The National for December 26, 2018

The National for December 26, 2018

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You. On. This Wednesday, night I want, to just say great job surprise. After, getting so much heat for not visiting, troops Donald, Trump and the first lady visit Iraq, will, this quiet, questions, about the shutdown. Can. I get the boxing video three bathrooms, sparking. Joy that, new legal product, is now part of Boxing Day business just how cannabis, curious, are Canadians. Plus. A pretty, outsized, reaction. To getting a chocolate bar for Christmas, but not just any chocolate, not just any kid this, is the National. Air. Force one took off under the cover of darkness shrouded, in, secrecy, the, US president leaving, behind the distress, and dysfunction, in Washington to. Counter, one of the many criticisms, he has faced as president, it was noticed, that unlike, his predecessors, Donald, Trump had not visited, US combat troops in the field at least until. Now as Ron, Charles explains, Trump, was exchanging, one kind of war zone for, another. This. Is the kind of photo op Donald Trump could use right now his. First visit, with American, combat troops abroad comes, amid chaos back home, the acrimonious. Resignation. Of his defense secretary a, partial. Government shutdown, over. Funding for his border wall. The troops assemble, for Trump speech and a hangar at the US al Asad Air Force Base none of that seemed, to matter from. Queens victory, over Isis, two. Years ago, when. I became president, they. Were a very dominant group. They. Were very dominant, today. They're not so dominant, anymore. He. Thanked the US troops at al-assad for their role in pushing, Isis, out of its stronghold, in Iraq the city of Mosul I want. To just say great job and, we'll. Be watching Isis. Very closely in. Fact, Iraqi, forces, were the ones on the frontlines to retake, Mosul US. Troops provided, advice and support Trump. Committed, to keeping US, forces in Iraq he said possibly, as a base for raids into Syria, after, the US troop withdrawal, but he abruptly announced last week from, that neighboring country an, announcement. That led to the resignation of, his defense secretary James, Madison, and widespread, criticism, of Trump at home and abroad. Our. Presence, in Syria was not. Open-ended. And was never intended to be permanent. Eight. Years, ago, we. Went there, for. Three months and, we never left, but. Now we're doing it right and. We're. Going to finish it off but. Even in Iraq today Trump couldn't escape questions, about the partial US government, shutdown it's. Due to Trump's showdown, with Congress, over its refusal to fund his promised, border wall. We. Need safety for our country, Trump, already announced, what will likely be his next trip to the southwestern. US border, to highlight, his demands, for the wall Ron. Charles CBC, News Washington. So. You heard Ron mentioned the partial government shutdown in, the US it's day five of, that because. Washington, can't pass and, sign a funding, bill various, government agencies have stopped paying, workers or suspended, services, for, instance don't bother calling the White House switchboard we, did, and heard this, we. Apologize, but due to the lapse in federal funding we are unable to take your call once. Funding, has been restored, our operations. Will resume please. Call back at that time. Here. At home there were plenty of scenes, of chaos today in shopping malls around this country bargain, hunters flocking. To the stores to find Boxing, Day deals one, of Canada's biggest and, busiest shopping. Days of the year, of course, Canadians, are buying the traditional. Things like fashion, electronics, but as Olivia, Stefanovic, found out other items, are also becoming a, big hit. People. From across the country woke, up at the crack of dawn to. Shuffle their way in line for. Some it was their first time being, up this early I had, this really old alarm cause that actually like dings and rings and stuff like that like you, know and I, put that next to my ear and it woke me up. Once. They made their way inside I, Dennis, came off the shelves quickly, it's better to get out in the store get out in the cold weather get. To meet people instead of online you've just at home alone and, the, moles build up was invited out to go off my family so yeah it's kind of a conditioned type of thing and I didn't have anything else to do it so I might as well just spend, the day my family, cash. Registers, ran up sales for, shoppers like Jackson, Hearst who, eagerly spent, his Christmas cash, it's. A. T-shirt, and, some jeans for, guess. 40%. Off can't go around that nice deal. Then I bought a pair of shoes that I'm wearing right now, it's, an annual, ritual that's. Been celebrated. For decades, I'm, seeing. A lot of people here with their kids and family a lot of young people people of all ages it's a chance to it's, an outing it's still an experience, despite, the ability, to shop online and, Black Friday sales customers.

Continue To brave long lines for Boxing, Day deals and there's. Something new available, this year I get, the boxing video three thousands pot. Is on sale in some provinces along. With, the accessories. There's been a great demand for sure, so. I would, probably, just say demand. For product has been very high and our ability is as retailers. And our regulator and our vendor to to, adhere to that demand, I don't. Want to call it a challenge it's been a great learning curve for sure. Actually. Customers. Who are joining the booming legal, market I like having a lot more choice especially. And. I like not being connected to any sort of like the dirty stuff that happens with the black market you know I mean like drug wars it's tough like that's not my, scene proof, that boxing, day is a tradition that can keep up with the times, one, that won't go away any, time soon will. Be esta banovic CBC, News Toronto. So. We don't have details, yet on how much Canadians, spent on cannabis over the holidays, but stats can in, just the last week did give us the first glimpse, as to how big this new industry is sales. At cannabis, stores totaled 43, million dollars, in just the first two weeks after legalization. In October, so if that figure holds, it means that cannabis sales in Canada would climb to more than a billion dollars over. An entire year and sales, will likely only increase. Once the supply, shortage, eases, eases, and new items like edibles, extracts, and topicals. Legally. Enter the market, so. Canadians clearly very serious about shopping which in Vancouver, at least has, posed a problem for a second, boxing, day in a row because, bumper. To bumper traffic, this bumper to bumper to traffic you're about to see is what happens when an outlet mall is, right next to the airport terminal, and there's only one way to get, to both odds. At driving. Why. Do you like 20 minutes longer than long. All. The extra, shopping traffic, just adding to the stress of all those travelers, trying to get out of Vancouver authorities. Had been hoping this year would be better they urge shoppers, and travelers to try public, transit, instead, apparently. Not many people listened. Something. Else is firing up crowds in Vancouver not with frustration but, celebration. Hockey's. World Junior Championships. Kicked off today in a city that loves the sport we, asked Chris O'Neal Yates to get a sense of the mood. Vancouver. Is embracing, the return of this holiday hockey tradition it's been 13, years since, this city tasted, the thrill of the World Juniors, John. Hatcher brought, his son Ethan, to share in the excitement. We. Get excited every year I'm watched World Juniors at home once. In a generational, experience we. Want to watch. In. 2006. When the under-20, tournament last came to British Columbia Canada, pulled off a decisive, five, to nothing gold medal win over Russia in this, very arena. Jeff. Long recalls, the excitement, and he's back for more it. Was awesome in Canada's playing buildings. Rocking so yeah, looking forward to spending more time at the arena should be good we had tickets from last year bottom, of the year. Team. Canada enters, this tournament, with a record, to defend their, the reigning world junior, champion. Sweden, last year. These, hockey fans know Canada will be facing off against strong competition, however.

Hopes Are riding high that they'll triumph, again, I wouldn't come all the way from Ontario, if they weren't going to win. The. Caliber of hockey makes this tournament, a huge draw. Ten, of the world's best hockey countries, are represented here. In. The world this do. You think is the best hockey tournament in the world young ambitious guy he's trying to get in the NHL they're always watching, the World Juniors it's really exciting to see the young boys come, up through the ranks they're, fast. Quick, skilled, and it's, awesome to watch. Games. Will be played in Vancouver, and Victoria, culminating. In the championship. On January, 5th until. Then these, players not, the NHL's, Canucks will be the brightest stars in town Chris. O'Neill Yeats CBC, News Vancouver. This. Has been a year of a lot of anxiety economic. Anxiety albertans. Know all about that with, pipeline stalled Alberta, has had to turn to a plan B to get its oil to market rail over the next few weeks the province is expected, to buy even more rail cars to beef up this plan but as Alister, Dempster tells us this isn't everyone's. Idea, of a good idea. Workers. Move with carefully, coordinated, precision. And accrued by rail terminal, on the Saskatchewan Prairie, the bitumen, is bound for refineries, in the southern and eastern United, States 40. To 50,000. Barrels moved, through this site daily and more, is on the way if you go back a year ago we were probably doing 800. Cars a month in that range and. In January, coming up here we'll be in the 2400 cars. Per month range. There's. No question, pipeline, delays including, the trans mountain expansion, are good for business here you know obviously as Canadians, we want to get our oil to market and get a better price for our oil but for, for folks like ourselves and the crude by rail business it means that we're probably going to be much busier record. Amounts of crude are moving by train in Canada oil, by rail exports. Hit three hundred and twenty seven thousand, barrels a day in the fall more, than double the amount from a year earlier other. Industries, that rely on trains, for transport, are worried about congestion, on the rail lines we've. Had to, grain transportation. Backlogs, in the last five years in, Western Canada we're, still catching up from those the, most recent one was last year and farmers. Are quite rightly concerned, that any additional. System. Pressure would potentially. Cause, additional. Strain. On the system. Both. CN and CP Rail declined, interviews, but, they say they've been beefing, up their infrastructure, adding, staff and locomotives. To deal with the increased demand, analysts. Expect that, demand will remain even, with the completion of a pipeline project, next fall when we look at the future we see we do see the Enbridge line three coming in and absorbing a lot of the demand for rail but, we still see a significant, demand for, rail through that period and. So the likelihood it will continue to be used is probably fairly high at this point on. The prairies crewed by rail companies, like all tex energy are more than happy to bridge the gap as pipeline.

Paralysis, Grips the oil industry, rail, has become the shipping option of last resort, allison. Dempster CBC News near Lloydminster Saskatchewan. There's. Been a curious development overseas. In Japan specifically. A country, that has been officially, out of the whaling business for 32 years, but, today confirmed it intends to get back in the business of commercial whaling and to withdraw from the International, agreement, that protects whales fryer, Stewart looks at why this why, now. At. Markets, throughout Japan shoppers, can take their pick when it comes to whale meat hundreds. Of the mammals, are caught every, year. They're. Hunted into what the government has called a scientific. Research, program, which critics have called a sham either, way it will be scrapped this July. Today. Japan announced, its reinstating. Commercial, whaling that's, got a whole new who knows hey guys oh gosh the government also says, it's pulling out of the International. Whaling Commission Japan. Is going in entirely, the wrong direction this, marine scientist, says the country's claims that it will only hunt healthy, whale populations. Is unrealistic, one. Of the species that it's likely to be interested in is the minke where so the minke whale is not just one species it's several species and they can't distinguish between the. Different stocks the different populations, out at sea Japan. Has said it will only hunt in its territorial. Waters and, economic, zone around the country which means it will stop whaling, around, Antarctica and, environmentalists. Say that's, a win. Japan's. Whalers, have frequently, been the target of campaigns, including, by the group Sea Shepherd it means that we won't have to go down and defend the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary anymore. And we. Can concentrate. On, their. Coastal whaling operations just like we have been doing with Norway and Iceland, those, two countries also have commercial, whaling, industries, Japan, has argued that whale meat is part of the local culture well, it was a staple of the Japanese diet after World, War two today, it reportedly, makes up just pointone, percent of meat consumption, in the country. There. Are many other things to eat the shopper says that we don't necessarily have. To eat whale meat if we don't want to Paul. Watson insists, the industry, isn't even economically, important, to the country it's, heavily subsidized, and has been for many years but, politically, it goes on because Prime Minister, from a whaling district, the, Yakuza, they control, the the unions that supply the sailors. For the boats and they're very powerful. Which. Is why he says Japan, will keep whaling. Conservationists. Only hope that other countries, don't follow, suit Breyer, Stuart CBC, News London. Indonesian. Officials and residents are, bracing for more disaster, after tsunami, killed at least 430. People this weekend that's. Actually. Not me. So. This woman is saying she fears a second, tsunami, and along with others affected, is relocating. To higher ground, officials. Warned residents to keep at least half, a kilometre, inland, the, tsunami struck without advanced, warning triggered not by an earthquake but rather an ocean, floor landslides, near, a submerged, volcano, officials. Worry another, landslide, to come at any time, this, is 14, years to the day that a tsunami ravaged. The coast of a dozen countries killing. 230,000. People more, than half of them in Indonesia. People. Living in the shadow of Italy's, largest active. Volcano are, picking up the pieces after an, earthquake triggered. By a recent eruption, injured, 10 and damaged, several buildings, that includes this church and a statue reduced. To rubble of Saint Amedeo comb the Saint commonly, invoked to protect against, earthquakes, the, eruption earlier this week opened, a new fissure on the edge of Mount Etna experts. Expect, this latest activity to subside, but warned that volcano is unpredictable. When. The National returns high-stakes. NIC burden catches up with a cannabis, entrepreneur, in Saskatchewan, just how good is your new business, but. First let's, call it pooch power, therapy. Dogs are changing, the way some Canadians, get medical treatment you know bringing something in the can comfort her I just think is brilliant. I love it you, look like a brave little girl you. Don't think you're brave. Okay. We got a lot of bins there our search for food waste began, in the bins behind Walmart, a year ago. We. Cast a week in several, stores we found seemingly, good produce, baked, goods dairy, products, even, frozen food, that, was still frozen. This will discuss some people a. Lot. We're angry about all that waste you told us and, told, Walmart, they, have, begun to change since. You guys visit us we've reduced our overall food waste so the food that you see in the bins by 20% we, can't verify what's, in the bins at every store but 20% would, be substantial.

Thousands. Of pounds of food driven. By changes in the newest, stores cold, rooms to keep produce, fresh longer. Expanding. The discounting. Of packaged, foods in advance the best before date and then. There's this a big one apples. They, might come in a bag where some. Of the bag is not good and so we'll take the apples that are good we'll, send them in a dollar bag as, a big company increasingly. Takes food waste. Down. The road a class is learning about how much gets, tossed. These. Kids surveyed, stores asked, managers how, things could, change. Mister. Karen counselors, they even pitched the idea of a refrigerated, municipal, truck picking. Up food instead, of throwing, it away I groped, shree, store throws, out 30 to 45, large, bins, of perfectly. Edible food. Each week, and, all, these people, need help getting food, why. Can't that food go on their tables, no not. In the landfill, this is I think a real demonstration of, how how. Everyone, can make a difference in this world. You. So. What I always do is I keep the dog lower, than they ask they always feel they don't feel intimidated because, they see that she's very. Gentle and calm and yeah. That. Is the sound of anxiety. Being eased at sick kids hospital in, Toronto all, thanks, to some four-legged friends, the use of therapy. Dogs is growing, pretty easy to see why as, casters she discovered, the canines have a way of calming, those around them. Hey. Maya this is Lucy, you, want to say hi, when. You're six and a little anxious, about a hospital visit wouldn't. Want to be greeted by Lucy, which pony like the best Mia's parents, are here to see if their daughter is a good candidate, for special. Implants. To improve her hearing first. Though an MRI, is needed, to scan Mia's, brain that's. Where, Lucy, comes in so what Lucy's job is to get them nice and relaxed, and to, be their pet for the time that they're here the, Labrador, Retriever is, part of a team of therapy, dogs at Toronto's.

Sick Kids Hospital. Lucy's. Relaxing. Disposition. And killer. Pedicure. Help distract, MIA from the impending scan, her. Mom approves, you. Know bringing something in that can comfort her I just think it's brilliant. I love it you, look like a brave little girl, you. Don't think your brief. Introductions. Over Lucy, Leeds Mia to the MRI room doctors. Want patients relaxed, and completely, motionless once. Inside, the scanner to get clear images, so, Lucy's, job is to ease any anxiety. And that, is key says this radiologist. If we can have the children more comfortable and more relaxed, and they're able to potentially. Tolerate. Being in a very enclosed environment it's, quite noisy for, a prolonged period of time Grier, is studying whether therapy, dogs and MRI settings, offer a safer, alternative, to anti-anxiety. Medication. Her, preliminary findings. Show that overall, the interaction, with a therapy, dog improved. The experience, and had a positive impact, on patients, dogs, are great there, friends and I have a dog and. They've, been shining in a number of other settings to be very helpful, across, town of furball, by the name of Toulouse, also. Doubles as a therapy, dog at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, more. And more dog therapy, is offering, a helpful, paw in nursing, homes hospitals. And even prisons, it's, been found to help with both physical and mental health it's amazing. The difference you see with clients, we see that stress, reduction and, the lowering of anxiety. And people smiling that it can be a really, great. Treatment. 23, year old Victoria, Smith is being treated for depression and, anxiety at, CAMH. It's. Exhausting, what, it's just, feeling, depressed. Struggling. It's it, can be very draining emotionally draining. And. This is a nice break it is yes to, loose the pomeranian, mix is one of 40 therapy, dogs at the centre and because. Each power, is so popular, 10 more dogs will be added in the new year, oh. Yeah. Back. At SickKids the, MRI, scan, is successfully. Over patients. Cast. Rusi CBC, News Toronto. Up. Next the young entrepreneur. Who won a lottery to sell recreational. Pot legally, we, were there as she prepared to open her business a lot. Of people just sort of rolled, their eyes cuz to them they're like this, girl literally, has no chance like you go for it kid but, there's. No way, our. NIC burden will have that story in a moment along with an update on how her business is doing but first. In. Case you missed it the world has lost a beloved if unlikely. Art critic Wendy, Beckett better known as sister, Wendy has died at 88, she. Was plucked from a solitary life to host incredibly. Popular TV, shows and that's, precisely, the, point, of icons. They. Make visible. A God, we cannot, see the. God who. Became human. Born. In South Africa, she studied, literature at Oxford, but her knowledge of art was self-taught, when, she left her religious order they let her stay in an unheated, trailer, where she slept on the floor surrounded, by, towers, of art books and it. Had a skylight. Which the rain, came soon. But. I loved it, she. Spoke without notes and despite, her cloistered, background, she was undaunted. By nudes, or other gods, Zeus. Killed, his father and, he. Killed him in a savage, way and he, tore off his genitals, and, cost. Them to the ocean and from the. Food that, was, then generated. Beauty. Arose she. Never lost that blend of charisma, and humility, thanking. God, for allowing me a. Life. Of such. Unimaginable. Happiness. Lucky. Me. This. Is what a megathrust, earthquake, can do a magnitude. 9.0, off the coast of Japan five, years ago. Beneath. The beauty of mountains, and ocean on Canada's, west coast the same kind of earthquake is waiting to strike. But. At this Vancouver, school students, and staff will get an early warning and a chance to take cover before the shaking starts. It's. Part of a pilot project for, an earthquake early warning system, designed, by UBC, it gives us a warning that we did not have before we, could only react, at the impact, of an earthquake now we have seconds.

Potentially, Minutes and even seconds, can be critical when an earthquake strikes the, energy released, is sent out as seismic waves in all directions, the fastest, waves the waves that arrive first don't actually shake the ground in a damaging, way in fact we can't even feel these primary. Or P waves but, sensors. Can there's, a lag between those, waves and the arrival of the more damaging. Waves that do shake the ground back and forth shear, or S waves those, warnings can be sent out to mobile, phones radio, and TV they, can stop traffic at bridges, halt surgeries, and the, farther away you are from the epicenter, the more time you have between the warning and the shaking. Which. Is exactly what happened across the south coast of BC on, December, 29th tenshou Hansen and his family had a 13, second warning before the earth moved tell, me what what the earthquake felt like it. Felt like this. Her. Dad is the designer behind UBC's, earthquake, early warning system, a network of sensors that work together to detect damaging, earthquakes and here comes the S wave yes. We're going up here and, now, we had 50 seconds, 51. 52, Bing, that was 13 seconds and now comes the North Shore now, Joe Hansen is working on a home alarm and an app that, the public can use to connect to the early warning network via, the Internet UBC, isn't the only group working on an earthquake early warning system, in BC though we have these sensors, in the ground and they're buried about fifty, to a hundred two feet apart from one another and they. Are constantly. Listening. Or earthquake, activity s-wave. P-waves. Shake. Alarms technology, uses, standalone, units rather, than a network of sensors. Earthquake. Approaching, take cover there's, an alarm here at the George Massey tunnel a major, highway in Metro Vancouver where thousands, of cars pass every, day the, moment the sensor detects the first wave of a damaging earthquake the tunnel closes to traffic their. New home version also offers early warning for a monthly fee there, is one other major group working on a solution ocean. Networks Canada this, research, group from the University of Victoria has. Something that UBC, and Shake alarm don't sensors. On the ocean floor where, the big one will strike giving. Vital extra seconds of warning for all the early detection systems, and that's. Where the BC government is putting their money that's. Why we're providing ocean, networks Canada, with. Five million, dollar investment towards. Its seismic program, the, group will be adding more ocean sensors to help with early warnings but, their focus has been on detecting, the big one which will hit under the waters of the Pacific Ocean so to create a comprehensive system, they'll be partnering, with UBC, and companies, like Shake alarm who have the technology, to actively monitor other quakes, closer to home and, if all goes according to plan the system should be in place within the next couple of years hoping, to ensure that when the next one hits we, all know before. The shaking starts. Especially. The weeks leading up to Christmas, has been a. Significant. Increase and. For. All of December we're anticipating, to. Be very well especially now nears is. Also coming up average. Retailer, talk from hardly, an average retailer, as you, heard earlier tonight cannabis, sellers are expecting, huge sales, ahead of New Year's Eve that is, only possible, because of new drug laws in this country it, was Ottawa, that legalized, recreational cannabis. But, it's, been up to the provinces, to decide, who could sell it in Saskatchewan.

Licenses, Were awarded, through a lottery system one. Young entrepreneur. Surprised, more, than a few people with a huge win, so, Nick burden checked in with her just before sales, began, I. Went. Into shock like straight. Up I just was completely. I. Just. Really thought I was dreaming like I actually pinched, my arm like really hard because I'm like there's no way. You, might react like that too if you got one of the licenses, to sell recreational. Pot in your hometown, I. Mean. 1500. People applied, for licenses across, Saskatchewan, and. Sierra. So even Chu buck was one of only seven, who, met the criteria to, set up shop in Saskatoon, this fall. So. At 23, Sierra. Is a trailblazer, telling. People that are, asking me what am I gonna do with my life when I'm done school and I say I think. I'm gonna open up a marijuana dispensary like. A lot of people just sort of look. Down on me for even saying that and just sort of rolled their eyes cuz to them they're like this, girl literally. Has no chance like you, go for it kid but, there's. No way. You. Can't really blame people for reacting, that way, you're. Only just graduated from university, she's, never run a business, and yet here she is about to open her own store, and this. Is marijuana we're, talking about perhaps. The next billion dollar industry the. Question is how is a 23, year old going to survive in the high-stakes, competitive. World of selling. Legal pot. Lavona. Work that's gone into this car you know it's definitely a sellable car and, it's very rare you know convertible. The first thing Sierra has going for is her dad proper. Hood and stuff on it if she's gonna make it work it'll, be in part because Glen shubik has been in business since he was 15 I wasn't, even old enough to drive yet I bought. This car for $45. And I did the bodywork on it I did the interior and etc and. I. Came. After me $900. For this car and. It was like like I mean, you're 15 years old and all of a sudden you know that, is so, much money like, it wasn't like amazing, and that's where I kind of realized you know what I think I'm going down the right path here and that Nissan's, done that me making money look so easy that Glen dropped out of school and he opened an auto body shop of, course he quickly learned how hard it is to run your own business my, first water shovin I first opened up I used to sleep on a car, seat in the office because it wasn't worth driving home a half an hour to come back a half an hour because it was already 2 3 in the morning you. Know you. Have to open up at 8:00. Sierra, grew up listening to her dad story so I guess there's no wonder she decided to start a business of her own but. Selling marijuana I remember. We were sitting on her kitchen table and I was like dad there's. This thing I, want to do and. I don't know if you're gonna be really excited, about it but, just, have, an open mind and like listen to me for a second so, first. He was super skeptical, and he was like you so you want to sell dope, is that what you're telling me I'm like. Essentially. That's what I'm telling you but legally. And. He. Said, you know what like I totally support you in that and so, getting. His approval pushed, me into, going. All-in I'm doing it the. Other thing about Sierra is that her interest in marijuana is deeply, personal that. Started a few years ago when her life took a serious turn how. It all started one day I was.

Extremely, Sore, it. Literally felt like I got hit by a bus or something like out. Of nowhere and, I'm a pretty, healthy person, and I was 21 at the time so it was super weird to me to, be in such, bad pain. Just, from my head to my toes. Ciara, spent a week in hospital and was eventually diagnosed. With rheumatoid arthritis, you. Know how they say if you have a cold you shouldn't google it, basically. I googled, rheumatoid, arthritis and. Just saw, what came up and, what. I saw online really. Scared me. I just, figured hands. And feet and people. Would end up being in wheelchairs, and lose your mobility essentially. And, that's. Really, really, scary, the. Other thing Ciara discovered, online was that lots, of people with autoimmune diseases. Like, rheumatoid arthritis, use. Medical marijuana to help them I was just reading through people's testimonials. About how and, what they experienced. Using. Different, types, of marijuana products, and I thought if these. People can attain this result why can't I and so, I, ended. Up having a good experience with it in regards, to managing, my pain and that. Was like my inspiration, to get involved in this industry to me, that's really nice on a white t-shirt or something because it's Western colors so Sierra believes her business will work because she truly believes, in the product. Though. With pot set to become legal in just a few months belief, only gets you so far, you. Know that one actually isn't too bad I kind of like that because it makes it it's not green like Sierra has a million things to do like picking, a logo with her dad's yeah because I feel like it's representative, of the, words living, skies but it doesn't represent your name at all canvas is overpowering. Your name living skies know. What. I'm saying it's, pretty obvious this year and her dad don't always see eye to eye after. All he's self-made, he's hands-on, and. She just graduated from business school yeah. In. Fact Sierra's first stab, at a business plan based on selling marijuana was, at school. In. Lee, Swanson's, entrepreneur, class at the University of Saskatchewan. Truth. Is that, didn't start very well Lee, almost failed her but, with his help she worked on the idea and now even though she's graduated, he's, helping, her in any way he can, are, you kind, of where can your business plan song to or it's. Working. More so just on pieces of it it's not I don't think it's gonna be exactly what we did in our class with so having Lee on our side is another reason Sara has a shot to make her business work still. He acknowledges, it won't be easy. Business. Like this is going to attract lots of big competitors. I think people are seeing the potential with this and, so, it's tough to be in retail in the first place and this is gonna be one one tough area do, you think you'll ever go in and buy some other product, good. Question. Probably. Not but that's oh. Geez I'm not sure dance through this one. That's. A good question I I I. Mean, the fact that Lee isn't comfortable answering says, a lot about the stigma that still clouds marijuana, and that's. Another of Sierra's challenges. I feel, like marijuana in general, shouldn't, be such a taboo subject we, need to educate people, about it because I feel like a lot of people have negative. Opinions, about it, and. By having this business I can work to change people's minds about it not saying that everyone, needs to come in and buy my product but just to be, more accepting of it overall. Of, course, you can't do all that if your store isn't up and running right. Now we'll take a look it's, just an empty room oh I. Just love this space. That's. So much potential yeah. It's gonna be really nice yep, dad's not just here as dad he's also overseeing, the renovation, and, you know what your office I mean that's just I, wish, I had an office when I start it like that but. This isn't like when dad was starting out at all I mean this, is marijuana we're, talking about. Nobody. Has ever legally. Sold recreational. Pot in Canada, before do.

You Worry about it of, course I do what do you worry about the. Type of business she's in you. Know. Some. Pot, you. Know saying. You're more so just worried well it's my safety, in all this in this industry, I'll. Be okay I, mean. You, have to be right yeah this, is what you want what's. It like working so closely, with your dad whatever too much you ever want to punch him. Yes. Yes. I mean. Who. Ever, sees, eye-to-eye, with. Their dad on everything, you know, this. Is not easy it's not always easy working with your family on things but it's, also nice to, work with your family on things because you know at the end of the day they're gonna love you no matter what and, you know I'm really glad I can do this with her I you, know so. Many people can't do this with their daughters you. Know suck in in the day when it's all said and done. We. Got it. Sierra. And her dad are in uncharted territory, who knows if they'll be successful, then. Again maybe they already are. Nik, burden CBC News Saskatoon. So. Since Nick went to Saskatchewan livin skies has opened, for business December. Third was when the doors officially, opened, so it's all still very new Ciara told us business, is booming, and she is quote insanely. Exhausted. Now. When we look back at the year in Canadian, politics it's been a busy one from cannabis, legalization, to, pipeline, debates even that pesky old notwithstanding, Clause. Being in the news again but. There is a story, that stood out for all kinds, of reasons the, NAFTA, negotiations. Katie, Simpson was all over that one arguably, like no other reporter, in this country up, next she, takes us back to a moment even she found, hard to believe. How. Things are going. Well. We tried and I'm not allowed to go on the steps so I'm probably gonna, not. Be welcome to go back on the steps again well, we might as well try right. It's. The time of year when parents get time off from work and find a babysitter for the morning 11. Shopping days before, Christmas, this. Week news magazine, follows, one couple on a present buying spree, in a big Toronto, stores Thailand, not. Today a family party with rides on the miniature Midway but, a secret expedition, where only the Christmas, savings go along. Or, the parents months of savings go toward Christmas but, the story is toward Department, Chief months, of careful planning now. As children of all ages gather. In gaze at the piles of cutters it's zero hour for one of the biggest little industries in Canada a toy industry there's. Plenty of foreign competition trains. All come from Germany England, the, state the. Canadian market isn't big enough to work home manufacturers. Many. Metal toys are foreign to. This, idea comes from a firm in Nova Scotia it's, constructive. Educational. And Canadian. It's, cheap too. A moment's. Consideration and. The decisions, made one. Problem, solved, and a few more dollars added to the 50 million dollars which Canadians, spend every year on toys. But. Of that 50 million dollars over half is spent unimportant.

Toys And this in spite of the Canadian industry's, ability to. Produce a good 90%. Of the country's needs one. Worker in every five is out of a job the, situation, which toy manufacturers. Uneasily, compare with, the Canadian textile, industries, headache. One. Of the headaches American. Ability to mass-produce toys. Cheaply some. Manufacturers, accuse, their stateside, rivals, of something in Canada. There's. An inflexible, rule for sales in every industry best. Value for least money sells, most, Canadian. Dolls prepare favorably, with imported, dolls they. Walk talk, sleep, even cry their. Clothes tomorrow that off a well-made. And pretty her hair can be brushed and rearranged, their delight for any little girl who happen to hold but, it's, a fight to keep their price down to the level where the customer, will say I'll. Take, this one. Shoppings. All done time. To leave the store time, to look behind the scenes at a buried scene typical, of many Canadian, industries, for, enterprise. Ingenuity. And struggle, against difficult odds. This. Firm turns, up close to half a million dollars a year it's. Unique practically, the world over because it makes every, one of the dozens, of components, assembled by expert, thinking. 800. Employees mostly. Women many, of them immigrants work here the. Firm operates on a profit-sharing basis, employees. Benefit, in time of prosperity even, down to the French hands begin stylish, hairdos, to hundreds of dolls better than natural hair. See. It's. Heartwarming, I, wants to work together like, we dreamed about. Heartfelt. I'm, gonna ask her to marry me. Heart. Pounding I. Did. It really I'm, dating again heart breaking. And. Heart. Filled. Heartland. New season, January 6th. On CBC. Here's. Some stories, we're watching on the national tonight. Look. At that russia says it has tested, a new kind of nuclear missile, a hypersonic. Weapon that's. Capable of falling to earth and then gliding.

To Target a at five, times the speed of sound such. Weapons move too fast for existing, missile defenses. Russian. President Vladimir Putin says the weapon system will be deployed in 2019. The success of the test has not been independently verified. Until. North and South Korean officials broke ground on, a project to link the two countries roads and railways part, of the ongoing diplomatic spa, between, those two nations but beyond, the applause and the platitudes, sanctions. And the lack of North Korean progress, in denuclearization. Leave. That project, dead in its tracks US, officials say North Korea just continues. To expand, its nuclear arsenal, I, was. Sitting in the living room with my children's, apartment. And all. Of a sudden I heard what is I thought to be gunshots, about. 10 of them and. It scared me and I went and grabbed my youngest daughter, that's. Just one of the shaken residents, in Edmonton's East End today after a fatal shooting by the city's police this, afternoon officers. Were conducting surveillance, on a vehicle that police believed, was carrying a man wanted, on outstanding warrants. Who they also believed, was armed, and dangerous, the 34, year old suspect, would not get out of the truck police say a quote incident, took place and, officers, fired their weapons the, man was taken to the hospital where, he was pronounced dead Alberta's, serious incident, response team is. Investigating. Now. With Donald, Trump's talent, for turning reality. Into reality TV. The, NAFTA, negotiations. At times had the feel of a game of chicken with, the world's second, largest trading, relationship. At stake it dominated. News out of Ottawa for months for, one CBC, journalist, it was a story, of sweat, and silence, a novelty, birthday, cake and a, personal, message from one of the most powerful people in Washington, this, is Katie Simpson's reporter's, notebook. This. Is a story about the. President, of the United States challenging. Something that is important, to Canada, important, to Canada's business community if it doesn't work out that's going to be fine for the gut dream for our country, it, won't be fine for Canada so, there. Was a lot of Canadian, pride sort of intertwined. Into this story we have entered, a new. More. Intensive, phase and, engagement, it's important to remember that these talks they started in what August of 2017 and dragged out until, October. Of 2018 for, Canada our focus. Is on getting, a good deal not just any deal but it really picked up over the last it was like August, and it really exploded, we, have brought you some pops. You. Guys later, the weather was so brutal. In that last stretch, in August. Everyone. Was just so, exhausted, and people were sweating in places they didn't know they had sweat glands I don't know my glasses on because it's too hot you wear your glasses here huh no I can just take a look around the corner I think someone's coming whoever told me it would be so hot and I'd be on TV and I wouldn't, be wearing my glasses and Pierre wouldn't be wearing sleeves I'd say you're crazy but that's how hot it is and while there's a huge, level, of respect between, the reporters, and we're all friends, but, we do believe in friendly competition, and you would get this sense of Greta dread, you. Know what if someone has something that I don't have. There's. Nothing more disappointing than that feeling of oh, how. Come I didn't have that so everyone. Really was. Pushing, to try and get more information and. Get that information to, your viewers as quickly as possible, senior. Canadian, officials, tell me there is a reasonable, chance of success some, kind of deal can be reached by fighting. Now. When, journalists, had been setting up in front of this building there's there's a staircase, there and I guess security, didn't like us standing on the staircase, so we all moved on to the sidewalk and so when Jared Kushner came up we sort of broke the rules a few times oh hold, on here comes Jared Kushner I'm just gonna step it of the way we're gonna get a shot maybe he'll say hello to us hold. On one second. I'm. Just gonna go up the steps. How. Things are going. Well. We tried and I'm not allowed to go on the steps so I'm probably gonna, not. Be welcome to go back on the steps again but, we might as well try right, so, I'm nothing from Jared Kushner there. You go anyway, so I'll send it back inside to you so that was another one of those really long days in Washington it had been terribly hot. Everyone. Was so Sun, tanned and sunburned actually, I'm still, sunburned. Skin, has not gone back to the normal tone it is from those long days in Washington, but, Christian, Freeland and the Canadian delegation was, coming back to the US Trade Representative's, building for. An evening meeting. Of. Course at 8:00 p.m. the.

Normal Security apparatus is. Is not necessarily, in place at these government. Buildings how are things going on NAFTA with Canada is it okay. And so, when Jared Kushner arrived, for that 8:00 p.m. meeting he got to the front door and he pulled on the door and it was locked, someone, at security, is obviously not there hearing him sort of pull at the door and, so he has to get on his phone and. Call, security. To get someone to come and let him in in this, moment there, were opportunities for, reporters, to start asking some questions and so we did is Canada making any compromises, but. When it was quite clear that Kushner. Was not going to answer those questions we just kind of stood back and let the moment kind of breathe. And. It was so awkward and so uncomfortable, one of my colleagues actually stopped recording because it was it was so uncomfortable. That. Moment it was picked up by the American, networks. And the American, media and so they used that moment sort of as a bigger metaphor. For some of the challenges, going, on inside the White House it was one of those moments that picked, up and was more than a NAFTA moment. Rosie. I just got off the phone with the senior source who said to me just very quickly deal is done it is a done deal, it's been a year of so, much travel, and so, much work and and really, putting, yourself into the story I recently. Turned 35, and what. If my friends unbeknownst, to me she decided to make me a nafta, cake or a US MCA, cake, the. Icing was, red white and blue and then, out of fondant she, made the, stairs, to the USTR, building, she, put Jared, Kushner and Robert, light Heiser on those front stairs and, then she made a fondant, version, of me standing at the bottom of the stairs and there was a big door on the, cake just, to sort of be the moment where. Jared. Kushner was was locked out and actually you want to I'll tell you something funny a lot of journalists, were at my birthday party and we were all tweeting photos of it because it's it's kind of funny and someone. Within, the Canadian government, saw it and flipped. It to Jared Kushner and Jared, Kushner thought, it was very funny, -, which Jared Kushner asked, for my email and then, email to wish me a happy, birthday which, I thought was unusual and so I wrote back and I said forgive. Me for being skeptical, as to whether this is the real mr. Kushner or whether one, of my friends, he's, playing an elaborate, trick on me and he wrote back saying this is not mr. Kushner, this is Jared this is not fake news and he, wished me a happy birthday which, was the. Strangest. Thing, I think. That. Really. Outside. Of the talks outside of the process it, was a strange moment. Love. Her when, the national returns it's that time of the night the moment is next and it's one a Halifax, family, will, never forget I. Remember. Going to my husband and saying oh my god. Someone that's pulling you get it and yeah. We just couldn't believe it it blew our minds and just his. Reaction, in the morning on Christmas, is priceless. Beavers. Are really cute mostly, I think if we see them on a nickel, or if you're lucky enough to see them in the wild but not in the family kitchen okay. But. That's where you'll find one Canadian beaver Chris, and Diane lined of rainy Manitoba, adopted Bucky a year and a half ago when he was four days old Bucky. Took to human, habits pretty quickly eating, everything from cereal to fruit to chili some, instincts, though diehard, Bucky, can often be found building. Dams and he's not too particular about what he uses or where he builds them. Children. In the family find him an absolutely, delightful, friend, joining. Us now from Reni Manitoba. Diane, and Chris lund, and of course of Bucky the beaver and Chris can you tell us how do you end up adopting a beaver well. I work as a as. A problem, animal, person, for the province, and. We. Were removing some beaver from her. From, a site where they. Were flooding the land and. We. Had removed most of the beaver so, we thought we did and. It. Turned up that, there. Was still a mother and one. Baby, beaver, close. By so the, mother had got accidentally. Killed, during. The blasting, of the Beaver Dam so. We. Ended. Up with this little guy that we really. Didn't know what to do with so. We testing, home and. Hope. So I'm looking after him for a while and hoping, that a zoo or some other. Place. Where they keep animals have taken but it so, far it's ended up we've been.

Keeping. Them ourselves where does a beaver sleep when it's a little baby I mean did you have a nice little warm place what, do they do oh he. Had this up down my Chester in the water bed with us what's it like living with a beaver, I hear Bucky fuck he's getting a comment, in there some way. He's gotta have his two cents. Diane. What's it like living with a beaver I mean is it like having a small child following, you around uh yeah. It is, get. Them too much trouble as a kid but oh, what. Does he eat. Food. Vegetables. Bread cereals. Cookies. Anything, except. Meat oh except. Meat doesn't. Like that no, Chris. No from what I understand. Beavers. Enjoy building. Dams I mean his Bucky, forgotten. All about that or does he still remember doing that I mean where does he build these dams that we're hearing about no. He's still. Got that instinctive. Thing. In him where he'll pick. Up carpet shoes, anything. That's loose on the floor and. Make. A dam out of it either in a stair where you're in the doorway. Have. You ever tripped over one of his makeshift. Dams no. A lot of times. How. The kids enjoyed having. Bucky. As a pet well, actually they really enjoy him and if. We do happen to give him away it will probably be a little hard to do. Because. They actually played attach to. I'm. A detective like. You Murdock helps recover the treasure of Pompeii, I saw a man carting a crate away find. Out what ships have departed, in the past few hours, Murdoch. Mysteries returns. Monday January 7th, on CBC, huge. 22, minutes holiday special coming. At you New Year's Eve. Johnny. Rose baby. So. On the kids wish list to them on Christmas morning can be tough for, one mother in Halifax, it seemed almost impossible. Danielle. Comstock seven-year-old, Isaac, gets really, into, things right now he's really into, chocolate so when, he asked, for Cadbury's. Dairy Milk, silk, bubbly, bar yes that's specific, she, knew she just had to get it problem, is it's not available in Canada so she put out a bit of a shopping distress call on social media, operation. Chocolate, bar went into action and that's our moment tonight. We. Could not find it anywhere and, we. Found, out that it was made, in India and. You. Can only get it in India I went on the hello fax buying cell and, I, got several replies, and, one. Lady said, her. Mother was flying in from India it, was in the evening when I told her and. She. Had to start later, that night for the airport. So. She, she. Didn't have a lot of trouble she said she did have to go to a couple of stores his reaction, in the morning on Christmas, it was priceless seeing, his smile. Light up and his scream he's, not into toys so sometimes. Hard to entertain him and Christmas. Boxes. Chocolate. If. It is something doable for you just, do it because you don't know what you're, what. It means to the other person right. So. Operation, chocolate bar involved, a late night trip to the airport to pick up these, treasures, a race, home to wrap them and and then a lots of screaming the next morning apparently they all tried it they said it's it's okay it's. Not something necessarily mom. Would you know cross the ocean for herself but Isaac loves, it which is what matters one. Bar is in the freezer. And all the rappers have been saved as mementos. That's Christmas that, is the National for this Boxing Day good night. You.

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