans. This. For me as a matter of defending. The Constitution, and the balance of power at. The center of it that border. Wall today's, vote was aimed at blocking Trump's declaration. Of a national emergency along, the US border with Mexico, it's Trump's, way to free up billions, of dollars, to build a longer, wall, lawmakers. Opposed that because under, the US Constitution its. Congress, not the president with, control, of public spending do, we want, the, executive. Branch. Now. Or, in. The future. To. Hold the, power of, the, purse I'll probably have to veto in. Trying, to build the wall regardless. Trump today pledged he'll keep at it offering, a rare, one-word, tweet, about that. Senate vote veto. Promising. For the first time in his presidency to now overrule. Congress. Though, even that won't, settle things with the expectation. This will all end up in the courts eventually. Maybe, for years one, thing I think, is pretty clear it's, in arguably, a presidential. Power grab but for many it's the Senate vote itself, that matters most Trump had framed it as a test of loyalty and that so, many Republicans on an issue so, close, to his heart had failed. To line up lockstep, behind him may. Well signal, that for Donald Trump more, setbacks.

Could Now loom. Paul. Hunter CBC News Washington, okay, Andrew let's turn now to a marketplace investigation. Yeah and this one's for anyone who enjoys the odd shrimp cocktail, or a seafood, linguini much. Of the shrimp consumed in this country comes from overseas, and some of it may contain, dangerous bacteria. David, comment shows us what, he found and how. Hard. To be a man. This, one is from, India. Let's. Get an organic one we. Randomly, tested, supermarket. Shrimp imported, from India China Vietnam. And Thailand, and took them to microbiologist. Joe rubin um what we're looking for are different. Types of antibiotic, resistant, bacteria many, had bacteria, like e-coli and, in almost one in five what they found was resistant. To common antibiotics. So-called superbugs. Three. Of the samples were ESBL, that allows them to break down antibiotics. ESBL, is almost like an antibiotic killer. It's. Not a bad way of thinking about it most of canada's shrimp comes from Asia where antibiotics are, often, used to control bacteria. In shrimp. Ponds but. There's worldwide, concern, that practice, increases. The risk the, bacteria, will adapt and become. Resistant. To antibiotics, the. Challenge we have to deal with now is that those countries. Don't, have. The same regulations, that we do so. That sounds a bit like a backdoor that's correct that's the that's the that's. The. Challenge, that we have Jerry. Right is perhaps Canada's. Foremost, authority, on antibiotic. Resistance, what, would be a really good idea to prevent them from getting in in the first place Canada. Does not allow antibiotic. Use on any, shrimp, imported, or otherwise, but, marketplace, learn Canada's, Food Inspection Agency, isn't. Even testing, for superbugs, on our shrimp instead. It's been testing, for antibiotic. Residue, and now industry, insiders, tell us that direct, testing, is itself, being reduced, in favor, of seafood, importers. Doing, more of their own testing, it's. A gap so you need to close the gap this is a growing, problem around the world we need to come to grips with it and we need to be then when, you get on top of it. Problem. Right now is that other than your little study we don't know so. What should happen now we asked the Federal Health Minister is, it your commitment, to look into the issue of what is on our shrimp being imported into this country. Commit to make sure that I get in touch with our CFIA, officials, to find out exactly what is being done in this area and then from there making, sure that we ensure that Canada Swiss supply is safe for all Canadians. Cooking. Can kill many superbugs. But there's also the risk of cross-contamination. Take. A look at where we detected, it in this test kitchen, using luminescent. Gel get, that bacteria, on your food and inside, of you the, common antibiotics, used to fight your next infection, may. Not work. Okay. So, David, should people what, avoid eating shrimp or can, they do something to protect themselves so, I'm still eating shrimp even after knowing all the things that I now know but. Cook it thoroughly if you're buying raw shrimp make sure it's cooked straight through that doesn't take very long in terms of preparation treat. It like raw chicken so. Wash, your hands very thoroughly afterwards, touch nothing in between and, on antibiotic. Resistance, I mean should people be worried about other seafood, or other food generally there, are other foods where antibiotics are, used and are used legally, so chicken, and beef for instance in this country, it's reduced, now because, they're trying to ward off antibiotic, resistance, since these bugs become better and better and adapt, against, the antibiotics, we have places.

Like Chicken, and beef farms. Are reducing. Significantly the amount of antibiotics they use but. They are out there and we are marching sort, of towards a problem, probably. In 10 or 20 years very, interesting stuff David thanks so much and, David, we'll have a lot more on this tomorrow night you can watch the full marketplace investigation, on cbc television's starting at 8 p.m. 8:30. In Newfoundland. Here. Are some of the other stories were following tonight beginning, with a developing, story in tel-aviv, rocket. Warning sirens, were heard across the city as tensions. In the region rise. These. Really military says Palestinian, militants, fired two rockets, at Tel Aviv the, first time they've reached the area in five years no, damage, or injuries were reported, Israel, confirmed it launched airstrikes in, response, aimed at targets in the Gaza Strip, I'm. Relieved that at. Least one soldier who's responsible, for those actions is, going to be prosecuted, a, former. British soldier, is facing two murder charges, in connection, to Northern Ireland's, Bloody Sunday killings. The, accused identified, only as soldier, F will, also be charged with four counts of attempted murder, in, January, of 1972. British, soldier, shot 13, people dead and wounded, 14, others during, a Catholic civil, rights protests. And. Nigerian. Officials have, suspended their search a, day after the collapse of the school building at least, eight people were killed that number is feared to rise an unknown, number remain, missing, there now questions, about why the building was in use in the first place it had been marked for demolition by. Nigerian, authorities. Still. Ahead on tonight's national it's Thursday and that issue is here their take on the opposition, outrage, on the SNC level affair last any day now the long waited Muller report, will be done but the public may not get to see all of it we'll explain why but. Next what researchers, are learning about babies, in their first, few days of light I don't, think we really. Appreciated. The staggering, number of changes that are occurring. First. Off let's get the term straight impeachment. Is commonly, misunderstood. To mean the removal of a president, from office but. It's actually, the process not. The result, so, how hard is it to impeach a president pretty. Hard and that's by design. So. How does it happen first. A sitting president needs, to be formally, accused as something seriously, Shady in a constitution, that's treason bribery and, other high crimes and misdemeanors, next. The House of Representatives, drafts and debates the charges and evidence known as the articles of impeachment and, if, a majority of the House votes to accept the case the president, is impeached, no, stuff. Gets real with, a high-profile, trial in the Senate the. President retains his or her lawyers, the House Judiciary Committee, acts as the prosecution, the Senate, is the jury there are witnesses and cross-examination and the whole thing is presided, over by the Chief Justice of the United States, sound. Like an episode of law and order while, the piece of proceedings, may feel like a criminal trial it's purely, political a, conviction, here won't land you in jail but, of two thirds of senators decide, you will be kicked out of office no. Appeal, here's, a trivia fun fact no US president, has ever been removed from office via impeachment, wait you say what about this guy this guy in this guy Andrew. Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached but were acquitted by the Senate and Nixon he resigned before it could happen sidenote, impeachment.

Is Not just for presidents the US House has also impeached, 19, individuals 15. Federal, judges and one cabinet, member to, summarize, impeachment, is the political process of removing, from office certain public officers accused of wrongdoing the. House and peaches and the Senate conducts the trial but of house representatives. Are in sync with voters they're also going to take a good hard look at popular, opinion, before setting things in motion remember. A ton of people voted, the president. The. First few days of a newborn's life are so important. And yet doctors, haven't really known much about what was actually happening biologically. In that critical time, well, that's changing. Here's Castro see now with what new research has revealed and how it could mean big things for baby's, health. The. First week, of a newborn's, life is fragile, and potentially. Deadly a. Large, proportion of childhood, mortality is, newborn, mortality and, there's, a lot that we don't know, about. Neonatal. Immunology, researchers. Looked at two groups of them in different parts, of the world, 60, babies half from Gambia in West Africa. The other half from Papua, New Guinea were recruited, researchers. Compared, to tiny blood samples, less than 1/4, of a teaspoon from. Each newborn at birth, and again later in the first week what. They saw were dramatic, biological. Changes, genes. And immune cells were activated, proteins. Were being produced I don't. Think we really. Appreciated. The staggering, number of changes that are occurring Bob. Hancock's, team at the University, of British Columbia, performed. The blood work they, pioneered, the technique that got so much data from such a small sample we saw an increase, in, their. Ability, to resist, infections. Which is the biggest, threat to an infant during that first week of life without, having, a really good idea of what's. Normal. For a baby in the first week of life it's, very difficult. To design strategies. To, try to help these babies do better but, the research could give doctors, new ways to protect newborns. In those early, days including. More specific, testing, done at birth to, determine, which baby may get sick it, could also provide, clues on when babies, should be vaccinated we'd.

Really Like to know more about whether, we can actually start, doing those vaccinations. Even earlier in the infant's to give them a better chance of fighting off the devastating, diseases that vaccines, protect against, hoping. To provide the most vulnerable with. A fighting chance early, on in their life Cass, rusi CBC, News Toronto. Silicum. A tissue looks, ahead to Tuesday's, budget day and what's, next in the SNC, level at controversy, plus. Two years after a blizzard stranded. Hundreds of Quebec motorists, the provincial government agrees to pony up it's. A great day it's, a great day for the little person it's, a great day for the, the people of Montreal, I'm extremely, happy I think it's is, something that we should all be proud of. Most. People had never heard of Nexium until, this happened aliceandmac she has been charged with sex trafficking the. FBI arrested, the group's leader as well with Allison Matt over. Several months a number of partners were laid including, sex trafficking, forced, labor and racketeering, conspiracy and, all, hell broke loose, Mac was with the alleged cult leader when he was arrested in Mexico. Nexium. Has been called a terrifying, cult a sex cult a pyramid scheme and even, a group bent on world domination. But. What is nexium here's. The story of the group's rise and call. Nexium. Started in 1998, in Albany New York and it claims to be a self-improvement, group and it helps people with their issues and gain, success the, ultimate goal is to achieve an enlightened, state something, that's called fully integrated. So far of course the group's leader is the only one who's achieved that state it's. Also a multi-level, marketing company, people, pay money to take courses sometimes tens of thousands of dollars and you can make money by getting other people to sign up the, group has attracted, rich and famous people including, Eris's Sarah and Clare Bronfman Smallville. Actresses, aliceandmac, and Kristin Kreuk and Hawaii five-o actress, Grace Park though, kook and park have since left but. Some former members say the group is actually centered on the appetites, and powers of the group's leader Keith. Ranieri who, the neck seemed faithful call Vanguard. If, you. Want to understand nexium you have to try and understand, Keith Ranieri our, main belief is to have people experience more. Joy in their lives, this, is him talking, about nexium and from. That all sorts. Of interesting, effects. Appear. To happen so. According to an Arri he's one of the smartest people in the world he claims to have an IQ of 240. He. Says he has a hundred and forty seven packets, he, has degrees in math biology and physics he has a minor in psychology and, philosophy he's, an expert in computer science he's. Written two books one, with a foreword from the Dalai Lama. Nexium. Isn't the first multi-level, marketing scheme that Ranieri started, in 1990. He started something called consumers. Byline which is essentially a discount shopping Club it was shut down the Ranieri did not admit any fault a few, years later he. Started nexium I'm, very, devilish, and I think I'm probably the worst coach in the world because. I'm just a demon. Nexium. Claims to be a self-help group but, according to some people that left that's, not the whole story some.

People Say that after they left, next scene went after them in the courts for speaking out and. Some of the most serious allegations. In the FBI indictments, have to do with a secret group linked to nexium called, dass some. Of the women who joined us say, they believed it was a secret group for, women's empowerment das, is an acronym for the Latin phrase Dominus, obsequious auroria. Which loosely translates, to master. Over the slave woman in, das you were called a slave and you served under your master and if you recruited, others he became their master in, order to join women, had to give over collateral. To prove they were committed, some, woman gave nude photos, or taped confessions, of damaging, secrets if, they quit some, people feared their collateral would be released and in, what many people find the strangest, part in the initiation ceremony women. Got branded. One. Woman says that she only found out at the ceremony that, the design would be burned into her skin she. Left nexium after, she realized that the design appeared, to include the initials of kr from, Keith binary and a.m., for, aliceandmac the, FBI. Says the some of the women in das were being instructed to have sex with Ranieri since, the story broke nexium has suspended all activities, and Ranieri, and Mac have pleaded not guilty but, some former members are worried about what will happen next and if the company will still come after them check, out the complete podcast, escaping, nexium at CBC CA, /. We. Are live on the national following the latest in the trial of former Donald, Trump advisor Roger stone. The. Longtime political confidant. To the president, will get his day in court November, 5th Shaw, was set for today by a federal, judge who, also cautioned stone that he needed to comply with a gag order limiting. His public comments on the case stone, has denied any wrongdoing in. The, wake of the u.s. college admissions scandal, the Hallmark, Channel has, announced severing, ties with the Hollywood actress Lori, Loughlin it, stopped production of two vancouver-based, projects, because of the decision, the, beauty chain Sephora, also says it's ending its partnership, with Lofland, Daughter a social-media. Influencer. Known as Olivia, jade. After. Initially refusing Netflix. Now says it will, remove images, of lac-megantic from. The film Byrd box footage. Of the disaster, was used in the psychological, thriller a move, that was met with outrage from the friends and families, of the 47, people killed in the Quebec town the, streaming service issued an apology for, any pain it caused. And, I'm not going, mr.. McKinnon what a shame. No. It's a cover-up, the committee's already expressed his wishes on March 6 to have this particular, hearing on March. 19th so it's as simple as that what does this say to Canadians, that they have something to hide if they didn't have something to hide we would have had the debate they have done everything, that they could to, block and, obstruct. The, ability, of this committee to, get to the truth so strong, words from the opposition parties, after yesterday's, emergency, debate at the Justice Committee was cut short now, their next meeting is set for Tuesday that, will happen behind closed, doors it just happens, to be budget, day next Tuesday so, what happens next in the SNC level and controversy, how will the government use presumably, the budget to reset the agenda it's Thursday and that means it's at issue time everyone, with me in studio in Toronto where I am as well Chantel aver Andrew, Coyne and Andre, to me it's good to see everybody in person. So. I want. To talk about what happened in that committee this week but also in terms of how the government may, try to seize back the, agenda with the budget what, did you make of the. Liberal decision to shut, down the idea of Jody Wilson Raybould for now anyway coming back in front of that committee yes well I mean the line was well we're not shutting anything down we're just postponing it, to the regular the scheduled date I guess, I'm not clear why March 19th, is the mad date other than it, happens to me the day of the budget so whatever decision they make whether they call jody wilson Raybould whether they call any other other witnesses or whether as I suspect they call none of them it'll, get drowned out by the budget coverage which I suspect was the intent so no shutting.

Down That meeting last Wednesday wasn't, the. End of the world not but it certainly pre Said's it seems to me aware where, they're headed it it wasn't. Surprising though, that they didn't. Want to put her back in that forum, was it I mean that that he wanted to give her more time in, that committee as the, only witness is that surprising, to you I don't know. Yes. And no yes. Because. Pressure. And, the consensus, out there beyond, the opposition, parties was that she should be allowed to. Reply. To the, testimonies, that others. Have given that, seem to match hers. Second, the, notion I'm not insulted, by the fact that the meeting will take place on the day of the budget behind closed doors because that meeting is going to be a meeting about a meeting, but. If, the, intent, were, to say yes let's have her back, that. Makes. Very, strange strategic, sense because the Liberals were then setting be setting themselves up, to overshadow, with their budget with. A second, Wilson Reybold appearance, and if they for, a second think that the budget will overshadow, that, they. Really, are miscalculating. So I'm assuming that. They do not, want her back and I'm not sure that, they. Can prevent, her from speaking by just saying you can't come to our committee, well so so they, take issue the government says. They take issue with the notion that they are being perceived as muzzling, Jodie Wilson rebels that in fact she could speak any time she wants to speak she could speak to me she could speak to you she could hold a press conference that's. Entirely possible but, then the moment she does that and steps outside of the Justice Committee to have, conversations, with the press I think what'll happen to her will be more, or less what happened to Selena Caesar shavon who went to the press had a conversation about what her conversations, were with the prime minister and then she was essentially, attacked by a liberal partisan, so online, social media etcetera so I, don't, I don't really see how it. Makes any sense to have her go outside, the venue where the questions are supposed to be answered which is inside of that committee I mean let's look at the larger context the story broke February.

The 7th, Ms. Wilson Rainbolt spoke to the committee on February, 27th, we're now into. The next week into late March and they're only now debating. And considering, whether to call her, or whether to call are there witnesses this is not how the committee should, be proceeding, this is the only forum, we have to try to even, notionally. Get to the bottom of since we're not apparently going to have a public inquiry there, are serious allegations, that top-level, officials in the government tried. To to interfere, with a prosecution, a criminal prosecution, on serious, charges of fraud and corruption this. Is not acceptable, it's, fine to say well she could speak elsewhere she could also speak to the committee and there's I have yet to hear a good reason why she shouldn't but. Three. Points one she, did testify, about her experience, as Attorney, General. So I'm not sure that there would, be a lot to add to the interference, issue from, our time after, she wasn't Attorney General the. First year on the cabinet shuffle which speaks to motivation, I guess yes but second. Point, for. The Liberals there would be an advantage in having her own community because they could there are questions, that they should be asking, they haven't been and. If they're serious they, would look a lot better asking, tough questions then, muscling her or keeping her out of the committee but. I guess the third point is for. Herself they're, welcome a point where, she will have to reconcile, or desire, to remain a part of that team with, whatever, she wants to say about, the person who leads it right and, and so her. I'm. Guessing, if she does go back and testify, there, will be a line at some point it will be crossed, where it will become impossible to, commend, this prime minister to, voters in six months and at the same time to, spend more time talking about how terrible it is also elementary, fairness, Michael. Warnock got to testify twice both before and after Gerry Butz got testify testify after, the benefit of hearing her so he would know where the where, to direct his testimony, they, both essentially, implied that she was either lying or making things up so she. Should be able to say her piece but secondly, there's all kinds of other people I would like to hear from those two officials in the prime minister's office who apparently were talking, to line prosecutors. Quite, improperly, at least according to her testimony I'd like to hear from them maybe it's not true yes. Okay. And I will just for the record point out that I have asked to speak with her on numerous, occasions, and she has yet to accept but I mean she's had invitations, it's my point beyond the committee to say, her piece and maybe that's not the right venue but there, it is so talk to me about the budget then and how you expect, that to factor into all of this because as we've talked about before it, was this time last year that they were getting over the India, trip, debacle. Had, a budget to sort of reset things I think it appeared, to work Eric Grande's numbers show that things start to track back up after the budget anyway is that do they have to put all their eggs in the basket here, in order to try and rebuild the narrative whereas this is the damage I think the fact that we're even having this conversation shows. That to me it just it belies. A level of cynicism that I think I at. Least thought in Katie and Paul that we were past that so the idea that you know we're delaying this this, the second appearance so until the day of the budget whether or not it overshadows I don't think is really the question the question is like why couldn't we have settled one before he moved on to the other why couldn't we settle this issue as you pointed out you know we've been dealing, with this for over a month this. Could have been squared away by now in the Justice Committee so why why are we stretching this into the budget period in having a conversation over what. That if we're talking about the future of pharmacare. In Canada we're talking about getting young people into, homes and trying to solve, the housing crisis in this country if. We're conflating, that with an. Issue that was over, a month. Old. Or. Are they trying to say these are the things that matter, to us so we want you to talk I think if they wanted to get this squared away by then and then move on to the budget issues and and the the, issues contained therein they. Would have done so but I think they think it is squared away. Chantall. That that jody wasn't Reybold would drown out the budget versus, the other way around I think the message the government will try to say is the opposition wants to talk scandal, we're talking about the real concerns yeah you know men and women in Canada they've got several, billion dollars in extra revenues it looks like over, because they are Noble lowball the revenue numbers as usual I suspect, there'll be a lot of goodies in this budget and which.

We Shall see maybe Chantelle's right but we shall see which takes, precedence and news coverage the, budget was always going to have lots of goodies in there because it's a pre-election budget, tape and. It is fair game for the government, to remind voters of, other issues than. Jodie Wilson, Raybould and SNC labelled a because. When they make that choice in October it's going, to be more, than that so then we gets repeated a national level was already happened in Ontario is that the government tries to paper over scandal, but dropping a whole bunch of goodies in the. I. Don't. Think the government, should forego. Presenting. A budget thank. You. So. The. Sheer presentation. Of a budget does not paper over you're actually, reaaargh, Ewing my point and I believe that if she showed up the day after the budget the, budget would, be forgotten from the end dropped from the headlines, much. More quickly than. She does not but but do they but do they need it more, than they would have anyway, given its a pre-electoral, budget I guess that's my question I've seen. Governments, who were going into elections. Bring goodI budgets, time, and again and in the end if you're going to be reelected, it usually, is based on the character, of the prime minister and not on some goodI budget, that came six, months before because remember, those checks that Stephen Harper sent, the. Entire summer, Philip. Had, nothing but goodies this time last year and look where yesterday, or where is he by the way. There. Was no paper but, what's happening on Ontario is that you know some of the some of the great. Items that were included, in the last budget and the wind government are now being on door undone by the fort government what is my, key what will happen if the Liberals are defeated this year it will be interesting to see how the opposition plays, the budget I'd. Not sure that you can credibly. Have business as usual when the government is preventing, preventing, key witnesses, who, are accused, of having tampered, with the prosecution. To. Just go ahead with the budget and pretend everything's normal so it would be interesting to see they, promise, you is quote unquote every tool kit in the the opposition has at their disposal we, shall see well but to Chantelle's point what do you expect them to do not table the budget not pretend.

The. Government will do what the government will do I think the opposition now has an opportunity to make the point that this is not business as usual we are not going to play along and just pretend that this issue is just a side like it's an incredibly. Important issue if the governor of the day is going to be monkeying around with a criminal prosecution that's word to you I guess if you're asking can build more no safe the, government from and reverse the polls I don't think so I think by now the issue is squarely on to, the prime minister and. That's why the narrative. Of the SNC leveling, ensures. It's not because, everyone. Wants to hear everyone, I know Andrew this but it's because, cast. Doubts as to the character, of the prime minister as yet about to ask for another mandate right but can the budget in terms of defining, him in his leadership can it do that forget, Bill Morneau we've all agreed what, his limitations are but can, he do that himself, the only budge that I've ever seen. That has done that was the 95, Paul Martin budget because it was watershed. Budget not a goodie pre-election. Budget and I don't think that budget, is gonna be a structurally, watershed. But a combination. Of throwing goodies at people well stonewalling, on this issue is not a good one I think what it really comes down to is asset you know what what kind of society, we live, in and what kind do we want to live in do we want to live in a society where if, you have enough, wealth and enough connections to the government you can essentially slide skirt the law or do, we agree that we are all. Are. We all subject, to the law as it is written and I don't think that regardless. Budget, or not we can really get away from that conversation okay thanks. Everybody, before, we go be sure to subscribe to at issue the podcast, for extra content this week Dave maybe you don't guys don't know this yet but we're gonna talk about the MTV strategy, for Quebec you probably do ahead of the election look for it on iTunes any major podcast, app our website CBC news dot, CA slash the national, and. Just, ahead Muller, 101, what to expect when the special counsel finishes, his investigation, the, big question is will we see everything that Muller finds probably. Not let's. Go over how this could all go down the. First a peek at something coming your way this weekend, renowned songwriter. Producer David. Foster will, be honored at the Junos he and I had a chance to meet and talk about that but also about, his rather, large rolodex. Of a list talent, spanning decades here's a preview of our Sunday interview. What. Did you think when you saw that well, what I thought specifically. Was that I was an incredible. Task, master, and control freak, is, what I got. Out of watching myself on, tape, I made Neil Young seeing at least 13 times one, line I mean he must have wanted to kill me. A. Little. Flat on innocence, but other than that it was great we'll go again one. More time somehow. Our that's, my sound man. That's. My sound like, in other words I'm done with you. Joining, me now the bandleader from Late Night with David Letterman Paul, Shaffer now you were here and you in. Vancouver to go to the Royal dinner when, you were on Late, Night with Letterman last week you were saying just before the dinner that you had to get a pair of black silk socks to go with your tuxedo we're able to find any I really. Had two socks, I just. Wanted to refer to the socks on TV but. I had them actually I had to buy cufflinks though I forgot my cufflinks what was it her like. It. Was great it. Was you know I was a first date dinner I've ever been to did you meet yes there was a there was a there, was a reception first with the lot.

Of Dignitaries, there and. I. Was. Fortunate. Enough to be. In the company of a. Chap. Who. Sort. Of sneaked me into the air to the reception, so that I might meet, the you, weren't in you couldn't get in without being. Him. Well. You, crashed the thing right Lee Richardson who, is. The I believe the executive, assistant. To the Prime Minister sort. Of sort. Of got me and he said come with me I want you to meet somebody and, the. Next thing I knew I was on, ER you. Know sort, of a receiving line in there the Prime Minister his wife and prince. And princess we were going. Down the line doing, those lines and maybe you really have a chance to talk with them at all or is it just sort of a lot of nodding and hello how are you very briefly. This. Is what happened, I you, know I thought, that if I was ever gonna gonna, get to meet Prince. And Princess of Wales it would be somebody but, you always hear that there's gonna be somebody to brief you on what the proper protocol there was nobody of course justly, he said come in come with me and there I was and then, he was gone and I said what what do I call him you know and he just called banks is your highness and he was gone okay, so at least I knew that and. Then. The. Night the last person I spoke to on the phone before I left New York was, there at Clapton do I know a little bit you know and he was in town recording, and, called me up and he said. He'd heard on the choice that I hear you going to Vancouver to her to, meet the Royals I said yeah I said, what should I do he said well don't whatever, you do don't. Speak to them first if you to meet them they, speak first then you speak okay so that words, of Eric Clapton were ringing in my mind and. All. Of a sudden there's Prince Charles and nobody. Knows who I am you. Know because Lee Richardson was gone. Anything. Nothing. All right so you're standing I'm standing out he's standing there so I didn't know what to do so I I broke protocol, I spoke first, I said. Hello. Your highness I'm Paul, Shaffer I'm. The musical director of the David, Letterman late-night. TV, show he says oh really how late. So. I said that 12:30, he says well yeah. And. That, was my conversation, no. Good lady the Princess, Diana did, you were able to just. A brief. Again, again I ended this myself no she. Said how do you do it do you ever feel.

Like The Ed McMahon of the 80s yeah, I mean I get a sidekick. I sure, well you know I guess I'm asking for it I there. I am I mean that I'm in that spot I'm, like adding dot combined, I guess I. Never, thought I'd end up that way at such a young age but, I. Don't. Know what am I gonna say you know but. I'm. Having a terrific time you know my job is to be supportive, of David. To give, him something to play off to. Try to be spontaneous. With, him it's it's terrific I say it's an ideal job for me I got, a cute little band I get to play all my favorite songs whatever I want to play and. I get to talk on television, and and, and. Converse, with David. In a very spontaneous manner, I think it's terrific you guys friends yeah, we're friends we don't hang out extensively, but every once in a while we get together it's. A great show again, and the, congratulations, thanks forthe re thank you very much my pleasure. I see. Deep, sea, now. These are shorter paths what will they do next. Hopefully. Nothing major combo, sauce. In, the pets when I car ports. Well clearly you like them and that's the important thing you, want payback. Um. How you get it it's not enough, I did not expect to get a shot at the King street-legal, mondays, on CBC. The. Yeas are 420. The. Nays are zero a. Rear. Bipartisan. Vote in the US House of Representatives today Democrats. And Republicans, voted unanimously in. Favor of a resolution calling. For special counsel, Robert Muller's report, into, Russia election, meddling to be made public the. Vote isn't binding and it was quickly blocked by the Senate but it does represent growing. Pressure on the Justice Department, to be transparent. When the report is finally, released, the CBC's, Matt Quang explains, what, we can expect to learn, the. Big question is will we see everything that Muller finds probably. Not let's. Go over how this could all go down the special, Council will submit his report to his boss Attorney, General William bar this. Will be a confidential, document Bar. Gets to decide what. To share with the public and what, to tell Congress he. Says it be as transparent as possible quote, consistent. With the law so. Some wiggle room even, if Barr does decide to release the full report to the public don't, expect it to be dictionary, sized it, won't be as sprawling as independent, council ken starr's 445. Page whitewater, report in which he revealed President Bill Clinton's extramarital, affair. Current. Regulations, only require Muller to lay out investigatory. Paths he took and to. Explain declinations. Decisions. His team made to, not bring charges against someone that would, be a bare-bones report, he, could simply list people he indicted and say there was no probable cause for indictable, offences, in any other cases a comprehensive. Narrative, report could be another way to go but. Muller is so straight-laced, that he'll likely hand in something more understated. Whatever, we learn is up to Barr once. He has molars report Barr must, notify Congress but. He doesn't have to share everything, it might, be a summary leaving out classified, intelligence, bars. Summary, must reveal any conflicts, between Muller's team and the, Justice Department overseeing. Muller's work for, example suppose, Muller won with a subpoena, Deutsche Bank to look into Trump's business, dealings, if, molars boss said no Congress. Would have to know about that rejection will. The report indict anyone close to Trump Barra says he's bound by Justice Department policies, one, policy says you don't release reports about, people you aren't charging with a crime let's, say Muller uncovers, something unsavory, about, Trump or his family members, unless, that activity meets the threshold of proof, that the law was broken there, will be no charges, that, means the president's name might not even be mentioned in the report Justice. Department guidelines also, say you can't indict a sitting president. What, if Trump or anyone close to him isn't indicted, and Barr, doesn't explain why that.

Won't Sit well with Congress, new, investigations. Could get more aggressive and lawmakers. Could subpoena Muller to testify, remember. Congress. Is now gearing up for its own probes, already. Those probes are looking not just into Russia but, allegations, of corruption, obstruction. Of justice and, abuse. Of power by Trump, and his administration and, Muller could still hand off key cases to other federal prosecutors. Allowing. Those probes to live on for years after. Molars team dissolves, so, if you thought the Trump probes were nearly over think. Again Mac, Wang CBC, News Washington. Our. Moment is on the way here's a taste of what's to come who's, happier in this scene the dog or, the owner, whoa. Who's. Here. Whoa. Whoa. Look. Who we found ah. But. First. In. Case you missed it vindication. And compensation. For the hundreds, of people who endure their own private. Ides of March two, years ago they were betrayed, by, a jackknifing. Tractor-trailer. On frozen, highway, 13 in Montreal it caused, a massive, pileup, in the middle of a snowstorm which, did not trigger a rapid, and coordinated, response it, was in fact a total, logistical. Nightmare. Forcing, many people to spend the night in their cars, and triggering. A class-action, lawsuit, against the province, and the city of Montreal. Which. Provincial, authorities, have now settled with payouts ranging, from 350. To about a thousand, bucks with bonuses, in some cases for. A person who was stuck between four, and six hours. Would. Get $500. And if they were for. Example pregnant. Then, that person who was stuck for four. To six hours would get an increase. Of 25% which, would mean 625. Marlene. Berman, endured, a night in the cold back, in 2017, it was a really, fortunate incident. For them that no one froze to death people. Were running out of gas it was cold it was minus 12 it could easily have been minus 40 she's very happy with Quebec stijn, and hopes Montreal, will follow suit, we are your constituents. There, will be another election hey, never, underestimate. The political. Memory of voters once forced to sleep in their cars. Which, record, they figured out that two-thirds, of Canadian households now, have a video cassette recorder yes a lot of people use them just to playback movies, that they rent however once, you can figure it out and record programs, a lot of people use them for that as well there is a Japanese company though, that has designed a VCR, which will not only record, the show you want but, it will do it without the, commercials, joining, me now from Calgary to explain this technology, is our regular columnist Tom Keenan hi Tom all. Right this sounds too good to be true it's something I mean it's one thing to have a muting, button so you don't have to hear a commercial, but to actually delete them how does this work well it's pretty clever they make use of the fact that the network's in Japan send out a signal an electronic, signal, to change, over, from the Japanese, movies which, tend to have both the the English.

And Japanese sound, tracks on the two stereo channels into the commercials, which have to be just in Japanese so everybody gets them and that signal can be detected by the video recorder, so what it does is it just stops recording, when it sees a commercial, then when you get back to the real program it picks it up again but here in North America we don't have that situation I mean will, they be able to use one of these here or no the Japanese one definitely, would not work in North America there's no question about that however, there is a signal, it's a little cue button that little, cue light that goes on in the corner, c.b.c, uses it for example to alert the local stations, when a commercials, coming up and there's some controversy about whether or not somebody could build a video recorder to detect that no one idea is you, could just maybe find that part of the television picture that sends that little flashing q dot and do the same thing here nobody's, tried to do that yet though alright let's go back to the Japanese model, for a second I can't imagine that the average corporate, sponsor, is going to roll over and play dead to face with the idea that you could negate their commercials, well for starters you have to think about some people say well gee no so what I'm watching the program live and I'm seeing the commercials why should I have to put them on the tape the answer of course is that lots of people particularly, in Japan use, the video recorder, as a time-shifter, now I used to do this I wanted to watch the evening news now we get home late so I just set the old video recorder, up and I'd watch it whenever I got home Japanese. Tend to love technology when I was over there I saw this vending machine that sold bouquets, of flowers I, mean like $50 bouquets of and the robot arm hands it to you so you have to think about these guys sitting over there thinking okay great we never have to watch commercials again we'll just record things, if you do that of course you cut out the revenue that's what pays for television, commercial, revenue and yeah the advertisers, were going nuts about it why aren't I depressed about this I mean there's a sense of warfare, going on now I get. The sense that people at home really don't want to be bombarded with commercials, anymore commercial. Advertisers, are saying hey no watch no TV. And there doesn't seem to be a common ground for them to stand on are we gonna see this cat mouse game of technologies. And the rest of it just jumping around until somebody wins this battle my, own prediction, is that probably somebody will pick up this idea in North America, I'm told that there was an article a few years ago and one of the electronics, magazines telling you how to build one of these things in your own basement lab to, go out there and cut out commercials, and what it comes down to is how can you detect commercials, if the network's send you a signal it's pretty easy maybe, there are other ways some people say the commercials, are piped up at a higher volume they are. I'm. Gonna go out and find you three businesses, beautiful. This is scaring me a little bit I am ready for a change what kind of business are you interested in things to do with kids car service the neighborhood pub Rena B&B, how much money do you on that best I'm, most excited about being my own boss. Nothing. Ventured nothing gained, which business you wanna buy we landed on I'm planning to I'm leaning towards, under new management Friday at 8:30 on CBC. Well. Imagine this good boy was your dog and then imagine him, disappearing. From your backyard one evening that's what a family from Kelowna BC went, through this past weekend, but, not, long after word got out on social media that Atlas, had disappeared, he, was found and the big family, reunion was, really something overjoyed.

Does Not even begin to describe it and that is our moment of the day. Whoa. Who's. Here. Just. Overwhelmed, with joy. It's. A natural reaction when, Alice and I don't see each other for a long period of time it's like a happy cry from him and there, was tears of joy for sure was, a relief, that this. I was, worried, where the dog was was, he being taken, care of when we brought him home he ate two footballs, of. Dog. Food you could tell that he was extremely. Hungry once he got home we felt, like a million bucks was the best feel people were waiting here. And. It. Became like a block party and he, was just running, wild, okay. There, we go thank you. So. Obviously, we all ask the same question, who steals, a dog a dog that adorable. Well apparently it, was a woman who did the dog napping and I guess they are looking for her now yeah police don't know a whole lot more than that but but you know besides being confusing, this crime was was also quite brazen right it, didn't happen at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning it happened at 7:30. In the evening so, presumably, there might have been lots of people around but it was the surveillance footage that, caught. The acts in progress so to speak and then eventually once it was posted on social media those those tips just came pouring in but as, we said still. No culprit, just yet let. Me just raise the curtain around our newsroom some people wonder about you know what is the process about, decisions. That we make to put in the news when. Given an array of stories, potentially. For the moment, dogs. Went out every time right like, around our editorial, table our senior producer Kate now is just a puddle of emotion, yeah. Yeah. She, was pushing for this more than anybody and it was an awfully cute story, what a nice way to end the message know for this Thursday March. 14th, good night.

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