The National for September 13, 2018 — Hurricane Florence, Uber, At Issue

The National for September 13, 2018 — Hurricane Florence, Uber, At Issue

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On. This Thursday night huge, storms, on either side, of the world put millions of people at risk we'll get the view from Asia as a super, typhoon targets. The Philippines and we'll, look at the threat of flooding along the u.s. East Coast Plus, using, natural, disasters, for political, gain we'll show you today's version also, tonight a candid, chat with ubers new boss why. He's bringing big jobs to Canada and Ontario's, unprecedented. Use of the notwithstanding, clause opens, up a nationwide, debate, at, issue is here to talk about Canadian. Democracy and, the messy, politics, of decision, making is it time to, reset, the constitutional. Table this is, the National. Times. Run out for people in the path of Hurricane Florence, to get out the, category 2 storm has begun it's slow steady, assault, on the southeast coast of the United States this. Is what, it looks like right now in Wilmington, North Carolina which, is expected, to take a direct hit when the eye makes, landfall, sometime, overnight, and into, tomorrow morning, and. Let's give you the view from hi this. Satellite, image shows you just how big, this thing is and as the, image changes just, how close, it is to the coastline about, 10 million, people are potentially in its path, and, while. Yes, florence, has downgraded in, strength over the last couple of days the big concern is how it could slow to a crawl, if the forecasts. Are right and this storm stalls, over the Carolinas, you'd, be able to jog faster, than this thing is moving which could, mean hours, upon, hours of, shredding, winds relentless. Rains and life-threatening. Storm surges, it'll. Stick around for a while and watching, developments right in the Hurricanes path the. CBC's paul hunter Paul. Hey. Andrew this. Is Florence, the. Outer edge, of the storm hit this part of North Carolina, late this afternoon and. Things, changed quickly it was kind of a cloudy. But calm day for most of the day and then boom this, this. One's a bad one already. And. So. It begins, in comes, the sea water along the North Carolina coast, down, go, the power lines as the wind picks up while, rain sheets, of it pours on to city streets, Florence, long-awaited has. Arrived in. New, Bern, north, of Wilmington they're already, knee-deep in, it waterfront. Parks are now under. Water, and all, of this just since, mid-afternoon. Nearly. 30,000. People in North Carolina, already. Or, without power and. That numbers rising the, worst of the storm is not yet here but. These are the early, warnings, of the days to come. Surviving. This storm will, be a test. Of endurance. Teamwork. Common. Sense and, patience. Though, Florence, is now a category 2, hurricane it's. Grown ever larger, in size and it's wind still, packs, a punch capable, of damaging buildings. But, it's the flooding, that's the real worry consider. Surging. Sea water may rise 4. Metres. Please. Do not let your guard down the storm surge forecast, associated, with this storm has not changed, it has remained the same a. String. Of towns along the Atlantic are now under, mandatory evacuation, all. Day long police turned back anyone, trying to get to the coast millions. A fled, inland. Some. Even, tying down their trees, before, leaving I made, other structures, nearby. Much. More vulnerable. Upon. Higher ground if only slightly Dave. Cannon, who survived, superstorm. Sandy in, New York six years ago and told us he's. Staying put for Florence fasten, everything down as much as you can and then. You hunker down and you, know. Across. Prepare. For the worst and hope for the best i mean that's the, standard line right now but. As the storm moves, in, and those who did flee are now packed, into shelters, there's. Another worry what if anything. Will be left when. They get home that. Rain kind, of deteriorates. A foundation, wash the house away and so, the fear, grows, likewise. The, fury, of florence and the sense of doom that. All of this is about to get much much. Worse. To. That end andrew emergency. Workers are on standby, throughout. The region, all that's really needed for them to be deployed is for, the full force, of florence. To strike, and, that's. Coming up and paul, speaking. Of emergency workers i'm seeing the flashing lights behind you can you explain what's going on there. Yeah, those, are police, and what, you can't see in the darkness behind them is a bridge bridge over water to, Wrightsville.

Beach And, that's one of the places it's under this, mandatory, evacuation. Mandatory, evacuation, does not mean you, are legally. Bound to leave are forced to leave you just strongly advised to leave most, people did leave, Wrightsville, Beach but, some people stayed and, for that handful of people still. Passed, those lights over the bridge and on the beach, the, police had two things to say number, one if this storm hits as hard as everyone expects, it to people. Are not going to go and rescue them no lives will be put at risk to, save the people who decided to stay number, one number two they. Took information, for their next of kin, because. It may well come to that. Paul. Let me say this I'm glad you're out there I look forward to hearing more from you I wish you all the best and stay safe, Paul hunter in Wilmington, North Carolina, tonight, q. Now. Let's bring in meteorologist, Johanna Wagstaff, who's been tracking the storm for us and Joe some, of the strongest, warnings, have been about the storm surge and flooding so, can you walk us through those concerns. Well. Andrew the threat of storm surge hasn't, dropped just because the hurricane category got, lowered in fact the millions of evacuations, along the coastline are because of the storm surge threat not, because of the winds here's, how it works and why storm surge is so dangerous. As. A major, storm, turns over the ocean the wind and waves push sea water out ahead of it forcing, a huge volume of water to pile up and push, inland, when it gets to shore how, much depends on the slope and the shape of the coastline along. With the size and intensity of the storm itself the, larger, and faster the storm the more water is whipped up what, we know about Florence, is that it's strong winds extend, far out from the eye meaning, a greater area of water is being pushed forward so, what does that actually look like when waters, reach a meter high driving, is out of the question it's enough to float cars down the street when, they reach two meters high that's, when it becomes life-threatening. This water is moving fast, and it's full of debris and when, it reaches three meters there's no escaping. The only option for people stuck in their homes is to get to a higher level and that's, what people along the entire North and South Carolina coast will, be facing over the next couple of days. Florence. Is expected, to slow down so, much as it nears landfall. That it's almost guaranteed, peak, storm surge will line up with at least one, high tide, after. That the threat will become flash flooding as Florence continues. To draw in moisture from the Atlantic, and that storm surge will keep that moisture locked, inland Andrew, okay, lots the watch born in the coming days Joe thanks so much you're. Welcome. And. Of course for the past few days u.s. President Donald Trump has been urging people to get out of Florence's, path but already. His handling, of this crisis, has, been a reminder, of his response to another one year ago widespread. Destruction on the US island of Puerto Rico, by back-to-back. Hurricanes. Irma and Maria, and the, fact that along, with Florence, those storms, seemed top of mind for Trump it's, created a whole other tempest, of a whole other kind Lindsay, Dunne combs explains, I. Think. The Puerto Rico was an incredible. Unsung. Success. He, just can't seem to let it go all, week Donald Trump has defended his government's response. To hurricane Maria last year, even as another violent, storm threatens, the US then. This morning the president, went even further disputing. The official, death toll 3,000. People did not die in two hurricanes, that hit Puerto Rico he tweeted this, was done by the Democrats. To make me look as bad as possible if a person died for any reason, like old age just add them to the list, ridiculous. Say Democrats the, death toll in. Puerto, Rico is. Abominable. And a poor. And it's, a lesson in our, need to do better for fellow Americans, in Puerto Rico.

Until. Earlier, this month the official death toll was, 64. These, pictures from June told a different story the refrigerated, trucks held unclaimed. Bodies, George, Washington, University, looked at both direct, and indirect. Deaths and revised, the figure to almost, 3,000. Dead there. Is no reason to that. Juan's. Mayor called the president, delusional. And unhinged. Even. Republicans, wouldn't defend the president's, tweets today, so. I have no reason to dispute these numbers I was in Puerto Rico after the hurricane it was devastating. In. A recent report FEMA, acknowledged, deficiencies. In the hurricane Maria responds at a cost of twelve billion dollars it was the largest and longest, in the agency's, history but. Power was only recently restored, to everyone and just this, week pictures. Emerged of water bottles perhaps, millions of them left, on a tarmac in Puerto Rico months, ago still, undelivered. And unusable. Lindsey, Don comb CBC, News Washington. Even. As the u.s. president, disputes, the death toll many on the island won't let the Dead go uncounted. In June, one, special, memorial, acted as a kind of informal, survey. People, who had lost a loved one were asked, to bring a pair of shoes in recognition, of their passing, well, Yoanna R Emilio De Smet the, man who organized, it and he showed her what happened in just three days oh, my. Goodness. Okay. For, example my good friend, died. 24. Of September. In. Dr.. Central Hospital I. Think. The the Trump administration has, been a. Cruel. Cynical. And. And. The. Amount. Of stupidity, is, unbelievable. The, only word that. Mr.. Trump. Use is fantastic. Everything is fantastic and, this, is a fantastic. Human. Calamity. Yoenis. Gonna have more on that story and the continuing, impact of Hurricane Maria one year later you, can watch a documentary Monday, night right here on the national. Now. About half a world away people, in the Philippines, are trying to avoid a similar, catastrophe. As a monster. Storm heads its way, typhoon, man coot is expected, to hit full force this weekend and look at how big it is that's, man code on the left Florence, on the right Sasha, Petro sick shows us what's happening on the ground. With. The super typhoon bearing. Down on the philippines radio. Warnings. Evacuations. And emergency. Preparations. Have begun so. Of the rains and moderate. Winds, flooded. Highways, in Manila are already, causing problems, flimsy. Construction. In poor areas means, roofs have, to be tied down, typhoon. Magoon is well offshore, but it's winds of more than 200.

Km/h, And, it's category, 5 rating, have triggered warnings, that it could hit the country's, main island, is the, most powerful storm, of more than a dozen this year, it has, gained strength, since sweeping. Through the island of Guam where, it left hundreds, of people homeless. Landfall. In the Philippines, is expected. In a matter of hours, today, officials, had this, warning, when, worst case leads someone who got at the mandala got the worst case scenario, will bring strong winds, that can topple, poorly, built houses, he says a storm. Surge heavy, rains and flooding, places. In higher ground, can, expect, landslides. It. All brings back grim memories, of typhoon, Haiyan, which, devastated, parts of the Philippines five, years ago and left, 6300. People dead, the. Lorda chang-ho. As. For typhoon, mangoat it is expected to continue west, this weekend, making, landfall near Hong, Kong in southern, China which, has already felt, the impact, of several, smaller typhoons. In, the past weeks, Sasha, Petro sick CBC, News Beijing. Let's. Turn to the latest now on an international, spy story that continues to surprise these. Two are wanted men accused, of carrying out that nerve agent, attack in the UK, but. Today the pair went on Russian TV to tell their side of the story and as Chris Brown tells us it isn't just different, some, say it's hard to swallow. What. Possible, innocent story, could explain away the, stack of evidence British, prosecutors, have amassed against, Ruslan, Boer Sharov, and Alexander. Petrov. Apparently. Tourism. The pair told the Kremlin Link Network RT. Our. Friends, have asked us for a while to visit this beautiful city said Petrov of Salsbury. Its. Cathedral, is famous, for its 123. Metre spire and it's clock added, more Sharov as if, quoting, from Wikipedia, the, pair flew from Moscow to London, on March the second and back on the 4th their, explanation. For two quick day trips to Salisbury, the, weather was cold and snowy so they returned to sightsee, the next day when. Prosecutors allege, the, pair smeared, the script Paul's door handle with the nerve agent Nova, Chuck on social. Media their explanation. Has been ridiculed, in Britain, some, noted the cathedral is close to the train station, nowhere, near the scribbles home where the pair was spotted I, don't think any of their interview is plausible, I've, watched it a couple of times now and. I think if. I was their defense lawyer my advice to them would be, keep. Quiet and, wait, to a trial when your, alibi will be tested by our evidence, for. Duma deputy gennady. Good cava Putin opponent, says, it was a typically, staged, managed, Kremlin, production, we knew nothing of this interview about them they're about, these people maybe they are not patrols. And Bashir's at all especially nieta, to interview on russian state TV, predictably. The appearance, was judged a success, today's. Interview didn't look like something, the two men wanted, to do but, in comments, at a news conference yesterday, it. Sounded like Vladimir Putin, was ordering, them to come forward and declare, their innocence, which they did no, matter how credible, their story, Chris. Brown CBC News Moscow. So. The next federal election is, still more, than a year away but campaign, preparations, have already begun and all the parties have their eyes set on the future and for the governing liberals it means, a laser, focus, on current. Conservative leader Andrew Shearer as David. Cochran explains Canadians, should also expect, to hear them raise a familiar. Name from the past. An. Election, style event - aimed an election focus retreat the. Governing Liberals wrapped up in Saskatoon, making, it clear, they, are focused, heavily on the opposition, conservatives, they, still don't have a real plan to grow the economy they. Still think that giving a tax cut to the wealthy, is what's, going to help the middle class not. Just the Conservatives, of today, but the Conservatives of the past as the Liberals, are eager, to tie Andrew, Shearer to Stephen, Harper Andrew, Shearer has to answer to Canadians why he's following. The same recipe as, Stephen Harper he compared himself to with Stephen Harper saying that he was Stephen, Harper winning smile but what just the only thing I'm saying is that I'm not contradicting, him he'll, go back to Harvard.

Long-term Commitment. To Canada, we've seen this tactic, before Michael. Ignatieff, just. Visiting. The Conservatives. Used it to define as liberal, leaders let's talk, about Justin, with, mixed results nice. Handle, the, Liberals idea is simply to make a vote for Andrew Shearer feel, like a vote for Stephen Harper I think Canadians, have, every reason to to. Worry. About you, know Stephen Harper part two. And. Election. Part two a year out it seems the next election, will sound a lot like, the last day. David, Cochran CBC News Saskatoon. And we. Are live tonight on the national tracking several other developing, stories one of them an unfolding, emergency, in several communities, north of Boston. This. Is one of at least 39, homes set on fire today after a series, of explosions, now, at this point we know at least ten people have been hurt one, of them critically, and another persons in serious condition, health, officials say they're dealing with traumatic blast, injuries. The, cause of all these explosions still. Under investigation but some, officials are blaming gas, lines that became over-pressurized. And just to give you a sense of how widespread this, is it's happening in three towns about 445. Kilometers north of Boston, so Lawrence Andover, and North Andover authorities. Are telling everyone in those communities, who smell, gas or who'd get gas service from the company Columbia, Gas to leave, their homes immediately and, police say right, now crews are working to depressurize, gas, lines and get those fires under control. Ahead. Tonight on the national the city of toronto says it's ready to take Ontario's. Premier to courts again, good. Thing I always say this though good thing it's that issue night Andrew Chantal and Althea are here, to go in-depth on Doug Ford's fight with City Hall and why the rest, of Canada is watching, first, though uber is doubling, down on self-driving. Cars, and plans to do the research here in Canada, we'll talk to its CEO about why the company, is investing, heavily in Toronto. And after months of speculation Eric. Carlson is leaving. The Ottawa Senators, his, emotional, farewell is, our moment of the day I actually, didn't, write a statement but, just.

Gonna Speak from my heart and I wish. We were standing here during. Different. Circumstances. And. It's, a very emotional and sad day for me, and, my family. We're. Going to be investing. Over 200, million. Locally. In, this market over the next five years and. We anticipate that our headcount in Toronto. Is. Going to get to 500 employees so. We're really looking forward to that and, with. That you were just elevated, Toronto to one of its key centers for self-driving. Car research, but noticeably. And CEO didn't mention any of you birds persistent, PR, problems, the, company's had a lot of bad press in recent years, and this if not an outright apology, tour is certainly, a reset. With the public to convince people that self-driving, cars are still the future our. Technology, reporter Matt Braga looks at how they hope to pull it off, when. The plan is to have 500 people it's not gonna be a satellite office Derek hoser shahi is betting big on Toronto, we, see incredible. Town talent, here in Toronto, the, immigration, policies that Canada has also we think are quite progressive and, like almost every other tech company uber is hungry, for expertise, and artificial intelligence but, unlike, other tech companies it, says it doesn't want to whisk that talent, away we don't see this as an, export. We view this as really, an import office actually a lot of talent all around the world from uber is gonna come to this office and then we're also gonna build talent some of them will be destined for ubers new engineering, office its first in Canada but others will work for the advanced technologies, group or ATG. The lab leading ubers research on self-driving cars. That's. A field where uber faces, stiff competition from, companies like GM's, cruise or whammo, all. While, dealing with its own recent crisis, vehicle, was traveling at. Approximately 40. Miles an hour in March one of Buber self-driving, vehicles, struck and killed a woman in Arizona it's fleet has been grounded ever since relegated, to simulated, driving and the test track doing. What I'm coming at us I mean that you the one in this mission has faced right but, 80 G's Toronto, lab led by chief scientist, Raquel Addison is going to be fundamental. In getting the company back on public, roads we, hope with, the work here that we, will get systems, that are actually, better, and therefore the, likelihood of something that have happened in produces. Ferguson, is considered a superstar, in the field of computer vision specifically. In the area of perception. Helping, uber self-driving, cars see further identify. Objects more accurately, and react, more quickly so. If you want to do cell driving there, is basically three different tasks. That you need to solve you want to estimate where, everybody, is in the scene the, second one is that you want to estimate where, everybody, is going to be going in the future and that's, important because the. Third step is that you when applying a safe manual she says they've accomplished a lot in the 15 months since her lab opened enough, it seems to convince Coster shahi not to abandon the effort all together after that fatal collision and in fact actually expand, her team in working, with a team working. With the team here at ATG, really. Reaffirmed, the fact that the self-driving, technology ultimately. Is going to be good for the world and is going to make the streets safer, right now our focus is getting back on the road in a safe way still, no word on what will happen but Kosar shahi is confident, that with its investment, in Toronto uber, can actually raise its bar on safety, when it does Matthew. Braga CBC, News Toronto. And. Still. Ahead tonight on the National we'll take you inside a father and son operation.

Their Mission to sell socks spread, happiness and, help others with disabilities find a place to work first, though it's a tissue night Andrew, Althea and Chantel are here we'll go in-depth on the ongoing battle, between Ontario's. Premier and, Toronto. City Hall that's, next. You. I. Was. Elected. The. Judge was a point after. An Ontario judge said duck Ford's plan to immediately, slash the size of Toronto, City Council went. Against, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Ford, wasted no time striking, back invoking, the rarely used section 33, of the Constitution, that notwithstanding Clause, we're. Taking a stand if. You want to make new, laws of Ontario. In. Canada. First. Mandate. From the people the. Clause allows federal or provincial governments, to pass laws even if they've reached the Charter it was an Ontario, first and provoked. Furious, reaction this, is unprecedented and, it is not acceptable, you're not the king of Ontario mr. Ford we're disappointed. By the. Provincial. Governments, in, Ontario's, choice. And despite the criticism and the chance from protesters, on the outside, and. Chaos. Inside. The legislature. Today. The fight continues. Toronto, City Council now plans, to challenge the bill in court. So. Why use the notwithstanding clothes, on this specific, issue does it set a precedent, for other premiers, other provinces at issue is here to talk us through all of that and more Chantal a buyer is in, Montreal and your coin is in Quebec City tonight, and now Thea Raj is in Surrey good to see everybody I know you've all been writing, about this thinking, about it tweeting about it so let's start with maybe, the simple. Question I don't know Chantal. Was. This the right thing to do is this why the notwithstanding, Clause, exists nope. Sometimes. Some, things are great this is not a gray area this, clause, an escape, clause from the Charter. Is. Something. That you use in. Really. Great circumstances. There's a reason. Why it was so, seldom used since, 1982. You. Don't suspend, rights at the whim of, this. And the rule of law at the whim of wanting. To do something faster. Rather than slower which, in this case is. Really what is happening. Premier. Ford can, reduce. The size of Toronto, City Council no. One is stopping him from doing that the, court is stopping him from doing it in the middle of a municipal, election that's a completely different proposition. So. It's not about jurisdiction Andrew, it's about when, you do things do you think there's any argument here, that the premier could make that this makes sense that he does, have the mandate to do this oh there's. An argument that would be very congenial, to a lot of his followers a lot of conservatives have never really made peace with the Charter of Rights and.

Some Of them have been quite anxious to use the notwithstanding Clause not just on occasion but quite regularly to, prove a point to establish, the supremacy, of Parliament as they see it much, is the way that the government, of Quebec the PQ, government used it to prove its point about the you know the rights. Of Quebec versus the federal government so, it's, it's definitely has a following he's not doing this completely, out of the blue you, know some of us have never been particularly keen on the, notwithstanding Clause in principle, would rather it wasn't there some others Chantal, would we've mentioned that you know would say well it's okay to have it as a safety valve an extreme, circumstances, and I guess those of us in the first group would say how can you be so naive if you leave a lot loaded, gun lying around somebody's, gonna pick it up and shoot it if you leave this kind of power within. Reach of elected, politicians, they're, going to abuse it and it. Was only a matter of time and you only needed somebody like Doug. Ford to come along and, Alethea, do you think that he has made the case convincingly. That this is that, this is justified, I think. He's made in this case to his followers but, I wonder, how many other Ontarians, feel like this is the appropriate, action I mean it's really clear that this isn't about policy, if he really wanted to change the size of Toronto City Council it, would be much, more realistic. And less chaotic to just wait until the municipal, election is over introduce. Legislation and. Reduce the size of council which is what this is supposed to be all about but, instead by launching, this kind of grenade, he's, basically, accomplishing. Three political points, I think he wants to dare I think the Prime Minister to take him on and. Mr. Trudeau has decided not to do that but, it's a way of, doing. A sort of David and Goliath battle, he wants to send a warning shot to all the critics who might think about using the courts to, support his electoral agenda, he's not gonna be she's. Not gonna hesitate to use a notwithstanding Clause, and. As Andrew, rightly pointed out you know a lot of conservatives not just view the notwithstanding Clause as something that's there to be used but it's also a way to like stick it to the liberal judges this, is something that I think is very popular with some parts of the Conservative Party. This. Is the guy by the way who is launching, his own lawsuit, against the federal government to knock, down the carbon tax so, he's not so doesn't, have too much trouble with knocking, down. Legislation. Passed by elected, well, officials when it suits his purposes, and that's the case with the notwithstanding Clause general of course is it only applies, to some sections, of the Charter, courts, have been knocking down government, laws for decades on division. Of powers grounds, and. Nobody said boo about that none of the parliamentary, supremacists, had a problem with that it's only when it gets to these individual. And minority, rights clauses, that suddenly the supremacy, of parliament becomes the all the be-all and the end-all okay so Chantelle, speak, a little bit about what Alfia, alluded to there and that is the federal government's response which the Prime Minister today was very clear I'm not getting involved in this, and and I I think you know Althea.

Is Probably right this is what Doug Ford maybe wanted. As a nice by-product, but is it the right response, from the federal government. Okay. Let. Me first rewind, to Andrews point about leaving a lying gun and someone will shoot with it because. It does need, this lying, argument, to, be picked up and. May be shot at I don't, know how many premieres, we've. Have had multiplied. By 10 plus prime ministers since, 1982. And this, is the first time that someone uses this cause in this Cavalier. Fashion, for lack of a better word so I, would, argue that, by. And large it, is preferable. To treat, premier for that's the exception rather than some sign of a rule that. Is one is the prime minister wise to. Say. I'm not getting involved in that he does have a constitutional. Power that he could use to disallow, the, provincial, law it, has not been used since, 1943. I'm. Not sure that it has not fallen into disuse but, if you were going to test it and you were a federal government because, it's a huge precedent, to disallow, from. Ottawa a piece, of legislation I think you would want to do it on an issue other than a disagreement, over the size of, the. Municipal, council in Toronto one, last point it, may be the premier, for this miscalculated. He wants this to be I'm, cutting, off politicians. And people in downtown Toronto, and I've got the people on my side but it is veering, into a debate over the. Charter and the Charter has, more. Support, among Canadians. Than just, about any politician. In this country. I'm. Going to change topics go ahead I agree with Chantal that we're unlikely to see them using disallowance, I'm not so sure I agree that this there's been you, know rare instances, when people have used or contemplated, using the power in. Not, particularly responsible, ways the government of Alberta used, it to try and get out from under the. Same-sex. Marriage which wasn't even provincial, jurisdiction, and it contemplated, using it quite seriously to. Exempt themselves from lawsuit, from peep from mentally, handicapped, people who had been forcibly sterilized. In the past and. Who knows how many other times people have tiptoed up to the edge of using this and drew back at the last minute they will be much less likely to draw back now Isis, I suggest, after Ford, has established this precedent and that's what really worries me is Ford, himself has said he's going to use it repeatedly and who, many who knows what other premiers are out there who are going to follow his example okay, I'll see you on that, yeah. I'm, at the NDP caucus and serious the reason why I'm here and Mandy. People today proposed, that there, should be a committee. Of experts that. Gets together to decide what other options, are available to, the government now, there aren't actually that many options in shelters right she mentioned disallowance, a lot of people actually think that that power basically, no longer exists because it hasn't been used but, the courts could prop the federal government rather could ask the supreme court to weigh in on this issue and is this the appropriate use of the notwithstanding Clause and perhaps in, light, of Doug Ford's threats we need to have clarity on that okay. I want to switch topics because the house is coming back next, week for the beginning of the fall sitting the prime minister they're also having a caucus in, Saskatoon. The Liberals and so the Prime Minister gave us a taste of some of the things we can expect it did sound very election, II here's, what Justin, Trudeau said today to. Conservatives, empowering. Women reducing. Inequalities, fighting, climate change or, investing, in infrastructure, simply. Aren't part of their priorities, and perhaps, worst, of all they'd. Rather use the politics, of division for. Quick electoral, gains. It. Was probably the sharpest. Attack. That I've heard in some time on the Conservatives from the prime minister and I, guess the strategy, is we're going to make Andrew shears Stephen Harper 2.0. Is. That what we should expect this, whole falsity, and to be about Chantal, to be about now campaigning. Positioning. And. Trying to shape narratives, around the, leaders. I'm. Not convinced, if, this sounded, like a bit of a broken record it's, because you heard that speech and that, attempt, at the last liberal convention, so, it was kind of a wreath read on a familiar theme I don't expect that the framing. Leaders, is going to dominate the next four. Or five months of sitting because, there are so many large federal provincial issues, and, canada-us. Issues looming, that. I. Think. That sounds. Like the Prime Minister pulled a note speech because, he had too much on his plate to prepare something thank you, okay.

Andrew What are you gonna watch for that in the months ahead well, to pick up where Chantelle left off there are these three big enormous files. On their plate none of which they particularly handed, well one is NAFTA one, is the carbon pricing thing where they've got their own January, 1st deadline, to meet and the more, provinces seem to be jumping, off that train by with each passing week and, of course the pipeline. Exploding. Is a car that they're dealing with and, I you know you can you can have any agenda you think you want to pursue but events, have a way of intervening so they're going to be dealing, with that I will, say the Liberals may have, some fun in, going. Back at things by raising, issues that are likely to make the Conservatives, uncomfortable, visa vie Maxime. Bernie a new party when we find out what it's called that. There will be issues in which the Conservatives, will be uncomfortable perhaps, raising much, of a feisty opposition to liberals on it and which Bernie will be quite willing to plow into and that would be fun for the Liberals to see them yeah. What do you think we should watch, yeah. I would, just add to an juiceless cannabis, which is going to be legal on October 17th, which is seems. Like it's going to create a bit of chaos and a number of different jurisdictions, as there, doesn't seem to be a smooth, plan rolled out I think. That the Harper - went 2.0. Thing is something that Liberals have been harping on it for a while but when you look at what's actually in front, I've Justin. Trudeau and what the government needs to do they're at risk of acting like Stephen Harper on certain things like if they've lost you, know P I maybe New Brunswick, Alberta. Is no longer on board on this climate plan. Jason. Kenney he's in Doug Ford Saskatchewan. Manitoba. Exactly. You know all. These individuals, are opposed to his plan and here he's going to appear like he's heavy-handed. And dominating, get his image getting, his agenda through without that vine that he promised during the day 2015, campaign so, that, Harper, chupar no thing can work against them - shocked, I'll give you 30 seconds just to push to what you think we should watch for this fall cuz I didn't really let you answer that for, but. Certainly. The, the trans mountain, pipeline. I would, have indigenous. Agenda. Issue it seems to be a really, big one we don't know what's gonna win to happen tuned after and, yes, we will be watching for those, by-elections. That the, Prime Minister will be calling that, would have the leader of the NDP runyan, BC, and the NDP try to hang, on to the, drama, writing of its former leader big. Moments. For the NDP there okay, we've got maybe a minute I'm gonna do something that you all hate. Well I'd know Chantal and Andrew hate doing this kind of game I'm, gonna make you do it anyway, just to bring me joy what, do you think will be the topic, of the first question, when question period presumes next. Week let's assume Justin Trudeau's there on Monday I'm not sure that he is Andrew Shearer gets up or, jug. Meets in camp but to whoever kids up to ask the question what what's, the topic do you think that dominates. Shall tell you get to go first, I think. Trans mountain pipeline both, the opposition, parties have positions. On the issue and points. That they think they can score off the Liberals I'm saying that. Thinking. That there won't be a major decisive. Development. On NAFTA between now and when. The house returns okay, Andrew I. Would, guess the Conservatives, will ask about Dominic LeBlanc's, ethics, issues because that's always fun and easy, and. Perhaps the NDP will ask about Ford and notwithstanding because, they're trying to present themselves as well they are the real opposition now eventually, in Ontario all. Right quick I agree, with everybody and I think NAFTA, lots, and lots about NAFTA and okay management, I am the, best part of asking those questions is I get to hold on to them till next week and then and then mock you which you may or may not be wrong. Thank, you all before we go be sure to subscribe right it's a long QP that's true be sure to subscribe to at issue the podcast edition for extra content this week we are gonna talk about the NDP, and how, the party is preparing, for the year ahead Althea, has been out there for a couple days look for it on iTunes and a major podcast, app our website cbc news dot CA slashed the national I.

Know. For sure what's, just ahead on the national a young man with Down syndrome, teams up with his dad to sell outlandish. Socks, they, also provide jobs to other with disabilities, when. You have a disability it's, really hard to connect, with. People in a work environment they. Understand. You here they get you we have no secret formula we. Have no special programs, we, just give people jobs. We. Are live tonight on the national and we are tracking the latest on Hurricane Florence. You're looking at the scene right now in Wilmington, North Carolina, the. Monster storm is just hours, from making landfall and this coastal, community, is in its direct path. There's. Still over a week left of summer but try telling that to Alberta, a snowstorm is sweeping across the province with some parts getting as many as 15, centimetres. Of snow and it's, not over yet I just flew in from Edmonton, this afternoon, there, it was cold snowy, and they're expecting more this weekend. And. Volkswagen. Has confirmed it's killing, the beetle they've, decided to end production. Of that iconic, car, next, summer they, didn't give any specific, reason but, sales have slumped, in recent years. Well. In this next story a young man with Down syndrome is. A driving, force behind, a successful family business he, and his dad sell offbeat. Socks they, also make a point of hiring people with disabilities. Stephen D'Souza went to see why it all seems to work so well I. Told. Our pizza and firework mm. Flag, my. Idea. Meet. John Cronin, an entrepreneur. On a mission, with a simple idea SATA, bought, socks socks, socks and, more socks, are we, here I'll, show, you. He. Was born with Down syndrome two, years ago about to graduate from school John. Wanted to start a business and work with his dad mark he, bounced around some ideas we, like the idea of a food truck but, we ran into what. Are we doing here oh that's a food truck socks mm-hmm. But then we ran into a problem what. Was the problem a weird. Problem we could cut okay. Eventually. They, figured it out crazy, socks. John, had warned them his entire life so, the idea was, a perfect, fit it's. Fun and colorful, and I'd be creative, I do. All the fun. And. And. You know you always never, be me they. Started with a simple website and some Facebook videos John. Story and personality, were a hit he, went viral and, the order started, piling up socks. Were flying off the shelves in, their first full year they, sold more than 40,000. Pairs raking. In more, than two million dollars as. The chief happiness officer John, is the face of the company and more he, takes and fills orders, he, designed a special Down syndrome, superhero, sock and for, every shipment he adds a personal touch a handwritten. Thank you note and some candy that's emblematic of, the company's overall mission, what's. Our mission. And. Every day that's what we're working on is spreading happiness, another. Part of their mission giving. Opportunities, to people like John 18. Of their 35, workers, who have differing, abilities you. Know it's a good place just to be with people like you, Illya. Mikhail has a form of autism she, joined the company in April when you go to other jobs there's, no other people, like you when you have a disability it's, really hard to connect, with. People in a work environment, so. When coming to John's crazy sauce you have that connection they. Understand. You here, they understand, you know like your, struggles, your your, weaknesses, your strengths, they get you you, guys working on. Swimmer, Cronin says people with disabilities, just, need opportunities, we. Have no secret formula we. Have no special programs, which. Is give people jobs. Five. Percent of their profits go, to the Special Olympics and other charities, and they count some famous people among their fans including. Justin, Trudeau so you send him some socks. And he sent you this thank-you letter yes, but. As much as they're enjoying the company's success mark, says the biggest reward and seeing his son there's. Like him succeed. Because. I, keep seeing, positive. Steps almost every day I can't. Say surprised, anymore, because there really are no limits I love, dad. You're. My boy I'm a lucky man right the. To show no signs of slowing down they've. Got plans to expand to a bigger space to. Sell more socks and spread. Even. More happiness. Stephan, D'Souza CBC, News Huntington. New York. That. Was nice, up next on the National Eric Carlson's emotional, farewell a tough pill to swallow for, senator, fans pretty. Big move for the Senators I think a lot it's gonna deter, a lot of fans Carson. Is a big part of. What. People love, going to see this ends for C, player like that, just. It's, not a good thing for Ottawa I think.

It. Hurts it's uh it's. Somewhat. Devastating, sad because, he's so much a part of the, team and, the city seems like an unacceptably. Minimal, return for the best defenseman, in the International, Hockey League. Well. Different words there but tough day for all those Ottawa Senators, hockey fans a long, rumored and much dreaded deal has finally come to pass their, beloved, captain Eric Carlson has, been traded to the San Jose Sharks just. One day before training, camp, now. Without question, last season, was a disaster. For the Sens and today's, announcement means, the team's agony, will well, carry on through this season Carlson, was one of the team's greatest players ever beloved, in Ottawa, lots of sadness from fans in the city but also from Carlson himself, his emotional. Goodbye is our, moment of the day. Just. Gonna speak from my heart I. Wish. We were standing here during. Different. Circumstances, it's, a very emotional and sad day for me, and, my family but it's unfortunate, part of the business, special. Thanks to to, all my teammates, they've. Treated me with tremendous, amount of respect and molded, me into not. Only a good hockey player but a good person as well last year you know to the City, of Ottawa for. Taking me in and making. It my forever home to. All the fans to all the people that live here that's. Been a big part of my entire adult life even. Though you've heard a lot of things about this. Could be possible I think that you. Can't really prepare for for any of this so it's a good. So. You both, know I don't know a whole lot about hockey but I, do know, that, that, he was it and remains really important to this seat in the same way that Daniel Alfredsson was, and I do know, that there's a lot of anger in Ottawa, about how the, team, is being managed, by, the owner and and, one, person, on Twitter called this a dumpster, fire of the trade and so that's how it's going down in this town, yeah. Well well you're right right I mean lots of teams have stars but but he, was iconic. To the city iconic, to the Senators and and he wasn't from Ottawa remember, right I mean I remember in Sochi he played for Sweden and Sweden, played against Canada in the gold medal match but but, boy he was an icon our, friends at Hockey Night in Canada have, already circled, their calendars, for, Saturday, December 1st, that is San, Jose's first game in, Ottawa. It's going to be an emotional homecoming for. The longtime captain, that is the national for, September, 13 good. Night okay. You.

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