The National for January 14, 2018

The National for January 14, 2018

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It, is Sunday January 14, and this is the National tonight. Another. Canadian, telecom accused, of selling customers, products, they don't need now it's Rogers, employees, who, are going public, Sears closes, its doors for good putting, thousands out of work and employee, pensions, in jeopardy, but. We begin in Vancouver, where a 15, year old boy was, shot and seriously hurt all because, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. This. Is this is bad and we. Are concerned. About how. Brazen this was and this is a priority for us, that. Is vancouver police describing. That shooting, on a busy street last night two innocent, bystanders were injured including, that, boy who was with his family in a car caught, in the crossfire. A third, victim is believed, to have been the target, it's. All disturbing, but as briar Stewart, tells us it's that shooting, of a teenage boy that, has people so deeply, rattled. All. Through the day a few blocks of one of Vancouver's busiest. Streets were sealed off as police, search for anything, to help piece together how. And why shots, rang out here last night injuring. Three, people there. Is an indication, that, there, was an exchange of gunfire. However. The, circumstances surrounding that will form part of the investigation, police, say a man in his 20s was the target, he was known to them but they won't say why he, was seriously, injured and shockingly. So, was a 15, year old boy an innocent, bystander who, was in the back seat of a vehicle driving. By on, his way home with family after, having dinner another, bystander was, also hurt police, say his injuries are minor, it, sounded, like they were extremely, close to my, balcony. When Mark Stevenson, heard, the gunshots, last night he first thought they were something else I was like who's letting fireworks, off right under my window it, was but, it was like you know loud like, a sharp, report. Sort of you. Know it's a quick succession, he, realized, how serious it was when, he looked out his window the. Street where the shooting happened is lined with shops and a few restaurants during. The day it's a busy area for pedestrians, and many, of them looked on this afternoon. Horrified. By, what happened yeah that's really scary. I'm. 60, and I Drive down here all the time and. I'm working right here so it's freaky it's something I could happen to right across the street especially. Somebody that young it's, so bad that this, this is happening, in this city, of and for what reason, who, knows police, are hoping more witnesses, come forward more. Than 30 officers, are on this investigation, but, so far no, arrests, have been made, Breyer, Stewart CBC, News Vancouver. So. Now we're gonna go to a go public investigation you have that well Adrian CBC, has reported, already about the high-pressure sales tactics that, some, Bell Canada employees. Say they were forced to use now. Employees, at another big telecom Rogers, are speaking, out. Your. Poll disperse knowing you pulled your mattress or sure rowdy you tell you to sell sell sell we. Do an internet service to customers who actually do not have a computer, we. Have of course concealed, by workers identity. Employees. Like him are describing the extreme pressure to upsell, saying, they sometimes have, to lie or trick customers, to buy products, and services.

They Don't need and those, customers get, hit monthly. Erica. Johnson let our stories into the tactics at Bell and she has this latest, go public investigation. Your. Bill went up that much yes, it went up over 130, dollars Sheldon. Neider has been a Rogers customer, for two decades. Last year he called Rogers to see if he qualified, for a 25%, corporate. Discount, says, the sales rep told him he did but, also convinced, him to buy an extra, phone and put, him on a plan with more expensive data that didn't qualify for that discount, I think. It's a bait and switch because they mate you with a discount and switch. It because they don't give it to you it's as simple as that. Rogers. Employees, at this call center and others say they're pressured, to try to make a sale on every call. We're. Concealing, the identity, of this worker he says even if a customer just wants to talk to a technician. He has to try to sell something you're supposed to look at their account and see what they don't have seldom cable, home phone home. Security, credit. Card whatever. It's missing he, and others say to keep their jobs they sometimes mislead. Even, lie to customers. If, you really really desperate you may just stop looking at his Tala modem for your TV any, member you're talking to seniors here they don't know what products you're putting in there l hope another, employee, who quit rogers ottawa call center last august says managers, turn a blind eye when employees, are misleading. Or pressuring, customers, she told go public when, i had my interview they actually asked me if an elderly lady calls, in to cancel her sports package on her TV because, her husband, just died are you, going to convince her to keep it and add more rodgers, wouldn't give go public an interview, but in a statement said amongst other things while, we do not believe, the concerns raised represent, our values or sales practices we, take them very seriously and. We will work with our team to respond to these concerns, after. We asked rogers about sheldon eiders issues they reimbursed, him about three hundred sixty dollars as a goodwill, gesture and replaced. A phone with a broken screen but, he's still stuck, in that confusing. Contract, and says, rogers, sales tactics, need to be addressed they, just do what you want and deal with the people who who, complain, and. Erica joins us now so first Bell then Rogers, and at least one consumer, advocacy, group Erica, is calling, for some action and, that's righti in piak the public interest, advocacy center. Based in Ottawa has, made a pretty bold call to the federal regulator, the CRTC, it's calling for a public. Inquiry, in a, letter to the regulator, P, ax says the nature of these allegations, is so serious, that a formal, inquiry into the entire, industry, sales practices is, required. And, how has the CRTC, responded, well. A spokesperson, acknowledged. That she has received that letter but she wouldn't comment on it further she did say if people, are unhappy with their telecom, providers, they can file a complaint with the CCTs, the Commission for complaints, for telecom, television. Services. Now that's a mediator, between consumers. And telecoms, and interestingly. In, their most recent annual report the, top complaints, were about these exact issues incorrect. Charges, on customer, bills that, sales reps didn't fully disclose, contract, terms or gave, misleading. Information but. Remember, in the CCTs, is for people like you and me where did the workers at these telecoms, voice their, concerns, and that, is why we're now hearing this call for a public inquiry, to try, to get to the bottom of what is behind these sometimes, unethical. Sales pitches and that's why they continue to contact you and hope to go public thanks Erika thank, you, and. So if you do want to get in touch with Erika, and the go public team you can email go, public at The. Parts of Atlantic, Canada are cleaning up and assessing, the damage after a weekend, of really nasty weather. In. Western Newfoundland melting, snow and heavy rain washed away roads and cut off several, communities, a state, of emergency in, Corner Brook has now been lifted but the damage, is expected. To cost the province millions, of dollars. That. Same system also, pummeled. New Brunswick, parts of the province were hit with more than a hundred millimetres. Of rain in less than 24 hours Catherine, harab has the details from some of the hardest, hit areas. First. Rain, then. Ice cut. This small community in two we, were stranded yesterday, here we couldn't get out and. These. Events seemed to be happening more frequently in, the last few years yesterday.

Debbie McCann took this video of one of the communities, historic. Covered, bridges punched. Through, with water and ice severely. Damaged, the, Brunswick, was inundated with heavy rain and then dropping temperatures. Dams. Were opened, and roads, closed. As, swollen. Rivers overflowed, then froze, making, driving icy, and dangerous, even. Possible, a man, and his dog were stuck in this van overnight, it had been swept off the road, road, crews heard his calls for help this morning so, they were able to. Walk. Through the icy cold. Water, and. To rescue. The man and his dog at. This farm neighbors, helped shovel oak spoil, hey yesterday. Others, rescued, cabs and move cows to higher ground, we needed trailers and we had a whole art of you trailers come down the road to help us out so yeah it's, the way this just water came up so fast in no amount of time there, was no way to plan for something like that people. Were ordered, from their homes over fears that a dam west of st. John could fail tonight, that, danger, has passed, and residents, are being allowed to return home officials. Say it will take days to assess all the storm, damage, over. 30 roads remain closed, as waters, recede, leaving, their signature, in, ice Kathryn, Harrop CBC, News Point. So. The very last Sears stores in Canada closed, for good today Ian I know you went to have a look well you know Sears has been such a familiar part of the retail landscape right across this country and big shopping centers and small, town catalog, outlets and today that, all came to an end the, remaining 17, stores closing their doors for the last time here's one stat about the reach of Sears it once, sold more mattresses than, any other, retailer, in Canada, so, over the last few months the last 190. Stores have closed so if you look back to last year, that's a total of 15,000. People who, have lost their jobs so, today I visited a store in Pickering that's just east of Toronto to take a closer look at Sears last day and the uncertainty. Facing its retired workers. From. ICONic Canadian department, store to bargain basement frenzy, this is how Sears ended more than 60, years in Canada shoppers. Drawn by deep discounts. And long, memory it's amazing, you know how, like, you know people are here gathered, it shows like you know all, these people definitely have, loved, yes I can remember as young as I was in another gift you. Always look for that Sears catalog, yeah. And. You. Always found something when you come in this year's. It. Is the wish book catalog, that many of us remember best but, the stores have been coast-to-coast since, the 50s and now, more than 12,000. Full and part-time employees are, out of a job, eighteen. Thousand retirees, are also wondering, what's next they've, been told there's not enough money to pay their full pension and benefits, they cancel my life insurance they discontinued, my health and dental and, now. In 2018. Sometime they're gonna cut my pension that, leaves me in a spot girl well, I I'm gonna need more money make ends meet at my age I'm 72 years old I've. Gone to work and. I'm gone to work at part time at the Home Depot I grew, up in, the country where we lived minimally, I. Don't. Know how much more minimally, I can live Pat. Wilson sold appliances, of the Sears store in Pickering, and before, that she was with Eaton's when it closed down when. I spoke to her Friday she, was thinking back to memories of last days now, and then, I remember. When, I drove away from Eaton's. I'm. Gonna start crying. Drove. Away I saw. The side I thought I'm. Never coming back here again. It's. Going to happen you watch I'm gonna have a lot of people crying. But. You're so gonna know that we, have them back. And so, she did one, last look at the store and one. More chance to say goodbye to, her former colleagues you. See me sailing. I'm. Pretty sure I miss it not. Only the place. Everybody. Would know. This. Sell-off of inventory, follows, a fire sale of bigger Sears assets, and what, angers retirees. Is that while shareholders. Pocketed, the profits, not, enough was set aside to guarantee, the full pensions, that workers. Contributed. To this. Is my money that's, being. Withheld from me it's not a soul I. Didn't. Put, the money in there I did. You. Earned it I earned, it you expected, it I lived. On less at the time to put the money in and. What now yeah. That's, a really good question. We. Spoke to a lawyer who's representing, the retirees, he says they will be making a legal, claim to try to get the full pensions, paid, out of those Sears, assets, and some, of the former workers are also hoping to turn this into a political issue arguing.

Employees, Of companies like Nortel and Sears need better protection, after bankruptcy. There. Is always change in retail and as Sears was winding down last year 50 foreign, brands, were setting, up shop in Canada, that's a big leap from previous, years and quite likely a record. China's. Mini so is like a variety, store for price-conscious Millennials it launched, in Metro Vancouver last, spring now has 20 stores in Canada its, target, 500. Us-based, Kohler opened its first standalone, store in Canada so, did Dyson Electronics, and hunter Footwear, both from the UK and the. Foreign arrivals continue, Frances, Decathlon, Group sells sporting goods in 28 countries and, this spring it makes, its Canadian debut. In the Montreal suburb of. Brassard. US. President Donald Trump has addressed allegations, of racism after, reportedly, calling a number of countries quote, shitholes. A few days ago here's what Trump said to reporters earlier this, evening at a dinner event in Florida. I am the least racist person, you. Have ever interviewed. A contentious. Trump. Has not budged from his version of what was said during a meeting on immigration reform on Thursday he admits using some tough language and, describing, Haiti and some African nations, but denies, using, that derogatory. Term and. Trump. Finally had something to say tonight about that jaw-dropping, false missile, alarm in Hawaii that sparked mass panic he, called it a state, issue. People. Took shelter in, manholes. In closets, anywhere, after the touch of a single button on a government computer, wrongly, sent, out alert of a missile attack fear. Has now turned to anger our Lindsey Duncan has more from Washington on, the blame game. Fallout. Today from those 38, minutes of panic, everyone, was freaking out everyone was on their phones or like like. What do we do where do we go the emergency, text told people in Hawaii to seek immediate, shelter. The radio broadcast, terrified. A missile, may impact on land or sea within minutes this. Is not a drill people, prepared, to die if you're watching this video that, means, I didn't make it all, that chaos. Because one, worker pressed, the wrong button this, is my team we made a mistake, we're, gonna take processes, and study, this this doesn't happen again changes. Have already been made now two people. Will have to sign off before any, alert goes out the, head of the Federal Communications, Commission today called the false alert, absolutely. Unacceptable, saying. Hawaii did not have reasonable. Safeguards in, place officials. Worried, that because this, alert was false people, might not pay attention to, a real one that goes out I would hate for anybody not, to abide, by alert and warnings coming from government systems, they can trust government systems, we test them every day this. Was a very unfortunate mistake.

But These alerts are vital seconds, and minutes can save lives. North, Korea's, nuclear tests. And the American, presidents, provocative. Words have put Hawaii on edge this, Democratic politician, says it's, time for the countries to negotiate we've, got to get to the underlying issue here, of why. Are the people of Hawaii in this country facing, a nuclear. Threat coming, from North Korea today and what, is this president doing urgently. To, eliminate, that, threat asked. About the alert this evening president, Donald Trump called it a state, thing. Critics. Say the president, should have said more and sooner, calling, this a missed opportunity to. Reassure a, rattled, state Lindsay. Dunne comb CBC, News Washington. So. This looks like a clear, case of human, error but the systems themselves can, be fallible, too. Emergency. Warning systems, can be traced back to the second world war sirens. Blazed during, the Blitz warning, Londoners, to take cover from German bombs. The, system, has morphed over the decades embracing, technology as. It developed but there have of course been hiccups, some dangerous ones during. The Cold War in particular in 1980. The world came close to a nuclear conflict. When, US computers, mistakenly. Alerted, people that, 2200, missiles were on their way from Russia, an, eagle-eyed, technician, took a closer look and figured, out a faulty, computer chip worth all of 46. Cents was behind the panic crisis. Averted if, you hear this attack warning signal, in circumstances. Other than a test get. Inside if, you are indoors stay, indoors, it, was only last month that Hawaii, reactivated. Its siren system because, of the nuclear tensions, between the u.s. and North Korea. Canada. Has its own emergency warning, system it's, called alert, ready and it can override, TV, and radio signals, to issue vital, information about, Amber. Alert severe, weather and other, emergencies. Just. Hearing those audio alerts so ominous. Ahead. Tonight two divisive, presidents, a shared disdain, for the media and both, the subjects, of investigations. Well look at the parallels, between Donald, Trump and Richard Nixon and. When, Prince Harry and Megan mark will get married the world will descend, on the town of Windsor which, is now at the heart of a debate over what to do with the people living on the streets we'll take a closer look at homelessness in, the United Kingdom the. First we take you to the Detroit Auto Show where NAFTA, negotiations. Are looming large this, year you. Put a border back in place you could easily add, a two thousand dollars cost. To, a vehicle and that then would hurt the market in all three countries. While. From the din of battle stands, the Canadian General Hospital, housing some of Canada's casualties. Recently, arrived to practice a welcome. Visitor comes to its door the, Majesty, the Queen was taking, time off from her many functions, to visit her Canadian boys, the. Trim gray plaid figure, with the dazzling, smile where's, the diamond Maple, Leaf presented, to her during the royal visit to Canada for. Three hours in every Ward she, talks to the wounded fighting men of Canada magic. Of her personality, vanishes, all thoughts of depression, after. Speaking, to each man individually. And hearing their trilling stories the, Queen comment, briefly the. Canadians, are doing, a wonderful job, he. Leaves behind, appreciation. For family fun. To. Dockyards, across the dominion Canadian, girls fought to answer the call of the United Nations for, ships and more ships.

Joan. Kanak has forsaken, bog and Vanity Fair for blueprints, and construction, plans the. Frilly dresses in fancy hairdos, of pre-war days have. Given way to overalls, and workers caps rather. Husband, and boyfriend, on the Italian, front and in Normandy need supplies, and supplies, mean ships to carry them miss. Canada is just the person to build those ships build, them well with her own lily-white hands. After. The war a barrage, of red-hot rivets may take the place of the traditional rolling. Pin as feminine. Weapon mark one when hubby comes home late when. It comes to mixing the gas go over the family bus the, boys will have to take a back seat when. Victory is won a great, share of the credit will be dude warfare Amazon's, in overall. The. Convoy, see represents. The lifeline, of our forces in the field to, maintain one fighting man in action, it requires, 19, other men behind, the scene most. Of these are found handling, the gigantic, project to keeping the army supplied with weapons ammunition. And food and the Air Force with, planes and petrol. Under, the navy's protecting, guns all manner of crafts are brought into use in the never-ending battle of keeping supply dumps bill as. Soon as a beachhead is established, cargo, vessels which are standing by commence, pouring out their quota of storms. On. The National tonight there are reports, in a Tunisia that police, have fired tear gas on protesters, people who are calling for an end to austerity measures, in, the past week the Army has arrested more than 800. Demonstrators. Since 2011. In the Arab Spring January. Has often been a big month for protests, in Tunisia the, government has tried to ease things by pledging 70, million dollars to help the poor it, seems that the demonstrations. Continued. And. Really. Some incredible footage out of Turkey tonight a Turkish airliner stopped mere meters, before plunging into the Black Sea with, a hundred and sixty-eight people on board the, plane was, landing when, it careened off the, runway down that muddy cliff. And. Video, from inside, shows passengers, rushing, to get out incredibly, everyone. Evacuated. Safely there, were no injuries, it's, still not clear what caused this. And. The, first man to skate over to him is it a no charm, Montreal. Canadiens, player Philip tonneau is recovering, at home tonight after he took that slap shot to the head Boston. Bruins captain Zdeno Chara shot, was clocked at a hundred and 20 kilometers, per hour - no hat to be taken off the ice on a gurney and treated, in hospital, he's 24, years old he, was released this morning. It. Has been a tough winter for drivers, in much of North America so far perhaps. It's much easier to wander around inside, looking, at slick new cars at least four people in Detroit where, the North American, International Auto, Show is now underway. But. For all the excitement over those cool concept. Cars and luxury vehicles most of us will never afford, there, is a strong sense of uncertainty at, the show this year, over, the future of NAFTA, and where, the auto industry, goes if the deal is scrapped. Rene. Philip Oni is in Detroit tonight where those crucial trade, talks seem, to be on everyone's mind. Sleek. Design the latest an innovation, all to grab the attention of, the auto industry gathered. Here in Detroit. Kicking. Off the show Ford unveiled its new crossover, which will be made in Canada, a decision, the company made despite, the uncertain, future of NAFTA, you know NAFTA, really. Was a super. Idea when it came I think it really helped our industry, help the world in ways that, we. All benefited, from but it is in due time. That it needed to be modernized, but, the u.s. is playing extreme, hardball, in NAFTA Talks proposing. Tough changes, that have been called unworkable. For the Canadian auto industry, it would require more, parts, be made in the US some. Worry it could drive future, investment, out of Canada what, makes good sense is for us to work together to, strengthen the auto industries, so that we can compete with other regions of the world it's, unclear, what the alternative, would be if the u.s. pulled out of NAFTA, but industry, watchers warn that doing anything drastic like, adding tariffs, will only hurt the consumer one, of the reasons I don't think naps is going to disappear, is because the US consumer, gets hurt as much as the Canadian consumer and the Mexican consumer that's, why company, CEOs, and politicians on, both sides, of the border have been working to convince the US administration that.

Free Trade is essential that the industry, here in Detroit, and across the river in Windsor, rely. On the, free movement of parts, and cars Canadian. Negotiators, will hit hard with that point, when NAFTA talks, start again for the sixth time next, week Rene, Philip Oni CBC, News Detroit. Ahead. Tonight on the national the striking similarities. Between two, presidents, Donald. Trump and Richard Nixon could they share a similar destiny, but, first the debate over what to do with the homeless ahead of the Royal Wedding will speak to some of those living on the streets who suddenly find themselves in, the spotlight. It. Could be worse I could be born in Syria. To. Be born in Africa, god, I have no chance and, they're, bright people not me okay. Maybe, in here mate someone's, always going to help. They're. Coming, to your door. My. Name is Scott and I'm from phone safe I'm currently taking applications. For your rate reduction, on long distance. Television. Ads, unitel. Save up to 35% off, Bell Canada long distance call now it's, happening, right across the country and the bombardment, of ads can be overwhelming. Some ideas, become extinct, like hi long distance rates they're. Called long distance service companies, and in, the metro toronto area alone, there, are more than thirty of them oh. It's. A service that Bell Canada still, offers, but no longer monopolizes. In. The mid-80s the CRTC, told, Bell to share the long-distance business, market this, past summer it told Bell it also has to share the residential, market. Most. Of the push for change came from Unitel bells, main competitor, like. Bell it has its own infrastructure. And phone lines and is considered, a network, Unitel. Says the beneficiary, of this kind of competition, is the, consumer, we're. Offering, prices. That are at a minimum, fifteen percent lower than the telephone companies, and depending. On the package that you can sign up with unit, L you can save up to 35%, off. The telephone company prices, there. Are other companies in the market smaller, than unit L known as resellers, companies. Like Vision tell it. Has some facilities, but mostly it rents time and phone lines from the bigger companies, with, lower overhead, it can offer customers, cheaper, rates on long-distance calls o us. Calls respective, time of day we guarantee forty five percent off of the bail rate, Canadian. Thirty five and, internationally. Twenty and, there's a variety, of even smaller subcontractors. And agents, that lease phone lines and offer discounts. It's, always thirty percent below whatever, discounted. Rate they already received through, about and ten, percent on international, calls we, decided, to compare long-distance, rates just to sample, the kind of savings that are available, we, chose to call Regina from Toronto. Call took place at 8:30 p.m. on a weeknight, and lasted. 5 minutes and 34 seconds, with. Bell the call cost two dollars and 14 cents with, Unitel a dollar 66, and with, vision, tell a dollar 70, in order. To get those savings it means more dialing, first, you have to dial 7 digits. To. Get off the bail line and onto the alternative, system 10, more digits are required. To. Identify yourself. For billing purposes then. You dial your normal long distance number. Bell. Is reacting, to the onslaught, of competition. With full-page, newspaper ads. And a public campaign to keep its clients, from slipping away. It's. Not illegal, to be homeless in, the shadow of Windsor, Castle today, protesters, vowed, to make that point, this May when, Prince Harry marries, Megan Merkel those, protesters. Plan to show up dressed in tatters, folding sleeping, bags and cardboard signs.

Their. Anger, has been brewing for days ever since news, broke that ahead, of the local council, is calling, on police to, clear, out the homeless ahead, of the wedding more, than two hundred thousand, people have signed a petition demanding, a, reversal, margaret, evans met some of the people accused. Of ruining. A storybook. Setting. Welcome. To Windsor a fairy, tale of a town where all roads lead. To the castle. Home. Of course to windsors most famous, resident, the, Queen. As. Such the little town on the Thames is used to hosting all sorts, of royal celebrations. From. The Queen's 90th, two, years ago for. That wedding on the horizon. Prince. Harry and his American, bride Megan, Marco will, marry here in May. But. Not all roads to the castle, are paved with gold far, from it tucked. Away in bus shelters and, doorways, you'll, find some of the town's lost, souls, clinging. To sleep and the dreams it affords, often. Kinder, than reality. Faye. Not her real name has, struggled, to stay afloat since, losing, her job four, years ago. Never. Expects it's been the situation so. Yeah. Not. Easy. Her. Partner fell ill at the same time and. A try staying, with phase father didn't. Work out. Each. Other. Lose. Always we've, lost it all a billion times that don't matter. They. Might not have this, spot, for, long though the, council, leader for the Royal Borough of Windsor and, Maidenhead has. Been tweeting outraged. Over what he calls an epidemic. Of rough sleeping, and vagrancy. In Windsor, he's, written to the police asking, them to clear the streets before the wedding, saying, beggars, have become aggressive. Some. Residents, clearly, agree irrespective. Of whether there's going to be a wedding here I'm just normal people walking, around I think, I, see. Them and I think somebody. Should be here others. Are outraged, the, world is going to see Windsor, on on this sort of world stage you, know in May anyway, and so something. Should be done but not not. To clear them off the street something, should be done to help them of course of housing in winds is absolutely, ridiculous, and there isn't enough social, housing around for, people to live in Windsor. A town, of 30,000. Doesn't, have a homeless, shelter. Murphy, James manages. The closest, thing to it a drop-in, center called the Windsor homeless, project, he. Says there are about a dozen people, sleeping on the streets and forty to fifty who are homeless in other ways somebody. Sat in the doorway asking people for scraps of change there, is a reason behind it and we need to find out what that reason is pointing. Fingers and criminalizing, people isn't, going to give us those answers. Londyn. Big bustling. And anonymous. Windsors. Numbers, are a drop in the bucket compared. To those sleeping, on the streets in the capital, but, the root causes remain, the same and rather, timeless. Behind. These gates lies the crossbones graveyard. The gates themselves a shrine, to the outcasts. Dead it, was a poppers cemetery, back in Victorian times right. In the heart of one of London's worst, slums, and not, far from London Bridge. Many, of the homeless back, then would, have been affected by sweeping, land, privatization. And, vagrancy. Laws introduced. In. 1824. Today. It's standing, its ground against. London's, relentless. Development Drive but only just, old working-class. Neighborhoods. Disappearing. Beneath tower, blocks catering. To the white-collar, world. Critics. Say years, of, prioritising. Private, development, over social housing, has led to the current problem, an, estimated. 160. Thousand, households. Experiencing. Some, form of homelessness, the, rental, value of. Private. Rented property is going, up and at the same time they've been holding back and, and.

Cutting And capping welfare. Benefits, which, would plug the gap between what people can afford and the, cost of a rental, John. Sparkes is the executive director of crisis, UK a charity. That says about, 9,000. People are, sleeping rough the, same time as all of that there, have been cuts, to other public services, mental. Health drug and alcohol services and so on it's all of those things together over, several years have reduced. A sustained increase in, homelessness. For. Some dealt, difficult. Hands in life it is an unavoidable sentence. Chris. Is 27. Years old he's, been sleeping outside for, 18 months I was, in a lot of trouble when I was 10 years oh yeah. So. Much. Abandoned. By his mother of, her bad behavior he. Says he, grew up in foster care but. There is no self-pity that. Could be worse I could be born in Syria. To. Be born in Africa, God. I have no chance and, they're. Bright people not me. Maybe, in here mate someone's always been a help. New. Government legislation, obliging. Local councils, to try and intervene, before, someone, slides into homelessness will, come into effect here in April. But. For those who've managed to slip so far from the mainstream, finding. A way back can, be difficult, if you weren't an addict to begin with you might slide into, it just to keep the darkness at bay if you want to sign on for Social Security you. Need an address to do it. And. There, are those who like the councillor and Windsor, want, the police to reach back to Victorian, times and those frequency. Laws still, on the books and making, it illegal to beg. Faye has no idea, whether Windsor, will actually, try to shift those sleeping rough before, the wedding she's. Not immune to a good love story. It. Would be nice to be able under, these circumstances yeah. Yeah, cuz. That'd be lovely yeah yeah. But. Faye is, the one in need of a fairytale ending, some. Way of crawling back up through the cracks she's, fallen, through and, that. Means being. Seen. Margaret. Eman CBC, News Windsor. Still. Ahead President Trump has been compared to Richard Nixon with, a temper, and a strong contempt, for the news media but will, trump follow Nixon, down the road of political, ruin Terence. Mckenna takes a closer look I have. Never heard. Or seen such, outrageous. Dishes. Started, reporting in. 27, years public life but the very dishonest, media. Those people, right up there with all the cow. Well. We're essentially very excited to be out here in Canada it's been a while since we've been, able to come and this. Album emotion the album, that we're performing is been. The passion project, of my life so it feels really cool to be with a band like Headley and get. To finally come in and see everyone, and, speaking, of Headley will you be, performing any songs together, it's. So far not in the plan we have, known each other for years though, just. Because of different award shows and different ceremonies, where you kind of meet up and become casual, friends and we've definitely followed, each other's career and and they're great supporters of one another so I do, my set and they do their set and we kind of just celebrate. And watch each other you've, mentioned you'll be showcasing, songs.

From Your album emotion, but a lot of fans will want to hear what's. Considered really, in a lot of places around the world as the, summer, song of, 2012. You. Know it's, not as intimidating as, it once was I think the making of emotion kind of fixed that for me at least it, feels like it's, a great moment in the set and it's a celebration of sorts but it, doesn't feel like the highlight anymore which is really. Relieving from, here to be honest so. You're gonna be seeing a lot of the country on this tour from. Moncton to Toronto. From Dawson, Creek to Vancouver. Are, all. Of the stops places, you've been to before, yeah. Well, actually I did a fair, amount of touring in Canada before anything kind of took off for me with different bands whether it was Marianas Trench or the new cities are even. Hansen so I have, actually done the runs a few times but this, will be a different kind of tour just because like, I said the material something that I'm proud of in a different way than I've ever been proud of anything and I feel a little bit more like I've kind of come into my own as an artist so getting, to see people and greet them with that confidence is something that I'm really excited and, kind of dying to do so. Of course you and, and the lead singer of Hedley, jacob hoggard were on Canadian, Idol I'm. Curious did did you get a chance to watch the the, finale of American. Idol last night I, didn't. We, just flew in from Japan and then we had our show here. For the first time in Saint John's and I, was, so, jet-lagged that I barely got through it but I found. The energy for that but not much else I'm not gonna lie so. A lot of people are talking this week about the the impact of the, idol programs, on on, pop music what, about on you what, what impact did your experience on Canadian, Idol have you, know it was a really great stepping stone for me I I look, back at that show with fondness, and still a little bit of nervous because it was both things. It. Was really wonderful and really terrifying, but I'm. Glad I did it all in all I think that every, sort of random. Adventure, along the way helps to to, build your confidence and, kind, of changes, the way you think about the whole game and for me it was a blessing and a. Kind. Of a blessing that I saw later on that I had gotten as far as I had. Countries, have to pay us for the services, we're rendering or this country is going to go right down the tubes and that is a shame, Donald. Trump may have shown little serious. Interest in politics back in 1987. But his america-first sentiments. Were already, fully formed after. That appearance Trump received a fan letter from former US President, Richard Nixon's, white Pat, encouraging. Him to run for office predicting. That he would win Trump. Of course finally did run and did win though certainly not by a landslide, like, Nixon's crushing, victory over George McGovern in 1972. But. There are similarities, between the two men and their, combative, temperaments, and their treatment of the media but, could Trump be headed for a similar downfall, Terence. Mckenna examines, the Trump, Nixon, parallels. It's. A very dishonest, media. Those people, right up there with all the calories. How. Does Donald Trump follow, the Nixon, playbook consider. This press conference from October, 1973, in the East Room of the White House I. Have, never heard. Or seen such, outrageous. Vicious. To started reporting in, 27. Years of public life what. Is it about the television, coverage of you in these, past weeks and months that is so aroused. Your anger, don't. Get the impression that you arouse my anger. One. Can only be angry with those, he respects. And. Here. Is Donald Trump last January, in the very same room tomorrow. They will say, Donald. Trump rants and raves at, the press I'm not ranting and raving I'm just telling you you know you dishonest, people but but I'm.

Not Ranting and raving. Here. Is President, Nixon speaking to Secretary, of State Henry Kissinger in, 1972. Echoed. By Donald Trump's infamous, tweet the, fake news media, is not my enemy it is the enemy of the American, people. There. Is a President, Nixon, resigned from the presidency, in the face of obstruction. Of justice charges. And now. Trump is being investigated, on the same alleged, crime. The. Watergate, scandal that brought Nixon down began, with a break-in at the Democratic National, Committee headquarters in, 1972. The. Burglars were caught and tied to the Nixon campaign the. Key question, came at Senate hearings from a Republican, Howard Baker what. Did the president know and. When, did he know it. Then. Came the news that Nixon had secretly, taped, all the White House sessions, in which, he methodically. Planned to cover up with his close advisers, including, paying, off the burglars to buy their silence. Yes. I appreciate that in the oscar-winning movie, all the president's men Robert. Redford and Dustin Hoffman play, Washington, Post reporters, Bob, Woodward and, Carl Bernstein who. Won the Pulitzer, Prize for their Watergate, coverage, today. Woodward, is writing a book about Donald, Trump Nixon, famously said, on. Those tapes it's not the crime that gets you it's the cover of was he right Nixon. Was wrong, it was the crime, of Watergate. It was the war against, the. System. Of justice in the, United States this, was the clear obstruction. Of justice and, we. Have those, thousands. Of hours of tapes, which, really. Define. Watergate. And Nixon. And the extent, of the crimes. The. Nixon, presidency. Had. At its center an unstable, man, historian. Timna Talley was the first independent, custodian. Of the tapes as director. Of the Nixon Presidential, Library in. Terms of temperament, there. Is a volcanic, center, to both men the, ranting, the, anger, the. Paranoid. Concerns. The. Hatred. With. Donald Trump we have the tweets we. Have the tweets that are often, just rants this, similarity. Leads. To the next big. Question I think which. Is will, Donald. Trump. Engage. In Nick Sounion, activities. In, private. Nixon, wanted Teamsters, to go out and physically, attack protesters. Whereas. Trump expressed, the same attitude in public if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato knock the crap out, of would you seriously. Connecticut. Senator Lowell, Weicker became, famous as a moderate Republican, on the Watergate committee who, eventually turned, against, Richard Nixon the scope, of the committee's mandate. Goes. Far beyond, Watergate. Today, he is waiting to see evidence before coming to any judgement about Donald, Trump I started. Out as a rich and Richard. Nixon lover. And, it, was only after I had facts in hand that. I turned the other way so. I'm not willing to go ahead and impose. A different set of standards on. Donald, Trump and, I just don't have those facts, but weicker is ready to judge arguments, that have been put forward by mr. Trump's lawyers in the Russia collusion, investigation. Such. As the notion that the president could not commit, obstruction, of justice by, exercising, powers, granted to him under the US Constitution. That. Echoes an old Nixon, argument, well, when the President does it that means that it is not illegal, nonsense. It's, nonsense. I thought. It was nonsense then, nonsense. Now the. Lawyers don't speak for. The Constitution, of the United States for. The people of this country. No, man in. This nation. Is. Above the law when. You look at what's gone on with the FBI and, with the Justice, Department, people. Are very very, angry Donald, Trump regularly, attacks the FBI and the. Special Counsel investigation. Trump. Said to the New York Times that former, FBI Director Robert Muller would be acting improperly if, he starts looking into the finances, of the, Trump Organization. Now. Of course Trump is suggesting, that Muller would cross a red line if he starts looking at the family finances, at his tax returns, too. Bad for him. Mahler. Has every right to do that I think Muller has to go there and would. Not be like him or like. Federal. Prosecutors. To kind of say oh we're not gonna look in that corner, they look in every, corner that the work will, continue of course, there is widespread, speculation the, Trump will just fire Robert Muller. Echoing. The famous Saturday, night massacre, when, Nixon fired Watergate, special prosecutor, Archibald Cox, along. With the Attorney General and his deputy. Is. In the midst of what may be the most serious, constitutional, crisis. In its history the. Political. Impact of the Saturday. Night massacre, was giant, because.

There, Was a sense, of hey. Nixon's, firing, the person who's investigating, him. That. Led to the. Impeachment inquiry. Well, I think a chrome fired Bob, mower he'd. Be in in. Deep, you know what is that what happened with Nixon yeah, by. The time the House of Representatives, met. To. Discuss the matter of impeachment his. Goose was already cooked. By. All accounts there was much more bipartisanship. In the Nixon era in the, end the evidence, against the president caused many congressmen, in his own party to vote for his impeachment mr.. Cohen. Could. That happen today, the, Republicans, run the, house the Senate the White House the. Best thing that we could have happen, is, in. 2018. To. Have the Democrats, take control of one, house so not me two ones fine oh my, goodness, if, the Democrats, take, one. Of the houses of Congress let. Alone both of them. One. Can anticipate public. Hearings, I'm. Not saying that you can anticipate impeachment. That's, a it's a tough political. Process, that will require a lot, of Republican, support for it, to happen but. You'll have public, hearings it's, gonna be on television and, on, the web 20, you know all the time and that. Would have an eroding. Effect on. President. Trump's support. And its legitimacy, just, as it did for, Richard Nixon what. In, your view finally, kind of turned Nixon's, allies against, him great question, and Nixon, did the from the Watergate burglary. To the. Resignation. Was, two years two months and, it was. Continual. Drip. Drip drip of tapes evidence. Testimony. Memoirs. People, doing, television. Interviews. It was a very. It. Was a giant barrage, of. Evidence. If Nixon had burned those White House tapes do you think he would have survived he, definitely, would have survived. The. You. Need in, an investigation. Like this a path, to, proof, those. Tapes were proof. If. You don't have that, path it's it's, hard even if. The Democrats take control of the House of Representatives, in the midterm elections, this year and if. The house then votes for impeachment it. Would still take a two-thirds, vote in the Senate to actually remove Trump from office. With, today's Republican, Party that possibility, seems quite, remote Sam. There is a president, waving, goodbye but, considering, how fast, Nixon's, support, from his own party melted, it's, not impossible for the. National I'm Terence Mckenna in Washington. When. We come back we'll take a look at the stories the National is watching, this week including. This one we'll have for you tomorrow senior, correspondent Susan, ormiston has been delving into the world of legal. Weed she, visits one grow up to see what it is that makes cannabis, so valuable. Wow. So. Again. Welcome to the dark side, nearly. 60,000. Square feet in this one greenhouse, that some, grow up Cole. Sees hot, profit, not in the long green leaves we so frequently, see in pictures but, here, in the blood we're either gonna make oil out of this or, we're. Gonna use the bud and use it and sell it as a smokeable product so this is the gold right here this is the goal right here they're, called trichomes and that's, actually where the medicine is the CBD and, the THC. The fake media, tried to stop us from going, to the White House, but. I'm president. And they're, not, never. Has the relationship between, the news media and a sitting, US president been. More bitter we're, just two weeks away now from Donald Trump's first anniversary, in office and news, networks from CNN. To MSNBC, CBS. News, have, made a point of calling out what they see as, missed truths even lies, not, true at all the monster we Paul's presidential, statements. Divorced, from reality the total eclipses of the facts with. His relentless, attacks, on the so-called mainstream. Media Trump, has proven a difficult, president to cover. Where. Trump seems to have thrown away a commitment, to presidential, language, so, to have, some members of the media walked, away from the pledge to objectivity. You. Are the commander, in chief the. President, of the United States of, America.

The. Greatest country on Earth act. Like it our, journalists, crossing a line by mixing opinion. With reporting, or are, they right to call it as they see it mark. Baggage is a former executive producer at CBC News now, an author and journalism, instructor at Ryerson, University. So. Mark we've known each other a long time we've worked together a long time and we have if I had handed, you one of those scripts, without, much opinion, in it you'd have said what I, would. Have said this isn't what you do for a living Diana, you're, a reporter, you're not an editorial list you don't have an opinion when you work at CBC News so. We, would have thrown at the back at you and said try again so, what's wrong with it because you, know a reporter's. Job is to observe and report back, why not report, the, full observation. Because. It is opinion and I. Think there's a difference between what a reporter, does for a living and what, somebody writing, editorials, or, being, an analyst, on the air these, are two different, jobs we. Want our reporters, I think to, tell us what. They saw, objective. Truth, what we know is objective, truth no matter what this, world has now come to where some. People think there's no such thing as the truth anymore, I don't, think that I think there is such a thing so, but you know that very point is why I think some journalists feel they, have to push back that, they've got to kind of take back some, of the ground from this whole fake, news narrative. What. Is inappropriate about, doing that about calling. It as you see it I think, there's nothing wrong with a reporter, saying that. The. President, of the United States or even in this country the, Prime Minister, said. Something, that's not true, as long as it's demonstrable. Not true and we can show that it's not true, but you, can't, have an opinion about something that. Isn't based. On fact, so. You know if in this country we thought Senate. Reform for example you know I don't care what you think about Senate. Reform I want, you as a reporter, to tell, me and our audience, what. Steps are being taken towards. Senate reform or not being taken towards, Senate reform but, your opinion, on whether there should be a Senate reform or whether we're going fast enough what we're going to fast we're going to slow I don't care I don't think our viewers care what you think is, that the only danger, that there's you know maybe even a perceived, conflict, of thinking, I think the issue is in the minds of the viewer. This. Week on the Mercer report building, character at Montreal's, six SLA an. All-new Rick Mercer report, Tuesday. At 8:00 on CBC. We. Will use this gathering as an opportunity, to advance our work on diplomatic efforts, towards a more peaceful prosperous, and nuclear. Free future on the North Korean, Peninsula. On. The national this week we'll be watching as representatives, of more than a dozen countries gathered, in Vancouver, to discuss North Korea the, US and Canada, announced the summit last month, Russia and China will. Not attend, raising questions about, how much can really be achieved China has been highly. Critical saying the meeting will only create, divisions. And. He'll be watching for a verdict, in the lac-megantic rail. Disaster, the jury will deliberate, for the fifth day tomorrow, they are deciding the fate of three, former, rail workers, charged, with criminal negligence. 47. People were killed when the train carrying, crude oil derailed, and exploded, I. Think. He's gonna come very well I'll. Be very surprised because. After. A week with much speculation over his mental, health on Tuesday we find out how Donald Trump checks out physically. His first medical exam was at Walter Reed military, Medical Center on Friday, his doctor has, already said that apparently, that the test went exceptionally. Well and. That. Is the National for January 14th good, night good night.

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