The National for January 21, 2019 — Deadly Winter Storm, RCMP Doctor, Sleep Memory

The National for January 21, 2019 — Deadly Winter Storm, RCMP Doctor, Sleep Memory

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Honest. Monday night it is shocking for me to see that somebody, at the, age of 93, years, old died. You know when it's cold locked, out of her residence, in the bitter cold she'd accept elderly, mother succumbed, to hypothermia, now. Investigators, are asking how, could something like this happen. He. Was using his authority for. His, sexual gratification they. Were expecting. Routine, medical, exams instead these, women say they were violated. Assaulted. By an RCMP, doctor. I want justice I want. Him to be charged and that, the force covered, it up, a cbc news investigation. And. Are. You getting enough rest. 60%. Of, Canadians, don't get the sleep that they need or the sleep that they want the toll that can take on your body your, mind and, your memory. An in-depth, look at the science, of sleep this, is the net. We. Begin tonight in Montreal. Where the extreme cold so many of us have been living through has cost a 93, year-old woman her, life, Ellen Raleigh at the, mother of Bloc Quebecois leaders, will do Sepp was awakened, in her seniors, residence by, an alarm so, she bundled, up a bit against temperatures, that felt like minus 32, at the time as Allison, Northcott tells us she, didn't make it back in. It. Was bitterly cold Sunday, when an alarm went off at this private seniors, complex, around 4 a.m. well. I already. That. The. Bell rang, four. Times and stopped. Suddenly and, I look at the window and I saw the. Firemen. About four or five, cars. Of, firemen. People. Some. Residents, left their apartments, including 93. Year-old Elaine, Rowley up police. Say she was hard of hearing and may not have heard an announcement saying her building was not being evacuated. Seven. Hours later her body was found outside in, the snow where's. Joseph, Tonya I find. It frightening says this woman who lives nearby that. Someone could have been outside without anyone, noticing, a moist, Buki yeah. Someone. Acidic ev1 this resident, says firefighters, explained, there was a problem with carbon monoxide but, everyone, soon returned, to their apartments, police say Raleigh utt got locked out and couldn't, get back in the. Owners of the complex, said in a statement that when Raleigh odd went, outside she was, wearing, winter clothing they, said their security, cameras showed she fainted, at some point after exiting, the coroner's office is investigating the, provinces, seniors, minister says she will take action if it's warranted if we have to change something in the future to, make sure people are living more. Sin. More security, we, will do it Raleigh OTT was the mother of former, Bloc Quebecois leader, Jill Yousef his, political colleagues offered, sympathy, and support, learning. About it now my condolences, go out to mr.. De sefa, and his entire family, it's very difficult for jail I speak with him today, and it's very very, difficult for. The. Private complex, is home to more than 600 seniors. Most of them are autonomous and for that reason the seniors ministry says a head count isn't mandatory, after an evacuation, the, facility, says it is fully cooperating, with the investigation. Allyson, Northcott CBC, News Montreal. Quebec. Coroner's, office says, 121. People died from exposure to extreme cold between 2010, and 2016. 31. Were elderly meaning over the age of 75, and there, are more concerns about exposure, in other parts of Canada tonight, extreme, cold is gripping parts, of Ontario and Quebec and Atlantic. Canada is still dealing with the aftermath of that nasty. Winter storm. There's. A big. Layer. Across, the pretty thick ice from. Some, freezing rain that fell last night and then underneath. That the first snow that fell yesterday also, looks quite fluffy in New Brunswick people, have been digging out all day and crews are working around the clock to, keep the streets clear I would compare to to. Trying to plow salt really, some, areas saw more than 30 centimeters. Of snow others, a treacherous, mix, of snow ice pellets and freezing, rain that caused flash, flooding in, Moncton and st. John I'm just working, my as best I can to find the storm drains so that our swimming, pool in the street drains, and. Then, there's, the extreme, cold temperatures, here, in Ottawa could feel like minus, 35, tonight for. Many that means staying indoors, or bundling, up under, those, heavy. Coat is a few. Other layers, but. For others it's a matter of life or death well. You don't like to be out here I just don't have to any choice I. Want. To eat the big worry of course is frostbite, which can happen in just 10 minutes, Toronto's, mayor says shelters were nearly full last night and outreach, workers, are trying to convince more people on the streets to seek refuge indoors. The. Good news is the end is in sight why it's a balmy minus, 11 in my hometown, Winnipeg right now southern, Ontario, should warm up tomorrow. The. RCMP is, going through a kind of slow-motion, me, to moment, dealing with thousands, of claims of sexual harassment, in a class-action, lawsuit.

And Getting, a new civilian, watchdog, but amid all that the RCMP now faces, allegations it covered, up sexual, assaults, a CBC, News investigation, reveals, that years, ago three. Female, RCMP, employees, came forward, about, a doctor, who examined. Them when they were new recruits, they brought allegations, to their bosses local. Police and regulators. But. Nothing happened, now the women are coming forward once, again along, with dozens of, others and Dave's, Eggland's has their stories, and a warning here the details of, the allegations, are disturbing. A. Reunion. Bittersweet. Years. Later we're, gonna do this together they're, meeting to expose a secret I had all the paperwork saved about, the mandatory medical exams, they had when they each first joined the RCMP. He. Starts. To pull. It my, nipples and, I. Asked, you know why are you doing that so he had me spread my legs and, he didn't have any gloves in his hands checks. Around and he keeps calling it a peak I'm taking a peek this is what the RCMP, says you. Have to do to be employed was this specific, answer over and over again these. Three women are still haunted still, angry about what happened it, was 1989, Helen. Henderson Vicki, Greville Sylvie, Corriveau, they, were young newly, hired at the RCMP, ston tow Airport detachment, they, got to talking about the RCMP. Dr., John, a mcdougal, and the, breast and vaginal, exams he did they, decided, to report him I felt. That we're. Gonna be able to get this guy I've. Got two other people saying, they had similar things, happen to them how. Could this not okay, this is a sure win we're, gonna get him kicked out you reported, it to the RCMP, to report it to the Toronto Police and the, College of Physicians and, Surgeons so. What. The. Paper trail in this case is troubling, the RCMP quickly, stepped in and told the women no, grounds, existed, to lay criminal charges, one month later senior, brass closed, the file but, not before sending out a memo to all doctors, within the force spelling out rules for proper, breast examinations. And directing. Them gynecological. Exams will not be done by health services officers, the. College of Physicians and, Surgeons also. Investigated. Mcdougal, told them he was teaching breast. Self-examination. Technique, he, was silent on the other complaints. I am, deeply disappointed, that the applicants, subject of this investigation have, felt in any way mistreated, he wrote the. College canceled, a disciplinary, hearing now according to these internal, records, the prosecutor, says the women backed down were afraid to testify, the. Women tell us that's just not true well. Either way mcdougal kept his license for another decade I blame, everyone Toronto, police the. RCMP. And the College of Physicians their, lack of action. You. Know resulted. In more, females, being sexually. Assaulted they. Could have stopped this and did they fail to do so a year, ago Toronto, police reopened their investigation. 30. Complainants. Have come forward. Now. John McDougall, is in, his mid 80s, he lives at this retirement residence, just west of Toronto, we're. Gonna go in and see if we can speak to him about these allegations. Yes. I'm, here, to see John McDougall, is. He here I can't, give any information about. MacDougall's. Lawyer later told us he is frail in round-the-clock, care, and his suffering dementia. His, family, declined to comment I want, justice I want. Him to be charged we've. Lived with this. For. So long and we've had to put it on the back burner we, never thought we would be here today but. Whatever. Has. Happened with the me2 movement. It's. Time, so. Dave. You know you here, and there and I'm talking about justice, and you you hear that often that people wanted, but it's hard to know what justice looks like so in their case walk.

Us Through what, that means well, for some they want him to be confronted, whether. He will know given. His state of health what he's being confronted with is a big question whether he'll ever face charges is a huge question but, for some of the women we spoke to the RCMP, they really, want the RCMP, held accountable. For. Them it's being, heard it's, being. Acknowledged, the RCMP acknowledging, what happened to them they had hoped they would get some justice through the class-action, lawsuit, that, we've heard about over the years but. Because that some of them were recruits, when they were examined they weren't technically, employees, so they've been disqualified, from compensation. That's why they're launching a new lawsuit okay, Dave cyclist thanks very much thank you, now. The Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale wouldn't, comment on these woman's allegations, but he said cases, like theirs, underscore. The need for change, that. Is why, we. Have, pursued. The modernization. Agenda, that we have so. Vigorously, you see that reflected in the mandate letter to the commissioner in, the selection of the Commissioner herself, and, in. The, the. Governance. Changes, that we announced, a week ago all of that is aimed, toward. Remedying. This. Situation, and making sure that, the corner is. Is, thoroughly. And soundly, turned. And. Go do added, that there will be more announcements, in the coming weeks on changes, to the RCMP, harassment. Procedures. To. A developing, story in British Columbia, now where questions, have been swirling since, late last year when two, top, officials, in the BC Legislature became, subjects, of a criminal investigation. But. The reason why was kept secret until today, rene philip Oni has details from an explosive report, that has just been made public, among, the allegations, unnecessary. Overseas, trips, padded, expense, accounts, and questionable. Cash payouts. Two. Months ago today clerk Craig James and sergeant-at-arms Gary, Lenz were escorted. Out of the legislature. They. Were suspended, and put under criminal investigation, the, pair claimed it came as a surprise I know I've done nothing wrong there's. Not an issue of anything. That I've done that's going to be coming, up no, details were made public, speaker.

Darryl Plakias who launched the investigation was. Criticized, today. His office is hoping for vindication for, the last two months the speaker and I have been called into question it's. Been questioned our motives, our motives, is simply, this to. Look after and protect the, british columbian taxpayer, the allegations, include luxurious, trips overseas under, questionable. Rationales, with, tens of thousands, in personal, expenses, being billed to the legislature, part. Of the report references a, $3,200. Wood splitter that quote never arrived at the legislative assembly and instead, was taken directly to mr. James personal, residence, and among, other things allegations. That a truckload. Of alcohol, may, have been misappropriated, it's, very concerning, what we see in, terms of the allegations, around, expenditures. I am also though concerned, with respect, to the sign off on those expenditures those, concerns, are shared by the BC and DP what, we saw out of these two. Offices, is. Expenses. That I that the general public would just would just shake their head at disbelief. There's. Some serious allegations here, and what, are we hearing from James, and lens well. Late today in the pair issued a statement saying they're shocked that the speaker would release a report containing such damning, and in their words unsubstantiated. Adhere, say allegations. Now the pair say those allegations, have never been shared with them and they never had an opportunity to. Respond, and they go on to state yet again that the claims are false, and untrue in the meantime a special prosecutor, appointed by, the province, is conducting. Its own investigation yes, thank. You. Turning. Now to a tough, issue this country has been wrestling with for a long time the struggle, to provide adequate long-term, care for seniors it's not just about space, and money, there, are growing threats to seniors personal, safety, in long-term care homes with increasing, cases of dementia come. Rising levels, of violence amongst. Residents between, residents even, homicide. David, Kamen explores this disturbing, trend. In. Life Keith wood was full of adventure, a naval, veteran with a flair for fun, it.

All Ended, with a gash across his head a blood, clot in his brain the, result of an unprovoked attack inside. The home intended. To care for him I, whispered. Into his ear. Parting. Is such sweet, sorrow, I'd. Be. Here in the morning if you're, still here, if, you're, not I'll understand. And. I was home about an hour when they called see it date his. Wife and caregiver, says she soon learned the man who attacked Keith, a resident. With a history, of violence, was charged, with manslaughter, the. Unpredictable, and sometimes, aggressive effects. Of dementia, her scene is a key reason behind the escalating, violence they, were evident, in this case CDC, reported, last year when a resident, hurled. A chair at. Meyer SATA when the. Attack continued, and Meyer would later die at least, 29. Deaths in Ontario, homes over six years have. Been deemed a homicide there. Is a total, consensus. That, there is a critical. Situation in long-term care in which the, acute. Of the residents, is extremely, high the, care levels are too low and the violence, levels have really just. Skyrocketed. Resident. On resident violence surged a hundred and five percent, between 2011, and 2016. Ontario's. Coroner, has repeatedly, warned, the issue of resident, on resident violence is an urgent, and persistent. Issue those. Who live in the homes are arriving, later in life living, longer and more, often with, dementia. Which, can produce aggressive. Unpredictable. Behaviors, yet. A new report from the Ontario Health coalition says, staffing, levels are decreasing. Relative. To the growing needs of our parents, and grandparents, in the homes, ok. David what are Ontario, health officials saying about this nothing. They wouldn't talk about the homicides, being discussed today we, do know though that some homes are trying to address dementia, in different ways even with architecture. Changing, it so that those with dementia who wander, aren't stuck up against a wall essentially. That. Reduces. Some of the aggression it's shown to be promising but, at the end of the day this report, and many others before it have pointed to staffing the lack of staffing, in particular. 62. Percent of the aggressive, incidents, according, to one, study, have. Been unwitnessed, by staff. Now staff can't be everywhere all the time but when they aren't there bad. Stuff can happen ok. David, thank you for this appreciate it. Here. Are some of the other developing, stories that were following tonight a Thunder, Bay man will stand trial for second-degree murder for, killing an indigenous, woman Braden, Bushby, is the the man in the center here accused, of throwing a metal trailer hitch from a moving car that hit Barbara Kentner it, happened, in January 2017, and she died several, months later from her injuries the judge today said there was enough evidence presented, in the preliminary, hearing, to send the case to trial. The, founder of Canadian beauty brand, diem. Has died the company, confirmed that 40 year-old Brandon Truax, passed, away over the weekend Truax, has had a strained, relationship with, the brand after. Abruptly, closing, as roughly 30 stores following, two court proceedings, last year he was removed as the company's, CEO in order, to stay away from des iam stores and employees.

Still. Ahead on the national well Teresa May unveils, plan, B for brexit, we take you to a town overwhelmingly. In favor of leaving, plus. How much is a good night's sleep worth, tonight. We begin an in-depth series with new science, showing how. Getting your rest can, boost your brainpower I'll, give you a million, dollars for a good night's sleep Ian and would, you do anything for love how, about this. She. Wanted coffee, and I'd. Do anything for her so I said you know what I can't get up there at the car I said I'll skate up enough to get them so that's what I did the, country's, greatest love story, in. Our moment. For, exit tells us that, emotionally, were in a broken, home, since, the referendum we, have been living in a state of constant fear. Wow. There are some anxious people in London lately, British and European sharing. Their concerns about the UK leaving, the EU. Plenty. Of anxiety, too in the British Parliament after, that stunning rejection, of Theresa Mays original. Divorce, deal well today the Prime Minister pitched her revised. Brexit. Proposal. Following. Last week's vote it is clear that the government's approach had to change I've, listened, to colleagues, across Parliament from different parties and with, different views so. Mae says her new plan Plan B makes. The negotiating, relationship, with the EU more, flexible, she pitched it as having more protections, for workers rights and the environment she also made it clear there. Cannot, be a physical. So-called hard border, between, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic, no, surprise but these proposals did, not impress opposition, leader Jeremy, Corbyn who. Says Plan B looks, far too much like, plan a what makes her think that. What she tried to degree negotiate, in December, will succeed, in January, mr., speaker this really does feel a bit like Groundhog, Day. Both. Claim that if brexit, is to happen, they'd rather there be a deal but, what kind of deal they're, not there yet and time is ticking, in. Fact there's just two months until that's, actually supposed to happen understandable. Then why so many people are preoccupied. Especially. Those who, want out of the EU so, thomas Degla took, a trip to a city that voted overwhelmingly to, leave to ask how, do you feel about that now. Whoever. Thought breaking, up would be this complicated. Certainly. No one here in stoke-on-trent. Nicknamed. Britain's brexit, capital, nearly. 7 and 10 voters in this city chose leave and there's, no sign of a change of heart now. Forward. To. So. My opinion we were better out. At. The pub there's no talk of that pesky backstop. Or complicated. Customs, arrangements, no all they, want is to get on with brexit, there, will not be a deal and, there's. Nothing, to fear in that though I think leaving, without a deal. Brexit. Was this gritty city's gut reaction. To decades, of misfortune, a reflection. Of Britain's industry's, changing, fears, of immigration, and a feeling that places, like this have been left behind, we, vaulted, to come out and yet, why should why should it take so long for. Centuries Stoke, has been known as England's, hub for, ceramics, and pottery a local, industry once employing, a hundred, thousand, now, has just seven, thousand workers, the. Prestigious Royal Doulton brand, packed up long ago, leaving, this eyesore, behind. Stokes. Most famous, industry. May be smaller, now, but. It's still mighty. Moreland. Pottery, makes a thousand. Mugs a week. By. Hand a. Rare. Breed, John plant, has stayed in his business for, 30 years rarer. Still he. Voted against. Brexit, we've been duped I've been lied to and people, who believe those lies, there's. A growing suspicion here, brexit, could be delayed, or even cancelled. Outright with. Stoke feeling, left behind once more how, will it affect you, local. MP Gareth, Snell hears it from his constituents, all the time so, there's a frustration, again that politics isn't working, and if we're not careful we've, had far-right, activity, here before and. Unfortunately. We are creating, the sorts of vacuums, that they can easily fit. At. The, pub and across the city they're saying this deadlock. Is not what they voted for brexit. Has so far. Missed. The mark, Thomas. Dag CBC, News stoke-on-trent, England. Still. Ahead on the National Canada, vs., Norway. The. War of heard giant, fake moose. But. First we begin our in-depth, series on sleep Duncan McCue turns from reporter, to research subject, as he, finds out exactly how, much a good night's sleep can change your brain all right Duncan we're gonna get started with the task, now the, tower of disks that you see on the left that, you're gonna want to move those all the way to the right. You. Over. The next few days we'll be going in-depth into a crucial, and increasingly, scarce resource, when we all adore that's sleep, we, spend about a third of our lives sleeping or, at least we should be each, time researchers.

Check Canadians, seem to be sleeping less back. In 2005. Canadians, averaged about eight hours of sleep a night by, 2013. That, had dropped to seven now about, 40%, of Canadians, are dealing with some kind of sleep disorder, 3.3. Million of us live without an out insomnia. Something. About sleep keeps our bodies and minds from just falling, apart the, lack of it has been linked to obesity heart, disease stroke. Diabetes and. Depression and. There's Duncan McCue explores in tonight's story it has a dramatic effect on memory. If. You want a crash course in what's really going, on with your brain when you sleep follow. This guy. There. So little known compared, to other areas. Of science and and neuroscience, in particular it's, about the mystery of sleep so. You can see the fluid is the brightest. Stuart. Fogle, is a psychology. Professor and the director of sleep neuroscience. At the Royal Ottawa's Institute, of Mental Health research and I'm, getting, a front-row seat in, one of the few places in the world that. Actually records. What happens, in the brain during. Sleep. Being. Able to leverage new technologies. Draw back the curtains and peer. Inside to see what's happening in the brain while. We're sleeping is just fascinating. This. Is how it begins my, journey into the world of sleep to. Understand, why we can't do without it. 60%. Of, Canadians. Don't get the sleep that they need or the sleep that they want. It's quite a big number that's. That's a huge now that the over half of us are not getting as much as we want that's right Fogle. Is halfway, through a four year research, project, uncovering. Connections. Between sleep, and memory, and, a lot of what sleep, is good for has to do with memory people, are really gaining a lot of interest in this because. There seems to be so much about sleep the more we we do, study, this the more we find how, there's, just. So many aspects, of sleep that are involved in memory processing. To. Show me why sleep is so critical, to how we learn I'm, not actually going to sleep all. Right Duncan we're gonna get started with the task, now we're gonna be done right away first, a skill, test the, tower of disks that you see on the left that, you're gonna want to move those all the way to the right but you can only using, my fingers, on this keypad I have to move those colored, blocks from, left to right, all. Of it captured, by this $10,000,000. MRI, machine, so, he's, he's nearly, got the whole strategy figured, out not in a optimal. Sense. These. Images, show different. Parts of the brain activating. While it struggles, to learn the task. The. Same kind of brain activity, occurs, during sleep, and to Fogo that's, a crucial discovery. And, what we see is with a period of sleep that. People. Are just arrived at this aha, moment where, they've, arrived. At the solution the optimal, solution to the puzzle that they couldn't necessarily get. To before they had sleep. All. Right that's a motor skill, thing too third finger is like ah come on come on. So. Does that mean the more sleep you get the better your memory, well. To, a point, and as Fogel has learned up to a certain age. To. Better understand, how memory and sleep change, as we age, we. Recruited, 60, year-old Tom Patterson. He's. My fellow lab rat in the sleep lab tonight, well, Fogle, runs us through more tests. Tom. Is what, scientists, described, as an optimal. Aging adult. This. Is someone that. Is is really healthy and in sort, of a ticks, all the boxes for, the, different measurements that we use they're. Physically active they aren't. On any medications, they have no sleep complaints. Tom, fits the bill on all fronts and most importantly, he, shows no early. Warning signs of dementia. How. Much, are you hearing older. People say that they're worried about. Premature. Dementia. Or memory loss almost. Every subject who enrolls in the study I would say I certainly think about it now because I'm, 60. And I, think. About that kind of thing Allah Jesus how wonderful my memory is getting worse why did why did I go to the garage you. Know again you remember halfway back to the house that kind of thing yeah fridge. Moments, open the fridge what's in there yeah just, add an X I. Know. What I was looking for yeah. They, pick, up the electrical activity that's just naturally going on in your brain then, time, to get wired up these electrodes.

Will, Document our brainwaves throughout. The night. We've. Also enlisted, 23, year old doctoral, student Nick Vander, Berg to show how differently, a young brain deals, with memory, and sleep, when. You see the green cross that means to practice so 4 1 3 2 4 4, 1 3 2 4 as quickly and as accurately as possible, ok. Time for another motor skills, test. A. Few. More wires to hook up because I didn't, look Frankenstein. II enough and, then, finally. Time, for bed. Don't. Think can you hear me ok so you're, just gonna make yourself comfortable in the bed and you're off to sleep for the night alright, goodnight. Morning. How'd. You sleep. Bright. And early. We. Get another go at finger, tapping to, see if we learned anything as, we, slept, what. Was it like to do it this morning and it seemed it was quicker initially, I totally, felt like I was faster this morning, you fell today oh I can feel it the first couple of goals but then it started to slow down and I think it had more did it felt to me like it was just because it was morning I was like ah brain not working, but I understand, yeah. Before. We, find out if we were in fact any faster. Alright, Duncan so we're gonna go through the results. Of your test here overnight recording, Stuart, Fogle, takes a moment to decipher, my brainwaves he's, looking, for something called sleep spindles. Spindles. Are evidence, our brain is shifting. Tasks, we learn everyday from. Short-term, memory to long-term, what. We can see here now that you're here fully asleep is some nice sleep spindles, bursts, of activity a, very large amplitude nice. Long duration, sleep spindle there other. Ones here as well so your your brain is really working hard there I'm so happy I have I, have good, sleep spindles, but but what was so what's my brain doing when I have a sleep spindle and indicates that you're probably reprocessing. That information. Reactivating. Those memory traces, integrating. Them into long-term, memory stores. Overnight. My spindles, were on overdrive. Which, means I, was probably, practicing. The test without. Being aware of it how. Did I compare to Tom and Nick time, to find out we're about to see who was actually, better at the motor skills slash memory task after, we, slept and so, what you see here is what, we would have predicted before, on this graph a lower bar means. A faster, performance. Nick. Who's our younger subject, has. The benefit, from, sleep so he was next Godspeed fingers so you, got a lot faster here yeah, that that's quite a good improvement in, terms of speed the blue is the training, session so that was the evening when you were learning it for the first time and then the red bars are the retest so that's the morning session where we want to see how well you did after a night of sleep what, we see here is, very typical in a younger subject, like Nick where, they start off at a certain, level there and then they improve after, a night of sleep Duncan. We see a similar sort of thing here. You're a little bit slower overall but, you do still, get a little, boost from sleep, that's the Eureka, moment a good night's sleep. Boosts. Your brainpower so, the the boost is really, what you're honing in on to show us. How. Important, to sleep this yeah that's right because if we're not getting if we're not getting the sleep. Then. One I, think that that boost is really that horse doesn't happen that boost only, happens with sleep. But. For Tom as expected, there, was no boost at all is that as we get older we don't derive the same benefit from sleep so Tom doesn't have that boost, after sleep, that improvement, from at retest that sleep seems to afford it's shown, me that I'm getting older and I'm right, where my age group should be and I'm, not.

It's. Not bad, or worse bad or a critical. Memory loss it's just, indicative, of my age. Our. Sleep, patterns, undoubtedly. Change, as we age but, Fogle hopes if we, improve, our sleep. It will help treat maybe even, ward, off dementia. The. Moral of the story would, be to do everything you can to make sleep a priority. And. To eliminate the things that are that are going to interfere with sleep because sleep definitely. Can. Stand to provide a benefit and perhaps. Even stave off things like dementia I wouldn't, necessarily call, it the Fountain of Youth but but. I think there's something to be said about about. Its. Ability. To keep our brains healthy as we age ok. So Duncan I'm glad you did well on the test but I couldn't finish I'm a bit more curious, about Tom because, you, know he presumably, had a good night's sleep he's. Healthy, and yet there was sort of a flat line on the memory what are we to take from that yeah and Tom is the best-case scenario for. An aging adult which shows. You know his low performance, shows how much sleep impacts memory and it sets a bar for, people in terms of when that early memory loss starts, which, will help scientists, hopefully, predict younger, subjects, when, they might be at risk for something serious memory loss like dementia, and maybe sleep, might be the way to help treat it ok. Tomorrow we're looking at sleep apnea right apnea, and apnea that's when you when, you stop actually, breathing in the middle of a sleep that can happen a couple times a night it can happen hundreds, of times a night, and it has serious health impacts, obviously, and many Canadians, don't know they have it, so we followed up another three people through another sleep, test but this one was at home that presents. A few challenges and take. A peek at this. So. They. Go to give it a try. At. Home, it's tricky. Business getting, the gizmos all set up. But. Everyone finally gets the hang of it. Okay. These are good sports letting, you lurk in their homes all night long looking. Forward to that tomorrow we're gonna learn something I'm looking forward to going home and getting a bit of sleep tonight what about you yes please. I'm. Anxious about sleeping, now still ahead our moment of the day the surprisingly, romantic, story behind the best video, on the internet today but. First. In. Case you missed it Canada, is upping its game in a very specific. Struggle. Against, a certain Scandinavian. Constitutional. Monarchy, that couldn't. Just leave well enough alone there, are things that you just don't do to Canadians, you don't water down our beer and you don't tell. Us we can't put maple syrup on our pancakes, and you don't mess with Mac the moose are you gonna get the antlers this, shiny, interloper. Is what mayor Fraser told, me is so fired up about Norway's. Store elegance standing, ten point three meters, tall it, officially, took on the title of world's, largest moose, statue when it was erected just over three years ago dethroning. Moose, jaw's famous, mac the moose but now Canada, is gearing, up to wrestle, back the crown from this mockery. Of our moose hood this giant. Chrome, gauntlet. Slapping, the face of an entire nation oh thanks. To a couple of proud Saskatchewan. Boys and their spirited, GoFundMe, campaign dear. People of Moose Jaw an egregious. Offense, has been committed, against, you by, the people of Norway, what 31. Centimeters, back. On Mac and stick, it down low, and for just how we could, take back that title well different, people have different ideas, I'd. Say a hockey, stick resting on the horns I kind, of like the idea putting skates on the moose I had on, top I guess we, could just take that one out and donate, it somewhere and just, build, a nice brand new one whoa. Whoa, whoa, Mac, the moose has stood for almost 35, years lady, build, a new quote she said anyway. What, does mayor told me think I'm kind of leaning towards the bigger rack, I think, the, present rack is a nice one but I think a, more. Proportional, rack would be the, solution, why personal, personally. Your, move Norway, your, move. Here's. Some of the other stories were watching tonight members, of the Venezuelan National, Guard have been arrested for allegedly plotting. Against. The president. The. Officers demanding. President Nicolas, Maduro leave, power, and apparently, seized, weapons from a National Guard command, post it, triggered, violent protests just a few kilometers, from the presidential, palace living. Conditions in Venezuela, are deteriorating. With frequent, power outages, inflation.

Food, And medicine shortages, opposition. Leaders are calling for nationwide demonstrations on. Wednesday. In. The Kesh Strait, near Crimea, at least, 10 people have died after two ships, under, the Tanzanian, flag caught fire some. Of the crew were able to jump into the water to escape the flames, about, a dozen crew members have been rescued with recovery, operations, still underway for the remaining crew, it's believed an explosion, occurred on one of the vessels and the fire spread, to the other and. For. The second time in less than a week a suicide, bomber has, targeted, US troops in Syria, a car, bomb went off this morning near a checkpoint in the north no Americans, were killed but there are reports of casualties among, allied Kurdish, forces the. Attack follows another last Wednesday, that killed, four Americans, five Kurds and several, militiamen, Isis. Has claimed, responsibility. The. Efforts to get China to release two Canadians, is ramping, up exactly, five weeks, after they were detained, in what has become a heated, diplomatic. Showdown, with no clear resolution and, today the, international, community sent a message directly to the Chinese president the strategy, has put Ottawa in Beijing's crosshairs. But as Katie Simpson explains the Trudeau government, says it is making, progress. China. Is urging, Canada, to stop the International. Campaign to rally its allies, soil, goods actually, suits you a Foreign Affairs spokeswoman. Says Canada is putting, on an empty show of strength in, Ottawa, it seen as a sign the campaign, may be working, more and more countries coming forward, to indicate that, they, share Canada's, view and they're they're, offering the indeed, it does between, the Prime Minister, and foreign affairs minister, there have been 19 high-level. Discussions, with world leaders and top officials those, efforts, have led to 11 public, statements, denouncing China's, actions today. 144. Diplomats, and academics, from around the world also, wrote, an open letter calling. For China to release the two detained Canadians, will, always stand up for the rule of law we will always encourage. Friends. Allies, and thoughtful people around the world to point out that Canada, stands up for the rule of law and but one conversation. Justin, Trudeau has avoided so far is a direct call with Chinese, President Xi Jingping, if, this issue is going, to be resolved. It's. Imperative, that the, Prime Minister step, up to the plate sources. Tell CBS, e News if the timing, is wrong on a call to XI it could, limit Canada's, options, going forward and that it may end up in flaming tensions, further Beijing. Has demanded the release of mung Wong Jo the Huawei CFO, arrested. On an extradition request, from the US American. Authorities, have nine days left to, submit the paperwork to formally, move the process to the next phase I couldn't, imagine the circumstances. That one. Could explain. Not. Being able to provide the materials, within 60 days in, particular on such a high-profile, case the. Editor of a Chinese, state linked newspaper, is encouraging. The Americans, to miss the deadline let. Mongo and blame, the whole thing on, the US government, shut down Katie, Simpson CBC, News Ottawa. Up. Next on the national, hour moment, his fiancee, wanted, coffee but, the roads were sheer ice so he, found another more, creative, way and, I just like to see people smile you know I get. Out of here we're growing up on the ice you can skate up and down the street literally go get a coffee I mean that's, sitting, in the world best thing I've ever done. Why, do you even have online review, so you're not really a modern business with Adam, there's. Probably a whole bunch of them out there for Kim's here, we go Kim's convenience, Wow, four, stars love, this place and that mr. Kim is a real. Cutie. Pie cutie. Pie. No. Hope, you don't get the Jetta why, these, crazy, or, ugly well you should I get that because everyone who writes online is crazy or ugly.

Most. Of them have already been exposed we don't know that you have but don't want you feeling sorry if, you want me out you'll have to fire me issue here is safety not money isn't it unspeakable. New. Episode, Wednesday, on CBC. Between. The extreme cold the snow and, ice hitting much of Eastern, Canada over the last 24, hours, it's hard not to let winter get the, best of you and it's. Only January but. That's not how Corey Hamilton sees, it he didn't let a very frozen New Brunswick Street stand, in his way today all he needed was a pair of skates how he made the most out of a nasty storm, is, our moment. Get. My skates on and I. Went up here to the hill I went, up to the top it's two rows and I did a little slalom action, there back and forth just kind of testing the ice I. Decided. You know what I'm gonna take it one step further and do a little more Canadian. I guess if you can than that and I'm gonna go to two morons. So. And they got a good laugh at you Borden's I mean how many how many times you see a guy come through with, a pair of power hockey skates on. She. Wanted coffee. And I'd, do anything for you you, think I've ever done by far and if, you can get, more Canadian I would like to see I. Was. Just thinking I love how the anchor in Vancouver, where it's 4 degrees did this moment 3 thought. Cory. Said that he made a bet with his son that he could go down the skate without without, the hill don't go down the hill without falling, and if, he did that his son had to give up playing fortnight for the rest of the day so he won that bet very, unhappy, child I'm sure but, also. You know you heard Cory say there's most Canadian thing he's ever done he has he's, pretty proud of himself right now because he is now challenged, Sidney Crosby to. A race, for Tim's, so. If you're listening Sid, the Kid there's. A contender, waiting for you and. Now to loop back to something that rosemary said just a moment ago you guys are really good on social media had many more followers than I do I almost, read it out of the picture today on my walk to work of people, a block away from my home playing, tennis outside, good. Idea that I didn't. I wouldn't. I was there last week and I was considering, not letting you return yeah, it. Was nice but I certainly feel especially for the people back home in, New Brunswick what a great moment we had that is the national for January 21st good night good night. You.

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